Some Descendants of
Elizabeth Whitehead
& husband
Clark Taylor
of Lunenburg/Mecklenburg Co, Va. and Oglethorpe Co., Ga.

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ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, Dtr of Benjamin Whitehead & Mary Elizabeth Swepson, was born in Mecklenburg  Co., Virginia 12 Sept 1769  & died 9 Jan 1819 Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Buried Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia next to her husband.
"His wife,  They were the kindest of parents and their children called them blessed"
(NSDAR Vol 98, P 5)
She married Clark Taylor in Meck. Co., Va,  Feb. 13, 1786 
Sec-James Coleman, Gdn.
Clarke Taylor was born 1 April 1769 Virginia, & Died 27 July 1846 Oglethorpe Co, Georgia
He is buried in the Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia, next to his wife, Elizabeth "They were the kindest of parents and their children called them blessed"

Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia
Wooton, Charles Edward - 12 June 1817 (1847?) Age nearly 9 mos

Leonard, Mary - 17 June 1824 Aged 2 years

Taylor, Polly Henly - 5 Nov 1796 Age 2 years

Taylor, Benjamin - 9 March 1798 Aged 6 years

Taylor, Richard - 17 Oct 1808 Aged 19 years

Taylor, Clark Senr. - 1 April 1769 - 27 July 1846

Beneath this stone rests the remains of

Elizabeth 12 Sept 1769- 9 Jan 1819

"His wife  They were the kindest of parents and their children called them blessed"

Plus about 4 unidentified graves

Clark & Elizabeth Taylor resided in Lunenburg Co., Va until 1791 when they sold out and removed to Oglethorpe Co., Georgia, where Clark Taylor received a bounty warrant for his Rev. War Services. He served in the Revolutionary War from Mecklenburg Co., Va,

Elizabeth & Clarke Taylor are buried in the Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Ga. She was the mother of all his children of record.

Lunenburg Co., Va deeds-
Nov. 12, 1789 DB 15. P 488-Sarah Powell wid of John Powell to her son John Powell abt 350 Ac Lun Co-Wits: Sam'l. Cheatham, Wm. Bragg, Clark Taylor 

July 23, 1790 DB15, P 490 Leonard Taylor of Pitts. Co., Va to Clark Taylor of Lun. Co., va. for 50 pds, Abt 244 AC in Lun. Co., Va b/b a branch of where Sam'l. Cheatham's line crosses same. Signed: Leonard Taylor.  Wits: Sam'l. Cheatham, Benj. Clark, B. J. Wilson Clark  Rec'd. Feb 11, 1790

May 7, 1790 DB16, P 12-Received of Samuel Garland for and in behalf of John Taylor, full satisfaction for said Taylor's judgment against said Garland in Lun, Crt, which is now in the Clerk's Office through the hands of Anthony Street, Sheriff, and also all costs therein.  Sig: Clark Taylor  Wits: Peter Garland Rec'd May 13, 1790  

Aug. 30, 1790 DB 16, P 62 Clark Taylor of Lun Co., to John Oliver of Meck Co., Va , for 200 Pds, abt 455 AC in Lun on br of Robertson's Fork of Meherrin riv b/b Samuel Cheatham, the glebe line-Sig: Clark Taylor. Wits: Thos. Norment, Richard Jeffries, POLLY WHITEHEAD Rec'd Dec 9, 1790

Dec. 8, 1791 DB 16, P 191 At Lunenburg Court, of Dec. 8, 1791- Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Clerk (Clark) Taylor, personally appeared in court and relinquished her right of dower in the land conveyed by her said husband to John Oliver

1798 Tax List-Oglethorpe Co, Ga Clark Taylor, Hudspeth Dist

Oglethorpe Co, Ga Deeds
DB G. P 287-289 (1804)
Noel Thornton, dec'd. Writ of Partition,:  Heirs named: Aggy, widow, Clarke Taylor, John Banks, Moses Nunnally, Patton Wise, James Smith, George Borum, Alsey Hollifield, of Oglethorpe Co, Ga.

DB G, P 286- (1805) Noel Thornton, Dec'd.-Petition to sell land,  Sheriff, William Stokes with Clarke Taylor sell the lands.  Heirs signing Petition: Michael Wheeling in right of his wife, Aggy, former wife of Noel Thornton, dec'd. John Thornton, Thomas Thornton, Eliza Thornton, Patsy, and Owen Thornton, legal heirs of Noel Thornton, dec'd.
DB K, P 69 (1815)
Clark Taylor, Sr to Dtr Lillie Williams & her husband James Williams, in Trust, for their children, Clarke Taylor Williams, Elizabeth Swepson Williams, Mary Henry Williams, & Carver Willis Williams, Heirs of Clarke Taylor, Sr (Deed of Gifts)

Clark Taylor, of Georgia, was named as one of the EXRS of John Greening's will, 1816 Sumter, SC. 

1827 Georgia Land Lottery-Oglethorpe Co, Ga-47th Day's Drawing: April 30
Fortunate Drawers: Clark Taylor, SR, Rev. Soldier
Captain's dist: Lacys
Number : 175 Dist: 14 County: Lee 

Will of Clarke Taylor, Sr- Sept. 7, 1844, Probated 1846 Oglethorpe Co., Ga
All my property, both real and personal, of every description to be equally divided between my wife Catherine, and my sons, Swepson Taylor, William Taylor, and Clarke Taylor, Jr and my daughters, Elizabeth W. Leonard, wife of P. W. Leonard, and Mary Ann Jane Gaines. The share given to Elizabeth Leonard shall be controlled by Clarke Taylor, Jr, whom I appoint as trustee., and names him as EXR

Codicile, dated March 24, 1845, Instead of a child's share to my wife Catherine, I bequeath to her all the land on the road leading from Barber's Bridge to Lexington,  with the dwelling house and barns, stables, and kitchen during her life and at her death to be equally divided between my children. Swepson Taylor, William Taylor, Clarke Taylor, Jr, Lilly Williams, Martha Latimer, Elizabeth Leonard, and Mary Ann Jane Gaines.

Exr-son Clarke Taylor, Jr Wit: Elias Patman, Charles Hoff, Dred Thornton WB D, P 91

Dec. 18, 1846-DB 1847-1850 P 240-   Quit Claim to certain property of Estate of Clarke Taylor, Sr-Legatees: Swepson Taylor, of Itawamba Co., Miss, John Williams, Sr of Clarke Co., Ga., John Latimer of Oglethorpe Co., Ga, Elizabeth Leonard of Lee Co., Ga., William Taylor of Montgomery Co., Ala, and Lewis C. Gaines, of Marion Co., Fla;  all Legatees of Clarke Taylor, Sr, Dec'd.

Clark Taylor (M) Elizabeth (Hardin) Eades Sept 27, 1821, Ogleth.Co, Ga.
(Wid of Benjamin Eades and Dtr of Henry E. Hardin (LDS Rec)

Clarke Taylor (M) Phoebe Calvary May 24, 1829 Oglethorpe Co., Ga -LDS Rec shows JR-His wife's name in 1850 is Elizabeth.

He was married at least once more, to Catherine Eberhart, dtr of Jacob Eberhart whose will was prov. 1850 Oglethorpe Co Ga- Catherine was his widow when he died. 
His Rev. War Pens. Application shows he was married 4 times.

Clarke Taylor died  Oglethorpe Co, Ga 1846 (WP July 27th, 1846) 

TAYLOR Family Census Records

TAYLOR children:

(1) Lillie Taylor Born CA 1787 Lunen Co, Va 
             (M) John Williams, Sr 
Sept 1, 1803 Oglethorpe Co, Ga.  He was born CA 1780 VA. and he died bet. 1850-1860 Clarke Co., Ga. Buried @ Williams Family Cem, Farmington, Ga

A. Dr. Clarke Taylor Williams Born Nov 7, 1804 Clark Co, Ga 
            Died Oct 26, 1876 Meriwether Co., Ga (Greenville City Cemetery)
             Physician & Farmer in Meriwether Co., Ga 
             (M) Harriett Jossey March 12, 1833 Clark Co, Ga  (LDS Rec)
                    Born Jan 1, 1817  Ga-Died Mar. 15, 1888 Greenville, Meriwether Co., Ga
                    Greenville City Cemetery
                    1. John Henry  Born Jan 9, 1834 Meriwether Co Ga
                        Died April 7, 1910 Meriwether Co, Ga-Greenville City Cem
                        (M) Martha S. Robertson 1862
                               a. Henry Clifton born 1863 Died 1864 Greenville City Cem 
                               b. Mary Lee Born Ca 1866 Meri. Co, Ga (M) William Taylor
                               c. Howard Robertson Born Feb 10, 1868 Meri. co, Ga 
                                   Died Nov 11, 1910 Greenville city Cem
                               d. Albert C. Born Ca 1870 Meri. Co, Ga
                               e. Gustavus Born 1873 Meri. Co, Ga Died 1942 -Luthersville Cem.
                                   (M) Hattie Estelle Wood
                               f.  James Harold Born July 18, 1875 Meri. Co, Ga. Died May 29, 1930 
                                   Greenville City Cem
                               g. Harriett J. Born Dec 1878 Meri. Co, Ga
                               h. Mattie L. Born July, 1880
                               i.  Minnie C. Born Feb, 1884 
                               j.  Sallie Pope born June 6, 1886 Meri. Co, Ga Died Aug 22, 1886
                                   Greenville City Cem
                               k. Eliza Katherine Born Jan 30, 1888 Meri. Co, Ga Died May 8, 1979
                                  Greenville City Cem 
                                  (M) Charles Edward Newell

                     2. Mary Louisa Williams Born June 23, 1843 Meri. Co Ga Died Dec. 22, 1844- Greenville City Cemetery

B. Elizabeth Swepson Williams (Named in Gr/Father's deeds)

C. Martha Marshall Williams (LDS Rec.) also in HH w/parents, 1850
             Born Ca 1806 Ogleth. Co, Ga Died July 8, 1879 Caldwell Co, Tex
             Buried: Luling Cemetery 
             (M) George Washington Meriwether. June 21, 1825,  Ga
             He was born CA 1791 Wilkes Co, Ga Died Sept 29, 1847 Dyer, Co, Tenn
             s/o Gen. David Meriwether & Frances Wingfield
                    1. Frances L Born CA 1829 Ga (Fannie)
                        (M) Thomas Berry   (stock raiser, 1880 Frio Co,Tx)
                                a. Horace Born Ca 1859 Tx
                                b. Thomas Born Ca 1862 Tx 
                    2. David Francis Born Ca 1833 Ga.(1880 Goliad Co, Tex-Stock raiser)
                        (M) Fannie Peck 
                               a. Fannie Born Ca 1863 Tx 
                               b.. Frank Born 1873 KS  
                    3. John Williams Born Ca 1835 Ga (Farmer--single 1880 Caldwell Co, Tex)
                         (M) Mattie Pickens
                    4. Martha Louisa Born Ca 1837 Ga Died Aug 5, 1917 Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tex -Luling Cem, Caldwell, Texas.
                        (M) Leonard C. Huff- He died 1879 Caldwell Co, Texas
                               Children from Census Records:
                               a. Annie C. Born Ca 1862 Tex
                               b. Fannie Born Ca 1864 Tex
                               c. David Born Ca 1866 Tex
                               d. Jennie Born Ca 1869 tex
                               e. Stephen W. Born Ca 1872 Tex
                               f. Laurence C. Born Ca 1873 Tex
                    5. Thomas W. born Ca 1840 Ga  (Lawyer, 1880 Frio Co, Tex) 
                        (M) Lucy Hill 
                               a. William T. S. Born Ca 1861 Tx. 
                    6. Jane Born Ca 1844 Ga 
                        LDS Rec has the following children also
                    7. Anne Born Ca 1826 Died 1851 (M) Dr. B. W. Humphreys
                    8. Sarah Born 1832, Died 1847
                    9. George Washington 1839-1890 (Lawyer, 1880 Goliad Co, Tx)
                        (M) Lucy Peck 
                               a. Sue Born 1868 Tx
                               b. Lucy Born 1870 x
                               c. Jennie Born 1872 Tx
                               d. D. J. (Dtr) Born 1875 Tx
                  10. James 1843.  ( Miller, 1870, 1880 Caldwell Co, Tex )
                        (M) Annie Hill
                               a. George B. Born 1872 Tex
                               b. Claud H. Born Ca 1874 Tx
                               c. Eugene T. born Ca Born Ca 1878 Tx
                 11. Mary Jane born 1828 
                       (M) Dr. B. W. Humphries  
                       (Physician 1880 Guadalupe Co, Tx)
                              a. Hennie Born Ca 1856 Tx
                              b. Fannie Born Ca 1858 Tx
                              c. Tom Born Ca 1860 Tx
                              d. May Born Ca 1862 Tx
                              e. Mattie Born Ca 1866 Tx
                              f. Charley Born Ca 1868 Tx
                              g. Maud Born Ca 1871 Tx

                  12. & 13- 2 dtrs born 1845

D. Mary Henry Williams (Named in Gr/Father's deeds)
             Clark Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia

E. Carver Willis Williams Born CA 1815 Ogleth. Co, Ga
            (liv in  1850-1880 Meriwether Co, Ga- 
            OCC: Legislature Representative-1880)
            (M) Emaline Sophia Campbell, Morgan Co, Ga.
                  1. Elizabeth Born Ca 1841 
                  2. Sarah A. " Sallie"  Born Ca 1843 Ga 
                      (M) T. G. Alexander
                             a. Annie  S.  born Ca 1871 Ga
                             b. Thomas  born Ca 1875 Ga
                             c. Charles W  born Ca 1877 Ga
                             d. Ula L.  born Ca 1879 Ga
                  3  Virginia Born Ca 1846 Ga
                  4. Eudora Born CA 1848 Ga 
                      (M) David Pope
                             a. Henry C.  born CA 1869 Ga
                             b. James Willis born Ca 1872 Ga
                             c. Effie Virginia  born Ca 1875 Ga
                             d. Walter C.  born Ca 1879 Ga
                             e. Cadgeman  born Ca 1880 Gai
                  5. Hollis E. Born Ca 1852 Ga
                  6. Fannie C. Born Ca 1855 Ga
    F. John H. Williams  Born Ca 1813 Ogle. Co, Ga
   G. Benjamin Williams Born Ca 1823 Ogleth Co Ga single 1860
   H. Tabitha Jane Williams Born June 5, 1824 Ga. Died: Feb. 5, 1895 Ga
        (M) Nov. 1, 1841 George R. Powers (Ref-Lucy McLean)
               1. Nicolas F. Born Ca 1850 Ga
                2. George T. Born Ca 1852 Ga
                     (M) Mattie
                            a. Mary Lorena Born Ca 1879 Ga
                3. Lizzie Born Ca 1854 Ga
                    (M) ____Dozier
                 4. Lilla Lynn 
                     (M) Robert O. Beavers
    I. Joseph Williams born Ca 1828 Ga -single 1860


(2) Richard - Born Ca 1788 Oct 1808 Aged 19 years
Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia


(3) Swepson  Born CA 1789 Lunen.  Co., Va  
Died 1854 Itawamba Co, Miss
(M) #1 Sarah T. Mitchell Feb. 11, 1818 Hancock Co, Ga  She born 1801-died 1827
(M) #2- Elizabeth M. Marsh July 27, 1835 Harris Co, Ga.
(M) #3 Anne C. Beal July 20, 1848 by David Harkey, elder  Itawamba Co, Miss 
(Lived in Harris Co, Ga & moved to Itawamba Co., Miss in 1830's-Very large landowner/planter 
(Itawamba Co. Miss Estate Packet #270 -(1854).
    Children: Taylor
    a. Lucy M
    b. Joiner Mitchell
    c. Sarah Thweatt
    d. William R.
    e. Susan Swepson
    f. Elizabeth Jordan Whitehead Taylor Born CA 1819 Ga.-liv.1880 Lee Co, Ga (M) #1 Thomas Harper  (He died 1843)
        1. Swepson T. Harper Born Ca 1836 Ala Druggist, 1860 Macon Co, Ala
            CSA-Alabama ( S. T. Harper, 1 Lt, Co H , 1 Btt'n Ala Artillery, Confed)
        2. John Jackson Harper born June 15,1838 Auburn, Ala-
            Clerk in Drug  Store 1860 Macon Co, Ala
            Died: Oct 30, 1878 Rocky Springs, Claiborne Co, Miss
            (M) Olive Branch Powers Nov 12, 1860 Claiborne Co,Miss  
             She died pr to1880-Dtr of H. G. T. Powers of Claiborne Co
             Children in HH w/Gr/Father, 1880 Claiborne Co, Miss
             a. Delia born Ca 1865 Ms.
             b. Johnie Born Ca 1869 Ms
             c. Fletcher born Ca 1871 Ms
             d. Charles Swepson Born Jan 5, 1874 Ms
                   (WW I Civ Draft Registration, 1917/18- Warren Co, Miss)
             e. Irvin Born Ca 1878 Ms.
         (M) #2) "Judge" C. C. Flanagan Born Ca 1810 Ireland
         This family lived at Auburn, Ala
         3. Erin Fannie  Flanagan born Ca 1844 Ala 
             (M) W. Pichegram Dick, Mar 18, 1876 Lee Co, Ala
                    a. Dtr Erin Born Ca 1877 Ala 
         4. William Flanagan Born Ca 1858 Ala -single 1880

G. Col. Clarke W. H. Taylor Born June 20, 1820 Ga.  Died June 22, 1886
         Buried: Verona Cem, Lee Co, Miss
         (M) Louisa Jane Keys Feb 9, 1842  Itawamba Co, Miss by David Harkey, MG
         She was born Aug 24, 1823 Died Feb 14, 1906 Verona Cem.
         Lived 1850 Itawamba Co, Miss where he engaged in Retail Merchandise Business &  1880 Lee Co, Miss
Children: Taylor
         1  James Swepson Born Feb. 3, 1843 Miss 
             Died 1862 Civil War Battle of Ft. Donaldson
         2. Leroy Thomas  Born Dec 10, 1844 Miss Died May 26, 1917
             Verona Cemetery, Lee Co, Miss
             (1880 Dist #4, Lee Co, Miss-farmer)
             (M) Sally Calhoun Born Ca 1848 Miss  Died Apr 22, 1898- Verona Cem
              a. Erin Lee (dtr) Born Ca 1870 Miss
              b. Nellie Born Dec 9, 1873 Miss Died Jan 16, 1910-Verona Cem
                  (M) W. S. Honnoll
              c. Swepson Delette  Born 23 Dec 1875 Lee Co. Miss Died 1935
                  Verona Cem, Lee Co, Miss
                   (M) Mary H.______Born 1871-died 1953 Verona Cem 
                          1. Mary Born June 9, 1903 Died Oct 29, 1903 Verona Cem
         3. William Clark  born Feb. 21,  1847 Miss Died 1909 Verona Cem
             (Merchant 1880 Lee Co, Miss-single)
         4. Zachary Worth  Born Nov 16. 1849 Miss Died: Mar 8, 1977 (1917?) error in 
             death date-Verona Cem (stone down)
             (1880 Yalabusha Co, Miss-farmer)
             (M) Dora (Bailey?) Born Ca 1856 Miss
              a. Henry E. born Ca 1874 Miss
              b. William A. born Ca 1877 Miss
              c. Son Born Ca 1880 Miss  
         5. Samuel Mitchell  born May 25, 1852 Miss (Lawyer in 1880 Lee Co, Miss)
             (M) Mollie J.____ Born Ca 1858 Miss (Moved to Arkansas)
         6. Lilla Dale born Nov 23, 1854 Died Sept 25, 1899 Verona, Lee, Miss
             Buried: Verona Cemetery, Lee Co, Miss
             (M) #1 John Armstrong (Druggist, 1880 Lee Co, Miss)
              a. Earle Born CA 1875 Ms.
              b. Lottie Born Ca 1878 Ms.
              (M) #2-William Clunn Raymond  
                     Born 1854 Died 1926 -Verona Cemetery, Lee Co, Miss
         7. Joseph Delet Born Aug 5, 1857 Miss  Died Oct 28, 1888 Verona Cem
             (1880 Verona, Lee, Miss-Store clerk)
         8. Lou Anna Threet Born Sept. 15, 1860 Miss Died Mar. 27, 1861 Verona cem
         9. Louis Tranquilla Born April 17, 1862 Miss Died Dec 13, 1876 Verona Cem
       10. Charles H. Buchannan  Born July 9, 1865  Miss
             (M) Mary Harrell Born 1880-died 1909 Verona Cem
H. Swepson Thomas H. Taylor Born CA 1836 Ga. (By Wife #2
         (Capt. Co G, 32nd Ala. Inf. Regt. -CSA-
          Personal letters @ Ala. Dept of Archives & History)
          (M) S. E. _____ Born CA 1839 Ala 
          (1870 Wash. Co, Ala State Line Miss PO,  Rt. Merchant
          (1880 Wayne Co, Miss) Copy 1860, census
          1. Swepson J. born Ca 1862 Ala.
          2. Ella Born Ca 1865 Ala 
          3. Mary Born Ca 1866 (twin)
          4. Mabel  Born Ca 1866 Ala (twin)
          5. May Born 1868 Ala
          6. J. E. (son) Born Ca 1873 Ala
          7. H. A. (son) Born Ca 1875 Ala

Itawamba County Miss Probate Court Records-Taylor
#213 Archie Taylor 
#270 Swepson Taylor
#278 A C Taylor, a minor
#282 C. W. Taylor
#333 S. T. Taylor, a minor

Itawamba County Miss Circuit Court Minute Bk 1 (1838-1841)
Swepson & Hubert VS James Wright P 124 (1838)
Swepson & Hubert Vs John F. Priddy P 133 (1838)

The land patented by Swepson Taylor in 1839 is now known as Lafayette Springs, located about 5 miles E. of Denmark, Miss.

1866 Personal Property Tax List, Itawamba co, Miss
C. W. Taylor, Mooresville, 1 carriage, 1 watch

Lee County,  Miss. Cemetery Records 1820-1979
Verona Cemetery
Taylor Plot (aka Keyes Cemetery?)

Leroy T. Taylor Dec 10 1844-May 26 1917
Sallie Calhoun, wife of L.T. Taylor, Died Apr 22 1898
Little Mary Taylor, daughter of S.D. and Mary H. Taylor, June 9-Oct 29, 1903
Erin Taylor Lowrey 1901-1935
Unmarked grave
S.D. Taylor 1875-1935 and
Mary H. Taylor 1871-1953
Nelle Taylor Honnoll, wife of W. S. Honnoll, Dec 9 1873-Jan 16 1910
Little Charley no dates
Louisa Jane Taylor Aug 24 1823-Feb 14 1906 
Col. Clark W. Taylor June 20 1820-June 22 1886
Z.W. Taylor Nov 16 1849-Mar 8 1977* stone down (*error in death date here-1917?)
Louie T. Taylor Apr 17 1862-Dec 13 1876 
J.D. Taylor Aug 5 1857-Oct 28 1888
W. C. Taylor 1847-1909
Mary Harrell, wife of C. H. Taylor, 1880-1909
Laura Holden Taylor Nov. 31, 1861-Nov 10, 1951
William Clunn Raymond 1854-1926
Lilla Dale Raymond wife of W. C. Died Sept 25, 1899

Palmetto Methodist Church Cem, S. of Tupelo, Miss
Hortense Taylor, wife of Henry Taylor, Died June 28, 1979


(4) Taylor, Benjamin - 9 March 1798 Aged 6 years (Born abt 1792)
Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia


(5) Taylor, Polly Henly - Born abt 1794 Died 5 Nov 1796 Age 2 years
Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia


(6) William Taylor Born  1799 Ga.  Died: May 21, 1882 
(M) Anne L. McGehee May 24, 1824 Oglethorpe Co., Ga-Merchant in Montgomery Co., Ala (1880 Census 3rd Ward, P 127C. Wm. Taylor, 81 yrs Born Ga)
    a. Clarke 
    b. Samuel Swepson Born Ca 1828 Ala-
       (1880 Montgomery, Ala-Police Dept)
        (M) Elizabeth E ________. Born CA 1829 Ga
        1 William F. Born CA 1861Ala
        2. Maggie W. Born Ca 1865 Ala
        3. Annie M. Born Ca 1868 Ala
        4. Dtr born 1870-missing 1880
        5. George F. Born Ca 1871 Ala
    c. Harriett Born Ca 1835 Ala
        (M) James Andrews
        1. William  Born Ca 1850 Ala
        2. Edgar Born Ca 1852 Ala
        3. James Born Ca 1856 Ala
    d. Martha J. Born Ca 1832 Ala
    e. William T. Born Ca 1835 Ala(
          (lived  1860, 1880 Mont. Co, Ala (McGehees PO) Farmer
         (M) Mary ______Born Ca 1839 MA
        1. Lilly Born Ca 1856 Ala
        2. Dana  David  Born Ca  1858 Ala
        3. Fanny Born Ca 1861 Ala
        4. Minnie Born Ca 1862 Ala
        5. Sam Born Ca 1868 Ala
        6. Hugh Born Ca 1870 Ala
        7. Carrie Born Ca 1872 Ala
        8. Hubbard Born Ca 1875 Ala
        9. Alice Born Ca 1878 Ala
       10. William Born Ca 1880 Ala
    f. James M. (H.?) Born Ca 1837 Ala (Died pr to 1870)
        (M) E. Damaris _____ born Ca 1841 Ala
         1. Clark born CA 1860 Ala 
         2. George Born Ca 1862 Ala
    g. Susan A. Born Ca 1839 Ala
    h. Mary C. Born Ca 1843 Ala 
         (M) S. D. Hubbard (Lived 1870, 1880 Mont. Co, Ala)
         1. Anne  Born Ca 1867 Al.
         2. Dana S. (son) Born Ca 1869 Ala
         3. Mary G. Born Ca 1870 Ala
         4. Charles W. Born Ca 1878 Ala


(7) Martha "Patsy"  Taylor Born CA 1802 Ogleth. Co, Ga Died Prior to 1852
Oglethorpe Co, Ga. (NSDAR Shows Died 1859)**Buried Callaway Plantation Cemeterey, just outside Washington, Ga.
(M) #1 Josiah Jordan Sept. 17, 1816 Oglethorpe Co., Ga  He  died 1824 Ogleth. Co., Ga- buried Callaway Plantation Cem., just outside Washington, Ga
Estate Records mentioned the following Jordan children:
     a. Josiah C. Jordan Ca 1817
     b. Mildred Olive "Ollie" Jordan Ca 1819 (M) Seaborn Callaway Jan 1, 1839 Oglethorp Co, Ga He died Aug, 1861 buried Callaway Plantation Cemetery, just outside Washington, Ga Olive (M) #2 William F. Bryant 

          Callaway Children

          1. Simeon Parker  b. abt 1840 Washington, Wilkes, Ga

          2, Martha Susan b. abt 1842 Washington, Wilkes, Ga

          3 Eugenia b. 1845 Wilkes Co, Ga d. 1872 buried Callaway Plantation Cemetery, just outsaide Washington, Ga beside her parents, Seaborn Callaway & wife Mildred Olive Jordan Callaway, Bryant (M) Matthew DeKalb Cofer Dec 12, 1867 He was born 1843 d. 1927 

             Children: Cofer

              a. Walter Callaway Cofer b. 1868 d.1892 Wiles Co, Ga (M) Josie Hampton Dec., 1890  (Josie (M) #2 William Thomas McAvoy in 1896, & moved to Parker Co,  Texas pr to 1900

                   1. Walter Cofer b Jan 1892 Washington, Wilkes, Ga

              b. Lucy Ann Cofer b.. Ga  (M) William Thomas Porterfield

           4. Levi T born Abt 1844 Washington, Ga (1850 Census, died pr to 1855-as parents named another son  Levi T.)

           5. Seaborn Marshall b. abt 1845 Washington, Wilkes, Ga (OMITTED 1850 census)

           6. Jacob Chandler b. abt 1848 Washington, Wilkes ,Ga

           7. Levi  T. (Lee) b. abt 1855 Washington, Wilkes, Ga (HH of Bro Seaborn 1870)

           8. Indiana F. b. abt 1857 Washington, Wilkes, Ga

           9. Infant female b. abt 1860 Washington, Wilkes, Ga

     c. Elizabeth W. Jordan Ca 1821
     d. Mary Ann Jordan Ca 1823 Died:1884 (M) Josiah Tuck McLaughlin (1812-1879)

           Children: McLaughlin
           1. Benjamin F. Born 1846 (M) Eliza Hamby (NSDAR Lin. Vol #98, P 5)
                  (1880 Meriwether Co, Ga-Occ: Lawyer)
                a. Ada Born 1870 Ga
                b. Mary Born 1872 Ga
                c. Lilly born 1874 Ga
                d. Roy Born 1876 Ga
                e. Walter Born 1879 Ga (sh as DTR on 1880 Cen)
           2. Lizzie Born Ca 1846 (single 1880 Meri. Co, Ga)
           3. Joe Born Ca 1850 Ga (lived 1880 Meriwether Co, Ga)
                (M) Mary____
                a. Joe Clark Born 1877 Ga
           4..George Born 1852 Ga (lived 1880 Meriwether Co, Ga-Farmer)
                (M) Alice ____
                a. George Born 1875 Ga
                b. Joe Born 1878 Ga
           5. Sarah Born Ca 1858 Ga (Single 1880)
           6. Jennie Born Ca 1860 Ga (single 1880)
           7. Sallie born Ca 1864 (Single 1880) 
Martha Jane "Patsy" Taylor Jordan (M) #2 John P. Latimer Jan 31, 1826 Oglethorpe Co., Ga.-
John Peace Latimer was born Ca 1802 Va 

John Peace Latimer & Martha Jane "Patsy" Taylor Family
Picture Courtesy of Bob Usry
Picture taken pr to 1852 when Patsy Taylor died? Or is this his #2 wife Tabitha?

***John P. Latimer (M) #2-Tabitha C. Howell, Jan 22, 1852 Wilkes Co, Ga

Children: Latimer (By Wife #1 Martha Patsy Taylor)
     A. George S. Born Nov 17, 1827 Oglethorpe, Ga.
     B. Sarah Frances  born Jan 30, 1829 Oglethorpe, Ga
     C. John W.  born Dec, 4, 1830 Oglethorpe, Ga
     D. James T. Born April 30, 1832 Oglethorpe, Ga
     E. Benjamin Born Dec 8, 1833 Oglethorpe, Ga
     F. Clark  Henry Born Dec 12, 1835 Ogleth. Co, Ga Died: Dec 23, 1889 
         (M) Lucy Acquilla Evans, Feb 6, 1865 Wilkes Co, Ga (LDS Records)
              Born Jan 5, 1845  Ga Died Aug 10, 1890 Wilkes co, Ga
         (lived in 1870, 1880 Thomas Co, Ga)

Clark Henry Latimer 1835-1899
 Courtesy of Bob Usry

       Children: Latimer
         1. Sarah Lou (Sally) Born Nov. 14, 1865 Wilkes,  Ga 
             (M) Jefferson D P Mulligan
         2. Henry Roger  Born Jan 12, 1868 Wilkes, Ga 
             (M) Carrie Butler 
         3. Laura Edwards Born Mar 4, 1871 Wilkes, Ga 
             (M) Ciciro McKenney 
         4. Joel Born Nov 5, 1872 Wilkes,  Ga
             (M) Lucy MNU
         5. Jessie Luther Peace Born Nov 8, 1875 Wilkes,  Ga
             (M) Roxie Latimer
         6. Mary Ida Jane Born Feb 23, 1877 Wilkes,  Ga 
             (M) Oscar L M Bailey (Bob Usrey's
         7. Rebecca V. Born Apr. 6, 1879 Wilkes, Ga
         8. Ran Born Feb. 9, 1882 Wilkes, Ga
             (M) Exzean Louphlia  McCluney 
             (M) #2-Annie Lou Willoughby
         9. Lillian Irene Born Feb 22, 1884 Wilkes, Ga 
             (M) Thomas Claude McCluney
       10. Lucy Clark Born Jan 10, 1887 Wilkes, Ga
            (M) Clifton A. Prather
     G. Martha E. Jane Latimer Born May 22, 1837 Ogleth. Co, Ga
          (M) Randall Jones Arnold 1854 Wilkes Co., Ga (farmer, 1880 Oglethorpe, Ga)
          Children: Arnold
          1. E. V. (son) born Ca 1856 Ga
          2. W. H. (son) Born Ca 1858 Ga
          3. Mattie Born Ca 1859 Ga
          4. R. J. (son) Born Ca 1864 Ga
          5. Moses Born Ca 1866 Ga
          6. Luther Born Ca 1868 Ga
          7. Sonnie Born Ca 1870 Ga
          8. L. G. (son) Born Ca 1872 Ga
          9. Davey (Dtr) Born Ca 1874 Ga
     H. Luther Wesley Latimer born Feb 5, 1839  Ogleth Co, Ga
          (M) Irene (Ionia Euphrasie)  Wright (Lived 1870,1880 Wilkes Co, Ga)=See Biography Below
          Children: Latimer
          1. Laura M. Born Ca 1864 Ga
          2. James  Joel born Ca 1866 Ga
          3. Luther Born Ca 1869 Ga. 
          4. Anna Born Ca 1871 Ga
          5. Iona Born Ca 1873 Ga
          6. Russ W.  Born Ca 1876 Ga
      I. Joel Harrison Latimer Born May 16, 1840 Ogleth. Co, Ga
      J. Laura Emiline Latimer  Born May 4, 1842 Ogleth. Co, Ga
          (M) Wiley Harrison Bush, Jr Mar 7, 1861 Wilkes, Ga
          Born Jan. 10, 1841
          This BUSH file contributed by Peggy
          Children: BuSH
       1. Ionia Elizabeth b 9/8/1862 d 6/5/1949 (Aunt Ionia)
              (M) Fulton Jackson (Children Bush, Lucy & Zachariah)
          2. Frances Beulah (Fannie) b 4/19/1863 d 1946 Winder, Barrow, Ga.
              (M) Charles Madison Ferguson
(Children *Violet Jeraldine & Beulah Wade)
          3. Leilah J. b 6/20/1867 d 10/5/1868
          4. Claudia E. b 5/13/1869 d? (Aunt Claude) (M) James Griffeth
              (Children Latimer, Hayes, & James Wiley)
          5. Martha May b 10/5/1870 d 3/13/1920 (May) (M) William Sheats
               (Child Willie May)
          6. Laura Lee b 4/9/1872 d 1933 (Lollie) (M) Mr. Hayes
               (Children Sarah, Mary & Eurania)
          7. Wiley Latimer b 10/22/1873 d 1935 (Uncle Buddie) (M) Irene Young 
              (No Children)
          8. Joel Wade b 10/9/1875 d 5/12 1877
          9. Arthur Ernest b 3/16/1878 d 6/1/1935 (M) Pearl Jennings 
              (Child Ernestine)
        10. Daisy Gertrude b 4/2/1880 d 8/6/1966 (M) R L Rogers
              (Children Howard & Gertrude)
        11. Elsie Jessamine b 11/2/1881 d 12/4/1903 (In what was called Indian Territory)
              (M) Neb? VonderLeith
        12. Cleo Kate b 10/13/1885 d 12/18/1978 (Never Married)

* Violet Jeraldine Ferguson b.1/20/1898, d.8/31/1899
Beulah Wade Ferguson b.10/5/1901, d.12/17/1988. Married James Pacquin Robinson (date?) He died 9/16/1948.
Charlene Bush Robinson b.12/8/1939, d.1/2001  Daughter Nora Charlene Lynn
Peggy Lee Robinson b.7/11/1944 Married 10/5/1968 Robert David Turner. 
Glenn James Turner b.4/13/1971
Rosalie Kathryn Turner b.5/25/1974 Son Jacob Thomas Atkinson b.2/21/2001


LUTHER W. LATTIMER, farmer, Wilkes county, Ga., son of John T. and Martha (Taylor) Lattimer, was born in Oglethorpe county, Ga., Feb. 5, 1839, the eighth of ten children, seven boys and three girls, six of the boys being dead. His mother was the daughter of Col. Clarke Taylor of Oglethorpe county. He was reared and worked on his father's farm during his boyhood, and was educated at the country schools. His father's rule was to work his boys two years and send them to school one. This was done until he reached the age of sixteen years, when he entered Meson academy, Lexington, Ga., and attended there three years. He then worked on the farm a year, after which he attended the academy another year. After leaving school and teaching five months he enlisted in the Gilmer Blues, Capt. (afterward Col.) John T. Lofton. The company went to Atlanta, became a part of the Sixth Georgia regiment, Col. Alfred H. Colquitt, and was ordered to Yorktown, Va. The command participated in the battles of Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville and Cold Harbor. At the last-named battle he was wounded in the neck, and the wound being pronounced mortal he was sent home to die. But he rapidly recovered, and was required to report every sixty days. In January, 1864, he reported at James Island, S. C., for duty, but the examining board adjudged him unfit for regular service, and he was sent to Fort Gaines, Ga., where a hospital was being organized, and was made clerk of the examining board, remaining there until after the surrender. Returning home he resumed farming, and has followed it ever since. He was elected in 1892 to represent Wilkes county in the general assembly, which he did to the entire satisfaction of his intelligent constituency. He is now a member of the board of jury commissioners. Mr. Lattimer was married Dec. 18, 1862, to Miss Euphrasia, daughter of Moses Wright, of Oglethorpe county, who has borne him six children, three sons and three daughters, all living. Mr. Lattimer is a master Mason, and a member of the Methodist church. A useful and public-spirited citizen, he is influential and popular.


(8) Elizabeth Whitehead Taylor Born Ca 1804 Oglethorpe Co., Ga 
(M) W. P. W. Leonard/Lennard Sept. 13, 1820 Oglethorpe Co., Ga Living 1850 Lee Co., Ga. 1860 Terrell Co., Ga He was born Ca 1800 Ga.

Children: Lennard/Leonard
       a. (son) T. M.  born Ca 1822 Ga (Lawyer &  School Teacher Lee Co, Ga
            (M) #1-___________ (She died pr to 1850)
            1. Sarah Born Ca 1844 Ga
            2. John W. Born Ca 1852 Ga
            3. Benjamin H. Born Ca 1855 Ga
            4. Anna A. Born Ca 1856 Ga
            T. M. Lennard (M) #2 Ann (Hunter? )

      b .Mary - 17 June 1824 Aged 2 years
          Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia

      c. John C. Born Ca 1825 Ga  Died pr to 1870 
          (M) Sarah___  (lived 1860 Terrell Co, Ga-She a Widow 1870 Terrell Co, Ga)
            1. Eliza J. T. Born Ca 1850 Ga
            2. John William  Born Ca 1853 Ga
                (M) A. L. King Dec 6, 1877 Terrell Co, Ga
            He lives alone 1880 Chickasaw Hatchee PO
            3. Benjamin T. Born Ca 1854 Ga
            4. Mary E. (Alin)  Born Ca 1858 Ga
            5. Sarah Born Ca 1860 Ga
            6. Jonas Born Ca 1865 Ga

      d. Dtr (M) Butler
            1. Elizabeth Born Ca 1845 Ga 

      e  Ludwell  Born Ca 1829 Ga (did not locate 1880)
            (M)#1 Sarah A.H. Glenn Dec 4, 1859 Terrell co. -
             1. Mary Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" Born Ca 1853 Ga
                 (M) John E. Moreland  Dec 11, 1873-Terrell Co, Ga
                 Children: Moreland
                  a. Linnie Born Ca 1875 Ga
                  b. Benjamin Born Ca 1876 Ga
                  c. Annie Born Ca 1879 Ga
             2. James Abin T.  Born Ca 1855 Ga
             3. John C. Born Ca 1857 Ga 
             4. Ludwell Born Ca 1861 Ga
             5. Rubanna Born Ca 1866 Ga
             6. Benjamin Born Ca 1868 Ga
        f.  Sarah Born Ca 1838 Ga.
        g.  Benjamin Born Ca 1841 Ga


(9) Clarke Taylor Jr. Born Ca 1806 Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
             Died 1851 Oglethorpe Co, Ga. (Will)
             (M) Elizabeth J. Smith Dec. 21, 1825 Oglethorpe Co., Ga- 
             lived in Oglethorpe Co., Ga.1850
             A. Richard Swepson. Born Ca 1829 Ogleth. Co, Ga
             B. Mary H. Born Ca 1832 Ogleth. Co, Ga
             C. Elizabeth Born Ca 1828 Ga. 
                 (M) Dr. Wm N. Wooten
                 1. Wooton, Charles Edward - 12 June 1817 (1847?) Age nearly 9 mos-Taylor Family Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia
                 2. Wooten, Ella Born Ca 1848 Ga

1827 Georgia Land Lottery-Oglethorpe Co- 54th Day's Drawing, May 8
Fortunate Drawers: Clark Taylor, Jr. 
Captain's Dist: Lacys
District: 7
Number: 271
County: Lee

67th Day's Drawing, May 23
Fortunate Drawers: Clark Taylor, Jr
Captains Dist: Willsons
Number: 89 Dist: 10 County: Troup

"The History of Oglethorpe County" will  dated 
4/26/1851 Clarke Taylor leaves his land to his son Richard S. Taylor and 
his wife Eliza Jane. 


(10) Mary Ann Jane Taylor Born CA 1809 Oglethorpe Co., Ga 
     Died pr to 1880 Clay Co, Fla
     (M) #1 Thomas P. G. Stevens/Stephens) June 19, 1826 Oglethorpe Co., Ga.

 a. William Clark Taylor Stephens Born Dec 24, 1828 Oglethorpe Co, Ga
             Died: Dec 19, 1904 Welaka, Fla.. Lived in Marion & Putnam Co, Fla
             (M) Augustina  Alexandrina Fleming Nov 28, 1848 Marion Co, Fla
             Born Oct 22, 1831 Fla
             1. William Winston  Born Sept 26, 1849 Marion Co, Fla
                 Died June 29, 1900 Welaka, Fla
                 (M) Carrie Ostrander 1883
             2. Louis Isadore Born Feb 21, 1851 Fla Died: Feb 2, 1915 
                 (M) Hortense Varnum  
                 (1880 Jeweler, Laville, Duval Co, Fla)
                 a. Phinehas V. Born Ca 1879 Fla.
             3. Mary Jane "Minnie" Born April 17, 1855 Ocala, Fla 
                 Died: Aug 27, 1930  Welaka, Fla 
                 (M) Henry Herbert Bryant June 22, 1875
                 a. Ruby Born Ca 1876 Fla (Listed as Male on census) 
             4. Charles Seton Born March 4, 1862 Fla Died: 1915
                 (M) Mary Frances Adams Dec 22, 1883 
             5. Edward L'Engle  Born May 19, 1867 Welake, Fla
                 (M) Lillian Jeffers April 11, 1901
             6. Jesse  Neal  (Isabella) Born Ca 1869 Fla 

 b. Winston J. F. Stephens Born Ca 1830 Ga  Died pr to 1870
             (M) Octavia ____Born Ca 1832 Fla (Wid & Ch-1880  Putnam Co, Fla)
             1. Rosa Born Ca 1861 Fla
             2. Winston Born Ca 1864 Fla
                 Fla Land Records-Winston J. Stephens
                 Doc # 2718 May 1, 1855 80 AC Newnansville LO
                 Doc # 4092 Feb 19, 1857 39.97 Ac Newnansville LO
                1850 Marian Co, Fla slave Schedule 
                1st Dist. P 807 Winston J F Stephens

c. Swepson Benjamin Whitehead Stephens Born Ca 1831 Ga (CSA Florida)
            (1880 Levy Co, Fla- Stafford's Point PO-Farmer)
            (M) #1 Mary Anis Durr, Jan 1, 1853 Marion Co, Fla 
            (M) #2 Victoria Mills Oct 17, 1860 Marion Co, Fla
            1. Adolphus G. Stephens Born Ca 1855 Fla
            2. Henry Anley  Stephens Born Ca 1856 Fla
               (M) Sarah Frances Ezell (per Cindi Wright)
            3. Swepson Stephens Born Ca 1858  Died prior to 1880 Fla

d. M. Richard G. Stephens Born Ca 1836 Ala (Missing 1880)
            (M) #1 M. C. ________Born Ca 1841 SC
            (M) #2 Eugenia _____ Born Ca 1847 Fla
            1. James Born Ca 1865 Fla
            2. Addnith (Dtr) Born Ca 1867 Fla
            3. Richard W. Born Ca 1869 Fla

Mary Ann Jane Taylor Stephens (M) #2 Lewis C. Gaines Ca 1839 Ala
    He was born Ca 1808 Va. He died pr to 1870 Clay Co, Fla

 e. Mary H. Gaines Born Ca 1841 Ala  
            (M) Jesse Thomas (Thomas J.) Branning
            (Merchant-1880 Clay Co, Fla, Green Cove Springs) CSA Florida
            1. Bertha M. Born Ca 1862 Fla
            2. Ida E. Born Ca 1865 Fla
            3. Lewis C. Born Ca 1868 Fla
            4. Jessie T. Born Ca 1872 Fla
            5. George W. Born Ca 1875 Fla
            6. Winston Born Ca 1878 Fla
            7. Mary M. Born Ca 1880 Fla

f. Lewis P. Gaines Born Ca 1842 Ala

g. James S. Gaines Born Ca 1843 Ala (CSA Florida)
            (1880 Volusia Co. Fla-Orange grower)
            (M) Mary Sauls Born Ca 1850 Fla
            1. Mary A. Gaines Born Ca 1877 Fla

 h. Benjamin Gaines Born Ca 1845 Ala
             ( 1870,1880 Hernando Co, Fla )
             (M)  Jan, 1870 Rosanna ____Born Ca 1836 Fla
             1. Dtr R. E. Born Ca 1878 Fla

i. Rubannah Gaines Born Ca 1847 Fl
           (M) Wm. C. C. Branning
           Lived 1880 Volusia Co,  Fla-Agriculturist Farmer
           1. George L. Born Ca 1870 Fla
           2. Mary E, Born Ca 1873 Fla
           3. William C. C. Born Ca 1875 fla
           4. Dina Born Ca 1877 Fla
 j. Ida J. Gaines Born Ca 1849 Fla
 k.Alabama Gaines Born Ca 1854 Fla
    (M) Charles O. Pettit Feb 8, 1877 Putnam Co, Fla.

CSA  Pension Applications, Florida
#A0765 James S. Gaines , Volusia Co, 1908 20 pgs
# A1-433, Mary Sauls, Wid of James S. Gaines, 1st Rgt, Cav.
#A11449 Swepton B. W. Stephens  2nd Regt, Cav  (Widow Victoria Mills, 
Hillsborough Co, Fla, 1909) 10 pgs
# A12656 Clark Stephens, 2nd Regt, Inf, Putnam Co, 1902- 04 pgs
#A01546 Thomas J. Branning,  2nd regt, Cav, (Wid. Mary Gaines)  Clay Co, 1904, 12 pgs