The Family of
Michel Andre Antoine Rambin
& Wife
Marie Therese Ignace Mailloux (& vrts)

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Michel Andre Antoine Rambin was born April 5, 1766 Natchitoches, La. (Bapt. April 14, 1766), son of Andre Antoine Rambin, Sergeant, Merchant, Tailor & Church Warden,  & wife, Marie Francoise Clermont. 

Entry 873, Vol I (Mills) April 14, 1766 Baptism of Michel Antoine, legitimate son of Andre' Rambin (s) sergeant and habitant, and Marie Francoise Clermont.  Godparents: Antoine Lemay (s), elder officer, and Francoise Buart

Michel Rambin served in the Natchitoches Militia during the Revolutionary War.

He married at Natchitoches on April 22, 1792 to Marie Therese Ignace Mailloux, daughter of Ignace-Andre Mailloux  (& Vrts) & wife Marie Therese Philibot (Flibot, Fribaut, & vrts).  Marie Therese was born October 30, 1777 at Natchitoches, (Bapt. Nov 15, 1777) She was deceased as of April 28, 1819 at Natchitoches. La. when her husband married his second, and much younger, wife. Marie Phany Beaulieu.
Michel Rambin died at Natchitoches, La. in 1830's, as he is missing from census records of 1840.

Entry #1688, Vol I-Mills-May, 1792
 May___, 1792 After 1 ban, marriage of Michel Rambint native of this parish, legitimate son of Deceased Andre Rambint and Francoise Clermont...and ...Marie Therese Mailloux, native of this Post, legitimate daughter of Ignace Mailloux and Marie Therese Filibote, his spouse.  Wts: Louis Chamard, Luis Marli (s) Louis Sorel Marli (x), Laurent Maillouxe, Francois Rambin,.

Entry # 3386-Vol 1 Mills April 22, 1792
Marriage of Miguel Rambin, native of this Parish, legitimate son of Andres Rambint and of Francesca Clermont... and ... Maria Teresa Maillioux, native of this parish, legitimate daughter of Ignacio Maillioux and Theresa Filibote.  Wts: Lorenzo Maillioiux , Francisco Rambint.

Children: Rambin (some birthdates came from the works of Elizabeth Shown Mills -3 Vols on Natchitoches, La -Immaculate Conception Church @ Natchitoches, La. and some (our line) came from personal visit by me to the Church in 1980)

1. Michael Laurent Born Jan 15, 1793 Nat, La 
(M) Aimee Casanave Sept 30, 1819 Nat, La
Feb. 24, 1793-Entry # 2124 Vol 1 Mills- Baptism-Godfather: Lorenzo Mayou & Maria Rambint.

2. Andre Born Oct 11, 1794 Nat, La   2nd son Died pr to 1809
Entry # 2213  Vol 1 Mills-Sept 20, 1795 Baptism-Godfather: Andre Antoine Rambin, Godmother: Genevieve Rysse

3. Pierre Hypolite Born Oct 9, 1796 Nat, La  (Died w/o Issue)
Oct. 29, 1796 Entry # 2265-Vol 1 Mills-Godfather: Pierre Maiou Godmother: Marie Joseph Trichel

4. Jean Baptiste Azenor Born Oct 17, 1798 Nat, La Died Bet 1870-80 De Soto Par, La
(M) Marie Angelica (Angelique) Carmelite "Carmella" Palvados Apr. 28, 1819 Nat., La
Aug. 6, 1799 Entry # 2899 Vol 1 Mills-Godfather: Jean Bte. Larenaudiere, Godmother: Anastasie Maiou

5. Andre Dec 12, 1800 Nat., La.
Jan 18, 1801 Entry # 2991 Vol 1 Mills-Baptism -Godfather: Andre Rambin,  Godmother: Marie Catherine Perau

6. Andre Edouard Lestin  Born Nov 14, 1805 Bayou Pierre (Bapt. April 20, 1806)
(M) Marie Marianne Lafitte Feb 3, 1827 Nat, La
April 20, 1806 Entry No 194 (64)-Vol II, Mills-Baptism -Godfather Sylvestre Poissot, Godmother: Sophie Haulie

7. Marie Delores (Desiree) Born 1811 Bapt Apr 17, 1813 Bayou Pierre, age 2 yrs)
(M) Denis Casanave April 2, 1827 Nat, La.
April 17, 1813 Entry # 423 (154) Vol II, Mills-Baptism-Godfather: Juan Batista Prudeoan (Prudhomme), Godmother: not named

8. Marie Osite (Felicite) Born Feb, 1815 Bayou Pierre 
(M) Remy Lafitte Aug 25, 1830 Nat, La
Aug 18, 1816 Entry # 2912 (534) 19-Baptism-Godfather: And. Rambin, Godmother: Art. Chamard

9. Michel Cavanza Died w/o Issue

10. child -name unknown to me-sgs

Children by wife #2-Marie Phany Beaulieu

11 Marie Pompose Born Ca 1822 Nat, La Bapt. February. 1827 (M) June 30, 1838 (April 14, 1837) Joseph Garcie /Garcias-Caddo Par, La

12. Henri Michel Born Ca 1825 Bapt Jan, 1827

13, Hippolite Born Ca 1827 Bapt. February, 1827

14. Marie Louise Born Ca 1831

15. Marie Zeline Born Ca 1833

16. Felicia Born Ca 1835


Claims to Land Between the
Rio Hondo & Sabine River in Louisiana: 1824 
Includes surname: Rambin & Palvadore
# 223 John Palvadore Bayou la Bonne Chasse & # 237 Michel Rambin Bayou Pierre

The following  is one page from a document  made between Dec, 1903 (marriage date of Wm R Sparks to Luvenia Watkins Gardner) and 1907 (Madill, Ind. Terr = Oklahoma;  became a State, 1907
This is the only page I have from this document.-ss

Estate Settlement of Marie Therese Maillioux, wife of Michel Rambin, as found in the James Rambin Bible & the William R. Sparks Family Bible, to Wit:

Table of distribution amongst the Heirs of Marie Therese Maillioux, who married Michel Rambin & died prior to 1823, leaving 10 children, 3 of whom, Miguel Cavanza, Andrea, & Pierre, died without issue-
Jean Baptiste Azenor Rambin, who died leaving 12 children, 4 of whom, Heliary, Marie Virginia, Cecile, & Constance died without issue:

1. Cyriac Rambin, who died leaving 5 children, one of whom Eulalie, died without issue:
     (1) Heliare Rambin , Butler, La.  #1-$1. 33
     (2) Clement Rambin, Butler, La #2- $1.33
     (3) Robert Rambin, Butler, La.  #3-$1.33
     (4) Benjamin Rambin, Butler, La. #4-$1.33

2. Celina Rambin, who married Watkins, and died leaving 5 children, Viz:
    (1) Mary Ann Watkins, wife of T. Barrington, Garrison, (Nacog. Co.) Tex. #5-$1.07
    (2) Henry J. Watkins, Garrison, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #6-$1.07
    (3) Luvenia Watkins, wife of Will Sparks, Garrison, (Nacog. Co) Texas #7-$1.07
    (4) Arcene Watkins, wife of John Walls, Madill, I. T (Marshall Co, Oklahoma). #8-$1.07
    (5) Camilla Watkins, was married first to Geo. McMinns, then to Fred Carter, and died leaving 4 children, Viz:
         (1) Emma McMinns, wife of Rice Branch, Clayton, (Panola Co) Texas #9 - $.26
         (2) James McMinns , Patroon, (Shelby Co.) Texas #10 - $.26
         (3) Edgar Carter, Clayton, (Panola Co.) Texas #11 - $.26
         (4) Robert Carter, Clayton, (Panola Co.) Texas #12-$.26

3. Adelaide Rambin, who was married first to Jacob Wallace, then to A. J. Briley, who died leaving 2 children, Viz:
   (1) A. C. Briley, Chireno, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #13- $2.69
   (2) Milton Briley, who died leaving 2 children, Viz:
        (1) Oscar Briley,   #14-$1.33
        (2) Beulah Briley,  #15 - $1.33
        Both c/o Mrs. Cora Briley, 737 Pine St, Beaumont, (Jefferson. Co.) Texas

4. Alexis Rambin, who died leaving 7 children, Viz:
   (1) J. S. Rambin, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #16.-$.76
   (2) Sarah Rambin, wife of W. D. May, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #17-$.76
   (3) Azenor Rambin, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #18-$.76
   (4) James Rambin, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.)  Texas, #19-$.76
   (5) Mitchell Rambin, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.) Texas #20-$.76
   (6) Amanda Rambin, wife of W. E. Linthicum, Appleby, (Nacog. Co.) Texas  #21-$.76
   (7) Hilair Rambin, Robert Lee, (Coke Co.) Texas #22-$.76

5. Bertrand Rambin, who died leaving 5 children, Viz:
   (1) T. R. Rambin, Marquez, Texas #23-$1.07
   (2) Nancy Rambin, widow of J. R. Dennis, Newport, (Clay Co) Texas #24-$1.07
   (3) C. E. Rambin, Fraser, Texas #25 -$1.07
   (4) Susan Rambin, Widow of Hugh DeVine, Easterly, Texas #26 - $1.07
   (5) Mary Rambin, wife of Robert Ramsey, Madill, Ind. Ter. (Marshall Co, Okla) #27-$1.07

6. Arsene Rambin, who married James Phillips, and died leaving 5 children, of whom John died without issue:
   (1) Victoria Phillips, #28 -$1.33
   (2) Mahaley Phillips #29 -$1.33
   (3) Molly Phillips #30-$1.33
   (4) DeSoto Phillips #31-$1.33
   Unable to locate them & their heirs, Deposited in the Exchange Bank to their account

7. Mechel Rambin, Dixie, La. #32-$5.35

8. Athanase Rambin, Lancaster, (Dallas Co) Texas #33-$5.35

Stamps to Balance $.04

Total $42.70

(Counties, in Brackets, I have inserted-sgs)


Oct 4, 1789 (Entry # 1602- Vol I Mills)
Michel Rambin Godfather to Ignace Maiou, son of Ignace Maiou, blacksmith and Marie Therese Filibot.

May 9, 1790 Entry # 1621-Vol 1 Mills-Michel Rambin Godfather to Jean Bte. Prudhomme, son of Francois Prudhomme  & Marie Rambin.  Godmother was Dame Rambin.

Mar. 26, 1786 Entry #1901-Vol 1 Mills-Miguel Rambin was Godfather at Baptism of Maria Theresa Zite Rambin, dtr. of Andres Rambin & wife Catharina Buard. Godmother was Theresa Buard.

Oct. 4, 1789  Entry # 2009-Vol 1-Mills-Miguel Rambint was Godfather at baptism of Ignacio Mayou, son of Ignacio Mayou & wife Maria Theresa Filibot. Godmother was Maria Louisa Rambint

May 9, 1790-Entry #2023-Vol 1 Mills-Miguel Rambint was Godfather at baptism of Jean Bautista Prudhomme, son of Francisco Prudhomme & Maria Rambint. Godmother was Dna. Rambint.

April 13, 1795 Entry #3413- Vol 1 Mills-Michel Rambin wts marriage of Michel Denis Cassenave to Marie Jean-Ris

June 14, 1816 Vol II, Mills Entry No 2927 (534) Mic. Rambin Godfather at baptism of Mie. Louise Valentine Godmother: Carm. Chav... (Illegible)

Natchitoches Colonials, Elizabeth Shown Mills
P 43 1782 Militia Roll of Natchitoches, La
Louis Borme, Captain -Includes
Michel Rambint , Rifleman
Signed: Vaugine, Commandant

P 58 1787 Census of Natchitoches, La:
Michel Rambin, age 22 yrs, 5 horses
Gme. Barboroux 40 -4 arpents land, 1 cow, 2 horses
His wife, 28
a boy 07

P 64 -1787 Militia Roll of Natchitoches, La
Michel Rambin, Sick At Home

P 69-1790 Church  Roll, Natchitoches, La
The Town: Michel Rambin, Pd 1 Reale-Self only

P 78-1791 Militia Roll Natchitoches, La
Michel Rambin, Rifleman

P 86- 1793 Militia Roll, Natchitoches, La
Michel Rambin, Cavalryman

P 89-1793 Tax Roll, Natchitoches, La
Michel Rambint, Pd for himself only-due for the land (12 Arpents) that he has not cleared. Rate of 1 Piaster for ea head of family or man over 14 yrs, and 1 escalin ("Real") for ea arpent of land
also included on this list:
Widow Rambint, the mother/0
Widow Rambint, the younger/1
Andre Rambint/15
Ignace Mailloux, Sr./7 3/4
Laurent Mailloux/0
Pierre Mailloux/0

P 104-Public Works Roster of Natchitoches, La.
Michel Rambin 1 day (type 4) work on the crevase in front of the church, Feb 4, 1793

Gateway to Texas Vol 1-Ericson
Michel Rambin, Born Ca 1761, native of Natchitoches, La. farmer, (M) Maria Theresa Ignacia Mayo (Maillioux). Roman Catholic, came to Nacogdoches Ca 1801.  Census of 1804, 1805
Statement @ Bayou Pierre, July 24, 1809-see below

Francois Rambin, living on land on Bayou Pierre Whimsey;  land also part of a Spanish grant, 1799, by right of inheritance.

Marie Rambin, native of Natchitoches, widow of Francois Prudhomme, Roman Catholic, statement @Bayou Pierre, July 27, 1809.

1804 Census, Nacogdoches (Bayou Pierre)
#176 Miguel Rambin, Frenchman, far,er, Age 43. He is married to Maria Theresa, a French woman, age 27.  They have five sons, age 10, 8, 6, 4, & 1 yr.

1805 Census, Nacogdoches (Bayou Pierre, E/S Sabine River)
#7-Michel Rambin, of French Nation, Occ: farmer , age 44 yrs, married -wife Theresa Mayu, her age 28 yrs.  They have 4 sons, 11, 9, 6, & 2 yrs, One living with them named Joseph Crawford, Irishman, unmarried, his age 60 yrs, Occ: Farmer

Citizens & Foreigners of the Nacogdoches District, 1809-1836-Ericson
Life & Activities of Michel Rambin, July 24, 1809

Sworn statement, which I, Michel Rambin, give of my nativity and the rest I shall state, in the following form:

Michel Rambin, a native of the Post of Natchitoches, of that of Louisiana, from whence I left eight years ago with my wife, Marie Threse Ignacia Mayu, with three sons, the first of the age of fourteen years, the second dead, and the third of ten years, and the others that have been born in this place, the first of seven years, the second of five years, and the third of three years,  and the last of five months; and these, as well as my wife and I are of the Apostolic Roman Catholic religion; and we have always followed the Spanish flag, and we have not subjected ourselves to anyone  but the Judges of Nacogdoches,  to what they have ordered; and having my home, I follow the occupation of farmer, with which I supported my family; and not having any other document with me, I extend the present, on which I make a sign of a cross in presence of Don Pierre Dolet, and Louis Procela in Bayou Pierre on the 24th of July, 1809.

Sign of a cross X of
Michel Rambin

Witness: Pierre Dolet, (rubric)
Louis Procela (rubric)

Grassroots of America-American State Papers, Public Lands
Vol 3, P 78 May 14, 1815  Land Office, Western Dist., State of Louisiana
# 66-Claimant: Andre Rambin , 259.52 Acres , Original Claimant: Ignace Mailloux, Board Approved
#67-Claimant-Andre Rambin, Original Claimant: Cayacaille, an Indian & His wife, Quantity: Not ascertained: Nature and Date: Purchase from Indians-Not approved
#68-Claimant-Andre Rambin, Original claimant: The Chevalier Poiret, Lot in Natchitoches, Nature & date of Claim-not mentioned -Not approved

P 89
Claim # 66-Andre Rambin, two hundred and fifty-nine and fifty one hundreths acres, claimed under a title to Ignace Mailloux.  The notice of this claim is for part of a tract of land, of which the title has been confirmed by certificate B, No 2,043.  This confirmation was made through mistake, or a want of correct information in favor of the heirs of Francois Rouquier for the whole of the original tract.  It is very evident that Andre Rambin is entitled to the part which he claims; and, as this right is admitted by the heirs of Rouquier, there is no likelihood of his right being impaired by the confirmation of the title as above.  This claim, therefore, needs no further confirmation.

Claim # 67-Andre Rambin claims a tract of land under a purchase from an Indian called Cayacaille', and his wife, in the year 1790.  the quantity of land is not mentioned, and the notice is unaccompanied by any evidence of title.  The claim, therefore, in the opinion of the Commissioners, ought not to be confirmed.

Claim # 68-Andre Rambin claims a lot in the town of Natchitoches, under a deed of conveyance from the Chevalier Poiret, dated in the year 1678.  The notice of this claim is also unaccompanied by any evidence of title, and, in the opinion of the commissioners, ought not to be confirmed. There can be no doubt that the date of 1678 is a mistake.  It is probable it should have been 1778.


1850  Desoto Par, La
HH 316
Meshell Rambin 52 M La planter (Andre Michel Laurant, s/o Michel Rambin & Marie Therese Mailloux)
Mary 46 F La
Sephronia? 30 M La
Meshell 22M La
Paul M. 21 M La
John B. 19 M La
HH 318
Lestan Rambin 46 M La Farmer (Andre Edouard Lestan, (s/o Michel Rambin & Marie Therese Mailloux)
Margaret? 39 F La
Simon 21 M La
Louise 17 F La
Derzeline? 16 F La
Felicite 13 F La
Mary L 12 F La
Cesar 8 MLa
Eliza 6 F La
Emily 3 F La