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James Hollingsworth was born Ca 1780  Randolph Co., North Carolina 
Son of Jacob Hollingsworth & Mary Brooks
He died 1824 Franklin Co., Tenn (Will Pro)

James Hollingsworth served in the War of 1812, Franklin Co., Ga as Private, Brev. Lt. John Keener's Co., Aug. 9-Aug. 16, 1813, & Sept 7, 1813-Sept 14, 1813 (Military Records 1779-1839 P 162-163.  He also served as a Spy, enployed by Major Patton at Fort Madison (Franklin Co) Jan. 15, 1814-; employed on frontier of Franklin & Tattnall Co's., under Capt. Joseph Whorbe's Co, Nov. 5, 1814

(M) Mary Jones, May 16, 1813 Franklin Co, Ga.
       Mary was born June 11, 1785 Virginia and died in Grundy Co, Tenn May, 1859
       Bur: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
       Marker: June 11, 1786-May, 1859,  73 yr, 11 mo
       Dtr of James & Mary "Polly" Jones of Franklin Co., Georgia
       Mary Jones Hollingsworth (M) #2 James Cunningham (No ch)

       ONLY CHILD of James Hollingsworth & Mary Jones
       a. Salina Zora Belle Born Jan 11, 1815 Georgia Died Aug 9, 1849 Grundy Co, Tn 
       34y, 6mo, 29 days
       Bur: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
       (M) Ca 1831 General Alexander Edgar Patton 
       (Proved by Grundy Co, Tenn Court   Records)
       Born Jan 1, 1800 Tn Died Feb 3, 1879 Grundy Co, Tn 79y, 1m, 3d
       Bur: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
       Son of William Patton and Mary Willson Edgar (Ref: Fay Hoodock)
       He (M) #3 Mary C. Born Ca 1820 Tn
       "During the Civil War both Union and Confederate units were raised in Grundy county. The first of these was Alexander Patton's company of infantry, which became part of the First Tennessee Infantry under Franklin County's Col. Peter Turney. Patton owned many slaves and a large plantation near Pelham, and was the county's wealthiest man before the war. Much hard feeling existed between neighbors with differing views on the conflict.etc, etc After the war, men like Patton and Armfield were in financial ruin, and the entire county suffered the effects of a long Reconstruction-era depression." (Ref: Grundy Co, Tenn Gen Web)

The Military Annals of Tennessee Confederate. First Series: Embracing a Review of Military Operations with Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls.
Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls.
First Confederate
Captains: Alexander E. Patton, Elijah Reynolds, J. R. Gunn, and Joseph A. Lusk.

Civil War Service Records:Index
Patton Alexander E. Company A Unit: 1 (Turney's) Tennessee Infantry. Captain/Captain Allegiance: Confederate

         Children: Patton
         1. Mary E Born April, 1832 Tn Died Coffee Co, Tenn
            1900 Census shows had 10 children, 4 living
            (M) Henry S Shied
            Born Jan 27, 1827 Tn  Died April 6, 1911 Coffee Co, Tn
            a. Mary Born Ca 1853 Tn
            b. Cora C. Born Ca 1855 Tn
            c. Ella C. Born Oct 31, 1857 Died Jan 22, 1893 Coffee Co, Tn
                (M) Ca 1879 Thomas S Gunn
Born Nov, 1855 Tn
1. Mary B. Born Ca 1880 Tn
                2. Alma Born Dec, 1881 Tn
                3. Henry Born Feb, 1884 Tn
                4. Jessie (dtr) Born Feb, 1887 Tn
                5. Claude Born Jan, 1889 Tn
                6. Lucille Born Nov, 1892 Tn
             d. Jesse L. Born Ca 1862 Tn
             e. Thomas W Born Ca 1864 Tn
             f. James H Born Ca 1866 Tn
             g. Kittie W. Born Ca 1873 Tn
        2. James H Born Jan 1834 Died Dec 12, 1921 Age 87 Y, 1M, 3D,
            Grundy Co, Tn
            Buried: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            Corp. J H Patton, Co. A, 1st Tenn Inf, CSA
            (M) Susan Woodlee Dec 13, 1871 Grundy Co, Tn
            Born July 1847 Tn
            a. Alexander E. Born Mar, 1873 Tn
            b. Laura Eudora "Dora" Born Oct 30, 1874 Tn D-June 10, 1951
                Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn 71 y, 8 mo, 10 days
            c. Margaret M "Maggie" Born Oct., 1876 Tn
            d. Catherine "Kate" Born Sept, 1878 Tn D-
                Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            e. James H., Jr. Born April 2, 1880 Tn D-Sept. 28, 1948 58y, 5mo, 26days
                Bur: Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            f. George L Born Aug, 1882 Tn
               (M) Ca 1905 Otta Ayler
               1. Mildred Born Ca 1907 Tn
               2. George, Jr Born Caa1908 Tn
               3. Harlan Died Nov. 10, 1914 (2Y8M1D)
                   Bur: Patton Family Cem, near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            g. Minnie L Born Jan 4, 1884 Tn Died Oct 23, 1908 Pelham, Tn
                age 24 yrs, 9 m, 19 days Cert # 31910
                Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
        3. George L. Born Jan 1, 1836 Tn D-Nov. 28, 1854 (18yrs, 5mos, 27days)
             Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
        4. John W. Born Ca 1838 Tn
        5. Thomas B. Born Jan, 1841 Tn
            (M) Ca 1875  Susan Clennie ___ Born July, 1854 Tn
            a. Norah Born Ca 1877 Tn
            b. Salina Belle Born Mar, 1879 Tn
            c. John Forrest Born May, 1881 Tn
                (M) Willie Wilder
            d. Garner Born July, 1883 Tn
                (M) Ethel____ Ca 1907
                1. Dennis B. Born Ca 1910 Tn
            e. Dessie Born Sept, 1885 Tn
            f. Beulah Born Mar, 1887 Tn
            g. Mattie Born July, 1892 Tn
            h. Tommie (dtr) Born Jan, 1897 Tn
             i. Aubrey (dtr) Born June, 1899 Tn
        6. Emeline Clementine Born Sept,  1843 Tn (Sept 26, 1842-Marker)
            D-June 8, 1902 -Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            (Widow1900 Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn-Had 11 children, 5 living)
            (M) Martin Gilliam Sept 27, 1859 Grundy Co, Tn
            a. Martha A. Born July 11, 1863 Tn D-
            b. Peter T. Born April, 1868 Tn-single 1900 Grundy Co, Tn
            c. Nancy M  Born Ca 1873 Tn
            d. George T. Born Ca 1875 Tn
            e. Verah Born Sept, 1878 Tn saleslady, 1900 Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            f.  Thomas P. Born May 6, 1880 D-Jan 27, 1884
                Patton Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            g. Henry Born Ca 1881 Tn
            h. James Born Mar, 1884 Tn
        7. Texanah Cora Born Jan 5, 1845 Tenn D-May 24, 1889  Grundy Co, Tn
             Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn (34y, 4mos, 17days)
            (M) Horatio P Haynes May 2, 1866 Grundy Co Tn
            Born May, 1840 Miss
            CSA-1st & 3rd Br. Miss Inf.
            He (M) #2 Alice________ Ca 1897 
            a. George L Born Aug, 1868 Tn (Marker-Aug 25, 1867) D-Dec. 30, 1904
                Paton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
            b. James H. June, 1871 Tn Died July 20, 1920 (49 Y 1M 23D-Cert #521
                Bur: Walnut Cem, Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
                (M) Ca 1902 Jo_____
                1. Buford Born Ca 1903 Tn
                2. Elsie W. Born Ca 1905 Tn
            c. Horatio Born June, 1874 Tn
                (M) Ca 1897 Eudora ____
                1. Cora Born July, 1898 Tn
                2. Holbert Born Ca 1906 Tn
         8. Salina Josephine Born Jan. 9, 1847 Tn Died Sept 21, 1894 Grundy Co, Tn
             Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn (47yr, 8mos, 12days)
             (M) John Hamilton "Hamp"  Gunn Jan 15, 1868 Grundy Co, Tn
             Born April 5, 1843 Tn D-Sept 7, 1917 (74y, 5mos, 3days)
             Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tenn
             He married #2 Cora ____ 1897 Born Jan, 1872 Tn
             & had other children
             a. Ida W. Born April 19, 1869 Tn D-July 21, 1895
                 Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
                 (M) John T. White
b. Charley Born Jan. 5, 1873 Died Jan 7, 1873 (age 2 days)
                 Patton Family Cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
             c. Josephine Born May 9, 1874 Died May 11, 1874 age 2 days
                 Patton Family cem., near Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
             d. Thomas Edgar Born Jan, 1875 Tn
             e. Henry H Born Ca 1877 Tn
             f.. Alexander A.  Aug, 1879 Tn  (fr Census)
             g. Myrtle Born April, 1882 Tn
             h. Maymie Born May, 1885 Tn
              i. Cora Born April, 1890 Tn

Also at Patton Family Cem., Pelham, Grundy Co, Tn
Alexander A. Patton, 1878-1904
Mahala (Patton) Witt, w/o Charles Witt, and sister of Gen. Alexr. E. Patton (died pr to 1857) Charles Witt  moved to Louisiana w/children.
Maggie May, w/o J T White 1876-1916 (#2 wife?)


Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842

Document: TCC943

Petition of the citizens [of] Franklin County, Georgia to John Milledge, Governor of Georgia

date: Uncertain
extent: 8p
summary: This document is an undated petition from the citizens of Franklin County, Georgia to John Milledge, Governor of Georgia (1802-1806). The primary complaint of the petitioners involves an act passed by the legislature of Georgia for the distribution of lands obtained from the Creek Indians at the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson (signed June 16, 1802). They argue that the distribution of the land is untimely and the methods of purchase and payment are designed to benefit only the wealthy. The petition is signed by over 300 individuals.
repository: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries
collection: Telamon Cuyler box: 24 folder: 22 document: 02

Franklin County
{To his Excellency John Milledge,Governor and Commander in chief in & over the S[added: t]ate of Georgia

The petition and remonstrance of the undersigned Citizens of the state and county aforesaid most respectfully sheweth: that they have in the most deliberate and attentive manner read and considered an act of the Legeslature [Legislature] passed at their late Session entitled an Act to make distribution of the late Cession of Lands obtained from the Creek Nation by the United states Commissioners in a treaty entered into at or near Fort Wilkinson on the 16 day of June 1802.. and View with deep regret and concern that a Law should have passed at all for disposing of the said Land or territory at this time, and further that the mode of letting out the land as contemplated by the before recited Act is calculated to blast the hopes of the poor and to answer only the purpose of Welthy [Wealthy] Individuals; in support of which Several positions we assign the following reasons

First- this was not the proper time for disposing of the said Land because it is [deleted: not] acknowledged in the Law itself that every Citizen of the state cannot have a certain proportion or allotment of Land, the law having delared [declared] that in makeing [making] out the tickets there shall be a certain number of Blanks to a prize, if we had waited for an Accession of territory every Individual in the state could have [document damaged]result to a state of Communi[document damaged] every Citizen of such State or [document damaged] feel [deleted: ist] its influence and not to be placed in danger of losing hope; Secondly -- It was improper because the territory ceded is not sufficient to afford any number of Compact Counties and as the middle and Western Country as designated in the Act, cannot be more than ten or twelve miles in Wedth [Width] and fifty or sixty Miles in Length, great distress an [and] inconvenience must result to such as may settle in that part of the state, and [document damaged] addition to this the population of those Counties as they are now Situate even if the territory was felled by Inhabitants will not be Sufficient to force a Respectable commerce to the Mouth of the Alatamaha,which is among the first and most desireable [desirable] Objects of the Western frontier Settlers

Thirdly, This law was passed in too hasty and precipitate a manner[document damaged] The representatives being the servants of the people ought to have Obtaind [Obtained] the Cool Sober and deliberate sense of all the Citizens of of the State on a subject to momentory [momentary] and important to all who might have been had by Passing a law and restraining its opperation untill [operation until] a subsequent Legislature had Intervened:-

Fourthly, the law in its opperation [operation] will be cruel and unjust and oppressive upon the poorer Class of Citizens any one of those who may draw two prizes entitle him to Land of the first quality will have to pay the enormous sum of four and in some Cases Eight Dollars and upwards this amounts to an absolute denial of Right, for we are Confident there is not more than Fifty Citizens who can raise the sum so that the acts of the Goverment [Government], which ought to be framed for the purpose of protecting benifiting [benefitting] and encourageing [encouraging] the industrious farmer, will be more dreadful and distressing than the haughty Command of a tyrant

Fifthly to suppose that a poor man with a family of young children, Could settle down on a tract of land, Clear and Cultivate the same and be able by the produce of his land to make his first payment three year, is to suppose what we know from experience cannot possible [possibly] happen for a man of the above description let him be ever so Industrious [document damaged] subsist his fa[document damaged]ly for the first three years then we would ask where has he the power to pay the first installment? The answer is plain he hath no means of doing so and the land must of Course revert for the above reasons which appears to us forcible ones we pray that your excellency would exercise all the powers Vested in you to delay a Complete execution of the Law untill [until] another Legislature can intervene and more especially not to Suffer the drawing of the lottery to Commence until after that period- and your memorialists will every pray


[Signed] James Hollingsworth
[Signed] Samuel Hollingsworth
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth

Madison Co, Alabama Tax List July 19, 1810 Incl: James Holingsworth & sev JONES; (Incl 2 John Jones & Stephen Jones)

Madison Co, Alabama tax list, 1816-James Hollingsworth

Franklin Co, Tennessee -Deeds
Vol. J, p.371 3 Nov 1816/proven February 1818
William Armstrong sold 59 acres to Jacob Hollingsworth for $300.
On the waters of the Elk River.-Beginning on an ash, a white oak and an iron wood, Robert Boxes corner at the foot of Cumberland Mountain; thence running with a line conditioned with said Box 118 poles to a black oak and dogwood in Henry Gohnses(?) line; thence with said line west 26 west 10 poles to a dogwood & hickory Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the Hargis line W 41 east 104 poles; thence W 85 east 16 poles to______ and black gum at the foot of Cumberland Mountain , Thomas Hargis corner; thence with the mountain to the beginning.
Witnessed by Robert Box & James Hollingworth. Recorded by E. Russell, clerk.

Jacob Hollingsworth, Sr apparently also moved to Franklin Co, Tennessee, where sons Benjamin & James had recently relocated.

July 20, 1816 Frank. Co, Tenn DB Aug 1815, Sept 1816 P 377-Abraham Hargis to James Hollingsworth, 70 A

Feb. 19, 1817 Franklin Co, Tenn Deed-Benjamin Hollingsworth to James Hollingsworth, a tract of land in the Third District. (DB J, P 433-434)

1820 Franklin Co, Tenn
Benjamin Hollingsworth 2 Males 26-46 1 Male 16-26, 1 Male 10-16, 2 Males Under 10
1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe 16-26, 2 Females Und 10 (At least one of his nephews, Henry Hollingsworth in this HH w/him)
James Hollingsworth 1 Male 26-45  , 1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe Und 10

       Franklin Co, Tenn Wills:
       James Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth) Will July 2, 1822
       Named: Wife Mary 
       Dtr Salina Hollingsworth
       Exrs: John Jones & Benjamin Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth-(Brother)

After the death of James Hollingsworth, Mary Jones Hollingsworth (M) James Cunningham pr to 1830

1830 Franklin Co., Tn James Cunningham 1M 15-20, 1M 20-30, 1M 60-70  1F 40-50, 1Fe 30-40, 1Fe 15-20

Acts of Tennessee 1796-1850-TSL-Digital Collection

Last Name/First Name/Date/Serial#/Chapter-Section/Description

Cunningham James 1837 43 67.4 Franklin/Coffee County - concerning alteration of county line
Patton A. E. 1837 43 195.6 Franklin County - Winchester and Salem Turnpike Company commissioner
Patton A. E. 1845 48 172.1 Bedford County - appointed to locate Grundy County seat
Patton Alexander E. 1837 43 210.1 Coffee/Marion County - Pelham and Jasper Turnpike Company

1840 Coffee Co., Tn -James Cunningham  1M 70-80, 1Fe 50-60

Alex'r  E. Patton 1M 30-40, 1M 20-30, 1M 10-15, 2M 5-10, 2M und 5; 1Fe 20-30, 1Fe 15-20, 1Fe 10-15 1Fe 5-10 (Salina Hollingsworth (M) Alexander E. Patton CA 1831 as his #2 wife)

Franklin Co, Tenn Deeds Bk M P 189-190 Feb. 28, 1831
James Cunningham & wife Mary, to her sister Salina Box, wife of George Box, one slave.

Grundy Co, Tenn Deed Index (Grantor)
Mary Cunningham A 426
Mary Cunningham B 205
Benjamin Hollingsworth & Widow Hollingsworth A321

Grundy Co, Tenn Loose Court Papers Index:
Cunningham, M. -- Sale

Grundy Co, Deeds -Vol G (Grantor Index)
Patton, A E heirs of to James H Patton Jun 4 1883  P 262
Heirs of A E Patton to James Patton, H P Haynes, T C Haynes, J H & J S Gunn, T B Patton, M & E C Gilliam, H S & M E Schied, J W Patton, on Pelham-Hiilsborough Rd at crossing of the Dry Cr, adj Benjamin Wilson, Dist 9,21a , 17 Jul 1880

Patton, A E Heirs to J H Patton Oct 8 1875 Vol G P 263
A E Patton to James W Patton, share of grandmother Cunningham estate, Pelham-Hillsborough Rd, adj Stephen Box, Ewell Smith, Bostick, Mackel, homas B Patton, John W Patton, 250a 8 Oct 1875

1850 Grundy Co, Tn P 366 Civ Dist #3 Pelham, HH 81-81
A E Patton 49 M Tn Farmer $10,200
James H " 16 M Tn
George L " 14 M Tn
John W " 12 M Tn
Thomas B. " 9 M Tn
Emeline C. " 7 F Tn (M) Martin Gilliam Sept 25, 1859
Texanah C. " 5 F Tn (M) Horatio P Haynes, May 2, 1870
Salina J (Josephine) " 3 F Tn (M) Hamp Gunn 
Georgia F " 1 F Tn (Missing 1860)
Mary Cunningham 65 F Va  (Mary Jones Hollingsworth, Cunningham)
A B D E Patton 28 M Ala trader
Phoebe Langford 3 F Tn

1850 Slave Schedule, Grundy Co., Tn-A E Patton 38 slaves

1860 Slave Schedule A E Patton, Greene Co, Tn 34 slaves

1860 Grundy Co, Tn, P 451 Dist No 9, Pelham HH 415-415
A E Patton 59 M Tn farmer $38,400/47,291
Mary C. " 40 W Tn (#2 wife)
James H " 26 M Tn farmer
Thos. B. " 19 M Tn farmer
Texanah C. 15 F Tn
Josephine " 13 F Tn
Elizabeth Ausbery 56 F Tn

P 434
Martin Gilliam   28 WM Tn $1250/17,100
Emeline E " 18 WF Tn

1860 Coffee Co Tenn P 154 Dist 8, (Slave Schedule) H S Shied

Aug 16, 1870 Grundy Co, Tn P 483A, Pelham PO Dist 8, HH 1-1
Alex Patton 69 WM Tn farmer $14,000/4,000
Mary " 50 WF Tn 
James " 36 WM Tn farmer (M) Sue Woodlee
John " 32 WM Tn farmer
Thomas " 28 WM Tn farmer
& 1 MU farm lab.

HH 4-4 
Horatio Haynes 30 WM Miss farmer $1,000
Texanah " 25 WF Tn (Patton)
George " 2 WM Tn 

P 484A  HH 20-21
Hamp Gunn 27 WM Tn farmer $500
Josephine " 23 WF Tn (Patton)
Idah " 1 WF Tn

P 487A HH 59-60 Pelham PO
Mart Gilliam 37 WM Tn farmer 
Emeline 27 WF Tn
Martin " 6 WM Tn
Peter " 3 WM Tn

1870 Coffee Co, Tn Hillsborough PO P 114A HH 65-65
H T Shied 41 WM Tn Farmer 1200/826
Mary " 38 WF Tn (Patton)
Mary " 17 WF Tn 
Cora " 14 WF Tn
Ella " 12 WF Tn
Jesse " 10 WF Tn
W. T. " 6 WM Tn
J. H. " 4 WM Tn

1880 Grundy Co, Tn Dist 9, P 305A
James Patton 46 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer
Susan " 27 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (Woodlee)
Alexander " 7 WM Tn son
Eudora " 5 WF Tn dtr
Margaret " 3 WF  Tn dtr
Catherine " 2 WF Tn dtr
James " 2 Mos WM Tn son

 P 305B Dist 9
Hamp Gunn 37 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer
Salina J " 33 WF Tn Tn Ga wife (Salina Josephine Patton)
Ida " 11 WF Tn dtr
Thos E " 6 WM Tn son
Henry H " 3 WM Tn son
Alexander " 9Mos WM Tn son & 1 boarder

P 305B Dist 9
H P Haynes 40 WM Ms Ga Ga farmer
T C " 35 WF Tn Tn Ga wife (Texanah C Patton)
Geo. L " 12 WM Tn son
James " 8 WM Tn son
Horatio " 5 WM Tn son

P 307B Dist 9
T B Patton 40 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer (Thos. B.)
S C " 25 WF Tn Tn Tn wife
Norah " 3 WF Tn dtr
Salina B " 1 WF Tn dtr

P 308C Dist 9
Martin Gilliam 48 WM Tn NC Tn farmer
E. C. " 38 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (Patton)
Martin A " 17 WM Tn tn tn son
P. T. " 12 WM Tn Tn Tn son (Peter)
Nancy M " 7 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr
Geo. T. " 5 WM Tn Tn Tn son
Verah " 2 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr
Henry "   1Mo WM Tn Tn Tn son

P 315D Dist 9
John Patton 44 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer
& sev. boarders

1880 Coffee Co, Tn Dist 11 P 89C
Thomas Gunn 69 WM Tn Va NC farmer
Sallie A " 61 WF Tn  Va NC wife
Thomas " 24 WM Tn NC Tn son

P 110D Dist 11
Ella C Gunn  22 WF Tn Tn Tn Dtr-in-law
Mary B. Gunn 3 Mos WF Tn Tn Tn gr/dtr

1880 Coffee Co, Tn Dist 11 P 110C
Henry S Sheid 53 WM Tn SC SC farmer
Mary E " 48 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (Patton)
Cora C " 24 WF Tn dtr
Jesse L " 18 WF Tn dtr
Thomas W " 18 WM Tn son
James W " 16 WM Tn son
Kittie W " 7 WF Tn dtr 
Ophilia Jones 22 WF tn Rel-other

1900 Grundy Co, Tn 9th Civil Dist. Pelham, ED 158 P 200 HH 24-24 A E Patton, Enumerator
Thomas B. Patton 59 WM Jan, 1841 Tn Tn Tn farmer (M) 25 yrs
Susan C. " 45 WF July, 1854 Tn Tn Tn wife Had 10 children, 9 living
Belle " 21 WF Mar, 1879 Tn dtr single
John F. " 19 WM May, 1881 Tn son single farmer (M) Willie Wilder
Garner " 16 WM July,  1883 Tn son single 
Dessie " 14 WF Sept 1885  Tn dtr
Beulah " 13 WF Mar, 1887 Tn dtr
Mattie " 7 WF July, 1892 Tn dtr
Tommie " 3 WF Jan, 1897 Tn dtr
Aubrey " 11/12 WF June,  1899 Tn dtr

HH 34-34
James H Patton 66 WM Jan, 1834 Tn Tn Tn farmer (M) 28 yrs
Susan " 52 WF July, 1847 Tn Tn Tn wife Had 7 ch-7 living
Alexander E " 27 WM Mar, 1873 Tn son single farmer
Eudora " 25 WF Oct, 1874 Tn dtr single
Maggie M " 23 WF Oct, 1876 Tn dtr single
Kate " 21 WF Sept, 1878  Tn dtr single
James H " 20 WM April, 1880 Tn son single farmer
George L " 17 WM Aug, 1882 Tn son single (M) Otta Ayler
Minnie L " 16 WF Jan, 1884 Tn dtr 

1900 Grundy Co, Tn Dist 9, P 201 HH 44-44
John H Gunn 57 WM April, 1843Tn Tn Tn farmer (M) 3 yrs
Cora " 28 WF Jan 1872 Tn Tn Tn wife (M) 3 yrs Had 1 child, 1 living
Edgar " 26 WM Jan, 1874 son single Tn tn tn farmer
Alexander " 20 WM Aug, 1879 son single Tn Tn Tn  farmer
Mrtle " 18 WF Apr, 1882 dtr single Tn Tn Tn
Maymie " 15 WF May, 1885 dtr Tn Tn Tn
Cora " 10 WF April, 1890 dtr Tn Tn Tn
Jamie " 11/12 WM June, 1899 son Tn Tn Tn 

HH 46-46
Horatio P Haynes 60 WM May 1840 Miss Ga Ga farmer (M) 3 yrs
Alice " 45 WF April, 1855 Tn tn Tn NO children  (#2 wife)
George L " 32 WM Aug, 1868 son single Tn Miss Tn Carpenter
James H " 28 WM June 1871 son single Miss Miss Tn farmer

HH 47-47
Horatio Haynes 25 WM July, 1874 Miss Miss Tn farmer (M) 2 yrs
Eudora " 22 WF Mar, 1878 Tn Tn Tn wife Had 1 child, 1 living
Cora "   1 WF July 1898 Tn Miss Tn dtr

Dist 9, Pelham P 199 HH 3-3
Clementine (Patton) Gilliam 57 WF Wid Sept, 1843 Farming Had 11 children, 5 living
Peter T. " 32 WM April, 1868 Tn TnTn son, single Merchant, dry goods
Vera C. " 21 WF Sep, 1878 Tn Tn Tn dtr single sales lady
James " 16 WM Mar, 1884 Tn Tn Tn son

1900 Coffee Co, Tenn 11th Civil Dist P 306 HH 145-145 (Hensy S Sheid, Enum'r)
Henry S Sheid 73 WM Jan, 1827 Tn NC SC  (M) 52 yrs farmer
Mary E " 68 WF April, 1832 Tn Tn Ga (M) 52 yrs Had 10 children, 4 living
Lucy Bayley 19 WF single Housekeeper
John W Patton 62 WM Tn Tn Ga single Bro-in-law farmer

HH 146-146
Thomas Gunn 44 WM Widr. Nov, 1855 Tenn SC Tenn Farmer
Alma "  18 Dec, 1881 dtr single Tn Tn Tn
Henry "    16 WM Feb, 1884 son
Jessie " 13 WF Feb, 1887 Tn dtr
Claude " 11 WM Jan, 1889 Tn son
Loucile "  7 WF Jany, 1892 Tn dtr

1910 Grundy Co, Tn Dist 3, P 169A HH 89-89
Garner Patton 26 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer (M)#1- 3 yrs
Ethel " 22 WF Tn Tn Tn wife Had 2 ch-1 living
Dennis B. " 4/12 WM Tn Tn Tn son

P 169B HH 97-97
James H Patton 76 WM Tn Tn Tn widow farmer
Dora " 36 WF Tn tn tn dtr single
Kate " 31 WF Tn Tn tn dtr single
Jim " 30 WM Tn Tn Tn son single

HH 103-103
John H (Hamp) Gunn 68 WM Tn Tn tn farmer M#2-13 yrs
Cora " 37 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (M) #1-13 yrs
John E " 31 WM Tn Tn Tn son single farmer (By #1 wife)
Cora " 20 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr single (By #1 wife)
James H " 11 WF Tn Tn Tn son
William C. " 7 WM Tn Tn Tn son
Roscoe " 5 WM Tn Tn Tn son

Dist 3, ED 38 P 170A HH 107-107
James H Haynes 38 WM Tn Miss Tn farmig (M) #1-8 yrs
Jo " 36 WF Tn Tn Tn wife Had 2 ch 2 living
Buford " 7 WM Tn Tn tn son
Elsie W " 5 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr

HH 110-110
Horatio P Haynes 35 WM Miss Miss Tenn farmer (M) #1-12 yrs
Eudora " 32 WF Tn Tn Tn wife Had 2 children, 2 living
Cora " 11 WF Tn Miss Tn dtr
Holbert " 4 WM Tn Miss Tn son

P 170B, HH 120-120
Tom B. Patton 70 WM Tn Tn Tn Tn Tn farmer (M) #1-35 yrs
Clennie S.(Susan) " 56 WF wife Had 10 children, 8 living
(John) Forrest " 29 WM Tn Tn tn son single owns farm
Dessie " 24 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr single
Beulah " 21 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr single
Mattie " 17 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr
Aubrey " 10 WF Tn Tn Tn dtr

George L Patton 26 WM Tn Tn Tn farmer (M) #1   5 yrs
Otta " 24 WF Tn Tn Tn wife Had 3 ch-2 living (Ayler)
Mildred " 3 WF Tn dtr
George, Jr " 1 3/12 WM Tn son

Index to Deeds Grundy Co, Tenn
Hollingsworth, Benjamin A321
. Widow A321 
Cunningham, James A281
Mary A426,B205 
Patton, A B259
. A E iv,A134,A231,A317
. A326,A327,A328,A329
. A511,B12,B27,B30
. B51,B81,B159,B171
. B266,B334,B404,B405
. B412,C74,C128,C159
. C170,C191,C192,C235
. C236,C315,C316,C337
. C510
. Alex B306
. Alexander A301
. Celina A301

. Forrester A E B288
. General A232,B308,B321
. James A376,C70,C335
. C338
. James H v, B27 

Other Grundy Co, Tenn deeds-Grantor Index
Vol G
Patton, A E to Fannie Northcut May 18 1878 P348
A E Patton to Fannie Northcutt, wife of H B Northcutt same lands as p347, 3.5 miles west of Altamont on Altamont-Pelham Rd 22 Apr 1878
Patton, T B to B F Wilson Nov 22 1880 P 563 
Patton, Jas H to B F Wilson Nov 30 1880 P 564 
Patton, Jas H to B F Wilson  Jul 20 1884 P 565
Haynes, H P & wife to Gallagher, Thomas Apr 5 1884 P531
Vol H
Patton, J W to J H Gunn Apr 6 1885 P56 
Patton, A E to J H Gunn  Sep 1876 P138
Patton, A E heirs of  to Emma Sue Wilkenson Aug 22 1887 P 516
Patton, John W to  E S Wilkenson Aug 22, 1887 P 518
Vol I
Patton, A E to Walton Watley Mar 5 1887 I P 73 
Patton, Mary C to J B Gunn Apr 2 1888 P104
Haynes, H P & wife to Morton, William Aug 6 1888 " 167
Vol J
Patton, James & wife to B F Wilson Jul 7 1890  P251 
Patten, T B & wifeto  W R Ooley Jul 3 1891  P436
Vol L
Patton, J H to David Wilson April 2, 1894 P 182
Patton, T B & wife to  Wm Ramsey Wilson & Meeks Jan 6 1895 P 554 
Patton, J H & wife B F Wilson Mar 3, 1896 P 493
Vol  M
Patton, T B & wife to J H Gunn Jun 25 1898 P 482 
Vol N
Patton T B & wife to " M E Church South Sep 16 1898 P 31
Patton, T B & wife to Trustee of Methodist Church Feb 6 1900 P 224
Patton, Jas H & wife Sue to B F Wilson Jan 2 1901 P376

Grundy Co, Tenn Death Records:
NAME: Patton, James H. AGE: 87-11-3
MARITAL STAT: w DEATH DATE: 1921 Dec. 12 OCC: Farmer BIRTHPLACE: GC FATHER: Patton, A.E. FATHER BORN: Va. MOTHER: Hollinsworth, Salina MOTHER BORN: TN CAUSE: infirmity, old age BURIED AT: Family cem. near Pelham INFORMANT: Patton, Kate, Pelham CERTIFICATE NO. 412