The Family of
Dr. Elijah Allen
& Wife
Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth
of Nacogdoches Co, Texas

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Dr. Elijah Allen was born in Tennessee February 4, 1802 and died in Rusk Co, Texas on Feb. 13, 1856. His parentage is yet to be proven.  Dr. Elijah Allen's family arrived in Nacogdoches, Texas between Mar 2, 1836 and Oct 1, 1837, as he received a second class certificate for 1,280 Ac land.

Dr. Allen served as Physician & Surgeon in the Third Brigade of Texas Militia, Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, under Brig. Gen. James Smith,  according to Republic of Texas Claims. His term of service was from July 10,1841-August 10, 1841.(Claim #1945, ID #49862, Texas State Library, Austin, Texas)

REPUBLIC OF TEXAS MILITIA 1836-1845. (77K) From online military roll index of the Texas State Archives, rolls from J.M. Nance [T7], and roll collection by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas [T1].

Commanders Index-
James Smith, Nacogdoches Mounted Volunteers, April 11, 1836-July 11, 1836
James Smith-Mounted Volunteers/Spies 2 Regt/. 3 Brig/. Texas Militia
Oct 7, 1838-Dec 1, 1838
William C Sparks, Col.- Field & Staff Officers (Nacogdoches)
2 Regt, 3 Brig., Texas Militia
Aug 5, 1838-Aug 22, 1838
Oct 17, 1838-Nov 13, 1838

Hall, John L. Company (Houston County)
Brig Gen James Smith Comm.
(+Pay) (Jul 10, 1841 - Aug 10, 1841)* [A1; T17 p26-28]
Dep: Expedition to three forks of Trinity against Indians
* roll reconstructed in 1853 

Republic of Texas Claims Index (Texas State Library, Austin, Texas)
Claimant Name Type Claim Number Name Mentioned Reel First Last
Allen, Elijah PD 1945 131 488 496

Name Mentioned Type Claim Number Claimant Name Reel First Last
Allen, Elijah UN N/A Flanagan, J. W. 251 46 46 

Public Debt Claim. Elijah Allen ID # 49862
2nd Class Elijah Allen-Services as Surgeon and in Genl. Jas Smith (Co) 1841-Certificate Issued for One hundred & seventeen dollars July 12, 1853 
Jno. M. Swisher?, Auditor, Samuel Shands, Comp., Cert. sent to Hon. J W Flanagan , Henderson, Rusk County, July 12,/53. Sig: Swisher

Late Republic, Mr. Elijah Allen for Services as Surgeon and in Genl. James Smith (Co)  from 10 July 1841-10 Aug, 1841. $117.00 Total
($50.00 Pay, $18.00 Rations, $16.00 Forage, $16.00 Servants, $12.00 Servants Rations, $5.00 Servants Clothing)

The State of Texas
Rusk County
I, James Smith, late Brig-General,  Commanding, the 3rd Brigade of Texas Militia, and Officer Commanding the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen described in the within account of Doctor Elijah Allen do certify, on honor, that the said Elijah Allen did render the services and use the drugs and medicines described and specified in said Allen's account as the same is stated  within, as Physician and Surgeon to said Regiment, and that the same as stated in said account are correct and that said Drugs and medicines were furnished by said Allen at his own expense.

Given under my hand at Henderson this 17th day of October, 1851.

Sig: James Smith
Late Commanding Officer as above stated

The State of Texas
County of Rusk
This day personally appeared James Smith who being duly sworn states on oath that the within account is just and true to the best of his knowledge as stated in certificate of honor.  
Sig: James Smith

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of May, 1853
Sig: W C Kelly, Justice of the Peace, Rusk Cty, Texas

The State of Texas
County of Rusk
Before me the undersigned authority this day personally appeared James Smith to me well known and made Oath in due form of law that the foregoing  is true to the best of this officiant's memory and belief as an account for medicines and services rendered to the late Republic of Texas.  
Sig: James Smith
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 20th day of May, AD 1853
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal of Office at office in Henderson, this the 20th day of May AD, 1853
Sig: J S Swann? CCC, Rusk Co

The State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches
Know all men by these presents that I, Elijah Allen of said County of Nacogdoches have this day appointed and doth by these presents appoint J W Flanagan of the County of Rusk my true and lawful attorney to ask of and demand from the State of Texas any money that may be deemed coming to me from the State of Texas for services rendered the late Republic of Texas, and my said attorney is fully authorized to receive and receipt for any and all money  (illeg) and said receipt shall be as valid and good in law as if done by myself in person.

Given under my hand and Seal using a Scroll by way of Seal this 18th day of May, 1853
Sig: Elijah Allen (SEAL)

The State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches
Personally appeared  before me the undersigned authority Elijah Allen to me well known who acknowledged   that he signed the foregoing instrument of writing for the purposes and consideration therein specified.
Witness my hand and Official Seal at Nacogdoches, this 24th day of May AD 1853.
J B B Davenport, Notary Public, Nacogdoches County

Dr. Elijah Allen was one of the early physicians of Nacogdoches county, living in the area of Douglass, and later removing to Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas, buying two of the first lots offered for sale in the town of Henderson, May 3, 1844. (One for $25. & one for $75.)
One of his clients was the Devereaux  Monte Verde Plantation, NW of Mt. Enterprise, as his name appears in Mr. J. Devereaux's diary as making a house call in 1852.

He married abt 1828-29 in Franklin Co., Tenn., to Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth, daughter, and eldest surviving child of Benjamin Hollingsworth & wife Joicey Jones of Franklin Co., Tenn.  She was born November 10, 1811 in Franklin Co, Georgia and she died  after April, 1859.  She received a Letter of Dismissal from Union Church (Old North Ch) on that date.  I have been unable to locate her or their son Benjamin in the census of 1860 or 1870. 

Their son, Benjamin Allen was living in Athens, Henderson Co., Texas when he made a deed to his first wife's mother, Mrs. Dr. William Ross, of Rusk Co, Texas, on  Dec. 15, 1875, and he was living in City of Kaufman, Kaufman County in 1880, where he was a schoolteacher. He was educated at McKenzie College at Clarksville, Texas and taught for two years at that College, later teaching at Mt. Enterprise, (Rusk Co) Nacogdoches, Leon, Anderson & Kaufman Counties.

He died in Henderson Co, Texas in 1895 and is buried in the Athens City Cemetery.  His son Walter P Allen was co-owner of the Harris National Bank in Kaufman from 1895-1903, with Jesse Muckleroy, and was later President of the Bank.

Children: ALLEN

1. Mary Ann Born Dec. 28, 1830 Franklin Co, Tenn Died July 2, 1861 Rusk Co, Texas (Caledonia Community) Buried: Old North Church, Nacogdoches Co, Tx Unmarked
(M) #1 Andrew Jackson Sparks August 24, 1848, at the home of the brides parents in Douglass.

(Nacogdoches Times issue of Sept 2, 1848-"In Douglass, Texas, on the evening of the 24th inst., by the Rev. J. M. Becton, Mr. Andrew J. Sparks, to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Dr. Elijah Allen, all of this county".  Rev John M Becton was a Presbyterian Minister.

Their children:  See SPARKS File

Mary Ann Allen Sparks (M) #2 William Anderson Feb. 12, 1859 Nacogdoches Co, Tx and they had one daughter Laura Anderson -See BELOW

2. Benjamin Allen Born Jan 1,1838 Benton Co, Alabama  Died: Dec 12, 1895 Athens, Henderson Co, Texas Bur: Athens City Cemetery  
(Marker also @ Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman, Tx )
(Schoolteacher in Kaufman, Kaufman Co, Tex-1880) removed to Henderson Co, not long prior to his death.  His widow and children are living in Terrell, Kaufman Co, in 1900, 1910, 1920.
(M) Miss Monnie Margaret "Mattie"  Ross Dec 12, 1861 Rusk Co, Tx
       Born Dec 17, 1842 Texas Died: Dec 18, 1862 Rusk Co, Tx
       Buried: Ross Cemetery, East of Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co, Tx
       Dtr of Dr. William M Ross & Mary Ann Gillespie
(M) #2-Mary M."Mattie" ______ Prior to 1870
       Born June, 1848 Tenn  d. Aug. 26, 1915 Kaufman Co., Tx -Mrs. M M Allen-Texas Death Records-(Widow in 1900 Kaufman Co Tx (Terrell) Had 6 children, 6 living) Widow, 1910 Wd 3, Terrell, Kaufman Co., Tx HH of Regina Jarvis, as boarder)

a .By wife #1- Monnie Mary Allen Born Nov 25, 1862 Rusk Co,  Texas (By Wife #1)
    (In school, Rusk Co, Tx 1870 living w/grandparents-Dr. William M. Ross family) Died Sept. 21, 1875 Rusk Co, Tx Buried: Ross Cemetery, Rusk Co, Tx

By Wife #2
b. Walter Payne Allen  Born Jan 1870 Tx  Died: 1943 Kaufman Co, Texas- Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx-lived 1900-1930 Census-Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx
He was co-owner of the Harris National Bank in Kaufman with Jesse Muckleroy 1895-1903 (Later becoming President of the bank)
    (M) America P Cartwright Ca 1894 Tx  Born 1874 Died April 4, 1959 Kaufman Co, Tx Buried: Oakland Cem., Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx her mother Ophelia Cartwright in her HH 1930 Kaufman Co, Tx)
            1. Pauline A. Born Jan, 1895 Tx died March 26, 1926 Kaufman Co, Tx (Texas Death Records)
                (M) Benjamin L. Gill  abt 1916
                       Born Ca 1892 Tx d. Sept. 30, 1935 Kaufman Co., Tx-HH of in-laws, 1930 Kaufman Co, Tx)  (Vice-President, Bank, Terrell, Tx)
                       a. Pauline G. Gill b. Jan 25, 1918 Kaufman Co, Tx-Texas Birth Records, Kaufman Co., Texas- (HH of gr/parents, 1930 Kaufman Co., Tx 

                     (M) William Perry Clements, Jr 

                             1. Nancy  b. Dallas Co, Tx  (Texas Birth Records, Mother: Pauline Gill)                                    
                       b. Gloria Gill b. Sept. 29, 1922 Taylor Co, Tx-Texas Birth Records-HH of gr/parents, 1930 Kaufman Co, Tx 

                     (M) Riter Carol Hulsey

                            1. Robert Allen b. Brazoria Co, Texas (Texas birth records, Mother: Gloria Gill)

                            2. Carol b. Dallas Co., Tx (Texas Birth Records, Mother: Gloria Gill)
           2. Ophelia Allen Born June, 1897 Tx 
           3. Walter Payne, Jr. Allen  Born Oct 27, 1898 Kaufman Co, Tx Died Dec 8, 1981 Kaufman Co, Texas; Buried: Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx

         (M) Martha Wilder abt 1924
                       Born abt 1904 La

                 a. Patricia Allen b. Feb. 1, 1926 Hale Co, Tx (Texas Birth Records) 

                     (M) DeHart Earl McMillan, Jr (Texas Birth Records)

                             1. Kathryn b. Kaufman Co., Tx (Texas Burth Records, Kaufman Co, Tx, Mother: Patricia Allen)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Walter Payne Allen, Jr., age 19 yrs. Add: 609 Griffith, Terrell, Kaufman, Texas b. October 27, 1898 Texas, white, natural born citizen, Occ: Student, Texas University, Austin, Travis, Texas, Nearest Rel: Mrs. Americus Allen, 609 Griffith, Terrell, Kaufman, Texas Sig: W P Allen, Jr., Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, slender build, brown eyes, brown hair, No disab; sig: J M Rutledge, Regis., Terrell, Kaufman, Texas Sept. 12, 1918

            4. Mathus ? Allen  b. July 9, 1905 Kaufman Co., Tx-Texas Birth Records:Unnamed child Allen,  Father, W P Allen-(HH of father, 1920 Kaufman Co-No further record
            5. Annie L. Allen  b. November 18, 1906  Kaufman Co, Tx (Texas birth records, Kaufman Co,, Tx Unnamed child Allen, Father: W P Allen)

c. Laura Allen Born Ca 1872 Tx

d. Benjamin Allen b.  Jan. 27, 1875 Tx d. August 12, 1931 Kaufman Co., Tx- Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx-(1900-1930 Terrell, Kaufman Co-Cashier, later Vice President, American Nat'l. Bank, Terrell, Tx)

    (M) Ammis/Annie  M.____ born abt 1880 Tenn 
                 No children in HH, 1920-1930

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Ben Allen, age 43. b. Jan. 27, 1875 Texas, Add: 803 W. Wash. Ave., Terrell, Kaufman, Texas   white, natural born citizen  Occ: Cashier, American Natl. Bank, Terrell, Tx, , Nearest Rel: Ammis M. Allen, wife, same address, Sig: Ben Allen; Phys. Desc.Ht" Medium;  Build: stout, Eyes: gray, Hair: Light, No disab.; sig: J M Rutledge, Regis., Terrell, Kaufman, Texas Sept 12, 1918

e. Blanch Born October, 1878 Tx -(1900 Kaufman Co-Single-School Teacher)

f. George Marion Allen  Born March 1, 1881 Tx  Died  March 13, 1936 Kaufman Co., Tx- Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx; Lived 1930 El Paso, Tx (Occ-Auditor)

    (M) Eva M. _____
                 1. Annie Moore Allen Born Ca 1923 Tx

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-George Marion Allen, Add: 1503 Panton?, Dallas, Dallas, Texas, age 39 yrs, b. March 1, 1881 Texas, white natural born citizen, Occ: Clerk, Federal Reserve Bank, Commerce & Martin, Dallas, Dallas, Tx; Nearest Rel: Ben Allen, Brother, Terrell, Texas; sig: George Marion Allen; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, gray eyes, brown hair, No disab; sig: Mark Grogan, Regis, Dallas, Dallas, Texas Sept. 12, 1918

g. Albert Earl Allen Born Dec 15, (21*) 1884 Tx  Died: July 15, 1924, age 39 yrs;  Rapides Par, Louisiana, Bur: Oakland Cem, Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx   (1920 New Orleans, Orleans Par, Louisiana;  Sales Mgr-Tulane University)

(M) Porter Burbank
              Born abt 1890 Texas (She (M) #2 Fred J Heinz,-lived 1930 Covington, St. Tammany, La-had another child)
              1. Charles Burbank Allen b Feb. 20, 1915 Texas-d. January, 1984 Covingtyon, St. Tammany, La-SSDI, Iss'd La pr to 1951)-lived 1930 Covington, St Tammany Par., La w/mother, stepfather, Fred J Heinz)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Albert Earl Allen, age 34 yrs. b. December 21,* 1884 Texas Add: 49 Neron? Place, New Orleans,  La. white, natural born citizen, Occ: Manager, (Can't read rest), 317 Lamplt?, New Orleans, La; Nearest Rel: Porter Burbank Allen, wife, same add., Sig: Albert Earl Allen; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, brown eyes, black hair; No Disab; sig: A Campbell Aleita?, Regis. local board, Div 13, Basement, Gibson Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, La., September 12, 1918


"Professor Ben Allen was born in Calhoun Co. Alabama Jan. 1, 1838, came with his parents to Tx. in 1839 and settled in Nacogdoches Co. Tx. Was educated at McKenzie College, Clarksville, Tx. taught two years in said college after graduating. Taught high school at Mt. Enterprise, Rusk County from 1858 until later part of 1861. Taught in Nacogdoches, Leon, Anderson, Henderson, and Kaufman Counties.".- He was one among others who played an important role in the early history of Kaufman Co. Tx.-History of Kaufman County Texas, Vol II, 
Kaufman County Historical Commission, Kaufman, Tx. Courtesy of Judy Parker

MCKENZIE COLLEGE. McKenzie College, three miles southwest of Clarksville, Red River County, was organized by John W. P. McKenzie qv in 1841 in a log cabin. The original enrollment was sixteen, and growth was slow. Until 1846 the school offered high school work only. In 1848 the institution was chartered as McKenzie Institute, and progress was accelerated. By 1854 it had 300 students and nine faculty members. The college had an administration building and three dormitories, two for boys and one for girls. Its equipment was considered first-class, and the library probably had between 2,000 and 3,000 volumes. About half of the students came from the Red River area, 40 percent came from other sections of Texas, and 10 percent from Louisiana and Arkansas. Tuition, board, room, and laundry cost $180 for ten months. Private piano lessons were $60 a term. Sometimes the tuition was paid with produce or with the horse and saddle the student had used to reach the school. The school had compulsory prayers at 4 A.M. and compulsory chapel attendance; it afforded varied social contacts and stimulation from the personality of McKenzie, and students were said to return home reluctantly at the end of the ten-month session. Both B.A. and M.A. degrees were granted in 1860. McKenzie College, for several years the largest college in Texas, was always a Methodist institution, although it was actually controlled by the Methodist conference for one year only. It trained almost all of the Texas Methodist ministers of the period. McKenzie deeded the school to the church in 1855 but on conditions that the conference could not fulfill. Again in 1860 he made a conditional deed of the property to the conference. By the summer of 1861 most of the student body had gone into the Confederate Army, and the church returned the property to McKenzie. The school adapted itself to the times by offering military drill to students. In 1863 enrollment dropped to thirty-three, and the average enrollment from 1864 to 1867 was seventy-four. McKenzie and his son-in-law, Smith Ragsdale, qv no longer able to keep the school independent financially, closed it on June 25, 1868.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: B. E. Masters, A History of Early Education in Northeast Texas 
(M.A. thesis, University of Texas, 1929).

July, 1884 Scholastic Census of White children: City of Kaufman, Texas
Walter Allen, male, age 14
Lena (Laura?) Allen female age 12 yrs
B. Allen, male age 9 yrs. (Benjamin)

Athens City Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co, Texas (Old Section)
Allen, Ben 1 Jan 1838 15 Dec 1895 (Dec 12th?)

Terrell Times Star - 20 Dec 1895 edition stating Benjamin Allen had moved to Athens last fall from Kaufman. It says he died last Sunday, which would make death date Dec 15th, 1895.

He died Dec 12, 1895- found another obit- saying date of death was Dec 12th....says he is father of Walter Allen of Kaufman County - this obit was from the Houston Post -(Courtesy Kathy Kelly Hunt, Kaufman Co, Texas)

Oakland Cemetery in Terrell, Kaufman Co, Texas  (Courtesy Kathy Kelly Hunt)
Ben Allen 1838-1895
Benjamin Allen 1875-1931
Geo M Allen 1881-1936
Albert Earl Allen - 21 Dec 1884- 15 Jul 1924
In another section are:
Walter Payne Allen 1870-1943
America Cartwright Allen 1874-1959

SSDI Kaufman Co, Tx 
Walter Allen born Oct 27, 1898 Died Dec, 1981 Terrell, Kaufman Co, Tx
Texas Death Records Index 1964-1998
Walter Payne Allen Jr. Died Dec 8, 1981 Kaufman Co, Tx

Louisiana Statewide Death Index 1900-1949
Albert Earl Allen Age 39 yrs, died July 15, 1924 Rapides Par, La Vol 22, Cert # 9242


Mary Ann Allen Sparks married Husband #2 William Anderson on February 12, 1859 Nacogdoches, Texas and lived in the Caledonia Community in Rusk Co, in 1860.  She had one daughter Laura Anderson born Nov. 11, 1859 Rusk Co, Tx and died Dec. 14, 1935 Nacogdoches Co, Tx.  Laura married Wm. Sutton Melton on Dec 22, 1876 in Nacogdoches, Tx.  Both are buried at Bethel Cemetery, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx.
W. S. Melton was born Oct. 29, 1848 Died: Sept 12, 1900

William Anderson was a Deacon at Old North Church, where they attended, formerly attending the Baptist Church in Henderson, Rusk Co.

From Old North Church Minutes-1838-1872 Rev. Gene Tomlin, {Pastor)
1853-Saturday before the first Lord's day in June, after divine service by the Revd. J M Becton, Union Church met in conference.  Elder B E Lucas Moderator.  Visiting brethren invited to take seats with us.  The door of the Church was opened for the reception of members.  Whereupon Sister Mary Ann Sparks, who formerly belonged to the Baptist Church at Henderson, which has since been dissolved, came forward and was unanimously received by voucher and the right hand of fellowship was extended to her.  N W Crain, CC

1857-Saturday before the first Lord's day in July, the Union Church met and after divine service by Elder Brother N. Conner, sat in Conference; a door was opened for the reception for members.  Sister A. Allen presented herself and was unanimously received on vouchers, references called for-none.  B. F. Whitaker, CC

1859-Saturday, before the first Sabbath in April, was no conference.  First Sabbath in April after divine service by Bro. B. E. Lucas Union Church met in Conference.  The door of the Church was opened for the reception of members. none presented themselves.  Sisters A. L. Allen and Mary A. Anderson were granted letters of dismission, etc. John W. Crain, Clerk

List of female members, incl:

Mary Ann Sparks, dismissed April, 1859
A. L. Allen -dismissed April, 1859 (Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth Allen)

1861-Saturday before the first Sabbath in June, after divine services by our Pastor Union Church met in Conference.  the door of the Church was opened to receive members. Brother William Anderson and Sister Mary A. Anderson presented letters of dismission from Mt. Zion Church, Rusk County and were received into full fellowship in this Church.  Brother Anderson being a regular ordained Deacon, he was received as an acting Deacon of the Church.  References called for-none.  etc etc John C. Crain, C. C.

Children of Laura Anderson & William S. MELTON 
a. William B."Bee"  Born Dec 13, 1877 Died Oct. 10, 1940 Bethel Cem
(M) Rosa Blacksher  Oct. 25, 1903 Dtr of Thomas Blacksher & Emily G. Weaver
Born Aug 11, 1881-Died Sept 26, 1965 Bethel Cem
(See the book "Appleby, The Story of An East Texas Town", by James Vard Melton 1904-1978, their son)
   Their children-Ref: Gateway to Texas Vol II, Ericson & Texas Birth/Death Records
   1. James Vard Born Sept 11, 1904 Died June, 1978 Last Res: San Marcos, Hays Co, Tx
   2. Laura Emily Born July 16, 1906
   3. Joseph Weldon Born Jan 14, 1908 d. July, 1983 Marble Falls, Burnet Co., Tx
   4. Rosser B. Born Nov 21, 1910 Died May 1, 1981 Denton, Denton Co, Tx
   5. George Travis born Sept 18, 1912 Died Oct. 14, 1996 Last Res: Seattle, King, Wash.
   6. Kenna Smith Born Dec 24, 1915 Died Nov 7, 1938 -Bethel Cem, Appleby
   7. Fannie Lucille Born June 30, 1919 (Mildred shown on 1920 census, age 7/12)
   8. Myrtie Rosine Born Sept 11, 1923

b. Mittie Born May 24, 1880

c. Nettie Born Dec 17, 1883 

d. Merritt  Born June 19, 1884 (HH of mother, 1910 Nacogdoches)

e. Benjamin Born Oct. 24, 1887  Died 1912 Bethel Cem. Nacog. Co, Tx

f. Molly (Mary Elizabeth) Born Dec. 12, 1889
   (M) W. W. Wright (Lived 1930 Austin, Travis Co, Tx)
   1. Cary Wilson Born Ca 1909
   2. Lorene Born Ca 1911
   3. Kathryn Born Ca 1916
   4. B. Melton Born Ca 1923

g. Myrtie Born Mar. 13, 1892

h. Kathryn Born June 6, 1893

i. Daniel Holt Born Sept 16, 1896 Died Feb. 1, 1972 Nacogdoches Co., Tx (Bethel Cem., Appleby)
   (M) #1- Gussie M Birdwell
   1. William "Billy" Born Ca 1928 Tx
   (M) #2 Ella McBride
   Born Jan. 3,1899 d. Nov., 1984 Nacogdoches Co., Tx (Dtr of James & Lula McBride)

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Dan Melton, Nacogdoches County, Texas-age 21 yrs, Add: Route 2, Garrison, Texas, b. September 16, 1896 Nacogdoches Co., Texas, white, natural born citizen;  Empl by: Laura Melton, 2 mi. N of Appleby, Texas, Nearest Rel: Laura Melton, Mother, Add: Rt 2, Garrison, Texas, Sig: Dan Melton Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld., Gray eyes, Lt Brown Hair, No Disab.Sig: Name Illeg.,, Collins? Regis. local board, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Texas June 5, 1918

Bethel Cemetery Records, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx
W S Melton Oct 29, 1848-Sept 12, 1900 married Laura (Anderson)
Laura Melton Nov 10, 1859-Dec 14, 1935 married W S Melton
W. B. Melton Dec 13, 1877-Oct 8, 1940 married Rosa Blacksher
Rosa Blacksher Melton Aug 11, 1881 Sept 26, 1965
Dan H Melton 1896-1972 married Ella M.(McBride)
Kenna Smith Melton Dec 24, 1915-Nov 7, 1938 Abilene Tex, Dtr of W B & Rosa Blacksher Melton


Bible Records of Andrew Jackson Sparks, as copied by me in October, 1981: At that time, the Bible was in possession of Molly Frances (Rambin) Sparks, Widow of William Allen Sparks, son of William R. Sparks

Dr. Elijah Allen was born August 4th, 1802
Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth was born November 10, 1811
Andrew Jackson Sparks was born October the 19th, 1824
Mary Ann Allen was born December the 28th, 1830
Thomas Allen Sparks was born July the 2nd, 1849
Mary Ophelia Sparks was born 14th of February, 1851
William Rinalday Sparks was born the 11th of December, 1852
Odelia Sparks was born February 24th, 1855
Benjamin Jackson Sparks was born April 26th, 1857
Laura Anderson was born 10th of November, A. D, 1859

Minnie Sparks was born June the 11th, 1869
John William Sparks was born December the 20th, 1871
Monnie Sparks was born November, __, 1874
Tom Buchanan Sparks was born March 28, 1877
A. F. Sparks was born July 2, 1886
Eva Sparks was born November 30, 1888
Mary Sparks was born July the 23, 1890

Mr. A. J. Sparks and Miss Mary Ann Allen was married August the 24th, 1848
William Anderson and Mary Ann Sparks was married February 10th, 1859
Mr. T. A. Sparks and Miss Cynthia Parmley was married December the 15, 1867
Mr. Mabry Mosby and Miss Minnie Sparks was married January the 9, 1890

Mary Ophelia Sparks departed this life the 31st day of July, 1851
Doct. Elijah Allen departed this life the 13 of February, 1856, being 53 years, 6 months, and 9 days old.
Andrew Jackson Sparks departed this life August 6, 1857, Age 30 years, 9 months, and 17 days.
Mary Ann Anderson departed this life July 2nd, 1861*
Odelia Sparks departed this life July 25th, 1862
Benjamin Jackson Sparks departed this life August the 6, 1882, age 25 years, 4 months, and 20 days.
A. F. Sparks departed this life August the 28th, 1895
Eva Sparks departed this life December the 15, 1885
*(Mary Ann (Allen) Sparks, Anderson)


1830 Franklin Co, Tenn Census P79
Elijah Allen 1 M 20-30, 1 Fe 15-20, 1 FE 40-50 (Perhaps his MOTHER)
Benjamin Hollingsworth (Parents of Acenith Louisa Hoillingsworth, w/o Dr. Elijah Allen)
1 M 40-50 1 M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-25, 2 M Und 5
1 FE 30-40, 2 FE 5-10

P 71 Wm. Allen  Perhaps older brother of Dr. Elijah Allen
1 M 30-40, 1 M 10-15, 2 M 5-10, 1 M Und 5
1 F 30-40, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 5-10, 1 F Und 5

The Elijah Allen Family and the family of Benjamin Hollingsworth moved to Benton Co, Ala, soon after the 1830 census of Franklin Co Tenn.  Dr. Allen & his brother-in-law, Stephen P. Hollingsworth, arrived in Nacogdoches prior to 1837.  Dr. Allen received a 2nd Class Certificate for 1,280 AC, which means he was a married man, and arrived between Mar 2, 1836 and October 1, 1837.

Republic of Texas Second Class Certificates 1836-1837 (Barnes)
Original Grantee: Elijah Allen
Located in: Leon & Robertson Co's
Certificate No 118  Quantity in Acres: 1,280
Land Dist: Robertson  County: Leon File # 306

1840 Nacogdoches Co., TL
Elijah Allen, 1 Poll, 1 tle Nacog
S P Hollingsworth

Index to Texas Land Title Abstracts
County: Wood Abstract Number: 8
District/Class: Nacogdoches 1st File Number: 434
Original Grantee:  Elijah Allen Patentee:  Elijah Allen
Title Date: Patent Date:  03 Jul 1847 Patent No: 424 Patent Vol: 5 Certificate: 26
Acres:  1,460.18

County:  Robertson Abstract Number:  57
District/Class: Robertson 2nd File Number:  306
Original Grantee:  Elijah Allen Patentee:  Elijah Allen
Patent Date: 18 May 1854 Patent No: 626 Patent Vol:  3 Certificate: 201 Acres: 640.00

County:  Leon Abstract Number:  41
District/Class: Robertson 2nd File Number: 306
Original Grantee: Elijah Allen Patentee: Elijah Allen
Patent Date:  18 May 1854 Patent No: 627 Patent Vol: 3 Certificate: 201 Acres: 640.00

History of Rusk Co., Texas (Winfrey)
P 21 Town of Henderson-The first town lots were sold in a public sale on May 3, 1844.  Lots were sold on one and two years credit with notes and securities given.  Following are the first purchasers of Henderson lots and the amount paid:
Incl-Elijah Allen, $75.00 (Ref: Rusk Co, Deeds, Co. Clerk's Office)

Nov. 21, 1844 (Nacogdoches Co, Tx) Deed of Evan Shoemaker of Shelby Co, Tx. to Elijah Allen of Nacogdoches Co, Tx. 4,428 ACRES, land in Jasper Co, Tx.-(1 league of land being Headright of Shoemaker as a Colonist, W/S Sabine River, granted in 1834)  for $300. paid by Elijah Allen. Recorded Nov 23, 1844 Wts: S. P. Hollingsworth, James A. S. Parsons

Nov. 20, 1844 (Nacogdoches Co, Republic of Texas) Deed of Elijah Allen of Rusk Co, Texas to Wm. K. English of Nacogdoches Co, Tx.  Same land above, (4,428 AC in Jasper Co ) for the sum of $3,000.00.  Wts: David Muckleroy, James S. Linn  Rc'd Nov 23, 1844

Rusk Co, Tx DB A, P 93 Nov, 1844
Republic of Texas
County of Rusk

Know all men by these presents, that I, Elijah Allen of the County and Republic aforesaid am held and firmly bound unto Carroll W. Redden , his heirs, or assign, in the full sum of five hundred dollars to be paid in good and lawful money of the Republic aforesaid for the payment of which I bind myself, my heirs or assigns, Executors, & Administrators.  Now, the condition of the above is such that if the above bound Elijah Allen should make or cause to be made a Good & Warrantee Title to the Lot No. 38 in the Town of Henderson, said Lot being on North Street and adjoining James Brown's  Lot on the North and on the West Side of Main Street.  Then the above bond to be null and void otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue.  The said Deed to be made as soon as it can be obtained from the Commissioners, this the ___November, 1844.

Signed: Elijah Allen
Wts: Nelson Williamson

Ezra Wilson, Clerk Rusk Co (Seal)
25th November, 1844

Rusk Co, Tx DB A, P 326-327 March 3, 1845
Robert W. Smith, Sheriff of Rusk Co, to James A L Parsons
(Sheriff Sale of land of Elijah Allen to satisfy Judgment of James A L Parsons, amt of $300.39)

Land being eight hundred acres of land in Rusk Co, a pt of Headright of Benjamin A. VanSickle. on the waters of Murray's? Bayou in the neighborhood of Thomas Howeth, and also three hundred and twenty acres, the Headright of Stephen N. Bullock on Rabbit Creek, sold to highest bidder, James A L Parsons, on March 3, 1846
Sig: Robert W. Smith, Sheriff, Rusk Co
Wts: J W Hudgins, Isaac R. Vannoy

1846 Republic of Texas Tax Lists:
Elijah Allen, Nacogdoches Co.

1847 census Nacogdoches  (Ericson) (Enumeration of Inhabitants living out of town)
Elijah Allen-Qualified Electors, 1, Male Over 18 & Und 45 , 1 (Himself) 
M Under 18, 1 (son Benjamin) No. of Females 2 (wife & dtr Mary Ann)

1850 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH 480-480
Elijah Allen 48 M Tn Physician
Asenith " 36 F Ga (Hollingsworth)
Benjamin " 12 M Ala

HH 481-481
A. J. Sparks 23 M Miss Farmer
Mary " 19 F Tenn (Mary Ann Allen) (M) Aug. 24, 1848 Nacogdoches Co
Thomas " 11/12 M Tx (son)
Thomas " 21 M Miss (Bro)
John " 17 M Miss (Bro) (early Nacogdoches Co Physician)

Rusk Co, Tx DB F, P 35-36 Nov. 27, 1850
Elijah Allen of County of Nacogdoches to William D. Kincaid, for $270.00 , 369 1/2 AC situate in Co. of Rusk, on waters of Strickers Crk, pt of Headright of Jose D. Sanchez.
Signed: Elijah Allen
Wts: Burell? W. Heath
Nimrod Mesell?
James McWilliams, CCRC
May 12, 1851

History of Rusk Co., Tx (Winfrey)
P 28 Ref: Excerpts from the diary  (1849-51) of Mr. Julien S. Devereaux who owned and operated a large plantation in Rusk Co, Tx- Entry of January 20, 1852.  "Basington, Howerton and myself went hunting in swamps.  Killed a panther and bear.  Both very large and in fact the bear much the fattest that we have known of any season.  The day's hunt was a very exciting one and required great exertions to save the bear which was finally killed in the East Angelina River.  Came home in the evening near night and found our little negro child "Patrick" dying.  Dr. Allen attending on him, the poor little negro died an hour after dark.  Also found our little son Albert quite sick with a high fever on him which continued all night." 
My Note- Mr. Devereaux lived in a very large, tall, two-story plantation home with porch upheld by large columns, which he named Monte Verde.  Monte Verde plantation still stands today, N/W of Mt. Enterprise..

August 10, 1855 Nacogdoches., Texas No 202  Nacogdoches County, Texas deeds-Know all men by these presents that we John S. Thorn and Elijah Allen have purchased the interest of A. J. Sparks and Thomas B. Sparks in the estate of Richard and Elizabeth Sparks and have agreed and do bind ourselves, our heirs and assigns to pay the cost or two thirds of the cost upon all soots (suits) heretofore commenced for lands sood (sued) for or hereafter to be sood (sued) for the payment of the cost we bind our property boath  (both) Real and personal in the penal sum of ten thousand -now-if the said Thorn and Allen should pay all costs then the above to be void and otherwise to remain in full force and pay all costs then the above to be void otherwise to remain in full force. Witness: John M. Sparks (Orig. spelling retained)

The State of Texas          )
County of Nacogdoches  )  Personally came before me the undersigned authority, John M. Sparks,  to me personally known and after being duly sworn stated that he saw Elijah Allen and John S. Thorn sign the above instrument of writing.  That he signed it as a witness at their request.  Witness my hand and Seal of Office at Nacogdoches this 12th day of May, A.D. 1856.  O. L. Holmes, (LS) Clerk County Court, Nacogdoches County

Received for Record May 12, 1856 at 7 AM O L Holmes Clerk County Court Nacogdoches County, here X on preceding record its original has the word "it met" stricken out. O L Holmes CCC

Nacogdoches County, Texas Index to Inventories, Etc 1840-1896
Estate of Dr. Elijah Allen Vol B P 263
The State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches   Know all men by these presents that we, William Clark as Principal and A J Sparks and John W. Crain and Raiford Fulgham as Sureties are held and firmly bound unto the Chief Justice of the County of Nacogdoches in the sum of five thousand dollars, for the payment of which well and truly to be made unto the said Chief Justice, we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents.  Signed with our hands and Sealed with our Seals the Seals being Scrawls, this the 7th day of April, 1856.  The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the above bound William Clark has been appointed by the Chief Justice of the County of Nacogdoches, Administrator of the Estate of Elijah Allen, deceased.  Now if the said William Clark shall well and truly perform all the duties required of him under said appointment then this obligation to be null and void.  Otherwise to remain in full form and effect.  
W. Clerk, (Seal)
A J Sparks (Seal)                                             Attest:
John W. Crain  ( Seal)                                      W. F. Hyde
Raiford Fulgham (Seal)

The State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches)   Personally came before me the undersigned Authority, William H. Hyde, to me personally known -and after being duly sworn stated that he heard William Clark, Jr, Andrew J Sparks, John W. Crain, and Raiford Fulgham acknowledge that they had subscribed and Executed the within instrument of writing for the consideration and purposes therein stated; that he signed it as a witness at their request.  Witness my hand and Seal of Office at Nacogdoches this 14th day of April, 1856.  O L. Holmes, Clerk County Court Nacogdoches County

State of Texas
Nacogdoches County )  I do Solemnly Swear that Elijah Allen, deceased, died without leaving any lawful Will so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly perform all the duties of Administrator of the estate of said Elijah Allen.  
Signed: William Clark
Sworn and Subscribed to before me this 14th day of April, 1856.  O L Holmes, Clerk County Court Nacogdoches county.  Approved the within Bond April 14th, 1856-Signed: Bennett Blake, Chief Justice of Nacogdoches County.  Filed April 14, 1856 O L. Holmes Clerk County Court Nacogdoches County

Vol B P 123-129, 159, 160
Inventory and appraisement of the property Real and Personal belonging to Elijah Allen, Estate:
1 lot household furniture 100.00
1 Gold Watch and Chain 120.00
1 Spanish Saddle 5.00
1 Grey Horse 50.00
1 pair Medical Bags 50.00
1 Lot scales, weight, /old instruments 8.00
1 Lady's saddle 15.00
1 lot Medicines, bottles, jars 50.00
1 case repairing instruments 25.00
1 case amputating instruments 25.00
1 case pocket instruments 5.00
1 lot Dental instruments 10.00
1 Lot Catheters 3.00
1 set Obstetrical instruments 10.00
4 Vols. Cyclopedia of Pract. Medicine 10.00
1 Vol Durcrious?  on Females 2.00
1 Vol Hoopers Dictionary 
1 Vol Edinburg Dispensatory
1 Vol Thomas Practice
2 Vols Deneys Surgery
2 Vols Coopers Surgery
1 Vol Burns Midwifery
3 Vols Thompsons Chemistry  Total 8.00
1 tract 640 land in Robertson & Leon County patented to Elijah Allen-640.00
1 tract 640 acres land in Robertson Co, patented to Elijah Allen-640.00
Total of Inventory: 1,731.00

The State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches) We swear that we have appraised the above property at the sums set opposite the separate items aggregating one thousand seven hundred thirty-one dollars, which we believe to be their true cash value, so help us God. Signed: R. Y. Manteller, Wm. F. Hyde, Appraisers
Sworn and subscribed to be fore me this 21st day of April, 1856
C L Holmes, Clerk County Court Nacogdoches County

The following is a list of claims owing the estate of E. Allen, deceased, which are collectible at law if persons against whom they stand, are solvent:
Reuben Crawford 8.00
J D Wilburn 27.00
N G Palmer 18.00
S Everette 7.12 1/2
J H Bruton 25.83
A B Etheridge 31.00
J S Thorn (credited with 135.00) 150.00
O H Boykin 16.00
L Ammons 3.50
J. Hutcheson 7.00
J W King 30.00
S W Bullock 5.00
J D Merchant (credited with 40.00) 85.00
John W Johnson 24.00
H H White 150.00
J M Smith 8.00
L Ammons 7.00
A Philberry & J Y Jones 27.80
L B Dikes 23.00
F Filby 35.00
J S Thorn 45.25
A Hunt 12.00
The total aggregate 746.00, minus the credits set forth above 135.00 and 40.00 = 175.00 credit leaves a balance of $571.00

The collection of which at law is barred by Statute of Limitations: Notes: Long list totaling 1231.67

List of claims by Account in favor of said Estate Collectible if those against whom they stand, are solvent:  Accts Vs: Long list totaling $969.25

List of claims by acct. in favor of Estate a portion of which is either barred by the statute of Limitations, or credits  these conditions in both of those respects being set forth in connection with the statement of the claims, respectively.  Long list totaling $1388.75

List of Claims by Act in favor of Estate barred by Statute of Limitations: long list totaling 528.00

A Title bond for 640 Acres of land in the County of Navarro on the waters of Richland creek from Samuel Benton the same being head right of David W. Collins , say 640 acres land @ 50 c per acre =$320.00  We the undersigned appraisers  value the above mentioned land at the price above stated.  Sworn to and Signatures acknowledged before me this 25th day of April, 1856. Signed: R H Marsteller? W F Hyde, Appsrs
O L Holmes, Clerk County Court Nacogdoches county 25 Apr, 1856

The State of Texas)
County of Nacogdoches )  I, William Clark, Administrator of Elijah Allen's Estate, do swear that the foregoing Inventory and list of claims constitute all the property of said Estate of which I at present have any evidence or knowledge.  Sworn and subscribed to before me this 25th day of April, AD 1856. W Clark, Admr. of E. Allen's Estate
O L Holmes, Clerk County Court, Nacogdoches County Filed April 25, 1856

State of  Texas
Nacogdoches County)  County Court February Term 1857, To the Judge of the County Court of said County and State, Wm. Clark Administrator of the Estate of Elijah Allen deceased begs leave to return to your court the following additional inventory of property which has come into his knowledge since the return of his original :
one-third of a League of land conveyed to said Elijah Allen by deed dated the 6th of October from James Askins, and located in Harris County on the waters of Cypress.  We the undersigned appointed appraisers to the above estate estimate the land above mentioned at one dollar per acre.

An Account of Mrs Simpson $52.50 
A Note of Jesse & Daniel Neel for the sum of $100.00
Total of $152.50

The above is a true and correct additional inventory and list of property of said estate that has come into my knowledge since the grant of Letters of Administration, Wm Clark, Admr.
Filed for record by O L Homes, Clerk County Court, March 27, 1857

Vol G P 39
No 315-Petiton of William Clark, Jr. Administrator of the Estate of Elijah Allen, dec;d. In this Case on the verbal representation of said Administrator that he has not succeeded  in giving lawful timely notice of sale of the property required to be sold on the 7th by the order of the Court by order of the 26th instant.  It is now ordered by the Court that he do sell such property at the Court House in Nacogdoches on Tuesday the first day of July next, on six months credit.

Estate of Elijah Allen, Deceased:  In this Estate it appearing to the Court that Elijah Allen departed this life leaving a widow, Mrs. Asenath A. Allen and one minor child, and that they have not separate property adequate to their maintenance.  It is therefore ordered by the Court that three hundred dollars from said decedent's estate is hereby fixed as the allowance to said Widow for their maintenance and Support for one year.

It appearing to the court that an Inventory and appraisement of this estate has been duly returned by the Administrator Wm. Clark, Jr.  It is ordered by the court that of the property so inventoried, there is hereby set apart for the use and benefit of said decedent's Widow and minor child--.  The household and Kitchen furniture, appraised at one hundred dollars, and the gray horse appraised at fifty dollars.  It is further ordered by the Court that said Widow and children (child) are hereby allowed the funds of the Estate in lieu of deficits therein of the property exempt by law from execution, to wit: for deficit in Household & Kitchen furniture, One hundred dollars, for the deficit of five Milch cows, sixty dollars; for the deficit of twenty hogs, forty dollars, and for the deficit of farming utensils, fifty dollars; aggregating for deficits Two hundred and fifty dollars, to be paid them by said Administrator according to law.. Court adjourned.

$300.00 allowance given to Widow Asenath A Allen and one minor child for support.
the following items set apart for use of said widow and child, out of Inventory. 
Household Furniture, & Kitchen Furniture Appraised At $100.00
Gray Horse 50.00
Five Milch cows 60.00
twenty hogs 60.00
Farming Utensils 50.00

Vol A P 534-536-May 23, 1856 Petition by Administrator to sell Medical Equipment of Elijah Allen Estate  Petition approved by Court (No 315 Vol G P 26)

July 1856 1st Tuesday-Sold Medical Equipment of Elijah Allen, Dec'd to JOHN M. SPARKS for $99.75
Dental Equipment sold to T. Jeff Johnson for $12.00

Vol G P 53 -Sales for Cash of the 200 acres land, part of the Sparks tract to H A Fulgham for $500.00; the 320 Acres land situate in Angelina County, being an undivided half interest in the Arthur Fulgham headright tract, to said H A Fulgham for $160.00; the Slave Cade, also to said H A Fulgham for $300.00; and the slave Elic to Nicholas J. Moore for $1,000.00; aggregating $1960.00; have been fairly made in conformity to law.  It is ordered by the Court that said sales are now hereby in all things confirmed and said Administrator will make the proper Title and conveyance of said property to said purchasers on their compliance with the terms of the sale.  Set said account sales and the papers connected with it to be recorded and placed among the Archives of the Court.

No 315-On the account of the Sales on yesterday of the personal property of the Estate of Elijah Allen, deceased, required to be sold by the orders made May 26th & May 30, 1856, presented by William Clark, Jr., Administrator of said Estate.  It appearing to the Court that all pre-requisites of the law have been complied with on the part of the Administrator, and that the sales on six months credit of the Trepanning, Amputating and Obstetrical instruments, books, Medicines and bottles to John M Sparks for ninety nine and 75/100 dollars;  the Dental and Doctor's pocket instruments to T. J Johnson for twelve dollars, aggregating $111.75/100 have been fairly made in conformity to law.  It is ordered by the Court that said Sales are now hereby in all things confirmed.; and said Admnr. will deliver said property to said purchasers on their compliance with the terms of the sale.   Set said account Sales and the petition , etc, connected with it to be recorded and placed among the Archives of the Court.

Vol C P,4345 Application of Joshua English for deed to one third league of land, sold by Dr. Elijah Allen to sd. English dated Nov 17 1858-Wm Clark, Jr. as Admr. of Est of Elijah Allen, asks for Proof

1860 Rusk Co, Tx Caledonia Beat 5 HH 1466-1484
W. M. Anderson 45 M NC Farmer 2,000/10,600
M. A. 26 F Ala  (Mary Ann Allen, Sparks, Anderson)
James " 17 M Ala (His son by prev. marriage)
Allen SPARKS 8 M Tx (s/o Andres J Sparks & Mary Ann Allen)
William SPARKS 6 M Tx  ditto
Adelia SPARKS 5 F Tx  dtr of ditto
Benjaim SPARKS 3 M Tx son of ditto
Laura ANDERSON 1 F Tx (dtr of Mary Ann (Allen) Sparks & Wm Anderson)

Vol H P 384 Case # 308-October 1st, 1861 On application Docket-The application of Joshua English,  assignee of James Askins for title to land from Wm. Clark,  Jr. as Admr of the Estate of Elijah Allen dec'd, upon his Bond to James Askins-This case coming on to be heard and the Applicant Joshua English being represented by his Attny.  And the Defendant William Clark, Jr., as Admr. as aforesaid appearing in his own proper person and answering to said application, thereupon the signature of the said Elijah Allen, decd, to said Bond being admitted by said Defendant and said Bond and a Deed from said Askins to the said Applicant dated 7th November, 1858, conveying the interest secured by the bond to said applicant, being seen and considered by the Court, whereby the Court became satisfied by the justness of said Applicant's prayer.  It is therefore considered, decreed and directed by the Court that the said Defendant William Clark Jr as Administrator of the Estate of Elijah Allen dec'd, do make unto the said Applicant Joshua English a deed of conveyance for one half of one third of a League of land situated and described in said application as follows: to wit: situated in Harris Land District, on the head waters of Cypress Bayou, west and adjoining a survey made for Isaac W. Brasher, and about thirty miles North West from the City of Houston beginning at Isaac W Brasher's S. W. corner a willow on the Edge of the Bayou 18 in. in dia. marked with M, Thence North 5248 varras with the Western Boundary line of said Brasher's Survey to a stake and mound in the Prairie.  Thence West 1425 vs to a stake and mound in the Prairie, Thence South 5888 vs to a stake and mound in the Prairie, Thence East 1425 vs to a stake and mound in the Prairie-600 vs South of Cypress Bayou.; Thence North 600 vs to place of beginning.  And it is further ordered that Applicant do pay the cost of this Application for which Execution may issue.

Vol I, P 192 Case # 332- On Settlement Docket-In this case it appearing to the Court that one of the Sureties on the bond of Wm. Clark, Jr, Administrator of Est of Elijah Allen, deceased, to wit- Andrew J. Sparks is dead. It is ordered by the Court that citation be issued to said William Clark, Jr., to appear and give new bond as such administrator on or before Monday the 25th day of February, AD 1866? the first day of our next term of Court.  Process to be served by the Sheriff of our County.

Vol C P 105-106
William Clark has been appointed by Chief Justice of the County of Nacogdoches as Administrator of the estate of Elijah Allen, dec'd.  Bond posted by Clark, with T. Voight & W H Harris, Sureties  Sept 24, 1866

1870 Rusk Co, Tx Henderson PO, P 432A HH 171-173
William Ross 55 WM Tenn 6,000/1800 Farmer (also Physician)
Mary A. " 52 WF Tenn (Gillespie)
William G. "  20 WM Tex clerk in store
Thomas " 13 WM Tex in school
Louisa Ray 32 WF Miss Keep house (Ross)
Hugh " 17 WM Tex in school
Annis " 13 WF Tx in school
MARY ALLEN  6 WF Texas in school (Dtr of Benjamin Allen & Monnie Margaret Ross)

ROSS CEMETERY, East of Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co, Texas
Monnie M Allen Dec 17, 1842-Dec 18, 1862 (#1 Wife of Ben Allen)
Monnie M Allen Nov 25, 1862-Sept 21, 1875 (Dtr of Ben Allen)

Rusk Co, Texas Deeds-Bk X P 341,342

State of Texas       )
Henderson County) Know all men by these presents that I, Ben Allen of said County and State, for and in consideration of the love and affection I bear to my Mother-In-Law, Mary A. Ross of Rusk Co, Texas, and the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by said Mary A. Ross, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain and sell unto said Mary A. Ross, her heirs and assigns forever, all the interest, right, title and claim that I own or have in and to the land hereinafter described, said land is situated in Rusk County, Texas about four miles SE from Mt. Enterprise and is the same land given and bequeathed to (by) Wm. M. Ross, deceased,  in his last Will to my deceased daughter Monnie Allen; said land is described as follows: On the headwaters of the Wooten's Fork of the Angelina, a part of the William Brewer Headright, and is the West half of the following described tract to wit:  etc, etc-----containing three hundred forty-four and one half acres, more or less, the part being conveyed is the West one half or one hundred and seventy two and one fourth acres, more or less, to have and to hold the foregoing described tract of land unto the said Mary A. Ross, her heirs and assigns, forever, and I, the said Ben Allen, do hereby bind myself, my heirs or assigns or any person claiming through or under me, but none other.  Witness my name this 15th day of December, 1875.

Signed: Ben Allen

The State of Texas       )
County of Henderson   )  Before me, J B Bishop, Clerk of the District Court of Henderson County, this day personally appeared Ben Allen, whose name is signed to the annexed and foregoing Instrument of Writing, and to my well known, and acknowledged the same to be his Voluntary Act and deed made Oath executed for the purpose and considerations therein expressed.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand and affix the Seal of said District Court at the office in the town of Athens this 16th day of December, AD 1875.

J B Bishop, CDCHC
Endorsement Ben Allen Deed to Mary A Ross. Filed for record January 19th, 1876, at 4 1/2 o'clock P.M.
J N Still, Clerk District Court
Rusk Co., Texas

1870 Nacog. Co Census Dist 1, Town of Nacogdoches HH 169-169
William Anderson 55 WM SC Merchant
Laura " 10 WF Tx (Dtr of Mary Ann (Allen) Sparks, Anderson & William Anderson)

Dr. Elijah Allen Estate-J 307-Monday June 14, 1872-Claim of James C. Walker for $1,000 approved by Court

Dr. Elijah Allen Estate-J 427 Sept 16, 1876 Application to sell land in Freestone County, Texas, John W. Crain, Plaintiff in Application -Application approved by Court-1/3 League of Land in Freestone Co, Originally granted Wm. C. Jones now belonging to this Estate.  

Dr. Elijah Allen Estate-J 446 Mar. 26, 1877 Land in Freestone County, sold Feb. 6, 1877 to John M Sparks, being highest bidder- One third of 1/2 of Albert Matthews Headright, Upshur County, 16 miles N. of Gilmer, Texas and One third of Wiley M. Jones Headright League Freestone Co., adj. Fairfield tract. and One third of Stephen C. George Headright League & Labor, R. Sparks, Assignee, being in 2 tracts-

Dr. Elijah Allen Estate-J 521  #332-On Docket Date__ Application of Admnr. to sell  738 Acres, Harris Co, Cypress Bayou, patent to James Askins, 1/3 League (Deeded to Elijah Allen by James Askins Bk II P 136-137) Application approved by Court

Dr. Elijah Allen Estate-J 522 No 536- Application of Admnr. Wm Clark, Jr, to sell 320 AC land belonging to Estate in Nolan County (the bounty survey of W T. Smith)

Dr. Elijah Allen Estatew-J571-571 Date___
Land above described ( 738 AC in Harris Co) sold Jan 6, 1880 to Giles B. Crain for $100.00

I found no further entries in Court records on this estate-sgs

1880 Kaufman Co, Tx P 39C ED34, HH 22-22 City of Kaufman
Benjamin Allen 42 WM Al Tn Tn School teacher
Mattie " 31 WF Tn Tn Tn wife
Walter P. " 11 WM Tx Al Tn son in school
Laura " 8 WF Tx Al Tn dtr in school
Ben " 5 WM Tx Al Tn son
Blanch " 1 WF Tx Al Tn Dtr
Mollie Baird 19 WF Tx Tn Tn Housekeeping
Samuel W. Roberts 21 WM Tx Eng Eng In School

1900 Kaufman Co, Texas (Terrell ) ED 75, SD 6,. Sheet 24B HH 656-666
Mary M Allen, 51WF June, 1848 Tenn NC Va Widow Had 6 ch-6 living
Benjamin " 25 WM Jan, 1875 Son Single Tex Ala Tenn Occ: Clerk, Bank
Blanche " 21 WF Oct, 1878 Dtr single Tex Ala Tenn Occ: School teacher
George " 19 WM Mch, 1881 son single Tex Ala Tenn @ home
Earl " 15 WM Dec 1884 son single Tex Ala Tenn

next door HH 657-666
Ophelia Cartwright 54 WF Widow Aug, 1845 Tex Va Miss Had 3 ch-3 living
America P Allen 26 WF Feby, 1874 dtr married 6 yrs Had 3 ch-3 living Tx Tx Tx
Walter P Allen 30 WM Jan, 1870 marr 6 yrs Rel: Son-in-law Cashier, Bank Owner Tex Ala Tenn
Pauline " 5 WF Jan 1895 Tx Tx Tx rel: Gr/Dtr
Ophelia " 2 WF June, 1897 Tex Tex Tex Rel; Gr/dtr
Walter P " 1 WM Oct, 1898 Tx Tx Tx Rel: Gr/Son
& 2 Bl servants, cook & Nurse

1910 Kaufman Co, Texas Ward 3, Terrell, Pct 3, ED 30 P 132 609 Griffith Ave.,  HH 68-68
Walter P Allen 40 WM Tx Ala Tenn Banker-Cashier  Marr 16 yrs
America " 36 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Had 5 ch-5 living (Cartwright)
Pauline " 15 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Ophelia " 12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Walter P Jr " 11 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Mathus " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Annie L " 3 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Ophelia Cartwright 65 WF x Va Va Mother in law Widow Own Income 
& 3 Black servants

1910 Kaufman Co, Tx ( WD 3,Terrell ) Regina Jarvia 59 WF Miss and sev. other Jarvis family members, & Mattie Allen, 61 WF Tn NC VA Widow, boarder

1920 Kaufman Co, Texas (Terrell) ED  40 P 20b HH 603-355-447
Ben Allen 45 WM Tx Tx Tx Cashier @ bank
Anna " 40 WF  Tenn wife and 1 white servant

1920 Kaufman Co, Tx (Terrell) ED 40, P 2A  Pct 4
Walter P Allen 50 WM Tx Tx Tx President, Bank
America " 46 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Pauline Gill  25 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Ben L Gill 27 WM Tx Tx Tx son-in-law
Pauline A. " 1 WF Tx Tx Tx gr/dtr
Mathew?  Allen 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Annie L. " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Walter P, Jr. " 21 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Ophelia Cartwright 74 WF Tx Va NC Mother in law 
& 2 servants, 1 w & 1 bl

1920 Orleans Par, La (New Orleans, Tulane University)
ED 248 P 24A 2229 Pine St., HH  506-517
Albert Earl Allen 35 WM Tx Tx Tx Sales Manager, University
Porter B. " 29 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Charles " 4 4/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1930 St Tammany Par, La (Covington) ED5, P 24A
Charles B Allen 15 WM Tx (Step-son) HH of Henry J Heinz, Stepfather & mother

1930 Kaufman Co, Tx (Terrell) ED 10 P 17a, 609 Griffith Ave HH 417-461
Walter P Allen 60 WM Tx Ala Tenn President, Bank (M) @ age 24
America P " 56 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 20 (Cartwright)
Ben L Gill 38 WM Tx Tx Tx son-in-law (M) @ age 25 Vice-Pres., Bank
Pauline G " 12 WF Tx Tx Tx gr/dtr
Gloria " 8 WF Tx Tx Tx gr/dtr
Ophelia Cartwright 84 WF Wid Mother-in-law Tx Va Miss (M) @ age   24

P 18b Terrell, 1118 Lake View St
Walter P Allen, Jr 31 WM Tx Tx Tx Asst. Cashier, Bank (M) @ age 26
Martha W " 26 WF La La La wife (M) @ age 20
Patricia "  4 3/12 WF Tx Tx La dtr

P 23a, HH 580-625 (706 Griffith Ave)
Ben Allen 55 WM Tx Tx Tenn Vice Pres, Bank
Ammis M " 50 WF Tx Tx Va wife

1930 El Paso Co, Tx (El Paso Pct 1) ED 46 P 12a, HH 286-293 (2701 Lebanon Ave)
George M Allen 49 WM Tx Tx Tx Auditor (M) @ age 36
Eva M " 43 WF Tx Tx Tx wife @ age 20
Anne Moore " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Mary V Cowles  21 WF Tx Tx Tx step-dtr
Helen "  17 WF Tx Tx Tx step-dtr

1880 Nacogdoches Co, Tx (Wonders Beat) P 269C
W S Melton 28 WM Tx Tn Tn Farmer
L A " 20 WF Tx Ala Ala Wife  (Laura Anderson)
W B " 2 WM Tx Tn Ala Son 
M. " 1 Month F Dtr Tx Tn Tx (Mittie)

1900 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH  ED 47 R W Tillery,  Enum HH 200-200
William Melton 50 WM Tn -- Tn Farmer Born Oct, 1849
Laura " 40 WF Tx NC __ Born Nov, 1859 wife (Anderson)
William B. " 22 WM Tx Tn Tx Born Dec, 1877 son
Nettie " 17 WF  " Born Dec, 1883 dtr
Meritt  " 15 WM June 1884 son
Benjamin " 12 WM Oct, 1887 son
Mollie " 10 WF Dec 1889 dtr (Mary Elizabeth)
Mertie " 8 WF March, 1892 dtr
Katie " 6 WF June, 1893 dtr
Daniel H. " 3 WM Sept, 1896 son & 1 boarder

1910 Nacogdoches Co, Tx  Pct John Weatherly Enum. HH # 128-128
Laura Melton 50 WF Tx US US (Anderson)
Ben " 22 WM Tx Tn Tx farming son
Kate " 15 WF Tx Tn Tx dtr
Dan " 13 WM Tx Tn Tn  son

HH 114-114
William B. Melton 33 WM Tx Tn Tx Farmer ("Bee")
Rosa " 29 WF Tx Tx Tx  (Blacksher)
Vard " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Laura " 3 WF dtr
Joe " 2 WM Son

1920 Nacogdoches , Pct 9, by John Weatherly HH # 29-30
Laura Melton 60 WF Tx SC Tx (Anderson)
Dan " 22 WM Tx Tn Tx  son farming

Pct 8 by John Weatherly HH 26-27
B. Melton 42 WM Tx Ky Tx Farmer (William B  "Bee")
Rosa " 38 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Blacksher)
Vard 15 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Laura " 13 WF " dtr
Joe " 12 WM " son
Rosser " 10 WM " son
Travis " 7 WM " son
Kenna " 4 WF 
Mildred " 7/12 WF " Dtr

1930 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 8, ED22, P3B
Bee Melton 52 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 26 (William B)
Rosa " 48 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 23 (Blacksher)
Travis " 17 WM Tx Tx Tx Son farmer
Kenna " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son (Female?-See Cem. Records)
Rosine " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr

Pct1, ED4, P 8B
Roseane E. Birdwell 56 WF Widow
Gussie M Melton 21 WF Dtr Div. (ex-wife of Dan Melton)
Billy I. " 1 9/12 WM Tx gr/son

Pct 6, ED16, P 4B (William R Kirk HH)
Dan Melton 34 WM Div Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 23

1930 Travis Co, Tx Austin City Pct 5 ED 40, P 1AHH 208-10-11
W W Wright 49 WM Tx Miss Miss floor sander, Bldg. Contractor (M) @ age 22
Mary Elizabeth " 44 WF Tx Tn Tx wife (M) @ age 17 (Melton)
Cary Wilson " 21 WM Tx Tx Tx son single floor sander, bldg. contr.
Lorene " 19 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr single
Kathryn " 14 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr single
B. Melton " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr single
Mrs. Laura Melton 70 WF Mother-in-law Widow Tx Al Al (Anderson)