The Ancestry of Ann Calvert, #2 wife of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr.

Thomas Calvert & wife Jane Glasford
of Armagh, Ireland
& New Castle Co., Delaware

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Thomas Calvert was born 1617 Lygasory, Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland and died 1685 New Castle Co, Del. He was the son of John Calvert & wife Grace.

Thomas Calvert, son of John Calvert, of Moresome, neere Gisbrough in Yorkshire, in England, and of Gwale his wife, was borne at Lygakowy (now Lurgan) in the County of Ardmagh, in Ireland, in the year 1617 and about the 11th of ye 2nd month, 1647 he took to wife Jane, daughter of Hugh Glassond and of Margaret his wife, of Stranmillis (now Belfast) in the County of Antrim, ETC

Hillsborough is a town a few miles east of Lurgan, over the line in County Down. This Calvert family came first into Lurgan, and then moved to what is now Hillsborough, and then back to Lurgan. But the invaluable information is their original English Parish home.

"Moresome" neer Gisbrough is correctly called "Great Moresome," now often written "Great Moorsholm." It lies within the Parish of Skelton-in- Cleveland, and is a township thereof, being six miles east by south, of the town of Guisborough, in North Riding of the County of York, England. (See: Samuel Lewis: Topographical Dictionary of England.)

Thomas Calvert  married Nov 11, 1647 Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland to Jane Glasford, born about 1626, daughter of Hugh Glasford & wife Margaret.

Members of the Society of Friends, (Quaker) Religion

Children: Calvert 

1. John Born Oct 6, 1648, Stranmillis, Belfast, Ulster, Ireland Died in Delaware Co, Pa.
 (M) Judith Stamper May 26, 1673 in Ireland.  Came to America late 1682

There was a dispute over the John Calvert/Margaret Hollingsworth (wife of Thomas)  land in  Chester, Pa. in 1686, which did not end until 1691.  This dispute appears also in the Quaker records.

2. Ann Born Nov, 1650, Kilwarling, County Down, Ireland Died Aug. 17, 1697 Shellpot Crk, New Castle, Del. buried in Old Burying Ground, Newark.

Ann Calvert first daughter of Thomas Calvert and Jane his wife was borne in Killwarlin (now Hillsborough) in the County of Down about the ninth month, Anno Domini, 1650----

(M) Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr., 1671-2, Friends Meeting House, Armagh Co, Ireland
Ann was a resident of Drumgor in the Parish of Seago, Co. Armagh at time of marriage

3. Margaret  Born June 24, 1661 Killurigan, Armagh, Ireland Died Aug 1, 1687 Delaware
(M) Thomas Hollingsworth 1685-soon after her father made his will
 (s/o Valentine Hollingsworth Sr & #1 wife Ann Rea)

4. Elizabeth Born June 26, 1664 Sego, Armagh, Ireland Died___
(M) Thomas Toppen /Toppon Dec 25, 1701 Ballyhagen Meeting, Armagh, Ireland

From an examination of the records of Yorkshire Parish Register Society, there is little doubt that the Calverts did indeed, originate in Moorsholm. Volume XIX., p. 28, of "Wills in the York Registry Office," covering years from the 1400's until the late 1600's show:

"Calverde,Thomas, Ibrson
Psh of Skelton, Will July 1, 1572 19-370
"Calverd, John, Morson
Par. Skelton, Will Oct. 10, 1562 17-427
"Calvart, Thomas,  Great Morson
(bur Skelton) Will, July 12, 1598 27-524
"Calvart, Robert,  Skelton, Will Dec. 16, 1597 27-450
"Calvart, John, Gisburn, Cleveland, Adm. Sept. 30, 1613. -----
"Calverde, Thomas, Westbye Hall
Parish of Gysbrn, Adm. Sept. 15, 1553 -
"Calvarde, Robert, Morsome, Adm. Mar. 5, 1574. -------
"Calvard, Elizabeth, Adm. May 6, 1584. -------

As far as we know, anyone may apply to York Registry Office, York, England, and obtain photocopies. The numbers given to the right of the dates in the wills above, refer to Volume and page of original registry. No doubt, one or more of the above persons are directly in the ancestry of Ann Calvert Hollingsworth.

John Calvert (Ann's brother) removed with his family, late in 1682, to Pennsylvania (it is probable that he came with Valentine and his family),and settled in Upper Providence township, Chester county (now Delaware county), where he owned 300 acres of land granted to him by William Penn,1st month, 13, 1683. An adjoining tract of 300 acres was also granted, 
at the same time, for Thomas Calvert, the father.  Still another tract of 100 acres, contiguous to 
the above, was granted on the same date to Margaret Calvert, the daughter of Thomas, and a sister to John and Ann.

On 2 mo 11, 1691, "it was ordered that a patent for the whole tract should be made to John Calvert, to whom it was made appear to belong."
(Pennlylvania Archives, 2nd. Series, Volume XLX., page 66.)

A difference arose between John Calvert and Thomas Hollingsworth,-a step nephew (Also brother-in-law as Thomas Hollingsworth (M) Margaret Calvert) over the division of their lands in Upper Providence township in Chester Monthly Meeting, of which John Calvert was then a member, mentions this difference in their minutes of 4.6.1687. But let the minutes tell the 
story: "There being a difference between Thomas Hollingsworth & John Calvert about ye deviding their lands in ye township of Upper Providence.
This meeting now ordereth Bartholomon Coppock ye younger, John Cashing, James Ginerly and Caleb Pusey to inspect and to hear ye testimony in ye said dispute and to give an account thereof to ye next meeting."

And at the next meeting held at Walter Faucett's on ye fourth day of ye fifth month, 1687. "The difference opening between Thomas Hollingsworth & John Calvert was reported to ye next quarterly meeting & that ye said Thomas Hollingsworth & John Calvert be desired by this meeting to come at ye next quarterly meeting as also John Cashing, Bartholomon Coppock, James Ginerly & Caleb Pusey."

It appears that John Calvert did not accept the committee's recommendation,as the Quarterly Meeting held at Walter Faucet's of Ridley, the first day of the sixth month, 1687, says, "Agreed that a paper of testimony against John Calvert be given forth to public view if after he had heard it read to him he gives not cause to the contrary," and it is further "Agreed that Caleb Pusey and Walter Faucet read the paper to John Calvert that is given forth against him and give account to the next meeting thereof.
This meant disownment. However, nothing further is said of the matter, and it was probably dropped, as there are later references to John Calvert.

Early Pennsylvania Land Records, Minute Book E P 66
At a meeting of the Commissioners  ye 11th of the second month, 1691.
Present   Robert Turner, John Goodson, Samuel Carpenter
Ordered that a Patent be made for John Calvert to his own name for 700 Acres of Land in Chester County, being Granted by the Proprietor the 18th of the 1st Month, 1688, Unto Thomas Calvert 300 Acres, John Calvert 300 Acres, and unto Margaret Calvert 100 Acres, being now made appear to us that the whole 700 Acres is properly ye s'd John Calvert's.

Minute Book G, P 332   
At a Session of the Commissioners at Philadelphia the 5th Day of the 11th Month, 1701
Present Edward Shippen, Griffith Owen, Thomas Story, James Logan
John Calvert    requests a Grant of two hundred Acres in the County of Newcastle next to Major Donaldson's land and Jasper Yeats', at the same Rate and Terms with the aforegoing or more if there be more to be had.
Ordered that because the sd. land is affirmed to be poor and the Timber much wasted a Warrant be granted for the same as requested, that is, for the whole Vacancy there, in Case it exceed not 250 Acres, but if it exceed that Number that he shall then have only the 200.

Records of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1681-1697,  page 80
Joshua Hasting Plt. in an Action of trespasse Ffrancis Yarnall Defendt

Names of ye Petty Jury
Robert Vernon, Joseph Richards, Edmond Carleidge, John Edge, Edward Carter, Walter Ffaussett, John Taylor, Thomas Minshall, Nathaniel Evins, Caleb Pusie,John Child, John Mendinghall

The Declaration was read. The answer was read.

Judith Colvert being attested declareth there was a Boore yet kept Company with their Swine Butt afterward shee did hear yet ye Boore was ye Plaintiff's Boore and that he went from thence and was away some time and when he came againe he had been bitten on ye right side of ye stones as shee thinks Butt when ffrancis Yarnall came to their House to see ye Boore he said he did thinke this Boores marke was very much like his and that ye Boore was a lighter Collour then his and further saith not.

John Calvert being Attested for ye Defendant declareth that ye Boore which ffrancis Yarnall tooke away was about three months att times att his House and afterward about ye 1st moneth Ffran Yarnall ye Defendant tooke him away and that ye Boore was Bitten behind on ye right side of ye stones.

John ffox being Attested for ye Defendant declareth yet he Knew ye Boore and yet he had one stone hanging down lower than ye other and that he was Bitten by the dogs on ye right side of ye Stones.

Jane Calvert being Attested declareth that ffrancis Yarnall came to John Calverts and did there drive a Boore into ye Hog yard and did there say that he though his Boore was a lighter Collour and that ye marke was not althouether like his marke and further saith not.

Margrett Hollingsworth being Attested declareth that ye Bourre was a Right Boore Before he was Bitten and that he was supposed to be Joshua Hasting bore by ye neighborhood and that ye Boore was there most part of ye Winter

After much testimony of other witnesses-

The Jury finde for ye Plaintife twenty five shilling with Cost of Suite
Hereupon Judgment is granted upon which ye Defendant makes his Appeale to ye
next Court of Equity held for this County

Last Will of Thomas Calvert (Ref: HOLLINGSWORTH REGISTER)

The Last Will of Thomas Calvert, Father of Mrs. Anne Hollingsworth
Thomas Calverts Nuncupative Will - (and of Mrs. Margaret Hollingsworth) 
#23. A Testament of the truth Concerning Thomas Calverts Will which will be rehearsed hereafter, he being weake in Body (y)et perfect in memory.
Item he Leaving to his Daughter Margaret two hundred Acres of Land with the Improvement Uppon the said Land and the said Margaret to pay Eight pounds Unto her sister Elizabeth when the said land and Plantation were sold.
Item. He left to his Daughter Margaret a standing bed and the furniture belonging to the said Bedd.
Item he left to his Daughter Margaret a brass still Pott with the furniture belonging to the said Pott.
Item. one Chest to his Daughter Margaret
Item. one Chest to his Daughter Elizabeth.
Item. he left to his wife and his daughter Margaret all the rest of his goods.
Item. he left to his Daughter Margaret one mare & one Cow.
Dated the 15th of the 1st Month (March) 1685 (1684/5- Ed.). I, Peter Taylor and George Reade, being witnesses to the fore(sd.)words from the mouth of Thomas Calvert as witnesses our hands witnesses to the said Testimony
Joshua Hastings.
the R marke of Randall Vernon
Peter P Taylor
George Read
WHEREAS. William Penn by the Providence of God the Kings Authority Proprietary and Governor of the Province of Pennsilvania Hath granted a Commission unto me Christopher Taylor Register Generall for the Keeping a Registers Office for tbe Proving and Registering of wills & granting of Probates & Letters of Adm' stracon for the said Province.NOW know ye that I the said Christopher Taylor having Rec'd into my Office the Last Wi11 & Tastam't nuncupative of Thomas Calvert of Chester County in the Province of Pennsilvania Husbandman, And having Registered the same have granted that a Probate be fixed or annexed  to a Coppy thereof it being made manifest unto me the said Christopher Taylor, by Margaret Calvert daughter of the said dec'd & in the Will menconed together with the Witnesses whose names are thereunto subscribed, that the Will aforementioned & is absolutely the very Last Will & Testam't of the said Thomas Calvert Dec'd as aforesaid. And Whereas I the said Christopher Taylor having granted lawfull probate of the same do further by virtue of my Comission legally & Lawfully impower the said Margaret in the will menconed as aforesaid to enter and be Lawfully possessed of and in all & singular the goods, chattells Credits, rights, Debts, and Estate both Reall and personall as belongeth or appertained to the Dec'd in his lifetime as his owne proper inheritance and Lving within the bounds Lymits and Dyoces (? Diocese) of this Province to the intent and purpose that the said Margaret do & shall pay and discharge all Debts of right due to any person or persons whatsoever as the Dec'd stood indebted to at the time of his Decease as also to pay and Discharge all legacies in the Will b afore menconed & according to the true
meaning forme and effect thereof AND also that the said Margaret do and shall within three monthes to be Accounted from the date hereof bring in a just & faithfull Inventory Indented ready cast up under the hands of three Credible Witnesses of the whole Estate, goods, chattells
Credits, Rights & Debts of dec'd as the Dec'd was possessed of in his lifetime to me the said Christopher Taylor the originall thereof to remaine in my Office.
AND Lastly I the said Christopher do hereby fully impower the sd. Margaret by virtue hereof to sue for and recover any sumes of money Goods or other Estate due to the Deceased in his lifetime from any person or persons whatsoever so far forth as Law or Equity shall adjudge or think fit.
Given under my hand & the Seal of my Office at Philadelphia the
17th day of the 12th Month 1685
Christopher Taylor Regr Gene1
Philadelphia County Will Book A, pages 30-32 
The will was "uttered" by Thomas Calvert on 15th of 1st Month
(March) 1685 (as recorded) which must be 1684/5, because the proof was given on 17th of 12th Month (February) 1685, which would be, 1685/86 in Old Style dating. 
This testator nuncupative is Thomas Calvert, born 1617 in Coiinty Armagh, (now in Northern) Ireland, child of John and Grace Calvert, formerly of Great Morsome, Parish of Skelton-in- Cleveland, Yorkshire.

His wife, Jane Glasford, daughter of Hugh and Margaret Glasford, was living when Thomas Calvert spoke his will, and this is the last we know of her.
Margaret had married Thomas Hollingsworth by 17 May 1686, when John Calvert, Margaret's brother, entered his Caveat in the Surveyor General's Office (Book D-65, p. 83) which called for a fair hearing regarding the lands in question.


The following has been taken from
Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750
With Their Early History in Ireland

Mary Calvert and William
Whitesite, were married 3 Mo. 27, 1696, by Friends' ceremony at the
house of Thomas Calvert near Carrickfergus.
at Lygasory, near Lurgan, County Armagh, and about 9 Mo. 11, 1647,Thomas Calvert  married Jane Glasford, daughter of Hugh Glasford and wife Margaret, of "Stranmillis (nere Belfast)," County Antrim. 2

At Ulster Province Meeting, 4 Mo. 7, 1680, 1. 13. 9d. was paid to Thomas Calvert for the apothecary at Carrickfergus, evidently for attendance on Friends confined in Carrickfergus jail; for on 6 Mo. 6, 1681, L. Alyson and T. Calvert were directed to supply the wants of prisoners there, 2. 10s being appropriated for the purpose. In 1681, Thomas Calvert, of Parish of Carrickfergus, County Antrim, had some hay and oats, valued at 11s., taken for tithes.1
1 William Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression, 167.

John Calvert, 2 son of Thomas Calvert, of Drumgor, Parish of Segoe, County Armagh, Ireland, and Jane, his wife, was born 8 Mo. 6, 1648, in Stranmillis, near Belfast; was married 3 Mo. (May), 29, 1673, at the house of Roger Webb, to Judith Stamper, daughter of Hugh Stamper and Bridget, his wife, of Lurgan, County Armagh. Judith Stamper was born 3 Mo. 12, 1652, at "bowlton wood,"  County Cumberland, England.
2 Records of Lurgan Meeting

John Calvert removed with his family about 1683 to Pennsylvania, and settled in Upper Providence Township, now Delaware County, where he owned 300 acres of land, granted to him by William Penn, 1 Mo. 13, 1683. An adjoining tract of 300 acres was also granted at the same time for Thomas Calvert, the father, who probably did not come to this country. Still another tract of 100 acres, contiguous to the above, was granted on the same date to Margaret Calvert, probably the daughter of Thomas.


John Calvert was born 1580 Great Moorsome, Skelton, Yorkshire, Ireland, the son of William Calvert & wife Elizabeth.  He died in 1617 in North Ireland.  His wife was named Grace, maiden name unknown.

Children of John & Grace Calvert:

1. Johannes Born 1600 Christened Mar 4, 1599/1600 Skelton, Yorkshire, England

2. Susanna Born 1601, Christened Mar 1, 1600/01 Skelton, Yorkshire, England

3. Isabel Born 1605 Christened June 5, 1605, Tidkinhow, Skelton, Ireland
(M) John Hoopes Feb 24, 1626 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England

4. Ellin Born 1606 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England

5. Edward born 1607 Christened Mar 6, 1606/07 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England

6. Elizabeth Born 1608 Christened July 25, 1610 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England

7. John Born 1610 Christened July 25, 1610 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England

8. Thomas (See above) Born 1617 Christened April 11, 1617 Skelton, Cleve, Yorkshire, England Died 1685 New Castle, Delaware
(M) Jane Glasford Nov 11, 1647 Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland

Lurgan Quaker Record Book of  County Armagh, Ireland

Page 200: "Thomas Calvart, son of John Calvart of Mooresome neere 
Gisbrough in Yorkshire in England, and of Grace, his wife, was borne 
at Lygakory nere Lurgan in the Countv of Ardmagh in Ireland --


John was the only child shown for William Calvert born 1554, who Married Elizabeth about 1578 Yorkshire, England .  Elizabeth was born CA 1558, England.


Hugh Glasford was born about 1594 Stranmillas, Belfast, Co Antrim, Ireland. His wife was named Margaret.

Their only child of record was Jane Glasford born about 1626, Stranmillis, Antrim, Ireland who married Thomas Calvert, (see  above) Nov 11, 1647, Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland.

Ref: Latter Day Saints (Morman) Library, Salt Lake City, Utah