The Family of
Nicolas Pierre Migneret / Milleret
& Wife
Susanne Kerami Peni8assa, Indian

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Nicolas Pierre Migneret/Milleret  was born about 1690 Probably in Canada.  He was married probably in the Illinois country about 1710, to Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa,  an Illinois Indian.   They had two children.  Many of the early settlers and military personnel in the Illinois country married Indian wives from the local tribes, due to the shortage of French females of marriageable age.

Pierre was deceased by 1716 when Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa, his widow,  was married to Antoine Beausseron dit Leonard, by whom she had two children..  Antoine died between Jan, 1, 1726 and June 29, 1726, when his minor children were put into the care and custody of Jean Bte. Texier dit Lavigne, who had recently married Marie Anne Migneret .

Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa married her third husband Daniel LeGras at Kaskaskia, Illinois Post on June 7, 1728.  (PFF2/93)  She died at the Kaskaskia, Illinois Post on October 28, 1747**
** (Belting)  Kaskaskia MSS, Private Papers, V, Circuit Clerk's Office, Randolph County Court House, Chester, Illinois 
Daniel LeGras was son of Jean Bte. LeGras & Genevieve Mallet of Montreal. He died Jan, 1748 at Kaskaskia.  There were no children of this third marriage of Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa.


1. Marie Anne Baptized @ Kaskaskia, Illinois January 26, 1713 aged 1 yr 6 mos. (Born )  June, 1711 Marianne Migneret died @ Kaskaskia, Illinois Post Nov 22, 1766
(M) @ Kaskaskia, Ill Post on May 26, 1726 to Jean Bte. Texier/Tessier dit Lavigne
(Kaskaskia Under the French Regime-Belting, P 80)

2. Pierre Born Oct. 14, 1713 Bapt. Oct. 18, 1713 (His brother-in-law, Jn. Bte. Texier dit Lavigne was his Gdn. when his mother died in October, 1747.) Belting P 33

Children of Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa & #2 husband,  Antoine Beausseron  (Boisseau) dit Leonnard, whom she married about 1716. (PPF2/84) Also, Belting, P 33

3. Antoine Bapt. Aug. 7, 1717

4. Augustin Bapt. Aug 28, 1719


Kaskaskia Under the French Regime (Belting)
P 15, 16
"Louis Delaunais , Jean Colon Laviolette, Bizaillon, Pierre Chabot, Nicolas Migneret (36) and Pierre Boisjoly Fafart, are all names which appear in the parish registers of the first twenty years of the village's existence.  Most of them had Indian wives or children by Indian women who were baptized in the time of the Mission of the Immaculate Conception."
P 15 Footnote 36-"Also spelled "Milleret".  His wife was Suzanne Kerami, evidently also an Indian. Marianne, aged one year amd six months, was baptized January 26, 1713. Pierre, four days old, was baptized October 18, 1713.(Register de la Paroisse) Marianne was the wife of Jean Baptiste Texier dit Lavigne, guardian of her brother, Pierre, at the time of the death of Suzanne Kerami October 28, 1747 (Kaskaskia Mss., Private Papers, V)".

April 29, 1724 Antoine Bausseron  and Francoise LaBris were Godparents at the baptism of Antoine Pillet, s/o Pierre Pillet & Magdeleine Boiron. (Kask-Belting P 79)

Jan. 1, 1726 Census of Illinois  First Families of Louisiana (Conrad) Vol II P 34

Bosserot, Leonard* -Wife , 4 children, 1 Domestic or Engages, 7 Negro slaves, 2 Indian Slaves, 100 Arpents land cleared

Kaskaskia Under the French Regime (Belting)

The house of Antoine Beausseron, who died in Kaskaskia in the spring of 1726, was of posts in the ground, forty-six feet long and twenty feet wide.  There was a floor, but the roof was only half ceiled. (Belting-P33)

Antoine Beausseron. dying in the spring of 1726, left one negro, one negress, and their two children, one about four or five yrs old., the other eight or nine months, the family together worth 4000 livres. (Kaskaskia-Belting P 59)

1726 Census of Kaskaskia

Lavigne 10 arpents land cleared
Texier , wife, 1 child, 8 arpents land cleared

Kaskaskia Under the French Regime (Belting)
(Extracts from the Marriage Register, On Deposit at the archives of St. Louis University)

May 20, 1726 JEAN BAPTISTE TEXIER, Son of Jean Baptiste Texier and Elisabeth Desmoulins *of Montreal and MARIANNE MIGNERET, daughter of PIERRE MIGNERET and SUZANNE KERAMI. Two bans.
*Regnault dit Desmoulins

The Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois 1720-1765-Brown & Dean
Randolph Co, Ill Archives, Deeds

K-406 To Monsieur the Judge of the Illinois
Tousissaint Loisel, guardian of the children of the late Leonard by his first marriage, very humbly brings to your attention
that he has recourse to you, Monsieur, that it may please you to allow him to transfer the said custody to the Sieur Jean
Baptiste Texier, tenant farmer of the children of the late Leonard * by both marriages, this said custody being more
appropriate to him than to me, since he has married the daughter of the first marriage. He trusts that you will indeed grant
him this favor by discharging the petitioner of the said custody, it being understood that the deputy guardian of the said
children of the first marriage shall continue to maintain his perogatives. And you shall do him justice. At Fort de Chartres
this 29th June, 1726, No signature. 

Permission granted to one Loisel to remit the custody of the children of the late Pierre Milleret (Migneret) into the hands of
one Tessier, brother in law and tenant of the said children, an act of transfer of custody shall be drawn up. At Fort de
Chartres, this 29th June, 1726. Chassin.

The Village of Chartres, In Colonial Illinois (Brown & Dean)

Entry D 22-
1726, March 30th was born a negro girl of a negro father and mother, belonging to Loysel.  The godfather was Joseph Adam and the godmother was Marianne Migneret; she was given the name of Marianne.  Have baptized and signed.

Kaskaskia Under the French Regime (Belting)
Marriages, Cont'd.

February 19, 1727, Nicholas Blot (Belot), age 40, son of Etienne Blot & Marguerite Seguin, native of the parish of Chateau Riches, diocese of Quebec, and THERESE BOISSEAU, age 16, of this parish. (No parents given) One ban

MY Note-Therese Boisseau MAY have been a daughter of Antoine Boisseau dit Leonnard by a previous marriage. See Entry D179, below (Brown & Dean)

She married #2 Pierre LaCroix (Hubert-LaCroix) prior to 1748

P 81 June 7, 1728 Daniel LeGras, son of Jean Bte. LeGras and Marianne Malette, native of Villemond parish, diocese of Montreal, and SUZANNE KERAMI,  Widow of LEONARD.  Three bans

P 22 Footnote 75-Daniel LeGras, married Suzanne Kerami, widow of Antoinne Beausseron dit Leonard, June 7, 1728.  He died in January, 1748.
 P 114-Daniel LeGras, baptized at Montreal Feb. 16, 1698, married Suzanne Kerami, an Indian, widow of Antoine Beausseron dit Leonard, at Kaskaskia June 7, 1728 (Register de la Paroisse) . She died October    28, 1747. (Kaskaskia Mss. Private Papers, V)  
Daniel died about January 14, 1748, (Ibid)

Brown & Dean

Entry D 179
In the year one thousand seven hundred forty-eight, (1748) the ninth of January, I, the undersigned J. Gagnon, missionary priest of the parish of St. Anne, baptized a child born on the thirteenth of the month of December of the lawful  marriage of Pierre LaCroix and Therese Boisseaus, his father and mother.  He was given the name of Jean. Baptiste. The godfather was Mr. Rene Laplante,  the godmother was Marie Anne Mingnerette.  The godfather and the godmother have declared they do not know how to sign nor write, have made their ordinary mark, which is a cross.

French Canadian & Acadian Genealogical Review Vol II P 111

"On November 25, 1748 Leiutenant de la Gautris, resident of the Parish of St. Louis, New Orleans, staying at Kaskaskia with inn-keeper Jacques-Michel Dufrene, sold the troublesome Girardot property with its horse mill to Sieur Jean-Bte. Texier dit Lavigne and Dame Marianne Milleret, his wife, of Kaskaskia.  De la Gautrais made this sale in the name of his wife, Dame Celeste-Therese Nepveu, and as guardian of the children of both her marriages by virtue of a 1746 order of the Superior Council of New Orleans." (Kas, MSS Commercial VII)


La Population des Forts francais, volume 1 and 2, by Marthe Faribault-Beauregard
Baptisms, Marriages, burials, records of the French Forts
Author: Marthe-Faribault-Beauregard
Vol 2 (PFF2)
Publisher: Editions Bergeron, Quebec, Canada

vers 1710 ou avant
Kaskaskia IL PFF

BOSSERON = LeONARD Antoine- KeRAMI / PENI8AASA Suzanne avant 1716 Kaskaskia PFF 2 93

Kaskaskia PFF 2 93 


I found no record of the name Migneret/Milleret in Tanguay's Volumes of the Canadian records.

The 1681 Census of Canada list the following:

Recensement De 1681 En Nouvelle-France
La Mission des Iroquois aux Nations Iroquoises:

Peres Vaillant 32
Pierre Millet 50
& sev others, incl:
Domestiques:  6 named


Nicolas Pierre Migneret/Milleret MAY be the Pierre Millier/Millet baptized  July 1, 1691 in Quebec, son of Pierre Millier/Millet and wife Madeleine Pelletier. (Below)

Of Kaskaskia, Illinois Country

Pierre Millier/Millet was the son of Vincent Millier/Millet and wife Claude Perine of Mirbaut. (Tanguay  1-433)  He married Marie-Madeleine Pelletier on November 13, 1690 in Quebec.  She was the daughter of George I Pelletier and Catherine Vannier/Vanier, and was baptized in Quebec October 18, 1658, and was the widow of Nicolas Cliche whom she had married Nov 13, 1690. She died Dec 4, 1701. 

Pierre (M) #2 Marie Salois, born 1677,  (Dtr of Claude I),  on November 20, 1702. St-Laurent, I.O.   They had 7 children of record, and Pierre died Oct 16, 1715.

Their Children: Millier/Millet (Millier/Voy Millet)

1. Pierre (See Above) Baptized July 1, 1691 Quebec Died by 1716 Kaskaskia, Ill Country
 (M) Suzanne Kerami/Peni8assa, (Illinois Indian) CA  1710

2. Pierre Born 1697 died Oct. 23, 1701

3. Claude Born Aug. 8, 1692

4. Elizabeth-Genevieve Born Feb 4, 1701
(M) Dominique Dasilva June 3, 1725


George Pelletier (Parents Unknown)  was born 1624 in France and died in Canada, Nov 22, 1706 (Trois Revera, Quebec).  He married Catherine Vannier/Vanier,  who was born 1624 in France and died Mar 18, 1684 at Ste Anne. (Beaupre, Montmorency, Quebec).  I have no parentage of George Pelletier, or his wife Catherine Vannier.

Their Children: Pelletier

1. Claude Born June 28, 1657

2. Marie-Madeleine  Baptized in Quebed Oct. 18, 1658 and died Dec 4, 1701
(M) #1 Nicolas Cliche October 13, 1675
(M) #2 Pierre Millier/Millet Nov 13, 1690  @ Quebec.

3. Catherine Born Feb 24, 1661 @ Chatequ-Richer
(M) Guillaume Morel Oct 30, 1679

1666 census  Habittans De Beaupre
George Pelletier 42 habittant 
Catherine Vanier 43 sa femme
Claude Pelletier 8 fille, Marie " 7 fille, Catherine " 5 fille

1667 census
Cote De Beaupre'
Georges Pelletier 43, Catherine Vanier, sa femme 43
Claude 10, Marie 9, Catherine 9
5 bestiaux, 7 arpents en valeur

1681 census-Basse Ville De Quebec

Nicolas Queliche (Cliche) serrurier 28
Marie (Madeleine) Pelletier sa femme 20
enfants: Nicolas 5, Jean 4, Rene' 2, Marie 3 mois, ;
1 fusil


George Pelletier 58
Catherine Vanier 57
6 betes  a cornes , 12 arpents en valeur