The Family of
William Rinaldy Sparks
& #1
 wife Mary A. King
& #2 Wife 
Mrs. Luvenia (Watkins) Gardner

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William Rinaldy Sparks was born December 11, 1852 in Nacogdoches Co, Texas and he died April 18, 1931 in Nacogdoches Co, Texas in the Cedar Bluff Community.  He is buried @ Cold Springs Bapt. Church Cemetery, Garrison, Nacogdoches County, Texas beside his second wife.  His first wife is buried @ Rock Springs Cemetery, Nacogdoches County, Texas.

He was the son of Andrew Jackson Sparks & Mary Ann Allen.   He lived in Robertson County, Texas for a time,  prior to returning to Nacogdoches County, where he lived in the Lilly Grove/Rock Springs area, until the death of his first wife.  About 1903/04 he moved to the area of Cedar Bluff Community, where some of his descendants still reside.
His occupation was farmer.

William R. Sparks Family 1906
Front, L-R ,William R. Sparks, Luvenia (Watkins) Gardner Sparks & Baby is John Thomas Sparks
Back Row, L-R Rosie L. Gardner, Allen Sparks, Dora L. Gardner, Albert Joel Sparks
Her Dtr Eula Eunice Gardner is already (M) to Frank Jones & His other children by #1 wife are already married.

William R. Sparks (M) #1 Mary A. King November 3, 1872 in Nacogdoches Co., Texas
She was born Aug. 25, 1849 died June 17, 1903 in Rock Springs Community, Nacogdoches Co., Texas and is buried at Rock Springs Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co, Tex.
Obituary Below

Sparks Children by first wife, Mary Artemissa King
(Birth dates on their children from Bible of William R. Sparks in my Possession)

1. Mary Ann "Molly" Sparks Born Jan. 23, 1874 Robertson Co, Texas
    Died: June 7, 1907 Buried:  Rock Springs Cemetery
    Nacog. Co., Texas
    (M) Lafayette L. Singleton Nov 25, 1894 Nacog. Co, Texas

Lafayette Singleton, wife Molly Sparks & 
Children Clara S & Alma

    He was born Oct. 7, 1872 and died March 25, 1922 Buried: Rock Springs Cem. He married #2 Myra Lee  & had other children-(she is also buried @ Rock Springs)
          a. Clara Syletha Singleton Born Feb. 27, 1899 Nacog. Co, Tex Died April 13, 1984  Buried: Rock Springs Cem., Nacog. Co., Tx.
              (M) Jasper Hollis Partin Feb. 2, 1919 -He was b. Aug. 17, 1895 d. July 21, 1940 Nacogdoches, Tx buried: Rock Springs Cem., Nacogdoches Co., Tx (WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Nacogdoches Co.,, Tx-Jasper Hollis Partin, age 32 yrs, Add RFD 1, Nacogdoches, Occ: Self Empl Farmer, Single caucasian, natural born citizen, Sig: Jasper Hollis Partin; Phys Desc: Tall, Slender build, blue eyes, Dk brown hair, not bald., No disab. Sig: _ C Watson, Regis., Pct 3, Nacogdoches Co., Tx local board June 5, 1917)

               1. Burren Partin b. June 29, 1920 Nacog. Co., Tx d. July 6, 1920 buried Rock Springs Cem., Nacogdoches Co., Tx

               2. Earl Gene Partin  b. Oct. 26, 1929 Nacog. Co., Tx d. Oct. 13, 2005, buried Rock Springs Cem., Nacogdoches Co., TxObit, The Daily Sentinel., Nacogdoches, Tx (Had 3 dtrs, 1 son)

                   (M) Letha Joy Collins 

                   (M) #2 Judy 

    b. Lillie Singleton b. 1902 d. Feb. 24, 1907 buried Rock Springs Cem., Nacog. Co., Tx
          c. Ima Alma Singleton Born Oct. 10, 1905 Nacog. Co, Tex  Died Oct. 5, 1995 Harris Co., Tx-buried Sunset Mem. Park Cem., Nacog. Co, Tx.(M). @ age 15)
              (M) #1 Bert Peavey/Peavy  abt 1921 (Had 2 Sons)  He was b. July 18, 1898 d. May 31, 1934 Nacogdoches Co., Tx (Farmer, Pct 8, 1930 Nacogdoches Co., Tx) (M) @ age 23

                1. Gaylon Lafayette Peavy b. Jan 22, 1925 Nacog. Co., Tx d. Oct 25, 1992 Dallas, Tx 

                    (M) Bobbie Bryan b. July 6, 1925

                2.  Odis Lee  Peavy b. abt June, 1929 Nacog. Co., Tx

                     (M) Estelle Carol Moreau (3 ch, b. Harris Co)
              (M) #2 Walter Dorman (No ch)  He was b. Jan. 3, 1895 d. Aug. 14, 1976 Nacog. Co., Tx


2. Benjamin Jackson Sparks Born July 16, 1876 Robertson Co, Tex
    Died: Dec 8, 1955 Nacog. Co, Tex Buried: Bethel Cemetery, Appleby ,Nacog. Co, Tex
           (M) #1 Nettie McLean/McLain 2/28/1900 Nacog. Co, Tex

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Nacogdoches Co., Tx-Benjamin Jackson Sparks Add: Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx WM. Age 42 yrs,  born: July 16, 1876 Occ: Farming, Self Empl, Rt 1, Appleby, Tx Nearest Rel: Eva Sparks, same add,  Sig: Benjamin Jackson Sparks  Ht-Med. Build-Med. Eyes: Brown, Hair: Grey, Disabilities-None Sig: Illeg. H. Barr, Registrar, local board Nacogdoches Co., Tx,  Sept 12, 1918

             a. Gladys Eugene Sparks Born July 8, 1901 Nacog. Co, Tex Died: April 25, 1992 Nacog. Tx.  He was buried @ Bethel Cem, Nacog. Co, Tx
                 (M) #1 Vera Wilkerson
              1. Cecil Junior Sparks Born Nov. 4, 1929 Black Jack, Nacog. Co, Tex 
                            (M) Linda Jean Lunsford Nov 8, 1952  Born May 30, 1937
                                    a. Teresa Lynette Sparks  (M) Alton Coats
                                    b. Cecil Wayne Sparks
             2. Hazel Sparks  (M) Russell Bellard (No children)
             3. David Bryant Sparks Born May 23, 1934 Nacog. Co.Tex. (Lived in Arizona, 1996)   

            (M) #1 Betty Jean Sparks (Cousin) -Div.

               a. Deborah Ruth b. Nov. 24, 1955 Jefferson Co., Tx d. March 15, 1956 Bexar Co., Tx

            (M) #2 Leona Clifton

              b. Ricky David Sparks b. Nacogdoches Co., Tx

        Gladys Sparks (M) #2 Rosie Bell Frances- She d. Nov. 1, 1957 
        4. Nelson Gladys Sparks Born Dec. 6, 1939  Etoile, Nacog. Co., Tx
             Died Oct. 28, 1996 San Augustine Co., Tx. (Lived in Brazoria, Tx. for many yrs) Burial: Cold Springs Cem., Garrison, Nacog. Co., Tx
             (Retired as dog sergeant for TDCJ-ID, Clemen Unit, 31 yrs)
             (M) Doris Nell Cowart
                    a. Russell Roland Sparks b. Brazoria Co., Tx 

                  (M) Anjanette Barbaran Fanguy

Benjamin Jackson. Sparks (M) #2 Eva Virginia Rambin Nov. 27, 1904 Nacog. Co, Tex  (Dtr. of James Rambin & Anna King)

Benjamin J Sparks & wife, Eva Rambin
abt 1951 @ Douglass

 Eva Rambin was born Aug. 29, 1886  Died July  9, 1980 Nacog. Co, Tex --Buried: Bethel Cemetery, Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tex

   b. Allen Sparks Died @ birth
   c. Gracie Sparks Died @ birth
   d. Mollie Sparks Died @ birth
   e. Mary Anna Sparks Born Sept 22, 1910 Nacog. Co, Texas Died: Nov 14, 1985 Angelina Co, Tex  Buried: Bethel Cem, Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tex
       (M) Hershel/Hersel Pate.  He d. Feb. 9, 1961 Angelina Co., Tx
   f. Allen Curtis Sparks Born Dec. 10, 1913 Nacog. Co, Tex Died: Oct. 11, 1988 Buried: Bethel Cem. Nacog.Co., Tx. (Lived in Douglass)
       (M) Lera Glyndon Lee (Dtr of Curtis Jackson Lee & Elizabeth Jane Pate) Born August 14, 1917, Died April 13, 1997 Buried: Bethel Cem, Nacog. Co., Tx.
              1. Betty Jean Sparks Born July 29, 1937 Nacog. Co, Tx Died Nov 11, 1997 Harris, Tx;  Buried @ Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Tx

                  (M) #1 David Bryant Sparks (cousin)

                   a. Deborah Ruth Sparks b. Nov. 24, 1955 Jefferson Co., Tx d. March 15, 1956 Bexar Co., Tx

             Betty Jean Sparks (M) #2 Huey Paul Bostick Feb 23, 1960 Harris, Tx (had 2 children)

                    b. Angela Marie Bostick

                    c. Leah Delaine Bostick
              2. Eva Louise Sparks born Aug. 11, 1943 Jefferson Co., Tx (Lives @ Douglas)
                  (M) Hollis Dewey Bostick, Aug 12, 1966 Harris Co, Tx

                    a. Hollis Mace Bostick

                    b. Melissa Louise Bostick 
              3. Peggy Jo Sparks Born April 1, 1946 Nacog. Co., Tx (Lives @ Douglas)
                  (M) Robert L. Thomas Aug 8, 1975 Baltimore, Md- NO children
              4. Ruthie Lee Sparks Born Mar. 24, 1948 Nacog. Co., Tx (Lives Jefferson, Tx)
                  (M) David Cordell Little Dec 31, 1970 Harris Co, Tx

                    a. David Cordell Little, Jr.

Curtis & Glyndon Lee Sparks

   g. Ethel Faye Sparks Born Feb. 19, 1915 Nacog. Co, Tex. (Died @ LaPorte, Texas Jan, 1987 

      (M) Horace Wilkerson
                   1. Bryan Wilkerson
                   2. Charlotte Ann Wilkerson
   h. Ina Sparks Born Oct. 24, 1916 Nacog. Co, Tex. Died Aug. 10, 1951
       (Bethel Cem, Nacog. Co, Tex)
       (M) Bill Hornigan
    i. Jesse Marie Sparks Born Sept, 10, 1919 Nacog. Co, Tex Died August, 1984
       buried @ Fairview Cem, Nacog. Co, Tex
       (M) Boyd Effie Gartman

Joe Felix, Virginia & William B Gartman

       1. William Boyd ("Sonny") Gartman Born June 19, 1937 Nacog. Co., Tx
                 (M) Norita _____
       2. Joe Felix Gartman Born Dec 24, 1940 Died May 1, 1998
                 (M) Dinzel Pate 
       3. Margaret Virginia Gartman born March 7, 1946 Nacog. Co., Tx
                 (M) Adrian Rogers
   j. Velma Louise Sparks Born Dec. 28, 1922 Nacog. Co, Tex Died Nov 19, 1962 buried @ Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Tex)
        (M) #1_____Carter (Harris Co, Tx) -No Ch
        (M) #2-Chuck (Charles) Henderson -No Ch


3. Odelia T. Sparks Born July 28, 1879 Robertson Co, Tex  d. July 14, 1959 Trinity Co., Tx-Buried: Trinity Co, Texas
          (M) George Hammond March 18, 1900 Nacog. Co, Texas-Born Sept, 1872 died____(lived in 1920 San Augustine Co, Tx - sales Mgr for dry goods store & 1930 Trinity Co, Tx

           a. Mary B. Hammond b. 1903 Nacog. Co., Tx

           b. Elsie F. Hammond b. 1905 Nacog. Co., Tx

           c. William Allen Hammond b. 1907 Nacog. Co., Tx         

               (M) Olive May Foster

                  1. Allen Eugene Hammond b. Sept. 22, 1929 Trinity Co., Tx d. Dec 8, 1994 Willis, Montgomery Co., Tx (SSDI)

                   (M) Opal Louise Sitchler ?
           d. Nancy J. Hammond b. 1910 Nacogdoches Co., Tx
     One dtr married a Stacey, had a dtr Ruth Stacey born abt 1924

Odelia Sparks Hammond


4. Roxie A. Sparks Born June 11, 1881 Robertson Co, Tex Died: August 25, 1941 San Augustine Co., Texas (M) @ age 22
    (Supposedly Buried Melrose Cemetery-did not locate marker)
    (M) Grover Cleveland Sullivan Jan 18, 1903 Nacog. Co, Tx d. Oct. 22, 1937 San Augustine Co., Tx -gen'l farmer, 1910-1930 Nacog. Co., Tx (M) @ age 18

      a. Velma Sullivan  Born 1904 Nacog. Co, Tex (died pr to 1920 census)
      b. George Allen Sullivan Born Sept. 24, 1906 Nacog. Co, Tex d. Sept 10, 1998 Lumberton, Hardin Co., Tx (SSDI)* 

         (M) Gladys Pauline Campbell

             1. Gladys Marnelle Sullivan b. June 4, 1927 Nacog. Co., Tx

                (M) James Adam Bowen

             2. Robert A. b. July 12, 1929 Nacog. Co., Tx

                (M) Jean Marie Griffiths

            3,. Clarence Lee Sullivan b. Dec. 27, 1933 Nacog. Co., Tx

                 (M) Jimmie Don Laurentz
     c. Hollis D. Sullivan  Born Oct. 8, 1908 Nacog. Co, Tex d. Sept., 1976 Houston, Harris, Tx (SSDI) *

         (M) Clara Mae Shafer

               1. Mary Hazel Sullivan b. July 26, 1935 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
     d. Porter Sullivan  Born Ca 1910 Nacog. Co, Tx. (died pr to 1920 Census)
     e. Oscar Sullivan  Born 1912 Nacog. Co, Tex
     f.  Lee A.  Sullivan Born Nov. 5, 1916 Nacog. Co, Tex d. March 26, 1990 SSDI-Last Res. Not given, Iss'd Texas pr to 1951
     g. Oneida Sullivan Born 1919 Nacog. Co, Tex

     h. Porter Sullivan II b. March 11, 1926 Nacogdoches Co.,, Tx died Sept. 30, 1978 Anderson, Shasta Co., California (SSDI-Iss'd Texas pr to 1951)

Grover Sullivan, & Wife Roxie A. Sparks,
Children: George & in front: Velma


5. Laura M. Sparks  Born May 29, 1884 Tex. Died:  (Buried Rosevine Cem., Bronson, Tex, NO marker located)
    (M) Frank Burns Dec. 24, 1900 Nacog. Co, Tex.
            a. Rosa Lee Burns (only child)

Frank & Laura Sparks Burns


6. Ophelia Sparks Born July 9, 1886 Tex Died: Feb. 25, 1960 Rusk Co, Tex-Buried Rock Springs Cem, Nacog. Co, Texas

Ophelia Sparks, Barrington

     (M) Horace K. Barrington Feb. 18, 1905 Nacogdoches Co, Tex
     (Son of Thaddeus Theodore Barrington & Mary Ann Watkins)
     He was born Dec. 31, 1877 Tex. Died: April 6, 1963
     Buried @ Cold Springs Cem, Garrison, Nacog. Co, Texas

Mary Artie & Mamie Lee Barrington

Barrington children
     a. Mary Artie Barrington born 1907 Died: Pr to 1997
     b. Mamie Lee Barrington born Dec 13, 1908 Garrison, Nacogdoches Co, Tx Died: Feb. 22, 2003 Fort Collins, Colorado-(Had 5 gr/ch, 8 grt gr/ch, 2 gr gr gr/ch)
          Bur: Sunset Memorial Park, Nacogdoches, Tx Feb. 28, 2003
          (M) Robert Austin Floyd
          (He died August, 2001-Buried @ Sunset Mem. Park,  Nacogdoches. Tx)
          Children: Floyd
                1. Marjorie Joyce Born Nov. 18, 1935 Orange Co., Tx
                    (M) Dodson (lived Abilene, Tx 2003)
                2. Judith Ann born June 28, 1938 Orange Co., Tx
                    (M) Poland (Lived Ft. Collins, Colo. 2003)
     c. Atha Lillian Barrington Born 1913  

   (M)  Francis Davis Edwin Timmerman- (of Swansboro, NC, 1997)
                 1. Mary Atha born April 5, 1941 Jefferson Co., Tx
     d. Martin L. Barrington Born Dec 31, 1914 Died: Jan. 12, 1997 Henderson, Rusk Co, Texas
         (M) Olive Reed  (They lived in Center, Shelby Co, Texas for many yrs)
     e. Oliver Barrington Born  abt 1916 (Lived in  Port Arthur area for many yrs, and El Paso, Tex  Feb, 2003)
     f.  Elmer Inman Barrington Born Aug 16,1917 Died: Aug, 1985 Port Arthur, Jeff. Co, Tx 
         (M) Evie Lee Davis  (She lived in Bryan, 1997)
         1. Elmer Donnell born Jan 17, 1942 Nacog. Co., Tx
         2. Sherry Lee Born Aug. 8, 1944 Orange Co, Tx.
     g. Kenneth Earl Barrington  Born  June 18, 1925 Died Apr 3, 1998 Grand Prairie, Dallas, Tex  
         (M) Thelma Frances Smith
         1. Kay Frances born Sept 9, 1945 Dallas Co. Tx
         2. Kenneth Wayne born Nov. 7, 1947 Dallas Co. Tx
     h. Linda Barrington  (M) Trowbridge  (Lived in Overton, Texas 1997)


7. William Allen Sparks Born April 9, 1889 Robertson Co, Tex.
     Died April 19, 1968 Nacog. Co, Tex
     Buried Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tex
     He was one of the first commercial poultry growers in E. Texas
     (M) Mollie Frances Rambin Dec. 12, 1909 Nacog. Co, Tex
     Dtr of James Rambin & Anna L. King

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations-Nacogdoches Co., Tex-William Allen Sparks, age 28 yrs, Add: Rt 1, Appleby, Texas, native born: April 9, 1889 Married, Caucasian,  Occ: Farmer;  Dep: Wife & 2 children  Exemption Claimed: NO;  Sig: William Allen Sparks; Phys. Desc:  Ht-Tall, Build-Slender, Eyes: Blue, Hair: dark brown Disabilities-No; Sig: G J McGuire, Registrar Pct 2nd, Nacogdoches, Tx June 5, 1917

Allen & Albert Sparks

Rear: Allen Sparks & wife Molly Rambin
Front: Eva Rambin & Husband, Benjamin Jackson Sparks
& Benjamin's son, Gladys Sparks, by first wife
Taken 1909

Willie Clyde, Lester B & Ives Sparks

Allen Sparks Family
Allen, Molly, Willie Clyde, Ives, Lester B, & Ruby

  Children: Sparks
    a. William Clyde  "Willie" Sparks Born Sept. 18, 1910 Nacog. Co, Tx. Died: Feb. 6, 1972 Cherokee Co, Tx  Buried: Bethel Cem, Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tx

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946; William C. Sparks, b. 1910, white, citizen, b. Texas;  Add: Kaufman Co., Texas; Enlistment date: June 17, 1943, Place: Dallas, Texas; No branch assignment; Private; Term: enlisted for the duration of the War or other emergency, plusw six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. Component: Selectees, enlisted men; Education: 4 years of high school, Occ: Unskilled occupation in production of chemical products; Widower, with dependents;  Ht:__ Wt: __.
         (M) #1 Mary Larue (she died when Kenneth was very young.)
                1. Kenneth Sparks (M) Kay Smith 
                    a. Darrell (M) Kauli Burrus
                        1. Keiffer (dtr)
                        2. Cutter (son)
                    b. Michael
         (M) #2 Leota Mann Oct. 12, 1945
                2. Monty Clell Sparks (M)  Ronna Jo Strong
                    a. Jenifer Rae (M) Cory Beasley (Have Lauren Elizabeth & Colton Scott)
                    b. Sheri Alyce (M) Dan Harrington
                3. Phil Daryl Sparks (M) Evelyn Karen Strode
                    a. Brandon Kyle (M) Lea Rader (ch-Makenzie Claire & Anne Elizabeth)
                    b. Daryl Craig (M) Lara Thornton (ch-Hailey Grace)
                    c. Eric Kyle

b. James Vernon  Sparks born Mar. 12, 1912 Died: Mar. 26, 1912-Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co., Tx

c. Ives Lorine  Sparks Born May 9, 1914 Nacog. Co, Tx
         Died: March 9, 1997 Nacog. Co., Tex. (SSDI)
         (M) Robert Devalcourt Nov. 29, 1935 He was b. Nov. 3, 1906 d. Jan. 1, 1978 Nacogdoches Co., Tx  (Lived in Port Arthur until retirement. then returned to Allen Sparks homeplace -Both buried Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tx)
               Devalcourt children:
               1. Bobby Lee b. July 28, 1941 Jefferson Co., Tx d. May 17, 2007 Nacogdoches Co., Tx SSDI (buried Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Tx)

             (M) Dorothy Jean Rosselot (She died May 1, 1983 Hunt Co., Tx)

                      a. Brian Lee Devalcourt b. July 1, 1972 Hunt Co., Tx (M) Jennifer Michelle Coats

                      b. Angela Beth Devalcourt b. Dec. 22, 1973 Hunt Co., Tx died Feb. 17, 1974 Hunt Co., Tx

            (M) #2 Louise ____ (No children)
               2. William James "Jimmy" Devalcourt b. July 21, 1943 Jefferson Co., Tx -lives in Alaska

                  (M) Sharon Jean Capps July 16, 1965 (Div 1970)

                     a. Christian Nicole Devalcourt b. Dec. 20, 1966 Jefferson Co., Tx

                     b. Edgar Marcus Devalcourt b. Feb. 17, 1968 Dallas Co., Tx
               3. Patty Marie Devalcourt born March 21, 1949 Jefferson Co., Tx.

 d. Lester B. Sparks Born Jan. 14, 1918 Nacog. Co, Tex
         (M) #1 Ruby Mann 
         She was born Oct. 29, 1914 & Died Aug. 29, 1950-Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Tx. (Had 1 son, Mickey Lyle,  Born & Died Aug. 28, 1950-Bethel Cem, Nacog.Co, Tx)
         (M) #2 Mildred Ethel Buckner -No Children-live in Lufkin

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Lester B. Sparks, b. 1918, white, citizen, b. Texas;  Add: Nacogdoches Co., Texas; Enlistment date: June 16, 1942, Place: Tyler, Texas; Branch International, Warrant Officers, Grade: Private; Term: Enlistment for the duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to law. Component: Selectees, Enlisted men; Education: 4 years of high school; Occ: general farmer; single, without dependents; Ht: 71", Wt: 174 lbs

 e. Ruby Kathryn Sparks Born Feb. 16, 1924 Nacog. Co, Tex (lives  Mayo/Cedar Bluff, Nacogdoches Co., Tx, 2010).
           (M) Troy Marshall Johnson (Teacher/School Administrator)
                   Born Nov, 1921 d. July 13, 2003 Nacog. Co., Tx-buried Bethel Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co., Tx
                   Johnson children
                   1. Phyllis Karen b. August 7, 1952 Nacog. Co., Tx
                   2. Scotty Mac b. August 13, 1954 Nacog. Co., Tx
                   3. Sheila Beth b. Nov. 28, 1957 Nacog. Co., Tx

Ruby Kathryn Sparks & Husband, Troy Johnson

 f. Mary Helen Sparks Born Nov. 17, 1935 Died: Dec. 1, 1935 Bethel Cem., Nacog. Co, Tx.


8. Albert Joel Sparks Born August 3, 1891 Died; March 18, 1934 Nacog. Co., Tex- Buried Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co., Tx.
          (M) Essie Stokes  May 10, 1914 Nacog. Co., Tex She was b. June 20, 1890 d. July 28, 1972 buried Bethel Cem., Nacogdoches Co., Tx

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations-Nacogdoches Co., Tx-Albert Joel Sparks, age 25, Add: Garrison, Tex. native born August 3, 1892 (Bible has 1891) Nacogdoches Co., Tx Occ: Farming, Self empl. Same add, Dep: Wife & 1 child, married, caucasian Exemption Claimed: Wife 7 1 child Sig: Albert Joel Sparks Ht-Medium, Build: slenderEyes: Brown, Hair: Brown, Disabilities-NO Sig: J F Fulgham, Registrar, Pct 18, Nacogdoches Co., Tx June 5, 1917

Albert Sparks & wife Essie Stokes
& Children, Belton & Mervel

a. Belton  Maurice Sparks  Born  Oct. 12, 1915 Died Aug 15, 1980
           (M) Lelwin Wright (Dtr of Joe Wright of Cedar Bluff Community) She died Sept 5, 1976
                  1. Rebecca Ann born Jan. 1, 1940 Nacog. Co, Tex
     b. Mervel Aaron Sparks Born  Nov 2, 1919 Died: Aug 19, 1969 Buried Ft. Worth area

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records:, 1938-1946-Mervel A Sparks, b. 1919, white, citizen, b.Texas;  Add: Nacogdoches Co., Texas; Enlistment Date: November 25, 1940; Place: Timpson, Texas; Branch Code: Infantry; Grade: Private; Term: one year; Component: National Guard, Education: 1 year of high school, Occ: general farm, Single, without dependents, Ht: 68", Wt: 150 lbs
         (M) Dorothy Merle Wharton
                1. Sharon Sparks
                2. Shirley Ann born Nov. 4, 1945 McLennan Co, Tx
                3. Larry Sparks 

 c. Preston  O. B. Sparks  Born Mar. 2, 1921  Died: March  25, 1990
           (M) Myrtie Lunsford (Dtr of Lum Lunsford of Cedar Bluff)
                   (Lived in Port Arthur area, 1985)

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Preston O Sparks. b. 1921, white citizen, b Texas,Res: Nacogdoches Co., Texas;  Enlistment Date: November 25, 1940 Place: Timpson, Texas, Branch: Infantry, Grade: Private;  Component: National Guard , Education: 1 yr of high school; Occ: General farm, Single, without dependents; Ht: 69", Wt: 155 lbs
                1. Jimmy Doyce Sparks b. Jan 22, 1945 Orange Co., Tx
                2. Helen Jeanette Sparks b. Aug. 26, 1946 Nacog. Co., Tx

 d. Ardell Ruth Sparks Born Mar. 2, 1926
         (M) William Frazer "Sonny" Scogin
                1. Robert Earl Scogin b. April 5, 1942 Nacogdoches Co., Tx
                2. Shirley Lavern Scogin b. Aug. 15, 1946 Jefferson Co., Tx
                3. William Lee Scogin b. Sept 22, 1950 Jefferson Co., Tx
         (M) #2 Berdice Jones
 e. Hazel Verlene Sparks Born Sept 18, 1928
         (M) Charles A. Taylor (Lived in California 1981)

               1. Barbara Ann Taylor b. August 12, 1950 Bell Co., Tx


William R. Sparks (M)  #2 Luvenia (Watkins) Gardner (Wid. of Robert Gardner)
(M) Dec. 8, 1903 Nacog. Co., Texas
She was born January 20, 1866 Nacogdoches Co, Tx & Died Nov 26, 1927 Rusk, Tex
Both buried @ Cold Springs Cem, Garrison, Nacog. Co, Tx
She was the Daughter of Martin J. Watkins & wife Salena Rambin of DeSoto Par, La & Nacog. Co, Texas-Dtr of J. B. A. Rambin & Marie Angelica Carmelite Palvados

Sparks children by #2 wife Louvenia Watkins Gardner

9. John Thomas Born June 30, 1905 Nacog. Co., Texas Died April 24, 1981
    Nacog. Co., Tx.
    (M) Allie Bertie Polk Sept. 12, 1928 Nacog. Co., Tx
     She was born July 9, 1908 Walker Co., Texas Died: April 28, 1995 Nacog. Co., Tx, Dtr. of Timothy Morgan Polk & Alice May Coward (Came to Nacog. Co, 1918  (Both are buried in Bethel Cemetery, Appleby, Nacog. Co., Texas)


10. Myrtie Born Sept. 23, 1907 Nacog. Co., Texas Died Dec 15, 2001 Canton, Tx.
      (M) Ralph Shirrell Polk May 11, 1924 Nacog. Co., Tex (See POLK page for children)
       He was born April 11, 1902 Walker Co., Texas died Aug. 1, 1989


Obituary of Mrs. William R. Sparks, (Mary A. King Sparks)
 Daily Sentinel, Friday, June 19, 1903

Found Dead in Garden

Mrs. W. R. Sparks, died unattended from heart failure.

"A Gloom has been cast over the neighborhood of Rocky Springs by the death of Mrs. W. R. Sparks, which occurred Wednesday evening, June 17th. The dead body of Mrs. Sparks was found in the garden at their home about 5 o"clock in the evening, death having come upon her while engaging in gathering vegetables. Her death occurred sometimes between 3 & 5 O'clock, as she was seen and talked to by members of the family after 4 O'clock.  Her remains were interred at Rocky Springs yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. Sparks leaves a husband and children and many relatives and friends who deeply regret her death, and the sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved relatives in their sad affliction. "


Bible Records of William R. Sparks, given to me by my mother-in-law, Bertie Polk Sparks, 1982: Family Record, Marriages:
W. A. Sparks & M A Sparks was married the 3 of November, 1872 
W. R. Sparks, Born 11th day of December, 1852
M. A. King was born  the 25 of August 1849
M. A. Sparks was born the 23 January 1874
B. J. Sparks was born the 16 of July, 1876
Odeliar Sparks was born the 28 of July 1879
Rocks A. Sparks was born the 11 of June, 1881
L. M. Sparks was born the 29 of May, 1884
Opheliar Sparks was born the __ of July, 1886
W. A. Sparks was born the __ of April, 1888
A J Sparks was born the 8 of August 1891

Bible #2 of W. R. Sparks, given to me by Bertie Polk Sparks:

Husband: W. R. Sparks, born 11th day of December, 1852
Wife: Luvenia Sparks born 20th day of January ,1866

John Thomas Sparks Born June 30, 1905
Myrtie Sparks Born September 23, 1907
Thomas Eugene Sparks borned July 11, 1929
Clyde Harold Sparks borned August 15, 1931
Albert Jerry Sparks borned March 6, 1933
William Sherrill Sparks borned Dec. 10, 1935
Allen Dail Sparks borned April 16, 1938

Tommie Sparks and Bertie Polk married Sept 12, 1928
Myrtie Sparks and Ralph Polk married May 11, 1924

Louvenia Sparks died Nov. 26, 1927
Aunt Cynthia S. died Mar 15, 1928
Uncle Allen S. died Aug 10, 1928
W. R. Sparks died April 18, 1931
A. J. Sparks died March 17, 1934


1860 Census-Rusk Co, Texas Caledonia Community HH 1466-1484
W. M. Anderson 45 M NC Farmer $2,000/10,600.
M. A. " 26 F Ala (Mary Ann Allen Sparks Anderson)
James " 17 Ala (His son by prev. marr.)
Allen Sparks 8 M Tx
William " 6 M Tx
Adelia " 5 F Tx
Benjamin " 3 M Tx
Laura Anderson 1 F Tx

Confederates Indigent Families of Texas 1864-1865


Unable to locate Wm. R. Sparks 1870 Texas Census

1880 Robertson Co, Tx (Bald Prairie)
Benjamin J Sparks 23 WM Tx Miss Tn Farmer
Mary W. " 23 WF Tx Wife
Sintha O. " 2 MOS WF Tx-dtr
William R Sparks 26 WF Tx Miss Tn Brother

1900 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 1, ED 40 HH 157-164
William Sparks 47 WM Tx __ __ Farmer Marr. 28 yrs. Born Dec, 1852
Mary A. " 50 WF Tx Tn Tn wife  Born Aug, 1849 (had 8 ch-8 liv)
Rosie A. " 12 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr Born June, 1881
Ophelia " 13 WF " Dtr Born July, 1886
William A. " 11 WM " Son Born April, 1889
Albert J. 8 WM " Son Born Aug, 1891

HH 38-42 ( Luvenia Watkins, Widow of Robert Gardner)
Luvenia Gardner 34 WF Tx MS LA Born Jan, 1866  Widow-had 5 ch, 5 living) Farming
Eula E. " 11 WF Tx Ms La Born Aug, 1888 Dtr
Eugene F. 11(sh be 10)  Tx Ms La Born Jan, 1889 (sh be 1890) Son (died prior to 1910)
Dora L " 8 WF Tx Ms La Born July, 1891 Dtr
Rosa L. " 5 WF Tx Ms La Born Oct, 1884 Dtr
Robert E. " 5/12 WM Tx Ms La Born Feb, 1899 Son (died prior to 1910)
James T. Jones 60 WM Boarder

HH 227-237  HH of Needham Mayfield
Frank Burns, 23 WM Born Jan 1877 Tx Tx Ga Farm Lab.
When he married Laura Sparks, they moved out of Nacogdoches County.-sgs

HH 11-12 (Levi Martin HH
Geo. Hammonds 27 WM Mo Ky Ky Born Sept, 1872 Farm Lab
Odelia  T. "" 21 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Born July, 1879  (Sparks)

HH 272-273 Pct Pct 5
Robert Burk 23 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer
Lola " 18 WF Tx Ala Ga wife
Lella " 3/12 WF Tx Tx Tx
Ben Sparks 23 WM Tx Tx Tx Farm lab. Boarder in HH Born Aug, 1876
Nettie " 16 Wf Tx Tx Tx Wife Born Sept, 1883 (McLain)

1910-Nacogdoches  Pct 1, (Pt of ) Ivey J Hargis, Enum
Leonard L Singleton 37 WM Tx Ala Ala Farmer (M) 2 yrs-
Myra " 27 Tx Tx Tx Wife
Clara L. 11 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr (Child by Mary Ann Sparks)
Alma " 4 Wf Tx Tx Tx Dtr (Child by Mary Ann Sparks)
Thelma " 9/12 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
(Prev. wife, Mary Ann Sparks died 1907)

Pct 2, HH 44-44
Horace K. Barrington 32 WM Tx Al al Farmer (M) 5 yrs
Ophelia " 23 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Sparks) had 2 children-2 living
Mary A. " 3 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Mamie L " 1 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr

Pcrt 2 HH 196-197
George Hammonds 28 WM Ky Ky Ky farmer (M) 10 yrs
Delia " 31 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Odelia Sparks) had 6 children 4 living
Mary B. " 07 WF Tx Ky Tx sdtr
Elsie F. " 5 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr
William A. " 3 WM Tx Ky Tx Son
Nancy J. " 8/12 WF Tx Ky Tx Dtr

Pct 3, HH 489-493
Grover C. Sullivan 25 WM Tx Tx Tx (M) 8 yrs Farmer
Roxie " 27 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Sparks) had 3 children-3 living
Velma " 06 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
George " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Hollis " 2 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Margaret Sullivan 56 WF Tx US US Mother

Pct 7, HH 98-98
Ben J Sparks 32 WM Tx Tx Tx (M) 5 yrs Farmer
Eva " 23 WF Tx Tx Tx  wife (Rambin, dtr of James)
Gladys " 8 WM Tx Tx Tx son (Son by #1 wife, Nettie McLain)

Pct 5, HH 157-157
William A. Sparks 21 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) Newlywed
Mollie F. " 17 WF Tx TxTx wife (Rambin, Dtr of James)

HH 170-170
William R. Sparks 56 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer (M) 7 yrs
Luvenia " 45 WF Tx US LA Wife (Watkins, Gardner) had 7 children-5 living
Albert J. " 18 WM Tx Tx Tx  son
John T.  " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Myrtie " 2 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

1920 San Augustine Co, Tx ED 182 Pct 5 P 3A HH 8-60-60
George E. Hammond 47 WM Ky Ky Ky Occ: Sales Man. dry goods store
Delia " 40 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Elsie " 15 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr
Allen " 13 WM do Son
Nancy " 11 WF do dtr 
Joe Loving 45 WM Single boarder Occ: sawmill worker
(dtr Mary B has married?)

1920 Nacogdoches Co, Census Pct 1, HH 171-176
L L Singleton 47 WM Tx Ala Ala Farmer Owns Home-Mort
Ima " 14 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr (Dtr of  wife, Mary Ann Sparks)
Thelma " 10 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Byron " 8 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
Lester " 6 WM Tx Tx Tx son
(Note-Dtr Clara Syletha has married Hollis J Partin)

Pct 3, (A S Rucker, Enum) HH 101-102
Horace Barrington 42 WM Tx Tx La Farmer Rents
Ophelia " 33 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Sparks)
Artie " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Mamie L. " 11 WF " Dtr
Rosie M. " 09 WF " Dtr
Atha " 07 WF " Dtr
Martin L. " 05 WM " Son
Elmer " 2 5/12 WM " Son

HH # 53-53
Grover Sullivan 37 WM Tx Ala Tx Farmer Rents
Roxie " 38 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Sparks)
George " 13 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Hollis " 11 WM " Son
Oscar " 08 WM " son
Lee " 03 WM " son
Onedi 10/12 WF " Dtr

Pct 6, HH 343-348 (Richard E Deloney, Enum)
Albert J Sparks 28 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer Owns-Mort.
Essie " 23 WF Tx Miss Tx wife  (Stokes)
Belton " 4 3/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Mervel " 3/12 WM " son

Pct 8, Weatherly, Enum,  HH 134-137
B J Sparks 43 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer Rents
Eva " 33 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Rambin)
Gladys " 18 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Anna " 10 WF  " Dtr
Curtis " 6 WM " Son
Faye " 4 WF " Dtr
Ina " 3 1/12 WF " Dtr
Marie " 4/12 WF Dtr

HH 150-154
William R Sparks 67 WM Tx Ala Ala Farmer Owns, Free
Luvenia " 53 WF Tx Miss Miss wife (Watkins, Gardner)
Tommie " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Myrtie " 12 WF " Dtr

HH # 151-155
Allen Sparks 30 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer Owns, Free
Mollie " 26 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Rambin)
William " 09 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
Ives " 05 WF " Dtr
Lester "  2 11/12 WM " Son

1930 Trinity Co, Tx ED6, P11A Pct 2
George E. Hammond 57 WM Mo Mo Mo Occ: Sawmill (M) @ age 27
Odelia " 50 WF Wife Tx Tx Tx (M) @ age 24 (Sparks)
Ruth Stacey 6 WF Tx Tx Tx gr/dtr

P 12B HH 284-288
Allen Hammond 23 WM Tx Tx Tx Occ: Sawmill
Olive " 18 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Eugene " 7/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1930 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 6, ED16, P 2A HH 30-30
Albert J. Sparks 35 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 22
Essie O. " 32 WF Tx Ms. Tx wife (M) @ age 18 (Stokes)
Belton M. " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Murval A. " 10 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Preston A " 9 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Ruthie A. " 4 6/12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Hazel V. " 2 3/12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

ED 21, Pct 8, HH 132-137
Allen Sparks 40 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 20
Mollie " 37 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 17 (Rambin)
Ives " 15 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Lester " 12 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Ruby " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
William Sparks 67 WM Widower Rel: Father Tx Tx Tx  (M) @ age 21

HH 133-138
Ben Sparks 53 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 28
Eva " 43 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 18 (Rambin)
Anna " 18 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Curtis " 16 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Fay " 15 WF Tx Tx Tx Tx dtr
Ina " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Marie " 10 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Velma " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

1930 Kaufman Co, Tx (City of Kaufman) ED1, P 7A HH 159-170
Will C. Sparks 19 WM Tx Tx Tx Single Occ: Steam Railway Boarder in HH of
George W Burns