Some Descendants of
Hinchey Warren, Sr. 


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Hinchey Warren was born about 1727-28 in. Surry Co. Virginia 

He  married Rachael Anderson abt. 1749-50 in Northampton Co, NC
Dtr. of Carolus &   (  Mary ( Boon ? )  Anderson

His father, Robert Warren, moved from Surry, Va. to Northampton Co, NC in 1742, having sold out in Surry, Va. earlier that same year.

Hinchey Warren lived in Northampton Co, NC until 1765, at which time he removed to Onslow County, NC.  and lived there until about 1785, when his family removed to Burke Co, Georgia. (See Deeds Below)

IT IS CLAIMED HE WAS A REV. WAR SOLDIER FROM ONSLOW CO. NC-I have not found any proof.-However, HINCHEY WARREN received a Grant for 100 Acres of Land Entered on June 1, 1778 and Issued  on March 1, 1780, which may be for Revolutionary War Service.  See Beloiw:

Ref: MARS,, North Carolina Dept of Archives & History-Title: File No 1108, Hinch (Hinche) WARREN, Yrs, 1778, 1780, Creator: Office of Secretary of State, Office of Secretary, Call Number S, 108, 931; Location: 655-659; MARS Id: (Folder); Quantity: 2 Item(s); Personal Names: Hinche Warren, Hinch Warren, Geographical Names: New River, The Desert, Genres/Forms: Warrants, Plats, Land Grant Information-Acres: 100; Issued March 1, 1780; Warrant NO: blank; Entry No: 75; Entered: June 1, 1778; Book No: 36, Pagre No: 88; Location: On the East side of New River, Beg. at a pine on the Desert.

He died in Montgomery Co, Georgia  August 21, 1803, his Est. being Administered by sons Richard Warren and Josiah Warren, Exrs named in his will, which was made in 1798 Burke Co., GA.

His wife, Rachael, died on the trip to Georgia from North Carolina. (See Notes Below)


(1) Carolus b.  CA 1751-52 Northampton Co, NC-named in his gr/father Carolus Anderson's will 1752-given 200 A land Northampton Co, NC- 
(M) Hester Anderson (LDS Records) abt 1772 in North Carolina
(Charles Warren served in Rev War from Wilmington Dist, NC-May be this Carolus Warren)

Burke Co, Ga -Justice of Peace May 2, 1799 Carles Warren

Lived in  Burke Co, Georgia 1820- missing 1830

Known Children of Carolus Warren & Hester Anderson

1. Archibald  Warren b. abt 1773 Onslow Co, NC d. Burke Co, Georgia

2. Rebecca Warren b. abt 1775 Onslow Co, NC d. July 28, 1857 Henry Co, GA @ home of son Archibald Atkinson  Rebecca Warren (M) Thomas Atkinson abt 1794 in Burke Co, GA.  He d. abt 1801 in Burke Co, GA This couple had 3 children.

       a. Archibald Atkinson b. 1796 Burke Co, GA d bet. 1879 & 1880.  He  (M) Martha Finch DEAN November 11, 1824 GA She was dtr of Burkett Dean & Sarah Carleton. (Sarah Carleton was the dtr of Thomas Carleton & Martha Finch , & grand/dtr of Thomas Carleton & Sarah Swepson of Virginia) This couple  had 9 children, 2 dying in infancy.

                Children of Archibald Atkinson & Martha F Dean

                1. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Atkinson b. Oct. 24, 1826 d. April 4, 1909 (M) #1 Henry McClendon He d. pr to 1853 Sarah (M) #2 Dr. David Lewis Coleman   Sarah had 2 sons by Henry McClendon; being James S & Thomas McClendon.  By her 2nd husband, Dr Coleman, she had 3 sons, Henry Watson Coleman, Franklin Coleman & Milton Coleman, and daughter, Mattie Coleman. 

                2. Burkett Atkinson b. Nov 4, 1831 (M) Betsy Willet of Clarke Co, Ga. Nov, 1856.  This couple had 9 living children-Joseph E, Mattie, Lula, James, Sallie, Willie, Charles, Johnny & Carrie Grant Atkinson.  

                3. Mary Jane Atkinson b. March 13, 1834 (M) G W Morris (Have 9 children as of 1879-Mattie, John, George & Ruthie, others names, younger,  not known) George (M) a dtr of Allen Cook; Mattie (M) a Stubbs & has 2 ch. as of 1879.

                4. Elizabeth Atkinson b. Sept., 1836 (M) John W Henderson (Have 5 children as of 1879-Sanford, Mattie, James, Charles & Walter Lee Henderson.)

                5. Martha Atkinson b. Oct. 22, 1839 (M) ____________ & has 2 children as of 1879-John & William.

                6. Georgia Rebecca Atkinson b. Nov 22, 1841 (M) #1 Stell Henderson & had 1 son Stell Henderson, Jr. Her first husband died in the Civil War @ Murphreesboro. She (M) #2 B. F. Morris and had 2 sons, Oliver Cromwell & Francis Archibald Morris

               7. James Archibald Atkinson b. April 28, 1846 GA d.  (M) Rebecca Wilson & had Thomas, James A., Ola, Mattie, Samuel & William Atkinson. This family resided in Morgan Co, Ga.

      b. Elizabeth Atkinson b. abt 1800 d. Feb. 15, 1888 Brenham, Washington Co, Tx (M) John W.Watkins Sept 18, 1816 Greene Co, Ga.  He d. April 16, 1870 Brenham, Tx They had 6 children: Joel Watkins, Louisa Watkins, Quinton Watkins,  John Watkins, Musadore Antoinette Watkins, & Robert H Watkins.

      c. James Atkinson b. March 3, 1802 Greene Co, Ga d. after 1880 census, Morgan Co, Ga (M) Mariah Butler  Oct. 17, 1825 Morgan Co, Ga.  The had 8 children: Thomas L B Atkinson b. 1826, William Atkinson b. 1817, James Atkinson Jr. b. 1830, Frances Atkinson b. 1832, Edward James Atkinson b. 1834, George Atkinson b. 1836, Rebecca Atkinson b. June 19, 1838, Mariah Atkinson b. abt 1841 


(2) Rachael Born CA 1754-55 Northampton Co., NC Died Jefferson Co., Ga. Will Pro. 1816
(M) John Green SR  About 1775 Onslow Co., NC
Will of Rachael Green, Jefferson Co., Ga.- :Being in ill health, sons John Green and Hinchey Green to inherit all portion of my property, the undivided portion of my deceased husband's estate, John Green
Exrs. Warren Green & Benjamin Sherrod
Wits: Henche Waren, John L. Raiford, William Marshall 

1781 Onslow Co., NC Tax List (Richland District)

#59 John Green


(3)  Hinchy Jr., Born CA 1756/57 Northampton Co., NC-Died Conecuh Co., Ala after 1830
(Removed to Conecuh Co., Ala-abt 1818 (1820, 1830 Census)
(M) Nancy (_________) Born CA 1770 NC Died After 1850 Pickens Co., Ala
(Had at least 1 son, and 2 Dtrs.)

1818 Conecuh Co, Ala Tax List
Richard Warren
Hanchey Warren (Hinchey) (Brother to Richard)
Ketral Warren (Kittrell) (son of Josiah, nephew to Richard)
Laban Warren (son of Richard)
Malakiah Warren (son of Richard)
Robert Warren  (son of Richard)

1819 Tax List, Conecuh Co, Ala
Key: The names of persons owning or holding any taxable property; amount of sales of merchandise in the year 1819; number of wheels on pleasure carriage; number of white polls; no of free persons of color; number of slaves; amount of territorial taxes. Incl:

Henchey Warren 0,0,1,0,18 9 62 1/2 (Brother of Richard)

'I, R.L. Deens, assessor of the general tax of said County of Conecuh do hereby then preasance affirm that the within list of Taxable property is as just a list as could be obtained in said County according to the Unorganised situation of said County and the extensiveness of the same. The County is supposed to be one hundered and seventy miles in length and senty in breadeth and but about four known muster Grounds in said County on the last day of July last and they nearly as it were at one end of the County.' 

1820 Conecuh Co., Alabama Census PRINTED

P 364-(38) HINCHEY WARREN  (Bro of Richard)
2 Males over 21 yrs, 1 Male und 21 yrs
1 Fe over 21 yrs, 2 Fe und 21 yrs. 5 slaves

1830 Conecuh Co., Ala
P 102-Hinchey Warren 1 Male 70-80, 1 FE 60-70 and 5 slaves (Bro to Richard)
See 1840 & 1850 Pickens Co., Ala for family of Samuel Noland and NANCY WARREN, Wid. of Hinchey Warren -She is 80 yrs old 1850 census.

a. Elizabeth Born CA 1794 GA 
                    (M) ____O'Daniel 
                    (1850 Pickens Co, Ala-HH  with mother)
                     1. Sarah Born Ca 1830 Ala (single 1850 Pickens Co, Al)

b. Son-Name Unknown to me. 

c  Nancy  Born 1809  Ga. Died 1878 Olney Pct., Pickens Co. Ala
            Widow, 1870 Olney Pct., Pickens Co, Ala w/2 children in HH
             (M) Samuel Noland abt 1828 Conecuh Co. Ala.
              Born 1796 Died 1864 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co, Ala
              Both buried in Noland Cemetery, Pickens Co, Ala w/other family members
              Farmer, 1850 & 1860 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co., Ala
              Samuel Noland had sev. children by previous marriage
              Children NOLAND 
              1. Mabry Born Ca 1829 Conecuh Co., Ala Died in Civil War May 18, 1862
                  1850 Pickens Co, Farmer, wife, No children
                  Farmer, wife & 3 children, 1860 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co, Ala
                  (M) Mary Brandon Ca 1850 Pickens Co, Ala
                         Born Ca 1830 Ala
                         Widow w/4 children, 1870 Olney Pct., Pickens Co, Ala
                         Widow w/4 children, 1880 Stuckey, Pickens Co, Ala
                         a. Lewis S. Born Ca 1852 Pickens Co., Ala
                             (M) Mammie Sherrod Feb 16, 1888 Pickens Co., Ala 
                         b. John J. T. Born Ca 1854 "
                             (M) L. J. Fulgham Dec 23, 1884 Pickens Co., Ala
                         c. Ophelia Born Ca 1857 " 
                             (M) W A Elmore Dec 29, 1881 Pickens Co, Ala
                         d. Mary Ann  E Born Ca 1860 " Single 1880 
              2. Nancy Born Ca 1830 Conecuh Co., Ala 
                  Widow 1870 Pickens Co
                  Widow, 1880 HH of son George C Johnson, Olney & Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala 
                  (M) Samuel Johnson Ca 1852
                         Born Ca 1830 Ala-Died Pr to 1870
                         Farmer, 1860 Pickens Co., Ala  
                         a. Mary E. Born Ca 1854 Pickens Co., Ala
                         b. George C. Born Ca 1857 "
                             (M) Martha A. ____
                                    Born Ca 1859 Ala
                         c. John James S. Born Ca 1859 "
                            (M) Lula _____
                                   Born Ca 1861 Ala
                        d. Abraham Born Ca 1860 "
              3. Hinchey Warren Born Sept 30, 1831 Conecuh Co., Ala 
                  Died Nov 1, 1903 Rankin Co., Miss
                  Overseer, Single, 1860 Pickens Co, Ala
                  Enumerated 2 times, 1870 Pickens Co, Ala wife/no children
                  Farmer, 1880 Rankin Co., Miss , wife, 2 children
                  Farmer 1900 Rankin Co., Miss (M) 31 Yrs
                  (M) Mary Georgianna "Ann" Miller Ca 1869
                         Born Jan, 1856 Ala 
                         1900 Rankin Co., Miss (M) 31 yrs, had 2 children, 2 living
                         a. William A C Born Ca 1873 MS
                         b. Nancy E. Born Ca 1877 MS
              4. Elmira Born CA 1834 Conecuh Co., Ala
                  Widow 1880 Olney & Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala, NO children in HH
                  (M) Jimmy Gibson
              5. Philip Aubrey, Jr Born Jan 10, 1836 Conecuh Co., Ala
                  Died Sept 21, 1889 Pickens Co, Ala
                  Farmer, 1880 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co., Ala wife & 3 ch
                  (M) Ann Stapp July 25, 1866 Pickens Co., Ala
                         Born Sept 17, 1844 Died Sept 19, 1928
                         Liberty Church Cemetery, Pickens Co., Ala
                         Widow, 1900 Pleasant Grove, Pickens, Ala 17th Pct Had 5 children, 3 living
                         a. Ophelia Holloway Born July 20, 1867 Died Dec 6, 1886-Bethesda Cem., Pickens Co, Ala)
                         b. William Samuel Born Aug 28, 1869 Died April 22, 1950
                             Farmer, 1900 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co., Ala (M) 7 yrs
                             (M) Henrietta S. "Etta" Kirk Jan 11, 1893 Pickens Co, Ala
                                    Born Oct., 1873 Ala
                                    1. John T. Born Jan, 1894 Pickens Co., Ala
                                    2. William H Born April, 1895 "
                                    3. Vivian T. Born Jan, 1897 "
                                    4. Anne E. Born Feb., 1899 "
                             (M) #2 Patty___
                         c. Luther Burton Born March 14, 1870 Died Aug 5, 1887
                             Bethesda Cem., Pickens Co, Ala
                         d. John Thomas Born March 30, 1875 Died June 23, 1951
                             Gordo, Alabama 
                             Farmer, 1900 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co., Ala 17th Pct
                             (M) Rebecca Elizabeth Carver Jan 3, 1900 Pickens Co, Ala
                                    Born Nov 6, 1878 Died Oct. 19, 1945
                         e. James Lester Born Sept 11, 1880 Died April 13, 1950
                             Single, Farmer 1900 Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co., Ala 17th Pct
                             (M) Lula Juredia Daniel Dec 19, 1900 
                                    Born Oct 1, 1885 Died Dec 12, 1975
                                    Both Buried Liberty Cemetery, Pickens Co, Ala
              6. Sampson Born Ca 1837 Alabama missing 1860
              7. James Born Dec., 1840 Pickens Co., Alabama Died July 21, 1901 ?
                  Single, Farmer, 1870 Pickens Co., Ala

                  (M( #1 Mary Lee______after 1870-She was b.Dec 19, 1841 & died April 29,1875 (New Bethany Cem., Pickens Co, Ala
                  Single, Farmer, 1880 Francona, Pickens Co., Ala
                  Farmer, 1900 23rd Pct Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala (M) 12 Yrs
                  (M) #2 Sarah A. Carlile, June 26, 1888 (July 3) Pickens Co, Ala
                         Born Jan, 1845 Ala
                         1900 Pickens Co, Ala-Marr. 12 yrs., Had 7 children, 7 living
                          a. Myriane Born April, 1889 Pickens Co., Ala"
                          b. James Born Nov, 1890 "
                          c. Mary A. Born March, 1892 "
                          d. John R. Born Dec., 1893 "
                          e. Edgar P. Born April, 1895 "
                           f. Milton L. Born July, 1897 "
                          g. Sarah E. Born May, 1899 "
              8. Angeline Born Ca 1845 Pickens Co., Ala
                  Single, HH of sister Elmira Gibson 1880 Pickens Co, Olney & Bethany Pct
                  (M) William Goodwin, Feb 2, 1890 Pickens Co, Ala
              9. David/Davis Born Ca 1846 Pickens Co., Ala -Missing 1880 
                  (shown as David 1850, & Davis in 1860)
                  1870 Pickens Co., Ala Farmer, wife/no children
                   (M) Margaret____
            10. Jethro Born Ca 1847 Pickens Co., Ala-Missing 1860
            11. John Born Ca 1848 Pickens Co., Ala Died Sept 21, 1852
            12. George W. Born October, 1849 Pickens Co., Ala
                  (1900 Census shows born 1847)
                  Farmer, 1880 Olney & Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala
                  Farmer, 1900 23rd Pct, Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala (M) 25 yrs
                  (M) Nancy Evans
                         Born Nov, 1851 Ala
                        1900 Census shows Had 9 children, 8 living (M) 25 yrs
                         a. John Born Ca 1869 Pickens Co., Ala
                         b. Lizzie Born Ca 1871 "
                         c. George Born Ca 1873 "
                         d. Stella Born Ca 1876 "
                         e. Pearley Born Ca 1878 "
                         f. Jim Born May, 1880 "
                         g. Mary Born April, 1883 "
                         h. Tom Born Jan, 1888 "
                          i. Addie Born Feb, 1891 "

Alina Noland, age 8 yrs, appears in HH of Aunt Elmira Gibson, 1880 Olney & Bethany, Pickens Co., Ala-I do not know to which brother she belongs-sgs

Bethesda Cemetery, Pickens Co, Ala

Ophelia Noland, dau. of 
P(Philip). & A.(Ann) Noland 
July 20, 1867 - Dec. 6, 1883 

L. B. Noland 
Son of A.(Ann) & P(Philip). Noland 
March 14, 1870 - Aug. 5, 1887 

Mary Lee, wife of 
James Noland 
Dec. 19, 1841 - Apr. 29, 1875 
33 years, 4 months, 10, days 

Register of Certificates Cahaba Land Office, July 1820 to December, 1835 Bk 304
Jan 9, 1834, Samuel Noland, Res. of Conecuh Co., (Sect. 29-T/S 6-Range 10)

BLM Land Records, Alabama
Samuel Noland April 2, 1835 Cahaba Land Office Document # 17850 Accession No AL480 Serial No 263. 79.75 Ac, Cash entry Sale
Samuel Noland, April 2, 1835 Cahaba Land Office Doc # 17851 Accession No AL 0480 Serial No 264, 79.75 Ac Cash entry sale
Samuel Noland, Oct. 15, 1835 Cahaba Land Od\ffice Doc.# 20769 Accession No. AL0540, Serial No 451, 39.87 Ac Cash entry sale

1830 Conecuh Co., Ala
P. 107 Samuel Noland (M) Nancy Warren, dtr of Hinchey Warren  JR & wife Nancy (Bro. to Richard)1 M 30-40, 1 M Und 5, 1 F 20-30, 2 F 5-10, 1 F Und 5 

1840 Pickens Co., Ala P 332 Samuel Noland
2 M Und 5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 10-15 (Samuel is apparently missing)
1 F 20-30, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 10-15, 1F 5-10, 1F Und 5

1850 Pickens Co, Ala
P 34 HH 458-478
Mabry Noland 21 M Ala Farmer (Born Ca 1829)
Mary " 20 F Ala 

P43b HH 477-497
Nancy Warren 80 F NC (Widow of Hinchey Warren Jr)
Elizabeth O'Daniel 56 F Ga
Sarah O'Daniel 20 F Ga

P 46a, HH 511-532
Samuel Noland 59 M SC
Jane " 24 F Ala (Ca 1826) Dtr by Prev. Marriage
Nancy " 20 F Ala (Ca 1830)
Hinchey " 17 M Ala (Ca 1833)
Elmira " 16 F Ala (Ca 1834)
Phillip " 15 M Ala (Ca 1835)
Sampson " 13 M Ala (Ca 1837)
James " 12 M Ala (Ca 1838)
Angeline " 5 F Ala (Ca 1845)
David "  4 M Ala (Ca 1846) (Davis in 1860 Census)
John " 2 M Ala (Ca 1848)
Jethro " 3 M Ala (Ca 1847)
George W " 1 M Ala (Ca 1849)

1855 STATE CENSUS, ALABAMA, Pickens County
Noland, L. N. 
Noland, Phillip 
Noland, Sampson, Jr. 
Noland, Samuel 
Noland, Sampson 
Noland, Samuel, Jr. 

1860 Census Pickens Co, Ala P 827 HH 659-583
Samuel Johnson 30 M Ala Farmer 650/700
Nancy " 30 F Ala (Noland)
Mary E " 4 F Ala
George " 3 M Ala
John S " 1 M Ala

P 840 Pleasant Grove PO So. Div HH 774-680
Samuel Noland 63 WM Farmer SC 3300/33,000
Nancy " 53 WF Ga (Warren)
Hinchey " 27 WM Ala Overseer /1200
Philip " 22 WM Ala Teacher, School /120
Elmira " 24 WF Ala
James " 18 WM Ala Student
Angeline " 15 WF Ala
Davis " 14 WM Ala
George " 11 WM Ala
HH 779-684
Mabry Noland 34 WM Ala Farmer 1500 (sh be 31 here, was 21 in 1850)
Mary " 33 WF Ala (Brandon)
Lewis S " 8 WM Ala
John T. " 6 WM Ala (John J?)
Ophelia " 3 WF Ala

Noland, H.W. Confederate Infantry 42nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Noland, Hinchy W. Confederate Infantry 42nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Noland, James Confederate Infantry 42nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Noland, Maberry Confederate Infantry 40th Regiment, Alabama Infantry*
*Killed in Service, May 18, 1862
Noland, Philip Confederate Infantry 42nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Noland, Philip Confederate Infantry 2nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Noland, Philip J. Confederate Infantry 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

Muster Roll of 19th Ala Infantry Regiment Aug 1861 - Apr 1865
Includes: NOLAND, Philip J. Private A Aug 10, 1861, Gordo, Ala 

1870 Pickens Co, Ala P 150 HH 32-32
Nancy Johnson 39 WF Ala Farmer 150/300 (Noland)
Marry " 14 WF @ school (Mary)
George " 13 WM Ala @ school
James F " 11 WM Ala @ school (1860 has John T)
Abram " 10 WM Ala

P152a HH 68-68 Olney Pct & PO
H W Noland 38 WM Ala 250 (Hinchey Warren Noland)
Georgia " 16 WF Ala

HH 72-72
Mary Noland 40 WF Ala 100/130 (Wid of Mabry Noland)
L S " 18 WM Ala
J C " 17 WM Ala  (John J)
Ophelia " 14 WF Ala
Ann " 10 WF Ala

P 156b HH 145-145
Hinchey Noland 37 WM Ala  Enumerated 2 times
Ann " 26 WF Ala     

P 156a HH 138-138
Nancy Noland 62 WF Ga 1500/200 HK (Warren)
James " 27 WM Ala 300/100
Angeline " 25 WF Ala

HH 143-143
George Noland 21 WM Ala farmer /125
Nancy " 19 WF Ala (Evans)
John " 1 WM Ala

HH 144-144
Davis Noland 23 WM Ala farmer 500/1,000
Margaret " 20 WF Ala

1880 Rankin Co., Miss P 411C
H W Noland 48 WM Ala SC Ga Farmer (Hinchey Warren Noland)
Mary G " 23 WF Ala Ala Ala wife (Miller)
William A C " 7 WM Miss Ala Ala son
Nancy E " 3 WF Ms Ala Ala Dtr
M E Miller 45 WF Al Al Al (M-I-L)

1880 Pickens Co., Ala
P 579 Stuckey PO
Mary Noland 50 WF Al NC SC Farming
Louis S " 26 WM Al Al Al son, single (M) Mammie Sherrod Feb 16, 1888 Pickens Co
John J " 25 WM Al Al Al "  J J Noland (M) L J Fulgham Dec 23 1884 Pickens Co
Ophelier P " 22 WF Al Al Al dtr, single (M) W A Elmore Dec 29, 1881 Pickens Co
Mary E " 20 WF " " " "

P 655C Pleasant Grove
Phillip Noland 44 WM Al SC SC farming
Ann " 36 WF Al Al Al wife (Stapp)
Ophelia " 12 WF Al Al Al dtr @ School Died 1886
Willie S " 10 WM Al Al Al @ school (William Samuel (M) Etta Kirk Jan 11, 1893 Pickens Co
John T " 5 WM Al Al Al (J T Noland (M) R E Carver, Dec 23, 1900 Pickens Co

P 665 Olney & Bethany 
G C Johnson 22 WM Al Al Al Farmer (George C)
Martha A " 21 WF Al Al Al wife
Nancy Johnson 54 WF Al Al Al Mother (Noland)

James Johnson 20 WM Al Al Al Farmer
Luler " 19 WF Al Al Al wife
A J Richardson 50 WF Al Al Al Rel: Other
J W Russell 22 WM Al Al Al (Her son)

P 678B Olney & Bethany
Elmira Gibson 46 WF Al Ga SC Farming (Noland)
Angeline Noland 36 WF Al __ __ sister (M) William Goodwin Feb 2, 1890 Pickens Co
Alina Noland 8 WF Al Niece (Whose Dtr?)
& 2 bl domestics

P 678B Olney & Bethany
G W Noland 30 WM __ __ __ (George W) No Occ given
Nancy " 26 WF Al SC Ga wife (Evans)
John " 12 WM Al SC Ga son
Lizzie " 9 WF Al SC Ga dtr
George " 7 WM Al SC Ga son
Steller " 4 WF Al SC Ga dtr
Pearly " 2 WF Al SC Ga dtr

P 686D, Pickens Co., Francona 
James Noland 38 WM Ala SC SC Farm Labor
& 2 Black Domestics

Noland, Johnnie Warren 28 Aug 1898 Rankin MS W
Noland, William Albert C. 27 Jan 1874 Rankin MS W


(4) Josiah (Capt., Rev. War) Born March 22, 1754*  in  Northampton Co., NC d. October 1, 1805* Montgomery Co, Ga.. (Inv. of Est made June 10th, 1808  & Sept 2, 1808 ) *Birth & death dates from son Lott Warren
(M) Nancy Doty, (1780 MB) Onslow Co, NC  Sec: Hinchey Warren, Benajah Doty
*His birth date has also been given as March 22, 1759-His son Lott Warren gives his birth date as March 22, 1754.(where he names his parents/brothers/sisters, Georgia Archives)

Nancy Doty was b. February 15, 1748* & d. December 31, 1806* Ref-birth & death dates from son Lott Warren, Georgia Archives)

Historical Register of Officers of the continental Army During the War of the Revolution by Francis B. Heitman.
Fifteenth Virginia, page 570.
Warren, Josiah (GA) Captain Georgia Militia wounded at Savannah, 9th. Oct. 1779

History of Laurens Co, Georgia 1807-1904- (Hart) P 518, 519: Josiah Warren moved to Burke Co, Ga,  soon after the Revolution, and settled near Brier Creek, where Josiah was a deacon of Bark Creek Baptist Church.  Both Mr. & Mrs. Warren  were buried at Poplar Springs Church

Montgomery Co., Ga., June 10, 1808-INVENTORY & APPRAISAL of Estate of JOSIAH WARREN, late of Montgomery Co, Deceased: Included itemized list, including Negroes, names-, filed by Benajah Warren, Charles Culpepper . Appraisers: Noah Stringer, William Whitehead, Joshua Hightower

Sept., 2, 1808 Appraisal by Joshua Hightower, Noah Stringer, Jeremiah Connerly, shown to them by Benajah Warren & Charles Culpepper, Executors of Est. of Josiah Warren, dec'd.

Children of Capt. Josiah Warren & wife Nancy Doty (Not in order)

a. Rachael Warren Died -Will Aug 16, 1832 Houston Co, Ga 
(M) Rev. Charles Culpepper from Wilkinson Co, Ga (No Children)  This couple took in her younger bros/sisters after her parents died.

Houston Co, Ga Will Bk A
Page 2114: Will of Rachel (Warren) Culpepper, dated August 16, 1832; probated September 10, 1832; no recording date. "I, Rachel Culpepper, widow, give to my brother-in-law Joseph Hill of the County of Wilkinson......brothers Lott Warren of Twiggs County, Eli Warren of Laurens County and Kittrell sister Sally Scarborough ......cousin Elizabeth Joseph Hill......nephew Abraham M. Scarborough, 'my pied horse called Ned' Joseph Culpepper......sisters Sally Scarborough, Polly Hill and Patsy Warren and brother Sampson Culpepper. " Rachel's brother Eli Warren was the executor. Witnesses were James L. Baskin, Charles H. Patillo and John Smith, J.P.

b. Josiah Robert Warren Born CA 1781 Onslow Co, NC (M) Margaret Ann Martin Jan. 11, 1814 Montgomery Co, Ga   He died 1838 Randolph Co, Ga (According to brother Lott Warren, Josiah lived in Georgetown, Quitman Co, Ga*.-Had 2 sons, Martin & Luther; Luther had a dtr Martha.(*Quitman Co, formed 1858 fr Randolph, Stewart)

   1. Martin Warren (Ref: Uncle Lott Warren's history, Georgia Archives)

   2. Luther C. A. Warren b. abt 1821 GA (Ref-Uncle Lott Warren's history) d. 1870's Quitman Co, Georgia .1850 Randolph Co, Georgia,  1860 Quitman Co, Ga-Occ: Clerk/Court;  1879 Georgetown, Quitman Co, Ga (Hatchet Station Legislator Repr. (Quitman Co was created 1858 fr Randolph/Stewart)   1880 Quitman Co, Ga Widow & some children. 

 (M) #1 Mary______b. 1822 Ga d. pr to 1855 

(M) #2  Clementine C. Guilford May 17, 1855 Randolph Co, Ga b. Jan 6, 1829 Ga d. pr to 1865. 

(M) #3 Mary Rebecca "Emma" Clark abt 1865 She was b. Jan, 1843 Ala d. 1912 New Orleans, La. Children's info from Census records & Roots Web World Connect) She lived 1880 Quitman Co, Ga w/children; She was a Dressmaker, 1900 New Orleans, La. in HH of Dtr Minnie Burtz.  She is living w/dtr Minnie Burtz, 1910 New Orleans, LA

      By wife #1

      a. Harriett b. abt 1844 Ga

      b. Margaret C. b. abt 1845 Ga

      c. Josephine E. b. abt 1849 Ga

      d. Martha b. abt 1852 Ga died pr to 1870

      By #2 wife

      e. Mary C. b. abt 1856 Ga (HH of Uncle/Aunt John & Roxana Guilford, bro. & sister of her mother, 1880 Quitman Co, Ga)

      f. Morgan L. b. Oct, 1858/60 Ga (1880 Quitman Co, Ga, HH of Uncle/Aunt John & Roxana Guilford (bro & sis to his mother, as "Nephew";  Single, age 39, b. Oct., 1860, 1900 Quitman Co, Ga HH of John & Eliza Lanford/Shanford?  as "Cousin" -1930 E. Carroll Paarish, Louisiana Morgan L Warren b. abt 1868 GA w/wife & children

      g. child 1860 d. pr to 1870

      By #3 wife

      h. Edwin b. abt 1866 missing 1880 census

      i. Lena America b. abt 1867 Ga (single, HH of Mother Emma Warren, 1880 Quitman Co, Ga)

      j. Miriam Hamilton "Minnie" b. March, 1869 Ga d. New Orleans, La. December 2, 1927.  (Twin)--Lived 1900 New Orleans, La., He was a Conductor, She was a dressmaker, w/her mother in HH; She is 1910 New Orleans, La, with her children & her mother in her HH. -some of these her Burtz children went to Arkansas, then California

          (M) Joshua Campbell Burtz Oct. 14, 1884 Barbour Co, Ala. He was b. July, 1860 GA  They Divorced pr to 1910 LA

                  Children Burtz:

                  .1. Mary b. abt 1886

                   2. Frederick b. 1888 d. Los Angeles, California

                   3. John (Jay) C. b. 1892 d. Los Angekes, California

                   4. Raymond b. 1895

                   Albert b. 1897

      k. Albert b. March 1869 Ga (Twin) 

c. Benajah Warren Born Oct. 25, 1782 NC Died Jan 4, 1835 Jefferson Co, Miss
    (M) Floraba (Ferriba) Stringer  Mont. Co, Ga  May 6, 1810
    Born May 7, 1791 Died: Aug. 16, 1866 Jefferson Co., Miss
    Both buried Warren Family Cemetery, now located on timber land, Jefferson Co, Miss
    Removed to Miss, abt 1820
    (Ref: Nancy Brister's line-she has pictures of their grave markers posted on line.

d. Kittrell Warren (Baptist Minister) Born October 17, 1786 Burke Co, Ga d. Jan. 25, 1838 Houston Co, Georgia .(lived in 1820 Conecuh, Ala; 1830 Clarke Co, Ala., moved back to Georgia., settling in Houston Co. where Bro. Gen. Eli Warren lived. (Kittrell's  3 sons in 1850 Lee Co, GA)

    (M) Martha "Patsy" Lowe  Floyd

1818 Conecuh Co, Ala Tax List
Richard Warren
Hanchey Warren (Hinchey) (Brother to Richard)
Ketral Warren (Kittrell) (son of Josiah, nephew to Richard)
Laban Warren (son of Richard)
Malakiah Warren (son of Richard)
Robert Warren  (son of Richard)

1819 Tax List, Conecuh Co, Ala
Key: The names of persons owning or holding any taxable property; amount of sales of merchandise in the year 1819; number of wheels on pleasure carriage; number of white polls; no of free persons of color; number of slaves; amount of territorial taxes. Incl:

Ketrol Warren 0,0,1,0,3 2 12 1/2 s/o Josiah & Nancy  Doty Warren)

'I, R.L. Deens, assessor of the general tax of said County of Conecuh do hereby then preasance affirm that the within list of Taxable property is as just a list as could be obtained in said County according to the Unorganised situation of said County and the extensiveness of the same. The County is supposed to be one hundered and seventy miles in length and senty in breadeth and but about four known muster Grounds in said County on the last day of July last and they nearly as it were at one end of the Co

1820 Conecuh County, Alabama Census
Warren, Kitrel
1 male over 21, 3 males under 21
1 female over 21, 1 female under 21
3 slaves

1830 Clarke County, Alabama
Warren, Ketral
1 male under 5, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 40-50
1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 40-50

(1850 Lee Co, Ga, .Dist. 50-Elijah H Warren, b. 1818 GA,  E.(benezer) W. Warren, Farmer b. 1820 Ala, wi/Celia G. & 2 children & Kittrell J. Warren b. 1828 Alabama,  Lawyer

1. Elijah H b. abt 1818 Georgia d. after 1870 (single Physician, 1850, 1860 Lee Co, Ga, single Minister of Gospel, 1870 Walker Co, Ga., HH of Drury Singletary

2. Rev. Ebenezer Willis Warren b. abt 1820 Conecuh Co, Ala d. after 1880 Bibb Co, GA (M) #1-Selah Gresham Janes (M) #2 Malvina_________b. 1830 Ga_(from 1860 census) (M) #3 Mary Caroline Bacon  Oct. 10, 1866 Bibb Co., Ga.(Farmer 1850 Lee Co, Ga: Baptist Minister, 1860-1880 Macon, Bibb Co, Ga-Widow , Mary Caroline Bacon Warren  b. July, 1837 Ga. & son, Louis Bacon Warren. b. Jan, 1876 GA, Minister, lived 1900 Macon, Bibb Co, Ga, She lives alone, age 72 yrs, 1910 Macon, Bibb Co, GA

    By wife #1

    a. William Kitrell Warren b. abt 1848 Ga. -missing 1870 census-did he die in Civil War?

        Soldiers/Sailors Civil War Service Records-Georgia- W. K. Warren, Regt-7 Georgia Reserves, Co K, Confederate, Priv/Priv Film M 226, Roll 63

       Also shown as William K Warren, 7th Georgia Infantry, Co K Confederate, Pri/Pri

    b. Octavia Sarah  b. abt 1850 Ga d. Feb. 13, 1877 Buried Oakland Cem., Atlanta, Georgia (M) Andrew Jefferson Beck

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia, Beck Mrs Octavia 2-13-1877 27 yrs

    c. Cora Selah b. abt 1851 Ga  d. May 30, 1938, age 87 yrs. Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia (M) abt 1871 Alexander Beck, Jr  He was born Jan, 1849, d Nov 19, 1908 Atlanta, Ga age 59 yrs Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA-Lived 1880, 1900 Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia-Beck,  Cora Warren 5-30-1938 87yrs; Beck,  Alex 11-19-1908 59 yrs

    By wife #3 (Her only child)

    d. Rev. Louis Bacon  b. Jan 1, 1876  Atlanta, GA d. 1943, age 67 yrs. (Biog. Below)-did not  marry, (lived 1900 Bibb Co, Ga w/mother, 1910 Owensboro, Kentucky, Single Minister, did not locate 1920; appears, age 52 yrs, single, Clergyman, 1930 Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga, as Roomer in HH of Mary W. Blodgett

3. Kittrell J. Warren  b. abt 1828 Alabama d. after 1880  (Single Lawyer, 1850-1880 Lee Co, Ga)  listed as Kittie J. Warren, single, WM,  lawyer & Judge, CC,  1880 Leeburg , Lee Co, Ga in Tison HH. (also appears in Uncle Eli Warren HH, 1880 Lower Town, Houston Co, Ga, single, Lawyer)  He served w/Lee County Volunteers, CSA, Civil War

Soldiers/Sailors, Civil War Records:--Kittrell J Warren, Regt-11th GA Infantry, Co. B, Confederate, Private/Private Film M 226 roll 6

LOUIS BACON WARREN, D.D.: L. B. Warren was a direct descendant of one of the most distinguished families in the South. (His father was Rev. Ebenezer WillisWarren & Srlah Gresham Janes, below) His grandfather was Josiah Warren, a native of Virginia and a Captain in the Revolutionary War. His grandfather was Rev. Kittrell Warren, a Baptist preacher of marked ability and for a number of years a leading pastor in Alabama. His father was Dr. Ebenezer W. Warren, who after practicing law for some time and making a success of it, entered the ministry, and later served the First Churches of Atlanta, Georgia; Richmond, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; and the Tattnall Square Church, Macon, Georgia. His maternal grandfather was Major Edwin Bacon of Liberty County, Georgia. His mother was Miss Caroline Mary Bacon, a granddaughter of Dr. Henry Holcombe, founder of colleges, and finally pastor of the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our subject was born in Atlanta, Georgia, January 1, 1876. His childhood was spent in Richmond, Virginia and his youth and young manhood in Macon, Georgia. His educational advantages were the best and included attendance at the public schools in Macon, Georgia, and Mercer University. He studied later at Richmond College, the University of Chicago, the University of Georgia, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He acquired the degrees of LL.B., A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by Bethel College. In May, 1898, he enlisted with American volunteers in the Spanish-American War and was attached to Company F., First Georgia Regiment. He served as private and corporal until he was appointed as Chaplin [sic] of the Third Georgia Regiment by Governor Atkinson, with which he served until the end of the war. After the war he was elected as Chaplain of the Georgia-Alabama veterans of this war.Brother Warren was converted in April, 1898, and baptized by his father into the fellowship of the Tattnall Square Church at Macon, Georgia. He felt the call of God to preach at once and responded to that call. He was ordained by the Tattnall Square Church in May, 1898, and very soon afterwards left as a volunteer for the army. Rev. E. W. Warren, his father, and Revs. C. A. Turner, Millard Jenkens, E. B. Carroll, and John E. Briggs composed the presbytery at his ordination. After his return from the war he became pastor of the Church at Ocala, Florida, which he served in the years 1902-1905. After two years at the First Baptist Church of Beaumont, Texas, he assumed the pastorate of the First Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky in the year 1907. His very effective work with this Church continued until March, 1911, when he resigned to accept the care of the Second Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia, which he served in the years 1911-1912. In May, 1913, he became Superitendent [sic] of the Department of Church Extension of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He filled this important office until the year 1920 when he entered the evangelistic field. From 1920 to the year 1932 he effectively pursued this all-important work until he was stricken with blindness and was forced to retire from active participation in the ministry, after about thirty-three years of service. His death occurred in the early part of 1943 at the age of sixty-seven. He never married. Brother Warren was an exceptionally brilliant man and fulfilled his calling to an eminent degree. He was followed in the Owensboro pastorate by Rev. Millard Jenkens who was on the presbytery at his ordination.

e. Gen* Elijah H. Warren  Born Feb. 27, 1801 Burke Co, Ga d. Feb. 15, 1882  Houston Co, Georgia Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Houston Co, GA.   Occ: Attorney, State Rep. & State Senator from Laurens Co, Ga  *State Militia Title, having served in Indian Campaigns, Georgia (Joy Hobby's line) Lived 1840-1880, Houston Co, Ga

     (M) Jane Eliza Love, 1824  She was b. 1809 d. 1885 Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Houston Co, Ga-living in 1880 Perry, Houston Co, Ga

Thur. Feb. 16, 1882 Eastman Times
Death of Gen. Eli Warren
The many friends of General Eli Warren, one of the purest and noblest of men, will read with sorrow the sad news of his death which we copy from the Macon Telegraph of yesterday.
Fort Valley, GA Feb. 14, General Eli Warren died suddenly of heart disease at his home in Perry at 12:o'clock today. He had been suffering for 2 or 3 days with rheumatism in his feet, but his condition was not thought to be critical by his family or friends. He was 82 years old today. A grand old man is gone.

            1. Margaret A. b. abt 1830 Laurens Co., Ga  d. June 15, 1893 Durham, Orange Co, NC  (M) James William Lathrop abt 1848 He was b. 1815 Connecticut & d. Oct. 12, 1876 (Commission Merchant, 1850 Pulaski Co, Ga, 1860-1870 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga. Widow Margaret & children, 1880 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga. Her sister & bro-in-law Eliza Jane & Rev. Sylvanus Landrum in HH w/her.

             2. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jane Warren b. abt 1832 Laurens Co.,  Ga  d 1898 (M)  Sylvanus/Cill Landrum,  Minister of Gospe/Clergyman, March 30, 1852 Houston Co., Georgia. He was b. Oct 3, 1820 Oglethorpe Co, Ga, -lived 1860-1880 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga; 1880 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga , (HH of sister Margaret Lathrop & son James W Lathrop 1880) (lived Richmond, Virginia 1895 when sister Cornelia died 1895 (Houston Co, GA marriages-Sylvannus Landrum (M) Elizabeth G.(J) Warren March 30, 1852)

            3. Josiah L Warren b. 1834 d. Nov 27, 1894 Chatham Co, Ga Minister of Gospel, 1860 Milledgeville, Baldwin Co, Ga.; cotton merchant,1880 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga. 

                (M) Annie Eliza Ryan November 20, 1856 Chatham Co, Ga. She was b. abt 1835  She is a Widow, 1900 Hawkinsville, Pulaski Co, Ga w/2 dtrs & a gr/son in HH-apptly died pr to 1910

                        a. Margaret E.  b. abt 1858 Ga -single 1900 Pulaski Co, Ga, HH of mother/, 1930 Wd 3, Macon, Bibb Co, Ga Single '"Companion" in Warren D Nottingham HH

                        b. Martha V. b. abt 1860 Ga (M) Robert D. Munford  She lives w/mother 1900 Hawkinsville, Pulaski Co, GA, she appears 1910 Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga w/1 dtr

                        c. Eli b. October 31, 1861 d. Sept. 17, 1864 s/o J L & A E. Warren   Evergreen Cemetery, Houston Co, Ga

                        d. Josiah L. Jr. b. Feb 10, 18__ d.. July 23, 18__s/o J L & A E Warren  (did not appear on 1860, 1870 census) Evergreen Cemetery, Houston Co, Tx

                        e. Annie R. b. Oct. 10, 1863 Ga  d. Dec 27, 1903  (M) James .B. McDuffie  lived 1900 Hawkinsville, Pulaski Co, Ga

                        f. Col. Charles "Charlie" R. b. June, 1868 Ga.d. Pr to 1930 Florida   He was a Lawyer, 1900 Wilkes Co, GA; was a Lawyer, Gen'l Practice, 1910 Blountstown, Calhoun Co, Florida , & County Judge, 1920 Blountstown, Calhoun Co, Florida

                           (M) Grace Fuller, July 27, 1898 Abbeville, Wilkes Co, GA She was b. Sept, 1877  d. 1948 Alachua Co, Florida She is Demonstration Agent, 1920 Blountstown, Calhoun Co, Florida Home Demonstration  Dept, University,1930  Gainsville, Alachua Co, Florida

                                    1. Joe Love  b. June 23, 1902 Georgia-d. January 21, 1981 Calhoun Co, Florida ( May be listed as Jor R Warren 1930 Blountsville, Calhoun Co, Florida  -b. abt 1900 Fla, GA Ga, Clerk, Auto Parts Store)

                                    2. Fuller b. October 3, 1905 Florida d. Sept 23, 1973 Dade Co, Florida, He is a Lawyer, 1930 Jacksonville, Duval Co, Florida

                                         (M) Sally Mae    ______ b. abt 1908 Alabama

                                    3. Richard b. Nov 25, 1907 Florida d. July 17, 1971 Alachua Co, Florida, (single 1930, HH or mother)

                                    4. Julian  b. July 23, 1912 Florida d.  October 22, 1986 Alachua Co, Florida (single, 1930 HH of mother)

                                    5. Alma b. abt 1918 Florida (single 1930 HH of Mother)

                       g. Nina b. abt 1870 Ga (M) Charlrs Eugene Anderson Lived 1900 Macon, Bibb Co, GA

            4.  Cornelia Warren b. Oct. 4, 1837 Ga d. Dec. 2,1895 (M) Charles T.  Goode  He was b. Oct 29, 1835 d. Jan 15, 1875  Both with 3 children are buried Evergreen Cemetery Houston Co, Ga., 

            5. Martha Virginia Warren b. July 18, 1840 d. January 1, 1926 (M) Washington T. Grice  (Lawyer, 1880 Lower Town, Houston Co, GA, HH of Father-in-law) October 6, 1870 Houston Co, GA Both buried Evergreen Cemetery (lived Hawkinsville, Ga 1895)

                a. Josiah Warren Grice b. abt 1876 Ga

                b. Herbert Grice b. abt 1878 GA

             6. Mary b. abt 1849 Ga -single 1870 census  (M)  S  A.  Goodwin (lived New York, 1895, when sister Cornelia died)

f. Lott Warren Born Oct 30, 1797 Burke Co, Ga. Died June 17, 1861 Albany, Dougherty Co.,  Ga. Bur: Riverside/Oakview Cem   Occ: Lawyer, Judge, State Senator, Congressman & Bapt. Min, served in Seminole War in 1818 as 2nd Lt; again in 1823. -Lived 1820 Laurens Co, Ga, 1830, 1840 Lee Co, Ga, 1850 Baker Co, Ga, Not indexed.1860 Ga

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949
Biographies page 1979
WARREN, Lott, a Representative from Georgia; born in Burke County, near Augusta, Richmond County, Ga., October 30, 1797; attended the common schools; moved to Dublin, Laurens County, Ga., in 1816; served as a second lieutenant of Volunteers in the expedition against the Seminoles in 1818; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1821 and commenced practice in Dublin, Laurens County, Ga.; was also a regularly
ordained Baptist minister, but never filled a definite charge; moved to Marion in 1825; elected major of the State militia in 1823; member of the State house of representatives in 1824 and 1831; served in the State senate in 1830; solicitor general and judge of the southern circuit of Georgia 1831-1834; moved to Americus, Sumter County, in 1836; elected as a Whig to the Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh Congresses (March 4, 1839-March 3, 1843); was not a candidate for renomination in 1842; moved to
Albany in 1842; was judge of the superior court of Georgia 1843-1852; resumed the practice of his profession; died in Albany, Dougherty County, Ga., June 17, 1861; interment in Riverside Cemetery.

Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography
page 981
WARREN, LOTT, soldier, lawyer, state legislator, congressman, was born Oct. 30, 1797, in Burke county, Ga. He served in the Seminole war as a second lieutenant of militia in 1818; and in 1823 he was elected a major of battalion. In 1824 he was elected to the Georgia state legislature and in 1825 was appointed solicitor-general to fill a vacancy. In 1830 he was elected to the state senate.  In 1831 he was again elected to the lower house of the legislature, and was a representative in congress from 1839 to 1843. He died June 17, 1861, in Albany, Ga.[

    (M) Jane DeSableaux  Oct 19, 1820 Georgia d. Nov. 6, 1890 Res:  Americus, Sumter Co, Ga. Interment, Nov 7th, 1890 Riverside/Oakview Cemetery, Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga w/husband.  
She appears in HH of Dtr & Son-in-law, W M & Mary Ann Hardwick, 1880 Americus, Sumter Co, Ga as Mother in law, age 74 yrs, b. Ga Father b. France Mother b. Ga.
               1. Mary Ann b. Feby. 16, 1822  Duplin, Laurens Co., GA d. Feby. 19, 1909 Ga buried Riverside/Oakview Cemetery, Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga w/parents & husband (M) William Hardwick, Physician.  He was b. March 19, 1808 Hancock Co, Ga d. December 2, 1885 Ga buried Riverside/Oakview Cemetery, Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga-This couple had no children of their own-raised nephew Lott WARREN, b. 1856, s/o L P D Warren & Sarah Hines-Mary Ann Hardwick, Widow, appears in HH of Nephew Lott WARREN, 1900 Sumter Co, Ga as AUNT.

          2. Lewis Philip. Deseaubleaux Warren, b. abt 1829 Georgia d. Sept. 10, 1882 Albany, Georgia Buried Sept 11, 1882 Riverside/Oak View Cem., Ga (Lawyer & Judge of the Superior Court of the Albany Circuit Court (Resided Albany, Dougherty Co, 1870 & 1880)   (Some full names/complete birth dates taken from file of John Darsey, Roots web world connect.

Civil War Service Records: Dougherty Co, Ga.-Co. D, 32nd Regt.  L. P. D. Warren

              (M)  Sarah E. Hines, October 30, 1855 Dougherty Co, Ga Shewas b. March 24, 1835 Midway, Baldwin Co, GA died February 27, 1857 Albany, Dougherty Co, GA Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, GA.  She graduated at an early age from Wesleyan Female College, w/first honors.  member of Presbyterian Church in Albany, later transferring to Presbyterian Church, Macon, GA -Her only child was raised in the HH of his Aunt, Mary Ann Warred Hardwick

                       a. Lott WARREN  b. October 27,  1856 Dougherty Co., Ga. d. July 31, 1937 Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga (age not given).Cert # 22858--  University of Georgia 1875-appears as Lott Warren Hardwick in Aunt Mary Hardwick's HH, 1860 Americus, Sumter Co, Ga;  appears as Lott WARREN in 1870 Americus, Sumter Co, HH of Aunt Mary Hardwick;  Appears 1880  as LOTT WARREN Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga; Editor;  appears in 1900 as Lott WARREN, in Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga. Editor of Newspaper;  AND has Mary Warren Hardwick, Widow, in his HH as AUNT.. Lott WARREN (M) Theodosia Davis, Oct, 10, 1878 Dougherty Co, Ga.  Lott WARREN family appears 1910 Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga., (M) 31 yrs, Occ: Secretary, YMCA; He is a Farmer, 1920 Clarkesville, Habersham Co, Ga;, age 63 yrs;  1930 Atlanta Burough, DeKalb Co, Ga, No Occ, age 73 yyrs

                             (M) Theodosia Cates Davis, October 10, 1878 Dougherty Co, Ga She was b. September 21,  1859 GA & d. July 23, 1933  Habersham Co, GA, Cert # 17040.   The 1900 census shows she has had 7 children, only 4 living

                                    1. Elizabeth "Bessie"  Hines. Warren b. July 30, 1879 Dougherty Co, Ga (M) pr to 1900 Robert O. Middlemos.(Accountant/CPA) He was b. July, 1867 New Jersey. (appear in HH of her parents, 1900 Suumter Co, Georgia); live next door to her parents, 1920 Clarkesville, Habersham Co, Ga, 

                                    2. Clementine Hampton Warren  June 24, 1881 Missing1900

                                    3. William Hardwick Warren August 18, 1885 Missing 1900

                                    4  Lott Warren, Jr. b. November 4, 1888  Macon, GA-d. October 20, 1946, Fulton Co, Ga, age 56 yrs., Cert. #20661--. single, 1920 works for RR, Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga; ; Married, Salesman, Lumber Co, 1930  Wd 8, 1004 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga.

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Latt (Lott) WARREN. age 28. Res: 246 Myrtle, Atlanta, Ga, born November 4th, 1888, Natural born, Macon, Georgia, Occ: Clerk, Lumber Co., 200 Murphy Ave., Next of Kin: Wife, (Name not given) Married, Caucasian, What military experience have you had: 1 1/2 yrs. of school, Signed: Lott Warren, Jr. Description: Medium Ht, Medium Build, Gray eyes, Light Hair, No disability Pct 8, Atlanta, Ga June 1, 1917 Sig: Name Illegible, Registrar 

                                       (M) Virginia H. ________pr to 1930, b. abt 1904 New York

                                    5. Emma Eliza Warren July 15, 1890 d. pr to 1900

                                    6. Theodore  Davis Warren b. January 22, 1893 Americus, Sumter Co., GA -He was a Bookkeeper, Bank, 1920 Wd 6, Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga;--1930 Dist 10, Chesapeake, Elizabeth City, Virginia 37 WM Divorced, Ga Ga Ga Member of National Soldier's Home.

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Theodore Davis WARREN , age 24, Res: 246 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Natural born, Americus, Georgia, USA, Emp: Illegible, by H C McKenzie, Jonesboro, Fulton, Co. Ga; Support? No, Single, Caucasian, Military Experience? None, Do you claim grounds for exemption? Yes, Tried to enlist, but could not pass examination. Signed: Theodore Davis Warren Desc: Ht: Tall, Build: Medium, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Brown  Not bald; Disabilities: See Answer to question No 12. Sig: H M Key, 8th Ward, Co. Blank, State: Georgia June 1, 1917

                                        (M) Eulallie ______ pr to 1920 She was b. abt 1899 Ga. (Div.)

                                    7. Lewis Philip Deseaubleaux.Warren b. April 4, 1896 Americus, Sumter Co., GA--Single,1920 HH of Parents, Clarkesville, Habersham Co, Ga-Stationary Salesman, 1930 Ocean View T/S, Norfolk City, Norfolk, Virginia

                                        (M) Ruth_________She was b. abt 1900 Georgia

                                               a. Philip b. abt 1927 South Carolina

                                               b. Virginia b. abt 1926 North Carolina

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Philip D. WARREN, age 21, Res: 246 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Ga, Natural born, Americus, Ga, USA, Occ: Salesman, Purina Mfg. Co, Atlanta, Ga, Prev. Military? NO, Single, caucasian, No disabilities Sig: Philip D. Warren, Description:: Medium Ht,, Medium Build, Blue Eyes, Light Hair, Bald? No, Signed D W Ferguson, H McPherson, Fulton Ga., June 1, 1917 Endorsed by: John H Hullman, Registrar 6/5/17

 L P D Warren, SR  (M) #2 L.N Webb, (Louisa)  March 19, 1860 Dougherty Co, Ga -Louisa is a Widow, she & children 1900 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga, She has had 9 children, 9 are living

                    a. Robert Hardwick Warren b. April, 1861 Ga.  d. Jan. 5, 1943 Dougherty Co, Ga., age 81 yrs. (He is a Clerk, Post Office, 1880 Albany, Ga; He is a Bkkppr, 1900 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga., a Real Estate Agent, 1910 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga (M) 15 yrs.; is Secretary, Bank, 1920 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga & Real Estate & Insurance Agent, 1930 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga.

                        (M) Emma Muse  b. April, 1862 Alabama,  d. March 19, 1947 Dougherty Co, Ga,  age 79 yrs. (She has had 2 children, 2 living, in 1910 Albany, Ga)

                               1. Robert Hardwick Warren. JR b. May, 1896 Ga. d. Jan 22, 1949 Dougherty Co, Ga., age 53 yrs. He is single, 1920 Harp's Mill, Chattahoochie Co, GA, Camp Benning, Military Reservation, Soldier, US Army; (Civ. Draft Regist. below) He is a Real Estate & Insurance Agent, 1930 Albany, Dougherty Co Ga.  

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Dougherty Co., Ga-Robert H Warren, Jr, age 21, single WM b. March 31, 1895, Albany, Georgia, Res: 529 Broad St, Albany, Ga. Occ: Clerk, Med. Ht, Med. Build, Gray eyes, Light Hair, Not bald Sig: Robert H. Warren, Jr. Thomas C. Ramsey June 5th, 1917

                                    (M) Kathleen. "Kate" /"Ksthy" Law October 19, 1922  She was b. January 4, 1897  Ga d. Nov. 30, 1994 SSDI, Iss'd Ga pr to  1951 Last Res: Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga.

                                           a. Robert Hardwick Warren  III b.October 28, 1923 Dougherty Co, GA d. July 5, 2009 Albany, Dougherty Co, Georgia, Iss'd GA pr to 1951 (SSDI) (Had 3 children)

                                            b. Child-living

                               2. Sarah b. January 11, 1901 Ga.-d. Sept. 17, 1982 Contra Costa Co, California; single 1920 Albany, Ga (M) Coldren

                    b. Jane b. abt 1863 Ga

                    c. Clarence A. b. abt 1864 Ga. (M) Laura D. Wilds Dec. 29, 1898 Dougherty Co., Ga

                    d. Eli H. b. Oct., 1865 Ga d. April 2, 1945 Dougherty Co., Ga, age 80 yrs.  He is a foreman, 1900 Albany, Dougherty Co, GA-He is a Locomotive/RR Engineer, 1910-1930 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga

                        (M) Leila Cannon  She was b. Feby, 1867 GA  d. Nov. 9, 1942 Dougherty Co., Ga age 75 yrs

                               1. Roy Hampton. b. August 17,  1891 Ga .d. June 5, 1964 age 73 yrs, Dougherty Co, Ga.   He is a Machinist, Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga, & a RR Engineer, 1920 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga  HH of parents;  is a Conductor, RR, 1930 Albany, Dougherty Co,  GA

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Dougherty Co., Georgia-Roy Hampton Warren, WM age 24, Res: 216 First, Albany, Georgia, Natural born, Albany, Georgia, August 17, 1898, Occ: Clerk, Married Prec. Military: Privater, Infantry, National Guard of Georgia  Med. Ht, slender build, blue eyes, black hair, Signed: R H Warren   J J Hofmayer?, Albany, GA May 5, 1917  

                                   (M) Berta__________She was b. abt 1898 Ga  abt 1917

                                           a. Roy H. JR b. abt 1918 Ga

                               2. Bennie J.  b. abt 1902 Ga  He is a RR Clerk, 1930 Albany, Dougherty Co, GA Married 7 yrss   (M) Lubia McKinney, abt 1923. She was b. abt 1904  GA-NO children in HH, but her mother is in 1930

                   e. Louisa b. August 25, 1867 Ga d. July 29, 1944 Los Angeles, California (M) Barker

                    f. George B. b. June,1869 Ga d. Nov. 22, 1926 Dougherty Co, Ga. (single, shoe salesman, 1900 Albany,Dougherty Co, Ga,; (1910?) Single, Bookkeeper, Real Estate Office, 1920 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga

                   g. Mary b. abt 1872 Ga

                   h. Josiah b. abt 1875 Ga-did not locate 1900, 1910, 1920

                    i. Elizabeth "Lizzie"/"Bessie" b. May, 1877 Ga single, in bro. Robert H Warren HH, 1900 Albany, Dougherty Co, Ga

*Infant of R H Warren d. Dougherty Co., Ga July 30, 1924   I do not know if this was a child of Roy H or Robert H Warren-sgs

g. Hinchie Not named in sister Rachael's will, Aug, 1832 (Lot Warren shows he moved to Alabama, named a son Hinchey Warren)

h. Richard-Not named in sister Rachael's will, Aug, 1832

i. Silas- Not named in sister Rachael's will, Aug, 1832

j Sarah "Sallie" Born Ca 1803 Ga.
 (M) Ichabod Scarborough (Joyce Rape Harrison's line)

k Mary b, 1787 Georgia d. 1868-9 Georgia (age 56 in 1850 Wilkinson Co; age 73 in 1860 Worth Co.

   (M) Joseph Hill He was b. 1782 NC-d. 1858 -Named in sister Rachael's will-Joseph & Mary Hill live 1850 Wilkinson Co, Ga

          1. Josiah Warren Hill b.. 1813 GA -d. bet. 1862- 1870 Worth Co, GA-Lived 1850 Wilkinson Co, GA; 1860 Isabella PO, Worth Co,  Ga 

              (M) Mary Arminda Potts May 14, 1840 Wilkinson Co, GA. She was b. abt 1823 GA (Widow, 1870, 1880 Worth Co, GA)

                     a. Lott Warren b. abt 1840 GA

                     b. Nancy  b. abt 1843 GA-missing 1860 Worth Co, Ga 

                     c. Sarah b. abt 1845 GA

                     d. Robert Augustus b. abt 1848 GA-single 1870 Worth Co, GA HH of Wm. Jackson; 1880 Worth Co, GA w/wife & children

                         (M) Martha ________She was b. abt 1859 GA

                                 1. Thomas b. abt 1877 GA

                                 2. Rudus b. abt  1879 GA

                     e. Mary E. b. abt 1850 GA-missing 1860 Worth Co, Ga

                     f. Henrietta b. abt 1851 GA -single 1880 Worth Co, GA

                     g. Josiah Sapp  b. abt 1856 GA-single 1880 Worth Co, GA

                     h. Elizabeth Arminda  b. abt 1859 GA- single 1880

                     i. Josephine b. abt 1862 GA-single 1880

          2. Samuel Hill b. abt 1814-lived 1850 Dooly Co, GA; 1860 Worth Co, Ga near his brother Josiah & his mother.(did not locate 1870 GA) 

               (M) Frances Harriett Napier July 22, 1841 Wilkinson Co, GA  She was b. abt 1825 GA d. pr to 1860 census

                      a. Julian E. b. abt 1843 GA

                      b. Haskell H. b. abt 1844 GA-lived 1870 Early Co, GA

                          (M) Martha ________She was b. abt 1841 GA

                                  1. Amanda b. abt 1861 Ga

                                  2. Mary b. abt 1863 GA

                                  3. Sarah b. abt 1866 GA

                      c. Sebastian C. b. abt 1845 GA

                      d. Margaret C. b. abt 1847 GA

                      e. Charles C. b. 1850 GA

                      f. John b. abt 1852 GA

                      g. James b. abt 1853 GA

                      h. Samuel b. abt 1855 GA (HH of George W. Scarborough, 1870 Houstoin Co, GA)

          3. Julia Ann Hill b. abt 1816 GA d. 1862 Webster Co, GA (age 34 in 1850 census, age 44 in 1860 census,

              (M) Luke Bozeman abt 1843 (2nd wife)  He was b. May 23, 1803 Twiggs Co, GA d. Sept 14, 1869 Terrell Co, GA -Lived 1850 Stewart Co, GA, & 1860 Webster Co, Ga

                     a. Joseph Hill Bozeman b.Dec. 11, 1844 GA d.  Nov. 10, 1926 Limestone Co, TX

                         (M) Mary Frances Everett abt 1865. She was b. Oct. 9, 1846

                     b. Etheldred E. Bozeman b. abt 1846 GA

                     c. Sarah D. Bozeman b. abt 1848 GA

                     d. Francis Marian Bozeman . b. abt 1849 GA d.April 8, 1912 (lived 1880, 1900 Terrell Co, GA

                         (M) Margaret Louise Huckaby  April 10, 1867 Terrell Co, Ga She was b. May 27, 1850 GA d. Dec. 20, 1903 

                     e. Benajah Luke Bozeman b. abt 1852 GA

                     f.  Zimvi Ripley Bozeman b. abt 1853 GA ( lived 1880 Terrell  Co, GA                   

                         (M) Lucy Ann Tucker   She was b. abt 1850 GA

                     g. Samuel Soloman Bozeman b. abt 1855 GA (Shelby Bozeman's line)

                     h. Eliza I. Bozeman  b. abt 1856 GA

           4. Jessup Riley Hill b. abt 1818 GA (1860 Houston Co, GA;  1870 Worth Co, Ga 

               (M) Martha E. _____b. abt 1829 GA

                      a. Eli b. abt 1853 GA

                      b. Joseph b. abt 1855 GA

                      c. Sarah b. abt 1857 GA

                      d. Jessup Riley JR. b. 1860 GA-missing 1870

                      e. Cornelia b. abt 1864 GA

                      f. William b. abt 1866 GA

                      g. Martha b. abt 1870 GA

l. Martha (Patsy) Single, as of Aug, 1832-Named in sister Rachael's will

m. Charles-NOT Named in sister Rachael's will, Aug, 1832-Lott Warren shows Charles lived in Quitman Co, Ga as late as 1851.No Info

n. Nancy Doty b. abt 1792 Georgia d. 1830's, Mississippi (M) Abel Stringer March 11, 1810 Montgomery Co, Ga (Nancy was not named in sister Rachel's Will, 1832-Abel Stringer was a brother to Ferriba Stringer, w/o Benajah Warren who removed to Jefferson Co, Miss.

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Bride:Nancy Doty
Groom: Josiah Warren
Bond Date: 1780
County: Onslow
Record #: 01 096
Bondsman: Hinchy Warren; Benaja Doty (Fathers of the bride and groom)
Bond #: 000094156

SOURCE: Microfilm Roll #7485, pages 390-391, Montgomery County, Georgia Deeds and Mortgages – 1794-1808 (Washington Library Family History Room, Macon, GA) page 392

This Indenture made the third day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and two and in the twenty six year of American Independence. Between William McGeehee, of the State of Georgia and County of Jefferson of the one part, and Josiah Warren of Burke County and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William McGeehee for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred and twenty five dollars, to him in hand paid by the said Josiah Warren the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged himself therewith fully satisfied and paid and therefore have given granted bargained and sold – and by these presents doth give grant bargain sell confirm and convey unto the said Josiah Warren his heirs and assigns forever, A certain parcel of land being part of two tracts of land lying on and near the Oconee river, adjoining lands of Francis Pugh, deceased, Beginning at a Sassafras corner on the river bank and running north 60 East 20 chains a straight line to a pine corner of back survey, thence North 30 degrees west along the back line of five hundred acres survey to the middle or half of said line, then running a square line running south sixty degrees, west on a parallel line running from the Sassafras, or beginning corner to the river, then down the river to the beginning corner. Containing six hundred acres be the same more or less being part of two tracts one of four hundred acres, the other of five hundred acres, survey both granted to the said McGeehee Which above mentioned land I do and will forever warrant and defend in fee simple unto the said Josiah Warren, his heirs executors administrators or assigns from all and every person or persons, Whatsoever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this third day of February 1802.
In the presence of / William McGehee (Seal)
Test. John Cock /
John (his mark) Bass / Georgia, Burke County / This day came before me John Cock and being sworn as the law directs saith on his oath, that he was present and was called on as a witness & saw William McGeehee Sign and deliver the within deed to Josiah Warren and that he saw John Bass Witness the same - Sworn to before me this 26th day of June 1802. James Stephens J.P. / John Cock
Recorded this 22nd day of August 1803
From the same film, page 413:

INVENTORY and appraisement of the personal Estate of Josiah Warren late of Montgomery County, Deceased.
10th of June 1808
46 head of hogs $ 85.50
51 head of sheep $ 94.25
56 head of cattle $336.00
1 bay mare and colt 60.00
1 roan horse 70.00
1 black horse 40.00
14 head of hogs 10.00
14 head of geese 7.00
1 cart 10.00
5 ploughs 7.00
4 pair of plow gear 8.00
1 pair of raw hide gear ---
4 grubbing hoes 4.00
9 weeding hoes 3.63Ό
4 axes 4.00
carpenter tools 4.00
4 reap hooks 1.50
2 Iron wedges $1 Curry knife $1.50 2.50
1 scythe blade $4 Old Iron $2.50 3.50
2 Branding Irons .75
1 Loom $ Harness 7$ 3 bells .37½ 7.37½
Shoe tools 1$ 2 juggs 25cts 1.25
2 Saddles and 1 Bridle 4.00
2 flat Irons $1.50 3 baskets .50 2.00
4 Pair of sheep shears $ .50 2 Tables .50 1.00
3 pans 2 piggins churn stand 1.75
1 stand 4 barrels 1 Keg 1.50
2 Spinning Wheels 4 pair of cards 6.00
Pewter ware 7$. Tin Ware 2$75 9.75
Knives and forks 1$ Earthen ware 3$ 4.00
Cross cut saw & file 3$ grindstone 1$87½ 4.87½
1 tray 1$ 2 Bee hives 4$ glassware 1$ 6.00
1 stone pitcher .75 3 Smooth bore guns ---?--- --?—
page 57:
Books 2$ 25ct umbrella 12 pr of chains 6.37
Looking glass .25
1 slate(?) and Pummier St----(?) 1$
2 chest 4$ 4.00
5 pots and --?--- ?
Property Specially Appropriated in Will
Sorrel Mare and Colt 90.00
5 Cows and Calves 50.00
1 Sorrel Mare 100.00
1 Bay Mare 80.00
4 Beds and furniture 140.00
Negro Names and Value
Negro Man Named Bobb 300
Negro woman named Sarah 300
Do girl Grace 400
Do boy Guy 350
Do boy Elisha 300
Do girl Sarah 250
Do girl Venus 225
Do boy Aron 200
Do boy Moses 150
Do boy Joshua 50
Do woman named Lucy 450
Do boy Matthew 350
Do boy Mark 300
Do boy Luke 300
Do girl Dorcas 250
We do hereby certify the above to be a just Inventory and appraisement of the personal Estate of Josiah Warren, Decd as produced to us by Benajah Warren & Charles Culpepper, Exrs. Of said Decead. Certify by us this 10th day of June 1808.
Noah Stringer
Wm. Whitehead
John Hightower
Page 58:
In Suptm(?) appraisement
Josiah Warren, Deceased
The 2nd of Sept. 1808 - by Joshua Hightower Noah Stringer and Jeremiah Covey(?)
16 head of hogs
13 head of hogs
1 sou and three pigs
3 cow hides and ropes
piece of old copper
We do certify the above to be a true Inventory and appraisement of the property shown to us by Benj. Warren & C. Culpepper Exers of the Estate of Josiah Warren Dec.d & certify by us this 2nd day of Sept. 1808.
Noah Stringer
Joshua Hightower
Jeremiah Covey(?)


(5) Mary Born CA 1761 Northampton Co, NC
(M) William Green  about 1780 Onslow Co., NC (-Moved to Georgia, lived Burke Co.

1781 Onslow Co., NC TL (NE Portion) 

#40 William Green,  Money 1183 Pds Land Value  905 Pds


(6)  RICHARD ( MAJOR & COLONEL)  Born December 12, 1763 Northampton Co, NC 
(Bible Records of Richard Warren)
Died: July 3, 1835 Butler Co, Ala, (Obit)
(M) Sarah (MNU)  CA 1786 (Prob. in Burke Co., Ga.)
Richard Warren served in Rev. War from Onslow Co., NC -Wilmington District-Pay Voucher
He removed from Georgia to Miss. Terr... CA 1803 (See Grassroots of America,  American State Papers, Public Lands, Vol. 2, P. 748, 764) and to Monroe/Conecuh Co. Ala line, on the Old Federal Road,  CA. 1816 (State of Ala. created 1817 from Eastern half of Miss. Territory) where he built Ft. Warren, near Pine Orchard Community & Burnt Corn



May 27, 1750 Carolous Anderson to Hinche Warren, both of Northampton Co, NC, 160 A S/S Meherrin Riv., adj. Little Swamp, Wm. Boone, and a br; part of 460Ac C. Anderson purchased from Wm. Baker, of Nans. Co, Va. 5/27/1745, being prt. of Patent to John Nelson of 500 AC, 4/1/1723. Wit: James Washington, Jolly Webb, J. Edwards, C. Crt..

May 8, 1755 Granville Grant to Robert Warren, 427 A North. Co., Parish of NW, joins Warren's corner, Ginn's Br., a meadow, Panther Swamp, and Cabbin Branch. Sworn Chain Carriers: Thomas Parker, HINCHEY WARREN,  J. Edwards, Surveyor

Feby. 10, 1752 WILL OF CAROLOUS ANDERSON Pro. Feby. 1753

Wife, Mentioned, not named

Dtr. Rachael Warren,  260 A land

Gr/Son Carolous Warren, 200 A land

Dtr: Mary Anderson

Dtr: Sarah Anderson

Wit: Nicholas Boon, William Boon

Proved before J. Edwards, CC by Mary Anderson, wife/Extrx.

Bk 4, P 11 (692) 12 Feb. 21, 1766 -Hinchey Warren of Northampton Co, NC to James Sumner of Nans. Co., Va. for 70 lbs. current money, 300 Ac land in Northampton Co, S/S Meherrin River, Little Swamp, adj. Thomas Boon, Thomas Liles.. Wit: John Long, Thomas Boon Nov Crt, 1766 Willie Jones, CC. Jas. Dancy, P. Reg.

Signed: Hinchey (his HW mark) Warren  (SEAL)
             Rachell Warren

Registered Dec. 9, 1766 by Jas. Dancy,  Willie Jones, CC

DB 5, P 391-392 Oct. 31, 1772 Carolous Warren, Planter, of Northampton Co., NC to Bartholomew Figures of same, 200 AC Northampton Co, on Little Swamp, adj. by Wm. Boon, Wm. Andrews, for 50 lbs current money. Wit: Daniel Ambrose, Philip Rasbury

Signed: Carlos Warren (SEAL)
Recorded Sept., 1774

ONSLOW COUNTY NC COURT RECORDS  1766-1775-Onslow Co. Historical Society
At an Inferior Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions BEGAN and held for the County of Onslow at the Courthouse,  Mar, 1766 (on New River, as of Dec. 1766)

 Deed Bk. H, P 18, Oct 19, 1765- Daniel Austin,( No Co. given) to HENCHE WARREN, of Northampton Co., NC, 300 Acres New River, along Evans' line to Batchelor's Delight & Horse Branch, Pt. of Grt. of 640 Acres to Robert Sanders, who sold to Richard Johnston, who sold to Nathan Morgan, who willed to 2 sons William & Goen Morgan, who sold to Daniel Austin. Wits: Lewis Williams, Simson Hussey, Wm. Colfin.

DB H., P 49-Robert Sanders to Hench Warren, (Deed impossible to read)  Wit: Thos.Oneil, Thos. Johnston.

March Court 1766- a deed from Daniel Austin to Hinchee Warren for 300 acres pro by Lewis Williams & ord'd reg'd.

June Court, 1766-The petition of sundry inhabitants of the NW Road to make a road from the main road near Catholics to Godfrey's Landing: Ordered the sd. road be laid off by the following jurors: Elmore Anderson, S. Hussey, Joseph Berryman, Matthew Green, Henry (sic) Hinchy? Warren, Joseph fisher, B. Johnson, John Johnston, Abram Barrow, Francis Godfrey, Wm Rasberry, John Green,  Ord'd that inhab. clear the rd.

June Court, 1767-a deed fr Robt. Sanders to Henchee Warren for 300 ac pro by Thos Orrell, ord'd to be reg'd.

Apr. 11, 1769 Court-Jury app'd to lay out a road fr the Richlands to the Ferry opposite the courthouse, viz: Thos Battle, Jas. House, Nath'l Jones, Joshua Bradley, Jas Foyle, Joseph figures, Joseph Berryman, Elmore Anderson,  Hinchee Warren, Thos Bryant, Jas Hemmons, John Brinson, & Jas. House Overseer

March, Court, 1769 Jurors appt'd to attend Wilmington Superior Court, March, 1769, viz: James Howard, Moses Cox, Stephen Fonville, Edward Starkey, Hinchee Warren, John Wilkins, Joseph Morgan,  George Brinson

March Court, 1769 Constables apptd, March, 1769: Joseph Warren for White Oak District
Benajah Doty, prays a license to keep ordinary, grtd.

1769 Onslow Co, NC Tax List-HINCHEY WARREN & SON (Son Carolus would be over 16 yrs) & slaves Joe & Grace 2WM, 1 Neg Male, 1 Neg. Female 4 Total Tithes

Benajah Dotty (Doty) & son,  slaves Peter & Mima-2WM, 1Neg. Male, 1 Neg. Fe 4 Total Tithes

Matthew Green & Josh. Wright, John Green

Hinchey Warren also appears on 1770, 1771 Tax List (1781 TL below)

Jan 10, 1770- Court- Appeals- D. Catholic vs E. Brack, James Howard, B. Johnston, H. Warren

April, Court, 1770-Overseers of the road apptd, viz: Henchee Warren in room of Ben Johnston, etal

April, Court, 1771-Overseers appt'd-John Johnson in room of Hinchey Warren

DB I, P 40 July 11, 1771 Daniel Austin of New Hanover Co., NC to HINCHEY WARREN of Onslow Co., NC 33 1/2 AC in Onslow Co, NE/S NW Branch of New River, grt to Daniel Austin 12/22/1768, near Benj. Rasberry's line, and Robert Sanders, and Wm. Armstrong's lines. Wits: Moses Cox, SR & Simmons Hussey ( MY NOTE: This land was sold to John Farr prior to Mar. 4, 1791, but deed is not recorded in Onslow Co.)

Oct, 1771 Court, - a deed fr Daniel Austin to Henchee Warren for 33 1/2 AC pro by Moses Cox, ord'd reg'd.

Jan, Court 1773-a deed fr John Figures to Carlis Warren for 90 AC pro by Daniel Ambrose, and ord'd reg'd.

DB6, P 50 (76) Nov 213, 1775 Jno. Edwards of Onslow Co., NC to Nicholas Judkins of N/H Co., NC, 20s; 50 AC which had been willed to Sarah Anderson, Dtr. of Carlise Anderson & deeded to sd. Judkins by Wm. Edwards, July 4, 1758, on south side Meherrin Riv., join. Greate Gutt, Carlise Anderson's former corner, his 2 daughters Mary & Sarah.  Wts: George Warren, Hinchey Warren, Henry (X) Warren Dec. Crt, 1775 Willie Jones, CC

I have not been able to determine the relationship of Henry Warren & George Warren to Hinchey Warren-Hinchey Warren had made a trip back to N/H Co., NC and wit. this deed for his wife's Nephew.

ONSLOW CO., NC, Cont'd.

DB K, P 28, Feb. 6, 1777 -Philip Rasbury to CARLESS WARREN, 140 AC NW branch of New River, & swamp called Batchelor's Delight. Wit:William Green, Matthew Green

DB L, P 45 Dec. 5, 1777-CARLES WARREN to Thomas Smith, 90 AC S/S New River, NW Branch, N. of Shop Branch on Gravelly Run, opposite  Eleazer Brock's landing. Wits: Thos. Godley, John Godley, Richard Brock. 

HINCHE WARREN, 100 Acres, 3/1/1780 (later sold to George White, deed not recorded in Onslow Co.)
HINCHE WARREN 79 Acres, 3/1/1780 (Later sold to John Farr, deed not recorded in Onslow Co.)

MARRIAGE BOND OF JOSIAH WARREN TO NANCY DOTY,......1780;  Sec. on bond: Hinchey Warren, Benajah Doty

DB M., P 47, May 13, 1780 Benajah Doty to son-in-law JOSIAH WARREN, 90 Acres NE/S NW Branch, of New River at Titus Farr's line,. Wits: Carlis Warren, John Green
(Benajah Doty was a Justice for Onslow Co- Capt. in Rev. War)

DB M P 46. July 7, 1780 Benajah Doty to JOSIAH WARREN 100 Acres E/S NW River, at Joseph Chatwin's line. Wit: Richard Farr, John Farr

October 31st, 1781 Tax List, Onslow Co., NC-A  list of Taxable Property of the Inhabitants of the Upper NE and Part of the ?st District appraised by us on the 31st of October, 1781

Persons Names/Money/Property---#2 Corliss Warren F120/1430; #3 Hinchey Warren, Jr. -/1230, #13 Capt. Matthew Green 360/5560, #33 Mrs. Elizabeth Doty 1:4/3320, #38 Hinchey Warren  120/4410, #39 Josiah Warren   4/800,  #40 William Green  1183/905, #59 John Green 100/730

DB N, P 36, Feb. 17, 1785-JOS. WARREN, (Prob. Josiah Warren) Bryan Williams, Thos. Johnston, Edward Dudley, WIT Power of Attorney from Thomas Battle,  Benjamin Williams, Sr. and James Williams TO Ephriam Battle, to settle accounts.) 

DB Q P 49, 3/4/1791- JOHN FARR TO GEORGE WHITE- 310 Acres sold by Daniel Austin to HINCHEY WARREN, 1 plot containing 200 Ac on Batchelor's Delight, 1 plot containing 79 Acres,  (Grant), and 1 plot containing 33 1/2 AC purchased of Daniel Austin. (Acreage does not add up)  Wits: John Jones, James Wrenn, George Mills ( Levina Farr, w/o John Farr, relinq. dower rights.)

DB 14, P 173, Jan. 17, 1825  George White, Sr. to his son Robert White- incl 100 AC grant to HINCHEY WARREN,  also 53 AC & part of tract of 160 AC Grt. to Daniel Austin. Wits: Wm. R. Venters, James Glenn

(Judkins Family Notes from:
In America since 1607, The Hollingsworth, Farmer & Judkins Families
Their ancestors, Descendants and Many Related Families 
 (Walter L. Farmer, Cincinnati, Ohio)

"My father, Nicholas Judkins, was born in the year 1724. About the 30th year of his age, he married Mary Anderson, daughter of Carolus Anderson, etc----My mother had two sisters;  and one brother, who died young in life. One of my Aunts married William Edwards and the other HENCHE WARREN. They all removed about the year 1770 to New River, Onslow County, in the State of North Carolina. where I expect the Edwards' are living still, or their descendents are. A few years after,  my uncle WARREN moved to Burke Co, on the Ogeeche River, in the state of Georgia, except my aunt who died on the way."


State of Georgia, Burke County) Pursuant to a Warrant to me directed by the Court of Justices dated 5th day of October, 1784 and signed by Benjamin Lewis, Esq. one of the Senior Justices for aforesaid County, I have admeasured and laid out unto Carolus WARREN a tract of land containing two hundred acres situate and being in the aforesaid county lying on Dry Branch adjoining westwardly & southwardly by lands surveyed for John Lamburd and eastwardly by land of Frd. Roberts and on all other sides by land vacant at the time of survey, having such neutral and artificial marks as above delineated and expressed. Certified the 2nd day of November, 1784.  By: Thos. Lewis, C.S. (county surveyor) (Plat attached) Carolus Warren Plat 200 Acres Recorded in the County Surveyor's Office the 9th day December, 1784 PAID

GEORGIA, Pursuant to a Warrant from the hand of the Hon'bl Thomas Lewis, Junr, Esq. asst. justice Presiding at a Land Court held in the County of Burke the third day of April, 1787 and directed to Thomas Lewis, Esq. County Surveyor for said County, I have admeasured and laid out unto Hinchie WARREN (Residenture of this State) a tract lf land containing one hundred and fifty acres (pine land) situate and being in the aforesaid County,  lying on the alligator pond adjoining southwestward by land of Reuben Lott, Northwardly by land of Littleberry Tillman and on the other sides by unknown land having such form and marks as shown and artificial as above delineated and expressed. Certified this 8th day of August, 1787 by Willis Wood, D. Suv'r.  Signed: Hinche Warren, Thomas Spikes, CC (Chain Carriers)  (MY note-Willis Wood was one of my gr/fathers thru my Mother; Hinche Warren was one of my gr/fathers thru my Father-sgs)

Headright Grants, St. George's Parish, Burke Co, Ga.,
1786-1790-C. Warren, Carlos Warren,  Hinch Warren, Richard Warren

Index to the Headright & Bounty Grants of Georgia 1756-1909 (Rev. Silas E. Lucas, Jr.) 
1. Carolous Warren 200 A Burke Co, 1787, and 200 A Burke Co. 1790-Carless Warren
2. Hinche Warren  1788-300 A, 150 A-Burke Co
3  Hinchey Warren, Jr, 1789-150 A-Burke Co
4. Richard Warren, 1790-200 A, & 200A, 1800-28 A-Burke Co
5. Josiah Warren, 1789 100 A, 1797, 300 A-Burke Co.
6. Robert Warren 150 A Burke Co, 1788-Burke Co. (I don't know who this is)
7. Josiah Warren 100 Ac-1789 and 300 Ac, 1797-Burke Co
8. Hinchley Warren, 93 Ac, 1808-Montgomery Co 

1797 Montgomery Co, (Cr 1793 fr Wash., Laurens, Tattnall, Telfair) Tax List:-Hinchey Warren
1798 Montgomery Co, Tax list-Hinchey Warren
1798 Burke Co Tax List-Hinche, Josiah & Richard Warren (All in Distr. 02)
1790 Burke Co Delinq. Tax List-
Carolus Warren, (Capt. Wm. Edwards Dist) & Gabriel Warren*, (Capt. Wm. Little''s Dist.) * I don't know who Gabriel Warren is-sgs

A History of Montgomery Co, Ga. to 1918-Robert Scott Davis, Jr-1797 Jury list Incl.: Hinchey Warren

Nat'l. Gen. Soc. Qrtrly, Vol 54, P 54
1798 Burke Co, Ga slave owners-Second Assessment Dist.
Josiah Warren 3 sl
Richard Warren, 6 sl.
Hinche Warren, 20 sl.
Benjamin Green, 13 sl
Matthew Green 13 sl
William Green, 3 sl

Burke Co, Ga.- Grand Jury List March Term, 1799- Josiah Warren, Noah Stringer, etal
Burke Co, Ga.-Grand Jury List Oct. Term 1800-Richard Warren, etal

Montgomery County, Georgia Deeds and Mortgages,  1794-1808 P 390-391


Will Made in BURKE County, Ga. 1798
In the name of God, Amen. This sixth day of September One thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight and in the twenty second year of American Independence – I HINCHIE WARREN of the State of Georgia and County of Burke being aged but of perfect and sound in mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows, &c. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my son Caroly Warren a negro girl by the name of Milley which he has already received, a negro man by the name of Jacob, a negro woman by the name of Hannah, a negro girl by the name of Rachel, also one negro girl by the name of Chancy, also one shod pair of wheel and cart. To him and to his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Green, one negro girl by the name of Silva which she has already received. I send her a negro boy by the name of Sonny. Also I send her a negro boy by the name of Davy and after her decease to my daughter Rachel Green. I also give her two cows and calves to her and her heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Hinche Warren One negro boy by the name of Bob, which he has already received. I send him a negro girl by the name of Dinah. I also send him a negro girl by the name of Lucy during his life time and after his decease to belong to my son Carolus Warren or to his heirs. I give him one gray horse to him or his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel Green a negro woman by the name of Hannah and her children which she has already received, also one negro boy by the name of Jesse, also a negro girl by the name of Cate, also a negro boy by the name of Bob, also one bed and furniture to him her and her heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Josiah Warren One negro woman by the name of Lucy and her children which he has already received. I also give him a negro girl by the name of Grace. Also a negro man by the name of Bob. Also a negro woman by the name of Sarah. Also a negro boy (by the name) of Guy. Also a negro boy by the name of Lijah. Also one bed and furniture to him and to his heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Richard Warren a negro girl by the name of Jerry, also a negro girl by the name of Judah which he has already received, also a negro girl by the name of Flora, also a negro boy by the name of Dick, also a negro boy by the name of Tom, also my land and plantation whereon I now live, to him and to his heirs and assigns forever. And the remainder of my estate I leave to be equally divided after my decease amongst my six children that is above mentioned &c

I do also appoint my sons Josiah Warren and Richard Warren my only and sole executors of this my last will and testament declaring this and no other to be my last will & testament. In Witness Whereof I the said Hinche Warren, has hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal – the day and year first above written. 
                                                                                                 Hinche Warren (Seal)

Signed sealed & delivered in the presence of:
McCuin Belshere, 
John Cocke 
Dempsey Murphy 

page 392:
Georgia Montgomery County. McCuin Belsher came into Court and being duly sworn on the holy evangelist of Almighty God – deposeth and saith that he was present and did see Hinche Warren the testator named in the within writing – Sign seal publish announce and declare the said writing to be his last will and testament and did also see the within named John Cock and Densey Murphee subscribe their names as witnesses.
Sworn to in Open Court (signed) McCuin Belsher
Test Abner Davis D Clerk / Recorded this 21st day of August 1803

Index to Proceedings of Estates – Court of Ordinary – 1800 to Dec. 31, 1940: Book A, p. 23-Inventory of the goods & chattels of Hinche Warren, Senr.:

4  Notes  on hand on Benjamin Tarbert @25.00 ea.
a Quantity of corn, a quantity of wheat, six axes, six plows, (Illeg), three grubbing hoes, eleven weeding hoes, 2 pr. iron traces, one cross cut saw, 3 potts, one pair (?), one foot auger, one hand saw, one pair of saddle bags, one saddle, three sides of leather, one pair of sheep shears, three dishes, 6 plates, 5 tin pans, eleven spoons, one tin pot, one pint pot, two reap hooks, one spice mortar, one chisel, one hammer, one frow, three wheels, a set of copperware, one sheet, one chest, one trunk, three bushels of salt, one gang of hogs, twenty-two head of cattle, five head of horses, three head of sheep, 6 yards of oznaburgs (cloth?)  a (Illeg) knife, and steel, one jug, one pitcher, two hundred and seventy-seven dollars in cash, one grindstone, books, cotton, a few nails,  one pair of steelyards, a set of andirons, one bell, one beef hide, 6 chairs,  three augers,  one pair of compasses, a cooper's adze, 10 lb  of bar iron, one looking glass, by us:

Josiah Warren    ) 
Richard Warren  ) EXECUTORS

page 413:
Georgia Burke County
Received of Josiah Warren & Richard Warren Executors of the estate of Hinche Warren late of Montgomery County deceased, In full our parts of property left to us according to the will of Hinche Warren, both by Legacies and Division. We say received by us this 30th day of January 1804.
Signed: Carolus Warren,  Hinchee Warren, William Green, John Green Sr.
Wts: Ichabod Scarborough, Mary Green
Georgia / Burke County / This day came before me Ichabud Scarborough, and being duly sworn deposeth & saith on his oath, “that he was personally present, and was called upon as witness, and saw Carolus Warren, Hinchee Warren & William Green & John Green, assign the within receipt And that he saw Mary Green the wife of Bejn Green assign the same as witness with himself.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 2 May 1804
Ichabud Scarborough
John Sharp, J. P Recorded 25th June 1804

Montgomery Co, Ga.  Court Minutes, (1805)  John  T. Faulk, schoolmaster, accused of the murder of Mary Horn.   Josiah Warren, J.P  for Montgomery Co, and H. Warren was a  member of Grand Jury to hear this case.

2 draws= married/family, 1 draw = single man, B= Blank, P = Pay
Archibald Warren, No 77 BB
Carolus Warren  No 69 BB
Hinch Warren  (Jr) No 116, BB
Richard Warren, No 55, PB ( etal)

1805 MONTGOMERY CO, GA LAND LOTTERY-(Created 1793 from Washington, Laurens,Tattnall, Telfair) Josiah Warren, No 1328 BB (etal)

1805 Montgomery Co  TL- HINCHEY WARREN (Jr) Dist 57, 4 sl- 
Also Benajah Warren,  Dist 50, Josiah Warren Dist 50,  13 slaves,
1806 Montgomery Co-  TL-HINCHEY WARREN (Jr) Dist 57 4 sl. Josiah Warren Dist 50, 13 sl

GEORGIA, BULLOCK COUNTY-  November 17, 1806 (Passports issued by the Gov. of Georgia)
JOHN WILLIAMS, wishing to remove his family and property to the Western Country, applied for passport, thru Thomas Hylton, J.P., Benjamin Richardson, J.P, Zerable Gay, John Richardson, HENCHE WARREN  (Jr) , Samuel J. Lockhart,  all certified to having known John Williams for ten (10) years.
REVERSE SIDE: Recorded in favor of John and Simon Williams , for passport thru Nation of Indians. Nov. 24, 1806 (No. 249)

Robert Warren (M) Mildred Horn 11/24/1810-Jefferson Co, Ga.

1810 Jefferson Co, TL (Cr. 1796 fr. Burke, Warren Co)- Hinche Warren
1810 Pulaski Co. TL  (Cr 1808 fr Laurens, Wilkinson Co)-Hinche Warren, etal (s/o Richard)
1816 Jefferson Co TL - Henche Warren (s/o Richard)
1816 Pulaski Co TL  Hinchy Warren, Robert Warren etal (sons of Richard)

Montgomery Co, Ga Marriages (Children of Capt. Josiah Warren & Nancy Doty)
Nancy Warren-Abel Stringer Mar 11, 1810
Benjamin Warren-Farabe Stringer, May 5, 1810

Soldiers of Montgomery Co, Ga in the War of 1812:
58th Militia dist, Capt. Braswell
Incl: Josiah Warren, Priv.

Soldiers of Pulaski Co, Georgia, War of 1812:
Muster Roll, of a detachment of Georgia cavalry mounted riflemen under my command Stationed at Fort Mitchell Hartford and on an Indian Scout from the 9th November to the 22d of November 1814. Both dates Included
1 Lieut Col Allen Tooke Nov. 9 1814 Nov 22 1814
1 Capt R. H. Thomas “ “
Privates, Incl:
#84-Robert Warren
#88 Hinckley Warren (appears on 1818 Tax List, Pulaski Co, Ga)


WILL OF HUGH MC NEELEY Dated March 3, 1816 -Probated-No date
SONS John, Samuel, Daniel, Andrew, Hugh, William 
Dtrs: Rachael, Mathew, Margaret, Mary 
mentions his mother, name not given.
Wits: Richard Locke, HENCHER WARREN, William Murdock

WILL OF MARGARET McNEELEY  Dated Mar. 8, 1816, Probated May 6, 1816
Names Dtr Margaret,
gr/son John Mc Neeley
gr/dtr Amy
Son Andrew
Wit: Mathew Bishop
EXRS- John McNeeley, William McNeeley,

MY Note: I do not know if there was a relationship between the Warren family and the McNeely family-sgs

1818 Pulaski Co- TL-Hinchey Warren, etal (s/o Richard)

1819 Tax List, Conecuh Co, Ala
Key: The names of persons owning or holding any taxable property; amount of sales of merchandise in the year 1819; number of wheels on pleasure carriage; number of white polls; no of free persons of color; number of slaves; amount of territorial taxes.

Richard Warren 0,0,0,0,17 8 50
Henchey Warren 0,0,1,0,18 9 62 1/2
Malakiah Warren 0,0,1,0,0 62 1/2
John Green 0,0,1,0,3 2 12 1/2
Robert Warren 0,0,1,0,6 3 62 1/2
Ketrol Warren 0,0,1,0,3 2 12 1/2
Hanche Wilson 0,0,1,0,0 62 1/2 (?)


P351-RICHARD WARREN 2 Males Over 21 Yrs. 1 Fe over 21 yrs, and 3 Fe und 21 yrs- 18 slaves (son of Hinchey Warren, SR & Rachel Anderson)

P 352- KITTRELL WARREN  (Was a Bapt. Minister)
(son of Capt. Josiah & Nancy Doty Warren, nephew to Richard )
1 male over 21 yrs, 3 males und 21 yrs.  1 Fe ov 21, 1 Fe und 21- 3 slaves
See 1830 Clarke Co., Ala-He moved back to Georgia prior to 1840

P 354- ROBERT WARREN (Rev. Robert Alexander Warren,  son of Richard)
1 Male over 21 yrs. 1 Male und. 21 yrs. 
1 Fe over 21 yrs, 3 Fe und 21 yrs. -- 8 slaves

P 358 (32)-HINCHEY WARREN (Son of Richard)
1 Male over 21 yrs, 1 Male under 21 yrs
1 Fe over 21 yrs, 2 Fe und 21 yrs. - 20 slaves

P 360- MALACHI WARREN (son of Richard) 1 male over 21 yrs-alone in HH

P 364-(38) HINCHEY WARREN (Jr) (Son of Hinchey Warren, Sr & Bro of Richard)
2 Males over 21 yrs, 1 Male und 21 yrs
1 Fe over 21 yrs, 2 Fe und 21 yrs. 5 slaves

1830 Butler Co., Alabama Cr. 1819 fr. Conecuh, Montgomery counties
1 MALE 60-70, 1 MALE 30-40 
No females- 27 slaves

1830 Conecuh Co., Ala
P 102-Hinchey Warren 1 Male 70-80, 1 FE 60-70 and 5 slaves (Bro to Richard)
P. 104 Hinchey Warren, Jr. (Son of Richard)
1 Male 30-40 yrs, 1 Male 20-30 yrs, 1 Male 14-20 yrs, 1 Male 5-10 yrs, 1 Male, under 5 yrs--1 Fe 40-50 yrs., 1 Fe 15-20 yrs, 1 Fe 10-15 yrs, 1 Fe 5-10 yrs, 1 Fe Und 5 yrs & 56 slaves