The family of
Pierre Tessier aka Lavigne
Vrts-Texier, Tesie, Tecie, etc
& wife
Marie Magdeleine Turpin

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Pierre Tessier (Texier) dit Lavigne was born about 1728 in Kaskaskia, Illinois Post, the son of Jean Baptiste Texier & wife Marianne Migneret.  He married at Kaskaskia on Jan. 21, 1751   to Marie Magdeleine Turpin, daughter of Joseph Turpin & wife, Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere.

Pierre Tessier/Texier lived at New Chartres, Illinois post as late as 1765, where he was a "voyageur" (travelling merchant)  Pierre Texier died Nov. 12, 1770 Kaskaskia, Ill. Post.

Several of their Tessier children migrated to area of Natchitoches, Louisiana  where their names can be found in the Catholic Church records, and were living in Bayou Pierre area, Nacogdoches District,  in the late 1700's and the early 1800's.

Marie Madeleine Turpin,  Wid. of Pierre Texier,  (M) #2 Antoine Cusson, (Jr), s/o Antoine Cusson & Louise Nolet, Sept 4, 1774, Kaskaskia, Ill post (No children of record)

Marie Madeleine Turpin (M) #3  Joseph Auger   by whom she had at least one child, a son, Joseph Francois Auger, native of Isle Negrs, Ill, who married in Opelousas Post, La on Feb 8, 1803, to Celeste De la Fosse.  The parents of the groom in this marriage record are given as Joseph Auger & Madeleine Turpin.  Ref-Fr. Hebert's records, Vol I, P 16, courtesy Janis (

See JOSEPH TURPIN page for their descendants.

Children: Tessier

1. Joseph b. abt 1754  Kaskaskia, Illinois Post, (of Islas Negras, Prov. of La)
came to Nacogdoches 1796, single, 1805,1809, &1810-lived on Angelina River w/1 slave

2. Jean Baptiste b. Feb 21, 1760 Kaskaskia, Illinois Post Bapt 22nd)
came to Nacogdoches Dist,  (1830 census) alias James Cammenes
(M) Joanna Olivier, (Oliva) widow

3. Marie Louise b. Dec 25, 1761 Kaskaskia, Illinois Post (Bapt 27th)

4. Antoine b. Sept 11, 1763 Kaskaskia, Illinois Post (Bapt 13th)

5. Francois b. Feb. 3, 1766 Kaskaskia, Ill Post

6. Heleanor Therese b. Jan 7, 1767  New Chartres, Illinois Post -(living 1840 Caddo Par, La)
(M) Aug 25, 1791 Nat., La to Jean Francois Palvados
Census records of Nacogdoches 1795-1809 -Bayou Pierre-Nacogdoches Dist.

7. Pierre b. Feb. 4, 1770 Kaskaskia, Ill Post  ( of Islas Negras, Prov. of La)
 (came to Nacogdoches 1795-Bayou Pierre area-census records of 1806, 1809, 1810-Also  Statements, 1809, 1810.-BELOW
(M) Marie Magdalena Cedar (Seidric)
Dtr of John Cedar, native of Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia, and wife Maria Belgarda, whom he married on Coast of Allemonds, Province of La. (Ref-1810 Statement, Nacogdoches Jurisdiction)  Pierre Texier "UNCLE" to Marie Joseph Palvados, Sept 13, 1795.


Ref: Kaskaskia Under the French Regime ( Natalie M. Belting) P 83
January 12, 1751, Double wedding- Pierre Texier, son of Jean Baptiste Texier, dit LaVigne and Marianne Migneret, and Marie Madeleine Turpin, daughter of the late Joseph Turpin and Hypolite Chauvin (la Freniere)

The other parties getting married were Pierre Billeron, and Elizabeth Aubuchon

My Note-Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere was the illegitimate daughter of Nicholas Chauvin de la Freniere of New Orleans, and an Indian slave named Catherine. She was married to Joseph Turpin At New Orleans, July 11, 1731-Joseph Turpin died in Kaskaskia, Illinois, about 1749/50  and Hypolite, expecting their second child, remarried, on March 19, 1750 in Kaskaskia, to Joseph de LaMirande,  who later came to the Opelousas post.  This couple had 1 daughter. (Marie Josette Born Ca 1752, and 1 son, Joseph, who signed his sister's marriage certificate, in 1769)

New Orleans French (Winston DeVille)
7 November, 1731 Joseph Turpin, native of Montreal, son of deceased Alexander Turpin and deceased Charlotte Beauvais, of the parish of Kaskaskias and Hyppolitte-daughter of an Indian named Catherine, once a servant of Chauvin de la Freniere. (Nicholas Chauvin de la Freniere)
Kaskaskia Marriages-Belting-
March 19, 1750-Joseph LaMirande and Hypolite La Fresniere...Three bans

P 97-1752 Census, Kaskaskia, Ill (Belting)
P. Lavigne-La Vigne was the "nickname" of several Illinois families. Possibly this man was Pierre Texier dit La Vigne, son of Jean Baptiste Texier and Marianne Migneret, who married Marie Madeleine Turpin, daughter of Joseph Turpin and Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere, January 12, 1751.  They were the parents of: (Registre de la Paroisse)

1. Jean Baptiste born Feb.22, 1760
2. Marie Louise, Born Dec 27, 1761
3. Antoine, born September 13, 1763

The Village of New Chartres, Illinois (Brown & Dean)

P 315-Records of the Chapel of the Visitation
The Chapel of the Visitation (occasionally referred to as the Visitation of Our Lady) was a dependency of the church of Ste. Anne at Chartres.  Apparently a separate record was kept for the chapel, at least during the latter part of its existence.  It is not known when the chapel was abandoned, but it may have been at the same time as the abandonment of the church of Ste. Anne, etc"

P11- April 3, 1762 Pierre Texier was godfather at bapt. of a negro, belonging to Mons. Michael LeJeune, Godmother was Marie Josephe Quelle, wife of LaBriere.  The godfather and godmother have declared they do not know how to sign, etc.

P 13-In the year one thousand seven hundred sixty-two the fifth of the month of September, I Brother Luc Collet, priest serving the Church of the Visitation of the Village of St. Philippe, baptized the son of Jean Baptiste Mercier and of Marie Joseph Texier, his father and mother, married to each other, who was given the name of Pierre.  The godfather was Pierre Texier and the godmother was Marie Loise (l) wife of Marie Lecomte.  The godfather and the godmother have declared they do not know how to sign this entry following the ordinance.
I am not positive as to whose dtr. Marie Joseph Texier is.-sgs

P 24 Aug 4, 1765
In the year one thousand seven hundred sixty-five, the fourth of August was baptized in the Church of the Visitation of the village of St. Philippe, by the Rev. Luc Collet, Recollet, Julien, a son born the thirteenth day of the month of December of the year one thousand seven hundred sixty-four of the legitimate marriage of Jean Baptiste Mercier and of Marie Josephe Tessier, his father and mother, inhabitants of St. Philippe. The godfather is Pierre Tessier who has signed; the godmother Agnes Loise (l), who had declared she does not know how to sign or write, in token whereof I have signed the present act.

Randolph Co, Ill, Archives-Deeds
K331-Nov 5, 1763
Deed from Joseph Lefebvre resident of New Chartres, Parish of St. Anne,  to Jacques de Bissonnet, resident of village of St. Philippe, parish of New Chartres, Wts: Jean Bte. Hervieux, and Pierre Texier, voyageur, residing in New Chartres. Sig:  De Aerrie Lefebvre-for my husband, Texier, Hervieux, Labuxiere

Vol 1, Natchitoches Catholic Church Records, Mills, Entry # 3379
Jean Palvados/Leonora Tessie
August 25, 1782, after three bans, marriage of Juan Palvados, native of the post at Illinois, legitimate son of Francisco Palvados and Juanna Bernarda...Leonora Tessie, native of same post, legitimate daughter of Pedro Tessie and Madelena Turpin. Wts: Pedro Gagne, Pedro Tessier, Francisco Rambin, Auger Tessie

Jean Bte. Tessier God/F @  Bapt of Margarita Rable  Sept 27, 1789
Joseph Tessie God/F to Felicidad Palvados Bapt Oct 14, 1792
Pierre Tessier, Uncle, (endoyee) baptized Marie Josephe Palvado Sept 13, 1795 &
God/F was Jean Bte. Tessier
Joseph Teissier God/F to Feliciana Theophila Lemaitre Apr 12, 1795
Jean Bte. Tessier was God/F to Jean Bte. Baudouin, Oct 20, 1799
Pierre Texier & Magdeleine Turpin listed as grand parents to Marie Honorine Palvados Dec 17, 1799

Vol II-Mills
Pierre Texier & Magdalena Turpin listed as grandparents of Jean Bapte. Palvados (Entry #1-no date-badly damaged)

Joseph Dubois Sept 13, 1801 baptism of an infant born 14 Jan, 1801, son of Antoine DuBois and Mia. Jh. Malige Godparents: Joseph Tessier & Rose Dupre Priest P Pavie

Pierre Tecier & Magdeleine Turpain listed as grandparents of Marie Palvados, Aug 21, 1803

 Manuel Tessier-Oct 11, 1816 baptism of child born Feb. 27, 1815, son of Pierre Tessier & Marianne Sidrec (Cedar) Godparents: Guilleri Babe' and Clar. B. Heinoy? Priest: F. Magnes

Vol 3-Mills Entry #462-Phelonise Tessier, Major dtr of Pierre Tessier & Madeleine Ciedre  married Simon DeSoto Sept. 28, 1839

Natchitoches Colonials, 1722-1803 (Mills)
1782 Militia Roll of Natchitoches, La
Jean Tessier dit Lavigne @ Bayou Pierre, Rifleman

1787 Census of Natchitoches (Aug 17)
Lavigne aged 48 yrs. (alone in HH) (born Ca 1739)

1787 Grand Ecore:
Louis Fonteneau 36
his wife 26
a boy 7
Modeste 1 1/2
Lavigne, orphan 15

1790 census, Natchitoches, La
Baptiste Lavigne 1-0-1-1

1790 Church Roll, Natchitoches, La
Baptiste Lavigne, pd for 1 wh male over 14 yrs at Ille a Brevel

At Campti, La -Pierre Tessier, pd for 1 hireling

Nov 4, 1791 Militia Roll, Natchitoches-Capt Jn. Bte. Ailhaud, St Anne
Jean Bte. Lavigne, Rifleman
Pierre Lavigne, Rifleman

1793 Militia Roll, Natchitoches, La-Capt Jn. Bte. Ailhaud, St Anne
Jn. Bte. Lavigne, Rifleman
Pierre Lavigne, Rifleman

1793 Tax Roll, Natchitoches, La.
J. Bte. Lavigne, Pd for 10 Arpents land

1794 Public Works  roster-Nat., La
Jn. Bte. Lavigne
Pre. Tessier

Gateway To Texas, Vol 1, Ericson
Batis Tessier, Born Ca 1770 Married Juana Oliva, census records of Nacogdoches, 1830, 31, 33, 34

Jose Tessier  (Joseph) Born Ca 1750 , native of Islas Negras, La., came to this jurisdiction by 1796, farmer in campaigns against Pensacola, Mobile & Baton Rouge, with Senor General Galvez, was a militiaman; has a ranch on the shores of the Angelina River, Roman Catholic, unmarried.

Joseph Tessier, Born Ca 1743,Canada, farmer, Census records of 1793, 1801, 1804, 1805, 1809, Nacogdoches 1810 Angelina River

Jose (Joseph) Tessier Born Ca 1759 Canada, farmer,   Census records of 1804, 1809 Nacogdoches

Pierre Lavigne, Born Ca 1766 native of Natchitoches, farmer, married Magdalena Cedar, German, Census records of 1801, 1805, 1806 Nacogdoches Dist.

Pedro  (Pierre) Tessier Born Ca 1775 Canada, Roman Catholic, (Same as Pierre Above?) married Magdalena Cedar, came to Nacogdoches jurisdiction 1795, farmer 1809, 1810 census

Peter Tessier-Born Ca 1748, 1801 census

1834 Census-Polonio Tessier born 1819

Board of Land Commissioners Minutes, 1838
Jose Polaris Lavigna
Jean Batiste Lavigna alias James Cammenes
Pierre Tessier, resided here for 10 yrs

Gateway To Texas, Vol 1 (Ericson)
JEAN SALVADOR, (Jean Palvados) Born Ca 1766 France, Married Leonora Theresa Tessier, Census Rec, of 1804, 1805
JOSE SALVADOR- (Joseph Palvados) 1839 Nacog. TL
ANDREW SALVADOR-Born Ca 1759 France, 1793 Census, 1801 Census Farmer (M) Francisca___ (Perhaps a brother to Jean?)

JUAN (Jean)  PALVADO-Born Ca 1765, native of Nantes, France, left home @ age 15, worked as a sailor about 4 yrs, Roman Catholic, married Leonore Tessier, Census of 1805, 1826, 1828, 
JUAN BATISTA (Jean Baptiste) PALVADO-Born ca 1801, here since 1825; Roman Catholic, laborer, married Maria Brigite Santos Coy Sept 27, 1824; 1830 Citizenship Application

Citizens & Foreigners of the Nacogdoches District, 1809-1836 -Ericson

Life and Activities of Pierre Tessier Lavigne, August 17, 1809
Sworn statement which I, Pierre Tessier, otherwise Lavigne, make of his nativity that I shall express in the following manner:
Pierre Tessier, otherwise Lavigne, a native of Canada, and resident in the Post in Natchitoches, Province of Louisiana, from whence he passed to this jurisdiction of Nacogdoches, fourteen years ago, (Ca 1795) where he was married to Helene Cedar, a native of said Post of Natchitoches, and citizen of this place, by whom he has two daughters, and these, as well as his wife and he, are all of the Apostolic Roman Catholic religion.  He is occupied in the occupation of farmer, by which he supports himself.  He says he has no other document to accompany his statement, and that all that remains explained is this is the truth, on which it is affirmed and ratified.

And, in order that it be certain, he extends the present, on which, because of not knowing how to write, he made a sign of a cross, Don Manuel Bustamante, a citizen of this place, being a witness. Village of Nacogdoches, August 17, 1809.

Sign of a cross X Pierre Tessier otherwise Lavigne
Witness: Manuel Bustamante

Pierre C Dolet (rubric)
Louis Procela (rubric) 

Life and Activities of Jose Tessier (Lavigne) August 6, 1809

Statement which I, Jose Tessier, make of my nativity and the rest that I shall state in the following manner:

Jose Tessier,  a native of the Isle Negras of the Province of Louisiana, from whence I went out at the age of twenty-four years, and went to the town of new Orleans, where I was living for the time of  nineteen years, being occupied in working at my avocation of farmer, less the time in which I was in the campaigns which the Senor General Galvez made against Pensacola, Mobile and Baton Rouge, in which time he says he accompanied him in the quality of  militiaman, and that he was in all the actions that he had, and it having completed, he emigrated toward Bayou Pierre of this jurisdiction, where he maintained himself for the time of four years, being occupied in the work of farmer, and with the due permissions of the Senores Commandants who had been in this place.  Afterwards the Senor Commandant who was in this village, Don Dionisio Valle, granted him his permission in order that he will go to reside and to live as a citizen in this village, as in fact he came from the said Bayou Pierre, and brought all his properties to this said village where he now lives, and on a ranch on the shores of the Angelina River until the present day, being occupied in his said work of farmer, by which he supports himself.  He says he is of the Apostolic Roman Catholic religion, his condition unmarried, and of the age of  fifty-nine years. He says he has no documents to accompany this his statement, and that all that remains explained in this is the truth, on which it is affirmed and ratified. 

And in order that it be certain, he extends the present, on which, because of not being able to write, he made his mark, Don Jose de la Bega and Don Manuel Bustamante, all of this neighborhood, being witnesses.  Village of Nacogdoches, August 16, 1809.

Sign of a Cross of
Jose Tessier

Jose Louis de la Bega (rubric)
Manuel Bustamante (rubric)


Confidential Reports of the Ministers of Nacogdoches about Foreigners
Bexar Archives, University of Texas Archives, Austin, Texas

These reports are made in1810, signed  by Fray Jose Ma. Huerta de Jesus (rubric) 
Sir Lieutenant Colonel Don Manuel de Salcedo
(May 3-19, 1810)

Of Joseph Tessier, Louis Fortune, James Lepine, only that they comply with the precept of confession and communion, that they cultivate the land, and that the first frequently assists at the functions of the church.

Timothy Barret and Joseph Tessier, it is clear to me, are good Catholics, regular in their conduct, Christian as well as civil, and the last has served in our Troops in the war of Pensacola, and I know of him a particular affection for our Government.

Of the other citizens that are scattered in Bayou Pierre and on the ranches, I am not able to affirm anything touching their moral conduct or civil, etc etc

Jose Tessier-He is of good conduct in the civil, and remiss in the Christian.  He has good ideas and manner of thinking; faithful and attached to our government.   He has no inclination to those of the United States, nor to that of France.  He lends himself cheerfully to the public works.  He is obedient to Superior orders, and to those of this Government.

Pierre Tessier- In the civil he is of good conduct; in the Christian he is remiss.  His ideas and manner of thinking have been good. He is faithful and attached to our Government,  He does not show to have an inclination to that of the United States, nor to that of France.  In public works he performs his duties; he is obedient to the Superior orders, and to those of this government.

Reports of the Governor, of the Commandant of Nacogdoches, and the Reverend Ministers concerning the Foreigners Residents in that Jurisdiction and are joined to the Expediente on the Matter.

Pedro Tessier-The circumstances coincide in him that are required for having been admitted into this Province, and to remain in it.  He is very rustic, and as I am informed in point of his conduct as a Christian, he is very abandoned, as also the report of the Commandant shows.

Joseph Tessier-He is a long-time and worthy Spanish vassal.  He appears a peaceful subject and the Reverend Ministers report favorable, agreeing with my idea, notwithstanding that the Commandant is obstinate of his remissness in point of his Christian conduct. 

Relation of the Foreigners that are Established in this Jurisdiction of Nacogdoches (1810)
Pierre Tessier-Residence-On his ranch 20 leagues Family and Servants that ea have- His wife and 2 small daughters

Declaration of Pierre Tessier-1810

In continuation appeared before said gentlemen, Pierre Tessier, who, having declared that the language which he understood best was French, and that his religion is Catholic, he took an oath by our Lord God and a sign of a Cross to tell the truth on everything that will be asked; and having been to the tenor of the said interrogatory, he said, by means of the interpreter;

To the 1st.  That he is called Pierre Tessier, a native of Islas Negras (Black Islands), in a village that is called Calcasieu, Province of Louisiana, of the age of about thirty-eight years; Apostolic Roman Catholic, of marriage state, six years ago, with Mary Magdalena Cedar, a native of Rapides, and baptized by a bishop who passed through there, and has three children, the oldest of five years, all baptized in this Province.

To the 2nd: That he has been a Spanish vassal in Lousiana having taken an oath of allegiance before the Commandant Don Louis de Blanc; and that sixteen years ago he came to this Province.  In order to follow in the Catholic religion and in the service of Juan Ignacio Pifermo and since then he has remained without permission of any Commandant.  

The the 3rd:  That he has absented himself some two months and a half, more than three years ago, in order to go to Natchitoches to visit his brothers and parents* without permission of anybody. 

To the 4th:  That since he is in this Province, they have not required of him an oath of allegiance; but he is ready to do it, affirming and ratifying what he made, as he has said, in Natchitoches, and that in no manner has he made it to another Government.

To the 5th:  That his occupation is that of a farmer, living on his ranch of Lobanillo, twenty leagues from this village, where he has built his house on a piece of land without concession from anybody; that he also has ten head of cattle, 20 of hogs, and two horses.  

To the 6th:  That he has nothing to say concerning the particulars that is asked of him; and having read this, his declaration, by means of the interpreter, he said:  That it is the same that he has given; that he has nothing to add to nor take away from it; that what remains said is the truth, on the charge of the oath made; and because of not knowing how to write, he made a sign of a cross, and said gentleman, the interpreter and I signed it, to which I certify.

Signed X (Tessier's mark)
John Morrison, (rubric)
Salcedo (rubric)
Man. Delgado (rubric)

(* He would be referring to mother & stepfather, as Marie Madeline Turpin (M) #2 Joseph Auger Sept 4, 1774 Kaskaskia, Ill Post, where his father Pierre Texier had died Nov. 12, 1770, when this Pierre was just 9 mos. old.-sgs)

Joseph Tessier-On his ranch, 1 servant and 1 slave

Declaration of Joseph Tessier, 1810
Immediately appeared before said gentleman, Joseph Tessier who speaks Spanish very well, because of which he had no necessity for an interpreter, and having declared that his religion is Catholic, he was sworn in due firm to tell the truth, in whatever will be asked, and being concerning the said interrogatory, he said:

To the 1st: That he is called Joseph Tessier, a native of Calcasieu, on Black Islands, (Islas Negras) Province of Louisiana, of sixty-seven years of age; Apostolic Roman Catholic; of unmarried state.

To the 2nd:  That he has been a Spanish vassal in the Province of Louisiana, under the orders of the Sir Galvez, before whom he took an Oath of allegiance; and twenty-eight years ago he established himself in Bayou Pierre, of which he remained five in this Post, living on his ranch, situated on the Angelina, without having had any other object than that of the country having suited him.  That in order for him to establish himself in Bayou Pierre he did not have permission from anybody, but for living in this post, the Commandant of it, Don Dionisio Valle permitted it.

To the 3rd:  That he has not absented himself toward the Province of Louisiana anytime since he established himself here.  

To the 4th:  That in this Province he has not again taken an oath to our Government, because it has not been asked of him, being affirmed and ratified on what he made before the Sir Galvez, without having given another to any other Government.

To the 5th:  That he supports himself by his occupation of farmer, living in the house which he has build on the ranch above mentioned, which area will be one league in each direction.  That he also has one slave, forty head of cattle, sixty hogs, ten horses, ten mares and a jack.

To the 6th:  That he has nothing to say concerning both particulars; and having read to him this, his declaration, he said:  That it is the same that he has given; that he has nothing to add to nor take Away;  that what remains said is the truth under charge of the oath he made, and because of not knowing how to write, he made a sign of a cross.  Said gentleman signed it, to which I certify.

Signed X (Mark of Tessier)

Man'l. Delgado (rubric)
Salceda (rubric)

There are several entries on the Tessier/Texier/Lavigne family in Grassroots of America-American State Papers, Public Lands