The Family of
Jacob Hollingsworth 
& Wife
Mary Brooks
of North Carolina & Georgia

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Jacob Hollingsworth was born CA 1742 in Chester, Pennsylvania, and his will was proved in Franklin Co, Georgia, Nov. 24, 1822, having been written May 15, 1815.

He may have been living in Franklin County, Tenn. when he died, as he purchased land there in 1816.  His sons Benjamin & James also moved there in 1815. James died there in 1824 and Benjamin removed to Benton Co, Ala about 1835.

He was the son of Samuel Hollingsworth & wife, Barbara Shewin of Chester, Pennsylvania.  He married Mary Brooks about 1766 in Pennsylvania. 
(LDS Records)

 Jacob resided in Baltimore, Md. with his mother for a time, who had remarried to Philip Philips,  then removed to Guilford Co., North Carolina prior to 1772, according to deed records, as he purchased 100 Acres on Deep River from John Pickrell on March 9, 1772.  Jacob appears on the 1779 Tax List for Randolph Co., NC., which was cut off from Guilford Co. in that year.  Jacob & Mary sold their property in Randolph Co, North Carolina on Oct 9, 1788.

His family resided in Burke Co, NC in the 1790 census, & then Buncombe Co*, apparently while he was building Hollingsworth Fort for protection from the Indians on the wild frontier, and soon after appear in the Franklin Co., Georgia records.
 (*which was cut off from Burke & Rutherford Counties in 1791.)
 He sold his land in Buncombe Co. NC  in 1796, already being a resident of Franklin Co, Ga

The 1790 Reconstructed Census of Franklin Co., Georgia, shows Jacob Hollingsworth as Witness/or those owning adjoining land, and also includes the name of Nathaniel Woffard.

 It was here he built Hollingsworth Fort, probably with some assistance from his brother Samuel, which appears on a 1793 Georgia map, and still stands today (Now in Banks County, which was cut off from Franklin & Habersham Counties, Habersham being created from Franklin County and Indian lands in 1818)

Jacob's father, in his will of 1751 Chester, Pa. stipulated his sons, Jacob &  Samuel, were to be apprenticed to their Uncle Henry Green, to learn the trade of carpentry.  He apparently learned his trade well!

This family was of the Society of Friends (Quaker)  religion, in Pennsylvania, but I have found no records in Hinshaw on this family in North Carolina, or after they removed to Georgia.  Of course some of the early records have been lost.

 Mary Brooks, wife of Jacob Hollingsworth, was the daughter of (Thomas ?)  & Mary Brooks, of Frederick Co, Virginia.  She is named in the Will of her mother dated July 9, 1786 and proved April, 1787.  She was born about 1748, and was living at the time Jacob made his will in 1815.

Children: Hollingsworth

1. Samuel Born Ca 1767 Chester, Pa Died 1802 Franklin Co., Georgia
Admrs: Jacob & Mary Hollingsworth
(M) 1788 Mary Garner Randolph Co., NC (Marriage Bond)
She Married #2 1805 Franklin Co., Ga Thomas Lenoir (Lanier/Linore) and she died there 1815-Adm. Thos. Lenoir

2. Sarah "Sally" Born Ca 1769 Chester, Pa Died Pr to 1815 Franklin Co., Ga
(M) James Garner 
       a. Jacob Garner-named in gr/father's will 1815

3. Hannah Born Ca 1771  Guilford Co., North Carolina 
(M) Daniel Brown-lived Burke Co., NC, later Habersham Co., Georgia.

4. Mary Born Ca 1773 Guilford Co., North Carolina
There is a marriage bond for Daniel Brown /Mary Hollingsworth, 1788 Randolph Co, NC ; however Mary did NOT marry Daniel Brown, as they both changed their minds; Mary married Benjamin J. Wofford instead & Daniel Brown (M) Mary's sister Hannah (above)
          a. William Hollingsworth Wofford Died Ca 1827 Habersham Co, Ga

5. Jacob, Jr. b. Aug. 11, 1775 Guilford Co., North Carolina  Died  Dec 16, 1848 Caddo Par, La.
(M) Sarah Martin;  She was b. July 7, 1783 d. Sept. 19, 1851 Caddo Par., La

6. Thomas Born Ca 1777 Guilford Co., North Carolina Died: May 16, 1836 Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co., Ga.-1830 Gwinnett Co., Ga
          (M) Amelia Terrell Nov. 1, 1808.  She as b. 1786 Ga d. Oct. 4, 1846 Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co., Ga. 

Thomas Hollingsworth, JP, Franklin Co., Ga Mar. 28, 1806

Thomas Hollingsworth was a JP in 211th Dist., Franklin Co., Georgia,  Feb. 12th,1813-Jan 23rd, 1817

He was a Private, Capt. Eli Glover's Co., Georgia Militia, August 10-30, 1813, (War of 1812)

Superior Court Records, Franklin Co., Ga, 1810

Rule Nici - info of Thomas Hollingsworth


RESOLUTIONS Which originated in the House of Representatives,

1820 Vol. 1 -- Page: 112

Sequential Number: 124

In the House of Representatives, 17th November, 1820.

RESOLVED, That James Mitchell, John Stubbs, and Thomas Hollingsworth be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners of the Franklin county Academy, in addition to the former commissioners of said academy.

Approval Date: Approved, 5th December, 1820.

Testimony of Thomas Hollingsworth, March 6, 1822 (suit of Benjamin Wofford for claims for Indian Depredations- Sworn testimony of Benjamin Wofford and Thomas Hollingsworth....complained of as having been committed by the Creek Indians in 1797, the said Benjamin Wofford was a citizen of and resided in the state oif Georgia...Robert Turner...was and is a witness totally disinterested in...the claim...that immediately after the depredations were committed such pursuit was made and such evidence furnished as were conclusive that the Creek Indians had done the mischief...." Sworn in open court (Superior) Mch 6, 1822.  Also certificate signed:  Augustus S Clayton, judge, superior court, Western Circuit, that he is acquainted with Benjamin Wofford and Thomas Hollingsworth and considers them entitled to credit when on oath. Mch 6, 1822 2 pp. See Also Benjamin Wofford

1827 Land Lottery, Franklin Co., Georgia-

Sect/Dist/Lot/Name/Residence/Capt Dist/County of Draw-Thomas Hollingsworth, 2 Draws

4/2/260/Hollingsworth, Thomas/Franklin Co/Caudell's/Coweta Co

2/0/114/Hollingsworth, Thos./Franklin Co/Caudell's/Muscogee Co

1830 Gwinnett Co., Ga-Thos. Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth)

 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 1-00 1 1 0 0 1

Jasper Co., Georgia Superior Court Case Files (Georgia Dept of Archives & History-

James H Hollingsworth & Thomas D Hollingsworth vs John Haynes

J H Hollingsworth & T D Hollingsworth vs William H Taylor

Brewer, Clark vs. Parminas Thomason and Thomas D. Hollingsworth

Minter, Gideon G. and Samuel Plummer vs. Permemus R. Thomaston

and Thomas D. Hollingsworth

Shaw, Gilbert W. vs. J.H. Hollingsworth and T.D. Hollingsworth

Wyatt, William H. and John W. Wyatt vs. James H. Hollingsworth,

Albert Smith and Joseph J. Scranton

Georgia Dept. of Archives& History-Governors' Papers-Letter of T D Hollingsworth to Gov. Joseph Emerson Brown, 1861-1865

            Children: Hollingsworth

            1. Thomas D. b. abt 1810 (1823 from Census) Franklin Co., Ga-Merchant, 1850 Morgan Co., Ga-Speculator, 1860 Madison PO,  Morgan Co, Ga;, died bet 1860-1870 (Civil War?)

Index to Civil War Service Records-Thomas D Hollingsworth Regt: Capt. Hanleister's Co., Georgia L. Art'y; (Jo Thompson Artillery Side: Confederate Co ? Private/Private

                 (M) Sarah Elizabeth Rees August 10, 1847 Morgan Co.,, Ga.  She was b. 1821 Ga - d. Aug. 18, 1893 buried Old Madison Cem., Morgan Co., Ga--Widow, Housekeeper, HH of bro-in-law William T. Hollingsworth, Physician, 1870 Madison,  Morgan Co., Ga ; Widow1880 Madison, Morgan Co., Ga, bro-in-law William T. Hollingsworth, Physician, in HH

                         a. Charles J. b. July 6, 1853 Morgan Co., Ga d. Oct. 20, 1893 Morgan Co., Ga buried Old Madison Cem., Morgan Co., Ga. -  He was @ School, HH of Uncle William T. Hollingsworth, 1870 Madison, Morgan Co., Ga; single, clerk,1880 Madison, Morgan, Ga, HH of mother

            2. Henry b. abt 1812 Franklin Co. Ga., Ga-did not locate 1850

            3. William T  b. abt 1826 Franklin Co., Ga d. June 28, 1893 Morgan Co., Ga buried Old Madison Cem., Morgan Co., Ga (CSA Vet)_single, Physician,1850 Dist 62, Morgan Co., Ga; single, Physician,1860 (Hotel) Madison PO, Morgan Co, Ga; single, Physician, 1870-1880 Madison, Morgan Co, Ga 

Index to Civil War Service Records-William T Hollingsworth, Regt: 3rd Georgia Infantry, Side: Confederate, Co. D., Rank: Private/Asst. Surgeon


Includes-W T Hollingsworth, entered service private, June '61; appointed assistant surgeon Oct. 8th, '61; resigned Aug 15th, 1862.

*This 3rd Ga. Reg't. was part of the I famous Wright's brigade, Anderson's division, A. P. Hill's corps, and army of the illustrious Robert E. Lee-organized in 1859, according to posting on Madison Co., Ga Gen-Web by John R Clark, 2004-, T D. (Thos. D) Hollingsworth & Dr. W. T. Hollingsworth were involved in it's formation.

            4. Dtr. (M) C L Williams

            5. Elizabeth b. abt 1832 Ga-single 1850 Morgan Co., Ga

                 (M) Charles B Day, abt 1855-Merchant, 1860 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga

                         a. Eula b. abt 1856 Ga

                         b. Anna b. abt 1857 Ga

                         c. Elizabeth b. abt 1858 Ga

                         d. Rosser M. b. abt 1860 Ga

            6. James H. b. abt 1825 Franklin Co., Ga d. 1877 Augusta, Ga-Merchant, 1850  Morgan Co., Ga; Merchant Clerk, 1860 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga; Merchant, 1870 Madison, Morgan Co.,, Ga

Civil War Service Records Index: James H Hollingsworth 1 Local Troops, Georgia Infantry (Augusta, Ga) Side: Confederate Co. A, Private/Private 


                (M) Rebecca Ann Furlow Dec. 22, 1846 She was b. 1827 d. 1892 buried Magnolia Cem., Augusta, Ga-Widow 1880 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga

                       a. Charles T. b. abt 1847 Ga  d. 1893-Clerk, Cotton House, 1870 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga; cotton shipper, 1880 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga

Civil War Service Records Index: Charles T Hollingsworth, Regt. Name: 1 Local Troops,  Georgia Infantry (Augusta, Ga) Side:  Confederate, Co  B. Rank:  Private/Private 

                           (M) Mary Ann Heard abt 1865 GA.  She was b. 1847 d. 1895

                                  1. William H.  b. abt 1868 GA

                                  2. Annie L b. abt 1871 Ga-lived 1910, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga- (M) 15 yrs, had no children, 1920 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga had niece Mary Stanley age 15,  b. Ga in HH (dtr of Dr. Robert H Stanley & Elizabeth Hollingsworth)

                                       (M) Rufus Henry Brown- abt 1895;  He was b. abt 1867 SC-Bank Cashier, 1910, 1920 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga

                                  3. Minnie F. b. abt 1874 Ga

                                  4. Elizabeth "Lizzie" D. b. April, 1877 Ga ( Had 1 ch-1 living, 1900 Lauren Co., Georgia; (M) 4 yrs.; Had 3 children, 2 living, 1910 Albany, Dougherty Co., Ga, (M) 14 yrs; living 1920 Ft. McPherson, Fulton Co., Ga, 1930 Miami,, Dade Co., Florida (M) @ age 19

                                      (M) Robert H. Stanley, Physician,  abt 1896 - He was b. Sept., 1868 Ala-Physician, 1900 Lauren Co., Georgia; Physician, 1910 Albany, Dougherty Co., Ga, Physician, 1920 Fort McPherson, Fulton Co., Ga; 1930 Miami, Dade Co. Florida (M) @ age 29

                                              a. Louisa b. Oct. 1897 Ga d. pr to 1910 Ga

                                              b. Sarah Elizabeth b. abt 1901 GA-single, 1920 Ft McPherson, Fulton Co., Ga

                                              c. Mary b. abt 1905 Ga -single 1910 Albany, Dougherty Co., Ga-Also enum in HH of  Aunt Annie Brown, 1920 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga

                                  5. Mamie H. b. abt 1879 Ga

                       b. Edward A. b. abt 1850 Ga single, grocery clerk 1870 Morgan Co., Ga; Married, Clerk, Auditor's office,1880 Madison, Morgan Co., Ga, No ch in HH; Widower, Express Clerk, 1900 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tn, Boarder HH of Hugh Pendleton

                            (M) Minnie Stanford Aug. 30, 1877  She was b. abt 1850 Ga d. prior to 1900

                      c. Anna Marie  b. abt Feb., 1851  d. July 21, 1852 Morgan Co., Ga, age 1 yr, 5 mos .buried Old Madison Cem., Morgan Co., Ga 

                       d. James Henry b. abt Feb., 1852 Morgan Co., Ga d. June 23, 1853 Morgan Co., Ga buried Old Madison Cem.,  Morgan Co., Ga

                       e. Minnie M E. b. December, 1854 Ga  d. 1935-single, @ home, 1880 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga-Widow, Operates Boarding house, sister Rebecca iu HH; 1900 Wd 4, Augusta, Richmond, Ga, NO children in HH; Occ: Women's Exchange, widow, lives w/brother William Jones Hollingsworth, 1910 Augusta, Richmond, Ga; widow, lives s/brother James, 1920 Augusta, Ga;;

                           (M) E R Simmons (died pr to 1900)

                       f. Kate Furlow  b. Oct., 1856 d. August 4, 1926 Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga-single, living w/brother William Jones Hollingsworth 1900, 1910, 1920 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia; 

                       g. John Berrien b. abt 1858 Ga d. Jan 24, 1900 Augusta, Richmond Co.,  Ga, buried Westover Memorial Park Cem., Augusta, Ga - single clerk, 1880 Augusta, Richmond Co.,, Ga

                           (M) Estelle Berkman Stanford Feb. 17, 1884 She was b. Dec 21, 1859 Ga d. Aug. 20, 1920 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga,  buried: Westover Memorial Park Cemetery, Augusta, Ga--Death Cert. shows Wid. of John B. Hollingsworth, Informant: William J Hollingsworth, Augusta, Ga;  Father, John J Stanford, b. Penn. & Mother, Cordelia Charlton b. Wilkes Co., Ga--Widow, 1900 Summerville Village, Richmond, Ga; widow, lodger, Director, Clinic, in HH of Mariena Hardin, 1910 Wd 2, Augusta, Richmond, Ga, (Had 1 child, 1 living)

                                  1. Stella Charlton  b. Jan. 2, 1894  Ga d. Oct. 13, 1920 Henderson, Vance Co., NC- buried Westover Memorial Park Cem., Augusta, Ga--single, 1910 Augusta, Richmond, Ga , lives 1930 Knoxville, Knox Co., Tenn.

                                      (M) Charles Walter Griscom March 2, 1916 Augusta, Richmond, Ga.  He was b. March 17, 1888 Chattanooga, Tenn. d. Nov. 10, 1980 Memphis, Tenn;--Estimator, Marble Co., 1930 Knoxville, Knox Co., Tn (Has wife Clara & 2 more children in HH)

                                              a. Charles Walter Jr b. Dec. 24, 1916 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga- 

                                                  (M) Margaret Baggett

                                              b.  John Hollingsworth b. March 4, 1918 Augusta, Richmond, Co., Ga.

                                                   (M) Louise Lyons Lacy

                       d. William Jones "Willie" b. Sept 2, 1860 Ga d. Jan 15, 1930 Richmond Co., Ga buried Westover Memorial Park Cem., Augusta, Ga--single, grocer, 1880 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga; Broker, 1900, 1910, 1920 Augusta, Richmond, Ga

                            (M) Jesse Leitner  She was b. Dec 3, 1862 d. Feb. 23, 1955 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga  buried Westover Memorial Park Cem., Augusta, Ga--(Had 4 ch, 3 living, 1900 Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga; Had 5 children, 2 living 1910 Augusta, Richmond, Ga-Widow, 1930 Augusta, Richmond, Ga, w/2 dtrs & son-in-law, & 2 gr/sons in HH

                                   1. Flora Campbell  b. Dec, 1892 Ga-single 1920, 1930 Augusta, Ga

                                   2. N. Furlow (dtr) b. April, 1894 Ga d. Nov 6, 1968 buried Westover Mem. Park Cem., Augusta, Ga-single stenographer, Lawyer's Office, 1920 Augusta, Ga -lives w/mother, 1930 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga, (M) 3 yrs.

                                        (M) Otis M Benton, abt 1927;-furniture salesman, 1930 Augusta, Ga  He was b. abt 1895 Ga

                                               a. Otis M Jr b. abt 1929 Ga

                                               b. William H. b. abt 1929 Ga

                                   3. William b. Nov., 1899 Ga-d. pr to  1910

                       e. Rebecca Mae b. abt 1862 Ga d. 1905 buried Westover Mem. Park Cem., Augusta, Ga-single, HH of sister Minnie Simmons, 1900 Augusta, Richmond, Ga

                       f. James H. b. Feb 14, 1864 Ga d. April 24, 1939-single, Law Clerk,1880 Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga-1900 Wd 4, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga-No ch in HH; Bkkpr, Grocery store, 1910 Augusta, Richmond, Ga-Marr. 11 yrs, NO children; storage warehouse, 1920 Augusta, Ga; Merchandise broker, 1930 Augusta, Richmond, Ga (Has  niece Mae Bowler, age  21b. SC, single, Secretary, Finance Co., in HH)

                           (M) Tilla M Boozer abt 1897 She was b. Nov., 1871 SC d. 1949

           7. John b. abt 1828 Ga -single, Clerk, 1850 Morgan Co., Ga

7. James Born Ca 1780  Randolph Co., North Carolina Died WP 1824 Franklin Co., Tenn
(M) Mary Jones, May 16, 1813 Franklin Co, Ga
Dtr of James & Mary "Polly" Jones of Franklin Co, Ga.-Mary (M) #2 James Cunningham

8. Benjamin Benton Born Ca 1785 Randolph Co, North Carolina Died 1844 Benton Co, Alabama- Benjamin was under 21 in 1805 Land Lottery-NOT eligible to draw
(M) Joicey Jones, Sept 3, 1809 Franklin Co., Georgia
Dtr of James & Mary "Polly" Jones of Franklin Co., Georgia


Frederick Co, Va Will Abstracts:, etc, 1743-1800 (King)
Will of Mary Brooks Dated 9 July 1786, Proved April, 1787
Names: Sons Thomas & James Brooks
Dtrs: Mary Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Rice, (w/o George) Sara Astill, Susannah Hanes
George Rice left will in Frederick Co, Va 1792-probated Woodford Co, Ky.1795.

Thomas Brooks wit will of John Rice, (father of George) Fred. Co, Va. Nov 2, 1782
Matthew Brooks, Dec'd (NO date) Adm-Joel Brooks
1746 Rent roll-Frederick Co, Va-Jacob Brooks, 62 A


Will of Jacob Hollingsworth
"Of Advanced Years"
Franklin Co., Ga.
DATED: May 15, 1815
Presented 4 Nov, 1822
RG-159-2-39 Vol 7 Pp 126/ Bk F
(RG 159-2-39 Vol 8, Pp 209)
Names wife Mary
Children: Jacob, Thomas, James and Benjamin Hollingsworth
Heirs of deceased son Samuel Hollingsworth:
Sally Haynes, Mary Robbins, John, Henry, Hannah, & Jacob Hollingsworth;
Deceased Dtr Sally Garner's son Jacob Garner;
Dtrs: Hannah Brown, Mary Hollingsworth Wofford,
EXRS: Thomas & Benjamin Hollingsworth
Wts: James R. Wyly, JP, Henry Holcomb, JP
Clement Waters & James Toney

Loose Papers : Will RG 159-2-1 Box 05-104

Franklin Co, Ga. Court Minutes March 7th, 1814-July 7, 1823
Court of Ordinary met Nov 4, 1822
Will of Jacob Hollingsworth presented and ordered recorded.
Present: Garret L. Sandidge, James Mitchell, & John C. Aderhold, Esq. Justices, Present


Guilford Co, North Carolina deeds 
Book 1, P (1771-1779) P 161   March 9, 1772
John Pickerell & wife Catherine to Jacob Hollingsworth, all of Guilford County, North Carolina, for f60. proclamation money, 100 Acres East side of Deep River, on Mouth of Broadmouth Creek, etc. Wts: Enoch Davis, Samuel Barker

Book 1, P 311-Jacob Hollingsworth witness deed of Thomas & Elizabeth Davis to Levi Branson, Feb. 20, 1775

Randolph Co, NC was formed in 1779 from Guilford County, therefore the people on this tax list lived in Guilford County prior to 1779. 

1779 Tax List, Randolph Co, North Carolina, Joseph Hinds Dist:

Samuel Hollinsworth (Quaker)
1 of persons who hath not taken the Oath of Allegiance and returned Inventories of their taxable property

Jacob Hollingsworth-1 of persons who hath not taken the Oath of Allegiance and who has not returned inventories of their taxable property

Randolph Co, NC Marriage Bond-
Samuel Hollingsworth and  Mary Garner (1788 Marriage Bond)
This is the son of Jacob & Mary Brooks Hollingsworth -He died in 1802 in Franklin Co, Ga.

Mary Hollingsworth & Daniel Brown (1788 Marriage Bond)
This is the daughter of Jacob & Mary Brooks Hollingsworth-this family also moved to Franklin Co, Ga.

Randolph Co, North Carolina Deeds- Bk 5, P 23 October 9, 1788
Jacob Hollingsworth and Mary, his wife, to Robert Hodgins, all of Randolph Co., North Carolina, , for 120 pounds, ---100 Acres on Deep River and Broad Mouth Creek, (part of tract granted to Peter Youngblood from Earl of Granville, October 26, 1759, who sold to William Cox, May 6, 1761, who sold to John Pickrell July 16, 1771, who sold to Jacob Hollingsworth March 9, 1772. (see above Guilford Co. Deed)

Signed: Jacob Hollingsworth (Seal)
Mary Hollingsworth (Seal)

Wts: Laurence Rains, Daniel Brown

Note-Laurence Rains grant of Aug 17, 1787 joins Cox, Branson & Hollensworth, on Broad Mouth Creek.

Nov 27, 1793 Robert Hodgin & wife Zelphia sold this same land to Laurence Rains. 

1790 Census Burke Co, NC-Morgan's District
Fourth Company
Holinsworth, Samuel, 2,2,9,0,0-missing 1800

Tenth Company
Wofford, William, 2,0,2,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Jacob, 1,4,1,0,0-missing 1800
Wofford, Ben, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Samuel, 1,0,3,0,1-missing 1800
Jones, Joseph, 1,3,4,0,0- 1800-p763 with sev other Jones
Phillips, Charles, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800

Second company
Brown, Daniel, 1,2,4,0,0-missing 1800

Burke Co, NC Land Entries, 1779-1790 (Edith Warren Huggins, Vol 2)
#98, JOHN THOMAS, 100 acres joining John McDowell, Senr., lines on upper side of the Round Hill Bottom on forks of Big Ivy River, Transferred to JACOB HOLLINGSWORTH, by order 16 Feb., 1790.

Buncombe Co., North Carolina deeds-Book 3, page 65. Jacob Hollingsworth, "of Frankland" County, State of Georgia, to John Webb, Buncombe County, NC Sum. 200. Parcel of 320 acres lying on Ivy Creek above William Whitson's land, including Round Hill Bottom. Signed April 20, 1796. Witnesses: Joseph Hughey, Stephen  Hamlen(?) Registered by Jacob Hollingsworth July 13, 1796. (Buncombe Co, cut off from Burke & Rutherford Co's, 1791)

Franklin Co, Georgia Records: 
unless otherwise noted

1790 Reconstructed Census of Franklin Co., Georgi; Witnesses & those owning Adjoining Land: Incl: Jacob Hollingsworth (See deed below)

Franklin Co, Ga, Deeds-Bk H, P 96-Dec 2, 1790 Rec'd Dec 27, 1792-Deed from Joseph Martin Russell (x) of Elbert Co, Ga. to WILLIAM WOFFORD, of Franklin Co, In Cons. of 200 pds. conveys 400 AC in Franklin Co, on both sides of Middle Broad River, and Russell's Crk., grtd. to sd. Russell by Gov. Edward Telfair Mar. 17, 1786. Wts; JACOB HOLLINGSWORTH, Nathaniel Wofard, Sworn to by Hollingsworth, before Jos. Humphries, JP Dec 11, 1792.

Reconstructed Census, Franklin Co., Georgia 1790-Muster Roll of Capt. Thomas Crews Co., November, 1793, Incl: Samuel Hollongsworth (Hollingsworth), Benjamin Wafford (Wofford) James Waffard (Wofford), Moses Terrell

DB LLL P 52, 53 May 9, 179---Yr missing-Rec (No date) Tax Collector's Deed- Frank. Co, Ga-from James R. Whitney, Tax Collector, to William M. Cowles, in cons. of two pds., conveys 287 1/2 AC on Oconee river, surveyed in name of Ja... Holloworth, Feb. 15, 1785.  Sold for Taxes. Wts. Alex McMillan, George Hening, JP

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842

Document: TCC943

Petition of the citizens [of] Franklin County, Georgia to John Milledge, Governor of Georgia

date: Uncertain
extent: 8p
summary: This document is an undated petition from the citizens of Franklin County, Georgia to John Milledge, Governor of Georgia (1802-1806). The primary complaint of the petitioners involves an act passed by the legislature of Georgia for the distribution of lands obtained from the Creek Indians at the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson (signed June 16, 1802). They argue that the distribution of the land is untimely and the methods of purchase and payment are designed to benefit only the wealthy. The petition is signed by over 300 individuals.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler
box: 24
folder: 22
document: 02

Franklin County
{To his Excellency John Milledge,Governor and Commander in chief in & over the St]ate of Georgia

The petition and remonstrance of the undersigned Citizens of the state and county aforesaid most respectfully sheweth: that they have in the most deliberate and attentive manner read and considered an act of the Legeslature [Legislature] passed at their late Session entitled an Act to make distribution of the late Cession of Lands obtained from the Creek Nation by the United states Commissioners in a treaty entered into at or near Fort Wilkinson on the 16 day of June 1802.. and View with deep regret and concern that a Law should have passed at all for disposing of the said Land or territory at this time, and further that the mode of letting out the land as contemplated by the before recited Act is calculated to blast the hopes of the poor and to answer only the purpose of Welthy [Wealthy] Individuals; in support of which Several positions we assign the following reasons

First- this was not the proper time for disposing of the said Land because it is [deleted: not] acknowledged in the Law itself that every Citizen of the state cannot have a certain proportion or allotment of Land, the law having delared [declared] that in makeing [making] out the tickets there shall be a certain number of Blanks to a prize, if we had waited for an Accession of territory every Individual in the state could have [document damaged]result to a state of Communi[document damaged] every Citizen of such State or [document damaged] feel [deleted: ist] its influence and not to be placed in danger of losing hope; Secondly -- It was improper because the territory ceded is not sufficient to afford any number of Compact Counties and as the middle and Western Country as designated in the Act, cannot be more than ten or twelve miles in Wedth [Width] and fifty or sixty Miles in Length, great distress an [and] inconvenience must result to such as may settle in that part of the state, and [document damaged] addition to this the population of those Counties as they are now Situate even if the territory was felled by Inhabitants will not be Sufficient to force a Respectable commerce to the Mouth of the Alatamaha,which is among the first and most desireable [desirable] Objects of the Western frontier Settlers

Thirdly, This law was passed in too hasty and precipitate a manner[document damaged] The representatives being the servants of the people ought to have Obtaind [Obtained] the Cool Sober and deliberate sense of all the Citizens of of the State on a subject to momentory [momentary] and important to all who might have been had by Passing a law and restraining its opperation untill [operation until] a subsequent Legislature had Intervened:-

Fourthly, the law in its opperation [operation] will be cruel and unjust and oppressive upon the poorer Class of Citizens any one of those who may draw two prizes entitle him to Land of the first quality will have to pay the enormous sum of four and in some Cases Eight Dollars and upwards this amounts to an absolute denial of Right, for we are Confident there is not more than Fifty Citizens who can raise the sum so that the acts of the Goverment [Government], which ought to be framed for the purpose of protecting benifiting [benefitting] and encourageing [encouraging] the industrious farmer, will be more dreadful and distressing than the haughty Command of a tyrant

Fifthly to suppose that a poor man with a family of young children, Could settle down on a tract of land, Clear and Cultivate the same and be able by the produce of his land to make his first payment three year, is to suppose what we know from experience cannot possible [possibly] happen for a man of the above description let him be ever so Industrious [document damaged] subsist his fa[document damaged]ly for the first three years then we would ask where has he the power to pay the first installment? The answer is plain he hath no means of doing so and the land must of Course revert for the above reasons which appears to us forcible ones we pray that your excellency would exercise all the powers Vested in you to delay a Complete execution of the Law untill [until] another Legislature can intervene and more especially not to Suffer the drawing of the lottery to Commence until after that period- and your memorialists will every pray


[Signed] James Hollingsworth
[Signed] Samuel Hollingsworth
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842

Document: TCC352

[Petition] 1793 Jan. 1, Franklin County, [Georgia to] Edward Telfare [i.e., Telfair], Governor of Georgia / [citizens of] Franklin County

date: January 1, 1793
extent: 2p
summary: This document is a petition from sundry citizens of Franklin County, Georgia to Georgia Governor Edward Telfair (1786-1787, 1790-1793), dated January 1, 1793. The western frontier of Franklin County is having troubles with Indian attacks and inquires why previous promises of government protection have not materialized. The petitioners request assistance and supplies. The petition is signed by over 50 citizens of Franklin County.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler
box: 42
folder: 08
document: 01
To his Excellancy [Excellency] Edward Telfare, Governor & Commander in Cheif [Chief] in & over the state of Georgia

We your humble Petitionors [Petitioners] do once more presume to beg from your mercyfull [merciful] hands, some protection for our Disstress'd [Distressed] women & Children, as their Lives With our own are dayly Expos'd [daily Exposed] to savage Barbarety [Barbarity], It is not long since we ware [were] Leaping with Joy, by reason of the Encouragement You gave us, Even went as far as to pass an act for our Relief, with the Aprobation [Approbation] of your Honnor [Honor], & the particulars Came to us in the publick [public] papers, and from all this Encouragement, we have embodyed [embodied] our helpless famelies [families] and Stood Sentry Around them, Impatiently waiting your good aid & assistance (as we thought an assurance of it) but Alass [Alas] what is the Last Account Lementable [Lamentable] indeed to people in our situation the former orders Countermanded by Your Honner [Honor] What Cou'd [could] be worse to our feelings than this or what must be the Concequence [Consequence], Why, Undoubtedly Death must be the [unclear: fetal [fatal]] Concequence [Consequence]; if not by the Tommehock [Tomahawk] by famine for when Our Small stake of Provitions [Provisions] that we are Hudled [Huddled] [added: round] is Exausted [Exhausted] where is the Support of an other year why none maid [made] nor any likelyhood [likelihood] of makeing [making], We further wish if it be your Good Pleasure to inform us who or what person or persons have been the Instigation of Removeing [Removing] Your Good Will from our Relief it must Certainly have been some ill minded person or Raskill [Rascal] that have self Interest in Veiw [View], & Not a feeling for the innocent Fronteers [Frontiers], but their Reward is pointed out & the [unclear: black] Account of Murder, Stands Charg'd [Charged] Against them

Since Mr Wafford Started Last to Augusta with the Talke [Talk] of that Noted Villain [unclear: Shuagee] their [there] has been A Number of Horses taken by the Indians from our fronteer [frontier] Settlements five of Which ware [were] taken from his fort, & [unclear: a Bundance [an Abundance]] of Indian Sign Seen by our Spies Which we have to keep out at Our Own Exspence [Expense] Whilst the fronteers [frontiers] of South Carolina are well garded [guarded] with men & a Sufitient [Sufficient] Supply of every nesecery [necessity] of Life & all at the Publicks [Public's] Exspence [Expense] where their Nesessity [Necessity] is none in Comparison to Ours.

Three Companies of Horse men wou'd [would] be Sufitient [sufficient] to Gard [guard] our Fronteers [Frontiers], Stationed in three Different Places, one at a place know [known] by the Name of Bowens Place, an other at Norrises Place & a third at the Corokee Mountain at Each of thos[edge of document: e] Places their [there] is a sufitiency [sufficiency] of winter food, to support their Horses, with a Carefull [careful] Conductor

Shou'd [Should] it Pleas [Please] Your Excellancy [Excellency] to Grant Our Request. we shall try to Stand our Ground, Other Ways [Otherwise], we must of Necessity fly for our Lives, The Westorn [Western] fronteers [frontiers] of Franklin Cty [County]
from Sir Your Humble Servants
By the Bareor [Bearer] Capt Phillip Martain Who can inform you Particulars
Jany [January] 1st 179[deleted: 2][added: 3

Signatures Include:

[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth (signed 2 times, or 1 is Jacob Jr)
[Signed] [unclear: Jarred] Hollingsworth (May be transc. error for James?)
[Signed] [unclear: Thomas] Hollingsworth

Document: TCC358

[Petition] 1793 Nov. 11, Franklin County, [Georgia] to the Governor of the State of Georgia / inhabitants of Franklin County, [Georgia]

date: November 11, 1793
extent: 2p
summary: This document is a petition of the citizens of the Franklin County, Georgia to the unnamed Governor (probably Edward Telfair (178601787, 1790-1793), possibly George Mathews (1793-1796), dated, November 11, 1793. The petitioners explain the role of a troop of horsemen, under the command of Owen Bowen, who have kept the inhabitants of Franklin County, Georgia protected from Indian attacks. They ask that the Governor allow for the continuance of said troop. Twenty signatures of Franklin County petitioners appear on the document.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler
box: 42
folder: 09
document: 03
Novem [November] 11th 1793
To His Excellancy [Excellency] the Governor of the State of Georgia

We your Humble petioners [petitioners] beg Your Honor, Would take Into Consideration the Following Circomstance [Circumstance] -- on the 25th of Last month, Was Ordered Into Service, (by Brigadier General Sammuel Blackborn) Captn. [Captain] Owen [unclear: J.] Bowens Company of Horse men, Who with him self Are all Frontier men, Whose famelies [families] & Property are Equally Exsposed [Exposed] With our Own, the said Troop of Horse have Exerted them selves in the most Propper [Proper] manner for our Safety Ever since the [they] have been in place and in that Situation we Conceive our selves to be better Guarded [unclear: And] safere [safer] from Our Dayly [Daily] Enemy the Savage than we have Ever been Since the Troublesom [Troublesome] times first began Now if it Should Please your Honor to Continue Sd. [Said] Troop You Will Ever Oblige them that you know [unclear: Pirty [Pretty]] well the sufferings of --

Signatures Incl:

Jacob Hollingsworth

Document: TCC369

Petition of the frontier inhabitants of Franklin and Jackson Counties, [Georgia], 1797 May 8, [to the] Governor [of Georgia, Jared] Irwin

date: May 8, 1797
extent: 4p
summary: This document is a petition from citizens of Jackson and Franklin Counties, Georgia to Georgia Governor Jared Irwin, dated May 8, 1797. The frontier residents ask for a guard to be ordered to the counties for their protection from the Cherokees. The petitioners report that since the last guard has been dismissed, the Cherokees have been harassing them and almost daily committing depredations. The many signers are beginning to fear for their lives.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler
box: 43
folder: 08
document: 01
May 8, 1797] The petition of the Frontiers, Inhabitants of Franklin and Jackson Counties, To his Excellency Governor Irwin

Humbly sheweth [show], that since the troops were Disbanded That Your petitioners has been much harrassd [harassed], and Suffer'd [Suffered], many Losses, by the cherikee Indians, Every Measure the [they] have been able to adopt, has proved Inseficient [Insufficient] to prevent, their properties From being Dayly [Daily] Carry'd [Carried] away by the perpetreators [perpetrators]

Their Depredations are become so Frequent and Dareing [Daring] that your petitioners have Every Reason to apprehend their Lives are Equilly [Equally] in Danger

your petitioners therefore Humbly pray that your Excellincy [Excellency] will allow them a guard on their Frontiers, or what Ever your Excellencys Wisdom may Direct on the Care which may Render their situation more secure and your petitioners will Ever be in Duty bound to pray -- May 8th 1797 --

Signatures Incl:

[Signed] Saml Hollingsworth
[Signed] Thos. Hollingsworth
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth Junr. [Junior]
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth Snr. [Senior]

GEORGIA LEGISLATIVE PETITIONS (Georgia Dept of Archives & History Digital Collection


RESOLUTIONS Which originated in the House of Representatives,

1820 Vol. 1 -- Page: 112

Sequential Number: 124

In the House of Representatives, 17th November, 1820.

RESOLVED, That James Mitchell, John Stubbs, and Thomas Hollingsworth, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners of the Franklin county Academy, in addition to the former commissioners of said academy.

Approval Date: Approved, 5th December, 1820.

Master Index to Georgia Land Grants (Lucas)
Jacob Hollingsworth VOL XXXX P 377-401, Acres Granted: 35000 Franklin County, 1796
Jacob Hollingsworth VOL CCCC P 364, 473 AC Franklin County, 1800
Samuel Hollingsworth Vol G.5 P 140,  200 AC Franklin Co, 1807 (Bro. to Jacob)
Thos. Hollingsworth VOL  K.5 P 897,  61 1/2 AC Franklin Co, 1816 (son of Jacob)

Index to Volunteer Soldiers of Georgia-(Virgil D. White)
Jacob Hollingsworth,
Samuel Hollingsworth 1793-96
James Jones, 1793-96

American Militia in the  Frontier Wars, 1790-1796-Page 295-GEORGIA MILITIA (Franklin County-Fort Carnes Militia, Wofford's Station

Muster Roll of a Detachment of Militia Infantry, Stationed at Fort Carnes, Wofford's Station, Under the Command of Lieutenant John Collins, Authorized  by the President of the United States, Ordered into Service by his Excellency, the Governor of the State of Georgia from Jan. 1, to Dec. 27, 1796

Seargents: Incl: Benjamin Wofford (Reduced in rank by request, Mar. 31, 1796

Privates Incl: #9 Nathaniel Wofford, Jan 1-Dec 27, 1796;  #21 Benjamin Wofford 4/1/1796-Dec 27, 1796; Jacob Hollingsworth, April 17-July 25, 1796 Discharged

Certified: John Collins, Lieutenant, John Whitney, CGM Dec 27, 1796

Superior Court Records,  Franklin Co, Ga

Court Records-April 27, 1790-Samuel Hollingsworth, foreman of Jury
1800 Jacob Hollingsworth VS Moses Terrell
Thomas Hollingsworth VS Daniel Beall-Date?
1805-Franklin Co, Ga Court of Ordinary Records-Loose Papers-Petition of Mary Lenoir, w/o Thomas Lenoir, former widow of Samuel Hollingsworth Petition for Dower.
1809-Jesse Holland  VS Jacob Hollingsworth
1810 Rule nice-info-Thomas Hollingsworth
1814 Henry J. & Jacob J. Hollingsworth VS Jacob Hollingsworth
1819 Thomas Hollingsworth VS Edmond Henley
1821 Sale of Estate of ___result of suit Thos. Hollingsworth. Benjamin Woffard

Franklin Co, Ga-DBL, P 69-70 Oct. 3, 1795, Rec Mar. 21, 1797 from Simon Terrell & wife Sarah to Jacob Pennington, all of Frank. Co, in cons of 100 pds. conveys 200 AC in Frank Co on both sides of Lewis Crk, or Coffee's Crk, as called by some; which enters into Middle Fork Broad Riv., in Jacob Hollingsworth's land, adj. Widow Bobo, Moses Terrell, sd. Simon Terrell, and near Jeptha Rush., being whereon Elijah Martin now lives.  Wts: Mal. Jones, Wm. Alfred, James Carter (x), Sworn to by Malachi Jones, bef. Joseph Chandler, JP

Franklin Co, Ga Court Records-1796-Inventory of James Hayes, dec'd.-Appraised by Jacob & Samuel Hollingsworth and Elijah Martin, Recorded Sept 14, 1796

Inventory of Est. of James Woffard, Dec'd-Appraised by Moses Terrell, Jacob Hollingsworth, George Vaughan, Sept. 13, 1796

DB L P 74,75-1796 Samuel Hollingsworth & Samuel Phillips, security for Benjamin Woffard, Adm of James Woffard, Dec.d.

DB NN P 5,6 May 17, 1797 Thomas Payne, Sr. and wife Yanekey, of Frank. Co, Ga to Jacob Hollingsworth of same-287 1/2 AC in Franklin Co, both sides of Mid Fork Broad River, (by some called Garret's Fork)  grtd. to Robert Graves 9/30/1784, adj. Reuben Nail. Wts: Moses Payne, JP & Malachi Jones

DB L, P 80-81-Aug 2, 1797 Jacob Pennington of Jackson Co, Ga. to Isaac Thomas of Franklin Co, in cons. of 100 (pds?), conveys 150 AC in Frank. Co, on N. branches of Middle Fork Broad Riv., (description mentions as landmarks, "a school house and a path leading from sd. Thomas' up towards Col. Wofford's") , adjoining Jacob Hollingsworth, Moses Terrell, and sd. Pennington., grtd. to Pennington by Gov. George Mathews, registered Jan 2, 1795. Wts: Mal. Jones, Thomas Hogg, William Stephens

Court Records-Nov 24, 1797 John Greenlee vs Robert & Hamilton Montgomery and Samuel Hollingsworth-debt-due to Jas. Greenlee of the Co of Burke, state of NC-Judgment obtained in Superior Court of Morgan Dist, GA at instances of Hezekiah Hyat in NC

DBNNN, P 28-43 May 23, 1798 Rec'd June 30, 1801 Barnabas F. Payne, farmer of Augusta, Rich. Co, Ga. (1st pt), Thos. Smith, late of Augusta, now residing in London, England, as Attny, of sd. Payne, (2nd pt), Isaac Foster, merchant, of Bartletts Bldgs., Holborn, London, (3rd part) Jane Smith, of Augusta, Doctor of Physic, and Benjamin Sims, Merchant of same, (4th pt), Daniel Sturgess, of Louisville, Burke Co, Ga and Mal. Jones, of Franklin Co, Ga (5th part), Thomas Smyth, in the name of sd. Payne, sold to Isaac Foster for 200 pds. English, 1000 AC in Franklin Co, Ga. on Middle Fork Oconee River, adj. land of sd. Payne; land surveyed for sd. payne by Co. Surveyor, Mal. Jones, Oct. 3, 1793, and was certified by John Gorham, Surveyor, on a warrant dated Sept 3, 1793.  Advertised ? Oct. 5, 1793. and signed by Mal. Jones, Samuel Hollingsworth, CC, Daniel Sturgis, etc, etc.  Power of Attorney-Jan 17, 1797-from Barnabas F. Payne of Richmond Co, Ga. to Thos. Smythe, of afsd, to dispose of 20,000 Acres adj. Hollingsworth & sd. Payne, surv. for sd. Payne 3,4,5 Oct. 1793, etc, etc.
See also DB O P 1-11

Franklin Co, Ga Tax Lists 1798
P 206 Jacob Hollingsworth, Occupant & Owner 1 house, 5 outhouses, 2 AC, Value: $125.
Jacob Hollingsworth No House/outbuildings, 487 1/2 AC $581.
Samuel Hollingsworth Owner/Occupant 1 dwlg value $40., 200 AC. $190.

Jacob Hollingsworth 2 Sl 2 Polls
Samuel Hollingsworth 3 sl 3 Polls (Prob. bro. to Jacob, as Jacob's son Samuel would not have any sons old enough to pay tithes on in 1798, as he married in 1788-sgs)

DB NNN P 88,89 July 25, 1799 Isaac Thomas of Frank. Co, to Jacob Hollingsworth of same-100 AC Middle Fork of Broad River, pt. of tract grtd. to Jacob Pennington. Wts: Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr.; Thos. Hollingsworth, Pro. by Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr.

DB T P 81-82 Aug 30, 1800- Recorded Sept 12, 1810- Articles of Agreement between Peter B. Terrell & Samuel Hollingsworth-stated that sd. Terrell had this day sold to Samuel Hollingsworth, 500 AC in Franklin Co, on Grove river, adj. Young, Long & Walton, for which sd. Hollingsworth is to pay $250. on Mar. 1, next, and $500. within 5 yrs. of this date, with specific agreements regarding the settlement if any better title to the land is presented.  Sig: Peter B. Terrell, Samuel Hollingsworth. Wts: John L Dixon, David Terrell, John Martin, Burrell Green, Sworn to by John Martin before Martin Simms, JP, Sept 10, 1810.  that the within is a true copy from the original as far as he knows or believes, etc, and that the original cannot become a record on account of it's being defaced.

1800 TL Capt John Barnet's Dist-
Jacob Hollingsworth 2n, 287 1/2 AC adj Graves, P. Martin,  Broad Riv
100 A ajd J Pendleton, Martin
200 AC adj J Russell, unk, Grag's crk

Jacob Hollingsworth,  Jr  poll
Samuel Hollingsworth 2 n

1801 Tax List-Capt John Martin's Co
Jacob Hollingsworth-1 n, 487 1/2 AC, adj Graves, & Thomas, Martin, Broad Riv
Ja's Hollingsworth (James)
Jacob Hollingsworth
Tho's. Hollingsworth
MY Note-Benjamin is under 16 yrs old, therefore not appearing on this TL
(Samuel Sr-bro. to Jacob, missing 1800 TL)

DB RRR 136 May 18, 1801 Peter B. Terrell, & wife Penelope, of Wilkes Co, to Samuel Hollingsworth , in cons. of $750.-500 AC S. Fork Broad River adj. land of Young, grtd. Terrell Sept 10, 1800. Wts: William Jones, West Harris, John Graham, JP
Recorded April 8, 1809-to Heirs of Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec.d)

June 29, 1801-DB P P 115-Gyllum Hudson to Stephen Garrett, 200 AC in Frank. Co-Wts: Samuel Hollingsworth, Moses Saunders

DB NNN P 100 Aug 14, 1801 Caleb Jones of Frank. Co to Jacob Hollingsworth of same,  in cons. of $200.-60 AC North Fork Broad River, part of tract grtd Peter Carnes, dec'd, adj. JAMES JONES, Bryant Ward, Wts: Samuel Hollingsworth, Robert Brown Pro. by Saml. Hollingsworth

DB O P 20-21 Aug 14, 1801 Caleb Jones to Jacob Hollingsworth, both of Frank. Co, in cons. of $1300.- 187 1/2 AC North Fork Broad River, grtd. to Bry. Ward who sold to Joseph Box, who sold to Malachi Jones, who sold to Caleb Jones.  Wts: Samuel Hollingsworth, Robt. Brown.

April 13, 1802 DB O P 43-44 Dec 29, 1800 Samuel Hollingsworth wit deed of James Freeman to George Rucker, Sr.

Court term, Aug 6, 1802-Jacob Hollingsworth & Mary Hollingsworth on Estate of Samuel Hollingsworth (dec'd) L/A (RG 159-2-39-Vol4, P 22 Bk R) (RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 32)

Document: TCC391

[Petition] 1802 June 29, to Josiah Tattnall, Governor of Georgia

date: June 29, 1802
extent: 4p
summary: This document is a petition addressed to Josiah Tattnall, Governor of Georgia (1801-1802), and dated June 29, 1802. The petitioners are not identified as being from any particular county in Georgia, but they inform the Governor that they have sent a petition to the President of the U.S. (Thomas Jefferson) requesting that he appoint Colonels Carnes, Easley, Harris and Captain James Blair as commissioners for treating with the Cherokee Indians. The petitioners are specifically interested in obtaining a tract of land five miles wide between the Tugaloo and Apalachee Rivers and ask that the Governor support their petition.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler
box: 45
folder: 13
document: 01
  • Georgia 29th June 1802
    To His Excellency Josiah Tatnall Govenor [Governor]

    Sir we have this day Sined [Signed] a petition To the presidence [president] of the United States -- praying him to apoint [appoint] [unclear: Colo [Colonel]] Carnes Easley & Harris & Capt. James Blair,Commissioners To treat with the Cherrokee Nation for the Lands Contained between Tugolo & the Appelachy river so as To obtain a space of five miles wide & as our Sittuations [Situations] air [are] well known To you we pray you to aid our applacation [application] otherwise our woman [women] & Children will Most Cartainly [Certainly] Com [Come] to destress [distress] Not Less in Number then [than] seven hundred Souls from the Great Influence that Colo [Colonel] Carnes, Easley, Harris & Capt Blair have with [unclear: them] we have no doubt of suckess [success] should the presedence [president] Cloath [Clothe] them with proper powers at [unclear: Suquee] the 27t [27th] Instant a Talk was held with a Deputation from the Cherrekee Nation -- whain [when] we plainly discovered that is those men wair [were] fully autherised [authorized] we might be Restored to our former happy sittuations [situations] with full Relience [Reliance] on your Excellencys Good wishes towards his fellow men we subscribe our selves his Most obbedent [obedient] Humble Servents [Servants]

    [Signed] Benjn [Benjamin] Wofford
    [Signed] Nathaniel Wofford
    [Signed] Isac Hollensworth
    [Signed] Saml. [Samuel] Hollinsworth his X mark

  • Signed] Wm. [William] Washington Wofford
    [Signed] Isaac Hollingsworth
    [Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth

    His Excellency
    Josiah Tattnall
    Governor of Georgia

1802 Tax List Capt John Martin's Co
Thomas Hollingsworth p.t.
Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr- 1n, 287 1/2 AC, adj Thos. Payne, Jas. Martin, Garrets R. 180 1/2 AC adj Jacob Pennington, Jas Martin, Garret's Riv and for
Sam'l. Hollingsworth, dec'd, 4n, 500 AC adj Peter Terrell, Sanders & Young, Grove Riv and for  James Hollingsworth p.t

Jacob Hollingsworth SR 2n, 347 1/2 A, ad B. Ward, Jos. Martin, NFBR, 200 A adj Martin Russell, Jno. Rackly, Gregg's Cr.

Samuel Hollingsworth SR: p.t (brother of Jacob)

Jan. 1803-Court Records-Inventory of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. (RG 159-2-39 Vol 4, P 26-27 Bk R) (RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 35-36)

Oct. 20, 1803 DB PP, P 45 John Purcell to Patrick Taylor, 100 AC  being pt of land grtd to Benj. Echols, on a corner marked by Mal. Jones. on lines laid out by Geo. Henning, Adj. Moses Spencer, William Jones.  Wts: Thomas Hollingsworth, Jacob Hollingsworth (Prov. by Thomas & Jacob Hollingsworth, before Jas. Martin JP)

1803 Tax List
Jacob Hollingsworth 3n, 287 1/2 AC adj Bryant Ward, Joseph ---, NFBR, 68A, adj Peter Carnes, Wm. Jones, NFBR, 200 AC adj Martin Russell, John Rat..., Gragg's Crk
James Hollingsworth
Jacob Hollingsworth  1n, 387 1/2 AC adj. Pain & others, Jas. Martin, Grove Riv
and for Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec'd, 4n, 500 AC adj Peter Terrell, Sanders, Grove Riv and for Thomas Hollingsworth, poll
Samuel Hollingsworth (brother of Jacob-sgs)


Abstracted from the Records of the Cherokee Agency in Tennessee: Correspondence and Miscellaneous Records. National Archives Microcopy M-208, Rolls 1-7, 13.
Transcribed by Janelle Swearingen 1989

The following are abstracts of records of genealogical interest taken from the records of the Cherokee Indian Agency in Tennessee in the years 1801-1816. These are from the microfilm copy, and the pages are not numbered. They are arranged in roughly chronological order

P 17- Jacob Hollingsworth & Isaac Hollingsworth have permission to pass thro the Cherokee Nation to Franklin County in the State of Georgia . . . Septr 13, 1803

P 3-5 [This list is at end of the roll 2.]

A list of settlers on the Indian lands on the Frontier of Georgia 1804

Names of the settlers left out side the line, the day it was said to be finished, which was the 1st February 1798 (Included:)

1. William Wofford    1. William Wofford * 2. Benjamin Wofford * 3. Benjamin Wofford
3. Nathaniel Wofford * 7. Nathaniel Wofford 7. Robert Brown 8. William Brown +

Circumstances in the interim. All those marked thus * in the second column are the old settlers. All those marked + are small families increased by intermarriages with the old setters children; and consequently have but small families, which are five in number
Page 4

Old Settlers in Nathan Smith's settlement, before the line was run.
Settlers old & new-include:

1. Nathan Smith  11. Jacob Holingsworth  13. James Brown

DB RRR- P 1-JACOB HOLLINGSWORTH  to Benjamin Echols-Page missing from Book.

Franklin Co, Ga; -Court Records--A list of the sale of Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec'd. on the 27th of Dec., 1803 on 12 months credit: Some of buyers:
John Jones, horse; James Hoban?, 9 hd of sheep; Michael Bose, horse; __Wofard, waggon; John Henderson, saddle; Jacob Hollingsworth, gun & saddle bags; John Waters, featherbed, Jacob Hollingsworth, steer, bull; John Randal, heifer; Mary Hollingsworth, 2 cow hides, 1 cow & calf; Abram Brown, 2 cow hides, John Savall, hand saw, Robert Fleming, chisel & augers, Littleberry, bottles, spurs, Adonijah Hurley, sundries, David Sanders, cow, William Fleming, rifle gun;  Matthew Howell, John Henderson, & Obadiah Light, cloathing; Matthew Cox, books; Elizabeth Mackee, many sundry items, and many others, sundry items. (orig. spelling retained)
(RG 159-2-27 Vol 2, P 5 Bk A) (RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 79)

DB OO P 19,20  April 13, 1803-Clement Waters to Jacob Hollingsworth, both of Frank. Co, in cons. of $60.- 60 AC North Fork Broad River, grtd. Peter Carnes, , adj. B. Ward, JAMES JONES Wts: Saml Glen, Moses Terrell, JP 

Dec 15, 1803 DB OO 111-John Geo. Rainer to Wm. Varnell, both of Frank. Co, 300 AC adj. Jacob Hollingsworth & sd. Varnell.

Passports issued by the Governor of Georgia-P 378, Saturday 21st April, 1804 On a letter dated 15th April, 1804 from William Woffard and the recommendation of persons living on the frontier of Franklin County.  ORDERED That Pass Ports into and through the Cherokee Nation be prepared for William,  Nathaniel and William Washington Woffard, and for Lewis Dickens, Caleb Dickinson, Nathan Horn, Samuel Hollingsworth and James Maxwell--which were presented and signed. (This is Jacob's Brother-sgs)

Feb term 1804 (Court records) William Robertson's estate, Nov 20, 1803-Pmts to: long list, Incl Samuel Hollingsworth (Must be Jacob's brother)

Court Records-October, 1805-Superior Court Loose Papers: Drawer 199, Box 62, FSC #14-PETITION for Dower-by Mary Linore, wife of Thomas Linore, former widow of Samuel Hollingsworth.

1805 TL
Jacob Hollingsworth: 2n, 387 1/2 AC, adj B. Ward & others, Jas. Martin, Garret's Riv agent for Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. 6n, 500 A   adj Peter Terrell, Jas Young, Grove Riv, and Thos. Hollingsworth Poll
James Garner, 3n, 600 ac adj Jacob Hollingsworth, etal
(Samuel Hollingsworth (brother to Jacob,  missing)

Jacob Hollingsworth, agent for Jas. & Ben Hollingsworth, 4n, 487 1/2 AC adj Bryant Ward, C. Waters, NFBR, __A adj. Martin Russell, UNK Grags Crk

1805 Land Lottery, Franklin Co., Georgia:
2 Draws=  Over 21, Married/family or Widow-1 draw=over 21, single B=Blank, P=Pay
Jacob Hollingsworth, SR #616 BP (Married)
Jacob, Jr #614 BB (Married)
James #615 B (single)
Thomas #625 B (single)
Jacob H.R #589  B (single)
Samuel #695 BB (Married) (Prob. Jacob's Brother)
Mary Hollingsworth #578 BB (Wid. of Samuel who died 1802)

Feb., 1806 Court Records-Application of Thomas Lenoir for Letter of guardianship of 5 orphans of Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec'd. (RG 159-2-39 vol 5, P 63 Bk R) (RG 159-2-39 vol 1, P 63)

1806 TL-Capt Hollingsworth's Dist.
James Jones, 200 ac adj Peter Carnes, Jacob Hollingsworth North Riv
John Jones, 160 A adj Peter Carnes, Jacob Hollingsworth, North Riv
James Hollingsworth, Poll
Benj. Hollingsworth, Poll
Jabez Jones, Poll
Stephen Jones, Poll
Jacob Hollingsworth, SR 5n, 347 1/2 AC adj Bryan Ward, Joseph Martin, North Riv, 202 1/2 AC ad. his own, and UNK, Baldwin Co.
Saml' McAdams, 147 1/2 AC adj. Mal. Jones, Jacob Hollingsworth, North Riv
See 1820 Habersham Co, Ga deed on James JONES Page

Capt Griffith's Dist
Thomas Hollingsworth for himself and for Jacob Hollingsworth: l n, $960. stock in trade; 387 1/2 AC adj Jas. Martin, Middle Riv,; 500 AC adj Peter Terrell,, Young, Grove Level; 490AC  adj. Wm. Hemphill, UNK....Wayne County; 490 AC adj Robt Little & UNK, Wayne Co., 61AC adj his own, Tate, Middle Riv

Hollingsworth Register, Vol 19, No 2, June, 1983
Reads as follows: Franklin Co, Georgia deeds: Book B (1819-1826), p.21-22. Deed 12 Apr 1817 rec 24 Mar 1820 from Jeptha Harrington, Amite Co., Mississippi Territory to Allen Chandler of F. Co. $30. 93 ac in F. Co. Beaverdam Creek; land gtd to Henry Sanders(?Landers) by Gov. Jared Irwin 1811. (NOTE: Jeptha Harrington (sometimes Herrington) went with one Jacob Hollingsworth from Franklin County to Natchez, Miss. on an Indian Lands Passport in 1806. 

DB R P 76-77 July 14, 1806-Frederick & Patsy Beall  (Martha Payton Beall) to James Hollingsworth, all of Franklin Co,  "for a valuable consideration",  2 Adjoining tracts on the Indian boundary lines, (1 tr of 31 AC & 1 Tr of 115 AC on waters of N. Fork Broad River,   where Saml. McFadden now lives. Wts James H Little, Benjamin Waffard- Sworn to by Wafford, before Thomas Hollingsworth, JP

Court Records-(1807) Return of Thos. Lenoir, Gdn. 1807, incl. rect. of Wm. Robins, husband of Mary Hollingsworth, one of the dtrs, (RG 159-2-27 Vol 2, P 122 Bk A) (RG 159-2-27 Vol 5, P 129)

DB TTT 170, 171 Mar. 4 1807 John Jones & wife Sarah Jones, to James Hollingsworth, in cons of $350.-150 AC N. Fork Broad River, grtd. Peter Carnes, adj. JAMES JONES. Wts: Benjamin Hollingsworth, James Jones (Prov. 1814)

April 28, 1807 Mary Hollingsworth (M) William Robins (Dtr of Samuel, who died 1802)

Oct 20, 1807 Deed of Nath;. Williams & wife Hannah to Samuel Boling-350 AC Leatherwood Crk-Wts: Thomas Hollingsworth, JP

DB RR P 36 Nov 2, 1807 David Morgan & James Garner to J. & Thos. Hollingsworth -200 AC Middle fork Broad river; also 2 tracts of 100 AC & 200 AC grtd. Jacob Pennington. Wts:  Wm. Robins, V. Garner, JP

Jones Co, Ga Deed
Feb 12, 1808 James Hollingsworth of Franklin Co, to Wm. Newberry of Jones Co., 202 1/2 AC in Baldwin Co, Ga. (Now Jones Co)
Wts: Benjamin Hollingsworth, William Kelley-Proved before T. H. Hollingsworth, JP

Court records-March 7, 1808 term: Thomas Hollingsworth appointed guardian of John Hollingsworth, minor son of Saml. Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-39 Vol 6, P 6 Bk B) RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 86)

May 28, 1808 DB T P 61-62 Richard Dobbs to John Stubbs,  a tract, (acr. not stated), on N. Fork of Turkey Crk, waters of N. Fork of Broad Riv, being part of land grtd. to Jacob Hollingsworth, adj. land surv. for Bullock & Call. 

DB RRR 32, 33 Sept 2, 1808 Samuel & Elizabeth Boling to Jacob & Thomas Hollingsworth, in cons. of $600.,  250 AC  Leatherwood Crk. on a conditional line run for Robt Williams, adj. Isiah Bailey, Groves Yarborough, and land where Richard White & Stephen Dixon live.  Wts. Lazarus Hinson,  John Haynes 

Court Records-Court Returns & Sales, Est. of Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec-(1806-1808)
RG 159 2-27 Vol 2, P 38 Bk A (RG 159-2-27 Vol 5, P 72-73)

Sept 10, 1808 DBT P 64 James Garner & wife Sarah, to James Martin, convey two tracts in Franklin Co, to James Martin, (1) 78 AC on Middle Fork Broad River, adj. J. Hollingsworth, Thos. Hollingsworth, Boling, Richard White, being pt. of land grtd. to Jacob Pennington. (2) 87 AC Middle fork Broad Riv, adj. Richard White, Yarborough, on a div. line bet. Richard White & James Garner, being prt of land grtd to Thompson McWire. Wts: Jacob Hollingsworth, Moses Guest, JP

Court Records-Returns of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr., of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd (1802-1809) RG 159-2-27 Vol 2, P 19 Bk A (RG 159-2-27-Vol 5, P 57)

Aug. 1809 Court Records-Order to Thos. Lenore, Gdn. of Jacob Hollingsworth. (RG159-2-39 vol 6, P 21 Bk B) (RG 159-2-39 vol 1, P 98)

August 1809-Court Records-Returns of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Est. of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd.-(March 1808-Aug-1809) RG 159-2-27 Vol 2, P 69 Bk A (RG 159-2-27-Vol 5, P 93)

Sept. 3, 1809 Benjamin Hollingsworth (M) Joicey Jones Franklin Co, Ga (Dtr of James & Mary Jones)

Court Records-July 19, 1810 Sale of effects of John Martin, Dec'd. Elizabeth Martin, Admrx. Thomas Hollingsworth & Edmund Strange, Clerks.

Sept 1810 Court Records-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Adm of Samuel Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27 Vol 2, P 141 Bk A) ( RG 159-2-27 Vol 5, P 137)

Nov. 1, 1811-Jacob Hollingsworth Jr., Thomas Hollingsworth, & James Martin, Esq. appraise estate of John Martin. 

Court Records Jan 1812-Hannah Hollingsworth chooses Jacob Hollingsworth as her guardian. 
RG 159-2-39 vol 6, P 51 Bk B (RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 119)

DBHH P 119-120   Jan  10, 1812 Rec'd May 22, 1817-Thomas Neal to John Hill, both of Frank Co, for $186., 62 AC on Grove Fk of Broad Riv., Adj. Hollingsworth, pt of 600 AC gtd James Yongue.

Mar 5, 1812-DB TT, P 79-80-Richard White to Dudley Jones, both of Frank. co, 82 AC in Frank Co, on waters of Middle fork Broad Riv, being prt of land grtd to Jacob Pennington, adj. Jacob Hollingsworth, Thomas Hollingsworth, Jacob White, James Martin.

War of 1812 Service Records-Georgia
Jacob Hollingsworth, Private, 4 Regt. (Booth's) Georgia Militia (Roll Box 101, Exr #602)
John Hollingsworth, 3 Lieutenant,  4 Regt., (Booth's) Georgia Militia 

State of Georgia
A Company (Indian Wars)
Stationed on the Frontier of Franklin County
Muster Roll of A Company of Militia under the Command of Captain Joseph Whorton, in the service of the State of Georgia, Stationed on the Frontier of Franklin County in pursuance of General Orders, Issued the 12th November 1813--Includes:

#24 James Jones Priv.

Names of the Spies in Franklin
Michael Pilgrim Spies at forte Washington
William H Waford Do
James Holingsworth, at forte Madison
Peter Brown Spies Franklin

Pay-roll of a detachment of militia ordered on the frontier of Twiggs county, for the protection of the inhabitants and for the erection of a fort called Telfair, by Brig. Gen. Blackshear,* from the 9th of August to the 13th. Sept. 1813
OFFICERS Lt. John Keener *
1st. Sergeant, Lewis Moore
2d. Sgt. William White
3d. Sgt. Nimrod Busby
4th. Sgt. John Hair
5th. Sgt. Henry Summerall
1st. Cpl. Powell Smith
2nd. Cpl. James Howard
3d. Cpl. Jeremiah Dunn
4th Cpl. James Jones

John Jones
James Hollingsworth
John Hollingsworth

The following has been taken from John Griscom's Web site @ Roots Web World Connect

"Georgia's boundaries in the 1700's can best be described as the wild frontier. Between 1782 and 1797 various treaties were made with the Indians to define Georgia's boundaries. Forts were built to protect the settlers who lived on the frontier. Indians were likely to be incited by misunderstandings. Horses and farm animals were frequently stolen, and families had to be protected in fortress-type buildings surrounded by wooden fences.

The first settlers of Franklin County whose lands granted by the State of Georgia between 1783 and 1788 lay north of the Indian Boundary fixed by the treaty of 1785. These lands were granted under the impression that they lay south of the agreed Indian boundary line. When this line was surveyed it was found that these lands lay north of the boundary line and in the Cherokee Nation, which demanded their removal.

William W. Wofford and Jacob Hollingsworth both moved from North Carolina to Franklin Co., Ga. before l792. Wofford's fort appeared on the map in 1792 and Hollingsworth's in 1793. This area was known as Wofford's Settlement.

When Col. Wofford found out that their settlement was considered to be in Indian territory after the line was surveyed, he along with the other settlers in this area petitioned Georgia Governor James Jackson to have the line re-run or to take such other action as would protect them and the possessions of their homes.

Legend has it that he mounted his horse and rode to Washington to talk with the authorities about his land holding in Georgia. This resulted in the "Four Mile Purchase" of 1804 when the Indians ceded a strip of land 4 miles wide (from the Habersham and Banks County line on Baldwin Mountain to the Line Baptist Church on Hwy. 441) and 23 miles long (extending from Curahee Mountain to the head waters of the South Oconee River) which included the Wofford Settlement. It was originally marked by a line of felled trees at least twenty feet wide which became a sort of no man's land. The United States agreed to pay the Cherokee Indians $5,000 and $1,000 per annum for the property rights.

By about 1796 the Indian troubles were about over and the need for the string of frontier forts was no longer pressing. The forts, after the need for defense subsided, became log farmhouses.

The Wofford's and the Hollingsworth's traveled together to new frontiers in the west using passports to travel through Indian territory. As the years passed many of their descendants would pack up their belongings, taking wives, children, slaves and animals and move west, as genealogy records show. Fort Hollingsworth was left on these vacant lands.

In Habersham County Inferior Court setting as a land court May Term 1855, William B. Wofford, son of Nathaniel Wofford, grandson of William W. Wofford, petitioned the court for a head right warrant for vacant lands. He received a grant from the state on Oct. 2, 1855. He sold this property to Col. Robert McMillan on April 18, 1857. Fort Hollingsworth was on this property."

Court Records, Sept, 1812 Henry Hollingsworth chooses Benjamin Hollingsworth as his guardian. (RG 159-2-39 Vol 6, P 58 Bk B) RG 159-2-39 Vol 1, P 125

Court Records-Mar, 1813-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Samuel Hollingsworth, incl. rec't. of heirs William Robins, John Haynes, Thos. Lenoir, as Gdn. of Henry, Hannah & Jacob J. Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27 Vol 3, P 50 Bk S) (RG 159-27- vol 5, P 9-10)

May 16, 1813 James Hollingsworth (M) Mary Jones, Franklin Co, Ga  (Dtr of James & Mary Jones)

May 22, 1813-MMM P 42-43 rec Dec 4, 1815-Benjamin Wofford of Broad Riv, in Franklin Co., to his son William H. Woffard. In Cons. of $200. conveys 50 ac. in Frank. Co., on eastern side of Middle Fork Broad Riv,  being pt of 400 ac grtd to Joseph Martin Russell, and conveyed by Russell to William Wofford, Sr.  Sig: "Benjamin Wofford" Wts: Willis Gilley, Moses Tearis, G. Smithers, William Nowland. Ack. by Benjamin Wofford bef. Wm. B. Woffard, JP 25 Nov 1815.

Aug 4, 1813 DB HHH P 186-187-Rec Sept 29, 1819-Jas. R. Wyley to Thos. Townsend, both of Franklin Co. Wts: Henry Hollingsworth, etal Pro. by Henry Hollingsworth before John Warmack, JP Mar 23, 1815

DB MMM P 82 Jan 4, 1814 Jacob Hollingsworth Jr & Thomas Hollingsworth to John Hollingsworth, In cons of $500.; 250 AC S/S Leatherwood Crk, Wts: Henry Hollingsworth, Tim. Terrell, JP

Sept 1814, Court Records-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Samuel Hollingsworth rec'ts of Benjamin Hollingsworth, Gdn of Henry Hollingsworth, and of John Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27-vol 3, P 108-109 Bk S) (RG 159-2-27-vol 5, P 48)

Jan 2, 1815-Court Records-POLLY LINORE, (Lenoir) DEC'D - Letter of Admn. issued to Thomas Linore,(Lenoir) RG 159-2-39 vol 7, P 13 Bk F (RG 159-2-39 vol 8, P 63-64
MY note-former widow of Samuel Hollingsworth, who died 1802- s/o Jacob Hollingsworth & Mary Brooks

Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Bk C P 177 Dated-Jan 9, 1815 (Deed captioned Franklin Co, Georgia) James & Mary, Benjamin & Joicey Hollingsworth to James R. Wyly, 287 1/2 AC Curahee Crk of Broad River, originally surveyed for Bryant Ward.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Deed Proved Feb 11, 1826 Habersham Co, Ga. before John Warmack,  JP

DBC, P 179- Dated Jan 9, 1815 Franklin Co, Ga,--Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Benjamin & Joicey (Jones) Hollingsworth , James & Mary (Jones) Hollingsworth, deed-163 AC N. Fork of Broad River, near Curahee Mountains, surveyed for Jeremiah Bible, to James R. Wyly.;  Also 371/2 AC surveyed for Henry Holcomb.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Proved Feb 11, 1826. Habersham Co, Ga, before John Warmack, JP 

Habersham Co cr. 1818 from Franklin Co & Cherokee Indian Lands

Benjamin Hollingsworth family removed to Franklin Co, Tennessee  abt 1815- James Hollingsworth family appears in 1816 Madison Co, Ala TL-& soon thereafter appears in Franklin Co, Tenn, with his brother Benjamin.

May 1, 1815 Court Records John Hollingsworth appointed Gdn of Jacob James Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-39 Vol 7, P 20 Bk F) RG 159-2-39 Vol 8, P 72)

May 14, 1815-Court Records-Hannah Hollingsworth, heir to estate of Samuel Hollingsworth, debtor to Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr., Adm. of said estate, for tuition vouchers. Signed: Wm. Robins, John Haynes 

1816 TL Madison Co, Ala-James Hollingsworth & sev. Jones, Incl John Jones

Jan 1, 1816-Court Records-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec'd-includes receipts of Wm. Robins, John Haynes (RG159-2-39 Vol 7, P 30-31 Bk F) RG 159-2-39 Vol 8, P 83

Bk HHH P 199-200 Feb 1, 1816 Franklin Co, Ga -Deed from Benjamin Hollingsworth, Now of Tennessee, to Eleazar Quarles of Georgia, In consid. of $300. conveys 141 AC. in Franklin Co., on waters of Tugalo River, adj. William Sparks, granted to Andrew Burns. Wts: Darius Echols, Thomas Hollingsworth, JP Recorded Nov 3, 1819.

April 1816 Court Records-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec; incl rects. of heirs John Haynes, Jacob J. Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27 vol 6, P 32 Bk T) RG 159-2-39 Vol 8, P 337

April, 1816 Court Records-Return of Thomas Lenoir, former Gdn. incl. rects. of Heirs of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. Jacob Hollingsworth, Gdn. of Hannah Hollingsworth, and of John Hollingsworth, Gdn. of Jacob James Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27 Vol 6, P 85 Bk T) RG 159-2-39 vol 8, P 391-2

Franklin Co, Tennessee -Deeds
Vol. J, p.371 3 Nov 1816/proven February 1818
William Armstrong sold 59 acres to Jacob Hollingsworth for $300.
On the waters of the Elk River.-Beginning on an ash, a white oak and an iron wood, Robert Boxes corner at the foot of Cumberland Mountain; thence running with a line conditioned with said Box 118 poles to a black oak and dogwood in Henry Gohnses(?) line; thence with said line west 26 west 10 poles to a dogwood & hickory Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the Hargis line W 41 east 104 poles; thence W 85 east 16 poles to______ and black gum at the foot of Cumberland Mountain , Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the mountain to the beginning.
Witnessed by Robert Box & James Hollingworth. Recorded by E. Russell, clerk.

Jacob Hollingsworth, Sr apparently also moved to Franklin Co, Tennessee, where sons Benjamin & James had recently relocated.

July 20, 1816 Frank. Co, Tenn DB Aug 1815, Sept 1816 P 377-Abraham Hargis to James Hollingsworth, 70 Ac

Franklin Co, Georgia Records, Cont'd:

Nov. 23, 1816 John Hollingsworth (M) Matilda White Franklin Co, Ga

DBHH P 107-108-Jan 25, 1817 Rec'd May 5, 1817-William Robbins to Harris Sanders, both of Franklin Co, in cons. of $350.-87 AC in Franklin Co. b/sides of Grove Fork of Broad Riv, adj. David Hensley, Moses Sanders,; pt of tract gtd. to Peter Terrell, then conveyed to Samuel Hollingsworth, , now dec'd, then conveyed to William Robins in right of his wife, one of the legatees of said Sam'l. Hollingsworth, dec'd. Sig: Wm. Robins, Wts: Aaron Sanders, Braddock Harris, John Baugh, JP

Jan 1, 1817- P 376 Frank Co, Tenn -James Blair of the State of Georgia to Benjamin Hollingsworth, a tract of land in the town of Winchester. 

Franklin Co, Ga-Feb 12, 1817-Will of William White Wit by John Hollingsworth, etal

Feb. 19, 1817 Franklin Co, Tenn Deed-Benjamin Hollingsworth to James Hollingsworth, a tract of land in the Third District. (DB J, P 433-434)

Franklin Co, Georgia Deeds, Cont'd:

DB HH P 137 May 13, 1817 Thomas Hollingsworth & wife Amelia to Chas. Sisson.- In cons of $750.-250 AC Grove Fork of Broad Riv., grtd Peter Carnes and he transf. to Heirs of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd.;  John Haynes, John & Henry Hollingsworth who sold to Thomas Hollingsworth. "this done at request of Benjamin Pollard" Wts: Edm'd. Strange, John Gazaway, Caleb Garrison, JP 

DB HHH P 9-10-May 29, 1817  Rec'd May 14, 1818-Chas. Sissons and w/Barsheba to David Hensley, all of Franklin Co, for $1,000-250 AC on Grove Fork of Broad Riv, pt. of 500 AC grt to Peter B. Terrell, of Wilkes Co, Ga; conveyed by him to Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd, and then conv. by John Haynes, in rt. of his wife, and John Hollingsworth, and Henry Hollingsworth, heirs of sd. Samuel Hollingsworth, to Thomas Hollingsworth, who conv. it to Sisson. Land adj. lands of Harris & Minyard Sanders, and lands of Hannah Hollingsworth, and Jacob J. Hollingsworth, heirs of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. Wts: William Henslee, John Chalmers, JP

July 23 1817 Hannah Hollingsworth (M) William Brooks (Brock) Frank. Co., Ga

DB HH 179,180 Oct 14, 1817, Rec'd Dec 31, 1817 Jacob Hollingsworth to Alexander Shaw, both of Franklin Co, Ga. In Cons of $1100.-- 335 AC   Mid Fork of Broad River, surveyed for Thomas Hollingsworth and also 10 Ac adjoining Above land, purch. from James Martin. Wts: Thomas Hollingsworth, N. Dobson, JP

DB B, P 277-279 "An Account of Money Rec'd by the Clerk of the Inferior Court for Tavern Licenses granted by himself" 
1818-Includes Thos. Hollingsworth

1818 Tax List, Franklin Co., Ga-Thomas Hollingsworth

DB B, P P 112-113-Jan 6, 1818, ?Rec'd May 17, 1822-Moses Guest, Sr. to Robt. Williams, both of Frank. Co., Wts: Wm. Robbins, James Hollingsworth, & Thos Hollingsworth, JP

DB B P 187, Mar 2, 1818 William Brock & wife Hannah and John Hollingsworth (Heirs of Samuel Hollingsworth) to Enoch Henslee. In cons. of $600.--166 AC Grove fork of Broad Riv. Wts: Wm. Robins, Benj. Henslee, M C Martin. 

DB  B P 24-Apr 7, 1818-Jacob White to Samuel Boling-100 AC Broad Riv-Wts: John Hollingsworth, John Williams, Jacob Hollingsworth, prov. before Thos. Hollingsworth, JP, 2/18/1820

Nov 2, 1818 Will of William White, Sr. RG 159-2-39 vol 7, P 75 Bk F (RG159-2-39 vol 8. P 130) Wife, Mary, Children: Phoebe Carter Smithson, Zachariah & Thomas White, Nancy Dixon, William & Richard White, Polly Williams, Betsy G. Hunt,. EXrs-Sons Thos. & William sig Feb 25, 1817 Wts: Henry Harden, John Hollingsworth, Rice Green?

1819 Tax List, Franklin Co., Ga-Jacob Hollingsworth, John Hollingsworth, Thomas (& Thoams) Hollingworth/Hollingsworth; 

July 5, 1819 Thomas Lenoire, Admr. and guardian of Orphans of Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. asks to be dismissed. (RG 159-2-39 vol 7, P 87 Bk F) RG 159-2-39 vol 8, P 144

Sept 25, 1819-Will of Thomas Davis, SR Wts by Thomas Hollingsworth, etal

1820 Reconstructed Census of Franklin Co, Ga
Jacob Hollingsworth (By Thomas Hollingsworth) Implies Jacob Hollingsworth ABSENT
Jacob Hollingsworth, JR (By Thomas Hollingsworth) Implies Jacob, Jr  is ABSENT
John Hollingsworth

Index to 1820 Franklin Co, Georgia Census:

Liberty Post Office
215-David Hollingsworth
212-Carter Hollingsworth
213-Jacob Hollingsworth
212-James Hollingsworth
214-Jonathan Hollingsworth
213-Josiah Hollingsworth
215-Levi Hollingsworth
213-Richard Hollingsworth
213-William Hollingsworth

Bath Post Office
202-Abraham Hollingsworth
204-George Hollingsworth
204-Joel Hollingsworth

Union Post Office-
205-Ezekiel Hollingsworth
205-John Hollingsworth

1820 Habersham Co, Ga census
P 36 Jacob Hollingsworth 1 Male 26-45 2 Males Und 10 1 FE 26-45, 2 Fe Und 10

1820 Franklin Co, Tenn
Benjamin Hollingsworth 2 Males 26-46 1 Male 16-26, 1 Male 10-16, 2 Males Under 10
1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe 16-26, 2 Females Und 10 (At least one of his nephews, Henry Hollingsworth in this HH w/him)
James Hollingsworth 1 Male 26-45  , 1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe Und 10

Franklin Co, Georgia Deeds, Cont'd:

DB B P 203 May 8, 1821 Thomas Hollingsworth of Franklin Co, Ga. to Henry Hardin 18 AC Middle fork Broad River. Wts: Polly Sosbee, Jos. Dunlap, JP

Bk A P 132 Aug 21, 1821 (Habersham Co, Deed)
Sheriff F. Echols, to Wm. H. Woffard, under levy of fi fa of Thomas Hollingsworth, against Benjamin Woffard-100 AC on Broad River

11-21-1821 Jacob I. Hollingsworth wit deed (Habersham Co)

DB B P 187-Dec 28, 1821 John Hollingsworth of Habersham Co, to Zacheus Herrin of Franklin Co.-250 AC Leatherwoods Crk.

Franklin Co, Tenn Wills-1808-1876(Partlow)
James Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth) Will July 2, 1822
Named: Wife Mary 
Dtr Salina Hollingsworth
Exrs: John Jones & Benjamin Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth)

Nov. 4, 1822 -Will of Jacob Hollingsworth SR Proved in Franklin Co, Ga
The Court of Ordinary met 4 Nov 1822, Garret L. Sandidge, James Mitchel and John C. Aderhold, Esq. Justices present. "A Will being presented to this Court at this present Term, of Jacob Hollingsworth the same being proven in open court is ordered to be Recorded." 

Franklin Co, Ga Deeds, Cont'd.:

DBB, P 217, 218 Sheriff's deed-June 1, 1824 James Reed, Sheriff of Frank. Co to William Ramsey of same.  In cons. of $23.00, conveys 180 A in Frank. Co, on waters of Leatherwood Crk, adj. to Paine, sold at auction to sd. Ramsey, by virtue of a writ of fi fa issued in favor of Thomas Hollingsworth, agnst John Harris. Wts: Thomas Hollingsworth, Thos. King, JP

DBC, P 34 Nov 8, 1824 John Hollingsworth to John Purcell, Lott 66, 1st Dist., where John Hollingsworth now lives; Tiildy  (Matilda) Hollingsworth relinq. dower rights.

1827 Land Lottery-Franklin Co, Ga (Thos. Hollingsworth, 2 draws)
Fortunate Drawers:  (March 13th) Thos. Hollingsworth,
Captains District: Candells
Number: 114
District: 9
County: Muscogee County

Fortunate Drawers: (April 16th) Thomas Hollingsworth
Captains District: Caudells
Number: 260
District: 2
County: Coweta County

1830 Franklin Co, Tenn
P 79 Benjamin Hollingsworth1 M 40-50 1 M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15, 2 M Und 5, 1 F 30-40, 2 Fe 5-10
P Elijah Allen 1 M 20-30 1 Fe 15-20, 1 Fe 40-50 (His mother?)
P 80 Henry Hollingsworth 1 M 30-40, 1 M Und 5, 1 F 20-30, 1 Fe 5-10, 1 Fe Und 5

1840 Benton Co, Ala (Early deeds destroyed in Courthouse fire)
P 023 Benjamin Hollingsworth 1 M 50-60, 1 M 30-40, 2 M 10-15, 2 M Und 5, 1 Fe 40-50, 1 Fe 15-20, 17 slaves
P 022 W. B. Hollingsworth (Wiley, s/o Benjamin)  He died 1840 Benton, Ala
1 M 40-50, 1 M 30-40, 9 males 20-30, 1 M5-10, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 15-20, 21 slaves
P 044 Henry Hollingsworth  (s/o Samuel, died 1846 Benton, Ala) 1 M 40-50, 1 M 10-15, 1 M Und 5 1 F 30-40, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 10-15, 2 F 5-10, 12 F Und 5 and 10 slaves