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JAMES ANDERSON was born about 1670 and he was deceased as of  1732  when  his widow made her will as Elizabeth Anderson of Meherrin River & Proved in Bertie Pct., NC, August Crt, 1733.  (Last Record of James 1727)

In this will she named sons James Anderson, Carolus Anderson, Dtr. Elizabeth Pitman, grandson William Anderson Pitman, granddaughter Elizabeth Anderson, and granddaughter Sarah  Anderson, whom she made Extrx..

Elizabeth Anderson's maiden name is unknown to me, although Elizabeth had a close relationship with the Fort family from Surry  Co., Va. & Chowan & Bertie Co, NC and the family of Carolus Anderson, their son,  had a very close association with the Boon Family from Isle of Wight, Va  & Bertie  & Chowan  Pct, NC.  There may be some relationship.

The granddaughters Elizabeth & Sarah Anderson mentioned in Elizabeth's will were obviously the children of their son James, as the daughters of Carolus would not be old enough to Administer their grandmother's estate in1732, and Carolus Anderson had no daughter named Elizabeth.


(1)  JAMES Born  CA 1692 Va
Had daughters named Sarah & Elizabeth, as of 1732.

(2 CAROLUS Born  CA 1694VA Died: Feb., 1753 Northampton Co., NC
(M) MARY ( BOON ?) (Dtr of William BOON of Isle of Wight ,Va & Bertie Pct, NC--William  BOON died intestate in 1728 Bertie Co, NC-See Bertie Co NC deeds on C. Anderson  page

(3) ELIZABETH Born  Ca 1696 Va (M) ______PITMAN/PIERSON?
had son  William Anderson Pitman/Pierson?  as of 1732



July 12, 1716 Matthew & Elizabeth Capps to JAMES ANDERSON, assignment of a sale of land formerly belonging to WILLIAM BRASWELL Wit: William Braswell, Edward Howard Bk 1, P 345

July 13, 1716 ELIZABETH CAPPS,  wife of MATTHEW CAPPS, of Meherrin, to ROBERT SHARP, Power of Attorney to relinquish dower of all lands my husband hath sold. WIT:  Henry Wheeler, JAMES ANDERSON (1-346)

July 17,1716  Proved in Court- At a  Court held for Chowan  Pct, at ye house of William Branch, Matthew Capps, & Robert Sherrod, Attorney of said Mary (sic) Capps, acknowledged sale to JAMES ANDERSON

1720 Roanoak River-Tax List: JAMES ANDERSON (same as Morratuck Riv)

November 11, 1720 JAMES ANDERSON  to ROBERT SIMS both of Chowan Pct. 100 Acres on Cypress Swamp, that makes into Moratuck River, ADJ. WILLIAM BOON Cypress Swamp, and a gum pond, and JAMES ANDERSON'S fence,  Part of Patent to WILLIAM BRASSWELL, March 4, 1711/12  Wit: Henry Sims, Henry Wheeler (1-145) (Also Shown as C, P176-Cross Index to Chowan Co, NC Deeds)

November 12, 1720 JAMES ANDERSON & ELIZABETH, my wife  of Chowan  Pct to JOSEPH SIMS, of Chowan, 100 acres, Cypress Swamp, Morratuck River, adj. JAMES ANDERSON,  WILLIAM BOON, part of patent to WILLIAM BRASWELL March 4, 1711/12. Wts: Matt Russian, Henry Sims, Wm. Murphy

Sept 2, 1721 James Anderson to Robert Sims, 200 AC, pt of Patent for 600 AC dated March 5, 1711-12.

Sept 2, 1721-James Anderson to Henry Sims, 200 AC Adj. above 200 Ac.-Wts: Nic Boon, Wm. Boon 

Cross Index to Deeds, Chowan Co, NC
Bk C  P 145-Jas. Anderson to Robert Sims Yr 1725 
Bk C2-P 145-Jas. Anderson to Robert Sims Yr 1725 (same?)
(1-146) (C-176- & C2, P 176-James Anderson
Yr-1722,  BK W, P 318-Commissioners @ Edenton to JAMES ANDERSON (copy)

BERTIE CO., NC DEEDS-Created 1722 from CHOWAN & BATH)
(Morratuck River same as Roanoak River)
March 3, 1721/22  JAMES ANDERSON of BATH CO, to CAPT. JOHN GRAY 400 Acres N/S Moratuck River, in Occoneechee Neck, part of 640 Acres surveyed by COL. WILLIAM MAULE  for WILLIAM BRASWELL, then  sold to MATTHEW CAPPS, and by CAPPS to JAMES ANDERSON, adjoining WILLIAM BOON AND JOHN NELSON. Wits: Patrick Maule, Man. Moore, Recorded April 21, 1722, C. Gale, CC

Patent Bk III P 208, #2384 July 30, 1726 JOHN COTTON GRANT, 521 Acres, N/S Morattuck River, Bertie Pct., adj. Ochaneechee Swamp & JAMES ANDERSON

August 9, 1727 JOHN COTTON  to WILLIAM LITTLE- 50 Acres Occoneechee Swamp, adjoining JAMES ANDERSON. Wts: Robt. Forster, Edwd. Marshborne. Aug Crt., 1727 B-274

Bertie Co, NC Vital Records-Sarah BASS/VOSS b. PR to 1714, dtr of John Sr & Mary BASS/VOSS (M) ______ANDERSON & had sons Aaron, Asa ANDERSON (Possible wife of James ANDERSON, JR?

Vital Records of Bertie Co, NC show James & Elizabeth ANDERSON had a son named Edward Anderson, 1733-Not named in Will of Elizabeth.-sgs 

Will of Elizabeth Anderson , Widow, South side of Meherrin  River, Bertie Pct.

Nov. 5, 1732-Bertie Pct-Will Date-Prov. August Crt, 1733 before Robert Foster by Oath of Elias Fort-See Below

"Being weak in body" 
Son : James Anderson,  1 shilling (No further record)
Son  Carolus Anderson, 1 breeding mare, iron wedges, harrow, etc
Daughter: Elizabeth Pitman, 1 pr small hones
Granddaughter Elizabeth Anderson 2 cows & calves, other livestock, and personal goods
Daughter Elizabeth Pitman's son William Anderson (Pitman) , 1 heifer
Granddaughter Sarah Anderson, 2 cows and calves, other livestock and personal goods.
EX: granddaughter Sarah Anderson
Wit: Elias Fort, Ealcor Fort (Fe) Henry Crompton 

Bertie Co., NC Court Minutes 1724-1739 (Haun)
Wednesday morning, Aug. 16, 1733 Court: Held at the Courthouse on Timber Branch Present: Mr. Hill, Mr. Boadie,  Mr. Lattimore, Mr. West. The last will & Testament of Elizh. Anderson was proved in open Court by the Oath of Elias Fort., then the Crt adjourned until tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock.
Nov 18, 1733 Court: At a Court held at the Courthouse on Timber Branch, Present: Benj. Hill, Jno. Bodie, Thos. Bryant, Gent. Justices. Mem. to bring up Lees Testy? on Eliz. Andersons Exn. Gov. fees pd. 
Wednesday,  Feb.  13th Court At a Court held at the Courthose on Timber Branch. Present Mr. Hill, Mr. Holbook, Mr. Pugh, Mr. West, Mr. Nedm. Bryan, Mr Harrel: 
An Inventory of ye Estate of Eliz. Anderson was Exhebitd. (sic) & sworn to by the EXX.  (Gr/Dtr Sarah Anderson)

The following records MAY apply to James Anderson, brother to Carolus Anderson:

History of Hertford Co, NC (created 1754 from Bertie, Chowan & Northampton)
P 18- Chowan County's Representatives in the Assembly:  
1744-45 James Anderson, Henry Baker, & Dempsey Sumner
1746-47 Peter Payne, Joseph Blount, James Anderson, John Benbury
1746-James Anderson, JP

Chowan Deeds-James ANDERSON

Bk W, P 328- Yr-1736-Commissioners @ Edenton to James Anderson 
Bk W P 329- Yr, 1736-Commissioners @ Edenton to James Anderson 

 Cross Index to Chowan Co, NC deeds

I have found no proof of any relationship between this James Anderson, above,  & the following families

Yr 1715-B-109 Lewis Conner to Lewis Anderson
Yr-1716-Bk B, P 345-Matthew Capps to Thomas Anderson
Yr 1720-W-228 Edmund Gale to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1720-W-228 Edward Moseley to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1720-W-228 Wm. Badham to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1725-W-294 Jno. Boyd to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1734-C-725 Wm Magkey to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1736 W-330 Wm Smith to Joseph Anderson
do-Edward Moseley to Joseph Anderson
do-Wm. Badman to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1736 W-328 Commissioners of Edenton to Hope Anderson
Yr  1736 W328 Commissioners of Edenton to Missy Anderson
Yr 1736-W 330 Commissioners of Edenton to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1736 W-330 Commissioners of Edenton to Hope Anderson
Yr 1736 W 330 Commissioners of Edenton to Missy Anderson
Yr 1737-W-369 Eliz. Little to Joseph Anderson
Yr 1738-W-234 Joseph Anderson to William Twigg
Yr 1739  C2-84 Robt. Roberson to Joseph Anderson

& many later deeds on Joseph Anderson & Ann Anderson


Copy-Chowan deed #470-P 59-60 Elizabeth Fort,  wife of William Boon -Power of attorney to Samuel Peacock