The Family of
Jean Baptiste Texier (Tessier) dit Lavigne
& wife
Marianne Migneret/Milleret

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Jean Baptiste Tessier (Texier) dit Lavigne was born in Montreal, Canada, baptized October 22,  1699, son of Jean Bte. Tessier Lavigne & wife Elizabeth Renault (Renaud) Desmoulins. (Tanguay).  

He married in Kaskaskia, Illinois post on May 26, 1726 (Marriage contract) to Marianne Migneret (Milleret),  Born June, 1711 (Baptized January 26, 1713 Kaskaskia, Illinois, age 1 yr 6 mos), daughter of Nicolas Pierre Migneret (Milleret) & his Indian wife, Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa.  Marianne Migneret died @ Kaskaskia, Ilinois on Nov. 22, 1766.

Children: Tessier/Texier dit Lavigne

1. Pierre Born Ca 1728 Kaskaskia, Illinois Post (lived in New Chartres, Illinois post 1765) Died @ Kaskaskia, Ill. Nov. 12, 1770
(M) at Kaskaskia, Illinois post on Jan. 12, 1751 to Marie Magdeleine Turpin, daughter of deceased Joseph Turpin & Hypolite Chauvin la Fresneiere

2. (?) Jean Bte. Born Ca 1739 (1787 Census of Natchitoches, La)

3.  Probably-Marie Louise 
(M) Jan 22, 1754 Kaskiakia, Ill. to Michel Place'

4. Probably-Marie Josephe
(M) #1 Antoine Loisel
(M) #2 Jean Bte. Mercier

Perhaps other children

Kaskaskia Under The French Regime (Belting)

Marriage Register, Kaskaskia, Ill Post 
May 20, 1726, Jean Bte. Texier, son of Jean Bte. Texier & Elizabeth Desmoulins of Montreal..and ... Marianne Migneret, Dtr. of Pierre Migneret & Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa...2 Bans

See Migneret/Milleret file for more information on Suzanne Kerami; also had 2 other marriages.

March 19, 1750 Joseph LaMirande and Hypolite La Fresniere.. three bans
My Note -this is Hypolite Chauvin de la Freniere, widow of Joseph Turpin.

Jan 12, 1751 Pierre Texier, son of Jean Bte. Texier dit Lavigne & Marianne Migneret, and Marie Madeleine Turpin, Dtr of the late Joseph Turpin and Hypolite Chauvin

Jan 22, 1754 Marie Louis Texier (M) Michel Place' (PROB Dtr of J B Texier & Marieanne Migneret)

1726 census of Kaskaskia, Ill
Texier, wife and 1 child, 8 arpents land cleared
Lavigne, 10 arpents land cleared

The Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois 1720-1765-Brown & Dean
Randolph Co, Ill Archives, Deeds

K-406 To Monsieur the Judge of the Illinois
Tousissaint Loisel, guardian of the children of the late Leonard by his first marriage, very humbly brings to your attention that he has recourse to you, Monsieur, that it may please you to allow him to transfer the said custody to the Sieur Jean Baptiste Texier, tenant farmer of the children of the late Leonard * by both marriages, this said custody being more appropriate to him than to me, since he has married the daughter of the first marriage.  He trusts that you will indeed grant him this favor by discharging the petitioner of the said custody, it being understood that the deputy guardian of the said children of the first marriage shall continue to maintain his perogatives.  And you shall do him justice.  At Fort de Chartres this 29th June, 1726, No signature.

Permission granted to one Loisel to remit the custody of the children of the late Pierre Milleret (Migneret) into the hands of one Tessier, brother in law and tenant of the said children, an act of transfer of custody shall be drawn up.  At Fort de Chartres, this 29th June, 1726.  Chassin.

My Note-from Kaskaskia Under the French Regime, (Belting) Antoine Beausseron dit Leonard was the second husband of Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa,  (mother of Marianne Migneret/Milleret,) wife of Jn. Bte. Texier dit Lavigne. His son,  Antoine was baptized Aug 7, 1717, Augustine was baptized Aug 28, 1719, (Register de la Paroisse). Suzanne Kerami (M) #3 Daniel LeGras

Entry K399-April 16, 1726 Jacque Brocher complained to the Monsieur De Lette, Commandant in Illinois, concerning a card game he had been involved in with one Claude Chetivau at the house of one Lavigueur, claiming the cards were marked.  He had lost 600 livres in this card game.  Several witnesses were questioned in this investigation, one being Sieur Lavignes (Texier)
Ruled as follows: " There is a proverb which says that gambling was not invented for the blind.  And to demonstrate the probity of the said Chetivau, by which it will be seen that only the pure luck of the draw decided the game in his favor, when the said Chetivau was playing, it happens that the Sieurs Lavignes and Lafatigue, habitants of Kaskaskia, were present and saw the play, and will certify that they saw no marked cards and said Brochart did not complain during the play.  ..."

1732 Census, Kaskaskia, Ill (Conrad)
Lavigne, wife & 2 children

Randolph County , Ill Archives, (Deeds) (Brown & Dean)
Entry K 159-Nov 18, 1744
Deed between Jn. Bte. Gouin dit Champagne res. of St. Philippe of the Grand Marais, Par. of Ste. Anne, presently in the town of Kaskaskia,  and Pierre Colet, of Kaskaskia, Ill-Wts: Jean Bte. Texier dit Lavigne, Jean Chenie, Louis LaBrier

When Suzanne Kerami (Mother-in-law of Jn. Bte. Texier) died  October 28,1747,  Jn. Bte Texier was Gdn. to his brother-in-law Pierre Migneret.

Records of the Chapel of the Visitation @ St. Philippe (Sometimes referred to as the Visitation of Our Lady) (Brown & Dean)

D181- Jan 21, 1748 Baptism of  Agnes Loisel, daughter Antoine Joseph Loize (Loisel) Mons.  and of Marie Joseph Texier G/F: Ange Gabriel Dodier, G/M: Marie Joseph Larmigio

D232 Feb 3, 1750 Baptism of Marie Barbe Loisel, daughter of Antoine Loise & Marie Tessie. G/F: Charles Philyppe Vigueroux, G/M: Barbe Colain

D295 June 18, 1760 Marriage of Marie Therese Loisel, daughter of dtr. of dec'd Antoine Loisel and Marie Tessier, now the wife of Mercier (Jean Bte.), inhabitants of St. Philippe in the Illinois Country,  to Jacques LeComte, s/o Pierre LeComte and Marie Fournier.

P 13-Sept 5, 1762 Pierre Tessier, Godfather to baptism of  Pierre Mercier, legitimate son of Jean Bte. Mercier & his wife Marie Joseph Tessier

D325-May 27, 1765-Marriage of Agnes Loisel , daughter of late Antoine Loisel, and Marie Joseph Texire, native of St. Phylippe, to Jean Bte. Prevot, s/o Nicholas Prevot and Marie Therese Carnel.  Witnesses for Bride: Texier, Mercier, stepfather of the bride, and other witnesses.

P 24-Aug 4, 1765-Pierre Tessier was godfather to a son (name not given) of Jean Bte. Mercier & Marie Joseph Tessier