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Old Family Letters contributed by Vernon O Gayle, Jr



John Gayle was the son of Matthew & Lucretia [Billups] Gayle, He was born abt. 1765-1770 in Lunenburg Co., Va.. He (M)* Nancy Whitehead in Mecklenburg Co., Va.  She was born Abt.1773, Mecklenburg, VA, daughter of Benjamin & Mary Elizabeth [Swepson] Whitehead. They were married *March 23, 1793, in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia. Surety:: William Whitehead, Note from James Coleman, Gdn. 

John's residence is cited on the marriage bond as Halifax, VA. However, according to Wake Co., NC Records, below, he was of Mecklenburg Co., Va as of  Aug. 24, 1792,  (Filed Jan 17, 1793 when he and John Billips conveyed a slave to Henry Lane. 

Wake County, NC Bill of Sale R. 17 Jan 1793 p. 394.
GAYLE, John & John BILLIPS of Mecklenburg County, VA, sold to Henry LANE a Negro woman Leah about 15 years of age for 95 L NC currency. 24 Aug1792.Witness: John HUMPHRIES (Jurat)

John & Nancy moved to Sumter shortly after their marriage. The first courthouse of Sumter was built on or near his land, 1800.

From the book Historical Sketches of Sumter County- Sumterville was laid out between 1801 and 1804 on a low lying plot of land purchased from John Gayle. Even before the plan for the town was laid out, 1799, the General Assembly made provisions for a courthouse and gaol to be built for Sumter District on land "near the plantation of John Gayle, and until a court House shall be built, the Court of Said District shall be held at the House of the said John Gayle. His home which is described as a small one story building with a piazza on the south side. Except for the fact that he was the grandson of Josiah Gayle,* who obtained a grant of land in the High Hills in 1771 little else is known." 
*(John Gayle was Not the gr/son of Josiah Gayle-sgs)

"In the year 1798 a new Act was passed by the Legislature to divide the whole State into new Judicial Districts. The one to be called Sumter District was to comprehend the Counties of Clarendon, Claremont, and Salem. The site for the new Sumter District was selected as being John Gayle's Plantation, and the  town was called Sumterville.  The place was surveyed, lots marked off, and a court house and gaol, (jail) were built. 

According to the records the land selected to be Sumterville, (now Sumter) was granted to General Thomas Sumter and to Benjamin Mitchell, who conveyed it to Robert Singleton, who sold it to John Gayle, and wife Nancy Gayle, who conveyed it to Richard Harvin,  and he bequeathed it (or part of it) to William R. Harvin.  (Deed Bk D, P 297-298, Sumter Co.)  (Also See Deed Bk 1, P 297-298, Sumter Co.)  A more suitable site nor a more suitable name could not have been found."....

A SHORT HISTORY of SUMTER, SC Cynthia Ridgeway Parker
"Mail Service was begun in 1801 for a place designated as Sumterville under the order of the postmaster general of the United States."

PLACES IN SUMTER, SC by Cynthia Ridgeway Parker
Sumter- Mail service was established in a 1801, for a post office designated as Sumterville. The first post master was John Gayle.

John & Nancy Whitehead Gayle relocated to western South Carolina around 1802. Nancy appears to have died prior to 1810 in SC according to census records. He may have married & had additional children prior to his marriage to Mary Whitehead Greening. (See below)

This John Gayle was an Uncle to Gov. John Gayle of Alabama, and the first wife of Gov. John Gayle (Sarah A. P Haynsworth) was a cousin to the children of John Greening & Mary Whitehead.

John Gayle moved to Monroe Co, Mississippi Territory about 1811,according to deed records (later Baldwin Co, Ala)  He married a second wife after the death of Nancy Whitehead and had 1 son, Andrew Jackson Gayle b. abt 1817 Ala.   About 1823 he married Nancy's sister Mary (Whitehead) Greening, widow of John Greening of Sumter.  There were no children of that union. John Gayle died in Wilcox Co., Ala, in the fall of 1828.  His Estate is indexed as being in file box #43, but I, and the clerk, were unable to locate file box 43 at the courthouse.  The records there have been gone thru and are very mixed up!

The ancestry of John Gayle has traditionally been given as that he was the son of John Gayle & Maria Billups, who was the son of George Gale & Elizabeth "Betty" Denwood of Somerset Co, Maryland. However, that is impossible, as that John Gale died before John, or his brother Matthew, were born, Ref. Somerset, MD Prerogative court records.

(Note: this list is not necessarily complete. Some records strongly suggest that John Gayle had other children,  some of them possibly by wives other than these two known to us-see Child #8 below)

Child #1. John, Jr  -Named in will of Grandmother, Lucretia Billups Gayle
              (No further record, after 1810 Abbeville Co, SC Census)-May have died young


Child #2 Matthew "Mat" Gayle:   Born Feb 17, 1797 Sumter Dist, SC Died: Jan 27, 1867 Ala Bur: Oakwood Cem., Montgomery, Ala Mathew Gayle had several land entries in Dallas Co, Ala. some at Wetumpka T/S in partnership with Leonard Dozier
   (M) Amarinth Lowndes Phillips 1829 Dallas Co, Ala; d. 1894, East Columbia, Brazoria Cty., TX (Lived in Montgomery, Ala-1887)

                Children: Gayle

A.  Phillip Heustis Saffold Gayle  (Confederate Veteran-Served as private secretary to Gen. Leroy Pope Walker, Secretary of War, and as such sent the telegram from the Capitol of the Confederacy commanding Gen. Beauregard to fire on Ft. Sumter, "the shot that was heard around the world".)
                  Lawyer, Graduate of University of Georgia with high honors. Born: April 13, 1831 Cahawba, Dallas Co., Ala  Died: Feb 3, 1903 Montgomery, Ala.  (Businessman in Montgomery)
                 (M) Mary Elizabeth Semple Armistead   Jan 30, 1856 Montgomery, Ala  She was born Mar. 28, 1837 Green Co, Ala 
Died: May 14, 1903 Montgomery, Ala Dtr of William & Lucy Boyd Armistead
                       Children: Gayle
                     (1) William Armistead Gayle Jan 11, 1857 Mont. Co, Ala 
                          Died Jan 3, 1916 Montgomery, Ala
                          (M) Mary Elizabeth Winn Nov. 21, 1888 Demopolis, Ala.
                                 died Apr. 24, 1944 Montgomery, Ala
                          a. Walter W. Born Ca 1891 Ala
                               Agent, Machinery, 1930 Meck. Co, NC
                               (M) Anne H 
                                      Born Dec. 31, 1890 Ala d. April, 1980 Charlotte, Meck. Co., NC
                                      1. Walter W. born May 9, 1921 SC d. Jan. 30, Ashville, Buncombe Co., NC
                                      2. Kathryn W Born Ca 1924 SC
                          b. Willy G. (Dtr) Born Ca 1893 Ala
                          c. Mary P Born Ca 1894 Ala
                          d. William A. Born March 5, 1896 Ala d. July, 1965 Ala
                              1920 Montgomery, Ala Cordwood Dealer
                              Asst. Adj. General, State of Ala, 1930 Montgomery, Ala
                               (M) Katharine Anderson
                                      Born Dec. 10, 1898 Ala d. Jan., 1978 Montgomery, Ala
                                      1. William A. Born Ca 1920 (Mayor of Montgomery, Ala 1950's)
                          e. Norman W Born Ca 1900 Al Died Nov 27, 1945 Montgomery, Ala; Realtor, Montgomery, Ala 1930
                              (M) abt 1924 Ethel S. 
                                     Born Feb. 27, 1902 Ala d. June, 1978 Montgomery, Ala
                                     1. Norman W. Born Ca 1926
                                     2. Mary L Born Ca 1930
                     (2) Joseph Phillips Gayle abt 1860 Mont. Co, Ala. 
                          Died May 10, 1910 Montgomery, Ala. did not marry
                     (3) Lucy Herbert Gayle abt 1867 Mont. Co, Ala 
                           Died Nov. 27, 1918 Montgomery, Ala.-did not marry
                     (4) Mary Semple Gayle Born Oct. 7, 1873 Mont. Ala
                          Died: April 5, 1944 Montgomery, Ala     
                          (M) William Lamar Law, Physician He d. June 14, 1941 Montgomery, Ala-1920 -1930 Montgomery, Ala No children
Ref: The Armistead Family & Collaterals by Margaret Randolph Cate & West Armistead Cate, 1971, Tenn.

 B.  Amarinth Lowndes Gayle Born: CA 1832 Ala missing 1850

 C. John Gayle Born CA 1833 Ala  Died: Jan 20, 1857
 (M) Sallie E. James June. 27, 1855 Montgomery Co., Ala; born Ca 1835 Ala  (Lived 1860 Montgomery Co, Ala, P 298 Gilmer HH)
                   1. John Born Ca 1857 Ala

 D. Mary Arthur Gayle-missing 1850 

E. Frances Swepson Gayle  ("Fanny") Born Ca 1838 Ala Died: 1876 Mont., Ala-Buried Oakwood Cem-with 3 children who died of yellow fever.
           (M)  George P Keys (Lawyer) He was born Ca 1830 Ala 
                    1. Annie Keys Born Ca 1863 Ala 

 F. Zeno Ray Gayle Born: June 2, 1840-Died  at Battle of Chickamauga (CSA- Mil. Records-Z. R. Gayle, Co A 1 Batt'n. Hilliard's Legion, Ala. Vols. Private )

 G. George Washington Gayle Born:  Feb 22, 1842 Ala Died: May 19, 1902 Brazoria Co, Texas (1900 Brazoria Co, Texas Census shows May, 1851 )
Brazoria Co, Texas--Civil War Pensions Appl. Index: Gayle, Jennie 42425 Brazoria Husband: Gayle, George Washington
            (M) Mary Jane (Jennie) Phillips May 26, 1874-Born Nov, 1853 Texas d. Dec. 25, 1941 Brazoria Co., Tx- (Wid-1910-1930 Brazoria Co)
                   Children: Gayle
                   1. Fannie Lowndes Born April 18, 1875 Tex d. July 9, 1954 Brazoria Co., Tx
                        (M) John C. Faickney 1898;  Born Ca 1869 Tx- (Bank Cashier) 1900; 1920 & 1930-Proprietor-Hardware Store, Angleton, Tx-No Children 
                   2. Mary Phillips. July 4, 1877 Tex
                   3. Robert Rees. Aug 26, 1879 Tex
                   4. James Ray Born Aug 16, 1881 Tex Died Mar. 6, 1952 Bur: Angleton Cem., Angleton, Brazoria Co, Tx--Retail Merchant, Hdwre, Genl. Mdse-Angleton, Tx
                        (M) Alma Moore 1910; Born  Feb. 24, 1890 Ohio Died Jan 14, 1968 Bur: Angleton Cem. Angleton, Brazoria Co., Tx
                                a. James Ray  Jr. born Nov 13, 1911 Tx  Died:  27 Oct, 2003  Angleton Cem., Angleton, Brazoria Co, Tx
                                     (M) Lavinia Brewer; Born Oct. 31, 1914-Died June 13, 1982 Angleton Cem., Angleton, Brazoria Co., Tx
                                 b. Robert Moore Born Ca 1929/30 Tx (M) Charlene Lane 
                   5. George Walter Washington Born Sept. 1883  Tex d. pr to 1920

                 (M)  Annie Laura Stafford abt 1907  Born Dec 12, 1888 Tx Died: Jan 29, 1978 Angleton, Tx-She was Tax Assessor,  Brazoria Co, 1920 (Widow) & Treas., Brazoria Co, 1930
                                a. Nannie Brooks. Born Ca 1908 Tx (M) John Brye Chambers
                                b. George Walter Washington,  Jr "Watt" Born Dec 27, 1909 Tx-  Died: April 26, 1999 San Angelo, Tom Green Co, Tx-geophysical worker, oil research 1930

                              (M) Dorothy Delores Comley d. April 3, 1949 Tom Green Co., Tx

                              (M) #2-Anna Belle Ellis d. December 16, 1980 Tom Green Co., Tx
                                c. Annie Laura Born 1911 Tx
                                    (M) James Walter Bradford, Sr Born Jan 19, 1911 Died Mar 27, 1983 Bur: Angleton Cem., Angleton, Brazoria Co, Tx
                                d. Jennetta Bennett Born Dec 31, 1912 Tx
                                    Died: Dec 14, 1998 Angleton, Tx did not marry
                   6. Zeno Joseph Born May 27, 1886  Tex Died: Dec 2, 1974-Harris Co, Tx-1910 Brazoria Co, Tx  Leasee, Oil Co, 1930 Harris Co
                        (M) Fern Edith Habig abt 1905; Born Ca 1887 Nebraska d. Sept. 27, 1946 Harris Co., Tx
                                a. Mary (Marie) L. Born Ca 1906 Tx
                                b. Hazel D. Born Ca 1908 Tx 
                                (Name shown as ZENO, 1910)
                                c. Katherine Born Aug. 5, 1911 Brazoria Co., Tx 
                                d  Jo (dtr) Born Ca 1913 Tx
                                e. Doris S. Born May 13, 1918 Brazoria Co.,Tx
                                f. Fern Edith Born Dec. 17, 1920 Brazoria Co., Tx (M) Elmer Dorrell/Darnell Hunt (M) #2  Norman Vincent Russie

                          g. Infant d. Sept. 16, 1923 Harris Co., Tx
                   7  Bettie L. Born Nov 5, 1888 Tex  Died: Oct, 1970 W. Columbia, Tx-did not marry
                   8  John Phillips Born Dec 11, 1891  Tx Died: Oct. 28, 1966 W. Columbia, Brazoria Co., Tx
                      (M) Lavinia C. Brock;  Born Nov 5, 1898 Tx Died: June 7, 1929- Gulf Prairie AKA Peach Point Cem; Jones Creek, Brazoria Co, Tx
                              a. Lois Annette Born Aug 28, 1918 Tx Died: Aug. 23, 1973 Harris Co., Tx-Bur: Gulf Prairie AKA Peach Point Cem., Jones Creek, Brazoria Co., Tx
                                  (M) John Milton Laughlin 
                              b. Fannie Born Oct. 19, 1920 Brazoria Co., Tx
                              c. Carrie Born Dec. 22, 1922 Brazoria Co.,  Tx
                              d. John Phillips, Jr. b. May 13, 1925 Brazoria Co., Tx (M) Doris Dean Fussell

H. Matthew, Gayle Jr. Born: October 19, 1847 Ala Died: Aug 28, 1891 Brazoria Co., Texas-businessman in Montgomery, Ala 1880's


Ala Land Records-Matthew Gayle, 5/04/1829, Cert #3673-Wilcox Co, Ala

DB B P 112, Dec. 9, 1829 Wilcox Co, Ala-Matthew Gayle & wife,  Amarinth Gayle of Wilcox Co to Caleb Etheridge, 79.78 acres, Wilcox Co, Ala.

A Century of Lawmaking-Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1829-1837
TUESDAY, December 27, 1836.

To the Senate of the United States:

I nominate Matthew Gayle to be receiver of public moneys for the district of lands subject to sale at Cahaba, in the State of Alabama, vice Uriah G. Mitchell, resigned.


Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America

Washington, Dec'r 29th, 1840.

To the Senate of the United States:

I nominate Matthew Gayle to be receiver of public moneys for the district of lands subject to sale at Cahaba, in the State of Alabama, from the 11th of January, 1841, when his present commission will expire.


Washington, Dec'r 30th, 1840.

Washington, Dec'r 28th, 1840.

The messages were read.

Ordered, That the nominations of Purdy McElvain and Matthew Gayle be referred to the Committee on Public Lands.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1837-1841
FRIDAY, January 8, 1841.

Mr. Walker, from the Committee on Public Lands, to whom were referred, on the 31st of December last, the nominations of Purdy McElvain and Matthew Gayle, reported.

Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent to the appointment of the said persons, agreeably to their nominations respectively.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1841-1845
MONDAY, January 13, 1845.

Washington, 13th January, 1845.

To the Senate of the United States.

I nominate Matthew Gayle to be receiver of public moneys, for the district of lands subject to sale at Cahaba, in the State of Alabama, from the 11th day of January, 1845, when his commission expired.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1841-1845
SATURDAY, February 8, 1845.

Mr. Woodbridge, from the Committee on Public Lands, to whom were referred, on the 31 December last, the nominations of William Hunley, Oliver B. Hill, and Arthur Bridgman; on the 7 January, that of John S. Horner; on the 13 January, those of Elijah H. Gordy, Edward F. Comegys, Robert A. Forsyth, Lunsford R. Noel, William Dowsing, Andrew J. Edmonson, Lewis B. McCarty, David E. Moore, and Matthew Gayle; and, on the 27 January, those of Samuel Holmes and Thomas J. Hodson, reported.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1841-1845
FRIDAY, February 14, 1845.

On motion by Mr. Woodbridge,
The Senate proceeded to consider the nominations of Oliver B. Hill, Arthur Bridgman, John S. Horner, Elijah H. Gordy, Edward F. Comegys, Robert A. Forsyth, Lunsford R. Noel, William Dowsing, Andrew J. Edmonson, Lewis B. McCarty, David E. Moore, Matthew Gayle, and Thomas I. Hodson respectively; and

Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent to the appointment of the said persons, agreeably to their nominations respectively.


Child #3 Richard Whitehead "Dick" Gayle  Born 1801 Sumter Dist, SC Died  1866 Houston Co, Texas-lived in Liberty Co, Tx 1850, 1860 Houston Co, Tx Prairie PO,  w/new wife and some children

(M)- Martha "Patsy" Clark Oct 9, 1823 Dallas Co, Ala- She died CA 1857 Houston Co, TX

Children: Gayle
      (A)  Benjamin Billups Born Nov 8, 1826 Ala Died Mar. 19, 1875 Bexar Co, Tx Oak Island Cem. San Antonio, Texas 
              (M) Julia Ann Dever  Born Apr 10, 1829 Ala Died Sept 20, 1862 Bexar Co, Tex (Oak Island Cem)
                      Children: Gayle
                      1.  John Fountain  born July 10, 1850 Tex Died: Dec 7, 1887 Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Tx Buried Beside him is Mary Alice Gayle Born Aug 22, 1854 Died April 11, 1892
                            (M) Amanda (Wattis?) Ca 1871
                                   a. Julia A. Born Mar. 4,  1872 Tex Died: May 29, 1893 Buried Oak Island Cem, San Antonio
                                   b. Ellen Born Ca 1874 Tex
                                   c. Ada Born Ca 1877 Tex
                                   d. Susan Born Ca 1879 Tex
                      2.. Laura  Born Ca 1853 Tex 
                           (M) John Thomas Wilson
                      3. Henry Collins Born July 9, 1855 Tex Died: Dec 11, 1932-Briied Oak Island Cem., San Antonio, Tx lived 1930 San Antonio, Tx
                          (M) Sarah Alevia abt 1878   (Had 8 ch 7 liv 1900 Bexar Co) Born 2/21/1859 Died 12/23/1937 Oak Island Cem. San Antonio, Tx
                                 a.  Henry Fountain  Jr.  Born Ca 1879 Tex Died:1956- Oak Island Cem San Antonio, Tx (farmer, Bexar Co)
                                      (M) Lillie D R. _______ Born Sept 1, 1886-Died Jan, 1963 Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Tx
                                             1. John Fountain Born July 23,1906 Tx Died July 7, 1977 Harris Co, Tx-single, farmer 1930 Bexar Co
                                                 (M) Ludmila T. Ouida Womble ______Born June 24, 1907 Died May 1, 1972 Pasadena, Tx-Both bur Oak Island Cem, Bexar Co, Tx

                                        a.  Sandra Louise b. Bexar Co., Tx
                                             2. Lorena Lucille Born May 26, 1909 Tx Died: Nov 19, 1996 Bur: Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                                 (M) Arthur James Koehler

                                        a. Doris Lillie b. Bexar Co., Tx

                                        b. Gladys Gayle b. Bexar Co., Tx
                                             3. David Frame Born April 7, 1913 Died ____
                                                 (M) Olga Frees  Born Feb. 12, 1909 Died Mar 24, 1999 Von Ormy, Tx D/M Oak Island Cem San Antonio, Bexar, Tx

                                       a. Evelin Jo b. Bexar Co., Tx
                                             4. Bernice Born Ca 1915/16 Tx

                            4. Collins Wilson/William  b. Mar. 13, 1919 Bexar Co.,  Tx d. Mar., 1978 Panama City, Bay,. Florida (SSDI-Iss'd Texas pr to 1951

                                          (M) Jonnie Jane Rackley;  She was b. August 25, 1920 d. Nov. 23, 2004 San Antonio, Bexar, Tx

                                                  a. Jeannette Jane b. Bexar Co., Tx

                                       b. Collins Wilson, JR  March 24, Bexar Co., Tx d. Feb. 17, 1974 Bexar Co., Tx
                                 b.  Annie Laura B-Aug 18, 1881 Tx  Died June 12, 1963 Bur: Oak Island Cem., Bexar Co, Tx
                                       (M) Hugh Baylor Stanfield-Born June 13, 1874 Died Mar. 16, 1970
   1. Bennie (dtr) Born Ca 1911 Tx
                                               2. Annie M Born Ca 1913 Tx
                                               3. John D. Born Ca 1915 Tx
                                               4. Hugh Campbell Born Ca 1917 Tx
                           c. Ora B-Oct. 1883 Tx
                                 d. Glen Fountain B-Nov, 1885 Tx single 1910 Bexar Co
                                 e.  Benjamin Burton Nov 9, 1887 Tx- Died Sept, 25 1963 Bexar Co., Tx; Bookkeeper, Credit Mgr,-Wholesale Gro, 1930 San Antonio
                                       (M) Pearle A. _____ Born Mar 24, 1885 Died: Feb, 1975 Houston,  Tx SSDI
                                              1. Benjamin Burton, Jr  Born July 2, 1918 Bexar Co., Tx d. June 11, 1990 Tx (SSDI Iss'd Texas pr to 1951  

                             2. child b. Nov. 28, 1921 Bexar Co., Tx d. pr to 1930
                                              3. Dorothy Pearl. Born Aug. 28, 1922  Tx d. Aug. 28, 2005 Woodville, Co, Tx (M) John Stanley Jones
                                  f.  John Claude "Sparky" Born Aug 15, 1890 Tx  Died June 1, 1959; single 1910 Bexar Co, Dairy Farmer 1930 Bexar
                                      (M) Susie Ann Knight Born Nov, 24, 1895 Died Dec 3, 1987 Bexar Co-Both buried Oak Island Cem, Bexar Co, Tx
                                             1. Myrtle B. Born June 7, 1916 Tx Died 
                                                 (M) Aubrey Albert McCrum Feb. 22, 1947 Born Dec 2, 1916-Markers @ Oak Island Cem, San Antonio
, B3exar, Tx

                                             2. Alfred Collins Born Sept 20, 1918 Tx Died May 15, 1986 Poteet, Atascosa Co, Tx; Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                                   (M) Rosena Marie ___Dec 24, 1944; Born Dec 24, 1924 Died Feb 12, 1999 Poteet, Atascosa Co, Tx-Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                             3. Sarah Catherine Born Jan 19, 1920 Tx Died: April 5, 1920 Bur: Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                             4. John Claude  Jr. "Jake" Born July 16, 1922 Died July (8) 1994 Bexar Co, Tx  "96th Infantry Division"; "382nd Regiment WWII";  "Purple Heart"
                                                (M) Lou Ella "Wendy" Russell June 1, 1946 Born Aug 21, 1927-D/M @ Oak Island Cem., Bexar Co, Tx
                                             5. Laura Sue Born Oct. 13, 1923 Tx Died:  NO date Marker-Oak Island Cem, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                                 (M) Willis Jewel Riggs, Jr.  b. Aug. 1, 1921 d. Nov. 27, 2000 Comal Co., Tx

                                       6. Willie Mae b. Bexar Co., Tx
                                g. Callie E. B-Sept 2, 1894 Tx Died Feb. 9, 1961 Oak Island Cem., San Antonio, Tx
                                    (M) Rex Stanfield  (did not locate 1930)
                                           a. Fannie E. Born Ca 1920 Tx
                                h.  Herman Theodore Born Sept 28, 1898 Tx Died Sept 13, 1964 Bexar Co, Tx-gauger, Oil Co, 1930 Webb Co, Tx
                                     (M) Tiney Jewell Young Born 1900 Died July 6, 1988 Portland, San Patricio Co, Tx Both buried Oak Island Cem,  Bexar Co, Tx
                                 i  John G. McCoy (Adopted son) born Ca 1900 Tx  Died 1966-Oak Island Cem., San Antonio, Tx (McCOY, Johnie G. 1900-1966)
                     4. Richard Whitehead Born 1857 Tex Died 1937 San Antonio
                         Oak Island Cem., San Antonio, Tx. (single, farmer 1880-1930)
                     5.  Lucy H. Born Aug 1, 1859-Died Oct 13, 1872
                         Oak Island Cem, San Antonio,  Bexar Co, Tex
                     6. Lilly Born CA 1862 Tex

Oak Island Cemetery Records (Unplaced by me)
John R. Gayle March 8, 1846-August 6, 1892

(B) Susan Amarenth "Sue"   Born CA 1829 Ala Died: May 21, 1870 Pennington, Houston Co, Texas
  (M) Dr William H Denney, Physician, in Liberty Co, Texas
                         & later Crockett, Houston Co, Tx
                         Dr. Denney remarried and had a son George H Denney 
                         born Oct., 1875 (M) Lucy Baker Feb 8, 1899
                  Their children: Denney (All single 1880)
                  (1) Mattie V.  Born Ca 1851 Tx (single, 1900-1920 Crockett, Tx)
                       Mentioned in letter of April, 1851, below-sgs
                  (2) Frances "Fannie"  Born May, 1856 Tx
                        Widow, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                        (M) James Vernon Collins Jan 4, 1883 Houston Co, Tx (1-33)
                              Born April, 1851 Tx Died pr to 1920
                              Justice of Peace, 1900 Crockett
                              Genl. farming, 1910 Crockett
                              a. Alford G. Born Sept, 1884 Tx (single 1910)
                              b. Mattie Born March, 1886 (wid 1910 Crockett, Tx)
                                   In HH w/mother, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                                  (M) _____Kennedy
                                        1. Frances P. Born Ca 1907 Tx
                                        2. Will Ike Born Ca 1910 Tx
                              c. William Denney R. Born April, 1888 Tx Depy. Co. Clerk, Crockett, Houston Co, 1920  genl. farming, 1930 Crockett, Tx
                                  (M) 1907 Willie P_____
                                         Born Ca 1890 Tx
                                         1. Maxine Born Ca 1908 Tx
                                         2. James P Born Ca 1912 Tx
                                         3. William Denny, Jr. Born Ca 1914 Tx
                              d. Brownie (dtr) Born March, 1894 Tx
                              e. Child B & D bet. 1900-1910
                  (3) Samuel A. Born Dec, 1856 Tx
                        Attorney-At-Law, 1900 Archer Co, Tx census
                        & Archer Co. Judge, 1895
                        Lawyer in Crockett, Tx 1920, 1930 (Widr)
                        (M)  Mary Lou Turney Oct. 18, 1891 Houston Co, Tx (2-444)
                                Born April, 1870 Tx
                                a. Samuel Gayle Born Sept, 1892, Died Oct. 20, 1988
                                    Wichita Co, Tx
                                     school teacher, 1930 Fannin Co, Tx
                                    (M Syble (Ham?) school teacher, 1930 Fannin Co
                                b. William M Born Dec, 1893
                                c. Louise Born Oct, 1894 
                                    school teacher, 1920 Wichita Falls, Tx
                                    & 1930 Dallas, Tx
                                d. Sidney A. Born Dec, 1895
                                e. John Leighton Born Feb, 1897 Tx
                                   Stationed Camp Benning, Ga. 2nd Lt., US Army 1920
                                   Lived 1930 San Francisco, Calif-Clerk, US Gov't.
                                   (M) Ca 1927 Miriam H.
                                          (Social Worker, Red Cross)
                                          Born Ca 1899 Pa 
                                f. Davis McCall (Sr) Born Oct7, 1899 Tx D-Feb 15, 1985 
                                   Sugar Land, Fort Bend Co, Tx
                                   Lived w/Aunt Mamie (Fanny) Collins, 1920 Houston Co
                                   Lived 1930 Houston, Harris Co-Acctnt-Oil Co 
                                   (M) Ca 1926 Dorothy
                                          Born Ca 1898 Ga
                                          a. William Born Ca 1927 Florida
                                g. Mary Born Ca 1903 Tx
                                    lived w/Aunt Mattie Denny, 1910, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                  (4) Mary Born 1859 Tx
                  (5) William H. "Willie"  Born May, 1865 Tx D: Pr to 1930
                        stockman, 1900 Crockett, Houston, Co., Tx
                        Bank President, Crockett, Tx 1910, 1920
                        (M) Ada  L. Beasley Houston Co, Tx Nov 20, 1890 (2-350)
                               Wid 1930 Crockett, Tx
                               Born Sept, 1869 Tx
                               a. Grace Born Oct, 1891 Tx
                                   Single, School Teacher, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                               b. Sue Gale Born Aug, 1893 Tx
                                    Single, School Teacher, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                               c. Beasley Born Mar, 1895 Tx
                                   Single, School Teacher, 1920 Crockett, Tx
                               d. William H Born Feb, 1898 Tx
                                   Accountant, Oil Co, Houston, Tx 1920 single
                                   Cashier, Bank, Crockett, Tx 1930-single
                               e. Stephen T. Born  Jan 20, 1901 Tx
                                   D-Sept, 1972 Crockett, Houston Co, Tx (single)
                                   Cotton buyer, Crockett, Tx 1930 single
                  (6) Anna Born Oct., 1867 Tx
                       school teacher, single 1900-1930 Crockett, Tx
                       Retired, lived w/1/2 bro George Denny, 1930

(C) Matthew W. Born CA 1833 Ala-single, farmer, 1860 Houston Co., Tx Prairie PO
                  *Civil War Rosters, Houston Co, Tx
                  Co. E, Gould's Battalion, 6th Texas Cavalry, Capt. J T Heflin,
                  Org. July 22, 23 1861, Mustered into Confederate Service 
                  @ Porter Springs Houston Co, Tx May, 1862
                   Muster roll incl: Matthew Gayle*
                   *died from disease bet. June 13, 1862-July 23, 1862

 (D)  Jabez Heustis  Jackson  Born Ca 1834 Ala
                    single, farmer, 1860 Houston Co, Tx (Prairie PO)
                    Did not locate 1870, 1880 Texas

 (E) Elizabeth Swepson  Born Ca 1837 Ala- single 1850, Houston Co, Texas age 13-no further recor

(F) Mary Ann Born Ca 1839 Ala Died PR to 1866
 (M) Cal Wooten
                  Born CA 1835 Miss-Died 1867 Houston Co., Tx
                  Had No children1860 Houston Co, Tx , Prairie PO
                  He was murdered in 1867 by a rival suitor for a 
                  young lady's affection, after his first wife died.

(G) Merrit D. Born Ca 1841 Ala -
                   appears in 1850 Liberty Co., Tx census, age 9, no further record

(H) John Richard  Born Ca  March 4,1844 Liberty Co, Texas 
                  Died: August 6, 1877* @ Dew, Freestone Co., Texas
   (M) Margaret Magdalene Richardson  Nov 15, 1871 Freestone Co, Texas-She was born Dec 15, 1856 Sumter, SC
                   Children (from *Debbie Pentecost)
                   (1) Eunie Rae  Born Aug 15, 1873 Freestone Co, Tx
                         (M) Frank Montgomery
                   (2) Mary Ola Born Dec 5, 1874 Freestone Co, Tx
                         single school teacher, 1900 Crockett, Houston Co, Tx
                         (M) Leighton P. Tenney Houston Co, Tx July 10, 1902 (6-333)
                                Physician in Harrison Co, Tx 1910

                                a. Mary M. Born Ca 1902 Tx
                                b. Ola G. Born Ca 1904 Tx
                                c  Anna L. Born Ca 1906 Tx
                                d. Ruth Born Ca 1907 Tx
                   (3) Addie Lee  Born Sept 26, 1876 Freestone Co, Tx
                         (M) Julian G. McCoy,  Anderson Co, Tx

(I) Felix G. Born Ca 1848 Liberty Co, Texas
     appears in 1850 Liberty Co., Tx census age 2-no further record

(J) Elbert H.  Born CA 1852 Liberty Co, Texas HH of father, 1860 Houston Co, Tx, Prairie PO-age 8-Missing1870 & 1880 census

(K) J. R. (Son) Born Ca 1857 Houston Co, Tx-no further record-appears in 1860 census, Houston Co, Tx, Prairie PO  age 3-Missing 1870, 1880 censu

Richard Whitehead Gayle (M) #2-Laura Hannah A. Long  CA 1858 Houston Co, Texas

 (L) Levin W. Gayle Born June 8, 1859 Houston Co, Texas  
         Died: March 6, 1918 Volga Community, Houston Co, Texas
             (M) Emily Goodrum Houston Co, Tx Jan 10, 1884  Filed? Dec 17, 1886 (1-392) She was Born Nov 5, 1868-Died Nov 8, 1928  Both buried at Salem Cem., Houston Co, Texas
                   Children  Gayle 
                      1. Laura  Born Oct, 18, 1889 Tx Died: June 1, 1975 Buried: Salem Cem, Houston Co, Tx
                           (M) Orland Hyde Jan 24, 1909 Houston Co (9-181)
                            Born June 21, 1886 Died Dec 19, 1914
                            Bur: Salem Cem, Houston Co, Tx
                            a. Melba Born Ca 1912 Tx
                            b. Everett Born Ca 1913 Tx
                            c. Louise born Ca 1915 Tx
                      2.  Leila May Born Sept, 1891 Tx
                           (M) Morgan Harrelson Mar. 28, 1917 Houston Co (12-421)
                            a. Rayford Born Ca 1919 Tx
                      3.  Bessie G. Born Mar, 1894 Tx
                           (M) William T Etheridge April 17, 1913 
                           Houston Co, Tx (11-251)
Machinist, oil refinery 1930 Houston, Harris, Tx
                            a. Roscoe Born Ca 1920 Tx
                            b. William T., Jr. Born Ca 1921 Tx
                      4.  Maudie D. Born  Aug, 1896 Tx
                           (M) Thomas Leroy Little Nov 25, 1915 Houston Co (12-177)
                            a. Thurman Aaron Born Ca 1917 Tx
                            b. Mavis Born Ca 1921 Tx
                      5.  Richard Benjamin  Born April 2, 1901 Tx Died Nov 16, 1980 Houston Co, Tx Bur: Salem Cem, Houston Co, Tx
                          (M) Annie Mae Smith

                           a. Gaye Lavonne b. Houston Co., Tx (M) Gerald Gaddy Cecil

                           b. Lieve Garland b. Houston Co., Tx

                           c. Evelyn Bessie b. Harris Co., Tx
                      6. Vernon O. Born May 27, 1903 Tx Died: Sept, 1976 Crockett,  Houston Co, Tx- Welder, Tool Co. Houston, Tx 1930
                           (M) Mildred Elizabeth Matthews  Born May 30, 1909 Tx Died: Mar 5, 1996 Crockett, Tx

                  a. Vernon O Gayle, Je. b. Feb. 25, 1932 Houston Co., Tx d. Aug. 27, 2008 Clinton, Hinds, Miss (SSDI) (This person contributed the much informayion t0o this file-sgs (M) Bonnie Belle Smith Aug. 16, 1968 Houston Co., Tx
                      7.  Erma Belle Born Oct. 30,1908 Tx Died: May 24, 1913 Bur: Salem Cem, Houston Co, Tx

The State of Texas
County of Liberty
Know all men by these presents that, I Billups Gayle, of the County & State aforesaid, for and in cons. of the sum of four thousand dollars to me in hand paid by Richard W. Gayle of same County and State, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have granted, bargained, sold and conveyed to said Richard W Gayle the one half of a league of land lying at or near the Neches River in the County of Jefferson, containing twenty-two hundred and twenty two acres Spanish or Mexican measure the particular metes and bounds of said half league now unknown to me but the league of land out of which said half league above sold and conveyed is to be taken was originally granted to Henry Webb and by him to Allen Seagram? and is near or in the neighborhood adj. Mrs. Lucas, Edwd? Brown, and J. M(illeg) to have and to hold the aforesaid granted (illeg. line) 
appurtenances thereto belonging,  to the said Richard W Gayle his heirs and assigns to their (illeg. line)
do and will warrant and defend the Title to the said premises, to the said Richard W Gayle and his heirs and assigns forever, against the lawful claims and demands of all persons.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this (?th) day of January, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty-eight.
Signed: Billups Gayle (Seal)
by Matt Gayle, his Attorney in fact

The State of Alabama
City & County of Montgomery
Personally came before the undersigned a commissioner appointed by the Governor of Texas to take the acknowledgment of Deed, Powers of Attorney  & etc   to be used as evidence in the said State of Texas.  The  above named Matt Gayle attorney in fact for Billups Gayle and acknowledged the foregoing deed to be his act and deed and for the purposes therein set forth & expressed, and wished not to retract it.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal as commissioner aforesaid in the City of Montgomery this 12th day of December, AD 1853
Signed: Thomas Harrison (Seal)
Commissioner for Texas
Commission Fees Paid
T. Harrison
Filed for Record on the 28th day of September, 1857 at five o'clock PM 
H Good, Clark County Court 

OLD LETTER Courtesy of Vernon O Gayle, Jr
written by Richard W Gayle , Crockett, Texas to his son-in-law Dr. W H Denney, Liberty, Texas Jan 27, 1853
Original was in possession of Sue Gayle Denney's dtr in 1947

Crockett,  Houston County, Texas
January 27, 1853  (Postmark January 31)


I received yours a few days ago, I believe the 19th this month, which brought joy and regret.  I had never heard a word of the death of Billups till I got your letter.  The same day I read your letter I got a paper which had his death announcement in it.  It shows how mean they are about Liberty town.  We were glad to hear from Sue (sev. words illegible).

The people have generally got healthy in this section of the country.  This leaves us all well here except myself.  I am in bad health somehow.  I have been sick ever since July off and on. I can cure myself in a few days of the chill and fever but in ten or 20 days it returns again.  This last spell I have been done for ten or fifteen days.  I have stopped the chill but have slow fever every day at thus time.  As soon as I can get so I think I can stand it I intend to take a trip. I think that will cure me.

Doctor you speak about the western country.  I really can't stand a prairie country.  You had better come up I think and settle in Crockett.  I know you would make much more money than where you are.

I saw Curry the other day.  He asked me to say to you when I wrote you could have his place in town,  as he wishes to settle a place of his some several miles from Crockett.

There is but two Doctors in Crockett;  or if you did not want to buy his place he would go in with you and have a drug store which he thinks would be a money making business.  Curry says that he and Cauley could not do the practice the past year.

Did Matt call as he went down country?  He has left us and gone out to seek his fortune.  No place like Liberty.  He started for that lovely country as they all think.  Ben, I notice in my paper, has come back from Mobile.  Among the list of passengers I see his name and Lady.  Poor fellow, he is lead about just as his wife take a notion.

If I should sell this fall, Doctor, I believe I shall try the big Sandy country some where not far from Woodville.  I don't hardly think this country sickly yet.  There is pretty smart of migration this winter.  There were three families in this neighborhood Tennipery?.  I think this section will settle up in a few years now. If I don't have health here this year I am off.  I will sell at some price this fall.

One of the Tenneson? family is living with me cropping it together.

Let me hear from you soon,

Yours affectionately,

R. W. Gayle

Martha and the girls send their love to Sue.

The following newspaper clipping was contributed by Vernon O Gayle, Jr

For the Courier (A. A. Aldrich)
In a recent article of this ser-(cut off), I mentioned the name of R. W. Gayle among others (cut off) out whom I desired information on.  I had a slight knowledge of a man by the name of Gayle but was not certain that he was the same person whose name appears so frequently in the old Thomas P. Collins day book.  So (I) started out in search of information and discovered enough to prove of great interest to me, and this article will illustrate how much background there is to some of the names that appear on the pages of the old book.  Let us see then what facts can be assembled around the name of Richard W. Gayle.

In the first place, I learned that he came to Texas as early as 1848, and probably earlier, and first settled at Liberty, where he lived with his family for several years and where his daughter Susan Gayle, married a young doctor by the name of W. H. Denny, who is the same Dr. Denny that so many of us remember with such high regard and affection.

Mr. Gayle came from Mobile, Alabama to Texas and was a member of a prominent Alabama family.  One of his near relatives was governor of Alabama.

Some time prior to 1852, he moved from Liberty to Houston county and began the life of a farmer.  On August 10, 1854, he bought 1,000 acres of land from G. W. Southwick on the James Neville league, southwest of where Lovelady is now located, and long before the town of Lovelady existed at all.  There he made his home and lived until his death in 1866.  He lived on a creek that took his name and has ever since been known as "Gayle Creek".

He was married twice and by his first marriage had four sons, Ben B. Gayle, John H. Gayle, Dock Gayle, and Elbert Gayle; (mistake here-sgs) and two daughters Susan, who married Dr. Denny, and Ann, who married C. G. Wooten, generally known as Cal Wooten.  By his second marriage, he had  one son, Lead (Levin) Gayle.

After his death in 1866, his son John H Gayle* (sh read Jabez Heustis Jackson Gayle) was appointed administrator of his estate and continued to act as such until July, 1867, when C. G. Wooten, one of the sureties on his bond, died and he refused to make a new bond and was discharged as administrator. On November 25, 1867, Thomas P. Collins, the principal creditor, was appointed administrator, de bonis non.

His entire estate was appraised at $2,000., although it consisted of 1,200 acres of land, in addition to a considerable amount of personal property.

During the lifetime of R. W. Gayle, Mr. T. B. Tunstall, father of Barker Tunstall and uncle of T. W. Thompson, taught school in the Gayle neighborhood and received, as tuition fees, a bunch of yearlings.  These were kept at Mr. Gayle's.  About the year 1865, Mr. Tunstall took his nephew Tommy Thompson, and went down to Gayle's to get the yearlings and spent the night at Gayle's home.

As stated above, one of the daughters of R. W. Gayle married C. G. Wooten, who was generally known as Cal. Wooten.  After the death of this wife, Cal Wooten was paying attention to another young woman in the same community and had a rival for her affection in the person of a man by the name of Wallace Carter.  On one occasion, while Wooten was at his home at night, some one shot and killed him through a door.

Wallace Carter, known to be his rival and jealous of him, was charged with the murder and was confined in the jail at Crockett.  He made his escape with the aid of a man by the name of Frank Wingate and Carter's father.

Wingate was charged with the crime of aiding Carter to escape and had been arrested and placed under bond.  It had been told Ned Wingate that an officer, by the name of Driskill, had said that if he came back to Crockett that Driskill would run him out of town.

Wingate did come to Crockett, and Driskill saw him on the street, near where W. K. McLean's store now stands.  He started towards him, and Wingate told him not to come any further.  He continued to advance, and was shot and killed by Wingate.  

This is the story as told to me.  Thus we see how much forgotten history is woven around a single name found in the old Thomas P. Collins day book.  Help me to unravel more of these stories by giving me information about others whose names appear in the old book.

A. A. Aldrich
* J H Gayle is Jabez Heustis Jackson Gayle, Not John R. Gayle.-sgs

The following Estate Papers on Richard W Gayle, contributed by Vernon O Gayle, Jr.

Probate Minutes Book G Houston Co, Texas P 173
Nov. 26, 1866
Ordered by the court that J H Gayle* be and is hereby appointed Administrator of the estate of R W Gayle deceased upon his entering into bond with good and sufficient security in the sum of Four Thousand dollars and taking oath required by law.

Bk G P 191 January 3, 1867
Ordered by the Court that all the property exempt from forced sale by the Constitution belonging to the estate of R W Gayle dec'd be and the same is hereby set apart for the use and benefit of the widow & four children of dec'd.  It is further ordered by the Court that an allowance of three hundred dollars be and the same is hereby made for one year's support of the widow and 4 children of the said R W Gayle, dec'd.

Bk G P 204 January 28, 1867
In the matter of the estate of R W Gayle dec'd. it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that said Gayle in his lifetime had executed to one Mary A Robinson a deed for twenty two acres of land more or less part of the 100 acre tract conveyed to said Gayle by Hugh & Adaliza Hampton & failed to date the same & prove it up for record & the Court being satisfied that the purchase money was paid to said Gayle in his lifetime, it is therefore ordered by the court that J H Gayle Admr* of said R W Gayle be & is hereby authorized and required to make to said Mary A Robinson, now Mary A Rosemond, a good and sufficient title to said 22 acres of land.

In the matter of the estate of R W Gayle, it is ordered that Admr. J H Gayle*, sell at private sale the cotton belonging to said estate.  It is further ordered by the court that said Admr .proceed to sell after giving due and legal notice, at the late residence of dec'd upon a credit of twelve months the following property belonging to said etate, viz: 3 yoke of oxen, stock cattle, hogs, mill and running gear, gin, shot gun, black smith tools, farming utensils, rifle gun, saddle & a lot of old tools, cart & old wagon, & make due return of said sales to this Court.

Bk G P 354 January 1st, 1868
In the matter of the estate of R W Gayle decd. the application of H A Gayle widow of decd. for an allowance for 5 hogs and 20 sheep that she did not receive from the former admr. coming on to be heard, and the court after hearing the evidence is satisfied that her claim is just.  It is therefore ordered that an allowance of thirty dollars be made in lieu of said hogs & sheep.

Bk G P 429 -430 Aug 5th, 1868
T P Collins, Admr. & of R W Gayle, dec.d. VS Gayle
In this case the parties appeared by their attorneys and after hearing the evidence and the argument of counsel it is ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that the application of said Admr. be rejected.  It is further ordered that the selection of the homestead by the widow of decd. as surveyed be and the same is hereby approved whereupon the said Collins Admr as aforesaid by his attorney give notice of an appeal to the District Court.

Bk G P 513 (No date) Exhibit of Thos P Collins Admr of R W Gayle-To the Hon S M Thompson County Judge in and (for) Houston County, Texas
Thos. P Collins Administrator de bonis non of the estate of R W Gayle deceased herewith submits his annual exhibit showing the present cndition of said estate to-wit:
Assets on hand
1200 acres of land being G W Southwick tract 1000 acres and D. Beckton & wife tract 200 acres less 200 acres set apart for widow of intestate as per order of court valued at $2.00 per acre = $2,000.00
P 514 missing
P 515-516
Court cost Sheriff currency $13.50
A/c of T P Collins, Funeral expenses coin $23.45
Note of T P Collins signed R W Gayle due Jan 1st/66
with 5 per cent Int from maturity  $1140.31
Which last two marked exhibits C & B are herewith respectfully filed & presented for allowance by the Court.
Attorneys fee allowed by Court to Wm. Taylor $30.00
Attorneys fee allowed by Court to Wilson Z C $20.00
Attorneys fee allowed by Court to Collins, John $10.00 coin
A/C of Admr.
To Estate Dr. 
To Cash Received coin $242.85
To cash received currency $25.00
Cr by cash paid out Smyrl (coin) $25.00
" " " " (Lipscomb) coin $72.80
" " " " Douglass currency $7.50
" " " Receiving 242.85 @ 5% com  $12.14
" " "paying out 136.94 @ 5% com $6.84
" " " Receiving 25.00 @5% currency $1.25
" " Paying out 8.75 @5% $.43
Currency $918.00
Coin: $143.78
Bal due Estate monies on hand $15.82. Currency $99.07 Coin
Lands $2100.00
Notes $353.15
Money Coin $99.07
Money Currency $15.82

Unpaid Notes 1140.31 x 100 $1240.31
Unpaid Court Costs gold $45.84
unpaid Court Costs Currency $13.50
A/C Admr. TPC Funeral expenses coin $23.45
Attornies fees fixed by court
Currency $50.00
Coin $10.00

The State of Texas
Houston County
Before me the undersigned authority this day personally appeared T C Collins Admr de bonis non of the estate of R W Gayle deceased who being duly sworn says the above & foregoing is a full & complete exhibit of the current condition of said estate.
Subscribed & sworn to before me this June 1st 1869
E B Dwyer Clk Co Ct H Co

 (*Jabez Heustis Jackson Gayle, eldest son at home-sgs)

The 4 children, (unmarried) referred to in Estate Settlement would be 
1. Jabez Heustis Jackson Gayle born Ca 1834 (Admr*.)
2. John R. Gayle born Ca 1844
3. Elbert H.  Gayle born Ca 1852
3. Levin Gayle Born Ca 1858
I did not locate the first three of  these children in 1870 or 1880 Texas Census records-only Levin Gayle in Houston Co, Tx-sgs

LETTER FROM MRS. LOIS SMITH NULTY (Gr/Dtr of Benjamin Billups Gayle) to MISS ANNA DENNY, Crockett, Texas  (Gr/Dtr of Richard W. Gayle) Courtesy Vernon O Gayle, Jr

May 13, 1942

Dear Cousin Anne:

You will never know how much I appreciated your thoughtfulness and generosity in sending me your prized letters. They are the most interesting things that I have ever read and don't you think they are full of fun little facts about the Gayle family?  Your mother must have been a favorite child of all of them.  After reading the letters I know you must really have been glad to get the information that I sent you because it was about all of the people mentioned.  Aren't you proud that it should go so very far back.  We certainly are proud of it.

I am returning your letters with many, many thanks.  I have had photostatic copies made of all of them and will attach the one to Brother Richard W Gayle from Mrs. Elizabeth Swepstone Heustis to my D. A. R. application as proof of the relationship to the family. * The chapter here says that it should be accepted without question. In case it should not be accepted, they will tell me what else to do to furnish the proof.  They might want a signed statement from you that your grandfather was Richard W. Gayle of Alabama.  However, if they do, I will write to you later and tell you how to do it.  The D. A. R. Society demands absolute proof of all of their papers and for that reason it is very hard to belong to.  However I believe that our line will be accepted without question, and all because of your letters.  (*The letter she refers to, written by Elizabeth Swepson Gayle  Heustis,  explains that Gov. John Gayle was a first cousin to John & Nancy Whitehead Gayle's children, as their father John Gayle was a brother to Gov. John Gayle's father, Matthew Gayle JR who (M) Mary Pentecost Rees-sgs)

Cousin Anne, if it were not for you I never would have gotten the connection made and you just don't know how thankful I am to you.  I am only sorry that you do not have a daughter who would like to use what I have found.  I will keep you posted on any additional information that I receive about this line.  If I ever get a chance I intend to get into the records of Georgia and see if I can find out anything about the wife of Richard W Gayle.  Her name was Martha Clark, and she was born in the state of Georgia in 1803.  I have found out since I last wrote you that the marriage license was issued October 9th, 1823 and the couple was married by J. S. W. Perkins, Justice of the Peace of Dallas County, Ala.  This information is found in Vol 1, Dallas County marriages, Page 68.

I also received a letter from Mrs. Frank Harvey Miller of Montgomery, Alabama.  She is a granddaughter of G. Washington Gayle (the brother of Richard)**  In this letter she states that the daughter of Billups Gayle is still living.  Her name is Mrs. Louisa Gayle Bentley***, 129 West Alabama Street, Selma, Ala.  She must have been a very, very old woman.  Mrs. Miller said she would send her my letter of inquiry and perhaps I would hear from her.  This woman would be your first cousin, would she not?  I sincerely hope to hear from her.  I don't believe I will wait for Mrs. Miller to send her my letter, but I will write her directly.  

I also received a letter from Miss Mabel Heustis who is a granddaughter of Aunt Swep.  She still lives on Government Street in Mobile where you will remember that Aunt Swept lived and wrote one of her letters to your mother.  She does not know very much about the family, but said that she would try and find out.  This is about all the new develop- ment I have, but will keep you posted as I find out more.  I intend to write to Miss Heustis again and will tell  you about her reply.

Cousin Anne, I certainly would give a lot to sit down and talk with you.  There are several letters and papers I have found that I would like to show you and could explain them better if I saw you.  I am now visiting with Mother and Dad in Corpus and catching up on my sleep.  My baby is just at the climbing stage and she simply wears me out following her around.  Mother and I have talked a lot about you and how much we would like to see you.  If it were not for the tire and gasoline problems I would say that we might be able to come and see you this summer. I certainly do hope nothing does happen so I can have the pleasure of thanking you in person for what you have done to help me.

My mother asks me to remember her to you and tell you she thinks about you often and remembers when you used to visit her family long ago.  She will write to you sometime within the near future and we both certainly do hope to see you this summer if only for one hour.

Very sincerely yours,


P.S. I am sending this by registered mail and hope your letters arrive safely.

**  Columbus Gayle's  #1 wife was Mary Arthur "Mamie" Gayle, dtr of George W. Gayle, but she died in 1876. They had NO children. Columbus Gayle married #2 Ellen Gunter and had 4 children, Edith Gayle, w/o Frank Harvey Miller, being one of them  Frank H Miller lived 1920, 1930 Montgomery, Ala, he being Mgr of a Newspaper.-sgs

*** Louise Gayle Bentley born 1894/5, was the dtr of William Billups Jackson Gayle (brother to Thomas Gill Gayle) & wife Celia "Leila" W. ;  s/o Rees Darrington Gayle & Mary Louisa T Gill; Rees Darrington Gayle being s/o Billups Gayle (brother to Gov John Gayle) & Pamela Cunningham, Billups Gayle being s/o Matthew Gayle & Mary Rees - Willis & Louise Gayle Bentley lived 1920 Madison Co (Meridianville) Ala & 1930 Valley Creek, Dallas Co, Ala-sgs

Courtesy of Vernon O. Gayle, Jr

Dear Cousin Anna,

Maybe you will be interested in reading this letter from another of the Gayle connection.  She is a very brilliant woman with many degrees and honors to her name.  She is a descendant of the Governor (Cousin John Gayle).  I sent her copies of the letters you sent me. At your convenience return this to me so I may keep it in my files.

I hope you are well and have not forgotten me.

Best love,


LETTER FROM ANNIE LOCKE  (gr/dtr of Gov. John Gayle) to LOIS NULTY, (gr/dtr of Benjamin Billups Gayle)  (Undated) Courtesy of Vernon O. Gayle, Jr

Dear Mrs. Nulty

I hope that the information I can give you will be sufficient to enable you to join the D. A. R. though I only have the enclosed data from Owen's History of Alabama I can clear up the misleading facts about Maria Billups and Leah Littleton.

I have worked in the Gayle history for years and years.  I have been to Richmond, Va., and to Washington several times but can not place our John Gayle, Sr.  It is because of the fact that the Gloucester records were burned, at least a great many were.  I found some in the Richmond archives and there were my Gayles.  One John that may be the one I wanted but I have not proved it.

A good many years ago a Gayle descendant Miss Harriett Talbot wrote a Gayle genealogy in which she stated that John Gayle, father of your John and my Matthew, was twice married; first to Maria Billups who had no children, and he married second Leah Littleton.  She quoted the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography which gave the marriage to Leah Littleton.  I have seen repeatedly this statement of the marriage in the Virginia Magazine but I have proof that it was an error.  Until I accidentally found a will in the congressional library saying Leah Littleton was the wife of Levin Gayle, I had adopted Miss Talbot's genealogy and the marriage in the Virginia Magazine.  

It was a lovely line and I was delighted with it;  I put it in the compendium believing it, of course, and a Mrs. Langhorne of Virginia with whom I have corresponded adopted some of the genealogy in her line.  I feel very badly about this mistake.  Miss Talbot died before I could get an explanation from her.

We think there must be some connection between the Littleton-Denwood family of Virginia and Maryland, because Levin is a Denwood name and there were several Levin Gayles.  A cousin, Annie Gayle Horville Dearborn, of New York and I worked together with letters and investigation to prove who was John Gayle's wife and the mother of our Matthew and your John.   Anne Gayle I think had plenty of money and was doing exhaustive research. She too got copies of wills that proved Leah was the wife of Levin, not John.  To my great sorrow Anne Gayle died last year.

Now this is what I believe;  that John Gayle's wife, (and our grandmother) was Maria Billups.*  I would put Maria Billups as his wife in my paper if I were you.  My sister Maria (Locke) Bell put Maria Billups in her D.A.R. paper.  I joined later, then I thought it was Leah, and to my regret put her name as the mother of Mathew Gayle. (*ERROR)

We are descended from the fine old English family of Gayles from Yorkshire written up in the editions of Burke's Landed Gentry.  My great Aunt Lucinda (Gayle) Eastin said we were related to Chief Justice Christopher Gale of North Carolina who was the son of Miles Gale of Yorkshire. (This is an error-sgs)

A tradition in the family says two brothers quarreled and changed the spelling of the name Gale-Gayle.  I am glad ours is Gayle.  In the 14th century it was Gayle in Yorkshire, later changed to Gale.

Sumter, South Carolina is built on a Gayle plantation and the first court ever held that was at the house of John Gayle.  This notice of court held at the home of John Gayle was published in an old newspaper which I have seen.  What John Gayle this was I do not know.  Possibly our John Gayle, Sr., possibly your John Gayle.  There were other Gayles that I have never been able to place in Sumter.

Your line has proved some things for me, too.  I was not sure whether Cousin Swep Gayle Heustis was a cousin or niece of my grandmother.  Many years ago I met some of her granddaughters in Mobile, charming young women.  I know she was very bright and have heard my mother say that Grandpa Gayle said her brother George was a brilliant conversationalist. 

I am eager to see everything connected with the Gayle family. I would give anything to see the letters from Cousin Swep.  Do you think the cousin would be willing to have copies made for me?  I'd pay any price to have them copied, or if she would send them registered mail I'd return them promptly.

I once saw a record of the marriage in Middlesex County, Virginia of a John Gayle to Nancy Whitehead.  This might be your John.  I do not feel sure that John, Sr. came to South Carolina but as you know that his son was here I'd join on his services.  Say he was one of Marion's Famous Brigade, and give Owen as proof.

Your cousin,

Annie Locke
1814 Gervais St.
Columbia, S. Carolina

Courtesy of Vernon O. Gayle, Jr

July 25, 1942

Dear Mrs. Denny,

I have had correspondence lately with Mrs. Lois Nulty of Austin relating to family genealogy, which has interested me a great deal.  I must first tell you who I am.  My mother was Helen Gayle, the daughter of Governor John Gayle of Alabama, so you see, you and I are related.  I am so interested to find that I have so many cousins in Texas.  I knew there were some but I have never been in touch with any of this branch of the family.

Mrs. Nulty wrote me that you had some letters nearly one hundred years old from Alabama, from Cousin Swep Heustis, etc.  She said that you had let her see some of these but that you had others she hoped to see.  She has made copies of three of them and she recopied them for me.  Two were from Cousin Swep and one was from an Andrew Jackson Gayle, a great Uncle I believe of yours.

I cannot tell you how my sister and I enjoyed them.  I have read them over and over.  Would you be willing to get someone to copy the rest for me?  I'd pay any price for the work.  Of if you were willing to entrust them to me, which I'd copy and return promptly,  insured of course.

I have always loved to read old family letters; my grandmother Gayle would save letters when I was a tiny child saying she thought I would enjoy them when I was older.

I have heard my mother speak of Cousin Swep and I once met, in Mobile, her charming granddaughters-Cousin Fountain's children.  Mother said she was very warm hearted and affectionate.

Mrs. Nulty wanted to join the D.A.R. and I have tried to help her.  I once saw in Virginia records the marriage of a John Gayle to Nancy Whitehead in Middlesex County, Virginia. and I found in Sumter's records a deed of John Gayle, whose wife was named Nancy, so I hope this will help her.  The first court ever held in Sumter was at the home of John Gayle, I am sure was your ancestor.

If there is any data you want in the Gayle family that I have I will be glad to send it to you.

Hoping you will let me have copies of the letters, I am

Sincerely yours,

Annie Rees Locke

Courtesy of Vernon O Gayle, Jr

November 8, 1942

My dear Cousin Anna,

I hoped before this that I would have the pleasure of seeing you, but circumstances have certainly thought differently.  This is why, in the early summer mother began to get sick and then as time went on she got worse and worse until we were all scared to death.

About a month ago she came to San Antonio determined to learn the truth about her condition.  She went through the clinic and as a result two days later she was in the Santa Rosa Hospital with one of the most serious of operations. Really it was two in one., but praise God she seems to be alright now.  She had a terrible time for about a week, but then began to improve and today she is able to get around the room a little and has only weak spells and a soreness to remind her of what she suffered.

I came down from Austin today to be with her for the weekend and so am taking this chance to write to you. both on mother's behalf as well as my own.  She wants me to tell you how sorry she is that she couldn't come and see you this summer as she had planned, but she still hopes that sometime in the future she and I can go to Crockett and set down with you for a long and interesting talk.

I want to tell you that my application in the D.A.R. has been accepted  on account of the services of John Gayle, Sr, soldier in the Virginia and Carolina lines in 1776.  You will remember the line goes 1. Lois Nulty 2. Nettie Wilson 3. Laura Gayle 4 Benjamin Billups Gayle, 5 Richard Whitehead Gayle  6 John Gayle Jr* 7 John Gayle Sr  In case any of your family want to become members, all they need do is write to me and I will give them the information they need. *error here-sgs

Mother and I have been talking tonight on how much we wish I had gotten all of this before Grandma died. We have also been thinking that tomorrow is Grandpa Benjamin Gayle's birthday and if he had lived he would have been 116 years old tomorrow. That's a long time, isn't it.  I certainly am proud of all my ancestors.  

By the way I have recently found that the mother of John Gayle, Sr whose name was Elizabeth Denwood Gayle was a famous Quaker and came from an old Quaker family of Virginia and Maryland.  Her husband, George Gale, (Gayle) was a very strict member of the Church of England and had it in his will that if any of his four sons leave that Church they would be cut off without a cent.  The Gayles from Alabama must have still followed that faith for as near as I can find out they are, or were, Episcopalians (Church of England)   

If you ever get any more information of any kind,  please don't forget to tell me and be assured that I will do the same for you.  Mother sends her love and we both hope you are still in good health.  Although this is a little early we also want to wish you a "Happy Thanksgiving".

All of our love,
Lois and her mother


After carefully studying all records, I have come to the conclusion that Billups Gayle & Benjamin W. Gayle are one and the same person-sgs

Child #4 Billups Benjamin Whitehead Gayle Born CA 1803 SC Died: 1851 Liberty Co, Tex; Worked at the Bank of Mobile, Ala for several years. Benjamin W. Gayle also witnessed document for the Greening family in Sumter, SC, 1818-He would have been only abt 15 yrs of age-sgs
     (M) Anna J  P  Alexander* CA 1827/8 Ala,  Living 1880 Liberty CCo., Texas Dtr. of Edmund Lane (Benjamin W. Gayle  (M) Ann PERKINS, Wilcox Co., Ala April 23, 1828) (She is a wid. in Wrigley HH, Liberty Co., Tx)
             Children: Gayle 
              a.  Anne E. Gayle Born CA 1829 Ala     
                   Died: after 1880 -Liberty Co, Texas 
                   (M)  James Wrigley  CA 1848 Liberty Co, Texas
                           1. Leila J. Born 1850 Liberty Co, Tx
                           2. John B. Born Ca 1857 Galveston, Tx lived 1920 Dallas, Tx
                                (M) #2-Ca 1894 Janie F__________
                                      Born Ca 1872 Tx.-lived 1930 Hidalgo Co-Widow
                                      a. John B. Jr Born Ca 1895 Tx-
                                          Garage Mechanic, 1920 Dallas Co-single
                                           1930 Hidalgo Co, Tx-civil engineer
                                            (M) Gertrude 
                                                   Born Ca 1901 Tx
                                      b. James E Born Ca 1896 Tx 
                                          single 1920 Dallas Co-House carpenter
                           3. Ida E. Born Ca 1859 Liberty Co, Tx
                           4. Annie C. Born Ca 1864 Tx

        b. Carolina A. Gayle Born CA 1833 Ala  
                   (Lived1860 Liberty Co, Texas -Wrigley HH)
                   (M) _______ Bolling Ca 1857
                            1. James E. Bolling born Ca 1858 Lib. Co, Tx

        c. Billups E. Gayle Born Ca 1838 Ala 
                  Died Jan. 1853 Liberty, Tx-Obit Jan 19, 1853 
                  Ref-letter of R W Gayle to Dr Denney 

OLD LETTERS Courtesy of Vernon O Gayle, Jr.
Original was in possession of Sue Gayle Denney's dtr Anna in 1945
From Ann Gayle Wrigley (Dtr of Billups Gayle) to Sue Gayle Denney (Dtr of Richard W. Gayle)

Mrs. A L. Denny
Mrs. S A Denny
Mrs. L A Denny
Houston County, Texas

Politeness to Dr. Denny
From Mrs. Ann E Wrigley

April 7, 1851

Dear Cousin Sue:

It is needless to say how glad we all were to see the Dr. and hear from you. We began to think you all had forgotten there were such beings in existence, but you will say I ought not to complain as I have been equally negligent in writing.

I know that you will sympathize with and excuse me for the past when you think of what a painful task it would have been for me to have written and given you the particulars connected with the death of that father who idolized his children and was almost worshipped by them.

Cousin Sue, I cannot tell you what my feelings were at the time.  It seemed as though I had never appreciated or known his goodness or kind disposition until then. During his illness of three weeks not a murmur or impatient word escaped his lips.  He was thoughtful and afraid of giving trouble to others as long as he retained his senses.  It was more distressing than you can imagine for him to die without knowing or being able to speak a word of consolation. But I can no longer dwell upon a scene which is too heartrending for me to write calmly about.

We are now on a visit to Liberty the scene of many of our happiest moments.  We are living in Galveston.  I think it is a very healthy place.  The society is very good.  We enjoy many privileges that we could not in Liberty.  

We received a letter from Aunt Swept two weeks ago.  She seemed to be in excellent spirits and spoke strongly of paying us a visit this spring.  Fountain was at home when she wrote, but was expecting to have to leave soon as he has been ordered on another three year cruise.  If she comes I will write and let you know, and you must come and see us all.  I would give a fortune if I had it to see you and all of Uncle Dick's family once more, and your little girl.  Write to me and tell me if she looks like Marian.  If she does she must be a sweet child indeed.

Leila often speaks of Cousin Sue and little Mattie as though she knows you both.  She is as sweet as ever and I think as pretty and interesting.  Ma wished me to write for her, and it is night and she cannot see through her glasses well enough to write.  She sends her love. 

Carrie has gone to Houston since we left home.  The Dr. saw her when he was down. I will beg her to write to Swept and Ann and I know she will take pleasure in corresponding with them and you also, and I know nothing would gratify me more than to receive long and affectionate letters from you.  I will promise to answer all.  

It is growing late and the light is bad as well as pen, so you must excuse the short scrawl and I must say "Good night". 

Yours affectionately,

Ann Wrigley

P.S.  I was sorry I was not at home to select the dresses as you requested.  I sent by the Dr. all the patterns Ma or myself have with us.  When I return I will get some of the new spring fashions and send up to you.  Leila treasures the little ruffle because Mattie sent it and says she would like to see the little cousin that made it.  She sends by Dr. a little ring for Mattie and says she must wear it for Leila loves her little cousin.  

All send love and beg to be remembered, 

Cousin Ann W.


My dear Cousin Sue:

It is vain for me to attempt writing as my life is now a perfect blank. Time can no more heal my broken heart, as no human knows what a complete wreck my happiness is.  I enjoy nothing but the prattle and caresses of dear little Leila, his idol while living. I am, or rather I try to be,  resigned from a sense of duty but here in an aching void nothing in this world can fill but a firm unshaken trust in the promise of God that sustains and keeps me up.  May God in his mercy spare you from such an affliction.

My love to Martha and the whole family.  I may come and see you all this summer. 

Yours more than Aunt

A. Gayle

Old Letter, from B. Adain?, Turtle Bayou, to Hon. B. Gayle, Liberty, Texas 
Sept 25, 1851 (Courtesy of Vernon O Gayle, Jr)

Hon B. Gayle
Liberty, Texas

Dear Sir:

You will please say to James Wrigley that I have made the money on the Judgment of his against Dunn but Merritt is a hard one.  I think he has more corn than the law allowed him and he had better levy on it but the constable on this beat is not much force, etc.

The note on Booth's against Clayton & others the Judgment was not obtained until the 30th of May & the Execution? was stayed ninety days & they intend giving a levy & forfeiting the bond and taking the benefit of the time allowed for making the money under another Executor.  The money will not be made short of December, but it will be certain then.  If he is needy I would share the debt if I could make 5%.

Owing to the death of Mr. Wiggins that claim on him for pills has not been paid but Mrs. Wiggins says she will pay it next Court without fail.  I have been absent some time is the reason why I did not answer your letters sooner.  If you have Hartley's digest in your office for me, please send it to me by my mail rider next Thursday, as I am going to send another rider & let the one that is now riding come home and he can bring it.  If it is necessary to give you a receipt for it, just write such a one as you want and place it in the book & I will sign and return it to you postpaid the first mail.

If Mr. Wrigley wishes his money sent to him by mail write by the bearer or I can send it by the rider next Wednesday.


B. Adain.

Alabama Land records-Billups Gayle (T/S, Range, Sect)
8/12/1834 Doc 13685 Cahaba 77.20 Ac 14N-8E-7
4/08/1835 Doc 88 Cahaba .50 Ac 18N-19E-18 (Wetumpka T/S)
4/08/1835 Doc 89 Cahaba .50 Ac 18N-19E-18 (Wetumpka T/S)
4/04/1835 Doc 227 Cahaba 5.00 Ac 18N-19E-18
3/30/1837 Doc 7970-Demopolis 640 A 14N-5E-22 (Assignee of David E. Moore & John T. Lomax
3/30/1837 Doc 8211 Demop. 160 A 14N-5E-21
Alabama Land records-(BLM) Benjamin W. Gayle
4/14/1828 Doc # 3451 Cahaba LO 80.25 Ac 14N-7E-14 (land in Wilcox Co) 

Wilcox Co, Ala, Marriages
9/9/1824 Thompson Jackson/Mary Brantley, Sec: B. W. Gayle
5/15/1825 Emery McGraw/Nancy Campbell, Sec: Benjamin W. Gayle
6/30/1825, Wiley Jones/Pamelia Sloan, Sec: Benjamin W. Gayle
1/13/1825, Wm Hobbs/Bethenia Conner, Sec: B. B. Gayle
Benjamin W Gayle-Ann Perkins April 23, 1828

DB A, P 101 Wilcox Co, Ala- Benjamin W. Gayle, Tax Collector Bond

DB B, P 286 Wilcox Co, Ala-Benjamin W. Gayle & wife, Ann, of Wilcox Co.  to Caleb Etheridge 80.25 Acres, Wilcox Co, Dec, 15, 1828


Child #5- Elizabeth  Swepson Gayle  Born CA 1805 Sumter, SC  Died: After June 10, 1870 Census, Mobile, Ala Buried Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala (No Marker) where her children & gr/children are buried

(M) November 3, 1825 Dallas Co., Ala. by I. Hadden, MG-Handwritten note used.
Dr Jabez Wiggins Heustis, Born Ca 1784 St John, New Brunswick
Died: 1841 Talladega Springs, Alabama Occ: Physician/ Surgeon, Author, Planter-Official Army List, 1815-1900- P 37l- Jabez W. Heustis-Born in LA. Appointed from La, Major Surgeon, 2nd Infantry, April 2, 1814, Disbanded; June 15, 1815; Post Surgeon Nov 12, 1817-Resigned Dec 31, 1819
Dr. Heustis entered about 1500 AC land, TWP 14N &15N,.Range 8E,    Cahaba Land Office, between May, 1831 and October 1835
Cahaba & Marion RR was charted by the Ala Legislature in an Act
which was approved on January 18, 1834- Among the Directors named was Jabez W. Heustis of Dallas Co.. He was replaced Dec. 22, 1836-(Ref-The Story of Selma by Walter M. Jackson)

BLM Land Records-Alabama
Name/Land Office/Acres, Date
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 85.5 May 17, 1831
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80.75 December 01, 1831
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80.75 December 01, 1831
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80 September 1, 1832
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 75.75 January 21, 1834
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 40.375 June 12, 1834
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 75.75 June 12, 1834
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 40.26 June 12, 1834
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80.75 August 05, 1834
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 75.75 October 08, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80 October 14, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80 October 14, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80 October 14, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80.75 October 14, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 80 October 14, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 40.37 April 08, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 76 October 15, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 76 October 15, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 38 October 15, 1835
JABEZ W HEUSTIS CAHABA 37.87 October 15, 1835

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875
Senate Executive Journal --SATURDAY, September 21, 1850.

Washington, September 20, 1850.
To the Senate of the United States:
I nominate: long list, Incl:
James F. Heustis, of Alabama, to be an assistant surgeon in the Navy, to fill the vacancy created by the promotion of Edward J. Rutter.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1848-1852
MONDAY, September 30, 1850.

Mr Yulee, from the committee on Naval Affairs, to whom were referred, the 21st instant, the nominations of Archibald MacRae, Robert H. Wyman, Edward A. Barnett, Nathaniel C. Bryant, George B. Balch, Jonathan M. Wainwright, Foxhall A Parker, Edward I. Rutter, James F. Heustis, and Edmund C. Bittinger, and, on the 28th instant that of Isaac G. Strain, reported.
Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent to the appointment of the said persons, agreeably to their nominations respectively.

Washington, March 30th, 1858.
To the Senate of the United States:
I nominate, long list, Incl:
H. B. Trist, of the District of Columbia, to be assistant surgeon in the Navy, from the 10th of June, 1857, vice Passed Assistant Surgeon James F. Heustis, resigned.

          (1)  James Fountain Heustis (Noted Physician/Surgeon/Author)
                Born: Nov 15, 1829 Dallas Co, Ala 
                Died Aug 27, 1891  Mobile, Ala -Magnolia Cem, Mobile, Ala         
                (CSA-23rd Ala Infantry-Surgeon)

                (M) #1  Annette  Margaret "Anna" ____ Born CA 1836 Mass., Died Aug 24, 1860 Buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Al   (had 2 dtrs)

                  (a). Agnes Died Apr 2, 1859, Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala

                  (b) Laura W. Born CA 1859 Ala  Died March 16, 1918 Mobile, Ala 
                                       (M) C W Rich, Feb 27, 1883 Mobile, Ala

  Dr. James F. Heustis (M) #2- Rachael Leila Lyons about 1864
                  She was Born October 2, 1838 SC 
                  Died Mar.29, 1930 buried Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala. 
                 ( Note: among the ten chn of this marr was the noted artist
                  Louise Lyons Heustis.)
                  Children : Heustis (#2 wife Had 10 children-6 living 1900 Census)

                 (c) Louise Lyons Born Nov 2, 1865  Mobile, Ala Died Oct. 10, 1951 Bur: Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala (Portrait Artist-Lived NY City)

          (d) Eva Born Dec. 15, 1867 Mobile, Ala Died Mar. 18, 1868-Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala

(e) James Fountain, Jr Nov 17, 1868 Mobile, Ala Died July 14, 1869 Magnolia Cem., Mobile,Ala
                 (f) Randolph Lyons born Mobile, Ala Feb 23, 1870 Died Nov 27, 1872 Mobile, Ala-Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala
                 (g) Mabel Elizabeth Born Feb 13, 1872 Mobile, Ala 
                      Died: Dec. 11, 1954 Mobile, Ala- Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala
                      Vocal Teacher, Mobile, Ala 1930 Did not Marry
                 (h) Rosalie (Rodie) Born March 1873, Mobile Ala
                      Died July 1, 1956 Jefferson Co, Ala
                      Lived 1910-1930 Birmingham, Ala
                      (M) George Huntington Clark April 17, 1901 Mobile, Ala Born Ca 1860 Rhode Island Died Nov 30, 1941
Birmingham, Jefferson Co, Ala;  Real Estate Agent, 1910 Birmingham, Ala; Mining Engineer, 1920, 1930 Birmingham, Ala

             Children: Clark
                             1. James Heustis Born Ca 1903 Birmingham, Ala Died Oct. 27, 1958 Jefferson Co, Ala; 1930 Birmingham, Ala, Single, Engineer, Steel Mill
                             2. George Huntington, Jr Born Ca 1906 Birmingham, Ala; Died Oct. 2, 1959 Jefferson Co, Ala-1930 Birmingham, Ala Single, Chemist, Steel Mill

(i) James Fountain Born June 5, `1874 Mobile, Ala Died Jan 18, 1875 Mobile, Ala, Buried Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala
                 (j) Robert Liston Born Nov 27, 1875 Mobile, Ala-(Moved to Belize, ran the Bank of British Honduras IIn 1930 lived in Los Angeles, Calif-Bank Executive; Died Dec 29, 1952 Los Angeles Co., California
                      (M) Norah K. ______ Abt 1907
                             Born Ca 1887 England
                             1. Lola Born 1908 Alabama (single 1930 LA, Calif)
                             2. Robert L., Jr. Born July 11, 1909 Honduras 
                                 Died Aug., 1983 Seattle, King Co., Washington
                                 (single 1930 Los Angeles,  Calif)
                 (k) Pattie Jones Born Sept., 1879 Mobile,  Ala
                      (M) William Bothwell Paterson Dec 6, 1900 Mobile, Ala; Born Ca 1876 Canada Died Feb., 1933 Mobile, Ala; Merchant,  Mobile, Ala 1910-1930

             Children: Paterson
                             1. William B., Jr. Born Ca 1903 Ala (Missing 1930)
                             2. Rachael Heustis Born Ca 1909 Ala 
                                 (M) Richard C Luce, Nov 26, 1930 Mobile, Ala
                                 (M) #2 Francis Deliesseline Lowe Dec 31, 1943 Mobile, Ala
                (l) Rhetta Fountain "Ritta" Born Dec, 1880 Mobile, Ala 
                      Died pr to Jan 28, 1935
                      (M) Joseph A Mc Phillips JR Nov 4, 1903 Mobile, Born Ca 1878 Ala Died June 1, 1948 Mobile, Ala

            Children: McPhillips
                             1. Frank Born Ca 1913 Ala
                             Joseph A McPhillips Jr (M) #2 Carolyn R Leatherbury, Jan 28, 1935 Mobile, Ala

Slave Narratives,
State: Alabama Interviewee: Birdsong, Nelson
Nelson's wife, Virginia, came from a family of slaves, although she was not one herself. She said her folks were owned by Mr. Joe Pickett of Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama. She said she just can remember Mr. Joe taking her in his buggy, and she called him "Toe-Toe," as she couldn't say his name plainly. She also said as she grew older she always spoke of Mr. Joe as "my Papa," instead of "my master," for "he sho' was good to me." She remembers her mother being chambermaid on the "Old Eleanora," a boat on the Alabama river, and as a small child going back and forth on the boat with her. When they finally settled in Mobile, her mother worked for the family of Dr. Heustis who lived in the corner house now occupied by the new Federal Court House and Custom House, at St. Louis and St. Joseph streets.

2)   Jabez William Heustis Jr   Born Jany., 1837 died Mobile, Ala. prior to 1910; Occ: Businessman, Mobile, Ala. (CSA-SGT- Co H 21 Ala Infantry)
             (M) Mary Bullock  Nov 27, 1860 Mobile, Ala
                     Born 1839 died prior to 1900 Mobile, Ala
       Children: Heustis
          (a) Mary Anita born 1863 (Jan, 1866) Mobile  
                died Nov, 1937 Mobile, Ala-did not marry
                single school teacher, 1930 Mobile, Ala
          (b) Elizabeth B. "Bessie" Born Ca 1865 Mobile
                (M) Edward Dickson July 3, 1889 Mobile, Ala
          (c) Jabez William III  Born March, 1869 Mobile
               single, 1910-1930 Mobile, Ala; Clerk, RR 
               died Dec 25, 1940  Mobile, Ala
          (d) Allene S. Born Ca 1873 (Dec, 1877)  Mobile, Ala
                Died Jan 4, 1945 Mobile, Ala
               (M) Clarence C. Crutcher June 30, 1903
                      Born Ca 1873 Ala Died Jan 5, 1953 Mobile, Ala;  Salesman,  Mobile, Ala 1910-1930

                 Children: Crutcher
                       1. William Heustis born Ca 1907 Mobile, Ala
                       2. Clarence C Jr. Born Ca 1911 Mobile, Ala
                            (M) Margaret Anne Rademaker Sept 28, 1943 Mobile, Ala

 (3)  Celsus Heustis   Born________ Died: CA 1847 TEXAS   His mother took his body back to Alabama for burial

1830 Dallas Co, Ala -Jabez W Heustis P 96
2 Males Und 5, 1 M 30-40
1 F 20-30 & 4 slaves

1840 Mobile Co, Ala J W Heustis P 079
1 M 50-60, 1 M 10-15, 1 M 5-10, 1 M Und 5 (James Fountain, Celsus & Jabez Wm)
1 F 30-40, 1 F 15-20 this is NOT their dtr, as they had no dtrs-sgs
& 15 slaves

Did not locate 1850 Alabama Index

July 18,1860 Mobile, Ala (City of Mobile) WD6, P 146 HH1283-1322   James F. Heustis 30M Ala Physician, $500; Annita " 24F Mass; Laura W. " 1F  Ala, Martha Ennis 20F Ala Nurse; Elizabeth S. Heustis  53F SC $1,000/3,000; Jabez W. " 24M Clerk, Ala; Mary Lamb 9F Canada

June 22, 1870 Mobile City WD 2, Mobile Co., Ala P 2 HH 40-45 J W Heustus 33WM Cotton Sampler, Ala; Mary B. " 31WF Ala, Mary A. " 7WF Ala; Bessie B " 5WF Ala;  Willie " 2WM Ala

June 10, 1870 Mobile City, Ward 2, Mobile Co., Ala HH 133-146 M A Leslie 39WF Ala Operates Boarding House-SEV Boarders & Mrs. Heustis 63WF VA (SC) (Elizabeth Swepson Gayle Heustis)

HH 124-147WD 2, Mobile City  J F Heustis 40WM Ala Physician Ala $7500.; R L " 30WF SC;  Laura W. " 11WF Ala @ School; Louise " 4WF  Ala;  Randolph " 3/12WM Ala (Born Feb), Mary Lamb 20WF NY @ home; Laura Heustis 30 Bl Fe, Dom. Servant; Peter Heustis 30 BL M Dom Servant, Amanda Heustis 25 BL FE Dom. Servant

Rachel (Jas. F.) Heustis Mar 1930 Mobile 
Mary A Heustis Nov 1937 Mobile 26777 
Jabez W Heustis 25 Dec 1940 Mobile 28369 
Mabel E Heustis 11 Dec 1954 Mobile 24816
Alene H. Crutcher 04 Jan 1945 Mobile 1282
Clarence C. Crutcher 05 Jan 1953 Mobile 1548
Joseph A McPhillips 01 June 1948 Mobile, Vol 26 Cert 12562
George H Clark 02 Oct 1959 Jefferson 21417
George H Clark 30 Nov 1941 Jefferson 24617
James H Clark 27 Oct 1958 Jefferson 22311
Rosalie H Clark 01 July 1956 Jefferson 14228
William Bothwell Paterson Feb, 1933 Mobile 03549
Laura Hustis (Heustis) Rich 16 March 1918 Mobile 


Leocadie Christine Gueringer, only daughter of Louis & Irene Alvarez Gueringer, b. 10 Apr 1845, Mobile, d. 3 May 1867, buried in the Dr.Heustis plot, no tombstone; never married. (Dr. Heustis signed the death record for Leocadie.)

Heustis, Jabez W., b. 1837, d. 1900
Heustis, Mary Bullock, wife of Jabez W. Heustis, b. Apr. 17, 1839, d. Nov. 4, 1884
Heustis, Dr. James Fountain, b. 15 NOV 1829 d. 27 AUG 1891
Heustis, Rachel Lyons, wife of Dr. James Fountain Heustis, b. in Columbia, SC 2 OCT 1838d. 29 MAR 1930

(Heustis, Eva, b. 15 DEC 1867 d. 18 MAR 1868;

(Heustis, James Fountain, Jr., b. 17 NOV 1868 d. 14 JUL 1869

(Heustis, Randolph Lyons, b. 23 FEB 1870 d. 27 NOV 1872;

(Heustis, James Fountain, b. 5 JUN 1874 d. 18 JAN 1875 (Children of Dr. James F. & Rachel Lyons Heustis (all four names on same stone)

Heustis, Mabel Elizabeth, b. 13 FEB 1872 d. 11 DEC 1954
Heustis, Anna Margaret, wife of Dr. J.F. Heustis, d. 25 AUG 1860
Heustis, Louise Lyons, b. 2 Nov. 1865 d. 10 April 1951
Heustis, Agnes, first born of Dr. James Fountain & Anna Margaret Heustis, d. 2 APR 1859

HEUSTIS , JABEZ W /BULLOCK , MARY 11/27/1860 Vol 18, P 234
HEUSTIS , ALLENE /C C CRUTCHER 06/30/1903 37-629
HEUSTIS , LAURA W /RICH , C W 02/27/1883 29-464

1890-2 Mobile City Directory:
Howard M. Heustis, clerk, Michael Lyons & Co, SW cr. State & Conception
Jabez W. Heustis, timber inspector, W/S Franklin 2 North St. Michael
Jabez W. Heustis, Jr. clerk, auditor's office, M&ORR  Same add. above
James F. Heustis, Physician/Surgeon office SW Cr. St. Louis & St. Joseph
Miss Anita Heustis, teacher, Girl's High School Barton Academy SW CR State & Conception 105 N. Franklin
Robert M. Heustis, clerk, Wm. H. Ross &Co. 115 St. Joseph (1891)
William J. Heustis, clerk, general auditor's office, M&ORR, 105 N. Franklin(1892)
Miss Lodie Heustis, Portrait artist, 115 St. Joseph (1892)
Rachael L. Heustis, Widow Dr. James F. 115 St. Joseph (1892)
Liston R. Heustis, clerk. Wm. H. Ross & Co. 115 St. Joseph

ROBERT HEUSTIS 11 Jul 1909 Aug 1983 Seattle, King, Washington Iss'd California (Before 1951 ) 
ROBERT HEUSTIS 28 Dec 1935 Nov 1983 Iss'd California (Before 1951 ) 

OLD LETTER  Courtesy Vernon O. Gayle, Jr
from Elizabeth Gayle Heustis to brother Richard W Gayle
Original was in possession of Sue Gayle Denny's dtr Anna Denny 1945

To Richard W. Gayle
Liberty Village
Liberty County

The Postmaster will confer signal favors upon the writer of this if he can forward this to Mr. Gayle immediately.

Mobile, February 18, 1848

My dear Brother:

It has been a long, very long time since I have heard from any of you in Texas, although I have written and written, I get no answer to any letters, and have no other intelligence whatever.

Last October, Walter Whitehead came, he said immediately from your house, but brought me not even a script of a few lines from a living soul.  My disappointment was so great that I threw myself on the sofa and took a good cry, for it seemed all on earth I loved and could call my own have erased me from their hearts and their memory;  even Sue whom I have even fondly called  mine, had not even sent me a good word or a wish of love.  Walter spent a month and more with me.  He was in very bad health, having chills and fever all the time.

He told me a good deal of news from both your and Billups' families, the saddest of all, that Toney was not expected to live.  We have heard nothing since and fear to hear lest she be dead, but if she was I think the bad news would have reached us before this.

Walter told us too that Ann was to be married in November to a young merchant of Liberty, whose name I have forgotten, and that Sue was to be married to a Dr. Denny at some early date, but the time was not fixed when he left.  He spoke of both of the young gentlemen as worthy, excellent men.  Notwithstanding I should rejoice to hear of the prosperity of those I love best on earth, yet I have mourned and grieved ever since.  I can't bear to think I shall never more see you all, and that each link of the family are growing closer to Texas.

I would come over this spring and make you a visit, if I could, but the times are so hard with me, I am not able to get money to defray my expenses.  Fountain has been in Orleans two winters attending the Medical Lecture, and this has strained every place in my purse to keep him above board.  He is there at this time and will be until the first of April, at which time the Lectures close, and he will then have M.D. prefixed to his name as he expects to graduate this time.  He feels prepared to go forward, though he is three years too young according to law for he was only eighteen the 15th of last November and he should be 21 at least before he graduates.  He has always been extremely studious and looks as though he is 25.

If Sue is not married, and I do hope she is not, I will send Fountain over for her the 1st of April before he comes home from Orleans.  You and Martha can't have the heart to object or to refuse to let her come.  I am lonely and bereaved, and desolate, and now that Fountain will be obliged to leave me to go forth to make his own bread, I will be worse off than ever.  

Jabez and I have the whole family.  I have had cousin Lev's (Levin's) Daughter staying with me for the last year.  She is beautiful and a lovely girl, but now that her mother is moved to Mobile and is a widow too, and she is the only daughter,  she, of course wants her with her so I am left entirely alone again.

Cousin Levin died the 7th of last October (1847)  He had been in bad health a long time, the effects of intemperance and being immoral must have an end.  So it killed him.  His son John went the same way, but died from drowning by falling overboard on his way to Mexico to enlist as a soldier.  Poor fellow, he was a grief to his family for many years.

I got letters from brothers Matt & Watt last week.  Brother Matt was moving to Wetumpka and Watt was still boarding in Cahaba. Several of brother Matt's children are ill, and some always are.  This is the reason he leaves there. Watt's wife came down and spent the month with me last December.  She is a charming and beautiful woman and I love her a great deal.  I never saw her until she came to see us.  

I have not seen Jack to speak to him or his wife since Celsus died. Since he took the dear boy's watch from me, I will never think of him as any brother again and he is no more to me than any other human.  This is a painful subject and I will say no more about it. Let the world go on as it may send me Sue and I will try and be happy yet, the little time I have to live.

Fountain is a good boy and is a great treasure to me.  You would be surprised to see how tall he is, at least six feet high, is quite handsome, too, and as steady as a clock, and better than all, loves his poor mother dearly, and does all he can to fill up the loss of his father and brother.

Oh me.  I can't bear to think that Sue is married.  If she is not, write to me and let me know if she is.  Send me Swep and I will adopt her as my own daughter if you will let me have her.  

I don't know how those lawsuits of Gayle and Brown will go with me, but they will be decided this month.  My lawyers think they will win, though they may be flattering me.  If I can keep what we have,  it is enough and I can live comfortably and educate Jabez respectably.  If I lose everything, I can still have him educated.  Although Mr. Merril is married he is my true friend and will always do all he can for me and my family.

Cousin John is a member of Congress, and is in Washington City.  Amelia went with him.  Clara and her two children are in Greensboro City boarding till his return which will not be till next June.  Matt is in the country practicing medicine and Dick is with May Lolla in his ward-house.  This is all I can tell you about C. John and family.

William is a little steadier than he used to be and is still in Cahaba.

I am living in the city on Dauphin Street, opposite the Mississippi Hotel. I could not live in the country alone and Jabez was obliged to be sent to school.

Do write to me very soon.  I long to hear from each one and all of you and particularly to know if Sue is married or not and whether you will let her come and live with me, if I send Fountain over after her.  If she will see the blots on this sheet, which are tears streaming and dribbling from my eyes.  My heart is there with you, if thus body can never come.

My love to you,
Your sister,
E. S. Heustis

My Note-Walter Whitehead (Physician & Merchant of Tyler Co, Tx) is a 1st cousin, being s/o William Whitehead, brother to Nancy Whitehead, mother of the Gayle children-sgs

Letter #2 undated, but after 1850

Mobile, Alabama

My dear Sue:

I can not express to you the sight of your well known handwriting, when I saw your letter, afforded me, and the postmark Liberty, Texas assured me a message from dear loved friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this moment of lasting affection. It seems truly that every one else of my family there have forgotten me but you, and among the faithless faithful only thee.

I am grieved to hear of yours and the Doctor's bad health, but you must not get low spirited for slight afflictions are only mercies in disguise.  We ought to be  sick sometimes to now how to value good health.  You will think of me dear Sue, a Job's comforter; far from it.  I sincerely sympathize with you and feel truly sorry that you have been suffering so long.

I never knew what one days good health was for years, of my married life.  It is just like I was myself, in the early years of my married life.  If you could see me now you would not realize that I was ever a delicate wife for I am so fat and healthy, it would surprise you.  I think I must weigh at least 200, and hardly ever have even a headache.

Oh, how I long to see Marian. I can imagine how delighted you must be with such a dear little plaything. It is indeed a beautiful name and I don't think you could have found a prettier. I wish that I was near enough to you to muse you out of the blues and help caress this little darling.  When I want so much to see and know your husband. Can you not, if you go with the Doctor to visit his family, come by Mobile and let us once more gladden my soul with the sight of you once more?  You ought to go with him, Sue, for his family would be so delighted to see you.  

Oh, was so glad to hear from you all again.  Toney Bell, Ann, nor any of the family ever write to me anymore than if they never knew me and as to brother Dick and Martha, they never do even think me worth the trouble of a letter.

It seems half a life-time since I bade you all farewell when you left for Texas.  Jack told Fountain several weeks since that he was hourly expecting Uncle Dick in Mobile.  I strained my eyes and after all he has not come still.  I made up my mind to go home with him and that to bring Swept back with me, but after working myself half to death to get ready, I find that it is all a hoax.

Martha has plenty of children to spare me Swept. I would do everything in the wide world for her the same as my own child. Then she would be a comfort and company to me.  If I could not come over myself I will try and send Fountain over after her in November or December.  I would be afraid to trust him in that sickly climate before winter.  Tell Martha she need feel no scruples about the money part. As long as I have a dollar to command I will ever divide it and share it with Swept and I will do everything to improve her that lies in my power.

am now living in the country on Government Street about a mile and a half from the City Corporation.  The place is a neat, pretty, little cottage and I have made quite a beautiful flower garden  already here, though I have only occupied it here since January. Besides, we have had an excellent vegetable garden here all spring.  I begin to feel once more like being at home and having plenty around me as in days of old Lang Syne. 

You asked me to tell you all I know about everything and everybody.  If I do that,  dear child, where under the sun would I stop?

So far as I am able I will give you a short history of our own immediate family and of those with whom you were intimate as a child.  Beginning with those nearest and dearest would be my own two children.  Fountain, as you have heard,  was appointed Assistant Surgeon two years ago, and has been waiting all this time for his commission and orders.  He expects by Jan. or Feb. to be called into service and if so you know how desolate I will be left.

How can Martha refuse to let me have Swept?  I was provoked enough when you got married for I had built many castles in the air and had many a daydream for my future happiness and enjoyment in society.  But God orders all things for the best no doubt, and of course you are happier with a devoted husband than you could possibly have been with me or any other person. But please do not let Swept follow your example until I lay claim on her.

My congratulations to Ben.  Tell him I say never to mind the poverty if he has health and industry.  Tell him to put his trust in providence and he will never be forsaken. Ann must be nearly grown, too. 

How swiftly time flies.  It seems only yesterday when you were a beautiful, blushing, friendly, little girl, the admiration of every eye and the favorite of all your relations.  I would ask a thousand questions about Toney and her daughter.  I am glad to hear they are in good health and that Ann has married to please them, the family, so well. 

Walter told me that Ann's husband had fits; does he have them now?  I wonder that they could be willing to a match of this kind.  I hope she will be more fortunate this time and delight them all with a fine son.

Amelia and Mary are still single, they are so select and hold their heads so high they can find no one they deem their equals.  They are both excellent girls and must be admired, too.  But still, it amounts to nothing.  

Ann, cousin Sue's daughter, has been more of a belle than either of them.  She was married in June to Dick Owen, who was a school boy with my boys when you were here.  I think she has done very well, indeed.  Dick is a promising young lawyer with good prospects before him.  

Mary is at one of the watering places at this time, and Amelia is at Blader Springs.  When they return I will deliver to Mary your message.  Marie is now in her 16th year and is quite a grown woman.  She is by far the most animated of either of them and the most accomplished. She plays on the piano finely, and speaks French fluently.  Dick is in California and is a midshipman on a man-of-war.  Matt is a doctor but a perfect blank in his profession.  Cousin John has set him up 4 or 5 times at different places, but he is back on his hands as often.  Sarah has 3 children only, but has repeated abortions. 

Of brother Matt's family I can tell you but little.  I visited Cahaba two years ago, but Ann treated me so badly, and I stayed at the Hotel where Watt and his wife were boarding three weeks without seeing her, till her little girl was ill and died.  I went when she sent for me and her agonized grief was terrible as it was her favorite child that died. I left Cahaba the next day when it was a corpse and this is the last I have heard from her.

Brother Matt is living here in Montgomery.  What he is doing I did not know.  He said when I saw him last he was ruined and blaming both Dick and Brother Bill.

Jack & Ella I know nothing about.  I have not seen or spoken to Jack for more than three years.  They moved away from Mobile a year or two ago, but they came back again, and I think are in the country now.

William is still in Cahaba.  I have written him and asked him to come live with me when Fountain goes away, but as yet I have not gotten an answer from him.

Watt lives in Cahaba.  I like his wife very much, but she is much too bold yet she is very pleasant and warm hearted with this is after my own heart.  They have two little girls.  They call the youngest Sally.  

My old friend and favorite Mr. Merille, married Miss Bell.  They have had two children, daughters.  The youngest they have lost. He is a real Yankee and I hate him even as much as I used to love him,  and he is not the same man he was when you knew him.  He is sordid as he can be. 

My beloved Dora has proved a Judas, too.  A little prosperity has turned their heads and they believe themselves such Christians as to be ready to enter the 7th heaven.  What a pity that money has such an influence on soft heads.

Clarissa and cousin John moved in the even tenor of their ways.  Clarissa will be confined again next month.  She has but two children living and they are both very promising.  She is very much distressed to be again a mother for she says that cousin John is so old and in case of his death, they could be so poor that the circumstance is truly unfortunate and I think so too.

Fountain returned from a six weeks cruise around the coast of Florida visiting all the villages on the coast and Tampa and Key West.  He is delighted with the trip and is pleased with a seafaring life though caught in two pretty tough squalls.  He brought me a beautiful collection of shells and a fine quantity of delicious pineapples.  How I wish you were near enough to send you a dozen or so.  

My love to everyone of the family and to all the negroes howdy.  Write me all about them.  I want to hear from Willy and Lump and all of them.

Tell Swept to be ready for Fountain for Fountain will be there in a little while.  

My love to the Doctor, though I have never seen him, and a thousand kisses to dear little Marian.  

God Bless you, Goodbye
Your Affectionate Aunt Swept


Child #6. George Washington "Wat" Gayle Born Ca 1807 SC 
     Died: April 9, 1875 Selma, Dallas Co, Ala -lived @ Cahaba 

Publication: The Birmingham Iron Age, Thursday, April 22, 1875 "Died, in Selma, April 9th, Col. Geo. W. Gayle"

"Livingston Journal", April 16, 1875-"Col. George W. Gayle, an old and prominent citizen of Dallas, died last Saturday."

Occupation Attorney, Representative to the Alabama State Legislature from Dallas County, 1833-34, 1845-46,  U.S. Atty. in Alabama during the Van Buren administration. An ardent States Rights Democrat & Confederate patriot, & frequent political editorialist in various ante-bellum and war-era Alabama newspapers.

Diary of Charles Etchison Lavender, M.D. 1832-1834 page transcribed by Michael Vaughn Sims from photocopy
Saturday night April 19th (1834)

How vain it is to form a resolution against all the strong [heaps?/brasses?] of our nature. But stop my pen, utter not another word, lest in anger I dash the[e] from the liquid fount that makes the[e] prolific. I have no business and less inclination. I stay at home. Recd. a very polite invitation from Esqr. Gayle of Cahaba to a party at his house in a few days. Talked politics with the uncle and laughed with the nieces, Mrs. [cut off]

Alabama Land Records-George W. Gayle
Aug 8, 1832 Doc 9321 158.75 AC Cahaba LO T/S 15N, R7E, Sect 35
Oct 1, 1835 Doc #19917 121.8 A T/S 15N, R7E, Sect 7 Cahaba LO
Oct 1, 1835 Doc #19918, 81.2A, T/S 15N, R73, Sect 7 Cahaba LO
Aug 2, 1837 Doc #26954  165.25 Ac.-T/S13N,R6E, Sect 12,Wilcox Co (George W. Gayle/John A. English)
Aug 2, 1837 Doc #26955 153.25 AC Wilcox Co, T/S  T/S 13N, R6E, Sect 1 (John A English/George W Gayle)
July 28, 1838 Doc # 29325 48.05 Ac Cahaba LO, T/S 15N, R10E, Sect 5

U. S. House of Rep. Private Claims, Vol 3-Congress 24, Session 2 Journal P 647, 894, Also session 3, P 431  (Feb, 1839) Bill 793- Referred to Claims Committee- Claimant: A. J. Pickett & George W. Gayle-Nature of claim-Compensation for services as aid-de-camp to the governor of Alabama, in organizing volunteers in 1836-Report-Favorable

Senate of the United States, Executive Journal Jan 15, 1838, P 61:
"I nominate to the Senate George W. Gayle, of Mobile, to be Attorney of the United States for the southern district of Alabama, in the place of John Forsythe, junior, resigned." Signed: M. Van Buren, President of the United States (Ref: Century of Lawmaking

George W. Gayle was appointed to the Board of Trustees, for the Dallas Male &  Female Academy, January, 1845 (Ref: The Story of Selma, Walter M. Jackson)

George W Gayle, Lee's Bttn., Ala Lt Artillery,- CSA
George W. Gayle, Priv. Co G, 3 Ala Inf.- CSA

He was arrested in June, 1865 "for conspiracy in the assassination of Pres. Lincoln",  but was released in October, 1865 without a trial. It was determined Mr. Gayle had nothing to do with the assassination of President Lincoln. 

 Mr. Gayle had run an ad in the Selma Dispatch on December 1, 1864 which reads- " $1,000,000. wanted-to Have Peace by the first of March.  If the citizens of the Southern Confederacy will furnish me with the cash, or good security, for the sum of $1,000,000. I will cause the lives of Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward and Andrew Johnson to be taken by the 1st of March next.  This will give us peace, and satisfy the world that cruel tyrants cannot live in a 'land of liberty'.  If this is not accomplished, nothing will be claimed beyond the sum of $50,000. in advance, which is supposed to be necessary to reach and slaughter the three villains.  I will give, myself,  $1000. toward this patriotic purpose.  Everyone willing to contribute will address Box X, Cahawba, Alabama."  

The Story of Selma-Walter M. Jackson-P 209- July 10, 1865-the Daily Selma Times (from the Washington Republican)
" The author of that vile advertisement has been arrested, and this morning, he arrived in this city (Washington), having been brought from New Orleans in charge of Capt. Mehaffey of the1st United States Infantry.  His name is Gayle, a lawyer, belonging in Cahawba, Alabama, ten miles from Selma.  Gayle is a tall, raw-boned individual, coarse featured, well-bronzed with the Southern climate. He is dressed in light gray pants, butternut colored coat, over which is a linen garment, and wears a well battered, black stove-pipe hat. Mr. Gayle appears to be about 45 years of age, and his gray, hawk-like eyes, with strongly marked "crows-feet" in their corners, which give him the appearance of a shrewd,, cold-blooded rascal.
He says it is his intention to secure the services of the Hon. Reverdy Johnson and Jas. T. Brady for his defense."  
Mr. Gayle claimed this ad was a joke. He was released without trial.

Source: Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins, editor, The Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878  (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, 1995), pages 167-176.(Husband of Amelia Gayle, Dtr of Gov. John Gayle)


Saturday, [May 27 1865]
Saw [U. S.] Gen. A. J. Smith & asked him as to the policy of his Govt toward the members of Conf. Congress & Govt. & also toward army officers. [He] Tho't army officers would not be molested, & has no orders to make arrests. He has grown very old & gray since I saw him 20 years ago. He is a man of moderate calibre a good soldier no doubt and seems to give satisfaction. Talked with freedom as to my coming South at the beginning of the war. He is himself from Tenn. Found Dr. Potts at his room, who is also from the old Army, & had served with Smith. Left M[ontgomery] at 4 Steamer Coquette (U.S. Qr.M Dept.) with horses and ambulance on board. Ex Gov. A. B. Moore [at the time of Alabama's secession convention], & Col [George W.] Gayle came on board, the first accompanied by a Yankee officer, & in arrest; the second under guard, two sentinels constantly sitting over him with muskets. He foolishly it seems published an offer to be one of a number that should make up a purse of a million dollars, as a reward to assassinate Lincoln [Seward, and Andrew Johnson. Gayle was jailed for several months until officials decided he had nothing to do with Lincoln's death]. Gov M[oore] kindly said to me as I left him that if he came back safely he could be of service to me. (MY Note-Gen. Gorgas was a son-in-law to Gov. John Gayle)

"The Montgomery Ledger" issue of October 18, 1865-"Col. G. W. Gayle--We were pleased to see Col. Gayle, of Dallas County, in our city yesterday, having just been released from prison at Fort Pulaski.  He appears to be in wretched health, the mere shadow of his former self."

"Minutes of City Court at Selma" 1866-9 P 1 March 5th, 1866 Organizational meeting of the Court. Names of Attorneys present, with W. S, Burr, Judge presiding: Names of 19 Attorneys Incl: George W. Gayle

H.R. Journal 15 April, 1872- a bill (H.R.2279) for the removal of the disabilities of James D. Craig, A. D. Brazil, G. W. Gayle, and J. P. Jones, Citizens of Alabama.

Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States
Gaylesville ; town in Cherokee County, Alabama , named for George W. Gayle , a prominent politician of the State.

George W. Gayle (M) #1 CA 1834 Ala  Margaret Kornegay , niece of Sen. & VP William R. King

Children: Gayle
A. Thomas King Gayle -Born CA 1835 Dallas Co, Ala-
                       died in Cuba

B. Margaret King Gayle Born CA 1841 Dallas Co, Ala  
                      Died: 1861 Dallas Co., Ala Will Pro Oct. 5, 1861 
                      by HJF Coleman
             (M) Thomas C  Brown July 7, (26th) 1859 
                    at St Luke's Episcopal Church -No children
WB B, P 235 Will of Margaret K. Brown, W/o Thomas C. Brown-Estate to any child or children I may have surviving me at the time of my death. If no child or children survives me, then whole estate to my husband, Thos. C. Brown. Exr: Thos C. Brown. May 11, 1861 Wts: Hampton J. P. Coleman, Robt. D. Hoot, John A Loder. Prov Oct. 5, 1861
Abstract of Minutes of Probate Court, Dallas Co., Ala
Vol 4 P 436 Nov. 10, 1870 Eugene C. Haygood and Alice G., his wife, Sally H Gayle and Mary A. Gayle, all over 21 except Mary A. Gayle, are owners in common with Thos. C. Brown of Perry Co., or Hale Co., Ala., of certain lands (described).  Petition to have lands partitioned.
Vol 4, P 437: In a document dated Feb. 27, 1871 Thos. E. Ferguson is named as joint owner, with name of Thos. C. Brown omitted. (Alabama Notes Vol III, Flora D. England

George W. Gayle  (M) #2 April 1, 1845 Tuscaloosa Co, Ala*
Joanna M F Gleason *Tuscaloosa Co. Ala marriages
George W Gale/Joanna M F Gleason, April 1, 1845
Children: Gayle
C. Alice Gayle Born: Jan, 1846 Dallas Co, Ala
      lived 1910 Galveston, Tx with Ernest D & Alice Cavin 
      shown as mother in law (Prob her step-dtr) as Alice
       was shown in HH of Father, 1870 Selma, Ala as single
       (M) Eugene C. Haygood Pr to Nov 1870
              Born Sept 1835 SC Died bet. 1900-1910 Galveston, Tx
              Bookkeeper, 1870 Selma, Ala;1880 Galveston, Texas
              farmer, 1900 Galveston, Tx
              (His Dtr Alice Born May, 1869 Ala (M) Ernest D. Cavin 
               Ca 1890, Lawyer, Galveston, Tx 1900-1920)
D.  Sarah "Sally"  Heustis Gayle Born CA 1849 Dallas Co, Ala
      (M) Wilbur Brown-lived in Selma, Dallas Co, Ala 1880
              1.  Wilbur  Born Ca 1872 Selma, Dallas Co, Ala
              2.  Mary  Born Ca 1878 Selma, Dallas Co, Ala
E. Mary Arthur Gayle  (Mamie) Born CA 1851 Dallas Co, Ala 
     Died 1876 Dallas Co, Ala-Live Oak Cemetery, Dallas Co, Ala.
     (M) Columbus J. Gayle Nov 30, 1874 Selma, Ala. No  children
             Born Aug, 1859 Ala/SC/Va (from census records)  
             He Marr #2 (Ellen Gunter) and had 4 children-& Div.
             lived 1900 Dallas Co, Ala -Selma

Publ-The Birmingham Iron Age Dec. 10, 1874-Married in Selma Nov. 30th, by Rev. W A Stickney, Mr. C. J. Gayle and Miss Mary A. Gayle"
Live Oak Cemetery  Selma, Dallas Co, Ala
Gayle, George W. 1807-1875 -Pvt., Lee's Btry., Ala. Lt. Arty., CSA (D.C. L.)
Gayle,  Mamie A. 1851-1876 (#1 w/o Columbus Gayle)
There are other Gayles buried here, not of this immediate family-sgs

1860 Slave Schedule, Dallas Co, Ala
GALE, Geo. W., 97 slaves, Union, page 162B


Child #7. William Whitehead  "Bill" Gayle   Born abt 1809, SC   Died after 1860  Did not marry- Occupation: Attorney in Dallas Co., Ala  & Mobile, Ala. (1850 , 1860 Dallas Co, Ala-HH of brother G. W. Gayle)
Alabama Land Records-William W. Gayle
9/10/1832 Doc #9646 Cahaba 77.34 A -Dallas Co,15N-7E-1

Selma Free Press 03 Jun 1841 LAW NOTICE 
The undersigned have formed a co-partnership in the practice of the law, under the firm of GAYLE & BELL, in the several courts of the 2nd Judicial District, the Chancery Court at Cahawba, the Supreme Ct. of the State, and the Circuit Ct. of the U. States at Mobile. 

The office of David R. Bell and Wm. W. Gayle will be kept at Cahawba in the former offices of J.P. Saffold Esq. The office of G.W. Gayle at Selma is as heretofore. 


Dec 5, 1840[sic] tf1A[??] 

The following is from Alabama Notes Vol I, Flora D. England
Minutes of Probate Court, Bk G, P 244-5 Oct. 29, 1849 Dallas Co., Ala, George E. Everett & wife, Admr. & Admx. of Est of Iredell S. Jordan VS heirs of Iredell S Jordan, Dec'd-Attorneys Gayle & Loder

Vol G-1849-1850-Same Estate-Gayle & Gayle, Attorneys

There is a Will on File, Mobile, Ala for William Gayle. -Need to order-sgs


 John Gayle apparently married #2-abt 1816  (TSDAR shows her name as Miss McFarland) after Nancy Whitehead died abt 1809 in SC,  and prior to his marriage to Mary Whitehead Greening about 1823, in Ala., (Wid. of John Greening of Sumter, SC)  Johnb Gayle had a son b. abt 1817 Alabama,  by this second marriage (See below)

Child #8.  Andrew Jackson "Jack" Gayle Born abt 1817 Alabama Died Prior to 1890 Mobile, Ala  (Steamboat Pilot, Mobile, Ala 1860-1880-Andrew J. Gayle signed a deed in Dallas Co, along with William W. Gayle, to Matt Gayle, May 14, 1838 (Land)

(M) #1 Ellen DeWolff July 31, 1845 Mobile Co, Ala Died Pr to 1852

         a. Celsus J. Lafayette  "Selsy"  (son) Born Ca 1846 Ala (Only child of record) Lived w/father, 1860 Mobile, Ala-missing 1870

Andrew Jackson  Gayle (M) #2 Mary Malinda E. George April 8, 1852 Mobile Co, Ala.  She was born Jan, 1836 Ala Died Sept 20, 1920 Mobile, Ala, age 83 yrs.-
1900 Napoleonville, Spring Hill, Mobile Co, Ala-Age 64 yrs Had 11 children, 9 living Occ: Dairy- 1910 Mobile, Ala-Widow age 74; Had 11 children, 6 living , Owner, Dairy; Living, 1920 Mobile Co, Ala, 1113 Dauphine St.,  Age 83 yrs

         b. Mary E. Born  abt 1854 (1900 shows May, 1860) Ala d. May, 1934 Mobile, Ala -- single 1880 Mobile-1900, 1910 Mobile had 6 ch, 5 living, Widow 1930 Mobile, Ala, w/dtr Cora, single & son Richard, Wid'r, and his 3 children, in her HH

              (M) Thomas B Miller, May 15, 1882 Mobile, Ala (29/218)-He was b. Dec, 1857 Ala d. March 21, 1920 Mobile, Ala--1900 Mobile, Ala, works  @ grocery (M) 18 yrs; shipping clerk, grocery warehouse, 1910 Moble, Ala (M) 28 yrs; Mgr, Wholesale grocery warehouse, (Jan 8 & 9), 1920 Mobile, Ala (died 2 1/2 mos later)

                      1. Lula b. April 1883 Ala-missing 1910 Mobile

                      2. Ethel M. b. Sept., 1885 Ala d. March 8, 1952 Mobile, Ala

                          (M) Edward L  Powers April 23, 1918 Mobile, Ala- He was b. abt 1880 Ala-Retail Merchant, Furniture, 1920 Mobile, Ala

                      2. Cecile b. Sept., 1890 Ala-missing 1920 Mobile

                      4. Richard b. July, 1893 Ala-- Asst. Sec., Railroad, 1920-1930 Mobile, Ala, Widower in 1930, HH of Mother

                          (M) Fannie Louise Howell September 10, 1913 Mobile, Ala, She was b.  abt 1895 Ala d. pr to 1930 Mobile, Ala

                                  a. Eugene b. abt 1914 Ala-HH of gr/mother 1930 Mobile

                                  b. Francis b. abt 1916-HH of gr/mother 1930 Mobile

                                  c. Herman b. abt 1919 Ala-HH of gr/mother1930 Mobile

                      5. Cora G. b. Dec., 1895 Ala  d. Feb. 3, 1959 Mobile, Ala--single, clerk, RR Office, 1920, 1930 Mobile, Ala HH of Mother

         c. Richard W.  Born April, 1855 Ala d. ______Grocer, 1880 Mobile, Ala;  Plumber, 1900 Birmingham, Ala (M) 14 yrs; Owner, Plumbing Shop 1910-1920 Birmingham, Jeff. Co Ala; Retail Grocer, 1930 Fairmont/Sayreton T/S Jefferson Co, Ala 
                   (M) Barbara _____abt 1886.  Born Oct., 1858 Germany (Citizenship 1876) Had 5 children, 5 living, 1900 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Al

                    1. Richard W., Jr. born Aug, 1887 Ala- Plumber-Union, 1920, 1930 Birmingham, Jeffersson Co., Ala
                             (M) Lorene _______Born Ca 1897 Ala
                                    a. Richard W. III Born Oct 31, 1915, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala Died March 11, 2001 Zachary, E. Baton Rouge Par., Louisiana.  Buried 3/14/2001 Greenoaks Memorial Park  Mausoleum, EBR Par., La  (M) Edna Parker Hatcher born Oct. 7, 1916 died May 29, 1993 Zachary, EBR Par., La  (Had 3 children; Richard W. Gayle IV born Dec 13, 1941 died Jan 2, 2001 (only 2 mos pr to father) Baton Rouge, La & 2 others

                              b. Dorothy Born Ca 1921 Ala
                         2. Lucille born Nov, 1888 Ala, Widow 1930 Birmingham, Jefferson, Ala- Bookkeeper, Ins. Co.
                             (M) Beson? Wattey  Mgr-Paint Store, 1920 Birmingham. Jefferson, Ala- Born Ca 1884 Ala
                                     a. Virginia Wattey Born Ca 1917 Ala
                          3. Margaret M. Born Nov, 1893 Ala
              d. Ellen Eloise "Ella" Born Ca 1857 Ala single public school teacher, 1880 Mobile (M) John N. Curry, October 1, 1880 Mobile, Ala (28/475) 
               e. George W. Born Ca 1859 Ala-died pr to 1870 census
               f. Florence E. Born March, 1861  Ala-single 1880, 1900 Mobile, Ala d. Sept. 23, 1922 Mobile, Ala-did not marry
               g. Loula Born  Ca 1864 Ala single 1880 Mobile, (M) Emile Tacon, Nov. 7, 1881 Mobile, Ala (29/66) 
               h. Anna W. Born Ca 1866 Ala single 1880, (M) Charles J. Gunter, April 9, 1884 Mobile, Ala (30/91) 
               i. Cora Born Feb, 1869 Ala d. Jan. 19, 1952 Mobile, Ala--single 1900 Mobile Co, Ala-1910 Birmingham, Jefferson Co, Ala (M) 9 yrs; NO children; 1930 Mobile, Ala NO children  (M) @ age 30

             (M) Eugene P. Whaley, August 14, 1901 Mobile, Ala (36/521)  He was b. abt 1873 Ala d. June 14, 1946 Mobile, Ala --Retail Druggist., 1910 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala (M) 9 yrs; Farmer, 1930 Mobile, Ala (M) @ age 29
               j. Andrew J. "Jack" Born Nov., 1871 Died Dec 17, 1950 Mobile, Al-1900 Napoleonville, 11th Pct, Mobile Co, Ala-Occ: Dairy-1910 Mobile, Ala 4th Wd Mobile City, Mgr-Pure Milk Co, has wife; 1920 Mobile, 1113 Dauphine St., Div; 1930 Mobile Co., Ala, Div. Occ: Dairy, Lived w/sister Lillie (Andrew J Gayle was married more than once,, Andrew J Gayle below may be his son-sgs

            (M) Mabel Mercer Feb. 5, 1902 Mobile, Ala (37/40) Div.-wife is named Birl?/ Rine? very poor film, 1910 Mobile.
                        Born Ca 1876 Ky d.Jan. 17, 1959 Mobile, Ala

                  1. Andrew Jackson Gayle b. Jan 30, 1902 d. Aug., 1963 May be his son?
               k. Lillie Born July, 1874  Ala Died April 26, 1951 Mobile, Al
       single, 1900 Napoleonville, Mobile Co, Ala
       single, Stenographer, 1910 Mobile-lived w/mother
       single, 1920 Mobile, Ala lived w/mother, 1113 Dauphine St
       Stenographer, 1930 Mobile, single
               l. John Stewart Born Nov, 1877  Ala Died Jan, 1933 Mobile, Ala-shown as Stewart Jno. 1900 census;  single, 1900 Napoleonville, Mobile, Ala -Plumber; Single, 1910 Mobile; Dairyman, Mobile Creamery; 1920 Mobile, Mgr, Auto sales
                   (M) after 1920 Cordelia Shultz;  Born Ca 1875 Died: June 2, 1954 Mobile, Ala

1890 Mobile City Directory
Andrew J. Gayle,  (JR) S/S 2 Monterey  (Bus: Hayne & Gayle, Dairymen -John E. Haynie, Partner
Malinda E. Gayle, wid. of Andrew J. Gayle, (SR) S/S Dauphin & 2W Montere

1891 Mobile Directory
Andrew J. Gayle, clerk 
Malinda E. Gayle, wid. of Andrew J. Gayle, same add

1892 Mobile Directory
Andrew  J. Gayle, gardener
Melinda E. Gayle, Wid of Andrew J. Gayle, same add

1888 Birmingham, Ala Directory
Richard W. Gayle, Mobile Plumbing Co, 1424 5th Ave. 
Richard W. Gayle, J. Murphy Mobile Plumbing, 19th NE Corner 3d Ave.
Joseph P. Gayle, Real Estate, 1924 1/2 1 St. Ave, Alabama Club Bldg. (s/o P H S Gayle-See also Montgomery City Directory) 
Charles J. Gayle clerk, Res: 706 24th St
S. Gayle, works for Bessemer Mfg. Co.

1889 Birmingham Directory
C. J. Gayle, glazier, Birmingham Paint & Glass, Res: 706 24th St.
Richard W. Gayle, Eugene S. Murphy (Murphy & Gayle Proprs., Mobile Plumbing) 1813 3d Ave.

1890 Birmingham Directory
C. J. Gayle, glazier, Res: 706 24th St
Richard W. Gayle, plumber, steam & gas fitter, Loc. #1-1813 3d Ave,
Loc. #2-1424 5th Ave. 

OLD LETTER-Courtesy of Vernon O. Gayle, Jr
Original was in possession of Sue Gayle Denny's dtr Anna Denny 1945

To Miss Susan A. Gayle
Liberty, Texas

Mr. Wrigley, will please forward this immediately.

Mobile, October 31st, 1847

Dear Sue:

Yours under the date of 11th of October came to hand this morning and you cannot imagine the pleasure and satisfaction it gave us all, me, in particular.

I had, as you indirectly accused me, almost concluded that you, as well as all the rest of my kin folk, had entirely forgotten tat such a being as myself ever existed.  I had written to you all frequently and you in particular as many as four times, and I finally made up my mind to stop for you might not want to be troubled with my correspondence.

I always directed the letters to the care of Geo. B. Ennis of Galveston, where I think the fault lies.  However, Sue, it is alright for you have written to me at last and I will, as your best friend, mind your commands and for the future treat you better.  You shall now hear from me regularly.

You want all the news.  My dear niece, this is a commodity which our Mobile market affords a very scant stock of, or at any rate, of such a kind that I am sure it would not interest you in the least. I will, however, give you as much as I am in possession of.

The first is, (though you know it) I am Daddy Jack.  Celsus Lafayette Gayle is the little boy's name.  My dear Sue, I think if he lives he will be an honor to the name he has.  He has every appearance of being smart and I think him pretty.  Black hair, dark eyes, round face, long head and a very good form and for all the world like me in disposition.

The little fellow is just beginning to sit alone and crawl and I tell you he keeps his mother busy.  She made him a pair of pants.  Straps and suspenders, now just imagine the smallest being object draped like a man.  It seems you will laugh some.

Now, Sue, have given you an account of the existence of a new relative, I will give you the account of the death of another.

Cousin Levin Gayle is no more.  He died at Gov. Gayle's about three weeks ago of intemperance.  However pitiful his death may have been to the family, it must have been or will prove to be a great blessing.  We all hate to lose our friends and relations, but when we take into consideration the size of his very family, their situation in life, compare all this to his squandering and disipated ways and we must all agree that it is best he is gone.   His son John is also thought to be dead.  This is however uncertain.  He left here for Mexico some two years since and has never been heard of since.

Appears to be a line missing

I have not seen or heard of her since.  She (Elizabeth Swepson Gayle Heustis)  is living about three miles from town and I expect will remain there for the rest of her days. Our difficulty was brought about by herself and I am determined that we shall two as long as we live.  I know that it looks wrong for me to treat an only sister in that manner that I do but I have just and good reasons for it and feel that I am conscientiously right.

Cousin John's family are all well and nearly all grown.  Amelia and Mary are upon the block.  It got to be an old matter with poor, ugly Amelia, but Mary talks well. She, I think, will probably marry this winter.

Matt Gayle, Esq. whose family are always at the point of starvation believe is well.  He had another son or daughter.

G. W. Gayle is again married and I believe had several responsibility.  He has a very fine little woman for a wife.

William as usual is found at Cahaba.  The same old thing.

Everybody else that you know here is all about the same, save myself.  I am somewhat changed.  The ravages of disease has worked wonders on my personal appearance, pocket too.  My feelings are known the same.  My disposition not at all altered, and in time you will conclude I am the same old Uncle Jack-pappy-now.  I have had an attack of liver complaints this summer which makes me look as thin as a meat ax.  But I am improving now, and hope that ere long to be myself again.

Ellen, too has been in bad health, but she is getting bravely over all her troubles.  She says you must write her if you think enough of her to do so.  This sounds strange, Sue, but she is right.  She has been your Aunt over two years and not one single line have you ever written her.  You, Ann, Toney and Patsy have all forgotten her, now try and do better.  Write to Ellen and she will answer your letters.  She thinks the world and all of you and often wonders why you treat her so distantly.

I am barely living.  My business has of late got so bad that I am barely making a support; however I do it and I suppose have not any right to growl.   If I am fortunate this winter and do not have any sickness in my family, you may look for me about the 1st of June. This "if" is what I am afraid of.

Tell brother Dick that Chaney is bad help for collecting money, scares and rascals plentiful, lawyers inattentive, and claims doubtful, but that I keep the ball rolling.  We have quit Mobile and Cahaba with all the claims as I have moved to Tuscaloosa and am battling away in the Supreme Court. * Perseverance often accomplished noble ends which I hope may be the result of the present undertaking.  Ask the old gentleman if he has lost the use of his fingers, or why has he not written to me before this.  He is like the rest, out of sight out of mind and don't care a damn, but somewhat excusable though for Patsy on account of her thousand and one troubles with the little ones.  She might put in a postscript to yours or brother Dick's.  

Ann, Toney and Ben I have entirely given out.  I have never received a single line from either of them and I suppose I might as well content myself never to They need not write for I do not expect it as they have neglected so long a time.   

Now, my dear Sue, I have sat tonight and tried to write to you.  It is getting late and I must stop.  Make no comments on this unconnected scrawl of a letter.  Write to me often and you may rest assured that I will always answer your letters. Give my love to every living human of our family in Texas, black, white, and Mexican John, and remember that this is from your affectionate uncle who loves you still.

A. J. Gayle

Tell Ann that I expect an invitation.  Walter Whitehead told me all about it.

* Probably reference to civil suits filed in State Supreme Court, @ Tuscaloosa, also mentioned in letter of Elizabeth Gayle Heustis of Feb 18, 1848, to her brother Richard W Gayle, as "Gayle & Brown"-
Walter Whitehead is a cousin, being son of William Whitehead, a brother to Nancy Whitehead, mother of the Gayle children-He was a Physician/Merchant in Tyler Co, Tx.sgs


Joseph Wardlaw's Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family published 1929. 
Page 52:
D34. Elizabeth Wardlaw, daughter of Joseph (C3), & Nancy Moore., born in the Cambridge
settlement of Abbeville District.SC.  She moved to Alabama, where she married
John Gayle, father of Governor Gayle by a former wife.
My Note-Gov. John Gayle's father was Matthew Gayle
John Gayle was an Uncle to Gov. John Gayle
John & Nancy Whitehead Gayle lived in Edgefield, SC, removing from Sumter.  John Gayle resided in Abbeville, SC in 1810. This John Gayle/Elizabeth Wardlaw marriage would have taken place after 1810.-sgs

The information regarding her (Elizabeth's) parents and sibling is as follows:
C5. Joseph, son of William (B1), son of Robert (A1), was born in Augusta
County, VA in 1742. He married Nancy Moore of Virginia. Moved to
Cambridge, Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County, now Greenwood County,
where he lived until his death on Monday night, October 5, 1795. His will
is recorded in the office of the Probate Judge of Abbeville County. He was
an active Whig Lieutenant under Capt. Sam Moore, his brother-in-law. 
Gibbes' Documented History, 1776-82, page 109, quotes a letter from Andrew
Pickens to Capt. John Irvine, saying, "Bring Lieutenant Joseph Wardlaw and
others of your company that were prisoners." See Revolutionary Records in
Columbia, Book V, page 478, where he is mentioned as a private and a
lieutenant; and in Book I, page 112, as a Spy in 1779. First U.S. Census,
1790, for Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County, gives his family as three
males over sixteen, two under sixteen and four females. Mentioned in legal
papers, deeds and c., recorded in Augusta County, Virginian as late as
1765. Named in his father's will, given land. He was given land grants of
many acres in Abbeville County.
1. William (Long Bill)
2. John 
3. James (Little)
4. Eliab
5. Jane
6. Elizabeth (M) John Gayle, moved to Alabama
7. Margaret
Reference: Sarah


WAKE Co, NC Records

Bill of Sale R. Aug. 24, 1792 Filed 17 Jan 1793 p. 394.
GAYLE, John & John BILLIPS of Mecklenburg County, VA, sold to Henry LANE a Negro woman Leah about 15 years of age for 95 L NC currency.-Witness: John HUMPHRIES (Jurat)

John Gayle obviously remained in Virginia for a time after his parents migrated to Edgefield, SC, in the 1780's.-sgs

Selected Records of  Gayle in  South Carolina

Last Will & Testament of LUCRETIA GAYLE (She is Lucretia Billups Gayle-  widow of Matthew Gayle, (Married May 3, 1753 Gloucester Co., Va.) Matthew Sr, being a Probable brother to Josiah Gayle, Sr)

In the Name of God, Amen: I, Lukey Gayle of Edgefield Dist, and State of S. Carolina, etc etc-

Son Matthew Gayle, 4 Negroes, Big Jim, Bob, Nut, and Little Fill, a feather bed, and bed clothes

Grandchildren: (Children of son Matthew) Billups Gayle, Matthew Gayle, John Gayle and Leaven Gayle-to have the above named Negroes when the gr/ch come of age

Son John-3 Negroes, Little Jim, Little Simon and Jinney-a feather bed and bedclothes

Gr/children (ch of son John) Matthew Gayle, John Gayle & Billups Gayle to have the above Negroes when the gr/ch come of age

Dtr-Polly Dozier -1 Negro -Pat , and one feather bed and furniture

Gr/dtr (Dtr of my Dtr Polly Dozier) Lukey Dozier to have the above named  Negro when my gr/dtr comes of age

Son-Christopher Gayle, land whereon I now live, and 3 Negroes- Jack, Fill , and Molley, 2 Feather beds and furniture, stock of horses and hogs, four calves and calves, 3 choice young cattle, wagon and gear, plow and plantation tools of every kind, household and kitchen
furniture, fowls, etc during his natural life. In the event of his having lawful heir /heirs of his
body, to them and their heirs forever, and after his death without lawful heirs of his body, the whole estate to be  equally divided  between my two sons Matthew Gayle and John Gayle  to them and their heirs forever.

Residue of my estate to be divided between my two sons, Matthew Gayle & John Gayle and my dtr Polly Dozier
EXRS- my 2 sons Matthew Gayle & John Gayle

Signed: Lucretia Gayle, her mark Sept 15th, 1808

WITS: William Whitehead
James Harvin
Elizabeth Whitehead

Rec'd WB A, P 271 Edgefield, SC Sept 4, 1809
Probate Court Records-Box 12, Pack 422

Francis Burt JQ Edgefield, took dower 09 Nov 1802 of NANCY GAYLE wife of- JOHN GAYLE who sold lot in Sumterville

Edgefield Co, DB 23, P 338- Nov 26, 1802-James Sanders Guignard of Columbia, to Nathan'l. Bolton 212 AC Mine Crk of Saluda Riv, grtd to Fulton Bolton Aug 9, 1792, sold to James S. Guignard Jan 4, 1800-Wts: Jno.  Gayle, Billups Gayle; Pro: Oct. 25, 1803 by JNO GAYLE, Wm Daniel, JP Rec 24 Oct, 1803

The following advertisement was placed by John Gayle of Edgefield, SC (formerly of Sumter Dist., SC)
John Gayle's wife was Nancy Whitehead, sister to Swepson Whitehead, of Portsmouth.

Norfolk Herald (Willett and O'Connor),
Norfolk, July 28, 1803
Twenty Dollars Reward. RUNAWAY from the subscriber residing in Edgefield District South-Carolina, a negro man named JACK, of a dark complexion; about 30 years old, and about 5 feet 10 inches high; a little knock-kneed, and stoops in his walk, with a very large beard. He eloped about the 25th of February last, was taken up near Hampton and committed to jail, where he remained nearly two months, when he was hired out, and ran off immediately. I suspect he is lurking about Hampton waiting a favorable opportunity to get to the northward, perhaps to Baltimore. I hereby forewarn all Masters of vessels and others from carrying him out of the state, and from harbouring or concealing him. The above reward will be paid on application to Mr. Sweepson (Swepson) Whitehead, at Portsmouth, on delivery of the negro, or securing him in jail so that I get him. JOHN GAYLE July 28.

Edgefield DB 26, P 110-July 24, 1805-Sam'l. Carter to Robt. Maze, 1500 AC on Coffeetown Crk, of Stephenses Crk & Savannah river. Wts: John Evans, Jno. Gayle, Phoebe Carter, w/o Samuel, reling. dower. Pro: 24 July 1805 by John Evans. Joh  Lyon, JQ, Rec'd. 5 Aug 1805

Edgefield DB26, P 264 27 Aug, 1805-Bartlett Bledsoe, (& w-Lydia) planter to Loderick Hill-400 AC pt of tract orig. grtd. B. Bledsoe, 1787, on br. of (Illeg)**and b/b Francis Davis, the Meeting House, lines of Bledsoe, Loderick Hill, JOHN GAYLE, Thos. Lockett, Josiah Howell, Young Allen, the Augusta Rd.** other deeds show this property on br. of Little Saluda River.

Edgefield DB 28, P 259- November 29, 1805
JOHN GAYLE,  Planter, and wife NANCY GAYLE,  to William Jones, ( for $2,000.),  580 A orig grtd to Robert Starke June 2, 1772, also refer is made to titles made by Thomas Dozer to me, lying on Penn Creek of Saluda River, whereon sd JOHN GAYLE  now lives.
Wit: Wm Lee, Ann Lee Signed: John Gayle
 NANCY GAYLE, w/o JOHN GAYLE, relinq'd dower rights before Justice William Nibbs.
Proven by Wm Lee, Aug 31, 1807 before Richard Tutt, CC Recorded Aug 31, 1807

April 4, 1805, Edgefield, SC

In the Name of God, Amen:

I, John Harvin, of Edgefield District of State of South Carolina, being weak of body but of sound sense and perfect memory, do constitute and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner of form following, viz;

Item: My will and desire is that when all my just debts are settled, my male Negroes should be placed in as equal a manner as possible, and as my children, ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, James Harvin, Rebekah Harvin and William Harvin comes of age, or settles out to themselves, they may by ballot, have one, the rest to remain for the support of my wife and younger children.

Item: My will and desire is that my wife, Rebekah Harvin shall have the support as long as she lives single (or unmarried) and AT HER DEATH the whole of my estate to be equally divided among my children above named.

Item: My will and desire is that my children should be schooled and raised in as decent a manner as may be, under the management and direction of my hereinafter named Executors.

Item: My will and desire is that when my youngest child comes of age there shall be a final division of my estate and should my wife then be living she shall have her choice of a Negro that is in the estate, together with any other property that my Executors may think necessary for her support during , as mentioned above, and after her death to be equally divided among my children, Elizabeth Whitehead, James Harvin, Rebekah Harvin, and William Harvin.

Item: My will and desire is that should there be any property in the estate, except Negroes, that my Executors may think best to sell or dispose of for the benefit of my estate, they are fully authorized to do so.

Item: My will and desire is that my daughter Elizabeth should have a good bed and furniture, and as each of my children comes of age, marries, or settles out, shall have the same.

Item: My Executors are hereby authorized to purchase a horse or horses for any of my said children as they think right.

Lastly, I appoint John Gayle*, Joseph Gayle**, and William Whitehead my Executors, and my wife, Rebekah Harvin
Executrix to this, my last Will and Testament.
*John Gayle being husband of Nancy Whitehead
**Obviously son of wife Rebecca by her prev. marriage to Josiah Gayle, Jr.

Witness my hand and seal this 4th day of April, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and five.

Witnesses: Signed: John Harvin (SEAL)

George Turner
James Hollingsworth (His mark)
Sally Turner

John O Simkins, O.C.
Recorded in Will Bk A P 216, Feb 21, 1806
Box 38, Pkg. 1501

Among the Inventory of John Harvin's Estate is a note of John Gayle
See William Whitehead page

1810 Abbeville, SC P 061-John Gayle. 4-4-0-2-1/1-0-0-0-0-0 -0-27 slaves
4 males und 10
4 males 10-16
2 males 26-45
1 male over 45
1 fe und 10 and 27 slaves

The above census obviously has others than his immediate family in this HH-sgs)
& next door 
Billups Gayle, 00100-11101-0-11 (s/o Matthew & Mary Reese Gayle)
1 M 16-26  & 1 Fe Und 10, 1F 10-16, 1F 16-26 & 1 Fe 45+ & 11 slaves

Abstracts of Old Ninety-six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds" 

Will of Jacob Smith, Edgefield Co., SC Wit by John Gayle, etal Proved in Court May 2, 1805 by Oath of John Gayle, Willson Russell, Nathan Barber Rec'd Feb 21st, 1806 Book A P 216 Estate Packet Box 45, Pkg 1888

Capt. Thomas Poole, will Abbeville Dist., SC 28 Jun 1806, adm by Leah, Micajah Pool, Robert White, John Gayle.

Matthew, Billips, and John Gayle were present at Estate Sales in the Abbeville book. There wasn't a Will for any of them..

Matthew GAYLE Sr. - Estate Admnt for THOMAS HEARD will dated Feb. 15, 1808

John GAYLE - Estate Admnt for CAPT. THOMAS POOLE- dated June 28, 1806 Witnessed JAMES WILSON will - Prov/ March 10, 1812

Billips GAYLE - 
Estate Admnt for DR. THOMAS TURPIN - Oct. 18, 1813
Buyer at the CAPT. GEORGE WHITE estate sale - Feb. 07, 1814
Estate Admnt for JOSEPH P. DICKENSON - May 01, 1816
Invoiced ARMSTRONG HEARD JR. estate - dated Apr. 13, 1816


Series: S136002-Box: 135B-Item: 0046A-ignore: 000-Date: 1788
Series: S136002-Box: 140A
Item: 0385A-ignore: 000-Date: 1788

Series: S136011-Year: 1788-Item: 0052A-ignore: 000-Date: 8/1788

Series: S165015 Year: 1804 Item: 00002 ignore: 000
Date: 11/24/1804

Series Number: S213192 Volume: 0045 Page: 00204 Item: 01 Date: 1810/07/10-Description: MERIWETHER, ZACHARY SR., PLAT FOR 418 ACRES ON HANLIES CREEK, ABBEVILLE DISTRICT, SURVEYED BY ABEL PEARSON.


Series: S213192-Volume: 0043-Page: 00114-Item: 003

Series: S213192-Volume: 0043-Page: 00650-Item: 002

Document type: PLAT

Series: S108093-Reel: 0003-Frame: 00027-Item: 002-Date: 1819 C.-Description: MCCRACKAN, JAMES OF CAMBRIDGE, ABBEVILLE DISTRICT, WILL TYPESCRIPT (3 FRAMES) (MSS WILL: BOOK 2, PAGE 56; ESTATE PACKET: BOX 57, PKG. 1358)

Series: S165015-Year: ND00 CA 1824-Item: 02211-ignore: 000

 Selected Records of John Gayle in Alabama

DB A, P 172-173
State of Alabama
Baldwin County

Know all men by these presents that I, Peter Randan, of the Mississippi Territory, Monroe County, Admin. of John Randan, dec'd, do hereby give, grant, bargain, sell and convey in fee simple unto John Gayle, a certain tract of land lying and being as follows:
Beginning at a hickory running from thence North 80 degrees East 80 chains thence, South 10 degrees East 80 chains thence, South 80 degrees West 80 chains thence North 10 degrees West 80 chains, to the beginning  (acreage NOT given) which said land being bargained and sold by the said John Randan, deceased, unto the said John Gayle on September 27, 1811, for and in the consideration of six hundred and forty dollars, well and truly paid unto said John Randan by said John Gayle, the receipt which I do hereby acknowledge; to have and to hold the said granted, and bargained premises and the said Peter Randan, Adm, myself and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns shall and will warrant and forever defend the above bargained premises unto the said John Gayle, his heirs and assigns to his and their use behoof forever.  And, I, the said Peter Randan, Adm. do covenant with the said John Gayle, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns that I am awfully seized in fee of the premises, that they are free from all incumbrances, that I have good right to sell and convey the same to the said John Gayle, to hold as aforesaid and that I will warrant and defend the same against all claims forever.   Given under my hand in the County and Territory, aforesaid, this the 4th day of October, 1815.
Signed: Peter Randan, Adm. (seal)
John Newman
Matthew Gayle
Personally appeared before me, Matthew Gayle, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing deed and he saw Peter Randan sign the same and he also saw John Newman (subscribe his name as a witness thereto).   Sworn to before me and subscribed this April 18, 1820. Signed: Matthew Gayle
Recorded April 18, 1820 by Joseph Mims, J.L.

DB A, P 174-175
State of Alabama
Baldwin County

This indenture made this 10th day of October, 1815, between Theophelus Powell and Margaret Powell, wife of said Theophelus, of the county of Monroe, Mississippi Territory, of the one part and John Gayle of the County and territory aforesaid, of the other part, witness that the said Theohelus Powell, and Margaret his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge, have granted, bargained, and by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto the aforesaid John Gayle, the following tract or parcel of ground as follows: Viz:  Beginning on the mouth of Lawrence Creek, running up said creek with it's meander on the north side to the tract of land sold by John Randan to said John Gayle, there from said intersection of point North 26 degrees West to Weekley Mill Creek and runs said creek with it's meander to the Tensaw Lake, then down the margin of said lake to the beginning, including 644 Acres, more or less, being the said courses and distances from the intersection point on Lawrence creek, mentioned in the Commissioner's Certificate; to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land, lying and being in the County of Baldwin, unto him the said John Gayle, his or assigns forever;.  and the said Theophelus Powell and Margaret, his wife, doth further covenant with the said John Gayle, his heirs and assigns; that the premises are free of all incumbrances, and that the said Theophelus Powell and Margaret his wife, will and shall warrant and forever defend the aforementioned tract or parcel of ground with him the said John Gayle, his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims or demands of all and every person or persons whatsoever.  In witness whereof, they have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date above written.
Theophelus  Powell, (Seal)
Margaret (her mark) Powell (Seal)
George Stiggins
Isaac Oaks
Matthew Gayle
Personally appeared before me, Matthew (Gayle) who attested the foregoing instrument as a witness who says the same Theophelus Powell, Margaret Powell signed it their act and deed and he also saw the other witnesses sign it, to wit;. George Stiggins, Isaac Oaks, together, with himself.  Sworn to before me this 18 April, 1820, and subscribed the same.
Signed: Matthew Gayle, Jr
Signed: Joseph Mims, J.L. 
Recorded 18th April , 1820, James Johnston

State of Alabama
Baldwin County
DB B, P. 77, 78 79
Dec. 11, 1821
Sheriff Sale- 200  Acres land belonging to John Gayle located on Lawrence Creek, Baldwin Co, sold to Cyrus Sibley as highest bidder for $21.00 by Edmund Freeman, Sheriff of Baldwin Co.-per Execution issued out of Circuit Court of Baldwin Co. to satisfy judgment of John McDonald.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly  Vol. 58, P 40
Importers of Slaves through Richmond County, Georgia:
Wade H. Greening, EXR of John Greening, 38  slaves, Dec, 1818
John Gale, 8 sl March, 1823

Land Office: CAHABA Document Number: 209
Issue Date: January 01, 1822 Signature: Yes
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Legal Land Description: 
# /Aliquot Parts/ Block # /Base Line/ Fractional Section /Township /Range/ Section #
1 206 ST STEPHENS No 7N 5E 25

Reports of Cases Determined in theSupreme Court of Alabama, 1820-1826

John McDONALD vs. John GAYLE, Sr.
December, 1822

The appellee brought his writ of forcible detainer, and there was judgment against him before the justice of the peace. He appealed to the Circuit Court of Baldwin county. Judgment was there rendered for him, and McDonald appealed to this court.

Crawford and Hitchcock, for appellant; Elliott, for appellee.

LIPSCOMB, J.—It is assigned as error that the complaint shows that the complainant had no estate in the land claimed. The only part of the complaint brought into view by this assignment is in these words: “Your petitioner is tenant at will on the said land, of the United States.” By that statute, the claimant is required to set forth his estate in the land forcibly entered or detained from his possession. The term estate embraces the interest of tenants at will as well as other tenants. It is contended, on the authority of a case decided in Pennsylvania, that a tenant at will is not entitled to this remedy. In the English statutes an inquisition of forcible detainer could not be supported when the estate claimed was not greater than this; but the proceedings by inquisition were partly criminaliter to publish for the trespass, and partly civiliter to recover possession. Our statute expressly includes within its provisions all estates, whether freehold or less than freehold. When the expressions of a statute are positive and explicit, and the meaning obvious, cases decided under different statutes by other courts, however respectable, are entitled to but little weight.

It is the unanimous opinion of the court that the judgment of the Circuit Court be affirmed.

Note First.—In this case a point of law was insisted on for the plaintiff in error, which the court conceived was not embraced by the assignments of errors. It was taken into consideration for the purposes of settling the practice.

It was insisted that the trial before the Circuit Court should have been de novo. The majority of the court were of opinion that it should have been on the record sent up by the justice of the peace, and without the intervention of a jury.

Second.—On a motion in this case the court ruled that after argument, a certiorari, the object of which was to reverse the judgment of the court below, would not be awarded, but that it would be granted at any time to sustain such judgment.

Source: Henry Minor, Reporter, Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama From May, 1820, to July, 1826 (Atlanta: 1891), pp. 98-99.

Dallas Co Ala 1823 - Civil Suits Bk 2, P 156-157,
John Gayle, Sr and Mary, his wife-mentions note given by Wade H Greening and Mary Gayle, (His, John Gayle's wife) in 1820, given PREVIOUS to MARRIAGE of Mary Greening and John Gayle- JURY TO HEAR THIS CASE: Edward Gant, foreman, Jesse Works, Andrew Smith, John Works, Edward Conway, Thomas Gammage,  Stephen Steel, Benjamin Ha----, Wm. Hos----, George G Brooks, John Holcomb, Joseph C. Huddleston.

Orphan's Court Minutes, Bk A- P 172- July, 1826
John Gayle, Sr and Mary his wife filed a petition for allowance of a horse chair, a legacy left them (her) by her husband, John Greening, dec'd.  (See Will of John Greening)-Matthew Gayle, George W Pitts, Administrators of said Greening

Ref: Cases to Alabama Supreme Court-Book 7, P 144- Gayle & Heustis VS Agee-
Error to Circuit Court of Wilcox Co, January term, 1827-Joseph Agee, Exr. of Noah Agee, commenced an action of assumpsit against John Gayle and Matthew Gayle, to Oct term, 1827- Cause of action was a joint and several note signed by J. Q. Guild, Matthew Gayle, Jr and John Gayle.  At fall term, 1828, the death of JOHN GAYLE was suggested and a acire facias was awarded to Matthew Gayle and Jabez W. Heustis, his representatives.

Ref: Orphan's Court Records, Wilcox Co, Ala-October 28, 1828
Upon the application of Matt Gayle & Jabez W. Heustis for Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Gayle, Sr dec'd. and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that MARY GAYLE, the widow of the said John Gayle, Sr dec'd, refused to qualify or take upon herself the Administration of said estate, and that said Matt Gayle and Jabez W Heustis were the next of kin of aforesaid deceased-It is therefore ordered by the Court that Letters of Administration on the Estate of the late John Gayle, Sr, deceased be granted to the said Matt Gayle and Jabez  W Heustis. Ordered by the Court that Matt Gayle and Jabez W Heustis, Administrators of John Gayle, Sr dec'd give bond in the sum of seven thousand dollars, and that John J Greening, William T Matthews and George Christian be accepted as their securities as such Administrators.
Ordered by the Court that Wiley Jones, Joshua  Sloan, John Harewood, John Vinson, and William Hobbs, Jr be and they are hereby appointed appraisers to appraise the estate of John Gayle, Sr, dec'd, and return an account of their proceedings to the Orphan's Court on or before the second Monday in Dec, next.
Signed: James C Irvin, J.C.C.W.C.C.C.

Note: There are several entries in the Orphan's Court Records concerning this Estate, but no list of heirs was found in these records-there was mention of 1800-2000 Acres land located in Baldwin Co., Ala.-Both Administrators resigned in 1833
Estate of John Gayle indexed in Wilcox Co, Ala, as being in file Box #43-Unable to locate in courthouse... sgs

DB B , P 271-273
State of Alabama
Baldwin County
14th May, 1831-Joseph Hall, Sheriff of Baldwin Co, per execution issued out of Circuit Court of Dallas Co, Ala-sold land of John Gayle- 1280 Acres, more or less, being in two tracts of 640 Acres each-formerly known as Proctor & Coleman tract, Baldwin Co., Ala to Harlan Williamson as highest bidder for $255.00 

Dallas Co, Alabama Selected deeds-Gayle

DB B P 116-March 19, 1830-Wm Taylor of Dallas Co., sold to Alexander Cathey of Perry Co., Lot No. 105 in Town of Cahaba. Wts: Horatio G. Perry and Wm. W. Gayle

DB E, P 45-Apr. 12, 1835 Billups Gayle & wife Anne Jones Alexander Gayle. of Mobile Co, Ala to George W. Gayle, land in Dallas Co, inherited by her from her father, Edmund Lane
Marriages of Wilcox Co, Ala-Benjamin W. Gayle to Ann PERKINS April 23, 1828

DB E P 294- 2/18/1835 Matthew Gayle & wife Amerinth to Rufus W. Greening-Quit claim deed

DB E P 295 2/18/1835 Jabez W. Heustes & wife, Elizabeth S. to Rufus W. Greening, Quit claim deed

DB E, P 360-Dec. 24, 1835 Richard W Gayle & wife Martha to Churchill Jones.

DB E, P 417-Mar. 10, 1837 Matt Gayle & wife, Amaranth L. Gayle, to Joseph Babcock

DB E, P 420, April 1, 1837, George W. Gayle, & wife Margaret T. of Mobile Co., to Jesse Holmes

DB E P 686-687  Rufus W. Greening & wife Only A of Dallas Co., Ala  to Billips Gayle of City of Mobile, 3 lots in Town of Lexington, formerly Bogue Chitto on the River -On Nov. 25, 1837 Billups Gayle and Anna A his wife, sold same to James Williams

DB F, P 108 Dec. 7, 1837 George W. Gayle & wife Margaret T. to Isaac Campbell, lot 48 in town of Cahaba, former residence of Edmund Lane, dec'd.

DB F, P 345 May 14, 1838 William W. Gayle & Andrew J. Gayle to Matt Gayle

DB F, P 380 Copy of Cert. # 16834  of U S Govt. to Matthew Gayle

DB F, P 389, May 18, 1838 George W. Gayle & wife Margaret T.;  Billups & Ann A Gayle, his wife, Jabez W. Heustis & wife Elizabeth S. Heustis; all of Mobile Co. to Matt Gayle of Dallas Co 

DB F, P 390 May 24, 1834 Richard W. Gayle & wife Martha of Sumter Co, Ala to Angus McRae of Dallas Co

DB H, P 614, March 8, 1838 Benjamin R. Hogan & wife Louisa K. K. of Mobile Co. to Matt Gayle of Dallas Co, 

DB F P 549-550 Oct. 2, 1838
Deed of Mortgage from B. Roberson to Jesse McDonald.  "Whereas James McDonald has become responsible to Matt Gayle for a debt due from me to said Gayle, for $479.62 and whereas I am indebted to said McDonald for articles purchased at a sale of the estate of Joseph C. Huddleston, dec' secure sd. debts to sd. McDonald... I assign to him all my real estate, etc. Wts: Hansom Raiford and Wm. S. Phillips

Alabama Land Records (BLM) - Mary Gayle, of Conecuh Co, Ala 
Sparta Land Office, July 1, 1841 
Doc #6088 40.69 Acres, T/S4N, Range 11E, Sect. 6-
land in Conecuh Co, Ala. Cash entry sale

DB K P 370 Oct. 15, 1844 Matt  Gayle & wife Amarinth to Abner Mc Millan,  579 acres in T/S 15, Range 9, less 1/4 Acre graveyard, with tenements on Claiborne Rd. 

Dallas Co, Ala DB M P 128 
Made in Fort Bend Co., Texas 
Our father, Joseph Phillips, of Alabama, had an estate, part now in our possession; and out sister, Amaranth Gayle of Dallas Co., Ala., wife of Matt. Gayle, has never received her share....deed of trust to her, several slaves free from the control of her husband.  Aug 8, 1846  Sig: James R. Phillips, Sidney Phillips.  Rec'd 16 Oct., 1849

DeSoto Par, La DB D  P 82 -Deed made Macon Co, Ala, Nov 10, 1846 from 
Mary Gayle, of  Macon Co, Ala to grandson,  Samuel E Guy of same, for natural love and affection, & $5.00,  a Negro boy named Wiley, abt 17-18 yrs of age., subject to his remaining in my possession until my death.  Wts: Thomas Moorefield, Samuel Remley Sig: Mary Gayle-Filed for record, DeSoto Par, La, Dec 22, 1847, M W Holman, recorder Att: E J Cockfield, C E Hewitt


Benjamin & Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead
(parents of Nancy Whitehead Gayle & Mary Whitehead Greening Gayle)
John & Mary Whitehead Greening
William & Elizabeth (Harvin) Whitehead