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This picture made April, 1884
at funeral of Margarette Hood Ray

Reuben  A. Young Ray was born in Raysville, Heard Co., Georgia, Feb. 26, 1840, and died in Nacogdoches Co., Texas on June 25, 1921
He was the son of JOHN LANGSTON RAY & wife Sarah Ann Orr. The family moved to Ouachita Co, Arkansas prior to 1860, living in the Caney T/S, Mt. Moriah Postoffice.  His father, John L. Ray, disappeared during the Civil War, while on a trip to Georgia., and was never heard from again.  It was presumed by the family that he died, or was killed,  during this trip.. 

Reuben Y. Ray served in the Civil War from Arkansas & Louisiana.  He applied for a Pension for his services (Pens # 20082.), and was a member of the Texas Confederate Veterans Association.  There is a Confederate Marker on his grave at the Blackjack Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co., Texas. 

Confederate Marker
Ray, R. A. - - - CO H 12 ARK INF CSA

The family moved to Texas in 1865, and to Nacogdoches County in 1868, according to his pension application.  However, he is shown on the 1867 Register of Voters, Nacogdoches Co, Tx, along with bro-in-law Robert E. Olds.  He married in Natchitoches, La, October 20, 1863 to Miss Margaret J. Hood,  (filed Jan, 28th, 1864) who was the mother of all his children.  She was born in 1845 in Calcasieu Par.,  Louisiana, the Dtr.of William Hood and mother (unk);. her mother having died bet. 1845- 1850.  She died in Nacogdoches Co, Texas, April 12, 1884 and is buried in Blackjack Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co, Texas.

Margaret Hood Ray
Married Reuben Ray
Oct. 13, 1863
Died April 12, 1884 

These markers are side by side, Margaret being to the left of Reuben Ray, looking at them from the front, and there is a marker for his #2 wife, Mary Shyrock Nicholson Ray on the other side of Reuben Ray.

Reuben Ray married his second wife, a widow, Mrs. Mary Shyrock, Nicholson, Dec. 30, 1885, Sardis, Texas.  She was a native of San Augustine County.  They had no children.  She is also buried in Blackjack Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas
Ray, Mary Shryock 13 Jul 1845 14 Jun 1920 w/o R. Ray 

Madison H. SHYROCK (M) Jane E Perkins May 25, 1844 San Augustine Co, Tx
Mrs Jane E. SHYROCK (M) James R. JONES May 6, 1857 San Augustine Co., Tx
Mary SHYROCK (M) Kenneth NICHOLSON Nov 2, 1865 San Augustine Co, Tx
Reuben A Young RAY (M) Mrs. Mary SHYROCK NICHOLSON Dec 30, 1885, Sardis, San Augustine Co, Tx (Reuben Ray Bible)

Jane E. Jones, age 74 yrs, shown as M-I-L, 1900 Nacog. Co, Tx Census HH of Reuben Ray
Sarah E. Jones age 84, shown as her mother in 1910 Nacogdoches Co, Tx census, HH of Reuben Ray

Full name obviously Sarah Jane E. (Perkins)  SHYROCK,  JONES

Reuben Ray was a farmer, and at one time operated a boarding house in Garrison.  He also operated a cotton gin in the Attoyac/Blackjack area.

Reuben Ray's sister, Adline Ray Olds & family, his sister Martha Jane, and his widowed mother came to Nacogdoches about the same time.  His sister Elizabeth Ann (M) James Wilburn Honea in Arkansas, where she remained.  He had one brother, Jasper, who died young.

Children:   RAY

(1) John Lewellyn  Born April 30, 1868 Nacogdoches Co, Tex Died: April 18, 1941 Shreveport, La.  (M) Margaret "Maggie" H. Ruthven, Dec. 12, 1894, DeSoto Par, La. (Marr. Lic. issued Nacog. Co, Texas) 

John L Ray

(2) Kindness Rosie Lee Born March 19, 1870 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  Died: Sept. 2, 1937 Nacog. Co, Tex-Blackjack Cem., Nacog. Co, Tex. (M) Willie S. Green Feb. 16, 1887 Nacogdoches Co, Texas

Standing, l/r T J Greening, Griff Pate, Edna Green Pate, Horace Green
Seated, l/r Alice Jones, Sadie D Ray Greening, Rosie Ray Green, Nora Green

(3) Reuben Warner  Born: October 21, 1872 Nacog. Co, Tex. Died: Aug. 13, 1951 Elkhart, Anderson Co, Texas (Garden of Memories, Palestine, Tex) (M) Nancy Eva Lewis, Dec 16, 1896, Nacog. Co., Tex  

John L Ray & Reuben Warner Ray

(4) Sarah Delphia ("Sadie") Born Oct. 29, 1874 Nacog. Co, Texas Died: Jan. 21, 1959 Garrison, Nacog. Co, Texas (Bethel Cem, Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tex) (M) Sept. 20, 1892 Nacog. Co, Texas , Thomas Jefferson Greening .  (s/o John James Greening/Sarah Warren) They lived in DeSoto Par, La; moved to Nacog. Co, in 1898 .

Sadie D Ray Greening

(5) Wade Hampton  Born:  Nov. 10, 1876 Nacog. Co., Tex. Died: Oct. 29, 1890 Nacog. Co, Tex.

(6)  James Joseph Born: May 18, 1878 Nacog. Co., Tex., Died: Jan. 4, 1950 (Brookside Cem., Houston, Harris Co, Tex) (M) Florida E. Wheeler Oct 2, 1901 Nacog. Co., Tex

James Joseph Ray w/sister Addie Ray Matlock,Robinette 1940's

(7) Leona May ("Lonie") Born Jan. 25, 1882 Nacog. Co., Tex Died: Died: Oct. 23, 1948 Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Tex (Forest Lawn Cem., Beaumont, Tex) (M) June 29, 1902 Jefferson Co., Tex Charles Louis Drell 

Lonie Ray Drell-early 1940's

(8) Margarette Adline ("Addie") Nov. 1, 1883 Nacog. Co, Tex. Died: Feb. 23, 1962 Norman, Okla. (Ioof Cem., Norman, Okla) (M) #1- May 3, 1901 Nacog Co, Tex J. E. Matlock  -They had 1 son  Joseph Ray Matlock
 Addie (M) #2 (1935) G. V. Robinette, DVM  of Rusk Co, Tex.  No ch  

Addie Ray Matlock, Robinett                 Joseph Ray Matlock 1903-1984
                                                              /w Hazel Marie Brown

Joseph Ray Matlock only child of Addie Ray Matlock & J. E. Matlock,  was born April 28, 1903 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co, Texas and Died October __ 1984 in Noble, Cleveland Co, Oklahoma
He was retired as professor of English, Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma.  
He married Hazel Marie Brown Sept 4, 1927 Oklahoma City, Okla. 
She was born Feb. 5, 1905 and died Sept 17, 1998 Tacoma, Washington

Their Children: Matlock

(a) Nancy May Born Mar. 24, 1930 Oklahoma City, Okla. (M) May 31, 1952 Norman, Okla. 
Dr. J. G. Billingsley, (Chief of Surgery, St. Joseph's Hospital, Tacoma, Washington)

(b) Joan Marie Born Nov. 26, 1936 Oklahoma City, Okla. (M) Dec. 19, 1957 Norman. Okla. 
Thomas L. Hughes, (live in Annandale, Virginia)


Reuben Ray, 1921, not long before he died.

Reuben A. Young Ray, 1920
@ his home, in Blackjack Community

Natchitoches Par, La-Marriage Certificate, Oct. 20, 1863,  "This is to certify that I did join in matrimony according to law and usage Mr. Reuben Ray & wife Margaret Hood on the day and date above written." , signed by M. (W.?) Scarborough, M/G, and Wts: W. W. Burkett, W. H. Hendricks, J. M. Burkett
Filed Jany.  28th, 1864  A. W. Hamilton, CC (License dated Oct. 13, 1863)

Civil War Pension application # 20082,  Dated June 25, 1909; Filed Aug 14, 1909, Pension allowed from March 1, 1911   R. Ray, Nacogdoches Co, Postoffice: Garrison, Texas:
R. Ray states he served until the end of the war, in May, 1865, war having closed., that he is 69 yrs old, that he was born in Hood (sic) Heard Co., Georgia, that he has resided in Texas 44 yrs, that he resides in Nacogdoches County, and has resided there for 42 yrs,  Garrison Post Office, that he has never applied for a pension before, that his occupation is farming.

He states he enlisted in Co H, 12th Ark Inf, but was captured and paroled, and afterwards joined Co E, 2nd La. Cav.; that he served for 3 yrs, having enlisted in 1862, and was discharged at the end of the War.

He served in Co H 12th Ark Inf for about 8 mos, and was captured and paroled; then he joined Co E, 2nd La. Cav, and served about 2 yrs. 

Signed by R. Ray;   F. F. Marshall, County Judge, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Wts: S. A. Fuller, J. F. Perritte

Affidavit of Witnesses,  R. D. Sibley, age 63,  & Jonathan Rodgers, age 73,  both of Marthaville, Louisiana, enclosed.  Both stated they had served with him in the 2nd La Cav. and that he was Honorably Discharged at the close of the War and they have not seen Reuben Ray since 1865. Signed: J. E. Selby, Notary, Natchitoches Par, La,

Also in this file is the Application for Mortuary Warrant, signed by his son, J. L. Ray, Attoyac, Texas, stating that R. Ray died in Attoyac, Texas at the home of  L. T. Buckner, his married grand daughter, on June 27, 1921.  H. V. Fall, J.P & Notary, along with Certificate of Undertaker, L. L. Moore, stating the body was prepared for burial on 28th June, 1921, and the body was buried in the Attoyac Cemetery, which is located in Co.of Nacogdoches.

Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records shows the following:-R A Ray, Private, enlisted in Co. E, Louisiana 2nd Cavalry Rgt

 R. Y Ray, Private, Arkansas, Enlisted Company H., Arkansas 19th Infantry Regiment

Civil War Muster Rolls shows the following:
R. Y. Ray, Co H, 19 Dockery's Ark Inf, Pri. #0000376, 0019, 00002706)

He appears on Muster roll of Co E, 2nd La Cav. as R.A. Ray, Pri. #000378, #0024, #00003133.

Louisiana Confederate Soldiers & Commands, ( Booth) P 256 shows the following:

Ray, R. A.,Pvt. Co. E. 2nd La. Cav. En. . Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured near Generett. Feb. 3, 1864. Rec'd. New Orleans, La., Feb. 7, 1864. On Roll dated Office of Commsy. of Prisoners. Dept. of the Gulf. New Orleans, La., July 7, 1864. On Roll not dated of Prisoners of War who escaped on passage from New Orleans to Red River Landing. July 22, 1864, being transported for exchange.

Civil War Prisoner of War Records 1861-1865 Roll# M598-74-Name: R. Ray, Rank, Private, Co., A;  Regt: 3rd Louisiana Infantry, Surrendered: May 26,  New Orleans, Louisiana; Paroled: June 6th, Monroe, Louisiana; Residence: Monroe, Louisiana; No of Roll-1 (Payroll Records, R. Ray, shown as Paid, Roll M598-9)


1860 Ouachita Co, Ark, Caney T/S PO-Mt. Moriah HH # 49-49
Ray, John L. 46 M Ga Farmer $1,000/500.
" Sarah 50 F Ga
" James 22 M Ga (This is a Nephew)
" Reuben 20 M Ga
" Jasper 17 M Ga

1867 Register of Voters, Nacogdoches Co., Tx Incl:
Reuben Ray & Robert E. Olds

1870 Nacog Co, Tex Dist IV, Chireno HH 4-4
Ray, Reuben Y. 29  WM Ga Farmer
" Margaret J. 24 WF La
" John L. 02 WM Tex
" Kindness R. 6/12 WF Tex
4-5 Bradford, Martha J. 32 WF Ga
" William J. 03 WM Tex
RAY, Sarah A. 60 WF Ga

1880 Nacog. Co, Tex. ED 50 HH 018
Ray, Rubin WM 40 Farm Ga Ga Ga
" Margaret J. 35 WF La Unk Unk -Wife
" John L. 12 WM Tex Ga La-Son
" Kindness R. 10 WF  do- Dtr
" Rubin W. WM 08 do Son
" Sarah D. WF 06 do Dtr
" Wade H. WM 03 do Son
" James J. WM 01 do Son
Bradford, Martha J. WF 35 Ga Ga Ga -sister (Boarder)
" William J. WM 13 Tex Unk Ga Nephew
Ray, Sarah WF 70 Ga Ga Ga -Mother

1860 San Augustine Co, Tx P 342b & 343a HH 13-13
John R Jones 32 M Tenn farming /4325 (John James R Jones)
Jane E " 34 F Tenn
Mary Shyrock 15 F Tx
Bettie " 13 F Tx
Ann M Jones 10 F Tx
Harriett " 8 F Tx

1870 San Augustine Co, Tx P 69a, San Augustine PO HH 337-337
K. Nicholson 35 WM Tenn farming 300/500 (Kenneth)
Mary S. " 25 WF Tex (Mary Shyrock)
Jenny L " 4 WF Tx
Mary S " 2 WF Tx

1880 San Augustine Co, Tx P 263D (San Augustine)
Jas. Nicholson 35 WM Tx
Elizabeth " 32 WF Tx wife
Irvin " 7 WM Tx son
Mary " 7 Wf Tx dtr
Richard " 5 WM Tx Son
James " 3 WM Tx son
Elizabeth " 3 Mos WF Tx dtr
Mary " 74 WF NC Mother
Jane JONES 54 WF Tn Rel: Other (Sarah Jane E Perkins Shyrock Jones)
Mary Nicholson 34 WF Tx Head **
Jane " 13 WF Tx Dtr
Mary L " 11 WF Tx dtr
James " 9 WM Tx son
Lizzie " 5 WF Tx dtr
**(Mary Shyrock Nicholson, wid of Kenneth Nicholson, and dtr of Madison H Shyrock & Jane E Perkins & #2 w/o Reuben A Y Ray

1900 Nacog Co, Tex Pct 6, Garrison, Tex. June 1, 1900 ED 47, HH #4-4
Ray, Reuben WM 60 (Feb, 1840) Ga Ga Ga Farmer
" Mary S. WF 54 (July, 1845) Tex VA Tenn  wife (Marr 14 yrs, 6 ch, 3 living)
" Lonie M. WF 18 (Jan, 1882) Tex Ga La Dtr Single
" Margaret A. WF 16 (Nov, 1883) Tex Ga La Dtr Single
Jones, Jane E. WF 74 June 1825 Tenn Va Tex Marr 43 yrs, 3 ch 3 liv Mother-in-law
Kelley, Wm. F  (Boarder)
(Owns home, free of mortgage, all occupants can read/write)

1910 Nacog. Co, Tex Pct 6, Garrison Town, ED 102, HH 94-94
Ray, Reubin 70 WM Tex Ga Ga 
" Mary S. 64 WF Tex VA Tenn
Jones, Sarah E. 84 WF Tenn Va Tenn Widow (Her mother)
His Occ: Proprietor, Boarding House,  Member of Confed. Veterans' Association, Owns Home Her Occ: Teacher, Marr #2 for both, Marr 24 yrs, Had 1 child, 0 living.

1920 Nacog. Co, Tex Pct 6, P 300
Ray, Reuben 79 WM Ga Ga Ga No Occ
" Mary I. 74 WF Tex Va Tenn Wife

1920 Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma, ED162, P 8B, Pct 7, 121 W. "C" Avenue, HH 155-194
Joseph E. Matlock 39 WM Tx Tx Tx
Ada M. " 36 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Margarette Adline Ray)
J. Ray " 16 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Fannie T. Ray 10 WF Tx Tx Tx niece

I wish to acknowledge information furnished by the following cousins:

Marguerite Ray Whalen, 2413 Ocean Park Blvd.,  Santa Monica Calif,- 1981-family of John L. Ray)
Mrs. Evelyn Pate Wallace, 325 W. Seale St, Nacogdoches, Texas-1976-family of Rosie Ray Green)
Mrs. Lewis Ray Sheridan, Rt 1, Palestine, Texas 1980-family of Reuben Warner Ray
Mrs. Cecil Ray Hall, Rt 2, Elkhart, Texas 1980-ditto
Mrs. Rubye Ray Green, Rt. 1, Palestine, Texas 1980-ditto
Mrs. Christine Ray Strahan, Rt, 1, Cold Springs, Texas 1981 (formerly of Houston) -family of James Joseph Ray
Mrs. Ruth Ray Whitehead, Alto, Texas 1981-ditto
Mrs. Katherine Drell Clements, Houston, Texas 1978-81-family of Lonie Ray Drell
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ray Matlock, Norman, Oklahoma 1980-family of Addie Ray Matlock
Betty Jean Ray Nobles, Beaumont, Texas,  Sept. 2001-family of John L. Ray