The Family of
Reuben Warner Ray
& wife, 
Nancy Eva Lewis

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Reuben Warner Ray was born October 12, 1872 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  and died August 13, 1951 in Palestine, Anderson Co, Texas.  He is buried at Garden of Memories, Elkhart, Anderson, Co, Texas. He was a farmer by occupation, and was the son of Reuben A. Young Ray & Margarette Hood.

He was married Dec. 16, 1896 in Nacogdoches, Texas to Miss Nancy Eva Lewis, Dtr of Jacob J. Lewis, Jr. & Nancy E. Campbell.  She was born Feb. 27, 1875 in Nacogdoches, Texas and died Dec. 16, 1912 in Elkhart, Anderson Co., Texas. She is also buried at Garden of Memories in Elkhart, Texas.

L-R, Rear
Nancy Vince Ray, Jacqueline Alcine Ray, Cecil Olvine Ray
L-R, Front
Ruby Merion Ray, Reuben Warner Ray holding Clyde Ray, Julia Lewis Ray
This picture taken 1912, baby Clyde less than 1 yr old
Picture Courtesy Tara Rainier, Carrollton, Tx

Nannie Lewis Ray 1875-1912
Reuben Warner Ray 1872-1951
Garden of Memories, Elkhart, Anderson Co, Tx
Picture Courtesy Tara Rainier, Carrollton, Tx


(1) Cecil Olvin b. October 17, 1897 in Garrison, Nacog. Co, Texas. She d. Jan. 16, 1989 in Elkhart, Anderson Co., Texas (NO children)
(M) John B. W. Hall June 22, 1918 Seattle, Washington (W W I Veteran)
He was b. Sept. 8, 1897  d. Nov. 13, 1975 Anderson Co., Tx

Cecil Ray Hall, 1981

Cecil Ray,  w/cousin Janie Ethel Ray CA 1916

(2) Jackie Alcine Born Feb. 4, 1900 Nacog. Co, Tex. Died: June 27, 1937 Logansport, La buried: Garden of Memories, Elkhart, Anderson Co., Tx
            (M) Jesse Armour Murdock Feb. 13, 1921 Grapeland, Houston Co., Tx He was b. July 29, 1887 Grapeland, Houston, Tx d. Feb. 13, 1972 buried Garden of Memories, Elkhart, Anderson, Tx (Ref: Tara Hunt Rainier)

              a. Mary Sue b. abt 1922 Anderson Co., Tx (M) Gaitlan

              b. Jacqueline b. abt 1924 Anderson Co., Tx

              c. Jessie, Jr b. abt 1925 Anderson Co., Tx

              d. Ruby Grace b. abt 1927 Anderson Co., Tx

              e. Warner Joe b. abt 1929 Anderson Co., Tx

              f. Charles b. March 2, 1931 Anderson Co., Tx

Jacqueline Alcine Ray, abt 5-6 yrs old (Courtesy, Tara Rainier, Carrollton, Tx

(3) Nancy Vince Born Feb. 27, 1902 Nacog. Co, Tex Died: Aug. 30, 1957 Anderson Co, Texas
            (M) Earnest H. Coleman He was b. Jan 26, 1902 d. May 4, 1978 Dallas Co., Tx Last Res: Elkhart, Anderson Co., Tx (SSDI)

              a. Samuel Ray b. April 21, 1924 Anderson Co., Tx (Texas Birth Records)

              b. Jerry Nat b. March 30, 1931 Anderson Co., Tx (Texas Birth Records)

(4) Julia Lewis Born July 30, 1904 Nacog. Co, Texas Died: June 2, 1992 Palestine, Anderson Co, Tex (NO children)
(M) William N. Sheridan  Oct. 3, 1922 Houston, Harris Co, Tex. He was b. March 10, 1902 d. June 4, 1973 Palestine, Anderson Co., Tx

Julia Lewis Ray Sheridan, 1981

(5) Merion Ruby Born June 23, 1907 Anderson Co, Texas Died: July 9, 1981 Palestine, Anderson Co., Texas (Auto Accident) NO children
(M)   Millard Filmore Green, June 12, 1926 Leon Co, Texas

(6) Eva Dell Born Dec. 24, 1909 Anderson Co, Texas (died @ birth)

(7) Clyde Irby Born Sept. 7, 1911 Anderson Co, Tex Died: July ___1983  Jacksonville, Cherokee Co, Texas (SSDI)
            (M) Minnie Leotis Slider

             a. Clyde Irby, Jr. (M) Jo Ann Saylors

             b. Judy Darlene b. March 10, 1949 Galveston Co., Tx


1910 TX Anderson Co, 2 PCT  Page: 185 (Courtesy, Tara Rainer)
Ray, Warner R. Head M W 37 M1 16 TX
Nannie"  F W 36 Wife M#1,16yrs 6 children, 5  living TX *incorrect, should read LA
Cecil O. " dau 12 TX
Alcine " dau 10  TX (Tara Rainer's line)
Vince " dau 8 TX
Lewis " son 6  Tx (sh read Dtr)
Ruby " dau 3 TX

1920 Anderson Co, Texas ED26, Pct 2, P 14B HH 263-280
Reuben W. Ray 47 WM Tx Ga Tx
Alcine " 20 WF La Ga Tx dtr
Lewis " 15 WF La Ga Tx dtr
Ruby " 13 WF La Ga Tx dtr
Clyde " 08 WM La Ga Tx son

1930 (April 17) Pct 2, Anderson Co, Tx ED11, P 11B Pct 2 HH 220-225
Reubin Ray 56 WM Wid. Tx Tx Tx Genl. farming (Lives alone)

Also Enumerated: April 30, 1930
Pct 2, Elkhart, ED12, HH 225
Rubin W. Ray 56 WM Wid. Tx Tx La Genl. farming
Clyde " 18 WM Tx Tx Tx son & in same HH
John B Hall 32 WM Tx Ten Tx Truck Driver (M) @ age 21
Cecil " 33 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) # age 21 (Ray)

April 4, 1930 Pct 2, Anderson Co., Tx ED1-14, SD 18, Sh 2A HH 24-25---Earnest Coleman 28 WM Tx Miss Miss Occ: Genl. Farmer, (M) @ age 21; Vince " wife 27 WF Tx Tx Tx (M) @ age 20; Ray " 5 WM son Tx Tx Tx

June 30, 1930, Pct 2, Anderson Co., Tx (ED 1-14, SD 18, HH 224-226) Jessie Murdock 40 WM Tx Tx Tx Cafe Manager, (M) @ age 31; Alcine " wife 30 WF Tx Tx Tx (M) @ age 21; Mary Sue " 8 WF dtr Tx Tx Tx; Jacqueline " 6 WF dtr Tx Tx Tx; Jessie  " 5 WM son Tx Tx Tx Ruby Grace " 3 4/12 WF dtr Tx Tx Tx; Warner Joe 1 5/12 WM son Tx Tx Tx