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Mary Elizabeth Swepson----Marriage bond

(daughter and eldest child of Richard Swepson, Sr., of Amelia, Prince Edward,  Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co's., Va. were married March 31, 1761, the date on their Lunenburg County Marriage Bond (#49).  This bond was signed by the groom and Phillip Goode, & wit. by Thomas Read,  &  is recorded in the Lunenburg county marriage book .

Benjamin  was born about 1735, Virginia, and Mary Elizabeth Swepson was born June 9, 1747 Prob. Amelia Co, Va.

The earliest record of Benjamin Whitehead in Lunenburg Co, Va. is a Court case dated June Court, 1756,  wherein Benjamin Whitehead sued William Puckett.  Samuel Goode  served as a Witness for Benjamin Whitehead in this suit.

He was a Patriot during the  Revolutionary War from Mecklenburg Co, Va. He was on the Committee of Safety for Mecklenburg Co, being chosen May 8, 1775, and served in various public offices,  taking Oath of Office as Coroner, Dec 8, 1777, and again on  June 14, 1779, and was appointed with Edward Finch  and John Brown to examine and deface all counterfeit money produced to them under Act of Assembly against counterfeiting, and was also Recommended as a Justice for Mecklenburg County;  was elected as Commissioner of Tax in 1779, as well as  performing many civic duties of the community.   He was a large land owner and planter,  his primary crops apparently being tobacco and cotton, and also operated a mill on the S. Fork of Meherrin River.

Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth were members of the Meherrin Baptist Church, as was Joseph Whitehead, one of the Executors named in Benjamin's Will;  relationship not known to me at this time, but was most likely a brother.

Benjamin Whitehead died prior to April 9, 1781 in Mecklenburg Co, Va.(DB6, P 119).  His will was dated Feb. 15, 1781 and proved in Court on Sept 10, 1781. Inventory of his personal estate  (Negroes, Household goods, and Plantation tools) amounted to 1313 pds, 10 shillings, 6 1/2 pence, made Sept 10, 1781, filed June 10, 1782.

Mary Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead married secondly Rev. Eleazer Clay, Baptist Minister of Chesterfield Co, Va, on Jan 10, 1788 in Meck. Co.  She had two daughters by this marriage, Martha Swepson Clay (Patsy), who married Lawson Burfoot, and Matilda Clay, who died very young.

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va.)-Died- On August 17, in her 79th year, Mrs. Mary Clay, wife of Rev. Eleazer Clay, of Chesterfield County. (p 3, c. 5) Friday, September 2, 1825.

She is buried in the Clay Family Cemetery, formerly the plantation of Rev. Clay, Chesterfield Co., Va beside Rev. Clay & his first wife, Jane Apperson (Markers)


JOSEPH WHITEHEAD of Meck/Dinwiddie Co, Va

          Children:  WHITEHEAD


This service MAY apply to the Richard Whitehead, of Meck Co, who (M) Mary Harper, Dtr of John & Frances Harper & moved to Gallatin Co,. KY prior to 1800.

Rev. War-PATRIOT  Mecklenburg Co, Va 1781, 1782
Ref: Virginia Publick Claims, Mecklenburg Co, Janice L. Abercrombie
P 1 Mecklenburg County Court April, 1782
P 7-Richard Whitehead pd for 300# beef
P 38-an acct of cattle furnished from Meck. Co, by Henry & Wm. DeLoney, Comrs. of provisions for 5th Sept to 8th Nov, 1781:
P 43-Richard Whitehead 1


(2)  JANE  BORN CA 1764 Lunenburg Co., VA-( m.)   July 1, 1783, Meck., VA,  Richard Jeffries Sec: Richard Swepson -(son of Richard Jeffries, Sr., of Meck. Co., Va..)
Jane Whitehead Jeffries died prior to 1797 as her husband remarried on June 19, 1797.
Jeffries, Richard (M) #2 Prudence Russell, 19 June, 1797, Thomas Burnett sec.; Prudence was his wife when he made his will Jan 1, 1809, Meck. Co, Va


(3) SARAH   Born  CA 1768 Meck.. CO., VA. 
(M)  James Coleman -Nov 14, 1785, Meck., VA, Sec: Richard Swepson 
(Son of Cluverius & Massey Coleman of Meck. Co, Va..)-
James Coleman died 1796 Meck. Co., Va-*  


(4) ELIZABETH  Born 12 Sept 1769 Meck. Co., Va. &   died 9 Jan 1819 Oglethorpe Co., Georgia  
Buried: Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia    
(M) Clark Taylor Feb 13, 1786, Meck., VA    (- Sec: James Coleman)  (Rev. War-Meck. Co., Va.)-This family moved to Oglethorpe Co., Ga., About 1791 as evidenced by Lun. Co, Va deeds


(5)  WILLIAM   BORN CA 1770 Meck. Co., Va.  (m.) Elizabeth Harvin.  
(Dtr of John Harvin & Mary Gayle OF Edgefield Co.., SC)
(He was still living in Meck Co ,Va in 1793 when he and his bro-in-law James Coleman wit will of Richard Witton, Jr.-& he signed as security on the marriage bond of his sister  Nancy to John Gayle-moved to SC prior to 1800


(6)  NANCY  Born CA 1772 MECK. CO., VA  Died  PRIOR  TO 1810 Edgefield, SC  (m)  John Gayle  March 23, 1793, Meck., VA  , (Of Halifax Co, Va.) Security: William Whitehead, Note from James Coleman, Guardian


(7)  MARY ( POLLY)    Born abt 1775- Died:  aft 1860, DeSoto Par., LA;  
 m.(1)  John Greening,   CA 1797 SUMTER DIST., SC- (SON OF MASON & MARGARET HAYNSWORTH GREENING) John Greening died 1817 Sumter, SC  
(M) # (2) John Gayle -widower of her sister, Nancy, above- John Gayle died in October, 1828 Wilcox Co., Ala.
Mary Whitehead Greening, Gayle is living in 1850, 1860 DeSoto Par., La in HH of her Dtr., Beatnah Greening Cater.   1830-HH of son John J Greening, Dallas Co., Ala, 1840 -HH of William G & Beatnah Greening Cater, Conecuh Co., Ala.

LUNENBURG CO., VA-Deed Bk. K, P 62, Aug. 30, 1790 Clark Taylor of Lunenburg Co, Va. to John Oliver of Meck. Co., Va.- for 200 F, about 458 AC. in Lun. Co. on the branches of Robertson Fork of Meherrin River, and bounded by Samuel Cheatham, the glebe line, . Signed: Clark Taylor Witnesses: Thomas Norment, Richard Jeffries, Polly Whitehead.-
 P 191, At Lunenburg Court, on Dec. 8, 1791, Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Clerk (Clark) Taylor, personally appeared in court and relinquished her right of dower in land conveyed by a deed from her said husband to John Oliver.


(8) SWEPSON  Born Sept. 17, 1777 Meck. Co., Va. 
Died: Oct. 4, 1839 "Poplar Hall", Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va
(M) Margaret Hoggard, June 1, 1800 Princess Anne Co., Va.


(9)  SUSANNAH  Born CA 1779-80-No further record
She was 10 yrs old in 1790, when petition was filed for Estate Division.
May have gone to Sumter, South Carolina with Sister Nancy Whitehead Gayle, Mary Whitehead Greening & brother William whitehead, pr to 1800..  


Original spelling retained in all documents

Dated Feb. 15, 1781-Recorded BOOK 1, P.  377-378.-Sept. 10, 1781

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN,  I,  BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD of the County of Mecklenburg, being of sound health, sense and memory, thanks be to God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following:  VIZ.:
    .              .              .
After all my just debts are paid my will and desire is that my whole estate be kept together (except what is bequeathed, devised or lent) under proper .management until my youngest child attains to the age of Ten Years, then all my negroes to be appraised and, put into                jobs as           to my wife and children, as equal as possible according to appraisement.  Then my Wife, ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, to take her first choice of the rest .according to their seniority.

Item:  I give and Bequeath to my son RICHARD WHITEHEAD, when he comes to lawfull age one Hundred pounds of the Value of Gold & Silver to be raised out of my estate, also a good horse, saddle and bridle, a Feather bed and furniture, two good cows and calves.  

Item:  My Will and desire is that all my children should have each the same when they come of age or marry as have in the last clause bequeathed, or devised to my son RICHARD in as equitable a manner as possible. 

Item:  My  will and desire is that if any or my children should decease before they come of age or has lawfull heir, then what is bequeathed him or her to be equally divided amongst all my other children. 

Item;  My will and desire is that if any of my children should marry or settle out unmarried, that such negro or negroes that can be best spared without interruption with supporting my wife and child during pleasure of my Executors hereafter named.  

Item:  I lend unto my beloved wife, after the division of my said negroes (to be taken out before the division) two of the choice negroes I have and one third part of all of my household and kitchen furniture, together with the third part of all my stock of every kind during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst all my children to them and their heirs forever,  

I also lend unto my said wife three hundred acres of land, including the land and plantation where I now dwell, with all the privileges and advantages thereto belonging, and after her decease to be disposed of as in the last clause above mentioned.  

Item:  my will and desire is that at the division of my negroes as aforesaid, the remaining part of all my land and mill, together with all my remaining personal estate (not bequeathed or lent) be sold or divided equally unsold at the discretion of my Executors and equally divided amongst all my children and their heirs forever.  

I also give and bequeath the said negroes that will (_____________) children by let or division to all my children. Viz.:  Richard Whitehead, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Nancy, Mary, Swepson, and Susanna Whitehead to them and their heirs forever,

 Lastly, I appoint RICHARD SWEPSON,  JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, Major William Green and Cluverius Coleman, Executors of this my last will and testament this fifteenth day of February in the Year of our Lord One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty-One.


In presence of;
Edward Bevil
Francis Moore Neal

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 10th day of September, 1781, this Will was proved by the oaths of Edward Bevil and JAMES COLEMAN, Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of RICHARD SWEPSON, William L. Green and CLUVERIUS COLEMAN, three of the Executors therein named who made oath thereto and together with Edward Goode, Just.,
 Charles Hutchison and John Humphreys their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of four thousand pounds specie conditioned as the law directs.  
Certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form liberty being reserved for JOSEPH WHITEHEAD: the other Executor therein named to join in the probate when he shall think fit.

EXAMINED                                                 TEST:
                                                                     JOHN BROWN, Cl. Court
Recorded BK. 2, Pages 377, 378

WB1, P 428-430 Sept 10, 1781-In obedience to an order of the worshipful Court of Mecklenburg County bearing date the 10th day of September, 1781, We the subscribers being first duly sworn do appraise the Slaves and Personal Estate of Mr. Ben Whitehead, deceased, as follows, Viz:

Negro Jim 90S, ditto Lewis 70 S= 160.00
ditto Kitt 17.10S , ditto George and Jinney 20S=37.10
ditto Prince S70, ditto Peter S90=160.00
ditto Margery=40.00
ditto Winney, Cesar, Silva, Sarah=120.00
ditto Lucy, Jack & Hall=120.00
ditto Sarah & 2 ch=80.00
ditto Hannah, Sam & Edmd.105.00
The whole amount of Negroes=822.10
1 likely blooded mare S30, 1 sorrel work horse S12=42.00
bay mare S6, 2 ditto horse colts S28=36.00
1 black ditto, S15, 2 bays, mare & colt S25=40.00
19 head of cattle =31.13
77 head of hogs @ Mill= 38.13
14 head of hogs @ home =7.14
16 head of sheep 26/6=5.4
Amount of Negroes & Stock=1023.14

1 Cart & Gun S6.5 ,1 grind stone F1-2-6= 7.7.6
1 large plow well filed 1.7.6
Sundry Plantation tools 4.4.0
2 ox yokes, rings and staples 0.5.0
1 cross cut saw 1.10.0
3 women's saddles, 1 man's saddle 7.0.0
26 sides of shoe leather 10.11.0
6 Beds S69.5, 8 chairs & Desk, 2.10=71.15.0
Gun 11/3, 5 Chests F1.5=1.16.3
1 Silver Watch, S10, looking glass 10. =10.10.0
3 Black Walnut Tables=3.2.6
1 Corner cupboard & book case =2.15.0
1 iron pot and dutch oven 0.17.6
ditto, 1.9.9L, 3 ditto L 1.4= 2.13.9
2 F pans 4/3, 1 Spider 3/0 =0.7.3
pr wegges, 4/3, 3 Bells 7/6=0.11.6
4 Reap Hooks, 3/, 1 jug 1/3=0.4.3
3 Flax Wheels 40/, 4 cotton ditto = 3.10.0
6 pr of cotton cards =0.18.0
1 Loom 7/6, 3 sleys, 11/6=0.19.0
2 Mobby Htgs? 8/, 6 tubs & pales=0.10.0
Sundry Books =5.12.6
36 bushels clean wheat 2/9=4.16.3
Writing Desk & 2 chairs =1.17.6
1 copper kittle S6, 1 Jugg 1/=6.1.0
Sundry Earthern Ware =0.16.4 1/2
1 Table seiver 8/, 1 glass ditto 10/=0.18.0
1 coffee pot 5/, 1 Bridle, 4/=0.9.0
1 pr flat irons 6/, 2 pr hand ditto=1.6.0
3 candle stands, & box =0.4.6
30 pounds feathers 2/6=3.15.0
1 pr shears 1/6, 1 butter pot 4/3=0.6.9
1 iron Morter and Pestle=0.2.6
1 pr steelyards=0.7.6
1 ginn, and flax Heckle=0.6.6
1 table 15/ and 1 chirn 2/6=0.17.6
Total= 1184.13.10 1/2
In Joseph Whitehead's @ Petersburg 22501 lbs Tobo. @ 18/=202.10.2
At the Plantation 2925 Tobo @ 18/=26.6.6
Whole Amount in Specie=1313.10.6

Philip Poindexter, Junr.
Richd. Witton
Edward Bevill

This Inventory and appraisement being returned into Mecklenburg County Court the 10th day of June, 1782, was ordered to be recorded. 
Examined, Teste:  John Brown, Cl Crt.


Guardian Book & orphan's court record (Mecklenburg, cty.)

Nov 14,1785-Richard Swepson, Gdn of Elizabeth Whitehead, Orphan of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd and Sarah Whitehead, Orphan of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd.

In January, 1790, Elizabeth Clay and her children came into court to ask a division of Benjamin Whitehead's estate. Their petition recited the provision of his will and stated that the youngest child "Susannah hath arrived at the age of ten years". The heirs at this time were: Richard; Jane, wife of Richard Jeffries; Elizabeth, wife of Clark Taylor; Sarah, wife of James Coleman; William; Nancy; Polly; Swepson; and Susanna. The papers of this suit are filed with the papers of the May term, 1794[sic].

September 12, 1792-Samuel Pettus, Gdn of Swepson Whitehead, Orphan of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd.

January 9, 1792- James Coleman, Gdn of Nancy Whitehead, Polly [Mary] Whitehead, and Susannah Whitehead, Orphans of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd---

lunenbirg co., va MEHERRIN BAPTIST CHURCH MEMBERS List Nov 27, 28, 1771
Include the names of
Benjamin Whitehead
Elizabeth Whitehead
Joseph Whitehead
Ann Jeffries
Swepson Jeffries
After the constitution there was one person added to the church by Baptism
Viz. Sarah Jeffries

Revolutionary War Record
Benjamin Whitehead, Patroit - Member of the Committee of Safety May 8, 1775        Recommended for Coroner, Oct 13, 1777  OB 4, P 374-Took Oath as Coroner  Dec 3, 1777  OB 4, P 386,  Recommended as Coroner for Meck Co April 12, 1779  -OB 5, P 460  Took Oath of Office as Coroner June 14, 1779- OB 5, P 475 Appointed with Edward Finch and John Brown to examine and deface all counterfeit money produced to them under Act of Assembly against counterfeiting.  RecommeNded as a Justice.  publick claims submitted 1782, after the death in 1781 of our subject Benjamin Whitehead,  represents posthumous claims on his behalf (ESTATE)

Rev. War Publick Claims, Mecklenburg Co, Va-Janice L. Abercrombie
P 9 Mecklenburg County Court, April 9, 1782
Benjamin Whitehead ESTATE  Pd. for 46 Bushels Wheat (5/per bush)
P10-Benjamin Whitehead's ESTATE Pd-for  375# beef (3/#)
P 32 Meck. Co. Court, May 13, 1782 Benjamin Whitehead Pd for 1 night's Pasturage for 21 horses
P 43 Meck. Co, Lits, Sept 5th, -8th Nov, 1781 (Cattle)
Benjamin Whitehead ESTATE Pd for 1


LUNENBURG County, Va. Records

Order Bk 4, P 135, June Crt, 1756-Benjamin Whitehead, agnst William Puckett, Deft. -Verdict-Petitioner to recover-Samuel Goode, witness for Benjamin Whitehead in his suit against William Puckett; to be paid by Whitehead for 2 days' attendance and once coming/returning 45 miles.

OB 4, P 291 May Crt 1757 Augustine Claiborne agnst John Whitehead  Deft; Deft. NO Inhabitant of this County, suit abate

Order bk 4, P 315, July Court, 1757-Peter Johnson against James Mitchell, late Sheriff, Deft; Jury: William Hodgens, William White, William Read, Foreman.  Richard Palmer, John Ballard, Joel Chandler, Benjamin Whitehead, Joseph Gill, William Gilliam, Jas. Spratlin, John Robinson, Edmund Gross; Jury finds for Deft.  Pltf. moves for new trial; verdict set aside; new Jury, next court

Order Bk 5, P 24A, December Court, 1757-Mary Twitty, Admx. of John Twitty, against Mary Matthews, Deft. in detine; Jury: Thos. Foster, James Barton, John McElroy, Daniel Hankins, Robert Breedlove, Matthew Cunningham, John Glasscock, Samuel Comer, Benjamin Whitehead, Cornelius Cargill, Jr., John Cook, Robt. Scott, Verdict: Deft. Not detaining sd. negro man slave as claimed by witness for Twitty; Hugh Franklin, 3 days, John Williams, 4 days, Witnesses for Matthews: Lydell Bacon, 6 days, John Cargill, 23 days, Martha Farrar, 3 days

DB 5, P 272- July 4, 1758- George Walton of Lun to Benjamin Whitehead of Lun abt 400 A Lun Co both/sides Owl Crk bnd'd  by Pettus, Watson (Walton), Mason, Zacharie, Hawkins, Chandler, Selby - No Wit -7/4/1758

Order Bk 5, P 97A July Court, 1758-George Walton to Benjamin Whitehead indenture/bargain/sale 

DB5, P 534 Dec 4, 1759 Richard Brooks & wife Lucretia, of Lun Co to Daniel Price (Co not stated) for 50f, a certain tract of land in Lun., about 130 AC b/b the Mouth of Cat Tail Branch, John Price, Cockerham, Nicholas Gentry. Sig: Richard Brooks, Lucretia  X her mark Brooks Wts: Benjn. Whitehead, Joseph Freeman, Rec'd Dec 4, 1759 Lucretia relinq'd her right of dower.

Order Bk 7, P 52A-June Court, 1761-Any 3 of Phillip Poindexter, Benjamin Whitehead, Edward Goode, John Childress to appraise slaves/personal estate of Robert Waymarke, dec'd

WB 2, P 191-1762-Account Current of the Est of James Bartley, dec'd , to Jane Bartley, Admrx; Debits incl: mention of Matthew Marable, John Potter, Wm Cross, Thos Erskine, Jonathan Pattison, Thos Riddle, Cmen't Read,    Paul Carrington, Hez'h Gentry, Reps Jones, Drury Moore, Henry Crenshaw-rum-auction at sale of est, Mr. Handson Crenshaw, Dan;l. Hay, Robt. Leverett,. Total debits 33f 13 sh, 11.5 pence Credits incl mention of sale of the estate 30f 8 sh 9 pence, Mr Lester, Jno White, Phill Russell, John Forrest, Wm Rogers, James Lowman, Saml Rudder. Total credits 37 f 19 sh 9 pence.  Pursuant to Lun Court order, we have examined & stated the account of James Bartley

DB7, P 206 April 5, 1762 Guy Smith of Lun to George Freeman of Lun for 12 f, a certain tract of land of abt 200 acres in Lun b/b Linton, Bantons Crk, Bilbow, Whitehead Sig Guy Smith, Rec'd Apr 6, 1762

Order Book 8 P 44A, June Court, 1762-William Chisolm against Henry Finch, deft-Jury: Benjamin Whitehead, etal-not named-Verdict-plaintiff to recover

Order Book 8, P 44A June Court, 1762 -Thomas Addaman against thos. Evans, Deft.-Jury-Benjamin Whitehead, etal-not named/verdict: Judgment for Deft.

Order Book 8, P 45A June Court, 1762-William Jones agst William Jones (sic) Deft. -Jury: Benjamin Whitehead, etal, not named-Verdict: Judgment for Deft.

Order Book 8, P 45A June Court, 1762-Nathaniel Basset against Allen Burton, Deft. in debt-(Hutchings Bell)  Jury: Benjamin Whitehead, etal (not named) Verdict: Pltf. to recover

Order Book 8, P 122B, Sept Court, 1762-Benjamin Whitehead, witness for Elisha Brooks, against John Linton; to be paid by Brooks for 4 days' attendance.

Order Bk 9, P 214-Aug 11, 1763-Richard Witton, Gent, is appt'd overseer of the road from Joseph Greer's to Mr Thos Erskines' and that Joseph Greer, Benjamin Whitehead, John Linton, Thomas Netherly, Thos. Erskines, Phillip Poindexter,and their hands, be a gang to work the sd road and keep it in repairs

Order Bk 9, P 230-- Sept 8, 1763- Ordered that David Garland and Benjamin Whitehead settle an account current of the estate of James Barkley, dec'd whereof Jane Bartley (sic) his Administrator (sic)

Order Bk 9, P 249-Sept 8, 1763- Elisha Brooks is ordered to pay Benjamin Whitehead, a witness for him at the suit of John Linton, for 6 days' attendance. (SGS note-other wit in this case were Wm Cureton, John Cureton, John Thomason, Charles Humphries, Zachariah Bevel, Edwd Bevell  (John Linton vs Elisha Brooks-Judgt for Def)--

DB 9- P 355- Oct 13, 1763-Richard Witton   (Gent) of Lun. to  Benjamin Whitehead, JR of Lun. for 36 f, a certain tract of land Abt 533 A in Lun on branches of Allen's creek bnd'd by Bilboe, Greer, Smith,  Sig: Richard Whitton, No Wit-Rec-Feb 9 1764

Order Bk 9, P 271-  Nov 9, 1763- Everard Dowsing ,foreman; Sherwood Walton, Benjamin Whitehead, John Hobson, Richard Swepson, John Jeffries, Robert Scott, John Hubbard, John Hide, Henry Williams, Samuel Perrin, William Roberson., William Dudgeon, William Cock, Thomas Carleton, John Kendrick, and Samuel Johnson, good and lawful men of Lun. Co are sworn a Grand Jury for Lun, who made the following presentments (to wit) (Very long list of business ranging from ordering Deeds, Wills recorded  to var other business- binding out orphans,  debt suits, road business, swearing in public, living in adultery, (parties named)  Fornication-both parties Named- selling liquor w/o license, et

Order Bk 9 , P 3 (1763-64)- 12/10/1763-Ordered that the Church Wardens of Cornwall Parish bind Hall Williamson, orphan of Thomas Williamson, dec'd to Benjamin Whitehead

List of Tithes, for 1764, "St James Parish" by Richard Witton, Gent.-Benjamin Whitehead-1 tithe-1,144 Acres land

Order Bk 9, P 308- 2/9/1764-Deed-Richard Witton to Benjamin Whitehead, Jr. ack'd, & ord'd to be rec'd.

ORDER BK #10-  P 76 (1)-May Crt-1764- Benjamin Whitehead, Assignee of Richard Swepston, Plt, vs John Linton, Deft- In Debt. This day came the parties by their attnys and the Deft relinquishing his former plea, says that he cannot  gainsay the Plt's action for 60 f, the debt in the declaration mentioned, and his costs , but this judgment is to be discharged by the payment of 3 (0) f  9 shillings and 6 pence with interest from Sept 1, 1763 and the cost

DB 6, P 303- Sept 13, 1764- Guy Smith of Lun to Benjamin Whitehead of Lun  for 100 f, abt 218 A Lun Co  on branches of Allen's Creek,& Bluestone Creek, bnd'd by George Tureman, Joseph Greer.Sig: Guy Smith No Wit -Rec 9/13/1764

Order Bk 10, P 159-Sept Crt 1764-Deed fr Guy Smith to Benjamin Whitehead is ack, and OR.

Order Bk 10, P 196- Nov Crt 1764- Ordered that the Churchwardens of St James Parish do bind out Susanna Rogers, dtr of Richard Wilmot Rogers to Benjamin Whitehead.

Benjamin Whitehead operated a Mill and had a plantation  on the N/S of South  Fork of Meherrin River and apparently continued to do business with his neighbors in Lunenburg Co after Meck Co was cut off from Lunenburg.

July 12, 1767-DB 11, P 107 Abraham Maury of Lun to Alex'r. Spiers, John Bowman & Company, Merchants in Glasgow, for 331 f 12 shillings, & 2 pence-a certain tract of land in Lun. about 130 AC on Meherrin River, formerly purch'd by Abraham Maury of Dan'l Price by deed rec'd May 10, 1764 bearing date March 30, 1764, which sd land is b/b as per deed, and is the land whereon Maury's water grist mills stand.  Deed of Trust to Spiers, Bowman & Co to cover debt. Wts: B Whitehead, Nicholas Hobson, P Carrington Rec' Dec 10, 1767

Jan 3, 1770  DB11, P 335-Josephn Williams of Lun to Henry Isbell, Benj'n Whitehead, Sherwood Walton, & William Rowlett.  Isabell et al did on Jan 3, 1770 at the request of Joseph Williams, become his security in a replevy bond payable April 3, 1770 for the amount of 560 f 8 shillings & 7 pence, agreeable to an execution issued by Matthew Marable against the estate of the said Joseph Williams.  Williams wants to indemnify Isabel, et al, as well as to secure to them the 560 f 8 sh, 7 pence, hence this indenture.  From Joseph Williams, for their securityship + 5 shillings, to Isabel, et al, the following slaves, stock and household furniture, (being all now in my possession): Jack, Harvey, Bartlett, Will, Frank, Tom, Claiborne, Hannah, Ciss, Tillah, Nanny, Janny, & Esther.  Also the following stock: a bay stallion, a bald eagle mare, spott, Dunkin, Diamond, 12 head  of cattle marked with a swallow fork and underkeel in the left ear.  Also 5 feather beds & furniture.  If Williams pays the replevy bond or otherwise effectually indemnifies Isabell et al, then this mortgage becomes void.  Sig: Joseph Williams Wit: None Rec'd. Mar 18, 1770

Oct 14, 1775 DB12, P 481-John Freeman, Sr of Lun to Samuel Overton Pettus of Mecklenburg, for  120 f a certain tract of land of abt 260 AC in Lun & Meck Co's., and bounded on the North side of the South Meherrin River on Benjamin Whitehead's line on the N/S of the River. Benjamin Clark, sd Freeman, Lewis Burwell,, Cox Sig: John Freeman Sr Wts: John Barry, James Freeman,  And'w Barry, David Pettus, Rec'd Dec 14, 1775 Wife relinq'd  Dower Nov Crt, 1777

Dec 12, 1772 DB12, P 276 Wm. Cureton of Lun Co to Wm Stone of Lun;  Cureton owes Stone 60 f and for securing the debt to Stone, does hereby grant in trust to Stone 1 young negro fellow named Jim, abt 17 or 18 yrs old. If Cureton does not pay Stone the 60 f, by next Dec 25, then Stone may sell the slave,  and from the money arising from the sale, discharge the debt. Sig: Wm. Cureton Wts: Benj. Whitehead, Hugh Barry, Andw. Barry.  Rec'd April 8, 1773

WB2 P 419-Acct Current of the Est of Laughlin Flyn, as rendered  by John Flyn,   Exr-this June 9, 1774-Long list of Accts--Pursuant to Lunenburg Crt Order, we examined   the accounts. Sig: Dec 30, 1774-Benjamin Pulliam, Benjamin Whitehead, Rec'd May 31, 1775

WB2 P 431 1761-Settled & signed Sept 9, 1775-Recorded Oct 12, 1775-Account Current of the Est of Francis Saunders, with Richard Swepson & Thomas Carlton, Exrs-Debits incl: mention of Mr Andrew Johnson, Doct. Clack Courtney, Mr. John Nunn, Mary Folis, Margaret Charleton, her freedom dues, Capt John Cox cost of suit;  Mr. Matthew Marable, Doct. Caruthers, Mr Thomas Erskine,  Mr Robt. Ferguson, Mr Henry Isbell, Colo. Read for recording inventory & finding victuals and clothes 4.5 yrs for one of the orphans named Francis; finding provisions and clothes for 3.5 years for an orphan named John; boarding, schooling and clothing the said orphans for 1 year; the Widow; the expense in going twice to James River to purchase a negro.  Total debits: 122 f, 11 shillings, 3.5 pence.  Credits: include mention of 1761: the sale of the estate (94f 7 shillings 4 pence).  cash received of Colo. L Burwell which was due the testator at his death; 1765- the interest of 30 f 3 shillings 10 pence for 13 years and 8 months retained in our hands. Sig:  Andrew Johnston, Richard Swepson.  Total credits: 173f 1 shilling 7 pence.  Balance due the estate: 50 f 9 shillings 10.5 pence. Sig: Richard Swepson, Thomas Carlton.  Pursuant to Lunenburg Court order, we settled the estate of Fran's. Saunders deceased.  Sig: Sept 9, 1775 Richard Witton, John Cox, Benja Whitehead. Recorded Oct 12, 1775

Lunenburg County  DB 13, P 109-Jan 1, 1779 John Pettus of Lun. to John Overton of Mecklenburg,   for 140 f, about 140 AC in Lun. on the north side of the south fork of Meherrin River,  and b/b Benjamin Whitehead on the said river, Benjamin Clark, Lewis Burwell, Cox  Sig: John Pettus Wts: Benjamin Clark, Bryan Lester, Jr., Wm Stone Jr, Rec'd Apr 9, 1778. Susannah, the sd wife of Pettus, voluntarily relinq'd her right of dower in the lands conveyed.

Lunenburg Co DB13, P 252 August 13, 1779 John Williamson & wife  Mary, of Lun Co to John Cole of Lun. for 150 f, about 300 acres b/b the lines of Wm Johnson, Benjamin Whitehead, John Reese, John Foster,   & Cornelius Collier Sig: John Williamson, Mary X her mark Williamson Wts: William Thweatt, John Crafton, Thomas Crafton Rec: Sept 9, 1779

Records from Mecklenburg County
Deed Books , Order Books, Will Books

DB 1, P 222- June 12, 1766-James Chandler of Meck to Thos. Pettus of Lun. Co. 497 AC S/S Meherrin River-Wts: P Carrington, Thos Erskine, B. Whitehead

Land grants -Transcribed by Judy Baugh
[Land Office Patents and Grants - Patents No. 37 1767-1768] Margin Note: Ben. Whitehead 416 acres "...for Forty five Benjamin Whitehead.....on the Branches of Blue Stone and bounded as followeth, to wit. Beginning at James Parish's corner Pine in Millers Line thence along Parish's Line South twenty two Degrees North West two hundred poles to a pine thence new Line East forty Poles to a pine South sixty Degrees East eighty poles to pointer North eighty four Degrees East two hundred Poles to pointers in Leatherdales line North forty five Degrees East fourteen poles to pointer thence new Line North forty one Degrees West three hundred and eighty poles to pointers thence South forty nine Degrees West fifty four poles to Millers corner Thence on his Line the same Course one hundred and three poles to the first station.......tenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and sixty six......"[Fran. Fauquier for King Geo.III]

DB1, P 363-Mar. 13, 1767 James Speed to Richard Talley, 417 AC b/sides Allen's Crk, adj. Murray, Joseph Ragsdale, & Maury. Wts: Benjamin Whitehead, Hezekiah Coleman

DB1, P 373-Benjamin Hatcher & w/ Lucy, to Charles Burton, 700 AC adj. Wm. Stone, Hutchins Burton, Wm. Hunt, Franklin, Ragsdale, Newsum. Wts: B. Whitehead, Jeremiah Lamkin, Sampson Lamkin

DEED BK 2- P  17-  April 11, 1768- Joseph & w/ Catherine Greer of Meck to Benjamin Whitehead of Meck, Abt 30 A in Meck, bnd'd by new lines-Wit None-Catherine Greer rel dower rts- Rec'd 4/11/1768

pp 178- Dec 12, 1768- Amos Hix of Meck to Benjamin Whitehead of Meck, Abt 175 A in LUN & MECK, both/sides S/Fork of Meherrin Riv , bnd'd by the River where Cox' Rd crosses, it being a tract of land that is also bnd'd by the lines of Bartley Cox, John Freeman, John Goore, & Thomas Carleton.  NO Wit-Rec 3/13/1769

P 491-Sept 10, 1770- Benjamin Whitehead and Elizabeth, his wife, of Meck to Jeremiah Tanner of Amelia Co-Abt 200 A in Meck bnd'd by Burton, Ragsdale, a new line, Newsom.  NO Wit- Deed ack in Crt by Benjamin Whitehead & Elizabeth, his wife-Rec'd Sept 10, 1770

P 494-Sept 10, 1770- Benjamin Whitehead and Elizabeth, his wife of Meck to Joseph Crowder of Amelia Co abt 216 A in M bnd'd by Ragsdale, Pulliam, Crowder, Newsom, a new line-No Wit - Rec'd 9/10/1770

1771-Est of Anthony Linton, Appraisal by Benjamin Whitehead, Edward Bevill, & Abraham Burton, Rec'd Dec. 9, 1771

DB4, P 552-553-- Joseph Speed's Poll for Meck Co Apr 14, 1772- Among the long list of names-Benjamin Whitehead - Signed by Noah Dortch, Clk, Wit: Edward Finch - Joseph Speed represented a delegate for Meck.

DB 4, P 184-Sept 13, 1773- John & W-Sarah Gorre of Meck to Benjamin Whitehead of Meck Abt 226 A incl 1A that was purch by sd Gorre fr James Chandler to have the privilege of setting a mill.  Land bnd'd by Carleton.  Also conveyed is a mill on S.Fork of Meherrin Riv, adj the above land. Ack in Crt by John & Sarah Gorre-Rec'd-Nov 8, 1773

The following has been taken from William B Hill's article on the Swepson/Boyd/Whitehead family, dated Sept, 1952

"At a general meeting of the freeholders of Mecklenburg Co., at the courthouse on Monday the 8th day of May, 1775, the following gentlemen were appointed a Committee agreeable to the Resolution of the American Continental Congress, for the letter securing a due observance of the Associates entered into by that August body, viz:

John Speed, Bennett Goode, William Lucas, Henry Speed, Francis Ruffin, Lewis Burwell, Sir Peyton Skipwith, Benjamin Whitehead, George Baskerville, Reuben Vaughan, Joseph Speed, John Tabb, John Jones /or James,  William Leigh, Robert Ballard, Samuel Hopkins, Jun., John Ballard, Junr..

John Speed, Esq., was unanimously  chosen chairman and Mr. Isaac Holmes, Clerk. of the Committee.

Resolved unanimously, that every member of thus Committee exert his endeavors to enlist volunteers, soldiers, agreeable to the Resolution of the late Provincial Convention.  It being late in the day to proceed on business, the Committee adjourned to Saturday the 13th of May, when they met and came to the following Resolutions:

The proceedings of the Convention held at Richmond the 10th of March last being read, were unanimously approved.

Resolved that the thanks of this Committee be presented to Robert Burton and Bennett Goode, Esqurs., our worthy delegates at the said Convention, for their faithful discharge of the important trust reposed in them.

Resolved unanimously, that the removal of the gunpowder out of the publick magazine, by express order of Lord Dunmore, is truly alarming; and that his excuse for such conduct, in his answer to the address of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of the City of Williamsburg, is unsatisfactory and evasive, and he has thereby forfeited all title to the confidence of the good people of this Colony.

Ordered that the Clerk send copies of these resolves to each of the printers, in order to this being published.

Isaac Holmes, Clerk
VIRGINIA GAZETTE, (Purdie's), June 2, 1775"

May 8, 1775
John Speed, chairman

William Lucas, Francis Ruffin, Robert Burton, Cluverius Coleman, Sir Peyton Skipwith, George Baskerville, Joseph Speed, John Jones, Robert Ballard, John Ballard, Junr.,  Bennett Goode, Henry Speed, Lewis Burwell, Edmund Taylor, Thacker Burwell, Benjamin Whitehead,  Reuben Vaughan, John Tabb, William Leigh, Samuel Hopkins, Junr., Isaac Holmes, Clerk.

John Tabb, one of the original members of the Committee of Safety, died in June soon after appointment to the committee. George Baskerville, a member of the committee, died in 1777, and Wm. Lucas, another member, died in 1778. John Jones, Joseph & Henry Speed, resigned..  Robert Ballard, Samuel Hopkins, Junr, John Ballard, Junr, and Isaac Holmes, entered service. Robert Burton, Sir Peyton Skipwith, Edmund Taylor and Wm. Leigh removed from the County.  While there is no record found in the Order books of the appointment of a new clerk to succeed Isaac Holmes, the Journals of the Council of State shown that Daniel Hunt and John Swepson served subsequently as clerks of the committee.  The Committee of Safety was reorganized and new members were appointed. 
Ref-Rev. War Records, Meck. Co, Va-Elliott

DB 4, P 551- 552 -- A Poll taken for Col Bennett Goode at an Election of Delegates for Meck Co on Apr 8. 1776- Among this long list of names-incl  Benjamin Whitehead,   signed by  Richard Swepson, Jr, Clk, Thomas Erskine, Sheriff

VIRGINIA GAZETTE, (dIXON) -March 21, 1777-p 2 cOL 1

TO BE SOLD IN THE COUNTY OF MECKLENBURG, on very reasonable terms, 788 Acres of Land, Part of which is good for Tobacco & grain.   There are upon this 1 tract, suitable houses to dwell in, convenient Outhouses, Gardens, and Orchard-Also another Tract about 5 Miles from this, consisting of 425 Acres, on both side of South Meherrin River, whereupon are two good Plantations, the soil very rich, good Orchards, and convenient Houses.  There is, adjoining this land, a large, new, well-built Grist Mill on the River, consisting of a Pair of Stones, and a well fixed Bolting Cloth.  This Mill gets more than 100 Barrels of Toll Grain per Year, and is rented at 40 l per Annum. Also another Tract a little below this, consisting of 300 Acres, with a Plantation and Orchards, lies very level, and is very good for Stock.-----Any of the said Lands may be entered upon at Christmas next, and whoever inclines to purchase may know the Terms by applying to the Subscriber, living on the first mentioned Place.    Signed: BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD

OB 4, P 374-Oct. 13, 1777 Ordered that Benjamin Whitehead be recommended  to His Excellency, the Governor, as a proper person for Coroner of this County.

OB4, P 386 Dec 8, 1777 Benjamin Whitehead took the oath of office as required by law as Coroner for this County. 

DB 5, P 144-Nov 19, 1777 Benjamin Whitehead of Meck. to Francis Moore Neal of M Abt 60 A in M on br of Allen's Crk being pt of a larger tract possessed by sd Benjamin Whitehead, and bnd'd by sd Francis Moore Neal. Sig: Benjamin Whitehead Wit:  James Davis, Nathaniel Gregory, Edward
Bevill-Rec Dec 8, 1777

 DB 5, P 285- We, Edward Finch, Robert Munford, Esq., George Tarry, William W. Green, Richard Swepson., Benjamin Whitehead. John Puryear, John Oliver, William Neal, James Hester, Joseph Rudd, &  David Christopher of Meck, bind ourselves to George Webb, Esq, Treasurer of VA, in the sum of 7000 f, this July 13, 1778, to warrant that Edward Finch, collector of the taxes in Meck shall truly collect and account for all the duties and taxes in Meck . Rec: July 13, 1778.

DB5, P 375- Oct. 26, 1778 Richard Bonds of 96 Dist, SC, to Richard Witton of Meck, abt 333 AC in Meck Wts: Benjamin Whitehead, Richard Witton, Jr, Elizabeth Whitehead, Richard Whitehead, Recd-Feb 8, 1779 (1st rec. of Richard Whitehead in deed records)

DB 5, P 400- March 8, 1779- Edward Hogan & wife Ede of Meck to  Frederick Macklin (Maclin) of Brunswick Co Abt 245 A in Meck -Wit: Benjamin Whitehead  Rec Mar 8, 1779

DB 5, P 416- Agreeable to Act of Assembly, we, the Sheriff and Senior Magistrates of Meck., hereby certify that John Murray, Benjamin Whitehead, and Samuel Dedman, Esq. were fairly and duly elected Commissioners of the tax for Meck on the 2nd Tuesday in Mar, 1779.Signed-William Davis, Robert Munford, Lewis Burwell.  Rec. April 12,1779

OB4, P 460 April 12, 1779-Ordered that Benjamin Whitehead, Edward Finch, & John Brown be appointed to examine and deface all counterfeit money produced to them under the Act of General Assembly against counterfeiting.

 DB 5, P 467-April 12, 1779 Richard Swepson of Meck to Richard Swepson, Jr of Meck  Abt 480 A in Meck it being the land whereon the Courthouse now stands, and joining the lines of Alexander Boyd, Swepson Jeffries, Thomas Pritchett, thence along Clark's old line to William Decker's Tract, and joining sd Decker and the tract Marable purchased of Coleman, it being all of the lands sd Richard Swepson formerly purchased of Samuel Phillips. Signed : Richard Swepson Wit: Benjamin Whitehead, Leonard Sims, Alexander Boyd, Ann Boyd   Rec: July 12, 1779
[Witnesses are three sons-in-law and one daughter of Richard Swepson Sr.]

 DB 6, P 119 Nov 14,  1780  John Neal of Amelia Co to Philip Poindexter, Jr, of Par of St James, Meck Co- Abt 416 A  Meck Co, both sides Allen's Cr -Wit: David Stokes, Jr, Benjamin Whitehead, Richard Whitehead-At Meck Court of April 9, 1781, witnesses David Stokes, Jr & Richard Whitehead deposed that they saw Benjamin Whitehead, the other witness thereto, who is now dead, subscribe his name as a witness to the deed. Ordered to be recorded.

[Land Office Patents and Grants - Patents E 1775-1776, 1780-1781 Vol.I & Vol.II)]
Margin Note: 400 acres to William Green, Cluverius Coleman and Benjamin Whitehead "Thomas Jefferson, Esquire,  Governor of the Commonwealth of consideration of six  Thousand and eighty Pounds Current money of Virginia paid unto Clousel Clousel William Green, Cluverius Coleman and Benjamin Whitehead, assignees of Mathew Marable.....four hundred acres in the County of Mecklenburg Lately the Property of Andrew Cockran, William Cunningham and Company, British subjects and was sold by the said Clousel Clousel Escheator as a foresaid unto the said Mathew Marable and by him since sold to the said....William Green, Cluverius Coleman and Benjamin Whitehead agreeable to two acts of Assembly passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine the one entitled an Act Concerning Escheats and forfeitures from British Subjects the other Entitled an Act Governing Escheators which said tract of parcel of Land is bounded as followeth to wit Beginning at Humphries corner red oak over a Branch of Allen's Creek thence along his Line South Seventy degrees East Eighty five poles to a Hickory then a new Line North twenty and a half degrees East three hundred and ninety poles to a red oak in Athersons[?] Line thence along the same North fifty five degrees West eighty poles to a pine thence North ten degrees East eighty eight poles to a Hickory thence along McQues line West eighty poles to a Hickory thence South Sixty five degrees West twenty seven poles to Pointer thence along Whiteheads Line South fourteen degrees West one hundred and twenty seven poles to a Spanish oak thence South thirteen degrees East forty four poles to a Black Oak on the Road thence West twelve poles to Pointers thence South thirty degrees East one hundred and twenty three poles to a Pine thence South eighty two degrees East one hundred and four poles to a pine thence South twenty one degrees West one hundred and twenty poles to a Spanish Oak thence South Six degrees West eighty poles to an ash on the branch aforesaid and thence down the same as it meanders to the first Richmond the Eleventh day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and eighty and of the Commonwealth the fifty"
s/Thomas Jefferson
The following records apply to the Estate of Benjamin Whitehead, and his descendants

June 6, 1781-James Tomerson estate-Inventory & appraisal-Appraisors-William Drumright, Balam Jones, Richard Whitehead. Rec'd, June 11, 1781

P 34-List of Samuel Dedman
ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD- 10  whites, 16 Blacks

DB 6, P 294 Dec 11, 1782 William Green & Cluverious Coleman, surviving partners of Benjamin Whitehead, dec'd, to James Coleman of Meck Abt 400 A in Meck which land was sold as property of Andrew Cockram, William Cunningham & Co, British Subjects, and patented in the name of Green, Coleman & Whitehead on Dec 11, 1780. Wit: William Barry as to Green, Edward Finch, David Stokes, Robert Allin as to Coleman. Rec Aug 11, 1783- See Land Grant supra

May 10, 1785 Lun. Co, Va DB14, P 269 From Benjamin Smith of Cumberland Par, Lun. Co.  to John Harper, of Meck  Co, for 80E, a certain tract of land in Cumberland Par in Lunen. Co, abt 95 A b/b Barratt, on Flat Rock Crk, William Fisher, Meherrin riv, the same being grtd to sd. Benj. Smith. Sig: Benj. Smith, Wts Balaam Jones, William Fisher, Richard Whitehead. Rec'd Nov 10, 1785

1787 Personal Property Tax List, Meck. Co, Va
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth   Ch/w/tax: self
White Males 16-21 =1
Blacks above 16=9
Blacks und 16=9
Horses, mares, colts & Mules=9
(Not Tithable - Negroes=Prince, Peter, James, Lewis,  Marjery, Jenny, Lucy, Winny, Hannah, Sam, Ceesar, Edmund, Harry, Gilbert, Abram, Billy, Isham & Sarah)

 (Charged w/tax: Elizabeth Whitehead-Son, 16-21Yrs)

Whitehead, Richard  -Chg'd w/tax, SELF   1 Poll, 8 Blacks, ( Named: Charles, Jack,
Charles #2, Luce, Pegg, David, Bett, Isaac)
6 Horses, 15 Cattle
JOHNSON,  Francis  Under Age  Charged w/Tax-Richard Whitehead

1789 Mecklenburg Co, Va Land Tax List 
Richard Whitehead
300-9/10-167-10-2-Rest Illegible

MECKLENBURG CO ORDER BK 7, P 376-378 Feb 25, 1789
This Indenture, made the twenty-fifth day of February, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Nine,  Between RICHARD WHITEHEAD of Mecklenburg County of the one part and JOSEPH WHITEHEAD  of the County of Dinwiddie, of the other part, Witnesseth that whereas the afore said RICHARD WHITEHEAD is entitled by and under the Last Will and Testament of his late father, BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD, deceased, to one ninth part of sundry slaves and other property or estate belonging to the estate of the said decedent, when the said Testator's youngest child attained the age of ten years, as by the said Will duly proved and recorded in the County Court of Mecklenburg aforesaid, being thereunto had Will fully and more at large appear  and Whereas the youngest child will shortly attain the age of ten years as aforesaid,  and a division of the said negroes and other estate is shortly expected to be made among the several legatees to whom they are devised as aforesaid; and Whereas the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD hath at sundry times by particular desire of the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD advanced him several sums of money upon a fair computation of which  the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD is justly indebted to the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD in the full and just sum of one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, eight shillings, and four pence, Current money of Virginia, the which with Interest thereon from this day till paid the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD is anxious and desirous to secure.

Now this Indenture Witnesseth that the said RICHARD with a view to secure payment of the said Interest as also for the further consideration of five shillings to him now in hand paid by the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged HATH bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, and his heirs and assigns forever all such slaves and other property as upon division so to be hereafter made shall fall to the Lott share, and divided by him the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD, To have and to hold unto the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, and his assigns forever, upon special Trust and confidence that the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD shall take immediate possession of the same so same as such allotment is made and then or so such of the said share expose to sale giving twelve months credit as shall be sufficient to satisfy the debt and Interest aforesaid and also recording this Indenture.

POWER OF ATTORNEY from RICHARD WHITEHEAD to JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, to act for him in the Estate Division representing his (Richard's) part of the Estate of Benjamin whitehead.

Wts: James Coleman, William Whitehead, John Coleman

At a Court held for Mecklenburg Co, Va the 18th day of May, 1789, This Indenture of Trust was proved by the Oaths of James Coleman, William Whitehead, and John Coleman the Witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded.

Test: John Brown, Cl Crt

Meck Order Bk 7, P 286 March Court, 1789
Joseph Whitehead & James Coleman, Pltfs. against Dudley Brook, Deft, In Debt
On the motion of the Deft. in his proper person and with (?) of the Pltfs. is ordered that the Judgment obtained in the Office against him and William McGuire, the security for his appearance for want of appearance be set aside and thereupon came as well the Pltfs by their Attorney as the Deft. in his proper person and the said Deft. acknowledged the Pltfs. Action.  Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Pltfs recover against the Deft. seventeen pounds five shillings and six pence current money of Virginia, the debt in the Declaration mentioned and their costs by them about this suit in this behalf expended; and the said Deft in Mercy, etc.  But this Judgment is to be discharged by the payment of four pounds four shillings and four pence half penny like money, with interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the 13th day of March, 1787 'till payment and the costs and the Pltfs agree to stay the execution of this Judgment 'till November Court next.

May 1, 1790 Mecklenburg Co, Va Personal Property Tax List A
Benjamin Whitehead Estate  , Cl. Coleman, Exr .(slaves only)  
 Prince, James, Lewis, Massy,  Garvin & Hannah, 16,  Edmund 12  (Polls 0=6-1-6)

1790 Meck. Co, Va Personal Property Tax List  B 
Richard Whitehead 1-5-0-5 
Slaves: Charles, Jack, charles, Lucy, Pegg

Aug. 30, 1790, Lunenburg Co., Va DB16, P 62   Clark Taylor of Lun. Co.  to John Oliver  of Meck. Co., Va  for 200 pds, abt 458 Ac in Lun. Co. on the branches  of the Robertson Fork of Meherrin River, and b/b Samuel Cheatham, the glebe line. Sig: Clark Taylor, Wts: Thomas Norment, Richard Jeffries, Polley Whitehead Rec'd Dec 9, 1790

Granville Co., NC DB 2, p287, 288 May 3, 1792 
Richard Whitehead of Meck. Co., Va to John Smith of Granville Co., NC for 52 pds. a Negro slave-Wits: J. Shepard, Robert Chandler

P. 313-April 20, 1792 
Richard Whitehead and Henry Carlton to Thomas Williams, a negro slave. Wits: John Smith

Meck Co Order Bk 7, P 624
Joseph Whitehead, Pltf, against Richard Whitehead, In Case
Richard Swepson of this County comes into Court and undertakes for the Deft that in case he shall be cast in this Suit he shall testify and pay the condemnation of the Court or render his body to prison in execution for the same or that he the said Swepson will do it for him.

Meck Co Order Bk 7, P 701 May Crt, 1792
Whitehead & Coleman Pltfs  against William G. Baptist Admr of Samuel Dedman, Gent., dec'd Deft. In Case
This day came the Parties by their Attorneys and by consent of the Pltfs the Defts withdraws his plea of fully Administered  and seth that his Testator did not assume upon himself in manner and form as the Pltfs. against him have complained, to which the Pltfs. replyed generally. And thereupon came also a Jury, to Wit:  Dudley Brooks, Jonathan Knight, John Morgan, John Duncan, Travis 
Norval, John Whigham, Thomas Pritchett, Edward L. Tabb, William Coleman, Richard Witton, Henry Hayes, and Young Norval who being selected tryed and sworn the truth to speak upon the issues aforesaid joined upon their Oath do say that the Decedent did assume upon himself in manner and form as the Pltfs. have complained and they do assess the Pltfs. damages by occasion of nonperformance of that assumption to eleven pounds eight shillings besides their costs.
Therefore, it is considered by the Court that the Pltfs. recover against the Deft. their damages aforesaid and in form aforesaid assessed and their costs by them about this suit in their behalf expended to be levied of the goods and chattels of the said decedent in the hands of the said Deft. to be administered if so much thereof he hath; if not, then the Costs to be seized of his proper goods and chattels and the said Deft in Mercy, etc.


Meck. Co, Va Order Bk 8, Pm P65 Court Date Sept 10, 1792
Present, Samuel Goode, Gent


William Willis Green and Cluverus Coleman  EXRS of BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD, Dec'd, Defts.

This day came the parties by their Counsel and next friend, respectively, and the defendants acknowledged the service of the subpoena and the Pltfs. having this day filed their bill and the Defts. their answer thereto.  By consent of the parties this cause came on to be heard on consideration whereof it is decreed and ordered that the defts. make up and render an account of the Administration of the estate of the said decedant, before William Hepburn, Richard Swepson, Alexander Boyd,, Edward Goode, and Lewis Burwell, Gent, or any three or more of them who are appointed to examine the Estate and settle the same, and also that they, or any three or more of them cut off and assign to the five younger children respectively, to Wit: William, Nancy, Polly, Swepson & Susanna their pecuniary and specific legacies agreeable to the second and third clause in the last Will and Testament of the said decedent, and then proceed to divide the residue of the said Estate  agreeable to the said Will and make report to the Court in Order to a final decree.

Meck. Co. Va-DB 8, P 401-02 Dec 22, 1792 
Richard Whitehead
, Jas. Williams & Wm. Drumright wit Deed of James Bowen, etal (Heirs of Robert Bowen, Dec'd) of Meck co, Va to Chas. Bowen & James Bowen of Meck.

Meck DB 8 P-43 1793 Richard Whitehead of Meck Co, Va to Robert Elliott, slave, (boy named Christopher)

DB 8, P- 3,4 1793  Richard Whitehead of Meck Co, VA to Gideon Johnson, slave (boy named Nelson)

Order Bk 8, P 204 Nov 12, 1793
Ordered that Samuel Pettus, Guardian to Swepson Whitehead, orphan of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec;d be excused from returning any record of the profits of the said Orphan Estate until next year.


Jan 2, 1794 DB16, P 512 Lun. Co, Va-Thomas H Woodson & wife Susanna of Pittsyl. Co., & Frederick Nance Sr & Susanna his wife of Lun. Co to James Jeffries of Lun. 350 Ac in Lun Co b/b lines of Richard Jeffries, etal

Feb 20, 1794-Lun. Co., DB16, P 439 John Munroe of Lun Co to John Jeffries  of same for 101 Pds abt 100 Ac in Lun on N/S of Grt Nottoway River, at the head of Rocky Br., b/b John Foulkes, a piece of vacant land, John Barnes, Jacob Davis, John Jeffries Sig: John Jeffries, Wts: John Blanton, William Crews, James Jeffries, Richard Jeffries, James Munroe Rec'd Apr 10, 1794

Meck. Order Bk 8, P 277-278 Court date May 12, 1794
Richard Whitehead, Richard Jeffries & Jane his wife, Clark Taylor & Elizabeth, his wife, James Coleman & Sarah, his wife, and William Whitehead,  Nancy Whitehead, Polly Whitehead, Swepson Whitehead and Susannah Whitehead, infants & orphans of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd. by Richard Swepson, their next friend and Elezer Clay & Elizabeth, his wife. Pltffs, In Chancery


William Willis Green, Cluverius Coleman, Exrs of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd.

A report of the persons named in the decree order made at September Court, 89? was returned in the following words following, to wit:

In obedience to a Decree of the Worshipful Court of Mecklenburg County we the subscribers have met at the store of James Coleman this 10th January, 1793, and proceeded to examine  Estate and settle the accounts of Cluverius Coleman and William Willis Green Executors of Benjamin Whitehead, deceased and the vouchers for their proceedings thereon and do find and report that it appears to us the said Estate in Account Current  is indebted to Cluverus Coleman one of the Executors the balance of three pounds, thirteen shillings, and four pence, and to William Willis Green the other Executor the Balance of thirty-one pounds, seven shillings, and six pence current money, which we report to be justly due to them respectively.  And we do further find and report that the said Executors for their reasonable expenses in this Executorship are entitled to the sum of sixteen pounds which they ought to receive in addition to the said balance  and which they may divide between them as they may think best proceeded to make an allottment of the slaves belonging to the said Estate agreeable to the directions of the Will of the said Benjamin Whitehead and do allot them and report as follows, to wit:

To Eleazer Clay and Elizabeth his wife Sarah & Abram, he paying to the Executors for the use of the other Legatees the sum of three pounds, sixteen shillings, and six pence, which is to be applied to make up the deficiency in the other lotts--

To Richard  Jeffries,  we allot Sylvia and Will and six pounds, three shillings and six pence

To Richard Whitehead, Hall & Gilbert and one pound three shillings and six pence.

To Clark Taylor, Winney and her child Violet and Jency, and one pound, three shillings, and six pence.

To James Coleman, Prince, Jack & Jenny, paying one shilling and six pence.

To William Whitehead, Peter & Isham, he paying five pounds, sixteen shillings and six pence.

To Nancy Whitehead, Lucy & her child Sarah and Ben, she paying three pounds, sixteen shillings and six pence.

To Polly Whitehead, James and Marjery and six pounds, three shillings and six pence.

To Swepson Whitehead, Edmund and Hannah, he paying three pounds, sixteen shillings and six pence.

And to Susannah Whitehead,  Lewis and one pound, three shillings and six pence.

And we do allott and report them accordingly.

And there being two suits depending against the said Executors by one commenced in the High Court of Chancery by the Exr. of William Blount, the other in the Court of Mecklenburg by the Exr. of John Jeffries and it being uncertain whether Decrees will be obtained thereon or to what amount, there being also claims of five pecuniary Legatees of One Hundred pounds each and other articles specified in the Will payable to William Whitehead, Nancy Whitehead, Polly Whitehead Swepson Whitehead and Susannah Whitehead, and not sufficient funds in hand for the discharge of the same if recovered, together with the other claims hereafter mentioned, and others not yet ascertained, We are of Opinion the Executors retain possession of the said slaves and continue to hire them out until all those contingencies shall be provided for or obviated. 

We find there is a judgment obtained by Lewis Burrell against the Executors amounting to eleven pounds 10/2 with costs which judgment is unsatisfied. We find there are amounts due to James Coleman to wit: a store account to thirteen pounds seven shillings, and five pence and half penny, and the balance of an account for board of the orphans and necessaries found them of 7/11 unpaid.   We find that the Guardian of Swepson Whitehead is entitled to seven pounds per year for the use of his Ward in lieu of his board for 2 years which is unpaid.

We find that there are claims of the Executors still unsettled for the costs of suits still depending and other Contingent Charges which when ascertained ought to be allowed. We find that there is a store account of thirty-five pounds, eighteen shillings and three farthings due to Cluverus Coleman exclusive of his Executors account aforesaid. which is also unpaid.  We find there are bonded debts due the Estate for sales made lately to the amount of five hundred and ninety three pounds fourteen shillings and two pence, half penny; and fourteen pounds, five shillings unbonded for which the Executor Coleman agrees to be accountable; and which said sums appear to be the only contingent fund now in their hands for the future claims and recoverings that may be had against them.  We find that the Executors have employed David Stokes  Attorney in drawing their answers in the High Court of Chancery, Defending them in the County Court, and in the conduct of this suit, and the settlement and division for which services he is reasonably entitled to nine pounds ten shillings, and report that the Executors ought to pay it and be allowed the same in their Account Current......

On consideration whereof it is decreed and ordered that the said settlement and division of the slaves aforesaid in manner and form aforesaid made be fair and stable forever but to remain in the hands of the Defts. subject to the debts of the Testator until they shall be sufficiently indemnified and that the costs of this suit be born equally by the Plts. 

Ordered that all notices given to this day be continued till tomorrow.

Order Book 8, P 348 Court Date Oct. 13, 1794
James Coleman, Guardian of Nancy, Polly, & Susannah Whitehead, Orphans of Benjamin Whitehead, dec'd is excused from returning any accounts of the profits of the said Orphans Estate until next Court.

Order Bk 8, P 354 (Yr-1794) -On the Petition of William W Green & Cluverius Coleman, Exrs of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd. against Morris Johnson and William Hepburn for debt due by Bond the Deft Hepburn having been summoned and served with a copy of the Petition and not appearing, It is  considered by the Court that the Pltfs. recover against the Deft. Hepburn five  pounds, seven shillings current money of Va. the debt aforesaid and their Costs including a Lawyer's fee; but this Judgment is to be discharged by the payment of two pounds, thirteen shillings, and six pence with Interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five percent per annum from the 19th day of November, 1798 'till payment and the costs and this suit abates as to the Deft. Johnson, he being returned no Inhabitant..

Meck. DB 8, P 509-510 Nov 1, 1794

This Indenture made this first day of November, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety four Between William Willis Green and Cluverius Coleman, Executors of Benjamin Whitehead, dec'd and James Coleman of the County of Mecklenburg, Witnesseth that the said William W. Green & Cluverius Coleman for & in consideration of the sum of Two hundred  and fifty pounds current money of Virginia to them in hand paid before the ensealing  and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof the said William W. Green and Cluverius Coleman doth hereby acknowledge , hath given, granted, Bargained and sold and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, sell, deliver, and confirm to him the said James Coleman agreeable to the last Will and Testament of Benjamin Whitehead dec'd and advice of Mecklenburg Court, One certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the County of Mecklenburg and Lunenburg on both sides the South Meherrin River, containing four hundred two & a half acres including the Mill Seal, be the same more or less, joining the lines of John Overton, John S. Ravenscroft, Lewis Burwell, Thomas Dance, Thomas Nethery, Samuel Pettus and Benjamin Clark.  

To have and to hold the above sold lands and premises with all the appurtenances to him the said James Coleman and his heirs and assigns forever, To the only proper use and behoof of him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever.  To have, hold, use, occupy, possess and enjoy the same with every part and parcel thereof to him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever against them the said William Willis Green and Cluverius Coleman their heirs or assigns and against the claim and demand of all other persons whatsoever shall and will by these presents Warrant and forever defend. 

In Witness whereof the said William Willis Green and Cluverius Coleman have hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and year first above written.

William W. Green (Seal)
Clus. Coleman (Seal)

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of:
Francis M. Neal
Peter Burton, Jr.
John Coleman
William Coleman

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County this 13th day of April, 1795
This Indenture and the memorandum endorsed were acknowledged by William W. Green and Cluverius Coleman parties thereto and Ordered to be recorded.

Examined/ Test: William Baskerville, Cl. Crt.

Order Bk 8, P 424 April Crt, 1795-An Indenture of Bargain & Sale between William W. Green & Cluverus Coleman Executors of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd of the One Part and James of the Other Part and the Memorandun hereon endorsed is acknowledged by the said William W. Green and Cluverius Coleman and Ordered to be recorded.

Meck DB 8, P 510-511 Nov 1, 1794
Exrs of Benjamin Whitehead to James Coleman

These Indentures made this first day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and ninety four Between William Willis Green and Cluverius Coleman Executors of Benjamin Whitehead, Dec'd, and James Coleman of the County of Mecklenburg Witnesseth:  that the said William Wills Green and Cluverius Coleman for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and forty-seven pounds Current money of Virginia to them in hand paid before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof the said William Wills Green and Cluverius Coleman doth hereby acknowledge, have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, sell, deliver and confirm to him the said James Coleman agreeable to the Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Whitehead, dec'd, and a decree of Mecklenburg Court, One certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the County aforesaid on the Branches of Allen's Creek, containing four hundred and twenty acres be the same more or less joining the lines of William Wills Green, James Coleman, Eleazer Clay, Thomas Westbrook, Matthew Green and Francis More Neal-To have and to hold the above sold lands and premises with all the appurtenances to him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever, To the only proper use and behoof of him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever.  To have, hold, occupy,  possess and enjoy the same with every part and parcel thereof to him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever against them the said William Wills Green and Cluverius Coleman  their heirs or assigns and against the claim and demands of all other persons whatsoever, shall and will by these presents warrant and forever defend.  In Witness whereof the said William Wills Green and Cluverius Coleman have hereunto set their hands and Seals this day and year first above written.

William W. Green (Seal
Clus. Coleman (Seal)

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of:  Francis M. Neal,  Peter Burton, Jr., John Coleman, William Coleman

That on the day and year first within mentioned Quiet and peaceable possession of the within mentioned lands and premises with all the appurtenances was given and made by William W. Green and Cluverius Coleman to the within named James Coleman according to the true Tenor and effect of the within written deed in presence of the Witnesses thereunto. 

William W. Green (Seal)
Clus. Coleman (Seal

Subscribed in presence of us:
Francis M. Neal, Peter Burton, Jr., John Coleman, William Coleman

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 13th day of April, 1795, This Indenture and the Memorandum endorsed were acknowledged by William W. Green and Cluverus Coleman parties thereo and Ordered to be recorded.

Examd/Test: William Baskerville, Cl Crt

1799 Meck. Co, Va Land Tax List B 
Eleazer Clay (m) Wid. of Benjamin Whitehead, 1788 Meck Co
300-1-200-360--0 Rest Illeg



Mecklenburg co, Virginia Deed Book 23, P 29-30 Sept 22, 1827-Deed
William M. Swepson & wife Anne  of Meck. Co. Va to Elezor (Eleazor) Clay of Chesterfield Co., Va.

This Indenture, made this 22nd day of September, One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-Seven by and between William M. Swepson and Ann his wife of the County of Mecklenburg, Va. of the one part and Elezor Clay of the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, of the other part, Witnesseth that the said William M. Swepson and Ann his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand six hundred and 218F Current money of Virginia, in hand paid by the said Elezor Clay  the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and therefore doth clearly exonerate and discharge the said Elezor Clay, his heirs, Exors, And forever hath given, granted, bargained and sold, delivered and confirmed and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, sell and confirm unto him the said Elezor Clay, his heirs, and assigns forever, one certain tract or parcel of land being and lying in the County of Mecklenburg, Virginia, on the waters of Middle Bluestone Creek and formerly part of Martin Gillespie's old tract, viz: one hundred and seventy one acres on the west side of the road leading to Bluestone's Meeting House and containing the Mansion House which was allotted the widow of Martin Gillespie as her thirds as such, I hereby sell, clear of the said Widow's dowry right, and all other claim or encumbrance, except as to two sevenths owned by Harper Gillespie, which he will have a right to, at his mother's death, which will be more fully explained by reference to John G. Baptiste deed to me of record in the clerk's office of Mecklenburg.  Also, we hereby sell Lots 7 and Lot No 8, and part of Lots No 3 and 6 supposed to be about one  hundred acres be the same more or less, and bounded by the road leading to the Courthouse from the forks up to Paschall's field thence Harper Gillespie's line, to S. Moody's line, thence West along Moody's line to the road leading to Brame's Meeting House, and thence said road North to beginning; the whole including the widow's dower land supposed to contain about two hundred and seventy one acres be the same more or less the whole of which will more fully appear by reference to Baptise Gillespie's deed to me. To have and to Hold, the aforesaid granted, bargained and said land with all of its rights and appurtenances thereunto belonging receipt as relates to Harper Gillespie two sevenths of one hundred and seventy six acres the dower part at his mother's death and except as to same now _____which _____to be taken away, unto the said Elezor Clay, his heirs and assigns forever and the said William M. Swepson and Ann his wife doth agree for _____their heirs, Exors,  Admrs, to warrant and defend the said land and premises with all its rights granted unto him the said Elezor Clay and his heirs and assigns forever against the claim of any and every person or persons whatsoever..  H. Gillespie's 2/7 as above state excepted.  As witness our hands and seals the day and year first above written.  

Wm. M. Swepson (Seal)
Ann E. Swepson (Seal)

Mecklenburg County court
We, John S. Jeffries & Howell L. Jeffries, Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid, do hereby certify that Wm. M. Swepson, party to the within conveyance hath duly acknowledged the same before us on the 22nd day of September, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-Seven and ____us to certify the same acknowledgment to the clerk of the County of Mecklenburg, in order that the said conveyance may be recorded,  as witness our hands and seals.
John S. Jeffries (Seal)
Howell L. Jeffries

Anne E. Swepson relinq. dower rights before John S. Jeffries & Howell L. Jeffries, after being first privately examined.



Rev. EleazAr Clay, born August 4, 1744   
 & died May 2, 1836 Chesterfield Co., Va
was the son of Charles Clay & Martha "Patsy" Green. 
He (M)  #1  Jane Apperson June 21, 1767
by whom Rev. Clay had 10 children
Jane Apperson Clay was born May 8, 1751 & died July 20, 1787
Rev. Clay  (M) #2 Mary Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead Jan 10, 1788
Mecklenburg Co., Va, Widow of Benjamin Whitehead
  He was an Uncle to the Noted Statesman, speaker of the House  
& Secretary  of State, Henry Clay

 "He was a Baptist Minister, left unmolested by Col. Archibald Cary, magistrate who distinguished himself in the prosecution of the Baptist ministers for preaching in the open. When asked about it Col. Cary is quoted as saying, "Mr. Clay had a livelihood, but those others were taken under a vagrant law"
Ref-William B. Hill, Sept., 1952

Rev. Clay also served as Sheriff of Chesterfield County, Va.1811-1812.
His tomb bears the record that he was a soldier of French & Indian Wars and fought valiantly througjhout the Revolutionary War.-Clay Fami]ly Bible

Rev. Clay (M) as his 2nd wife-Mary Elizabeth Swepson Whitehead, Wid. of Benjamin Whitehead,  Jan. 1, 1788 Meck Co., Va. & eldest daughter of Richard & Jane Swepson of Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co's., Virginia
She was born June 20, 1747 & died August 17, 1825

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va. Friday, September 2, 1825.
Died- On August 17, in her 79th year, Mrs. Mary Clay, wife of Rev. Eleazer Clay, of Chesterfield County. (p 3, c. 5)

Children of Rev. Eleazar Clay & #2 wife Mary Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead:

(1) Martha Swepson Clay was born  March 30, 1789  Died 1824 Chest. Co, Va.
(M) Col Lawson Burfoot April 12, 1803 Chest. Co, Va. (See Below) Thomas Burfoot was Sheriff of Chesterfield County 1801-1803

(2) Matilda Clay was born Sept. 2, 1790 and died July 5, 1806 -Clay Family Bible
"Fresh as the morn the blooming rose hangs withering e're tis noon we scarce enjoy the balmy gift but morn the pleasure gone"-Clay Family Bible 

1790 Chest. Co. PP TL P 06-Eleazer Clay
1792 Land TL P 03-Eleazer Clay
1801 PPTL P 08=Eleazer Clay
1802 Land TL P 05-Eleazer Clay

1810 Chesterfield P62 Eleazor Clay 10101-00001-23 sl
1820 Chesterfield P 210 Eleazor Clay 000001-00101-7 sl
1830 Chesterfield P 461 Elez. Clay 00000000001-00000001 & 17 slaves

Rev. Eleazer Clay  participated in the French and Indian Wars, and he organized the first Baptist Church in Chesterfield Co, Va. (Ref: Library of Va-Accession No-Misc. Reel 321 , Author-Rev. Eleazer Clay 1744-1836, Personal papers Collection-Title: Hymns and spiritual songs.

3 October 1784 - Jesse CLARKE and others give oath in Pricilla BELCHER's murder of Major BELCHER. She did "by force of arms did drown said Major" on the property of Elezar CLAY. (Chesterfield Co. WB 3, p. 476)

The Valentine Papers Vol III Randolph Family Chesterfield Co Records
DB13, P 127 Jan 28, 1794 
Ryland Randolph, of the Co. of Chesterfield and Brett Randolph of the Co. of Prince Edward.  Deed to Eleazer Clay of the Co. of Chesterfield, for 334 pds. curr. 133 1/2 Acres in the Co of Chesterfield adj. George Woodson & Thomas Batte.  

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Randolph Family Chesterfield County Records
Dec. 5, 1798 . DB 14, p. 384.
David M. Randolph and Mary , his wife and Peter Elam of Chesterfield Co.  Deed to Eleazer Clay of same Co., £130:16:0: 100 acres in Co. of Chesterfield 

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Bacon Family Order Books
Sarah Bacon , decd. The executors named in her will refusing to qualify, Eleazer Clay, sheriff of the County qualified. 1811 , O. B. 18, p. 568.
May 3, 1815 
Sarah Bacon, Dec'd. Estate of; In account with Eleazor Clay, late High Sheriff of Chesterfield Co., settled by Thomas Vaden & James Clarke, Junr. WB 8, P 373

Richmond Enquirer, Richmond, Va. September 2, 1825, page 3, column 5.

Clay, Mary., in 79th yr.  
Place of residence at time of death: Chesterfield County, Virginia.
NOTE Wife of Rev. Eleazer.

Rev. Eleazar Clay (age 84) Marr #3 Wife Phoebe Newby, age 64,  Feb. 12, 1826 Chest. Co.-she is living 1850 Chest. Co

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va.) Thursday, February 23, 1826.
Married- On Monday, February 13, by Rev. John Wildar, Elder Eliazah (Eleazar) Clay, age 84 to Miss Phoebe Newby, aged 64, all of Chesterfield County. (p. 3, c. 5). 

Clay, Eleazar, Rev.
Place of residence at time of death: Chesterfield County, Virginia.
Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va).
Publication Date: May 13, 1836, page 3, column 6. (Born Ca 1742)
Publication Date: May 27, 1836, page 3, column 6


Will Bk 13, P 396 Chesterfield Co, Va:
I, Eleazer Clay, of Chesterfield County and State of Virginia, do make and ordain this my  last Will and Testament, as follows, to Wit:

I leave to my wife Phoebe during her natural life my man Sam Bowman, one cow and calf, and sow and pigs, and my ancestors (sic )( sh read descendants) are to build her a small dwelling  house, or furnish her with twenty-five dollars, so she may choose; my will is that my wife Phoebe be furnished the first year after my death out of my estate.

I give to my son Phineas Clay that part of the tract of land on which I live lying above (?)  beginning at a corner post on Clark's land thence due N. crossing Swift's creek to my land and NW (except the land I had of Robert Akin and Pleasant Akin)  my mill on Swift's creek with the appurtenances, and the Negroes I possessed him with and my man Frank and at his mother-in-law's  (step-mother) death, Sam Bowman.

I give to my son Matthew Clay the remainder of any tract of land on which I live lying between Phineas Clay's line,  my grandfather Henry Clay's grave and eight square poles of said ground, already (?), except four square poles of ground around my first wife's grave, and half an acre of land about my sepulcher, my mill on Nut-tose new? and my mill on Parish's branch, and the following Negroes, namely John, Peter, Prince, Mickey and her children, and her future increase, to him and his heirs forever.

I give  to my grandson Robert Akin the tract of land and the half of the mill and half of the miller Jim that I had of Pleasant Akin, and a Negro man by the name of Lawson to him and his heirs forever.

I give to my grandson Eleazer Akin, the tract of land that Arthur Akin gave to his son William Akin that I had of Robert Akin and a negro man by the of Nelson to him and his heirs forever.

I give to my grandson William Akin two hundred acres of land be the same more or less (it being the tract of land I had of his father Robert Akin,  and on which he now lives) and a negro man by the name of  Pleasant to him and to his heirs forever.

My will and desire is that my three grandsons Robert, Eleazer and William Akin shall support  their mother, so that she will not suffer for the necessities of life.

I give to my grand daughter Mary Ann Akin, one hundred dollars in silver to her and to her heirs forever.

I give to my grandson, Edward Tarlton Akin, my tract of land lying in Powhaton Co, adjoining Isaac (Salter?) of one hundred acres to him and to his heirs forever.  If either of my grandchildren Akins die without issue their portion given by me shall go to their brother and sister by mother's side equally to them and to their heirs forever.

I give to my grandson Munson Burfoot my tract of land lying  in Mecklenburg Co which I had of William Swepson, on his paying one hundred dollars to William Whitehead, son of my late wife, to him and his heirs forever.

The residue and remainder of my estate, real and personal, not heretofore given away, I give in the following manner Viz:  to be divided into nine equal lots-one lot to Ann Russells' children, one lot to James Trabue, and one lot to Synthia Sullivant's children,  one lot to Levenia Akin's children, one lot to Phineas Clay, one lot to Matthew Clay, one lot to Dorcas Grave's children now living, one lot to Samuel Clay's son, Henry Clay, and Meakins Trabue, and one lot to Martha Burfoot's children, to each of them and their heirs forever.

I appoint  my son Phineas Clay Executor of this my last Will and Testament, as witness my hand and seal this twenty-fifth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.

Eleazer Clay (Seal)
Wts: Signed sealed, and acknowledged in presence of me Robert Wood, Francis O. Watkins, James B. Gregory


I, Eleazer Clay, of the Co. of Chesterfield and State of Virginia, do ordain and publish this Codicile to my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, Viz:
Whereas I have been told that my son Matthew Clay intends after my decease to bring a charge against my estate for his services rendered in looking after the house, whereas it is well known that I offered him to put his hands with mine and work them  together and he was to attend to them, and he was to give one half the clear profits arising from the crops which should be made on the plantation; now if he shall bring such a charge against my estate, it is my will and desire that my overseers shall pay it out of the portion which falls to him by my will.

Also, my daughter Levenia Akins has complained against me for willing my property in the manner I have to her three sons, namely Robert, Eleazer & William Akins  of land and negroes, which was intended that they should administer to her necessities and to prevent her suffering for the miseries of life; now my reasons for willing this property to her sons as I have done, is that all the land, negroe slaves and household furniture which I gave her, her husband Robert Akin swashed it, therefore I have given her portion of my estate to her children so that she might be benefited by it.  

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.

Signed: Eleazer Clay (Seal)
Teste: Robert Wood, Mark Farmer, Finnus O. Watkins

My will and desire is that my brandy still and blacksmith tools go to my personal property for division as my will directs.  October 29, 1835.
A Codicile to my Will

Signed: Eleazer Clay 
Witness: William B. Belcher

Will Presented in Chesterfield County Court, by Phinneas Clay, July 10th, 1836 and proved by  oath of Robert Wood, Finnus O. Watkins, & James Gregory; First Codicile proved by oaths of Robert Wood & Finnus O Watkins'; Second codile proved by William B. Belcher-Parker Poindexter, Clerk

Virginia Historical Highway  Markers

Eleazar Clay S-37 Eleazar Clay (1744-1836) led the establishment of the first Baptist church in Chesterfield County, known as Chesterfield (Baptist) Church, Rehoboth Meeting House, or Clay's Church, in 1773. He also supported the Baptist preachers imprisoned for breaching ecclesiastical law in the county jail in 1771. Ordained as a minister in 1775, Clay preached for more than 50 years, organized three other churches, served as a moderator for the Middle District Baptist Association when it was formed in 1784, and published Hymns and Spiritual Songs in 1793. Clay is kinsman of statesman Henry Clay (1777-1852). Eleazar Clay's home site and tomb are located approximately two miles south

Chesterfield Co., Virginia Cemetery Records:

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA - CEMETERIES – Clay Tomb ----¤¤¤---- Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Rev. E. Clay’s tomb: 1936 May 7 Research made by Craig Romaine Cemetery Location: 2 miles east of Bailey Road, 3 miles east of Route #360 Chesterfield County DATE: 1836 OWNERS: (blank) DESCRIPTION: None. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: There is some contradiction as to the exact date of the birth of Rev. Eleazer Clay, sometimes referred to as Rev. E. Clay. The year is definitely established, but the day and the month are undecided. Robert B. Sample in his work entitled “A History of the Rise and Progress of Baptists in Virginia” states that Rev. Clay was born on May 2, 1744; however, the inscription on the tombstone of this once esteemed and wealthy minister, gives the date as August 4, in the same year. They both agree on the date of his death – May 2, 1836. 

A devoted disciple of the Baptist religion was the Rev. Clay. In 1773 he became one of the constituent members of Chesterfield Church. Two years later he was made pastor of this church, serving as such for fifty years. “He was increasingly attached to the Bible”, someone says of him, “Besides reading the Old Testament he read the New Testament through once a month”. His life was an interesting one. It seems he was “led to Christi” through the efforts of William Webber and Joseph Anthony whom he heard preaching “up in Halifax”. Hearing the call, he immediately joined the Baptist cause and waged a bitter but apparently successful fight. At this time the Church of England still held its old power, and to profess any belief or doctrine other than that taught by this church was to deliberately submit to persecution. Through his “dauntless spirit”, Rev. Clay escaped imprisonment, and “being rich” he devoted much time comforting and administering to the needs of the less fortunate and imprisoned preachers. Rev. L.W. Moore says of him, “His labors were confined almost entirely to Chesterfield. 

In the county he labored long and faithfully. Blunt in his manners, he was nevertheless earnest and constant in his efforts to do good. For a long time he was Moderator of the Middle District Association.” Feeling ill health and age creeping upon him, the Rev. Clay decided to choose a suitable place to be laid to rest. A place was selected on the old Clay tract where his first and second wives had been buried. There he had a tomb built, measuring approximately four by ten feet, and constructed out of huge stones hauled by oxen. The inscription on this tomb is given below. 

This was opened in 1925 – closed in 1926 and nothing but bones were found – according to writing found on the cement used to re-seal it. In memory of Rev. E. Clay Born Augt. 4th, 1744 Went into the French and Indian War in March 1758 Made a profession of the Christian Religion in Augt. 1771, became a member of the Baptist Church & Commenced Preaching the everlasting Gospel of JESUS CHRIST the same year And continued as is believed an humble follower of Jesus to his Death which was 2nd May 1836 Aged 91 years 8 Mo. & 28 Days. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Court Records, Chesterfield County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions Visit by worker

Clay Cemetery ----¤¤¤---- Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Clay graveyard: 1936 May 8 Research made by Craig Romaine Cemetery Location: 10 miles east of Bailey, Virginia Road, 5 miles east of Route #360. Chesterfield County DATE: Earliest date - 1760. OWNERS: Clay Heirs D. H. Morrisette DESCRIPTION: None. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: 

In memory of Elizabeth Wife of E. Clay who died 17th Aug. 1827 (MY note-Elizabeth Swepson, Whitehead, Clay, dtr of Richard Swepson & w/o Benjamin Whitehead, and 2ndly w/o Rev. Eleazer Clay-sgs)

Sacred to the memory of Capt. Samuel Clay born 8th October 1779 Died 21st Jan’y 1831 In the Fifty second Year of his age In Chesterfield Cy. Va. Rest in peace 

In memory of Jane wife of E. Clay born May 8th 1751 died July 20th 1787 (My note- Jane Apperson, first wife of Rev. Eleazer Clay

In memory of Frances Consort of Macon Trabue Died 25th of March 1832 Aged 29 years She lived and died a Christian 

In memory of Henry Clay who died at dinner with his children and Grand-children at an annual Festival given to them in August 1760 SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Informant: Major D.B. Morrisette Court Records, Chesterfield County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions Visit by worker.

Clay Cemetery ----¤¤¤---- Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Clay cemetery and tomb: 1936 Apr. 28 Research made by Craig Romaine Cemetery Location: 1 mile north of Route #360, 18 miles from Chesterfield Court House, Virginia Chesterfield County DATE: Earliest date 1796 OWNERS: None. DESCRIPTION: Besides producing many other men and women who were to rise to fame and success, Chesterfield County may well lay claim upon the Clay family, for here within the limits of the County, in the vicinity of Falling and Swift Creeks the parents of that celebrated statesmen, Henry Clay, was born. They moved to Hanover County where Henry Clay, who was known as the “Millboy of the Slashes” was born. 

There are Clays still living in Chesterfield County today and here also may be seen the graves of some of the ancestors of Henry Clay. There is a curious though true story connected with one of these. Phineas Clay, who is sealed within a large vault in a remote and almost inaccessible section of a desolate part of the country. Beside this vault lies his wife, Frances W. Clay, whose grave is marked by a fallen tombstone which is split in half and rapidly becoming covered with periwinkle. Here also is another grave which apparently has no connection with that of Clay’s. Phineas Clay, as the natives put it, “turned to stone”, that is, he became petrified in his tomb and was the cause of considerable interest and comment. (s/o Rev Eleazer Clay & #1 wife Jane Apperson-sgs)

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Many visited his vault and viewed his body, and after a write-up a few years ago, in a local paper, the crowds which came to see him grew to such large proportions that the property owner became perplexed by the situation. He then conceived the idea of enlarging his finances and at the same time discouraging the visitors, so he charged twenty-five cents admission. But this had no effect upon the crowds, they came as fast as before and some even chipped pieces off Mr. Clay to carry home as souvenirs. After several of his toes as well as fingers were found missing the perturbation of the property owner increased, his ire was aroused and he immediately set about the task of solidly sealing the vault with cement. According to a date crudely inscribed on the cement this was done in 1923. Thus one is left to conjecture what dates and inscriptions, if any, may be within the vault. The following are the inscriptions found on the two tombstones here. 

In Memory of Alfred W. Hall M.D. A graduate of Richmond Medical College Born December 9th 1818 Died January 12th 1846 He was the constant friend of the afflicted poor and kindly relieved the needy. 

Sacred to the memory of Frances W. Wife of Phineas Clay Born February 4th 1796 Died April 23rd 1853 She lived a devoted wife, a tender and affectionate Mother, An humble and pious Christian, was esteemed and loved for her many extensive social and Christian virtues and died in the hope of a glorious Immortality. 

SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Court Records, Chesterfield County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions Visit by worker.

LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Grave at Clay house: 1936 Mar. 23 Research made by Craig Romaine Cemetery Location: 7.2 miles from Petersburg, Virginia, on Route #1; 2 miles east of Route #1. Chesterfield County DATE: 1854 OWNERS: None. DESCRIPTION: None. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Just off the Richmond and Petersburg Turnpike stands the old “Clay House”, a typical dwelling of the days of the War Between the States. Here General Lee had his headquarters on June 17, 1864, on his way to defend Petersburg. On the east side of this house, which may be seen from a country road leading into Route #37, is a solitary grave, at the head of which is a stone tablet bearing the following inscription. 

In memory of Henry Milton Clay who was born Dec. 9th 1804 and died Aug. 19th 1854 He lived and died an honest man which is the noblest work of God. May his soul enjoy everlasting bliss beyond the grave. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Court Records, Chesterfield County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions Visit by worker.

Index to Chancery Court Suits, Chesterfield Co, Va-Clay/Burfoot--Not Filmed
BENJAMIN PHAUP VS  MARTHA B WALKE WIDOW ETC 1848-033-Incl Bransford, Burfoot
& Several others, Not lister here-sgs

***John Clay (M) Sally Coleman 2/16/1805 Meck Co-James Coleman, Sec.-I do NOT know who this is-sgs

The Family of Martha Swepson Clay & Col. Lawson Burfoot
(M) Chest. Co., Va. April 12, 1803 (Burfoot Bible Records has Dec 14, 1803)
 Martha Swepson  "Patsy " Clay was born March 30, 1789 Va.
 Died Sept, 1824, Chesterfield Co, Va  (Obit, Sept. 24, 1824 Richmond Enquirer, P 3) 

Col. Lawson Burfoot was born Ca 1781/2 and died Tuesday, April 19, 1842. in his 60th yr. at his residence in Chesterfield Co, Va.
Obit Tuesday, April 19, 1842.Richmond Whig & Public Adv.


Children: Burfoot/Burford
1. Eleazer Thomas (Thomas Eleazer Burfoot)
     born June 7, 1805 Died: St. Aug, Fla, Nov. 19, 1833
     U S Dist. Attorney for the Eastern Dist. of Va.
     (M)  Dec 7, 1827 Powhatan Co., Va
     Miss Mary Elizabeth Clarke, Dtr of Maj. John Clarke of Powhatan Co, Va

a. Eliza Born Ca 1828-29 Va (single, liv/w/mother 1850 Richmond, Va)
      b. Charlotte Matilda Born Ca 1829/1830 Died: 2/1/1832 (in 3rd yr)
         (Obit) (another source gives her death date as Jan. 21, 1832)***
         (1830 census has only 1 dtr shown)
      c. Catherine J. Born Ca 1831 Died June 15, 1848 Chest. Co, Va
     Mary E. Clarke Burfoot (M) #2 Nathaniel P. Howard Feb. 20, 1849
2. Eloisa Matilda Burfoot (Eliza) born Jan. 25, 1807 Died: Sept 17, 1873
    (M) May 27, 1822  Edward Osborne Friend Chest. Co, Va By Rev. Rice-He was born Feb 14, 1800 Died May 2, 1838* Chest. Co, Va-"Leaving a companion & 5 children to mourn their loss"
    Richmond Enquirer-July 14, 1846* -Edward O Friend, Chesterfield Co Bur: Friend Family cemetery, Chest. Co, Va
    a. Joseph L. Born May 29, 1824 Died: Oct 18, 1851
        (M) Catherine H. "Kate" Murchie Oct 10, 1849 Chest Co, Va
        Born June 17, 1828 Died: Jan 06, 1866 "Kelburn(e)", 
        Chest. Co., Va.-Friend Family Cemetery, Chesterfield Co, Va
        1. Joseph L. Jr Born Ca 1850 Died abt 1853-aged 2 yrs, 11 mos, 19 days -Friend family Cemetery, Chesterfield Co, Va
    b. John Edward Born Ca 1826 Va   (Physician/Farmer, Henrico Co, Va)
        (M) #1 Mary ____Born Ca 1835 Va
        (M) #2 Charlotte M. Baker Born Ca 1850 Va
        1. Charles Thomas Born July 10, 1874 "Enerdale", Henrico Co, Va
             Died: Nov 19, 1934 Richmond, Henrico Co, Va 
             Bur: Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Va
        2. Edward Osborne  Born Feb 8, 1879 Died Oct 16, 1952 Richmond, Henrico Co., Va-Bur: Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Va
             (M) Margaret Carter April 30, 1912
                    a. John Edward Friend (M) Margaret Elizabeth Cochrane
    c. Charles Thomas
    d. Peter Randolph born Jan 23, 1828 died Jan 31, 1848  (Feb. 8, 1848 Chesterfield Co-Richmond Enquirer) Friend Family graveyard, Chesterfield Co, Va
    e  Martha Amelia died (July 14, 1846 Chesterfield Co-Richmond Enquirer) Friend family Graveyard, Chesterfield Co, Va

Eliza Matilda (Burfoot) Friend (M) #2 June 27, 1840 Chester. Co, Va-
Rev. Joseph Stevens Walthall (He died May, 1870)
    f. Burfoot Madison Born Abt March 1846 Died July 10, 1846 (age 4 mos) in "Kelburn", residence of late Robert D. Murchie-Friend family Cemetery, Chesterfield Co, Va
    g. Benjamin S. Born Ca 1849 Va
3. Elizabeth Frances A. Burfoot born Oct. 10, 1808 d. Sept 17, 1860 Stockton, San Joaquin Co., Calif.
    (M) Feb. 25, 1834 Madison Walthall  Chest. Co, Va-wife & 2 ch lived 1850 Lowndes Co, Miss, & He & family lived 1860 Douglass/Oneal T/S, San Joaquin Co, California. He was b. Oct. 19, 1793 Va  d. June 15, 1868 Stockton, Calif. ("from fall from a windmill") (1850-1930 census in my file)

Madison Walthall was a rancher, Attorney & Representative in the California State Legislature (Rep. Coloma in the Assembly of 1849

  a. Madison Walthall JR b. March 12, 1836 Columbus, Lowndes, Miss. d. April 28, 1873 Stockton, San Joaquin Co., Calif. (M) abt 1864 Sarah Emeline Covert. She was b. 1846 Ark. He is a farmer, 1870 O'Neal T/S, San Joaquin Co, California . Sarah app. died pr to 1880. Son "Matt" was age 8 yrs, @ school in 1880 HH of . D. Kickert,  Empire, Stanislaus Co, Calif.

         1. Frances Hester Walthall b. April 9, 1865 San Joaquin Co, Calif d. Nov 4, 1865 same place

          2. Stella Burfoot Walthall b. Oct. 14, 1866 San Joaquin Co, Calif d. Dec 23, 1955 Shasta Co., Calif. (did not locate Stella or her mother in 1880 census) Stella (M) #1 Edward Augustus Belcher  He was b. Aug., 1851 Vermont & d. Dec 19, 1926 San Francisco, Calif-They lived 1900 San Francisco, Calif. He is a lawyer, NO children. They divorced &  Stella (M) pr to 1910 #2 James Benjamin Patterson  b. April 30, 1878  Calif. d. Sept. 24, 1956 Humbolt Co., Calif (Stella is shown as 47 yrs old in 1920, but she is really nearly 54 yrs old, w/a 2 yr old son) He is a genl. farmer, 1910 & 1920 Junction City, Trinity Co.. Calif. & a stockman/genl farmer, 1930 Klamath, Humbolt Co., Calif. 

               a. James I W "Ralph"  Patterson b. Feb., 1918 Trinity Co., Calif-James I W & Ralph appear to be same person-shown as age  1 5/12 in 1920 census & age 12 in 1930 Census

DAR ID # 22477 Stella Walthall Belcher, Dtr of Madison Walthall, Jr & Sarah Emily Covert, gr/dtr of Madison Walthall & Elizabeth Frances Burfoot, grt gr/dtr of Lawson Burfoot & Martha Swepson Clay

         3. Octavia Rachel Walthall b. 1869 Stockton, San Joaquin Co, Calif d. Dec. 21, 1873

          4. Mary Walthall  b. 1869 Stockton, San Joaquin Co, Calif d. Nov 29, 1869

          5. John Madison "Matt" Walthall b. Dec 31, 1871 Stockton, San Joaquin Co, Calif d. June 15, 1933 Modesto, Stanislaus Co, Calif (M) Alice A Atwood June 25, 1907  She was b. 1884 Maine He is in 1880  Empire, Stanislaus Co, Calif HH of D. Kickert, (age 8 yrs.@ school) He  is single, District Attorney, 1900 Modesto, Calif, HH of Wm. Shoemake; & Attorney, 1910 Modesto, Calif. (M) 3 yrs, NO Ch;  Lawyer, Genl. Practice, 1920 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., Calif, ; Attorney,, Genl. practice, 1930 Modesto, Stanislaus Co, Calif (M) @ ages 33 & 23

               a. Sidney Walthall  dtr-b. Oct. 4, 1911 Stanislaus Co, Calif. (single 1930)

               b. Lawson Burfoot Walthall b. March 23, 1844 Lowndes Co., Miss d. April 23, 1913 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., Calif. (M) Mary Adline Covert Sept 26, 1869 Stanislaus Co., Calif.  She was b. Oct. 22, 1850 Ozark, Franklin Co., Ark  d. 1870's California.    He is County Clerk, 1870 Emory (Knights Ferry) Stanislaus Co, Calif. (M) #2 Augusta W. Vass April 11, 1877 Stanislaus Co., Calif . She was b. Feb., 1855 Tenn.  She had 8 ch-6 liv 1900 Modesto, Calif.-He lives 1880 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., Calif, Occ: Not given; He is a Real Estate Agent, 1900 & 1910 Modesto, Calif.; Augusta lives w/dtr Grace Brinkerhoff 1920 Ceres, Stanislaus Co., Calif.

           1. Harry Walthall b. Aug 6, 1870  d. Jan 29, 1871 Stanislaus Co., Calif.

           2. Addie Walthall b. May 11, 1872 d. June 6, 1872 Stanisclaus Co., Calif

           3. Lawson Walthall b. May 11, 1872 d. June 9, 1872 Stanislaus Co., Calif 

(children by 2nd wife)

           4. Edward Burfoot Walthall b. Jan. 19, 1878 California d. Feb. 3, 1960 Alameda, California (Mother's Maiden Name: Vass) (He is a Bkkpr. Bank, 1900 Modesto, Calif., single-also en. in Fresno, Calif. 1900- (M) abt 1901 Winifred Jones  b. Oct. 14, 1875 Iowa d. May 7, 1950 San Mateo, Calif.-1910 Fresno, Fresno Co, Calif, Mgr, Light & Power Co; (M) 9 yrs, NO ch.; 1920 Fresno, Fresno Co., Calif-Manager, Power Co; NO ch. in HH  & 1930 Oakland, Alameda Co, Calif., Executive, Utility Co (M) @ age 23 & 25-No ch.. iin HH

                     5. Hugh Lawson Walthall  b. March 12, 1879 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., Calif. d. Feb. 20, 1950 Logan's Beach, Calif. (Mother's maiden name, Vass) (M) Mary Breyoort Storm Oct 21, 1905 She was b. Jan 14, 1882 NY, d. Aug. 8, 1955 Los Angeles, Calif.-1910 WD 1, Salt Lake City, Utah 2nd Lt., U S Navy (M-I-L in HH); 1920 Highland, Orange Co., NY, U S Military Reservation, Captain, U S Army; 

                  a. Virginia Madison Walthall b. Sept 27, 1907 Phillipine Islands,  d. Oct. 8, 1985 Monterey, Calif. (M) Sidney Clinton Crane  (Had 2 ch)

                   b. Isabel Lawson Walthall b. Oct. 22, 1913 China d. Oct. 20, 1971 Orange Co., Calif.  (M) #1 Harlow B. Boyle  (M) #2 Austin A. Straubel (Had 2 Straubel ch)  

           6. Grace Walthall b.Oct., 1880  Calif d. after 1930 census (M) George E. Brinkerhoff abt Jan, 1898. He was b. Nov, 1875 Calif. d. bet. 1920-1930 Calif. (He is a farmer, 1900 Modesto, Stanisclaus. Co., Calif, wife & 1 son, aged 1 5/12;  (M) 2 yrs, Had 1 child, 1 living, His mother Mary b. June, 1846 KY in HH; He is a Real Estate Agent, 1910 Modesto, Stanislaus Co., Calif., (M) 10 yrs, Had 2 ch-2 liv. & he is a genl. farmer, 1920 Ceres, Stanislaus Co, Calif, Her mother in HH;  Grace is a widow, 1930 Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., Calif. , shows (M) @ age 18 yrs,  w/Mother Augusta Walthall , age 75, Wid. in HH

                  a. Joris Madison.Brinherhoff b. Dec 7, 1898* Calif. d. January 12, 1966 Alameda, Calif. Mother's maiden name: Walthall-(age 1 5/12 1900 census  HH of parents)*  He is a salesman, Oil Co, 1930 Solano, Rio Vista Co, Calif, (M) abt 1925, Margaret Duncan  b. abt 1900 Calif. (both (M) @ age 25 yrs.-actually he would be 26)* Death records have 1900 as birth yr

                       1. Duncan Walthall Brinkerhoff  b.May 29, 1926 San Joaquin Co,  Calif. (Mother's maiden name: Duncan)

                       2. James Donald Brinkerhoff  b. April 22, 1930 Merced Co., Calif (Mother's maiden name: Duncan)

                  b. Hugh Walthall Brinkerhoff b. Oct. 4, 1901 Calif. d. Oct. 15, 1947 Stanislaus Co. Calif; Mother's maiden name: Walthall--He is a farmer 1930 T/S 17, Contra Costa, Calif., Wid'r, (M) @ age 25 yrs.-No wife/children in HH.

           7. Elizabeth V F.. "Bessie" Walthall  b. Nov, 1883-single 1910 Modesto, Calif

           8. Octavius R. Walthall (son) b. June, 1890-does not appear 1910 census

           9. Albert S. Walthall b. Nov, 1892-d. after 1930 census-single 1910 Modesto, Calif (M) Gertrude D. ____ b. abt 1896 Wisconsin He is Bkkpr, Power Co., 1920 Fresno, Fresno Co, Calif; NO ch in HH & Accountant, 1930  Fresno, Fresno Co, Calif-(M) @ ages 27 & 24, NO ch in HH

           10. & 11- 2 children b. & d. bet. census records

4. Martha  J. Swepson Burfoot Born Jan, 1811 (1810?) 
    She died Columbus, Lowndes Co., Miss. Nov. 25, 1837 (Richmond Whig)
    (M) Benjamin H. Bransford Sept 30, 1833 Chesterfield Co, Va

     a. Infant dtr born & died June 21, 1833-Friend Family Cemetery, Chesterfield Co, Va
          Benjamin (M) #2 Hannah Elizabeth Walker June 4, 1839 by Rev Jones
5. Lawson McKenzie Burfoot born March  1811 (sic) 1812? died June, 1813
6. Mary Ann Moseley Burfoot born Jan 6, 1814 died March 23, 1840-Friend Family Cemetery, Chesterfield Co, Va
    (M) July 16, 1833  Chest. Co, Va
    Thomas M. Burfoot-(Cousin?) 
    born Ca 1812 Va Died: Nov, 1861 Chest. Co, Va (Will)
    a. Mary Susan (Only child) born Aug, 1836 Va 
    Died: Pr to Aug, 1865 Amelia Co, Va
    (M) Matthew Richard Bland Feb 17, 1858 Chest Co, Va
    He was born Ca 1827 Nottoway Co, Va Died Apr 17, 1865 Amelia Co, Va
    Thomas M. Burfoot (M) twice more & had other children
7. Lawson Munson Burfoot born March 14, 1816 Died pr to 1870
    (M) Sept. 28, 1835 Harriett Howlett (she lived w/son Thos. E. 1870)
           a. Thomas E. born 1843 (M) Mary E. _____ Both deceased pr to 1880).
               1. Lawson Born Ca 1864 Va
               2. John M Born Ca 1868 Va
               3. Harriett Born Ca 1870 Va 
8. Susan Gilbert Burfoot born Sept. 25, 1819 Died: Obit June 30, 1840 age 22 yrs
9. Octavia Julia Burfoot born May 6, 1822 (M) Oct. 25, 1840 Garysburg, NC
    William E. Martin of Columbus, Miss
(She lived 1880 Midlothian, Chest.Co, Va.w/nieces/nephews in her HH) 

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Cary Family 1829, July 27.
Peter M. Cary , of Chesterfield County to Milton Cary , of same County. 3 negroes, Beckey , Stephen and Moses . Deed of trust to secure said Milton Cary who is said Peter M. Cary 's surety in a delivery bond for $347-22 to Edward Cox , assignee of Higgason Cox . Lawson Burfoot , trustee. 1823, July 28 , Ibid., p. 216.

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Cary Family* 1829, July 27.
Peter M. Cary , to Milton Cary , conveyance of property to secure said Milton Cary who is surety for Peter M. Cary on bond to Elizabeth Cary . Lawson Burfoot , trustee. 1824 May 12 , D. B. 25, p. 602.

Cary Family 1829, July 27.
Samuel Cary, deed of trust from Dan'l Belcher , whose surety said Cary has become, on an injunction bond. Thomas E. Burfoot , trustee. 1829, April 13 , D. B. 28, p. 480.

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Chesterfield County Records
Rebecca Smith and Sarah Roddy of the city of Richmond , Va. Deed of Trust from Green Hall of Chesterfield Co. , to Wm. Gray of Chesterfield Co. , to secure several notes held by the sd. Rebecca Smith and Sarah Roddy of Richmond , Va. 561 acres in Chesterfield Co. , whereof the late Capt. Francis Smith died siezed, conveyed by even date to sd. Green Hall by Wm. Gray , trustee, under a deed made by Lawson M. Burfoot . Mch. 24, 1847 . D. B. 37, p. 232.

Civil War Service Records-
Lawson M. Burfoot
Co A, 2 Va. Artillery,
Rank: @ Induction-Captain @ Discharge: Captain Allegiance: Confederate

Chesterfield Co, Va Marriages-Burfoot 
Martha J. S. -Benjamin H, Bransford Sept 30, 1822
Eloisa Matilda-Edw. D. Friend May 27, 1823
Elizbth F.-Madison Walthall Feb. 25, 1834
Mary A. M.-Thomas M. Burfoot July 16, 1833 (cousins?)

1810 Chesterfield Co, Va P 60-Lawson Burfoot 10310-21100 16 slaves
1820 Chesterfield Co, Va P 224 Lawson Burfoot 210110-32010 & 20 slaves
1830 Chesterfield Co, Va. P 487 Lawson Burfoot 00020011-1130001
2 M 15-20, 1 M 40-50, 1 M 50-60, 1 F Und 5, 1 F 5-10, 3 F 10-15, 1 F 40-50 113 slaves
P 443-Thomas E. Burfoot 1 M 20-30, 1 F Und 5, 1 F 20-30 11 slaves
P 211 Eliazer Clay Clay 000001-00101-7 slaves

1840 Chesterfield Co, Va. Upper Dist P 185 Lawson Burfoot
2 M Und 5, 1 M 15-20, 2 M 20-30,  1 M 50-60 
1 F Und 5, 1 F 15-20, 2 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 42 slaves, 12 persons eng. in Agr. P 185 Upper Dist-Thomas M Burfoot (Slave sch. only-22 slaves)
P 221 Lower Dist- Thomas Burfoot 00001-0001-39 slaves
P 195 Upper Dist-Matilda E. Friend 01201-100001-37 slaves
P 177 Upper Dist- Benj. H. Bransford 00001-0001-24 slaves

1850 Lowndes Co, Miss HH 912-912-Elizabeth F. Walthall 40F Va $7500.; Maddison Walthall 14M Miss; Lawson M Walthall 6M Miss & 3 slaves  (Madison Walthall, SR, is now in California, where he participated in organization of government of that State.

San Joaquin Co., Californ Marriage Records

Aaron Tyner-Decie Ann Cade by M Walthall, Aug 28, 1855

Feb. 27, 1856 John A Tyler-Mary Tyner, Wts: John Keenan, Elizabeth E Walthall, by M Walthall, JP

Benoni Westfall-Rebecca Barrett by M Walthall, JP 4/24/1857

Charles Werth-Ana Dutmiller by W M Walthall, JP 5/7/1857

James W Stetson-Mary S Jones, by J A Jenkins, JP Wts: Madison Walthall, Esquire, etal, June 18, 1857

1850 Henrico Co, Va P 426 (Richmond City)
Nathaniel T. Howard 41 M Va Clerk $1,000.
Mary E. " 38 F Va (Wid of Thomas Eleazer Burfoot)
Eliza Burfoot 21 F Va (Dtr of Thomas Eleazer Burfoot)
Waga P Mosly 72 M Va

1850 Henrico Co, Va P 430
Joseph S. Walthall 35 M Va Minister
Matilda E. 40 F Va (nee Burfoot, wid of Edward O. Friend)
James " 10 M Va (Not her son)
Benj. " 8/12 M Va (Her son)
Martha Morris 40 F Va
Ann E. Miller 10 F Va

1850 Chesterfield Co, P 83 (Upper Dist) HH 360-384
William E. Martin 36 WM Va farmer $4435.  
Julia "  26 F Va  (Burfoot)

1850 Chesterfield Co., VA. P 81 HH 335-360
Joseph Friend 26 M Va
Catherine " 21 F Va & 3 boarders (Murchie)

1850 Chesterfield Co, Va  P 112 
Thomas M. Burfoot 38 M Va farmer (this is NOT their son, but their son-in-law)*
Olivia 22 F  Va  (#3 wife)
Mary 14 F Va - by wife #1, Mary Ann Moseley Burfoot-sgs
Thomas 06 M Va-by wife #2
Martha 1 F Va-by wife #3
Emaline 38 F Va (His sister? -see Bible records below)
* Son of Matthew Burfoot & Mary Trabue (M) 9/9/1811 Chest. Co, Va?

1850 Chesterfield, Va. P 112  
Thos. P Hare  50 M Va Farmer 
Lawson M Burfoot 34 M Va Farmer $6,000
Harriett " 34 F Va (nee Howlett)
Thomas " 7 M Va (Thos. E.)

1850 Chesterfield Co, Va P 122 Lower Dist HH 329-329
Benjamin H. Bransford 38 M Va Farmer $2000
Hannah E. " 30 F Va* #2 wife
Martha S. " 9 F Va
Mary S. " 7 F Va
Catherine E. " 6 F Va
Henry W. " 4 M Va
John F. " 2 M Va
Thomas  " 2/12 M Va
Mary J Brown 36 F Va
Elizabeth F. Miller 9 F Va
*wife #1 Martha J. Swepson Burfoot died Nov 25, 1837, Columbus, Miss-None of these children belong to her.
*Benjamin H. Bransford (M) Hannah Elizabeth Walker June 4, 1839 by Rev Jones

1860 San Joaquin Co., California, Douglass/Oneal T/S HH 439-455 Madison Walthall 66M Va  Farmer; Elizabeth F. " 51 F Va; Lawson B. Walthall 16M Miss Calvin Baxter 25 M Pa., farm labor

HH 440-456 Madison Walthall, Jr. 23M Miss farmer

San Joaquin Co., Calif Marriages-M Walthall, JR, age 27-Sarah Covert, 17, dtr of John Covert, by John S Burchard, MG Jan. 21, 1864

1860 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) P 143b HH 70-70
Danl. Dupre 38 M NC Doctor
Christiana 79 F Va Land Lady $10,000
R. B. " 36F NC Land lady
A. F. " 37 F NC
Joseph F. Walthal 48 M Va Minister of B. B. $2,000
Matilda " 52 F Va (Burfoot)
Benjamin S. (L.?)  " 10 M Va 

Civil War Service Records-Lawson B Walthall (Whose son?)
Residence: Rockingham County, North Carolina Occupation: Student
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 03 May 1861 at the age of 17
Enlisted in Company H, 13th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 03 May 1861.
Promoted to Full Corporal on 30 June 1861
Promoted to Full Sergeant on 26 April 1862
Discharged Company H, 13th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 01 August 1862

1860 Chesterfield Co, Va. P 315 (Manchester PO)
L (Lawson)  M Burfoot 44 M Va Lawyer $10,000 Real Est
Harriett " 45 F Va  Pers. Prop-$12,670. (Howlett)
Thomas "  17 M Va  (Thos E) *(Captain, CSA-Virginia)
*Co. A, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Thomas E. Burfoot's Co

P 356 (Manchester) HH 328-332
Wm. E. Martin 45 M Va farmer 17,000/19,500.
Octavia J.(Julia)  " 37 F Va (Burfoot)
Wm. Oshman? 16 M Va farming
Mary " 15 F Va
Jno. W. Sapesarle? /LaPrade? 11 M Va
Henry " 9 M Va

1860 Chesterfield Co,  Va P 500 Southern Division HH 276-286
Thos. M Burfoot 44 M Va farmer $62,000/35,861
Olivia M " 30 F Va #3 wife
Thomas M " 16 M Va CSA-Virginia*
Martha W. " 11 F Va
Walter D " 8 M Va
Ellen C " 5 F Va
John M " 3 M Va
Mary D Alcots 20 F Va teacher
Martha A Belsher 12 F Va

Civil War Service Records
*Thomas M Burfoot
Residence: Jones Road, Falling Creek, VA, Virginia Occupation: Student
Service Record:
Hospitalized at Manchester, VA (Chronic diarrhea)
Promoted to Full
Enlisted as a Private on 06 August 1862
Drafted in 12th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 06 August 1862.
Hospitalized on 10 October 1862 at Winchester, VA
Sick leave on 15 August 1863
Hospitalized on 15 December 1863 at Chimborazo Hospl, Richmond, VA
Surrendered 12th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 09 April 1865 in Appomattox Court House, VA

Chesterfield Co, Va Wills
will dated: 2 April 1859 proved: 4 Dec. 186?
Legatees; wife, Olivia M. Burfoot
children, Thomas M. Burfoot, Mary Susan Bland-(wife of Mathew Bland)

1860 Amelia Co, Va (Finney Mills PO) P 198 HH 396-380
Matthew R Bland 34 M Va farmer 30,000/28,916
Mary S. " 24 F Va (Burfoot)
John R J___(Illegible) 27 M Va teacher
Wm. Hall 19 M Va Overseer

1870 Chesterfield Co, Va (Chester PO) P 250a HH 257-257
William E. Martin 56 WM Va armer $6500/3000
Octavia " 46 WF Va  (Burfoot)
George? LaPrade? 21 WM Va farmer
Henry " 20 WM Va
Robert Hockell? 13 WM Va @ School
Thaddeus " 11 WM Va @ School
Mary Oshman/Osburn? 25 WF Va No Occ
Jane Newby 70 BF Va Domestic Sevt

1870 Chesterfield Co, Va  (Chester PO) P 275a HH 653-661
Olivia M Burfoot 37 WF Va HK 3,000/1,000 (Wid of Thomas M Burfoot)
Thomas M " 27 WM Va farmer 11,000
Mary E. " 22 WF Va
Martha " 21 WF Va
James " 19? WM Va (Not listed 1860)
Walter D. " 18 WM Va farmer
Ellen C " 15 WF Va @ school
John M " 13 WM Va "
Alice Goff 19 WF Va teacher

1870 Chesterfield, Va P216a Chester T/S Chester PO HH 359-405
Thomas E Burfoot * 27 WM Va farmer $300.
Mary E " 27 WF Va
John M " 2 WM Va
Lawson " 6 WM Va
Harriett " 56 WF Va (His mother, Harriett Howlett Burfoot)
Harriett " 1/12 WF Va
Thomas F Robinson 21 WM VA  clerk in grocery
*(s/o Lawson M Burfoot & Harriett Howlett)

1870 Henrico Co, Va (Fairfield T/S Richmond PO) P 292a, HH 508-522
John E Friend 38 WM Va Physician/Farmer
Mary A " 35 WF Va 
Rosa Smith 35 WF Ireland HK
Mary Smith 30 WF Ireland HK

1880 Henrico Co, Va Fairfield T/S P 371C
John E Friend 54 WM Va Va Va Farmer
Charlotte M " 30 WF Va Va Va wife
Charles F. (T?) " 5 WM Va Va Va son
Edward O " 1 WM Va Va Va son
Mineonetta Swift 14 WF Va Va Va stepdtr
& 2 white and 3 bl/mu servants

1880 Chesterfield Co, (Midlothian PO) Va P 233C
Octavia J. Martin 58 WF Va Va Va  Farming & HK (nee Burfoot)
Virginia Burfoot 38 WF Va Va Va Niece @ home
Thomas D. " 1 WM Va Va Va  nephew @ home
Lawson " 15 WM Va Va Va nephew @ school (s/o Thos. E. & Mary E. Burfoot)
Egbert J Baugh 56 WM Va Farm Mgr single
Jane Newby 76 BF Wid Cook

1880 Chesterfield  Co , Va P 198B
Wm E. Howlett 65 M Va Va Va Farmer
Martha " 58 F Va Va Va
Percy Bearfoot 9 M Va Va Va gr/son and 2 boarders

1900 Henrico Co, Va ( Monroe Ward, Richmond) P 41 HH 37-52 (316 Leigh St)
C T Friend 25 WM July 1874 Va Va Va shipping clerk marr 2 yrs
Maud " 20 WF Feb, 1880 Va Va Va wife had no children
E O " 21 WM Feb, 1879 Va Va Va brother


Diocese of Richmond, Microfilm #1 (Notre Dame Archives)
L Burfoot, Thomas E. [receipt] 1827/0109
* MDRI 1 Document : Burfoot, Thomas E. [receipt] 1827/0109

The following records, Courtesy of Jackie Pierendri, were taken from Amelia Co, Va 1735-1865 miscellaneous records, compiled by Gibson Jefferson McConnoughey

BURFOOT NEW TESTAMENT (Inscription: This was originally the property of Thos. E. Burfoot, grand-father of Miss Emmeline E. Burfoot.  Miss Emmeline Burfoot was born in 1810"

Lawson Burfoot and Martha Swepson Clay were married-December 14th, 1803
Eleazer Thomas Burfoot born June 7th, 1805
Eliza Matilda Burfoot " Jan'y. 25th, 1807
Elizabeth Frances Burfoot " Oct'r. 25th, 1808
Martha Swepson Burfoot " Janu'y. 18th, 1811
Lawson McKenzie Burfoot " date not recollected
Mary Ann Moseley Burfoot " Jan 6, 1814
Lawson Monsey Burfoot " March 14, 1816
Susan Gilbert Burfoot " Sept 25, 1818
Octavia Julia Burfoot " May 6, 1822

Some of the following records courtesy of  Patty Macsisak : All references below are via Henley Marriage & Obituary Database, Library of Virginia.

Married- On Thursday May 29, by Rev. Rice, Mr. Edward O. Friend, to Miss Eloisa Matilda Burfoot, daughter of Col. Lawson Burfoot, all of Chesterfield County. (p. 3, c. 4) Richmond Enquirer Friday, June 6, 1822.

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va. :Friday, September 24, 1824.
Died- On Wednesday, September 15, in Chesterfield County, Mrs. Martha S. Burfoot, consort of Col. Lawson Burfoot, in her 37th year. (p. 3, c. 5)

Thursday, December 14, 1827 Richmond Enquirer
Married- On Thursday, December 7, by Rev. William H Hart, Thomas E Burfoot of Chesterfield County, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Clarke, youngest daughter of Major John Clarke of Powhatan County (p 3, col 6)

Thursday, February 2, 1832. Constitutional Whig (Richmond, VA)
Died- This morning (Feb. 1), in the third year of her age, Charlotte Matilda, second daughter of Thomas E. Burfoot, of Richmond. (p. 3, c. 4)

Thursday, December 5, 1833 American Beacon and Norfolk and Portsmouth Daily Advertiser -Died- In St. Augustine (Fla.) on Nov. 19, Thomas E. Burfoot, District Attorney of the U.S. for the Eastern District of Virginia, and eldest son of Col. Lawson Burfoot, of Chesterfield County (p 3, col 4)

Saturday, December 7, 1833 Virginia Herald (Fredericksburg, VA)
Died- In St. Augustine (Fla.) on Nov. 19, Thomas E. Burfoot, District Attorney of the U.S. for the Eastern District of Virginia, and eldest son of Col. Lawson Burfoot, of Chesterfield County (p 3, col 2)

Thursday, December 12, 1833. Virginia Free Press (Charles Town, West Virginia)
Died- In St. Augustine (Fla.) on Nov. 19, Thomas E. Burfoot, District Attorney of the U.S. for the Eastern District of Virginia, and eldest son of Col. Lawson Burfoot, of Chesterfield County (p 3, col 1)

Married- In Chesterfield County on Sept. 29, by Rev. James B. Taylor, Lawson M. Burfoot, to Miss Harriet Howlett, dau. of Thomas Howlett, Sen'r, both of that county. (p. 2, c. 7)  Tuesday, October 6, 1835. Richmond Whig & Pub. Adv.

Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser (Richmond, Va.)
Died- In Columbus, Miss., on Nov. 25, Mrs. Martha J. Bransford, wife of Benjamin H. Bransford, and third dau. of Col. Burfeot, of Chesterfield, Va. (p. 4, c. 6) Tuesday, December 19, 1837.

Married- On June 4, by Rev. Jones, Benjamin H. Bransford, to Hannah Elizabeth Walker, second dau. of Dr. J. R. Walker, all of Chesterfield County. (p. 2, c. 5)
Friday, June 7, 1839.Richmond Whig & Public Adv.

Died- At the residence of her father (Col. Lawson Burfoot), in her 22d year, Miss Susan G. Burfoot. (p. 2, c. 2) Tuesday, June 30, 1840.Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser

Married- On Oct. 25, at Garysburg, N.C., by Rev. Howards Publis, William E. Martin, of Columbus, Miss., to Octavia J. Burfoot, dau. of Lawson Burfoot, of Chesterfield County, Va. (p. 3, c. 1) Tuesday, October 27, 1840. Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser

Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser Tuesday, April 19, 1842.
Died- At his residence in Chesterfield County Col. Lawson Burfoot in his 60th year. (p. 2, c. 7) 

Died- At Kelburn, the late residence of Ro. D. Murchie, dec'd, on July 10, Burfoot Madison Walthall, infant son of Joseph S. and Matilda E. Walthall, aged 4 months. (p. 1, c. 6) Tuesday, July 14, 1846.Richmond Whig & Public Adv.

Friday, June 23, 1848. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser (Richmond, VA)
Died- On June 15, at Midlothian, the residence of A. S. Wooldridge, of Chesterfield County, in her 17th year, Miss Catharine J. Burfoot dau. of the late Thomas E. Burfoot, of Richmond, leaving her mother and sister.

Thursday, February 22, 1849. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser (Richmond, Va) Married- In Richmond on Feb. 20, by Rev. Bishop Johns, Nathaniel P. Howard, to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Burfoot, all of Richmond. (p. 1, c. 4) 

Ref to marriages of Thomas M. Burfoot:- R. Bolling Batte Papers, Library of Virginia-These papers erroneously give Thomas Eleazer Burfoot & Thomas M. Burfoot as both being sons of Col Lawson Burfoot & Martha Swepson Clay.  Thomas M. Burfoot* was their son-in-law, as he married their dtr.Mary Ann Moseley Burfoot, July 16, 1833, and she was deceased as of 1841, when Thomas M. Burfoot married his second wife in that year.-SGS & Patty Macsisak

*Prob. s/o Matthew Burfoot & Mary Trabue,  (M) 1811 Chest. Co, Va.-- Died- In Richmond, yesterday, Capt. Matthew Burfoot. (p 3, c. 5) Richmond Enquirer July 3, 1827

Burfoot, Thomas (Va). Adjutant 14th Virginia, 12th January, 1778; 2d Lieutenant, 9th September, 1778; regiment designated 10th Virginia, 14th September, 1778; 1st Lieutenant, 16th July, 1780; Captain Lieutenant, 18th July, 1781; transferred to 1st Virginia, 12th February, 1781, and served to close of war. (Died 1820.)-REF: AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL LIBRARY (Father of Col Lawson Burfoot?)

Died- At his residence in Chesterfield County, on Monday, Novemebr 13, Thomas Burfoot, Sr., born at the Capitol Landing, Queen's Creek, in York County, and trained to be a bricklayer. He served in the Revolutionary War, etc etc-Richmond Enquirer-Friday, November 17, 1820. (Father of Col. Lawson Burfoot?)

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