The Family of
Kindness Rosie Lee Ray
& Husband,
William S. Green

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Sadie D Ray Greening & Rosie Ray Green
CA 1908-10

Rosie Lee Ray was born March 19, 1870 in Nacogdoches county, Texas. She was the daughter of Reuben A. Young Ray & Margarette Jane Hood.  She died in Nacogdoches Co, Texas on September 2, 1937, and is buried in the Blackjack Cemetery, Nacog. Co, Texas.

She married William S. Green, Feb. 16, 1887 in Nacog. Co, Texas. He was Born Jan. 1, 1869, and Died Jan 29, 1898 and he also is buried in the Blackjack Cemetery. 
He was the son of Francis P. Green & Landy Fuller Green. They lived in the Blackjack Community.

Children GREEN

(1) Margarette Edna Born Feb. 24, 1888 Nacogdoches co, Texas Died: Dec. 27, 1971 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  Buried: Blackjack Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Tex.
(M) Cyrus Griffin Pate  Born Feb. 3, 1882 Died: May 27, 1958 (Blackjack Cem

Margarette Edna Green Pate

(2) Linda Leonora. (Nora) Born June 14, 1890 Nacog. Co, Texas Died: Aug 22, 1949 Buried: Blackjack Cem  Nacog. Co, Texas
(M) #1 Lawrence T. Buckner Born Aug 26, 1887 Died Nov. 7, 1929-(Blackjack Cem)
(M) # 2 L. C. Jacobs

Linda Leonora Green Buckner

(3) Horace E.  born Sept. 28, 1894 Nacog. Co., Texas Died: Nov. 28, 1978 Buried: Blackjack Cem., Nacog. Co., Texas
(M) Lillie M. ______ Born Jan 15, 1894 Died April 13, 1997 (Blackjack Cem)

Horace E Green

1900 Nacogdoches co, Texas ED 50 Pct 8 HH 13-14
Rosie Lee Green  WF 30 March, 1870 Widow 3 ch-3 living  Tex Tex Tex
Margarite " WF 12 Feb, 1888 Dtr (Margarette Edna)
Linda L. " WF 09  June, 1890 Dtr (Linda Leonora "Nora")
Horace E. " WM 05  Sept. 1894

1910 Nacog. Co  Pct 3 ED 98 HH 75-76
Pate, C. Griffin 28 WM Tex Miss Miss Marr. 4 yrs-Had 1 ch-1 living
" M. Edna 22 WF Tex Tenn Tex -wife
" Nodie 01 WF -Dtr (Died pr to 1920)

1920 Census-Nacogdoches Co, Texas  HH 88-91 Pt. of Pct 4
Cyrus G. Pate 36 WM Texas Miss Miss Farmer
Margarette E. " 31 WF Wife Tex Tenn Tex (Green)
Evelyn "  07 WF Dtr
Willie L. " 05 WM Son
Lamar " 2/12 WM Son

Horace E. Green 25 WM Tex Tenn Tex Farmer HH 194-194 Pt of Pct 4
Lillie M. " 24 WF Wife Tex Tex Tex
Jerald H. " 1 6/12 WM Son
Rosie L."  49 WF Tex -Mother

Lawrence T. Buckner 32 WM Tex Mo Tex Cotton Ginner HH 219-219 Pt of Pct 4
Nora 28 WF Tex Tex Tex Wife (Green)
Belle I. 68 WF Mother (His)

1930 Nacogdoches Co, Tx ED12 Pct 4, Attoyac Village P 17A HH 364-370
Nora G. Buckner 39 WF Tx Tx Tx Widow (M) @ age 19 Occ: Post Master, US Post Office
Rosa R. Green  60 WF Widow Mother Tx Tx Tx (M) @ age 19 Genl. farming

Pct 4, (Pt) Chireno, ED 12, P 18A HH 394-390 Attoyac Road
Griff C. Pate 47 WM Tx Ms Ms Genl. farming (M) @ age 24
Edna " 41 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 18 (Green)
Evelyn B. " 17 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Lawrence C, " 15 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Lamar G. " 10 WM Tx Tx Tx son

Blackjack Cemetery Records (other than above)

Wallace, Evelyn Pate 21 May 1912 29 Mar 1999 w/o G. W. "Chick" Wallace
(Dtr of Cyrus G. Pate & Margarette Edna Green)-
Wallace, G. W. "Chick" 11 Mar 1913 7 Feb 1989 h/o Evelyn Pate Wallace