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Research on this family was done by me in 1976-1985


CAROLUS ANDERSON was born abt 1694  Probably in Isle of Wight Co, Va. where, I believe, he married MARY ( BOON?)   (NO PROOF--PROB. Dtr of Joseph Boon & #1 wife, Elizabeth  of  Isle of  Wight Co, Va.,  & Bertie Co.., NC, about 1727.  Joseph Boon died 1728 Bertie Co, NC-WILL.

The first record of Carolus Anderson  in North Carolina, is in William Byrd's Journal April 4, 1728, (Wednesday), while surveying the boundary line between Virginia & North Carolina, when Chaplain Mr. Fountain christened a child of Charles (Carolus) Anderson.   Carolus Anderson's family lived on what became the official boundary between Virginia & North Carolina; and in May, 1728, William Boon deeded him 423 Ac on Meherrin River, " in consideration of valuable causes, in hand paid"..

He "proved his rights" in  February, 1743 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina.(8 wh, 3 bl)
He lived on the line separating the states of Virginia and North Carolina, and some of his closest neighbors were the Boon & Fort families.  In 1742, the family of Robert Warren  from Surry Co. Virginia, located nearby, whose son Hinchey Warren, married Rachael, the daughter of Carolus Anderson, about 1749. Robert Warren "proved his rights" in August, 1743 in Northampton Co., with 10 whites, and 2 blacks in his HH.

CAROLUS ANDERSON was the son of JAMES & ELIZABETH ANDERSON.  His mother made her will Nov. 5, 1732, naming sons, James Anderson, Carolus Anderson  & daughter Elizabeth Pitman, (& others) with her granddaughter Sarah Anderson as Administratrix.   Sarah is obviously the daughter of her son James, as  it appears Sarah, the daughter of her son Carolus wasn't born at the time (or would have been an infant, therefore could not have served as Extrx. of her grandmother's estate. Sarah Anderson presented the will in Bertie Co Court as Extrx, for Probate. (Bertie Co Court Minutes)

Carolus Anderson & his wife MARY  are buried in the Anderson family burying ground, Northampton Co, NC according to his grandson, James Judkins, Sr, (1760 NC-1823 Ohio) in an account of his life, written in 1820.  

The Judkins family were of the Society of Friends (Quaker) religion. (Rich Square MM, N/H Co., NC, Hinshaw & Another REF-In America since 1607, The Hollingsworth, Farmer & Judkins Families
Their ancestors, Descendants and Many Related Families 
(Walter L. Farmer, Cincinnati, Ohio)


(1) Son born 1728 --christened Wed. April 4, 1728, at home, by Chaplain Mr. Fountain, accompanying Col. William Byrd II, on his survey of Va/NC border,  recorded in William Byrd's journal. This child died young & was the only son, according to James Judkins, in an account of his life written in 1820 in Belmont, Ohio. (James Judkins was a grandson to Carolus Anderson)

(2)  RACHAEL Born CA 1730  Died About 1785, while traveling to Georgia from Onslow Co., North Carolina
(M) CA 1749 Northampton Co., NC,  HINCHEY WARREN, Son of Robert Warren & wife Judith,  of Surry Co., Va. who moved to Northampton Co., North Carolina in October, 1742.
The Hinchey Warren family moved to Onslow Co., NC about 1765, and then about 1785, moved to Burke Co., Georgia.  

(3) MARY Born CA 1732  Died: Dec. 29, 1789 (single when father made his will in 1752)
(M) Northampton Co.,  NC CA 1755-(Ref: their own son, James Judkins)
NICHOLAS JUDKINS born ca 1725 Virginia- died Mar. 25 1783 Northampton Co, NC
Both buried in Anderson Burying ground, Northampton Co., NC with her parents
Their descendants moved to Ohio, about 1806-1811, where their son James Judkins, born 1760, wrote an account of his life, in 1820. (See Hinshaw Society of Friends Records, Ohio)

Nicholas Judkins & wife Mary Anderson were of the Society of Friends (Quaker) religion.  Nicholas Judkins and wife Mary were received into membership of the Rich Square MM on Jan 1, 1763   Their children  followed as they became of age.

(4)  SARAH  Born Ca 1734 (single when father made his will in 1752)
(M) Northampton Co., NC   WILLIAM EDWARDS
Many descendants of this family later removed to Onslow Co., NC.


Excerpts From William Byrd's Journal April 4, 1728 P 33-34

 The Isle of Wight county begins about three miles to the east of Meherrin river, being divided from that of Nansemond only by a line of marked trees.

        4th. The river was here hardly fordable, though the season had been very dry. The banks too were so steep that our horses were forced to climb like mules to get up them. Nevertheless we had the luck to recover the opposite shore without damage.

        We halted for half an hour at Charles Anderson's, who lives on the western bank of the river, in order to christen one of his children. In the mean time, the surveyors extended the line two miles and thirty-nine chains, in which small distance Meherrin river was so serpentine, that they crossed it three times. Then we went on to Mr. Kinchin's, a man of figure and authority in North Carolina, who lives about a mile to the southward of the place where the surveyors left off. By the benefit of a little pains, and good management, this worthy magistrate lives in much affluence. Amongst other instances of his industry, he had planted a good orchard, which is not common in that indolent climate; nor is it at all strange, that such improvident people, who take no thought for the morrow, should save themselves the trouble to make improvements that will not pay them for several years to come. Though, if they could trust futurity for any thing, they certainly would for cider, which they are so fond of, that they generally drink it before it has done working, lest the fermentation might unluckily turn it sour.

        It is an observation, which rarely fails of being true, both in Virginia and Carolina, that those who take care to plant good orchards are, in their general characters, industrious people. This held good in our landlord, who had many houses built on his plantation, and every one kept in decent repair. His wife, too, was tidy, his furniture clean, his pewter bright, and nothing seemed to be wanting to make his home comfortable.

        Mr. Kinchin made us the compliment of his house, but because we were willing to be as little troublesome as possible, we ordered the tent to be pitched in his orchard, where the blossoms of the apple trees contributed not a little to the sweetness of our lodging.


Joseph Boon Will, Bertie Pct., NC-Written: Feb.19,1728 Prov: October 19, 1728 (Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va

I Joseph Boon: Being very sick and weak of body but in perfect memory: Do give and dispose of what worldly estate God hath been pleased to endow me with: I give and dispose after this manner following:
First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it. And my body to be buried After a decent manner, According as my Executors shall feel Convenient.
Item: I give unto my son James Boon one certain tract or division of land granted by patent in my son James Boon's own name:
Item: I give unto my son Joseph Boon one hundred acres of land lying upon Ochonechy Neck at Roanoak:
Item: I give unto my son Thomas Boon one hundred and eighty acres: it being part of a tract of land containing 480 acres granted by patent: Baring Date ye first Day of March 1719: Lying ye South side of Mahering River:
Item: I give unto my son Ratcliff Boon my ---- Dwelling plantation containing 380 acres: I say unto my son Call ?after for his mother's --------.
Item: I give unto my son James Boon my ---- Gun:
Item: I give unto my son Joseph Boon my ------ Gun:
(here there is a blank area in the copy of the will used for this transcription)
..................... Boon one certain Gray mare ....... to ........ each of them one.
Item: I give unto my sister Martha Bayley a hifer and calf ........ ye:
Item: I give to my son Thomas Boon my Siord: ( sword)
Item: I give unto my son James Boon one iron pot and a small one when he comes of ye age Sixteen years:
Item: I give unto my two daughters Mary and Elizabeth, for each of them one Cow and Calf:
Item: I give unto my Loving wife Mary Rest of my moveable estate .... and ..... for her to enjoy during her life and afterwards to be disposed to among my children:
And I desire my two young horses to be sold and ye produce of them to be disposed toward ye payment of my debts:
I appoint my Loving wife Executor of this my Last Will and Testament:
The Last will and Testament of Joseph Boon Testator: To witness my hand
This 19th day of Feb: 1728
Joseph Boon ( his mark (an E))
Witness our hands: signed sealed in ye presence of us
Thomas Boon (his mark ( a T and B on the same vertical line) Nathaniel Cooper ( in the same hand as the rest of the will)
1728-October 19, Will was probated

My transcription, below, of original Will of Carolus Anderson from North Carolina Archives & History-sgs

WILL OF CAROLUS ANDERSON, Northampton Co., North Carolina
Dated Feb. 10, 1752 Proved: Feb. Crt. 1753 before J. Edwards, CC
Wife mentioned, not named (Court Records of 1753 prove her given name as MARY, EXTRX. of Carolus Anderson's will)

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I Carolus Anderson of North Carolina in Northampton County, being of sound and perfect mind and memory knowing it is appointed for all men once to die, do appoint this my Last Will and Testament in manner & form following:

Item: I commit my Soul to God that gave it to me, and my Body to the earth in Sure and certain hopes of a Joyful Resurrection, in and this the Merits of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and as to my Worldly Estate it haith pleased God to posses me with I give in manner and form following:

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel Warren Two Hundred and Sixty acres of land bought of Capt. William Baker, five cows and calves, a feather bed and the Furniture, ___Iron Pot and Hooks which she has already had; and after the death of her Mother I give to her a Negro boy called Peter, also I give to my grandson Carolus Warren 200 Acres of land being the remaining part of the aforementioned 460 Acres.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Anderson the Manner Plantation after the death of her Mother, beginning at the Mouth of the Great Gut ____the Seine Place and so up the gut to a white oak and along the line of marked trees in my Old Deed specified to a pine a corner tree so from thence along the line of marked trees to my back line, also five cows and calves, a bed with the furniture thereunto belonging, one Iron pot and hooks; a negro boy called Frank, after the death of her Mother.

Item:  I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Anderson the remaining part of the land of the Manner Plantation and One Hundred acres of Land upon Kirby's Creek, five cows and calves, a Bed and the Furniture thereunto belonging, an Iron Pot and hooks, a Negro Boy called Lukes after the death of her Mother.

Note  the Cattle given to my daughters Mary & Sarah to make them equal to their sister Rachel not to be paid till such time as their Mother, my Executor, shall see proper, or Remaining Part of my Estate shall come to an equal portion.

And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my Loving Wife to be the whole and Sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament Revoking and Disallowing all other Wills by me ever made, and that after my Lawful Debts and Funeral Expenses are paid, I bequeath the Rest of my Estate to my Wife during her Natural life and after her decease the Estate with the Still to be equally divided amongst the three sisters, Viz: Rachel, Mary & Sarah.  It is my Desire that an election be made amongst the 3 Sisters if they do not agree in the Division amongst themselves, of such parties as they shall think fit.  Witness my hand and Seal this 10th day of February, 1752.

Signed  Carolus (CA his mark) Anderson*

Signed, sealed and acknowledged to be the Last Will &Testament of Carolus Anderson in presence of: 

Signed: Nicholas Boon)

William Boon) Jurant

No.Hampton County pc/February Court, 1753 

The within written Will was Exhibited into Court by the Executrix therein named who was qualified thereon according to law and was proved by the Oath of both subscribing witnesses, which on motion was Ordered to be Certified.

Mary Anderson, Executrix**

Test: J Edwards, Clerk CC

*This is the ONLY time Carolus Anderson signed with a mark

**This is the ONLY time I have seen the name of Carolus Anderson's wife given in any document.-sgs


Virginia Land patents, 13/26:  October 31, 1726 Carolus Anderson, Isle of Wight Co. *, 180A N.L. S/S Meherrin River,  on the county line; for Importation of 4 persons, Nathaniel Hindon, John Harley, George Griffin, Thomas Weeks.

*NOTE-Helen Leary, in her North Carolina Research: Genealogy and Local History, mentions (p 324-5)
"...between 1665 and the first survey in 1728 of the dividing line between Virginia and Carolina, numerous Virginia patents were issued for land thought to be in Virginia but later found to be in North Carolina." 

She adds that "special attention should be given to tracts identified as 'lying and being in the Upper Parish of Nansemond (Virginia).' That designation is usually a good indication that the land is now in North Carolina." ( My Note-this applies to all border Counties, prior to 1728)

Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol II, P 808 (April 4,1728)-Lands of Carolus Anderson, Thomas Pitman, Thomas Boon, included in survey line between Virginia & North Carolina.
P 809-Surveyor's field notes "abt. 15 chains W/S Meherrin Riv., at Carolus Anderson's , bore S. ,etc.", neighbors, Thos, Boon, Thos. Pitman, Wiliam Kinchen.

BERTIE CO., NC Deeds (Bertie Co. created 1722 from CHOWAN & Bath)
May 13, 1728 William Boon to Carolus Anderson, " for valuable consideration in hand paid,"  200 A part of 423 Ac tract granted to Boon Dec. 3, 1720, on Meherrin River, at the Great Gut.
Wits: Richard Bayley, Nathaniel Cooper Pro May crt

Aug. 10, 1736 Joseph Boon to Carowlus (Carolus) Anderson, 50 Ac on Meherrin Riv. at Great gut, being part of patent to William Boon., 423 A Dec. 3, 1720 Wit: John Dew, John Worrell

Bertie Co, NC Court Minutes (Haun)
At a Court held for sd. Precinct at the Ct. house on Timber Branch on Wednesday morning  ye 11th day of Augst. Anno Dom 1736 Present: Peter West, James Manney Thos. Hansford, Esqrs. Jos. Boone to Carolus Anderson ackd. 40/pd. 

Feb. 7, 1736, Nicholas Boon to Carolus Anderson, 150 AC SE/S Coreway(sic) Swamp, part of patent to Thos. Boon, 250 A Aug. 4, 1723, Wits: Thos Boon, John Dickenson, John Brient

Bertie Co., NC Court Minutes (Haun) At a Court held for said Precinct at the Ct. house on Timber Branch on Tuesday ye 7th? Feb., 1736 Present: Peter West, Jno. Edwards, Thos. Hansford, Esqr  Nichs. Boone  to Curloes Anderson ackd.  T. Boon pays.  

Oct. 16, 1739-Carolus Anderson to Benjamin Cobb, for 10 pds, part of patent granted THOMAS BOON for 250 Ac. dated Aug. 4, 1723, on SE/S Conoray Swamp, sd. land now in possess of sd. Cobb Wit: Joseph Cobb, Jr., Nicholas Boon, Abraham Stevenson May Crt., 1740

Oct. 16, 1739 John Bryant to Carolus Anderson,  for 5 pds., 100 A part of tract sold by William Bennet to Thomas Boon, Jun. and by Boon transferred to John Bryant, deed dated Nov. 9, 1724., Part of a patent for 600 AC  granted William Bennett, dated 1723-land on S/S Meherrin River adj. John Nelson, William Boon.  Wit: John Briant, John Deberry,  Sarah Revett.  May crt, 1740

Oct. 17, 1739 Nicholas Boon to Arthur Stevenson, 125 A S/S Meherrin Riv adj. Carolus Anderson, Elias Fort, Joseph Strickland, Wm. Eldridge, Robert Cobb, Arthur Stevenson,  pat. Dec 3, 1720

Nov. 4, 1739-Nicholas Boon to Robert Cobb,  20 pds., 165 A S/S Meherring  Riv- purch. of Wm Bennett 5/14/1723. Wits: CHARLES (Carolus) Anderson, Joseph Cobb, Jr., Abraham Stevenson, Nov. Crt, 1739

Sept, 15, 1741- James Tiner to Samuel Strickland, 20 pds., 150 AC  S/S Kerby's Cr. part of patent to Thos. Manden 4/1/1723 Wit: J. Dew, Carolus Anderson Nov. crt, 1741

Nicholas Boon to Carolus Anderson-Thos. Boon pays ackd Feb Crt, 1736
Joseph Boon to Carolus Anderson ackd Aug 11, 1736 Crt
Book 2, 1740-1762 Deeds proved in Court
John Bryan to Carolus Anderson ackd. 4d.  40/ May 14, 1740 Crt
Carolus Anderson  to Benjamin Cobb ackd. nt. May 14, 1740 Crt

Colonial Records of North Carolina: (Bradley) Vol 4, P 521  Feb. 25, 1739-40  Long List of Jurymen for Bertie & Edgecombe includes Carolus Anderson, William Boon (2) Ambrose Pitman, Nicholas Boon, Elias Ford (Fort), William Warren, William Kinchen, Robert Warren, John Dowberry (Deberry), John Edwards, etal
(My note-This is not the Robert Warren who came to Northampton Co directly from Surry Co, Va in 1742-this is Capt Robert Warren of IOW Co who (M) Margaret Dawson and left Will in 1759 Edgecombe Co, NC. He had no sons, only 4 dtrs-sgs

Colonial Census of North Carolina, "Book of Rights"  Land Rights Proved 1741-1752- File # SS 906, Archives, Raleigh, NC- Carolus Anderson "proved his rights" with 8 whites & 3 Blacks in HH, Edgecombe Co., NC   FEB, 1743 

1743 Edgecombe Co., NC Tax List, Carolus Anderson

Colonial Records of North Carolina Vol 4, P 764-767:
At a Council held at Newbern, April 10, 1745, Petitions for Warrants, incl: James Boon, 100 A Craven,   April 11, 1745-John Gilliam, 327 A N/H Co.,  4/15/1745 Read & Granted
November 15, 1745,  Carolus Anderson, 640 A N/H Co.,  Elias Fork (Fort) 400 A Craven Co, Joseph Boon, 100 A Craven Co. Granted.

NORTHAMPTON CO, NC Deeds (Margaret M. Hofmann)
May 3, 1745, Carolus Anderson to William Andrews for 6 pds cur. money, 150 a N/H Co  Wit: Robert Warren, John Anderson

Apr. 11, 1745 Carolus Anderson to Nicholas Tyner, both of N/H, 10 pds, curr. money of Va. 320 Ac Kirby's Cr, mouth of Indian branch, part of pat. to Carolus Anderson, 4-11-1745. Wit: Noah Williams (Nich. Tyner sold this land to Peter Johnson, 1746)

May 27, 1745 William Baker of Nans. Co., Va. to Carolus Anderson of N/H Co, NC 10 pds. of Va. currency, 460 A S/S Meh. Riv., N/S Little Swamp, Adj. Thomas Liles, part of patent to John Nelson for 500 A Apr 1, 1723 Wit: Arthur Whitehead, John Anderson (Carolus Anderson left in his 1752 Will, 260 acres of this land to dtr Rachel Warren, and the other 200 acres to his gr/son Carolus Warren)

1746-Arthur Stevenson to Robert Cobb, both of N/H  Co., 126 Ac adj. Carolus Anderson, Elias Ford (Fort) Joseph Strickland, Wm. Eldridge, and the river.

 May 24, 1746, Carolus Anderson to Wm. Corbett both of N/H, 220 Ac S/S Kerby's Cr, Adj lower side of mouth of Indian Br, Peter Johnson, the road and the creek, part of patent to Carolus Anderson . Wit: J. Dew,  R. Williams

Nov. 21, 1749 John Nelson of Edge. NC to Carolus Anderson of N/H, cons. not given, 460 AC S/S or Meh. Riv., joining the N/S Little swamp, Thomas Liles, part of Pat. to John Nelson for 500 A 4/1/1723 Wit: Robert Warren, Elizabeth Warren.

Nov. 27, 1750-CAROLUS ANDERSON of N/H Co., NC to HINCHY WARREN of N/H Co., NC,  20 pds. current money of Va. ,160 AC on S/S Meherrin river, joining Little Swamp, William Boon, and a branch, part of 400 AC the sd. Anderson purchased of William Baker, gentleman, of Nancemond (sic) Co., Va. Wit: James Washington, Jolly Webb, Reg: Nov. Ct, 1750, J. Edwards, C Ct

8/20/1751 Peter Johnson to Joseph Woodward, pt of patent to Carolus Anderson 5/11/1745

Jan 1, 1753 Isaac Edwards to William Edwards, both of N/H Co, NC for 40 pds sterling money, acres not given, on N/S Stoney Hill pocosin at the Wolf Pit fork, join. a road and Pace, [Pt. of a pat. to Isaac Edwards, Apr 20, 1745. Wts: J. Edwards, Mary Edwards 

May 2, 1754 Joseph Durden to Nicholas Judkins, both of N/H Co, NC in cons of 16 pds current Va. money, 75 A S/S Meherrin Riv, at the island site,  join. the grt road that leads to Hill's ferry, and Little, pt of a pat. to Thos. Brown for 540 A  Nov 29, 1716. Wts: Richard Figures, Robert Washington, James Washington, Recd. May crt, J Edwards, C. ct.

July 10, 1756 Thomas Liles  to Thomas Liles, Jr- both of N/H Co., 390 A Kerby's Crk, adj, Carolus Anderson, Abraham Stevenson, Benj. Cobb.

1757-WILLIAM EDWARDS of N/H Co to HENRY DAWSON of S/H Co., VA. date not given - 6 shillings, 6 pence good & lawful money, 2 Ac more or less, joining the end of the bridge on Kerby Crk on the N/S of the Riv. and a branch, part of a grant to Carolus Anderson in 1746 No Wit. Reg: N/H Co. May Crt. 1757, J. Edwards, C Cl

Feb. 26, 1757-Benjamin Cobb of N/H to Stephen Cobb of same, 100 Ac S/S Coriroy swamp, the land bought of Carolus Anderson. Wit: Mandue Daughtree, Robert Cobb

July 4, 1758 Nicholas Judkins of N/H Co, NC to Nicholas Maget of S/H Co, Va- in cons of 26 pds Va currency, 75 A N/S Meherrin Riv, on the island side, join. S/S Henry Durden's plantation, on the grt road that leads to Henry Hill's ferry and George Little, part of a pat. to Thos. Brown Nov 29, 1716-Wts: James Dancy, John Wood, William Edwards Reg. July crt, J. Edwards, C. Ct

July 5, 1758 WILLIAM EDWARDS  to NICHOLAS JUDKINS,  both of Northampton, NC 45 pds, current money of Va.  50 Ac on S/S Meh. Riv., joining the mouth of Great gut at the seine place, the line CAROLUS ANDERSON made between his 2 daughters MARY & SARAH, Abraham Stevenson, Carolus Anderson, and the River, being the land the said CAROLUS ANDERSON left his daughter SARAH.  Wit: Nicholas Maget,  John Shepard, Peter Deberry.  Reg: N/H Co. . July Crt. 1758 J. Edwards, C. Cl.

Northampton Co., NC Deeds 1759-1774 & 1774-1787-Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr-

Dec 12, 1764 DB3, P 559-(344) John Long, planter of N/H Co, to Nicholas Judkins  of same.  No amt given,  200 acres  which had been a patent to Wm. Boon 11 Nov 1723 on S/S Meherrin River, adj. Jos. Stricklin, Samuel Stricklin, Sig: John Long Wts: John Brittle, Drewry Dewberry, John Deberry CC: J Edwards James Dancy, Pub Reg. 

Jan 11, 1768 DB 4, P 818 (162) Benjamin Clifton of NH Co., NC to James Martin of SH Co., Va. 300 Ac where Benj. Clifton now lives, and was part of land acquired by Carolus Anderson & Joseph Cobb, Sr S/S Cororoy Swamp, joins. John Ingram, James Hersing., Great branch, Bryant, Benj. Clifton. Wit: Howell Edmunds, Jr., Lucy Edmunds, John ? June Ct, 1768

Nov 29, 1769 DB4, P 933 (298) John Judkins of N/H Co to Nicholas Judkins of same. for 55 pds., Va money,  250 acres which was part of a patent tp John Dew 7 Sept 1723 adj. S/S Kerby's Crk, Ready Br., John Judkins.  Wts: William Carter, Jr. Thos. X Penry? Elizabeth X Lashley? Dec Crt 1769 CC Willie Jones

1771-DB6, P 1076 (123) Joseph Woodward of N/H, NC to Henry Barnes of Hertford Co., NC, 160 AC , which was part of patent to Carolus Anderson, 4/11/1745, sold to Nicholas Tyner, 4/321/1745. on a small br on Kerby's cr. Wit William Mabry, William Corbitt Dec Ct., 1771

1772-DB5, P 1094 (143) John Corbet of Edge. Co to Joshua Corbett of N/H , 5 pds proclamation, 100 Ac of  640 A patent joining Carolus Anderson, in Kirby's Crk, Meadow Branch, Arthur Williams. John Corbitt, John Corbitt, Jr., Wits:  Moses Owen, Wm. Corbitt, Joshua Batten June Crt., 1772

1773, April 10-DB5, P 1263 (384)  Joseph Woodward of N/H Co to Thos. Penny of same 28 pds. Va. money, 200 Ac joins Johnson Corbitt, Carolus Anderson, Great Branch, Joshua Johnson, Arthur Williams, Joseph Woodward, Elizabeth Woodward. Wit: Joseph Johnson, Joel Johnson. Sept  Crt., 1774

Mar, 1773 DB5, P 1194 (252) Joseph Strickland of N/H Co, NC  to Nicholas Judkins of same.  for 12 pds procl, 100 Ac which was part of a patent to William Boon 11 Nov 1723 on S/S Meherrin River Sig: Joseph X Strickland Wts: Abraham Stevenson, Nathaniel Maddra Mch, Ct 1773  CC: Willie Jones

Feb. 6, 1774  DB 6, P 173 (201) Arthur Stephenson to William Mabry, both of N/H Co, NC., for 50pds, 500 AC which was part of a deed to Arthur Stevenson, Nov. 20, 1761, join. Joseph Woodard, the road leading to Squire Washington's Ferry, Capt. Williams Road, Squire Murfee's Ferry, Indian Branch, Carlous Anderson's former line. Wm. Rix Joseph Powel, Pattie's Delight. Wts: Moses Owen, George Brewer Dec Ct., 1777, Jeph. Atherton, CC

WILL OF WILLIAM EDWARDS, Northampton Co, NC WB 3, P 5, Nov. 17, 1775 June Court, 1777
Wife: Not mentioned, app. deceased-was Sarah Anderson Dtr of Carolus Anderson
Son :John Edwards, and Isaac Edwards, plates, dishes, potts, etc
Daughter: Suley Edwards, plates, etc.
Son: Newitt Edwards, 5 shillings and no more
Daughter: Mary Channel, 5 shillings, and no more. 
Residue of Est to go to son John Edwards.
Exr: son John Edwards
Wits: George Barkley, Michael DeLoatch

DB6, P 50 (76) Nov 21, 1775 Jno. Edwards of Onslow Co., NC to Nicholas Judkins of N/H Co., NC, 20s; 50 AC which had been willed to Sarah Anderson, Dtr. of Carlise Anderson & deeded to sd. Judkins by Wm. Edwards, July 4, 1758, on south side Meherrin Riv., join. Greate Gutt, Carlise Anderson's former corner, his 2 daughters Mary & Sarah.  Wts: George Warren, Hinchey Warren, Henry (X) Warren Dec. Crt, 1775 Willie Jones, CC
My Note-I have not ascertained the relationship bet. Hinchey Warren & George & Henry Warren-sgs

Dec 7, 1776 DB6, P 130 (163) Wm. X Corbet of Pitt Co., NC to Stephenson Williamson of S/H Co.,Va. for 40 pds. procl., 120 AC as by a deed from Carolous Anderson to sd. Corbett, where sd. Corbet did live, join. Kirby's Crk., Indian Br., Peter Johnson, Mirey Br, the road. Wts: John Wilkinson, Daniel Johnson, Sept Ct., 1777 Jeph Atherton CC

Nov. 12, 1778 DB6, P 283 (295) Elijah Crocker & wife Martha of N/H Co., NC  to John Deberry of same, 275 pds. Va money, 300 AC as by 2 deeds (1 from Carles Anderson & the other from Abraham Stevenson, to Wm. Andrews) join. Little Swamp, Strecklen, (Strickland) Joseph Figures. Wts: Thomas Person, Absolom Deberry Dec. Crt, 1778 Jeph. Atherton, CC

Feb. 25, 1780 DB7 P 439 (41) Thomas Penny, planter of N/H Co  to Daniel Massengale of same, 200 AC S/S Kirby Crk., join. Jonathan Corbet, Carlos Andrewson (Anderson) Grt. Br, Joshua Johnston, Arthur Williams. Wts: John Tyner, Wm Fly

1780 No Mo/day DB7, P 453 (49) Henry Deberry, Jr. of Mont Co., NC to John Cobb of N/H Co., NC 300 AC as by deeds from Carolos Anderson & from Abraham Stevenson to William Andrews, S/S Meherrin Riv., join. Little Swamp, Stricklin, Joseph Figures Wts: Daniel Massingale, Absalom Cobb. Mar. Crt, 1780 Jeph. Atherton CC

Oct. 30, 1780 DB7, P 470 (60) Daniel Masengale of N/H Co., NC to Charles Stevenson of same.  300 pds. Va. money, 210 AC join. Grt. Br., Jacob Boon, Carlos Andrewson (Anderson). Wts: James Vaughan, Absolom Cobb Dec Ct., 1780 Jeph Atherton, CC

DB7,  P 607 (160) April 9, 1783-Burrel Boykin of N/H to Sampson Stanton of Southampton Co, Va  Co-265 ac adj. Thomas Parker, Cates Hole Swp, Joseph Vasser, John Stanton, Jonathan Branch. Wts: Kinchen Peterson, Jos. Vasser, Jas. Judkins 

Oct. 11, 1785 DB7, P 955 (420) Thomas Barnes & Jeane (X) Barnes of N/H Co., NC to Abraham Rogers of same.  55 Pds. Va money-160 Acres which was part of a patent to Charles Caroll Anderson, Apr. 11, 1745 & deeded to Nicholas Tiner Apr. 21, 1745, join. Kirbies Creek. Wts: Joseph Wood, Jr., Lemuel Lawrence Mar. Ct., 1787 Ea. Haynes CC

Sept 24, 1785 DB7 P 856 (362) Richard Caswell (a state grant No 69) to Newit Edwards 15 acres adj. Absolum Jones, Henry Howell, Mill Pond Wts: Wm Williams D. Sec. Regis. 16 Jan 1786

WILL OF NICHOLAS JUDKINS, Northampton co., NC, WB 1, p 255- February 22, 1783-June Court, 1783
Wife Mary Judkins (Mary Anderson, Dtr of Carolus Anderson)
to my son James Judkins, 100 Ac where Carolus Anderson formerly lived, 1 bed, etc.
to my son John Judkins, and son Joel Judkins, 300 Ac which I bought of John Long and Joseph Strickland, 1 still, 1 bed, etc.
to my son Carolus Judkins, 50 Ac as by deed, 13 May, 1782 (1728) from William Boon to Carolus Anderson,  1 bed, etc.
to my son Jesse Judkins, 250 Ac on Kerby's crk, 1 bed, etc.
to my daughter Faith Judkins, 60 pounds, 1 bed, etc.
horses to be divided between sons John, Joel, Carolus, & Jesse....
should any of my children die without issue, that share to return to my estate.
my Negroes, if permitted, may enjoy their just right of freedom
remainder of my estate to go to my children
lend all my estate to my wife Mary Judkins
lend Jesse & Faith, 1 Negro each.
EXRS: John Knox, Richard Jordan
Wits: Abraham Stevenson, Jesse Vick, Joseph Strickling, his mark

Nicholas Judkins was born in the year 1724, in Virginia, according to his eldest son James.  Research has proven the family was from Surry Co., Virginia, Nicholas being the son of Robert Judkins and Faith Maget. He married Mary Anderson, dtr of Carolus Anderson i& wife Mary( Boon?)  1755.They became members of the Society of Friends, Rich Square MM, Northampton Co, NC on Jan. 1, 1763.

In 1776 Nicholas Judkins' name appears on Col. Allen Jones' list as being exempt from the Military. (Rich Square MM)

1784-87 Northampton co, NC Census:-Capt. Andrew's Dist.
James Judkins, 1 M 21-60 Yrs, 1 M under 21 Yrs, 1 F & 2 Bl
Mary Judkins, 4 M Und 21 yrs, 3 FE & 6 BL (Anderson)

Capt Winbornne's Dist-
John Judkins 1 M over 60 OR UND 21 & 2 FE

1790 Northampton co, NC Census
P 587 L 17 Joel Judkins, 1  M 16+, 2 M 16-, NO Fe & 1 Sl
P 587 L 18 James Judkins, 1 M 16+, 2 M 16-, 3 FE, 1 Sl
P 587 L 30 Carolus Judkins, 1 M 16+, 3 Sl

Faith Judkins, dtr of Nicholas, dec'd, (M) Jacob Parker, Oct 1, 1793 Northampton Co, NC
Carolus Judkins (M) Charity Peale, Oct. 21, 1795 New Gardan MM, , NC 

Carolous Judkins, Gdn to Joel Peale, Orphan of Jeremiah, dec'd-Dec Crt, 1795- Acct of Enos Daughtry,  (Prior) Gdn to orphans ordered to be settled Dec. Ct, 1795
Other Judkins family records can be found in Society of Friends (Hinshaw)  Rich Square MM, NC, and  New Garden MM, NC  , Blackwater MM, Surry Co., Va., and beginning  abt 1806-1811 in Stillwater MM Ohio. 

1800 Northampton Co, NC
James Judkins 3 1 2 1 0-1 1 0 1 0
1800 Guilford Co, NC 
Joel Judkins 0 0 1 1 0-1 1 0 1 0
1800 Halifax Co, NC 
John Judkins 0 0 1 1 0-1 4 1 1 0 

1810 Northampton Co, NC
John Judkins

1810 Guilford Co., , (Greensboro)

C(arolus) Judkins 3 2 0 1 0-1 0 0 1 0

Joel Judkins 0 0 2 0 1-0 1 0 0 1

The majority of this family moved to Ohio about  1806-1811,  where  several members became prominent physicians. 

James Judkins Sr., son of Nicholas & Mary Anderson Judkins, was born April 8, 1760 N/H Co. NC, and died November 30, 1823, Mt Pleasant, Jeff. Co., Ohio. He (M) #1 Martha Stanton  Oct. 19, 1783 Northampton Co., NC by whom he had 7 children; he married secondly Abigail Parker by whom he had 5 children. This family moved to Ohio in 1806. In 1820 he wrote an account of his family, wherein he mentioned the fact that his mother Mary Anderson was the daughter of Carolus Anderson of Northampton Co., NC, she having two sisters; one who married William Edwards and one who married Hinchey Warren.  He stated that his Aunt Warren died on the trip from NC to Burke Co, Ga., shortly after the Revolution.

He also stated that Carolus Anderson had only one son, who died young in life. He could not recall the name of his grandmother Anderson, but stated his grandparents Anderson lived on the Virginia/North Carolina border, and were buried in the Anderson Family Burying ground in Northampton Co. NC

REF-In America since 1607, The Hollingsworth, Farmer & Judkins Families
Their ancestors, Descendants and Many Related Families 
(Walter L. Farmer, Cincinnati, Ohio)

For further Information, See Hinshaw, Society of Friends Records-Rich Square MM, N/H Co, NC, New Garden MM, NC; Blackwater MM, Surry Co, Va & Stillwater MM, Ohio.

Children of Nicholas Judkins & Mary Anderson (M) Ca 1755 
Sarah Judkins Born Ca 1757
John Judkins Born Ca 1758
Jesse Judkins Born Ca 1759
James Judkins  1760-1823 Ohio (M) #1 Martha Stanton Nov 15, 1783 Blackwater MM, Surry, Va  (M) #2 Abigail Parker Jan 21, 1801 Rich Square MM, NC
Joel Judkins  Born Ca 1762 Died Ohio (M) Lucy Stanton, May 18, 1791 Blackwater MM, Surry, Va
Carolus Judkins  (Physician in Belmont Co, Ohio) born Ca 1767-died 1854 Ohio (M) Charity Peele Oct 21, 1795 New Garden MM, NC
Faith Judkins  Born 1774 NC D-1821 Jeff. Co, Ohio (M) Jacob Parker Oct 1, 1793 Rich Square MM, NC
Robert Judkins   -died young (Not named in father's will)- 

Children of James Judkins &  Martha Stanton Judkins (she died 10/14/1799 NC)

John b. 8-18-1784 (M) Mary Burgess, May 21, 1808 Rich Square MM, NC
Mary Margaret b. 7-7-1786 died 1871 Belmont, Ohio (M) Joseph Parker    10/21/1801 Rich Square MM, NC
William b. 9-1-1788 D-June 22, 1861 Cincinnati, Ohio Moved to Ohio, 1806- (Physician. 1850 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio- (M)#1 Rachael Steer (M) #2 Mary_____
James b. 6-18-1791 (Physician in Granville, Mercer Co, Ohio. 1850) (M) Susanna Bye
Stanton b. 10/21-1793 (Physician in  New Garden, Wayne Co, Ind 1850-(M) Jane (Barnhill?), 1860 Greensfork, Randolph Co, Ind.
Anderson b. 3-13-1796 died 1835 Steubenville, Ohio (M) Catherine Carr
Martha b. 3-23-1798

Children of James Judkins & Abigail Parker, 2nd w/o James
Sarah 8-23-1803
Isaac Parker  born 1806 NC died Mt Pleasant, Ohio
Anne  born June 27, 1809 NC (M) John Duffy
Robert Parker  born 1812 Mt Pleasant, Ohio Died 1864 (M) Ann B.____(Physician, 1850 Fairfield, Highland Co, Ohio
Jesse Parker born May 31, 1815 Ohio died 1867 Ohio (Professor of Medicine,\ & Physician,  Cincinnati, Ohio (Single, Physician 1860 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio HH of Bro Wm Judkins) Did not marry
Ref-Persi Index Old Northwest Gen. Qrtrly Vol 8-No 3, July, 1905 & Hinshaw's Quaker Records, NC & Ohio

Carolus Cornelius Judkins  & Charity (Peele) Judkins
Carolus Judkins was a physician in Barnesville, Belmont Co, Ohio
He was born Abt 1767 (census records) and died 1854 Belmont Co, Ohio
KNOWN Children: (also had sev dtrs)
Thomas b. 2-21-1797 NH Co, NC Died Ohio (M) Sarah Jones Nov 25, 1819 Belmont, Ohio-farmer in 1850 Warren, Belmont Co, Ohio 
Anderson Born Ca 1807 NC ( handicapped) lived w/parents 1850 Ohio
Nicholas Born Ca 1808 NC (M) #1_______(M) #2 Rhoda Ann Craft 3/27/1850 Belmont Co, Ohio;  physician in 1850 Barnesville, Belmont Co, Ohio
Jesse Born Ca 1800 NC (M) Eliza Bailey June 11, 1835 Belmont, Ohio ( farmer 1850 Barnesville, Belmont Co, Ohio)
Isaac Born Ca 1815 Ohio (M) Elizabeth ____; merchant in 1850 Flushing, Belmont Co, Ohio

1820  Barnsville, Belmont Co., Ohio-Carolus Judkins, Joel Judkins, Thomas Judkins

Salem, Jefferson Co., Ohio-Anderson Judkins

Smithfield, Jefferson Co, Ohio-Israel Judkins, William Judkins

Mount Pleasant, Jefferson Co, Ohio-James Judkins

1830 Warren, Belmont Co., Ohio-Carolus Judkins, Thomas Judkins

Wilmington, Clinton Co, Ohio-Jonathan Judkins

Batavia, Clermont Co, Ohio-Jesse Judkins

Salem, Highland Co, Ohio-Joel Judkins

Mount Pleasant, Jefferson Co, Ohio-William Judkins

Steubenville,Jefferson Co, Ohio-Anderson Judkins

OHIO LAND RECORDS, Carolus Judkins, Steubenville Land Office-79.75 AC April 2, 1825, 79,75 AC May 2, 1826, 80.25 AC May 2, 1826

1850 Belmont Co, Ohio, HH 94-96 Barnsville T/S Jesse Judkins 50M NC Farmer $3,000., Eliza " 34F Ohio, Mary " 10F Ohio, James" 8M Ohio, John " 4M Ohio

Barnsville HH 95-97 Nicholas Judkins 42M Ohio Physician $1,000.,  John W. "  2M Ohio, Rhody Judkins 22F Phio (nee Rhoda Ann Craft)

Barnsville   HH 96-98 Carolus Judkins 82M NC Physician  $3350., Charity Judkins  (nee Peele) 73F NC, Anderson Judkins 43M NC No occ Mentally handicapped

Flushing T/S    HH 758-773  Isaac Judkins 35M  Ohio, Merchant; Elizabeth "  21F Ohio, James " 7M Ohio, Francis " 1M Ohio

Warren T/S  HH 449-460 Thomas Judkins 57M NC Farmer $1600; Sarah " 55F Delaware, Joel "  18M Ohio Farmer, Sarah " 21F Ohio,  Martha " 17F Ohio, Rachael " 14F Ohio, Mary MOOPS   23F  Ohio, William " 4M Ohio, William Harlan 7M Ohio