The Family of
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Margaret Hoggard

of Mecklenburg, Princess Anne & Norfolk Co, Va.

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Swepson Whitehead, 
son of Benjamin Whitehead & Mary Elizabeth Swepson of Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Counties, Va. was
b. September 17, 1777, Meck., VA (Swepspn Whitehead Bible)
d. October 4?, 1839,  "Poplar Hall" Portsmouth, Norfolk, VA;  
(Obit Oct 6, 1839)
He was Deputy Clerk of Court in Lunenburg Co, Va in 1797, later was Clerk of Court, Norfolk Co., Va., President of Exchange Bank of Virginia, and Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia-also President, Board of Trustees, of Norfolk Academy, 1837

A  very large landowner in Princess Anne & Norfolk Co's.
(M) Sunday June 1, 1800 Margaret HOGGARD. Sur:  on MB Wilson Butts
Wts: Wilson Butt, Thurmer Hoggard, Abia Dolby (Dtr of Nathaniel Hoggard & Mary Gardner)
Born Mar 15, 1784 Princess Anne Co, Va-Died Jan 30, 1840 Norfolk Co., Va leaving 2 daughters-(Swepson Whitehead Bible)

American Beacon & Norfolk Daily Advertiser -
  (P. 2, C. 7-  Oct. 6, 1839-Lib. of Va. film #188) OBITUARY-:

" It is our painful duty to announce to the public the death of our esteemed fellow- citizen Swepson Whitehead, Esq. at his residence in this place, on Sunday evening, in the 63rd year of his age.  He suffered from an attack of paralysis some months since, while engaged in Court, and was conveyed to his house, which he was unable to leave until within two or three weeks past.  On Saturday he rode out in a carriage, and his friends, as well as his himself, indulged the hope that he would be able to resume his business during the present week.  But alas! these expectations were doomed to sad disappointment.  On that evening about 11 o'clock, he suffered a second attack of paralysis apoplexy, and died the next evening about the same hour.  

There is not in this section of country, a single individual better known and esteemed than was he; and in the various offices which he filled from time to time, he gave unqualified satisfaction.

He was Clerk of the Borough Court for several years, and was Attorney for the Commonwealth at the time of his decease.  He was President of the Exchange Bank of Virginia, with the exception of a short interval, since it's organization and, although he never held any political office, he was associated with all the literary and benevolent institutions of the Borough, which were ever eager to receive the sanction of his approbation and heed the voice of his counsels.

His leading traits were goodness of heart, and an honesty of purpose which was above all fear or suspicion. 

He has left a wife and family, to lament a bereavement, the severity of which will, we trust, be alleviated by the universal sympathy of our citizens.  His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral from his late residence, corner of Mariner & Chapel Streets, this morning at half past 10 O'clock." 

Oct. 8,, 1839- Baltimore Patroit-"Swepson Whitehead, Esq. President of Exchange Bank of Norfolk, Died last night of apoplexy" 


A. Mary Hoggard Whitehead Born July 19, 1801 
            Died: Feb. 16,  1879* Norfolk, Va-  (Swepson Whitehead Bible) Buried Cedar Grove Cem., Norfolk, Va (Mary H. Cornick *Marker has death date as 1/1/1879)
            (M) Anson Brooks, Physician, Norfolk Co, Va. April 26, 1820, 
                    Sec: Swepson Whitehead
                    Anson Brooks died Friday, Aug 18, 1826, Richmond, Va. 
                    buried @ Portsmouth (Obit, Mon, Aug, 22, 1826-Richmond Enquirer OS P 3
                    left wife and 2 small children)
                    Swepson Whitehead, Adm.

Mary Hoggard  (Whitehead) Brooks (M)#2 a Mr. DAVIS (Did not locate 1850)

Mary Hoggard (Whitehead) Brooks, Davis remarried #3-- Capt. James Cornick bet. 1850-1860 (Shipmaster)-Ref-Swepson Whitehead Bible (SEE 1860 Norfolk Census Below, & Cedar Grove cemetery records)

      1. Swepson Whitehead Brooks, Born Jan, 1825 Va
                  Died Feb. 19, 1920 Seaboard, Princess Anne, Va
                  (Age 94 yrs) in  Jan 14th, 1920 Census of Seaboard, Princess Anne Co, Va.
                  Swepson Whitehead Brooks, CSA Virginia, Private, enlisted 4/22/1861 Princess Anne Co, Va. 

            (M) #1- Elizabeth J D. SMITH_B-Ca 1832 Va. Died pr to 1891 
                                 Seaboard, Pr. Anne Co, Va

                 a. Swepson J. Brooks  (Only child) By wife #1 Elizabeth J Smith
                            He was born Mar, 1865 Pr. Anne Co, Va  Died after 1930 NY
                            Physician-Early 20th Century Psychiatrist*
                            1900 -Physician @ St. Vincent's Retreat, Harrison, Westchester Co, NY-Resided: Harrison, Westchester Co, NY  1900 & 1920, 
1930 Rye, Westchester  Co, NY @ Brooks Sanitarium (Private
                            (M) Rosalie Stack Ca 1889-
                                   born June, 1867 Ohio 
                                   Children: Brooks
                            1. Rosalie W. Born Ca 1892 Va. 
                                       Single 1920 Westchester Co, NY, single public school teacher, 1930 Princess Anne Co, Va
                                   2. Mary B. W. .Born Aug 1899 New York single 1920-
                                       Occ: Stenographer, US Navy, Westchester Co, NY
                                        (M) 1921 _______Gilmer
                                               a. Francis B. Born Ca 1925 NY
                                               b. Swepson W. Born 1928 NY
                                   3. Elinor B.  Born Ca 1903 New York -single 1920 NY, (M)/2 ch, 1930 Princess Anne Co, VA
                                       (M) ________Selee 1924
                                               a. Elinor  Born 1926 NY
                                               b. Donald W. Born 1928 Illinois
                    Swepson Whitehead Brooks (M) #2 Christina___________ Ca 1891-No children- She was born Dec, 1864 Canada and was living in 1958

      2. Mary Whitehead Brooks  Died 1848 Buried: Elmwood-Cedar Grove Cem., Princess Ann Road,  Norfolk, Va beside her mother, Mary H. Cornick

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth Rd., Norfolk City, Virginia

CORNICK, MARY H I18890 Section CEDAR GROVE, Block 2ND A W, Lot 14, Space 2 0 01/01/1879

BROOKS, MARY W I30501 Section CEDAR GROVE, Block 2ND A W, Lot 14, Space 1 0 01/01/1848

Index to Chancery Court Suits, Princess Anne Co, Va

Anson, 5N140; 10W(2)134
Swepson, 5N149 
Swepson W., 5N140
Elizabeth Smith, 5N140, 149
Mary Whitehead, 10W(2)134
S. W., 2N3, 41; 3N130; 4N4

B. Elizabeth Swepson Whitehead Born Feb. 6, 1804  Died June 14, 1858 Portsmouth, VA Buried @ Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va-Christened by Rev. Mr. Whitehead @ Broad Creek (Swepson Whitehead Bible)
(M)  Rev.John Henry Wingfield Nov. 14, 1822 
              Portsmouth, Va. 
              Sec: Swepson Whitehead
              He was born June 10, 1798 Va 
              Died: Dec 5, 1871 Portsmouth, Va Buried @ Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va 

"Here Rests the remains of Eliza Swepson (Whitehead) For more than 35 years the loving and beloved wife of Rev. John Wingfield who closed her earthly pilgrimage on the 14 of June A.D. 1838 In the 55th year of age Leaving to her surviving family and friends the consoling hope that she restS in the bosom of her Reconciled Savior, For he giveth his beloved sleep."

John Henry Wingfield (M) #2 Mrs. Emily Ann Mason Boykin (No ch) She was born April 13, 1814 & died March 19, 1887 Buried @ Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va

Rev. John H Wingfield was Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, Va. for 50 years. (Church History & Pictures)

Virginia Beach Genealogical Newsletter, Vol 9, No. 2 June , 1992, has an article on John H. Wingfield, Minister of Va.

Wingfield, John H.
Pay Rolls, p.106
NOTE Part of index to: Pay Rolls of Militia Entitled to Land Bounty Under the Act of Congress of Sept. 28, 1850 (Richmond, 1851) and: Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812 (Richmond, 1852) which supplements Pay Rolls. This collection is also available on microfilm.SUBJECT United States -- History -- War of 1812 -- Register

Children Wingfield
           1. Swepson Whitehead Wingfield born Dec. 1, 1823 Va.
               Died Mar. 29, 1860 Portsmouth, Va-Buried Cedar Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va Lived 1850 Norfolk City

Cedar Grove Cemetery-Portsmouth, VA:

"In memory of Swepson Whitehead (Wingfield) First born of J.H. and E. S. Wingfield b. Dec. 29th A.D. 1823 Obit Mar. 29th A.D. 1860 A dutiful son and affectionate brother. A warm friend, a true christian, in full Communion with the Holy Catholic Church. There remaineth a rest for the people of God."

           2. Major William Charles Wingfield Born March 18, 1827 Va (Marker)
               Died: Oct. 24, 1896 Portsmouth, Va Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va
               Lived @ 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va
               clerk- S & R RR Portsmouth, Va.
               (M) Susan Jane Davis pr to 1860 (Sh was born Aug. 21, 1840 & Died Oct. 31, 1877 Buried PortlockCemetery, Portsmouth, Va)
                       a.  Eliza Josephine Born Jan 29, 1865 Portsmouth, Va & Died April 13, 1921 Buried Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va
                            (also enum. in girls School Baltimore, Md. 1880)
                            lived 1900 Moseley Hall, Lenoir Co, NC
                            Widow, 1910 Raleigh, Wake Co, NC 
                            Widow in 1920 Portsmouth, Va.
                             (M) Dr James M Hadley abt 1897 (2nd wife)
                                    Physician of Lenoir Co, NC
                                    Born Ca 1836 NC Died pr to 1910 Lenoir Co, NC (Moseley Hall)
                                    1. Mary J. Born June, 1899 Mosley Hall, Lenoir, NC
                                         single 1920 Portsmouth, Va, HH of mother
                        b. Emily  Swepson  Born Nov 25, 1867 Norfolk Co, Va d, June 6, 1935 Cedar Hill Cem., Nansemond Co., Va-1910 shows Had 2 children, 2 living-Lived 1930 Suffolk, Va
                            (M) Claudius James Riddick Oct. 3, 1893
                                   Physician, Nansemond Co 1900-1920
                                   Born Nov. 10, 1858 Died Oct. 19, 1946
                                   Cedar Hill Cem., Nansemond Co., Va
                                   1. Annie Sue Wingfield B-Sept. 25, 1894 Nansemond Co., Va
                                       Died July 25, 1966
                                       Cedar Hill Cem., Nansemond Co., Va
                                       Single, Stenographer, Law Office 1920, 1930 Suffolk, Va
                                   2. Claudius James Jr Born June 2, 1901 Nansemond Co.,  Va
                                       Died Dec 4, 1948
                                       Cedar Hill Cem., Nansemond Co., Va
                                       Accountant, Newspaper, 1930 Suffolk, Va Single
                                       (M) Annie Mary Ames
                                              Born Feb. 9, 1910 Died July 5, 1993
                                              Cedar Hill Cem., Nansemond Co., Va
                                              Dtr of James E. & Annie Mary Eberwine Ames
                        c. William Davis Born Jan 8, 1870 Portsmouth, Va 
                        d. Charles  Henry Born April 12, 1872 Portsmouth, Va 
                            Single 1900 Portsmouth-Boat Builder
                            1910-1930 Portsmouth-Boat builder, Navy Yard
                            (M) Marguerite A Mulligan abt1901
                                   Born abt 1870 Va
                                   1. Marguerite Born abt 1903 Va
                                   2. Charles, Jr. Born abt 1904 Va
                                       Clerk, RR, 1930 Portsmouth, single
                                   3. Cecelia Born abt 1908 Va
                                       Clerk, RR, 1930 Portsmouth, single
                                   4. Swepson Born abt 1910 Va
                                       Contractor, 1930 Portsmouth, Single
                                   5. John Born abt 1914 Va
                        e. Mary  Elizabeth Born Dec 18, 1874 Portsmouth, Va 
                           (Census shows Dec, 1875)
                           (M)  John H. Downing Ca 1896
                                   (Bookkeeper @ bank 1900 Portsmouth, Va)
                                   Accountant-Wholesale Lumber, 1920 Portsmouth
                                   Accountant, 1930 Portsmouth, Va
                                   1. Wingfield Born Dec, 1897 Portsmouth, Va 
                                       Theatre Actor-1920 , 1930 Portsmouth, Va census
                                       shows married-but no wife listed
                                   2. John H Jr. Born Ca 1902 Va
                                       Clerk, Railroad 1920 Portsmouth
                                       Mgr-Engineering Co, 1930 Portsmouth
                                   3. Charles M. Born Ca 1904 Va 
                                       Clerk, Railroad, 1920, 1930  Portsmouth
                                   4. Morris M.  Born 1907 Va
                                   5. Goode Born Ca 1910 North Carolina
                                   6. Richard W. Born Ca 1913 Alabama
                                       Clerk, Railroad, 1930 Portsmouth
                                   7. Mary E. Born Ca 1916 Alabama
                                   8. Edward Born Ca 1918 Va

           3. Thurmer Hoggard Wingfield Born Aug. 10, 1826 Va 
                Died: Mar 3, 1885 Towson, Baltimore Co, Md. (LDS Rec)
                Occ: Physician/Surgeon, Baltimore, Maryland
                (M) Mary Elizabeth Leftwich 
                       Widow in Baltimore, Md  1890 City Dir
                Civil War Serv. Records
                 T. H. Wingfield, Surgeon, Allegiance: Confederate
                 General Staff & Officers, Div & Brig. Staffs

           4. Margaret Elizabeth Wingfield Born Nov 6, 1828 
                Died Nov. 8, 1833 Buried @ Cedar Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va

           5.  John Henry Ducachet Wingfield (Bishop)  
                Born Sept 24, 1833 Portsmouth, Norfolk, Va 
                Died: July 27, 1898 California
                (Lived in Benicia, Solano, Calif. 1880)
                He entered St. Timothy's College at age of 13, graduated in 1850, was a tutor there for 3 yrs. William & Mary College, 1852-graduated 1853. Taught at St. Timothy;'s for another year, and in 1854 went to New York, where he became a tutor in Churchill Military Academy at Sing Sing.  In 1854 entered the Theological Seminary of Va., for 1 yr, removed to Arkansas, becoming principal of Ashley Institute at Little Rock.  He was ordained priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the chapel of the Theological Seminary of Virginia, July 1, 1859 by Bishop Johns.  In July, 1858 he became assistant to his father, who was rector of Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Va. 
He was rector of Christ Church, Rock Spring, Harford Co., Md., in 1864, but returned to Portsmouth in 1866.  In 1868 he became rector of St. Paul's Church, Petersburg, Va. where he founded St. Paul's school for young ladies. 
The degree of D.D. was conferred upon him by William & Mary College in 1874.  In that year he removed to California, and was rector of Trinity Church, San Francisco.
At the general convention of 1874, he was elected missionary bishop of northern California, and was consecrated in St. Paul's Church, Petersburg, Va, Dec. 2, 1874, but remained in charge of his parish until April, 1875. He became president of the missionary college of St. Augustine, Benicia, and in 1876 head of St. Mary's of the Pacific, a school for girls, and rector of St. Paul's Church in that city.   He was elected bishop of Louisiana in 1879, but declined.
Ref: Virginia Genealogies & Biographies, 1500's-1900's
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol IV, Virginia Biography, P 445
                (M) Mary Imogene Chandler Pr to 1860
                       a. John Page Wingfield Born Aug 13, 1863 Portsmouth, Va
                           Died July 9, 1889 Calif.
                (M) #2 Elizabeth D. Lee
                        b. Henry W. Wingfield-missing 1880
                        c. Mary Wingfield-missing 1880
                        d. Paul Wingfield-missing 1880
                (M) #3 Anne  M. D. Garland 
                           Born Ca 1841 Va-missing 1900 Calif

           6. Richard Channing Moore Wingfield
               Born June 3, 1837 Norfolk Co, Va
               Died: October 15, 1890 Bur: Oct 17, 1890 Trinity Church,
               Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va (Obit)
               CSA Virginia-Richard C. M. Wingfield, Pri, Enlisted April 20,
               1861, Portsmouth, Va.-Confederate Army

                Richard Lived @ 83 Bute St, Norfolk, Va- partner w/R. Frank Vaughn, 
                General Ins. Agents, @ 46 Commerce St, Norfolk, Va.
                (M) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Susan Hudgins June 21, 1869 (Hudgins Family Bible Rec)
                       Born  Sept, 1852 Va -from Census Records- Marker has Sept. 28, 1844  Died June 12, 1926 Buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va  Dtr of R. K. Hudgins)
                       Resided 1900 196 Bute St., Norfolk, Va
                       Widow, 1910, 1920  Portsmouth, Operates Boarding House
                       1920 Portsmouth, Va, Widow
                        a. John Henry  Born  Nov 15, 1871Portsmouth, Va  Died: Oct 24, 1938 Buried  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va-Clerk, 1910-1920 Portsmouth
                             (M) Nannie Marshall Turner 1897-(Gene pool, LDS Rec)
                                     Born Feb, 1880 Va (died pr to 1920)
                                     1. Elizabeth Born Feb, 1899 Norfolk Co, Va 
                                         single 1920 , 1930 Portsmouth, Va
                                         Clerk, City Offices, 1930 Portsmouth
                                         Died Aug. 30, 1979 Buried Cedar Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va-Did not marr

Norfolk Virginian, Fri, Oct 17, 1890. Funeral of Mr. Wingfield  " The funeral services of the late Mr. R. C. M. Wingfield will take place today at 12 o'clock from Trinity Church, Portsmouth. Pickett-Buchanan Camp, Confederate Veterans, and Pocahontas Council, Royal Arcanum, of which the deceased was a member, and the N. L. A. Blues, of which he  was at one time lieutenant, will attend in bodies."

           7. Mary Elizabeth Swepson Wingfield Born Oct, 1839
               Died April 12, 1847 Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va

           8  Margaret Susan Wingfield Born Jan,  1841 Va Died 1905 Wake Co, NC
                    (M) Mathias M Marshall (Minister) (LDS Rec)
                           Born Aug, 1841 NC- Lived in Raleigh, Wake Co, NC 1880, 1900; Patient in State Hospital, 1910 Burk Co, NC Age 68, Wid'r.
                           a. John W. Born CA 1868 NC
                           b. Maude Murray.Born Jan. 28 1870 Warren Co., NC-Died April 17, 1939 Portsmouth, Va Buried Oak Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va (1900 Portsmouth shows she has had 3 children, 1 living) 1910 Portsmouth Had 4 children-2 living)
                          (M) Abt 1894 James William Summers Butt
                                 Born Oct. 14, 1871 Va Died Dec. 11, 1947 Buried Oak Grove Cem., 1900 300 North Street, Portsmouth, Va- Druggist, 1910 Portsmouth, Va; 206 North St., Merchant, Drugs;  Agent, Shipping Bank, 1920 , 1930 Suffolk, Va

                           1 J W S M , JR b. Jan 1895 Portsmouth VA d. 8 Jan 1895 Seizures 4 234 CG-Portsmouth Death Records & Oak  Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va
                                 2. Marshall Wingfield  b. June 28, 1896 & d. Oct. 9, 1974 Buried Oak Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va (M) Elsie Bagby Brooke b. Nov 7, 1896 Va  d. Oct. 7, 1979 Portsmouth. Buried Oak Grove Cem., Portsmouth, Va Clerk, Shipping Bank, 1920 Portsmouth, Va , 1930 Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland, Supervisor, Oil Co  Stations

                                            a. Brooke M.  (Dtr) Born CA  1921 Va

                                            b. Marshall Wingfield, Jr. BUTT Born Abt 1925 Va.

                             3. Child Born & Died pr to 1900

                             4. Margaret Susan  Born Ca 1902 Va
                     c. Eliza S. Marshall Born Ca 1872 NC  Died pr to 1900
                         (M) Thomas L Ebenhard
                                  1. Maude M Born April, 1892 NC
                     d. Joel K Marshall (Jos. R.?). Born May, 1873 NC-single 1900
                     e. Margaret S. Marshall Born Jan, 1878 NC-single 1900
                      f. Theodora Marshall Born Dec, 1879 NC-single 1900

C. Benjamin Whitehead Born Jan. 28, 1806-Died Sept 15, 1807-(Swepson Whitehead Bible)



WINGFIELD, Charles Henry M 15 Apr 1872

WINGFIELD, Elizabeth J F 29 Jan 1865 

WINGFIELD, John H M 15 Nov 1871


WINGFIELD, Elizabeth G WHITEHEAD F 1804 Portsmouth VA 14 Jun 1858

WINGFIELD, Emily A MASON F 1814 Portsmouth VA 19 Mar 1887 CVA 

WINGFIELD, John H Minister M 1798 Hanover Co VA 5 Dec 1871 Heart Disease WINGFIELD, Richard M May 1864 Portsmouth VA 22 Nov 1866 Fever 

WINGFIELD, William Charles * # War M 18 Mar 1825 Portsmouth VA 24 Oct 1896 2 26 OGP

TRINITY CHURCHYARD-Readings by Marshall Wingfield Butt


"Sacred to the memory of John Kearnes, who departed this life, April 17, 1799, aged 46 years."

The year before his death he is listed in the Portsmouth Tithables. In 1802 his wife marries E. Gray, called a Member of Congress. In 1830 Mrs. Margaret Cook, the "consort" of Mordacai Cook, is referred to as the only daughter of John Kearnes. Mr. Cook was one of the wealthiest men in Portsmouth at this time and donated one of his houses on Dinwiddie Street to the Reverend Mr. Wingfield, the elder, to be his residence. He was also one of the first pew renters in 1822 when the church revived under Mr. Wingfield.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va (Many of these stones are in Poor Condition)

Established in 1832, Cedar Grove Cemetery is the first public cemetery in Portsmouth. Resting here are many notables, including veterans of the Revolutionary War through WWII. Two hundred and forty of these are soldiers and sailors who fought for the Confederate States of America.

The cemetery fell into disrepair through neglect and vandalism during the years since 1960. It was restored in 1995-1998 primarily through the efforts of the Stonewall Camp #380, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, with the help from Portsmouth Sheriff's Work Release Program. Security lights and cameras have been placed around the perimeters to deter loitering and vandalism.

Cedar Grove Cemetery is on the National and Virginia Registers of Historic Places. In addition to its historical significance, it is an exemplary model of the nineteenth century funerary art.

Cemetery Located in the city of Portsmouth, Virginia, northeastern part, bounded on the north by Glasgow Street, on south by Chestnut Street, by Caledenia Street on the west, on the east by Grace Street and several blind end streets. Portsmouth, Virginia

DOWNING, Catherine HART GUTHRIE, #, 2 Dec 1906, 16 Jan 1986, 6 374 

DOWNING, Charles, #, 21 Nov 1852, 16 Dec 1892, 4 180 

DOWNING, Charles Maupin, #, 11 Jul 1863, 14 Oct 1958, 1 079 

DOWNING, Fanny MURDAUGH, #, 19 Oct 1831, 6 May 1894, 4 180 

DOWNING, John Husted, #, 29 Apr 1868, 8 Nov 1945, 1 079 

DOWNING, Mary Elizabeth WINGFIELD, #, 18 Dec 1874, 11 Feb 1935, 1 079

HUDGINS, Elizabeth WINGFIELD, #, 16 Nov 1889, 9 Oct 1894, 2 113 (Unplaced by me)

WINGFIELD, Elizabeth, 1899, 30 Aug 1979, 1 079
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth Susan Hudgins, 28 Sep 1844, 12 Jun 1926, 1 081
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth Swepson (Whitehead)  Died, 14 Jun 1858, 1 081

"Here Rests the remains of Eliza Swepson (Whitehead) For more than 35 years the loving and beloved wife of Rev. John Wingfield who closed her earthly pilgrimage on the 14 of January A.D. 1858 In the 55th year of age Leaving to her surviving family and friends the consoling hope that she rests in the bosom of her Reconciled Savior, For he giveth his beloved sleep."

WINGFIELD, Emily Mason Ann, #, 13 Apr 1814, 19 Mar 1887, 1 081 (#2 wife of Rev. J H)
WINGFIELD, John Henry, , Minister, 1796, 5 Dec 1871, 1 081
WINGFIELD, John Henry, #, 15 Nov 1871, 24 Oct 1938, 1 081
WINGFIELD, Margaret Elizabeth, 6 Nov 1828, 8 Nov 1833, 1 081
WINGFIELD, Mary Elizabeth Swepson, Oct 1839, 12 Apr 1847, 1 081
WINGFIELD, Richard C, 9th Inf, 3 Jun 1837, 15 Oct 1890, 1 081
WINGFIELD, Swepson Whitehead, #, 1 Dec 1823, 29 Mar 1860, 1 081-"In memory of Swepson Whitehead First born of J.H. and E.S. Wingfield Nat. Dec. 29th A.D. 1823 Obit Mar. 29th A.D. 1860 A dutiful son and affectionate brother. A warm friend, a true christian, in full Communion with the Holy Catholic Church. There remaineth a rest for the people of God."

Portlock Cemetery @ Cedar Grove, Portsmouth, Va

HADLEY, Elizabeth Josephine WINGFIELD F # 29 Jan 1865 NC 13 Apr 1921 Portsmouth VA Nephritis 2 26

WINGFIELD, Susan Jane DAVIS F $ # 21 Aug 1840 Portsmouth VA 31 Oct 1877 Portsmouth VA Cancer 2 26
WINGFIELD, William Charles M * # 3rd VA In 18 Mar 1827 Portsmouth VA 24 Oct 1896 Portsmouth VA Laryngitis 2 26

Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va

BUTT Sr, Marshall Wingfield M # 26 Jun 1896 Portsmouth VA 9 Oct 1974 Virginia B 200
BUTT, Elsie BAGBY Brooke F # 7 Nov 1896 Portsmouth VA 27 Oct 1979 Virginia B 200
BUTT, James William Sumner M # 14 Oct 1871 Portsmouth VA 11 Dec 1947 Portsmouth VA B 200
BUTT, Maude Murray MARSHALL  F # 28 Jun 1870 Warrenton Warren Co N C 17 Apr 1939 Portsmouth VA Stroke B 200

BUTT Jr, J W S, 8 Jan 1895, 16 Jan 1895, 4 234

ELMWOOD & CEDAR GROVE CEMETERIES E. Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, Virginia

CORNICK, MARY H I18890 Section CEDAR GROVE, Block 2ND A W, Lot 14, Space 2 0 0 1/01/1879 (My Note Mary Hoggard (Whitehead,) Brooks, Davis, Cornick, Dtr of Swepson Whitehead & Margaret Hoggard,  (M) #1 Dr Anson Brooks (M) #2 a Mr. Davis, (M) #3 Capt. James Cornick, Shipmaster

BROOKS, MARY W I30501 Section CEDAR GROVE, Block 2ND A W, Lot 14, Space 1 0 0 1/01/1848 (MY Note-Dtr of Mary Hoggard Whitehead & Dr. Anson Brooks)

WINGFIELD, ELIZABETH S I33371 GUS 0 06/27/1942 

WINGFIELD, NANNIE M I33385 GUS 0 08/03/2002 

WINGFIELD, WM I33386 GUS 0 09/26/1901











At the time of Swepson Whitehead's death in 1839, he owned many acres of land in Vermillion Co, Illinois & Montgomery Co. Indiana.  These lands were sold between 1845-1851, according to the records below

Library of Virginia Call No 40225  
Letters  (1845-1851) of Tazewell Taylor, attorney in Norfolk, Va. 
primarily between Mr. Taylor & Henry L Ellsworth, Land Agent in Indiana 

Heirs Named in Records: Mary Hoggard Davis, 1801-1879 and (Rev.) John H Wingfield, (1798-1871) his son-in-law , husband of his other daughter Elizabeth S. Whitehead.  


SWEPSON WHITEHEAD, ENSIGN, APPLEWHITE'S CO., BENN'S BATTALION, VIRGINIA MILITIA,  1794  REF: American Militia In the Frontier Wars 1790-1796,  State of Virginia P 172

Payroll of the Company of Militia Commanded by Captain Arthur Applewhite in Major George Benn's  Battalion of Colonel William Campbell's Regiment on the Expedition against  the Insurgents in Pennsylvania Commencing Sept____and ending Dec 4, 1794, inclusive

List Incl: #2 Ensign Swepson Whitehead

Certification: George Benn, Major

May 29, 1797 Lunenburg co, Va-Samuel S. Luffingwell (M) Louisa Whitfield, Wits: Swepson Whitehead, Deputy Clerk, Sur: William Whitefield

Norfolk Co, July 8, 1797 Swepson Whitehead, Dep. Clerk, Wit MB of Job Gaskings/Annie Broughton

April 1, 1806 Pr. Anne co-William Barlow Cornick (M) Mary Gardner, Whose GDN., Swepson Whitehead, Consents, Consent dated in Portsmouth, Mar. 25, 1806 Sur: E. H. Moseley, Jr.


Virginia Land Patents, Swepson Whitehead
June 26, 1809 2,390 AC Princess Anne County, being swamp and highland, heretofore called desert land

Index to Petitions,Library of Virginia,Norfolk Co.
Whitehead, S. & Browne, Edward Norfolk County 1810/12/20 Executors of James Browne, deceased, ask for an act authorizing them to recover by warrant before a single justice of the peace the arrears of revenue taxes due to their testator as sheriff in 1807. 138 182 14

Feb. 27, 1810 Pr. Anne Co. Francis Moseley Land (M) Anne Gardner, whose GDN, Swepson Whitehead of Portsmouth, Consents. Sur: William B. Cornick

1810 Princess Anne Co slave Owners-Swepson Whitehead Plantation, 4 slaves (W&M Qrtrly  Vol 3, No 1)

1810 Norfolk Co, Va census P 141
S. Whitehead 1 M 26-45, 1 M 10-16, 1 F 16-26, 2 F Under 10

1811 Property Owners ,Princess Anne co, Va-Swepson Whitehead 2,690 Ac Land Tax  453. Propr. Tax 88. 2 slaves

War of 1812-SWEPSON WHITEHEAD, Rank In/Out PAYMASTER,  BATT'Y OF ARTILLARY, VIRGINIA MILITIA (1813-1814) Roll Box 224, Roll Exct. # 60

Feb.. 20, 1817  Land Grant--Swepson Whitehead-2,000 AC Norfolk county, beginning at a stooping Juniper which is represented as the beginning of tract of 1200 AC lately sold by said Whitehead to John Harper*, which was originally patented by Theophilus Cherry & Henry Cornick

1820 Norfolk Co, Va.-P 138A Swepson Whitehead 1 M Und 10 yrs, 1 M 26-45 Yrs, 
1 Fe Und 10 yrs, 1 Fe 10-16 yrs, 1 Fe 26-45 yrs & 20 slaves
P 114 Anson Brooks 1 M 16-26 yrs, 1 Fe Und 10 yrs, 1 Fe 16-26 yrs

Princess Anne Co, Va-Will of JAMES V. VAUGHAN written Oct 12 1821 & proved Oct 9 1828.
To wife Mary G. property given her by her father. To son William plantation
in Gloucester County. He is to convey to daughter Susan H. all title to lands
in Princess Anne County. Profits of estate to be divided between Wife and son
during her life. Ex. Richard Bagnall, Thurmer Hoggard, Swepson Whitehead.
Witness. S. Whitehead, Thurmer Hoggard, Wiliam D. Bagnal and Margaret

Susan Hancock Hoggard, 1775-1814 (M) James B. Vaughan Jan. 28, 1805. She was a sister to Margaret Hoggard, w/o Swepson Whitehead.

Sept. 29, 1823- Land Grant-Swepson Whitehead, of Portsmouth, - 176 AC in Nansemond County, on the south side of Norfolk Road, about one mile and a quarter from Shoulders Hill. 

American Commercial Beacon and Norfolk & Portsmouth Daily Advertiser.
Married- On Thursday, April 27, by Rev. Halson, Anson Brooks, to Miss Mary H. Whitehead, daughter of Swepson Whitehead, all of Portsmouth. (p. 3, c. 2) Saturday, April 29, 1820.

American Commercial Beacon and Norfolk & Portsmouth Daily Advertiser.
Married- In Portsmouth on Thursday, Nov. 14, by Rev. E. M. Lowe, Rev. Wingfield, of the Protestant Episcopal Church, to Miss Eliza S. Whitehead, youngest daughter of Swepson Whitehead of that place.. (p. 3, c. 2) Monday, November 18, 1822.

Norfolk and Portsmouth Herald (Norfolk, Va.)
Married- On Thursday by Rev. Lowe, Rev. John H. Wingfield, to Miss Eliza S. Whitehead, youngest daughter of Swepson Whitehead of Portsmouth. (p. 3, c. 2)Wednesday, November 18, 1822.

American Commercial Beacon and Norfolk & Portsmouth Daily Advertiser.
Died- At Richmond on Friday, Aug. 18, Dr. Anson Brooks, son-in-law of Swepson Whitehead of Portsmouth, leaving a wife and two children. His remains were brought to Portsmouth. (p. 3, c. 3) Monday, August 21, 1826.

Norfolk and Portsmouth Herald (Norfolk, Va.)
Died- In Portsmouth, on April 1, at the residence of Swepson Whitehead, in the 30th year of her age, Mrs. Harriott Hoggard, wife of Trueman Hoggard, of Princess Anne County, leaving children. (p. 3, c. 4) Thursday, May 3, 1826.

1830 Norfolk Co, Va P 403 Swepson Whitehead
1-M-Und 5 yrs, 2M 5-10 yrs, -1M 50-60 yrs
1Fe 5-10 yrs, 1Fe 10-15 yrs, 1Fe 20-30 yrs, 1Fe 50-60 yrs

Swepson Whitehead served on the Board of Trustees, for Portsmouth Academy, Norfolk Co, VA  in 1825:

Court: trustee of Portsmouth Academy, 28 Jan 1825, Portsmouth, Portsmouth (city), Virginia, USA. 60 Trustee Portsmouth Academy
1825. Passed January 28. "An act incorporating the trustees of Portsmouth Academy, in the County of Norfolk."
1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that Swepson Whitehead, Tapley Webb, Holt Wilson, Joseph Schoolfiedld, Beverly Bayton, Colonel John Hodges, John Dickson, William Wright, Mathew Manning, Richard Carney, and Robert A. Armistead of the County of Norfolk, be and they are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of "The Trustees of Portsmouth Academy," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, and have a common seal, with power to purchase, receive, and hold, they and their successors forever, any lands, tenements, rents, goods, and chattels, of what kind soever, which may be purchased, or devised, or given to them for the use of said Academy

Virginia Soldiers of 1776-Affidavits.

In Council, June 24, 1830 Advised that the heirs of Joshua Valentine be allowed L. B. for his services as a Lieut. in the Virginia State line for service during the War.  John Floyd, Gov. Norfolk Borough, July 29, 1830.  It is recorded by the Oath of Edwin Walker, it appears satisfactorily proven that Eliza Mary Calvert is the sole heir of Joshua Valentine. Copy test., Swepson Whitehead, Clerk

Norfolk Borough, 27 Oct., 1830. Certified that Commodore James Barron of the Va. State Navy died many years ago, leaving two sons:--Commodore James Barron of the United States Navy and Samuel Barron, decd. as his only heirs at law. That Samuel Barron, son of Commodore Barron, died leaving a son and a granddaughter, Elizabeth B. Armistead (the only heir of his deceased daughter). Copy teste, Swepson Whitehead, Clerk.

Norfolk Borough.  At a Quarterly Session Court, 22 Nov. 1830.  Satisfactory evidence being adduced, it is ordered to be certified that Capt. Benjamin Pollard died about the year 1807, intestate, and that Benjamin Pollard & Margaret Pollard, now the wife of George Loyall, were the only children and heirs at law of the said Benjamin Pollard.  A copy, test S. Whitehead, Clerk

Norfolk Borough, Jan 24, 1831 Certified that it is satisfactorily proven by the Oath of Samuel Vickery, that William Cunningham, formerly an Officer in the Virginia State Navy, died intestate, leaving James B, Robert B., and Elizabeth (wife of Richard Gatewood), Cunningham; his children and heirs; also a daughter, Ann (wife of Thomas Gatewood), dec'd, who died leaving three children; ...Philemon, William C., and Elizabeth A. Gatewood, who are the only heirs at law of William Cunningham, an Officer in the Viginia State Navy, of the Rev. War.  Copy test, Swepson Whitehead, Clerk

Call Number Manuscripts-Virginia Historical Society Online Catalog
Mss2 Si622 b 1
Author Sinclair, Arthur, 1780-1831.
Title Will, 1831 February 28, probated in Norfolk, Va.
Description [4] p. on 2 leaves : handwritten ; 12 1/2 x 8 in.
General Note Copy made by Thomas W. Peirce in 1871.
Witnessed by Elizabeth Beverley (Munford) Kennon and William P. Moran.
Bears affidavit of Swepson Whitehead; seal of Norfolk, Va., ; and tax stamp. Complex Note In the Sinclair family papers, 1831-1908.

Soldiers of 1776, Cont'd.

Jonathan Barrett, Exec. Dept, 18 April, 1832
Jonathan Barrett, or his heirs, if he be dead, are allowed L. B. for his services as a Lieut. in the State Navy during the Rev. War.  John Floyd
Norfolk Borough Ct., 24 Nov, 1830  On affidavit of William Boush (filed) it is certified that Jonathan Barrett, dec'd. formerly an Officer in State Navy, died leaving a widow, Amy Barrett, and a daughter, the widow of David Dunbar; that the said Amy Barrett has since died; that said Mary Dunbar is the only heir at law of Jonathan Barrett.  Copy test Swepson Whitehead, Clk

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1831-1832
MONDAY, January 30, 1832.
Mr. Newton presented a petition of Swepson Whitehead, of the State of Virginia, praying to be paid the amount due him for timber furnished for the navy of the United States.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1831-1832
TUESDAY, February 7, 1832.
Mr. E. Whittlesey, from the Committee of Claims, made a report on the petition of Swepson Whitehead: when it was Resolved, That the said petition be referred to the Secretary of the Navy for settlement, under the joint resolution directing the Secretary of the Navy to settle certain contracts and to remit certain forfeitures.

Sept 10, 1833 - Land Grant-Swepson Whitehead, 1 8/100 AC in Norfolk Borough,  Norfolk county 

Currituck Co, NC Deeds -DB22, P 1-William Jones to Swepson Whitehead-July 1, 1838
William Jones of Currituck Co, NC to Swepson Whitehead of Norfolk Co., Va. for $1,000.00, one tract of land, undivided, lying in the District of Moyok?, Co. of Currituck, NC, b/b lands of Henry Bright and Isaac Thomas, & others, containing in the whole tract eighty-two Acres., and forty-two acres.  Sig: William Jones Wts: Wilson Corprew? , & Henry Wilson Filed for Rec: Sept 26, 1838
ILLINOIS PUBLIC LAND PURCHASE RECORDS- SWEPSON WHITEHEAD, of Virginia, 18 entries totaling 1,556.95 Acres Land, @ 1.25 for Total price of $2,071.19-all on same date of June 12, 1837.
Vermillion Co, Illinois, Type FD, All bearing Patent Date of Nov. 1, 1839 
(Vol 236, Pgs 236, 237)

BLM Records-Indiana (All Cash Entry Sales)
Patentee/State/County/Issue Date/Land Office/Doc. #/Accession/Serial #
WHITEHEAD, SWEPSON IN Tippecanoe 9/10/1838 Crawfordsville 32295 IN3260__.463
320 Ac  
WHITEHEAD, SWEPSON IN Tippecanoe 9/10/1838 Crawfordsville 32296 IN3260__.464 
320 Ac
WHITEHEAD, SWEPSON IN Tippecanoe 9/10/1838 Crawfordsville 32298 IN3260__.465
160 Ac 
WHITEHEAD, SWEPSON IN Tippecanoe 9/10/1838 Crawfordsville 32299 IN3260__.466
80 Ac 
WHITEHEAD, SWEPSON IN Tippecanoe 9/10/1838 Crawfordsville 32300 IN3260__.467
80 Ac 

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1838-1839
THURSDAY, December 20, 1838.
Mr. Mallory presented a petition of John Cowper, as executor of Warren Ashley, in his own right; and, also, of Warren Ashley, as assignee of Solomon Marks, jr., as trustee of James Thorburn, and in behalf of Swepson Whitehead, administrator of William Butt, assignee of Jacob Kline and of others, owners of the cargo of a certain brig called the Bayard, John Dickson, master, stating that the said cargo was sold by Richard W. Meade to the Spanish Government, and is merged in the claim of the representatives of said Meade against Spain, the payment where of was compromised in the Florida treaty, and which claim is now pending against the United States, praying that the claim of the owners of said cargo may be separated from the claim of said Meade, and that the value thereof may be paid to the said owners or their representatives; which petition was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs

Call Number 40225
Author Taylor, Tazewell, 1810-1875.
Title Letters, 1845-1851.
Material 11 p.
Summary Letters, 1845-1851, of Tazewell Taylor (1845-1851), an attorney in Norfolk, Virginia concerning proceeds from the sales of lands of Swepson Whitehead (1777-1839) which were located in Illinois and Indiana. Taylor was acting on behalf of the heirs of Whitehead, including Whitehead's daughter, Mary Hoggard Davis (1801-1879) and John H. Wingfield (1798-1871), rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Portsmouth. The majority of the letters are between Taylor and Henry L. Ellsworth (1791-1858), who had established himself in Lafayette, Indiana as a land agent.
Cite As Tazewell Taylor. Letters, 1845-1851. Accession 40225, Personal papers collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. 23219.
Biog./Hist. Note Tazewell Taylor was born in Norfolk, Virginia on 30 January 1810. He was the son of James Taylor and Sarah Newton. Taylor attended Georgetown College and the University of Virginia, and later was an attorney in Norfolk. He married Anna Robinson Dickson. Taylor died on 22 October 1875 and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Norfolk.
Subject - Personal
Davis, Mary Hoggard, 1801-1879.
Ellsworth, Henry L.,
Taylor, Tazewell, 1810-1875.
Whitehead, Swepson, 1777-1839.
Wingfield, John H., 1798-1871.
Subject - Topical Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Illinois -- Vermilion County.
Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Indiana -- Montgomery County.
Genre/Form Estate administration records -- Virginia -- Norfolk County.
Letters (correspondence)
Personal papers.
Series ( Personal papers collection; 40225.)

G L E A N I N G S  O N
W A L K E  F A M I L Y H O M E S
Calvert Walke Tazewell, Editor

"Poplar Hall Grounds Could Be Hiding Archaeological Gems,
Local Woman Says"
Before bulldozers and excavators tear through the
earth, an archaelogical search of the Poplar Hall grounds
might be in order, says Alice G. Walter of Virginia Beach.
Mrs. Walter is a family historian and an eighth
generation descendant of Thurmer Hoggard, the first in the
Hoggard family to own the property.
In February 1761, Hoggard bought 200 acres along Broad
Creek from Lewis Thelaball for 235 pounds sterling. He
built his Georgean brick home there shortly afterward.
Mrs. Walter, who has scoured court records and other
documents in her genealogical work, is not sure what an
archaelogical dig might reveal. But the property has been
the site of shipbuilding and military activity. Somewhere
on the premises might be the keels of three ships burned by
the British during the War of 1812. As late as 1900, the
keels were visible, Mrs. Walter said. . . .
Mrs. Walter has researched the title to the Poplar Hall
territory, which first belonged to William Moseley, a Dutch
merchant who willed land to his son Arthur in 1655. She
also wrote what she called a "potpouri of facts, tradition
and the statements of the Hoggard family members of the
fourth through the eighth generation." . . .
A patent to the land, written on sheepskin and rolled
on a small piece of wood, might be found wherever trash was
being discarded in 1907. The patent would have been in
Arthur Moseley's name and dated 1670. Mrs. Walter said the
document was kept in a living-room closet until Thurmer
Hoggard V married Matilda Alexander of Pittsburg in 1907 and
brought her to the ancestral home. She is reputed to have
cleaned out the closet to store her china. The patent has
not been seen since, and Mrs. Walter thinks it was lost or
thrown away....
The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star, 3/18/84, p. F1, 2 

Old Houses in Princess Anne, Sadie Scott Kellam and V. Hope Kellam. Portsmouth VA: Printcraft Press, Inc., 1958, p. 68-9.
(Tract Development, west side of Great Neck, old Ellegood Plantation, more recently owned by Swepson Whitehead Brooks, whose widow was alive in 1958. Area was called Indian Point at one time.) 

Index to Chancery Court Suits, Princess Anne Co, Va
Plaintiffs vs. Defendants Index Number

Transcription of Biography of Swepson Whitehead
Library of Virginia

Swepson Whitehead, Lawyer, born in Mecklenburg born Sept. 17, 1777, the youngest of thirteen children, educated at his mother's knees up to her death, rec'd nine month's schooling, and had to walk three miles to obtain that; when a mere  youth removed to Portsmouth, engaged as a writer in the office of William ____? Clerk of Norfolk Co.; read law while there; came to the bar about 1799; practiced in the Courts of Norfolk and adjacent Cos; removed to Norfolk Borough in 1827; appt'd Atty. for the Com'th in 18__, and cont'd in office until he was elected Pres't. of the Exchange Bank of Norfolk 18__; cont'd. in office until his death Oct. 6, 1839.  Was a man of marked modesty, equaled only by his integrity of character and fidelity in his discharge of the important trusts committed to him; died honored of all men in his lively hope of a joyful resurrection; he was a communicant of the Episcopal Church

1850 Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, VA (Aug. 21)  HH 146-157 Mary B. Davis 48 F VA (Mary Hoggard Whitehead, Brooks, Davis), Alice Davis 31 VA, (Stepdtr?), Jno. T. Daniels 22 M VA Merchant; M.T. Daniels 21 F VA, Mary E. Daniels 1/2 F VA , L. Ashton 18M Appr. Printer DC, Jno Franklin 27M Tailor VA, Frances NO surname 14F Bl VA (appears Mary B. Davis is operating a boarding house-she (M) #3 Capt. James Cornick bet. 1850-1860)






1859 City Directory, Norfolk, VA-Capt James Cornick h 65 Bermuda St

July 4th,1860 Norfolk Co, Va (City of Norfolk) P176 HH1155-1306 Jas, Cornick 67M Shipmaster, 32,000/36,000. VA; Mary S " 59WF Va (Mary Hoggard (Whitehead) Brooks, Davis); William F. Cornick  23M Va Physician, Frans. F. Poynton 75F Va (James Cornick appears in 1850 Norfolk w/wife Clarissa B & 4 ch; Frances K. Poynton 64F & Mary Henderson 80F) 

1860 Princess Anne Co, VA Slave Schedule-James S. Cornicxk-8 slaves

1860 Princess Anne Co, Va  (London Bridge PO) P 581 HH 10-10 -Poor film
Swepson W. Brooks 35? M Va Farmer 1700/11,000.
Chas. R. Vaughan 18 M Va Farm Lab.
Franklin Land 22 M Va Farm Lab.

1860 Princess Anne, Va-Slave Schedules-Swepson W. Brooks 5 slaves (1BF,age 60, 2BM, age 40, 1BM age 35, 1BM age 22

1870 Princess Anne Co, Va. P 325, Seaboard T/S, London Bridge PO HH 62-62
Swepson W. Brooks 46? WM Va. Farmer $1800/1100.
Lizzie " 33 WF Va (Elizabeth J. Smith)
Swepson J. " 01 WM Va.

1870 Norfolk City, Wd 4, Norfolk, Va (Aug 27th) P 286 HH733-957  James Cornick 78WM Va 25,000/25,000 No Occ given; Mary H Cornick* 69WF Va $4,000. Ron? Carter 17WF Va & 1 bl fe domestic *  Mary Hoggard Whitehead, Brooks, Davis, Cornick-See Cemetery Records above-buried beside her dtr Mary W. Brooks, Elmwood-Cedar Grove Cem.

1880 Princess Anne Co., Va (Seaboard) P 173B
Swepson W. Brooks 55 WM Va  MS Va  Occ: Farmer
Elizabeth D. " 48 WF Va Va Va wife (Smith-died pr to 1891)
Swepson J. " 11 WM Va Va Va  son (see 1900-1930  New York, below)
Calvin Malborn 30 BM Va servant

1900 Seaboard, Princess Anne Co, Va. P 71 HH 61-61
Swepson Brooks  75 WM Va Va Va Occ: Farmer marr 9 yrs
Christina " 35 WF Dec, 1864 Canada Scotland Scotland Wife Had No children

1910 Princess Anne Co, Va , Seaboard Dist ED90 P 4B HH 61-61
Swepson W. Brooks 85 WM Va Va Va Occ: General farming owns home Marr #2-19 yrs; Christina " 45 WF Canada Scotland Scotland Wife Marr #1-19 yrs No Children

1920 Princess Anne Co, Va-(Jan 14th)  Seaboard Dist, ED 248-London Bridge Road, P 1B HH 14-14
Swepson Brooks 94 WM Va Mass Va Occ: Manager, Farm (He died Feb, 1920)
Christina " 55 WF Canada Scotland Scotland Wife

1900 (June 14th) Westchester Co, NY Harrison T/S P 101A
Institution-St Vincent's Retreat-HH 108-129
Swepson J Brooks 35 WM Mar, 1865 Va Va Va Physician Marr 11 yrs
Rosalie " 32 WF June 1867 Oh Oh Oh wife Had 2 ch 2 living (Only 1 listed*)
Mary W. " 10/12 WF Aug 1899 NY Va Oh dtr
Maude Stack 22 WF Single  Nov 1877 Va Va Va sis-in-law
& 2 bl fe servants (Cook & Nurse)
*dtr Rosalie, age 8, is absent in this census

1910 Westchester Co, New York Harrison T/S P 173a
St. Vincent Retreat
Swepson Brooks 40 WM Va Va Va Physician, House Doctor (M)#1 20 yrs
Rosalie " 39 WF Va Va Va wife Had 3 ch-3 living
Rosalie  " 14 WF Va Va Va dtr
Mary " 10 WF  NY Va Va dtr
Elinor " 7 WF NY Va Va dtr
Maude Stack 33 WF Single sis-in-law Va Va Va
& 1 Servant

1920 (Jan 27th) Harrison, Westchester Co, New York, ED 56, P 13A HH 172-245
Swepson J. Brooks 50 WM Va US Va Occ: Medicine, Institution
Rosalie "  52 WF Ohio Ohio Va wife
Rosalie W. "  28 WF Va Va Ohio single dtr Occ: Teacher, Public School
Mary B. " 20 WF NY Va Ohio single dtr Occ: Stenographer, US Navy
Illegible (Elinor)   "  17 WF  NY Va Ohio single dtr*
Maude Stack 42 WF single Sis-in-law Occ: occupational Teacher, Institution
*See 1930 Princess Ann Co, Below

1930 Westchester Co, New York (Rye) ED 340, P 1a, 500 Post Rd, HH 6-6
Institution: Brooks Sanitarium  April 2, 1930
Swepson J Brooks 61 WM Va Va Va Physician -Medical Marr @ age 21
Rosalie " 61 WF Ohio Ohio Va wife marr @ age 21
Rosalie W. " 38 WF Va Va Ohio single dtr Occ: Teacher, High School
Mary B. W. Gilmer 29 WF NY Va. Ohio dtr, married (Marr @ age 20) 
Francis B. " 4 9/12 WM NY NY(Ill) Ill (NY) grandson
Swepson W. " 1 7/12 WM NY NY (Ill) Ill (NY) grandson
Maude Stack  51 WF Va Va Va single sis-tn-law 
2 servants,  4 nurses and 5 patients listed, (private sanitarium)

1930 Princess Anne Co, Va (Lynhaven Dist Pt.) ED 6, P 6a, HH 94-98
Christina Brooks 66 WF Wid. Marr @ age 27 Can. Scot. Scot. Manager, gen'l farming
Rosa " 60 WF Marr.dtr-in-law (Marr @ age 21) Va Ohio Va. 
Rosalie " 40 WF single gr/dtr Va Va Va Occ: Teacher, Public School
Elinor B. Selee 26 WF Marr. gr/dtr  (Md. @ age 21) NY Va Va 
Elinor " 4 WF NY Va Va grt gr/dtr
Donald W. "  2 WM NY Va Va grt gr/son

*The Adolf Meyer Collection -Table of Contents 
Index of Societies and Corporate Correspondence 

The Maryland Psychiatric Society
II/324-Folder 1 Correspondence with J. Percy Wade, William Rush Dunton Jr., and Swepson J. Brooks. 1911-1916

New York Psychiatric Society
II/415-Folder 8 Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell, Dr. L. Pierce Clark, Robert B. Lamb, Dr. Pearce Bailey, Charles W. Burr, Swepson J. Brooks, A. E. MacDonald, Allen Ross Diefendorf and Philip Coombs Knapp. 1906
Folder 13 Correspondence with Dr. Swepson J. Brooks, Secretary, and William Mabon, Chairman of the Comm. on Legislation. 1912
Folder 14 Correspondence with Dr. William Mabon, Frederick Peterson, Dr. Swepson J.Brooks and others re legislation on immigration. 1913 
Folder 15 Correspondence with Dr. Swepson J. Brooks and others re meeting. 1913
Folder 17 Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell and Dr. Swepson J. Brooks and related material. 1915
Folder 19 Correspondence with Dr. Swepson J. Brooks and Charles L. Dana, and Adolf Meyer's remarks at meeting. 1916-1917







1850 Norfolk Co, Va. P 074 Norfolk City-(very poor film)
Swepson Wingfield  25 M Va  
Boarder in Shuster HH # 1113-1233

P 154  Norfolk Co, Va (Portsmouth) HH 639-692
Jno. H. Wingfield 52 M Va Minister of Gospel, M.E.
Eliza S. " 46 F Va (Elizabeth  Swepson Whitehead, Dtr of Swepson Whitehead)
J. H. D. " 16 M Va Student Ca 1834 
R. C. M. " 13 M Va  Ca 1837 
Margaret " 9 F Va Ca 1841 

1860 Norfolk Co, Va Jefferson Ward, Portsmouth P 243 HH 874-845
W. C. Wingfield 35 M Va Grocer 3000//300
Susan " 19 F Va
Wm. Vaughan 19 M Va Clerk

P 251 Jefferson Ward, Portsmouth HH 940-911
John H. Wingfield 62 M Va Epis. Min. $22,000
John H. 26 M Va Epis. Minister $1350.
Mary S. 21 F Va  (dtr-in-law)
Rchd. C. M. " 23 M Va Clerk
Nancy Wesmington 62 F Va
Margaret Wingfield 19 F Va
Thurman Wingfield 32 M Va  Physician $1600.

1859 Directory City of Norfolk-Cornick, Capt. James, h 65 Bermuda.; Wingfield, R. C. M. clerk Doyle & Irwin, bds Portsmouth.

1860 Slave schedule P 192 Charles Wingfield
1860 Slave Schedule-John Wingfield

1870 Norfolk Co,Va P 382 HH 459-758
John H. Wingfield 72 WM Va Minister 
Emily " 56 WF Va HK(#2 wife-Mrs Emily Boykin)
Robt. Boykin 38 WM Va Merchant
Emma " 36 WF Va HK
Virginia " 5 WF Va
Mary " 3 WF Va 

P 450 HH 526-709
Wm. C. Wingfield 45 WM Va Retail Grocer 2800/150
Susan J. 30 WF Va HK (Davis)
Eliza J. " 5 WF Va
William D. " 4/12 WM Va 

1870 Baltimore Co, Md 9th District P 452 Towsontown PO
Thurmer H. Wingfield  40 WM Va Medical Doctor (alone in HH)

1872 City Directory, Portsmouth, Va

Wingfield Richd C. M., (Deming, Wingfield & Vaughan) bds Middle cor Queen 

WINGFIELD W. C., grocer, 92 Crawford h Crabb cor Dinwiddie

1880 Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va P 561C
E. A. Wingfield, 66 WF Va. Va Va No Occ (#2 w/& wid. of Rev. John H. Wingfield)

P 580C, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va
Wm. C. Wingfield, 57 WM Va Va Va RR Clerk
Josephine "15 WF Va Va Va Dtr (Student in Baltimore, Md-see below)
Emily " 13 WF Va Va Va Dtr (Missed on 1870 census)
William " 10 WM Va Va Va son
Charles " 8 WM Va Va Va Son
Mary " 5 WF Va Va Va Dtr

1880 Norfolk Co, Norfolk City, P. 500C
R.. K. Hudgings 68 WM Va Va Va Sea Captain
S. J. " 63 WF Va Va Va wife
L. K. " 31 WM Va Va Va son
S.F. " 25 Va Va Va Son
R. C. M. Wingfield 40 WM Va Va Va  Rel: s-i-l  Occ: Insurance Agent
L. S. " 35 Wf Va Va Va dtr
J. H. " 8 WM Va Va Va gr/son

1880 Benicia, Solano, California P 377B
John H D Wingfield 46 WM Va Va Va Minister
Annie M D " 39 WF wife Va Va Va
John P " 16 WM son Va Va Va

1880 District 1, Baltimore, Baltimore Co, Md. P 346A-347C
Mount Desa Les School For Girls
Margaret Neale 56 WF Md Md Md Occ: Teacher
Josephine Wingfield 15 WF Va Va Va Student (1 of many)
also enumerated in HH of father, Wm. Chas. Wingfield, Portsmouth, Va, above)

1880 Baltimore Co, MD (Towsontown, PO) P 306A
T. H. Wingfield 50 WM Va Va Va Occ: Doctor (Thurmer Hoggard Wingfield)
M. E. " 30 WF  Va Va SC wife *
(*M E Leftwich, Dtr of Augustine & Elizabeth Williams Leftwich, Tobacco Mfr, of 1880 Campbell Co, Va.) 

1880 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) P 236C
M M Marshall 38 WM NC NC NC Minister
Margaret " 38 WF Va Va Va wife (nee Wingfield)
John W. " 12 WM NC NC Va son
Maude M. " 10 Wf NC NC Va dtr
Eliza S. 8 WF NC NC Va Dtr
Joel K. " 6 WM NC NC Va Son
Margaret S. " 2 WF NC NC Va Dtr
Theodora " 5 Mos WF NC NC Va Dtr
Henrietta " 26 WF NC NC Va Sister
Wm T. Brewer 20 NC NC NC Machinist

Norfolk, Va City Directory 1888
Richard C M Wingfield, Bus: Wingfield & Vaughn, 83 Bute St, Norfolk
William Wingfield, Carpenter, 72 James St, Norfolk
Richard C. Wingfield, M. Wingfield & R. Frank Vaughn, General Ins. Agents, 46 Commerce St, Norfolk (Wingfield & Vaughn)
William C. Wingfield, S & R Railroad, Clerk, 729 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

1889 Norfolk City Directory
Richard C. M. Wingfield, 83 Bute St, Norfolk, (Wingfield & Vaughn, General Ins. Agents) 46 Commerce St, Norfolk 
William C. Wingfield, clerk  S & R RR , 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

1890 Norfolk City Directory
R C M Wingfield, Genl. Ins. Agent 46 Commerce St, Norfolk, Home: 83 Bute St, Norfolk
Charles H. Wingfield Carpenter, 720 Dinwiddie St., Portsmouth
William C. Wingfield, Clerk, S & R RR , 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

1890 City Directory, Baltimore, Maryland
Mrs. T. H. Wingfield, 2020 Maryland Ave. (Wid of  Thurmer Hoggard Wingfield)

1900 Wake Co, NC (2 Ward Raleigh Town) P 59 #6 Newbern Ave, HH 41-41
Matthias M Marshall 58 WM Aug, 1841 NC NC NC Occ: Minister marr 34 yrs
Margaret S. "  (Wingfield) 59 WF Jan, 1841 Va Va Va wife Had 8 ch-5 living
Jos. R. " 27 WM May 1873 NC NC NC single son laundryman
Margaret S. " 22 WF Jan 1878 " : : single dtr
Theodora " 20 WF Dec, 1879 " " " single dtr
Thos. L. Ebenhard  32 June, 1867 WM Son-in-law Widr. Ga Ga Ga
Maud M. " 8 WF April, 1892 NC Ga NC gr/dtr

1900 Lenoir Co, NC Moseley Hall T/S LaGrange Div, P 192  HH 125-132
James M Hadley 64 WM  Nov, 1835 NC NC NC Occ: Doctor & Farmer marr 3 yrs
Josephine " (Wingfield) 35 WF Jan, 1865 NC NC NC wife had 1 child-1 living
Mary J " Age not given, Born June, 1899 NC NC NC dtr
George B. " 30 WM May, 1870 Single NC NC NC Occ: Doctor (By prev. wife)

1900 Nansemond Co, Va Hollyneck Dist, P 173 HH 130-131
Claudius J. Riddick 41 WM Va Va Va Physician marr 6 yrs
Emily S. "  (Wingfield) 31 WF Nov 1868 Va Va Va wife Had 1 ch-1 living
Annie Wingfield " 5 WF Sept 1894  Va Va Va dtr

1900 Norfolk Co, Va. (Portsmouth) Green Street P 170 HH 17-19
John Downing 32 WM April, 1868 NC Fla Va  bookkeeper, bank Marr 3 yrs
Mary E. " (Wingfield) 24 WF Dec, 1875 Va Va Va wife had 1 child-1 living
Wingfield Downing 2 WM Dec 1897 Va NC Va son
Charles H Wingfield (Brother-in-law) 28 WM April, 1872 Single Va Va Va Occ: Boat builder

1900 Norfolk Co, Portsmouth City, Ward 1, SD2, ED115, Sh2A, 300 North St., HH 27-28 J W Summers BUTT, 28 WM June, 1871, (M) 6 yrs, Va Va Va Druggist; Maude M. " (Maude Marshall) 30 WF Auig, 1870 Wife Had 3 children-1 living, Va NC NC, Marshall W " 3WM son Aug, 1896 Va Va Va

1900 Norfolk Co, Va (3rd Ward, Norfolk City) 196 Bute St., P 219 HH 149-159
Elizabeth Wingfield 47 WF Sept, 1852 Widow Va Va Va Hd 1 child-1living
John " 27 WM Nov, 1872 Va Va Va Insurance Agent, marr 3 yrs
Nannie M. " 20 WF Feb, 1880 Va Va Va marr 3 yrs had 1 child-1 living (died pr to 1910)
Elizabeth " 1 WF Feb, 1899 Va Va Va dtr
Harry C Biscoe? 27 WM DC DC DC US Navy Newlyweds
Edith C. " 20 WF Pa Pa Pa boarders in this HH

April 16, 1910 Portsmouth City Ward 2, SD2, ED92, Sh 5B, 206 North St., HH 95-108  J W Summers BUTT, 38WM Va Va Va Merchant, Drugs, Maude W. " 38WF Wife NC NC Va Had 4 chilkdren-2 living; Marshall " 13WM Son Va Va NC Margaret " 9 WF Dtr Va Va NC

1910 Norfolk Co, Va Portsmouth 4th Wd P 18a
Charles H Wingfield 38 WM Va Va Va Boat Builder, Navy Yard (M)#1 8 yrs
Margaret " 40 WF Va Va Va wife Had 4 children, 4 living
Margaret " 7 WF Va Va Va dtr @ school
Charles " 6 WM Va Va Va son
Winifred? " 3 WF Va Va Va dtr (1920 shows Cecilia)
Swepson " 5/12 WM Va Va Va son
John Gulligan 70 WM Ire Ire Ire Widow Father-in-law Pensioner

P 91a 213 Court St. HH 141-157
Elizabeth S. Wingfield 60 WF Widow Va Va Va Keeper, Boarding House
John " 38 WM Va Va Va Son Widow Clerk
Elizabeth " 11 WF Va Va Va gr/dtr @ school
& 3 boarders

1910 Nansemond Co., Va (Suffolk) ED14, P 203b HH 305-262-267
J C Riddick 50 WM Va Va Va Physician (M) 16 yrs (James Claudius)
Emily S " 40 WF Va Va Va wife Had 2 chiliren-2 living ((Wingfield)
Sue W " 15 WF Va Va Va dtr @ school
Claudius " 8 WM Va Va Va son @ School

1910 Burk Co, NC Mortonton T/S P 123b State Hospital
Matthias M Marshall 68 WM Wid'r NC Patient

1910 Wake Co, NC Raleigh, ED109 P 16c HH 98-107
Eliiza J Hadley 43 WF Va Va Va Widow Own Income Had 1 child, 1 living
Mary J " 10 WF NC NC Va dtr @ school
1 black female servt-cook

1920 Portsmouth, Va (Independent City) ED 177 P 16a 1325 Elm Ave., (HH 348-352)
Charles H Wingfield 48 WM Va Va Va boat builder, Navy yard
Marguerite " 50 WF Va Va Va wife
Marguerite " 17 WF Va Va Va dtr
Charles, Jr. " 16 WM Va Va Va son @ chool
Cecelia " 12 WF Va Va Va dtr " "
Swepson " 10 WM Va Va Va son" "
John " 5 5/12 WM Va Va Va son

ED 169, P 10b, HH 161-227 Portsmouth City
Elizabeth Wingfield 68 WF Va Va Va Widow (of Richard C. M. Wingfield)
John H. " 48 WM Va Va Va widow son
Elizabeth " 20 WF Va Va Va gr/dtr
Sallie K. Hudgins 58 WF Single sister clerk
Dorothy L " 20 WF Ga Va Ky niece clerk
& 8 lodgers

1920 Portsmouth, Va (Ind. City) Norfolk Co, ED 168 P 2A , 302 Middle St., HH 19-20
John H Downing 50WM NC Va Va Accountant, wholesale lumber
Mary S. " 40 WF Va Va Va wife (Wingfield)
Wingfield " 22 WM Married son Va NC Va  Occ: ACTOR
John H, Jr. " 18 WM  Va NC Va single son Clerk, RR
Charles M " 16 WM Va NC Va single son Clerk, RR
Morris M " 13 WM Va NC Va son @ school
Goode " 10 WM NC NC Va son " "
Richard W. " 7 WM Ala NC VA son " "
Mary E. "  4 3/12 WF Ala NC Va dtr
Edward "  1 4/12 WM Va NC Va son

1920 Nansemond Co, Va (Suffolk, Independent City) ED 224, P 2a HH 31-33 305 Perris? St
Claudius J. Riddick 62 WM Va Va Va physician Gen'l. Practice
Emily S, " 52 WF Va Va Va wife (Wingfield)
Sue W. " 25 WF Single dtr Va Va Va stenographer, Law office
Claudius J. " 18 WM Va Va Va single son
Josie Hadley 54 WF Va Va Va widow sis-in-law (Josephine E Wingfield) (Also enumerated below)

ED 250, P 2A 216 North St, Portsmouth, Va Jackson Ward HH 21-24
William Embry 69 WM
Maria L "   54 WF wife
Fannie M Capps 53 WF single lodger
Annie M Keeling 65 WF wid lodger
200 North St. HH 21-25 Jackson Ward, Portsmouth, Va 
James W S Butt 48 WM Va Va Va Agent, Shipping Bank
Maud M " 49 WF NC NC NC wife (Marshall)
Margaret S. " 18 WF Va Va NC dtr single Clerk, US Shipping Bank
Josephine E. Hadley 54 WF Va Va Va lodger Widow (Wingfield)
Mary J " 20 WF NC  NC Va lodger single Clerk, office

Portsmouth, Jackson Ward ED169 200 Dinwiddie St., HH 208-209 Richard Hugh Bagby 53WM Va Va Va Attorney @ Law; Brooke C. " 50WF wife Va Va Va; Frank H " 18WM son Va Va Va; Marshall W. BUTT, 23WM son-in-law Va Va NC Clerk, Shipping Bank; Elsie Bagby BUTT 23WF Dtr Va Va Va

1930 Portsmouth, Va Ind. City ED5 HH 18-17-22
John H Downing 61 WM NC Va Va Accountant, Office (M) @ age 27
Mary E " 55 WF Va Va Va wife (M) @ age 22 (Wingfield)
Wingfield " 32 WM Married, son Va NC Va Actor, Theatre (M) @ age 21
John H, Jr. " 29 WM Va NC Va son, single Manager, Engineering Co
Goode " 20 WM Va NC Va  single, son Clerk, RR Office
Richard W " 18 WM Ala NC Va Single, son Cler, RR Office
Mary V " 15 WF Ala NC Va dtr @ Scjhool
Edward " 11 WM Va NC Va Son " "

1930 Portsmouth, Va ED5, P 7a
James W S Butt 58 WM Va Va Va Agent, US Shipping Bank (M) @ age 22
Maude M " 59 WF NC NC NC wife (M) @ age 23 (Marshall)

1930 Portsmouth, Va ED5, P 11b Middle Street
Elizabeth Wingfield 29 WF Single, Va Va Va Cler, City Offices
Sarah Hudgins 65 WF Va Va Va single Aunt Clerk, RR

1930 Portsmouth, Va ED14, P 2B 1315-43-47
Charles H Wingfield 57 WM Va Va Va boat builder, navy yard (M) @ age 26
Margaret " 60 WF Va Ire. Va wife
Charles W " 26 WM Va Va Va\a son, single Cler, RR
Acile ? " 23 WF Va Va Va dtr, single Cler, RR
Swepson " 20 WM Va VA Va son, single Contractor
John " 15 WM Va Va Va son @ school

1930 Suffolk, Va Ind. City ED 2, P 10B 233-144-235
Claude J Riddick 71 WM Va Va Va Physician, Genl. Practice (M) @ age 35
Emily " 65 WF Va Va Va wife (M) @ age 29
Claudius, Jr " 28 WM Va Va Va son, single Accountant, Newspaper
Sue " 35 WF Va Va Va dtr, single Stenographer, Law Office

1930 Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland, ED23-10 SD6, Sh 17B, 106 College Avenue, HH 341-361-Marshall W BUTT, 33WM Va Va NC  Supervisor, Stations, Oil Co-(M) @ age 23; Elsie B " 33WF Va Va Va wife (M) @ age 23; Brooke M " 9 WF Dtr Va Va Va; Marshall W.  Jr. " 4WM son Va Va Va

1930 Princess Anne Co, Va, Lynnhaven Dist-(April 11)  ED77-6, SD14, HH 94-98-Christina Brooks 66 WF Wid.  Canada, Scotland, Scotland, Manager, Farm; Rosa Brooks, dtr-in-law, 60WF (M)  21 yrs, VA OH VA; Rosa Lee Brooks gr/dtr 40WF single, Teacher, Public schools VA VA VA; Elinor B. Salee 21 WF gr/dtr NY VA VA; Elinor F. Salee 4 WF grt gr/dtr NY VA VA; Donald W. Salee 2 WM grt gr/son Ill. VA VA