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Reuben Ell Greening was born September 13, 1893 in Desoto Parish, La.  He died April 4, 1945 in Dallas Co, Texas -Death Certificate # 15638, Sulphur Springs, Texas 

He married first in Desoto Par, La to Miss Susie W. Grantham, Dtr of Gabriel E. Grantham & Susan "Shug" Vascocu Grantham on January 28, 1915.  She was the mother of all his children.  Susie Grantham Greening died in Denton Co, Tx. on  March 25, 1927-Cert #8390. A few years later,  Reuben married Pauline Duncan by whom he had no children, and she was his widow when he died.

Reuben can be found in the 1920 census of Nacogdoches Co, Texas.  He later moved to area of Garland/Sulphur Springs, Texas, where he worked as a conductor for the railroad.

Houston, Texas City Directory, 1917
Reuben E Greening timekpr rms: 813 Rusk


WWI Civilian Draft Registration

Reuben Ell Greening, age 23 yrs, 86  Hutchinson, Houston, Texas, b. September 13, 1898 Natural born, Mansfield, La. USA, Occ: Conuxtor, Houston Electric Co., Houston, Texas, Married caucasian, wife & 1 child, Sig: Reuben Ell Greening, Ht: Tall Build: slender, blue eyes, brown hair No disabilities Sig: M T Trotter, Registrar. Pct 5,  Houston, Harris, Tx June 5, 1917

See Letter to Mother, Oct 19, 1944, below

Reuben Greening w/#1 wife, Susie Grantham & Children


Reuben E Greening w/2 sons, Tommy & Roy

Tommy, Roy & Marie-CA 1923

R E Greening &#2 wife Pauline

I wish to express my appreciation for the assistance of Virginia Greening Jordan on this branch of the Greening Family-sgs

The children of Reuben E. Greening & Susie Grantham Greening

(1) Lillian Marie born October 8, 1915 Nacogdoches Co, Texas
     died July 15, 1996 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Buried: Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas 
     ( Registered Nurse)
     (M) Louis Albert Verbick
     He was born in 1911 Dallas Co, Tex and Died April 22, 1991 Baton Rouge, La
     Buried: Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas

Marie Greening, 4/21/1918

Marie Greening, age 2 yrs.

Marie & Roy E Greening, about, 1923

Louis & Marie Greening Verbick, 1980

Taken Aug 18, 1943
Nancy Sue Verbick, age 4
Louis A Verbick, Jr, 18 mos

Children of Lillian Marie Greening & Louis Albert Verbick

      a. Nancy Sue- Born Aug 8, 1939 Hunt Co, Tex (M) ___Adkins-lived in Eagle Lake, Texas, 1996
            b. Louis Albert, Jr- Born Feb. 09,1942 Hunt Co, Tex-lived in Houston, 1996 (Occ: Mortician)
            c. James Frank Born Nov. 17, 1947 Dallas Co, Tex.-lived in Baton Rouge, La 1996
            d. Henry Allen -Born  March 5, 1949 Cherokee Co., Tex-lived in Baton Rouge, La. 1996
             Obit of Marie & Louis stated they had 2 gr/dtrs and 4 gr/sons

(2) Rubye Delphia Born 1917 Died April 22, 1924 Dallas Co, Tx Cert #12140

(3) Roy Edwin born May 13, 1920 Hopkins Co, Texas died: June, 1961-
     Buried Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas  (W W II Veteran,)  

WW II Enlistment Records-Roy E. Greening, white citizen, Add: Hopkins Co, Texas, Enlisted Sept. 7, 1940 Dallas, Texas,  single w/o dependents, Ht:  69 " Wt: 135 lbs)
     (M)  Mary Hilda Ward

             a.  Roy Edwin Jr, born Jan 17, 1947 Dallas Co, Texas
                  (M) Deborah E. Smalley,  June 15, 1974 Dallas Co 

                  1. Shannon Michelle b. April 29, 1977, Dallas, Tx (Resides Charlotte, NC-Nov. 2009)

                   2. Karen Elaine  b. May 3, 1979 Dallas, TX (M) Michael Andrew Wasch Oct. 17, 2004 Richmond, VA (Reside in Richmond, VA Nov, 2009)

                       a. Hannah Elaine  b. March 18, 2008 Richmond, VA

                   3. Ryan Edwin  b. March 12, 1985 Dallas, Tx (Currently deployed to Iraq, Nov, 2009) (M) Shayne DelMundo April, 2009, Manila, Phillipines

                        a. Ryan Edwin DelMumdo  b. June 6, 2009 Manila, Phillipines

                    4. Megan Elise  b. November 20, 1986 Dallas, Tx d. June 15, 1990 Dallas, Tx

             b.  Iverson Ward  born Sept 18, 1951 Dallas Co, Tex
                        (M) June Russell, Aug. 1, 1976 Hunt Co

                         1. Steven Lynn 

                  (M) #2 Lacrisha J Bryant Sept. 18, 1990 Dallas, Tx
                        (M) #3 Lindell Dwire,  Apr 12, 1997, Dallas Co

             c.  Guy Seaborn, born Feb 11, 1954 Dallas Co, Tex

                  (M) #1 Cynthia M Wilson May 22, 1976 Dallas, Tx
                        (M) #2 Nancy E. Morrison,  Aug 3, 1984 Dallas, Tx

                         1. Brooke  b. June 20, 1986 Dallas, Tx

                         2. Amanda  b. Oct. 17, 1989 Dallas, Tx

(4) Thomas Ralph (Tommy) Born October 8, 1922 Dallas Co, Texas Died: March 10, 1978 Austin, Travis Co, Texas Buried: Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas- (1st Lt., USA, 3, 1390) WW II Vet.

WW II Enlistment Records-Thomas R Greening, White, Citizen, Add:  Hunt Co, Texas, Enlist. place: Dallas, Texas; August 7, 1940,  single, w/o dependents, Ht: 69 " Wt 145 lbs

(M)  Ada Pauline Watkins 5 APR 1942 in San Antonio, Bexar Co.,  TX
              a. Tanya born Jan 16, 1943 Hamilton Co, Texas
                  (M) Faherty

(5) Virginia Elizabeth Born Nov. 21, 1924 d. September 12, 2005 Dallas, Tx (SSDI)

 (M) William Durwood Jordan  Born Nov, 4, 1923 Died Mar. 20, 1998
             a. Paula Sue Jordan born April 02, 1947 Dallas Co, Texas 
                  (M)  Robert Earl Joy
                          1. Kathryn Diane (M) ____Roberts
                          2. Michael DeWayne 
             b. Thomas Ell Jordan born Aug 28, 1949 Dallas Co., Texas 
                  (M) Belinda Wommack
                         1. Joshua
                  Thomas Ell (M) #2 Vickie ____ (No ch)

Virginia Greening Jordan. 1980

                                         Virginia Greening, 1925


                                            Paula Sue Jordan & Roy Greening, Jr.-Ca 1950

Virginia Greening Jordan's family 
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Paula Sue Jordan & husband,
Robert Earl Joy
Children: Michael Dewayne & Kathryn Diane

Thomas Ell Jordan & wife


Sallie May Greening was born Sept. 21 1894 in Desoto Par, La and died Feb.13, 1984 in Woodville, Tyler Co, Texas-(SSDI & Texas Death Records) Buried: Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas
She (M) Hollis Richard Crawford Sept. 2, 1916 Nacog. Co., Texas
He was born in April 25, 1894 and died November 20, 1962 Tyler Co., Tx--Bur: Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Texas
(s/o Colby H. "Buck" & Delitha Stoker Crawford)

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Betty Singletary Crawford for her assistance on this branch of the Greening Family-sgs

Hollis Crawford &w/Sally Greening w/4 children CA 1926

Taken 1950
Florene Crawford Moore
Sally Greening Crawford
Sadie D Ray Greening
Baby is  Sandra Hancock
& Martha Moore, dtr of Florene, in front

Roland Crawford & w/Dorothy

Delton Crawford

Children of Sallie May Greening & Hollis Crawford: (Birth dates from Sally Crawford Bible)

(1) Bernice Richard Born August 14, 1917 Nacogdoches, County, Texas Died: May 19, 1977 Tyler Co, Texas  (W W II Vet)
            (M) Virginia Pauline Harrison Born______ Died: Aug. 12, 1976 Tyler Co, Tex
                   a.  Tommy Glynn Born Jan 8, 1941 Smith Co, Tex 
                         (M) Janie M Pate Tyler Co, July 2, 1976
                   b.  Sheila Ann  Born July 12, 1947 Smith Co, Tex 
                        (M) Allen R. Riley Aug 16, 1969 Tyler Co

(2) Delton  Hollis  Born March 27, 1919 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  Died May 30, 2002 Harris Co. Tx (W W II Vet)
            (M) Betty Sue Singletary  
                    lived in Woodville, Texas and later in Livingston, Tex 
                    (14 gr/children, & 16 grt gr/children)
                    a  Donald Hollis Born 9/14/1946 
                        (M) Mary Frances Thompson
                               1. Mary Denise 
                               2. Shannon (M) Greta___
                    b  Thomas Darrell Born 11/7/1949 
                         (M) Cindy______
                                1. Darrell Jr  (has 4 children,  Sky, Tommie Lee, Jett Riley, & Kalena)
                                2. Dtr--
                   c. Duane 
                       (M) Gwen Dove
                              1. Dina Sue (M) Dwayne____ (Have Emma Elizabeth & Garrett)
                              2. Amy (M) Jason Raney (Have 1 son Jake)
                              3. Ran Dee 
                              4. Holly Dale

            d. Darwin Ray 
                      (M) Charlotte 
                             1. Jenny Margaret 
                             2. Jon 

            e. Joe Delwin 
                      (M) Joella Andreski 
                            1. Jo Lynn
                            2. Joel Delton

           f. Margaret Rose 
                    (M) Howard McCormick 
                           1. Howard Lee (M) Kim ____ (Have 1 dtr. Heather)
                           2. Lonnie (M) Dana____ (Have 2 dtrs, Jessica & Hannah)

(3) Florene Born May 5, 1922 Nacogdoches Co., Texas
            (M) Jimmy Moore-lived in Woodville, Tex.-
                   a. Martha 
                       (M) Robert Parker
                              1. Steve 
                              2. Cheryl

(4) Roland Lawrence Born Feb. 21, 1925 Nacogdoches Co., Texas  Died: April 13, 1968 Tyler Co, Tex  (W W II Vet)
     (M) Dorothy Wright
            a. Robbie Lynn Born April 11, 1953 Tyler Co 
                (M) Stephen D. Evans, March 1, 1975 Tyler Co
            b. Lisa Caren Born Jan 31, 1956 Tyler Co 
                (M) David W. Tindel Aug 14, 1976 Tyler Co
            c. Carolyn Jill Born Feb. 2, 1958 Tyler Co

(5) Ivan Ray born Aug 10, 1929-Died July 23, 1943-Bethel Cem. Nacog. Co, Tex.

Ivan Ray Crawford

(6)  Glen Born Jan. 21, 1939 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
       (M) Jennie Lou Broom 
              a. Regina Ann Born Sept. 23, 1961 Tyler Co 
                  (M) Robert K Norman, April 12, 1980 Tyler Co

Glen Crawford


Margaret Lilly ("Margie") Greening  Born Feb. 21, 1897 in Desoto Par, La,  Died December 2,  1983 in Henderson, Rusk Co, Texas. Bur: Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Tex.

She married Ollie Kerr, Dec. 25, 1921, Nacogdoches Co, Tex.
(s/o Oscar & Mary Stubblefield Kerr)
He was born June 11, 1897  Nacog Co. & Died June 15, 1982 Rusk, Co, Texas Bur: Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Tex.

Many thanks to Marcelene Kerr Griffen and her daughter Jane Griffen Brightwell for their assistance on this line of the Greening family.-sgs

Aunt Margie w/3  children-1930

Ollie & Margie Kerr, 1959

Children of Margaret Lilly "Margie" Greening & Ollie Kerr:

(1) Arlie B. Born  Nov. 1, 1922   Died: Feb. 16, 1993 Harris Co, Texas (W W II Vet) 
      (M) Virginia   ( a widow w/4 children)  Had No children together

(2) Ollie Bryant Born April 17, 1927 Nacog. Co, Tex Died: Feb. 23, 1963 Harris Co, Tex-i
      Bur: Bethel   Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Tex  (M) and had no children

(3) Arval  Born Dec 12, 1929 Nacog. Co, Tex. Died Oct. 12, 1972 Harris Co, Texas
      (M) Louise____  & had Mark & Michael Kerr

(4) Ruby Marcelene Born Jan 5, 1933 Nacogdoches Co., Texas (Registered Nurse)
      (M) Dale Griffin 
       a. Gary Dale Griffin Born Oct. 29, 1955 
           (M) Sharon Ruth Moore 
                 1. Christy Michele Griffin Born July 23, 1977
                 2. Amy Denise Griffin Born Aug 21, 1979

       b. Margaret Jane Griffin Born July 30, 1951 
           (M) Michael Ray Brightwell
                 1. William Keith Brightwell Born Oct. 20, 1970 (M) Tammy Spoonemore
                      a. McKenzie Rion Brightwell Born Oct 9, 1999
                 2. Kasey Leighan Brightwell Born Dec. 31, 1979

Other gr/children mentioned in Obit: Mildred Walter, Jessie Hodson, Mary Matthews are children of Arlie B. Kerr's wife, Virginia


Thomas Earl Greening was born April 25, 1899 Nacog. Co., Texas and died September 7, 1980 in Livingston, Polk Co., Texas-Buried: Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Nacogdoches County, Texas

Thomas E. Greening, age 19 yrs,  Appleby, Texas, b. April 25, 1899 white natural born citizen, Occ: farmer, self Empl. Nearest Rel: Mother & Father, Sig: Thomas E. Greening, Medium Ht, Medium Bld, green eyes, light hair No disabilities, Sig: W. Weatherly, Registrar. Nacogdoches Co, Tx September 12, 1918

He (M) Miss Vera Crawford,  January 1, 1922, Nacogdoches Co, Texas-She was born Feb 6, 1900, Nacogdoches co, Texas and died November 28, 1981 in Houston, Harris Co, Texas  She was the dtr of Colby H. "Buck" Crawford & Delitha Stoker Crawford

Vera Crawford Greening 1923

Tommie Lucille Clark Greening, w/o Rufus Earl Greening
Vera Crawford Greening
Barbara Greening, rt.
Lavelle Greening, front,lt.- abt 1943

I wish to express my appreciation to Bo & Tommie Lucille Greening & Lavelle Allred for their assistance on this branch of the Greening Family.-sgs

Children of Thomas Earl & Vera Crawford Greening

(1) Rufus Earl "Bo" Born Dec 14, 1922 Nacog. Co, Texas-(WW II Veteran)

WW II Enlistment Records-Thomas E Greening, Add: Houston, Texas,  Enlisted Feb. 9, 1943, Houston, Texas, Married,  Ht 70", Wt 137 lbs)

 Died Aug. 27, 2002 Harris Co, Tx  (Bur: Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tx)
     (M) Tommie Lucille Clark

Rufus Earl Greening, Paris, France,1943-4

  They had 4 sons-
            a.  Earnest Earl, born March 21, 1943 Harris Co, Tex (Retired from U S Navy)
                 (M) Antonia O. Garcia 4/18/1969  Victoria Co, Tex, -Div. Feb 2, 1991 Bee Co, Tx, Had 1 child
                        1.  Barbara Ann b. Feb. 26. 1970 Bee Co, Tex

       b.  Willie Thomas, born Dec. 10, 1944, Harris Co, Texas (U S Navy Vet)
                   (M) Carol Ann Hamilton
                          1. Gregory Scott b. August 20, 1970 Harris Co, Tx
                          2. Mark Sheldon b. March 26, 1978 Harris Co, Tx
             c.  Robert Gene, born July 22, 1946 Harris Co, Texas ( U S Navy Vet)
                  (M) Karen A. Parker, 23, May 20, 1972 Travis Co Tx div. Nov. 29, 1989 Travis Co, Tx. 2 children
                         1. Stephanie Michelle b. October 13, 1975 Travis Co, Tx 

                        (M) William Shawn Lawrence
                         2. Stephen Parker b.  August 6, 1980 Travis Co, Tx
                  (M) #2- Ann F. Anderson, 37, July 3, 1991 Blanco Co, Tex
             d.  Kenneth Wayne Greening, born September 27, 1947 Harris Co, Texas ( U S Navy Vet)
                  (M) Maria Jane Velva, 21, Sept 2, 1966, Harris Co (Div. May 25, 1978 Harris Co, 3 children
                         1.  Kenneth Earl b. April 23, 1968 Bee Co, Tx  

                       (M) Barbara Keziah Cooper

                   2. Kelly Ann b. August 18, 1970 Harris Co, Tx
                         3. Sherry Ann b. August 16, 1971 Harris Co, Tx 
                  (M)  #2-Denise Lyle Brown Jan 25, 1979 -Div. April 18, 1990 Nacogdoches Co, Tx-2 children
                         4. Taylor Wayne b. March 4, 1982 Harris Co, Tx
                         5. Tiffany Ann b. July 29, 1983 Harris Co, Tx
                  (M) #3- Rosalie Meyer Sept 2, 1994 Harris Co

At one time, all four sons of Tommy Lucille & Earl "Bo" Greening were in the U S Navy @ the same time.

(2) Thomas Carroll Born Jan 14, 1926 Nacogdoches Co, Tex Died: Jan. 21, 1982 Houston, Harris Co,  Texas- WWII Vet.eran (WW II Enlistment Records-Thomas C Greening, Add: Harris Co, Texas, Enlisted May 2, 1944, Fort Sam Houston, Harris Co, Tx, single w/o dependents, Ht/Wt omitted)
             (M) Esta Lee Whitlock
                    a.. Judy Carrol  b. January 8, 1954 Harris Co, Tx 1954  
                         (M) Donald J. Kirkland Oct. 9, 1971 Montg. Co., Tex
                                1.Tenecia Dawn 
                                2. Chase
                         Judy  (M) #2 Edward E. Stocker Sept 8, 1988 Harris Co, Tex

Thomas Carroll Greening (in Japan)

(3) Felix Howard born Sept. 24, 1928
            (M) Helen Aqullar Cathy
                    a. Howard Bradley Greening born July 7, 1953  Died Jan. 1, 1974

      (M) May_____Kuly 3, 1969 Div. Kuly 10, 1973 Harris Co, Tx-No Ch

Felix Howard Greening, 1980

(4) Barbara Eloise March 3, 1930 died May 7,1947, age 17 yrs-unmarried (Harris Co, Texas)

Barbara Eloise Greening

(5) DeLores Lavelle Born March 13, 1933 (M) Vernon Allred  Sept. 2, 1951 (live in Humble area)

Delores Lavelle Greening

Children of Lavelle & Vernon Allred: (Celebrated 50th wedding anniversary this year)

             a.. Deborah Lynne 
                        (M) Albert Lombardo, Jr.
                               1. Ryan Omar (M) Jessica
                                   a. Colton Steele
                               2. Brandon Blaze (M) Sarah
                                   a. Alexis Marie
                               3. Lance Lamar
                               4. Chase Ashton Born July 22, 1983 Died: Dec 2, 2000 
                                    (Died Accidentally on job site- tree service work)
                                    (M) Tiffani Murphy
                                            a. Dylan Chase Lombardo Murphy

             b. Desmond Ray
                       (M) Luana
                              1. Sunshine Dawn (M) & has Dtr. Cheyenne Nina Allred
                              2. Ashley Ray  (M) Ianthe

             c. Darien Wynne 
                        (M) #1 Renee
                               1. Justin Blake
                               2. Travis Wade
                         (M) #2 Jennifer
                               3. Rachael Brooke


Clarence Edward Greening was born March 16, 1902 Nacog. Co, Texas and died Dec. 10, 1981 Nacogdoches Co, Tex Bur: Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, tex.
He married #1 Mrs. Bertha Worthly (had No ch)
He married #2-Mrs. Ruby (Clifton) Russell, Wid.-Dec. 24,1949 Nacog. Co Tex
She died Jan. 04, 1976 Nacog. Co Tx. Buried Bethel Cem, Nacog. Co, Tex
I wish to acknowledge the assistance of C. E. Greening, Jr. & Johnny Harold Greening on this branch of the Greening Family -sgs

C E Greening w/3 sons-1980
Back, left, Johnny, Front center, C E Jr , & right back, Curtis Wayne Greening

Ruby Lee Clifton Greening 
Clarence Edward Greening
abt  1972


1..Clarence Edward Greening, Jr. born  Aug 28, 1950 Nacog. Co, Texas;
          (M) Eugenie Juanita Serrano June 29, 1979 Nacog Co Tex -- 
                 a. Stephen Wesley

2.  Curtis Wayne Greening born April 5, 1952 Nacog. Co, Tex
            (M) Patricia Daylene Real -July 1, 1972 Montgomery Co, Tex 
                   a. Jarrod Lee
                   b. Jessica 
             (M) #2 Tiege Elizabeth Lilly
                   c. Trenton Michael

3.  Johnny Harold Greening Born April 4, 1954 Nacog. Co, Tex. 
           (M) Lori Lynn Stewart, June 12, 1980 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
                   Born Sept 27, 1961
                   a. Jonathan Edward Born May 23, 1984
                   b. Christopher Lee Born March 2, 1988
                   c. Michael Blake Born Nov. 5, 1994


Hinchey Vertie "Cot" Greening 1904-1963 (M) Louise Wagner- No chidren

"Cot" & wife Louise 

James Claude Greening  1907-1984 (separate page)

Willie Eugene Greening was born June 1, 1909 Nacog. Co, Texas and died Nov. 1, 1956 Angelina Co, Texas. (Train Accident) He is buried at Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas-(W W II Vet, US Army)
He married Norma Jay Edwards  in 1946 She later (M) Lee Broussard- Norma died 2001
1. Billy Eugene Greening born Oct. 14, 1947 Nacog. Co, Texas (He is a Physician)
     (M) Mary Len Golie May 8, 1971 Nueces Co, Texas
             a. Billy Eugene, Jr born Jan 6, 1973 Nueces Co, Texas
             b. Dtr
     Billy E. Greening (M) Josephine E. Trebble, 28, Apr 27, 1987, Liberty Co, Tex.

 2.  Bonnie Karen Greening born Dec. 20, 1948 Nacog. Co, Texas (Lives in Miss)
             (M) #1 Allen P. Bennett, Aug. 29, 1969 Jeff. Co., Tex -2 children
             (M) #2 Cecil M. Browning Sept. 14, 1974 Jeff. Co, Tex.- No children

Billy & Bonnie Greening

Billy E. Greening

Bill Greening, w/nephew Sonny Greening, 1944
Bill was on leave from Army


Charles Fletcher Greening was born Dec. 14, 1911 Nacog. Co, Texas and died Oct. 10, 1998 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  (W W II Vet)
He was married November 22, 1932 in Nacogdoches co, Tex to Miss Nannie Lou Baird, dtr of George W. Baird & Mary E. Johnson Baird.
Nannie Lou was born May 14, 1918 and died June 5, 1984 in Nacogdoches, Tex.
Both are buried at Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Texas
C. F. Greening was married #2 to Mrs. Jewell  P. Christopher. 2/1/1996 Harris Co, Tex 
I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Zelda Roberts on this branch of the Greening Family-sgs

C. F. "Lep" Greening & w/Nannie Lou-1980

Children of Charles Fletcher Greening & Nannie Lou Baird

(1) Zelda Fay born Aug 25, 1933 Nacog. Co, Texas
(M) #1 Robert Stanaland- had 1 son Terry Stanaland, and 1 dtr, Beth Stanaland
(M) #2 Herbert "Bo" Roberts and had 2 dts, Susie & Debbie Roberts &  1 son Michael Roberts

(2) C. F., Jr. Born Dec 20, 1935  Died Feb. 11, 1936 Nacog. Co, Tex-Buried: Bethel Cem

(3) Charles Edward ("Sonny") Born Jan 10, 1942 Nacog. Co, Tex
(M) #1 Janie A. Dobbs-Mar 24, 1963 Nacog. Co.-Had 2 dtrs Donna & Cindy
(M) #2-Connie L. Bankston , July 16, 1975 San Jac. Co. - had 1 son, Joe Don Greening

(4) John Glen ("Tweet") Born April 11, 1947 Nacog. Co, Tex Died Jan 23, 1982 Nacog Co Tex-Bur: Bethel Cem.
(M) Deborah K. Hart Sept 5, 1970 Nacog.- (No ch)

(5) Nancy Carolyn  Born Aug 2, 1950 Woodville, Tyler Co, Tex
(M) #1 John Richard Cranford  Oct. 18, 1968 Nacog. Co
Had 2 sons- Keith & Casey Cranford
(M) #2 Joseph M. Scott , June 12, 1982 Angelina Co, Tex.
They had 1 dtr-Emily Scott

C. F. "Lep" Greening, Nancy & Zelda

Zelda                                              John G. "Tweet"

Sonny Greening, 1943

Zelda Greening


Lola Florene Greening was born March 16, 1915 Nacog. Co.,  Texas Died: August 8, 2001 @ the home of her Dtr Sandra & Rev Gary York,  Garrison, Texas
Burial Aug, 10, 2001 Greenwood Cem, Garrison, Texas 
(Service: First Meth. Church, Garrison; Cason, Monk, Metcalf Funeral Home, Nacogdoches-The Rev. Walt Roberts, & The Rev. John McGuire)

She (M) John Raymond Hancock on Jan. 2, 1932 Nacog. Co., Tex, at the home of her parents, by Rev. Jim Blackshear (Methodist Min.)
He was born 1909 and died 1965- Greenwood Cem., Garrison, Nacog. Co, Tex

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Debra Hancock Arrington & Sandra Hancock York for their assistance on  this line of the Greening Family. The contributions of their mother, Lola Greening Hancock, cannot be estimated. sgs

Litany of Remembrance:

In the rising of the sun and in its going down...
In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter...
In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring...
In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer...
In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn...
In the beginning of the year and when it ends...
When we are weary and in need of strength...
When we are lost and sick at heart...
When we have joys we yearn to share...

Lola Greening Hancock 1935
 w/niece, Betty Lou Hancock, D. L.'s Dtr

Raymond Hancock w/Sandra 1951

Lola Greening Hancock w/Sandra 1950

Addie Ray Matlock, Robinette
Addie Drell Dilahaunty
Grandmother Sadie Ray Greening
Sandra Hancock
Deborah Hancock
Ca 1955/6

Children of Lola Florene Greening & John Raymond Hancock:

(1) Sandra Born Jan.17, 1950
      (M) Rev Gary York-(Methodist Min)
            a. LaSondra L York (M) Jeff Frenza
            b. Jeremy York
(2) Deborah  Ann Born Feb 24, 1953 
     (M) Rev. Shannon "Shack" Arrington (Ch of Christ Min)
            a. John Shannon  (M) Mindy
            b. James Robert  (M) Jonell
            c. Courtney D (M) Jamaal Hodge


Jessie Lee Greening was born October 29, 1918 in Nacogdoches Co, Texas
(W W II Vet. US Army- WW II Enlistment Records-Jessie L Greening, Res. Add: Montgomery Co., Texas, Enlisted August 26, 1942 Tyler, Texas, single, with dependents, Ht: 72 ", Wt: 176 lbs)
He married Lamerle Mosby in 1943 in Nacogdoches Co, Texas-
Dtr of Roy Mosby & Lettie Johnson

She was born  April 24, 1926 in Garrison, Nacog. Co and died Aug. 11, 1996 Nacog. Co, Texas and is buried in Greenwood Cem., Garrison, Texas.

Jessie Lee Greening, 1980

Jessie Lee Greening, abt 12 yrs old (Ca 1930)

Children of Jessie Lee Greening & Lamerle Mosby Greening

1. Jimmie Lee born Sept, 9, 1944 Nacog. Co, Tex
          (M) #1 Sandra Irene Crain  

                a. Reneau Sue b. February 9, 1964 Harris Co, Tx

                b. Dennis Lee b. March 27, 1965 Harris Co, Tx

    (M) #2-Edith Ferne Chadderdon 12/27/1966 Div. April 26, 1972 Harris Co, Tx (Had 2 Children)

                c. Sherri Luree b. February 16, 1969 Harris Co, Tx (M)John Michael McNeill (M) #2 Allen Dale Self

                d. Child

     (M) #3-Darlene F. Ewing, Liberty Co, Texas Jan 6, 1995
     (Lived in Liberty, Texas in 1996)  

(2) Gerald Wayne born Aug. 21, 1946 Nacog. Co, Tex
      (lived in Miss.1996)

(3)  Polly Ann Born Jan 27, 1948 Nacog. Co. Tex
             (M) William Joseph Hudson, Feb. 17, 1969 Galveston Co, Tex d. 2009 Mississippi buried Bethel Cemetery, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx

               a. Raymond Eugene  b. August 8, 1973 Harris Co, Tx

               b. Joseph Wade b. September 13, 1969 Harris Co, Tx

(4) Barbara Ann Born May 24, 1958 Harris Co, Texas
    (M) Michael E. Merritt July 17, 1982 Harris Co -(NO CH)
    (M) #2-Daniel A. Briggs, Oct. 6, 1996 Galveston Co 
    ( lived in Seabrook, Texas 1996)

(5) Mona Lisa born June 2, 1965 Nacogdoches Co, Tex
     (M) Mohammed N. Thanoon July 18, 1986 Harris Co.
     (M) #2- Jonathan B. Phillips, May 28, 1997 Harris Co Tx

( lived in Houston, Texas 1996. lived in Tennessee when father died)

       1. Susannah Ashley Greening b. July 28, 1987 Harris Co., Tx

       2. Emily Ann Phillips b. October 19, 1995 Galveston Co, Tx


Hollis Crawford, John Raymond Hancock & Ollie Kerr, CA 1933

Some Grandchildren, Ca 1936
left rear, Arlie B. Kerr, Born 1922
right rear, Florene Crawford, Born 1922
Center, left to right: 
Delton Crawford, Born 1919,  Roland Crawford, Born 1925, Ollie Bryant Kerr, Born 1927, Arval Kerr, Born 1929
Front, left to right:  
Zelda Greening, Born 1933,  Ray Crawford, Born 1929,  Marcelene Kerr, Born 1933



Reception Center
Camp Walters, Texas

Dear Mama:

Just a few lines to let you know I am doing just fine and hope you the same.  I have my insurance papers and want you to keep them for me as I'm not allowed to keep them. I will be shipped out in a few days so don't write me 'til I write you when I get stationed. 

So bye, Mother
Willie E. Greening 38477469


Fresno, Calif.
June. 15, 1943

Dear Mother:

Received your letter a few days ago, was proud to hear from you.  Would have answered but have been in the hospital.  Have to go back in a week or so and get my tonsils out, as they have been bothering me lately.

Mama, I am sorry that things have happened like they have at home. Looks like trouble is all we can have. Time has come for us to have it, I guess. Wish I could be there with you but don't look much like I can as this company is getting ready to go over pretty soon, but if we have to go, will be better off, after the company gets as far along as it is now, there isn't anything anyone can do about things.

Mother, if Lep and Nan move out, you don't stay there by yourself.  Go and stay with some of the children for you ought not to be left by yourself.

I received a letter from Bill last week.  He said he liked it very well, but also mentioned about having to take 100 shots.  I just feel sorrow for him, but maybe he will get cured; besides if it takes that long to give them to him, the war might be over, but it looks like it never will end.

Mother, if Lep moves, you sell those two head of cattle of mine, and put it in the bank for me. I don't want you running after them; besides tell Bud if he wants to to see what he has of mine, and put it in the bank for me. I don't want to put anyone to any trouble for me, besides they are about as good a price now as they will get. So don't run after them as I don't want you to.

Looks like Bud and his wife are going to fight before it is over. Hope not anyway. 

What is Claud doing?  Running the ice route? Hope he can make good at it, as he needs it. Tell him and Mary to write me some time. No one else has written;  guess my girl has quit me, but don't intend to worry about her. 

Well, Mother, I will close for now, so good luck. Tell all hello. 

Bye, Bye, 

Love, Your son



Friday Night,, Feb. 18th, 1944
Somewhere on the West Coast
APO 7528
San Francisco, California
Passed by Army Examiner: R. D. Siegle, Capt

My Dear Mother

I will write you tonight and let you know how I have been getting along. I have been having stomach trouble this week, but I feel a little better now.

I hope you are well and doing just fine.  I got a letter from Margie and she said she was well and was going down to see you if she could get someone to drive her. I sure wish I could have seen her while I was home but I didn't have time to get back to camp and get started out again.

Well Mother, I guess Lep is able to be sitting up now and I hope he will soon be able to walk again, as I know he is tired of the bed by now.

I got a letter from a friend down in Dallas and he said it sure was bad weather there now.  I guess you all will soon start planting your gardens pretty quick now.  I saw in the paper where they were going to take the biggest majority of the farmers this year.  I guess Tad will go again.* I hope he doesn't have to, as it will be tough on Lamerle and you for you are not able to work very much.

Mama, I will let you hear from me as often as I can, but I sure have been busy lately, and couldn't find the time to write you.  I have had an allotment made out and you will get $30.00 a month from me.  It will be a check and you can cash it and use it like you want as I won't be able to spend it as I don't go any place.  So, will let you keep it for me if you want to.

Well bye, Mother

from your son
Bill Greening
* Tad was drafted soonafter for a 2nd tour.


Rt 1
Garland, Texas
Oct 19th, '44

Dear Mother:

How are you to day? We are well and working every day. We are having
some frosty weather now.
Mother, you said something about a radio tube Number 1. There must be
another letter on it. You just mail the old tube to me, and I will
send you a new one.
We had a letter from Tommy a few days ago. His buddy wrote it for him.
He was getting very well. His leg has hurt him a lot. Had his right
hand cut off above the wrist. They will make him a new hand. Hope his
leg gets well.
Roy is still in the hospital in Australia. Hope they get to come home
Xmas. Tommy's wife left the hospital yesterday.
Have you heard from Bill lately? How is everybody there? I guess the
crops are all gathered.
Looks like the War will last on through the winter. They are not trying
to get in office for another 4 years.
Has Claude moved yet? Exactly where was it he was going? How is Lola,
Margie, and Sallie. Are her boys over seas? Where is Tom's boy Rufus
E.? Is he overseas or not? He was in something Tommy was in.
Mother, how old will you be on Oct. 29? 69, is it not, or 70?
Pauline will be 38 Sunday 22nd Oct.
Cousin Annie Dubois was here last week. She is 84.
You should see Tommy's little girl; calls Marie Mama and me Pa Pa. She
gets a nickel for ice cream every time she sees me.
Well, Mother, I will close, and wish you are staying well.
Your Son



Feb 6, 1945
APO San Francisco, Calif

Dear Mother:

I will write you again tonight as I had wrote you this morning any way. I got your letter today that you wrote the 28th of last month, and I sure was glad that you were well then. I have been doing all right, and hope you have not been worrying about me as I will take care of myself the best I can. 

Well Mother, you asked me about buying the Boyett Place.  I sure do want it if you can still get it at that price.  I sent you some more money today and if you need any more, I will send you some more to finish paying for it. 

Mother, if you can still get it, I want you to move up there so you can be close to Tommy, and get one of Boney's children to stay with you and he can be close to school there. 

Well, I guess I will close for this time as the lights are going out now, so I hope you good luck and happiness always.

So Bye Mother, Your son,

Bill Greening
H A Co. Base G, VSH SOS, APO, 565


Feb. 19, 1945
5611 Brady St.
Houston, Texas

Dear Sis

I wonder how you are feeling by now and how you are getting along.  I never hear from the boys any more as they do not have phones listed in book and I can't go out to see them as I have been sick myself for some time now.  I am going to see the Dr. twice a week. He says I have heart trouble and that I must not do anything at all so I sew by hand and read, and pass the time away. He said that I would have to be good and not work for several months.  I am feeling lots better since I have been going to see the Dr. He says if I take care of myself, I will be alright again someday.

We all hope that you are alright now so please write me a few lines and let me hear how you are. Joe's folks are all fine and working and all have homes almost paid for.  Isn't that good? I am surely glad for them all.

How are Jessie & Bill, and where is Bill now?

Give the girls my love and please write me soon.

Your loving sis,

Lonie Drell


Sept. 10, 1945
New Guinea
Halloyhi? Island

Dear Mother

I will write you this morning and let you know how I have been getting along.  I have been doing just fine and I am hoping that I will be seeing you before long.  I think that I will be able to get home by Thanksgiving; I hope so anyway. 

I have not gotten any mail from you in about three weeks now.  I do hope you are getting along alright, and can stay well. What is everyone doing back there?  Going hunting and fishing?  I guess I will do my part of it when I get there, as I have not been able to do any in about three years now. 

Are old Joe & Bud still at home? I hope I can get to go hunting with them again soon.

Well, Mother I guess I will close this time, as I have to get to work now, so Bye, Bye, Mother.

Your son, 

Bill Greening
(Joe & Bud were his dogs)


Sept. 15, 1946

Hello Granny:

Will drop you a few lines to night, hoping this will find you OK as for us, we are doing OK.  The kids have a little cold, It was pretty cool here Friday night and Sat. night. 

How is Uncle Bonie doing by now? Better,  I hope. Is he still in the hospital? Barbara has started coughing and spitting up blood again, but not much. She is still at home.  I sure hope she will be OK in a few days.

Oh, yea!  I almost forgot, Delton has a big 9 lb boy.  Born last night about 10.  They named it Donald Hollis.  He is thrilled to death.

We got home OK; we went to Garrison before we came home.  It was about 9 when we got here.  I can't think of much more to say, so answer soon.


Tom & Vera are doing OK.


October 18, 1946

Dear Granny:

How does this find you all?  How is Uncle Boney doing by now? Carroll told me to write Bill and tell him to look in his car and see if he could find his pocket book.  He lost it somewhere.  He said if he found it to send it to him.   And if he didn't find it, to write back and let him know.

The car fell on Earl yesterday.  They had it jacked up and it fell.  It skinned him up, but he wouldn't go to the Hospital. 

How is Uncle Cot and  Louise now?  Well, I guess I will close for now, since I don't know anything good to write. So, please answer soon.

Your granddaughter,



July 7, 1949

Hello Grandmother

How are you making it these hot days?  We are OK, but it sure is hot down here. Have you canned anything this year?  I haven't and don't guess I will. How are all of the kids?  Kenneth has heat on him and it is making boils on him.

We went to Woodville a couple of weeks ago, and had a nice time. Earl went fishing last weekend and caught two or three small ones.

We are going to move soon, but I don't know where just yet.  Write me some time and tell me all the news.

Lots of Love,

Tommie, Earl and boys
1827 San Felipe
Houston  3, Texas


Sept 3, 1957

Dear Mrs. Greening

Hope this finds you feeling well. We are OK except for colds, as usual. It's been raining here for the last two days.  I'll be glad when it gets cold, but I hate rainy weather.

I guess every body down here is OK.  I talked to Cot the other day, and he said he was feeling better.

Ted is still having it easy.  I think he's going fishing tomorrow with one of the firemen.  He's on duty at night this week, but they get to sleep all night unless they have a fire, which is very seldom.

Hope Lola and Raymond are fine; also the girls.  Well, no more news so I'll sign off for now.


Lamerle, Ted and Kids