The Family of
James Jones
& wife
Mary "Polly" (MNU)
of Franklin & Habersham Co, Georgia

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James Jones was born CA 1755  Prob. in Virginia; removed to Franklin Co, Ga, prior to 1800, where his name first appears on the 1800 TL . He lived on North Fork of Broad River, and was a neighbor to the Jacob Hollingsworth family. He died prior to Nov. 11, 1820  in Franklin Co or Habersham Co, Georgia.   His estate was settled in November, 1820, Habersham Co, Ga..  (Bk C P 175- Heirs of James Jones, Dec'd. signed deed)

James Jones was from Frederick Co, Virginia, according to Power of Attorney he gave to Joseph Jones, (His brother?) dated August 10, 1802,  to sell the land he still owned there, and to collect debts still owed him.  He may have been the son of Barbara _____ and was apparently "adopted" by her husband James Jones who left the following will:

Frederick Co, Virginia Wills (Need more research here-sgs)
James Jones Will-Dated June 18, 1792 Proved May, 1793
Wife: Barbaray, to have plantation I purchased of Phillip Bush. Mentions wife's children , James & Joseph,  " Called by my Name"  and My two daughters Mary and Rachael. 
EXRS Joseph Longacre, Jonathan Lupton.
Wts: Goldsmith Chandler, Nicholas Speary, Jacob Hargis?

Nov 11, 1820 Habersham Co, Georgia Deed
James Jones, Benjamin Hollingsworth, William Barton, Jabez Jones, Salina Jones, John Jones, James Hollingsworth, Joseph Jones, Stephen Jones, Margaret Graham, and Mary Jones; 
DEED to James Colley, -176 Acres land in Franklin Co, Ga granted to Peter Carnes, now deceased, conveyed by Elizabeth Carnes, Sole Extrx. of Peter Carnes, to Clement Waters and Malachi Jones, who divided land and said Waters sold to James Jones, deceased, adj. D. Putnam land, Cleveland's Corner.
Wts: Abel White, Clement Waters

James Jones' wife was named Mary (Polly). Her maiden name is unknown to me.  She was living in November, 1820, and was among the fortunate drawers in the 1820 Land Lottery of Franklin County, Georgia, as "Polly Jones and Orphans", of Akin's District, drawing  land in Irwin County, Ga., Lot 41-Sect. 13.  She had a minor child or two at the time.


1. John  Born Ca 1778 (Went to Franklin Co, Tenn. with Benjamin & James Hollingsworth CA 1815- See Tenn Deeds below, then back to Benton Co, Ala  prior to 1840. He died pr to 1850 in Alabama.
(M) Sarah

Minutes of Grove Level Baptist Church, Franklin Co., GA-

The following members of the arm of Nails Creek church met at Grove Level Meeting house on the 3rd Saturday of May 1802 and were constituted a church to be called Grove Level Baptist church by a Presbytery composed of Moses Sanders Sr., John Doss, William Denman, and Thomas Maxfield.

Names of Original Members Incl John Jones

1807-The church met on Friday before the 3rd Sunday in June- Excluded John Jones for his disobedience & not coming to meeting.

 a. Rachel b. Jan 18, 1803 Franklin Co., Ga d. bet 1870-1880 Calhoun Co., Ala

      (M) Henry Hollingsworth abt 1821 in Tenn. Henry d. 1845 Benton Co., Ala (s/o Samuel Hollingsworth & Mary Garner (See this file)
       b. Joshua Born abt 1806 Franklin Co, Georgia
           lived 1830, Franklin Co, Tn,1840-1860 Coffee Co, Tn-1860, Estill Springs, & 1870 Decherd, Franklin Co, Tn
          (M) Delilah Lefevre (Mother Barbara Lefevre lives w/her)

            1. Minerva Jones born abt 1831 Tenn (M) William Witt born abt 1828 Tenn

        c. Seaborn Jones Born abt 1809 Franklin Co, Georgia (M) Harriett Goodman, Dtr of Soloman K Goodman, Franklin Co, Tenn (M) #2 Sarah Stephens Dec 14, 1840 Maury Co, Tn

 (Seaborn Jones Lives next door to Joshua Jones 1830 Franklin Co,; lives 1840 Coffee Co., Tn & 1850 Marshall Co, Tn)
(Franklin Co, Tn, Court Records of Aunt Mary "Polly" Jones Hollingsworth Cunningham)

John Jones (M) #2-Elizabeth Goodwin, Widow of Jesse Goodwin, Franklin Co, Tenn, bet 1825-1833

2. James, Jr.  Born Ca 1780
1820 Habersham Co, P 128 James Jones
1 M 26-45,  3 Fe Und 10, 1 Fe 16-26

3. Dtr Born CA 1782 (M) William Barton

4. Jabez  Born Ca 1784 (Appears as poll on 1800 TL)

5. Mary Born June 11, 1786 Virginia Died May, 1859 Grundy Co, Tenn 73 yrs, 11 mo
    Bur: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn on old Patton Plantation
(M) James HollingsworthFranklin Co, Ga.  May 6, 1813 
 (s/o Jacob Hollingsworth & Mary Brooks)
James Hollingsworth He died 1824 Frank. Co., Tenn-Will Pro.
Mary Jones Hollingsworth (M) #2 James Cunningham (Franklin Co., Tn Court Records)

6.. Stephen Born Ca 1789 Franklin Co, Ga  (appears as Poll 1806 TL) Ga.  
Died February, 1858, Rusk Co, Tx (Will below) No record of marriage/children-left his estate to sister Salina Jones Box, Widow of George Box 

Military Service Records, Texas State Library

Lewis, M.B. List of Volunteers from Natchez River "now before Bexar" Nov 16, 1835 - Dec 6, 1835 [A3; T1 p229-230] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPANY NAMES [1] Allen, Elijah; Allen, George Allen, Moses Ballard, John Ballard, John [2nd] Barclay, Andeson Bundick, Thomas W. Con, Joseph Darsett, Charles (2 Sgt) Dorsett, John Dykes, Lewis Ewing, J.L. Garrett, Eli Glascock, G.W. Griffing, John Halcom, J.L. Harden, William B. (O.S.) Ingram, John (1 Lt) Isaac, Andrew Jones, Jesse Jones, Stephen Langham, Melvin Lewis, John T. (2 Lt) Lewis, M.B. (Capt) Morgan, Charles Moyer, John Odom, Lewis Pemberton, John J. (Ensn) Porter, Nicholas Read, John C. Rhodes, R.R. Shavano, Michael Stephenson, Elisha Stephenson, George Turner, Joseph Veazie, P.A. Williams, Stephen

7. Joseph Born CA 1790 (appears as Poll, 1806 TL) 
(M) Hepsy Brown, Dec 2, 1813 Franklin Co., Ga

8. Joicey Born Feb 14, 1791 Franklin Co, Georgia Died August 6, 1858 Rusk Co, Texas
(M) Benjamin Benton Hollingsworth in Franklin Co, Georgia Sept  3, 1809 
Son of Jacob Hollingsworth & Mary Brooks-
Moved to Franklin Co, Tenn, CA 1816.
See 1820, 1830 Franklin Co, Tenn, 1840 Benton Co, Ala, 1850 Rusk Co, Tx

Joicey Jones is buried on a hill on the "Spring Place" in Rusk County, Texas-Only Marker there-
It is about 5 ft high and reads:

"Sacred To The Memory of Joicey Hollingsworth"
Born Feb. 14, 1791 Died Aug 6, 1858
Friend after friend departs
Who has not lost a friend
There is no union of the hearts
That finds not here an end
Were this frail world our final rest
Living or dying none were blest."

9. Margaret  Born Ca 1793
    M) ____Graham

10. Salina Sue Born Ca 1800/02 Franklin Co, Ga Died After 1860 Rusk Co, Tx
(M) George Box CA 1821 (first child born 1822 Franklin Co., Tenn)
George Box died Benton Co, Ala-Co-Adm was Benjamin Hollingsworth

Will of Robert Box, Franklin Co, Tenn-May 7,1821
Named: Wife, Jane Box
Sons: John, Robert, George* James, Micajah G, and N. Box
Dtrs: Ruth Box, Mary, wife of V. Jay, & Sarah, wife of Charles McDaniel
EXRS: John Jones & George Box (George Box (M) Salina Jones)


1790 Census Burke Co, NC-Morgan's District
Fourth Company
Holinsworth, Samuel, 2,2,9,0,0-missing 1800

Tenth Company
Wofford, William, 2,0,2,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Jacob, 1,4,1,0,0-missing 1800
Wofford, Ben, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Samuel, 1,0,3,0,1-missing 1800
Phillips, Charles, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800
Sev. JONES families-no James Jones
Second company
Brown, Daniel, 1,2,4,0,0-missing 1800 (M) Hannah Hollingswrth

I am uncertain if/or/how the Burke Co, NC Jones families are connected to the Franklin Co, Ga. Jones families and later Franklin Co, Tenn Jones families.
1800 Census Burke Co, NC -Morgantown District P 763, 764 (All Missing 1810)
763 23 Jones John 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-
763 24 Jones Nathaniel 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
763 29 Jones John 2 3 2 0 1 1 1 0 1 1
763 31 Jones Joseph 1 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0
763 32 Jones William 4 3 1 0 1 1 3 0 1 0 0 0
763 33 Jones Charles 0 2 2 0 1 3 2 2 0 1
764 9 Jones James 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0
764 10 Jones Stephen 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
764 12 Jones Polly 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
809 10 Jones John 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

Franklin Co, Ga Records- There was more than 1 James Jones in Franklin Co, Ga at the same time this James was there-living in a different area of the County, on Nails Creek.

I am uncertain just what the relationship, if any, James Jones of N. Fork of Broad River was to the other Jones families in the following records., with exception of above children, taken from Habersham Co, deed of 1820-need more work here-sgs

DB H, P 88 Nov 1, 1790 Micajah Williamson of Wilkes Co, to Joseph Cook of same.   1092 AC in Frank. co. Wts: John Armstrong, John Watkins, John Jones.

Master Index to Georgia Land Grants-(Lucas)
Bk ZZZZ P 760, 600 AC Yr 1797-James Jones-See 1815 deed below Benj. Baker, Sr. to John Merchant-N. Fork Broad Riv. grtd James Jones

DB LLL, P 1-15 July 7, 1797 Robert Morris the Younger to Robt. Morris and John Nicholson, refers to land conveyed to Morris on Sept 15, 1793 by John Jones of Washington Co, Ga (very lengthy deed)

1798 TL-Franklin Co, Ga:
List 1, P 1 Owner/Occupant
Jacob Hollingsworth 125 A Co.
Sev Jones-No James

List 2, P 7
Jacob Hollingsworth 0/0  2sl  487 1/2 A
Saml. Hollingsworth 0/0  3 sl 200 A
Sev Jones -no James

DB O-P 76-77 July 25, 1798 Mal. Jones to George Vaughn, both of Frank. Co,  in cons of $50.-  two tracts of land in Frank. Co. containing 200 ac and 350 AC, both sides N. Grove Fork Broad Riv., grtd. to Mal. Jones. (Quit Claim deed) Warrantied only agnst claim of sd. Jones, his heirs, etc. Wts: Jas. Terrell, JP, Saml. Loughridge, Moses Allred, Wm. Allred. Rec'd. Oct 15, 1802

DB N P 77-78 Dec 26, 1798 John Jones of Frank, Co. to Benj. Thrasher of same-  60 ac on waters of Grove Fork Broad riv. adj. Prewitt, Nat. Payne, being same surveyed by John Martin, for sd. Jones,. Wts: Benjn. Woffard, JP

DB NNN P 74 April 6, 1799 Mal. Jones to Caleb Jones, both of Frank. Co, in cons. of $120.-60 ac in Frank Co, on both sides of North Fork Broad river, being pt of land grtd Peter Carnes, now deceased, adj. Bryant Ward, and land laid out of same tract to James Jones.

NNN P 75    April 13, 1799 Mal. Jones to Caleb Jones both of Frank. Co, in cons of $1,000. 287 1/2 AC in Frank. Co, on N. Fork Broad Riv. grtd to Bryant Ward, who conv. to Mal. Jones., now adj. Young.  Wts: Mal. Jones, SR, Patrick Taylor, Pro by Mal. Jones, Sr bef. Jeremiah Sparks, JP July 11, 1800

9/26/1799 DB N P 115-116 James Young to Joseph Martin both of Frank. Co, in cons. of $900. -200 AC in Frank. Co N. Fork Broad Riv, adj. JONES, Hay.  Wit: Edwd. Rice, Joseph Jones, Pro bef. Jeremiah Sparks, JP Oct 7, 1799

DB HHH P 137-April 23, 1800 Benjamin Baker  to Samuel Sewell, both of Frank. Co-in cons of $80.- a tract in Frank. Co. (ac. not stated) being prt of grant to James Jones, S/S N. Fork Broad Riv. Rec'd April 9, 1819 Danl. Beall JP

NNN P 75-76 Aug 13, 1800 TAX Collector's Deed Samuel Loughridge, Tax Coll. of Frank. Co to Caleb Jones of same. In cons of $201. -287 1/2 AC N. Fork Broad Riv, grtd to Bryant Ward, sold as the property of Mal. Jones, Jr., for taxes, for 1797, at auction to Mal. Jones, Sr., highest bidder as agent for Caleb Jones.

1800 Tax List, Franklin Co, Ga
P 29 James Jones, 300 A joins Carnes, M. Jones-B. River (Broad Riv)
Jabus (Jabez) Jones p.t.

P 26 Joseph Jones 100 AC Tockoey Cr.
P 27 John Jones p.t

P 31 Jacob Hollingsworth, 287 1/2 AC B.(Broad) Riv, 100 A joins Pendleton, Martin, & 200 AC Gray's Crk
Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr, p.t

P 35 Samuel Hollingsworth, 3 Neg

1801 TL
P 53 Jacob Hollingsworth 487 1/2 A B (Broad) Riv
P 54 James Hollingsworth p.t
P 55 Jacob Hollingsworth p.t
Thomas Hollingsworth p.t
Samuel Hollingsworth p.t

P 58 Jos.(Joseph) Jones 50 AC Togolo Riv

July 13, 1801 DB O, P 68 Eliza Carnes, sole Extrx. of the last will and testament of Peter Carnes, dec'd. of Richmond Co, Ga- to Malachi Jones & Clement Walters, of Frank. Co.      in cons of $500.- conveys 1,150 AC land   in Frank. Co. on N. Fork of Broad River, adj. Bryant Ward, surveyed for Peter Carnes, Sept 21, "in the yr last aforesaid".  Wts: Thos. P. Carnes, Judge, and Jno. Bostwick. Rec Sept 14, 1802

July 13, 1801 DB O, P 69 Mal. Jones of Frank. Co, to Clement Walters of same, In cons. of $5.00, 600 AC in Frank. Co, on both sides N. Fork Broad Riv., being prt of tract grtd to Peter Carnes, whereon said Walters, James Jones & John Jones now live, adj. Cal. (Caleb) Jones, John Williams, and Sherrold Holcom. Warranted only against claim of Mal. Jones his heirs.  Wit: Jabes Jones, Caleb Jones, John Williams

Aug 14,1801 NNN P 100 Caleb Jones of Frank. Co. to Jacob Hollingsworth of same.  In cons of $200., 60 ac in Frank Co both sides N. Fork Broad Riv., being pt of tract grtd to Peter Carnes, now deceased, adj. Bryant Ward & James Jones. Wts Samuel Hollinsworth, Robt' Brown Pvo by Saml.Hollingsworth bef. Joel Mabry, JP Oct 5, 1801

1802 TL  P 82 
Thomas Hollingsworth P.t.
Jacob Jr Hollingsworth 287 1/2 AC, 180 1/2 AC Garrett's Riv
and for Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd, 500 AC Grove Riv
and for James Hollingsworth p.t.
Jacob  Sr Hollingsworth, 2 neg. 347 1/2 AC at NFBR , & 200 AC Grag's Crk
P 86 James Jones,  200 AC joins Jno. Jones, N. Fork Broad Riv and for 
Jabus Jones, p.t
P 88 Joseph Jones 100 AC Tockoa Cr.
P 90 John Jones, 150 AC joins James Jones, NFBR (N. Fork Broad Riv)
P 108 Samuel Hollingsworth, SR (bro. to Jacob)

DB O P 68 June 8, 1802  Rec. Sept 14, 1802, Deed of Eliza Carnes sole Extrx of Peter Carnes, Dec'd, of Richmond Co, Ga to Malachi Jones and Clement Walters (Waters) of Franklin Co, in consid of $500. , conveys 1150 AC in Frank. Co on North fork of Broad river. adj. Bryant Ward, surveyed for Peter Carnes, Sept 21, " in the year last aforesaid". Wts: Thos. P. Carnes, Judge, and Jno. Bostwick

July 3, 1801 or 1802 DB O, P 69 Rec'd. Sept 14, 1802 from Mal. Jones of Franklin Co, to Clement Walters (Waters) of same, In cons. of $5.00;  conveys 600 AC  in Frank. Co on b/sides of North Fork of Broad Riv, being pt of tract grtd to John Williams and Sherrod Holcom. Warrantied agst the claims of Mal. Jones his heirs, etc. Wts: Jabez Jones, Caleb Jones, John Williams

August 10, 1802 Bk O P 63-65
POWER OF ATTORNEY  Recorded Aug 25, 1802
from JAMES JONES of Franklin Co, Ga to JOSEPH JONES (Brother?) of Franklin Co, Ga. -to lease or sell 400 AC on Black Creek, in FREDERICK CO, VIRGINIA, owned by said JAMES JONES , formerly bounded by land of Purkins, and Nicholas Purtell. Also to recover debts owed to JAMES JONES by Mashack Saxon, alias Saxton, of Frederick Co, Va. Wts: James Wyly, J.P. Certified by Jno. Smith, Clerk. Aug 10, 1802, and by Thos. P. Carnes, Judge of Superior Court,, Franklin Co., Ga. Aug 26, 1802.

1803 TL -P 122 Jabus Jones p.t
P 123 John Jones, 150 AC NFBR, joins James Jones
P 127 Jacob Hollingsworth, 3 neg. 287 1/2 AC NFBR, 68 AC joins Wm. Jones, NFBR, 200 AC Grag's Crk, 
James Hollingsworth, p.t.
P 129 James Jones, 200 AC NFBR
P 131 Jacob Hollingsworth, ln 387 1/2 AC Grove Riv and for
Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd. 4 n  500 AC Grove Riv and for 
Thomas Hollingsworth, poll
P 140 Samuel Hollingsworth poll
P 144 Joseph Jones, 100 AC Tocoa

Bk OO, P 19,20  April 13, 1803 Deed of Clement Walters to Jacob Hollingsworth , 60 AC in Frank Co, Ga adj. James Jones, etal N. Fork Broad Riv., grtd Peter Carnes, now dec'd.

Feb 15, 1804 DB P P. 24  Jeptha Nash to Aaron Campbell- 100 ac in Frank. Co on waters of Broad Riv.-Wts: John Jones, Henry Holcombe

John Jones Grant-Bk F.5 P 199-60 AC Frank Co, Yr 1805

1805 TL-Franklin Co, Ga
P 152 Jacob Hollingsworth 2 n , 387 1/2 AC on Garrett's Riv, agent for Samuel Hollingsworth, dec'd, 6 neg.  500 AC Grove Riv, and for Thomas Hollingsworth, p.t
P 175 Jacob Hollingsworth, agent for James Hollingsworth & Benjamin Hollingsworth, 4 n, 487 1/2 AC NFBR, Gragg's Crk

James Jones, agent for Jabus (Jabez) Jones,  200 AC NFBR, joins Jacob Hollingsworth

Joseph Jones, 100 AC Tocoa Cr

P 176 John Jones, 165 AC joins James Jones, NFBR

1805 Superior Court Records Franklin Co, Ga
William Wood VS John Jones

1806 TL Franklin Co., Ga
P 218 James Jones, 200 AC North River, joins Jacob Hollingsworth, and Peter Carnes
Samuel McAdams joins Jacob Hollingsworth & Malachi Jones, North River

John Jones, 160 AC,  No. Riv, joins James Jones, Peter Carnes
James Hollingsworth, Poll
Benjamin Hollingsworth, Poll
Jabez Jones, Poll
Stephen Jones, Poll
Nimrod Graham, Poll
Joseph Jones, Poll
Jacob Hollingsworth, Sr. 347 1/2 AC NO. Riv, 202 1/2 AC Baldwin Co. Ga
P 226 Thomas Hollingsworth for self and for Jacob Hollingsworth, 
1 neg, $960. stock in trade
387 1/2 AC Middle Riv, Adj. Jas, Martin
500 AC Grove level, adj.Peter Terrelll & Young
490 A Wayne Co.,  adj. Wm Hemphill
490 AC Wayne Co, adj. Robert Little
61A Middle Riv, adj Tate & his own

Jan 1, 1806 DB PP P. 22 Burrell Whitehead & w/Frances to William Barton all of Frank. Co- for $300.- 202 1/2 AC in Frank. Co Wts: W'm. Taylor, Thos. Cox

June 21, 1806 DB R, P 127-128 James R. Wyley to Nasee Meeks100 ac in /Frank. Co both sides Broad Riv, being pt of grt  to Peter Carnes, on a condl. line bet. Waters & Williams, and a condl. corner made bet. Wyley and Meeks before John Jones.

July 25, 1806 DB RR P. 14-15-Philip Pruett & w/Anna to heirs of Benj. Thrasher, 67 3/4 AC Grove Fork Broad Riv- land adj. John Jones.

TTT 170-171 Mar 24, 1807 Deed from John Jones & wife Sarah of Franklin Co, to James Hollingsworth, of same. In cons. of $350;  said Jones conveys to Hollingsworth 150 AC  in Franklin Co on N. Fork Broad River, being part of land granted to Peter Carnes, adj. Walters, & James Jones. Wts: Benjamin Hollingsworth, James Jones. Sworn to by Benjamin  Hollingsworth and James Jones before John Warmich, (Wommack?) JP Feb 16, 1814 Recorded May 7, 1814.

Master Index to Land Grants of Ga-Lucas
James Jones , Franklin Co, Ga Grants
Bk G.5 P 560 , 99 AC, Yr 1809 (sold to Wm. Woffard, 1810)
Am unsure if any of the below grants are to this James Jones-sgs
Bk HHH P 703, 575 AC, Yr 1785
Bk HHH P 554, 287 1/2 AC, Yr 1785
Bk III, P 128, 575 AC Yr 1785
Bk LLL, P 163, 1150 AC Yr 1786

Feb. 13, 1809-DB RR P 97-98 Reuben Payne, EXR of Benj. Thrasher toReuben Shotwell, 67 3/4 AC, waters of Grove Fork Broad Riv, on a creek orig. called Flat Crk,-adj. John Jones.

1810 Clark Co, TL-(Clark Co, cut off from Franklin) Jabez , John, & Joseph Jones

TTT-133-134 Dec 10, 1810 Franklin Co, Ga Deed of James Jones, carpenter, of Franklin County to William Woffard of same-In cons. of $300.--92 AC in Frank Co b/sides of main Fork Tuckoe Crk adj. Joshua Gocher, William Brown, being prt of 99 AC grtd to said Jones Dec 5, 1809, by Gov. David B. Mitchell. Wts: James Hollingsworth, Mary Jones (X) Sworn to by Jacob Hollingsworth before Benjamin Hollingsworth, JP Dec 15, 1810 Recd. Nov 17, 1813

Will of Richard Bellamy wit by James Jones, Aug 20, 1813, Proved in Court by Oath of James Jones, etal Jan 2, 1815

State of Georgia
A Company (Indian Wars)
Stationed on the Frontier of Franklin County
Muster Roll of A Company of Militia under the Command of Captain Joseph Whorton,
in the service of the State of Georgia, Stationed on the Frontier of Franklin
County in pursuance of General Orders, Issued the 12th November 1813
#24 James Jones Priv.

Names of the Spies in Franklin Co.
Michael Pilgrim Spies at forte Washington
William H Wafford Do
James Holingsworth at forte Madison
Peter Brown Spies Franklin

Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Bk C P 177 Jan 9, 1815 (Deed captioned Franklin Co, Georgia
James & Mary (Jones) Hollingsworth,  Benjamin & Joicey (Jones)  Hollingsworth to James R. Wyly, 287 1/2 AC Curahee Crk of Broad River, originally surveyed for Bryant Ward.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Deed Proved Feb 11, 1826 Habersham Co, Ga. before John Warmack,  JP

DBC, P 179- Jan 9, 1815-Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Benjamin & Joicey (Jones) Hollingsworth , James & Mary (Jones)  Hollingsworth, deed-163 AC N. Fork of Broad River, near Curahee Mountains, surveyed for Jeremiah Bible, to James R. Wyly.;  Also 37 1/2 AC surveyed for Henry Holcomb.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Proved Habersham Co, Ga, before John Warmack, JP Feb 11, 1826.

Note-The lands described in the deeds set out in this list are now located in Habersham, White, Stephens, and Banks Counties, Ga.  It is possible, but unlikely, that some of these described lands are now located in Rabun and Lumpkin counties, as a small portion of those counties were included in Habersham Co. at the time these deeds were made and recorded.

Mar. 27, 1815 DB MM P 68-69 John Pearson, only heir and son to Abel Pearson, decd, of Twiggs Co, Ga to Darby Henley & Edmond Henley of Frank. Co- 38,000 ac in Frank. Co, and Jackson Co, on N. Fork of Oconee Riv, and waters of Grove Fork of Broad Riv. Wts: John Forsythe, John Jones

April 27, 1815- DB HH P 213,214 Benj. Baker, Sr to John Merchant, both of Frank. Co-600 AC in Frank Co, on N Fork Broad River, adj. Baker, Nathl. Bond, James Lowry, Barber, Wiley, Sewell, & Hays, grtd to James Jones. (See Land grant, 1797) Recd. 2/23/1818

Sept 12, 1815 DB MMM P78-  Joel Yowell to William Eddins, both of Frank. Co- 733 AC in Frank. on Tugolo Riv, being pt of tract formerly belong. to John Clark, incl. 50 ac surveyed for Hay and 50 ac formerly belong to James Msthes, adj. Walton. Wts: Jabaz Jones, James Mays. Rec Mar 30, 1816

DB MMM P 81-Sept 12, 1815 Bryant Ward to Joseph Martin, both of Frank Co, one sq. acre on Wards Mill Crk, incl place known as Martin's old saw mill shoal, taken from 100 ac. surv. for Ward. Wts: Jabaz Jones, Benj. Cleveland Recd. Apr 1, 1816

Bk HHH P 199-200 Feb 1, 1816 Franklin Co, Ga -Deed from Benjamin Hollingsworth, Now of Tennessee, to Eleazar Quarles of Georgia, In consid. of $300. conveys 141 AC. in Franklin Co., on waters of Tugalo River, adj. William Sparks, granted to Andrew Burns. Wts: Darius Echols, Thomas Hollingsworth, JP Recorded Nov 3, 1819.

Superior Court Records-Franklin Co, Ga-1817
Jabez Jones VS Beverly Greenwood

Aug 25, 1817 DB HH P 148-150  William Woffard, Sr of "Tockoie", Franklin Co, Ga, to Nathaniel Wofford of "Broad River", Franklin Co, Ga, In cons. of $2,000., conveys the following tracts in Franklin co: 100 AC both sides of Tockoe Crk, granted to James Jones, adj. lands grtd Joshua Gotcher, George Pierce, 90 ac  of which was conveyed by sd. James Jones to William Wofford; 373 ac b/sides Tuckoe Cr, incl. the high falls of sd. crk, conveyed by Joshua Gotcher to Wofford; 1000 ac surveyed for William Wofford;  100 ac being pt of 150 ac grtd John Purcell who sold to William Wofford; 23 ac. surv. for Jeremiah Mannasco;  incl the dwlg house formerly owned by Joshua Gotcher adj the late Cherokee boundary.  All above conveyances made on condition that neither Nathaniel Wofford, nor his heirs, shall disturb said land, nor take possession of it until after the death of said William Wofford, and his wife Mary, without their permission.  On condition also, that Mary Lewis, alias Weatherspoon, daughter of sd. William Wofford and wife Mary, shall have during her natural life a sufficient lot of sd. land near the high falls of Tockoie, incl. the dwelling where James Dooly now lives, and incl. 50 ac on the western side of the main public road.  Sig: "W. Wofford"  Wit: Hugh Pierce, (x) Mary Weatherspoon (x) Prov bef. Darius Echols, JP Sept 5, 1817

Feb 4, 1818 DB HHH P 24- John Marchant & wife Nancy,  to Saml. Fitzgerald, both of Frank. Co- in cons. of $500. -600 AC in Frank. N. Fork Broad Riv, adj. Benj. Baker, etal, grtd. James Jones.  Rec'd May 22, 1818

July 29, 1818 DB B, P 69 Reuben Shotwell & w/Eady (signed Edith) of Frank. Co to Julius Nichols of same, in cons of $400.- 57 AC in Frank. Co, on Flat Crk, adj. Prewitt, G L Sandridge, grtd. to John Jones.  Wts: Miles Malone, Robert Malone, Joshua Hudson JP

1819 Tax List-Franklin Co, Ga-William Barton

1820 Clark Co, Ga , Athens-P 125 (Clark Co cut off from Franklin Co)
Jabes Jones & Josh (Joseph?) Jones 1 Male over 45, 1 M 26-45 1 Fe Over 45 1 Fe 26-45
 (1824) Habersham deed Bk C P 142 Moses C. Gilham of Clark Co to Anderson Dower, Lot 53 of 13th Dist-Proved before Joseph Jones, JP Clark Co, Ga.

1820 Habersham Co, Ga Census P 128
James Jones 1 Male 26-45, 1 Male Und 10, 3 Fem Und 10, 1 Fe 16-26

1820 Land Lottery-Habersham County
James Jones, Taylor's Military Dist-Drew land in Rabun Co, Lot 91, Sect 2 (May be James Jones, Jr., son of James & Mary "Polly" (see Habersham Co, Deed below)

1820 Land Lottery-Franklin Co, Ga
Joseph Jones, (P Brown's Military Dist) Drew lot 89, Sect 26 Early Co
Polly (Mary)  Jones & Orphans (Akins Military Dist) Drew land in Irwin Co. (Lot 41, Sect 13) Mary would have a minor child as of this date.

Nov 11, 1820 Habersham Co, Georgia Deed 
James Jones, Benjamin Hollingsworth, William Barton, Jabez Jones, Salina Jones, John Jones, James Hollingsworth, Joseph Jones, Stephen Jones, Margaret Graham, and Mary Jones; 
DEED to James Colley, -176 Acres land in Franklin Co, Ga granted to Peter Carnes, now deceased, conveyed by Elizabeth Carnes, Sole Extrx. of Peter Carnes, to Clement Waters and Malachi Jones, who divided land and said Waters sold to James Jones, deceased, adj. D. Putnam land, Cleveland's Corner.
Wts: Abel White, Clement Waters
(Habersham Co, Cr. 1818 from Franklin Co & Cherokee Indian lands)

Franklin Co, Tenn Records-JONES, Hollingsworth, etal
(I suspect these Jones families are part of the same Jones families from Franklin Co., Ga.-sgs)

Deed Bk B, P 119--Margaret Jones, widow & relict of William Jones, appoints her son-in-law Preston Anderson, as her power of attorney to sell a tract of land in Madison Co, Ky. Jan 10, 1813

DB Aug 1815-Sept 1826- P 81-82 Dec 15, 1815-John Drake to his mother, Margaret Jones, his interest in the estate of his late father, Joseph Drake.

1820 Franklin Co, Tenn P 36-(Alphabitized in this census)
#707-Benjamin Hollingsworth  (wife Joicey Jones)
2 Males 26-45, 1 M 16-26, 1 Male 10-16, 2 Males Und 10 yrs
1 Fem 26-45, 1 Fe 16-26, 2 Fem Und 10 yrs
 #708-James Hollingsworth (wife Mary Jones)
1 Male 26-45, 1 Fe 26-46, 1 Fe Und 10
James Hollingsworth died in 1824, Franklin Co, Tenn (Will)

#755-William B. Jones 000100/20100
#771 Allen Jones 100100/10100
#772 Richard Jones 000100/00100
#773-Willis Jones 410001/03101
#774-James Jones 320001/21101 (over 45)
#775 Britton Jones 200010/001
#790 John Jones 221201-02111 (over 45)
#793 John Jones 120201-31211 (over 45)
#800-Gabriel Jones 01001-00010
#803 Margaret Jones NO males-00101

Marion County, Tennessee Deed Book A,  Page 38 -Aug 17, 1821
Bargain & Sale George Foster To
Joseph M. Benton
William M. Raines, etc.
Know all men by these presents that I, George Foster, of the County of Marion and the State of Tennessee for in consideration of the sum hereafter mentioned, hath granted, bargained and sold and do by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto Joseph M. Benton and William M. Raines of the County of Marion and Elisha Floyd Esquire, John Jones, Sims Kelly, and Benjamin Hollingsworth of Franklin County all of the State aforesaid all my personal property consisting of hogs, horse, household and kitchen furniture, wagons and still liquors and crop in Franklin County and Marion in the care of W. Angel with all and every other specie of property I now possess of personal kind, to Have and to hold for & on following conditions Viz till paid the following sum Viz -- Benton $45, Raines $120, Floyd $60, Jones $125, Sims $125 
and Hollingworth $180, except the beds and furniture at Angel's which belongs to my daughter Lucinda Foster. Also one sorrell mare formerly owned by A. Coulter which his right & property and one cow and calf said Foster also reserves, one bed and furniture for his wife and all his books, he sells and grants to his children beginning at G. A. Foster and down to the youngest child an equal portion for and consideration for one dollar paid me the said G. A. Foster. Foster also reserves his own and all his families coating the whole of the property he owns beside a ---?--- named he delivered, transferred and vested the --?--- title of in said Benton, Raines, Floyd, Jones, Kelly, & Hollingsworth for the payment of his debts to them as above named relinquishing Full all rights, title or claim the same, Given under my hand and seal this 17th Day of August 1821.
George Foster (seal)
Attest John Shropshire
George Foster, Jr.

Marion Co., Tennessee Deed Book A,  Page 109-111, Mar, 4, 1822
Deed of George Foster To
John Jones, Esquire, Sims Kelly, and Benjamin Hollingsworth
Abstract: "...title to Charles J. Foster my son and ward of, in, and to the following tract of land lying and being in Marion County of the State aforesaid. . Tract of land commonly called Burtories Place lying a little below Battle Creek, binding on Tennessee River and butted by the foot of Cumberland Mountain. . .Also land near the town of Jasper near the Sequatchie River. " 
George Foster Sir (seal)
George Foster for Charles Foster (seal)
John McGowan
William Wilson
Henry Hollingsworth
Also ". . .two other small tracts in Marion County. . .one acre in the name of Jeremiah T. Foster, son of George Foster. . ."
James Foster
George Foster for Charles and Jeremiah Foster
George Foster
William Wilson
John McGaneery (sp?)

Franklin Co, Tenn Wills (Partlow)
Will of James Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth) July 2, 1822
Names: wife Mary
Dtr-Salina Hollinsworth (M) Alexander E Patton
EXRS: John Jones & Benjamin Hollingsworth

Franklin Co, Tenn Wills (Partlow)
Jesse Goodwin  Will Oct. 17, 1825
Heirs Named: Wife Elizabeth (M) John Jones-see below deed 1833
Sons: Allen F., James R., & Joseph C. Goodwin
Mentions "my daughters" un-named 
EXRS-Benjamin Hollingsworth, Solomon Goodwin

Will of Margaret Jones Oct. 22, 1826 (Widow of William Jones-from Deed Records)
Mary Stovall, Salina Jones
Heirs of John Drake;
I give to Jane B. Sims & William B. Jones for the trouble he has had with me of a legacy due me in Botetourt Co, Va, from John Buchanan, my father. Rec. Aug 12, 1828 P 66-67

*Soloman K. Goodman Will-May 22, 1827
Heirs: Wife Elizabeth, provided she raises our children without charge.
Sons: Madison, & Solomon Goodman
Daughters: Eliza Adams, Harriett James (Should read Harriett JONES), & Mary Goodman.
Rec; Aug 12, 1828 P 65-66

Aug 24, 1829-Frank. Co, Tenn-DB M P 58-59 Henry M Rutledge to John Jones a tr of land.

Bk M P 106-107 Oct. 24, 1829 Emeline Read, James Jones, John Burrows, Franklin Payne, Sally Payne, Zebedish Payne, Cleveland Payne, Susannah Payne, Washington Payne & Lucinda Payne to John Sanders, 30 AC. 

1830 Franklin Co, Middle Tenn 
P 79-Benjamin Hollingsworth (wife Joicey Jones)
1 Male 40-50 yrs, 1 Male, 20-30 yrs, 1 Male, 15-20 yrs, 1 Male 10-15 yrs, 2 Males Und 5 yrs
1 Female, 30-40 yrs, 2 Females 5-10 yrs.

P 79 Elijah Allen-(wife Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth)
1 Male 20-30 yrs, 1 Fem 15-20 yrs, 1 Fem 40-50 yrs (His mother?)

P 79 George Box  (wife Salina Jones)
1 Male 30-40, 1 male 5-10, 2 males, Und 5 yrs 1 Fe 20-30 yrs 

P 80- Line 7 Henry Hollingsworth  (M) Rachael Jones (Prob dtr of John Jones & #1 w/Sarah
1 M 30-40, 1 M Und 5; 1 Fe 20-30, 1F 5-10, 1F Und 5

P 80 John Jones  Line 17  -(Prob. older brother to Joicey Jones Hollingsworth)
1 M 50-60 yrs, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15, 2 M 5-10
1 Fem 40-50, 3 Fe 20-30, 2 Fe 15-20, 1 F 10-15, 1 Fe 5-10 2 Fe Und 5
See also 1840 Benton Co, Ala Census-John Jones below
P 80 Joshua Jones 1 M 20-30, 1 Fe 15-20 (See Franklin Co, Tn Court Records below-1857
P 80 Sebert Jones (M) Harriett Goodman, dtr of Soloman K. Goodman/Goodwin) 1 M 20-30, 1 M Und 5 -1 Fe 20-30, 1 Fe 15-20, 1 Fe Und 5
P. 81 James Jones 1 Male 20-30, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 20-30 1 Fe Und 5
Other Jones families, 1830 Franklin Co, Tenn
P 57-Joseph Jones
P 78-H T. Jones 
P 84-Andrew Jones, Robert Jones
P 98-Elizabeth Jones, Katherine Jones
P 99-Richard Jones

Bk O P 145-146 Feb 12, 1830 Franklin Payne, Anna Payne, James Jones, John Burrows, to Thos. Sanders, 12 1/2 AC 

DB M, P 189-190 Feb. 28, 1831-Franklin Co, Tn-James Cunningham & wife Mary, to her sister Salina Box, wife of George Box, one slave. 

DB N, P 519-520 Sept 1, 1831 Sheriff Thomas Finch to Jesse Reynolds, a negro sl-Mentions David Muckleroy, Deceased

DB M P 296- Sept 16, 1831 William Reynolds, John Jones, James Woosley, Hosea Reynolds, and Nancy Reynolds, heirs of Elijah Reynolds, to James Wilkinson, 100 AC 

Bk M P 475-476 April 19, 1832 Thos. Finch, Sheriff, to Jabez Jones, tract of land, 

DB M P P 485-487 Oct. 4, 1832 Sheriff Thos. Finch to Anderson L. Goodman. Mentions heirs of Solomon K. Goodman, to wit: Harden L. Adams and wife Eliza; Seaborn Jones & wife Harriett; Madison, Solomon, & Mary Goodman. ( *See Will Below)

Bk M P 482-483 Jan 2, 1833 Deputy Sheriff Jabuz (Jabez) Jones to John Goodwin, land

Franklin Co, Tenn Deeds Bk N P 100-101 Feb 4, 1833
Jesse Goodwin left his property to his wife during her lifetime and then to his children.  Elizabeth Goodwin, the widow of the sd. Jesse several yrs ago married John Jones. She is settling with her children, to wit: Polly Miller, w/o Isaac Miller, Sarah Muckleroy, w/o David Muckleroy, Nancy Graham,  w/o John F. Graham, John Goodwin, Allen T. Goodwin, Patsy Goodwin, James Goodwin, & Joseph Callaway Goodwin. (see will of Jesse Goodwin, above-sgs)

DB N P 296-297 Nov 1, 1833-John F. Graham to David Muckleroy*-some personal prop

DB N P 557-Dec 6, 1833 Gabriel Tucker to Josiah Jones, 140 AC

DB O P 201-202 Apr 11, 1835 John F. Graham to David Muckleroy*, some personal prop.

* David Muckleroy died in Nacog., Co, Tx 1869 Buried @ Fairview Cemetery.
He married # 2 Sarah Scruggs
He was born April 20, 1806 Ogleth Co, Ga- son of Isaac & Sarah Floyd Muckleroy
Muckleroy Families went to Benton Co, Ala at same time as Jacob Hollingsworth & wife Joicey Jones. Older Records of Benton Co., Ala (Now Calhoun) were destroyed in Courthouse fire-sgs

DB O P 399-400 Sept 22, 1835 Frank Co. Tenn John Jones to Henry Rutledge, 167 Ac

The Hollingsworth family removed to Benton Co, Ala. prior to 1836, as did John Jones, and Muckleroy families-sgs

1840 Benton Co, Ala 
P23-Benjamin Hollingsworth (M) Joicey Jones
1 Male 50-60 yrs, 1 Male 30-40 yrs, 2 Males 10-15 yrs, 1 Male Und 5 yrs
1 Female 40-50 yrs, 1 Fem 15-20 yrs. 10 Slaves,  Total persons: 17
4 persons engaged in Commerce

P 33 Salina Box 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15, 1 M 5-10, 1 M Und 5
1 Fe 30-40 , 1 Fe 5-10 (Saline Jones Box, Widow of George Box)

P 64-Henry Hollingsworth, nephew to Benjamin Hollingsworth, and s/o Samuel Hollingsworth & Mary Garner, married Rachael Jones, born CA 1803 Georgia (prob Dtr of John & Sarah Jones)
1 M 40-50, 1 M 10-15, 1 M Und 5; 1 Fe 30-40, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 10-15, 2 Fe 5-10, 2 F Und 5

P 58 -John Jones (believed to be s/o James & Mary Jones, and an older brother to Joicey Jones Hollingsworth, Mary Jones Hollingsworth, Salina Jones Box, & Stephen Jones-sgs)
1 Male 60-70, 1 M 20-30, 1 Fe 20-30, 1 F 60-70
P 58-W. R. Jones 1 M 30-40, 1 M 5-10, 1 M Und 5; 1 F 20-30, 1 F 5-10, 1 F Und 5
Other Jones families of 1840 Benton Co, Ala
P 46-Louis D. Jones age 20-30
P 41 James L Jones age 30-40
P 25 John W Jones  2 M 20-30
P 21 E S Jones 2 males 15-20, 1 male 60-70
P 16 Wiley W Jones age 30-40
P 15-James W Jones 20-30

1840 Coffee Co, Tenn Joshua Jones 0 0 0 0 0 1-0 0 1 0 1; 

Sebert (Seaborn) Jones 0 1 1 0 0 2-2 2 2 0 0 1

Feb 4, 1840  Benton Co, Ala-Will of George Box
Names Wife Salina  (Jones)
Children: mentioned, not named
Exrs: wife and Benjamin Hollingsworth
Will presented to Court for probate, April 25, 1840; Salina Box appointed Extr-Securities: Benjamin Hollingsworth, John M Morgan, William O'Rear
My note-see 1850 Rusk Co, Tx for widow and children.

1850 Coffee Co, Tenn-Joshua Jones 45M Born Ga Farmer Delilah " (Lefevre) 41 F SC; Minerva " 19F Tenn; Barbara Lefevre 56F NC ( Mother-in-law)


Burrell Thompson claims that negro "boy" named George, age 24, now in possession of Joshua Jones, is actually Thompson's property, "for the present year" H. S. Shied is Thompson's security.  George, valued at $1,000.  W. H. Willis substituted for Thompson at Court, 1858.

Deed made by Mary Cunningham to Joshua Jones and wife last October, (1857) may be read as evidence in the case.  After the deed was made, Mary hired the boy to Thompson for 1857.  Jones went to Coffee County and forcibly took him and brought him home to Franklin County. and thereupon Thompson initiated this suit.

Letter from R. B. Roberts to Mrs. Shield "Your letter of date 31st of last month...I at the request of Mrs. Mary Cunningham at Henry S. Shied's something over twelve months since, drew up a deed of gift from her of a negro man to Joshua Jones.. she signed the same. She then gave me the register's fee and requested me to register it...which I done and carried it back to her at Shied's...she requested me to give it to Mrs. Shied, which I done.  I hope the above will answer all the interrogatories you have desired.

Deed reads"...for the good will and regards I have for my friend Joshua Jones and his wife, Delilah, of Allisonia, Franklin Co., ...for their natural life , for their own use and not subject to their debts...George...Jones may deed or will the negro as he wishes at his death, if she survives them both..  " Wit: R. B. Roberts, M. E. Shied.

The deposition of Elizabeth Willis was offered and objected to, the court decided that so far as any declaration proved by her of Mary Cunningham made before the deed of gift and while the plaintiff of the negro before this suit they were competent, but as to any declarations after the suit they were incompetent, and the deposition was read, which is as follows:  

Elizabeth, Willis, age 61 years, next called and sworn...Do you know the parties?

"I am a little acquainted with them both."

Do you know Mary Cunningham?  Have long have you known her?  Have you at any time been intimate with her?  Did she ever confide in you as a friend, If so, in what way?

"Yes, I have been acquainted with her about thirty years.  I have been intimately acquainted with her about ten years.  And, she professed to make confidential communication to me."

Who was Mary Cunningham before she was married?,  and what relation was she to the defendant, Joshua Jones?

"Her name was Jones and she was the Aunt of Joshua Jones, she was the sister of Joshua Jones' father."

Did you ever hear Mrs. Jones (Cunningham) speak of Joshua Jones, in connection with the boy George, and controversy, if so, when, and how often, state as near as you can all that she said.

"I have heard her speak of it often, I think the first time I heard her speak of it was about the time that Joshua Jones was afflicted at Allisonia.  I reckon it had been about four or five years ago.  That was a perpetual thing in all our conversations. Before she made her will, she appeared to be much troubled about his long affliction, and he was poor, and his wife was afflicted, as she said provided he lay long like Old Bro. Jones (John, his father).  She did not know what would become of them.  And this boy, Doc, she always called him to me, she felt it was her duty to bestow to Joshua and Delilah to help Delilah to wait on Joshua, provided he lay long like Old Bro. John Jones."

Did you hear her speak of the matter afterwards, and if so, for a period of what time?

"...frequently, ...I do not think that I was ever with her and had a private conversation, but that she spoke of it."

State particularly what took place, and what she said the last conversation you had with her

." I think it was in the month of May, 1857.  I went to Church on Sunday; General Patton and his sister were there.  I inquired of them about the old lady.  The sister asked me to go up and see the old lady, she said Grandmaw wanted to see me.  I told her I thought I would come that evening. The General also invited me.  I told him to tell her that I would be down in the evening.  William H. Willis ad myself went down, when we got there, there was no white person there but Mrs. Osborn and the old lady. Compliments were passed.  After sitting awhile, she asked Mr. Willis and Mrs. Osborn to walk out into the other room, told me to shut the door.  She asked me then to help her up and asked me to help her to her chair.  So soon as she sat down, she said she thought she would never see me no more.  I asked her why, what made her think so, she said she had seen so much trouble and had been so afflicted. I asker her what had been a troubling of her, she said that boy Doc you always heard me say was for Joshua, there had been a great fuss about since I seed you (last) I says what now, Aunt Polly.  She said the boy is not allowed to come here, she said he was almost naked, he could not come here for his mother to patch his clothes, I asker her why, she said Patton would not let him.  She then said she wanted to see Joshua, I said why don't you send for him, she said she did not reckon she could get any of them to go.  I said I'd make the negro go.  She said she could not get to see the negro.  I says where is the negro.  She answered, at Burl Thompson's, doing me no good.  I get nothing for it, and I wish Joshua had him.  I asked her if she had not hired him.  She answered that she had told Henry Shied to hire him three months..."

"Did the lady say anything about her Will and about a deed of gift?"

"Yes, she named about the Will in speaking about the boy.  I said I thought you had willed that boy to Jones.  She said that she had, but they said that the Will was of no account...I asked her why.  She said something about Hollingsworth's Will, she hardly knowed what.  She said she had made a deed of gift to Joshua, and got Brad Roberts to write it and reckoned that would do."

How long has that old lady been a widow, and how many negroes did she have?

"I do not know, but it has been several years.  I suppose she has seven or eight."

Where does she live, and where has she been living since she has been a widow?

"As far as I know, she is living at General Patton's and has been living there since last winter was a year ago.  Before that she lived at Mr. Henry Shied's. After Mr. Cunningham died, she lived at the home place for two or three years.  She remained there until she went to General Patton's.  She remained at General Patton's until she went to Mr. Shied's as above stated."

Has General Patton remarried since the death of Mrs. Cunningham's daughter? What relation is Henry Shied to General Patton?

"It is said so, and Henry Shied is a son-in-law of Mr. Patton.
Has not Joshua Jones brothers and sisters that are as poor as he is and has not the old lady grandchildren?
He had brothers and sisters, but I do not know how poor they are, and she had grandchildren."
Signed by: Betsy A. Willis

Isaac M. Wilkerson states he wrote a Will for Mary Cunningham in 1853 or 54.  She later asked him to write a bill of sale for boy George to James Patton.  He was asked her age and "who were her family?"...
"I do not know her age but suppose her to be near seventy years.  She had only one child, Salina Patton, wife of General Patton.  She is now dead."

Burwell J. Thompson was asked about his hiring the negro.  Claimed that Jones came by his plantation one evening while George was in the field, and next morning realized that George was gone.  Thompson went to Jones' and found George there.  Letter brought to Court but not read to Jury, copied into records.

Pelham, Tennessee, August 3, 1857

Mr. J. Jones, Sir:
A few days ago I caught George stealing a bag of wheat, besides he is lazy and impudent and besides I feel that I cannot keep him and treat him as I would wish. Therefore, I desire that you would take him.  You can have him on the following terms, and no others: "First allow me to whip him, what I think he justly deserves.  Second, withdraw the suit and you pay the costs.  Third, you pay me from the time you get him until Christmas, and the time he has lost since I have had him.  This offer I have made thru advice of your friends, and mine, and I believe it to be more than strict conformity to the rules of justice toward you.  Feeling confident that you will agree to them,  I will wait a few days.

Yours, B. J. Thompson

Mrs. Lefevre stated that she is the Mother-in-law of the defendant,.  She saw Mrs. Cunningham on a Sat. in April, 1857 and Mrs. C (Cunningham) asked Mrs. L.(Lefevre) if Joshua (Jones) had been to Winchester to examine his Uncle's (Old Man Hollingsworth's) Will.  Witness said he had. She then asked if the property was entailed as witness told her, that he said it was not.  Raised up her hands, and said "I always said so".

1860 Franklin Co, Tn, Estill Springs PO P 135b, HH 1163-1145
Joshua Jones 54 M Georgia farming 0/2,000
Delilah " 52 F SC
William Witt 32 M Tn
Minerva J " 29 F Tn
John H " 8 M Tn
George R " 6 M Tn
Delilah J " 4 F Tn
Sarah C " 1/12 F Tn
Barbara Lefevre 66 M SC

1870 Franklin Co, Tn Decherd PO P 112A HH 150-150
Joshua Jones 64 WM Ga farming
Delilah " 62 WF SC
Sarah " 38 WF Tn
Maude H " 14 WF Tn
John H " 10 WM Tn
George D " 5 WM Tn
HH 151-151
Mary E Witt 38 WF Tn
Delilah " 14 WF Tn
Barbara Lefevre 81 WF SC

Benjamin Hollingsworth died Benton Co, Ala August 18, 1844
Entire family moved to Rusk Co, Texas December, 1845 to join some of the family who came to Texas in 1830's

1850 Rusk Co, Tx Census HH #78-78
Joicy Hollingsworth 60 F Georgia $1100. ( Joicy Jones, Widow of Benjamin Hollingsworth)
Benjamin " 22 M Tenn
Benton " 20 M Tenn
Orlando " 13 M Ala

HH 326-326
Salina Box 48 F Tenn $1,000. (Salina Jones, Wid of George Box)
Benjamin B. " 28 M Tenn Farmer
Joseph Gooden " 25 M Tenn Farmer
Franklin " 18 M Tenn Farmer
Mary " 16 F Tenn 
James Robert " 14 M Ala 
Andrew J. " 11 M Ala
Stephen Jones 60 M Tenn (Stephen Jones left will in Rusk Co, leaving all his estate to his sister Salina Box)

Will of Stephen Jones
Rusk County, Texas
dated Feb. 8, 1858
Proved 29th March, 1858

In the name of God, Amen, my last Will and Testament, as follows (to Wit)

First, I will my sister Salina Box shall have all of my lands and all other effects that belongs to me, to own and use as she chooses.  A certain tract of land lying in Robertson District, Hill County, State of Texas, on the waters of Nolands River, 6 1/2  miles North E. from Fort Graham, containing 440 acres except 120 acres given for locating.

I further will to her, Salina, $104.60 money on hand and that she collect all debts due me.

Also, should there be any land certificate issued for my benefit at any time hereafter, she shall have the same (line missing)  all of my shop tools and (missing) will probated and that there shall be no other expenses attached thereto.

This the 8th day of February, AD, 1858, whereunto I set my name and affix my Seal using a scroll for seal in presents of :

Stephen (his mark) Jones (Seal) 

Ebenezer Andrews
R Nowlin

Proved by Ebenezer Andrews, J R Nowlin, before H D. Redwine, Chief Justice, Rusk Co., Texas 29th March, 1858

Rusk County Court, March Term 1858, Petition of B B Box for Executor of Estate of Stephen Jones, who departed this life in February, 1858.  
B B Box appointed Executor of Estate of Stephen Jones, 29th March, 1858. Signed: C. J. Garrison, C C Rusk Co.

Inventory & appraisement of the property of Stephen Jones, deceased:

Money on hand $106.00
300 Acres of prairie land, $300.00
320 Acres land Certificate $160.00
Wood shop tools and sundry articles $150.00
Sig: Ebenezer Andrews
J R Nowlin
Sworn to & subscribed before me 29th March, 1858 C J Garrison, CC Rusk Co.

Sworn to by B B Box, Executor. before T B Mayfield, Justice, Rusk Co.

1860 Rusk Co, Tx HH 338-349 New London PO
Salina Box 60 F SC  $1250/5150 (Jones)
B. B."  34 M Tenn  Farmer $150.
Andrew " 20 M Ala Lab.  (Missing 1870 Texas Index)
James " 24 M Ala $125. (James Robert)*

*James Robert Box, served in Company D, 14th Regiment, Texas Cavalry
[aka, 1st Regiment Johnson's Brigade Texas Mounted Volunteers and, more simply, Johnson's Mounted Volunteers] from 01 January 1862 to 11 May 1865.

1860 Rusk Co, Tx HH 344-355 New London PO
Franklin Box 21 M Tenn $300.
Mary (May Dean) 18 F Tenn (M) Smith Co Dec 22, 1858 
Alice " 1 F Tex 

Rusk Co, Texas Marriages-Box
Mary Box-Jesse R. Nowlin Oct 8, 1851
Jas. R. Box-Sarah M. Elliott Dec 23, 1866
Franklin Box-Eliza A Watkins March 1, 1867
Benjamin B. Box-Ellen H. Russell Oct 25, 1868

1860 Rusk Co, Tx HH 666-684 Bellview PO Beat 11 
Jesse R. Nowlin 48 M NC Farmer $1200/5300
Mary (Box) 26 F Tenn (M) Oct 8, 1851 Rusk Co
Salina R. " 8 F Tx
S M  " 7 F Tx 
James P " 5 M Tx
J G "  3 M Tx
Mary F "1 F Tx
E A Bagley 23 M SC M E Minister

1860 Nacog. Co, Beat 1A, HH 278-274
J (Joseph) G Box 34 WM Farmer Tenn
Louisa A (Willingham) 28 WF Ga
Ely " 6 WM Tx
George " 5 WM Tx
William A " 3 WF Tx
Catherine V. " 1 WF Tx

1870 Rusk Co, Texas , Pct 1, Henderson PO Pct 1 P 324a HH 462-479
James R Box  35 WM Ala farmer /450
Sarah " 25 WF Tenn (Sarah Margaret Elliott)
Charlie " 3WM Tx
Mettie " 4/12 WF Tx

1870 Rusk Co, Tx Pct 1, Henderson PO, P 325, HH 471-488
Bart B. (Benjamin) Box 45 WM Tenn farmer 2500/450
Helen " 30 WF Ga (Elllen Russell)
George F. " 9/12 WM Tx

Rusk Co, Texas Civil War Pension Index
Box, Ellen, husband Benjamin Barton Box # 19231

Benjamin B Box died 1889-I did not locate this family in 1880 National Index-sgs

1870 Rusk Co, Tx Pct 1, Henderson PO, P 325 HH 472-490
Frank Box 39 WM Tenn farmer 850/275
Elizabeth " 20 WF Ala
Alice " 11 WF Tx
Ben " 9 WM Tx (See 1900 Rusk Co)

I did not locate this family in the 1880 National Index-sgs

1900 Rusk Co, Tx Pct 2, P 137 HH 344-347
Benjamin Box   40 WM Aug, 1860 Tx Tenn Tenn farmer marr 14 yrs (s/o Frank Box)
Dean " 30 WF Sept, 1866 Tx Ga Ga wife had 7 ch-5 living
Ben " 12 WM June 1887 Tx Tx Tx son
Frank " 7 WM Sept 1892 Tx Tx Tx son
Marcus " 6 WM Mar, 1894 Tx Tx Tx son
Annie " 4 WF Sept 1895 Tx Tx Tx dtr
John N " 5/12 WM  Dec, 1899  Tx Tx Tx son  

1910 Rusk Co, Tx Pct 2, P 81A
James R. Box 34 WM Tx Ala Ga Farmer (M) #1 3 yrs (s/o Benjamin B. Box)
Cora " 29 WF Tx Ga US  wife (M) #2 3 yrs Had 4 ch-3 living
Howell " 2 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Ellen P. " 1/12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Mattie L Adkins 9 WF Tx Tx Tx step-dtr
Ellen Box 70 WF Widow Mother Ga US US (Wid of Benjamin B Box)
*My Note-J R Box married Cora ADKINS Nov 29, 1906 Van Zandt Co, Tx.

Pct 1, P 59b, HH 179-192,  E. Millville Rd
George F Box 40 WM Tx Tn Ga farmer (s/o Benjamin B Box)
Clemy? " 32 WF Tn Tn Tn wife
Bentey? " 3 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

1920 Rusk Co, Tx Pct 2 (Pt 1) ED 59, P 15a HH 162-161
Jas. Ross Box 43 WM Tx Ala Ga Farmer *
Mrs. Cora " 39 WF Tx Ga Tx wife
Walter H "   11 WM   Tx Tx Tx son
Ellen P " 9 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Hellen " 5 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Rogers " 4/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Leota Adkins 19 WF Tx Tx Tx step-dtr

Rocky Mount Cemetery Records-Rusk Co, Texas located S/S Hwy #135, bet. Sexton City & Overton, Texas-beside Rocky Mount Baptist Church (Ref-Mary F. Dunn)
James Ross Box-Mar 21, 1876-Dec 17, 1941
Dora Russell Box Nov 6, 1890-Oct. 30, 1954
George F. Box Aug 1, 1869-April 9, 1911
Helen E. Box 1838-1911
Benjamin B. Box 1825-1884
Salina Box (No Dates)
Box---no name/dates enclosed in cement curb
Box No names/dates  enclosed in cement curb

1870 Rusk Co, Tx P 380a, Pct 2, Henderson PO
Jesse Nowland (Nowlin) 57 WM NC farmer 800/650
Mary " 36 WF Tenn
Salina " 19 WF Tx
Sophronia " 14 WF Tx
James W. " 14 WM Tx at school
Jessie G. " 13 WM Tx at school
Andrew J " 9 WM Tx at school
Wade A. " 6 WM Tx
Bart B " 4 WM Tx
Emma " 2 WF Tx

1870 Nacogdoches Co, Dist 1, HH 149-149
Joseph G Box 44 WM Tenn Farmer
Louisa L. (Willingham) 48 WF Ga
Elie D. 16 WM Tx
Adelane 13 WF Tx
Virginia A 11 WF Tx
Lurany V 7 WF Tx
Josiah Williams 63 WM Tenn Farmer

Nacogdoches Co. Marriages-Box
Addie Box-David M. Burrows Dec 19, 1872
Eli F Box-Sarah E. Grigsby Sept 5, 1875
J H Parmley-C V Box Nov 1, 1877
Laura B Box-J B Martin Jan 8, 1879
William L Box was a JP *Yrs does not say

1880 Smith Co, Tx Pct 5 P 223D (CD)
Jesse Nowlan (Nowlin) 68 WM NC NC NC Farmer
Mary " 46 WF Tn Tn NC wife (Box)
James F. " 24 WM Tx NC Tn son
Jesse G. " 23 WM Tx NC Tn son
Andrew J. " 17 WM Tx NC Tn son
Wade A. " 16 Tn NC Tn
Barton B. " 12 WM Tx NC Tn son
Emma " 11 WM Tx NC Tn dtr
Henry " 9 Tx NC Tn son
Martiles " 7 WM Tx NC Tn son
Eva " 5 WF Tx NC Tn dtr
Nora " 2 WF Tx NC Tn dtr

1880 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 119 P 24C (CD)
James R Box 44 WM Al MS SC Farmer
Sarah M. " 33 WF Tn Tn Tn wife
Charley O. " 12 WM Tx Al Tn son
Mettie E. " 10 WF Tx Al Tn dtr (1870-1899 Myrtle Springs Cem)
Mary E. " 8 WF Tx Al Tn dtr
Lou M. " 6 WF Tx Al Tn dtr
William E. " 4 WM Tx Al Tn son
Ada T. " 2 WF Tx Al Tn dtr

1900 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pt of Pct 1, ED 124 P 10a HH 179-184
Charley O Box 32 WM   Oct, 1867 Tx Tenn Tenn farmer marr 8 yrs
Mollie E. " 26 WF Nov, 1873 Tx Tenn Tenn wife had 3 ch-3 living (High)*
Glades E. " 7 WF  Dec 1892 Tx Tx Tx dtr (M) L C Hargraves, Oct 28, 1916
Mammie H. "  5 WF Nov, 1894 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Clifton O  "1 WM Aug, 1899 Tx Tx Tx son
*C O Box married Mollie High Dec 22, 1891 Van Zandt Co, Tx

1900 Van Zandt Co, Tx  ED 124 P 10a, HH 183-188 Pct 1, 
James R. Box 64 WM July, 1835 La Tenn SC farmer Marr 34 yrs (1835-1915 Myrtle Springs)
Sarah M. " 56 WF Nov, 1843 Tenn Tenn Tenn wife Had 9 children-7 living (1844-1918 Myrtle Springs Cem)
Ella M (Mary) " 27 WF Jan, 1873 Sing dtr Tx La Tenn (died 1935 Myrtle Springs Cem)
Ader T. " 21 WF Aug, 1878 single dtr Tx La Tenn (died 1960 White Rose Cem)
James B. " 19 WM Nov, 1880 single son Tx La Tenn farming
Maggie R. " 17 WF Apr, 1883 Single dtr Tx La Tenn @ school (1883-1913 Myrtle Springs)
son Walker C. Box born 1888 omitted from census of 1900.

1900 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 124 P 40a 
William Box 28 WM single Born July, 1876 Tx Tx Tenn  farmer -boarder in HH of
Charles C Davenport 57 WM
Rebecca " 47 WF wife
William E. Box married Nannie R. Phillips Dec 2, 1900 Van Zandt Co, Tx
She apparently died as he is single in 1920 and his sisters Ella & Ada  have a 13 yr old niece in their HH and his brother James Bernard Box has a young nephew in his HH.-sgs

1910 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pct 1, P 50a, HH 111-120
Charley Box 42 WM Tx Tn Tn farmer (M) #1-18 yrs
Mollie " 36 WF Tx Tn Tn wife 
Gladis " 17 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr 
Mammie " 15 WF " " " dtr
Clifton " 11 WM " " " son
Grady " 7 WM " " " son
Bruce " 4 WM " " " son

P 50b, HH 118-126
James R Box 74 WM Al Tn SC farmer (M) #1 42 yrs
Margaret " 65 WF Tn Tn Tn wife Had 9 ch-7 living
Ella " 35 WF Tx Al Tn dtr single
Ader " 28 WF " " " dtr single
Maggie " 25 WF " " " dtr single Occ: Teacher, Public Schools

P 99b, HH 262-262, Pecan Ave, Wills Point City
J B Box 26 WM Tx Al Tn foreman, lumber yard
Nannie " 26 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Occ: Millinery

P 129b, Scott Rd HH 18-118 Pct 3
W E Box 34 WM Tx Al Tn farmer (M) #1 9 urs
Nannie " 32 WF Tn Tn Ill wife Had 4 ch-2 living
Leroy " Age Illegible Tx Tx Tn son
Easter? " age Illegible Tx Tx Tn dtr

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pct 1, ED 122 P 22b
William E Box 45 Wm Tx US US merchant, grocery store, Boarder in HH of 
George L Phillips

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pct 1, HH 240-243
Luther Hargraves 30 WM Tx Miss Miss farmer
Gladys "  27 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Gladis Box (M) L C Hargraves10/28/1916)
L. C. " 7 8/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 123 Pct 1, P 12b HH 250-253,
Charley Box 52 WM Tx Tenn Tenn farmer (1867-1951 White Rose Cem)
Molly " 46 WF Tx Tenn Tenn wife  (Molly E. 1873-1964 White Rose Cem)
Clifton " 21 WM Tx Tx Tx son single farming
Grady " 17 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Bruce " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Nolen " 9 (7?) WM Tx Tx Tx son (Leroy N. 1903-1949 White Rose Cem)

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 127 Pct 1, HH 244-340
Ella Box 47 WF Tx Ala Tenn Single  Occ: None (Mary Ella 1872-1935 White Rose Cem)
Ada " 40 WF Tx Ala Tenn single sister Occ: None (1878-1960 White Rose Cem)
Elsie " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx niece

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 127, Pct 1 P 14b, 
J. (James) Bernard Box 38 WM Tx Ala Tenn Occ: Retail Merchant, grocery
Norine " 35 WF Wife
James Robert " 2 4/12 WM Tx Tx Tx nephew  (1917-1945 White Rose Cem)

The following has been taken from the History of the Community of Hayden or "Cow Prairie" in Van Zandt Co, Texas

"On 24 Aug 1895, James R. and Sarah M. Box deeded two acres of land to the school and a frame, two-story building was erected east of where the church is now, at the crossroads. The upper floor of this building was used as the meeting place of the Woodsman Lodge.

In Jan, 1900, the members of the Baptist Church then at Myrtle Springs voted to change their meeting place to the Cow Prairie School House.

Sarah M. Box deeded 1.3 acres of land on 18 Mar 1904, for the purpose of building a church.

An influential man in the community was Charlie Box. He was ordained as deacon in 1910. On Sunday mornings Charlie would go out to the barn, harness his horses, hitch them to the wagon and tie the horses to a tree. Charlie then would walk on to church early enough to sweep, clean and warm the building before time for Sunday services, secure in the knowledge he had provided the transportation for his family to join him for the worship services."

Myrtle Springs Cemetery, Van Zandt Co, Tx
BOX JAMES R. 1835 1915 (Dec 7) Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Tx
BOX MAGGIE B. 1883 1913
BOX MARY ELLA 1872 1935
BOX METTA E. 1870 1899
BOX SARAH M. 1844 1918
BOX WALKER Curtice Mar 1,1888-Oct. 21,1890 (s/o James Robert "Jim" Box & Sarah Margaret "Maggie" Elliott Box-Ref: Jack R. Box, Boulder, Colorado

White Rose Cemetery, Van Zandt Co, Tx
BOX ADA 1878 1960
BOX CHARLIE O. 1867 1951
BOX LEROY N. 1903 1949 (Nolen?)
BOX MOLLIE E. 1873 1964

1880 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH 47-339
Joseph G Box 54 WM Tn Tn SC Farmer
Louisa L " 48 WF Ga Ga Ga wife
Eli D. " 26 WM Tx Tn Ga son farmer
Sarah 20 WF Al Al Al dtr-in-law
Irene " 2 WF Tx Tx Al gr/dtr
Berthe " 2 Mos WF Tx Tx Al gr/dtr
John F. " 9 WM Tx Tx Al son
Holloway '" 9 WM Tx Tx Al son
Frank B. "1 WM Tx Tx Al son
John B Martin 30 WM Ga __ __ son-in-law
Laura B. " 16 WF Tx Tn Al dtr
Lile 2 mos WF Tx Ga Tx gr/dtr

David M. Burrows 28 WM Tx Tn Tn Farmer
Addie " 21 WF Tx __ __ wife (Box)
Martha " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Zeola " 5 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Katie " 3 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
James Henry " 1 WM Tx Tx Tx son
& 1 boarder
John H Parmele 28 WM Tx Ky SC Farmer
Virginia C. 19 WF Tx __ __ wife (Box)
Adelaide " 1 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Meed Figbe 6 WM Tx Rel: Other

Gateway to Texas Vol II-Ericson
Eli Foster Box born Oct. 10, 1853 Tx Died May 2, 1910 Buried Old North Church Cem, married Sarah E Grigsby, Sept 5, 1875 dtr of William & Sarah Frances Glascock Grigsby; son of Joseph Goodwin & Louisa Lamilia Willingham Box.
Virginia Irene Born Sept 15, 1876
Benta Irena Born 20 March, 1878
Bertha Born CA 1880
William Joseph Born Sept 27, 1881
Ida born March 4, 1884
Mary Kathryn Born May 18, 1886
Jessie Dora, Born April 12, 1888 (M) Thos. Buchanan Sparks, s/o Thos. Allen Sparks & Cynthia Parmley
Avery Ragan, Born 1890 (Marker has 1896)
Welborn L. Born Dec 29, 1893
Lynn Austin Born July 25, 1898

Frank E. Box son of Joseph Goodwin Box & Louisa Lamilia Willingham Box, born June 2, 1879, Died: June 30, 1969 Buried Lone Star Cemetery

Joseph Goodwin Box, born Jan 30, 1826 in Tenn. died October 1892, buried Lone Star Cemetery; married Louisa Lamilia Willingham, Nov 18, 1851 Nacogdoches
son of George & Salina Sue Jones Box.
1857 TL, 1861 TL, 1862 TL, CSA Company D, 3rd Brigade, Texas State Troops, 1867 Voter Registration, in County 21 yrs;  1870 Muster roll
Eli Foster born October 10, 1853 died: May 2, 1910 Old North Church Cem
(M) Sarah E Grigsby Sept 5, 1875
George, born Ca 1855
William Adeline "Addie" born April 4, 1857 (M) David M Burrows Dec 19, 1872
Catherine Virginia Born CA 1859 (M) John H Parmele (Parmley) Nov 1, 1877
Laura Lurany V. Born 1863 (M) J B Martin Jan 8, 1879
John Florence Born CA 1871
Joe Holloway Lawrence born Ca 1871
Frank B. Born June 2, 1879

John Henry Parmalee, (Parmley) born August 18, 1851 Tx; Died March 30, 1904 buried Rock Springs Cem., married Catherine Virginia Box Nov 1, 1877; son of John & Joanna Lucinda Carlisle Parmley;
Adelaide born Jan. 10, 1879, 
William born Jan 12, 1881, 
Carrie E. Born Nov 8, 1882, 
Laura Lee born Jan 2, 1885, 
Goodwin B. Born Nov 11, 1886; 
Florence Born Sept 10, 1890; 
Barham Born Dec 10, 1892; 
Joseph Henry Born July 30, 1895; 
Janet, died in infancy.

David Muckleroy Burrows born Feb 1, 1852 Tx, died: Feb 2, 1888 buried Old North Church Cem; married William Adelaide Box Dec 19, 1872; son of David & Elizabeth King Burrows:
1870 Muster roll, Farmer
Martha Lamilia Born Aug 27, 1873
Zeffie Born March 26, 1875
Laura Catherine Born Feb 9, 1877
James Henry Born Jan 18, 1879
Lennie May Born Jan 8, 1881
Thomas Lawrence Born Feb 24, 1883
Rena Born Aug 10, 1884
Annie Louise Born Feb 22, 1886
Eugene David Born Nov 16, 1888

Lone Star Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co
Frank B. Box June 2, 1879-June 30, 1969 s/o Joseph Goodwin Box
Kenneth E Box Feb 3, 1896-Jan 28, 1921 Texas Cook 315 TM Bt Ry 90th Div, WW I
Lillian Box LEE, Aug 25, 1912-July 24, 1966 dtr of Frank Box & Woodie Fare Box (M) Clarence Lee, 1937
H L Box 1874-1920
Laura Box Martin, 1863-1921 (M) John B. Martin

Rock Springs Cemetery, Nacogdoches County
Annie Belle Box, May 2, 1914, July 16, 1939 dtr. of Lonnie & Eva Nettles Moody, (M) Fred Box
Fred Middlebrook Box Jan 9, 1916-July 16, 1939 s/o Joe & Lillie Hope Sanders Box (M) Annie Belle Moody
J Foster Box April 4, 1903-Dec 4, 1971 (M) Beatrice
Lillie Hope Sanders Box Feb 27, 1885-Aug 31, 1961 (M) William Joseph (Joe) Box
Raymond S. Box May 28, 1910-August 15, 1913 s/o Wm. Joseph & Lillie Hope Sanders Box
William Joseph Box Sept 29, 1881-Aug 9, 1947 s/o Eli & Sallie Grigsby Box (M) Lillie Hope Sanders (Postmaster, Trawick, Texas)

Linn Flat Cemetery
A. R Box Jan 28, 1896-Nov 25, 1970 (M) Vallie Hewitt
James Reagan Box Jan 31, 1945 -Feb 12, 1945 Inft. son of Mr & Mrs Julian Box
Judy Gale Box July 28, 1946 Indt. Dtr of Mr & Mrs Julian Box

Old North Church Cemetery
Adelaide Box Burrows April 4, 1857-Sept 20, 1937 Galveston, Tx Dtr of Goodwin & Laura L Willingham Box, (M) David M Burrows
David Muckleroy Burrows Feb 1, 1852-Feb 2, 1888 s/o David & Elizabeth King Burrows (M) Adelaide Box
Some of their Burrows children are here also.
Verna Doris Box, Nov  8, 1921-Jan 5, 1936 Dtr of W L & Georgia Box
Frankie E Chambers Box Jan 23, 1869-Dec 29, 1935 Dtr of J W & _____Snow Chambers, (M) Eli Box
Laura Virginia Box Sept 15, 1876-July 6, 1877 Dtr of Eli Foster & Sarah E Grigsby Box
Lynn A Box July 25, 1898-Dec 18, 1969 Conroe, s/o Eli F & Sarah Grigsby Box, (M) Arena Byerly, July 9, 1937
Paul Eli Box Mar 29, 1907-Nov 2, 1935 s/o Eli & Frankie Chambers Box (M) Lenora Fant
Robert E Box April 17, 1928-Dec 22, 1928 s/o of Paul Eli & Lenora Fant Box
Sarah E Grigsby Box Sept 27, 1858-October 26, 1900 (M) Eli Foster Box
Rev. Wilbur L. Box Dec 29, 1893-May 13, 1945 s/o Eli & Sarah E Grigsby Box (M) 1922 Georgia____
Mattie (Martha Lamilia Burrows) Price, Aug 27, 1873-July 24, 1924 Dtr of David Muckleroy Burrows & William Adelaide Box Burrows (M) Arch Augustus Price
Arch Augustus Price August 1, 1860- May 9, 1942 (M) Mattie Burrows