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Probably a Brother to BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD
of Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co., Virginia


The earliest record of Joseph Whitehead I have been able to find is where he witnessed a deed for Mathew Marable in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia in September, 1766. The earliest record of Benjamin Whitehead in Lunenburg Co, Va. is a Court case dated June Court, 1756.

Joseph Whitehead's wife was named Anne, as her death notice appeared in the Petersburg Intelligencer, April 23, 1815, P3, Col 2, giving her death date as Sunday, April 18, 1815. She was a long standing member of the Methodist Church.  This is the only reference to her name that has been located.

Joseph  was a member of the Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburg & Charlotte Counties, Virginia, along with Benjamin Whitehead & his wife Mary Elizabeth Swepson, in November, 1771. Joseph was apparently a member of the Methodist Church as of 1810.

When Benjamin Whitehead made his will in Mecklenburg Co. in 1781, he named Joseph Whitehead as one of the Executors of his will, along with William Green and Cluverius Coleman.

Joseph was not involved in the Administration of this estate initially, but in time he became involved according to Court Records, having lent Benjamin Whitehead's eldest son, Richard Whitehead, an amount of money, in anticipation of Richard receiving his part of his father's estate.

Joseph Whitehead resided in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, where he was a Gentleman Justice.  He also was paid for service in the Revolutionary War. The majority of that County's records have been lost due to fire. Very few records of Dinwiddie Co survive, but I located some records in surrounding counties..

Benjamin Whitehead was born about 1735, and died in 1781. Joseph appears to have been slightly younger, probably born about 1745, and the last record I have found for him is the 1810 census of Dinwiddie County, where he is shown as being over 45 yrs, with another male, (Joseph Jr) between the ages of 16-26, and a female over 45, probably his wife, 4 females between the ages of 16-26, and 1 female Under 10. His son Jeremiah S. Whitehead, also appears in 1810 census as head of household, bet. ages 26-45.

Joseph Whitehead SR apparently was deceased as of 1817, according to the Tax Lists for Dinwiddie Co., below:  Jeremiah Whitehead, SR was deceased as of 1820, according to Tax Records Below. He is missing from the 1820 census, and his children are missing in 1830, but son Jeremiah S. Whitehead re-appears in the 1840 census until his death


1. Joseph Jr Born abt 1785 Dinwiddie Co., Va. Died bet. 1840 census & 1843 School Census,  in Williamson Co, Tenn.  Joseph (M) abt 1818 Nancy ______ , who was born abt 1795 VA.  This family moved to Williamson Co., Tn in the 1820's,  where he appears in 1830 & 1840 census.  His Wid Nancy & children appear in 1850 Maury Co., Tn. This couple had 5 sons & 1 dtr according to census records of Williamson & Maury Co., Tenn

   a. Henry S. Whitehead Born Feb. 14, 1820 Dinwiddie Co., VA Died in Williamson Co., TX  Feb. 18, 1892.  He was known as "The Fiddler" as he was a musician and played his fiddle for entertainment. Resided 1860 & 1870 Lavaca Co., Tx, & enum twice-1880 Williamson & Runnells Co., Tx  (Penny Odum's line)

(M) Elizabeth Ann Veal Dec. 21, 1851 Lavaca Co., Tx  She was born Feb. 2, 1832 Pike Co., Missouri & died Oct. 1880 Williamson Co., Tx (REF: Penny Odum

Henry S. Whitehead served in the war with Mexico, and rec'd a land grant for his services, as did Richard Whitehead, his cousin, below

REF:-Williams, Richard Company [later reorganized] 1 Regt. [1 Brig.] S.W. Army Col. Jos. L. Bennett Comm. Time: 3 Mo. Enlistment from Oct 1, 1842 Nov 10, 1842 [A1; A15; T8 p647-648] Dep: San Antonio for Somervell Expedition into Mexico -

COMPANY NAMES [1] Alphin, S.G. Alston, H. Baker, J. Bizzell, Thos. M. (4 Cpl) Click, G.W. Crouch, Jackson (2 Cpl) Cude, James Daniels, B. Day, Larkin Dockery, M. Elkins, James Elkins, Nutes (1 Sgt) Franks, B. Hollis, D. Houston, D. Hulone, Wm. Irvin, B.F. Irvin, Peter Johnson, Jesse (2 Sgt) Kellet, T.J. Kelton, R. Lacy, Almerene (2 Lt) Langhum, B.B. Langhum, Chas. Long, J.H. Marsh, Wm. R. (1 Lt) McCreary, J. McGary, Wm. Morrow, A.M. O'Bannon, J. Owens, P.W. Park, J. Redding, John (3 Sgt) Redding, Robert (4 Sgt) Ridgeway, J.L. (3 Cpl) Roark, J.A. Robison, Daniel Russell, J. Sellers, W. Shepperd, Jacob Slaymen, James Smith, Jesse Tabor, Hudson Tolbert, E. Ware, William WHITEHEAD, Henry, Williams, Richard (Capt) Winters, B. Winters, G.F. Winters, James (1 Cpl) Winters, Willis Wood, J.H. Wood, W.H. Young, Geo. OTHER NAMES ON THE ROLL Bennett, Jos. L. (Col)


             1. Lucien Born CA 1853 Tx

             2. Mary E. (Minnie) Born CA 1857 Tx

             3. Cass Born CA 1859 TX Died pr to 1870

             4. .James Veal  (M) Mary K Shultz, abt 1883

             5. Rufus William born CA 1861-62 Tx (ran a dancing school in San Antonio, for his father)

             6. Henry S. Born CA 1864 Tx (M) Susie Isabel? Dec. 25, 1884

             7. Shelly Arthur  Born Ca 1872 Tx

             8. Daisy  P. Born  Dec. 5, 1876 Tx (M) Dec 5, 1898 to_____

Henry S. Whitehead (M) #2 Mary Patton

             9. Lillian  b. Dec. 4, 1886 Tx (M) Julius Leatherwood


  b. William James Whitehead-Born abt 1822 Dinwiddie Co., Virginia-Died May 13, 1879 Victoria Co., Tx (did not locate 1850 & 1860) He is a retired Grocer, 1870 Victoria Co.,  Texas

(M) Georgia Ann (May) Glenn March 25, 1864.  She was  b. November 16, 1844  d. March 25, 1930, San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas. Did not locate 1880 Census;  She appears in 1900 McCulloch Co., Tx in HH of Dtr & son-in-law; Georgia has had 5 children, 4 living.  She also appears in HH of Dtr & son in law Albert & Lorena Ballou 1910 McCulloch Co, Tx-She was living Sterling City, Texas when her son Walter Huffman Whitehead registered for the draft WW I, Sept 12, 1918 Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Tx-lived w/dtr Lorena Ballou, 1920 Sterling Co, Tx, age 75 yrs. 

Death Certificate, San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas: Georgia May Whitehead, White female, Widowed,  Date of Birth: Nov 16, 1844,  Date of Death: March 25, 1930; Cause of Death: Senility;  Coroner's name Illegible; Age at Death: 85 yrs, 4 mos, 9 days,  Occ: Housewife; Place of Birth: Texas; Name of Father: Glenn; Birthplace of Father: South Carolina; Mother's maiden name: No record; Mother's Birth: US; Signed: J P Whitehead, Beeville, Texas; Signed: L. McGee, Registrar Place of burial: San Jose Cemetery, Reibe Und. Co, Undertakers, 177 North, San Antonio, Texas, March 27, 1930  *John Patrick Whitehead, son

Index to Civil War Soldiers Records-TEXAS-William J Whitehead -Company H, Border's Regt, Texas Cavalry, Allegiance: Confederate  Rank In: Sergeant, Rank Out: Sergeant Alternate Name: William Whitehead (Film No M227 Roll 39)

            1. Lorena W Whitehead Born Dec, 1868 Tx d after 1930 Sterling Co., Tx census (M) @ age 16

                (M) Albert E. Ballou  abt 1885 He was b. abt  d. after 1930 census, Sterling Co., Tx-He is a grocery Merchant, 1900-1910 McCulloch Co, Tx;  He is a Grocery Merchant 1920 Sterling Co., Tx;  Retired Gro. Merchant & farmer, 1930 Sterling Co., Tx-Her mother in HH 1900-1910 McCullock Co., 1920 Sterling Co., Tx (M) @ age 18

                       a. Geneva Mae Born Sept. 1888 Brady, McCulloch, Tx d. Sept. 8, 1963 Waco, McLennan Co, Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Records) Bur: Freestone Co, Tx (M) @ age 19

                           (M) Henry C. Dorman, abt 1912.  He was b. March 4, 1881 d. October 9, 1960 Teague, Freestone Co, Texas (Texas Death Records) -Clerk, Grocery store, 1920 Oakwood, Leon Co., Tx; Retail Merchant, Gen'l. Store, 1930 Leon Co., Tx (M) @ age 31

                                  1. Evelyn L. b. Feb. 4, 1920 Leon Co., Tx

                                  2. John Henry b. August 19, 1923 Tx d. June 22, 1973 (SSDI)

                       b. Velma L. Born Dec, 1890 Tx (M) Rawls (single, HH of parents, 1920 Sterling Co, Tx

                       c. Georgia B. Born June, 1893 Tx

                       d. Lillian W. Born Aug., 1895 Tx-single school teacher, 1920 Sterling Co, Tx

                       e. Beulah O. Born June, 1898 Tx

                       f. Noble E. b. abt 1901 Tx Grocery Merchant, 1930 Pct 1, Sterling Co., Tx (M) @ age 21

                          (M) Mrs. Irene L. Pollock abt 1922-lived 1930 Sterling Co, Tx She was b. abt 1898 Okla. (She had 2 Pollock children, Wm. M & Geraldine)

                       g. Oran Albert b. September 2, 1902 Brady, McCulloch Co, Tx d, April, 1970 McKinney, Collin Co., Tx (SSDI) Retail Merchant, Gen'l. Mdse., 1930 Pct 1, Sterling Co., Tx (M) @ age 23 yrs

                           (M) Mary Leona Pruitt, 1926 San Antonio, Tx She was b. January 25, 1901 Tx d. April 27, 1999 Abilene, Taylor Co., Tex, (SSDI & Tex Death Records) buried Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney, Texas--(Obit)

                                   1. William "Bill"  b. Texas-of Abilene, Tex

                                   2. Carlene Beatrice b. May 4, 1931 Sterling Co., Tx

                                       (M) Musser of Abilene, Tx

                                   3.Margaret Elouise b. Texas-
                                            (M) Frederck Henry Ogilvie

                       h. Ursal/Earsal (dtr) b. abt 1906 Tx (single, HH of sister Geneva Dorman, 1920 Leon Co., Tx

                       i. Mary L. b. abt 1908 Tx-single 1930 Sterling Co., Tx

        2. William "Willie" Glen b. Jan 16*,1872 Texas  d. March 15, 1948 Houston, Harris, Tx  buried @ Forest Park Mondale Cemetery, Houston, Tx (Widow'r @ time of death) (Willie Whitehead appears in 1880 HH of Cy? Carothers, Pct 3, Victoria Co, Tx as Adopted son; did not locate in census 1900 & 1910; ; Oil Field worker, 1920 Texas City Town, Galveston County, Texas, wife Lizie & brother Walte 46 WM single, in HH-did not locate 1930

Death Certificate Harris Co, Texas-William Glenn Whitehead, Res. Add: 1508 Congress, Houston, Harris, Texas, length of Residence: 40 yrs; White, Male, Widowed, Date of Birth: Jan. 18th*, 1872 Age at Death: 76 yrs, 1 mo, 27 days; Retired, Born: Texas; Father's name: William Whitehead, born Tennessee; Mother's name: Georgia Ann Glen, born Texas; Signature: Walter H  Whitehead, (Brother) Informant Houston, Texas;  Date of Death: March 15, 1948 Cause: Natural Causes, Prob. Heart Attack,  Sig: Thos. M Minn, Coroner, Harris County, Tx; Place of Burial: Forest Park, Houston, Harris, Texas March 16, 1948.  Fogle-West Co., `385 James Peery, 1903 McKinney Avenue,, Houston, Texas  No 1259-Filed March 18, 1948 Sig: W H Allen, Registrar, Houston

             (M) Lizzie_____b. abt 1877 Texas Texas Germany 

1920 Texas City Town, Galveston Co, Tx SD7, ED61, Sh 7B, 511 Bay Street, HH 142-152 William Whitehead 49 WM married Tx Tn Tx Read/Write-yes Oil field laborer; Lizie " wife 43 WF married Tx Tx Germany speaks German; Walter " 46 WM single Brother Tx Tn Tx Foreman, Oil Contractor Read/Write: yes

        3. Walter Huffman b. Sept. 11*, 1875 d. June 12, 1963 Houston, Harris, Tx,  Powell Nursing Home. Buried Rosewood Memorial Park, Old Humble Hwy, Humble, Tx-No record of children-Did not locate 1880 or 1900 census records--Single, Machinist, 1910 Dayton, Liberty Co, Tx; Single, 1920 Galveston, Tx. Foreman, HH of Bro William; -1930 Aransas Pass, San Patricio Co, Tx-Lodger, Married @ age 35 yrs; (no wife shown),  HH of William H Porter-Walter H Whitehead age 48 yrs, Tx Tenn Tx, steel worker, Bank Bldg. (age is wrong here)

             (M) Unknown abt 1924 (1930 census show "Married" 6 yrs)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Jefferson Co, Tx-Walter Huffman Whitehead Age 43, Add: Jefferson Co, Tx born September 22*, 1875 White, Natural born Citizen, Empl: farm hand, Jim Gray, Nearest Rel: Mrs. Georgia Whitehead, Sterling City, Texas Sig: Walter Huffman Whitehead Physical Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld eyes___Hair____, No Disabilities Sig: S H Holmes, Reg., Board No 1, Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas Sept. 12, 1918

Death Cert. of Walter H Whitehead, Harris Co, Tx-Add: Pct 4, Resident for 3 yrs, Powell Nursing Home, 30110 Airline, Houston, Tx White Male, Widow'r, Occ: Metal Worker, Father's name: don't know, Not a Veteran of U S Forces, cause of death: cerebral thrombosis 15 minutes, cerebral arteriosclerosis 7 yrs;  Attending Physician: G H Hart, MD from April 21, 1962-June 12, 1963 Date of Death: April 12, 1963,  Date of Birth: Sept. 22, 1875, Age 87 yrs, Place of birth: Texas; Mother's name: don't know (Info from Personal papers,) Burial June 15, 1963 Houston, Harris, Texas Rosewood Memorial Park Funeral Home: Landing & Weirich, Reg. File No 4480, Rec'd June 17, 1963 Sig: W H Allen, Registrar-Also Texas Death Records;  SSDI-shows birth Sept 22, 1875 d. June, 1963, Iss'd Texas before 1951  

        4. John Patrick b. April 3, 1878 d. January 23, 1946  (He is a single boarder, b April,1878 farmer Tx Va Tx 1900  Pct 3, Bee Co, Tx  HH of Danl. Fox; 1910 Pct 3, Bee Co, Tx, Laborer, (M) 7 yrs, 2 dtrs; 1920 Pct 7, Bee Co, Tx Laborer, stock farm, wife & 3 ch. 1930  Beeville, Bee Co, Tx , Policeman, City of Beeville, Bee Co, Tx (M) @ ages 25 & 18 

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Bee County, Texas-John  Patrick Whitehead, age 40, Add: Blanconia, Bee County, Texas b. April 3, 1878 White,  Natural born Citizen, Empl: stock laborer, Dan Fox, Blanconia, Bee, Texas Nearest Rel: Mary Ellen Whitehead, Blanconia, Bee, Texas Sig: John Patrick Whitehead, Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, slender build, Black eyes, Black Hair, No Disabilities Sig: H M  Williams, Registrar, Bee County, Texas Sept 12, 1918

            (M) Mary Ellen Fox, Beeville, Tx abt 1903 d. September 8, 1960 Bee Co., Tx.- She was b. abt 1885 (Dtr of Daniel Fox)

                    a. Ellen Agnes b. June 30, 1904 d. Feb. 18, 1974 SSDI-St Joseph Cemetery, Beeville, Bee County, Tx-(1930 Beeville, Bee Co, Tx single, saleslady, Dept Store) Never married

                    b. Fannie b. September 29, 1906 d. July 27, 1996 Grand Prairie, Dallas Co, Texas  (M) H P  Hackney  pr to 1930 & had no children  (Had adopted son)

                    c. Daniel John  b. December 5, 1910 Tx  d. July 25, 1985 (Nueces Co., Tx-last residence: Beeville, Bee Co, Tx SSDI)  Single, 1930 Beeville, Bee Co, Tx works @ Ranch-Registered for Military Service, Bee Co., Tx, 1940-see below

Complete List of Bee County Men/Women Registered for

Military Service Published to Aid Registrants

(Beeville Bee-Picayune, 24 Oct 1940-list Incl. Daniel John Whitehead

Bee County, Texas Men in the Military, 1941-1945-Incl: Daniel J Whitehead

WWII Enlistment Record, Daniel J Whitehead, b. 1910, Texas Res: Texas, Bee County, Enlistment date: March 3, 1942  Enlist. State: Texas, Enlist. City: Fort Sam Houston, Branch International & Code: Warrant Officers, USA, Enlistment for the duration of the War, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to the law. Department: Selectees (Enlisted Men) Service Civil Life, Education: Grammar school; Civil Occu: farm hands, animal & livestock, Single, without dependants Ht: 68, Wt: 129

                        (M) Nellie Lois Ballard-b. _____d. May 14, 1995 Bee Co, Tx-No children (Had adopted dtr-Jane Morris b. May 21, 1931 d. Aug. 13, 2008 Metarie, Jefferson, Louisiana


From BEEVILLE WEEKLY PICAYUNE, Friday, 14 Feb 1908
By Thomas Ragsdale Akins, Editor


Mary Hefferman, daughter of John Hefferman who located at San Patricia, gave an account of a massacre by the Indians and Mexicans on the ground where Beeville now stands. This is the story told in her own words:

“My uncle, James Hefferman, still lived on the Poesta when the war broke out. My father’s family lived at San Patricia. My father and a cousin, John Ryan, went to James Hefferman to assist him in laying his crop, so they all could join General Fannin’s command at Goliad. The day before they finished plowing, they were attacked by Mexicans and Indians in the field while at work, and all were killed (including John Hefferman and John Ryan). The Indians then went to the house and killed the family of James Hefferman, which consisted of his wife and five children.

“The first intimation of the sad fate that had befallen these early settlers was received by relatives and friends at San Patricia when they found at their cowpen one morning the cows of James Hefferman, which he had taken from there to his home on the Poesta. This aroused the suspicion of the family, who at once sent their boys to find out what the trouble was. On coming to the site of the settlement and seeing no one, they returned to San Patricia and reported no one at home. Then a party of men went to investigate. They found the men dead in the field. They had been dead several days. The body of the eldest son of James Hefferman was lying between the field and the house, while the bodies of Mrs. Hefferman and the four younger children were found at the house. The remains were collected and placed in one large box and were buried near the scene of the murder, although the exact spot cannot be located. The calves of the cows which returned to San Patricia were dead in the pens, the only living thing on the place being a little dog.

“The field where the men were killed was located on the spot now occupied by the courthouse, while the house and pens were west of that location, about where the old Whitehead home formerly stood. The site is now occupied by the Mexican school.”


William James Whitehead 1822-1879

VICTORIA ADVOCATE, Victoria, Texas Saturday, May 17, 1879

William James Whitehead, died on May 13, 1879, at his home twelve miles from this city, in the 58th year of his age.

Mr. Whitehead was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia in 1822, and removed to this city many years ago.

He had been in bad health for some time, and his recovery despaired of several days before his death.  He bore his suffering with patience and died in hope of a better world.  Mr. Whitehead leaves a wife and four children to mourn his untimely demise.

The remains arrived at the Episcopal Church at 12 o'clock on Tuesday and was taken in charge by the Victoria lodge of  A. F & A. M, of which he was a member.  At four o'clock PM the Masonic procession formed and with many friends, accompanied the remains to their last resting place, where they were interred with Masonic honors.

Note-died of yellow fever-Ref: Penny Odum


c. John b. abt 1828 Dinwiddie Co., Va-appears in HH of mother, 1850 Maury Co, Tn-No further record


d. Robert S. Born November 5, 1829  Williamson Co., Tn d. December 24, 1895 Maury Co., Tn-(HH of mother 1850 Maury Co, Tn

(M) Louisa Eliza Jane Epps  Sept 1, 1859 Marshall Co, Tn She was b. abt 1844 Tn & died pr to 1880.  (Marriage indexed as B. S Mitchead-Original record plainly Whitehead-Eliza J Epps. 

only known Child of Robert Whitehead

1. Thomas M. Whitehead b. October 22, 1866 Tn d. December 7, 1937 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tn

(M) -1st cousin , Nancy Leonora "Nora" Whitehead,  Oct. 12, 1891, Maury Co., Tn- She was b. March 24, 1872 Tn- & d. ____(dtr of Theo. Alexander Whitehead (see below) Lived 1900 Maury Co, Tn Dist 25, 1910 Dist 3, Maury Co, Tn, Genl farmer, (M) 18 yrs. Had 6 ch-5 liv;  (did not locate 1920) lived 1930 Nashville, Tn

Much of the detailed information on the Tennessee Whitehead families was prepared by R T Garrett Whitehead, furnished to me by Penny Odum, a descendant of Henry S Whitehead.-sgs

Children: Ref:  Bible of Leonora "Nora" Whitehead, Courtesy of Penny Odum

        1. Alton Thomas b. August 4, 1893 TN Died February, 1973 Franklin, Williamson Co., Tenn. (SSDI-lived 1930 Taylor, Wayne Co, Michigan-Auto Worker, Factory (No Whitehead ch in HH 1930)

            (M) Mrs. Eva G _____Smith  abtt 1922 She was b. abt 1897 Florida

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Marshall Co, Tenn-Alton Thomas Whitehead, age 23 yrs, Add: RFD 1, Chapel Hill, Tenn., natural born citizen, born August 4, 1893 at . Rall? Hill, Tennessee, USA, Occ: Farmer, Marshall Co., Tn, Nearest Rel: Father & Mother (names not given) Single, Caucasian, No Previous Military, Exemption Claim: Physical Disability Signed: Alton Thomas Whitehead, Physical Desc: Ht: Tall, Build: Slender , brown eyes, black hair, not bald, Disabilities: Physical Sig: O T Floyd? Pct 19, Marshall Co., Tn June 5th, 1917

        2. Leonard Alexander b. February 9, 1895    d. Dec. 2, 1920 Davidson Co, Tn (11/368)   (1900 census shows May, 1895; WWI Draft Reg shows Feb 9, 1896) 

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Marshall Co, Tn-Leonard Alexander Whitehead, age 21 yrs, Add: Rt #1, Chapel Hill, Tenn., USA, b. Feb. 9th, 1896, natural born citizen, Raley Hill, Marshall, Tenn., USA, Empl: None, Dependants: None, single, caucasian, Exemption Claim: Physicaly disabled Sig: Leonard Alexander Whitehead,  Physical Descr: Ht: Tall, Build: Medium, Brown eyes, black hair Not bald, Disabilities: Physically disabled, different ways Sig: C T. Floyd, Registrar, Pct 10, Marshall County, Tennessee June 5th, 1917

        3. Robert "Bobby" Blythe b. August 13, 1897 d. October 23, 1914 Lawrence Co, Tn-(33-342)-shown as A T, Jr b. May, 1897 on 1900 census, shown as Robert, age 13 yrs, on 1910 census

        4. Dtr b. & d. January 23. 1900

        5. Winnie Lee b. Nov. 3, 1901 Tn  d. Jan., 1979 Franklin, Williamson Co, Tn (SSDI)

              (M) Clyde Dennis  He was b. July 1, 1900 Tn  d. July, 1975 Franklin,  Williamson Co, Tn  (SSDI) He is single in 1920 Nashville, Tn w/parents

        6. John Earl Cock b. November 6, 1905 died December, 1973 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tn (SSDI)

        7. Mahlon Davis b. September 1, 1911 d. August 3, 1912

1850 Maury Co, Tn-Dist 23-Nancy Whitehead 55 F VA, John " 22 Male VA Robert " 19 M Tn Theophilus " 17 Male Tn, Mary " 13 Female Tn

1860 (July 31)  Maury Co, Tn Dist 24 Columbia PO,HH 875-875 -Robert Whitehead 24M Tn, Farmer, $450/850.,  Louisa J." 16F Tn (Marr. w/i yr)

1860 Maury Co, Tenn Mortality Schedule-Nancy A Whitehead age 2 Mos. Fe. b. Tn.   d. June, 1860  of croup (Possible child of Robert)

Aug. 27th, 1870 Marshall Co, Tn, Dist 9, Palmetto PO-Robert Whitehead 40WM Tn, Farmer, Louisa J. " 26WF Tn, Thomas " 4WM Tn , J F Orman 16WM Tn, farm labor,  William Orman 13WM Tn, farm labor

 (NOTE-Family states they are not aware of a #2 marriage of Robert Whitehead, per Penny Odom. The Mary J shown as his wife (1880 census, below) believed to be his sister.)

1880, June 4th by J R Moody, Enumr., SD 3, ED 156 HH 69-73 Maury Co, Tn, Dist 25-Robt. S Whitehead 50 WM Farmer Tn VA VA Mary J. "  wife 41 WF  Tn VA VA,  Thomas M. "  son 18 WM Farmer Tn Tn Tn,  & 2 Bl domestic servants.

June 1, 1900 Maury Co, Tn Dist 25-T(homas). M Whitehead 33WM Oct, 1866 Tn Tn Tn; (M) 8 yrs,  N. L. (Nancy Leonora) " 28WF  Mar, 1872 wife (Had 4 ch, 3 liv) Tn Tn Tn; A T (Alton Thomas) " 7WM Jan, 1893 son Tn, L(eonard) A " 5WM May, 1895 son Tn; A T Jr (sh read Robert) " 3WM May, 1897 son Tn

1910 Civ Dist 3 Maury Co, Tn -Thomas M Whitehead, 43 WM Tn, Tn Tn (M) 18 yrs, Leonora " 37 WF wife (Had 6 ch-5 liv) Tn, Alton " 16 WM son Tn, Leonard " 15 WM son Tn, Robert " 13 WM son Tn, Winnie " 8 WF dtr Tn, Earl " 4 WM son Tn (Robert shown as A T JR 3 WM  1900 Census)

1920 census-did not locate Thomas M & Nancy L Whitehead

1930 (April 14) Taylor, Wayne Co, Michigan ED  82-1051 SD 18 Sheet 11B,  HH 250-259 Alton T. Whitehead 33 WM ((M) @ age 25) Tn Tn Tn Auto Maker, Auto Factory, Eva G. " 33 WF wife (M) @ age 18) Fla GA Fla, Otis F Smith 14 WM step/son Miss Eng. Fla, Cecilia M Smith 13 WF step/dtr Miss Eng Fla, Lurlean A Smith 11 WF step/dtr Miss Eng Fla

1930 (April 10) Nashville, Davidson  Co., Tn, SD4, ED19-36  HH 272-301, 209 88th Ave.-Thomas Whitehead 63WM Tn Tn Tn Occ: Biscuit Co. (M) @ age 23, Nancy " 56 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (M) @ age 17, packer: Biscuit Co. Address: 209 88th Avenue, HH 272-301 SD4, ED 19-36 Sh 22A


  e. Theophilus Alexander Whitehead b. September 29, 1832 Williamson Co., Tn d. Nov 8, 1906 Marshall Co, Tn-buried Macedonia Methodist Church Cem., Marshall Co, Tn

Property was 96 acres 1/4 mile West of Lee's Corner's School.-1807-1907 printed by Maury County Historical Society. P 206

       (M) Margaret H. Epps Nov 18, 1857 She was b. March 18, 1843 d. May 31, 1878-Buried Epps Row, Mt. Carmel Graveyard, Maury Co, Tn

               1. Mary Frances  "Fannie" b. January, 1859 Maury Co, Tn d. March 1,  1921* Marshall Co, Tn-There is a death record on *Farence Lamb (Frances), March 1, 1921 Marshall Co, Tn (37/230) Buried Derryberry graveyard, Marshall Co, Tn

                   (M) James Baskin Lamb Oct. 18, 1893 (Bond Oct. 4) Marshall Co, Tn He was b. January, 1855 Tn-d. bet 1920-1930.He was prev. married w/older children-genl. farmer 1900 Dist 9, Marshall Co, Tn; 1910 Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn;  1920 Marshall Co, Tn (Only death record I found which may possibly James B Lamb was a J E Lamb, Marshall Co, Tn Aug. 13, 1929 Cert #20566

                           a. Infant Lamb.

                           b. James Hobert Lamb b. March, 1898* (from 1900 census) Marshall Co, Tn -single 1920-genl farmer, Dist 22 1930 Williamson Co, Tn  (M) @ age 21

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Marshall County, Tennessee-James Hobert Lamb, age 19 yrs, Add:RFD 1, Casey Spring, Marshall,  Tenn b. November 10, 1898*, White,  Natural born citizen, Occ: Farmer,  Empl: L B Zandt, RFD 1, Casey Spring, Marshall, Tenn. Nearest Rel: Fannie Lamb, RFD 1, Casey Spring, Tenn. Sig: James Hobert Lamb Phys. Desc: Med. Ht, Med. Bld, Lt blue eyes, lt brown hair, No disabilities Sig: E E Wilson, Registrar, Marshall Co., TennesseeSept. 12, 1918

                               (M) Pearl Eley  abt 1920,  She was b. abt 1906 Tn (M) @ age 14

                                      a. Evie F.  b. abt 1922 Williamson Co, Tn

               2. Lucy C. b. June 1864 Tn Tn-d. 1014 Buried Swim Graveyard, Marshall Co.,Tn-single 1900, single HH of Bro Theo, 1910

               3. William "Billy" T. b. Feb., 1867 Tn died 1911,  Marshall Co, Tn  (Cert #61346)

                    (M) Mary E Russell June 19, 1909 Marshall Co Tn She wss b. Nov 30, 1877 Tn d. July 20, 1935 Reed Cemetery, Marshall Co, Tn 

                           a. James Eddie Whitehead b. March 6 (15), 1906 Tn  d. Oct. 3, 1993 Tn (SSDI) Maury Co, Tn  (shown in census as Eddie)

                               (M) Ruby Elizabeth Collins Dec. 6, 1925 Marshall Co, Tn She was b.  May 26, 1908 Tn  d. March, 1977 Columbia, Maury Co, Tn (SSDI) 

                                      a. Elizabeth b. abt 1927 Tn (M) George Washington Wood June 29, 1947 He was b. Sept. 7, 1920

                                      b. Ella Mae (M) James Herman Hickman, Dec. 6, 1952

                                      c. Mary Etta (M) David Ellis Pratt Dec. 4, 1964 He was b. March 6, 1939 d. April, 1989 

                                      d. James Thomas  b. June, 1937 (M) Doris Jeanette Voss August 31, 1963 

                                           1. James Thomas, Jr b. Sept 7, 1967 (M) Kerri Mignam James,  Aug 4, 1990 Coopertown, Tn.  She was b. July 2, 1967

               4. Theophilus Alexander JR b. March 5,  1869 Tn d. Auguist 25, 1931 @ home of Dtr Alma Russell, buried Swim Graveyard, called Whitehead/Hargrove Cem., Marshall Co, Tn (Farmer, 1900-1920 Marshall Co, Tn-lived w/dtr Annie Russell, 1930  Nashville, Tn (Invalid) Note- Family records-After his father died, he got the "Swim Place" and resided there remainder of his life

                    (M) Lena Mae  Eley Nov 17, 1897 Marshall Co, Tn-She was b. Dec., 1879 (from 1900 Census) (September 27, 1880 Marshall Co, Tn -d. May 1, 1913 Marshall Co, Tn buried "Lively" Swim Cemetery, Marshall Co, Tn

                            a. Ora Haynes  b. May, 1900-from 1900 census  (August 3, 1900) d. November, 1980 Unionville, Bedford Co., Tn -single 1920

                                (M) Charles A. Kincaid He was b. July 25, 1890 d. May, 1966 Columbia, Maury Co, Tn

                            b. Alma Melissa b. Jan 15, 1902 Tn d. March, 1973 Bedford Co, Tn

                                 (M) Clyde Russell pr to 1920

                            c. Charley T . b. abt 1904 Tn-lived w/father 1920-(Penny shows this person's name as Robert b. abt 1909 Tn (M) Ann Prete)

                            d. Gracie Baxter b. Aug., 1905 Tn did not appear on 1910 census

               5. Valentine Cook . b. Dec, 1870 Tn (from 1900 census) Nov. 17, 1871  d. May 31, 1927 Cert #9852- Davidson Co, Tn-, buried Swim Graveyard/Cemetery,m Mardshall Co., Tn-lived w/Bro John, 1900-Lived 1910-1920 Marshall Co, Tn (some children lived 1930 Nashville, Davidson Co., Tn)

                    (M) Mary Eley April 24, 1907 Marshall Co, Tn  She was b. Jan 1, 17890 Marshall Co, Tn d. Sept 6, 1922 Marshall Co, Tn 

                            a. Valentine Washington (did not appear in census)

                            b. Robert T .Garrett  b. abt 1909 -appears as Garrett, 1910 census, appears as A R 1920 census, appears as Robert T. 21 WM b. Tn, Tn Tn,  single, Nephew in HH of Ira D. Eley 1930 Nashville, Tn

SSDI R Whitehead b. Oct. 7, 1908 d. June, 1976 Davidsonn Co, Tn

SSDI Nellie Whitehead b. July 23, 1912 d. Aug. 3, 2006 Davidson Co, Tn

                               (M) Nellie Mai Pinkerton

                                       1. Robert Andrew

                                            (M) Jolane_____

                                       2. Doris Marie

                                       3. Nellie Jean

                                       4. Carol Faye (M) Swift

                                       5. Dorothy

                           c. Pearlie Mae b. November 18, 1910 d. October 22, 1999 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tn (Purl M Whitehead, 19 WF Tn  single, boarder 1930 Nashville, Tn, in HH of Joe M Whitesides 

                               (M) John Clay Spurlock He was b. November, 1910 d. April 17, 1989

                            d. Ella Crowell (Ella Bell 1920 census) b .November 18, 1912 Tn d. April 6, 1988 Royall, Besford Co, Tn (SSDI)

                            e. Noble Andrew   b. June 13, 1917 Tn  d. November, 1973 (Iss'd Tenn pr to 1951 (Last Residence not shown)

(M) #1 Nellie Ellen Mae Martin* abt 1938 (Div) (M) #2 Mattie____(M) #3 Astor (Grant) McWhorter *Nellie remarried #2 Carlos  Dowell & #3 Roy Lyle

                            f. Paul Franklin b. abt 1920 Tn

               6. Nancy Leonora b. abt 1873 Tn (M) 1st cousin, Thomas M Whitehead October 11, 1891 Marshall Co, Tn, s/o Robert Whitehead (See Above)

               7. John H. b. Dec., 1875 Tn  d. April 21, 1929 Marshall Co, Tn Cert # 25118 (farmer 1900 Marshall Co, Tn, 1910 Marshall Co, Tn HH of L C RING, father-in-law &  1920 Marshall Co, Tn

                   (M) Eva L Ring Nov 2, 1896 Marshall Co, Tn She was b. June, 1880 Tn

                           a. John Chesley b. Sept, 1898 Tn  d. 1914 Marshall Co, Tn (63/224) buried RING Family Cemetery, Marshall Co, Tn

                           b. Leslie (dtr) b. abt 1901 Tn (M)  Carl Fletcher Patterson pr to 1920

                           c. Hobert/Hurbert/Herbert b. abt 1907 Tn -shown as Herbert 1930 Nashville, Tn

                               (M) Irene Wakefield  May 25, 1929 Williamson Co, Tn

                           d. Thelma b. abt 1914 Tn 

                                (M) Allen Kincaid He was b. April 4, 1909 Tn d. Nov., 1974

                           e. Ruby T. (dtr) b. abt 1916 Tn

1850 Maury Co, Tn-Dist 23-Nancy Whitehead 55 F VA, John " 22 Male VA Robert " 19 M Tn Theophilus " 17 Male Tn, Mary " 13 Female Tn

1860 July 31,  Maury Co, Tn, Columbia PO HH 876-876-Theophilus Whitehead 27M Tn Farmer, Margaret Whitehead 17F, Mary F. Whitehead 1F Tn

1870, Aug 27th,  Dist 9, Marshall Co, Tn Palmetto PO- T A (Theophilus) Whitehead 38WM Tn Farmer, Margaret " 27WF Tn, Mary F " 10WF Tn, Lucy C. " 6WF Tn, William " 3WM Tn, Theofalus (Theophilus, JR) " 1WM Tn

1880 Marshall Co, Tn. Dist 9, T (Theo.). Alex Whitehead 48WM Tn Va Va Mary F. " 20WF dtr Tn Tn Tn, Lucy C, " 16WF dtr  Tn Tn Tn  William T. " 13 WM  son Tn Tn Tn  T. Alexander " 11WM Tn Tn Tn son  Valentine C. " 9WM Tn Tn Tn son,  Nancy L " 7WF Tn Tn Tn dtr  John " 5 WM son  NC NC NC, Nancy Yarbargh 66WF Wid. Mother-in-law Tn Tn Tn 

Theo Alexander Whitehead & children moved to Liberty Hill, Texas, near his brother Henry S Whitehead,  sometime shortly after 1880, where he remained about 2  years, then returned to Marshall Co., Tenn. & bought a farm, where he resided the remainder of his life.

1891 List of Voters, Maury Co, Tenn-Dist 3, P 131-A D Whitehead,  J H Whitehead, R P Whitehead, Dist 25, P 209-R S Whitehead, T. A. Whitehead, T. M Whitehead, Dist 11 P 365-John Whitehead, Levi Whitehead

1891 List of Voters, Marshall Co., Tn-Dist 10, P 131- W J Whitehead

1900 Marshall Co, Tn Dist 9-Theophilus Whitehead, SR 58 WN Sept, 1832 Widower Tn  VA Va;  Lucy A. " 38 *WF June 1862 * single dtr, Tn Tn Tn;  William T " 33 WM Feb, 1867 single son Tn Tn Tn (Lucy was b. June, 1864 see 1870, 1880 Census)

1900 Marshall Co, Tn Dist 9 Theophilus Whitehead JR 31 WM Mar, 1869 Tn Tn Tn, Lena M. " 20WF Dec, 1879 wife Tn Tn Tn, Ora H " 2/12 WF dtr May, 1900 Tn

1900 Dist 10 Marshall Co, Tn-John H Whitehead 24 WM Dec, 1875 Tn Tn Tn (M) 3 yrs ; Ever (Eva L Ring) " 19 WF June, 1880 wife Tn; John C " 1WM Sept, 1898 son Tn; Valentine C Whitehead 29 WM Dec, 1870 Brother Tn Tn Tn

1900 Marshall Co, Tn Dist 9---James B Lamb 45 WM Jan, 1855 Tn, Tn Tn Occ: Frances W Lamb 41 Jan, 1859 wife Tn (M) 6 yrs, Had 2 children, 1 living Other Lamb children(by prior marriage), & Hobert J Lamb 2 WM son March, 1898 Tn

 1910 Marshall Co., Tenn-James B. Lamb 55WM Tn, (No Name-Fanny) Lamb 51 WF wife Tn, R Hold Lamb 17 (by prev. wife) James H (Hobert) Lamb 11 WM Tn son

1910 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn-Theo A Whitehead 41WM, Lena M.  " wife 29 WF, Ora H. 10 WF dtr, Alma M. 8 WF dtr,  Charley T. 6 WM son,  Lucy A. 45WF single, sister

1910 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn-Val C Whitehead 38WM  (M) 3 yrs, Tn Tn Tn Labor, Odd jobs;  Mary 21 WF wife Tn Tn Tn Had 1 ch-1 liv) Garret 1 6/12 son 

1910 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tx L C RING  62 WM, J. H Whitehead 34 WM son-in-law, Eva (Ring)  " 28 WF dtr,  Chesley (John Chesley) " 11 WM gr/son, Leslie " 9WF gr/dtr, Hurbert " 3 WM gr/son , sh as Herbert 1930 Nashville, Tn

1920 Dist 1, Marshall Co., Tn-James Lamb  65WM Tn Farmer, Fannie “ 61 WF wife Tn, James H Lamb 21 WM Tn son & 1 80 yr WFe No Rel. (Name Illegible-Indeed  as Leselath Winseet)

1920 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn Theo Whitehead 50 WM Tn, Ora " 19 WF dtr Tn, Charley  " 16 WM son Tn

1920 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn-John H Whitehead 45 WM Tn, Eva " (Ring) 39 WF wife Tn, Leslie H  Patterson 19 WF dtr Married Tn, Hurbert Whitehead* 13 WM son Tn, Thelma " 6 WF dtr Tn, Rubbie (Ruby) T. " 4 1/12 WF dtr Tn  

1920 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tenn-Valentine Whitehead 49WM Tn Tn Tn Lumber Mill;  Mary " wife 30WF Tn Tn Tn  A. R. " 11 WM son Tn Tn Tn  (shown as Garrett in 1910, shown as Robert T in 1930) Pearlie Mae " 9 WF dtr Tn Tn Tn  Ella Bell "  dtr 7 WF Tn Tn Tn, Nabel A "  son 2 7/12 WM Tn Tn Tn

1920 Civ Dist 1, Marshall Co, Tn HH of Jim Russell -Mollie (Russell) Whitehead 42 WF Widow, (of Wm T.) dtr, Eddie Whitehead 14 WM Tn Gr.son (prev. census shows his name as Eddie Russell)

1924 City Directory, Nashville, (Davidson Co) Tennessee-Val C Whitehead-res 4200 Delaware Ave, lab; Thomas W. Whitehead, res 4200 Delaware Ave,  lab.; Lora Whitehead, same add, packer,  (I believe this is Thomas M & Nancy Lenora (See 1930 census below)

1930 (April 10) Nashville, Davidson  Co., Tn, SD4, ED19-36  HH 272-301, 209 88th Ave.-Thomas Whitehead 63WM Tn Tn Tn Occ: Biscuit Co. (M) @ age 23, Nancy " 56 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (M) @ age 17, packer: Biscuit Co. Address: 209 88th Avenue, HH 272-301 SD4, ED 19-36 Sh 22A

1930 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tn Clyde Russell 35 WM Tn  Tn Tn Empl: Lumber yard Alma " 28 WF wife Tn, James E. " 11 WM tn son, Virginia " 9 WF dtr Tn,  Theo Whitehead 62 WM Tn Father-in-law  NO Occ-Invalid

Next door to Theo-Eddie Whitehead 22 WM Tn Tn Tn Self empl Carpenter, Ruby "  (Collins) 20 WF wife, Elizabeth " 3 WF dtr, Molly " 53 WF Mother (Wid of Wm T Whitehead), Tn Tn Tn, 

1930 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tn, Sh 34A,  4704 Wake Ave, HH 169-185 SD4, ED 19-79-Bruce Wakefield 47 WM Tn Tn Tn , carpenter, contractor,  Eliza " 44 WF wife, & 2 Wakefield ch & Herbert Whitehead 23 WM son-in-law Tn Tn Tn NO Occ. (M) @ age 22,, Irene (Wakefield) Whitehead 22 WF Dtr (M) @ age 21

1930 (April 4) Davidson Co, Tn 1st Wd Nashville, Blk 27, HH 117-124 SD4, ED 194  Ira D. Eley 46 WM Tn Tn Tn Empl: Cement Co. Emma L " 43 WF wife, Lawson " 23 WM son U S Navy, Virgil " 14 WM son, Frances L 11 WF dtr, Mary R. " 7 WF dtr, **Robert T Whitehead 21 WM single, Nephew, Tn Tn Tn Machinist, cement co. ** son of Valentine Cook Whitehead & Mary Eley

1930 Davidson Co, Tn Nashville Wd 2, Blk 102, ED19-97 SD 4, Joe M Whitesides 18 WM Tn Tn Tn Roofing, sheet metal, Bulah B. " 16 WF wife, Newlywed, Tn Tn Tn, Purly M Whitehead 19 WF Tn Tn Tn packer, biscuit co. boarder

1930 (April 4) Williamson Co, Tn Dist 22, SD11 ED94-28 HH 17-17-Hobart Lamb 31 WM Tn Tn Tn Genl farmer (M) age 21 yrs; Pearl " wife 24 WF Tn Tn Tn (M) age 14 yrs, Evie F. " 8 WF Tn dtr

f. Mary J. Born Ca 1837 Williamson Co., Tn -No further record

(There is a Maury Co, Tn marriage on Mary Jane.Whitehead to John H Sandermann  Aug 15, 1857, but I was unable to locate them in 1860 Census-sgs) Also there is a (M) for Mary Ellen Whitehead to Frank Purcell; *did not locate 1860) & for Mary E Whithed to Y H Johnson, Apr 8, 1854 Maury Co


2. Jeremiah Swepson Whitehead SR Born abt 1787 Dinwiddie Co., Va  & died about 1813/14,  Dinwiddie Co, Va (M) Unknown and had sev children according to 1810 Dinwiddie Co., Va census records 

According to descendants of Jeremiah S. Whitehead, the Bible Records of one of his daughters show Jeremiah S. Whitehead's middle name as SWEPSON-sgs

    a. Jeremiah Swepson .JR Born abt 1807-08 Dinwiddie Co., Va Died  bet. 1880 & 1900 Petersburg, Va.  (M) abt 1832 Elizabeth Randolph White who was born abt. 1811 VA & died Feb. 1, 1892 Dinwiddie Co, VA  (dtr of Randolph White & Dorothy Vaughan* of Dinwiddie Co.)*Dorothy Vaughan was dtr of Peter Vaughan of Dinwiddie Co, VA. She was b. 1787 d. 1847. Her sister Susan C. White  (M) #1 William W Blick of Dinwiddie Co, VA

This appears to be from a Dinwiddie Co, Va Order Book:, wherein commissioners were appointed by the Court to divide the estate of the late husband of Mary Conway-sgs

In comp0liance of a decree of the County Court of Dinwiddie and to us directed , we the undersigned have divided the Negroes mentioned in said decree in the following manner, to wit: we have assigned unto the widow Mary Conway, one negroe man  Daniel valued at $375.00,  one young man Bob valued at $375.00, one Negro boy Cornelius  valued at $200.00, making one aggregate amount of  nine hundred and fifty dollars, which is the one third of the Negroes,  less one hundred and twenty five dollars and the parties being unwilling that a sale of a Negro should take place or further proceedings to complete the division; we also assess the said Mary Conway the said sum of one hundred twenty five dollars to be paid by the said infants or their guardians after she shall have given to the said guardians or guardian a refunding bond for that amount payable at her death.  And, we also further report that it is thought injudicious to divide the real estate at present; All of which is respectfully submitted /C.

Given under our hands this 30 day December, 1843.


Jeremiah S Whitehead

Jno. L. Blibk

James Perkins

         Children: WHITEHEAD (Marriages & Death Dates on children :Ref: Tom White & census records)

         1. Dollie Annie Eliza Whitehead was born Jan, 1834 & died Dec. 14, 1901 She (M) #1 Stephen Decauter Saunders August 2, 1854 and he died 1863. She (M) #2 James Ennis Feb. 11, 1868 (Wid., 1900 Petersburg, Va Occ: Landlady, Had 1 ch-1 living)

               a. Annie Louise Sanders-Ennis Born Feb., 1862 VA (M) Leonard Rogers  Gerow   CA1883 Va. He was a RR conductor, 1900-1930 Petersburg, VA.  She had 5 ch-5 living, 1900 Census 1910 Petersburg, Va Had 6 ch-5 living  (1930 shows (M) @ ages 21 & 20

                   Children: GEROW

                   1.  Mary Ann "Annie" Gerow Born April, 1884   Petersburg, Va  (M) Freeman Ward Jones Dec 31, 1906 Petersburg, Va He was born Oct. 6, 1876 & died Feb 8, 1955 (Blandford Cem., Petersburg, Va) Lived 1910 Charlotte, Meck. Co., NC where he was a commercial agent, RR; 1920 Roanoke, Jefferson WD 1, Virginia, Freight Master, RR; also 1920 Richmond City, Va Freight Agent, N & W RR -NO children in HH 1910, 1920,  1930 Petersburg, Occ: Steam RR NO ch.(M) @ ages 24 & 20 yrs

Also, Military abt 1898 Spanish-American War, 4th VA Inf., Sgt.; Obit: Petersburg Progress- 9 FEB 1955 Petersburg; REF World Connect, (Jones Family of Prince George, Va)

                   2. Joseph W. Gerow Born Nov., 1886 Petersburg, Va (M) Marie I____ (Lived 1920 St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Fla Occ: Treas, Boulder Saffle?-1930 St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Fla, Treasurer, Bldg. Mat. (Divorced)

                       Children: GEROW

                        a. Anne Born CA 1915 Fla

                        b. Barbara A Born Ca 1919 Fla

                   3. Leonard Townsend Born June, 1889 Petersburg, Va (Officer, US Army, 1930 Washington, DC (M) CA 1920 Kathryn_______born CA 1892 NY

                   4. Lee.Saunders Born Mar, 1891 Petersburg, Va (Soldier, US Army, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Military Res.1930 (M) Abt.1914  Weber M._______born CA1897 TN

                   5. Louise Born Aug., 1894 Petersburg, Va

                   6. George R. Born Ca 1903 Petersburg, Va (Inspector, Nitrogen Olant, 1930 Petersburg, Va (M) Ca 1927 Lillian ______born Ca 1905 Va 

                        a. George, Jr. born CA 1928 Florida

         2. Priscilla Asenath Whitehead Born abt 1839  Dinwiddie, Va & died pr to 1870-Did not marry

         3. Elizabeth Rebecca Randolph Whitehead Born Dec 31, 1836 Dinwiddie, Va She died prior to 1896, Charlottsville, Va.. Elizabeth  (M) Henry Clay Marchant Oct. 8, 1863  He was born Feb., 1837 Va; & was an Agent, Woolen Factory, 1870 Charlottsville, Va; a Mfg'r of Woolen goods, 1880 & 1900 Charlottsville, Va; ; President of Woolen Mills, 1910 Charlottsville, Va  He died pr to 1920, Charlottsville, Va.

        Henry Clay Marchant (M) #2  About 1896 Fannie B. ________Born  CA 1860 Va  (1910 Census,  had 1 ch 0 living) 

Civil War Service Records, Charlottsville, Albemarle Co., Va Incl: MARCHANT, H. C., enlisted 1861, CO A, 12th VA Infantry; wounded 1862 at Richmond. 

Roster Of John Bowie Strange Camp - 1920 ROSTER JOHN BOWIE STRANGE CAMP. 1889 to 1919. Incl H C Marchant, Non-Comm Officers/Privates

              Children: MARCHANT

             a. Elizabeth Gertrude Marchant Born June, 1864 Alb. Co., Va

             b. J. Churchill Marchant Born Jan, 1857 Alb. Co., Va-Single 1900 Petersburg, Va  Occ: Trunk Maker;  1920 Baltimore, Md. Salesman, Shoes, Partner w/4 other persons, Census shows Married, No wife/children in HH)

             c. Henry H Marchant Born CA 1868 Alb  Co. Va

             d. Loulie R. Marchant  Born April, 1871 Alb. Co., Va (M) Joseph W Anderson Sept. 18, 1900 Alb. Co., Va.  He was born abt 1866 VA, He is a Bkkpr., 1910 & 1930 Charlottsville, Va-NO children in HH  Loulie died pr to 1930 as Joseph W. Anderson's wife is named Florence A in 1930 Charlottsville, Va.

              e. Asenath S. Marchant Born Nov. 1873 Alb. Co., Va  (single, 1910 & 1920 Charlottsville, Alb. Co,, Va)

              f. Hampton. S. Marchant  Born Ca 1877 Alb. Co., Va (M) Abt. 1904 E. L. ________born CA 1882 Va  She app. died pr. to 1920. He was a clerk, Woolen Mills, 1910 Census; Wid'r., &  warehouse Supt., 1920 Charlottsvile, Va; ; 1930 Kennebec, Waterville, Maine, Wid'r, Clothing Salesman

                  1. Henry Born CA 1908 Charlottsville, Va

                  2. Joseph C. Born CA 1912 Charlottsville, Va

              g. Chauncey B. Marchant  Born Feb. 1879 Alb. Co., Va (M) Harriett H._____ Born abt 1879 Va.-He was a Bank Cashier, 1910 Charlottsville  Va. &  Bookkeeper, Iron Works, 1920  Petersburg, Va.

                  1. Reynolds Born abt 1908 Alb. Co, Va

              h. Governeur W. Marchant  Born Feb., 1881 Alb. Co., Va (M) Elizabeth C. Mehring April 26, 1911 Alb. Co., Va  He was a Farmer, 1920 Albemarle Co., Va wife is named Elcie, NO Ch in HH

         4.Sarah Adelena  "Addie" Whitehead born May, 1841 Dinwiddie, Va Died May 3, 1913 Did not marry (Lived w/sister Annie Ennis 1900 Petersburg, Va, Single)

         5.Jeremiah Joseph "Joe" Whitehead Born abt. 1845 Dinwiddie, Va Died Jan. 16, 1886 (M) Sarah Louise Peace Jan 25, 1872 -He was a Bookkeeper, 1880 Dinwiddie Co., Va, HH of parents-NO children

         6. G. Benjamin J Whitehead Born abt. 1847 Dinwiddie, Va Died pr to 1859


Richard Whitehead (below) has not been PROVEN to be son of Jeremiah Whitehead, SR, but I believe that  he is-sgs

     b. Richard Whitehead Born abt 1809 Dinwiddie Co., VA Died Abt 1852-3 Tx (Appears in 1850 Bastrop Co., Tx Census & son Jeremiah appears in 1860 Lavaca Co., Tx near his cousin Henry S Whitehead.  Richard's wife is named Elizabeth in 1850 Bastrop Co..Census.  There is a marriage for Richard Whitehead  to Miss Z Elderidge in Washington Co., Tx on Oct 16, 1842 --A descendant shows her name as Zornoni Elizabeth J. Eldridge, dtr of John Eldridge & Charity Hines, who (M) Maury Co., Tenn April 3, 1821) She was born abt 1827 Maury Co, Tn & d. bet 1855 & 1860 Gonzales Co, Tx. After her death the orphan children were placed with various other families. Dtr Emma & son George Whitehead appear in HH of Uncle Thomas Eldridge, 1860 Gonzales Co, Tx.

1850 Bastrop Co., Tx HH 227-243 Richard Whitehead* 41M Va Farmer; Elizabeth " 26F Tn; Anne E. " 7F Tx; Jeremiah " 5M Tx; George " 3M Tx; Joseph " 1M Tx, & Albert Emerson 26M NH farm hand  (May have come to Texas with his cousin Henry S Whitehead, from Maury Co., Tenn, or his future wife's family, John & Charity Hines Eldridge, who (M) 1821 Maury Co., Tenn)

Richard Whitehead served in the War with Mexico in 1842, ( as did his cousin Henry S. Whitehead):--Coe, P.H. Company 1 Regt. South Western Army Col. Jas. R. Cook Comm. Enlistment from Oct 17, 1842 Nov 20, 1842 [A15; T8 p631-632] Dep: [San Antonio, Camp Cooke, Somervell Campaign] Muster Roll:

Borin, James Borin, Mathew Bridgman, J.C. Buckman, G.M. (2 Cpl) Clemmons, L. Coe, P.H. (Capt) Cole, William A. Culbirth, Benjamin Darby, W.P. (1 Cpl) Duprey, John B. (2 Sgt) Ellis, John Ervin, Jordin A. Ervin, Thomas Evans, Wister Farral, Jesse Fuller, Ralph Graham, Joshua (Actg Q.M.) Greer, G.D. Guinn, George Hackworth, W.W. Harrel, John Heek, R.D. (1 Lt) Helfer, H.H. Herington, John Higgins, Thompson Higgins, Wm. A. Johnson, Jesse H. Lee, Nelson Leekin, Jeremiah McIntire, H.C. (1 Sgt) Mitchel, J.W. Mory, Nelson Mullen, Peter Odum, R.P. Owen, M.T. Pennington, Elijah Pennington, Elisha Pepkin, Wm. Pipkin, Stewart (4 Sgt) Pucket, R.R. Ransom, Thomas Tandy, Wm. M. Tardy, A.M. (3 Sgt) Tarver, B.E. Tom, Alford Tom, Charles Tom, J.H. (2 Lt) West, George Whitehead, Richard Winn, William OTHER NAMES ON THE ROLL Cook, Jas. R. (Col) [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, or other remarks, see transcribed roll in ATTACK AND COUNTERATTACK: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842, Joseph Milton Nance, University of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.[T8]

Texas Land Title Abstracts--Grantee: Richard Whitehead, Certificate 75, Patentee: Richard Whitehead Patent Date: Feb. 21, 1872, 320 Acres Adjoining Co: Nolan, District: Bexar County: Fisher; File 1482; Survey/Blk/Tsp: 296; Patent # 465; Patent Volume 39; Class Bexar 3rd;  

Also Cert. # 65, 320 Acres, Patent #466, Patent Vol. 39, Bexar 3rd class 

Grantee/Patentee: Richard Whitehead Date: Dec 01, 1876 160 Acres, District/County: Bastrop, File 7, Patent #.103, Patent Volume 5, Class: Bastrop Pre

         Known children-WHITEHEAD

         1. Emma Anne Elizabeth b. February,1843 Tx d. Feb. 22, 1910 Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas ( 1850 HH of parents; 1860 Gonzales Co, Tx HH of Uncle Thomas Eldridge; (M) Nelson M LGraves Dec 30, 1884, Gonzales Co., Tx.  (Occ: Dentist)  He was b. December, 1840 Tenn., d. after April, 1910-PR to 1920 census (Texas Death Records, Ann Elisa Graves, Gonzales Co., Tx, Feb. 22, 1910)

1900, June 4th, Pct 1, Wd 1, SD 12, ED 51 Sh 3B, HH 60-66, 60-67 Gonzales City, Gonzales Co., Tx -N M Graves 59 WM Dec., 1840 Tn Tn Tn, Dentist; A. E. (Emma Ann Elizabeth Whitehead)  57 Feb., 1843 WF wife Tx Eng.* Tn; James M " 22 WM  single son Ky Tn Tn, Mary L Rasbury 64 Sept, 1836 WF Wid. sister, Ky Tn Tn Dressmaker; Cora " 26 March, 1874 WF single niece dressmaker Ky Ky Tn, Anna L " 22 August, 1878 WF single niece dressmaker Ky Ky Tn, & 3 non-related boarders (*sh read Virginia)

1910 (April 26-27) Wd 1, Gonzales City, Gonzales Co., Tx  SD9, ED81, Sh 16A, HH 306-383- M L Groves (Graves) 68 WM Widower, Tn Tn Tn Occ: Dentist, own office; HH 307-384 Emma E. KARNES 45 WF Wid. Tx Ala Tn Manager, Home, HH 308--385 Willie Washington, 28 BM Tx Tx Tx House Waiter

        2. Jeremiah Born abt 1845 Tx -d. after 1860 Census-May have died in Civil War-Appears in 1850 Bastrop Co., & 1860 Halletsville, Lavaca Co.Tx in HH of Isaac & Mary Burkett, near Henry S. Whitehead, (cousin) s/o Joseph Whitehead Jr & w/Nancy-No further record (There was a J. Whitehead, in 37th Texas Cavalry, Co F, Pri/Pri.  Confederate.  SAME Rgt. as his cousin,  Henry S. Whitehead-this may be Jeremiah Whitehead, as they lived very near ea. other in 1860 Lavaca Co, Tx Census.)

         3. George Richard Born abt 1847 Tx  d. Dec, 1901 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Tx-Bur: Harwood Cem., Gonzales Co, Tx 

George Richard Appears 1850 Bastrop Co., Tx, HH of parents;  1860 Gonzales Co, Tx HH of Uncle Thomas Eldridge;  He is a stockraiser,1870 Belmont, Gonzales Co, Tx (HH 475-475) George is a farmer, 1880 Harwood, Gonzales Co., Tx and is a  patient in the hospital, 1900 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx, as is his son George.Jr. His Wife & 3 children are in 1900 Gonzales Co., Pct 7;  She has had 7 children, 4 living.  Widow is in HH of son Raymond K 1910 Gonzales Co., Tx  She has had 7 children, 4 living Widow 1930 Gonzales Co, Tx Pct 7; HH of W J & Bessie McDonald, as Mother-in-law; However, Bessie was born 1870 Canada, so she is not Henrietta's dtr.

Gonzales County Records Center & Archives contain Biography Files on the following: WHITEHEAD

Gonzales Inquirer, Gonzales Co, Texas-Newspaper Notices

Whitehead, H., Arrived at Collins House (hotel), V1 #48 Gonz.Inq 29 Apr 1854 P3

Gonzales Inquirer June 1878-May, 1879

 Whitehead, G.R., Estray notice, Vol. 26 #27 Gonz.Inq. 7 Dec. 1878 p3

              (M) Henrietta Augusta Lee (May 31) June 3, 1875 Gonzales Co, Tx;  She was born March 17, 1850 Tex.  Died March 2 , 1933 Gonzales Co., Tx (Obit Mar 2, 1933 Gonzales Inquirer) Bur:Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales, Tx)

Index to Gonzales Inquirer, Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx-

Whitehead, Mrs. Henrietta, obit, 2 March 1933

Index to Probate Records-Gonzales Co, Texas


Obituary Index (Whitehead) Gonzales County, Texas-Howard W-49; Ioma W-9; Imogene R, Josephine Mildred, W-50;  Raymon W115

Excerpts from Gonzales Inquirer, Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx 1881-1884

Whitehad, Geo., Johnson City, subscribed to Inquirer, Vol. 30 #36 Gonz.Inq. 10 Mar 1883 p2 

Whitehead, Joe, Vol. 29 #20 Gonz.Inq. 5 Nov 1881 

Whitehead, George, Vol. 29 #20 Gonz.Inq. 5 Nov 1881 

Whitehead, W.F., letter in postoffice, Vol. 29 #1 Gonz.Inq. 25 Jun 1881

Excerpts from Gonzales Inquirer-1885-1888

Whitehead, James, Denton Creek col., Vol. 34 No. 16 Gonz.Inq. 10 Oct 1885 

Whitehead, J.E., advertised letter, Vol. 34 No. 16 Gonz.Inq. 10 Oct 1885 

Whitehead, Joe, (Joseph) died, Harwood col., Vol. 35 No. 50 Gonz.Inq. 2 Jun 1888 

Whitehead, George, infant of died, Harwood col., Vol. 35 No. 50 Gonz.Inq. 2 Jun 1888

Whitehead, J.M., Waelder, visited here, Harwood col., Vol. 39 No. 28 Gonz.Inq. 7 Jan 1892

Whitehead, (residence), Telephone Directory, revised list, Vol. 3 No. 58 Daily Inq. 7 Aug 1899

                    a. George Richard Jr Born CA 1876 Tx (Patient in Hospital 1900 San Antonio, Tx) Died Sept 4, 1935 Dayton, Liberty Co, Tx (Oct 6, 1936 Gonzales, Tx?) 

                         (M) Delia Mudd She died after 1939 Dayton, Liberty Co, Tx

                     b. Abbie. E. Born abt 1878  Gonzales Co., Tx died 1881

                     c. Maggie.Mae  Born Feb., 1880 Tx Died 1902 (M) Ernest R Anderson June 15, 1898 

                     d. Raymond King Born Aug.24, 1882 Tx-Died Jan 23, 1943* Gonzales Co, Tx bur: Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx-WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Gonzales Co, Tx-(Death Record shows him as Widower-#2 wife Pearl Smith died Sept. 11, 1958 Bexar Co., Texas (Did they divorce?)

(WWI Civilian Draft Registration Gonzales Co, Tx- Raymond King Whitehead, age 26,  RFD 1, Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx, White Natural born citizen,  Farmer, Empl by Mrs. H A Whitehead (Mother) Rt 1 Harwood, Gonzales Co., Tx; Nearest Rel: Nettie Whitehead Wife, RFD 1, Harwood, Gonzales, Tx Sig: Raymond King Whitehead Physical Desc: Ht: Ta;; Bld: Medium Eyes: Blue Hair: Lt No disabilities Sig: Geo N Lamkin, Reg., Harwood Co, Tx Sept 12, 1918

100 Years of Gonzales - Available in Gonzales Records Center & Archive

Whitehead, and Davis, -115 Whitehead, H., - 102 Whitehead, H.L., -116

                        (M) #1 "Nettie" Jeannette Ophelia Bernard  October 10, 1901 Gonzales Co, Tx She was b. August 30, 1883 Gainsville, Coryell Co, Tx d. April 3, 1936 Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx  (Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx) (She is shown as "Annie" in 1910 Census, Pct 7, Dist 98, Gonzales Co, Tx (M) #1-8 yrs Had 3 children, 3 liiving)

                         (M) #2 Pearl Smith after 1936  She was b. 1876 d. Sept. 11, 1958 Bexar Co., Tx (Texas Death Records) (Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx)

 Mother lived in his HH in 1910 Gonzales Co., Tx Pct 7 He is a gen'l. farmer Did not locate this family 1920 ; He is a Farmer, 1930 Pct 7 Gonzales Co., Tx

                                1. James L. "Jim" b. Jan. 19, 1903 Tx d. Sept. 5, 1973 Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co., Tx (SSDI, J. Whitehead;  & Texas Death Records)  bur: Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales, Texas --Oil Field Worker, 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co, Tx (Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx) 

                                    (M) Beulah M Cain abt 1924-Born Jan. 24, 1907 Tx Died April 20, 1994 Longview, Gregg Co., Tx-SSDI & Texas Death Records (bur: Harwood Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx)

                                            a. Lois L. b. November 22, 1925 Caldwell Co.,Tx (Child of J L Whitehead-Texas Birth Records)

                                            b. Bernice Marie Born Jan. 20, 1928 Caldwell Co., Tx

                                2. Friend  Ervin Born Oct. 3, 1905 Tx Died March 27, 1962 Portland, San Patricio Co, Tx (Texas Death Records) bur: Robstown Memorial Park, Robertson Co., Texas

                                    (M) Frances Ingram 

                                           a. Frances b. Dec 20, 1927

                                           b. Dorothy Raye Fay 

                                3. Willis Octon b. Jan. 10, 1908 Gonzales Co,  Tx d. Nov. 15, 1993 Luling, Caldwell Co., Tx (SSDI- W O Whitehead b. Jan 10, 1908-d. Nov 15, 1993 Caldwell Co., Tx Texas Death Records Willis Whitehead d. Nov 16, 1993 Caldwell Co., Tx)-- Oil field worker, 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co., Tx Single, HH of Brother James; also enum. in parent's HH in Gonzales, Tx 

                                4. Robert Hernon b. Oct. 7, 1910 Gonzales Co, Tx d.  March 1, 1987 Luling, Caldwell Co, Tx

                                5. Nettie Rae Born abt 1914 Tx (M) E H Nelson

                                6. Georgia Mae Born abt 1916 Tx (M) Earnest Tankersley

                                7. Mary Lee Born April 13, 1918 Tx 

                                    (M) Louis Chester Iley-Both buried Floyd Chapel Cemetery, Gonzales Co, Tx

                                8. Lester Leo Born Jan 9, 1921 Gonzales Co, Tx Cert # 3008-Died Aug., 1983 San Antonio, Bexar, Co., Tx

WW II Army Enlistment Records 1`938-1946-Texas-Lester L Whitehead, b. 1921, White, citizen, Res: Texas, Gonzales County, Enlistment date: Nov. 25, 1940 Place: Gonzales Co, Texas Branch: Infantry, Pri/Pri. National Guard (Officers, Warrant Officers, & Enlisted Men) Source: National Guard, Education: Grammar School, Civil Employment: farm hands, general farms, Single, without dependents, Ht: 71 Inches, Wt: 140 pds

                                     (M) Minnie Lee Griggs

                                             a. Raymond King b. Nov 12, 1947 Bexar Co., Tx

                                             b. Evelyn Grace b. Dec 29, 1951 Bexar Co., Tx

                                             c. Elizabeth Elaine b. Jan 21, 1953 Bexar Co, Tx

                                             d. Rebecca Lynn b. Feb 28, 1957 Bexar Co, Tx

                                             e. Clarice Marie b. Oct. 30, 1962 Bexar Co., Tx

                                9. Raymond King, Jr  Born May 5, 1923 Tx Died Nov 1, 1999 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx SSDI & Texas Death Rec. 

                                     (M) Lorna Jean Evans-Texas Birth Records

                                     (M) #2 Eileen Arreguin-Texas Birth Records

                              10. George W. b. abt 1926 Victoria, Tx-(1 George Whitehead died Caldwell Co., Tx Sept 1, 1965, Widowed Male)

                              11. Martha Fay b. Oct. 25, 1929 Gonzales Co., Tx

                     e. Hilton Jackson Leamon  Born Sept. 21*, 1885 Gonzales Co., Tx d. Oct.  (12) 18, 1928 Gonzales, Tx;   He was a farmer, Pct 7, 1910 & 1920 Gonzales Co, Tx;.  Widow & children are farming,  in 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co, Tx 

Excerpts from newspaper, Gonzales Inquirer,  Gonzales Co, Tx-1928

"Enderle, Louis, shot & killed H.L. Whitehead, 12 Oct 1928"

"Whitehead, H.L., blacksmith, shot & killed by 15-yr-old Louis Enderle, 12 Oct 1928"

Inquirer, 1929-

"Enderil, Emil, sentenced for killing William ?? Whitehead, 30 Jan 1929"

 "Enderli, Louis, given 4 years in Juvenile Training School, 20, 21 June 1929" 

"Enderli, Emil, sentenced for shooting H.L. Whitehead, 20 June 1929"

(WWI Civilian Draft Registration Gonzales Co, Tx, Hilton Leamon Whitehead, age 33, Add: Gonzales, Gonzales, Tx., b. Sept. 23*, 1885 White Naturl born Citizen, Occ: Blackksmith, Self Empl, Gonzales, Gonzales, Tx Nearest Rel: Wife, Elsie Whitehead, Gonzales, Gonzales, Tx  Sig: Hilton Leamon Whitehead Physical Desc: Tall, slender bld, Blue eyes, Dark Hair, No disabilities, J M Fly, Registrar, Gonzales Co., Tx 9/12/18 

                         (M) Elsie Eliza Carrie Smith July 6, 1909.   She was born abt 1893 Caldwell Co,  Tx d. 1980 Wichita, Kansas. (Widow w/3 ch, 1930 Caldwell Co, Tx)

                                1. Hilton Luther Lee b. April 17, 1910 Tx d. November 25, 1984 Medina Co., Tx (Texas Death Records, Luther Whitehead, SR d. Nov. 25, 1984 Medina Co., Tx;  SSDI-L. Whitehead, b. April 17, 1910 d. Nov., 1984 Last Res: San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx -single 1920 Gonzales Co  (HH of parents 1910, 1920- did not locate 1930) Children below from 
Texas Birth Records

                                    (M) Annie Lee Chandler August 7, 1928 Gonzales Co, Tx-Gonzales Inquirer, "Luther Whitehead married Annie Lee Chandler, August 7, 1928"

                                           a. Betty Dean b. Oct. 15, 1929 Gonzales  Co, Tx

                                           b. Betsie Marie b. Oct. 3, 1931 Val Verde Co, Tx

                                           c. Dorothy Gene b. Nov. 20, 1933 Uvalde Co, Tx

                                           d. Margaret Carolyn b. Dec.15, 1935 Bexar Co, Tx

                                           e. Mary Kaye b. September 28, 1938 Uvalde Co,m Tx

                                           f. Luther Lee JR b. September 6,  1941 Webb Co, Tx

                                           g. Barbara Ann b. April 5, 1944 Uvalde Co, Tx

                                           h. John Allen Clark b. December 10, 1949 Uvalde Co, Tx

                                2. Elsie Marie b. September 6, 1912 Gonzales Co, Tx (Texas Birth Records-" Infant of H L Whitehead b. September 6, 1912" Gonzales Co, Tx;   "Marie Whitehead b. September 6, 1912"  Gonzales Co, Tx Cert # 31695-single 1930 Caldwell Co, Tx

                                3. Hilton Leemon "Buddy" Born Feb. 14, 1915 Gonzales Co, Tx Died Feb. 26, 1998 Lake Dallas, Denton Co., Tx SSDI (HH of parents 1920, 1930)

                                    (M) Beatrice Bridges Sept 16, 1940,  b. April 13, 1916 

                                            a. Hilton Leemon, Jr. Aug. 31, 1955-April 22, 2000 Bexar Co., Tx-SSDI;  buried Oakwood Cemetery, Medina Co., Tx

                                                 (M) Debra J. Heligman, March 17, 1984; She was b. June 17, 1963 (livng)

                                4. Infant of H L Whitehead b. January 9, 1923 Gonzales Co, Tx

                                5. Branch b. abt 1925 Tx -single 1930 Caldwell Co, Tx

                     f. Frank B. b. & d. 1888 Gonzales Co, Tx (Gonzales Inquirer, 1888-"Infant of George Whitehead died,  Harwood"  June 2, 1888)

                     g. Lilly Mildred Born Oct. 27, 1889 Gonzales Co, Tx d. Feb. 17, 1998 Liberty Co, Tx (M) Wesley "Wes"  Whitehead (cousin) Dec. 5, 1904. (Son of Joseph Whitehead & Catherine Hannora "Nora" Leehin)  He was b. Sept 30, 1884 d. Aug. 8, 1967 Liberty Co, Tx , age 82 yrs. Buried: Norris Cemetery (For Children, See Wesley "Wes" Whitehead, below)

         4. Joseph E. Born abt 1849 Tx  & Died June 2, 1888 Gonzales Co, Texas-Gonzales Inquirer)   Joseph appears in 1860 Guadalupe Co., Tx   HH of William Tom, stock raiser, did not locate 1870 census;  & is a farmer 1880 Harwood, Gonzales Co., Tx near his brother George Whitehead. 

            (M) Catherine Hannora Leehin  Jan. 12, 1871 by Abel Baker, O.M.,  Caldwell Co, Texas. She was born abt Sept., 1851 Tx. (from 1900 census) d. after Jan 15, 1920 Census of Bexar Co, Tx-Prob. Bexar Co, Texas)  She appears in 1880 Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx census only as "L" Whitehead- 

Joseph's widow Catherine Hannora " Nora" Leehin Whitehead (M) James Harberson April 4, 1889 Henderson Co, Texas-Nora appears in 1900 Pct 7, Gonzales Co, Tx census as Nora Harverson, Widow, b. Sept., 1851 Tx w/son Wesley Whitehead indexed as Willy Harverson in error, b. Sept 1884 Tx.  Nora shows she has had 11 children-2 living as of June 5, 1900 census. Nora is a patient in the mental hospital, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx in 1910 Census. Nora Hsrberson, age 68, Widow, is a patient in the Southwestern Insane Hospital, in Pct 7, Bexar Co, Tx in 1920, (Jan 15th) census.

                     a. Joseph. Ed  b. March, 1874 Tx-  d. pr to 1920  -  Ed is a farmer 1900 & 1910 Caldwell Co., Tx-

                         (M) Cora Elizabeth Raspburry Feb. 7, 1894 Caldwell Co., Tx.  She was born abt 1876 Died Dec. 18, 1966 Childress Co., Tx -Widow (Where is Cora w/child Wes in 1920?)  Cora lives w/son Huse 1930 Pct 7, Gonzales Co, Tx

                                1. Joe Allen Born May 1, 1895 Tx  Died Dec 15, 1951 Jefferson Co., x-Lives 1920 Gonzales Co., Tx Pct 7-Farmer & Refinery Worker, 1930 Luling, Pct 7, Caldwell Co., Tx 

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Gonzales Co, Tx-Joe Allen Whitehead  age 22 yrs, Add: Harwood, Tx, b. May 1, 1895 Natural born citizen, b. Luling, Texas, USA , Occ: Farming Self Empl., No prev. Military Exp., Claims Exemp: for wife & Children, Dep. Sig: Joe Allen Whitehead Physical Desc: Medium Ht, Slender Build, green eyes Hair: Illeg. No disabilities Sig: Don McKashkill? Reg., Pct 23 Harwood Co., Tx June 5, 1917

                                     (M) abt 1917 Lucille "Lucy"____Born Jan. 24, 1896 Tx  Died Oct. 15, 1990 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx-NO Children in HH in 1920; 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co, Tx; his sister Myrtle L, age 14, in HH

                                2. Eddie D. Born Nov 5, 1896 Tx Died Nov, 1969 Austin, Travis, Tx (SSDI)  He is a Teamster, 1930 Pct 2, Caldwell Co., Tx- (The birth records for the children below are from Texas Birth Records online; however they do not match 1930 census records-sgs

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Gonzales Co., Tx-Eddie Whitehead, age 21, Add: Harwood, Tx D/B Nov. 5th, 1896 Born Luline, Texas, USA Natural born citizen, Gonzales County, Tx , USA Empl: Ed Whitehead, SR, Harwood, Texas Nearest Relative: Cora Whitehead, (Mother)      Harwood, Tex. Race: White Sig: Eddie Whitehead Phys. Descr: Short, Medium Build, gray eyes, black hair Physical dis: None Sig:L Gewo N Lamkin, Gonzales, Texas June 5th, 1918

Gonzales Inquirer, Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx-1918-"Eddie Whitehead married Loyola May Petet" July 1, 1918

                                     (M)  Lola Mae Pettit/Petit, July 1, 1918 Gonzales Co, Tx- She was b. May 1, 1903 Tx d. May, 1978 Austin, Travis Co, Tx-(SSDI)

                                              Children, From 1930 Caldwell Co, Tx Census:

                                               a. Genevieve ("child of Ed" Texas birth records) b. December 24, 1922 Gonzales Co.,  Tx

                                               b. Robert b. May 8, 1925 Tx d. Feb, 1984 Austin, Travis, Tx (SSDI) Tx

                                               c. Lillie b. abt 1929 Tx

                                            Children from Texas Birth Records

                                               d. Marain (Male) Born Mar 23, 1928 Fisher Co, Tx-died pr to 1930 census

                                               e. Dorothy Jean Born Dec 29, 1930 Gonzales Co., Tx

                                               f. Wilburn (twin) Born Dec 14, 1932 Travis Co., Tx

                                               g. Willard (twin) Born Dec 14, 1932 Travis Co., Tx

                                               h. Eddie JR b. Sept 1, 1934 Travis Co, Tx d. Oct 18, 1976 Travis Co, Tx

                                               i. Beatrice Born Feb 17, 1937 Travis Co., Tx

                                               j. David  Born March 2, 1940 Travis Co., Tx

                                3. Albert Nealy Born April 6, 1898 Tx  Died Oct 20, 1973 Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Tx.  He was a Teamster, Wood Hauling, 1920 Gonzales Co., Tx;  Boilerman? 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co., Tx-

(WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Albert Nealy Whitehead, age 20, b. April 6, 1898 Res:RFD 1, Harwood, Gonzales, Tx Natural born citizen,  Nearest Rel: Margaret Whitehead , wife, Rt. 1, Harwood, Gonzales, Tx, Occ: Farmer, Empl by: John Hall, Harwood, Gonzales, Tx Sig: Albert Nealy Whitehead; Physical Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, Blue neyes,  Hair: (Ink spot) Disabilities: None Sig: Geo. N Lamkin Registrar, Harwood Co, Tx Sept. 12, 1918

                                     (M) Margaret Ellen Hall abt 1919;  b. March 29, 1902 d. June, 1986 Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Tx Tx (SSDI)

                                             a. Ellen Elizabeth  b. December 12, 1919 Gonzales Co, Tx ("Infant of Nealy" Cert # 60590-Texas births) (M) Lenard Alvie Tucker 

                                             b. Edna Beatrice Born Jan 15, 1923 Luling, Caldwell Co.,  Tx Died April 27, 1989 Beaumont, Jefferson, Tx (M) August Edward Matocha  b. Nov 21, 1915 Tx d. Nov. 5, 1994 Gonzales Co., Tx

                                 4. Charlie born abt 1899 Tx

                                 5. Huse Born Nov 18, 1906 Tx Died Nov 13, 1994 San Antonio, Bexar Tx (SSDI)  He in HH of brother Joe A. in 1920 Gonzales Co., Tx Pct 7; he is a single  farmer, 1930 Pct 7, Gonzales Co, w/mother Cora & sister Maggie in his HH

                                     (M) Stella B. Asher -She was born April 3, 1910 Died May 5, 1988  Potter Co., Tx (Last Res: Amarillo, Randall Co., Tx-SSDI)-Children below are from Texas Birth Re cords:

                                             a. Cora Elizabeth Born Oct. 22, 1933 Gonzales Co, Tx

                                             b. Marcil (Fe) Born May 11,  1935 Gonzales Co, Tx

                                 6. Samuel "Sammie" Born April 30, 1908 Tx  d. Dec 31, 1986 Von Ormy, Bexar Co., Tx (SSDI)-(HH of Brother Joe A., 1920 Gonzales Co., Tx & Single Gasoline Pipeline Worker, 1930 Guadalupe Co., Tx., HH of Thos, Sandlin)

WW II Enlistment Records, 1938-1946- Sam Whitehead, b. 1908, Texas Res: Jefferson County, Texas Date of Enlistment: April 16, 1942 Enlistment Place: Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Branch International, Warrant Officers, USA Private/Private, Enlisted for duration of the War, or other emergency, subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to law. Civil life: Education: 1 year of high school,  Occ: unskilled occupation in production of petroleum, single, without dependents, Ht: 67 inches, Wt: 143 pds

                                 7. Maggie Born abt 1910 Tx (HH of Bro Joe A in 1920 & HH of Bro. Huse 1930 Pct 7 Gonzales Co., Tx)

                                 8. Myrtle L. Born abt 1916 Tx (HH of Bro Joe A in 1920 Gonzales & 1930 Luling, Caldwell Co., Tx

                     b. Augustus "Gus" Tate Born June 9, 1879 Tx died Feb. 1, 1949 Austin, Travis Co., Tx  Texas Death Records  (Mother's name from his death certificate) He is single in HH of James B. Mitchell, 1900 T/S 8, Chickasaw Nation, Indian  Terr (Oklahoma) and a fisherman in 1910 Liberty Co, Tx HH of bro. Wesley Whitehead, and is married, farmer 1920 Gonzales Co, Tx and 1930 Austin, Travis Co, Tx wife is a lunchroom  worker (1937 Austin, Texas City Dir. G T Whitehead, 3309 Second King St; 1939 City Dir. Austin, Texas, Gus T Whitehead, peddler (Georgia 8), h. 3309 Second King St.; 1942 City Dir. Austin, Tx Gus T Whitehead, 1701 E. Ave.,  1944-45 City Dir.,  Austin, Tex, Mrs. Georgia Whitehead (7), 1701 E. Avenue, Lillie Whitehead, same add. Ollie Whitehead, same add.)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Gonzales Co., Tx-Gus Tate Whitehead, age 37 RFD 1, Harwood, Gonzales Co, Tx b. June 9, 1879 White Natural born Citizen, Occ: Farmer, Self, RFD 1, Harwood, Gonzales, Tx,  nearest Rel:  Nora Harbison, (Harberson) San Antonio, Texas Sig: Gus Tate Whitehead  (S His mark), Physical Desc: Ht: Medium, Bld: Medium Blue eyes, light hair No physical Disabilities Sig: John R. B(illeg) Registrar, Harwood Co, Tx Sept. 12, 1918

                          (M) Georgia Pettit abt 1918-9.   She was born Mar. 4, 1900 & died Dec. 15, 1967 Austin, Travis, Tx-SSDI & Texas death records

                                  1. Ruby M. b. March 26, 1920 Tx Gonzales Co, Tx

                                  2. Lily Frances. b. September 19, 1922 Gonzales Co, Tx

                                  3. Henry Born July 27, 1925 d Tx d. Aug., 1977 Austin, Travis Co, Tx (SSDI)

                                  4  Ollie  Born Sept 9, 1927 Harris Co., Tx d. April, 1985 Austin, Travis Co, Tx (SSDI)

                                  5. John R Born Dec 4, 1929 Travis Co. Tx

                                  6. Betty Louise Born June 14, 1932 Travis Co, Tx

                                  7. Patricia Ann Born Sept 1, 1938 Travis Co, Tx (Twin)

                                  8. Richard Dan Born Sept 1, 1938 Travis Co, Tx (Twin)

                                  9. Kenneth Wayne Born March 31, 1941 Travis Co, Tx-d. Feb, 1971 Austin, Travis, Tx (SSDI)

                     c. Wesley "Wess" Born Sept 30* 1884 Tx  d. August 8, 1967 Liberty Co, Tx buried Norris Cemetery--Wesley & his mother are in 1900 Gonzales Co, Tx-She is listed as Nora Harverson, Widow, & Wesley is listed as Willy Harverson (sh read Wesley Whitehead) He is a fisherman 1910 & 1920 Liberty Co., Tx & a farmer, 1930 Liberty Co.,  Tx-(* Sept 31, B/D from WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Liberty Co, Tx, Occ: fisherman, nearest Rel: wife,  Mildred Whitehead)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Liberty Co, Tx Wes Whitehead, age 33, Marshall Bluff, Liberty Co, Tx b. Sept. 31 (sic), 1884, Whiute, natural born citizen, Occ: fisherman, Liberty Co, Tx Nearest Rel: Mildred Whitehead, wife, Marshall Bluff?, Liberty  Co, Tx Sig: Wes (NMN) Whitehead Physical Desc: Ht: Tall, Bld: Medium Gray eyes, light hair, No Disabilities Sig: J N Rick, Reg., Liberty Co, Tx Sept 12, 1918 

SSDI: & Texas Death Records-Wess Whitehead Born Sept 30, 1884 Died Aug 15, 1967 Single Male, Last Residence: Liberty, Liberty, Tx Father: Joseph Whitehead Mother Nora Lynn (Leehin)

                          (M) Lilly Mildred Whitehead (cousin) Dec 5, 1904, (dtr of George Richard Whitehead & Henrietta Augusta Lee) She was born October 17, 1889 Tx d. Feb. 15, 1968 Liberty Co.,Tx (SSDI)

                                 1. Emmet Vernon  born Jan 2, 1907 Tx Died March 10, 1973 Liberty, Tx  Widowed, SSDI & Texas Death Records-single, 1930 Liberty Co, Tx

                                     (M) Bessie Louise Maxwell She was b. Nov 1914 Liberty Co, Tx d. Oct., 1971 Liberty Co, Tx

                                             a. Clyde Vernon b. Oct. 25, 1936 Liberty, Tx (M) Patricia Mae Carlson Nov. 6, 1971

                                             b. Jimmie Ray Born Sept 20, 1943 Liberty Co, Tx (M) Judy Carol Evans

                                             c. Hardy Earl b. August 20, 1945 Liberty, Tx (M) Betty ____

                                             d. Donald Eli Born March 23, 1947 Liberty Co, Tx (M) Sharon Mansel

                                 2. Lula Eldridge b. 1909 Gonzales Co, Tx d pr to 1910 census, Liberty Co, Tx (abt 18 mos of age)

                                 3. Manuel Elroy b. March 25, 1911 Tx d. April 4, 1957 Liberty Co., Tx  (single 1930 Liberty Co, Tx )

                                     (M) Hattie Mable Maxwell 

                                            a. Mildred Lea b. Dec. 10, 1936 Liberty Co, Tx

                                 4. Ruth Born Ca 1915 Tx

                                 5. Audrey M Born Ca 1917 Tx d. March 20, 1996

                                 6. Thelma Born Ca 1919 Tx d. May 15, 1987 Dallas, Tx (M) Frank McGee

                                 7. Wesley Loyd. b. Feb 17, 1928 Tx d.  Dec 13, 1992 Jeff. Co, Tx (SSDI)

                                      (M) Evie Jones

                                              a. Patsy Laverne b. Aug 4, 1952 Liberty Co, Tx

                                              b. Carolyn Marie b. April 5, 1954 Liberty Co, Tx

                                              c. Alice Lynn b. June 26, 1955 Liberty Co, Tx

                                              d. Ellen Louise July 10, 1962 Liberty Co, Tx


DB1, P 361 Sept 3, 1766 We, Matthew Marable (of Charlotte Co) & Jos. Williams of Lunen. Co, bind ourselves to Richard Witton, sheriff of Meck Co, in the penal sum of 2000 pds, this Sept 3, 1766; the condition of the above obligation is such that, whereas Marable, by virtue of 2 judgments in Lun. Co.Court,  has obtained execution thereon against the estates of Geo. & Jno. Jefferson.  One execution is 501 pds, 6 shillings and 2 pence,  with interest from June 10, 1755 + costs.  Now, if Marable indemnifies Witton from all law suits or damages by levying the executions on  the estate of George & Jno. Jefferson, or the estates in their possession, or by carrying the sd. estate away or selling it, then the above obligation to be void. Sig: Ma.Marable, Jos. Williams Wts: Jos. Whitehead, Thos Satterwhite, Jr. Ro. Burton the bond was rec'd April 13, 1767

Meck Co, Va DB1, P 350 Dec 20, 1766 Know that Jasper Nunnery of Meck. Co, Va for 13 pds have sold to Seth Moore of Mecklenburg co, Va 1 bay horse, branded on the rear buttock, and 9 head of cattle which he has now in his possession.  Sig: Ja. (his mark) Nunnery, Wts: Joseph Whitehead.  This bill of sale was recorded Mar. 9, 1767.

DB 1, P 399 Feb. 6, 1767 Joseph Nunalla of the Par. of St. James in Meck Co to John Farly Thompson. Joseph Nunnalla owes Thompson 47 pds, plus interest from last Dec 24. It is agreed that the sev. articles and things hereafter mentioned, now in possession o Jos. Nunally, shall be vested in Thompson, in trust. Now this indenture witnesses that Nunnally, for 47 pds, plus interest & costs, grants to Thompson a certain tract of land in Meck. Co on the branches of Layton's Crk., it being the land the sd Joseph Nunally now lives on, contain. 150 acres and join. the lines of James Smith, David Bun., Charles Hutcherson.  This indenture is in trust, to be conveyed to any purchasers fir as much ready money as possible, towards satisfying the debt.  Sig: Joseph 1/1 his mark Nunalla. Wts: Jos. Whitehead, Isaac Salle, Davd. D his mark Burn. Memo-if Nunnalla pays the debt by next May 10, the within to be void. Rec'd June 8, 1767

Halifax Co., VA. Will Book O 1752-1773, "--- 1767 Page 7. Deceased Paul Chiles, Capt. John Ward executor. By Wm. Madlock (Whitlock??) his part of crop, Paul Chiles his attendance on the back surveys 68 days, John Thompson exr. (John Farler Thompson?), John Woodson, Mr. Munfords fees; Thomas Duncan, Mr. Howard, Robt. Dolton (Dalton??) for boarding and schooling two children, Mrs. Ann Chiles her bond, expenses going to Williamsburg, Joseph Whitehead,* "sail" of negro Tom, Kendrick for services, Alexr. Gilbert, Henry Chiles, James Lyles for Bumpass, John Bryand. Dated 21 May 1767; signed Thomas Dillard Jr., Benjamin...
*I have no proof this is the same Joseph Whitehead-sgs

Include the names of
Benjamin Whitehead
Elizabeth Whitehead
Joseph Whitehead
Ann Jeffries
Swepson Jeffries
After the constitution there was one person added to the church by Baptism
Viz. Sarah Jeffries

The Virginia Gazette, Date of Pub: Feb. 16, 1776, P 4, Col, 1, Publisher: Purdie


To be sold by the barrel, by the subscriber, at Mr. Edward Stabler's in Petersburg, for ready money only.


Benjamin Whitehead (app. Brother of Joseph Whitehead) made his will Feb. 15, 1781 and was proved in Court on Sept 10, 1781. He was deceased by April 9, 1781 in Mecklenburg Co, Va.(DB6, P 119). Joseph Whitehead was one of the Exrs. of Benjamin Whitehead Estate in Mecklenburg Co.

Inventory of his Estate made Sept 10, 1781 included the following:
"In Joseph Whitehead's @ Petersburg 22,501 lbs Tobo. @ 18/=202.10.2"

Court Proceedings of May, 1780 Dinwiddie Co Va-Revolutionary. War Claims., Court Booklet,  (Abercrombie) P 7-Joseph Whitehead

1782 Taxpayers-Fothergill 
Name/Co/Males over 16=Polls/#slaves
Joseph Whitehead, Dinwiddie Co. 1 Poll, 6 slaves

1782 Personal Property TL, Dinwiddie Co, Va-Joseph Whitehead 1 Wh Tithe, 3 Bl. tithes, 3 negroes under age, 6 horses, 8 cattle

History of Dinwiddie Co, Va (Dinwiddie Co, Va Gen Web)

Chapter 3


During the Revolution and immediately afterwards a notorious counterfeiter by the name of Benjamin Woodward furnished the people of Dinwiddie considerable excitement and the state no little expense. He was the leader, it seems, of a band of criminals who found a way to print excellent copies of the new paper currency of Virginia and neighboring states. Woodward was arrested early in the summer of 1776 and taken to Dinwiddie, where he was to appear "before John Banister Esquire or any other magistrate of the said County and dealt with according to law." Shem Cook, Joseph Cook, Frederick Ray, and Joseph Ray, suspected of being Woodward's accomplices, were also arrested and sent to Pittsylvania County, where they claimed a right to be tried. The arch-counterfeiter and a bag of his implements were expensively delivered to the Petersburg jail. Woodward was examined by the court of Dinwiddie County and "remanded to Jail in order to takehis trial," but the clever rascal escaped and caused the county and the state more trouble and more expense. A reward of 650 was immediately offered "to any person who shall apprehend the said Woodward and deliver him to the Keeper of the Publick Jail."


Later it was discovered that the counterfeiter had many accomplices in his large-scale scheme to defraud the government. In December 1778,while Benjamin Woodward was still at large, the Governor received upon oath the names of 21 men who were implicated. The less important members of the ring were rounded up in due time. Though the law required that they receive the death penalty, the lives of four were spared, according to a statement made in 1782 by William Rose, the jailor, "provided they performed three years Service each, as Common Labourer sin the public lead mines."

Yet the search for Benjamin Woodward was long continued with no results. In 1784 Virginia strengthened her law concerning the treatment of counterfeiters by imposing "death without benefit of clergy-that is, capital punishment with no chance to obtain divine forgiveness - upon makers of counterfeit money and those persons handling the money and "knowing the same to be forged." Naturally enough, Benjamin Woodward stayed in hiding. Perhaps word came to him through the grapevine that in 1790 James Arthur, having been arrested upon the charge of counterfeiting, made a confession showing Benjamin Woodward to be the brains of the criminal gang, and that James Wood, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, in the absence of the governor, issued a proclamation for Woodward's arrest and offered $150 for his "apprehension & conveyance . . . to the District jail of Petersburg." Perhaps news even came to Woodward that John and Tinsley Young had discovered more of the implements with which he printed the certificates and that through the efforts of Robert Bolling and Peterson Goodwyn the Young brothers had received a reward of seven pounds. The story of John Young's finding of the implements used by Woodward must have excited the people of Dinwiddie. The poor man, terrified lest he be accused of being in league with Woodward, appealed to Edward Pegram for help and advice. Mr. Pegram took over the implements and notified the governor - much, it seems, to the relief of John Young and his brother. The newly discovered implements and the confession of James Arthur were quite enough to convict Woodward. Arthur's statement indicated, moreover, that Benjamin Woodward, during the years he wasa fugitive from justice, had been in Virginia, plying his trade as a maker of paper certificates and coins and that through agents in Virginia and many other states he had done a profitable business. The following "gentlemen justices" were present at the examination of Arthur:   -James Greenway, Edward Pegram, Jr., William Watts, Raleigh Downman, Joseph Whitehead, Francis Meier, Frederick Jones, Joseph Turner, Peterson Goodwyn, Wood Tucker, Jordan Reese, and Henry Spain. According to Arthur's confession, Woodward had been operating in Petersburg, Richmond, Portsmouth, and Norfolk, using other men to "pass'' the certificates and coin of his making. He, "his negro fellow," James Arthur, and others struck off the certificates. Many of these Arthur confessed to have signed, Woodward cleverly hiding behind his confederates. Though in his travels throughout Virginia, Woodward had used the name of Jones, sometimes he would become intoxicated and callout in the streets, "Here is Ben Woodward, the money maker." Arthur's testimony showed that agents in Richmond, Norfolk, Maryland, and North Carolina had prospered. Gold dust for the coins was secreted in trunks and conveyed from place to place. Paper for the certificates had been obtained from a mill in Maryland and brought to Virginia by Jesse Woodward, Benjamin's brother., etc, etc"

Nov 28, 1785 Dinwiddie Co., Va-Religious Petition-Against Assessment Bill-One of the signatures is Joseph Whitehead, P 5, Col 2. .-Library of Virginia Digital Collection

Spottsylvania Co., Virginia Records:
DEED BOOK J 1774-1782 page 381 May 22, 1784. Thomas Sharpe of Spots. Co. and Judith, his wife, to Joseph Whitehead of Dinwiddie Co. £400 curr. 495 a. in Berkeley Par., Spots. Co., etc., etc. Jno. Z. Lewis, Jno. Brock, Jno. Chew, jr. July 6, 1784.

The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 34, p. 57-10 Sept 1785 - JOSEPH WHITEHEAD & CO. in Dinwiddie, near Petersburg, advertises for sale 495 Acres in Spotsylvania County about 27 miles from Fredericksburg (described).
Mr. Henry Pendleton who lives on the place will show it.

DEED BOOK J 1774-1782 page 425 May 12, 1789. Joseph Whitehead of Dinwiddie Co. to Stephen Johnston of Spts. Co. £50 curr. 200 a. in Spts. Co., adj. lands of Benj. Davis and a Mr. Jenkins, etc. Witnesses, James Holloday, P. B. Johnston, Philemon Davis. June 2, 1789.

Dinwiddie Co., Va Court Records: 1789
Last will of Samuel Hinton, proved in Court by Joseph Whitehead, John Edmunds,
and Mary Edmunds; the exors. named in said will &c. refused to take upon themselves the execution thereof--Joseph Whitehead, William Watts, John Pegram, William Sydnor & James Hinton the exors. Feb. Court 1789. Katherine, widow of Samuel Hinton.

MECKLENBURG CO, Va  ORDER BK 7, P 376-378 Feb 25, 1789
This Indenture, made the twenty-fifth day of February, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Nine, Between RICHARD WHITEHEAD of Mecklenburg County of the one part and JOSEPH WHITEHEAD of the County of Dinwiddie, of the other part, Witnesseth that whereas the aforesaid RICHARD WHITEHEAD is entitled by and under the Last Will and Testament of his late father, BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD, deceased, to one ninth part of sundry slaves and other property or estate belonging to the estate of the said decedent, when the said Testator's youngest child attained the age of ten years, as by the said Will duly proved and recorded in the County Court of Mecklenburg aforesaid, being thereunto had Will fully and more at large appear and Whereas the youngest child will shortly attain the age of ten years as aforesaid, and a division of the said negroes and other estate is shortly expected to be made among the several legatees to whom they are devised as aforesaid; and Whereas the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD hath at sundry times by particular desire of the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD advanced him several sums of money upon a fair computation of which the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD is justly indebted to the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD in the full and just sum of one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, eight shillings, and four pence, Current money of Virginia, the which with Interest thereon from this day till paid the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD is anxious and desirous to secure.

Now this Indenture Witnesseth that the said RICHARD with a view to secure payment of the said Interest as also for the further consideration of five shillings to him now in hand paid by the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged HATH bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, and his heirs and assigns forever all such slaves and other property as upon division so to be hereafter made shall fall to the Lott share, and divided by him the said RICHARD WHITEHEAD, To have and to hold unto the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, and his assigns forever, upon special Trust and confidence that the said JOSEPH WHITEHEAD shall take immediate possession of the same so same as such allotment is made and then or so such of the said share expose to sale giving twelve months credit as shall be sufficient to satisfy the debt and Interest aforesaid and also recording this Indenture.

POWER OF ATTORNEY from RICHARD WHITEHEAD to JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, to act for him in the Estate Division representing his (Richard's) part of the Estate of Benjamin Whitehead.

Wts: James Coleman*, William Whitehead,** John Coleman (*Bro-in-law to Richard Whitehead **Brother to Richard Whitehead)

At a Court held for Mecklenburg Co, Va the 18th day of May, 1789, This Indenture of Trust was proved by the Oaths of James Coleman, William Whitehead, and John Coleman the Witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded.

Test: John Brown, Cl Crt

Mecklenburg Co Order Bk 7, P 199-200 May Crt, 1789
Joseph Whitehead, Pltf. VS Erwin Hyde, Deft., In Debt
This day came as well the pltf. by his Attorney as the Deft in his proper person and the said Deft. acknowledgeth the Pltfs. Action. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the pltf. recover against the Deft. eight pounds seven shillings and nine pence half penny Current money of Virginia the debt in the Declaration mentioned and his Costs by him about this suit in this behalf expended and the said Deft. in Mercy etc. But this Judgment is to be discharged by the payment of four pounds three shillings and two pence three farthings of the above money with Interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the first day of January 1787 'till payment and the Costs and the Pltf. agrees to stay the Execution of this Judgment till November Court next.

Joseph Whitehead, Pltf. against Erwin Hyde, Pltf. In Debt (Same Court)
This day came as well as the Pltf. by his Attorney as the Deft. in his proper person and the said Deft. acknowledged the Pltfs. Action. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Pltf. recover against the Deft eleven pounds twelve shillings and ten pence half penny Current money of Va. the debt in the Declaration mentioned and their Costs by them about this Suit in this behalf expended and the said Deft. in Mercy, etc, But this Judgment is to be discharged by the payment of five pounds sixteen shillings and five pence one farthing of the above money with Interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the 1st day of January 1786 'till payment and the costs, and the Pltfs, agree to stay the execution of this judgment till November Court next.

Meck Order Bk 7, P 286 March Court, 1789
Joseph Whitehead & James Coleman, Pltfs. against Dudley Brook, Deft, In Debt
On the motion of the Deft. in his proper person and with (?) of the Pltfs. is ordered that the Judgment obtained in the Office against him and William McGuire, the security for his appearance for want of appearance be set aside and thereupon came as well the Pltfs by their Attorney as the Deft. in his proper person and the said Deft. acknowledged the Pltfs. Action. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Pltfs recover against the Deft. seventeen pounds five shillings and six pence current money of Virginia, the debt in the Declaration mentioned and their costs by them about this suit in this behalf expended; and the said Deft in Mercy, etc. But this Judgment is to be discharged by the payment of four pounds four shillings and four pence half penny like money, with interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the 13th day of March, 1787 'till payment and the costs and the Pltfs agree to stay the execution of this Judgment 'till November Court next.

Meck Co Order Bk 7, P 624
Joseph Whitehead, Pltf, against Richard Whitehead, In Case
Richard Swepson of this County comes into Court and undertakes for the Deft that in case he shall be cast in this Suit he shall testify and pay the condemnation of the Court or render his body to prison in execution for the same or that he the said Swepson will do it for him.

1790 Land Tax List B. Dinwiddie Co., P 12
Prptr Name/Acres/Price/Amt of Land/Tax
Joseph Whitehead-255-9/1-115.16.3-1.14.7

1790 Dinwiddie Co, Va Personal Property Tax List A P 14
Name/All Males over 16 yrs
Joseph Whitehead-Joseph Whitehead; 
very difficult to read other headings, but has numbers 4-1-3

Meck Co Order Bk 7, P 701 May Crt, 1792
Whitehead & Coleman Pltfs against William G. Baptist Admr? of Samuel Dedman, Gent., dec'd Deft. In Case
This day came the Parties by their Attorneys and by consent of the Pltfs the Defts withdraws his plea of fully Administered and seth that his Testator did not assume upon himself in manner and form as the Pltfs. against him have complained, to which the Pltfs. replyed generally. And thereupon came also a Jury, to Wit: Dudley Brooks, Jonathan Knight, John Morgan, John Duncan, Travis Norval, John Whigham, Thomas Pritchett, Edward L. Tabb, William Coleman, Richard Witton, Henry Hayes, and Young Norval who being selected tryed and sworn the truth to speak upon the issues aforesaid joined upon their Oath do say that the Decedent did assume upon himself in manner and form as the Pltfs. have complained and they do asses the Pltfs. damages by occasion of nonperformance of that assumption to eleven pounds eight shillings besides their costs.
Therefore, it is considered by the Court that the Pltfs. recover against the Deft. their damages aforesaid and in form aforesaid assessed and their costs by them about this suit in their behalf expended to be levied of the goods and chattels of the said decedent in the hands of the said Deft. to be administered if so much thereof he hath; if not, then the Costs to be seized of his proper goods and chattels and the said Deft in Mercy, etc.

Meck. Co, Va Order Bk 8, Pm P65 Court Date Sept 10, 1792
Present, Samuel Goode, Gent


William Willis Green and Cluverus Coleman EXRS of BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD, Dec'd, Defts.

This day came the parties by their Counsel and next friend, respectively, and the defendants acknowledged the service of the subpoena and the Pltfs. having this day filed their bill and the Defts. their answer thereto. By consent of the parties this cause came on to be heard on consideration whereof it is decreed and ordered that the defts. make up and render an account of the Administration of the estate of the said decedant, before William Hepburn, Richard Swepson, Alexander Boyd,, Edward Goode, and Lewis Burwell, Gent, or any three or more of them who are appointed to examine the Estate and settle the same, and also that they, or any three or more of them cut off and assign to the five younger children respectively, to Wit: William, Nancy, Polly, Swepson & Susanna their pecuniary and specific legacies agreeable to the second and third clause in the last Will and Testament of the said decedent, and then proceed to divide the residue of the said Estate agreeable to the said Will and make report to the Court in Order to a final decree.

Order Bk 8, P 94 June Crt, 1793
On the Petition of Joseph Whitehead against Edward Bevill, new process is awarded and returnable here at the next Court.

Order Bk 8, P 16-June Crt, 1793
On the Petition of Joseph Whitehead against Edward Bevill for debt due by note of hand, the Deft having been duly summoned & served with a copy of the Petition and not appearing it is (?) by the Court that the Pltf recover against the Deft four pounds, twelve shillings, and nine pence, (?) the debt aforesaid and his costs including lawyers fee, But this judgment is to be discharged by the payment of one pound, seventeen shillings, and three pence half penny like money with interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the 4th day of January 1787 'till payment and the costs.

Meck. Order Bk 8 P 328-Oct Crt, 1794
Joseph Whitehead Pltf. against Burwell Kirkland & John Oliver, Defts -Upon a Bond for the forthcoming of Goods and Chattels taken in Execution by virtue of a writ (ff) issued out of this Court by the Pltf against the Deft Burwell.
This day came the Pltf. by his Attorney and the Deft not appearing (?) solemly called and It appearing by the affidavit of James Wilson that they have had legal notice of this motion. Therefore it is Awarded by this Court that the Pltf. recover against the Defts seventeen pounds eighteen shillings and nine pence the penalty of the said Bond and his costs by him in this behalf (?) and the said Defts in Mercy, etc But this judgment is to be discharged by the payment of eight pounds seventeen shillings and two pence half penny with Interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per cent per annum from the 2nd day of May 1790 'till payment and the costs Deducting therefrom one pound four shillings and four pence half penny.

Brunswick Co., Va Deed-DB 15, P 517-This Indenture made 9th day of November 1793 between James Laffoon and Jane his wife of Macklinburg (Mecklenburg) County of the one part and Robert Blackwell of Brunswick County of the other part . . . for and in consideration of the sum of seventeen pounds . . . and twenty four hundred weight of tobacco . . . by these presents do bargain & sell unto the said Robert Blackwell . . . a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Brunswick containing fifty acres and bounded as follows, to wit, BEGINNING at Lanier's corner on a post oak thence along his line to Sterling Edmunds's corner on a white oak thence along the said Edmunds's line to the mouth of a little branch which is William Keen Samford's line thence up the said branch to the head and thence a strait line out along the courses of the first mentioned line for complement and from thence to the Beginning . . . Signed by James Laffoon and Jane Laffoon and witnessed by William Bishop, Joseph Samford, and Joseph Whitehead (his mark). Brunswick County Court April 28th 1794. This Indenture of Bargain and Sale between James Laffoon and Jane his wife of the one part and Robert Blackwell of the other part was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Deed Book 15, page 517.

Need to copy the following Chancery Court suit

Mecklenburg Co, Va 1794-015 Plaintiffs: Richard Witton Defendant: Peter Burton, etc Names mentioned: Burton, Witteon, Ragsdale, Green, Vaughan, Pettus, Whitehead

1799 Land Tax List A, Dinwiddie Co, Va.P14
Prptr Name/Acres/Price/Amt of Land/Tax
Joseph Whitehead-255-9/1-115.16.3-2.86
Joseph Whitehead-292 1/2-12/1-176.14.4-2.83

1800 Dinwiddie Co, Va Personal Property Tax List B, P 16
Proprietor Name/Names of All males above 16 yrs of age
Joseph Whitehead/Jos. Whitehead, Jere Whitehead
# of blacks above 16=5
Blacks, 12-16=3
# of horses=5
Carriage Wheels=2
Ordinary Licenses-None
# of Stud Horses=None
Tax=4 dollars, 98 cents

MUTUAL ASSURANCE COMPANY-Policy Information-Library of Virginia Digital Collection:

For 1803 Dinwiddie County:

Last Name:WHITEHEAD Given Name Joseph 



Last NameWHITEHEAD Given Name Jeremiah 

Insured City DINWIDDIECountyAddress1803Date3Reel25Volume2284NumberDD_ROrgnl


For 1805, Dinwiddie County

Last Name WHITEHEAD Given Name: Joseph 



 Last Name WHITEHEAD Given Name: Jeremiah 



Nanny Field Will- Dinwiddie Co, Va 1804)-In the Name of God Amen I Nanny Feild of the County of Dinwiddie and the Town of Petersburg being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect sense & memory thanks be to God; do hereby make and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner & form following viz. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son George Feild Five hundred pounds which his brother Theophilus Feild is to pay for the relinquishment of my Dower Estate, also my Chest of Drawers to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Strachan my Bed & Furniture of every discription, likewise all my wearing apparel of every kind to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. It is my will and disire that my son Theophilus Feild should have my Silver Tankard provided he will pay its full value in specie to my daughter Sarah Strachan, should he not chuse to do so, the said Tankard I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Strachan to her and her heirsforever. 

Item. My will and desire is that the negroes I have heretofore given with their increase, be continued to my following children viz. Eliza, to my daughter Sarah Strachan, Patsey to my son Richard Feild, Sucky to my daughter Mary GILLIAM and York to my son George Feild to them and their heirs forever.

Lastly I appoint my son Richard Feild Executor of this my Last Will and Testament revoking all other wills heretofore made by me as witness my hand & seal this 18th day of March 1803.

Nanny Feild (Seal)

Signed Sealed and acknowledged in presence of us-

Jos. Whitehead, 

George Blick Junr.,  

John B. Strachan. 

At a Hustings Court held for the Town of Petersburg at the Courthouse of the said Town Monday the 3rd day of December 1804.

The Last Will and Testament of Nanny Feild dece'd. was proved in open Court by the oaths of Joseph Whitehead and George Blick Junr. two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Attest. J. Grammer C. H. C.

Will Book 1, page 38

[Mary Feild, the daughter of Theolphilus Feild and Nanny, his wife, married Dr. James Skelton GILLIAM]

DINWIDDIE CO., VA TAX LISTS-Courtesy of Penny Odum, a Descendant. of Joseph Whitehead, Jr. & wife Nancy

WHITEHEAD JOSEPH SR. - 1787-1788 taxed on 225 Acres

1789-1793 taxed on 255 acres, 30 acres added to tract

1794-1800 taxed on 255 acres and 292-1/2 acres conveyed by Thomas Williams Exors

1801 taxed on 255 acres and 292-1/2 acres conveyed by Wm. Thompson Heirs

1802-1804 taxed on 255 acres, 111 1/2 acres (conveyed to

WHITEHEAD, JEREMIAH (SR)-  (Same as Jere Whitehead, below) 1802-1813 taxed on 181 acres conveyed by Joseph Whitehead (SR)

1814-1820 Estate taxed on 181 acres on Arthur Swamps 15 E CH.

  Jere Whitehead (Same as Jeremiah SR) 181 acres) and 89 1/2 acres

1805-1814 taxed on 344 1/2 acres and 111 1/2 acres

1815-1816 taxed on 220 acres and 111 acres

1817 taxed Estate on 220 acres and 111 acres

1818 Estate taxed on 243 acres chg. Last year with 88 acres conveyed to Joseph Whitehead.

1819 Estate taxed on 233 acres - 10 acres transfer to Joseph Whitehead

pg. 178

WHITEHEAD, JOSEPH JR.  - 1815-1817 taxed on 124 Acres conveyed by Joseph Whitehead, Sr.

1818 taxed on 124 acres, 58 acres conveyed by John Davis and wife, and 30 acres conveyed by John Butterworth.

1819 taxed on 124 acres, 58 acres, 30 acres and 25 acres conveyed by Joseph Whitehead Estate. All tracts on Arthur Swamp 15 E CH.

Index - page 17

TUCKER, Tax Records, Dinwiddie Co, Va

1813 Wood TUCKER 319 . Joining the lands of Joe Whitehead . Edward Scott's District
1814 Wood  TUCKER 319 . On Whiteheads Road 15E Edward Scott's District

1810 Dinwiddie Co, Va P 108
Joseph Whitehead (SR) 1 M 45+ (Himself), 1 M 16-26; (Joseph, Jr) 1 Fe 45+,wife Anne;  4 Fe 16-26,   1 Fe 10-16  (App had 5 Dtrs, 2 sons)
P 106 -Jeremiah Whitehead (SR)1 M 26-45,(Himself) 1 M 10-16, (Jeremiah, Jr, b. abt 1800)  3 M Und 10; ( 1 being Richard , b.abt 1809)1 Fe 16-26, (Wife) 1 Fe Und 10 (Dtr)

1810 Census , Dinwiddie Co., Va-P 155 WHITEHEAD & DABNEY (Business Census)  Col 12-2 slaves

Amy Ann Whitehead (M) George Blick, Julia Amanda Whitehead  (M) Dinwiddie Vaughan (Ref-Dinwiddie Co, Va Court Records)

War of 1812 Service Records, Virginia-Jeremiah Whitehead, Co: 39 Regiment, Virginia Militia, Pri/Pri Roll Box 224 Roll Exct: 602

Part of Index to: Pay Rolls of Militia Entitled to Bounty Under Act of Congress of Sept. 28, 1850 (Richmond, 1851) and Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812 (Richmond, 1852) which supplements Pay Rolls -Includes Jeremiah Whitehead, Muster Rolls P 159

METHODISTS in 1810: From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 9, No. 4, December 1964; Vol. 10, No. 1, March 1965; and Vol. 10, No. 2, June 1965.

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White

This is the list of Subscribers for the publishing of A SHORT HISTORY OF THE METHODISTS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,

by Jesse Lee, author of Lee's life and Chaplain to Congress, Baltimore, Magill and Clime, 1810, as Copied by Jean MacLennan Booth

(Mrs. John N.) with original spellings and abbreviations.

VIRGINIA (Includes:)

Joseph Whitehead, Dinwiddie Co.

Obit of Mrs. Anne Whitehead: The Petersburg Intelligencer, April 23, 1815 P 3, Col 2 (Wife of Joseph Whitehead, SR)

Departed this life on Sunday last, the 18th inst, Mrs. Anne Whitehead, the amiable consort of Mr. Joseph Whitehead, of Dinwiddie County.  Her death is much lamented by a numerous acquaintance.  She was a kind neighbor, an affectionate wife, a tender parent, and humane mistress.  She was a member of the Methodist Church upwards of thirty years, during which space she adorned the Gospel of Christ, her Saviour; Indeed of her it may be truly said, she was a Mother in Israel.

Subscribers to the First American Edition of Nicholson's Encyclopedia, Philadelphia, Mitchell & Amen, 1816-1817  Pt 2, Vol 6 of the set: Dinwiddie County, Va-Incl: Joseph Whitehead, Jun.

Will of Peter Vaughan, May 6, 1816, Dinwiddie Co., Va- Wife Not mentioned; app'ly dec'd. Names Son Lemuel H Vaughan, 354 AC tract of land called the Mill;  Son Peter Edwin Vaughan, tract where my dwelling house now stands of 354 AC; son James B. Vaughan 354 AC called Old Place adj. Arthur's Swamp;  son Alfred Jefferson Vaughan,354 AC purchased of David McCullock, and prt of land I purch'd. of William & Thomas Browder; Son  Benjamin Joseph Vaughan 354 AC pt taken out of Bro. Alfred J Vaughan  that I purch'd of Browders & balance to be taken out of land I rec'd & purch'd of John Boisseau's Estate, over the creek called Hatcher's Run;  Dtrs Elizabeth Boisseau, Negro woman Littis, with her 2 children Rochester & Anthony; dtr  Nancy B. Boisseau, negro woman Patience and her boy child; dtr Patsy Poithress Vaughan, Negro girl named Anna, negro child called Deissy;  .Makes  Son Lemuel H. Vaughan, Exr.

Wits: Jos. Whitehead, William Vaughan, Jeremiah Vaughan; Will proved in Dinwiddie Court on Monday, 15th day of July, 1816.-Certificate granted Lemuel H. Vaughan, with Benj. Boisseau, Thomas H. Boisseau, & James H. Boisseau, his Securities, entered into and acknow'd. their bonds in the penalty of five thousand dollars, conditioned as the law directs. Sig: J. Nicholas, CDC, J P Crump, CDC (See Chancery Suit, 1835 Below)


Whitehead, Mary - 1820 taxed on 67 acres on Arthur Swamp 15 E CH conveyed by Joseph Whitehead Estate.

Whitehead, Sarah - 1820 taxed on 56 acres on Arthur Swamp 15 NE CH conveyed by Joseph Whitehead Estate.

Roper, Ann 1820 taxed on 61a on Arthur Swamps 15 NE CH Conv. by JOSEPH WHITEHEAD Estate . pg. 144

*Armstead, John C. - 1816-1820 taxed on 18a near Arthur Swamps 15 E CH Conv. by JOSEPH WHITEHEAD  pg. 39

* Ford, Stephen S. (Chesterfield) - 1818-1820 taxed on 150a on Cox Rd. 11 NW CH , conv. by JOSEPH WHITEHEAD (?JR) pg. 79

REF-San Antonio Public Library Genealogy Book: Land Records, Dinwiddie County, Virginia 1752-1820

Compiled and Indexed by Thomas P. Hughes, Jr. and Jewel B. Standefer

Publisher:  Thomas P. Hughes, Jr. 4140 Chanwil Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 3811

1820 Dinwiddie Co, Va P 31
Joseph Whitehead (JR) 1 M 26-45, 2 M Und 10; 1 Fe 45+, 2 Fe 16-26 (Sold out in 1824 & removed to Williamson Co., Tenn where he appears in 1830.

Image 42-(Appears to be a census of the Commercial/Mfg. Entities of Dinwiddie Co., Va Incl:-Joseph Whitehead 2 persons  -1 Tobacco Inspector, 1 tobacco Trimme

Where are Jeremiah SR's  children?



By Virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to the Subscriber, for certain purposes therein described?, WILL BE SOLD To The Highest Bidder, On Friday the 31st Instant, If fair, if not, then the next fair day, that VALUABLE TRACT OF LAND in Dinwiddie County, four miles from Petersburg, on which Joseph Whitehead resides, containing 322 Acres.  The tract will be divided into three parts, with woodland attached to each- Also a Negro man & Woman, with three children, Household and Kitchen Furniture. Terms made known on the day of sale.  Any person wishing to view the Land can do so by applying to Mr. Jos. Whitehead on the premises. Benjamin Bosseau, Trustee  Dec 17 (1824)

1830 Dinwiddie Co, Va-No WHITEHEAD Indexed (Where is Jeremiah Whitehead?)

1830 Williamson Co., TN-Joseph Whitehead  (JR- (M) Nancy)  2210001-000001

1 M 40-50; 1M 10-15, 2M 5-10, 2M Und 5 yrs; 1F 30-40

1835 Dinwiddie Co, Va Court Records-Dinwiddie Vaughan was married to Julia Amanda Whitehead, George Blick was married to Amy Ann Whitehead

The Dinwiddie VAUGHAN family appears in 1840 Platte Co, MO & 1850 Hickory Co,., MO-Both parents missing 1860-4 children appear in various HH's in 1860 Hickory Co, MO.  Their son Edwin Peterson Vaughan, Physician,  appears 1870-1910 Dallas Co., MO

Plaintiffs Defendants




Wills Plat?

1840 Williamson Co., Tn-Joseph Whitehead (JR) (M) Nancy 01220001-1000001

1M 50-60, 2M 15-20, 2M 10-15, 1M 5-10; 1F 40-50, 1F  Und 5 No sl, 3 persons AGR

1840 Dinwiddie Co, Va P 018 Jeremiah Whitehead  (JR) (M) Elizabeth White (Sh be age 32) 2 Males 15-20 (?), 1 Fe 20-30, 2 F Und 5, 1 F 5-10

1850 Dinwiddie County P 444 Northern Division HH 155-155
J. S.* Whitehead 42 M Va farmer (Born Ca 1808) (Jeremiah JR)
Elizabeth R. " 36 F Va (WHITE-Ref, Tom White-Rootsweb World Connect)
Della A. E. " 16 F Va (Della Annie Elizabeth Born Ca 1834)
Elizabeth R R " 14 F Va- Born Ca 1836-Missing 1860 
Priscilla A " 11 F Va (Priscilla Ann, Born Ca 1839)
Sarah A " 9 F Va  (Sarah Adline, Born Ca 1841)
Jeremiah J " 5 M Va Born Ca 1845 Missing 1860
G. Benjamin J. " 2 M Va Born Ca 1848 Missing 1860
Cleophus Smith 23 M Va Carpenter

August 28th, 1850 Maury Co., Tn -HH 154-154-Nancy Whitehead (Wid. of Joseph JR) 55F Va, John " 22M VA Farmer; Robert " 19M TN, shoemaker; Theophelus " 17M Tn, farmer; Mary " 13F Tn 

Sons Henry S. & William James are in Texas

1850 Bastrop Co., Tx HH 227-243 Richard Whitehead* 41M Va Farmer; Elizabeth " 26F Tn; Anne E. " 7F Tx; Jeremiah " 5M Tx; George " 3M Tx; Joseph " 1M Tx, & Albert Emerson 26M NH farm hand (*son of Jeremiah Whitehead, SR of Dinwiddie Co,, VA)

1860 Dinwiddie Co, Va S Wd Petersburg P 243 HH 23-23
Jeremiah S Whitehead 52 M Va Farmer &  Superintendent, Poor House
Elizabeth R " 48 F Va (White)
Annie J " 19 F Va 
Adline S " 15 F Va 
Joseph J " 13 M Va 

1860 Lavaca Co., Tx  Halletsville PO HH 118-118 Henry S Whitehead 41M VA Farmer  $1500/200, Elizabeth " 27F MO, Lucien 7M Tx,    Minnie " 3F Tx, Cass " 7/12M Tx

1860 Hallettsvlle PO, Lavaca Co., HH 172-172 Isaac Burkett 31M MO $1200/8-00 Farmer; Mary "  21F Miss, Mary " 3F Tx; Martha "  2F Tx, Nancy " 6/12F  Tx &  Jeremiah Whitehead  14M TX  (s/o Richard Whitehead, of 1850 Bastrop Co., Tx)

1860 Gonzales, Gonzales Co, Tx-Thomas Eldridge 28M Emaline " 23, Francis " 4, Leana " 2, Ann " 8/12, S Lawyer 8, E.(Emma) Whitehead 16 F Tx, George Whitehead 11 M Tx, Henry Trammel 32, H. Eldridge 24 (Emma & George Whitehead are orphan children of Richard Whitehead & Z. Elizabeth Eldridge of 1850 Bastrop Co, Tx Census)

1870 Dinwiddie Co, Va (Dist 2, Dinwiddie Court House) P 135a HH 494-494
Jerry S Whitehead 62 WM Va Farmer $13,500/500
Elizabeth " 56 WF Va 
Ada " 22 WF Va  
James Ennis 76 WM Retired Merchant $11,700/500 Va
Ann S " 30 WF Va 
Eloise Sanders 9 WF Va (changed name to Ennis)
& 1 bl servant

1870 Albemarle Co., Va Fredericksburg Parish Charlottsville PO HH 1-1 -H C Marchant 32WM Va $15,000/1500   Agent for Woolen Factory; Elizabeth   "  31WF  Va; Elizabeth G. " 6WF Va; Churchill " 4WM Va; Henry H " 2WM Va & 3 bl servants

1880 Dinwiddie Co, Va (Namozine) P 166C 
Jerry Whitehead (JR) 72 WM Va Va Va Farmer
Elizabeth R " 69 WF Va Va Va wife Keep House (dtr of Randolph White)
Annie Ennis 41 WF Va Va Va dtr Widow Occ: Lady of Leisure 
Adda Whitehead 33 WFVa Va Va dtr single
Joe Whitehead 31 WM Va Va Va son Married, Bookkeeper 
Louisa " 33 WF Va Va Va Dtr-in-law married Occ: Lady of Leisure
Louise Ennis 18 WF Va Va Va gr/dtr

1880 Alb. Co., Va Charlottsville PO SD3, ED12, S17B P 23 HH 186-204-H C. Marchant 42WM Va Va Va Mfg, Woolen goods; E. R. " 39WF Wife, Va Va Va; E G " 15 WF dtr Va Va Va; J C " 13WM son, Va Va Va; L C " 9WF dtr Va Va Va; S. " 5WF  dtr Va Va Va; H S " 3WM son Va Va Va; C B " son Va Va Va  & 1 bl servant (cook)

1900 Charlottsville, Albemarle Co., Va ED2, SD7, Sh17B HH 287-304-Henry C. Marchant 61WM Feb, 1837 M-4 yrs Va Md Va Occ: Mfg'r., woolen goods; Fannie B. " 42 Jan 1858 M-4 yrs NO ch, Va Va Va wife (#2);  Gertrude " 35WF June, 1864, single dtr; Va Va Va; Loulie R. " 29WF  April, 1871  single dtr Va Va Va; Asenath " 26 Nov, 1873 Va Va Va; Chauncey B. " 21 WM Feb, 1879 single son Va Va Va; Governor W. " 19 WM Feb, 1881 single son Va Va Va & 1 bl servant 

1900 Petersburg, Va WD5, Dinwiddie Co., SD4, ED105 HH 283-157-201-L R Gerow  39WM May, 1861 Occ: Conductor, Va NY NY Louise " 38WF  Feb,  1862   Had 5 ch-5 liv; wife Va Va Va; Annie " 16WF April 1884 dtr @ school, Va Va Va; Joseph " 13   WM Nov, 1886 son @ school Ca Va Va Va; Townsend " 10WM June, 1887 son @ school Va Va Va; Saunders "  9WM Nov, 1891 son Va Va Va; Louise " 5WF Aug, 1894   dtr Va Va Va; George Gerow 25WM May, 1875 Boarder (Nephew) Occ: Conductor NY NY NY; J C Marchant 33WM  June 1867 Boarder Occ: Trunk Maker Va Va Va

& next door HH 167-202  Anne Ennis 50WF Jan, 1850 Widow Had 1 ch-1 liv, Occ: Landlady, Va Va Va; Addie Whitehead  (sister) 45 WF May, 1855 single HK,Va Va Va

1910 Wd 6 Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co, Va P279A HH 195-207, 283 Halifax St.-Leonard A Gerow 41WM NY NY NY M-27 yrs, Passenger Conductor, RR; Louise A. " 47WF wife   (Had 6 ch-5 liv) Va Va Va; . Joseph W. " 23 WM single son  Stenographer, Lawyer's office, Va Va Va; L Townsend " 20 WM single son Va Va Va L. Saunders :" 18 WM single son Va Va Va; George R " 7 WM single son Va Va Va; George W. Gerow 34 WM single, Nephew NY NY NY Yard Master, RR

1910 Charlottsville, Albemarle Co, Va Sheet 8B SD7, ED1 HH135-144 -Chauncey B. Marchant 30WM Va Va Va, Cashier, Bank;  (M) 3 yrs; Harriett H. " 27WF Wife (Had 1 ch-1 living) Ala DC Ala ; Reynold " 2WM son Va Va Va & 1 Bl Servant

Sheet 16B SD7, ED1 HH 279-280-280 --H S Marchant 22WM Va Va Va  Occ: Clerk, Woolen Mills, (M) 6 yrs; E. L. " 28 WF wife Had 1 ch-1 living; Al Al Al;   Henry " 2WM son Va Va Va; F. A. Farris, 65WF, (Mother-in-law) Wid. Al Al Al

Sheet 16B  HH 280-280-281-H C Marchant 72WM Va Va Va President, Woolen Mills (M)@ 2 8 yrs; Fannie B " 50WF  wife (M)#1 8 yrs Had 1 Ch-0 living Va Va Va; Governeur " 29WM son single Va Va Va' Asenath P " 35WF  dtr single Va Va Va & 2 bl servants

Sheet 14A, SD7, ED17, HH   267-266 Joseph W. Anderson 44WM Va Va Va (M) #1 9 yrs Occ: Bkkpr.; Lulu R. M " wife 39WF Va Va Va NO ch (Lodgers in Boarding House)

1910 Charlotte, WD 9 Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina  SD9, ED113 Sheet 8A Freeman Jones 33WM   Va Va Va Occ: Commercial Agent, RR, (M) 3 Yrs ; Gerow A. "  (Annie Gerow) wife 24WF Va Va Va NO ch; Edwin E. " 19WM single brother, Va Va Va Bank Clerk

1920 Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co, Va SD4, ED86, S15A  HH 365-393 427 Wagon Yard-Leonard R Gerow 58WM Ny Ny Ny Occ: Conductor, RR; Louise " 57WF Wife, Va Va Va; George " 17 WM son single Va Va Va, George Gerow Nephew 45WM NY NY NY Yard master, RR

1920 St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Florida SD1, ED 133 Sh 23B HH 344-390-Joseph W Gerow 33WM Va NY Va Occ: Treasurer, Boulder Saffle; Marie I. "   25WF wife Fla Canada Fla;  Anne "   5WF Dtr Fla Va Fla; Barbara A " 11/12WF Dtr Fla Va Fla

1920 Charlottsville, WD 1, Albemarle Co,  Va SD7, ED21 Sh5B  HH 110-Hampton S Marchant 42WM WID'R Va Va Va Warehouse Supt., Henry F " 11WM son Ala Va Ala  Joseph C. " 8WM son Va Va Ala; Laura M Joy 68WF Va Mass Mass Mass Companion 

1920 Charlottsville WD 1, Albemarle Co., Va SD7, ED21 Sh 8A HH 315-150-160 Joseph W. Anderson 46WM Va Va Va Bookkeeper; Louise  " 42WF Wife, Va Va Va;  Asenath Marchant 40 WF Va Va Va Sister (In-Law) & 1 bl servant (ages are way off here)

1920 Albemarle Co, (Sammie Miller North Garden Prct.)  SD7, ED11, Sheet 16B HH 288-289-Gouvernear  W. Marchant 36WM Va Va Va Occ: Gen'l Farmer; Elcie " 38WF  Wife Va Md Md  

1920 Petersburg, VA WD 5, SD4, ED84 Sh18A   HH 1010-380-404-Chauncey B. Marchant 42WM Va Va Va Bookkeeper, Iron Works; Harriet " 37WF  Wife Al Al Al; Reynolds " 11WM son Va Va Va

1920 Baltimore, Maryland WD 11, SD3, ED165 Sh 11B, HH 1118-157-305-Samuel W. Jones 41WM Single, Partner Md Md Md Partneer, Occ: Lawyer, Priv. Family; Lawrence Urot 58WM  single  Partner Md Md Md Partnet Occ: Agent, Insurance;  John J. Fraher   58WM single Partner Can Can Can Occ: Clothing Designer, cloth factory; C. S. Richardson 53WM single Partner Va Va Va Occ: Salesman, Cloth Co; John C. Marchant 56WM Married Partner Va Va Va Occ: Salesman, Shoes

1920 Roanoke, Virginia Jefferson WD 1  SD6, ED 19, Sheet 1B, HH 25-10-24 -Freeman Jones 44WM Va Va Va Occ: RR Freight; Annie " 35WF wife Va Va Va

ALSO 1920 Richmond, VA Madison WD,  (Henrico Co.)SD3, ED149 Sheet 0A Boarding House-Freeman W Jones 42WM Va Va Va Freight Agent, RR, Boarder

1930 Kennebec, Waterville, Maine ED6-45, SD2, Sheet 8B  Blk 6, GHH 2-107-151  Theorode J Pepin 53 WM Can Can Can Loom fixer, Woolen Mills, Marion A. 43WF  wife, & sev. Boarders, Incl Hampton S. Marchant 53WM Wid'r, Va Va Va Salesman, Clothing

 1930 Petersburg, Va Sheet 33A ED110-19, SD12, HH793-848 & 793-849 -Leonard R Gerow 58WM NY NY NY Conductor, Steam RR; Louise "  58WF wife, Va Va Va  (ages are incorrect here by abt 10 yrs)  (M) @ ages 21 & 20; Freeman Jones 52WM   Va Va Va Steam RR; Mary A. " wife Va Va Va   (M) @ ages 24 & 20

Sheet 4A & 4B Petersburg, Va ED 113-6  SD12 H 104-75-93-George R. Gerow 28WM Va Va Va Inspector, Nitrogen Co ; Lillian " 25WF wife Va Va Va; George         JR " 2WM son Fla, VA Va (M) @ ages 25 & 22

1930 Pinellas Co, St. Petersburg, Fla Sheet 31B ED52-11 SD4, HH 626-637   2120 13th Ave.-Joseph W. Gerow 43 WM DIV, Va NY Va Occ: Treasurer, Bldg. Mat.

1930 Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Military Reservation (Kickapoo T/S) Sh 27A SD5, ED52-13  HH   103-114i9-1149-Lee S Gerow 39WM Va NY Va Soldier, U S Army, Weber M "  33WF  wife, Tn Tn Tn (M) @ ages 23 & 18

1930 Washington,District of Columbia Sh 2B SD1, ED195   (Wyoming Apartments) -Leonard T. Gerow 41WM Va NY Va Officer, US Army; Kathryn " 38WF wife, NY Me Mich   (M) @ ages  31 & 28

Index to Chancery Court Suits-Dinwiddie Co., Va
Plaintiffs vs. Defendants Index Number


Index to Chancery Court Suits-PETERSBURG CITY

JEREMIAH S WHITEHEAD /DANIEL J MAYES 1852-035 -Includes surnames: Whitehead, Mayes/Mays, Chappell, Grigg, King, Lewis, Oettway, VAUGHAN, Wilkinson/Wilkerson

Many others listed, but there were other Whitehead families in Petersburg/Dinwiddie Co at this time, unrelated to Joseph.