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She is Daughter of Reuben Young Ray & Margarette Jane Hood

This picture taken about 1900

THOMAS JEFFERSON GREENING was born January 22, 1862 DeSoto Parish, La., and died March 19, 1933 near Appleby, Nacogdoches County, Texas on the same place he settled in about 1898 when he removed to Nacogdoches County from DeSoto Parish, La. He was a farmer and businessman in Mansfield, La, where the first three of their eleven children were born, prior to removing to Texas   His sister Willie Lillian and her husband John C. Ellsworth, removed to Texas about the same time, settling in the Etoile / Black Jack area.  The remainder of his family continued to reside in Louisiana, where a great number of their descendants still reside in Caddo Parish, and surrounding area.  He and his eldest brother S. W. Greening, are the only male children of their parents who left descendants..  
He had married in Nacogdoches County on September 20, 1892 to Miss Sarah Delphia (Sadie) Ray,

CA 1908-10
Sadie Ray Greening

 Dtr of Reuben Young Ray and Margarette Hood, who was born in Nacogdoches County on October 19, 1874. (early Texas Birth Records) This couple met while T. J. Greening was visiting in the Blackjack Community, along with some of his Williams relatives from La. Sadie Ray Greening died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Lola Hancock, near Briley Town Community, Nacogdoches County, Texas on January 21, 1959. Both are buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas.


T. J. Greening Family 1919
Left to right ,back row
Reuben Greening, Thomas Earl Greening, Clarence Edward Greening, Hollis Crawford, Hinchey V. Greening, two children, second row: James Claude Greening, Willie Eugene Greening, 
third row, left to right:-Susie Grantham Greening, wife of Reuben,  Sadie Ray Greening, Thomas Jefferson Greening, Margie Greening, Sallie Greening Crawford, 
Children, front row, left to right: Marie Greening, Ruby Greening, (Children of Reuben Greening)  Jessie Lee Greening,  Lola Greening,  Charles Fletcher Greening, Bernice Crawford, standing, (s/o Sallie) and in Sallie's lap is Delton Crawford (Born March, 1919)

Sallie Greening, Margie Greening, Lola Greening (Baby) Taken 1915
the 3 Dtrs. of T. J Greening & w/Sadie


1919 Model T Ford-Hard Top

5-Passenger - 4-Cylinder - 20 Horsepower. Large sliding plate glass windows in
doors and sides. Roomy Doors. Two unit electric starting and lighting system.
Demountable rims. 3 1/2 inch non-skid tires all around. Tire carrier. An all season
car of style and comfort - for social functions, for shopping, for touring, and
general uses. Enclosed car comforts with Ford simplicity and reliability. $775.

1919 Model T Ford, Soft , Retractable Top
This car sold for about $550

1919 Receipt to T. J. Greening from Ben T. Wilson,  Nacogdoches, Texas 
for $750.00 Cash  for 1919 Model T Ford
Serial No. 262966 , Engine No. 2865076

Jan 13, 1920 Receipt  from J. C. Melton, Co. Tax Collector, for $7.70 Registration Fee 
for 1919 Model T Ford Serial No 262966 License No 337039

The 7 digit engine #2865076, places it as being made January, 1919, as the following #'s have been assigned to that Month/Year, according to the Model T Ford Club of America website.

Beginning # 2843127-Ending # 2880166 (January, 1919)


Their original home was about a mile off the main Pisgah-Bethel Road.  At the time there was a road which went all the way through from this road to the Happy Land road.  About the year 1916/17, Grandpa built a new seven room home on the Pisgah Road, from lumber cut from his own place.  It had high ceilings and was Victorian in style, with a fireplace on each side.. Grandmother Greening had a lot of the old furniture she had been given by her parents, and some of the large ornate furniture Grandpa had inherited from his parents in this house, including  a 7ft bookcase crammed with old books Grandpa had inherited from his parents. There was a very large piano from Great Grandparents Greening and an organ from Grandfather Ray,  which Grandmother played in her younger days. The piano was appraised in J. J. Greening's estate settlement in 1873 for $400.00.  Unfortunately, the house burned on March 31,1932, and the family lost the majority of the furnishings,  along with most of the pictures of both families.  The community rallied around the Greening family during this troublesome time, and assisted them in rebuilding their home, though of  much more modest means.

T. J. Greening was of the Methodist faith, (Pisgah Community),  while his wife was of the Baptist faith, (Bethel Baptist at Appleby). Some of the children were affiliated with the Baptist Church, and some were affiliated with the Methodist Church.  When their daughter Lola joined the Methodist Church at Pisgah Community, along with her brother Bill,  Grandmother Greening insisted on them being fully immersed in baptism, rather than being sprinkled.  They were baptized in the mouth of the Guatholope (pronounced Waffilow)  creek, which was close to their home. As a child I played in this "swimming hole" along with my brothers and sisters; it had very steep banks, on which we  would write our names and date, as did many other people, according to the inscriptions we found.  It was  a favorite place to be on a hot summer afternoon by the young people of the community. This was just east of the fire tower which stood on the Greening property.

Just South of the fire tower was a hole in the ground, filled with water, which we referred to as the "money well". It was there when Grandpa Greening purchased the property in 1898.  There was a family tale that Santa Anna's army dumped some gold bars into this place, during a hasty retreat, during the late War for Texas Independence.   Supposedly, many years afterward, Santa Anna's (great?) grandson came to the Greening property with a map, looking for this place. This tale got around, and there were many instances where people would sneak onto the property from the back side off the Happy Land road, looking for the gold bars Santa Anna was said to have left behind.  This was quite a nuisance to Grandpa Greening.  The tale was sufficient enough to have several articles written by the major newspapers. The last article I am aware of was written about 1967.  There  was an earlier article in the Houston Chronicle in  1948/49 while we were living on the place.  I recall my brother showing the newspaper reporters where it was, and they made pictures. To my knowledge, there were never any gold bars found on this property. 

Mayburn "Chuck" Greening @ the old "Money Well"  1948-49
Picture appeared with article in Houston Chronicle.

A similar article appeared in the Shreveport Times, April 16, 1967, with some pictures.

The majority of the children attended Happy Land School, and later Appleby School; with the exception of one year (1925) when the Greening family moved to the Frederick place, which Grandpa Greening had purchased.  During that year, Hinchey V., their son, made an excellent cotton crop, for which he won an award. That's how he got his nickname "Cot".  Uncle Tom and Aunt Vera made a crop on the original homeplace that year. During their stay at the Frederick place, the Greening children went to school at Cedar Bluff Community. Aunt Lola's 3rd grade teacher at Cedar Bluff was Mrs. Della Thompson. The teachers I recall hearing mention of at Happy Land were a Mr. Greer, and Miss I. T. Olds, who was a cousin to the Greenings through their mother, who later married Mr. Albert Dean.


Children: Greening

(1)  Reuben Ell (Rube) Born Sept. 13, 1893 Mansfield, DeSoto Par, La
Died: April 4, 1945 Dallas Co., Texas
(M)  Jan. 28, 1915 Mansfield, DeSoto Par., La
Susie W. Grantham
Dtr of Gabriel E. Grantham & Susan "Shug" Vascocu
(Had 2 Sons, and 3 Dtrs)
(M) #2 Pauline Duncan  (No children by her)
(Moved to Dallas Co in 1930's, Garland area)

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations, Harris Co., Tx-Card No 249 

Reuben Ell Greening, age 23 yrs, Add: 86 Hutchinson St., Houston, Texas; DOB: Sept 13, 1893, native born Place of Birth: Mansfield, La, USA. Occ: Conductor, Houston Electric Co., Houston, Texas Depen: Wife & 1 child, Married, Caucasian, Claims Exemption: Wife & 1 child, Signed: Reuben Ell Greening

Ht-Tall, Build: Slender, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Brown Disabilities-none Signed: M. T. Trotter, Registrar Pct 5, Houston, Texas-No date, but was 1917

Reuben E Greening, 1920's

(2) Sallie May  (Called "Aunt Suke") Born Sept. 21, 1894 Mansfield, DeSoto Par, La
Died Feb., 21, 1984 Woodville, Tyler Co., Tex
Bur: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) Hollis R. Crawford Sept.2, 1916 Nacog. Co.,Texas
(Had 5 Sons and 1 Dtr)
Resided Nacogdoches Co-moved to  Woodville, Tyler Co, Texas 1940's

(3) Margaret Lilly (Margie- Also called "Aunt Kink" ) Born Feb. 21, 1897 Mansfield, DeSoto Par, La.
Died Dec., 1983 Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas
Bur: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Texas
(M) Ollie Kerr Dec. 25, 1921 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(Had 3 Sons and 1 Dtr)
Resided in Nacogdoches Co, later removing to Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Texas

(4) Thomas Earl (Tom) Born April 25, 1899 Nacogdoches Co,  Texas
Died: Sept. 7, 1980 Livingston, Polk Co., Texas
Buried: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co., Texas
(M) January 1, 1922 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Vera Crawford  (Moved to Houston in the 1940's)
(Had 3 Sons and 2 Dtrs)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Nacogdoches Co., Tx-Thomas E. Greening, , Add: Appleby, Texas, WM Age 17, born April 25, 1899 Native born, Occ: Farmer, Self Empl, Nearest Relative; Mother & Father,. Signed: Thomas E. Greening

Ht-Medium, Build-Medium, Eyes-Green, Hair-Light Disabilities-None Signed: W G.  Weatherly, Registrar,  Sept 12, 1918

(5)  Clarence Edward ("Bud") Born March 16, 1902 Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Died: October 12, 1981 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Bur: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) Mrs. Ruby (Clifton) Russell  Dec. 24, 1949 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
((Resided in  Houston area in early life,  worked for several a tank builder-
later returning to Nacogdoches Co)
Occ: Carpenter, farmer & Texas Forest Service (later U S Forest Service)

Clarence Edward Greening
CA 1940

(6) Hinchey Vertie  (" Cot ") Born August 16, 1904 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Died: May 10, 1963 Tyler, Smith Co, Texas
Bur: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) Louise Wagner  (Resided in Houston)
(Had No Children)
Occ: tank builder for oil companies

Hinchey V Greening w/mother Sadie D Ray Greening, CA 1934

(7) James Claude (" Boney") Born January 30, 1907 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Died: June 12, 1984 Nacogdoches Co., Texas (Pisgah Comm.)
(M) #1-March 27, 1930 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Mary Lee Broach (Dtr of O. A. Broach & Ruthie Lee Laws)
Born July 19, 1915 Franklin Co., Tex. Died: April 12, 1947 Nacog. Co. Texas
(Had 6 Sons and 3 Dtrs)  (Resided in Nacogdoches Co)
(M) #2 Mrs. Adell  (Conway)  Buchanan, Barr  Nov, 1949
(Had No Children)
All 3 buried Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co., Texas
Self-Empl. Dairyman, Commercial poultry raiser, timber man and farmer
At one time worked for U. S. Forest Service and was for awhile 
a tank builder for the oil companies in West Texas, New Mexico & Florida.

(8) Willie Eugene ("Bill") Born June 1, 1909 Appleby, Nacog. Co., Texas
Died:  November 1, 1956 Pollock, Angelina Co., Texas (train accident)
Buried: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas 
(Resided in Nacogdoches & Angelina Co's.)Worked for Texas Forest Service/U. S. Forest Service-Served in WWII, U. S. Army
Texas PFC Engineer WWII BSM
(M) Norma Jay Edwards 1947 -Norma later (M) #2 Lee Broussard-She died 2001 Miss.

a. Billy Eugene b. October 4, 1947 Nacogdoches Co., Tx, Physician, Atlanta,.Ga

    (M) Marylen Golie May 8, 1971 (Div. 1982, 2 children)

            1. Billy Eugene, Jr. b. January 6, 1973 Nueces Co., Tx

            2. Child

    (M) #2 & has 2 children

b.. Bonnie Karen  b. December 20, 1948 Nacogdoches Co., Tx (lives Miss)

      (M) Allen Paul Bennett  August 29, 1969 (Div. 1974, 2 children)

             1. Shane Allen b. February 23, 1970 Tarrant Co, Texas

             2. Chad Allen b. April 21, 1974 Smith Co., Texas

(9)  Charles Fletcher (" Lep")  Born: December 14, 1911 Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Died: October 10, 1998 Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Buried: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) November 22, 1932 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
Nannie Lou Baird    1933 (Had 3 Sons and 2 Dtrs)
Champion domino player, as well as "42" player
Was an excellent pitcher in area baseball in younger days, also a farmer, carpenter and
worked for Caro Lumber Co in early yrs., later working at Lone Star Steel, near Daingerfield, Texas, from which he retired.
Veteran of WWII  
(Col. Charles Ross Greening POW WWII, was instrumental in getting him discharged due to injuries.  Col. C. R. Greening was with Col. James Doolittle in the initial raid on Toyko and was in POW camp for sev. years, where he became an artist: After the War his works were published in a book. Col. Greening is not related to our line- (He descends from a Minnesota banking family who came to the States just prior to 1850.) He is also mentioned in the book "The Amazing Mr. Doolittle".)

(10) Lola Florine  Born March 16, 1915 Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) Jan. 2, 1932 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
John Raymond Hancock born 1909-died 1965 Greenwood Cem, Garrison, Texas
(Had 2 Dtrs) lived in Briley Town/Garrison area, Nacogdoches Co.

(11)  Jessie Lee ( " Tad" / " Shug") Born October 29, 1918 Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
(M) Lamerle Mosby  
(Had 2 Sons & 3 Dtrs.)
WW II Veteran (Resided in Nacogdoches Co, later moving to Houston in 1950's)
Retired from Houston City Fire Dept. and moved to Purvis, Mississippi.

Jessie Lee Greening, 1942


Sometime in the year 1925, T. J. Greening and his sister Willie Greening Ellsworth, made a visit back home to Mansfield, as the following article was cut out of a Mansfield newspaper: 
(Found among my grandparents old papers)


"Mr. Tom Jefferson Greening and Mrs. Willie Ellsworth, the two youngest children of Maj. J. J. Greening, an early settler of this parish, are now visiting relatives and friends in Mansfield. 

Tom looks as if the world has served him well, and tells us that he has reared a family of eleven boys and girls, never having lost one, and that he has ten grandchildren.  Tom and Miss Willie, as we knew them so well in the long ago, moved from DeSoto parish 28 years ago, and they are delighted to visit the scenes of their childhood.  Their home is in Nacogdoches County, Texas."


Thursday, March 23, 1933


Thomas J. Greening, well known and highly respected citizen of the county, died at his home, three miles east of Appleby, Sunday morning at an early hour. Mr. Greening's death followed  an illness of several weeks.

Mr. Greening was of a remarkable pioneer family.  He was the last of fourteen children reared by Major J. J. Greening and wife of Mansfield, La.

He was born at Mansfield January 22, 1862.  In 1892 he moved to Nacogdoches county and was married to Miss Sadie D. Ray of the Attoyac Community.  To this union eleven children were born and all, with their mother, survive.

Mr. Greening's death was the first in the family of 41 years.  He was a member of the Methodist Church for the past 36 years.  He was a member of the Woodmen order.

Immediately after coming to the county, he purchased the land and cleared from the forest the farm which has been his home until his death.  He settled on the virgin soil, cleared it, broke it, and from it he produced a living while rearing a large family, giving them what education the community afforded, but teaching and instilling in them lofty ideas of honor and citizenship.

What man can do more, no matter what  his opportunities may be!

The funeral was held Monday afternoon with burial at Bethel cemetery.  Rev. J. M. Blackshear conducted the services. He was assisted by Bro. Rushing, close friend of the deceased during his forty years of residence in the community. 

Branch-Patton Undertaking Co. were in charge of the funeral arrangements.

Deceased is survived by his widow and eleven children--- R. E Greening of Dallas, Mrs. H. R. Crawford of Appleby, Mrs. Ollie Kerr of Appleby, Mrs. Raymond Hancock of Garrison; and sons T. E., C. E., H. V., W. E., J. C., C. F., and J. L. Greening who all live near the family home.

A host of friends extend their sympathy to the sorrowing family.

 cancelled check where Sadie paid for monument (double marker) of T J Greening


THE DAILY SENTINEL, Wednesday,  January 21, 1959


Funeral services for Mrs. Sadie Delphia Greening , 84, will be held Thursday afternoon, Jan, 22, at 2 o'clock in the Bethel Church with interment following in the Bethel Cemetery.  The Rev. J. L. Partin, Congregational Methodist minister from Garrison, the Rev. Virgil Stanaland, Primitive Baptist minister from Appleby, and the Rev. W. E. Forsythe, Congregational Methodist minister from Crockett, will officiate.

Mrs. Greening died at her residence in Garrison Wednesday morning Jan. 21.

She was born October 29, 1874, in Nacogdoches county, the daughter of Margaret Hood Ray  and Reuben Ray.  She was married in September, 1891 (sic) to T. J. Greening, who preceded her in death.  Mrs. Greening was a member of the Congregational Methodist Church.

Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. H. R. Crawford of Woodville, Mrs. Ollie Kerr of Mt. Enterprise, and Mrs. Raymond Hancock of Garrison; six sons, T. E. ,  H. B. (sic),  and J. L. Greening of Houston, 
C. E., J. C., and C. F. Greening of Appleby; one sister Mrs. Addie Robbinett of Norman, Oklahoma; 41 grandchildren, and 40 great grandchildren.

Howard Bass and Mrs. Myrtle Rudd will be in charge of the song service at the funeral.

Oakley-Metcalf Funeral Home in Nacogdoches is in charge of funeral arrangements.


This picture taken 1925 @ the Frederick place
behind them is a huge fig tree.
Sadie D. Ray Greening
Thomas Jefferson Greening

Willie E. Greening, James C. Greening, Ca 1911

This picture taken in the early 1930's
left to right, the 8 sons of T J & Sadie D. Ray Greening:

Jessie Lee Greening
Hinchey V. Greening
Charles Fletcher Greening
Thomas Earl Greening
Willie Eugene Greening
Clarence Edward Greening
James Claude Greening
Reuben Ell Greening

Sallie Greening Crawford
Margie Greening Kerr 1919

Sadie D. Ray Greening & 3 dtrs. 1933
Lola Greening Hancock
Margie Greening Kerr
Sally Greening Crawford

Lola Greening Hancock, Ca 1932

 taken 1919-left to right -8 sons of T J & Sadie Ray Greening 
Reuben Ell, Thomas Earl, Clarence Edward, Hinchey V., James Claude, Willie Eugene, Charles Fletcher, and  in the lap of Reuben is the baby Jessie Lee

C. F. Greening, Nannie L Baird Greening &
Dtr Zelda  CA 1937

Willie Eugene "Bill" Greening
Rosa Lee Barr, a friend
early 30's


Industrial Transportation Company
Washington, D. C
Beef and Pork Packers
Hams, Bacon, Lard & Sausage
Executive Offices, 301 West Markham St.
Office Phone M 1484

Little Rock, Arkansas 
    April 6, 1920

Mr. T. J. Greening
Route #1 
Appleby, Texas

Dear Sir:

We enclose herewith your stock for $100.00 in Industrial Transportation Company, and thank you very much for this business.

The Company is making splendid progress; our packing plant is daily increasing it's output of choice products of ham, bacon, lard, sausage, etc., and all of our stores are doing a fine business. Arrangements are fast being completed for a chain of stores throughout Arkansas at an early date.

We believe you have made a safe investment and one that should prove highly profitable.  We advise you to invest as much as you possibly can in these securities while the price is still $10.00 per share.

With best wishes, we are

Yours very truly,


By:  (signed) W. A. Gamble
Sec'y.Treas.& Sales Mgr.

Old Stock Certificate, March 24th, 1920-9 shares Preferred Stock @10. ea #1728. 
He also purchased 1 share common stock, same company/date @10.ea. #1690
I have no idea what happened to this Company, but probably went bankrupt in the Crash of the Stock Market, 1929


January 10, 1918: U.S. House of Representatives passes the 19th Amendment for women's suffrage, known as the Anthony Amendment, in honor of Susan B. Anthony. 

June 4, 1919: U.S. Senate passes the 19th Amendment. 
August 26, 1920: Tennessee becomes the last necessary state to
ratify the 19th Amendment, giving women the vote.

I found the Poll Tax Receipts for Sadie D. Greening for the 1920's, 1930's, in her old papers. It appears our grandmother exercised hew new privilege to vote, along with her husband.

These are the oldest Poll Tax Receipts I found for T. J. Greening, (1907) He being age 45 yrs, and living in Nacogdoches Co, Texas for 10 yrs.
 Sadie D. Greening, (1926) She being age 52 and living in Co. those 52 yrs.


1923 Cancelled check- drawn on Appleby State Bank, to Rosie Ray Green
This bank was blown away by a tornado in the 1940's
Receipt from Blackshier & White, General Merchandise,
Appleby, Feb. 22, 1932
Appleby was a thriving RR town during the 20's, 30's

As you can see from the above ginning receipts,  (1931) Appleby had two cotton gins
Troutman Gin was on the E/S of the square, and 
Appleby Gin was on S/S of the road heading toward Mayotown.


World War II War Ration Book One No 66751-270 (May 5, 1942)

United States of America
War Ration Book One
Contains Warning about Use and Penalties
(Penalties for violations could result in a $10,000. fine, Imprisonment of up to Ten Years or both)

Certificate of Registrar

This is to certify that pursuant to the Rationing Orders & Regulations administered by the OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION, an agency of the United States Government, Sadie Delphy Greening, R. F. D. 1, Appleby, Nacogdoches County, Texas, 5 ft, 3 inches in Ht,  120 lbs, blue eyes, gray hair, 67 yrs of age, Female,  has been issued  the attached War Ration Stamps this 4th day of May, 1942, upon the basis of an application signed by , on behalf of her  (exception checked) .

Signed: Virginia Till, Local Board No.174, Nacogdoches County, Texas

Certificate of Book Holder

I, the undersigned do hereby certify that I have observed all the conditions and regulations governing the issuance of this War Ration Book; that the Description of "Book Holder" contained herein is correct; that an application for issuance of this book has been duly made by me or on my behalf; and that the statements contained in said application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Book Holder's Own Name:  Sadie Delphy Greening

Any person signing on behalf of Book Holder must sign his or her own name below, and indicate the relationship to Book Holder:   Signed: W. E. Greening, Son

War Ration Book Two, # 196923AB issued  to Sadie Delphy Greening, by Mrs. C. D. Haney



1930 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 8, ED 21, P 4B HH 76-78
Thomas J Greening 55 WM La SC Ala farmer marr @ age 31
Sadie " 55 WF Tx Tx Tx wife marr @ age 17 (Ray)
Clarence " 28 WM Tx La Tx son single farming
Willie E " 20 WM Tx La Tx son single farming
Fletcher " 18 WM Tx La Tx son single farming
Lola " 15 WF Tx La Tx dtr
Jesse 11 WM Tx La Tx son

ED 21 P 4B HH 74-76
Hollis Crawford 36 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer Marr @ age 21
Sallie " 36 WF La La Tx wife Marr @ age 21 (Greening)
Bernice " 13 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Delton " 11 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Florine " 8 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Roland " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Ray " 2/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

ED 21, P 4B, Pct 8, HH 75-77
Tom Greening 31 WM Tx La Tx farmer marr @ age 22
Vera  wife 30 WF  Marr @ age 21 (Crawford)
Rufus "  son 7 WM
Thomas C " 4 2.12 WM son
Howard " 1 7/12 WM son
Barbara " 1/12 WF dtr

ED 21, P 4B HH 79-51
Ollie Kerr 32 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer
Margret " 33 WF La La Tx wife (Greening)
Arlie B " 7 WM Tx Tx La son
Ollie B " 2 1/12 WM Tx Tx La son
Arval " 3/12 WM Tx Tx La son

Ed 21, Pct 8,P 10A HH 191-198/199
O A & Ruthie (Laws) Broach Household includes:
Claud Greening 23 WM Tx La Tx farming Marr @ age 23 (Newlywed)
Mary " 14 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Marr @ age 14 (Broach)

1930 Denton Co, Tx (Denton) ED 3, P 3b, HH 74-75
Reuben E Greening 36 WM La La Tx Motorman, Inter-Urban
Pauline " 33 WF Tx Ala Ala wife 
Marie " 14 WF La La La Dtr
Roy " 9 WM Tx La La son
Thomas R " 7 WM Tx La La son
Virginia E " 5 WF Tx La La dtr

1930 Harris Co, Tx (Houston) ED 2, P 24A Pct 1 HH 240-302
Cotton H Greening 23 WM Tx Tx Tx single tank builder
lodger in HH of Roger J Owens

1920-Nacogdoches Co, Texas Pct 1, Robert C Gaston, enum HH 54-54
Hollis R Crawford 25 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer
Sallie L " 25 WF La La Tx wife ( Greening)
Burnice R. " 2 6/12 WM Tx Tx La son
Delton M " 10/12 WM Tx Tx La son

1920 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 3, Fulton Fuller, Enum. HH 208-209
Rubin L Greening 24 WM La La Tx farmer
Susie W. " 22 WF La Al Tx wife (Grantham)
Lillian M (Marie) " 4 3/12 WF La La  La dtr
Ruby A. " 2 2/12 WF Tx La La dtr

Reuben Greening was also enumerated in 1920 Wichita Co, Tx (He was a tank builder (welder) at the time, working away from home
1920 Wichita Co, Tx (Electra) ED 178 P 14A
R E Greening 22 WM Tx Miss Ga Occ: Welder

1920 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 8, John Westherly, Enum HH 171-175
Tom J Greening 57 WM La Al Al farmer owns home, free
Sadie D " 45 WF Tx Al Al wife (Ray)
Margaret " 22 WF La La Tx dtr single (Margarette Lilly "Margie")
Tom " 20 WM Tx La Tx son single
Clarence "  17 WM Tx La Tx son
Hinchie " 15 WM Tx La Tx son
Claud " 12 WM Tx La Tx son
Willie " 10 WM Tx La Tx son
Fletcher " 8 WM Tx La Tx son
Lola " 4 8/12 WF Tx La Tx dtr
Jesse " 1 3./12 WM Tx La Tx son

WWI Civilian Draft Registration

Reuben Ell Greening, age 23 yrs, 86  Hutchinson, Houston, Texas, b. September 13, 1898 Natural born, Mansfield, La. USA, Occ: Conuxtor, Houston Electric Co., Houston, Texas, Married caucasian, wife & 1 child, Sig: Reuben Ell Greening, Ht: Tall Build: slender, blue eyes, brown hair No disabilities Sig: M T Trotter, Registrar. Pct 5,  Houston, Harris, Tx June 5, 1917

Thomas E. Greening, age 19 yrs,  Appleby, Texas, b. April 25, 1899 white natural born citizen, Occ: farmer, self Empl. Nearest Rel: Mother & Father, Sig: Thomas E. Greening, Medium Ht, Medium Bld, green eyes, light hair No disabilities, Sig: W. Weatherly, Registrar. Nacogdoches Co, Tx September 12, 1918

1910 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 8, Caleb M Phillips, Enum HH 128-128
Thomas J Greening 48 WM La SC Al farmer Marr 18 yrs
Sadie D " 35 WF Tx La La wife Had 8 ch-8 living (Ray)
Reuben E " 16 WM La La Tx son
Sallie M. " 15 WF La La Tx dtr
Margarette L. " 12 WF La La Tx dtr
Thomas E. " 10 WM Tx La Tx son
Clarence E. " 8 WM Tx La Tx son
Henchie V. " 6 WM Tx La Tx son
James C " 3 WM Tx La Tx son
Willie " 10/12 WM Tx La Tx son

1900 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 1 East, Green B. Layton, Enum HH 310-310
Thos. J Greening 38 WM Jan, 1862 La SC Ga farmer Marr 4 yrs
Sadie D. " 25 WF Oct, 1874 Tx Al La wife had 4 ch-4 living
Reuben L " 6 WM Sept, 1893 La La Tx son
Sallie May " 5 WF Sept, 1894 La La Tx dtr
Margarette L " 3 WF Feb, 1897 La La Tx
Thos. E. " 1 WM Apr, 1899 Tx La Tx son

1880 DeSoto Par, La Ward 4, HH 507-513
S  A Greening 64 WF Ga NC NC Keeps house (Sarah A. Warren Greening)
Willie Lillian " 20 WF La SC Ga dtr single
Tom " 10 WM La SC Ga son single
Moses Warren 14 BM La l SC Servant1870 DeSoto Par, La

1870 DeSoto Par, La Ward 7 Pleasant Hill PO HH
J J Greening 66 WM SC Farmer 11,380/9,000
S A " 53 WF Ga keeps house (Sarah Ann Warren)
J. H " 17 WM La farmer (Julius Heustes)
Eller S. " 13 WF La (Ella Alabama)
W. L. " 10 WF La (Willie Lillian)
T J " 08 WM La (Thomas Jefferson)
H. R. " 20 WM La (Hinchie Rufus)