The family of
Samuel Hollingsworth, Jr
 & Wife
Barbara Shewin
of Chester Co, Pennsylvania

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Samuel Hollingsworth, Jr. (Quaker) was born CA 1717 in Chester Co, Pennsylvania and died there (Birmingham), in 1751.  His will was dated October 1, 1751 and Proved November 11, 1751.

Samuel was the son of Samuel Hollingsworth, Sr. and wife Hannah Harlan (SEE BELOW). 

He married Barbara Shewin Sept 13, 1738 at the Center in Chester, Pa. (Hinshaw, P 322)  I have no record of her parents.

Barbara Shewin married #2 Philip Philips, who was of the Baptist faith, in a Non-Quaker Ceremony @ Old Swede's Episcopal Church, Wilmington, Delaware, and removed to Baltimore Co, Maryland about 1764.  Philip died there in 1765.  I have no death date/place for Barbara Shewin.

In 1777, Rachel Isaac wrote her will, naming nephews Jacob and Samuel Hollingsworth and her sister Barbara.

Prior to 1772, her two sons, Samuel & Jacob Hollingsworth were in the area of Guilford Co, NC, as Jacob purchased land there in that year, and both are listed on the 1779 Tax list for Randolph Co, NC, which was created that year from Guilford Co. Both later lived in Burke, then Buncombe Co, NC, prior to Jacob's removal to Franklin Co, Ga.  According to Franklin Co, Ga. TL, Samuel was apparently there also, from time to time.

Children:  Hollingsworth

1. Samuel III Born Ca 1740 Chester, Pennsylvania Died: in Haywood Co,  North Carolina 1810 (Will)
Lived in Randolph Co., NC in 1779, (listed as "Quaker") and was probably there (Guilford Co) as early as 1772, as his brother Jacob purchased land there in that year. He lived in Burke Co, NC, 1790  census, then in Buncumbe Co, NC ( which was cut off from Burke, 1791), and later appears in Franklin Co, Ga. tax records for a brief period   He is prob. the same Samuel who appears in the1804 Passport issued by the Gov. of Ga., the1805 Land lottery of Franklin Co, Ga., and the 1807 Land Grant in Franklin Co, Ga. Returned to Haywood Co, NC prior to 1809, where he was elected Constable,   Died 1810 Haywood Co, NC.    (Haywood created from Buncombe in 1808). 
(M) Elizabeth___________who survived him.
(Referred to as "Mystery Sam" in Hollingsworth Register)
Samuel had only 3 sons, according to census records, and sev. dtrs..

1. Rachel
2. Abraham Hollingsworth, b. 1767, died 1837. Went to Schuyler County, Illinois. Children: Avenant, Alexander, John, etc.
3. Ruth Hollingsworth, m. William Fulbright, probably the ancestor of former Senator J.W. Fulbright of Arkansas. Went to Missouri.
4. Margaret Hollingsworth.
5. John Hollingsworth.
6. Enoch Hollingsworth, died 1814-War of 1812 NC
    m. c1812, Margaret Cunningham.
7. Elizabeth "Betsy" (Had child by Joseph Jackson, 1799 Burke Co, NC)

Burke Co., North Carolina Land Records-Vol 1 (Huggins)
Aug. 28, 1778 Doc #690 P 231, SAMUEL HOLINSWORTH, 300 Acres, N/S Mountain Creek, including improvements on which he lives. Entered 28 Aug, 1778

Dec 19, 1778  Doc #1219, P 401 John Snydor grant joins Hollinsworth,, Thos. Osbornes, N/Fork Mountain Creek.

Index to Burke Co, NC Land Grants in 1778-Includes: Samuel Hollensworth

1779 Tax List, Randolph Co, North Carolina, Joseph Hinds Dist:
Samuel Hollinsworth (Quaker)
1 of persons who hath not taken the Oath of Allegiance and returned Inventories of their taxable property

Jacob Hollingsworth-1 of persons who hath not taken the Oath of Allegiance and who has not returned inventories of their taxable property

Burke Co, NC Land Records, etc Vol 2, (Huggins)
P viii-Oct. 19, 1779-Petition of Inhabitants of Burke Co, NC -to have a portion of Burke Co. annexed to Lincoln Co., 1779-Signatures on this petition include:  Samuel Hollandsworth (Hollingsworth)
(N.C.Leg. Papers, Box 27, Folder 19, Oct 19, 1779)

Burke Co, NC Misc. Papers of Civil & Criminal Cases 1755-1790 

Jan, 1799 (Court Minutes) Bond of Samuel Hollingsworth (250 pds) for maintenance of base born child of Betsy Hollingsworth by Joseph Jackson

File #1781 Wm Adams VS Samuel Hollingsworth. On reverse: Francis McCorkle states "settled" Oct.

Subpoenas to: Samuel Hollingsworth in case of Graham vs P(hillip) Hoodenpyle, April (File No 1787 (No. 3)

File No 1788 (No 1) Subpoenas to: Benjamin Davidson & Samuel Hollandsworth (Hollingsworth) in case of William Young VS Frederick Fifinger, Oct. 20

File No 1788 (No 2) Subpoenas to: Samuel Hollansworth (Hollingsworth) Benjamin Davidson, Joseph McDowell, in case of John Carson vs Peter Smith

File 1789 ( No 2) Subpoenas to: Samuel Hollingsworth in case of Samuel Hughey and James Murphey VS Joseph Smith, July

1790 Census Burke Co, NC-Morgan's District
Fourth Company
Holinsworth, Samuel, 2,2,9,0,0 ( brother of Jacob-4 males in HH, 9 Females)

Tenth Company
Wofford, William, 2,0,2,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Jacob, 1,4,1,0,0-missing 1800
Wofford, Ben, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800
Holinsworth, Samuel, 1,0,3,0,1-missing 1800 (prob. s/o Jacob)
Jones, Joseph, 1,3,4,0,0- 1800-p763 with sev other Jones
Phillips, Charles, 1,0,1,0,0-missing 1800

Second company
Brown, Daniel, 1,2,4,0,0-missing 1800 (M) Hannah Hollingsworth, Dtr of Jacob)

Buncombe Co, NC deeds-Bk l, P 73-Oct 26, 1791-Abraham Hollingsworth wit. deed of James Davidson, Jr. to James Dunsmore, both of Buncombe Co. ( s/o Samuel Hollingsworth)

Road Papers, Petitions, Orders, 1787-1795 Burke Co, NC (Vol 2, Huggins)
Jan 29, 1792 petitioners from upper parts of the "Coatabaa"  River to Mumford's Cove:  List includes: Samuel Hollingsworth, Abrm. Hollingsworth

Jan 3, 1793-Ordered new road from the old Fort on the Catawba River to join Rutherford road in Mumford's Cove to Buck Creek-list of signers include: Sam. Hollingsworth & Samuel Hollingsworth on the same petition.

1793 Tax List Burke Co, NC (Vol 2, Huggins) Capt. Adam's Company -List incl 
Samuel Hollingsworth

Franklin Co, Ga-Court Records-Nov 24, 1797 John Greenlee vs Robert & Hamilton Montgomery and Samuel Hollingsworth-debt-due to Jas. Greenlee of the Co of Burke, State of NC-Judgment obtained in Superior Court of Morgan Dist, GA at instances of Hezekiah Hyat in NC

Franklin Co, Ga Tax Lists 1798
P 206 Jacob Hollingsworth, Occupant & Owner 1 house, 5 outhouses, 2 AC, Value: $125.
Jacob Hollingsworth No House/outbuildings, 487 1/2 AC $581.
Samuel Hollingsworth Owner/Occupant 1 dwlg value $40., 200 AC. $190.
Jacob Hollingsworth 2 Sl 2 Polls
Samuel Hollingsworth 3 sl 3 Polls ( .brother to Jacob, paying for 2 sons over 16 yrs)

Buncombe Co, NC deeds-Bk 3, P 237- May 2, 1799-Bk 2, P 237-Charles Lavender to Samuel Holensworth,(Hollimgsworth) both of Buncombe Co,. in cons. of f200, a parcel of land on the west side of Swannanoa River, join. James Davidson, by State Patent dated Nov 27, 1792, also a tract of 85 acres patented to Ephriam McClain, dated Oct. 26, 1782.  Wts: John Davidson, A. Holingsworth (Abraham Hollingsworth)

1800 Census Buncombe Co, NC  -cut off fr Burke & Rutherford, 1791
P 172 Samuel Hollingsworth 1 M ov 45 yrs, 1 M 10-16 yrs
1 F over 45 yrs, 2 F und 10 yrs, 1 F 10-16 yrs, 1F 16-26 yrs

P 173 Abraham Hollingsworth 1 M 26-45 yrs. 2 M Und 10 yrs. 1 F 16-26 yrs, 1 F Und 10 yrs
P 173-John Hollingsworth 1 M 16-26 yrs. 2 M Und 10 yrs. 1 F 16-26 yrs, 1 F Und 10 yrs.

Buncombe Co, NC Dec 31, 1800-Deed Bk 5, P 222
S. Holingsworth wit. deed  bet. William Cathey & William Mehaffey.

Franklin Co, Ga-1802 Tax List Capt John Martin's Co
Thomas Hollingsworth p.t.
Jacob Hollingsworth, Jr- 1n, 287 1/2 AC, adj Thos. Payne, Jas. Martin, Garrets R. 180 1/2 AC adj Jacob Pennington, Jas Martin, Garret's Riv and for
Sam'l. Hollingsworth, dec'd, 4n, 500 AC adj Peter Terrell, Sanders & Young, Grove Riv and for  James Hollingsworth p.t
Jacob Hollingsworth SR 2n, 347 1/2 A, ad B. Ward, Jos. Martin, NFBR, 200 A adj Martin Russell, Jno. Rackly, Gregg's Cr.
Samuel Hollingsworth SR: p.t (.brother of Jacob-sgs)

1803 Tax List-Franklin Co, Ga
Jacob Hollingsworth 3n, 287 1/2 AC adj Bryant Ward, Joseph ---, NFBR, 68A, adj Peter Carnes, Wm. Jones, NFBR, 200 AC adj Martin Russell, John Rat..., Gragg's Crk
James Hollingsworth
Jacob Hollingsworth  1n, 387 1/2 AC adj. Pain & others, Jas. Martin, Grove Riv
and for Samuel Hollingsworth, Dec'd, 4n, 500 AC adj Peter Terrell, Sanders, Grove Riv and for Thomas Hollingsworth, poll
Samuel Hollingsworth ( brother of Jacob-sgs)

Buncombe Co, NC deeds-Bk 9, P 27-July 29, 1803-John Hollingsworth wit. deed of Nathan Dever to Stephen Williams, land on Pidgeon River, incl. mouth of  Crabtree Crk. ( s/o Samuel)

Buncombe Co, NC deeds Bk 9, P 205- Aug 17, 1803-Samuel Hollansworth  to Christifer Kyle, both of Buncombe Co, NC, in cons. of $450.00-two tracts of land- (1) 85 acres grtd. Ephriam McClane, Oct 28, 1782, (2) 100 Ac grtd. John Davidson Nov. 27, 1792, both tracts on Swannanoa River.  Wts: Hamelton Kyle, William Kile.  Sig: Samuel Hollansworth, (Hollingsworth) Oct session, 1804; Registered Mar. 28, 1805.

Buncombe Co, NC deeds BK 10, P 237 Aug.. 22, 1803 Robert Ross to Samuel Hollensworth, (Hollingsworth) both of Buncombe Co, NC, for $300.parcel of 180 AC on W/S Pidgeon River, bd. on SW corner of Samuel Mayberen? land. Wts: Hamelton Kyle, John Cunningham, July session, 1805.

"Georgia Passports through Indian Territory" (National Genealogical Society Quarterly Publications, page 41, reveals: On a letter dated 15 April, 1804, from William Wofford, and the Recommendation of persons living on the frontier of FRANKLIN COUNTY, GEORGIA, Ordered that Passports into and thru the Cherokee Nation be prepared for William Woffard, Nathaniel Woffard, William Washington Woffard, Lewis Dickens, Caleb Dickenson, Nathan Horn, Samuel Hollingsworth & James Maxwell ." This was a Passport from northern Georgia outward through Indian held lands, probably to the Natchez District in what is now southern Mississippi, or perhaps north to Tennessee. (HR)

Feb term 1804 (Franklin Co, Ga-Court records) William Robertson's estate, Nov 20, 1803-Pmts to: long list, Incl Samuel Hollingsworth 

1805 Land Lottery, Franklin Co., Georgia:*
2 Draws=  Over 21, Married/family or Widow-1 draw=over 21, single B=Blank, P=Pay
Jacob Hollingsworth, SR #616 BP (Married)
Jacob, Jr #614 BB (Married)
James #615 B (single)
Thomas #625 B (single)
Jacob H.R #589  B (single)
Samuel #695 BB (Married) ( Jacob's Brother)
Mary Hollingsworth #578 BB (Wid. of Samuel, )s/o Jacob) who died 1802)
*had to prove residence for a couple of years before any Georgia Land Lottery, to be eligible to participate.

Samuel Hollingsworth does not appear on 1806 TL for Franklin Co, Ga.

Index to Headright Land Grants of Ga.-(Lucas)
1807-Samuel Hollingsworth, 200 AC Franklin Co, Ga-Vol G.5, P 140

D. Book GGGGG of Grants, Surveyor General, Atlanta, page 140, has an official grant under the Headright act (printed form, filled in,  in handwriting) to Samuel Hollingsworth, his heirs and assigns for ever ... from Jared Irwin, Governor, for two hundred acres in Franklin County, "bounded on the North by Surveyed & Unknown land; South by New Survey & Surveyed land; East by Surveyed land; & West by Vacant land" dated 20 Nov. 1807. (Try finding this!)

There has been found no sale of any land in Samuel's name in the deeds of Franklin County, and no record that Samuel ever paid tax on any land.-No further record on Samuel in Franklin Co, Ga records-sgs

This same Samuel went to Haywood Co, North Carolina,(cut off from Buncombe 1808)  where he was elected Constable 1809, and left will 1810..

1810 Haywood Co, NC Census P 64
Enoch Hollingsworth 1 M 16-26 yrs
1 Fe over 45 yrs, (His mother, Elizabeth?)
2 Fem 16-26 yrs, 1 Fe 10-16 yrs

The minute book of Haywood County, North Carolina, A, page 2, is the last will of Samuel Hollingsworth (signed Samuel x Holinsworth) dated 3rd January 1810. He names wife Elizabeth, youngest son Enoch, to whom he gives his land after his wife's death, and his personal estate after his wife's death to his daughters Marget (sic) and Ruth, equally. A footnote states "Rest of my Children I have given them There (sic) part of my goods in full thereof."  Proved at March Court 1810. Son Enoch married Margaret Cunningham in 1812, and died in the War of 1812 in 1814. His estate mentions the "young widow" as well as "old Mrs. Hollingsworth." The administration is on page 13 of Minute Book A. Earlier, William Fulbright, husband of Samuel Hollingsworth's daughter Ruth, and Enoch Hollingsworth, served on the grand jury for the December court of 1810. Page 4 shows the appointment of Samuel as constable for Haywood County, session of March 28, 1809, making him first constable of the county. The "Rest of" his children ?

Inventory of his Estate Includes "Carpenter's Tools"
Jacob & Samuel were apprenticed to Uncle Henry Green to learn trade of Carpentry.  See Will of their father Samuel Hollingsworth 1751.(Below)


2. Jacob Born Ca 1742 Chester Co, Pennsylvania Died (Will proved Nov 11, 1822 Franklin Co., Georgia)
(M) Mary Brooks CA 1766 in Pa. 

Neither Samuel nor Jacob served in the Revolutionary War, probably because of their Quaker background. 

Jacob built Hollingsworth Fort in Franklin Co, Georgia, prior to 1793, which still stands today, at Hollingsworth, present day Banks Co, Georgia.  He may have lived in Tenn with his son Benjamin when he died-He purchased land in Franklin Co, Tenn in Nov, 1816, and his sons Benjamin & James moved from Franklin Co, Georgia to Franklin Co, Tenn a little earlier.

Both Samuel & Jacob were enumerated in the 1790 census of Burke Co., NC. and appear in the records of that county, as well as Buncombe Co, which was cut off from Burke in 1791. Jacob sold his property there in 1796; Samuel sold his in 1803.

 I did not locate the family of Samuel or Jacob Hollingsworth in the Quaker records of North Carolina. Likewise there were no records on either family in the Georgia Quaker records, where Jacob removed soon after 1790. The family of Jacob Hollingsworth were later of the Baptist Faith, having left their Quaker roots. 

Will of Samuel Hollingsworth, Birmingham, Chester Co, Pa (C-321)
Dated October 2, 1751 Proved Nov 11, 1751

Estate to be equally divided between wife and two (2) children, Viz: Samuel & Jacob Hollingsworth, when they attain age of 21 yrs.   Sons to be apprenticed to Brother In Law Henry Green to learn trade of carpentry.
Executors: Bro. Enoch Hollingsworth
Witnesses: William Smith, John Hollingsworth

Prerogative Court Records, Baltimore Co, Maryland
Estate of Philip Philips, (87.81) BA Co. L62.6.0 April 17, 1765 May 6, 1765
Appraisers:  James Preston, Ralph Pyle
Creditors: John Forwood, Edmund Bull
Next of Kin: Samuel Hollingsworth, Jacob Hollingsworth
Administratrix: Barbara Philips

Baltimore Co., Md Wills
Hannah Bull, Baltimore County Jan. 19, 1760 Proved March 5, 1760
Children: John, Jacob, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, & Rachel
Wit: Ignatius Wheeler, John Shepherd, Barbara Phillips

Aug 3, 1774 List of Debts for Estate of Col Wm Young, Baltimore County, Md. Liber 120, Folios 1-13 include : Barbary Phillips


Samuel Hollingsworth Sr  (Quaker) was born March 27, 1673 in County Armagh, Ireland, and died in Birmingham, Chester Co, Pa.. His will was proved in November, 1748.  He was the son of Valentine Hollingsworth & wife #2 Ann Calvert (See Below)

He married Hannah Harlan, daughter of George Harlan & Elizabeth Duck, on June 8, 1701, at New Castle Co., Delaware, (Kennett Monthly Meeting-Hinshaw)  Hannah Harlan was born Feb. 4, 1681 County Down, Ireland, and died in Pennsylvania in Sept., 1746..

Samuel Hollingsworth resided in Newcastle, Pa. from 1681 to 1701, removing to Chester Co, Pa. in that year.  He was one of the 11 commissioners appointed in 1728 to run the line between Chester Co. and newly formed Lancaster Co.  He also served on the Chester County Assembly for the years 1725-1728, and was also a Justice of the Peace in Chester 1729-30, and 1738.

Children: Hollingsworth

1. John Born ___ Died____
(M) Mary Read Jan 29, 1732 Center MM, Chester, Pa.

2. Enoch  Born 1702 New Castle, Del. Died 1752 Chester, Pa.WILL
(M) Joanna Crowley Dec 23, 1725 Kennett MM Chester, Pa

3. George Born 1704 New Castle, Del. Died Pr to 1748

4. Betty
(M) Henry Green Nov. 1, 1734 Centre  MM Chester, Pa

5. Samuel  (See Above) Born 1717 Chester, Co, Pa. Died  bet. Oct-Nov, 1751 Chester, Pa (Will)-
(M) Barbara Shewin Nov 13, 1738 (Newark Kennet Monthly Meeting-Hinshaw P 322)
She married #2 Philip Philips, ( of the Baptist Faith) and moved to Baltimore Co., Md.

Index to Pennsylvania Colonial Records Series
Samuel Hollingsworth Vol 3, P 345, 356, 381; Vol 4 P 313

Transcribed From Futhey & Cope's "History of Chester County", pages 652-653:

MARTIN, THOMAS, with Margery (Mendenhall), his wife, came from Bedwin  Magna, in Wiltshire, in 1685, bringing children, - Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Rachel. They settled in Middletown, where their son Moses, and probably other children, were born. We find George and Elinor Martin, for whom we can assign no other parentage. These children married as follows: Mary to James Whitaker, 1690; Sarah to William Shewin; Rachel to Thomas Woodward, 1704; Moses, b. 1/9/1685-6, m. Margaret Battin, in 1714; George, m. Lydia Buffington; Elinor, m. 
John Scarlet, 1715.

Tax List of Kennett Township (1715): Chester County, PA

Gayen Miller 
Michael Harlin 
Robert Way 
Ezekiel Harlin 
Aaron Harlin 
John Hopes 
Isaac ffew 
Samuel Heald 
Wm Lewis 
Moses Harlin 
Wm Harvey 
Wn Webb 
Silas Pryor 
John Heald 
Val. Hollingsworth 
Alexander ffraser 
Daniel Magfarsin 
James Harlin 
Joshua Harlin 
Caleb Prue 
Samuel Hall 
Wm Barns 
Richard Cox 
Joseph Cox 
Richare ffletcher 
Thomas ffisher 
John Battin 
Thomas Robinson 
Mary Stewart 
Wm Shewin 

Edmund Butcher 
Joseph Taylor 
Evan Harry
Wm Horne 
john Greg ffreemen
Peter Dix
John Cox
John Way
Edward Way
Nathaniel Way
Charles Jones
Robert Hollin
James Bruce

May 9, 1730. July 23, 1730. A. 319.
To grandson in law Nathan son of Nathaniel Newlin 5. To Sarah daughter  of John Newlin 5. To Mary daughter of Ellis Lewis 5. To Mary Everson 5. To granddaughter in law Mary Baily 5. To kinswoman Hannah Shewin 3 and the remainder of her time to my father. To sisters Rebecca Bennet and Sarah Swain all wearing apparel. Remainder to father and brothers Jonathan and John Fincher and sisters Rebecca Bennet and Sarah Swain and to my sister Elizabeth Cox's 3 children.
Executors: father John Fincher and brother Francis Fincher.
Witnesses: William Swain, Martha Mullin.

Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 8.

1765, July 29, Eaton, George, and Catharine Shewin

In 1777, Rachel (Shewin) Isaac wrote her will, naming nephews Jacob and Samuel Hollingsworth and her sister Barbara.(Shewin) Hollingsworth

John V. Hollingsworth, Chadds Ford, Penna.

"Samuel Hollingsworth, the fifth child of Valentine Hollingsworth, and first by his second wife, Ann Calvert, was born in Ireland. He married Hannah Harlan, daughter of George & Elizabeth Harlan. He lived in Birmingham Township, and held several important offices, viz, justice of the peace for Chester County, & representative in the Provincial Assembly. Many years later these two names were again associated in the Harlan & Hollingsworth Company, ship & car builders of Wilmington."

Philadelphia Co, Pa Will Bk A
LESTER, WILLIAM. Manor of Rockland, New Castle Co. 
September 24, 1694. November 5, 1695. A. 329. 
Legacy to kinsman George Lester;plantation with all improvements;  friend Dorothy Cartwell; cousin Peter Lester
Lester. Friends Jacob Chandler and Valentine Hollingsworth. Daughter 
Mary Hunt. Estate given me by Joan Richardson, I give unto Henry Hollingsworth & George Robinson.
 Overseers to dispose of Overplus to such poor friends as are deserving;  
Overseers and Executors: Valentine Hollingsworth, Jacob Chandler and 
Henry Hollingsworth. 
Witnesses: Thomas Hollingsworth, Samuel Hollingsworth, Wolla Torsey

1686-1692 Newark-Kennet Monthly Meeting New Castle, Delaware

Newark/Kennett Monthly Meeting records 1686-1703

Ref: Hinshaw

1701 4th day 8th mo. " This Mo Meeting held at Valentine Hollingsworths, Saml

Hollingsworth and Hannah Harlan presenting their intentions of marriage before

this meeting, George Hogg & John Gregg is appointed to make enquiry

concerning ye mans clearness, Mary Thompson & Bathsheba Babb to make Enquiry

concerning ye woman & to return their answer to ye next monthly meeting."

1701 ___ day 9th mo. "The Mo Meeting held at Valentine Hollingsworth, Samll

Hollingsworth and Hannah Harlan having laid their intentions of marriage

before this meeting (is being ye second time) ye four ffriends yt were

appointed to make enquiry concerning them, doth return answer yt they find

nothing but that they both are clear, upon ye acctt of marriage, this

meeting leaves ym to their liberty to accomplish their intentions of

marriage according to ye good order of Truth. "

Will of Samuel Hollingsworth Sr of Birmingham, Chester Co, Pa (C-65)
dated August 30, 1748 Proved Oct. 1, 1748

To wife Hannah, all Estate during life, and what remains at her decease to my four (4)  children Viz: Enoch, John, & Samuel Hollingsworth and my daughter Betty Green. 
Exrs: Sons Enoch Hollingsworth & Henry Green
Wits: Robert Kilpatrick, Joseph Pyle.

Lists of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania, 1614-1776
Provincial Officers of the 3 original counties of Chester, Philadelphia, & Bucks 

Chester County Assembly 
Samuel Hollingsworth 1725, 1726, 1727, 1728 

Justices of the Peace, Chester Co 
Samuel Hollingsworth 1729-30, Nov 22, 1738 

From History of Delaware County, Pa.: (Formed 1789 from Chester Co) by Henry Graham Ashmead

1725. - Thomas Chandler, David Lloyd (Speaker), William Webb, John Wright, Samuel Hollingsworth, William Pusey, George Ascheton, William Paschall.

1726. - David Lloyd (Speaker), Samuel Nutt, Samuel Hollingsworth, John Wright, Richard Hayes, Joseph Pennock, Thomas Chandler, William Pusey.

1727. - John Parry, Samuel Hollingsworth, David Lloyd, Thomas Chandler, John Carter, Daniel Williamson, Simon Meredith, William Webb.

1728. - Thomas Chandler, David Lloyd, Samuel Hollingsworth, John Parry, William Webb, Philip Taylor, John Carter, Henry Hayes.

Minute Book G. At a Session of the Commiss'rs at Philadelphia the 4th of the 12th Mo'th, 1701
Thomas Hollingsworth produces a War't from the Commiss'rs signed by Wm. Markham, Sam'll Carp'r and Jno. Goodson dated 23rd 2 Mo, 1692 granting  400 Acres of land  on Brandywine at a Bushel of wheat p'r 100 (which as is there recited) was granted at a Penny an Acre before to Valentine Hollingsworth) provided it were 7 miles distant from Navigable Water, But 'tis affirmed That the first grant of this Land on new rent was to James Scott and Sam'l Hollingsworth who quited it and that Valentine Never possessed it by Virtue of any other War't or grant than the first Mentioned of the 2nd Mo'th '92, he therefore Requests a Confirmation, and in Order to it, a Resurvey , which is granted on Condition that he pay Arrears of Rent from 1684 at a Bushell p'r 100.
9b'r 24, 1725. 
Sam'l Hollingsworth requests the grant of 200 Acres of Land on a branch of Elkrin, near Thunder Hill, and about 200 Acres of S'r John Fagg's mannor on the Southwest Corner, and also that John Green may have the Grant of a Parcell of Vac't Land in Birmingham, parcell of Rocklands. 

Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, Fourth Series Vol II P 20
"In the Year 1727 a representation was made to Governor Gordon that a large number of Germans,  peculiar in their dress, religion, and notions of political government,  had settled on the Peques, and were determined not to obey the lawful authority of government--that they had resolved to speak their own language, to make their own laws and to acknowledge no sovereign but the Great Creator of the universe.  It was also further reported that some thousands were expected to arrive in the ensuing session.  The information being laid before the Assembly, William Webb, Samuel Hollingsworth and John Carter were appointed a committee to inquire into the facts and make report to the next House.

In 1728 the committee made a report favorable to those emigrants who had been visited by Mr. Penn; "that they had honestly paid for their lands, and were a quiet and industrious people, honestly discharging their civil and religious duties, but that some had made a settlement on lands without any right, and refused to yield obedience to the government; that those persons had entered this colony from that of New York."

Jan, 1729.  Gov Gordon informed the Assembly that he had an application from the German Mennonites of the county of Lancaster, that they might be permitted to enjoy the rights and privileges of British subjects, as they have a good character for honesty and industry, their request ought to be complied with, by passing a bill of naturalization.  A law to that effect was accordingly enacted.

Feb. 11, 1729 A loan of $300. was granted by the Assembly through the influence of John Wright for the purpose of erecting a court house and a jail in the County of Lancaster. etc etc"

8b'r, 2d, 1731. 
Sam'l Hollingsworth (on behalf of his Kinsman, Wm. Andrees) requests the Grant of about 100 Acres of vac't Land in Kennet, between the Land late Ezekiel Harlan's and James Wallis'. Speak to I. Taylor and write to Sam'l Hollingsworth about it. 

The Court, Bench, And Bar Of Delaware County.
Nov. 22, 1738. - Caleb Cowpland, Joseph Haines, John Evans, Richard Hayes, Henry Pierce, Henry Hayes, Elisha Gatchell, John Crosby, Caleb Cowpland, Abraham Emmit, James James, John Parry, Joseph Pennock, Samuel Hollingsworth, Joseph Brinton, Joseph Haines, William Pim, Joseph Bonsall; the chief burgess of the town for the time being, Joseph Parker.

August 30, 1737

"John Chads having petitioned the court setting forth that by the concurrence of the Justices and by order of the Commissioners and Assessors, a ferry being erected over Brandywine creek on the road leading from Philadelphia to Nottingham, and no rates for the same established, prays that such rates be set for the same, as to the court may seem reasonable: Whereupon the court taking the same into consideration, have adjudged the rates hereafter mentioned may be demanded and taken by the said John Chads, or his assigns or successors in the said ferry:

"For Every horse and rider, four pence.
Every single person on foot, three pence; if more, two pence each.
Every ox, cow, or heifer, four pence each.
Every sheep, one pence.
Every hog, three half-pence.
Every coach, wagon, or cart, one shilling and six pence.
Every empty wagon or cart, nine pence.
Every steed, four pence.

"To the aforesaid rates the justices have subscribed their names:
"Richard Hayes,
"John Crosby,
"Henry Bates,
"Samuel Hollingsworth,
"John Parry,
"Abraham Emmitt,
"Caleb Cowpland,
"Elisha Gatchell,
"Joseph Brinton."

HARLAN, AARON. Kennet, yeoman.
May 5, 1732. October 2, 1732. A. 381.
Provides for wife not named inc real estate until son George is 21. To son George when 21 my now dwelling place being the last part of my tract of land on Brandywine, containing about 300 acres. To son Samuel when 21 the west part of said tract as lately surveyed by Zachariah Butcher containing 230 acres. To son Aaron when 21, my plantation in Kennet whereon my father in law now lives. To son Jacob when 21 an equal portion of my estate as either of above named sons. To daughter Charity one gray filly. To daughters Mary and Elizabeth 20 each when 21. Lands to be valued and sons shares to be made equal. Executors: wife and friend Samuel Hollingsworth and Saml. Pyle and brother Joshua Harlan. Trustees. Witnesses: Thomas Strode, Geo. Hollingsworth, Dinah Heald.


These men signed the petition of King George II, asking him to settle the border difficulties between Maryland and Pennsylvania - 1735.
Thomas Hollingsworth
Jas. Hollingsworth
Jacob Hollingsworth
Henry Green
Wm Harlan
Josa. Harlan
Alphonsus Kirk
James Phillips
George Robinson

PYLE, WILLIAM. Birmingham.
January 8, 1745/6. June 12, 1746. B. 200.
Provides for wife Betty. To eldest son Ralph at 21 250 besides what is given by his grandfathers will. To son Joseph tract of land in W. Marlborough containing 350 acres when 21. To son John when 21 the plantation on which I live in Birmingham containing 250 acres. To son William 500 at 21. To daughters Eleanor, Mary and Sarah Pyle 150 each at 21. Executors: wife Betty and son Ralph.
Witnesses: Saml. Hollingsworth, John Chads, Elizabeth Chads, Samuel Pyle. 

August 11, 1752. September 18, 1752. C. 362.
Provides for wife Betty and refers to "her former husband." To son Jehu my plantation in Kennett, he paying to my daughter Abigail, wife of William Harlan, Jr. 25. To son Enoch my plantation in Birmingham when 21, he paying to my daughter Hannah, wife of John Moore 25.
Executor: Brother in law John Chads.
Wit: Elianor Pyle, Hannah Thatcher, Thomas Harlan. 


Valentine Hollingsworth (Quaker) was born August 6, 1632  at Ballyvickcrannel, (Belleniskcrannell) Parish of  (Leagoe) Seagoe, Co. Armaugh, Ireland 
(Birth & Death Record Book, of Lurgan Quaker Monthly Meeting)  
He died CA 1711 in New Castle, Delaware, and was buried at the Newark Monthly Meeting Burying Ground.  

He was the son of Henry Hollingsworth & wife Kathryn ____ of Bellevickcrannel, Parish of Seagoe, Co. Armagh, Ireland

Valentine married June 7, 1655 in Ireland to Wife #1 Ann Rea (Wray), by whom he had the following children:
Mary 1656, (M) Thomas Conway;  #2 Ralph Malin; 
Henry 1658, (M) Lydia Atkinson; 
Thomas 1661, (M) Margaret Calvert; 
Catherine, 1663, (M) George Robinson.

Valentine Hollingsworth married his second wife Ann Calvert,  June 12, 1672, at Drumgar, in Ireland, daughter of Thomas Calvert & Jane Glasford.  Ann was born 1650 Kilwarling, Co. Down, Ireland, and died Oct 17, 1697 New Castle, Del  (Newark MM)

Valentine Hollingsworth's family came to Philadelphia, in 1682 on  the ship "The Antelope", (which arrived Dec. 10, 1682 on the Delaware River, Edward Cooke, master, from Belfast) settling on a 965 acre grant called New Worke, in what is now New Castle Co, Del. granted by William Penn in Brandywine Hundred on Shelpot Crk. (Warrant Oct. 10, 1681-Survey Dec. 27, 1682)  He was founder of the Hollingsworth family in America.  William Penn had arrived a little earlier on the ship "Welcome".

From the first page of Concord Monthly Meeting Minute book...
"At a Monthly Meeting held at Chichester ye 9th. of ye 4th month, 1684, Whereas Thomas Moore came and desired assistance of the meeting to lend him something toward the building of him a house ye meeting consider- ing his poverty hath agreed to do it and subscribe as followeth ..." Among the nine Subscribers names was Valentine Hollingsworth.

He was founder of the Newark Monthly Meeting and an elder from 1686 to 1710.  In 1687 he gave a half acre for a meeting house and burial ground.  He was a member of the first Pennsylvania Assembly in 1683, and signed William Penn's Great Charter.  He was an Assembly member again in 1687, 1688, 1689, 1695, and 1700.  Valentine was a Justice of the Peace in New Castle Co., from 1694-1688.  He was also a member of the Grand Inquest empaneled Oct. 24, 1683, to consider the famous case of Charles Pickering, etal, charged with counterfeiting

Valentine Hollingsworth & wife Ann Calvert are both buried @ Newark MM, Delaware.

Children of Valentine & Ann Calvert Hollingsworth:

1. Samuel (See Above) Born March 27, 1673, Co. Armaugh, Ireland Died: Nov, 1748, Birmingham T/S, Chester Co, Pa. 
(M) Hannah Harlan June 8, 1701 New Castle, Del

2. Enoch Born August 7, 1685, Ireland Died: 1687 Del.

3. Valentine, Jr. Born Jan 12, 1677 Ireland, Died 1757 North Carolina (Will)
(M) Elizabeth Heald 1713 Kennett MM Chester Co, Pa

4. Ann Born 1680 Ireland Died: Oct 26, 1712
(M) James Thompson, Sept 3, 1700 New Salem, N.J

5. John Born April 19, 1684 New Castle, Del. Died: Aug. 1722 New Castle, Del.
(M) Catherine Tyler, Mar. 25, 1706  (after his death, she remarried, went to NC)

6. Joseph Born July 10, 1686 New Castle, Del.
Died: 1732-33 Orange Co, Va
(M) Elizabeth

7. Enoch May 10, 1688 New Castle, Del. Died: Nov 26, 1690 New Castle, Del.

Index to Pennsylvania Colonial Records Series
Valentine Hollingsworth Vol 1 P 205

WADE, LYDIA. Chester, PA Widow of Robert.
April 30, 1701. August 28, 1701. B. 141.
William Crouch of London merchant. Kinsman John Peirs or Peirce of Billreke, Essex, England. Kinsmen the sons of John Allen. Kinsman John Jones and his children Richard, Grace and Samuel. Kinsman John Wade. Kinswoman Lydia Walker, Sr. Jeremy Langley a pauper now at Randall Vernon's house. Robert Goforth of Chester. Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. Lydia daughter of Caleb and Anne Pusey. Henry Hollingsworth of Chester. Jane wife of James Bayles of Chester township. Executor: Kinsman John Jones of Philadelphia., merchant.
Witnesses: Jonathan Hoskins, Joseph Edge and Edward Dangger.

DECOW, Jacob. New Castle Co.
2/2/1688. Feb 7, 1701/02. B.162.
Wife: Hannah. Children: Abraham and Hannah wife of Thomas England.
Exec:Wife, son and daughter.
Trustees: Robert Ashton, Cornelius Empson, Valentine Hollingsworth.
Wit: Mary Barras, Jacob Decow, Jr.

October 5, 1703. December 1, 1703. B. 328.
Children James, Ebenezer, Thomas and Lydia. Friends Jasper Yeates and James Sandilands.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Witnesses: Jasper Yeates, Isaac Taylor, Henry Hollingsworth.

September 1, 1704. September 6, 1704. B. 370.
Son James. Wife's children by her first husband, viz., Thomas, Eben. and Lydia Cornish; their grandmother Ann Kay of Boston, N. E. and their uncle Elihu Kay of Philadelphia.
Executors: Henry Hollingsworth, Paul Saunders.
Witnesses: Henry Nicholls, Baptist minister, Eben Kay, Mary Gregg.

December 22, 1731/2. April 8(12?), 1732. A. 365.
To brother James Harlan my 250 acres of land he keeping mother during life and paying to cousin Dinah Harlan daughter of brother George deceased 5 at 18. Also all personal estate.
Executors: Thos. Speakman and John Allen.
Witnesses: Enoch Hollingworth, John Maris Jr. 

SMITH, THOMAS. Birmingham.
April 7, 1748. April 12, 1748. B. 262.
Provides for wife Elinor. To son James that part of my land I bought of Joseph Webb at 21. To son Isaac the other part of my land with 1.4 part of the mills at 21. To son William my plantation in Concord on which he lives and that part of my land bought of Thomas West. To daughter Sarah Scott 5. To daughter Margery Bullock 10 shillings. To daughter Mary Smith 30 at 18. To daughter Hannah Smith 30 at 18. To sons John and Thomas 5 shillings each. Executors: sons John and William.
Witnesses: William McClure, Enoch Hollingsworth. 



 the tax of 2 shillings for 1 hearth is meant.

Knockneshane Incl Marke Wright
Drumnecarne Incl: Peter Harland, Marke Calver
Lissecarran Incl  John Harlant
Ballymccrannell Incl Vallentine Hollinsworth 
Sego Itragh Incl John Calvert
Rinurgan Incl Thomas Calvert

Lurgan book, P 293- "Ann Hollingsworth of Ballyvickarannell deceased the first day of the second month ANNO DOM: 1671, and was buried in ye burying place of ye people of god at Monreauerty." 

This is Ann (Ree) Hollingsworth  #1 wife of Valentine
 "Monreauerty" is now called Moyraverty, about two miles northeast of the farm at Ballyvickcrannell. Most of the Friends of Seagoe Meeting were listed as buried there. 

The following is taken from
Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750
With Their Early History in Ireland

VALENTINE HOLLINGSWORTH, son of Henry Hollingsworth, of Belleniskcrannell, Parish of Segoe, County Armagh, Ireland, and Catharine, his wife, was born at Belleniskcrannel, "about the sixth month in the yeare 1632"; was married 4 Mo. 7, 1655, to Ann Ree, daughter of Nicholas Ree, of Tanderagee, County Armagh. She was born about 1628, at Tanderagee, and died 2 Mo. 1, 1671. He then was married a second time, 4 Mo. 12, 1672, to Ann Calvert, daughter of Thomas Calvert, of Dromgora, Parish of Segoe, County Armagh, and Jane his wife. The following is a copy of the marriage certificate:

"This is to certifie the truth to all people that Valentine Hollenworth 3 in ye psh of Sego in ye county of Armagh, and Anne Calvert of the same psh having intentions of marriage according to the ordinance of God, and Gods joining, Did lay it before mens meeting before whom theire marriage being propounded, then ye meeting desired them to wait some time, wch they did, so the meeting makeing inquiry between the times whether ye man be free from all other women, and the woman free from all other men, and so the second time they comeing before the mens meeting, all things being found clear, so they being left to theire freedome. A meeting of the people of god being appointed and assembled together at the house of Marke Wright, in the psh of Shankell the twelfth day of the fourth month in ye yeare 1672 whene they tooke one another in marriage in the presence of god and of his people according to ye law of god, & we are witnesses of the same whose names are hereunto subscribed ye day and yeare aforesaid

ffrancis Robson Hugh Stamper Roger Webb Robert Hoope Michael Staise 
Tho. Wederall Will dixon William Williams George Hodgshon Will pearson 
Marke Wright Timo: kirk Rob Chambers Antho. Dixon Jo: Calvert Jam: Harison 
Nic: Harison John Wright James Bradshaw Tho: Calvert fergus Softly dina Kirke 
Chris: Hillery dorothy Hillery Elis: Gnus Alice Williams An. Bradshaw debora Kirk 
Alice Wright Mary Walker" 
 Page 85, Marriage Book of Lurgan Monthly Meeting.
 The records of this family in Ireland are from the registers of Lurgan
Meeting, County Armagh. 

William Stockdale's A Great Cry of Oppression.
 gives the following account of Hollingsworth's persecutions for tithes:

"1671, County Armagh, "Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for Tithe, by Thomas Ashbrook Tithmonger twenty nine stooks of Barly, and three stooks and a half of Oats, all worth one pound one shilling;" 1672, "Valentine Hollingsworth for Tithe by Edward O'Maghan, 26 stooks wheat. 3 car-loads Hey, 26 stooks of Oats, 26 stooks of Barley, Value 2, 18s;" 1673, corn and hay, valued at 2; 1674, wheat, hay, oats, barley, valued at 3 4s."

"1672 County Armagh. Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by Edmund O'Maghan, for the use of the aforesaid, twenty-six stooks of Wheat, three car-loads of Hay, twenty-six stooks of Oats, and twenty-six stooks of Barley, all worth two pounds, eighteen shillings."

"1673 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by Edmund O'Maghan & Thomas Proctor, Corn & Hay worth two pounds."

"1674 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, for the use of the said Thomas Smith, seven loads of Hay, eleven stooks of Wheat, nine Stooks of Oats, eleven stooks and a half of Barley, all worth three pounds, four shillings."

"1675 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by the said Daniel, for the said Thomas Smith, seven loads of Hay, eleven stooks of Wheat, nine Stooks of Oats, eleven stooks and a half of Barley, and seven car-loads of Hay, all worth gour pounds, fourteen shillings."

"1676 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by the said Cantelan, thirty-seven stooks of Wheat & Rye, forty stooks of Oats, eighteen stooks of Barley & nine loads of Hay, all worth two pounds, five shillings, eight pence."

"1679 Valentine Hollingsworth, of said Parish (Segoe) had taken from him for tithe, by William Gibeon, five stooks of Barley, three stooks of Oats, and three loads of Hay, all worth six shillings, ten pence."

"1680 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by Rory O'Hamell & Arer O'Nell, for the use of the said Thomas Smith, thirty-three stooks of Wheat & Rye, fourteen stooks of Barley, thirty-three stooks of Oats, and some Hay, all worth two pounds, seven shillings, sixpence."

"1681 Valentine Hollingsworth had taken from him for tithe, by Ever O'Nell & Rory O'Hamell, for the said use, ten loads of Hay, thirty stooks of hard corn, twenty stooks of Oats, & twelve stooks of Barley, and by the said Ever & others, Apples worth one shilling, and by Elizabeth Fox, seven stooks and a half of Barley, one stook and a half of Oats, and two car-loads of Hay, all worth four pounds, five shillings."

John V. Hollingsworth, Chadds Ford, Penna.

in part

" Numerous legends and traditions have centered around the ancestry and early history of Valentine Hollingsworth, many of them contradictory. Early public and meeting house records prove some of these to be true, others are likely to remain forever in the realm of conjecture.

"Valentine Hollingsworth is said to have been born in Ireland, but it is claimed that his family was originally from the ancestral estate "Hollingsworth Manor" in Cheshire, England, and had removed to Ireland to escape persecution. This estate was held by an ancient Saxon family of the name as early as the year 1022. Red berried trees abound on the estate. The name comes from the words, "Holly" and "Worth", a farm. The old manor hall and church still stand. (See Editor's note following this article.) Both are emblazoned with the family coat of arms. It consists of three holly leaves. The crest is a stag & the Latin motto means "Learn to suffer what must be borne." (SEE NEW INFORMATION below)

The above is part of an address given May 23, 1936, at the unveiling of the Hollingsworth Memorial at Newark Burial Ground, Brandywine Hundred, Delaware. Published in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Sept., and entitled


An article by Harry Hollingsworth that mentions the Hollingsworth coat of arms with three holly leaves,this coat of arms does not belong to the family of Valentine Hollingsworth whose family is not related to the family of Hollingsworth Hall in Cheshire England,this is known thru DNA.

Valentine Hollingsworth used a wax seal to seal his legal documents,this seal consisted of a coat of arms with three stag's,this coat of arms belonged to the Hollingsworth's of Hartlepool,county Durham England which borders Yorkshire to the north.The old English word for stag (deer) was Hart,the name Hartlepool literally means deer by the sea,at one point in time there lived in the nearby forests deer that lived by the sea.The coat of arms of Hartlepool consists of a stag being attacked by a hound,the town dates from 640 AD and lies on the east coast of England,the parish of St Hilda overlooks the town atop a cliff.

I can see no other reason for Valentine Hollingsworth using the COA of the Hartlepool Hollingsworth's other than it was his families COA,the original COA could only be used by the oldest son and passed down,if any other sons used the arms they had to make a change to the arms by adding something to the shield,even the oldest son could not use the COA while his father was still alive without changing something on the shield,after the father died his oldest son could take and use the original as his own.

A good question would be how would Valentine Hollingsworth even know about the COA with the three stag's unless it was his own,this COA belonged to a very specific family in a very specific place.If you go due west from Hartlepool and cross the channel you would came to Belfast which is very near where Valentine Hollingsworth lived in Northern Ireland.




"Valentine Hollingsworth was not the first of his name to come to America, (He was the 10th)
Valentine was an Irish Quaker, a weighty & prominent member of Lurgan Monthly Meeting. The minutes of that meeting begin about 1670, and Valentine's name is frequently mentioned. He served on committees, was a delegate to the Yearly Meeting held in Belfast, and was a witness to many marriages."


5.9.1673 Robert Chambers and Jain Wright, signed by Valentine Hollingsworth. The Wright family were probably the most important in Lurgan Meeting. Many of the meetings were held in the home of Jain's father, Mark Wright.

4.10.1674 William Mathews and Margery Harding, Wit. Valentine Hollingsworth.

1.12.1675 James Greer & Eleanor Rea, wit. Ann Hollingsworth & Mary Rea.
 Mary Rea was the sister of Valentine's first wife, Ann Rea. Ann Calvert was the 2d wife of Valentine (who did not sign). This shows a friendship between the two families.

7.5.1676 Minion Simpson & Margaret Noble, wit. Valentine Hollingsworth.

3.7.1676 William Crooke & Mable Mason, wit. Ann & Valentine Hollingsworth.

3.17.1676 Timothy Kirke & Katherine Robinson, wit. Ann & Valentine Hollingsworth. 

1.29.1676 John Robson & Sarah Atkinson.(came to America) 

9.17.1678 George Harland & Elizabeth Duck, wit. Henry Hollingsworth. 
This couple came to America at the same time with Valentine. George's brother Michael Harland also came with Valentine. The Hollingsworths and Harlands intermarried many times.

1.28.1682 Thomas Conaway & Mary Hollingsworth, wit. Ann, Katherine, Valentine, Henry & Thomas Hollingsworth, also Elizabeth & Margaret Calvert. 

5.19.1682 John Fausett & Judith Thwayte, wit., Valentine, Henry & Ann Hollingsworth. This later marriage happened about the time that Valentine and his family, except Henry, sailed for Penna.

OCTOBER, 1965 

"In the April "Register", I told of Valentine Hollingsworth seeking a certificate of removal from Lurgan Quaker Monthly Meeting, Ireland, for "himself & also for ye rest to go with him." The request was granted on July 25, 1682, and it is probable he sailed within a month."

Valentine Hollingsworth family came on the "Antelope", arriving '8th or 9th of the 10th month, 1682.'

Valentine Hollingsworth and his family lived for a brief time in or near Chester as is evidenced by the following: first page of Concord Monthly Meeting Minute book...
"At a Monthly Meeting held at Chichester ye 9th. of ye 4th month, 1684, Whereas Thomas Moore came and de- sired assistance of the meeting to lend him something toward the building of him a house ye meeting consider- ing his poverty hath agreed to do it and subscribe as followeth ..." 
Nine persons contributed, Incl Valentine Hollingsworth. 

Selected Extracts from Newark-Kennet Monthly Meeting, New Castle Co, Del. -Hinshaw

1687 ___9th mo The Monthly Meeting being held at Valentine Hollingsworths 
orders Cornelius Empson and Henry Hollingsworth to go to Whitely Creek and see what order their meeting is in. Henry Hollingsworth having laid his intention of going for Ireland before this meeting, Cornelius Empson and George Harlan is ordered to inquire of his clearness as in relation to marriage & to make their answer to ye next monthly meeting. 

1687 ___ 11th mo The Monthly Meeting being held at Morgan Druets. It ordered by ffriends at this meeting that the monthly meeting is to be held at Valentine Hollingsworths for ye convenience of ffriends living on the other side of Brandywine & ye frist day following the meeting to be there likewise till farther considerations. Valentine Hollingsworth hath freely given into ffriends for ____ burying place half an acre of land for ye purpose, there being some already buryed in yet spot. Ffreinds have rrefured fencing of it till ye next meeting.

1687 3td day 1 mo. The Monthly Meeting being held at Valentine Hollingsworth ___ considered on about fencing in ye burying place at Valentines and was agreed upon yt is should be defered for one month longer.... The Meeting appoints William Stockdate, Valentine Hollingsworth & Cornelius Empson or any two of them to speak to Edward Gibbs concerning his diorderly walking & give an acctt to the next Quarterly meeting at New Castle, etc.

1689 __ day 10th mo The monthly Meeting being held at Valentine Hollingsworth appoints a meeting to be held at New Castle ye first first day after every Quarter Sessions to be held at Edward Blakes. Cornelius Empson & Elizabeth Sanderson signifying their intentions of marriage to mens & womens meeting which being taken into serious consideration. Could in no wise be joyned with by ye meeting by reason of their nearness of kin, she being his former wifes own sister. etc

1689/10 1st day 1st mo The Monthly Meeting being held at Valentine Hollingsworths forasmuch as Cornelius Empson hath proceeded contrary to ye or ___ Trith & ye advice of ffriends in marrying his late wifes own Sister. It is therefore ye judgment of this meeting yt he ought not be Commeted amoug us any more in our mans meeting untill he give Satisfaction for his so doing & cleareth ye truth & untill then ffriends have with drew the meeting from his house. Morgan Druet & George Harlan are desired by ye meeting to give Cornelius Empsons to give him ye sence of ye meeting and of the proceedings s aforesaid. The Meeting desires Val Hollingsworth to speak to his sone. ...We likewise of ye womens meeting do unanimously agree to and with ye proceedings of ye mans meeting concerning ye default of Cornelius Empson & we do likewise disown having any unity with his wife in our meeting untill she clear the Truth & acknowledge her error. 

1693 7th day 8th mo. The Mo Meeting held at Thomas Hollingswoth, this meeting (appoints?) Valentine Hollingsworth & Cornelius Empson to give their attend on ye Quarterly Meetng at Chester. 

1694 ___ day 7th mo The Mo Meeting held at Thomas Hollingsworth orders Morgan Druet and Saml Hollingsworth to give their attendance to the Yearly Meeting at Burlington. 

Tax Lists-Brandywine Hundred 1696-97 
List of the inhabitants on the north side of Brandywine Creek According to 
an assessment made the first day Jan 1696/7 for one penny per pound and six 
shellings per head on those not otherways rated and committed to the 
collection of Cornelous Empson. 

Valentine Hollingsworth.00=08=04 
Henry Hollingsworth.....00=04=02 
Thomas Hollingsworth....00=06=00 

1701 4th day 8th mo. This Mo Meeting held at Valentine Hollingsworths, Saml Hollingsworth and Hannah Harlan prenting their intentions of marriage befor this meeting, George Hogg & John Gregg is appointed to make enquiry concerning ye mans clearness, Mary Thompson & Bathsheba Babb to make Enquiry concerning ye woman & to return their answer to ye next monthly meeting. 

1701 ___ day 9th mo. The Mo Meeting held at Valentine Hollingsworth, Samll Hollingsworth and Hannah Harlan having laid their intentions of marriage before this meeting (is being ye second time) ye four ffriends yt were appointed to make enquiry concerning them, doth return answer yt they find nothing but that they both are clear, upon ye acctt of marriage, this meeting leaves ym to their liberty to accomplish their intentions of marriage according to ye good order of Truth. The meeting appoints Valentine Hollingsworth and Thomas Hollingsworth to attend ye Quarterly Meeting.  (Orig. spelling retained-sgs)

Chester County, Pennsylvania Court Minutes

At a Session of the Commiss'rs at Philadelphia the 4th of the 12th Mo'th, 1701. 
Present, Edward Shippen, Griffith Owen, Thomas Story. 
Thomas Hollingsworth produces a War't from the Commiss'rs signed by Wm. Markham, Sam'll Carp'r and Jno. Goodson dated 23rd 2 Mo., 1692, granting 400 Acres of Land on Brandywine at a Bushell of wheat p'r 100 (which (as is there recited) was granted at a Penny an Acre before to Valentine Hollingsworth), provided it were 7 Miles distant from Navigable Water. But 'tis affirmed That the first grant of this Land on new rent was to James Scott and Sam'l Hollingsworth who quitted it and that Valentine Never possessed it by Vertue of any other War't or grant than the first Mentioned of the 2d Mo'th, '92, he therefore Requests a Confirmation, and in Order to it, a Resurvey, which is granted on Condition that he pay Arrears of Rent from 1684 at a Bushell p'r 100. Ordered a Warr't of Resurvey on G. Harland's 100 and 500 and .... this 400, and that it be directed to Hen. Hollingsworth and Patents on the Returns. 
Signed a Warr't of Resurvey on three tracts, one to George Harland for 100 Acres, one to Ditto 
for 500 Acres, and one to Tho. Hollingsworth for 400 Acres, all ordered this day. 

The Friends appointed by the Monthly Meeting of Philad'a to Procure a Confirmation of ye 
Ground on which the Meeting house and School house Stand. 
Val. Hollingsworth haveing Taken up 1,000 acres for himself and Children, of which 200 for his son Tho. in 1683, he req'ts a Patent On it and 20 acres of Marsh laid Out for him at 2 Bus's Wheat p'r C't it was laid out at 1d p'r Acre; But Thomas believing that the rent had been reduced to 2 Bus's, Sold his Land, w'th a Covenant to make it good at that rate. To the Purchaser; That he may be able therefore to Comply w'th his Bargain he Offers to give Bond to the Prop'ry for 8, Or 5 6s 8d sterling in Case He will not be Pleased to Let it go at the said rate. Granted a Pat. On said Conditions; Bond to be Payable 25th 10ber, 1706, Rent for the 200 acres 4 Bus'ls, mention No Time And for the 20 acres. 

British History Online, America & the West Indies, July 4, 1706

415. i. Minister and Vestry of St. Paul's Church, Chester, Pa., to the Bishop of London. Chester, March 25, 1706. The Quakers have made enclosed Law, and raised money on us as well as themselves towards making interest to get it improved. There are persons in all Counties that will administer an oath, if authorized, and therefore no danger of that failure of justice as is insinuated in that Law; the true reason of it is, that when they can administer an affirmation to persons of ye Church of England and qualify them for evidences after that manner, then they'l have no occation of an oath to be administred in any case, and so ingross the whole Government to themselves. Several of them begin now to scruple sitting on the bench, when an oath is administred, and have put a clause in the Act that it shall be the act of that magistrate who administers it, and not the act of the Court, but we would observe that some of the most reputable among them have sett on the bench, and continues so to do, when an oath is administred, even those who takes upon them to write and put out books in behalf of the rest, so that we fear it is not so much conscience as design in them to have the Government in their own hands and frustrate us of the security which H.M. by her Order was pleased to afford us etc. Signed, Hen. Nicols, Minister, Jas. Yeates, Jer. Collett, Tho. Powell, Henry Hollingsworth, Henry Peirce, Edward Jenings, John Wade, Jos. Worrall, Jos. Baker, Edw. Danger, Samuel Bysshop, James Sandelandes, William Davies. 2 pp.From: 'America and West Indies: July 1706', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 23: 1706-1708 (1916), pp. 166-184. URL: Date accessed: 22 April 2009.


Henry Hollingsworth was born CA 1598, in Parish of Segoe, Co. Armagh, Ireland and settled in Ireland with the Militia in The Ulster Plantation  before 1630.  He appears in the 1631 Muster Roll for Onealland Barony in County Armagh, as "Henry Hollinwort."  He lived on Richard Cope's half of the 2000 acre estate.
Henry Hollingsworth died Oct 27, 1675 in Ireland.  

He was the son of Henrie Hollingsworth of Cheshire, England. 

He was a yeoman by occupation, as well as tenant farmer

  He married Kathryn______ Pr to 1631.

1. Their only child of record was Valentine, ABOVE

Pages 19-23

"Here follows Castleknock barony." James Clarsey
(B) Subsidy Roil Co Dublin 1665. Uppercross Barony, Libs. of Donore.
James Turner Robert Walker Randolphe Sidney Rich Murrey
Peeter Danll Thom Hanpwell Hugh Leeson Oliver Todd
Geo. Langford Geo Allen John Gardner Thom Alwyn
Robt Hayes, Henry Meader Barnard.Wills Rich Reynye
Wm. Wates Tho Hogues & Rich Creecraft Henry Hayes
James Mayley Wm. m'Can John Foreside Capt. King
Anthony Petter John Doole Thom Whittcoke John Eddys
Willm Whythof Ralph Barker Willm Scofield Mrs Dowse
William Coltus Peeter Burhett Geo Eastwood Thom Browne
Willm Jaggers Francis Bealing Edwa Doolittle John Rooke
James Fearon Thom Massey Thom Lacye Thom Brookes
Willm Mulligan Thom Edwards James Clareson Hen Hollywoorth
Richd Turner John Hanbury William Clarke Thom Vinton
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Willm Bryan Edwa Foreman John Lupton John Booth
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Wm. Mills John Smyth Ralph Smyth Tho Shawe
Michael Wilson Geo Martyn William Yeats John Betson
John Price Thom King William Andrews Hen Pierson
Phil Burges Mich Atkinson John Coop(er?)

"Sum Total Barr & Lib pd 247 15s 3d"

Subsidy Roll, Co Dublin 1666 Uppercross Barony Liberties of Donore

James Turner Willm Mills Hugh Leeson Mrs.Dowse
Peeter Daniel Michael Wilson John Gardner John Rooke
Geo Langford Phil Burgess & Bernard Wills Rich Smyth
Robt Hayes Robt Walker Rich Crecraft Tho Brookes
William Witters George Allen John Fereside William Binne
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Wilim Jaggert & Francis Williams John Grant Henry Hollingsworth
Richd Turner Edwa Roberts Feighan Swillivan Tho Walker &
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John Calfield Esaiah Doleman Wm Yeates Wm. Starling
Willm Bryan Ellias Hurst Mr Derenisk Math Shakleton
Tho Fletcher Fran Cuthbert Wm Andrews Thom Shawe
John Barauke & Edw Kelsey Oliver Todd & John Betson
Richd Robinson Rich Gustard He Kersy Thom Lowe
Tho Hawkswell John Smyth Jacob Hudson Wm Ratcliffe
Willm Scooley John Tursall Mr Armitage Thom Richmond
Mrs. Coxe Geo Martyn Richd Reyny Walt Sawyer
Willm Marvil & Mich Atkinson Hen Hayes
Wm Flatman Randolph Sidney Cap King

Sum Total Barr & Libertat pd 250 lls. Total for county 1103 16s 3d
end of Roll
(D) Last Subsidy Roll Co Dublin 1668 Uppercross Barony Libs of Donore.

Feigh Soolaven 1 10 0 0 4 0
Zorobabel Swinfield 1 17 6 0 5 0
Ptk Frelend 1 2 6 0 3 0
John Stanway 0 15 0 0 2 0
Willm Archer 1 17 6 0 5 0
Robt Viner & Jon Sumrset 163 5 6 163 5 6
Jacob Hudson 1 17 6 0 5 0
Rich Mahon 0 15 0 0 2 0
Laughlyn Nowland 0 15 0 0 2 0
Richd Reyney 2 5 0 0 6 0
Willm Maxwell & Ja Roberts 2 5 0 0 6 0
Willm Logan 1 2 6 0 3 0
Henry Hayes 3 7 6 0 9 0
Cap Jo King 3 15 0 0 10 0
Willm Kelly & HEN HOLLINGS 1 10 0 0 6 4
Thom Browne 2 5 6 0 6 0
Tho Bond & Rich Smyth 1 17 6 0 5 0
Bethel Dobar 2 5 0 0 6 0
Tho Brookes 1 17 6 0 5 0
Phill Cooley 1 17 6 0 5 0
Jon Lees 1 2 6 0 3 0
Jon Symons 1 10 0 0 4 0
Joseph Eaton 1 10 0 0 4 0
Willm Starling 3 0 0 0 10 0
John Dugdale 1 2 6 0 3 0

(A brief Summary)

"The oldest English sources yet examined, being early dated and undated deeds relating to the family of HOLLINGWORTH (HOLLYNWORTHE), are to be found in Cheshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire. Examination of a map will show that these counties (shires) all join in a cluster, in the northern part of the country. From these first appearances (about A.D. 1250) until the late 1500's, no instance has yet been met of the 13-letter surname "HOLLINGSWORTH" (HOLLINSWORTH.) The earliest appearance of this latter name are to be found in parish church records from LONDON, many miles to the south, in the middle 1600's. Shortly thereafter, it begins to appear in Yorkshire and Lancashire, and from that time onward, it steadily moves into the forefront.

In Ireland, the main settlements of the family were as follows: (1) In County Armagh, northern Ireland, before 1632, of whom came the American Quaker branch. (2) In Parish of Clonduff, County Down, near Armagh, before 1714, a family of dominantly Presbyterion faith, dwelt. Both of these families are ancient, and may have a common ancestor. etc, etc"

About 1610-1615, one William Brownlow, Esq., came to Ireland from England. He founded the city of Lurgan, Co. Armagh, which, in 1619, consisted of 42 English families. This, perhaps, was the source of the Hollingsworth family in Ireland. If so, it antedates the appearance of the family of the same name, in ENGLAND."

Several prominent traditions are affiliated with the several families in Ireland. The Hollingsworths of County Down tell two stories: (1) That the first of the name came with Alderman William Hawkins, founder of Rathfryland, about 1641, when Cromwell landed in Ireland; (2) That they came as soldiers in the army of King William of Orange (later William III.) in A.D. 1690. According to the Quaker records of Lurgan Meeting, written in the 1660's, Valentine Hollingsworth was born in Ballymacrandall, Parish of Deago, Co. Armagh, in July, 1632. Thus, this information would tend to assert different origins for the two clans. The Wexford-Wicklow family tell us that their first settlement was made at Ballinakill, Parish of Ballycanew, Co. Wexford, in 1665. But others of the same family say that the first man came with Cromwell. So, take your pick. Time and much research may establish the veracity of one or another of these traditions."

1545 - 1679

1599 Thomas (Hollinworth) Mottram Administration
1603 Robert Hollingworth Adlington Inventory
1614 John Do. Morsley Do.
1617 Ann Do. (Widow) Eccles Do.
1618 Evan Do. Mottram Will
1621 George Do. Tintwistle Inventory
1625 Ralph Do. Newton, Middlewich Will
1626 William Do. Marble Do.
1627 Reginald Do. Mottram Do.
1629 George Do. Hollingworth, Mottram Inventory
1636 Elizabeth Do. Mottram Do.
1638 William Do. (Yeoman) Matley, Cheshire Will
1648 John Do. (Tailor) Alderly Do.
1662 John Do. Hollingworth, Mottram Inventory
1665 Ralph Do. (Husbmn.) Mottram-in-Longdendale Will
1667 Evan Do. (Husbmn.) Partington Do.
1668 Alice Do. (Widow) Altrincham Do.
1668 Dorothy Do. (Widow) Mottram Admin. & Inven.
1670 Stephen Do. Ardwich Will
1672 Allen Do. Beerly Booth Will
1672 Prudence Do. Matley Do.
1672 Thomas Do. Bromhall Do.
1672 William Do. (Weaver) Urmston Do.
1674 Margaret Do. Adlington Admin. & Inven.
1675 John Do. Handforth Do. Do.
1677 Andrew Do. Warrington Will
1679 Renold Do. (Yeoman) Althill, Ashton-under-Lyme Do.


Meaning of the Hollingsworth Name
The surname of Hollingsworth is derived from a place in northeast Cheshire, of the same name, supposedly the place called "Hillisurde" in the Domesday Book for Cheshire, and pronounced "Hollis-worth", but probably intended to be "Hollinworth".  It is in the Parish of Mottram-in-Longendale, a few miles south of Manchester.  It is possible that several separate families using this place as a surname came into existence at an early day.  There are also two other places with this name in Lancashire north of Manchester.  The Cheshire place was barren, and called waste at the time of the Domesday (1086) and it was not until about the time of Magna Carta (1215) that we find any person using the name as a personal family name. 

This was "Tomas De Holinewurth" who was a signatory on a charter of about that period. The two Anglo-Saxon words, Holegn (or Holyn) a Holly bush, and Worp (or Worde) meaning an enclosure, or farmstead, are said to be the origin of the name for this place now called Hollingworth in Cheshire, or, "A farm (homestead) enclosed by holly bushes." or simply "Holly farm".  In later centuries a deial "s" came to be used by some of the families, but not as a general rule earlier than 1620.  There are now five generally used forms: Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth, Hollingworth, Hollinworth, and Hollandsworth. 

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In America since 1607
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