The Family of
Martin Jackson Watkins
& Wife
Marie Salina Rambin
of Desoto Par, La. & Nacogdoches Co, Texas

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Martin Jackson Watkins was born Ca 1823 in North Carolina, and died prior to 1870 Nacogdoches County, Texas.  According to family records passed down in this family he died soon after his daughter Luvenia was born in 1866.  He is probably buried (Unmarked)  in Old Moss Cemetery in Center Point Community, just East of Pisgah Community,  Nacogdoches Co., Texas.  He was a farmer by occupation.  His parentage is yet to be proven.

He married  Marie Salina (Cellena/Solena/Celina) Rambin in Desoto Parish, La.  The marriage bond is dated  July 10, 1847 (Vol A, P 44)  and is signed by  Martin Watkins, Principal, R. H. Carruth, Security, and J D Wemple, Clerk, District Court.  (See Marriage Bond/Certificate below)

Marriage Bond of Cellena (Solena)  Rambin/Martin Watkins


Mansfield, July 10th, 1847.  Know all men by these presents that we Martin Watkins, as Principal and R. H. Carruth as security,  acknowledge to owe to his Excellency Isaac Johnson, Governor of the State of Louisiana, or his successor or successors in Office, the sum of one thousand dollars to the payment of which we hereby bind ourselves, heirs, and administrators.  Given under our hands at Mansfield this tenth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty-seven.  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Martin Watkins, has this day obtained a License from the Clerk of the Parish Court of the Parish of DeSoto to marry with Solena Rambin .  Now if at the time said License was granted the(re) existed no legal impediment or obstacle to the celebration of said marriage therein such case the foregoing obligation to be null and void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue in law.
Signed: Martin Watkins
R H Carruth
approved by J D Wemple, Clerk District Court

Marriage Certificate of
Martin Watkins/Solena Rambin


Be it known that this day I John A. Gamble, a Justice of the Peace in and for the Parish of DeSoto in State of Louisiana, being duly authorized by a License issued by J D Wemple, Parish Clerk of the Court hath celebrated a marriage contract  between Mr. Watkins and Miss Solena Rambin, of the Parish and State aforesaid. In testimony whereof the parties sign these presents in presence of Thomas Abington, J D Wemple, Forbes, J. Z. Couston, witnesses, who sign these presents with the parties and me J A. Gamble the undersigned Justice of the Peace, this 15th day of July, AD, 1847.  Signed: Martin Watkins
Cellina Rambin 
Attest: Thomas Abington, J D Wemple, Forbes, J Z Couston, J A Gamble, Justice of the Peace.

Filed July 19th, 1847

The Watkins family lived in Desoto Parish  in 1850 Census very near her parents, and in 1852 Martin & Salina sold out to her brother Athanase Rambin and Aaron Gandy, and removed to Sabine County, Texas, removing to Nacogdoches County prior to 1865.

Salina was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Azenor Rambin & wife Marie Angelica Carmelite ("Carmella") Palvados .  Her brothers Francois Alexis ("Alexander") Rambin & Francois Bertrand Rambin had settled in the Cedar Bluff area called "Rambin Town"  in 1846, and her sister Marie Adelaide Rambin Wallace, Briley soon followed, prior to 1860, settling in Briley Town Community, south of Garrison.

Salina was living with her children in 1880 in the Wanders Beat, which is between Briley Town & Cedar Bluff Communities.  She died prior to 1900 and is probably also buried (Unmarked)  at Old Moss Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co, Texas.

Much of the information on this family came from personal interviews with Aunt Mollie (Rambin) Sparks, 1978-81.  Aunt Mollie was wife of Allen Sparks, s/o William R. Sparks & wife #1 Mary A. King, and lived in HH with or next door to,  William R. Sparks & #2 wife, Luvenia Watkins Gardner, until they died.-sgs

Children: Watkins

1. Carmella Born CA 1848 Desoto Par, La & Died after 1900 Census Nacogdoches Co, Tex
    (M) #1 George McMinns
    (M) #2 Fred Carter Ca 1884
     Children: McMinns
a. Emma Born Ca 1873 (M) Rice Branch & lived @ Clayton, Texas
     b. James Born Dec, 1875 (Lived @ Patroon, Texas)
     c. M. (male)  Born 1877
     d. B. (Male) Born 1880
     Children: Carter
e. Edgar Born Nov, 1885, (Lived @ Clayton, Tex)
     f.  Robert Born June, 1889 (Lived @ Clayton, Tex)
(Note-1900 Census shows she has had a total of 9 children; some app. died young)

2. Samuel Born Ca 1849 DeSoto Par, La & Died very young

3. Mary Ann Born May 18, 1851 DeSoto Par, La & Died Jan 27, 1926 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
Buried: Cold Springs Cem., out of Garrison, Nacogdoches Co, Tx.
(M) Thadeus Theodore Barrington Sept 27, 1870 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
He was born Jan 1, 1838 in Tenn & died Nov 17, 1913 Nacogdoches Co, Texas
Buried @ Cold Springs Cemetery, Nacogdoches Co, Tx (Member of Masonic Order)
This family lived in Hopkins Co, Texas 1880, P 159A, Pct #3

      Children: Barrington
      a. John P. Born Ca 1874 Tx (No further record)
      b. Dora Henrietta Born Aug 22, 1875 Died: May 27, 1957 (Cold Springs Cem)
          (M) James Wallace Chessher
          Children Chessher
          2 children born & Died pr to 1900
          Lillie M. Born June 1896
          Arlee (fe),  Born Dec. 21, 1898 Died Sept 19, 1926 Cold Springs Cem
          Jewell  Maree, Born 1902
          Travis J. Born Oct 12, 1904 Died Jan 20, 1909 Cold Springs Cem.
          Kate Bell Born 1908
          Ruby G. Born May 20, 1912 Died May 6, 1916 Cold Springs Cem
          Tommye Agnes Born May 20, 1914 Died June 17, 1929 Cold Springs Cem
          Murval Dale Born Nov 16, 1916 Died Jan 12, 1917 Cold Springs Cem
      c. Horace K. Born Dec 31, 1877 Died: April 6, 1963 Cold Springs Cem
          (M) Ophelia Sparks, (Dtr of William R. Sparks & #1 wife Mary A. King)
          Children: Barrington
          Mary Artie born 1907 Died: Prior to 1997
          Mamie Lee born 1909 (M) Austin Floyd
          Rosie M. Born 1911
          Athey  Born Ca 1913  (M) Timmerman (of Swansboro, NC as of 1997
          Martin L. Born Dec 31, 1914, Died: Jan 12, 1997
          (M) Olive Reed
          Elmer E. Born 1918 (M) Evie Lee ___ (She lived in Bryan, Texas, 1997)
          William Oliver Born 1921 (Lived in El Paso, Texas 1997)
          Kenneth E. Born 1925 (Lived in Grand Prairie, Texas 1997)
          Linda (M) Strowbridge (lived in Overton, Texas, 1997)
      d. Benjamin  Jackson Born Feb. 1882
          (M) CA 1910 Dora Lee Bruce
          They had 
          Bertha Mae, 
          Dewey Eldon, 
          Royal Ford, 
          Bonnie Nell, 
          Benny Lee 
      e. Cora L. Born Feb, 1886  (M) Thomas H. Humphries
          They had: 
          Robert M., 1906,  
          Alton B., 1908, 
          Dixie I. 1912, 
          Linn E. 1914,  
          Claiborne J. 1916,  
          Marjorie D. 1918,
          Rubie L. 1920, 
          Guy T. 1923, 
          Helen E, 1926
      f. Henry Arthur Born Dec, 1890

SSDI-Thad A. Barrington, Born May 17, 1914 Died Sept 15, 1987 Dallas Co, Tex has to be part of this family-sgs

4. Ellis Eli  Born Ca 1852 DeSoto Par, La (Living w/mother 1880 Nacog. Co, Texas-no further record)

5. Malissa Born CA 1856  Sabine Co, Texas Died: Moved out West after her marriage
No further record

6. Anna Arsene Born Jan 20, 1861 Sabine Co, Texas Died June 10, 1949 Tulare Co., Calif.
     (M) John  M Wells Ca 1881 Texas Died__________
     Born Aug 1861 Texas Moved to Madill, Indian  Terr. (Okla) pr to 1900
     Farmer1900 Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma, (M) 19 yrs, Had 8 children, 6 living; Farmer 1910 Hope, Stephens Co., Oklahoma She has had 8 children, 6 living;   (Did not locate 1920) She is Widow, age 69 yrs, living w/son Samuel, 1930 Tipton T/S, Tulare Co, Calif.

     a. Monroe Madison Born December 1, 1879 Texas Died October 6, 1962, age 82, Lindsay, Tulare, California (M) Ida Mesia Dossey abt. 1904. She was born March 18, 1890 Texas Died March 14, 1989 Tulare, California (He was a farmer, 1910 Hope T/S Stephens Co, Okla & 1920 Grady Co., Oklahoma, 1930 ??

         1. Arcean Elizabeth Born Sept. 5, 1905 Texas Died Dec, 1991, age 86 yrs (M) Albert Tucker Woods He was born July 29, 1906 Okla. & Died Oct., 1974, age 68 yrs Tulare, California

         2. Myrtle Born Ca 1907 Oklahoma

         3. Claude A. Born July 24, 1908 Okla. Died Oct. 16, 1997, age 89 yrs Orange Co., California

         4. Hazel Born CA 1913 Oklahoma

         5. Monroe Born Ca 1917 Oklahoma
     b. Maddy (dtr) Born Feb 1886  Tx
     c. Lula Born Mar, 1888 Tx
     d. Samuel Lawrence. Born Sept  3, 1889 Tx Died July 6, 1979, age 89 yrs,  Tulare, Calif. (M) ____Dedger (She died pr to 1930 Census, Tulare, Calif) Did not locate this family, 1920; 1930 Tipton T/S, Tulare, California-Own Farm (His Mother in HH)

         1. Jewel L. Born abt 1913 Oklahoma-lived w/father, 1930 Tulare, Calif

         2. Hershell Glenn Born Sept 20, 1914 Oklahoma Died May 5, 1995, Kern, Calif-lived w/father, 1930 Tulare, Calif

         3. Clyde Julius Born Aug. 5, 1918 Oklahoma Died May 6, 1955 Merced, Calif., lived w/father, 1930 Tulare, Calif
     e. James Solomon.("Jim")  Born Nov. 27, 1891 Tx Died November, 1966 Tulare, California (M) Katherine Elena "Katie" Dossey.Born Jan. 7, 1897 Texas Died March 7, 1985 Tulare, California.   (1920 Hope, Stephens Co., Oklahoma, Genl. Farming; 1930 Strathmore, Tulare, California- WWI Civilian Draft Registration: Jim Solomon Wells, Grady Co., Okla., Born Texas, November 27, 1891  WM, Supporting Mother, Wife, Child

          1. Prentis D. ("Pete") Born July 14, 1914 Okla. Died Dec. 12, 1971 Tulare, Calif.

      f. Jessie Perry Born Oct. 13, 1894 Tx Died: Nov. 29, 1975 Tulare, Calif. (M) #! Julia _________Born Abt 1893 Oklahoma  (M)#2 Maude Belle Evans Abt 1928 She was born Dec. 7, 1901 Oklahoma; Died Oct. 16, 1978 Tulare Co., California.  He was a Farmer, 1920 Harrison, Grady Co., Oklahoma &  was a cotton farmer, 1930 Tipton T/S Tulare Co, Calif.  Civilian Draft Registration Cards: Stephens Co., Oklahoma- Jesse P Wells, WM Born Texas Oct. 13, 1895

           1. Lorene Born Ca 1920 Oklahoma 

           2. Jesse Perry, Jr Born 2/2/1930 Tulare Co., Calif

John M & Arcene Watkins Wells Had 2 other children, born/died prior to 1900.

7. Henry Jackson Born April 24, 1863 Nacogdoches Co, Texas Died: Aug. 28, 1912
Buried: Cold Springs Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Tx.
(M) Inez Dinkins Jan 24, 1884 Nacogdoches Co, Tx.
She was born Jan 13, 1869 Died: Aug 28, 1942 Cold Springs Cem.
     Children: Watkins
a. Pursis Luvenia Born Aug 23, 1887 Died: April 12, 1917
         (M) L. W. Frederick CA 1907/8
      b. Alma Born July, 1891
      c. Jesse Moses (James M.) "Pearcy" Born July 10, 1894 - Marker  has 1890
          Died: June 8, 1932-Cold Springs Cem., Nacogdoches Co, Tex
          (M) Carrie Barrett
           1. Rubie N. Born Ca 1924
           2. Faye E. Born Ca 1925
           3. Henry J. Born Ca 1926
      d. Hester Born Dec, 1896
      e. Ovie (Dtr) Born Oct, 1899
      f.  Lois Born, 1903
      & 2 children born & died pr to 1910 Census

8. Luvenia Born: Jan 20, 1866 Nacogdoches Co, Tx.  Died: Nov. 26, 1927 Rusk, Cherokee Co, Tx
Buried: Cold Springs Cemetery, near Garrison, Nacogdoches Co., Tex
(M) #1 Robert B. Gardner  Sept 15, 1886 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
     Children: Gardner
       a. Eula Eunice Born August, 1888 Died: Feb. 5, 1916
           (Death Cert. Cason, Monk Co, Records)
           (M) Andrew Frank Jones CA 1902
           Children: Jones
           1. Elsie Mae Jones Born April 3, 1903  (No death date on Marker)
            (M) #1 Edgar Stanfield (No ch)
            (M) #2 Roscoe Till (#2 wife) No Ch
             She is buried @ Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx
           2. Darwyn Jones Born 1905 (M) Maymie Wages, Dtr of Joe Wages
                   Children of Darwyn & Maymie Jones
                   a. Thelma (M) Claydron Balch
                       1. Patsy Jean (M) Glen Holloway (Have Deborah, Stephen, Wendy)
                       2. Sandra Lea (M) Tommy Martin (Have son Derek)
                       3. Allan W. (M) Barbara Woodard (Have Jill, Marcie, Blake)
                   b. Howard (M) Rita
                       1. Howard, Jr
                       2. Richard Earl
                       3. Linda
                       4. Daphne
                   c. Joyce Marie (M) Vernon Ellis
                       1. Susan 
                       2. Michael
           3. Catherine Jones Born 1906 Died young
           4. Lillie Jones Born Jan 25, 1908 Died : Jan 25, 1976
               Buried: Salem Cem, Shelby Co, Tx
               (M) #1 John Agageneral  Langford
                He is buried @ Salem Cem, Shelby Co, Tx
                Children: Langford
                 a.  J. L.  (M) Pauline Reed
                         Have 2 adopted children-Michael Gene & Susan Gayle Langford
                 b. Ima Ruth "Dusty" Born Aug 4, 1932
                        (M) #1 Billy Joe Dean
                         1. Rodney Edgar Dean born 1955
                         2. John Steven Dean born 1957
                         Dusty (M) #2 Wm. Huey Parker
                         3. Thomas Wayne Parker  born 1962
            Lillie (M) #2  Elbert Milton Strickland
                 c.  Jimmy-buried in California (No children)
           5. Robert Jones Born 1913 (M) Peterson, lived in Houston
           6. Pearl (she died when dtr was 6 mos old)
               (M) Ode Fountain 
                  a. Jolean (raised by Aunt Elsie)
       b. Eugene F. Born Jan 1890  Died 1906 age 16 yrs.
       c. Dora L. Born July, 1891 Died: Mar. 28, 1930
           (M) Zackary Taylor Bass
           Born Mar. 15, 1887 Died: Feb. 26, 1968
           (Both buried @ Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacog. Co, Tx)
           Children: Bass
           Earnest Born Sept 8, 1912 Died Sept 7, 1933 Auto Accident (Bethel Cem)
           Victor Born Ca 1918 (M) Ouida Davis
           (They had Mike, Donnie, Vickie (M) James Gibbs & Sharon Kay (M) Robert Phillips
           Calvin  (lived in Center & San Augustine)
       d. Rosa L. Born Oct. 10, 1894 Nacog. Co, Tx
           Died: Feb 10, 1962 Rusk, Cherokee Co, Tx
          (M) Jesse D. McIlwain (s/o W. M. McIlwain & Martha Ellen Cox)
           Born Aug 24, 1889 Died Dec 17, 1963 (SSDI) Marker has 1962
           Both buried @ Bethel Cem, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co, Tx
           Children: McIlwain
           1. Jesse Wilton Born June 17, 1919 Died May 2, 1994 (M) Alma Posey  
               a. Wilda (M) John David Harrelson
                    1. Jordan David (M) Aimee Knott ( Have Jaron Drake)
                    2. Jacob Daniel
           2. Marnell (M) Hollis Hatcher
               a. Glenda Nell (M) Joe Easterling
                   1. Sheila Denise (M) Jon Block
       e. Robert W. Born Feb, 1899 Died 1904 Age 5 yrs

Luvenia Watkins Gardner (M) #2 (His #2 wife) William R. Sparks, Dec 8, 1903 Nacogdoches Co, Tx  (had 1 son, 1 dtr)-see Sparks file


Cold Springs Cemetery, Garrison, Nacogdoches Co, Texas (Ericson)
Horace K. Barrington Dec 31, 1877 - April 6, 1963
Mary Ann Barrington, May 6, 1850- Jan 7, 1926 (M) Thad Barrington
Thad Barrington, (Mason) Jan 1, 1838-Nov 17, 1913 (M) Mary Ann Watkins
Henry Watkins, April 24, 1863- Aug 28, 1912 (M) Inez Dinkins
Inez Dinkins Watkins Jan 13, 1869, Claiborne Par, La-Aug 28, 1942, Dtr of James & Hester Wallace Dinkins (M) Henry Watkins
Jesse Moses Watkins, July 10, 1890-June 8, 1932
Persis Luvenia Watkins Frederick Aug 23, 1887-April 27, 1917 beside Henry & Inez Watkins
Dora Barrington Chessher Aug 22, 1875-May 27, 1957 (M) Jas. Wallace Chessher
James Wallace Chessher June 1, 1866-Feb 13, 1938
Ruby G Chessher May 20, 1912-May 6, 1916  Dtr of James W & H. Dora Chessher
Travis J Chessher Dec 10, 1904-Jan 20, 1909 S/o J W & H D Chessher
Arlee Chessher Dec 21, 1898-Sept 19, 1926
Murvual Dale Chessher Nov 10, 1916-Jan 12, 1917
Tommye Agnes Chessher May 20, 1914 June 17, 1929
Tom M Humphreys Nov 5, 1880 October 28, 1955 (M) Cora L Barrington
Leon Humphreys Sept 5, 1908-Nov 9, 1908 s/o T M & C L Humphreys

State of Louisiana
Parish of Desoto

Be it remembered that on this seventh day of November, AD, 1852, before me Robert B. Frierson, a Notary Public in and for the Parish of DeSoto, duly commissioned and sworn, personally came and appeared Martin Watkins, who declared that for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars, paid as hereinafter expressed, he had sold and does by these presents grant, bargain, sell, assign, set over and deliver unto Aaron Gandy and Athanaise Rambin, present and accepting purchasers for their heirs and assigns with a full and perfect title free from all mortgages, donations, alienations, evictions, or other incumbrances of whatever nature the following described property, viz:
The NW Quarter of Section thirteen (13) in township fifteen (15) of Range thirteen (13), also the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of section twelve (12) in township fifteen (15) of Range thirteen (13) lying and being situated in the State of Louisiana and  Parish of DeSoto, and in the district of land subject to sale at Natchitoches, Louisiana. to have and to hold the same unto the said purchasers, their heirs and assigns, and to their proper use and behoof forever. The vendor moreover obligates himself to will and truly warrant and defend the title to said property against the legal claims of all other persons,  hereon subrogating said purchasers to all the rights and actions of warranty which he the said vendor had and exercised, the purchasers also waive the production of a certificate of mortgage from the office of the Recorder of Mortgages  in and for the Parish of DeSoto, as required by Article 3328 of the Civil Code of Louisiana;  the aforesaid sum of four hundred dollars is paid as follows, Viz:
Two hundred and fifty dollars in cash, two hundred dollars paid by Mr. Aaron Gandy, and fifty dollars paid by Mr. Athanaise Rambin, with the balance one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid by Mr. Athanaise Rambin in cattle to that amount to be delivered in Nacogdoches County, Texas within a reasonable time, at the cash price of cattle Nacogdoches County, Texas.  And now to these presents I personally came and interviewed Madame Salina Rambin, wife of the said Martin Watkins, who declared unto me in favor of the said Athanaise Rambin  by Martin Watkins, the property herein conveyed with all rights, claims, mortgages or privileges she may be entitled,. whether by virtue of marriage with Martin Watkins, or otherwise, whereupon I the said Notary did inform Madam Salina Rambin apart and out of the hearing of her said husband,  that she had by law a legal claim?on the property of her said husband, the restitution of her said dowry and for the _____ment of the datal? property sold by her ____and which she brought in marriage____coming from the the celebration of the marriage____of the datal?  property by her acquired since marriage, whether by succession or donation from the day the succession was opened or the donation perfected. Thirdly, for Nuptial presents- Fourthly, for debts by her contracted with her said husband, and fifthly, for the amount of her paraplernal? property alienated by her and received by her said (husband), or otherwise disposed of for the individual interest of her said husband  -And  the said Salina Rambin did thereupon declare unto me, Notary, that she was fully aware of and acquainted with the nature and extent of the rights and privileges thus secured to her by law on the property of her said husband, and that she nevertheless did persist in her intentions of renouncing not only all the rights, claims and privileges herein before mentioned and described, but all others of any nature or kind whatsoever, to which she may be entitled by any laws, now or heretofore in force in the state of Louisiana; An d, the said Salina Rambin being now present, aiding, and authorizing the said Martin Watkins in the execution of these presents;  She the said Salena Rambin did again declare that she did and do (does) hereby make a formal renunciation and relinquishment of all her said rights, claims, and privileges in favor of the said Martin Watkins, binding herself and her heirs at all times do acknowledge and sustain the validity of this renunciation.  this done and passed in my office in the parish of DeSoto, aforesaid, in presence of Alfred J. Burke and Robert Shakney, witnesses of this Parish, and me the said Notary on this the 6th day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.  Signed: Martin Watkins, Salina (her mark) Watkins, Aaron Gandy, Athenaise Rambin. Attest: A. J. Burk, Robert Shakney, Robert B. Frierson, Notary Public (Seal)
Mrs. Salena Rambin, wife of Martin Watkins, not knowing how to write, makes her mark. Robert B. Frierson, Notary Public (Seal)  Filed for Record, Nov. 23, 1852, William McMichael, Recorder   DB N? P 227-230


1850 DeSoto Par, La P 182 Mansfield PO
Martin J. Watkins 27 M NC Planter $2,000.
Salina " 28 F La (Rambin, Dtr of Jn. Bte. Azenor Rambin)
Carmella " 02F La
Samuel " 2/12 M La

P 183 Mansfield PO
Zeno Rambin 51 M La Farmer (Jean Baptiste Azenor Raambin)
Carmella " 49 F La (Carmella Palvados)
Tomas 21 M La (Athanase)
Arcene 20 F La
Eli 18 M La
Mitchell 14 M La

Unable to locate Martin J & Salina Watkins 1860
1870 Nacogdoches Co, Texas Linn Flat Bt., HH # 325-325
Salena Watkins 50 WM  La (Sh be Female) Widow of Martin J. Watkins
Mary A. " 19 WF La
Ellie (Ellis Eli) " 18 WM La
Malissa " 14 WF Tx.
Anna (Arsene) " 10 WF Tx
Henry J. " 8 WM Tx
Luvenia " 5 WF Tx

Unable to locate Geo. McMinns & wife Carmella Watkins, 1870

1880 Nacogdoches Co, Tx. Wanders Beat, P 267C
S. Watkins 63 WF La La La Occ: Keeping house (Salina Rambin Watkins, Widow of Martin Jackson Watkins)
E. "  27 WM Tex La La Single Son (Eli)
M. " 20 WF Tx La La Dtr (Malissa)
H. " 17 WM Tx La La Son (Henry J.)
L." 13 WF Tx La La  Dtr (Luvenia)

Wanders Bt., P 267 C
G. McMinns 38 WM Tx Ala Ala Occ: Farmer (George McMinns)
C. " 30 WF Tx La La Wife (Carmella Watkins)
E. " 07 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr (Emma)
J. " 05 WM Tx Tx Tx Son (James)
M." 03 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
B. "  7 mos Tx Tx Tx Son

1880 Hopkins Co, Texas Pct #3 P 159A
Theodore Barrington 46 WM Mo __ ___ Farmer (Thaddeus Theodore)
Mary A. " 30 WF La Miss La Wife (Mary Ann Watkins)
John P. " 06 WM Tx Mo La Son (Missing from Nacog. Co in 1900 Census)
Henrietta " 04 WF Tx Mo La Dtr  (Dora Henrietta)
Horace K. " 02 WM Tx Mo La Son
Monroe Maddison 6 Mos WM Tx Mo La Nephew
Martha Atkins 28 WF Tx Mo La Sister,  Widow

1900 Purdy. Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma  T/S 3N, Range 4W. P 207 HH 224-224
John M Wells 38 WM Aug, 1861 Tx Ala Ala Farmer marr 19 yrs
Annie " 39 WF Jan 1861 Tx Tenn Louisiana wife Had 8 children, 6 living *
Maddy " 14 WF Feb, 1886 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Lula " 12 WF Mar, 1888 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Sam B. " 10 WM Sept, 1889 Tx Tx Tx son
James " 8 WM Nov 1891 Tx Tx Tx son
Jessie " 5 WM Oct, 1894 Tx Tx Tx son
*Wife is Anna Arcean Watkins

1900 Nacogdoches Co, Texas  Pct # 1,  ED 40, P 40A HH 38-42
Luvenia Gardner 34 WF Tx Miss Miss Farming Had 5 ch, 5 living Widow
Eula E. 11 WF Aug, 1888 Tx Miss Tx Dtr
Eugene F. 11 WM Jan 1889 (sh be 1890) Son
Dora L. 08 WF July, 1891 Dtr
Rosa L. 05 WF Ovt 1894 Dtr
Robert W. 5/12 WM Feb 1899 Son
James T. Jones 60 WM Jan, 1840 Boarder

ED 47 Pct #6 Garrison Village HH #211-213
Wallace Chessher 33 WM Tx Tx Ala Farmer 
Dorce " 24 WF Tx Ala Tx wife (Dora Henrietta Barrington)
Lillie " 03 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
R. Lee " 01 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr

ED 47, Pct #6, Garrison Village, HH # 323-325
James B. Hancock 43 WM Ala Ga Ala Farmer
Wife & 5 children
James McMinns 20 WM Tx La Tx Farmer Hired Hand (son of Carmella Watkins & George McMinns)

HH # 329-331
Thaddeus Barrington 62 WM Tenn NC NC Farmer
Marie A. " 51 WF La Miss La Wife (Mary Ann Watkins)
Horace " 22 WM Tx Tn La Son farmer
Benjamin J. " 18 WM Tx Tn La Son Farmer
Cora L. " 14 WF Tx Tn La Dtr
Arthur " 9 WM Tx Tn La son 

HH 331-333
Henry J Watkins 37 WM Tx Miss La Farmer
Inez " 31 WF La Miss Miss Wife (Dinkins)
Persis " 12 WF Tx Tx La Dtr (M)  Frederick
Alma " 08 WF Tx Tx La Dtr
Jesse " 5 WM Tx Tx La Son
Hester " 3 WF Tx Tx La Dtr
Ovie " 7/12 WF Tx Tx La Dtr

HH #332-334
Fred Carter  66 WM Ala Ga NC Farmer
Calm. " 59 WF La Tn La Wife (Carmella Watkins McMinns Carter)
Pinkie " 24 WF Tx Ala US Dtr (his dtr by prev. marriage)
Edgar " 14 WM Tx Ala La Son (By Carmella Watkins McMinns Carter)
Robert " 09 WM Tx Ala La Son (By Carmella Watkins McMinns Carter)
Oscar F. Lacy 20 WM Tx Ala Tx Day Laborer-boarder

1910 Nacogdoches Co, Tx. Pct 8 HH 190-190 (Enum-Caleb M Phillips)
William R. Sparks 45 WM Tx Tx Tx Farming Marr #2,  7 yrs
Luvenia " 45 WF Tx USA La Wife Had 7 ch, 5 liv (Luvenia Watkins Gardner, Sparks)
Albert J." 18 WM Tx Tx Tx  Son (by wife #1)
John T. " 05 WM Tx Tx Tx  Son (by wife Louvenia Watkins Gardner)
Myrtie " 02 WF Tx Tx Tx Dt (by wife Louvenia Watkins Gardner)

Pct #2, Charlie B. Watkins, Enum HH # 44-44
Horace K Barrington 32 WM Tx Ala La -Farmer
Ophelia"  23 WF Tx Tx Tx Wife (Sparks)
Mary A. " 03 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Mamie L. " 01 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr

Pct #6, HH 70-70 Enum-James F. Davis
L. W. Frederick 25 WM Ala Ala Ala Farmer
Persis " 22 WF Tx Tx La wife (Watkins)
Lucile 01 WF Tx Ala Tx Dtr

Pct #6, Henry G Abernathy, Enum. HH #210-210
Thaddeus Barrington 72 WM Tn NC NC Farmer
Mary A.."  58 WF Tx Tn La Wife (Watkins)
Henry A. " 19 WM Tx Tn La son farmer

HH # 212-212 
Henry J Watkins 47 WM Tx Miss La Farmer
Inez " 41 WF Tx Miss La Wife (Dinkins)
Pearcy " 15 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
Alma " 18 WF " Dtr
Hester " 13 WF " Dtr
Ovie " 10 WF " Dtr
Lois  "07 WF " Dtr

Pct 6 HH # 281-281
Thomas M Humphreys 29 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer
Cora " 22 WF Tx Tx Tx Wife (Barrington)
Robert  M 05 WM "  Son
Alton B. 03 WM " Son
Lurline  " 8/12 WF " Dtr

Pct #8, Caleb M Phillips, Enum. HH 153-153
Wallace Chessher 43 WM Tx Tx ala Farmer
Dora " 34 WF Tx US Tx wife (Barrington)
Lillie M " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
R. Lee " 11 Male  " SON
Jewel M " 08 WF " Dtr
Baby 02 WF " Dtr

Pct  Pct 8, HH 207-207
A. Frank Jones 28 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer
Eula " 21 WF Tx Tx Tx Wife (Eula Eunice Gardner)
Darwin " 05 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
L.C. " 07 WF " Dtr  (Sh read ELSIE)
Catherine " 04 WF  Dtr
Lillie " 02 WF "Dtr

1910 Hope, Stephens Co., Oklahoma ED235, SD5, Sheet 8B HH 97-99 John Wells 47 WM Tx Ala Ala (M) #1,  28 yrs Farmer; Arcean " 49WF  Wife TX LA Miss, Had 8 children-6 living; Sam L. " 20WM son Tx Tx Tx; James S. " 18WM son Tzx Tx Tx; Jesse P. " 15WM Son Tx Tx Tx

ED235 SD5 Sheet 7A HH 81-89 Hope T/S, Stephens Co, Oklahoma-Monroe M Wells 30WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer (M) 6 yrs; Ida " 20WF wife Tx Tx Tx Had 3 children, 3 living; Arcean " 4WF dtr Tx Tx Tx; Myrtle " 3WF dtr Okla Tx Tx; Claud " 2WM son Okla Tx Tx

1920 Nacog. Co, Tx P 405 HH 150-154 (Pt of Pct 8)
William R. Sparks 67 WM Tx Ala Ala Farmer
Luvenia " 53 WF Tx Miss Miss Wife (Watkins, Gardner)
Tommie "  14 WM Tx Tx Tx Son (John Thomas)
Myrtie " 12 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr

Pct 8, HH 129-131
Rufus King 42 WM Tx Ala Ala Farmer
Maggie " 33 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Earnest Byrd 18 WM Tx Tx Tx Boarder
Robert Jones 7 WM Tx Tx Tx boarder (Son of Frank Jones/Eula Eunice Gardner)
Jose George 25 WM Tx Ala Ala RR Laborer-Boarder

Pct 8, HH 140-143
Edgar Stanfield 31 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer
Elsie " 18 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Dtr of Frank Jones/Eula Eunice Gardner)

Pct #3, Arden S Rucker, Enum HH #101-102
Horace Barrington 42 WM Tx Tn La Farmer
Ophelia " 33 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (Sparks)
Artie " 13 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Mamie L " 11 WF " Dtr
Rosie M " 09 WF " Dtr
Atha " 07 WF " Dtr
Martin L " WM 05 " Son
Elmer " WM 2 5/12 WM " Son

Pct #3, HH 304-304
Zack Bass 33 WM Tx Miss Miss Farmer
Dora " 29 WF Tx Tx Tx Wife (Gardner)
Earnest " 08 WM Tx Son
Victory " 2 4/12 WM " Son
Alice Bass 66 WF Miss Ala Miss His mother

Pct # 6, HH 215-218
Inez Watkins 51 WF La La La  Farmer (Dinkins, wid of Henry J Watkins)
Jim M. " 25 WM Tx Tx La Son farmer
John H Arrington  23 WM Tx Ala La Farmer Boarder
Martha " 23 Tx Tx Tx wife (Boarder)
(Cold Springs Cemetery-Martha Arrington Born Mar 13, 1895-Died Sept 24, 1973 (M) John Arrington)

Pct # 6, Richard E DeLoney, Enum. HH 352-357
Wallace Chessher 54 WM Tx Tx Tx Farmer
Dora " 45 WF Tx Ala Tx wife (Barrington)
Arlee " 21 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Maree " 18 WF "  Dtr
Kate Bell " 12 WF " Dtr
Tommie A. " 05 Wf " Dtr
Mary A Barrington 69 WF Tx Miss La Mother-in-law (Watkins)

HH #353-358
Thomas M Humphreys 39 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer
Cora " 33 Wf Tx Ala Tx Wife (Barrington)
Robert M " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx Son
Alton B. " 12 WM " Son
Lurline " 10 Wf " Dtr
Dixie " 08 WF " Dtr
Linn " 06 WM " Son
Claiborn "  4 3/12 WM " Son
Marjorie " 2 8/12 WF " Dtr
Baby " 4/12 WF " Dtr

Pct # 8, John Weatherly Enum HH # 24-24
J D McIlwain 30 WM La Ga La Farmer
Rosie " 25 WF Tx Tx Tx  Wife (Gardner)
Willie  " 9/12 WM Us La Tx Son  (Jesse Wilton)

1920 Hope, Stephens Co, Oklahoma SD6th, ED249 Sheet 11B HH 188-191 Jim S Wells 28WM Tx Miss Tx Genl. Farming Katie " 23WF wife Tx Tx Tx, Printes " 4 6/12 WM son Okla Tx Tx-Did not locate any of the other Wells families 1920

1920 Harrison, Grady Co., Oklahoma ED176 SD6th Sheet 1A HH 10-10 Monroe Wells 49 WM Tx Tx US Genl. Farmer; Ida " 29WF Wife Tx Tx Tx; Arcie " 14WF dtr Tx Tx Tx; Myrtle " 13WF dtr. Okla Tx Tx; Cclaud " 11WM son Okla Tx Tx; Hazel " 7 WF dtr Okla Tx Tx; Monroe " 3WM son Okla Tx Tx

HH11-11 Harrison, Grady Co, Oklahoma J P Wells 25WM Tx Tx Tx Genl. Farmer; Julia " 27 WF wife Okla Tx Tx; Lorene 0 WF Dtr Okla Tx Okla

1930 Nacogdoches Co., Tx ED16 Pct 6, P 2A HH 31-31 (Next door to Albert J. Sparks)
Jessie M. Watkins 35 WM Tx Tx La Farmer (M) @ age 23
Carrie B. " 27 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 21 (Barrett)
Rubie N. " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Faye E. " 5 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Henry J. " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Inez J. Watkins 61 WF La SC Ms Mother (Dinkins)

ED21, Pct 8, P 3A HH 43-45
J D McIlwain 40 WM La La La farmer (M) @ age 26
Rosa " 37 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 23 (Gardner)
Wilton " 10 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Marnell " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

ED17, Pct 6, P 1B
Thomas M. Humphries 44 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 24
Cora L. " 44 Tx Al Tx Wife (M) @ age 24 (Barrington)
Dixie I. " 19 WF Tx Dtr
Linn E. " 17 WM Tx son
Cabon J." 14 WM  Tx son (Claiborne)
Marjorie D " 12 WF Tx dtr
Rubie L. " 10 WF Tx dtr
Guy T. " 7 WM Tx son
Helen E. " 4 1/12 WF Tx dtr

Pct 6, ED 17, P 8A
James W. Chessher 63 WM Tx Tx Al farmer (M) @ age 25
Dora H. " 54 WF Tx Mo Tx wife (M) @ age 16 (Barrington)

Pct 8, ED 21, P 7B HH 140-145
Zack Bass 42 WM Widower* Tx Tx Tx farmer (M) @ age 20
Ernest " 18 WM Tx Son farming
Victor " 12 WM Tx son
Calvin " 10 WM Tx son
*Wife was Dora Gardner

Pct 1, ED 6, P 10A HH 189-190
Horace K. Barrington 51 WM Tx US US farming (M) @ age 29
Ophelia " 42 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 19 (Sparks)
Rosa A. " 19 WF Tx dtr
Martin L " 15 WM Tx son
Elmer E. " 12 WM Tx son
William O. " 9 WM Tx son
Kenneth E. " 4 10/12 WM Tx son

ED 12, Pct 4, Chireno, P 18A
Edgar W. Stanfield 41 WM Tx Tx Tx farming (M) @ age 27
Elsie J. " 27 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 14 (Jones)
Joline S. Fountain 10/12 WF Tx Tx Tx Adopted Dtr

ED 21, P 6B Pct 8, HH 117-120
Rufus King 50 WM Tx Al Al Farming (M) @ age 24
Maggie " 43 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 17
Robert Jones 18 WM Tx Tx Tx Adopted Son farming

ED9, P 7B Pct 3, HH 148-149
John Langford 24 WM Tx Al Tx farming (M) @ age 19
Lillie " 21 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 16 (Jones)
J. L. " 3 WM Tx son

1930 Tipton T/S, Tulare Co., California SD14, ED54-61 Sheet 11A HH 212-219 Jesse P. Wells 35WM Tx Tx Tx Cotton Farmer, (M) @ age 33; Maude E. 27WF Wife Okla Ky Ark (M) @ age 25;  Jesse P. Jr. 1/12WM son Calif. Tx Okla

1930 Tipton T/S, Tulare, California SD14, ED54-61 Sheet 19B, HH 384-391 Sam L Wells 40WM Tx Tx Tx Own Farm; (M) @ age 21; Jewel L. 17WF Dtr Okla Tx Tx; Hershell G. " 16WM son Okla Tx Tx; Clyde J. " 11WM son Okla Tx Tx ; Arcean Wells, Mothere 69WF Widow Tx Tx Tx  (M) @ age 18 (Anna Arcene Watkins, Dtr of Martin Jackson Watkins & Marie Salina Rambin Watkins)