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John Thomas Sparks was born in the Cedar Bluff Community, Nacogdoches Co., Texas on June 30, 1905 and died in Holly Springs Community, Nacogdoches Co., April 24, 1981.  He was buried @ Bethel Cem., Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas  He was a farmer & carpenter/cabinet maker by occupation, with exception of about 2 yrs when he worked for the Texaco Oil Co. in Port Arthur, in the late 1920's. Prior to his marriage in 1928, he worked for a while in the wheat harvest in  Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota., along with his future brother-in-law, Herbert Polk, and cousin Odis Rambin.

He was the son of William R. Sparks & his second wife, Mrs. Luvenia (Watkins) Gardner. 

He was married to Miss Allie Bertie Polk on September 12, 1928 in Nacogdoches Co., Texas, daughter of Timothy Morgan Polk & Alice Mae Coward, who came to Nacogdoches County, by way of Arkansas, from Walker Co, Texas, in 1918. She was born July 9, 1908 near Huntsville, Walker Co, Texas and she died April 28, 1995 in Nacogdoches, Texas.  Both Mr. & Mrs. Sparks are buried @ Bethel Bapt. Church Cemetery, Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., Texas.

In their childhood days, Mrs. Sparks was of the Methodist faith, attending at Pisgah & Shady Grove, with  Mr. Sparks attending the Baptist Church, at Cold Springs.  Both Mr. & Mrs. Sparks later converted to the Church of Christ, attending various congregations over the years, including Cedar Bluff, Appleby & Garrison.

J. T. Sparks lived the majority of his life in the Cedar Bluff/Pisgah Community, and at one time served on the Board of Trustees for the old Cedar Bluff School.  He attended school at Cedar Bluff and his wife attended school at Pisgah. For the last 20 yrs of his life, the family resided in the Holly Springs Community.

The Sparks children also attended school at Cedar Bluff, until it was consolidated with Garrison Ind. School District., about 1943.

Children:  SPARKS

1.  Thomas Eugene  "Gene" born July 7, 1929 Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., Tex.
     (M) Bobbie Nell Wicker
     (a) Thomas Eugene, Jr. Born Feb 10, 1955
          (M) Ann Gibbs   
                 1. Alicia  (M) Tim Sanders
                     a. dtr Mackencie 
                     b. Nicholas Glen
                 2. Michelle (M) Bryan Ruble
          (M) #2 Judy Wilson 
                 3. Melissa
Gene is retired -USPS

Gene Sparks &  Wife Bobbie Nell Wicker

 Gene (M) #2 Helen Clifton Wisener (She had 1 Son Michael)

2. Clyde Harold Born August 15, 1931 Nacog. Co, Tex.(Retired -USPS)
    Born on Uncle Allen's place
    (M) Sadie Lorene Greening April 29, 1955 Bethel Bapt.Church by Rev. Bowers
     a. Terry O'Dell Born Feb. 10, 1956 Nacog. Co, Texas
         (M) Susan Edyth Rhymes October 12, 1979 Silsbee, Tx
          1. Eric Stephen July 23, 1980 Nacog., Tx (M) Shasa

              a. William Stephen Sparks Jan. 22, 2003

              b. Sage Elaine Sparks March 7, 2004
          2. Brian Jacob Nov 28, 1981 Beaumont, Tx (M)  Heather Haley

              a. Wesley (Adopted by Brian)

              b. Kerian Riley b. October 27, 2007 Travis Co, Tx
          3.Shelley Elisabeth Nov 9, 1984 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx (M) Chris Finley 2006 Silsbee, Hardin Co., Tx
          4. Hannah Kristen April 20, 1987 Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx (M) Cody Haley October, 2009 Hardin Co., Tx
     b. Michael Shane Born Oct. 19, 1957 Nacog. Co, Tex.
         (M) Susan Janae' Wiseman  June 9, 1978 Irving, Tx (Div)
          1. Lindsey Janae' May 7, 1984 Irving, Tx (M) Ryan Straub March 08, Portland, Oregon (Live Vancouver, Washington)
          2. Michael Shane II March 21,1986 Irving, Tx (US Navy, 2004-09, Re-enlisted Nov. 2009, Stationed in Hawaii)
         (M) #2 Elizabeth  Thompson  (She had 1 dtr Tiffany & 1 son Cody, Cody d. Nov., 2008)
     c. Loy Dean Born August 28, 1959 Nacog. Co, Tex
         (M) Mayuree Jaelenwat June 25, 1983 Ft. Walton Beach, Fla
          1. Nicholas Sean May 20, 1986 Ft Walton Beach, Fla-lives in Hawaii
          2. Justin Reid April 20, 1987 Ft. Walton Beach, Fla-lives in Hawaii
         (M) #2 Chantalom Pommala ("Windy")  (She has 1 Dtr Melissa)
     d. Clyde Harold, Jr. Born Nov. 8, 1964 Nacog. Co, Tex
         (M) Arlene Joy Luke Nov 8, 1985 Nacog., Tx
                 1. Amelia Marie April 12, 1988 Nacog., Tx
                 2. Micah Caleb March 31, 1990 Nacog., Tx (U S Army, Sept., 2009)
         (M) #2 Veronica Lynn Rector March 8, 2002 New Orleans, La

            3. Nolan Wyatt b. July 30, 2004 Nacogdoches, Tx

            4. Shelby Kaylynn b. Jan. 17, 2006 Nacogdoches, Tx

            5. Rylan Chase b. October 9, 2007 Nacogdoches, Tx

Harold & Sadie Greening Sparks

3. Albert Jerry Born March 6, 1933 Nacog. Co, Tex.
    Born on Uncle Allen's place
    (M) Shirley Ruth Havard (No Children)
Jerry is retired 

Jerry & Shirley Havard Sparks

Jerry in US Navy

4. William Shirrell Born Dec. 10, 1935 Nacog. Co, Tex
    Born on Uncle Allen's place
     (M) Barbara Robinson Born Dec. 15, 1939
     a. Sherry Renee' Born April 16, 1959
        (M) James Russell "Rusty" Templeton
               1. Amber Renee' Born Sept. 13, 1980 (M) 2007?
               2. Russell Dale Born Nov. 15, 1964
     b. Mark David Born March 16, 1963 Died Jan.1, 2000
     c. Lacinda Born Nov. 15, 1964
         (M) Cecil Mark Hoke 
                1. Lacinda Susan  Born Feb. 22, 1991

Family of Shirrell  & Barbara Sparks
Rusty, Renee', Amber & Russell Templeton
Shirrell & Barbara Sparks
Cindy, Cecil Mark & Lucinda Hoke
Mark David Sparks

5. Allen Dale Born April 16, 1937 Nacog. Co, Tex
    Born on Uncle Allen's place
   (Tom's Distributor, Palestine, Texas area)
    (M) Mary Ann Tyner,  Dtr. of  James Roy Tyner & Mary Helen Dennard
    a. Jeffrey Allen Born April 10, 1963 
        (M) Kelley Jean Ray
               1. Logan Allen Grant Born Sept. 15, 1994
    b. David Scott  Born Feb. 20, 1965
        (M) Jennifer Howell
               1. Brittany Born July 26, 1985
    c. Debra Denise Born July 9, 1967
        (M) Johnny A. Carroll
               1. Chance Houston Born Oct. 31, 1989

Dale & Ann Sparks

6. Carrie Alice Sparks Born July 17, 1938 Nacog. Co., Tex.
    Born on Uncle Allen's place
    (M) Gene Neal Havard
    a. Pamela Born Oct. 9, 1959
        (M) Frank Chester Hicks
               1. Alicia Michele Born Jan 19, 1985
    b. Tammy Born Jan 25, 1961 
        (M) Dennis Ray Giles
               1. Peyton Alexander Born May 26, 1996
               2. Jeremy Craig Born Jan. 14, 2002
Gene Neal is retired -USPS

Carrie Alice Sparks & Husband
Gene Neal Havard

7. Don Stanford Born April 21, 1942 Nacog. Co., Tex.
    Born on Reynold's place
    (M)  Sandy Basham  (No Ch-She had 2 sons Cameron & Larue)
He is retired from TDPS, Undercover officer

Don & Sandy 

Don Sparks, MP, US Army, in Korea

8. John Richard born Aug. 8, 1944 Nacog. Co, Tex.
    Born on Reynold's place
    Self-employed Commercial poultry grower
    (M) Dorothy Vaughn
    a. Daphne Born April 11, 1967
        (M) Bobby Stanaland
        1.. Shelby Born Oct. 14, 1991
2.. Kaelyn Born Jan 19, 1996
    b. Melissa  Born July 24, 1969
        (M) #1 Mike Robertson  
               1. Scott Born Oct 14, 1986 (M) 2009
               2. Seth Born June 9, 1988
        She (M) #2 Terry Elliott 
               3. Susan Leigh Born Oct. 30, 1992
    c. John Richard, Jr. Born June 28, 1972
        (M)  Valerie Sanders 
               1. Allie Born July 11, 1998
               2. Emily Born Aug 27, 2001

John Richard Sparks & Wife
Dorothy Vaughn


The old Cedar Bluff School, prior to restoration by members of the Community, 
and former students, as well as numerous other interested persons.
According to James Brewer, who lives nearby, and Martha Nell Brewer Haney, who researched the history of the Cedar Bluff School,
this building was erected in 1911.  Prior to that date, school was held in a house belonging to  Mr. Wright, across the road.
The restored building is now used for a Community Center.
Picture Courtesy Martha Nell Haney & Lavene Brewer

This picture made 1909
John Thomas Sparks Born 1905
Myrtie Sparks born 1907,
sitting on her mother's lap

John Thomas Sparks & Ralph Sherrill Polk, early1920's

J T & Bertie Polk Sparks
CA 1952
made on Jim Rambin homeplace
behind them is a very large gardenia bush, which Harold & I dug up and removed to our yard 
after the homeplace was abandoned and the house was torn down.

John Thomas Sparks & wife Bertie Polk Sparks
1956 @ the old Jim Rambin home place near Cedar Bluff
John R. "Chick" Sparks tore this home down in the 1970's, using some of the wide boards to panel the den in his new home @ Mayo Community

Tommy & Bertie Sparks, Ca 1960

Taken 1978-Have been married 50 Yrs.

Thomas Eugene Sparks & Clyde Harold Sparks Ca 1934
w/pet goats hooked up to their red wagon

Had a good day at the Mast pond on the Pleasant place
Mid 1950's
O'Neil Polk & Shirrell Sparks