The Family of
Col Benjamin Benton Hollingsworth
& Wife
Joicey Jones
of Franklin Co, Georgia,
Franklin Co., Tennessee
Benton Co, Alabama
& Rusk Co, Texas

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Benjamin Benton Hollingsworth was born abt 1785 in Randolph Co, North Carolina, the son of Jacob Hollingsworth & wife Mary Brooks, who had moved to North Carolina about 1772, according to Guilford, NC deed records..  He died in Benton Co, Alabama, August 18, 1844.  He is buried in Benton Co, Alabama, but I have not located his grave as yet.

Benjamin Hollingsworth was a Justice of the Peace in Franklin Co., Georgia Aug. 27, 1810-Jan. 25, 1813 ( George State Archives, J. P. Records, 1799-1812 P 656 & J. P. records 1813-1817 P 163)

His will was proved in Alabama, having been written at his home in Walnut Springs, Alabama, just prior to going on a trip, May 1st, 1841.  His estate was not divided until after his wife's death in Rusk Co., Texas in 1858.

Benjamin married Joicey Jones, daughter of James & Mary "Polly" Jones, in Franklin Co, Georgia on September 3, 1809; Marriage performed by his brother Thomas Hollingsworth, JP.   The Hollingsworth family were neighbors to the William Sparks family, and many years later Benjamin Hollingsworth's granddaughter, Mary Ann Allen, married Andrew Jackson Sparks, the grandson of William Sparks, in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1848. 

The Hollingsworth family moved to Franklin Co, Tennessee prior to 1816, where they remained until about 1835, he being the first Postmaster of Pelham, (which was in Franklin Co, until 1836 when Coffee Co. was created),  then removed to Benton Co., now Calhoun Co., Alabama.

Their son Stephen P Hollingsworth, and their daughter Acenith Louisa, who had married Dr. Elijah Allen in Tennessee, came to Texas bet. Mar, 1836 and Oct. 1837.  After Benjamin Hollingsworth's death in 1844,  Stephen P. Hollingsworth went back to Alabama, where he married Martha A. Elston, in Benton Co, in 1845, and removed the other family members to Texas, settling in Rusk County, in Dec.,1845, leaving behind only one nephew, Thomas, the son of his deceased brother Wiley S. B. Hollingsworth.

Joicey Jones Hollingsworth was born Feb. 14, 1791 in Franklin Co., Georgia and died in Rusk Co., Texas on August 6, 1858.  She is buried in Rusk Co. on the Spring Place.  Her marker is about 5 ft high.  Marker reads:

"Sacred to the Memory of Joicey Hollingsworth"
Born Feb. 14, 1791 Died Aug. 6, 1858
"Friend after friend departs
Who has not lost a friend
There is no union here of hearts
That finds not here an end
Were this frail world our final rest
Living or dying none were blest."

Joicey Jones Hollingsworth's  brother Stephen Jones, later came to Rusk Co., and also a sister, Salina Jones Box, Widow of George Box, who had died in Benton Co, Alabama in 1840.  Benjamin Hollingsworth was named as Co-Exr. of his brother-in-law's estate. 

See also Republic of Texas Pension Claims, below & Census Records, below


1. James Thomas Hollingsworrth-died young


2. Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth Born Nov 10, 1811 Franklin Co., Georgia Died after April, 1859*
*Letter of dismissal from Union Church (Old North Church) Nacogdoches, that date. Did not locate 1860 Census.
(M) Dr. Elijah Allen CA 1828 in Franklin Co, Tenn.
Arrived in Nacogdoches, Texas prior to 1837

1840 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Dr. Elijah Allen
Stephen P. Hollingsworth

1846 Republic of Texas Poll List (Mullins)
Joicy Hollinsworth, (Hollingsworth)  Stephen Hollinsworth, (Hollingsworth) Rusk Co; Elijah Allen, Nacogdoches County

1847 census Nacogdoches (Ericson)  (Enumeration of Inhabitants living out of town)
Elijah Allen-Qualified Electors, 1, Males Over 18 & Und 45 , 1 ; M Under 18, 1, No. of Females 2

1850 Nacogdoches Co, HH 480-480
Elijah Allen 48 M Tn Physician
Asenith " 36 F Ga (Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth)
Benjamin " 12 M Ala

1850 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH 481-481
A. J. Sparks 23 M Miss Farmer (died 1857 Nacog. Co Tx)
Mary " 19 F Tenn (Mary Ann Allen)*
Thomas " 11/12 M Tx
Thomas " 21 M Miss (Bro)
John " 17 M Miss (Bro)
*(M) #1 Andrew Jackson Sparks August 24, 1848, at the home of the brides parents, Douglass,  Nacogdoches Co., Tx  Mary Ann Allen Sparks (M) #2 William Anderson, lived in Caledonia, Rusk Co, in 1860.

1850 Rusk Co, Texas HH #78-78
Joicy Hollingsworth 60 F Georgia $1100. ( Joicy Jones, Widow of Benjamin Hollingsworth)
Benjamin " 22 M Tenn
Benton " 20 M Tenn
Orlando " 13 M Ala

1850 Rusk Co, Texas Slave Schedule
Joicy Hollingsworth 1 ea.- 14 FB, 8/12 MB, 40 FB, 12 FB, 13 FB,.10 MB
Stephen P. Hollingsworth 1 ea: 40 MB, 17 FB, 2 FB, 1/12 MB

Old North Church, Minutes, 1838-1872 Rev Gene Tomlin
List of Female Members:
Mary Ann Sparks, dismissed April, 1859
A. L. Allen -dismissed April, 1859 (Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth Allen)

1857-Saturday before the first Lord's day in July, the Union Church met and after divine service by Elder Brother N. Conner, sat in Conference; a door was opened for the reception for members.  Sister A. Allen presented herself and was unanimously received on vouchers, references called for-none.  B. F. Whitaker, CC

1859- Saturday, before the first Sabbath in April, was no conference.  First Sabbath in April after divine service by Bro. B. E. Lucas Union Church met in Conference.  The door of the Church was opened for the reception of members. none presented themselves.  Sisters A. L. Allen and Mary A. Anderson were granted letters of dismission, etc. John W. Crain, Clerk
This is the last record I have on Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth Allen-sgs

1860 Rusk Co, Tx Caledonia Beat 5 HH 1466-1484
W. M. Anderson 45 M NC Farmer 2,000/10,600
M. A. 26 F Ala ** (Allen, Sparks, Anderson) (Dtr of Dr. Elijah Allen & Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth
James Anderson 17 M Ala (His son by prev. marriage)
Allen SPARKS 8 M Tx
William SPARKS 6 M Tx
Adelia SPARKS 5 F Tx
Benjamin SPARKS 3 M Tx
** (Mary Ann Allen, Sparks, Anderson, Dtr of Dr. Elijah Allen & wife Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth- & Widow of Andrew Jackson Sparks (M) #2 William Anderson Feb. 12, 1859 Nacogdoches Co, Tx

See file of Dr. Elijah Allen for further information-sgs


3. Stephen Perry Hollingsworth Born May 10, 1814, Franklin Co., Ga. Died: Dec 9, 1879 Hood Co, Tex (1880 Mortality schedule, Hood Co.,, Tx shows: White Male Hollingsworth, age 65 yrs, b. abt 1815 Tenn, Married, d. December, 1879 Pct 5, Hood Co., Tx Cause: Indigestion-given name covered with ink)
   Came to Nacogdoches, Texas prior to 1840
   He served as Aid-de-Camp to Brig. Genl. James Smith from July 10,1841-Aug 10, 1841 as is evidenced by Republic of Texas Claims (See below)
   Went back to Benton Co, Ala & married  Moved his family to Rusk Co, Texas Dec, 1845. He was an Attorney in New London & Henderson, Rusk Co, Texas

Stephen P Hollingsworth went to Alabama when the Civil War broke out, where he (1) S. P. Hollingsworth enlisted Jan 23, 1862, Geneva Co, Ala as 1st Lieut.., Geneva Co Militia, Home Guard, Unit: W F Bush Company; Authority: Letter of  1863 and compiled roll by Mrs. Jenkins;  (2) S. P. Hollingsworth enlisted March 27, 1863, as Lieutenant, Jacksonville, Calhoun Co,., Alabama Home Guard, Unit: William F. Bush's Mounted Gunmen, copy of Muster Roll from Jacksonville Republican; (3) Stephen P. Hollingsworth enlisted September 3, 1864 Franklin County, Georgia, Age 40, as Captain, Unit: 90 day Volunteers, Unit: Capt Hollingsworth;  Muster Roll Jacksonville, Alabama  Sept 3, 1864

 (M) Martha Ann Elston  Sept 16, 1845 Benton Co., (now Calhoun) Ala 
          She was born Nov, 1832 Ala Died Jan 24, 1916 (Death Cert #2747)  Polytechnic, Tarrant Co, Tx;  Buried @ Mary'stown Cem., Johnson Co., Tx (She lived w/son John E Hollingsworth, 304 E 13th St., Austin, Texas 1881-1886 City Directory, & 1900 Johnson Co., Tx HH of dtr & s-i-law Thos. M Hollingsworth &  1910 Tarrant Co., Tx.

Children: Hollingsworth
   a. Mary C.. Hollingsworth Born July, 1846 Rusk Co, Tx 
       (lived 1880, 1900 Johnson Co Tx, 1910, 1920 Tarrant Co, Tx)
       Died March 20, 1923 Tarrant Co., Tx Bur: Mary'stown Cem., Johnson Co, Tx-Death Cert #10202
       (M) Thomas C W Hollingsworth (1st cousin) s/o Wiley Hollingsworth & Martha Harris. He was born May, 1840 Ala Died: June 16, 1903 Johnson Co, Tx He is buried @ Mary'stown Cem., Johnson Co, Tx

Alabama Civil War Service Records-Thomas Wiley Hollingsworth, age 21,  enlisted Fort Morgan, Calhoun Co, Alabama for 12 mos., under Capt. Danl. Peter Forney, May 7, 1861, Co A. 2nd Alabama Rgt., Infantry, Calhoun Guards, Appointed 1st Corporal June 8, 1862 original roll

        1. Wiley/Wyley Clarence. Hollingsworth Born abt 1873 Tx  died April 2, 1942 Bosque Co, Tx Cert # 15808 (M) abt 1898-Mollie________ Lived 1910 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co. Texas (C. W Hollingsworth) Lived 1920 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx (Wyley C. Hollingsworth) Rural Mail Carrier. 1930 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., Tx, Wiley Hollingsworth, U S Mail Carrier  (M) @ age 27 yrs (Had 1 adopted son, Clyde Norris, b. abt 1898 Tx)
              2. Stephen Perry Hollingsworth Born March 6, 1874 Tx , lived 1914 Polytechnic, Tarrant Co, Tx;  Lived 1920 El Paso, Tx, Motorman, Street Car Co & 1930 Belvedere, Montebello T/S,  Los Angeles Co., California (City Surveyor) (M) CA 1911 Nina _____________Born Abt 1876 Tx

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Stephen Perry Holli(n)gsworth, age 44 yrs, Add: 14272 Myrtle, El Paso, Tx b. March 6, 1874 Texas Native born citizen, Occ: motor man, El Paso, El Paso, Texas Nearest Rel: wife, Mrs. Nina Hollingsworth Same Add., Sig: Stephen Perry Hollingsworth; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht., Medium Bld., blue eyes, brown hair No disab; Sig: Rene? Martin, Regis., Sept 12th, 1918 Dist. 1, El Paso, El Paso, Texas

              3. Mattie Born Nov, 1875 Tx d. July 25, 1954 Tarrant Co, Tx (Mattie H Lowe, Cert #41646)- (M) #1 _____Slater (widow HH of parents, 1900 Johnson Co, Tx)  (M) #2 Albert Lowe He died September 4, 1946 Tarrant Co, Tx-(Lived 1920 Polytechnic, Tarrant, Tx, 1930 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co,  Tx)
                         a. Thomas Lowe Born abt 1916 Tx d. July 31, 1980 Tarrant Co, Tx

                       (M) Mary Elizabeth Witt ? (Texas Birth Records)
               4.. Mary M Born Ca 1878 Tx-missing 1900 census
   b. John Elston Born May, 1849 Tx Died Nov. 6, 1924 Los Angeles, California lived 1880 Johnston Co, Tx

John Elston Hollingsworth is shown in Austin, Texas City Directory, 1881-1896  various locations, where he served as Chief clerk, Commissioner of Agriculture, insurance, statistics, and history, and as Postal Inspector in charge State of Texas,  w/office in the  Capitol Bldg.  His addresses were 304 E 13th St., 1000 Rio Grande, 1500 Brazos  & 1500 Buena Vista) US Postal Inspector, Did not locate 1900 census; Postal Inspector, 1910 New Orleans, La;. & 1920 Los Angeles, California; Widow & children 1930 Pasadena, LA Co., California
       (M) Florence Mauzy Latham  June 16, 1874 by her stepfather, Rev. Henry W Dodge
              Born Oct. 8, 1856 Richmond, Virginia, Died Nov., 1939 South Pasadena, LA Co.,  California-Both buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif.

Some Info on this family is from Rootsweb, World Connect, Jernegan family files

         1. Ida Latham Born March 27, 1875 Johnson Co., Tx Died Feb 18, 1944 San Diego, California  She is buried @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California  (Austin City Directory, 1881-1896-Miss Ida Hollingsworth, statistical clerk, res: w/John E Hollingsworth, 1500 Buena Vista, Austin, Texas-Sunbeams of the First Baptist Church organized 1889-Miss Ida Hollingsworth, Sec/Treas.--She was a single, boarder in HH of Charles A Lovett, 1900 New Rochelle, Westchester Co., N.Y.

            (M) Edward Skinner Jernegan abt 1910 Nevada; He was born Abt 1882 New York. d. Feb. 16, 1948 Washington, D. C.  He was a bank accountant 1920 Fresno City, California , and a bank examiner, Federal Govt.,  1930 Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., Calif.

                          a. John Durnford Jernegan Born June 12, 1911 Los Angeles, Calif. d. Nov. 6, 1980 Carmel Valley, Monterey Co., Calif. (M) Mary Margaret Brownrigg-Education: Stanford University Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., CA-Occupation: Career U.S. Foreign Service Officer 1936-1972- John Durnford Jernegan was a Career Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State, 1936-1972. He first served in the consular department in Mexico City, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain (during Spanish Civil War) and met his future wife, Mary Margaret Brownrigg while serving in Theran, Iran during WWII. He was appointed U.S. Consul General to Tunis, Tunisia (1950-1952). He was Deputy Chief of Mission (under Ambassadors Clare Booth Luce and Zellerbach) in Rome, Italy (1954-1958). He then served as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq (1958-1962), and later to Algeria (1965-1967). He retired in 1972.

        2. May Mauzy Born Nov 20, 1876 Tx d. Dec. 21, 1963 Los Angeles, California (Calif. Death Records-Mother's maiden name: Latham--(M) Charles/Carlos Cutting & #2  Edward H Parker. He was b. Jan 24, 1874 Ill. d. Jan. 5, 1`945 Los Angeles, Calif. (Calif. death records-Mother-Ewing)

       3. Alice Cora Born Feb 19, 1880 Tx Died July 1, 1955  Los Angeles, California   She is buried @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California  (M) Charles A. Warren  July 19, 1924 Santa Barbara, Calif. She was a Registered Nurse, US Army Nurses Corps  1918-1920 
              4. Florence Elston Born Feb. 25, 1882 Texas Died Sept. 2, 1968 Los Angeles, Calif., Buried @ Hollywood Forever Cem., Los Angeles, Calif. 

             (M)  Robert Bowers Pollock Dec. 3, 1906 Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, Tx. He was b. Nov. 8, 1877 d. Aug. 1, 1945 Los Angeles, Calif. (He was a Mfg'r. of Model airplanes) lived 1920 Los Angeles, Calif, Dist 23; 

                     a. Robert Latham Pollock b. Aug. 16, 1907 Tx d. April 5, 1968 Los Angeles, Calif. (M) Esthermarie Margrethe Mortonsen Aug. 11, 1934 L. A Co., Calif. She was b. May 25, 1905 d. Oct. 31, 1985 Los Angeles, Calif. 

                     b. Martha Harrison Pollock b. Dec. 17, 1909 Tarrant Co., TX d. Jan 25, 1966 Los Angeles, Calif. Lt., Army Nurse Corps, WW II   

         5. Josephine Bacon Born June 22, 1888 Austin, Texas Died Oct. 12, 1973 Los Angeles, Calif.. 1910 Graduate of Newcomb College (Tulane), & MA from Univ. of So. California 1923;. Librarian, Washington, DC 1920, Librarian, Public Library, Los Angeles 1930; Was  Author of several publications-

Title: Who's Who In California 1942-1943
Author: Who's Who Publications Co
Date: 1942

c. Wiley Born Ca 1850 Tx Died May, 1861 Franklin Co, Tennessee
        Winchester, Tenn City Cemetery
Crypt- Wyly, son of S. P. & M. A. Hollingsworth
Born Apr. 17, 1851 Died May 23, 1861 (Obit shows May 21st)
   d. Alice C. Born Sept., 1853 Tx Died  May 31, 1929 Austin, Travis Co, Tx, Buried: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx  
       (M) Richard S. Harrison
              Born 1843 Virginia Died 1904 Austin, Travis Co, Tx
              Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx
             1. Grace Born Nov 8, 1874 Tx Died: Dec 17, 1960 Travis Co., Tx
                  Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx
                  (M) Victor Lee Brooks (Lawyer in Austin, Tx)
          Born Sept 25, 1870 Died Sept 1, 1925 Travis Co, Tx
                          Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx 
                          a. Henry Harrison Born May 26, 1905 Travis Co, Tx Died: Feb. 29, 1983, Travis Co., Tx Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx, Lawyer in Austin, Texas (M) Rella Walker
                          b. Victor Lee, Jr. Born Jan 15, 1908 Travis Co, Tx Died: May, 1978 Travis Co., Tx  Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx (M) Sarah Chaffin
                          c. Richard Sinclair b. Sept 24, 1910 Travis Co, Tx d. May 16, 1968 Travis Co., Tx (M) Annie Mae Kress
             2. William Lawrence Born Oct., 1879 Tx (Merchant in Austin, Texas)
                  (M) M. Della _____
                         Born Ca 1883 Tx
                         a. Sinclair (Dtr) Born Ca 1904 Travis Co, Tx
             3. Alice S. Born Feb 21, 1882 Tx Died: Jan 16, 1967 Travis Co, Tx  Bur: Oakwood Cem., Austin, Travis Co, Tx-Teacher & Librarian, High School, Austin, Texas (Did not marry)

REPUBLIC OF TEXAS MILITIA 1836-1845. (77K) From online military roll index of the Texas State Archives, rolls from J.M. Nance [T7], and roll collection by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas [T1].

Commanders Index-
James Smith, Nacogdoches Mounted Volunteers, April 11, 1836-July 11, 1836
James Smith-Mounted Volunteers/Spies 2 Regt/. 3 Brig/. Texas Militia
Oct 7, 1838-Dec 1, 1838
William C Sparks, Col.- Field & Staff Officers (Nacogdoches)
2 Regt, 3 Brig., Texas Militia
Aug 5, 1838-Aug 22, 1838
Oct 17, 1838-Nov 13, 1838

Hall, John L. Company (Houston County, TX)
Brig Gen James Smith Comm.
(+Pay) (Jul 10, 1841 - Aug 10, 1841)* [A1; T17 p26-28]
Dep: Expedition to three forks of Trinity against Indians
* roll reconstructed in 1853 

REPUBLIC OF TEXAS CLAIMS: Texas State Library, Austin, Texas
Claimant-S. P. Hollingsworth Type Claim: Pd Claim #162 ID# 123021, & #51508
Reel 1st P. # 272-last page #281
Public Debt Claim, S. P. Hollingsworth 2 Class 350/
Services as Aide-de-Camp to Genl. Smith 1841
Certificate Issued for One hundred and eighteen Dollars August 10, 1855 Jno. M. Swisher, Auditor, Samuel B. Shands, Compt. Received Certificate Jan  20., 1857 B. P. Hollingsworth

Late Republic to S. P. Hollingsworth, for Services under Genl. Smith in 1841 as Aide-de-Camp for one month $118.00.

Henderson, Mch 29/54
to Mr. Swisher, Auditor
Enclosed please find a statement properly certified to by Genl. James Smith  in relation to the claim of L E Tipps for $100.00 filed by myself.

And also a certificate of Genl. Smith as to service rendered by me in 1841.

You will I think upon examination of the certificate of General be satisfied that the draft to Tipps ought to be paid at its face value.  I will not receive the $25.00 you proposed to Audit for, but if you will conclude to allow anything like a fair compensation, please to audit the claim and send me a draft for the amt.  Also, my own draft upon N. Orleans.


S. P Hollingsworth

The State of Texas
County of Rusk   This is to certify that Stephen P Hollingsworth was in the Volunteer service of Texas in 1841 in a company under my command in the summer of said year against  the Indians on the upper Trinity at the time that I went to assist General Tarrant in driving off the Indians that killed the lamented Denton, that said Hollingsworth served from the 10th July to the 10th or 20th of August, and that he was entitled to honorable discharge, but none was ever given to him up to this time, and that he also acted and served as my aid de camp in said campaign with rank of Major.

This 25th day of Mch, 1854
Sig: James Smith, Late Brig-General

The State of Texas
Rusk County  Before me, James R. Armstrong, a Notary Public in and for the said County this day personally appeared James Smith, whose name is signed to the foregoing certificate with whom I am well acquainted and acknowledged that he signed the same.
Given under my hand and Seal of Office this 25th day of March, AD, 1854
Sig: James A. Armstrong, Notary Public

Written on Reverse: I have examined the Adt. Genl. Office, I can find nothing to establish the facts within . HHH

The State of Texas
County of Rusk   Know all men by these presents that I do hereby authorize B. P. Hollingsworth to claim and receive and receipt for any and all money or claims due me from the late Republic now State of Texas for services or anything else.  This 11 of May, 1857
Sig: S P Hollingsworth

The State of Texas
County of Rusk   Before me the undersigned Authority this day personally appeared S. P. Hollingsworth to me well known & acknowledged his signature to the foregoing instrument to be for the purposes & considerations therein set forth & expressed.  Given under my hand and Seal of Office at office in Henderson, this the 12th day of June, AD 1857.
Sig: C. J. Garrison, CCC Rusk Co.

No 6571         PUBLIC DEBT    Second Class 
of  The

This is to certify, That S. P. Hollingsworth has, under the
provisions of An Act of the Legislature of the State of Texas, entitled An Act to extend the provisions of "An Act to provide for ascertaining the Debt of the late Republic of Texas" , approved February 7, 1853, filed with the Auditor and Comptroller
A claim for service as Aide-de-Camp to Genl. Smith in 1841
amounting to One Hundred and Eighteen------Dollars; which is
sufficiently authenticated to authorize the auditing of the same under the laws of the late 
Republic of Texas.  Paid claim, according to the data before us, is worth 
One Hundred Eighteen -------Dollars
in par funds, as having been at that rate as available to the Government.

In Testimony Whereof, We have hereunto set our hands and affixed our Seals of Office, at Austin, this First day of August, AD 1855

James B. Shands, Comptroller          Jno. M. Swisher, Auditor

On Reverse:
#6571 2nd Class, B. P. Hollingsworth, L.P.
Received Payment in Full
Austin, Texas June 20th, 1857
Sig: B. P. Hollingsworth

My Note: Dr. Elijah Allen, Brother-in-law to S. P. Hollingsworth, was also a member of the same Company under Genl. Smith, as Surgeon & Physician to the Company-See his page.

From Old North Church Minutes-1838-1872 Rev Gene Tomlin

List of Male Members- Stephen P Hollingsworth
1843-Saturday before the second Lords day in November, Opened a door for the reception of members, received by experience, Thomas Sparks, John Sparks, Lewis Knight, by Letter, Stephen Hollingsworth. C H Whitaker, CC

1846 Saturday before the first Lords day in Dec., Granted letters of dismission to brethren S. P. Hollingsworth and L H Askew. L H Askew, Asst. CC

1850 Rusk Co, Tx HH 30-30
Stephen P Hollingsworth 35 M Ga Lawyer $10,000
Martha " 19 F Ga (Elston)
Mary " 3 F Tx
John " 1 M Tx
Isaac Orum 21 M Tenn Farmer

Henderson Daily Times
June 2, 1855
Henderson Masonic Female Institution... Trustees: S. P. Hollingsworth, William Crain?, J. R. Armstrong, Henry Berry, William Stedman, W. H. Wadsworth, Wm. F.? McCord.

The Henderson Democrat
Sat., Nov. 29, 1856
Whereas, Richard B. Tutt, Stephen P. Hollingsworth, Micajah L. Durham & Armenia A. Durham have filed their petition in my office against the heirs legatees of Wilson G. Tutt, deceased, under the last will & testament of the said Wilson G. Tutt, to wit: Caroline McCurry, wife of Jackson McCurry, whose residence is unknown, Richard Finney, Martha Hogue, Nancy Tutt, wife of John Tutt, Barbary Tutt, wife of Jackson Tutt, Amanda Hogue, wife of McKnight Hogue, Emily Screws? (Serews?) & Francis Screws, all residents of Rusk Co.; also Richard McCurry, Orphelia McCurry, Wilson McCurry, Lucy McCurry, Martha McCurry, Jane McCurry, & Samuel McCurry & all minors whose residence is unknown to the petitioner. (Part missing here - they're apparently trying to locate the heirs in order to settle with them.) Signed John P. Grigsby, C.D.C.R.C. by W. H. Bernard, D.C., J. D. Hamilton, Sheriff.

The Henderson Democrat
Sat., Nov. 29, 1856
Educational: Masonic Female Inst., Henderson, Texas (includes about the same classes and tuition as above with Theology except if music is added to the Sr. Class, it is $25) Mentions Thomas Smith, principal, & trustees as Bennett Boggess, S. P. Holllingsworth, W. A. McClannahan, James R. Armstrong, B. F. McDonough, A. J. Smith, W. H. Estill.

1860 Rusk Co, Tx P 53 HH 330-341 Bt 2, New London
S P Hollingsworth 45 M Tenn Lawyer
Martha " 30 F Ala (Elston)
Mary " 13 F Tx (M) Thomas W Hollingsworth (1st cousin)
John " 12 M Tx (M) Florence Latham
Wiley " 10 M Tx  ( died in Franklin Co, Tenn, May 21, 1861-See Obit below)
Alice " 7 F Tx (M) Richard S. Harrison
O. N. " 24 M Occ: Gentleman  $400./1700. (Brother, see 1880 Travis Co, Tx)
Mary E. Herman 36 F Ky 1450/100
Mary " 10 F Tx

TENNESSEE BAPTIST, June 15, 1861, p. 4, c. 3 

Wyly Hollingsworth. 

Son of S. P.  and M. A. Hollingsworth, aged 10 years, 1 month and 9 days, departed this life at this place at 20 minutes past six o'clock, P.M. on the 21st last. He was born in Rusk county, Texas, and a more dutiful, kind, loving child never lived. His disease was in his head, and seemed to baffle the skill of all medical aid. He was sick about six weeks, and for the last ten days his suffering was intense, yet he bore it without a murmur. His death has created a vacuum that never can be filled in the hearts of his parents, and the sweet notes of his voice are never again to be heard around the fireside. But we have the consolation to believe that that melody which was peculiarly his, is resounding amidst the angels who surround the throne of our blessed Jesus. 
S. P. H. 

We sincerely tender our kindest regards to those citizens of Winchester, and particularly the ladies, for their kind services and attention during the sickness and death of our dear child.

S. P. Hollingsworth, 
M. A. Hollingsworth. 
Winchester, Tenn., May 24, 1861. 

Winchester, Tenn City Cemetery Crypt- 
Wyly, son of S. P. & M. A. Hollingsworth
Born Apr. 17, 1851 Died May 23, 1861 (Obit shows May 21st)

Civil War Pension Applications-Texas Index:
Hollingsworth, M. A. (Mrs) #26414 Tarrant Co-Widow of Hollingsworth, Stephen Perry
Stephen P Hollingsworth served in the CSA from Alabama, as Captain of the Home Guards, Calhoun Co, Ala (90 days service) Ref: Widow's Pension Application # 26414, Mrs. M. A. Hollingsworth, Wid. of Stephen Perry Hollingsworth, Approved Dec 13, 1913, Tarrant Co, Tx

1880 Johnson Co, Tx, Pct 5 P 341A
J E Hollingsworth 31 WM Tx TN Ga  Merchant (Son of S.P & Martha)
Florence " 24 WF Va Va Ky (Latham)
Ida " 5 WF Tx Tx Va Dtr
May " 3 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Alice " 3 Mos WF Tx Tx Va Dtr
Wm. Kennard 11 WM Tx Tx Tx Rel: Other
Martha Hollingsworth 50 WF Ga NY NY Rel: Mother (Wid of S. P.)

Rusk Co, Tx Deed Bk 32, P 522-523  May 23, 1884
Mrs. M. A. Hollingsworth (Hood Co, Tx), Mary E. Hollingsworth and husband T. W. Hollingsworth, Alice Harrison, & husband R. S. Harrison, & John E. Hollingsworth to W. D. Stone of Rusk Co, Tx. in cons. of $75.00 ( quit-claim ) all our right, title, interest in a certain tract of land in Rusk Co, Tx situated abt 14 miles SW of the Town of Henderson, on Johnson Crk, and that portion of the Walker Pettit Headright Survey which lies between that part of the same survey, owned by the Kelly Heirs and East of that part of the same owned by Jacob Davis on the West: etc, etc.
M. A. Hollingsworth
R. S. Harrison
A. C. Harrison
J. E. Hollingsworth
T. W. Hollingsworth
Mary E. Hollingsworth

1880 Pct 6, Johnson Co, Texas P 376A
T. W. Hollingsworth 40 WM Ala TN Ala Farmer  (Thomas Wiley)*
M. E. " 33 WF Tx Ga Ga wife (dtr of S P Hollingsworth & Martha Elston))
Wyly C. " 7 WM Tx Ala Tx son (M) Mollie_____abt 1900-(listed as C W in 1910 Bosque Co Tx;  Wyley C in 1920 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx & Wiley Hollings, 1930 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx-Rural Mail Carrier)

Stephen P."  6 WF Tx Al Tx son (See 1920 El Paso Co, Tx, 1920 Belvedere, LA Co, Calif.  (M) Nina_____)
Mattie C."  4 WF Tx Al Tx Dtr
Mary M. " 2 WF Tx Al Tx Dtr
D E Vaughan 22 WM Tenn At school
*(son of Wiley Hollingsworth & Martha Harris)

1880 Travis Co, Tx Austin 3rd Wd P 197D
Richard S Harrison 36 WM Va __ __ Dept. Clerk
Alice " 26 WF Tx Ga Ga wife (Hollingsworth)
Grace " 5 WF Tx Va Tx dtr
Lawrence " 7Mos WM Tx Va Tx son
Henry Harrison 14 WM Va __ __ Brother @ School

1900 Johnson Co, Tx Pct 6, P 294 HH 109-110
Thomas W Hollingsworth 60 WM May 1840 Ala Ala Ala Occ: Grocer marr 30 yrs
Mary " 53 WF July, 1846 Tx Tenn Ala Wife Had 4 ch-4 living (Dtr of S. P & Martha Elston Hollingsworth)
Stephen P " 26 WM Mch, 1874 Tx Tenn Ala Son Single
Mattie V Slater 24 WF Nov, 1875 Dtr Widow No children
Martha Hollingsworth 68 WF Nov, 1832  Rel: M-in-law Wid. Had 4 ch 3 living Ala NC NC

Jan 4, 1900 New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY  WD 4, SD3, ED99, Sh 6 HH 65-95   Ida Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth) 25 WF single Boarder Tx Tx Va HH of Chares A. Lovell

1900 Travis Co, Tx (Austin City) 406 W. 8th St., HH 37-42
Richard Harrison 56 WM July, 1843 Va Va Va Landlord (M) 26 yrs
Allis H " 46 WF Sept, 1853 Tx Ga Tenn Had (4 ch-4 living)
Grace " 25 WF Nov, 1874 Tx Va Tx dtr single Teacher, Public School
William " 20 WM Oct, 1879 Tx Va Tx son single Clerk, Govt.
Allice " 18 WF Feb, 1882 Tx Va Tx dtr single @ school
Henry " 34 WM July, 1865Va Va Va Brother, single Commercial Gro. & 1 WF Servant

April 22, 1910 Tarrant Co, Tx Pt of Pct 1, ED 91 SD 12, P 10A HH 181-184
M E Hollingsworth 63 WF Widow  Tx Ga Ga Married 40 yrs Had 4 children, 4 living
Stephen " 36 WM Tx Ala Tx Rel: Son single Occ: Surveyor, City Offices
Martha " 79 WF Widow Ga NJ Ga Rel: Mother married 65 yrs, had 4 children, 3 living

1910 Pct 3,  Dist 6, Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx-C W Hollingworth (Wyley C. Hollingsworth-see 1920 census below)) HH # 66-70  C W Hollingsworth 37WM Tx Ala Tx Rural Mail Carrier, (M) #1-10 yrs;  Mollie " 37 WF wife (M) #1, 10 yrs, Had NO children; Miss SC NC, Clyde Norris 12 WM Adopted Son Tx US US 

1910 Travis Co, Tx (Austin City 3rd Wd) Pct 3, ED 69, P 39b, 706 Colorado St (HH 39-51)
William L Harrison 30 WM Tx Va __ Merchant, groceries (M) #1-7 yrs
M Della " 27 WF Tx Miss Miss Wife (M) #1 7 yrs Had 1 child, 1 living
Sinclair " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Priscilla Fisher 53 WF Wid Miss Miss Miss Mother-in-law Had 4 ch-2 living

1910 Travis Co, Tx (Austin City 3rd Wd) 406  W. 8th St. HH 56-72
Alice C. Harrison 56 WF Widow Tx Tenn Ga Had 3 children, 3 living Own Income
Alice S. " 28 WF Tx Va Tx dtr single Teacher, Public Schools
Victor L. Brooks 39 WM Ala Ga Ga Son-in-law Lawyer, Genl. Practice (M) #1 5 yrs
Grace H " 35 WF Tx Va Tx  wife, Had 2 children, 2 living (Harrison)
Henry H " 4 WM Tx Ala Tx son
Victor L Jr. 2 WM Tx Ala Tx son

1910 Orleans Par., La , New Orleans City H 3-5 1203 Second St  John E. Hollingsworth 61WM Tx Ga Ala ;  Florence M. " 54WF Va Va NY Secretary;  Josephine " 21 WF Single, dtr; & John Tate, WM Servant

Jan 31, 1920 Los Angeles Co.,  California,  Los Angeles City Assembly Dist. 63, SD8, ED147 Sheet 20B & 21A, Pct 362 HH 3514-531-571 John E. Hollingsworth 71 WM  Married US US US, Inspector, US Post Office; Florence M. " 64 WF Va Va Mass Wife

Jan 15, 1920 Fresno City, Fresno Co., California  Pct 12, 3rd T./S SD6, ED18, Sheet 21A HH 1261-295-475 Edward S. Jernegan 36WM NY NY Ny Accountant, Bank; Ida H " 36WF Tx Tx Va wife; John D. " 8WM  son Calif.NY Tx

Jan 5 & 6, 1920 Washington City,  Dist. of Columbia SD40, ED14, Sh5B HH 18-54-64 Josephine B. Hollingsworth 30WF Single Tx Tx VA Librarian, Lodger in HH of Hattie S Pitts (Rooming House)

1920 Tarrant Co, Tx (Polytechnic Town) ED 90, 3019 Millett Ave., HH 26-31
Albert Lowe 50 WM Tx Tenn. Ind. Occ: Dairyman, Farmer
Mattie E. " 44 WF Tx Ala Tx wife (Hollingsworth)
Thomas " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Mary E. Hollingsworth 73 WF Widow Tex NJ Ga Mother-in-law (Dtr of S. P Hollingsworth & Wid of Thomas W. Hollingsworth)
Robert Blanton 16 WM Tx Tx Tx farm labor

1920 Pct 3, Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx, HH #154-176 Wyley C. Hollingsworth 47 WM Tx Ala Tx Rural Mail Carrier, Mollie " 37 WF wife Miss NC SC, Clyde Norris 21 WM Boarder (shown as adopted son in 1910) Rural Mail Carrier Tx Miss Tx

Jan 27th, 1920 El Paso, El Paso Co., Tx ED51   SD16, Sh 24A Myrtle Ave HH  22-24 Steven Hollingsworth (Stephen P) 42 WM Tx US Tx Motorman, Street Car Co; Nona " 33 WF  Tx La US wife Lodgers in HH of John R Rogers

1920 Travis Co, Tx (Austin City) ED 100 P 6A 406 W. 8th St HH 93-115
Victor L Brooks 49 WM Ala Ga Ala Lawyer
Grace H " 45 WF Tx Va Tx wife (Harrison)
Henry H " 14 WM Tx Ala Tx son
Victor L., Jr. " 11 WM Tx Ala Tx son
Richard S. " 9 WM Tx Ala Tx son
Alice H Harrison 66 WF Wid Mother (In-Law) Tx Tenn Ga
Alice S. Harrison 37 WF Single sister (In-Law) Tx Va Tx Librarian, High School

April 17, 1930 So. Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., Calif ; SD18, ED19-1522 HH 1837-423-452 Sheet 15A-Florence M Hollingsworth 74 WF Wid. Va Va NY, Josephine B. Hollingsworth 41WF Single Dtr Tx Tx Va Occ: Librarian, Public Library

April 19, 1930  Palo Alto  T/S., Santa Clara Co.,  California, ED43-22 SD10  Sh 38B HH 544-316-323 Edward S Jernegan 49WM NY NY Ny Bank Teller; Ida H " 47 WF wife Tx VA VA,  John D. " 18 WM single son Calif NY Tx & 1 boarder

1930 Tarrant Co, Tx (Ft Worth) ED80, P 39A HH 3-3 3037 Millett Ave
Albert Lowe 61 WM Tx Tenn Ind Dairyman (M) @ age 37
Mattie " 54 WF Tx Ala Tx (M) @ age 30  (Hollingsworth)
Thomas " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Yancy Redding 74 WM lodger Wid Tn Tn Tn

Texas Death Records Index:-Albert Lowe, Tarrant Co., Sept. 4, 1946; Mattie H. Lowe, Tarrant Co., July 25, 1954; Thomas Lowe, Tarrant Co., July 31, 1980

April 15, 1930 Belvedere, Montebello T/S Los Angeles Co., California SD19, ED 19-1175 Sheet 10B HH 1139-267-267 South Gaye St- Steven Hollingsworth* 56WM Tx Tx Tx  Surveying, City;, (M) @ age 37; Nine " 54 WF wife Tx Tx Tx (M) @ age 35 (*Stephen P Hollingsworth, s/o Thomas W Hollingsworth & Mary Hollingsworth of Johnson Co, & Tarrant Co, Tx)

1930 Walnut Springs City, Bosque Co, Tx Dist 7 HH 119-113 Second Street-Wiley Hollingsworth 57 WM Tx Ala Tx Mail Carrier, Post Office, Government (M) @ age 27; Mollie " wife 57 WF Miss NC SC (M) @ age 26 (Indexed as Wiley Hollings-Son of Thomas W Hollingsworth & Mary Hollingswortrh of Johnson Co, & Tarrant Co, Tx

1930 Travis Co, Tx Austin City 406 W. 8th St., HH 30-43 ED26
Grace H. Brooks 55 WF Wid Tx Va Tx No Occ (Harrison)
Henry H " 24 WM son single Tx Ala Tx Lawyer, Genl. Practice
Victor L " 22 WM son single Tx Ala Tx
Richard S " 19 WM Tx Ala Tx
Alice S. Harrison 48 WF sister, single Tx Va Tx Librarian, High School (Her death date is shown as 1927 in error)

Brooks, Victor Lee Sept 25, 1935 June 21, 1981 4
Brooks, Sarah A. Oct 3, 1902 Feb 28, 1982 4
Brooks, Victor Lee Jr. 1908 1978 4
Brooks, Rella Walker Feb 16, 1904 May 27, 1983 4
Brooks, Henry H May 26, 1905 Feb 29, 1983 4
Brooks, Grace H Nov 8, 1874 Dec 17, 1960 4
Brooks, Victor Lee Sept 25, 1870 Sept 1, 1925 4
Brooks, John Sinclair May 30, 1941 May 30, 1941 4
Brooks, Dr. George W Sr. 1918 1980 4
Brooks, George W Jr 1946 1946 4
Harrison, George Dec 10, 1920 4
Harrison, Lou A. Jan 6, 1921 4
Harrison, Frances May 9, 1873 Apr 4, 1889 4
Harrison, James H. July 7, 1870 Feb 18, 1907 4
Harrison, Henry D. 1865 1925 4
Harrison, Alice S. Feb 21, 1882 Jan 16, 1927 4
Harrison, Alice H. 1853 1929 4
Harrison, R. S. 1843 1904 4
Harrison, Della E. Age 41 yrs Mar 15, 1889 4
Harrison, Frankie Age 6 mo. May 4, 1898 4
Harrison, Ira Age 3 mo. Oct 5, 1898 4
Harrison, Daisy Age 15 mo. Aug 23, 1899 4
Harrison, Mattie A. Mrs Robert S. Jan 28, 1910 4

Texas Land Title Abstracts-Stephen P. Hollingsworth patented 18,048.95 AC land in the following counties: Gregg, Rusk, Panola, Wood, Smith, Grayson, Johnson, Robertson, Eastland, Erath & Jack,  between 1848-1875.


SIXTH WARD, HOUSTON. The Sixth Ward, a late nineteenth
century Houston political subdivision, was bounded by Washington
Avenue and Union Street on the north, Houston Street on the east,
Capitol Street (north Memorial Way) on the south, and Glenwood
Cemetery on the west. With Houston's largest concentration of
Victorian and early twentieth century bungalow houses, the district is
considered by some the "oldest intact neighborhood in the city."
Sabine Street, which runs through the community, retains its original
brick paving. The Sixth Ward was originally part of the two-league
John Austin grant, made in 1824. S. P. Hollingsworth surveyed it
into large narrow tracts that ran northward from Buffalo Bayou in
but Houston mayor William R. Baker  who acquired
property in the area as early as 1839 and by 1858 owned or held
mortgages on the majority of the district, is considered the man most
responsible for the look of the area today. Baker filed a final plat in 1881,etc.


4. Wiley S. Brooks Hollingsworth Born CA 1816 Franklin Co., Georgia Died 1840 Benton Co., Ala
James Crow, Thomas C. Hindman, Anderson Wilkins, Warren Harris, and Benjamin Hollingsworth all appointed administrators of Wiley B. Hollingsworth's estate on Nov. 5,1840. Bond for $10,000. From Old Records of Estates and Administrations of Benton/Calhoun County, Alabama. Vol.III. 
(M) Martha Harris, Benton Co., Ala May 14, 1839
She married #2 James Crow, Benton Co, Ala May 20, 1843
   a. Thomas C. Wiley Hollingsworth Born May, 1840 Benton Co, Ala -Died June 16, 1903 Johnson Co, Tx
      (M) Mary E. Hollingsworth  July 13, 1869 Bell Co, Tx
       Born July, 1846 Tx Dtr of S. P. & Martha (1st cousin)
       Died March 20, 1923 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, Tx 
       Buried: Mary'stown Cem., Johnson Co, Tx
      1910 census shows she has had 4 children, 4 living
      1. Wiley Clarence Hollingsworth Born Ca 1873 Tx (M) Mollie ____ (Rural Mail Carrier, 1910, 1920 & 1930 Walnut Springs, Bosque Co, Tx) 
      2. Stephen Perry Hollingsworth Born March, 1874 Tx (lived Polytechnic, Tarrant Co, Tx 1910,1914; lived 1920 El Paso, Tx & was City Surveyor, 1930 Belvedere, Montebello T/S LA Co., California  (M) Abt 1911 Nina_____born Abt 1876 Tx
      3. Mattie Nov, 1875 Tx (M) #1_____Slater (Wid. in 1900)
          (M) #2 Albert Lowe (lived 1920, 1930 Tarrant Co, Tx)
                 a. Thomas  born Ca 1916 Tx
      4. Mary M. Born Ca 1878 Tx

1840 Benton Co, Ala P 22 W. B. Hollingsworth (Wiley S. B. son of Benjamin) (M)  Martha Harris  May 14, 1839 Benton Co, Ala
1 Male 40-50 1 Male 30-40 9 Males, 20-30, 1 Male 5-10, 1 M Und 5
1 Female 15-20
They had one son Thomas Wiley Hollingsworth-Other persons in this HH unidentified
Wiley S B Hollingsworth died Nov 5, 1840 and his widow remarried to James Crow May 30, 1843 Benton Co, Ala

1850 Benton Co, Ala P 368 HH 552-552
James Crow 42 M Va Farmer $6,000
Martha (Harris, Hollingsworth) 29 F Ga (Wid of Wiley Hollingsworth)
Thomas C. Hollingsworth 10 M Ala
A J Crow 6 M Ala
Alfred M. " 4 M Ala
William C " 1 M ala
Mary Harris,  65 F Va (her mother)

1880 Pct 6, Johnson Co, Texas P 376A
T. W. Hollingsworth 40 WM Ala TN Ala Farmer  (Thomas Wiley)*
M. E. " 33 WF Tx Ga Ga wife (dtr of S P Hollingsworth & Martha Elston))
Wyly C. " 7 WM Tx Ala Tx son 
Stephen P."  6 WF Tx Al Tx son 
Mattie E."  4 WF Tx Al Tx Dtr
Mary M. " 2 WF Tx Al Tx
D E Vaughan 22 WM Ten At school
*(son of Wiley Hollingsworth & Martha Harris)

1900 Johnson Co, Tx Pct 6, P 294 HH 109-110
Thomas W Hollingsworth 60 WM May 1840 Ala Ala Ala Occ: Grocer marr 30 yrs
Mary " 53 WF July, 1846 Tx Tenn Ala Wife Had 4 ch-4 living (Dtr of S. P & Martha)
Stephen P " 26 WM Mch, 1874 Tx Tenn Ala Single son
Mattie V Slater 24 WF Nov, 1875 Dtr Widow No children
Martha Hollingsworth 68 WF Nov, 1832  Rel: Mother-in-law Widow Had 4 ch 3 living Ala NC
(Wid of Stephen Perry Hollingsworth)

April 22,1910 Tarrant Co, Tx  Pct 1, (Pt) ED 91, SD 12, P 10A HH 1881-184
M E Hollingsworth 63 WF Widow  Tx Ga Ga marr'd 40 yrs, Had 4 children, 4 living
Stephen " 36 WM Single Tx Ala Tx Rel: Son Occ: Surveyor, City Offices
Martha " 79 WF Ga NJ Ga  Rel: Mother Widow marr'd 65 yrs, Had 4 children, 3 living

1910 Walnut Springs, Pct 3, Bosque Co, Tx ED40 HH 164-176-Wyley C Hollingsworth 47 WM Tx Ala Tx Rural Mail Carrier, Mollie " 47 WF wife Miss NC SC, Clyde Norris 21 WM single Boarder, Tx Miss Tx Rural Mail Carrier

1920 Tarrant Co,  (Polytechnic Town) ED 90 3019 Millett Ave, HH 26-31
Albert Lowe 50 WM Tx Tn Ind Dairyman farmer
Mattie E. " 44 WF Tx Ala Tx wife (Dtr of T. W. & Mary E. (Hollingsworth) Hollingsworth
Mary E. " 73 WF Widow Tx NJ Ga Rel: Mother-in-law (Wid of T. W. Hollingsworth & Dtr of S. P & Martha Elston Hollingsworth)
Robert Blanton 16 WM Tx Tx Tx farm labor

1930 Tarrant Co, Tx (Ft Worth) ED80, P 39A HH 3-3 3037 Millett Ave
Albert Lowe 61 WM Tx Tenn Ind Dairyman (M) @ age 37
Mattie " 54 WF Tx Ala Tx (M) @ age 30  (Hollingsworth)
Thomas " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Yancy Redding 74 WM lodger Wid Tn Tn Tn

Civil War Pensions Applications-Texas Index
Hollingsworth, Mary E. 34913 Tarrant Co, Widow of Hollingsworth, Thomas Wiley
CSA Alabama-dated Jan 29, 1918 filed Feb 5, 1918, Approved Feb 26, 1918, Pension Allowed Mar 1, 1918


5. Salina Hollinngsworth Died young


6. Mary Ann Hollingsworth Born Ca 1820 Franklin Co., Tennessee Died: Oct. 11, 1861 Rusk Co., Tex
(M) William C. Kelley August 1, 1839 Benton Co., Ala 
Rusk Co., Probate Case 696 Mar, 1862
He died pr to July 1864 Rusk Co, Tx-Case # 806 July 8, 1864
His brother Benj. G. Kelley was involved in Estate Case 968, Nov 10, 1868
Minors: Fannie E, Case # 937, William C., Case 935
The Estate records on this family are also covered in Benton Co, Ala records

1850 Rusk Co, Texas Census HH 101
Wm. C. Kelley 35 M Tenn Farmer $6,000
Mary Ann (Hollingsworth) 30 F Tenn
Drayton " 10 M Ala (Missing from 1860 Census)
Texanna " 8 F Ala (M) J R Scales Jan 9, 1861 Rusk Co)
Stephen " 6 M Ala  (Missing 1860 census)
Laura " 4 F Ala (M) Richard M. Wynne Jan 23, 1867 Rusk Co
Mary " 1 F Ala (Missing 1860 census)
John S Kelley 21 M Tenn (Bro?)

Henderson Daily Times
June 2, 1855
To the Sheriff of Rusk Co... You are hereby commanded to summon O. C. Reed, by appear at the Court House on the first Sat. of June next at 10 o'clock... to answer the complaint of George H. Ramey... debt due by account, for the sum of $800.40. W. C. Kelly, J. P.

1860 Rusk Co, Tx Bt 1, Henderson PO HH 186-192/193
William C. Kelley 45 M Tenn farmer $2,000/15,000
Mary " 40 F Tenn (Mary Ann Hollingsworth)
Texana " 18 F Tx (M) John R. Scales Jan 9, 1861 Rusk Co-
Laura " 14 F Tx  (M) Richard  M Wynne Jan 23, 1867 Rusk Co Tx
Wm. C. " 4 M Tx
Fannie E. " 2 F GA (M) Hugh L. Stone Oct 21, 1879 Rusk Co, Tx
Elizabeth Ramey 40 F Ala
Nancy " 17 F Ala
Samuel J." 13 M Ala
James "10 M Aaa
Thomas " 7 M Tx

1870 Rusk Co, Tx (Henderson) P 336A HH 121-124
Richard M Wynne  26 WM Tenn Law Student 15,000/1,000
Laura B. " 22 WF Tx (Kelley)
Douglass P " 1 WM Tx
Fannie E Kelley 13 WF Tx In School 15,000/150.

1880 Rusk Co, Tx (Henderson PO) P 16D (CD)
R M Wynne 35 WM Tn Tn Tn Attorney-At-law
Laura B. " 33 WF Tx Al Al Wife (Kelly) * 
Wm. P. " 11 WM Tx Tn Tx  Son at school
Laura P. " 8 WF Tx Tn Tx dtr at school
R. M. Jr. " 5 WM Tx Tn Tx Son
W C Kelly 23 WM Tx Al Al Bro-in-law Occ: Attorney-at-law
Mary Scales 17 WF Tx Tn Al Niece (Her parents are in 1880 McLennan Co)
*Laura B. Kelly married Richard M. Wynne Jan 23, 1867 Rusk Co, Tx

1880 Rusk Co, Tx (Henderson PO) P 2C (CD)
H L Stone 28 WM Tx Tx Tn
F E " 22 WF Tx Al Al wife
Fannie E. Kelly married Hugh L. Stone Oct 21, 1879 Rusk Co, Tx

1880 McLennan Co, Tx (Waco PO) P 179D
J R Scales 43 WM Tn NC NC Physician
Texanah " 35 WN Ala TN TN Wife  (Kelley)
Wm W. " 10 WM Tx son
Mellrose  " 4 WM Tx son
Dalton " 2 WM Son
Their dtr Mary S. Scales (M) Perry D Chapman, Rusk Co, Tx Dec 23, 1880 She died 1889

1900 Rusk Co Texas,  Henderson Town, Pct 1 (Pt) ED 79 HH 126-128
Perry D Chapman 45 WM July 1854 Tx SC SC Marr 10 yrs County Treasurer
Sadie " 30 WF Nov, 1864 Tx Tenn GaWife Marr 10 yrs Had 5 ch-4 living
Elfin L. " 18 WF Nov 1881 Tx Tx Tx single dtr (By #1 wife Mary S. Scales)
Grace " 15 WF Nov, 1884 Tx Tx Tx single dtr (By #1 wife Mary S Scales)
May " 07  WF (Prob sh be WM) Sept 1892 (Says son but prob Dtr) Tx Tx Tx single @School
Don " 5 WM Sept 1894 Tx Tx Tx son
Perry D, Jr. " 3 WM Jan 1897 Tx Tx Tx son
Gladys " 2 WF April 1898 Tx Tx Tx dtr

Rusk County, Texas  Cemetery Records: (Mary F. Dunn)
New Prospect Cemetery, NE of Henderson
Mary Scales Chapman, wife of P. D. Nov 28, 1861-Aug 28, 1889 
Perrie Chapman, Dtr of P. D. & Mary -Mar 27, 1888-July 6, 1889

1900 Tarrant Co, Texas (City of Ft. Worth) 1000 Weatherford St., HH 9-11 ED 108, P 108
Richard M Wynne 55 WM  June 1844 Tenn Tenn Tenn Lawyer married 33 yrs
Laura B. " 51 WF  Dec, 1848  Tx Ala Ala wife Had 4 children, 4 living
William P " 31 WM Jan, 1869 son Tx Tenn Tex Dentist marr 10 yrs
Richard M " 24 WM Aug, 1875 Div. Son Tx Tenn Tx  Lawyer
James H " 17 WM Sept 1882 single son Tx Tenn Tx In school
Virginia D. " 31 WF Mar, 1869 Va Va Va dtr-in-law Marr 10 yrs No children
Richard M " 07 WM June, 1892 Tx Tenn Va gr/son in school
Laura P " 05 WF March, 1895 Tx Tenn Va gr/dtr 
& 1 servant, 36BF

1900 Navarro Co, Tx 3 W. Corsicana, ED99, P 173 (1002 3rd Ave, HH 503-536
Hugh L Stone 45 WM (1855) US Unk. Unk. Lawyer
Fanny " (Kelley) 47 WF (1858) US Unk Unk wife
Hugh L " 14 WM Mch, 1885 Tx US US son in school

1900 Dallas Co, Texas (Oak Cliff Town) ED 145 P 249A 251 Tenth St HH 461-488
John R Scales 72 WM Aug, 1827 Tenn NC NC marr 38 yrs
Texanna P " (Kelley) 57 WF Dec, 1847 Ala Tenn Tenn wife had 6 children 3 living
Watson " 36 WM Jan 1869 Tx Tenn Ala marr 8 yrs
Annie " 29 WF Tx __ __ dtr-in-law marr 8 yrs had 2 ch-2 licing
Melrose " 23 WM Aug, 1876 Tx Tenn Ala son single
Dalton " 21 WM Feby 1879 Tx Tenn Ala son single
Ivey J " 6 WF Aug 1893m  Tx Tx Tx Gr/dtr
Jolly W. " 5 WM Mch, 1895 Tx Tx Tx gr/son
No Occupation given for any occupants


7. Hannah Belzora Hollingsworth Born April 18, 1822 Franklin Co., Tenn. Died Jan 13, 1883 Van Zandt Co, Tx Bur: White Rose Cemetery, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Tx
(M) Charles A. Haden (Hayden) Nov. 13, 1847 Rusk Co., Tex
He was born March 19, 1817 died Jan 19, 1905-White Rose Cem.Wills Point, Van Zandt Co

1850 Rusk Co, Tx HH 325-325
Charles A. Haden 33 M Mass Shoe/Boot Maker
Hannah Belzora  " 27 F Tenn (Hollingsworth)
Thomas Glenroy " 7/12 M Tx

1860 Rusk Co, Texas  New London Bt 2, P 58 HH 362-372
Charles A. Hayden 44 M Miss Miller 533/3800
Belzora "  38 F Texas (Hollingsworth)
Thomas " 10  M Tx
Charles"  8 M Tx
Aaron " 5M Tx
Mary " 3F Tx
Orlando " 11/12 M Tx
William P Wright 23 M Va Millwright
F M Robertson 25 M GA Mill labor
James H Smith 45 M NC 3533/1650

1870 Van Zandt Co, Texas,  Canton PO P 178 HH 31-333
Chas. A. Haden 52 WM Farmer 1800/1800 NJ
Hannah B. " 47 WF Tenn Keeping house (Hollingsworth)
Thomas " 20 WM  Tx farming
Charles B. " 18 WM Tx farming -(died 1877 Van Zandt Co White Rose Cem, Wills Point)
Erah " 15 WF Tx  (Arah) (M) James A Pate
Mary " 13 Wf Tx  (M) Ambrose J High
Allonda (Orlando N.) " 11 WM Tx -(died 1879-White Rose Cem, Wills Point)
Patton  " 6 WM Tx (Peyton-died 1886, White Rose Cem)

The following has been taken from the History of the Community of Hayden or "Cow Prairie" in Van Zandt Co, Texas-
"Charlie and Hannah Hayden owned a farm in the Cow Prairie community. C. A. Hayden, born 10 Mar 1817, and died 19 Jan 1905, and his wife, H. B. Hayden, born 18 Apr 1822, died 13 Jan 1883, are buried in the White Rose Cemetery in Wills Point. Mr. and Mrs. Hayden owned a farm in the Cow Prairie community and undoubtedly were much admired by Dr. E. G. Tynes, the first postmaster, for their name was written in for the proposed post office on the application he signed.

The first Cow Prairie School was a log cabin located about a mile west of the present day location of the Hayden Baptist Church. In Van Zandt County Scholastic Record for the Term 1888-1889, the Cow Prairie School is listed as number 17., etc etc"

Charlie and Hannah Hayden were very concerned about the building of a new church and decided to work toward this goal. Mrs. Hayden rode a horse over all the community to solicit money for this building of their dreams. Because of their love and support the people gave their name to the church. This was six months after the post office was discontinued. One Sunday in Jan, 1904, before Rev. R. M. Wilson delivered his sermon, the church body decided to dedicate the new church the third Sunday in March. etc etc"

On 24 Aug 1895, James R. and Sarah M. Box deeded two acres of land to the school and a frame, two-story building was erected east of where the church is now, at the crossroads. The upper floor of this building was used as the meeting place of the Woodsman Lodge.

In Jan, 1900, the members of the Baptist Church, then at Myrtle Springs, voted to change their meeting place to the Cow Prairie School House.

Sarah M. Box deeded 1.3 acres of land on 18 Mar 1904, for the purpose of building a church

* HAYDEN: Located at Hayden Springs one mile S/W of Myrtle Springs on the O. L. Pate ranch. Large numbers of buffalo grazed here until about 1860."

1880 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 119 P 24C
Charley A. Haden 63 M NJ NJ NJ Farmer
Belzora  " 58 WF Tenn PA _ * (Hollingsworth)_
Thomas G. " 30 WM Tx NJ Tn Son (M) Sarah J Jeter Apr 29, 1883 Van Zandt Co
Mary E. " 23 WF Tx NJ TX Dtr (M) A J (Ambrose) High Nov 29, 1893 Van Zandt Co
B. Paten " 16 WM Tx NJ Tx son (Peyton-died 1886 Van Zandt Co, Tx White Rose Cem
Watson Bunton 21 WM Tx laborer
* ( Hannah Belzora Hollingsworth Hayden died 1883 Van Zandt Co-White Rose Cemetery, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Tx)

1880 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 132 P 126C
James A Pate 24 WM Mo Ala Ala farmer
Ara " 25 WF Tx Mass. Ala wife (Arah Hayden) (M) May 11, 1879 Van Zandt Co, Tx

1900 Van Zandt Co Texas Pct 3, P 96 HH 58-58
Thomas G. Hayden 50 WM Feb 1850 Tex Mass Tenn Farmer marr 17 yrs
Sarah " 36 WF Tx La Tx wife Had 4 ch-4 living ( Jeter) marr 4/29/1883
Ollie " 18 WF Aug, 1885 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Clara B."  13 WF July 1886 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Myrtie E. " 10 WF Feb, 1890 Tx Tx Tx dtr
E. Glenroy " 4 WF Aug 1876 Tx Tx Tx dtr ("Glennie" (M) Henry Rockenbaugh Jan 3, 1915)
Charles A. Hayden 83 WM March, 1817 Mass __ __ Rel: Father Widower

Pct 1, P 6  
Ambros High 31 WM Tx Tenn Ala Widower farmer Boarder in HH of John Trawick 
A J High married Mary Haden Nov 22, 1893 Van Zandt Co, Tx She died 1894-White Rose Cem, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Tx

1900 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pct 3, P 139 HH 239-242
James A Pate 44 WM Aug, 1855 WM Ky Tenn Ky farmer Marr 10 yrs
Willie " 29 WF Apr 1877 Tex Tenn Ala wife Had 4 ch-4 living (#2 wife)
Lillie B."  19 WF Feb 1881 Tx Ky Tx dtr single school teacher (By #1 wife)*
Joe C. " 14 WM Nov 1885 Tx Ky Tx son single @ school (By #1 wife)
Oscar L "   9 WM May 1891 son
Ellis E " 6 WM July 1893 son
Elsie M " 5 April 1895 dtr
Lucy M " 1 WF Oct 1898 dtr

J A Pate married A C (Arah) Hayden May 11, 1879 Van Zandt Co She died 1887-White Rose Cem, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Tx
J A Pate (M) #2-W M Stewart Sept 19, 1889 Van Zandt Co

1910 Collin Co, Tx (Pct 2 Farmersville) P 238a, HH 9-9
Lillie B. Pate 26 WF Tx Ala Ga Single School Teacher, Public Schools (sh be 29) Boarder

1910 Van Zandt Co, Tx P 127b, Pct 3, Broadmoore Ranch Rd HH 84-84
T G Hayden 60 WM Tx Mass Tenn farmer
Sarah " 45 WF Tx La La wife
Clara ? " 25 WF single dtr Tx Tx Tx
Glenroy " 14 WF dtr Tx Tx Tx
Gordon " 4 WM son Tx Tx Tx

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx ED 128 Pct 3, P 58 HH 84-85
Thomas G. Hayden 68 WM
Sarah J. 55 WF wife (Jeter)
Henry Rockenbaugh 27 WM son-in-law
Glenroy " 24 WF dtr (Hayden)
Gordon Hayden 14 WM son (M) Mary Delilah Buchanan
Ralph Hardy 8 WM gr/son

1920 Van Zandt Co, Tx Pct 3, ED 127 P 10B HH 221-243
James A Pate 64 WM Widower
Oscar " 28 WM Son single
Stuard (Stewart) " 12 WM son 
Lucille " 24 WF Dtr single
Maurine " 18 Wf dtr single
Lillie " 35 WF Dtr single (by #1 wife)

White Rose Cemetery, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, Texas
Mary E High  1857-1894 (Hayden-w/o Ambrose J High)
Baby High 1894-1894 (Perhaps her child?)
HAYDEN C. A. 1817 1905 
HAYDEN Charles B. . 25 YRS 7 MO. 1877
HAYDEN Columbus D. 1885 1956 (I have not placed this person-sgs)
HAYDEN H. B. 1822 1883 (Hannah Belzora Hollingsworth)
HAYDEN Mary Delilah 1914 NONE  (Buchanan, w/o Thos. Gordon Hayden 1905-1981)
HAYDEN Ollie 1884 1916 
HAYDEN Orlander N. 1859 1879 
HAYDEN Orlando N. U/R U/R 
HAYDEN Payten 22 Y 22 D 1886 
HAYDEN Sarah  J. 1864 1937 
HAYDEN Thomas  G. 1850 1921 
HAYDEN Thomas Gordon 1905 1981
PATE Arah G. 1854 1887 (Hayden) #1 w/o Jas A Pate
PATE Ida Belzora 1883 1889 (child of Arah G.Hayden & J A Pate)
PATE James A. 1855 1932
PATE Willie M. 1871 1913 (#2 wife of Jas A Pate) & other Pates buried here.
ROCKENBAUGH, Glennine No dates (Glenroy "Glennie" Hayden)
ROCKENBAUGH, Robert Henry 1892-1956


8. Rachael Died young


9. Jacob Porter died young


10. W. Benjamin Porter Hollingsworth  Born Ca 1828 Franklin Co., Tenn Died: 1867 Rusk Co., Texas-No record of marriage/family HH w/mother, 1850 Rusk Co., Tx

Was a partner with Lynn T. "Tol" Barret in producing the first oil well in Tex-located at Oil Springs, Nacogdoches Co., Tx

Benjamin P Hollingsworth was also a partner in a Law Firm with his Brother J. B. Hollingsworth in Austin,  under the name of Hollingsworth & Bro.  The firm was located in Swenson's Building, No 25, over nDuffau's Drug Store. (Ref: Republic of Texas Claims online, Texas State Library)

1860 Austin, Travis Co, Tx HH 480
John Burlage 32 M Born Brenan Occ: Lawyer
F. " 36 F Ga & 5 Burlage children
B. P. Hollingsworth 32 M Tenn  Occ: Lawyer*
W A Tarleton 34 M Ala Lawyer
*(Benjamin P. Hollingsworth, son of Benj. & Joicey Jones Hollingsworth)
Partner w/o Tol Barret in first oil well drilled in Texas @ Oil Springs

Handbook of Texas
 OIL SPRINGS:  Nacogdoches County, Texas 

. Oil Springs is on Farm Road 226 thirteen miles east of Nacogdoches in
southeastern Nacogdoches County. Indians used oil seepage in the area for medicinal purposes. As early
as 1790 Spanish and Anglo settlers learned the Indians' use of the oil, and also applied it to their animals as a salve and used it to grease their axles and wheels. 
In late 1859, Lyne Taliaferro Barret perhaps
inspired by Edwin Drake's 1859 discovery of oil in Pennsylvania, leased land at Oil Springs and began to drill.

On December 21, 1865, Barret, of Melrose, along with partners Benjamin P. Hollingsworth, Charles A. Hamilton, John T. Flint, and John B.
Earle organized the Melrose Petroleum Oil Company. Three drilling contracts had already been made for the
benefit of the company, including another one with Skillern heirs on October 9, 1865. Drilling began during
the summer of 1866 and resulted in the first producing oil well in the state, which came in at a depth of 106
feet by September 12, 1866. The well, located at Oil Springs, produced about ten barrels a day. Samples
were forwarded to the Department of Emigration in New York, which pronounced the oil
"superior in all its properties." 
On the advice of oilmen in Shreveport, Barret went to New York and Pennsylvania to
examine equipment before purchase. There he met John F. Carll, a civil engineer, and on March 1, 1867,
Barret and others made financial obligations to Carll, who had agreed to run tests and assist in development of
the property. According to Barret, Carll's financial backer, Brown Brothers of Titusville, Pennsylvania, wrote
on the day of the test that the low price of oil and the political unrest caused by Reconstruction  made the
development of the field unfeasible. Impatient investors wanted to sell their interest in the company but turned
down Barret's offers of land and demanded cash. Despite encouragement by Carll in 1868, when oil prices
went up again, the field was never developed. Barret suffered extensive financial loss and returned to the
mercantile business in Melrose. Later he saw the field developed with an oil boom in 1887 at what became
known as Oil City.


11. H. Joseph Benton Hollingsworth  Born Feb. 26, 1830 Franklin Co., Tennessee Died: Nov 5, 1911 Oklahoma (1900 lived with dtr Ida Still in Cherokee Nation, Indian Terr, Oklahoma
(M) Sarah B. Carpenter Jan 13, 1859 Calhoun Co, Ala
       Born Sept 2, 1835 Lincoln Co., NC Died Sept 25, 1899 Bushy Mount, Muskogee, Okla
J B Hollingsworth-Sarah Carpenter Jan 13, 1859 Ref: Calhoun Co, Ala Marriages

J B Hollingsworth was also a land agent in partnership with his brother B P Hollingsworth, Attorney, in Austin, Texas under the name of Hollingsworth & Bros. They were located in the Swenson's Building, No 25, over Duffau's Drug Store, Austin, Texas (Ref: Republic of Texas Claims online, Texas State Library)

Children: Hollingsworth
   a. Ara Ellen  Born Nov,17, 1859 Jacksonville, Calhoun Co, Ala
                Died Feb 21, 1936 Tyler, Smith Co, Tx
        (M) Harrison Taylor Gilliam March 3, 1878 Rusk Co, Tx
        Born May, 1848 Tenn d. Feb. 22, 1917 Smith Co, Texas
        1. Pearl  born July 1880 Tx (M) ________Robertson
            (Widowed school teacher 1920 Smith Co, Tx-No Children
        2. Sibyl Born Nov 1884 Tx 
        3. Annie L. Born April, 1887 Tx
        4. Mabel Born Mar, 1889 Tx 
        5. Helen Born Aug, 1891 Tx d. Jan 1, 1967 Smith Co., Tx  (Single, Stenographer, 1920 Smith Co, Tx)
        6. Brooksie Born Oct, 1894 Tx (single, school teacher, 1920 Smith Co, Tx)
        7. Fredrick L. Born July 1896 Tx (single, Bank Teller 1920 Smith Co, Tx)
        8. Edwin Born May, 1898 Tx d.  Dec. 24, 1974 Smith Co., Tx  (single, bookkeeper 1920 Smith Co, Tx)
        9. Louise Born Ca 1902 Tx
       10. Ruth Born Ca 1905 Tx
    b. Ida   Born March 2, 1862 Jacksonville, Calhoun Co., Ala (Widow in 1900 Okla)
        (M) William  H Still December 17, 1885 Smith Co., Tx  (full blood Cherokee Indian)

"Mr. W. H. Still and his bride Miss Ida Hollingsworth are spending their honeymoon and Christmas Holidays in Overton before leaving for the Cherokee Nation where they will make their home." (p.2,c.4) January 6. 1886-Rusk County News"
        1. Clarence A Still Born Jan 1887 Tx
            (lived 1910, 1930 Brewer T/S Muskogee Co, Okla)
            (M) #1 Ca 1909 Della_____
            (M) #2 Janie B._____  
        2. Beulah Still Born Dec, 1887 Texas
        3. William H Still Born May, 1890 Cherokee Nation, Indian Terr. Oklahoma
    c. John Forrest Born Dec, 27, 1864 Jacksonville, Calhoun Co., Al 
        Died June 7, 1910 Douglas, Cochise Co., Arizona- (Death Cert shows Forest Hollingsworth 45 WM single, Death Date as June 9, 1909, Douglas, Chochise, Arizona  Cause of death: Abcessed liver;  Burial: Muskogee, Oklahoma Undertaker: Ferguson; Death Cert. signed by F. T. Wright, Attendant-single, farmer 1900 Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, Did not marry
    d. Wiley Benjamin Lawson Born Dec 9,1866*  Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx  Died: Jan, 27, 1932 Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona, aged 63 yrs, 1M, 18 days  (1920 Douglas T/S, Cochise Co., Arizona; April 10, 1930 Contractor, Tucson, Arizona, Occ: Road & Bridge Construction; April 21, 1930 National Home T/S,  L A Co., Calif., Military Home Inmate Did Not Marry) Death Cert. shows Wiley B. Hollingsworth, WM age: 63Y,  1M, 18d; Occ: Construction, Marital status: Unknown; Res: 114 Convent St., Tucson, Ariz.; birth date (from personal papers in his possession)  Dec 9, 1868, Cause of death, natural causes w/history of asthma Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Undertaker: Parker-Grimsley, signed by Lewis M Norwood, MD

US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, B. Hollingsworth, b. abt 1868* Texas, Admitted: 1929, age 61 yrs, State: California, County: Los Angeles, City: Sawtelle, Branch: Pacific; Military History: Service Enlistment Date/Place: May 13, 1898, Austin, Texas; Rank: Priv; Co/Regt: 2nd Texas Infantry; Time/Place of Discharge: Nov. 9, 1898, Dallas, Texas; Cause: Med., Disability when admitted to Home: Heart Disease/Arthritis; Where born: Texas; Age: 61 yrs, Ht: 70", Complexion: Light, Blue eyes, gray hair, Read/Write: Yes; Religion: Prot., Occ: Carpenter, Residence subsequent to admission: Tucson, Arizona; Marital status: single Nearest Rel: Mrs. Beulah Gilmore, E. Okmulgee St., Muskogee, Oklahoma; Rate of Pension: $30.00; Date of Admission/Re-admission: July 3, 1929, Pension Certificate: 553671
     e. Beulah Born Nov. 16,  1868 Old London, Rusk Co., Tx
         Died June 7, 1951 Tyler, Smith Co, Tx
         (M) Robert M Gilmore Ca 1895 
         They had no Children -She a widow in 1920, 1930 Muskogee Co, Okla
     f. Orlando Watt Born Sept 23, 1870 Old London., Rusk Co., Tx 
        Died April 21, 1937 (Asthma) Muskogee Co., Okla
        Bur: Green Hill Cem., Muskogee Co, Oklahoma
        (Lived 1910 Porter T/S Muskogee Co, Okla-Clerk, Co. Clerk's Office, 1930 Douglas T/S,  Cochise, Arizona,  Bookkeeper, Style Shop Wife Owns Style Shop
        (M) May Hill abt 1906
        Born abt 1890 Neb.
        1. Herman H. Born  Sept 1, 1908 Okla Died Dec 15, 1990 
            Bur: Fort Gibson National Cem., Muskogee Co, Oklahoma (US Army CPL) lives w/Aunt Beulah Gilmore 1930 Muskogee, Okla. Single, salesman, Grocery store
        2. Robert B. Born Ca 1909 Okla
            (single, Artist (advertising), Lodger, Kenze HH, 1930 Chicago, Cook Co., Ill)
    g. Mary Belzora Born Jan 24, 1872 Old London, Rusk Co., Tx
        Died Oct. 14, 1872 Old London, Rusk Co., Tx
        Buried: Asbury Church, Pleasant Hill, Rusk Co., Tx
    h. Jones Brooks Born Nov 26, 1875 Overton, Rusk Co., Tx
        Died March 14, 1930 (Heart problems) Muskogee Co., Okla
        Bur: Green Hill Cem., Muskogee, Oklahoma
        Plot purchased by B. Hollingsworth
        He is Retail Merchant, Groceries, in 1920 Muskogee Co, Okla
        (M) Doris _____Born Ca 1899 Tx Died: April 19, 1921 (gall stones)
        Bur: Green Hill Cem., Muskogee. Oklahoma
        Plot purchased by B. Hollingsworth

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Brooks Hollingsworth, 1517 E Okmulgee, Muskogee, Muskogee, Okla., age 42 yrs, born Nov. 26, 1875, white, natural born citizen, Occ: Bookkeeper, Continental Fuel Co., 601 Burns? Bldg., Muskogeer, Okla. Nearest Rel: Doris Hollingsworth, same add., Sig: Brooks Hollingsworth, Reg. Report: Ht: Med., Bld, Med., Brown eyes, dark brown hair, No disabilities. Sig: M D Tipton, Reg., local board, Muskogee, Muskogee, Okla., Sept 12, 1918

 i. James Irion Born June 25, 1879 Overton Rusk Co., Tx 
        (M) pr to 1920 Lola R. Spence Born Ca 1890 Mo
        He is a Physician in 1920 Muskogee Co, Okla;  Physician, 1930 Waurika, Jefferson Co, Okla
        No children
        (M) #2 Inez Leary (Nurse)
        Born Ca 1908 MO

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-James Irion Hollingsworth, 82121 J Muskogee, Muskogee, Okla., age 39 yrs. b. June. 25, 1879, white, natural born citizen, Occ: Doctor; Muskogee, Okla., Nearest Rel: Mrs. Lola Hollingsworth, Sig: James Irion Hollingsworth;  Reg. Report: Med. Ht, Med, Bld, brown eyes, dark hair,  No disabilities, Sig: Jesse? E Shute?, Reg., local board, Muskogee, Muskogee, Okla., Sept 12, 1918

1860 Travis Co, Tx HH # 750
J. B. Hollingsworth 30 M Tenn Agent (H. Joseph Benton)
S. A. " 26 F NC (Carpenter) (M) Calhoun Co., Ala
A. 8/12 F Tx

1870 Rusk Co, Tx Henderson PO Pct 1, HH 451-464 Aug 12, 1870
H. J. B. Hollingsworth 40 WM Tenn Retail Merchant $300/2500. (H. Joseph Benton)
Sarah B. WF NC (Carpenter)
Ella " 10 WF Tx (Ellen A.)
Ida " 9 WF Ala
John " 5 WM Tx
Wiley " 4 WM Tx
Beulah " 2 WF Tx
Ella Hollingsworth (M) H F (T) Gilliam Mar 3, 1878 Rusk, Co., Tx

1880 Rusk Co, Tx Overton PO  HH 12-12 P 50B
Joseph Hollingsworth 50 WM Tn PA Ga Clerk in store (H. Joseph Benton)
Sarah A. W. " NC NC NC wife
Ida " 18 WF Al TN NC dtr at school (M) W. H. Still (Cherokee Indian) moved to Oklahoma Territory
Forest "  15 WM  Al Tn NC  son fancy grocer (John Forrest)
Wiley " 13 Tx Tn NC son fancy grocer
Beulah " 11 WF Tx Tn NC dtr at school (M) Robt. M. Gilmore (Moved to Okla Terr.)
Watt. "  9 WM Tx TN NC son at school (Orlando Watt)
Brooks " 4 WM Tx TN NC Son (M) Doris____(Lived Muscogee, Okla, 1920)
James I.  " 11Mos WM Tx Tn NC son (M) Lola R.Spence (Physician, Muscogee, Okla, 1920)

1880 Rusk Co Tx-P50A Overton PO 
Taylor Gilliam 32 WM Tn SC SC Dry Goods Merchant
Ellen " 20 WF Ala TN Ala Wife (Ellen Hollingsworth, dtr of Joseph, above)

1900 Smith Co, Tx Pct 1 Tyler City, ED 96 P 54A & 54B HH 27-28
Harmon T. Gilliam 52 WM May, 1848 Tenn SC SC farmer marr 22 yrs
Vada E. " (Ellen Hollingsworth) 40 WF Nov, 1859 Tx Ala Ala Had 10 ch-8 living
Peal " 19 WF July, 1880 Tx Tenn Tx Dtr single School Teacher
Sibyl " 15 WF Nov, 1884 Tx Tenn Tx Dtr single 
Annie L " 13 WF April, 1887 Tx Tenn Tx dtr
Mabel " 11WF Mar, 1889 Tx Tenn Tx dtr
Hellen " 08 WF Aug, 1891 Tx Tenn Tx dtr
Brooksie " 05 WF Oct, 1894 Tx Tenn Tx dtr
Frederick L " 03 WM July, 1896 Tx Tenn Tx son
Edwin " 02 WM May, 1898 Tx Tenn Tx son

1920 Smith Co, Tx ED 80, P 1A (Tyler City) 523 E. Erwin St. HH 4-5
Ella Gilliam 60 WF Widow Tex Tenn Ala (Hollingsworth)
Hellen " 28 WF Single dtr Stenographer Tx Tenn Tx
Brooksie " 26 WF Single dtr School Teacher Tx Tenn Tx
Fred " 24 WM single son Bank Teller Tx Tenn Tx
Edwin " 21 WM single son Bookkeeper Tx Tenn Tx
Louise " 18 WF single dtr No Occ Tx Tenn Tx
Ruth " 15 WF single dtr No Occ Tx Tenn Tx
Pearl Robertson 36 WF Dtr Widow School Teacher Tx Tenn Tx
HH 4-6
Stanley Shahan 20 WM Mechanic Tx Tx Tx
Ruby " 18 WF Wife Tx Ga Tx

1900 Indian Territory , Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, T/S 13N, Range 19E, P 300 HH 159-159
Ida Still  35 WF Mch, 1865 Tex Tenn NC farming Widow had 3 ch-3 living
Clarence A. " 13 Male Jan 1887 Tx Tx Ala  son
Bulah " 12 Fe Dec 1887 Tx Tx Ala dtr
William H " 10 May 1890 Ind. Terr. Tex Ala son
Joseph B. Hollingsworth 70 WM Feb 1835 Tenn NC Tenn Widow Rel: Father
John F. (Forrest) Hollingsworth 35 WM Dec 1865 Tx Tenn NC Single Rel: Brother Occ: farming

Statistics relevant to Indians
Clarence H Still Cherokee Father: Cherokee Mother: White Mixed Blood 1/2
Bulah Still Cherokee Father: Cherokee Mother: White Mixed Blood: 1/2
William H Still Cherokee Father: Cherokee Mother: White Mixed Blood: 1/2

1900 Indian Territory, Creek Nation, Muskogee, Oklahoma Ward 1, P 271  HH 21-21
Robert M Gilmore 60 WM  July 1839 Ky Ky Ky City Assessor marr 5 yrs
Beulah " 31 WF   Nov 1868 Tx Tenn Ala wife Had 0 children (Hollingsworth)
J B  (Brooks) Hollingsworth  23 WM Nov 1876 Single brother-in-law Tx Tenn Ala Deliveryman
James Hollingsworth 20 WM May, 1880 single brother-in-law  Tx Tenn Ala Occ: Student

1910  Muskogee Co, Oklahoma,  Porter T./S (Pt of Muskogee City) ED118, P 18a HH 6-6
Robert W. Gilmore 70 WM Ky Ky Ky M#3-14 yrs No Occ given
Beulah " 41 WF Tx Tn NC wife  M#1 14 yrs No children
HH 6-7
Orlando W (Watt) Hollingsworth 39 WM Tx Tn NC Clerk, Co, Clerk's Office M#1, 4 yrs
May " 20 WF Neb. NY Pa wife M#1, 4 yrs had 2 ch-2 living
Herman " 2 WM Okla Tx Neb son
Robert " 2 WM Okla Tx Neb son
William Still 19 WM single Okla Tx Ala NEPHEW Occ: Motorman, street car
Susanna Cobb 19 WF Single boarder dressmaker

1910 Muskogee Co, Okla Porter T/S (3rd Wd Muskogee) ED 118, P 70a 
Brooks Hollingsworth 35 WM single Tenn Tenn NC Bookkeeper, County Clerk's Office
Lodger in HH of Charles Bryant

1910 Muskogee Co, Okla (Brewer T/S) ED 95, P 182b HH 169-171
Clarence Still 22 WM Tx TRx Tx genl. farming M#1, 1 yr
Della " 17 WF Okla US US wife No ch
Myrtle Morris 15 WF Okla US US sis-in-law
Charles Morris 19 WM Bro-in-law Okla US US

1910 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma (2 Wd Miami) ED 161, P 162b HH 278-279
James I  Hollingsworth 30 WM Tx US US M#1, 4 yrs Medical Doctor
Lola R. " 22 WF Kan Mo Ind wife No children

1920 Muskogee Co, Okla, Muskogee City, ED 82 P 2B
E. Okmulgee St, 1517-35-48
Beulah Gilmore  51 WF Tx Tenn Ala Widow
Brooks Hollingsworth 44 WM  Tex Tenn Ala Brother Retail Merchant-groceries
Doris " 31 WF Tx US US Sis-in-law saleslady 

ED 80, P 1A
James I. Hollingsworth 40 WM Tx OK US Occ: Doctor
Lola R. " 30 WF Mo Mo Ind wife 

1920 Douglas T/S, Cochise Co, Arizona  ED20 (9th St., International Hotel)
W B Hollingsworth 60 WM US US US lodger Occ: Contractor, County Roads

1920  Douglas T/S Wd 5, Cochise Co, Arizona 1228 Lane St., ED24 SD2, Sh 6A HH 129-174 Watt Hollingsworth 49 WM Tx Tn NC Bookkeeper, Style Shop; Mary " 33 WF wife, Neb., NY Pa, Business, Style Shop;  Herman " 12 WM Tx son Tx Tx Neb; Robert " 11 WM son Tx Tx Neb

1930 Douglas T/S, Cochise Co., Arizona Pct 6, SD3, ED2-33, Sheet 1B, HH 16-16, 1415  T Ave., Watt O Hollingsworth  59WM Wid. Tx TN NC Occ: Bookkeeper, Saloon, Lodger in HH of John R Speer

April 10, 1930 Pima Co, Arizona, (Pct 2, Tucson) ED 44, P 4B HH 25-25
Wiley B. Hollingsworth 61 WM single Tx Tx Tx Roomer, Occ: Bridge Construction -He is also enumerated in 1930 Los Angeles , California -see below

April 21, 1930 National Home T/S, Los Angeles Co., California ED`9-1188, SD16, Sheet 45A Pacific Brand National Military Home-Wiley B. Hollingsworth 61WM single Tx Unk Unk Inmate

1930 Jefferson Co, Oklahoma (Waurika T/S) ED 18, P 11a, HH 179-185
J I Hollingsworth 50 WM Tx Tenn Ala  Medical Doctor M@ age 26
Inez " 22 WF Mo Mo Kansas wife M@ age 18 Trained Nurse

1930 Cook Co, Ill (Chicago) Dist 1810, P 28bI
Robert B. Hollingsworth 21 WM single Okla. Texas Nebraska Artist, Advertising,  Lodger

1930 Muskogee Co, Okla (Brewer T/S) ED 7, P 16b
Clarence Still 43 Indian Male Oklahoma Language: Cherokee Genl. farming
Janie B. " wife 38 WF      & 3 ROSE step-children

GREEN HILL CEMETERY, Muskogee, Oklahoma
Last Name First/Middle Name Notes D.O.B. Died 
Plot purchased by B. Hollingsworth
Plot purchased by B. Hollingsworth
Plot purchased by H H Hollingsworth

Ft. Gibson National Cem., Muskogee Co, Oklahoma
Hollingsworth, Herman, b. 09/01/1908, d. 12/15/1990, US Army, CPL, Plot: 14 0 508, bur. 12/19/1990


12. Orlando Newton Hollingsworth Born April 5, 1836 Benton Co., Ala. Died: pr to Sept., 1918*-lived 1881-1896 Austin, Texas City Directory, Var Add: 1 mi NE of city limits; W/S Blanco,  88 N Ave. & r E 12th,  E. 13th St.- 1900 Fulton Co, Georgia-1910 Decatur, DeKalb Co, Ga (Real Estate Agent) Widow & some children lived 1920 Glendale, LA Co, Calif, and son Seth P lived 1920 Fulton Co, Georgia *O N Hollingsworth Jr shows Nearest Rel as his Mother, Mrs O N Hollingsworth, Glendale, Calif., in his WW I Civilian Draft Reg., Sept 12, 1918
(M) Miss Ruth Grace Katherine Platner Nov. 4, 1864 Rusk Co., Texas
Orlando Newton Hollingsworth Graduated from University of Virginia, 1859
1861 Enlisted R H Cumby's Co. B. 3rd Texas Cavalry 
In 1861 he raised a Company in Rusk Co. for Civil War Service; He became Adjutant, and after being wounded at the battle of Corinth in 1862, was transferred to the Topographical Corps.

Lieutenant and Adjutant, 3d Texas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Seriously wounded at Corinth, Mississippi and later resigned. 

Following the Civil War he taught at a private Academy in San Antonio until he founded the Coronal Institute in San Marcos in 1868.
admitted to the Bar and elected to the Thirteenth Legislature in 1872.
In Dec., 1872 became Supt. of Public Instruction, State of Texas
From 1876-1884 served as Sec. to State Board of Education. 
He established the "Texas Journal of Education" in 1880, and sold it 2 yrs later
later served as a receiving clerk in the General Land Office, Retired to private life.
Ref: Handbook of Texas; & History of Rusk Co., Tex (Winfrey)

Handbook of Texas

In 1880 Orlando N. Hollingsworth used the title for his magazine
based in Austin. Hollingsworth was the editor as well as the
publisher, and Mrs. Hollingsworth acted as assistant editor. The
publication ran for two years, and in 1883 it merged with another- the Texas School Journal.

Note-He also operated a Real Estate & live stock agency, in Austin, Texas 1881-1882 City Directory, offices in room 4, Avenue Hotel, 717 Congress Ave.

Index to Civil War Service Records-O N Hollingsworth, 3rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry ( 3rd Sgt, Compny B, South Kansas-Texas Mounted Volunteers, Allegiance: Confederate, State: Texas Rank Private/Adjutant, Expanded

Children: Hollingsworth (11 children-9 living as of 1900 Fulton Co, Georgia &1910 DeKalb Co, Ga.

a. Lillie Born Ca 1866 Texas

b. Benjamin Hugh Born Ca 1868 Texas  1885-1886 Austin, Texas City Directory-Benjamin H Hollingsworth, clk, Comptroller's office, res: O N Hollingsworth, 1 mi. NE of city limits, Austin, Texas-(lived with brother Seth 1910, 1920 Fulton Co, Ga-Single

c. Cornelia Born Aug. 9, 1870 Texas Widow in 1930 Glendale, L A Co, Calif-Died: June 24, 1947 Los Angeles, California (lived w/father, 1900 Edgewood, Fulton Co, Ga, 1910 Fulton Co., Georgia shows Cornelia has had 10 children, 8 living
    (M) Radcliff B. Hollingsworth Born April 11, 1870 Shreveport, Caddo Par, Louisiana d. Sept 27, 1919 Glendale, California- lived 1910 Fulton Co, Ga, Collector, Line Co.; (s/o Benjamin F Hollingsworth & Julia Rodgers; grandson of Samuel Hollingsworth & Elizabeth; great gr/son of Jacob Hollingsworth, JR, who was a brother to Col. Benjamin B Hollingsworth, of this page. 
           1. Rathford Radcliffe, Jr. Born Dec. 15, 1893 Jacksonville, Florida. d. May 7, 1978 Los Angeles Co., Calif. (Co-founder of Glendale Federal Savings Bank)

         WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Radcliffe Hollingsworth, Jr, age 23 yrs, Add: 822 Dryden, S. Glendale, California, caucasian, natural born citizen, b. Jacksonville, Florida,  Occ: Produce Merchant, Dependents: Father & Mother, partially, & wife; Prev. Military Exp: Bordentown Military Institute, (Add. Illeg), Sig: Radcliffe Hollingsworth, Jr; Registrar's Report: Phys. Descr: Ht: Tall, Bld: Slender, Brown eyes, brown hair, not bald, No Disab., Sig: A E Dietch? Regis. Pct 5, Glendale, California, June 5, 1917
               (M) Amy Johnnette Bowerfind Born Dec 16, 1891 Mich. d. May 13, 1964 Santa Cruz, Calif.
                      a. Gertrude C.  born Sept 4, 1918 L A Co, Calif d.  Nov 10, 2002 Carmel, Calif.

                    (M) Justin Van Kaufman abt 1940

                      b. John Rogers Born Dec. 23, 1919 L A Co., Calif
           2. Julian Rogers Born Sept 2, 1896* (1895)  Ga Died: July 30, 1944 San Diego, Calif

          WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Julian Rogers Hollingsworth, age 21 yrs, Add: Pauline, Calusa? Co, California, born Sept 2, 1895, natural born citizen, caucasian, single, No prev. Military; Exemptions claimed: mother and 2 sisters, dependents, Sig: Julian Rogers Hollingsworth; Registrar's report: Phys. desc: Ht, Tall, Build, slender,, dark brown eyes, brown hair, not bald, No disab., sig: William Sea, Jr, Registrar, local board Pct 3, Calusa Co, California, June 5, 1917 
           3. Kathryn P. R.  Born June 2, 1901 Ga Died: April 6, 1991 Orange Co., Calif
               (M) Laird M Hail b. Jan 4, 1896 Indiana d. June 13, 1957 L A Co., Calif.-lived 1930 Glendale, L A Co, Calif.

                a. Laird Hollingsworth Hail b. March 10, 1927 L A Co, Calif.
           4. Valentine Born Sept 9, 1903  Ga Died: Jan 22, 1951 Lake Co, Calif.
           5. Gladys born 1907 Ga
           6. Cornelia Born 1909 Ga

     & 4 others, names unknown to me, died prior to 1910

d. Mary B. Born Ca 1872 Texas

e. Orlando Newton. Born Jan. 31, 1875 Texas (Shown as Dtr on 1880 Census)-

1900-Private, US Marines, Naval Base,  Manilla, Phillipine Islands, age 26 b. Texas-Sick in US Naval Hospital, 1910 Vallejo, Solano Co, California-US Marine Corps (Divorced);  1920 Center Dist, Jackson Co, Georgia, Single , Supt., Hollingsworth Builders-1930 Glendale, Los Ang. Co, Calif , Lumber salesman 

Spanish American War Service Summary Records, Adjutant General, Georga Archives: -Orlando Newton Hollingsworth, white, Res: Atlanta, Ga., Occ:; Born @ Travis Co., Tx; age 23 yrs; Enlisted: Atlanta, Ga., May 7, '98; Registered in U S Service: Cp. Northern Griffin May 13, '98 Org. Served in: Lt. Btry A GA Field Artillrry US Vol;  Grade: Private  Record ID: swc2154; file name: swc2154a.jpg

US Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 ( Orlando N Hollingsworth, Enlisted February 22, 1899, Ft Pherson, Georgia, b. Austin, Texas, age 24 yrs, Occ: Clerk, Brown eyes, Dk Brown Hair, Fair Complexion, Ht: 5' 9 3/4 ", Regt: 6 Art-Field Art. Regt F Co. D # of Enlistments: 2, Remarks: Disch'd. Feb. 26, '02 Ft. Douglas, Utah, Priv/Good Retained

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Fulton Co, Georgia-Orlando Newton Hollingsworth, age 43 yrs, b. January 21, 1875; Add: P O Box 952, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia; Occ: None, White, natural born citizen, Nearest Rel: Mother, Mrs. O N Hollingsworth, 840 Dryden St., Glendale, California Sig: Orlando Newton Hollingsworth,; Registrar's Report, Phys. Desc: Tall, Medium Bld, Dark eyes, Dark Hair No disabilities; sig: S P Hollingsworth*, Registrar, local board, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Ga Sept 12, 1918-*brother, Seth P Hollingsworth

(M) #1, Unknown (M) #2- Annie L.______abt 1920  She was born 1903 Ga

       1. Orlando Newton. Born May 1, 1921 Texas died March 9, 1972 Santa Barbara, California SSDI & California Death records

US WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Orlando N Hollingsworth, b. 1921, White, citizen, b. Texas, Res: Los Angeles, California, Enlistment date: Nov, 14, 1940, @ Fort MacArthur San Pedro, California, Branch: Infantry, Code: Infantry, Grade: Private, Code: Private, Component: Regular Army, Civil Life, Education: 2 years high school, Civil Occ: unskilled occupation in fabrication of metal products, Single, without dependents, Ht: 68 ", Wt: 130 lbs.
             2. Jim E. Born Ca 1923 Texas

f. Gorden H. Born Ca 1877 Texas

g. Seth Platner Born Oct. 8, 1878 Texas Died prior to 1930 Fulton Co, Ga

WW I Civilian Draft Registration. Atlanta, Fulton Co, Georgia-Seth Platner Hollingsworth, age 30 yrs, Add Apt 97 G_____? Place, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, Occ: Sales Manager, Chatahoochee Bank. 4th Bank Bldg., Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia; white, Natural born citizen, Nearest rel: wife, Annie Florence Hollingsworth; same add., sig: Seth Platner Hollingsworth; Registrar's Report: Phys. Desc: Tall, Medium Bld, blue eyes, Brown Hair; No disab., Sig: L H Rainwater,  Reg. local board, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia Sept 12, 1918
          (M) Annie Florence "Floy"  Lively abt 1903/4 in Ga
                 Born Dec. 24, 1880 Ga -Wid in 1930 L A Co, Calif
                 Died: Aug. 7, 1954 L. A., Calif. (Mother's maiden name-Richards
                 1. Richard L. Born Ca 1905 Ga single in 1930 LA Co, Calif
                 2. Seth P. Jr Born Ca 1907 Ga (single 1930 Chicago, Cook Co, Ill)
                 3. Florence J. Born Feb. 11, 1908  Ga Died: Oct. 22, 1985 L. A., Calif
                     (M) _____Bell

                     a. Gracye Floy Bell b. Oct. 24, 1938 L A Co, Calif

                     b. Bobette Bell b. March 30, 1942 L A Co, Calif         
                 4. Anne  Born Mar. 3, 1909 Ga (Twin) Died: Feb. 21, 1985 L. A., Calif.-did not marry
                 5. Grayce Ruth Born Mar 3, 1909 Ga (Twin) d.  Oct. 13, 1988 L A. Calif (did not marry)
                 6  Robert E. Born Oct. 30 1910 Ga Died: Sept 9, 1989 L A., Calif.

US WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Robert E Hollingsworth b. 1910 White, citizen, b. Georgia, Res: Los Angeles, California,  Enlistment Date: April 7, 1942, Los Angeles, California, Branch International, Private/Private; Enlistment for the duration ofg the war, or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law.  Component: Selectees, Enlisted Men, Civil Life:  2 years of high school, Occ: Engineers, mining; Single, without dependents, Ht: 66, Wt: 117 .

           7  Winifred Mae Born Sept 4, 1912 Ga Died: Mar. 1, 1996 San Diego, Calif.
                      (M)______ Benedict  
                 8. W. Elbert K. Born May 26, 1914 Ga Died: Dec 5, 1989 L. A., Calif.

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Elbert K Hollingsworth, b. 1914, white, citizen, b. Georgia, Res: Los Angeles, California, Enlistment Date: February 10, 1943, Los Angeles, California; Branch International, Pri/Pri; Enlisted for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. Components: Selectees, Enlisted Men, Civil Life: 4 years of high school, Occ: Bookkeeping and cashiers, except bank cashiers, Married, Ht: 68", Wt: 119 lbs.

h. Ruth Catherine Born Dec, 1880 Texas Single 1900 Fulton Co, Ga

i.  Jean R. Born Oct.2, 1882 Texas  Died Feb. 22, 1964 San Diego, California-Did not marry-single 1920, 1930 LA Co, Calif 

j   Jesse A. Presnall Born Nov. 4,  1884 Texas Died: April 3, 1949 San Diego, Calif. - shown as dtr on 1900 Census-lived 24ll L, San Diego, San Diego Co, Calif, Sept, 1918-Lived w/sister Cornelia in 1930 LA Co, Calif-Div.

      (M) Grace Sophia-______pr to Sept, 1918 (Div)

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, San Diego, California-Jesse Presnall Hollingsworth, Age 34 yrs, Add: 2411 L, Bungalow F, San Diego, San Diego, California; Occ: Driver, Laundry Co. Empl: Electric Laundry Co., 1460 F, San Diego, California, white, Natural born citizen; Nearest Rel: Grace Sophia Hollingsworth, same add as his; Sig: Jesse Presnall Hollingsworth, Registrar's Report: Ht: Medium, Bld, Medium, Blue eyes, brown hair; No Disab., Sig: Leslie F Elliott, Reg., local board, San Diego, San Diego, California Sept 12, 1918
k .Joycie Jones Born Nov. 1, 1887 Texas single 1920, 1930 L A Co, Calif; Died Nov. 17, 1974 Laguna Hills, Orange Co., California; Did not marry

TEXANS WHO WORE THE GRAY by Sid S. Johnson, p. 134 O. N. HOLLINGSWORTH. "Orlando N. Hollingsworth was among the bright young men that enlisted from Rusk county, Texas, in Capt. R. H. Cumby's Co. B, Third Texas Cavalry, that went to the front early in 1861, and first saw the brunt edges of war at the battle of Oak Hills. He was born in Calhoun county, Ala., April 5, 1836. Soon after his birth his father died and in 1845 with his mother he moved to Texas. His early edu­cation was founded in the common schools of the county, and in 1859 he was graduated from the University of Virginia with honor. On account of his executive ability he was appointed adjutant of the Third Texas Cavalry. When the assault was made on Corinth, in 1862, he was so badly wounded that he was permanently disabled from service the balance of the war. Coronal Institute, located at San Marcos, was founded by him in 1864-6, and was long presided over by him. He was an educator of prominence and advanced thought, and while holding this position he was elected super­intendent of public instruction and later appointed secretary of the board of education. He held other positions of trust and was greatly esteemed for his educational and executive ability. A man of warm impulse, having confidence in his friends, he was early led to make mistakes by placing too much confidence in those who surrounded him as his patrons and followers. I have no knowledge of his being alive or dead, but he was a warm-hearted, generous man, and was ever ready with his means and influence to advance the in­terest of a friend. He was a good and pure man. "

1850 Rusk Co, Tx census O N Hollingsworth, single in HH with mother Joicy Jones Hollingsworth
1860 Rusk Co, Tx census O N Hollingsworth, single in HH w/bro Stephen P Hollingsworth

1870 Hays Co, Tx HH 23-23 San Marcos PO
O. N.(Orlando) Hollingsworth 34 WM Ala Teacher $12,000/200. (Orlando Newton)
C. G. P. " 22 WF Miss (Platner)
Lilly " 4 WF Tx attending school
Ben Hugh " 2 WM at home
& 4 students, and 2 black domestic servants

1880 Travis Co, Tx 6th Ward, Austin  P 222 HH 57-57(Lived 1900 Fulton Co, Ga)
O N (Orlando) Hollingsworth 44 WM Ala NC Tenn Occ:  Secry. Board of Education 
Ruth G. C. " 32 WF Miss Miss Miss wife (Platner)
Lillie " 14 WF  Tx Ala Miss Dtr in school
Benjamin H. " 12 WM Tx Ala Miss Son in school (lived1920 Fulton Co, Ga)
Cornelia " 9 WF Tx Ala Miss Dtr in school (M) Radcliff Hollingsworth (see 1900 Fulton Co, Ga-1920, 1930  LA Co, California
Mary B. " 8 WF Tx Ala Miss Dtr in school 
Orlando " 5 WF Tx Ala Miss Dtr  (sh read WM son)
Gordon H. " 3 WM Tx Al Miss Son (did not locate 1900)
Seth P. " 1 WM Tx Al Miss son (lived 1900, 1920 Fulton Co, Ga, 1930 LA Co, Calif. Widow & children
& 1 bl servant

1900 Edgewood, Fulton Co, Georgia 1422 Militia Dist, ED39, SD5, P 279 HH 284-285
Olan P (Orlando) Hollingsworth 64 WM Apr, 1836 Ga Ga Ga Occ: married 35 yrs Occ-.None
Kate " 52 WF Apr, 1847 Ga Ga Ga wife  Had 11 children-9 living (Ruth K C Platner)
Cornelia " 29 WF Aug, 1870 Married Ga Ga Ga (1920, 1930  LA Co, Calif)
Sept (Seth) . P. " 21 WM Oct, 1878 Ga Ga Ga son single Occ: Stenographer 
Ruth C. " 19 WF Dec, 1880  Ga Ga Ga single dtr
Gene (Jean) R. " 17 Wf Oct, 1882 Ga Ga Ga single dtr (single 1920, 1930 LA Co, Calif)
Jessie A " 15 WF Nov 1884 Ga Ga Ga single dtr  (Sh read  WM, son)
Jossie J.(Joicey) " 12 WF Nov, 1887 Ga Ga Ga dtr (single 1920 & 1930 LA Co, Calif)
Rathford " 6 WM Dec, 1893 Ga Ga Ga gr/son (see 1930 LA Co, Calif.)
Julian " 3 WM Sept, 1896 Ga Ga Ga gr/son

The widow is living 1920 LA Co, California
The place of birth on all these people, except prob the 2 gr/children is incorrect.
Orlando Newton Hollingsworth was born in Alabama, his father Benjamin, was born in North Carolina, and his mother Joicey Jones was born in Georgia
Ruth K C Platner, wife of Orlando Newton P Hollingsworth was born in Miss-they married in Rusk Co, Tx All of the children of this couple were born in Texas. I note the son-in-law Radcliff Hollingsworth, husband of dtr Cornelia, is missing from the 1900 census. These two gr/children, Rathford & Julian, belong to Radcliff & Cornelia Hollingsworth. 
I did not locate his other children in 1900 census-however, his son Benjamin H. Hollingsworth is living in 1920 Fulton Co, Ga with brother Seth P. Hollingsworth family. Widow Ruth , dtr Jean, & Joicey J. (both single) and dtr Cornelia Hollingsworth family (married to Radcliff Hollingsworth)  with additional children, living in 1920, 1930 Glendale, Los Angeles Co, California. Son Jesse A. lives with sister Cornelia in 1930 LA Co, Calif.

1910 DeKalb Co, Ga (Decatur Dist) P 78b ED20, SD5 HH 386-393
Orlando N Hollingsworth 74 WM Ala NC Tenn Real Estate Agent M#1 46 yrs
Catherine " 62 WF Miss Miss Miss wife Had 11 children 9 living
Jeane " 28 WF Single Tx Ala Miss dtr single Stenographer

1910 Fulton Co, (3 Wd Atlanta) P 263b HH 5-327-355
Seth P Hollingsworth 31 WM Tx Ala Miss Stenographer, Brick co
Floy M " 22 WF Ga Ga Ga wife Had 5 ch-5 living (Lively)
Richard " 5 WM Ga Tx Ga son
Seth P Jr " 4 WM Ga Tx Ga son (1930 Chicago, Ill)
Florence " 2 WF Ga Tx Ga dtr
Annie " 1 2/12 WF Ga Tx Ga dtr
Grace " 1 2/12 WF Ga Tx Ga dtr
Ben H Hollingsworth 41 WM Single Tx Ala Miss boarder (Brother) Salesman, Brick Co & 1 Bl Servant

1910 Fulton Co, Ga (7 Wd Atlanta) ED 95 P 110b HH 13-15
Ratcliff B Holligsworth 37 WM La Ala La Collector, Lime Co M#1 17 yrs
Cornelia " 39 WF Tx Ala Miss wife Had 10 children, 6 living
Ratcliff, Jr " 16 WM Fla La Tx son
Julian R " 13 WM Ga La Tx son
Katherine " 8 WF Ga La Tx dtr
Valentine " 6 WM Ga La Tx son
Gladys " 3 WF Ga La Ga dtr
Cornelia " 8/12 WF Ga La Ga dtr
Julia R Kirsh  66 WF Wid Mother La Ill Miss Had 8 ch-3 living
Ada H Watkins 44 WF La Ala La Sister Wid Had 1 ch-1 living
Francis H "  12 WM Nephew NY New Hamp. La Collector, Ins. Co

1910 Solano Co, California (2 Wd Vallejo) ED 194 SD3, P 172a, (Navy Yard, Mare Island, US Naval Hospital
Orlando N Hollingsworth 35 WM Div. Tx Ala Miss Patient, Soldier, US Marine Corps

1920 Fulton Co, Ga. Cooks Dist ED 152 HH 35-36
Seth P Hollingsworth 41 WM Tx Ala Miss Mgr-Brick Co
Floy L " 39 WF Ga Ga Conn wife
Richard L. " 15 WM Ga Tx Ga son
Seth P Jr " 13 WM Ga Tx Ga son
Florence J " 11 WF Ga Tx Ga dtr
Annie " 10 Ga Tx Ga (twin dtr)
Grace H " 10 WF Ga Tx Ga (twin dtr)
Robert " 9 WM Ga Tx Ga son
Winefred M " 7 WF Ga Tx Ga dtr
W. Elbert " 5 WM Ga Tx Ga son
Benj. H. Hollingsworth 51 WM Tx Ala Miss Rel: Brother Occ: Promoter, Oil ___

1920 Los Angeles Co, (Glendale City) California ED 22. P 5A 406 East Douglass St., HH 17-117
Ruth Hollingsworth 73 WF Miss Miss Miss Widow (of Orlando. N.)
Jean " 38 WF Ta Ala Miss dtr single Occ: Illegible
Joycie J. " 32 WF Tx Ala Miss single dtr Occ: School teacher

2 houses down @ 414 Douglass St. Glendale City
Radcliff Hollingsworth 49 WM La Ala La Occ: Retired
Cornelia " 49 WF Tx Ala Miss wife (Hollingsworth, dtr of Orlando N. Hollingsworth)
Katherine R. " 15 WF GA La Tx  dtr
Gladys " 13 WF Ga La Tx dtr
Valentine " 11 WM Ga La Tx son
Cornelia  " 10 WF Ga La Tx dtr

1930 Los Angeles Co, Calif Glendale ED 966 P 9A  HH 414-205-261
Cornelia Hollingsworth 59 WF Widow Tx Ala Miss
Valentine " 26 WM Single son Ga La Tx Salesman Dodge
Cornelia " 21 WF single dtr Ga La Tx Clerk, Hospital
Jesse A. " 46 WM Brother Divorced Tx Ala Miss Salesman, Dodge

& Next door-HH 415-206-262
Radcliff Hollingsworth  36 WM Fla Tx La Marr @ age 23 Occ: Illegible
Anne ? Annie J. " 38 WF Mich Mich Mich wife Marr @ age 25 (Bowerfin)
G____ C. " 12 WF dtr Calif Fla Mich (Gerrtrude C. b. Sept  4, 1918 LA Co)
John R. " 10 WM son Calif Fla Mich (John R b. Dec 28, 1919 LA Co)

1930 Los Angeles Co, California Manhattan Beach ED 1291 P 12B Kadonda T/S HH 143-415-418
Joycie J Hollingsworth 42 WF Single Tx Ala Miss Occ: Counselor, Public Schools
Jean " 47 WF Single Rel: Sister Tx Ala Miss Occ: Reader, Entertainment

1930 Los Angeles Co, California Glendale T/S  ED 990 P 16A 2125 Kedonga Rd
HH 385-397
Orlando N. Hollingsworth 55 WM Tx Tx Tx Marr @ age 45 Salesman, Lumber
Annie L " 27 WF wife Ga Ga Ga Marr @ age 17
Orlando N.  " 8 WM son Tx Tx Ga
Jim E. " 7 WM son Tx Tx Ga

1930 Los Angeles Co, California City of Los Angeles ED 258 P 79A 230 Second Ave., HH 165-167
Richard L Hollingsworth 25 WM single Ga Tx Ga Salesman, screen factory
Floy L " 48 WF Widow Mother Ga Ga Ga 
Florence J " 22 WF single sister Ga Tx Ga typist, genl. insurance office
Ann H " 21 WF single sister Ga Tx Ga Stenographer, loan office
Grace R. " 21 WF single sister Ga Tx Ga bookkeeper motor supply store
Robert E. " 19 WM single brother Ga Tx Ga screen factory
Winifred M " 17 WF single sister Ga Tx Ga 
Elbert W. " 15 WM single brother Ga Tx Ga  salesman grocery store

1930 Cook Co, Illinois (Chicago) ED 1715 P 1A
Seth Hollingsworth 22 WM Ga Ga Ga single Occ: Lab, bldg. trade


Franklin Co, Georgia Records

Benjamin Hollingsworth was a Justice of the Peace in Franklin County, as was his brother Thomas.-per deed records

1805 Land Lottery, Franklin Co, Ga
2 draws = married w/family or widow
1 draw = single
B=Blank,  P = Pay
Jacob  Hollingsworth #589 B
Jacob Hollingsworth, SR #616 BP
Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr. #614, BB
James Hollingsworth #615, B
Samuel Hollingsworth #695 BB
Mary (Widow) #578 BB (Wid of Sam'l who D-1802)
Thomas #625 B

Benjamin Hollingsworth did not participate in the 1805 Land Lottery, which implies he was under 21 yrs of age, at that time. According to Census records he was born CA North Carolina.

Aug 20, 1803 DB RRR P 74-75- Joseph Dunnigan of Frank. Co. to Abner Dunnigan of same; in cons of $200- 150 AC in Frank Co, Wts: Jeremiah Taylor, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Pro. by Benj. Hollingsworth bef. Thos. Hollingsworth, JP, July 18, 1807.

1805 Franklin Co, Ga Tax List (Capt Griffith's Dist)
Jacob Hollingsworth, Agent for James & Benjamin Hollingsworth (1st time Benj. appears as Poll on TL, This means he is now over 16 yrs of age.)
For Himself-4 Negroes, 487 1/2 AC N. Fork Broad river, Adj. Bryant Ward, C. Waters, ___ Acres Gray's Crk, Adj. Martin Russell, etal

1806 Franklin Co, Ga Tax List (Capt. Hollingsworth's Dist)
James Hollingsworth 1 Poll
Benjamin Hollingsworth 1 Poll 
Jacob Hollingsworth, SR , 5 Negroes &
347 1/2 AC North Riv. Adj. Joseph Martin, Bryan Ward
202 1/2 AC Baldwin Co adj his own and Unkn.

TTT 170-171 Mar 24, 1807 Deed from John Jones & wife Sarah of Franklin Co, to James Hollingsworth, of same. In cons. of $350.; said Jones conveys to Hollingsworth 150 AC  in Franklin Co on N. Fork Broad River, being part of land granted to Peter Carnes, adj. Walters, & James Jones. Wts: Benjamin Hollingsworth, James Jones. Sworn to by Benjamin  Hollingsworth and James Jones before John Warmich, (Wommack?) JP Feb 16, 1814 Recorded May 7, 1814.

DB RR P 21-22 Franklin Co, Ga Deed Aug 4, 1807 Deed from Hezekiah Terrell, Sheriff of Franklin Co, Ga, to Benjamin Hollingsworth, of same-In cons. of ___Terrell conveys 146 3/4 AC in Frank. Co on waters of  Tugulo River grtd Andrew Burns? adj. Henry Carlton. Said land was sold as result of execution issued from Superior Court on April 10, 1804 in favor of Wm. Stith, against James D. Brown. and was sold as property of Brown at auction to Robt. Walton for $8.00 Afterwards sd. Robt. Walton authorized Sheriff to make title to land to Benjamin Hollingsworth. Sig: M. Terrell Wts: Jas. Smith, Geo. Knox, JP Recorded Nov 4, 1807

Jones Co, Ga Deed-Feb 12, 1808 James Hollingsworth of Franklin Co, to William Newberry of Jones Co., 202 1/2 AC Baldwin Co., (Now Jones Co). Wts: Benjamin Hollingsworth, William Kelley;  proved before T. H. Hollingsworth, JP

TTT-133-134 Dec 10, 1810 Franklin Co, Ga Deed of James Jones, carpenter,  of Franklin County to William Woffard of same-In cons. of $300.-92 AC in Frank Co b/sides of main Fork Tuckoe Crk adj. Joshua Gocher, William Brown, being prt of 99 AC grtd to said Jones Dec 5, 1809, by Gov. David B. Mitchell. Wts: James Hollingsworth, Mary Jones (X) Sworn to by Jacob Hollingsworth before Benjamin Hollingsworth, JP Dec 15, 1810 Rec Nov 17, 1813

Feb 17, 1811-DB T P 141- Thomas Gazaway, SR to George Knox, both of Frank. Co-Wts: Ignatius Purcel, Benj. Hollingsworth, JP

July 17, 1811 DB MM P 65-66 John Nix & wife Sarah to Elijah Sparks, all of Frank Co, in cons of $50. comv 100 AC Jno. Morris before Benjamin Hollingsworth, JP July 20, 1811

July 24, 1811 DB MM P 14, 15- John Holcom & wife Polly to Charles Angle-Prov. before Benj'n. Hollingsworth, JP, 1811.

Dec 7, 1811 DB TTT P 7 James B. Wyley & wife Sarah to Sherod Holcombe, all of Frank. Co, Wts: John Warmick, Robt. Crump, Benj'n Hollingsworth, JP

Dec 23, 1811, DB TTT P 24, 25 Henry Holcom of Frank Co to Abel White of same. Prov. before Benjamin Hollingsworth, JP Mar 21, 1812 by Alexr. Nail

Mar. 19, 1813 DB TTT P 170-171 John Jones & wife Sarah to James Hollingsworth, all of Frank co-in cons. of $350.-150 AC N. Fork Broad River, being prt of land grtd. to Peter Carnes, adj. Walters, & James Jones. Wts: Benj. Hollingsworth, James Jones. Sworn to by Benj. Hollingsworth, James Jones, before John Warmick, JP Feb 16, 1814.

June 22, 1813-DB TTT P 124 June 22, 1813 Clement Walters to David Hayes. Prov. before Benjamin Hollingsworth, JP Oct 4, 1813 (Sig: "B. Hollingsworth")

Sept 1814, Court Records-Return of Jacob Hollingsworth, Admr. of Samuel Hollingsworth rec'ts of Benjamin Hollingsworth, Gdn of Henry Hollingsworth, and of John Hollingsworth (RG 159-2-27-vol 3, P 108-109 Bk S) (RG 159-2-27-vol 5, P 48)

Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Bk C P 177 Jan 9, 1815 (Deed captioned Franklin Co, Georgia) 
James & Mary Hollingsworth, Benjamin & Joicey Hollingsworth to James R. Wyly, 287 1/2 AC Curahee Crk of Broad River, originally surveyed for Bryant Ward.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Deed Proved Feb 11, 1826 Habersham Co, Ga. before John Warmack,  JP

DBC, P 179- Jan 9, 1815-Franklin Co, Ga- Filed 2/11/1826 Habersham Co, Ga Deed-Benjamin & Joicey Hollingsworth , James & Mary  Hollingsworth, deed-163 AC N. Fork of Broad River, near Curahee Mountains, surveyed for Jeremiah Bible, to James R. Wyly.;  Also 371/2 AC surveyed for Henry Holcomb.  Wts: N. Dobson, Hampton Holcomb, Proved Habersham Co, Ga, before John Warmack, JP Feb 11, 1826.

Franklin Co, Tennessee-Deed-July 15, 1815- P 122-123- John A. Smith to Benjamin Hollingsworth, a tract of land on Elk River.  (DB J, Aug 1815-Sept, 1826, P 122-123)

Franklin.Co, Tenn.-Aug 24, 1815-John Deluck to Benjamin Hollingsworth, 273 AC (DB J, P 123-124)

Feb 1, 1816 Franklin Co, Georgiaa -Bk HHH P 199-200-Deed from Benjamin Hollingsworth, Now of Tennessee, to Eleazar Quarles of Georgia, In consid. of $300. conveys 141 AC. in Franklin Co., on waters of Tugalo River, adj. William Sparks, granted to Andrew Burns. Wts: Darius Echols, Thomas Hollingsworth, JP Recorded Nov 3, 1819.

Franklin Co, Tenn-DB J P 377 July 20, 1816 Abraham Hargis to James Hollingsworth, 70 Acres. 

Franklin Co, Tennessee -Deed
Vol. J, p.371-372  3 Nov 1816/proven February 1818
William Armstrong sold 59 acres to Jacob Hollingsworth for $300.
On the waters of the Elk River.-Beginning on an ash, a white oak and an iron wood, Robert Box's corner at the foot of Cumberland Mountain; thence running with a line conditioned with said Box 118 poles to a black oak and dogwood in Henry Gohnses(?) line; thence with said line west 26 west 10 poles to a dogwood & hickory Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the Hargis line W 41 east 104 poles; thence W 85 east 16 poles to______ and black gum at the foot of Cumberland Mountain Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the mountain to the beginning.
Witnessed by Robert Box & James Hollingworth. Recorded by E. Russell, clerk.

Jacob Hollingsworth apparently moved to Franklin Co, Tenn to be near his sons Benjamin & James Hollingsworth, who had recently relocated there.

Franklin Co, Tenn- Jan 1, 1817-Deed -James Blair, of the State of Georgia, to Benjamin Hollingsworth, a tract of land in the town of Winchester, Tennessee.  (DB J, P376)

Feb. 19, 1817 Franklin Co, Tenn Deed-Benjamin Hollingsworth to James Hollingsworth, a tract of land in the Third District. (DB J, P 433-434)

July 5, 1818 Frank. Co, Tenn -Deed of Benjamin Hollingsworth to Thomas K. Harris, a tract of land in the town of Winchester. (DB 1818-1828, P405)

July 5, 1818 Franklin Co, Tenn-Benjamin Hollingsworth to James Lockhart, of Davidson Co, Tenn, a tract of land.( DB 1818-1828 P 19-20)

Nov 11, 1820 Habersham Co, Georgia Deed
James Jones, Benjamin Hollingsworth, William Barton, Jabez Jones, Salina Jones, John Jones, James Hollingsworth, Joseph Jones, Stephen Jones, Margaret Graham, and Mary Jones; 
DEED to James Colley, -176 Acres land in Franklin Co, Ga granted to Peter Carnes, now deceased, conveyed by Elizabeth Carnes, Sole Extrx. of Peter Carnes, to Clement Waters and Malachi Jones, who divided land and said Waters sold to James Jones, deceased, adj. D. Putnam land, Cleveland's Corner.
Wts: Abel White, Clement Waters
Benjamin Hollingsworth married Joicey Jones and James Hollingsworth married Mary Jones in Franklin Co, Ga.
Stephen Jones died in Rusk Co, Tx, leaving his entire estate to sister, Salina Jones Box

1820 Franklin Co, Tenn P 36-
Benjamin Hollingsworth 2 Males 26-45, 1 M 16-26, 1 Male 10-16, 2 Males Und 10 yrs
1 Fem 26-45, 1 Fe 16-26, 2 Fem Und 10 yrs
He has a nephew or two in this HH-sgs
 James Hollingsworth who married Mary Jones, sister of Joicy Jones 1813 Franklin Co, Georgia
1 Male 26-45, 1 Fe 26-46, 1 Fe Und 10
James Hollingsworth died in 1824, Franklin Co, Tenn

Marion County, Tennessee Deed Book, Page 38 -Aug 17, 1821
Bargain & Sale George Foster To
Joseph M. Benton
William M. Raines, etc.
Know all men by these presents that I, George Foster, of the County of Marion and the State of Tennessee for in consideration of the sum hereafter mentioned, hath granted, bargained and sold and do by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto Joseph M. Benton and William M. Raines of the County of Marion and Elisha Floyd Esquire, John Jones, Sims Kelly, and Benjamin Hollingsworth of Franklin County all of the State aforesaid all my personal property consisting of hogs, horse, household and kitchen furniture, wagons and still liquors and crop in Franklin County and Marion in the care of W. Angel with all and every other specie of property I now possess of personal kind, to Have and to hold for & on following conditions Viz till paid the following sum Viz -- Benton $45, Raines $120, Floyd $60, Jones $125, Sims $125 
and Hollingworth $180, except the beds and furniture at Angel's which belongs to my daughter Lucinda Foster. Also one sorrell mare formerly owned by A. Coulter which his right & property and one cow and calf said Foster also reserves, one bed and furniture for his wife and all his books, he sells and grants to his children beginning at G. A. Foster and down to the youngest child an equal portion for and consideration for one dollar paid me the said G. A. Foster. Foster also reserves his own and all his families coating the whole of the property he owns beside a ---?--- named he delivered, transferred and vested the --?--- title of in said Benton, Raines, Floyd, Jones, Kelly, & Hollingsworth for the payment of his debts to them as above named relinquishing Full all rights, title or claim the same, Given under my hand and seal this 17th Day of August 1821.
George Foster (seal)
Attest John Shropshire
George Foster, Jr.

Franklin Co, Tenn-Feb. 4, 1821-Abstract of the will of William Floyd 
Sons: Alexander Floyd, Elisha Floyd
Daughters: Rebecca Hayes, Jean Moore, Elizabeth Tubbs
"Bequeath to the heirs of Sarah MacLeroy deceased, her husband still alive."
"Children of my son William, deceased."
Grandsons: William and Elisha Floyd, sons of David Floyd, deceased, and their 
sister, Nancy Floyd, all underage."
Slaves-- Negro men: Ned, George, Reuben; Negro women: Tanner, Betty, Violet.
"Bequeath one acre for Elk River Baptist Church and one acre for burying 
W. M. Floyd (seal)
In the presence of
Benjamin Hollingsworth, Jurat
George Foster
John Wilkinson, Jurat

Marion Co., Tennessee Deed Book, Page 109 March 4, 1822
Deed of George Foster To
John Jones, Esquire, Sims Kelly, and Benjamin Hollingsworth
Abstract: "...title to Charles J. Foster my son and ward of, in, and to the following tract of land lying and being in Marion County of the State aforesaid. . Tract of land commonly called Burtories Place lying a little below Battle Creek, binding on Tennessee River and butted by the foot of Cumberland Mountain. . .Also land near the town of Jasper near the Sequatchie River. " 
George Foster Senr (seal)
George Foster for Charles Foster (seal)
John McGowan
William Wilson
Henry Hollingsworth
Also ". . .two other small tracts in Marion County. . .one acre in the name of Jeremiah T. Foster, son of George Foster. . ."
James Foster
George Foster for Charles and Jeremiah Foster
George Foster
William Wilson
John McGaneery(sp?)

Franklin Co, Tenn Wills-1808-1876 (Partlow)
James Hollinsworth  (Hollingsworth) Will July 2, 1822
Named: Wife Mary 
Dtr Salina Hollingsworth
Exrs: John Jones & Benjamin Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth)

Abstracted from microfilm by Betsy F. West
Sept 11, 1823-Will of Jeremiah Smith 
To wife Margaret, house, etc....and Negro man Cook, one mare which is to belong to Charley Burns at her death....having heretofore given the children Caty Burns, Jane McKinzy, and Margaret Bell, Rachael McGower and James Smith a larger amount of property than I have given to my oldest son Jeremiah Smith, . I leave him all my stock, etc. ... To Benjamin McKinzie and his daughter Rachael McGower/McGowen?, Negro woman Rosa.
Executor, friend Col. Benjamin Hollingsworth
11 Sept 1823.
Witnesses: John Jones, Jno. Smith

Franklin Co, Tenn Wills (Partlow)
Jesse Goodwin  Will Oct. 17, 1825
Heirs Nsmed: Wife Elizabeth
Sons: Allen F., James R., & Joseph C. Goodwin
Mentions "my daughters" un-named 
EXRS-Benjamin Hollingsworth, Solomon Goodwin

Acts of Tennessee 1796-1850 TSL-Digital Collection

Last Name/First Name//Date/Serial #//Chapter& Section/Description

Hollinsworth Benjamin (Colonel) 1829 33 Private 96 Mentioned in Franklin/Marion County road description

1830 Franklin Co, Middle Tenn 
P 79-Benjamin Hollingsworth
1 Male 40-50 yrs, 1 Male, 20-30 yrs, 1 Male, 15-20 yrs, 1 Male 10-15 yrs, 2 Males Und 5 yrs
1 Female, 30-40 yrs, 2 Females 5-10 yrs.

P 79 Elijah Allen-1 Male 20-30 yrs, 1 Fem 15-20 yrs, 1 Fem 40-50 yrs (His mother?) Dr. Elijah Allen (M) Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth, dtr of Benjamin & Joicey Jones Hollingsworth

P 79 George Box 1 Male 30-40, 1 male 5-10, 2 males, Und 5 yrs
1 Fe 20-30 yrs   George Box (M) Salina Jones, sister to Joicey Jones Hollingsworth

P 80 Henry Hollingsworth (Nephew to Benjamin-s/o of Samuel who died 1802 Frank. Co, Ga)
1 M 30-40 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 20-30, 1 F 5-10, 1 Fe Und 5

July 29, 1831 Franklin Co, Tenn -Deed of Benjamin Hollingsworth to Thomas King, 40 AC on Elk River (DB N, P 498-499)

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Document: FHP001

[Resolutions] of the citizens of Benton County, 1836 June 6, Jacksonville, [Alabama to Clement C.] Clay, Governor of Alabama, Montgomery / [signed by] W[illia]m Wood ... [et al.]

date: June 6, 1836
extent: 7p
summary: This document is a copy of the proceedings and resolutions of a committee of citizens in Benton County, Alabama, dated June 6, 1836. The committee was organized as a result of alleged persistent threats by Creek Indians in the area around Terrapin Creek, Alexandria, and White Plains, Alabama. They deliberated on proper means of defense and here transmit their resolutions to Clement C. Clay, Governor of Alabama (1835-1837). In addition to the Creeks, the committee reports that certain "disaffected" Cherokees are dwelling in the vicinity, having left Georgia after the ratification of the New Echota Treaty (signed December 1835). The proceedings are signed by William Wood, chairman of the committee, as well as several others.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Felix Hargrett Papers
box: 01
folder: 01
document: 01
  • Jacksonville, 6tth June 1836

    At a large and respectable meeting of the citizens of Benton relation to the hostile movements of the Creek Indians
    The following proceedings were had

    On motion the Revd William Wood,was called to the Chair and Doctor Milo Smith appointed secretary

    On motion of Doct M. Burt.a committee of six persons were appointed to draft and report the sense of said meeting and also the most advisable means of defence [defense]; whereupon John M Crook Esqr, Col. Benj [Benjamin] Hollingsworth,Saml. [Samuel] Boyd, Esqr; Col T.C Hindman, Majr. [Major] M M Houston, and Washington Allen, Esqr. were appointed said Committee who made report as follows:

    Whereas, from the depredations which have been lately committed by the Creek Indians on the lives and property of our Fellow Citizens in various parts of the Creek Country of Which Benton County is a part, we are fully satisfied that nothing but the most prompt and vigerous [vigorous] efforts on the part of our citizens can stay the progress and prevent the intrusion of this savage warfare amongst us; we do therefore recommend the adoption of the following resolutions: to wit.

    Resolved, That the citizens of Jacksonville proceed forthwith to put the Town in a state of defence [defense]; and it is further recommended, that the different dense neighborhoods in the County of Benton use the same precautions: to wit, the nighborhood [neighborhood] of  Taripen Creek, Alexandria, and the White plains; and that each forthwith raise a company and put them under the command of good and efficient officers whose integrity can be relied on; and that the companies when organized proceed to elect a Major Commandant; and that the Committees of safety; petition his excellency the Governor to have said officers commissioned

    Resolved, That the committee of safety in Jacksonville be authorized to employ an express, Who shall proceed forthwith to the head quarters of his excellency Governor Clay and deliver the dispatches prepared by said committee, in which the citizens present request, that Governor Clay be informed that they have from reports entitled to credit, reason to believe that a constant communication has been and is now kept up between the hostile Indians in the lower Country where hostilities are now raging and a portion of the Creek Indians who have located in the Cherokee Nation and within the limits of the Counties of Cherokee and Benton; and that we have reason to believe from information entitled to credit there are about fifteen hundred Warriors in said Counties and for the purpose of ensuring the safety of our citizens, a committee of suitable persons be appointed by his excellency to visit the Indians in this quarter and endeavour [endeavor] to collect all who may profess to be friendly and assemble them at such place as the Governor may direct and that said Indians

    When so assembled be subsisted at the expense of the state; and that a proper guard be kept over them untill [until] such time as we may consider our selves safe.

    And be it further Resolved, that his excellency [added: be requested] to forward copies of his Proclamation requesting the Indians to assemble, so that they may be read and explained to the Indians; and in the event any refuse or fail to assemble and surrender their arms, they will be considered as hostile and treated accordingly.

    The foregoing resolutions were unanimously adopted:

    On motion of Col William B. Martin the following resolutions were adopted:

    Resolved, that we the citizens of Benton County have the most implicit confidence in the patriotism and integrity of our present chief Magistrate When called upon for protection; but at the same time believe the company of Infantry which he has ordered to be raised incompetent to the protections and defence [defense] of said county. Therefore, Resolved, that his excellency be requested to order Col. Turner to raise a company of mounted Infantry in stead of the company of foot men as now ordered; believing it was his excellencies [excellency's] intention that said company should have been mounted men, from the fact that the troops raised in Talladega County whose situation is no more dangerous than that of Benton, have been ordered to be mounted and that the citizens present requested Col. Turner to raise a company of mounted men in place of foot believing that the Governor will sanction it; and that we pledge ourselves to sustain Col. Turnerin doing so untill [until] the express returns from Governor Clay

    The foregoing are the proceeding of the meeting of the Citizens.

    The committee of safety met and proceeded to take into consideration the matters confided to their direction.

    The committee would respectfully suggest to the Governor; that they do not think our company sufficient owing to the local situation and large extent of Territory of our county; they would therefore request His excellency, to order three more companies. one at Tarepin Creek, one at White Plains, and one at Alexandria to be raised officered and equiped [equipped] and held in ready for service if necessary.

    The committee would also say to the Governor: that the number of Indians stated in one of the foregoing resolutions, is not less than there represented. It is also reported that there are some disaffected Cherokees which in all probability may be true -- Owing to the late treaty having been ratified to which a party of said Indians are opposed.

    The committee would respectfully suggest to your excellency the great necessity that all the Indians in the late creek nation should at as early a day as possible be enrolled and transported west. And the committee regret that the agents heretofore appointed to perform that duty have not been successfull [successful]

    The committee are of opinion the [that] the failure in a great measure is owing to said agent being entirely unacquainted with the manners and customs of the Indians and that to ensure their speedy removal it will be necessary to select some person in whom not only the Government may have confidence but the Indians also and by selecting such person to discharge that duty there is great probability we will shortly be relieved from the trouble and danger we as a community now feel. And the committee take pleasure in recommending to your excellency C A Green of this place as a person in every way qualified to perform said duty successfully. Judge Green has had a long acquaintance with the Creek Indians and we have every reason to believe has their confidence and we are authorized to say he will accept said appointment if reasonably compensated for his trouble.

    The committee are also requested to say that in the event the Indians are directed to assemble in a body as expressed in one of the foregoing resolutions that your acquaintance Majr. [Major] Washington Allen and the bearer Richard Kelly will undertake to collect them and when collected to furnish provisions, and so far as we have knowledge of the men we believe they are persons capable of discharging said duty satisfactorily

    With sentiments of esteem we Remain your obt Servts [obedient Servants]

    [Signed] Wm [William] Wood chairman

    [Signed] Thos [Thomas] C Hindman
    [Signed] Benj [Benjamin] Hollingsworth
    [Signed] Edward Elam
    [Signed] EL Woodward
    [Signed] Milo Smith, secty [secretary] to committee

    His Excellency the Governor of
    the State of Alabama now
    at Montgomery

BLM Records-Alabama Land Records
Benjamin Hollingsworth . Doc 131 Land Office: Coosa Dist, Acres: 160.3
Issue Date: Nov. 24, 1840
Aliquot Parts: SE
Base Line: Huntsville
T/S 13S, Range 8E, Section 36
Entry Classification: Indian Allotment General

Hollingsworth, Benjamin
Document number: 131 Description number: 1 
Number of acres: 160.3000 Accession number: AL5020__.131 
Patentee Surname: Hollingsworth Patentee given name: Benjamin 
State name: Alabama 
Volume: 5020 Page number: 131 
Land office: Montgomery Aliquot part reference: SE 
Section number: 36 
Township: 13 North Range: 8 East 
Meridian or special survey area: St. Stephens Meridian 
Title transfer authority: Indian Allotment-General 
Combined signature date: Nov. 24, 1840 
Multiple patentees: N Multiple warrantees: N 
Signature: Y Canceled document: N Subsurface rights reserved: N 
Metes and bounds: N Fractional section: N 

1840 Benton Co, Ala  (early deeds destroyed in Courthouse fire, 1855)
P23-Benjamin Hollingsworth
1 Male 50-60 yrs, 1 Male 30-40 yrs, 2 Males 10-15 yrs, 1 Male Und 5 yrs
1 Female 40-50 yrs, 1 Fem 15-20 yrs. 10 Slaves,  Total persons: 17
4 persons engaged in Commerce

1840 Benton Co, Ala P 044  Henry Hollingsworth (s/o Samuel who died 1802 Frank. Co, Ga)
1 M 40-50, 1 M 10-15, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 30-40, 1 Fe 15-20, 1 Fe 10-15, 2 Fe 5-10, 2 Fe Und 5

P 33 Salina Box 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15, 1 M 5-10, 1 M Und 5
1 Fe 30-40 , 1 Fe 5-10-(Salina Jones Box, widow of George) Several Jones family members here also.

Benton Co., Alabama Estate Records-Feb 1, 1836-2 of the buyers at the estate sale of Wm. Goddard were S. (Stephen) & W B. (Wiley) Hollingsworth
In 1838- Estate of James H. Mitchell-Debts due estate by Benjamin, John & W. B. Hollingsworth
Nov 9, 1838 John Gay Estate-1 of Appraisers is Benjamin Hollingsworth
1840-Estate of Jesse McBee-Benjamin Hollingsworth Security on Adm. Bond of Henry McBee, Admr.

Feb 4, 1840  Benton Co, Ala-Will of George Box
Names Wife Salina  (Jones)
Children: mentioned, not named
Exrs: wife and Benjamin Hollingsworth
Will presented to Court for probate, April 25, 1840; Salina Box appointed Extr-Securities: Benjamin Hollingsworth, John M Morgan, William O'Rear-My note-see 1850 Rusk Co, Tx for widow and children.

Benjamin Hollingsworth died Benton Co, Ala August 18, 1844  Texas- Stephen P. Hollingsworth came to Texas pr to 1837, along with Dr. Elijah Allen, and both served in a Company under Genl. James Smith in 1841. Entire family moved to Texas December, 1845.



STATE OF ALABAMA, at home in Walnut Springs, 1st May, 1841.  I, BENTON HOLLINGSWORTH, having a long journey in view and expect to start on the second instant, feel it is my right to make, constitute, and ordain this my last Will and Testament, being conscious that I must go the way of all the earth and I feel to say Amen, believing in the immortality of the soul, and that God governs all things in heaven and earth after the counsel of his own will; And believing it is my province to dispose of my earthly goods as I may think right.  I therefore leave all my earthly affairs in the hands and power of my wife, Joicy Hollingsworth, and I do not require her by any means to give security.

1ST, I request her to pay all my debts.

2ND, to see that Benjamin, Benton, and Orlando, out of my effects, receive as much education as any of our children have had; then, if there is anything to be divided, let it be done in the following manner:

Acenith and Dr. Allen have had a full share of our estate.  Stephen, and Wiley, in his lifetime, both have had about seven hundred dollars apiece- that is what I have paid for them. Now, when Mary A. Kelley, Hannah Belzora, Benjamin, Benton & Orlando shall have received the amount of seven hundred dollars a share, then the balance is to be equally divided between Stephen, Mary, Belzora, Benjamin, Benton, Orlando, and to my grandson, Thomas Hollingsworth, son of Wiley Hollingsworth, and in case of his death before he becomes of age, his portion, if any, to Benjamin, Benton and Orlando.

I know that Acenith Allen has had more than her proportionable part, to wit: One Negro girl and seven hundred dollars in land, one horse, and bridle, and saddle, two cows, etc; but I wish it to be distinctly understood that the younger children are not to be chargeable with their schooling and raising.  I further declare and will that my wife is sole executrix and is to remain undisturbed after the debts are paid, in full possession of all my estate so long as she may live.  Only what part she may think proper to give to each legatee.

In Witness with my own hand, I have hereunto set my name and seal the day and year above written.

Signed: Benjamin Hollingsworth (Seal)

Salina Box
William (his mark) Davis

Proven and ordered to be recorded, September 7, 1844
E. T. Smith, Judge, CC

CALHOUN COUNTY)  I, Alexander Woods, Judge of the Probate Court for the State of Alabama aforesaid, and also Exofficio Clerk of said court hereby certify that the foregoing three pages inclusive, contain a true transcript of the Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Hollingsworth, Dec'd. as fully and completely as appears in my office.  I further certify that the aforesaid Probate Court is a Court of Record and that I am by law the Clerk as well as Judge of said Court and that I am the keeper of the records of said Court and that said Court has a Seal of Office, and further that this Certificate is in due form and by the Proper Officer.  Given under my hand and Seal of said Court in the town of Jacksonville, on this the 2nd day of November, AD, 1858.

Signed: A. Woods, Judge of Probate

Copy of Benjamin Hollingsworth Will filed Dec. 5, 1858
Perry G. Whetstone, CC, Rusk Co., Texas

Vol F P 669-677 Estate of Benjamin Hollingsworth
December Term. 1858

J C. Miller, Chief Justice, Petition of Wm. Kelley, a resident of the County of Rusk, would respectfully show your Honor that on or about the 18th of August, 1844, one Benjamin Hollingsworth, a resident of the County of Benton, and State of Alabama, departed this life, leaving a Will, and that by the terms of said Will his Widow Joicy Hollingsworth was sole Executrix of the same, and had full and entire control of all his property during her lifetime, and your petitioner further states that afterwards, to wit-some time in the year 1845 that the said Joicy Hollingsworth moved to the State of Texas bringing with her all the property belonging to said estate that was left after the payment of all the debts.  And your petitioner further states that on the 6th of August, 1858, said Joicy Hollingsworth departed this life leaving both real and personal property in the County of Rusk belonging to said estate and your Petitioner further states that there is one minor heir of estate to wit: Thomas Hollingsworth, a resident of the State of Alabama, therefore the premises considers your Petitioner prays your Honor to grant him Letters of Administration, with the Will annexed, certified copy of which is herewith filed and made a part of this Petition., and for all such orders as the premises demand. 

Signed: W. C. Kelley

No 561-Benjamin Hollingsworth Estate-Petition for Letters of Administration Filed Dec 15, 1858-Perry G. Whetstone, CC Rusk Co, Texas

Notice Posted, Dec, 17, 1858

Court Approved L/A to Wm. C. Kelley, Dec, 1858

Bond, with Security filed by Wm. C. Kelley, Dec. 27, 1858
Sec: S. P. Hollingsworth, J. W. Flanagan.

Oath of Administrator, William C. Kelley  Dec, 27, 1858

Henry, age 28, $1500.00
Joe, age 24, $1200.00
Caroline, age 25 $1,000.
Harriett, age 22 $1,000.
Hugh age 5 yrs, $1,000.
Diley, crippled No value

1 Road waggon $15.
2 Yoke Oxen Incl
1 Buggy $150.00

620 AC land $3,000.

There are NO debts

Court decided Estate could not be divided according to terms of Will without too much damage to Estate-Recommended Sale of entire Estate.

Feb. Term, 1859-Family decided they would divide the Estate amongst themselves, which they did, as follows:.

Appraisal of Estate:
Henry, a Negro man, $1600.
Joe, a Negro man, $1200.
Caroline and child Hugh $1500.
Harriett, $1200.
Waggon and steers (Oxen) $125.
Buggy $125.
1 Note from A J Howze, (Sale of Land) $3,000.
1 Note from J B Hollingsworth $390.
Total of Estate=9,140.

Amounts heretofore received by:
S P Hollingsworth $700.
W B (Wiley) Hollingsworth $700.
Mary Kelley $500.
Belzora Haden $300.

Total $11,340.

Shares of B. P. Hollingsworth, J. B. Hollingsworth, O. N. Hollingsworth,= $1620.00 ea;  Belzora Haden share =$1320. Mary Kelley share =$1120., S. P. Hollingsworth and Thomas Hollingsworth share = $920. ea.

Estate divided in the following manner
S. P. Hollingsworth to receive Henry, negro man $1600.
Donation-Buggy  $20.  Total $1620.

J B Hollingsworth share:
Harriett, Negro woman $1200.
Amt due Estate $390.
Donated on Buggy 20.
Rec'd of Wm C. Kelley $20.    Total $1620.

O N Hollingsworth share:
Caroline, & child Hugh $1500.
A. Howze's 3 notes $90.
Amt Rec'd from Kelley $10.
Donation on buggy $20.  Total $1620.

Belzora Haden share:
A Howze's first note $1,000.
Waggon & Steers $125.
Buggy $25.
Amt rec'd from Wm Kelley $80.
due in Howze's 2 notes 80.
Rec'd from S P Hollingsworth 10.
Amt heretofore rec'd $300.  Total $1620.

Mary Kelley share:
Amt in price of Negro Joe $1120.
Amt heretofore rec'd $500. Total $1620.

S. P. Hollingsworth share:
Amt heretofore rec'd $700.
Amt in A. Howze's Note $900.
Donation in Buggy 20.  total $1620.

Thomas Hollingsworth, son of Wiley Hollingsworth share:
Amt heretofore rec'd $700.
Amt in A. Howze's note $920.  Total $1620.

Amt of distribution Now $9,140.
Amt. heretofore Distributed: 2,200.  Total $11,340.

Receipts signed:
S P Hollingsworth, W. C. Kelley, C. A. Haden, H. B. Hayden, M. A. Kelley, Thomas W. Hollingsworth, by Attny.
Filed Feb. 28, 1859 Rusk County Texas, Perry G. Whetstone, CC

Rusk Co, Tx Deed Book W P 326-327 July 1, 1874
S. P Hollingsworth, (Johnson Co, Tx) O N Hollingsworth (Travis Co, Tx) & J B Hollingsworth (Rusk Co, Tx) to John E Jacobs, in cons. of $1.00, all our right, title, and interest in and to a tract of land, (300 AC), situate in Rusk Co, Tx, known as part of the William Ravy Survey, on Caney Crk, etc, etc.
S. P. Hollingsworth
O. N. Hollingsworth
J. B. Hollingsworth
(Filed Oct, 1874)

Rusk Co, Tx Deed Bk X, P 188-190 July 1, 1874
S. P. Hollingsworth, (Johnson Co, Tx) O. N. Hollingsworth, (Travis Co, Tx)  J. B. Hollingsworth, (Rusk Co, Tx) H. B. Hayden, & C. A. Hayden, to John E. Jacobs,, in cons. of $1.00, all our right, title, and interest in a certain tract of land (300 Ac) in Rusk Co., Tx, known as part of the William Ravy Survey, on Caney Crk., etc, etc.
H. B. Hayden
C. A. Hayden
S. P. Hollingsworth
O. N. Hollingsworth
J. B. Hollingsworth



Claimant Name Type Claim Number Name Mentioned Reel First Last 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 3507 
Hollingsworth, B. P. 162 273 281 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 3507 162 272 281 
Hollingsworth, S. P. UN N/A 252 240 24

Name Mentioned Type Claim Number Claimant Name Reel First Last

Hollingsworth & Bro. PD 2074 Wilson, Joseph L. 198 19 20 
Hollingsworth & Bro. PD Unnumbered 01 Acklen, Morris Newton 131 35 35 
Hollingsworth & Bro. PE N/A Hawford, Henry 219 542 550 
Hollingsworth & Bro. UN N/A Anderson, Washington 248 166 167 
Hollingsworth & Bro. UN N/A Harrison, Sam 251 666 670 
Hollingsworth & Bro. UN N/A Scully, John 256 172 173 
Hollingsworth & Bro. UN N/A Trezevant, J. P. 257 409 410 
Hollingsworth & Bro. UN N/A Ursery, John A. 257 477 477 
Hollingsworth & Bros. UN N/A Wells, William 258 96 97 
Hollingsworth & Tarleton PD 100 Barton, J. B. 136 67 78 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 5 & 7 Haralson, Flournoy & Robards 159 166 166 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 70 Rhodes, William R. 182 22 31 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 100 Barton, J. B. 136 73 73 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 102 Hawford, Henry 160 171 178 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 108 Golden, Philip 156 476 477 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 127 Brown, Samuel B. 140 479 479 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 1634 Anderson, John 132 530 530 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 1896 Cook, F. J. 145 232 253 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 2074 Wilson, Joseph L. 198 12 18 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PD 3039 Fewel, William H. 152 529 638 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PE N/A Hawford, Henry 219 542 549 
Hollingsworth, B. P. PE N/A Smith, Henry Madison 239 25 28 
Hollingsworth, B. P. UN N/A Johnson, James M. 252 530 530 
Hollingsworth, B. P. UN N/A Palmer, E. A. 255 222 222 
Hollingsworth, B. P. UN N/A Rainey, Robert R. 255 511 511 
Hollingsworth, B. T. PD 101 Kelly, Michael P. 165 557 559 
Hollingsworth, Benjamin P. PD 1634 Anderson, John 133 11 14 
Hollingsworth, Henry W. AU 541 Howard & Fleury 47 577 577 
Hollingsworth, J. B. PD 1284 Glasscock, Zebulon P. 156 320 320 
Hollingsworth, J. B. PD 2074 Wilson, Joseph L. 198 14 14
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 106 Martin, John M. H. 170 459 459 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 2225 Davidson, John F. 148 110 115 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 2726 Tipps, L. E. 191 200 200 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PD 342 Basinger, Martin 136 92 92 
Hollingsworth, S. P. PE N/A Smith, Henry Madison 239 25 25 
Hollingsworth, William PE N/A Mott, Samuel R. 231 58 58