The Family of
 Andre Antoine Rambin dit La Couture
& wife
Marie Francoise Clermont

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Andre Antoine Rambin dit La Couture was born 1718, Par. of St. Hugues, Bishop of Grenoble, France and died in September, 1773 at Natchitoches, La. (Succ 'n Records, Doc # 871,  French Archives, Natchitoches, La.)  He was the son of Michel Rambin & Dominigue Rollandin, according to his marriage record, April 24, 1743,  when he married his first wife, Marie Jacobin Toups, minor dtr. of Gaspard Toups & Marie Barbe Clitevene, a native of Carlestin, German Village.  Marie died and was buried October 10, 1747 at Pointe Coupee. There were no children of record of this couple. 

Andre married at the Litttle Red Church, (St Charles)  Destrahan, La. to Marie Francoise Clermont, a native of de Bayonne, Paroisse, de St. Saveur,  on Sept. 4, 1749, daughter of Antoine Clermont dit St. Antoine & Marie Jeanne Weillot (Villotte)  Antoine Clermont was a Sergeant in the Company of Mr. Renault.

According to Alice D. Forsythe & Charles K. Ramond,  who published these Church records, this Church was built as a Chapel about 1721-22, by the German Settlers, and is located about 25 miles above New Orleans on what was known as La Sassier, or Trinity Plantation.  This locale was settled by German immigrants, and the community is known as Les Allemands.  Their work begins with records with a starting date of about 1737.  It is said the earlier records are on file in the Parish Archives in France.

Andre Rambin was a sergeant in the military of Mr. de Gauvrit's company at the time of his first marriage, and was later a merchant, tailor, and a Church Warden at Natchitoches.

Marie Francoise Clermont was born CA 1721 (1728?), Bayone, St. Sauveur, Paris, France, and died Feb. 27, 1800 Natchitoches, La. She and her sister were placed in the Ursuline Convent orphanage in New Orleans, as her mother died prior to arrival in the colony from France; (port of L'Orient). Her father married secondly Oct. 12, 1732, New Orleans, Susanne Meitz, widower of Joseph Rister (or Kisler). The Clermont family came on the "Venus" July 3, 1730 (First Families of Louisiana, Glenn R. Conrad, Vol 1, P 154, Vol 2, P 205)

Children: Rambin (Most dates come from the works of Elizabeth Shown Mills - Church records of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Natchitoches, La (3 vols)

1. Andre Antoine Born Dec 1, 1750 St. Louis Church, New Orleans Died: July 10, 1814 Nat., La
(M) Marie Catherine Buard (t) April 22, 1776 Nat., La.
Entry # 893 Vol II, Mills
Andres Antonio Ramben 10 July, 1814 Burial in cemetery of this parish of Mr. Andres Antonio Ramben, aged 64 yrs, native of New Orleans, widower of Mda. Catalina Buard by whom he left 2 sons and 2 dtrs, etc.

Children of Andre Antoine Rambin & Marie Catherine Buart (Ref: Mills Vol I & Vol II )
   a. Marie Louise Euphrosine Born: Feb 24, 1778 Nat., La
      God/parents: Franciso Rambin, Maria Louisa Buart
      (M) Michel Chamart CA 1800 (Nat., La Marr. Contract)
   b. Louis Andre Born Sept 25, 1779 Nat. La 
      Godparents: Luis Gabriel Buart, Maria Barbara Rambin
   c. Marie Francoise Adelaide Born April 10, 1781 Nat, La 
       Godparents: Francisco Prudhomme, Isabel Josephe Buard
       Died 1852 DeSoto Par, La.  Succn # 87
      (M) Christian Hesser of Philadelphia, Pa (Nat., La Marr. Contract) Ca 1800
   d. Jean Bte. Born Aug 16, 1783 Nat., La. Died Dec, 1787 Nat., La* ?
       Godparents: Juan Baptiste Buart, Rosalia Rambin
   e. Marie Therese Ozite Born Nov. 30, 1785 Nat., La. Died Dec, 1787 Nat., La*?
       Godparents: Miguel Rambin, Theresa Buard
   f. Francois Augustin Born Feb 5, 1788 Nat., La
      Godparent: Francois Augustin Buard & Marie Rose Lambre Buard
      (M) Maria Damasia DeSoto (Ratif. of Civil Marriage April 6, 1813)
   g. Jean Bte. Denis Born June 9, 1791 Nat, La 
       Godparents: Dionisio Buard, Maria Ana Gabriel (Buard, nee Rousseau)
  * Entry #1381 Dec 11, 1787 Burial of a child of Mr. Rambin who died Dec. 10.
  * Entry # 1398 Dec 29, 1787 Burial of a small infant of Andre Rambin, who died Dec. 28.

2. Marie Josepha born July 23, 1753 Nat., La Died: Sept 16, 1758 Nat., La

3. Jean Baptiste Francois Born July 18, 1756 Nat., La Died: 1792 Nat., La French Archives Doc # 2429
(M) Maria Jean Ris July 25, 1792 Nat., La
She Married #2 Denis Casaneuve

4. Jean Baptiste Born July 29, 1758 Nat., La  Died prior to 1766 census

5. Marie Antoinette Barbe  Born April 24, 1761 Nat., La
(M) Francois Prudhomme May 9, 1780 Nat., La

Children of Marie Antoinette Barbara Rambin & Don Francois Prudhomme
   a. Francois  Born April 30, 1781 Nat., La. 
       (M) Maria de los Nieves Lafitte, 1809, widow of Bacil Gane (Gagne)
        (Ref: Statement of 1809 @ Bayou Pierre)
   b. Marie Emanuel Cesarie (son) Born May 22, 1783 Nat., La Died pr to 1795
   c. Marie Deniege (Dtr) Born April 24, 1785 Nat, La. 
      (M) Timothe Adley April 6, 1813 (Ratif. of Civil Marr)
   d. Marie Charlotte Modeste Born July, 1787 Nat, La 
      (M) Andre Adley July 1, 1813 (Ratif. of Civil Marr)
   e. Jean Baptiste born Feb, 1790 Nat., La 
      (M) Marie Eusenia Ybarbo 1816 
   f. Marie Louise Euphrasie Born Jan 19, 1792 nat., La
      (M) Manuel Trichel CA 1808
   g. Marie Therese Rosalie Born Aug 22, 1795 (Bayou Pierre)
   h. Marie Pompono (Pompose) Born Feb 20, 1797 Bayou Pierre
     (M) Jean Pierre Dolet 1816 by F. Magnes
   i. Dtr Born Ca 1799 Bayou Pierre
   j. Dtr Born Ca 1802 Bayou Pierre
(See 1796, 1797, 1804, 1805 Census of Nacogdoches & Citizens & Foreigners, Vol #1, Ericson, Statement of Marie Rambin, @ Bayou Pierre, July 27, 1809)

6. Michel Andre Antoine born April 5, 1766 Nat., La Died: Bet. 1830-40 La
(M) #1 Marie Therese Ignace Maillioux  April 22, 1792 Nat., La
(M) #2 Marie Phany Beaulieu May 27, 1821 Nat., La

7. Theodore Born Aug 12, 1769 Nat., La-died pr to 1787 census

8. Rosalie Louise  Born ____(did not locate Bapt.)  Died Nov, 1784 Nat., La
(M) Santiago LeVasseur June 5, 1783 Nat., La.


1731-List of Orphan Girls who are living at the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans (First Families of La-Conrad, Vol 11 P 154
Marie Josephe Clermont age 8
Marie Francoise Clermont, age 3 (when she died in Feb, 1800, it was stated she was 79 yrs of age)

New Orleans French (DeVille) October 12, 1732-ANTOINE CLERMONT called St Antoine, sergeant in the Company of Renault, native of Naples, widower of Jeanne Violliotte, who died at L'Orient and SUSANNE MEITZ native of Keistatte, widow of Joseph Rister (Kisler?) who died in Louisiana. (see Clermont page)

April 24, 1743 Andre Rambin, son of Michel Rambin and of Dominique Rollandin, a native of Grenoble, Parish of St. Hughes, Bishopric of Grenoble, of Mr. de Gauvrit's Company, and Marie Jacobine Toups, minor daughter of Gaspard Toups and Marie Barbe Clitivene, a native of Charlestin, German Village. Signed: Brantan, Tesson, Chanralou, Henry. Notary. (La. Historical Qrtrly)

Marie Jacobine Toups, about 17 years old, buried 10 October, 1747, native of the German Coast, daughter of Gaspard Toupes and Marie Claitrine; wife of Andre Rambin.  She died the same day at 4 o'clock a.m. (First Settlers of Pointe Coupee, DeVille)

Louis Bonevillain, about forty yrs old, native of New Orleans, son of Antoine Bonvillian and Catherine Mouton, buried 20 Feb., 1747.  Signature: RAMBIN (First Settlers of Pointe Coupee- DeVille

Louisiana Historical Quarterly, XVII, April, 1934, 371 -Records of the Superior Council of Louisiana
Jan 25, 1747 -Andre Rambin appears at Pointe Coupee meeting of family & friends of the minors of Jean Rondot & Marie Colon (remarried to Claude Trenaunay Chanfret, subdelegate and Judge of Pointe Coupee

P 559, Same Ref-May 6, 1747, Andre Rambin witnessed at Pointe Coupee a sale of land from Paul Moreau to J. B, Champagne.

Vol XVIII, Jan, 1935, P 180- April 12, 1747 Andre Rambin called La Couture purchased a plantation at Pointe Coupee from Nicholas de LaCour & wife, Perine Brette

New Orleans Genesis Vol 1, Jan 1962- P 64
Marriages, Baptisms and Deaths of the Little Red Church by: Alice D. Forsythe and Charles K. Ramond

P 78 
Sept. 4, 1749
CLERMONT, FRANCOISE native de Bayonne, Paroisse  de St. Sauveur  
Fille de Antoine Clermont et Marie Jeanne Weillot
Signed: Fr. Prosper, Cure. Andre Rambin-Francois Clermont-Darensbourg-Le Borne - Darensbourg, fils, G. Le Borne pp 57

Colonial Archives (French) 1760- Doc 182
Andre Rambin -inquiry into theft
Indexed, but document MISSING

Doc 352, Colonial Archives, French-May 16, 1764-Agreement between Andre Rambin & Joseph Gallien -
Rambin, merchant, employs Gallien, a hunter,  to go to the Ouachita with one negro and one savagess to hunt buffalo and horses until Feb., 1765.  Gallien promises to deliver half of all tanned hides, bear oil, tallow, beef tongue, and salt meat. Rambin, in turn, supplies Gallien with 25# powder, 50# balls, 1 gun "demy tule" or another of a better kind if it can be found, 1 cask of salt, one cauldren of copper of about 9 1/2 pounds, 2 butcher knives, 50 flint stones, 12 "tire bouves" (work oxen?) 2 hatchets, 1 large adze, 1 "bers" of 12 ells of "toille de brin" (linen ? thread?) 15 pots of tafia, 50 pounds of grain, 12 pounds of sugar, 12 pounds of rice, 3 barrels of corn, "en grain", 8 pots of bear oil, 300 livres silver for the hire of the Negro that Gallien will take with him.

Doc 382, Colonial Archives,  French, Dec 9, 1764
Andre Rambin gives receipt to Monsieur (Daniel) Pain for ___ (# in crack of book) livres silver, for 5 planks used to make the coffin of Andre La Causagne who died Nov 10, 1764.

Doc # 368 Colonial Archives, French  Dec 2, 1764
Alain, a resident  of the Isle aux Vache, has deserted--- according to a number of individuals of the Post.  Notary, Pain, auctioned off his small tract of land at the door of the Parish church.  Andre Rambin purchased the land for 106 silver, payable in November, 1765.

Doc 444, Colonial Archives,  French Sept 9, 1765
A. Rambin sells to Jean Bapte. Abram Gonnin, also a resident of this post, a tract of land containing about 2 arpents. The land is "situated on the island commonly called Land of the Habitants." One one side the tract lies along Red River.  On the other it forms a triangle bounded by the land of Joseph Dupre and Joseph Lattier.  250 livres.  Sale is made on condition that the widow of Antoine Clermont who is presently residing on the land and has a life interest in it, shall be permitted to have one room (?in a house that Gonnin will build on the land).  The present house should be repaired and maintained by Gonnin. 

Note-Gonnin was the husband of the niece of Marie Francoise Clermont-see Clermont page.

Doc 424 Colonial Archives, French, May 13, 1766
A. Rambin,(s) and wife Marie Francoise Clermont (s) sell to Monsieur de Saintelette, trader, the house and other buildings attached to the land that is at the hill beside lac a Muler, near the fort of this Post. 1000 livres.  Rambin has possession of the property until the end of next December, and promises that the house and the fence around the courtyard and the garden will be delivered to the buyer in it's present condition.

1766, Jan 27th-French Census, Natchitoches, La (Northwestern State Univ. Archives, Natchitoches, La)-Natchitoches Colonials, Mills
Andre Rambin (listed between M. Mesnard, merchant & Sr. Charbonnet, merchant)
1 married man, 1 married woman, 2 boys, 2 girls, 1 Indian male slave, 1 Indian female slave
2 firearms, 0 sidearms, 2 horned cattle, 3 horses, mares, etc, 6 swine, 0 crops

1766 Spanish Census -May 6th  ( Colonial Records Collection, Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette) Natchitoches Colonials, Mills
Andres Rambin, tailor ( listed between Joseph Perrau and his associates and J. B. Malbert)
2 men bearing arms, 1 woman, 1 older boy, 2 younger boys, 2 girls
4 horses, 6 cattle, 8 hogs & sheep, 3 guns

Colonial Archives, French  Doc # 605  Aug 20, 1769
Rambin vs Succession of Jean Louis Bonnefons : Statement of the work that Sieur Rambin, tailor, has done and furnished to Sieur Bonnafont"

Doc 548-Colonial Archives  French 1769
J. B. Morin vs Andre Rambin, proceedings of the suit
Document MISSING from Courthouse

Doc 742-Colonial Archives 1772
Martin Gutierres, Spaniard from Los Adaes, enters into contract with Andre Rambin to tend cattle for Rambin on his vacherie

Doc 741 Colonial Archives-1772 Militia Roll of Natchitoxhes
Captain Dn. Luis Borme
Includes Anto. Rambin, Native Country-Natchit. Age 22, 5 ft 6 in tall, Term: 3 yrs. Present
Franco. Rambin, Natchit. 18 yrs old, 5 ft 1 in tall, Term: 9 (Mos?) Present

Doc 871 Colonial Archives,  September, 1773
Succession of Andre Rambin (50 pages)

Doc 822, 1773 Colonial Archives French
Augustin Lorens and Andre David acknowledged owing to the estate of deceased Andre Rambin 832 livers 10 sols for 9 horned cattle (more large then small) at the rate of 45 livres each and 9 more at 47 livres 10 sols which they re'c'd upon obligation made by one named Gutieres in favor of the succession.

1780 Rev. War Military Roster, Natchitoches Militia
Capt Louis Borme
Includes Antoine Rambin, Sergeant, Infantry Company
Francois Rambin, Corporal, Infantry Company

1782 Militia Roll of Natchitoches
Captain Louis Borme
Includes: Michel Rambint, Rifleman

Doc 1689 Colonial Archives, French-1783
Widow Rambin & Ailhaud Ste. Anne, sale of house & lot-this document indexed , but is MISSING

Note: One residence of Ailhaud Ste.Anne and wife is presently the site of the reconstructed Fort St. Jean Baptista des Natchitoches

Doc 1688 Colonial Archives,French- 1783
Widow Rambin & Jacques LeVasseur-Compromise
Indexed in French Archives, Document MISSING

1787 Census of Natchitoches  Aug 17th (between Maes & Armant) (Natchitoches Colonials, Mills)
Widow Rambin 55 (no land, slaves or animals)
Fcois Rambin 33 (1 lot of land consisting of 1/3 arpent)
Andre Rambin 36 (1 lot of land consisting of 3/4 arpent, 5 slaves, 7 cows, 4 horses)
His wife 32
Marie Louise Euphrasie 8
Andre 7
Adelaide 6
Jean Baptiste 4
Zite (Osite) 1

Francois Prudhomme age 52 yrs, 7 arpents land, 2 slaves, 12 cows, 10 horses
His wife, 25 yrs
A boy 06 yrs
Cezaire 04 yrs
Deneige 02 yrs
Pre Alorge 33 yrs, boarder

1787 Militia Roll of Natchitoches Dec 9, 1787 Captain V(augine)
Incls-Fcois Rambint Sergeant, Present
Michel Rambin (Troops) Sick at home

1790 Church Tax Roll of Natchitoches (The Town)
Fis. Rambin 1 white, 1 sl, 2 Reales, 2 Silver Received
Andre Rambin  1 white, 5 slaves, 5 Reales, 5 Silver Received
Michel Rambin, 1 white, 0 slaves, 1 Reales, 1 Silver Received

1791 Militia Roll of Natchitoches Nov. 4, 1791
Captain J Bapte Ailhaud Ste Anne
Incl-Seargeant Francois Rambin
Rifleman: Michel Rambin

1793 Militia Roll of Natchitoches-Dec 1, 1793
Bernard Dortolant, Captain
Michel Rambin, Cavalryman

1793 Tax Roll of Natchitoches-Feb 3, 1794
Widow Rambin, the mother Arpents: 0
Widow Rambin, the younger, 1 Arpent
Andre Rambint 15 arpent
Michel Rambint, Pd for himself only-due for the land (12 Arpents) that he has not cleared. Rate of 1 Piaster for ea head of family or man over 14 yrs, and 1 escalin ("Real") for ea arpent of land
also included on this list:
Widow Rambint, the younger/1
Ignace Mailloux, Sr./7 3/4 Pd
Laurent Mailloux/0 Pd
Pierre Mailloux/0 Pd

1794 Public Works Roster of Natchitoches
Type of Labor--Name-Days
(3) Andre Rambint (# of days not given)
(4) Michel Rambin, 1 day

1795 Delinquent Tax Roll of Natchitoches
Widow Francoise Rambin 1 Piasters

1795 Census of slave Owners of Natchitoches
District- Cote Tulin & Including the Town-District of Mr. Edouard Murphy, Syndic
Andre Rambin, 10 slaves

1795 Census of Nacogdoches (Bayou Pierre)
Francois Prudhomme age 54 yrs, Occ: Farmer, Native of Natchitoches
Wife, Marie Rambin, age 34 yrs, Native of Natchitoches
2 Sons, ages 12 & 10 Yrs, 4 Dtrs, ages 8,7,5, & 3 yrs
1 Negress, their slave, 1 Negro, their slave

1796 Census of Nacogdoches of foreigners
Francisco Prudhomme,  native of Natchitoches, La. Occupation: Induan Trader; married, has resided in this jurisdiction 11 yrs.

1797 Census of Nacogdoches-Don Francisco Prudhomme, Foreigner, French, native of Natchitoches; his wife, Maria Rambin, French, her age 42 yrs.  Has two sons, one of 18 yrs, another of 12 yrs; Dtrs, 5; one of 15 yrs, one of 13 yrs, one of 10 yrs, another of 8 yrs, another of 6 yrs, two Negro slaves, one of 50 yrs, another of 45 yrs, one Negress, 60 yrs.

Natchitoches , Abstracts of the Catholic Church Registers of the French & Spanish Post of St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches in Louisiana, 1729-1803 (Mills)
Entry # 3067- FRANCOISE CLERMON-Feb. 28, 1800 Burial of Francoise Clermon, who died the day before at the age of 79, widow of deceased Andre Rambin.  Mme. Rambin received the last rights but made no confession.

1804 Census of Nacogdoches-Francois Prudhomme, French, Farmer, age 60 yrs, married to Marie Rambin; French, age 40 yrs; has 2 sons, 21 & 12 yrs; and six Dtrs, 14, 11, 8, 5, & 2 yrs of age.
Foreigners: Francois Prudhomme, native of Natchitoches, married, his age 69 yrs, and lived here ten yrs, his occupation: farmer

1805 Census oif Nacogdoches-Francois Prudhomme, age 61 yrs.  He is married to Marie Rambin, a French woman, age 41 yrs.  They have two sons and six drts-ages 22, 13, 15, 14, 12, 9, 6 & 3 yrs.
1805 Foreigners: Francois Prudhomme, Native of Natchitoches, married, his age  61 yrs, and lived here ten yrs; his occupation, farmer.

Citizens & Foreigners of the Nacogdoches District, 1809-1836 -Ericson
Life and Activities of Marie Rambin, July 27, 1809
Sworn statement, which I, Marie Rambin, give of my nativity and the rest that I shall state in the following form:
Marie Rambin, a native of the post of Natchitoches, from whence Ileft fifteen years ago, married to Francois Prudhomme, from whence I left with five children, two males and three females, of which four live in this post, and afterwards I have had four in this post, all female, of which one died, and also, my husband, Francois Prudhomme, died; who followed the occupation of farmer, I as well as my sons and daughters; the males I have used in the field, and the females making candles and weaving; and also they, as well as I, are of the Apostolic Roman Catholic Religion, as also we follow in everything the orders of the Senors Syndicos and other Judges that have governed this jurisdiction. We have no passport, because in that time they were not using it in the post of Natchitoches, but we were admitted in this place with permission of the Judges, and not having any other document that may prove it, I extend the present, in presence of Don Pierre Dolet, and Louis Procela, and because of not knowing how to write, I made a sign of a cross in Bayou Pierre on July 27, 1809.

Sign of a cross X Marie Rambin
Witness: Pierre Dolet, Louis Procela

Similar statement made by her son Francois Prudhomme, same date/place with exception- he married Widow Bacilio Gane, named Maria de las Nieves Lafitte.  (have a little girl of four yrs)