The Family of
Antoine Clermont aka St. Antoine
& wife 
Marie Jeanne Weillot (Villiotte)

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Antoine Clermont dit St. Antoine was born Ca 1690-1700, Naples, France.  He came to Louisiana on the ship "Venus" with his family,  embarking on July 3, 1730, bound for Louisiana from L'Orient.  He was a Sergeant in Plantin's Company.  His wife, Marie Jeanne Weillot,  died in port @ L'Orient, and he placed his two daughters in the orphanage at the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans, soon after arrival, as they are enumerated there in a 1731 census. 

He married his second wife, Susanne Mertz, widow of Joseph Rister (Or Kisler)  on October 12, 1732 at New Orleans.  I do not know when/where Antoine Clermont died.  Antoine Clermont witnessed the marriage of  Marie Jeanne Josephe Clermont to J. B. DuBois in 1751, at Natchitoches, La. I am assuming this is her brother. There is a land transaction between Antoine Clermont and Bte. Brevel  in 1751, and another between him and Andre Rambin  in 1762; and a 1765 deed refers to his widow.

Children: Clermont/Clairmont

1. Antoine Born Ca  ___ France died between 1762-5, Nat. La.

1. Marie Jeanne Josephe Born Ca 1723 France Died: after 1795, Natchitoches, La.
(M) #1 Enri Riche (Henri Richy) Ca 1740  He died 1750 Nat, La
(M) #2 Jean Bte. DuBois  June 7, 1751, Natchitoches, La. -He died Apr 14, 1790 Nat., La
   Children: Riche
   a. Pierre Henri Bapt Sept 27, 1742 Died: Buried Apr 8, 1743
   b. Marie Jeanne Josephe Bapt Mar 16, 1744
      (M) Vincent Poirer Jan 28, 1761
   c. Marie Jeanne Bapt Aug 27, 1748 Nat., La Died Apr 16, 1749 Aged 1 yr
   d. Manuelle (Emanuelle) Bapt June 13, 1750 Nat, La. 
      (M) #1 Jean Bte.Gonin, Mar 19, 1765 Nat, La
      (M) #2 Guillerme Lestage Sept 4, 1776 Nat., La
   e. Antoine Born ---- Died: Buried Dec 17, 1778 Nat, La
   Children: DuBois
f. Francoise Bapt July 13, 1752 Buried: Dec 4, 1773 Nat, La
   g. Marie Genevieve Bapt Aug 24, 1754 Buried: Dec 8, 1754 Nat, la
   h. Marie Genevieve Bapt Dec 7, 1755 Buried: Apr 22, 1822 Nat, La
      (M) Jean Adlet, Native of Mobile, Apr 18, 1777 Nat, La.
   i. Valentine Jean Baptiste Bapt Feb 18, 1758 Nat, La
      (M) Rose Chelatra (Chelette) Oct 8, 1787 Nat, La
   j. Jean Baptiste Francois Bapt Aug 6, 1760 Nat, La
     (M) Marie Jean-Ris May 31, 1785 Nat, La
   k. Antoine Phillippe Bapt Aug 20, 1766 Nat, La 
     (M) Marie Josephe Malige, native of Mobile Jan 19, 1795 Nat, La

2. Marie Francoise Born Ca 1728 de Bayonne, Paroisse, de St. Sauvere, France Died Feb 27, 1800 Natchitoches, La. Buried Feb. 28th, 1800. Church of the Immaculate Conception, Natchitoches, La.
(M) Sept 9, 1749 St. Charles, Destrahan, La. ("Little Red Church") 
Andre Antoine Rambin, widower of Marie Jacobine Toups

Vol 1 Mills-#3067 Francoise Clermon-February 28, 1800, burial of Francoise Clermon, who died the day before, at the age of 79, widow of deceased Andre' Rambin.  Mme. Rambin received the last rights but made no confession.


First Families of Louisiana-Conrad 
Vol I, P 205-July 3, 1730-List of Soldiers from Plantin's Company who are embarked on the "Venus" bound for Louisiana from L'orient
Antoine Clermont, called St. Antoine
Note: Nine wives and eleven children are with the above listed soldiers.

First Families of La-Conrad Vol II P 154
1731 Census-List of Orphan Girls who are living at the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans-list Incl:
Marie Josephe Clermont age 8
Marie Francoise Clermont age 3

New Orleans French, 1720-1733-DeVille
October 12, 1732 Antoine Clermont called St Antoine, sergeant in the Company of Mr. Renault, native of Naples, widower of Marie Jeanne Villiotte, who died at L'Orient, and Susanne Mertz, native of Keistatte? widow of Joseph Rister (or Kisler) who died in Louisiana.

New Orleans Genesis, Vol I (Marriages, Baptisms & Deaths of the Little Red Church by Alice D. Forsythe & Charles K. Ramond)
September 4, 1749 Marriage
Francoise Clermont, native of de Bayonne, Paroisse de St, Sauveur Fille Antoine Clermont et Marie Jeanne Weillot
Andre Rambin veuf de Toups, Marie Jacobine 
Signed: Fr. Prosper, Cure. Andre Rambin, Francois Clermont, Darensbourg, LeBorne, Darensbourg fils, G, LeBorne 

(Natchitoches, 1729-1803-Mills) 
June 7, 1751 Marriage, after publication of one ban, of Jean Baptiste DuBois (s) native of Issoudin in Berry, parish of St. Cyr, archbishopric of Bourges, legitimate son of Philippe DuBois, native of the same Issodun, parish of St. Cyr, and of Genevieve Berger, native of Chateau Roux in Berry, ... and ... Marie Joseph Clermont (s) native of Issoudun in Berry, parish of St. Cyr, archbishopric of Bourges, widow of deceased Henry Riche.  Wts: Antoine Clermont (x) Remy Poisot (s) Jean Louis Cesar Borme (s) Jean Riche, Alorge (s) and Pain (s)

The Louisiana Historical Quarterly Vol 7, Issue 4, P 710 (1924)

Records of the Superior Council of Louisiana 

July 8.(5097) (1597) 

Acknowledgment by Claude Bailly, acting for Jean Kel, minor son of Laurent Kel and Eliza-beth Bailly, that he has received from Antoine Clermont and his wife, Suzanne Miele, a negro, property of the Company of the Indies,
named Sery; a receipt from the Company of the Indies for 600 livres signed by Prevost and approved by Mr. de la Chaise, December 9, 1728, a certificate dated April 24, 1733, attesting the death of a negro of Kel's succession, following which said Clermont  is duly discharged, of which facts act has been passed.
Signed: Henry, Hugault, Rossard, Notary

Title: NATCHITOCHES DOCUMENTS, 1732-1785 Winston DeVille

P 11-1 Jul 1751 Land sale, Bte. Brevel to Ant. Clermon, w/declaration by Clermont on a lost note 

P 18-April 15, 1762 Land sale Antoine Clermont to Andre Rambin

Doc 444, Colonial Archives,  French-Sept 9, 1765
A. Rambin sells to Jean Bapte. Abraam Gonnin, also a resident of this post, a tract of land containing about 2 arpents. The land is "situated on the island commonly called Land of the Habitants." One side of  the tract lies along Red River.  On the other it forms a triangle bounded by the land of Joseph Dupre and Joseph Lattier.  250 livres.  Sale is made on condition that the widow of Antoine Clermont who is presently residing on the land and has a life interest in it, shall be permitted to have one room (in a house that Gonnin will build on the land).  The present house should be repaired and maintained by Gonnin. 

Note-Gonnin was the husband of the niece of Marie Francoise Clermont, wife of Andre Antoine Rambin--his wife being Emanuelle Riche, dtr of Marie Jeanne Josephe Clermont & #1 husband Henri Riche

Marriage Contracts of Natchitoches, 1739-1803 (DeVille)

#9-June 5, 1750 Jean Baptiste DuBois, native of dissoulun in Berry, parish of St. Sire, bishophopric of Bourge; son of Philippe and Genevieve Berger; resident of this post.
Marie Jeanne Clairmont-widow of Enry Riche; resident of this post. 
Witnesses for groom: Remis Poisseau; Jean Louis Borme
Witnesses for Bride: Antoine Clairmont; Jean Riche
Children of first marriage of the bride are "Marie Jeanne, Antoinne, and Emannuelle Riche.
Signed: Antoine Clairmont, Dubois, Poissot ,(X), Jean Richey, Marie Joseph Richey; Louis Ceaser Bourg, Pain, de St. Denis. Doucet, Eustache, Capuchin priest, DeBlanc, Marie St. denis de blanc, Marie St. denis

#27, March 14, 1765
Jean Baptiste Gonin-carpenter; son of Abraham Gonnin and Sarra Raimon; native of Vandion, Switzerland, bailliaga of remenitier? &
Emanulle Richy-daughter of Henry Richy and Marie Joseph Clermont; native of Natchitoches.
Witnesses for groom: Gabriet Buard, Marin Brillet
Witnesses for Bride: Andre Rambin, her uncle by marriage; Joseph Lattier; Jean Baptiste Dubois, her beau-pere; (stepfather) Marie Joseph Clermont, her mother.

Property of the groom-As a marriage settlement, the groom gives the bride 1000 livres.

Property of the bride: the inheritance from her deceased father and from Jean Richy. her uncle, is the sum of 1039 livres and 5 sols in actual cash; 2 mother-cows, 6 middle-size bulls, 1 month-old heifer.

Wts: Jean vattise gonit; Rambin; X Emannuelle Richy; Dubois ; X Marin Grillet; X Joseph Lattier; Gabriel Buard; Marie Joseph Clermont dubois; Turpin; Pain, notary

#52-April 22, 1776
Andre Antoine Rambin-sergeant in the company of this post; major son of deceased Andre Rambin, who resided at Natchitoches while living; and Marie Francoise Clermont, native of New Orleans.
Marie Catherine Buart-daughter of deceased Gabriel Buart & Marie Anne Rousseau, native of Natchitoches
Witnesses for groom-Marie Francoise Clermont, his mother; Jean Baptiste DuBois, his u ncle; Jean Ladee, his cousin;
Witnesses for bride: Marie Anne Rousseau, her mother; Louis buart, her brother; and Marin Grillet
Property of groom-sum of 1750 livres in good specie
Property of bride-one able-bodied Negress named Julie, valued at 1750 livres, coming from succession of her father.
Signed: Andre Rambin;  marie catherine buard; marie Francoise clermont; Bt Dubois; veuve buard; Jean Lede; grillte; X Louis buart; DeMexzieres; Nicholas Fournier; F. Doucet.

#82-January 17, 1795
Antoine Dubois-age 26, native of Natchitoches; major son of deceased Jean Baptiste DuBois and Marie Joseph Clermont.
Marie Joseph Malige-native of Mobile, daughter of Joseph Malige and Marie Antoinet LeBrun
Witnesses for groom: Marie Joseph Clermont, his mother; Andre Rambin, his cousin; Louis Fonteneau
Witnesses for Bride: Joseph Malige, her father; Marianne Guedon, her belle-mere; Joseph Tauzin; Bernard D'Ortolant

Property of Groom: land situated in the bourg valued at 100 piastres' movables, utensils, and animals, valued at 200 piastres.
Property of Bride:-one Negress named Catherine value of 150 piastres; plot of land at New Orleans, Ste. Anne Street, valued at 400 piastres; 200 piastres coming from her savings

See 1795, 1796. 1797, 1799, 1804, & 1805mCensus Records of Nacogdoches for Antoine DuBois-Also Leonard Dubois, born CA 1801-Merchant, Census Records of Nacogdoches, 1828, 1829.