The Family of
Joseph Turpin
& Wife
Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere

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Joseph Turpin was born in Montreal, Canada, June 21, 1696, a son of Pierre Alexander Turpin & wife, Marie Charlotte Beauvais of Montreal. Several members of this Turpin family later settled in  the area of Kaskaskia, Ill.

Joseph Turpin married in New Orleans, La. November 7, 1731 to Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere,  illegitimate daughter of Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere and an Indian slave named Catherine, servant to and owned by Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere . Though using his name, Hypolite,  being illegitimate, was not eligible to inherit from her father's estate when he died in New Orleans about 1749,  under Louisiana law. 

Joseph Turpin was in Kaskaskia Post, Illinois by 1742, as he received a grant of land in 1742, and another in 1743 from the French government.   He died in the year of 1750, and his widow, who was expecting their second child,  remarried in March, 1750 @ Kaskaskia to Sieur Joseph de LaMirande, Born 1728 Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada, son of Sr. Jacques de LaMirande & Marguerite Gertasse. 

CHAUVIN = LA FRENIeRE Hyppolite 19-03-1750 Kaskaskia Ref: PFF 2 88

Hypolite was born July 17, 1718  in Mobile post, and died about 1758, probably at the Opelousas Post, where Joseph  LaMirande married his second wife in that year.  He died at the  Opelousas Post, La. Aug. 18, 1796 (Succn Recds-Southwest La. Records -Hebert)

Children: Turpin
Marie Madeleine  Born CA 1732 New Orleans, La.
(M) Jan 12, 1751 @ Kaskaskia, Illinois post to
Pierre  Tessier (Texier ) dit Lavigne  

Marie Madeleine Turpin (M) #2 Antoine Cusson, (Jr), s/o Antoine Cusson & Louise Nolet, Sept 4, 1774, Kaskaskia, Ill post (No children of record)

Marie Madeleine Turpin (M) #3  Joseph Auger   by whom she had at least one child, a son, Joseph Francois Auger, native of Isle Negrs, Ill, who married in Opelousas Post, La on Feb 8, 1803, to Celeste De la Fosse.  The parents of the groom in this marriage record are given as Joseph Auger & Madeleine Turpin.  Ref-Fr. Hebert's records, Vol I, P 16, courtesy Janis (

Children of Joseph Francois Auger & Celeste de la Fosse:

a. Brigette b. abt May, 1805 St Landry Par, La Bapt Aug 4, 1805, age 3 mos. Godparents-Joseph LaMirande, & Rosalie Benoit (M) Godfrey Soileau Sept 5, 1822, Opelousa, At. Landry, La

b. Celeste b. June 30, 1807 St. Landry, La

c. Lucille b. abt 1810 St. Landry, La

d. Joseph b. Sept. 12, 1812 St. Landry, La (M) Celeste LaFosse Feb. 20, 1832 St. Landry, La.

e. Jean Bte. b. Jan 9, 1815 St. Landry, La

f. Pierre b. May 28, 1819 St. Landry, La (M) Marrie Melisse de la Fosse Jan 2, 1838 St. Landry, La

g. Eleanor b. abt 1820 St. Landry, La  (M) Antoine Cobello, Jr 

h. Narcisse b. Obt. 12, 1822 (M) Marie Azelie Duhon 

2. Francois (Richard Francis) Turpin-LaMirande ) Born 1750, after his mother's remarriage to Sieur Joseph de La Mirande on Mar. 19, 1750 @ Kaskiakia, Ill. post (Ref-American State Papers, Public Lands Vol 2-lived @ Vincennes Post 1790
He died ? Vincennes, Knox Co, Ind.
(M) Francoise Mallet-The following info is from Charlie Wright (Vincennes records)

Turpin dit Lamerande, (child) d. 2-25-1793 b. 2-25-1793 d/o Mme Turpin dit Lamerande
Turpin dit Lamirande, Francois Diego - s/o Francois Turpin dit Lamirande & Francoise Mallet - b. & bpt. 3-21-1794;


Children of Hypolite Chauvin lafreniere & Joseph LaMirande

1.  Louis Joseph LaMirande, born June 13,  1751,  Bapt. May 29, 1752 St Louis Church, New Orleans, who witnessed his sister's marriage certificate in 1769 @ Pointe Coupee. He appears in 1771 census of Pointe Coupee, aged 20 yrs.

2. Marie  Rose Josephe "Josette" LaMirande, Born CA 1752 Kaskaskia, Ill, Post married @ Pointe Coupee, La. post on October 16, 1769 to Martin Barthelmy LeBleux dit Comersac of Arkansas Post. She died July 15, 1794 Opel., La (Succn Records) Ref: Southwest Louisiana Records-Hebert

Children of Marie Rose Josette LaMirande & Martin Barthelemy LeBleu dit Comersac  (Ref: SW La Records, Hebert -Incl Will of Martin Comersac)

a. Hypolite  Bapt Oct 11, 1780 (age 2 mos)  Opel. Ch. (M) Sebastian Benoit Aug 20, 1800
b. Catherine Bt Jan 12, 1786 died abt 1876  (M) Charles Sallier Aug 9, 1802
c. Arsene Bt October 30, 1789 Oplel. Ch. Died Dec 17, 1850 Sacraamento, California  (M) #1 Sarah Susan Celeste Andrus. (M) #2 Felecite Rion, (M) #3 Eliza Melisse Milhomme, Apr. 20, 1824 
d. Jean Bte. Born July 18, 1790 Opel. (M) Marguerite Lejeune May 18, 1813 (M) #2 Olive Carriere 
e. Ozita Born Mar 24, 1792 Opel. Ch.
f. Martin Born Oct 5, 1793 (M) Eloise (Louise) Rion Oct 9, 1820 Opel Ch (M) #2 Cathrrine Milhomme in Cal. Par., La

Hypolite  Chauvin la freniere died sometime before May, 1758 as Joseph LaMirande (M) #2 @ Pointe Coupee Post, La on May 15, 1758-Marie Catherine Frederick, Widow of Antoine Doza.  Marie Catherine died prior to Dec, 1770, when Joseph LaMirande married his third wife @ Pointe Coupee.


1721 Census, New Orleans
Turpin, wool comber Masters 1 Servants 0 Negro Slaves 2, Indian Slaves 2

The New Orleans French  1720-1733 (Winston DeVille) P 97
7 November, 1731
JOSEPH TURPIN-native of Montreal, son of deceased Alexander Turpin and deceased Charlotte Beauvais, of the parish of Kaskaskias and HYPPOLITE-daughter of an Indian named Catherine, once a servant of Chauvin de la Freniere. (Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere)

Kaskaskia Under the French Regime (Belting) P 83
Mar 17, 1750-Joseph LaMirande and Hypolite La Fresniere. Three bans

P 83-Jan 12, 1751
Pierre Texier, son of Jean Baptiste Texier dit LaVigne & Marianne Migneret, and Marie Madeleine Turpin, daughter of the late Joseph Turpin & Hypolite Chauvin

The Opelousas Militia 1770 Muster Roll Officers: D. Santiago CORTABLEAU, Captain, 48, Creole Antoine PATIN, 33, Acadian- Men: Incl: Joseph LaMirande  18, Creole

1771 Census, Opelousas Post, La.
LaMirande, Joseph 43
" Joseph 20 (by wife #1 Hypolite Chauvin LaFreniere)
" wife 45  *
" Son 10 (Joseph Constance Born Jan 15, 1760)
" Dtr  (Louise Constance Born June 12, 1762)
*Joseph LaMirande  (M) #3-Elizabeth Portier, Wid of Jacques Mellet-Dec 24, 1770 Pointe Coupee)

Grassroots of America-American State Papers, Public Lands

Claim #1939-, Dec 31, 1809-Vol 2, P 157, 158

Original Claimant-Joseph Turpin
Present Claimant-Pierre Menard
French Grant

A tract, affirmed by Board, joining Jesuits on south, Louis Turpin on north, Kaskaskia (Riv) on West, and a tract 12 arpents square; granted by French Government to Joseph Turpin in 1743, opposite Kaskaskia Village.

Claim #2105 Dec 31, 1809
Original claimant: Joseph Turpin
Present claimant: John Edgar
French Grant, 121 Acres, & 44 perches, East of Kaskaskia, opposite the village on the hill.

Vol 2, P 139-Dec. 31, 1809
Commissioners Office, Kaskaskia
No of Claim: 268
French grant,
Original Claimant: Joseph Turpin, sold by the heirs of St. Pierre Teabeau (Thibault)
Present claimant: Pierre Menard
80 arpents (2X20) This tract is also claimed by William Morrison in right of Joseph Teabeau (claim #449)

Vol 2 P 127, 128

Commissioners Office, Kaskaskia, February 24, 1810
The following reports of cases rejected will serve to show the government the grounds on which claims were rejected, as well as how laborious and impossible it is for the Board to transmit, at the present time, a full copy of the testimony in this class of claims

No 2044-John Edgar-Claims twelve arpents square, on the east side of the Kaskaskia  Riv., opposite the town, bounded northwardly by lands of this claimant, southwardly by lands formerly held by the Jesuits; this being held as assignee of Francis, Michel, Joseph, Jean Bte. Jerome, Philip, and Ursal, Derouse, St. Pierre, and Joseph Thibault, who were heirs of Joseph Turpin, deceased; which said lands were granted by a French commandant in the year 1742.

Remarks-The records in this case seem to be lost.  The Board, however, find a record of concession to Joseph Turpin by Messrs. De Bienville, Governor of Louisiana, and Salmon, Intendant of said Provence, on the 2nd day of August, 1743 (See United States Register, Book B, P 178, of a piece of land adjoining this, on the hills eastwardly, in which the grant of an implacement at this place is mentioned as having been previously made to said Turpin)  This, under these circumstances, the Board take to be sufficient proofs of ancient allotments.  But as this tract is also claimed by Pierre Menard, as assignee of Francis Turpin, said to be the son of said Joseph (See No 1939) the Board being in doubt which of these two claimants has the legal right, do therefore affirm the same to the legal representatives or heirs of the said Joseph Turpin. (Revised on recent testimony)

It is stated by this claimant, as well as by Pierre Menard (See the Claim 1939), in their respective notices, that the tract here claimed was originally conceded by the French Government to Joseph Turpin, under whom they both claim; said Menard by deed, dated July 29, 1801, in which this tract is conveyed  to said Menard by Francis Turpin, styling himself the son of said Joseph, and John Edgar, by deed dated 10th April, 1803, in which the same tract is conveyed by Michel, Francis, Joseph,  J.Baptiste, Jerome, Philip, Ursal DeRouse, St. Pierre, and Joseph Francis, and Marie Thebault, styling themselves to be the children and little children and heirs of the late Marie Joseph Turpin, widow of St. Pierre Derouse, deceased, which Marie Joseph Turpin was (as is stated in  said deed) niece and only heir of said Joseph Turpin, late of Kaskaskia, deceased.

The question now rises, who was the legal heir of Joseph Turpin? the said Francis, or the said Marie Joseph Turpin?

To this point, Edgar adduces the following testimony, to wit:  that of Equin Deinville (taken, by direction of this Board, before Moses Austin, Esq. of Louisiana)  stating that four or five months after the death of Joseph Turpin, Madame Turpin went to the Ohio with a certain Lamarande (LaMirande); and, on their return to Kaskaskia, she proved with child, and after some difficulties, they were married; that, after the marriage, Madame LaMarande had a son whose birth must have been about sixteen months after the death of said Joseph Turpin.  He adduces, also, the testimony of  Marie Turgeon, taken before John Hay and Nicholas Jarrot, Esqs. at Cahokia, stating that she never knew that Turpin Maran (supposed to mean Joseph Turpin) ever had but one daughter, called Magdaline, that married afterwards one Pierre LeVigne; and after the death of said Turpin, the widow married one Lamarande, but does  not know that they had any children. On the other hand, Pierre Menard adduces the testimony of Pierre Richard, an ancient inhabitant of the country, taken before this Board, stating that this deponent (being 64 years of age) was well acquainted with a certain Joseph Turpin, who died at Kaskaskia, when he, this deponent, was about ten years of age; that the said Joseph was married to a woman whose name he does not now recollect, but who was, after his death, married to a man by the name Lamarande; that the said widow had a son by the first husband a few months after his death, who was called Francis Turpin, also Lamarande, in consequence of his mother having married Lamarande; that this deponent was well acquainted with the family of the said Francis who was always considered as the son of Joseph Turpin, deceased.  The deponent cannot say how many months after the death of the said Turpin the birth of the said Francis took place, but that it was said that the mother of the said Francis was pregnant with him at the death of the said Joseph Turpin.  He further adduces the testimony of St. Jeme Beauvais and Vital St. Jeme Beauvais (whose characters for information, respectability and integrity, are, as this Board suppose, well known to the Government) stating that the said Joseph Turpin was Uncle of their father, that it is perfectly within their knowledge that he had two children by Hypolite, his wife, one of them called Magdaline Turpin, and the other Francis Turpin, surnamed Lamarande; both of whom were to their knowledge, born within the marriage of the said Joseph Turpin with the said Hypolite; and that they have always been regarded by the deponents as the legitimate children of the said Joseph and Hypolite; and lastly, that the estate of the said Joseph had been equally divided between them.  It appears further, by the testimony of Joseph & Jerome Derouse St. Pierre, two of the apparent grantors in the deed to Edgar, that the said Marie Joseph Turpin was the daughter of Louis Turpin, the brother of the said Joseph, who had another brother by the name of Francis, who died without issue, as did also the issue of the said Louis, excepting the mother of these deponents.

Remarks-It has been stated in the testimony of the above Marie Turgeon, that said Joseph Turpin had a daughter named Magdeleine, who married a certain Lavigne; but this Board are not informed by either claim whether she is dead or has issue.

It is remarkable in this case, that said Edgar relies for his title to a tract bounding on the one here claimed on a conveyance from this very Francis Turpin, styling himself son of the said Joseph, through whom the said property came, to John R. Jones, from whom the said Edgar purchased, and that on this conveyance said title has been actually confirmed (see his claim 2105) It is further most remarkable that the said Joseph and Jerome St. Pierre, two of the apparent grantors in the said Edgar deed, have, on their oaths, utterly denied ever having executed such an instrument, or knowing any thing of such a transaction, and also, that John Hague, an apparent witness, has, on his oath, denied ever having signed his name to the said deed, or known anything of such a transaction.  It is also to be remarked, that the said deed has been acknowledged before Robert Reynolds, whose character as forger and perjurer will be known to the administration from our report.  Under these singular circumstances, this board do not hesitate to declare their opinion that the said John Edgar has no title to the tract here claimed, and do reject his claim accordingly.

MY Note-Marie Josephe Turpin, Dtr of Louis Turpin & Dorothy Mechiperouta (Indian wife) married Francois Derouse St. Pierre LaVerdue on May 25, 1750 at Kaskaskia, Ill Post
Children from Register (Kaskaskia, -Belting)
Joseph -Bapt on Mar 24, 1761
Jn. Bte. -Bapt. on March 15, 1762

Louis Turpin was a brother to Joseph Turpin.

Vol 1, P 11 Francis Turpin, HH head, July 13, 1790, Town of Post Vincennes
P 14 Francis Boyer joins Lafreniere & Richard Francis Turpin

Also, Jn. Bte.Vaudry joins LaFreniere

P 15-Peter Cartier joins Jn. Bte. Lafreniere in prairie below village.

Vol 7, P 678-681-List of donations of 400 AC given to HH heads in yr, of 1783, confirmed by Gov. P 681-list includes Francis Turpin