The Family of
John Lewellyn Ray & wife
Maggie H. Ruthven

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John L. Ray was born April 30, 1868 in Nacogdoches county, Texas and died April 18, 1941 at Shreveport, Caddo Par., La., age 73 yrs.  He was the son of Reuben A. Young Ray &  Margarette Jane Hood   He was a farmer and blacksmith by occupation.

He married Miss Maggie H. Ruthven Dec 14, 1894 in Mansfield, Desoto Par, La, (Marriage license purchased in Nacogdoches Co, Texas) She was born Nov. 4, 1874 in La. and died Dec. 11, 1915 in La.

John L Ray married #2 Mrs. Ada Wills Beckham, by whom he had no children.  She was b. abt 1888, d. April 14, 1937 Caddo Par, La. age 51 yrs.

This family lived for awhile in La. before moving to Nacogdoches Co. Texas, later moving back to La. During the late 1930's, he was a frequent visitor at the home of his sister, Sadie D. Ray Greening, near Appleby.  He spent many hours in a wooden rocking chair under a very large oak tree in grandmother's front yard, and would rock the babies.  He called my younger sister Margarette, his "little doll".  He was affectionately referred to as "Uncle L"

Picture made abt1907
Maggie Ruthven Ray, Janie Ethel Ray, John L. Ray
Reuben L. Ray (baby) Marguerite Ray, Sammie D. Ray

Their children: RAY

(1) Mildred  B&D De Soto Par, La, Buried-Episcopal Ch. Cem, De Soto Par, La

(2) Janie Ethel born June 22, 1897 Died Aug 1, 1916, age 19 yrs Buried Greenwood Cem, Garrison, Nacog. Co, Tex (Mrs Catherine Drell Clements said Janie left her a ruby ring, which she later gave to Janie's brother, Sammie Ray)

Janie Ethel Ray

(3) Sammie Daniel Born Aug 2, 1899 Louisiana (Served in Navy, WW I) Died June 22, 1965 Jefferson Co., Tx-(helper, plumbing shop, lives w/uncle Charles Drell, 1920 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx;-Plumber, Whiting Plumbing Shop, 1930 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx , 695 Alma St- (M) @ age 21 & 18 
            (M) Lellie Belle Moody abt 1920.  She was b. abt 1902 Tenn.  (some of the Info on this family came from Betty Jane Ray Nobles,  Beaumont, Texas)

             a. Infant b. ____d. April 15, 1922 Jefferson Co., Tx
                   b. Sammie Daniel, Jr  b. March 28, 1921 Jefferson Co., Tx  d. July 11, 1974 Jefferson Co., Tx

                 (M) Margie Marie Mack 
                              1. Anita Lynn b. Aug. 17, 1950 Jefferson Co., Tx

                             (M) Robert Cole
                                          a. Alecia 
                                          b. Jason
                              2. Nancy Lee b. June 30, 1953 Jefferson Co., Tx 

                            (M) James Brady
                                         a. Jimmy Ray 
                                         b. Lori  Diann
                                         c. Ryan Scott
                                         d. Amanda Lynn
                   c. Charles Edward Ray b. April 17, 1923 Jefferson Co., Tx

                 (M) Geneva Chesser
                              1. William Kyle b. April 13, 1950 Jefferson Co., Tx
                              2. Karl Edward b. March 23, 1953 Jefferson Co., Tx
                   d. Nellie Ruth Ray b. May 14, 1926 Jefferson Co., Tx d. May 29, 2007 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx (SSDI) NO children

                 (M) Thomas Wesley Hardy Jr.   He was b. Aug. 3, 1915 d. Jan. 17, 1985 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Records)
                   e. Bettie Jane Ray Born  July 25, 1928 

                 (M) Bruce Delton Nobles
                              1. Martha Elizabeth Nobles Born Jan 27, 1950 

                            (M) Roy A. Weaver, Jr. Jan 15, 1971
                                         a. Anita Darlene Weaver
                                         b. Garon Troy Weaver
                                   Martha (M) #2 Gary Haygood
                              2. Delton Cregg Nobles Born May 2, 1953 
                                   (M) Frances A. Fisher Aug 4, 1973 
                                           a. Justin Cregg Nobles
                                   Delton (M) #2 Linda L. Ellis Jan 15, 1994

(4) Eddie Lou Born Oct 9, 1901 De Soto Par, La. Nacog. Tex Died Aug 17, 1902  Buried: Episcopal Ch Cem-De Soto Par, La.

(5) Mary Margueritte Born May 6, 1903 La. Died: Jan 1, 1986  Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co.,  Calif.
            (M) Michael Whalen of Houston, Texas He was born June 30, 1902 died April, 1974 L. A. Co., Calif.
                   a. Michael George Whalen born Jan. 6, 1932 Los Angeles Co, Calif
                   b. Janie A. Whalen born Oct 9, 1934 Los Angeles Co, Calif

Marguerite Ray Whalen, 1967 w/Debra Hancock

(6) Reuben L. b. Dec 31 1905 d. July 15, 1952 Jefferson Co., Tx

(7) Frances M. Born Mar. 9, 1907 Died April 1, 1907

(8) Frances P. "Fanny"  Born Sept 18, 1909 Louisiana Died: April 14, 1983 Los Angeles Co., Calif. --California Death Records-Mother: Ruthven)
            (M) Marshall Wyche --He was b. March 23, 1901 d. Sept., 1984 Los Angeles, California (SSDI)
                    a. Marshall Wyche, Jr. born March 7, 1950 Los Ang. Co, Calif. d. Feb.10, 1984 Los Angeles, California (California Birth & Death Records-Mother: RAY)

(9) Ruthven T. Born Jan 19, 1913 Died: Oct. 4, 1913

John L. Ray & brother
Reuben Warner Ray


1900 Pct 6, Nacogdoches Co., Texas- HH 199-201-John L Ray 32 April, 1868 WM Tx Tx La, (M) 5 yrs., Farmer Maggie " wife 25 Nov., 1874  WF La SC La Had 3 ch-2 living; Janie " 2  June, 1897 WF dtr Tx Tx La ; Samie " 4/12  Aug., 1899 WM son Tx Tx La

1910 De Soto Parish, La 2 WD Pct 1 ED 64, P 47A HH 198-198
J L Ray 42 WM La La La Genl. farming M#1-14 yrs
Maggie " 36 WF Wife La La La Had 6 ch-5 living (she died 1915)
Janie " 12 WF La La La Dtr
Sam D. " 10 WM La La La son
Margret (Margarette) " 6 WF La La La dtr
Reuben " 5 WM La La La son
Fanny " 8/12 WF La La La dtr

1930 Caddo Par, La. (Shreveport) ED10, P 2B HH 225-50-50
John L Ray 61 WM Tx Tx Tx Auto Mechanic (M) @ age 27
Ada " 44 WF Wife Tx Fla Tx (M) @ age 17 (#2 wife)

April 8, 1930 Beaumont, (Wd 3), Jefferson Co., Tx ED 123-42, SD 17, Sh 10B HH 220-237 Sam D. Ray 30 WM La La La Plumber, Whiting Plumbing Shop (M) @ age 21; Lellie B. " 27 WF wife Tn Tn Tn (M) @ age 18; Samie D. " 9 WM son La La Tn;  Charles E R " 6 WM son La La Tn; Nellie R. " 4 10/12 WF dtr. Tx La Tn; Billie J.  " 1 8/12 WF dtr Tx La Tn; Ann E Ross  45 WF Mother (in-Law) Widow Tn Tn Tn