The Family of
William Sparks
of North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, & Nacogdoches, Texas
& Wife
Mary Polly Fielder

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William Sparks was born April 3, 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina, 1 mile from town of Salisbury,  on Yadkin River.
He was the son of Matthew Sparks & wife Sarah,  who came to North Carolina about the year 1756/58 from Maryland..

Shortly before the American Revolution, the Matthew Sparks family moved from Rowan County across the Blue Ridge mountains to a place on New River, in Wilkes County.

William served in the Revolutionary War from Wilkes County, North Carolina, enlisting in 1778, at the age of 17,  as is evidenced by his Application for Pension, made in Nacogdoches, Texas Sept. 14, 1846.  The Application was denied.

In this pension application, #R9960,  William Sparks gives many details of his life in North Carolina. The family moved to Franklin County, Georgia, afterwards Jackson,   (Now Clark County, near Athens), shortly after the Revolution where his father, Matthew Sparks, built Sparks Fort, for the protection of the families from the depredations of the Indians in the area.  Unfortunately, Matthew Sparks was killed by these Indians while out hunting in November,  1793.

"On September 19, 1797, William Sparks sold land to Randolph Traylor in Jackson County, Georgia. He also witnessed a property claim of his brothers, Absalom Sparks and Jesse Sparks, in Clarke County. (Sparks Qrterly)

In 1802 William Sparks filed a claim against the state of Georgia for a horse which he had lost during the Indian depredations.  He made the following statement:
State of Georgia, Clarke County, formerly Greene.
Personally appeared William Sparks and made oath that sometime in 1793 about the first week in November, he the said Sparks lost a mare which was taken by the Creek Indians which creature was lost at Sparks Fort upon the waters of the Oconee, Franklin County, which property the said Sparks had just reason to believe was taken by the same Indians and that he hath never received any satisfaction for the same.  Sworn and subscribed before me this 14th of June, 1802 (Signed) R. Taylor, J. P."  Proved by Benjamin Rice
Jesse Sparks, William X Sparks  (Ref: Sparks Qrtrly)

 "Sometime prior to 1811, William Sparks moved his family across the Oconee River into Morgan County, Georgia.  William and Polly Sparks traveled to Marion County, which had just been formed in the Mississippi Territory, where they settled near the village of Silver Creek on the east side of Pearl River."  (Sparks Qrtely)

In 1811 the William Sparks family removed to Mississippi Territory, by wagon train, : settling on Silver Creek in Marion County.

Passports Issued by Governor of Georgia

Mon Sept 16, 1811 On application ORDERED

That passports be issued for the following person to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians, to Wit:

One for Messrs. Stephen Nobles, with his wife*, seven children and seventeen negroes.
John Carter with his wife, four children and five negroes.
William Sparks, with his wife, five children  and two negroes.
Henry Askue, with his wife and one child, and one negro.
Howell Holley, with his wife, seven children, and five negroes.
Jeremiah Farlow, with his wife and four children
Minor Johnson, with his wife, eight children, and sixteen negroes
Bird Smith, with his wife and one child, and
Loadwick Henderson, with his wife and two children, all from the County of Morgan, in this State, and one for Messrs. Abadiah Dumas, and Edward Avery Lucy, both from the County of Jones, in this State, which were presented and signed.
(David B. Mitchell was Gov. of Georgia, 1809-1813)

*Stephen Noble's wife was Sarah "Sally" Fielder, sister to Mary Polly Fielder, wife of William Sparks


Grassroots of America,  American State Papers, Land Grants & Claims, (1789-1837)
(Phillip W. McMullen)
 Vol 2, P 745,,748,764


The undersigned, commissioners appointed for the purpose of ascertaining the rights of persons to lands within the district and territory aforesaid, have the honor to report the following list of rejected claims, and beg leave to remark, in explanation of the said report, that the respective classes contemplated by the eighth section of the act of 3d of March, 1807, will be designated by the letters A, B & C, to wit: to the first class, comprising "claims which, in the opinion of the commissioners, ought to be confirmed, in conformity with the provisions of the several acts of Congress for ascertaining and adjusting the titles and claims to lands within the Territories of Orleans and Louisiana,"  the letter A will be affixed. To the second class comprising "claims which, though not embraced by the provisions of the said acts, ought, nevertheless, in the opinion of the commissioners, to be confirmed, in conformity with the laws, usages, and customs of the Spanish government," the letter B will be affixed.  And to the third class, comprising "claims which neither are embraced by the provisions of the said acts, nor ought, in the opinion of the commissioners, to be confirmed, in conformity with the laws, usages, and customs of the Spanish government, " the letter C will be affixed. 

In the subsequent list of claims, such as have entered with with deputy registers, will have the letter D placed after the number in the column of Register's No; when that letter is omitted it is to be understood that the claim was entered with the Register at the Land Office in Opelousas.  To the list of claims reported for each county will be subjoined explanatory remarks, with references to the reported numbers, containing the reasons of the commissioners for reporting and giving a schedule of the title-papers that may have been filed in the several claims, and the substance of such oral testimony as may have been taken for or against the claims.

By whom claimed: James Warren,  Class C, Rept'd. No 223, Register's No. 313, Orig. Propr. or Claimant: James Warren, Quantity claimed-500 arpents, Nature/date of title or claim: Settlement

No. 233-In this claim is filed a plat of survey by Stephen Justice, dated 20th December, 1803, said to have been made by order of the then Commandant, Don Joseph Vidal.  The examination of William SPARKS has been taken in this claim before John Patterson, Esq. commissioned for that purpose, and is as follows: " that some time in the summer of the year 1803 he heard Joseph Vidal, then Commandant of the post, give permission to the said James Warren to take up and settle the aforesaid land; that the said Warren did, in the fall following, go upon the land in question, and cultivate and improve the same, and was in actual possession thereof on the 20th day December, 1803; and that the said Warren was upwards of twenty-one years of age." 
 The confirmation cannot be recommended, in as much as it is not established by the testimony that the land was actually inhabited by or for the Claimant on the 20th December, 1803; or that it was the place of his permanent residence even prior to that time.

See Petition of January 19, 1815,  Mississippi Territory, below

William Sparks was active in the civic affairs, and church business, while he was a resident of Mississippi.  He resided on the Pearl River in Lawrence Co, & later Holmes County, Miss.
He and wife Polly were members of the Silver Creek Baptist Church, but moved their membership in 1819 to the Bethany Baptist Church at White Sands, which he helped to organize. He deeded 2 acres of land to Bethany Baptist Church on May 17, 1823.

William Sparks migrated to Texas in March, 1836, according to his Pension application, settling near his son Richard, and other relatives, in what was then called "Sparks Settlement."   

His daughter Edith & husband James Simmons soon followed. In Nacogdoches, William Sparks was a large landowner, and instrumental in organizing the first Baptist Church (Originally called Union Church, was which multi-denominational, later becoming Old North Baptist Church) where he served for a time as deacon.  His son, Richard Sparks, donated the land for this church and cemetery, in 1837.  Richard Sparks' son Dr. John M. Sparks later donated additional land for the church and cemetery.

William Sparks died in Nacogdoches in the year 1848, and is buried at Old North Church Cemetery (Unmarked)

He married Mary "Polly" FIELDER in Jackson County, Georgia, 1791. Mary was born in Virginia 1770, and was the daughter of William FIELDER & Mary NALL.  William Sparks showed his marital status as "Married" on his land application in Nacogdoches;   However, I did not find any record of Mary Polly Sparks in the Old North Church Minutes.  William was received by letter, and there is no record of Mary being a member. Some researchers show she died in Mississippi after November, 1830 (she signed a deed on that date)

Children: Sparks

1. Richard Born Abt. 1793 Georgia Died: March,1838 Navarro Co, Texas (Killed by Indians)
    (M) Elizabeth Cooper, Dtr of William Cooper, Sr., who signed Consent
    July 7, 1812 Marion Co, Miss

2. Sarah Born Jan. 1, 1797 Franklin Co, Ga. Died: Feb. 22, 1881 Bell Co, Texas
(M) James McAnulty CA 1815 Lawrence Co, Miss 
(Sarah was a Widow in 1835 Nacogdoches Census)

3. John Born CA 1804 Clark Co, Ga. Died: CA 1855 Rusk Co, Texas
    (M) Joanna Parkman, Dec. 22, 1825 Lawrence Co, Miss
      a. James Sparks Born 1827 Miss d. ? Tx (Did not locate 1860, 1870, 1810 Census)

    (M) Lucinda J Reed Sept 20, 1849 Rusk Co She was b. May 1827, Ala d. July 9, 1907 Tx ; She & children appear 1870 Oakville, Live Oak Co., Tx; She is a Wid. w/2 single dtrs in   
          HH, 1880. Live Oak Co., Tx (Stock raiser); Wid., stock raiser, (cows), lives alone next door to son John Sparks, 1900 Live Oak Co., Tx, Had 4 children, 4 living
         1860 slave schedule, Bee County, Tx-Lucinda Sparks 1 slave house, 1 bl female, age 65 yrs
            1. Thomas Bennett Sparks b. Dec., 1850 Tx  d. Jan. 25, 1902 Live Oak Co., Tx-Bennett Sparks, single, stock raiser, 1880 Live Oak Co., Tx; stock farmer, 1900 Live Oak Co., Tx (M) 18 yrs.
                (M) Lucy Pottridge abt 1882  She was b. Dec., 1862 Tx d. Jan. 27, 1913;  1900 Live Oak Co., Tx,  (M) 18 yrs, Had 9 children, 9 living;  Widow w/ some children, 1910 Alpine, Brewster    
                Co.,  Tx, Had 10 children, 10 living
                        a. Carrie May Sparks b. June, 1883 Tx (M) G. S. Wilson
                        b. Albert Sparks b. Dec. 8, 1884 Tx. d. Jan. 11, 1968 Bexar Co., Tx (Last Res:Three Rivers, Live Oak Co, , Tx (SSDI);  single 1910 Live Oak Co., Ts-Single, HH of  Bro-in-law Gus  
                            Draper, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx; single, (Div.) boarder, Garage Mechanic, 1930 Live Oak Co., Tx
                        c. Clinton L. Sparks b. Nov.6, 1886 Tx  d. Jan. 15*, 1966 Live Oak Co., Tx (*SSDI) -single 1910 Live Oak Co., Tx -did not locate 1920, 1930 *Texas death records show Jan 5th
                        d. Altha Sparks b. July 8, 1888 Tx d. Ovt. 10, 1985 DeWitt Co., Tx-single, seamstress,  HH of Mother, 1910 Alpine, Brewster Co., Tx
                            (M) Robert L Laster Dec. 25, 1911-He was b. abt 1887 Miss; d. Dec. 25, 1975 DeWitt Co., Tx--gen'l. farmer, 1920, 1930  Westoff, DeWitt Co., Tx
                                    1. Lucille Laster b. abt 1913 Tx
                                    2. William Robert Laster b. abt 1916 Tx
                                    3. Grace M. Laster b. abt 1919 Tx
                        e. Stanley Sparks  b. May 18, 1890 Tx. d. June 4, 1965 Victoria Co., Tx  (SSDI & Texas death records) Single 1910 Live Oak Co, Tx; Cowboy, Ranch, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx, NO ch  
                            in HH; gen'l. farmer, 1930 McMullen Co., Tx (M) @ age 18 yrs
                            (M)  Vivian Jones abt 1919 (M) @ age 18  She was b. Sept. 3, 1900 d. April 6, 1990 Victoria Co., Tx  (SSDI)
                                     1. Louise Sparks b. Jan. 24, 1920 Tx Live Oak Co, Tx
                                     2. Ruth Sparks b. abt 1922 Tx
                                     3. Robert Stanley Sparks b. Dec. 9, 1923 Live Oak Co.
                                     4. Ola Lee Sparks b. abt 1928 Tx
                        f. Mittie A. Sparks b. March 20, 1892 Tx d. Oct. 31, 1970 Live Oak Co., Tx (Mittie A. REID, Wid. Female) HH of mother 1910
                           (M) Gus (George) Draper Dec. 25, 1911 (Farmer, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx (Has 5 yr old Niece Lucy B. Sparks, in HH-I do not know who her father is)
                           (M) #2 Richard Lain Reid Nov. 28, 1928-He was b. abt 1894 Virginia d. Aug. 21, 1963 Bexar Co., Tx; Proprietor, Restaurant, 1930 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx
                        g. Russell Sparks b. March 11, 1894 Tx d. June 8, 1989 Richmond, Chesterfield, Co., Virginia (SSDI, Iss'd Texas, pr to 1951) single 1910 Alpine, Brewster Co., Tx single, HH of  
                           bro-in-law Gus Draper, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx; 1930 Pct 2, Uvalde Co., Tx
                           (M) Ethel B. Cox April 21, 1923 Live Oak Co., Tx. She was b. abt 1901 Tx
                                   1. William M. Sparks b. abt 1927 Tx (from 1930 Census)
                                   2. Johnie Russell Sparks b. Medina Co, Tx
                                       (M) Betty Jane Davis
                        h. Herman Bennett Sparks b. May 1, 1896 Tx d. Oct. 4, 1952 Nueces Co., Tx-single 1910 Alpine, Brewster, Tx HH of mother; Truck Driver, 1930 Refugio Co., Tx.
                           (M) Genevieve Laura Abernathy Feb. 14, 1921 She died Sept. 6, 1979 Nueces Co., Tx 
                                   1. Evelyn Sparks b. abt 1916 Tx (her dtr from prev. marr.?)
                                   2. Middie Sparks b. abt 1923 Tx
                                   3. William H. Sparks b. abt 1926 Tx
                                   4. Dorothy Sparks  b. abt 1928 Tx
                                   5. Larry Bertram Sparks b. Sept. 24, 1929 Refugio Co., Tx
                                      (M) Lois Marie Jackson
                                               a. Larry Bertram Sparks., Jr b. Tom Green Co., Tx
                                               b. Debra Kaye Sparks b. Nueces Co., Tx
                                               c. Richard Daryl Sparks b. Nueces Co., Tx
                                               d. Randall Bennett Sparks b. Nueces Co., Tx
                                               e. Shari Denise Sparks b. Nueces Co., Tx
                        i. Annie Ola Sparks b. July, 1898 Tx-single, 1910 Alpine, Brewster, Tx; single HH of Bro-in-law Gus Draper, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx Farming, 1930 McMullen Co., Tx (M) @ age 21
                          (M) Winton White Jan. 19, 1920 Live Oak Co., Tx-He was b. abt 1896 Texas; lPumper, Oil Co. 1930 McMullen Co., Tx (M) @ age 24
                                  1. William B. White b. abt 1921 Tx
                                  2. Wilma White b. abt 1926 Tx
                                  3. Marvin R. White b. abt  1928 Tx
                        j. John Lloyd Sparks b.  Oct. 2, 1901 Tx d. March 5, 1983 Bexar Co., Tx (Last Res:Whitsett, Live Oak Co., Tx-SSDI)-HH of mother, 1910 Alpine, Brewster, Tx; single, HH of    
                           bro-in-law Gus Draper, 1920 Live Oak Co, Tx; Civil Engineer, Public roads, 1930 Fisher Co., Tx, (M) 7 yrs.
                           (M) Lillian Jones Dec. 1, 1922 Live Oak Co., Tx She d. April 24, 1971 McMullen Co., Tx 
                                   1. John Lloyd Sparks Jr b. Sept. 20, 1923 McMullen Co., Tx d. Nov. 18, 1991 Three Rivers, Live Oak Co., Tx
                                      (M) Mary Lou West
                                               a. Gary Loyd b. Live Oak Co, Tx
                                               b. Melanie Susan b. Cameron Co., Tx
                                               c. Leann Elizabeth b. Brooks Co., Tx
            2. Mary Alice Sparks  b. abt 1855 Tx d. 1928 Live Oak Co., Tx (single, 1880 Live Oak Co.,, Tx, HH of Mother)
                (M) Curtis Herring after 1880
            3. Jonathan "John" Bailey Sparks b. March 25, 1858 Tx (1900 census shows May, 1858) d. Jan. 10, 1938* Oakland, Douglas Co., Oregon    (*Oregon death records, John Sparks,  
                Jan. 10, 1938 Douglas Co., Wife Sarah)  (appears as Jonathan  B. Sparks, single stock raiser, 1880 Live Oak Co., Tx HH of brother Bennett Sparks)  Stock Raiser, 1900 Pct 5, 
                Live Oak  Co, Tx w/2 Osborne nephews in HH;; Gen'l. farmer, 1910, 1920 Calapoosa Pct., Douglas Co., Oregon; He & wife live alone, 1930 Oakland, Douglas Co., Oregon 
                (M) @ age 24 yrs.-Moved to Oregon bet. 1909-1910
                (M) Sarah Elizabeth Claunch Nov. 19, 1882 Live Oak Co., Tx She was b. August, 1965 Tx d. March 13, 1935, Douglas Co., Oregon, (Oregon death records: Sarah Sparks 
                       Mar. 13, 1935, Douglas Co., Husband, John Sparks) (1900 Live Oak Co., Tx, (M) 17 yrs, Had 9 children, 7 living; 1910 Calapoosa, Douglas Co., Oregon, (M) 27 yrs., 
                       Had 12 children, 11 living, all b. Tx, Birth dates from 1900 Census; 1930 shows (M) @ age 17 yrs.
                         a. Isabel Sparks  b. Sept.10, 1883 Tx
                             (M) Thomas Stone Dec. 24, 1902
                         b. Grover Cleveland Sparks b. Nov.10, 1884 Live Oak Co., Tx d. Feb'y. 15, 1960 Douglas Co., Oregon Cert # 1545; Genl. Farmer,  1920, 1930 Kellogg, Douglas Co., 
                             Oregon, (M) @ age 28 yrs;-NO children in HH 1920, 1930 WW II Draft Registration, 1942-Grover Cleveland Sparks, age 57 yrs.,  Add: Star R. Oakland, Douglas Co., Oregon, Tel  
                             # Oakland  30FY1;  b. Nov. 10, 1884 Live Oak Co., Texas, Person who will always know your Add: Maude Sparks, Same Add, Empl: Farmer, Self-Empl., Same Add. Sig: Grover  
                             Cleveland Sparks ; White,  Ht: 6' 2" Wt: 178 lbs, Lt brown complexion, brown eyes, gray hair, Sig: Fontelle Hogan, Regis., local board 1, Court House, Roseburg, Oregon, Oakland,  
                             Douglas County, Oregon April 21, 1942
                            (M) Maude Goodman Nov. 14, 1912 Douglas Co., Oregon She was b. abt 1895 Oregon;  (M) @ age 19 yrs; NO ch in HH 1920, 1930 Oregon
                        c. Etta Sparks b. March 13, 1886 Tx (M) Thomas Wallace June 27, 1906 Live Oak Co., Tx
                        d. Bettie L. Sparks b. Jan.19, 1889 Tx d. Dec. 24, 1916 Douglas Co., Oregon (M) Seth Clarke  April 23, 1911 Douglas Co., Oregon
                        e. Myrtle Elizabeth Sparks b. Oct. 28, 1890 Tx (M) A S Murphy Dec. 27, 1926
                        f. Thomas Bailey Sparks b. Aug. 24, 1896 Live Oak Co., Tx d. Nov. 17, 1965  Multnomah Co., Oregon  Spouse: Peggy;  lived 1920 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oreg, Prop'r., Transfer &  
                           Storage, 1930 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon, M-I-Law in HH 
                           WWII Draft Registration, 1942-Thomas Bailey Sparks, White male, age 45 yrs, Add:3522 E. Burnside St., Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon Tel # LS 7005, born Aug.  
                           24, 1896 Live Oak Co., Tx, Person who will always know your Add: Peggy Sparks, wife, Same Add; Empl: Electric Steel Foundry, 2141 W. 24th St., Portland,  
                           Multnomah, Oregon Sig: Tom B. Sparks; White, 5' 6", 180 lbs., Ruddy complexion, brown eyes, brown & gray hair, bald, scar on right wrist, Sig: Esther Douglass, 
                           Registrar, Portland, Oregon, April 27, 1942; Multnomah County local board #5, Meade Bkdg., Portland, Oregon 
                           (M) Elizabeth "Peggy" Yost Jan. 17, 1919 Mult. Co., Oregon;  She was b. abt 1895 Colorado
                                 1. Betty J. Sparks b. abt 1921 Oregon
                        g. Anna Vada Sparks b. Sept.12, 1898 Tx,   
                           (M) Lester Crow Feby. 17, 1918 Douglas Co., Oregon
                        h. Frank Lee Sparks b. June 2, 1903 Tx d. June 10, 1970 Curry Co., Oregon, Sp: Lucile, Cert # 84458; HH of parents, 1920; genl. farmer, 1930 Calapoosa, Douglas Co.,  
                           Oregon, NO ch in HH
                           (M) Lucille Fortin June 2, 1929 Douglas Co., Oregon  She was b. Feb. 7, 1907 Oregon d. Dec. 10, 1994 Jackson Co., Oregon, (Spouse: Frank)
                        i. Leo H. Sparks b. Mar. 15, 1905 Tx d. Jan. 1,  1984, Douglas Co., Oregon, age 78 yrs. single, HH of parents, 1920; single, farmer, HH of brother Frank 1930 Calapoosa,  
                           Douglas Co., Oregon (Oregon death Records, b. Mar. 15, 1905, Sp: Ella)
                           (M) Ella Moore Dec. 14, 1930 Douglas Co., Oregon
                        j. John Alton Sparks b. June 27, 1908 Tx d. Feb. 26, 1927 Coos Co., Oregon-single, HH of parents, 1920
             4. Susan Rebecca Sparks b. Mar. 8, 1860 Tx d. April, 1918 El Paso, Tx (single, 1880 Live Oak Co., Tx HH of mother
                 (M) Lockhart Claunch Oct. 31, 1882 Live Oak Co., Tx
 b. Susan Sparks  b. 1830 Lawrence Co., Miss d. April 8, 1878 Coryell Co., Tx
     (M) Andrew B. Caddell* Jan 17, 1847 Nacog. Co, Tx.  He was b. Feb., 1825 Alabama d. Feb. 14, 1912 Coryell Co., Tx -did not locate 1850; Farmer, 1860 Henderson PO, Rusk  
     Co., Tx; Farmer, 1870 Belton, Bell Co., Tx, His Mother Rhoda next door (She d. March, 1880, age 79 yrs, congestion of brain Ref: 1880 Mortality Schedule) He is a  Farmer, Wid'r.,  
     1880 Pct 1, Bell Co., Tx; & HH of son John S. Caddell, 1900 Bandera Co., Tx, Wid'r., age 75 yrs.
     * The majority of this family dropped the second "l" and spelled their name "Caddel" (Ref: Birth Records, Death Records, SSDI, & Census Records) I have used the double "l" throughout   
         this file, to lessen confusion for myself-sgs  Some variations appear in these records online, such as Cadill, Caddil, Caddill, Cadel, Cadell, Caddell etc.
              1. John Sparks Caddell b. July, 1848 Tx d. July 12, 1937 Bexar Co., Tx-HH of parents 1860; missing 1870; Butcher, 1880 Pct 1, Bell Co., Tx; 1900 Pct 6, Bandera Co., Tx;   
                  genl. farmer, 1910, 1920 Pct 4, Uvalde Co., Tx has 9 yr old niece, Willie Caddell b. abt 1910 Tx in HH, 1920; Rancher, age  82 yrs, 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx (M) @ age 25 (abt  
                 1871 1st marr) Niece, Willie P. Caddell,* age 19 yrs  in 1930 HH, Uvalde Co., Tx (Had 15 children by 2 wives, both named Nancy) * I do not know whose dtr Willie Pagett  
                 Cadddell is, but she (M) Gates H. Scott
                 (M) Nancy _______  abt 1871 She was b. abt 1853 Texas (fr. 1880 census) d. pr to 1887
                          a. Alice M. Caddell b. Sept., 1876 Tx-missing 1910
                          b. Edward Turner Caddell b. April, 1879 Tx d. Jan. 28, 1953 Uvalde Co., Tx single farmer, 1910, 1920 Uvalde Co-single, Rancher,1930 Uvalde Co., Tx
                          c. Henry Cullen Caddell b. Jan. 3, 1882 Tx d. Nov. 7, 1962 Maverick Co., Tx  (Texas death rec. & SSDI) Genl. Farmer 1910 Uvalde Co., Tx (M) 1 yr; 1930 Uvalde Co., 
                              Tx; Merchant, Retail Store, 1920 Uvalde Co., Tx; Merchant, Own store, 1930 Pct 1, Uvalde Co., Tx (M) @ age 22 abt 1904 (Was there a prev. marriage?)
                              (M) Almarine McNair abt 1909 (M) @ age 17)  She was b. abt 1892 Tx (M) 1 yr., Had 1 ch, 1 living, 1910 Uvalde Co., Tx; Saleslady, Retail Grocery store, 1920 Pct 4  
                                     Uvalde Co., Tx-Her brother G. P. McNair, Truck Driver, in HH w/them;
                                       1. Henry H. Caddell b., 1910 Tx
                                       2. Ruby Lee Caddell (Cadill) b. Feb. 19, 1916 Uvalde Co., Tx d. March 25, 1993 Harris Co., Tx (Texas death rec) HH of par.1930 Uvalde Co
                                          (M) Frank Loyd Bedingfield (Val Verde Co. Birth Records) He was b. June 10, 1911 d. May 6, 1940 Crosby Co., Tx (Texas death rec. & SSDI)
                                                  a. Frank Loyd Bedingfield, Jr. b. June 18, 1935 Val Verde Co., Tx d. July 23, 2001 Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Florida (Texas birth rec & SSDI) 
                                                  b. Doris Lee Bedingfield b. Val Verde Co., Tx)
                                                     (M) #2 Enoch Samuel Nelson
                                                  c. Sammie Jo Nelson b. Val Verde Co., Tx
                                                 d. James Lee "Jim" Caddell b. May 18, 1884 Tx d. March 31, 1972 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)-missing1910; Farmer, 1920 Pct 4, Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                    (M) Zenolia M. ____ She was b. Jan. 1,1888 Tx d. Nov. 4, 1980 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)
                                      1. Nola Berwin Caddell b. Feb. 1,  1910 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                          (M) Elmer Calvin Nicholson 
                                                a. Elmer James Nicholson b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                      2. J. P. Marnell Caddell (son) b. abt 1912 Tx
                                          ( J M Caddel b. April 12, 1912 Tx d. April 22, 2000 Northridge, Los Angeles Co., Calif., (SSDI, Iss'd Texas pr to 1951) MAY be this person)
                                          (M) Sybil Dell Wade
                                                a. Barbara Zenola Caddell b. Johnson Co., Tx
                                      3. Clara Edna Caddell b. Aug. 20, 1918 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                          (M) Arthur Carroll McCauley
                                                a. Carrol Durham McCauley b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                b. Roger Jack McCauley b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                c. James Kenneth McCauley b. Medina Co., Tx
                                      4. Jesse Granville Caddell b. May 20, 1921 Uvalde Co., Tx d. May 4, 1998 Hanis, Medina Co., Tx (SSDI)
                                      5. Earl Ulysses Caddell b. Feb. 7, 1923 Uvalde Co., Tx d.  ? April 20, 1999 Houston, Harris Co., Tx??- (Earle M Caddel, SSDI)
                                          (M) Joan Echols
                                                a. Steven Earl Casddell b. Upton Co., Tx
                                                b. Sandra Kay Caddell b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                c. Dianne Caddell b. Uvalde Co., Tx
John S. Caddell (M) #2 abt 1887 Nancy/Nancie Leona Kendrick  abt 1887-She was b. August, 1871 Tx  d. 21, 1941 Uvalde Co,., Tx-Has had 6 children, 6 living, 1900 Bandera Co., Tx; Had 11 ch, 11 living, 1910 Uvalde Co., Tx (VERY poor film) 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx (M) @ age 16
                          By #2 wife:
                          e. William Harris "Will" Caddell b. August 30, 1888 Tx d. Oct. 8, 1975 Laredo, Webb Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)-single, HH of parents, 1910 Uvalde Co; Stock  
                              Farmer, 1920 Pct 5, Uvalde Co., Tx; genl. farmer, 1930 Pct 7, Uvalde Co., Tx  (M) @ age 26 yrs
                              (M) Eula P. ________abt 1914.  She was b. Sept. 30, 1895 Tx d. Feb., 1994 Laredo, Webb Co., Tx (SSDI) (M @ age 18 yrs)
                                       1. Ella Ruth Caddell b. Sept. 27, 1915 Uvalde Co., Tx Tx-HH of parents, 1930 
                                           (M) Earnest Cliff Morton
                                                   a. Un-named Child Morton b. Webb Co., Tx
                                                   b. Ernest Charles Morton b. Webb Co., Tx
                                                   c. Ruth Jeanette Morton b. Webb Co., Tx
                                       2. Erma Grace Caddell b. abt 1916 Tx
                                           (M) Joseph R. Mills
                                                   a. Joseph Glynn Mills b. Webb Co., Tx
                                           (M) #2 George W. White
                                                   b. Georgia Grace White b. Webb Co., Tx 
                                           (M) #3 Valentino Alvin Hartz, Sr
                                                   c. Valentino Alvin Hartz, Jr b. Bexar Co., Tx
                                       3. Roy Caddell b. abt 1917 Tx (Not on 1920, but appears as son on 1930 Census)
                                       4. William Bennett "Bill" Caddell b. Nov. 20, 1919 Uvalde Co., Tx d. May 9, 2004 Brownsville, Cameron Co., Tx (SSDI)
                                           (M) Laura Marie Mullins  She was b. ______ d. Dec. 26,1978 Cameron Co., Tx (Texas Death Rec)
                                                  a. Marian Elizabeth Caddell b. Cameron Co., Tx
                                        5. Jack Caddell b. abt 1926 Tx
                                            (M) Jessie Ray Ross 
                                                  a. Constance Lynn Caddell b.Webb Co., Tx
                                                  b. Paul Douglas Caddell b. Webb Co., Tx
                                                  c. Sandra Jean Caddell b. Potter Co., Tx
                          f. Laura G. Caddell b. August, 1890 Tx-missing 1910
                          g. Eva Arminta Caddell b. Dec, 1892 Tx d. Feb. 23, 1959 Uvalde Co., Tx (Texas Death Rec)---1920, 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx-(M) @ age 20 yrs
                              (M) Arthur A. Avant  abt 1911. He was b. Dec. 19, 1889 Tx d. Oct., __, 1971 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI)--Rock  worker, 1920 Uvalde Co., Tx; Goat & Sheep Rancher,  
                              His father in HH, 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx (M) @ age 22
                                     1. Iva Inez Avant b. June 13, 1913 Uvalde Co.,  Tx d. Nov. 16, 2002 Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI)
                                         (M) Shellie Ward Watkins (Uvalde Co. Birth Rec) He  was b. Jan. 10, 1908 died Feb. 24, 1983 Kerr Co., Tx Last Res: Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx-(SSDI & Texas  
                                        death Rec)
                                     2. Iris Lee Avant b. July 27, 1915 Uvalde Co., Tx d. Aug. 16, 2006 Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI)
                                         (M) James Collier "Jim" Dalrymple  He was b. Aug. 31, 1912 d. August, 1984 Bexar Co., Tx (Last Res:Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Rec))
                                                a. James Bryson Dalrymple b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                     3. Agnes Lou Avant b. abt 1919 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                         (M) Grover Eugene Buttler  He was b. Sept. 16, 1911  d. Feb. 25, 1992 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI &Texas Death Rec)
                                                 a. Arles Avant Buttler b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                     4. Fay Reine Avant b. abt 1928 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                         (M) Charles Bernard Colvin  He was b. May 16, 1927 d. May 18, 1997 Medina Co., Tx (Last Res: Sabinal, Uvalde Co., Tex. (Texas Death Rec. & SSDI)
                                                 a. Anita Lee Colvin b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                 b. Chriselda Sue Colvin b. Medina Co., Tx
                                                 c. Michael McGarry Colvin b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                     5. Mary Ethel Avant b. Nov. 29, 1931 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                         (M) Harley Woodward Lewis
                                                 a. John Earl Lewis b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                 b. Brenda Jean Lewis b. Hidalgo Co., Tx
                          h. Ethel E. Caddell b. Dec. 2, 1893 Tx  d. Dec. 15, 1981 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Rec)-Did not marry (HH of parents, 1900-1930 Uvalde Co, Tx
                          i. Annie Pearl Caddell b. Dec. 11, 1895 Tx d. June 7, 1990 Uvalde Co., Tx, (SSDI & Texas death records) Did not marry-single 1910, single. Governess HH of Bob Davis, 
                            1920 Uvalde Co., Tx;-Single, Nurse, Dentist Office,  HH of Cousin Ethel (dtr of Joseph D.)1930 Uvalde Co., Tx
                          j. Dovie L. Caddell b. June, 1898 Tx d.  March 21, 1967 Hidalgo Co., Tx (Texas death rec) single, Telephone Operator, Knipper Central, HH of Bro-in-law Arthur Avant,  
                             1920 Uvalde Co., Tx -did not locate 1930-Did not marry
                          k. John Sparks Caddell, Jr b. Sept. 21, 1900 Tx d. March 14, 1986 Uvalde  Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death Rec)- single, farmer, HH of parents 1920 Uvalde Co., Tx, single  
                              Rancher, 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx
                          l.  Nollie Caddell  b. Jan. 28, 1903 Tx d. Oct. 19, 1966 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI &Texas Death Rec) single, HH of parents, 1920 Uvalde Co., Tx; single Rancher, 1930 
                             Uvalde Co., Tx
                             (M) Ora Mae Scott  She was b. June 23, 1908 d. April 28, 2003 Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI)
                                     1. Geraldine Caddell b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                     2. Kathleen Caddell b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                         (M) Rexton Raymond Rucker (Uvalde Co. Birth Rec)
                          m. Ina Caddell b. Feb. 21, 1905 Tx, d. Feb. 10, 1994 Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Rec) HH of par., 1920 Uvalde Co
                              (M) Benjamin Franklin Robinson.  He was b. Sept. 1, 1900 d. May 2, 1985 Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Tx (SSDI &Texas Death Rec)
                                     1. A. Franklin Robinson b. Dec. 3, 1927 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                     2. Dorothy Lou Robinson b. Dec. 14, 1931 Uvalde Co., Tx
                                         (M) John Louis Watkins Pike
                                                a. Ina Lou Pike b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                b. Robert Louis Pike b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                c. Stephen Marshall Pike b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                                                d. Randy Ray Pike b. Uvalde Co., Tx
                           n. Loss Polk Caddell (son) b. abt 1907 Tx-- Single, Trucker, Oil Co., HH of Cousin Ethel (dtr of Joseph D) 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx
                           o. Mabel Cecil Caddell b. abt 1910 Tx-Single, Saleslady, Dime Store, HH of Cousin Ethel Caddell, (dtr of Joseph D)., 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx
                           p. Joseph Doughty Caddell b. abt 1913 Tx d. April 9, 1926 Uvalde Co., Tx (Texas death Rec)
              2. Mary J. Caddell  b. abt 1850 Tx-HH of parents, 1860; missing 1870
              3. Sarah E. Caddell b. abt 1853 Tx  d. January 14, 1923 Coryell Co., Tx (Twexas Death Rec)-Did not locate, 1900, 1910; Widow, HH of Dtr & s-i-law Frank & Ada Caskey, 
                  1920 Lampasas Co., Tx,, gr/dtr Donne E. Hammett b. abt 1907 Tx in HH w/her
                  (M) James Calvin Hammett abt 1869 He was b. abt 1843 South Carolina d. pr to 1900 Texas-Farmer next door to A B Caddell, 1870 Belton, Bell Co., Tx; Farmer, 1880  
                  Coryell Co., Tx
                          a. Andrew W. Hammett b. July, 1870 Tx -Farmer, Pct 1, Medina Co., Tx (M) 8 yrs, Had 3 children, 3 living;
                             (M) M. E. __________abt 1892 She was  b. Feb., 1870 Tx
                                       1. Pink Hammett b. March, 1893 Tx
                                       2. R. D. Hammett  b. June, 1895 Tx d. October 27, 1947 Ector Co., Tx
                                           (M) Rosey Leona Cox She d. Sept. 8, 1969 El Paso Co., Tx
                                                   a. Inez B. Hammett b. March 22, 1929 Hudspeath Co., Tx
                                                       (M) Guy Edgar Saunders
                                                   b. Floyd C. Hammett b. August 28, 1932 El Paso Co., Tx
                                                   c. Elizabeth D. Hammett b. May 13, 1936 El Paso Co., Tx
                                                       (M) Olin Doyle Horn
                                       3. Andrew Carl "Andy" Hammett b. Nov., 1896 Tx d. April 18, 1970 Ector Co., Tx, Wid'r--Water Wells Driller, 1930 Odessa, Ector Co., Tx (M) 2 yrs No ch in HH
                                          (M) Effie Cynthia Kandles abt 1928 b. abt 1911 d. April 28, 1969 Llano Co., Tx  (M) @ age 17 yrs
                                                  a. Doris Evelyn Hammett b. Dec. 21, 1931 Ector Co., Tx
                                                      (M) Hewitt Alonzo Perry
                                                  b. Victor Eugene Hammett b. May 27, 1935 Ector Co., Tx
                                                      (M) Pearl Yvonne Jester
                          b. Wyatt W. Hammett b. abt 1872 Tx-d. April 7, 1926 Jefferson Co., Tx (W W Hammett)--Farmer, 1900 Lampasas Co., Tx, (M) 7 yrs, Had 2 children, 2 living; Farmer,  
                              1910 Pct 4, Lampasas Co., Tx (M) 17 yrs, Had 5 children, 5 living (Neighbor to Will Caddel) Did not locate 1920 census
                              (M) Annie _______abt 1892 She was b. May, 1876 Tx  d. May 2, 1962 Lubbock Co., Tx (Widow, farming,  Pct 3, 1930 Coryell Co., Tx)
                                       1. William Jessie James Hammett b. June, 1894 Tx d. Jan. 4, 1968 Coryell Co., Tx, Single; single, farmer 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                                       2. Arizona Hammett b. Dec., 1897 Tx-d. February 3, 1939 Coryell Co., Tx single 1910-single, 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                                       3. Ada Elizabeth Hammett b. abt 1902 Tx-single, school teacher, 1930 Coryell Co
                                           (M) Charles Everett Warner He d. March 27, 1947 Coryell Co., Tx
                                                   a. Willis Dale Warner b. Coryell Co., Tx
                                       4. Josie Hammett b. abt 1905 Tx
                                       5. Lizzie Hammett b. abt 1908 Tx-single, 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                          c. James C. Hammett b. abt 1874 Tx-did not kocate 1900, 1910-single 1920 Pueblo, Colorado; single, Hotel worker, boarder, 1930 T/S 5, Inyo, California
                          d. John M Hammett b. abt 1875 Tx-did not locate 1900
                          e. Susan G. Hammett b. abt 1878 Tx
                           f. Ada Elizabeth Hammett b. abt 1882 Tx d. Sept. 23, 1963 Coleman Co., Tx  (M) 8 yrs, Had 2 ch 2 living, 1910 Ballinger, Runnels Co., Tx; 1930 Coleman Co., Tx, (M) @ age 20
                             (M) Frank Arthur Caskey 1902;  He was b. abt 1882 Tx d. Jan. 25, 1943 Coleman Co., Tx-Grocery salesman, 1910 Ballinger, Runnels Co., Tx; House painter, 1920 Lampasas Co.,  
                             Tx; Radio salesman, 1930 Coleman, Coleman Co., Tx (M) @ age 20
                                    1. Forrest Andrew Caskey b. April 20, 1903 Lampasas Co., Tx d. Jan. 28, 1956 Coleman Co., Tx;  single, Theater Operator, HH of parents 1930 Coleman, Coleman Co., Tx
                                        (M) Neda Witcher She was b. Sept. 14, 1906 d. March 20, 1973 Coleman, Coleman Co., Tx
                                                a.  Norma Jane Caskey b. March 5, 1931 Coleman Co., Tx d. January 25, 1933 Coleman Co., Tx
                                    2. Etoile Faye Caskey b. October 6, 1908 Tx  d. April 3, 1989 San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Tx (M) 2 yrs, 1930 Ballinger, Runnels Co., Tx
                                        (M) Curtis Vernon Street abt 1928 He was b. May 2, 1906 Tx d. May 12, 1988 San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Tx-Salesman, Filling Station, 1930 Ballinger, Runnels Co., Tx (M) 
                                        2 yrs
                                                a. James Curtis Street b. Dec. 10, 1929 Coleman Co., Tx d. Jan. 25, 1946 Travis Co., Tx
                                                b. Patsy Faye Street b. July 12, 1932 Runnels Co., Tx
                                                    (M) Samuel Earl Bailey (Tom Green Co., Births)
                                                c. Caskey Bill Street b. July 6, 1941 Taylor Co., Tx
                                    3. Reba C. Caskey b. Jan. 26, 1918 Lampasas Co.,Tx
                                    4. James R Caskey b. abt 1922 Tx
              4. William J. Caddell b. June, 1854 Tx d. Aug. 5, 1954 Coryell Co., Tx (listed William J. Cadell) -HH of parents, 1870, single farmer, 1880 Pct 1, Bell Co, Tx, HH of father; 
                  farmer, 1900 Pct 3, Evant Town PO, Coryell Co., Tx (M) 9 yrs; 1910 Pct 4, Lampasas Co., Tx; Marr, #2 10 yrs, (Had 2 wives, both named Frances) DID NOT locate this  
                  family, 1920; Genl. Farmer, 1930 Coryell Co., Tx, Mother-in-law Josephine Hendrick in HH.
                  (M) Frances _____ abt 1891. She was  b August, 1874 Tx d. 1900.(Had 5 ch, 4 living, 1900 Coryell Co., Tx;
                            By #1 wife Frances (b. abt 1874 Tx)
                            a. Andrew Baines Caddell  b. Feb. 12,  1892 Tx d. June 15, 1981 Corywll Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death Rec)-WWI Civilian draft registration, 1917 Lampasas Co., Tx
                            b. William Bailey Caddell b. Oct.. 25, 1893 Tx-d. Feb. 17, 1940 Coryell Co., Tx (Texas death Rec) -single, HH of parents, 1910 Lampasas Co., Tx; single Farmer, HH of Father, 1930 
                                Coryell Co., Tx-WWI Civilian draft registration, Lampasas Co., Tx
                            c. Susan Caddell b. June, 1897 Tx-missing 1910
                            d. Mary Caddell b. May, 1899 Tx-@ home, 1910 Lampasas-Missing 1920
                               (M) #2 Frances Hendrick abt 1900 (Marr. 10 yrs, Had 4 ch, 4 living, (6 children in HH) 1910 Lampasas Co., Tx) She was b. abt 1880 Tx (Mrs. W J Caddell  d. Dec. 22, 1928  
                               Coryell Co., Tx) Her Mother, Josephine Hendrick, Wid., age 78 yrs., living in HH 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                               By #2 wife
                            e. Ila Caddell b. abt 1903 Tx -missing 1930
                            f. John Caddell b. abt 1905 Tx -missing 1930
                            g. Katie B. Caddell b. Aug. 29, 1908 Tx d. July 29, 1996 Bexar Co., Tx Last Res: Devine, Medina Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death Rec) (did not marry)
                            h. Lee (Dtr) Caddell b. abt 1909 Tx-missing 1930
                            i.  Dollie Caddell  b. Dec. 5, 1913 Coryell Co., Tx d. April 4, 1996 Burnet Co., Tx;  (SSDI shows death date April 11) single HH of father, 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                                (M) Fred Hunziker, Jr  He  was b. Oct. 23, 1901 d. March 4, 1975 Burnet Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)
                                      1. Dorman Ray Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      2. Forest Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      3. Horace Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      4. Carolyn Fay Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      5. William Darrel Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      6. Edith Regenia Hunziker b. Burnet Co., Tx
                                      7. Donald Hunziker b.  Burnet Co., Tx
                            j. Claude Caddell b. Oct. 7, 1916 Tx d. Feb. 21, 2004 Gatesville, Coryell Co., Tx (SSDI)-HH of father 1930 Coryell Co
                            k. Mary Caddell b. Feb. 9, 1919 Coryell Co.,Tx-(Texas birth Rec) HH of father 1930 Coryell Co., Tx
                                There is a 3 yr old male, Baines Caddell,  in the A E Hanes HH 1930 Coryell Co., Tx (I do not know whose son this is)
              5. Joseph Doughty Caddell b. July, 1857 Tx d. Jan. 23, 1929 San Patricio Co., Tx (Texas death rec)-HH of parents, 1870- (Jo Caddel, b. 1858 Tx Ala Miss, single, farmer, 1880 Live Oak Co,  
                  Tx) Carpenter, 1900 Sinton, San Patricio Co., Tx; 1910 San Patricio Co., Tx (M) 23 yrs.; gen'l. farmer, 1920 Sinton, San Patricio Co., Tx
                  (M) Lily/Lillie ________abt 1887  She was b. March 1,1872 Tx d. Dec. 19, 1966 Sinton, San Patricio Co., Tx (SSDI & Tex. death rec) (M) 23 yrs, Had 10 children, 9 living, 1910 Pct 1,      
                  San Patricio Co., Tx; Widow w/children, Farming, Pct 1, 1930 San Patricio Co., Tx
                          a. Lucy Caddell b. Jan. 3, 1890 Tx, d. Jan. 8, 1983 Sinton, San Patricio Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Rec)- single 1920 San Patricio CoTx; Single, HH of Mother, 1930 San Patricio  
                              Co., Tx-Did not marry
                          b. Rhoda Caddell b.. Jan., 1892 Tx  d. August  31, 1960 San Patricio Co., Tx (Texas death rec)-single 1920 San PatricioCo., Tx; single, HH of Mother, 1930 San Patricio Co., Tx-Did  
                              not Marry
                          c. Joseph Curtis Caddell b. March 20, 1895 Tx d. Jan. 8, 1988 Georgetown, Williamson Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)-single 1910-single, oil field worker, lodger w/Bro. Doughty,  
                             1920 E. Columbia, Brazoria o. Tx;  Oil field worker, Oil Co., 1930 Thibedeaux, LeFourche Par., Louisiana (M) @ age 31 (WWI Civilian draft registration, San Patricio Co., Tx)
                             (M) Mary Josephine ______abt 1926 (M) @ age 19 yrs; She was  b. Nov. 7, 1906 Tx d. June 4,1987 Georgetown, Williamson Co., Tx (death records, Mary Caddel) (SSDI,  
                             Josephine Caddel)
                                    1. Charlotte Y.  Caddel b. abt Dec., 1928 Louisiana
                          d. Ethel Caddell  b. March 31,1897 Tx d. July 15, 1993 Bee Co., Tx (Last Res. Sinton, San Patricio Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec) Did not marry- single, Dry goods saleslady, 1920 
                              San Patricio Co., Tx --Single, Public Nurse, 1930 Uvalde Co, Tx, has 3 cousins in HH w/her (Children of John S. Caddell) 
                          e. Doughty Herring Caddell  b. June 30, 1899 Tx d. Sept. 30, 1975 Cleveland, Liberty Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)-single, Oil field worker, lodger, w/Bro. Joseph C., 1920 E. 
                             Columbia, Brazoria Co., Tx-did not locate 1930 (WWI Civilian Draft Regis., San Patricio Co., Tx
                             (M) Aline _________ She was b. Dec. 29, 1908 d. Oct., 1986 Cleveland, Liberty Co., Tx (SSDI)
                          f. Bell Caddell b. abt 1903 Tx-Missing 1920 ; Widow, HH of Mother, 1930 San Patricio Co., Tx 
                             (M) _____Jenkins
                                   1. Curtis Jenkins b. abt 1923 Tx
                          g. Andrew (Andy) Bainze Caddell b. Aug. 17, 1904* Jack Co., Tx (Texas birth rec) HH of parents 1920; Oil Well Derrick Man, 1930 Pct 3, Orange, Texas (M) @ age 22  (SSDI-Andy 
                             B. Caddel b. April 8, 1905 d. Jan. 25, 1995 Austin, Travis Co., Tx)
                             (M) Ethel Burk Hunter abt 1926 She was b. Aug. 20, 1904 d. May 19, 1997 Williamson Co., Tx (SSDI, Texas death rec)  (M) @ age 21
                                      1. Connally Hunter Caddell b. April 29,1927 Jefferson Co., Tx
                          h. Iola Caddell b. abt 1908 Tx, HH of parents, 1920-(M) @ age 17 yrs, 1930 Bee Co., Tx Census- (SSDI for Iola Hale gives birth as Nov. 13, 1911 d. June, 1983 Bexar Co., Tx-June   
                             20, 1983 Texas death rec)
                             (M) Charles Louis/Lewis Hale abt 1925 (Bee Co., Texas Birth Rec) He was b. abt 1883 Texas-Truck Driver, Oil Field, Pct 8, 1930 Bee Co., Tx (M) @ age 42  yrs 1 Charles Hale d. 
                             Bexar Co., Tx April 10, 1970 & 1 Charles Hale d. Bexar Co., Tx Feb. 12, 1979 (Texas Death Records)-There is no SSDI for either of them, so I do nnot know if either of these is the 
                             correct one-sgs
                                      1. Charles Lewis Hale, Jr. b. Dec. 8, 1926 Bee Co., Tx-d. Sept. 5, 2007 Last Res: Rockport, Aransas Co., Tx (SSDI)-only child 1930 Bee Co., Tx census
                          i. Hunter Holwell "Holly" Caddell b. Jan. 20, 1910 Tx d. Jan. 22, 1985 Rosenburg, Fort. Bend Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death records) HH of parents, 1910, 1920-did not locate 1930
                             (M) Florence Geick (Ft. Bend Co. Birth Rec) She was b. Oct. 12, 1911 d. March 25, 1980 Rosenburg, Fort Bend Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas death rec)
                                     1. Gayle Ann Caddel b. Fort Bend Co., Tx
                                        (M) Gordon Lynn Broughton (Fort Bend Co. Birth Rec)
                          j.  Charles Caddell b. April 23, 1911 Tx , d. Feb. 22, 1978 Mathis, San Patricio Co., Tx -(C. Caddell, SSDI) --single, Truck driver, wholesale grocery, 1930 San Patricio Co., Tx 
                          k. Levis Prior Caddell b. Feb. 17, 1914 Tx d. Jan., 1987 Stillwater, Payne Co., Oklahoma (SSDI) HH of mother, 1930 San Patricio Co., Tx
                              (M) Mabel Kathryn McWhorter (Nueces Co., & San Patricio Co. Birth Records) She was b. Jan. 25, 1916 d. May, 1985 Stillwater, Payne Co., Oklahoma (SSDI)
                                      1. Carolyn Caddel b. Nueces Co., Tx
                                          (M) G. Neal Plocek (Nueces Co., Birth Rec)
                                      2. John Levis Caddel b. San Patricio Co., Tx
                                      3. Joseph Prior Caddel b. San Patricio Co., Tx
                                          (M) Janet Ruth Ennis (Tarrant Co., Tx Birth Rec)
              6. Susan Jane Caddell b. abt 1859 Tx-HH of parents, 1870-missing 1880
              7. Andrew Baines Caddell  b. abt 1862 Tx-single, HH of John C & Hannah Stribling, 1880 Coryell Co., Tx; Unable to locate this family in 1900; Genl. Farmer, 1910 Banner, Caddo, Oklahoma 
                  (M)#1-24  yrs; gen'l. farmer, 1920 Fargo, Seward, Kansas-Unable to locate 1930 anywhere
                  (M)  Martha E. "Mattie"  (Birdsong, Eavenes or Isham-See Death Records of her children, below) abt 1886  (Her #2 Marr) She was b. abt 1862 Ala;  (M)#2- 24 yrs, 1910 Banner, Caddo, 
                  Co.,  Okla; 
                          a. Maude L. Caddell b. Dec. 28, 1888 Oklahoma  d. Dec. 29, 1969 Orange Co., Calif -Mother's Maiden Name: Birdsong-  (shown as marr. dtr HH of parents, 1920 Fargo, Seward, 
                              Kansas-NO husband in HH;  Gro. Clerk, 1930 Newport Beach, Contra Costa, Orange Co., Calif. (M) @ age 23 yrs.
                              (M) Charles T. Pilkinton  abt 1913  He was b. Dec. 5, 1885 Texas d. Jan. 13, 1951 Orange Co., California (Calif.  Death Rec-Mother's Maiden Name: McClennan)  He is a Clerk, 
                              Gro. Store, 1930 Newport Beach, Contra Costa, Orange Co., Calif (M) @ age 27 yrs
                                     a. Jack L. Pilkinton b. April 2, 1918 Kansas d. Sept. 23, 1994 Los Angeles, California (Mother's Maiden name: Caddel)
                          b. Benjamin Franklin Caddell b. April 20, 1890 Okla. d. ____-Single 1910 Okla., single, RR Repairs, Mechnical, HH of parents, 1920  Seward Co., Kansas. Also enum. w/wife & child 
                              in sep. HH, Liberal, Seward Co., Kansas,  Works for RR (WW I Civilian draft Reg., Seward  Co., Kansas 1917)-did not locate 1930-NO SSDI for him
                              (M) Maude Ryan- She was b. abt 1895 Iowa (SSDI shows 1 Maude L. Caddel b. Aug. 9, 1894 d.Aug. 6, 1995 Vera, Knox Co., Tx-may be her
                                     a. Joe Cleaborn Caddell b. Dec. 19, 1916 Kansas d. May 26, 1958 Los Angeles, California, Mother's Maiden Name: Ryan (Calif. Death Rec)
                          c. Jessie Caddell b. abt 1892 Okla-Single, HH of parents, 1910 Caddo, Oklahoma; HH of her parents, 1920 Fargo, Seward Co., Kansas-did not locate 1930
                              (M) Guy E. Moore (Genl. Farmer1920 Fargo, Seward, Kansas
                                     a. Cleo Moore  (dtr) b. abt 1913 Okla.
                                     b. Gladys Moore b. abt 1916 Okla
                          d. Joseph Jackson "Jack" Caddell b. Jan. 31, 1896 Okla d. Dec. 14,  1962 Alameda County, California-single, Oil field worker, 1920 Fargo, Seward Co., Kansas, HH of parents (WW I  
                              Civilian draft Regis, 1917 Seward Co., Kansas, gives birth as Jan. 31, 1895) California death records-Joseph J. Caddel b. Jan 31, 1896 Oklahoma d. Dec. 14, 1962 Alameda Co., 
                              Calif. Mother's maiden name: Isham)
                          e. Leroy "Roy" Caddell b. Feb. 24,1896 Okla d. August 12, 1990, age 94 yrs  (Res: Kelso, Washington) (SSDI, Iss'd Washington, pr to 1951& Washington Death Rec) Missing 1920 
                              (WW I Civilian Draft Regis., 1917 Seward Co., Kansas)
                              (M) Flora L. ______She was b. abt 1892 d. March 21, 1988 Kelso, Washington, age 96 yrs
                          f. Claude R. Caddell b. Sept. 15, 1898 Okla* d. Jan, 1968 Oakland, Alameda Co., Calif (SSDI-Iss'd. Calif. pr to 1951)-Single, farmer, 1920 Fargo, Seward Co., Kansas 
                             (WW I Civilian Draft Regis., 1917 Seward Co., Kansas) Foreman, Oil Fields, 1930 Ventura City, Ventura Co., California, Shown as age 29 yrs,  (should be age 32 yrs,  
                              b. Okla shows (M) @ age 27 yrs.  *(California death records, Claude R. Caddel b. Sept 15, 1898  Kansas d. Jan. 8, 1968 Alameda Co., Calif; Mother's  maiden name: Eavenes)
                              (M) Louise P. _______She was b. abt 1894 Indiana (age 36 in 1930 census)-No children in 1930 HH
                          g. Clara Caddell b. abt 1903 Okla-single 1920 Fargo, Seward, Kansas
              8. Effie K. Caddell b. abt 1864 Tx, HH of Father, 1880 Bell Co, Tx
              9. Robert Lee Caddell b. June, 1868 Tx d. Dec. 15, 1943 Uvalde Co., Tx --HH of father, 1880 Bell Co., Tx; Farmer, 1900 Pct 4, Bandera Co., Tx, (M) 2 yrs; Genl. Farmer, 1910 Pct 5, 
                 Bandera Co., Tx; Wid'r, Farmer, 1920 Pct 6, Bandera Co., Tx, Wid'r., Ranch Foreman, age 61 yrs., lives alone, 1930 Bandera Co., Tx
                 (M) Nancy Bell___________ abt 1898 She was b. March, 1880 Tx d. PR to 1920 Census, Bandera Co., Tx-Had 1 ch, 1 living, 1900 Bandera Co, Tx; Had 4 ch, 3 living, 1910 Bandera Co.,  
                          a. Lorena May Caddell b. Dec., 1899 Tx-missing 1920
                          b. Julia Mamie Caddell b. abt 1901 Tx d. Feb. 17, 1967 Denton Co., Tx (Texas Death Rec)
                             (M) Tobie E. Sauter (Bandera & Uvalde Co. birth records) He was b. April 25, 1905 d. Sept. 6,  1986 Krum, Denton Co., Tx (SSDI & Texas Death Rec)
                                      1. Iris Erlene Sauter b. May 10, 1928 Bandera Co., Tx
                                      2. Dolores Lorene Sauter b. June 13, 1930 Uvalde Co., Tx (Texas Birth Records)
                                          (M) Wesley C. Myers (Medina Co. Birth Rec)
                                          (M) #2 Clarence Johnny Estes (Medina Co. Birth Rec)
                          c. Onia "Onnie" Laura Caddell b. abt 1908 Tx  -single HH w/Father, 1920 Bandera Co., Tx
             10. Arminta?  b. abt 1873 Tx-HH of father, 1880 Bell Co., Tx

4. James H. Born CA 1808 Clark Co, Ga Died: 1838 Nacogdoches Co, Texas 
   (John Sparks, Adm)
  (M) Massey C. Wadlington CA 1834 Miss
  She (M) #2 Robert R. Millard
  Both are buried @ Old North Church Cem., Nacogdoches, Texas
  (Massey Sparks Millard was instrumental in organizing the old Union Church, later becoming Old North Church.)
    a. Jesse Wadlington Born Jan 1, 1837 Died Aug 1, 1896 Mexico
        (M) Josephine Bivins April 18, 1865 Murphreesboro, Tenn
        Lawyer & Clerk of Chancery Court, US Consul to Mexico when he died
    b. William Noble Born 1838 Nacogdoches Co, Tx
       (M) Martha Elizabeth Caddell Dec 18, 1856 Nacog. Co, Tx

Rick Still Collection:
Folder 12b: David S. Kaufman Documents
Affidavit attesting to the death of a horse owned by James H. Sparks killed in action during the Cherokee Wars. Requesting reimbursement in the amount of $300.00. August 6, 1839. (D. S. Kaufman listed as an appraiser.)

Signed  between Joseph S. Ables and William C. Sparks on a horse race. Dated June 22, 1839. (D. S. Kaufman witness.)

5. Edith "Edey" Born Aug. 15, 1810 Clark Co, Ga. Died March 2, 1897 Collin Co, Texas
(M) James Simmons, Jan 12, (18)  1828 Lawrence Co, Miss

6. Levi Nathan Born CA 1812 Miss. Died: Nov, 1847 Rusk Co, Texas
(M) Luvisa R. Tipps, June 5, 1838 Nacogdoches Co, Texas by James L. Bryant
1846 Poll List Limestone Co, Tex
Widow in 1850 Rusk Co, Texas HH of Elizabeth Wood.
(Served in Texas Revolution-was in Battle of San Jacinto with nephew Stephen F. Sparks) Was in "Storming of Bexar" 

Texas Land title Abstracts
Abstract # 517, James H. Sparks, Orig. Grantee, Cert # 2766/2867, Patentee: Leander E. Tipps,  Date of Pat: Sept 10, 1866 Pat # 513, Pat Vol 7 , 147 AC Nac. 2nd Class, File#18

7. Eli G. Born Ca 1814 Miss Died; 1840's Nacogdoches Co, Tex
(M) Evelina Hall, Jan 9, 1840 Nacogdoches, Texas
She (M) #2 John T. McDaniel, pr to 1850 Prob. Sabine Co, Tx.


1775 Tax List-Surry Co, NC - List of Benjamin Cleveland
Matthew Sparks, 3 Polls, incl John Sparks, Matthew Sparks, Jr

North Carolina Dept of Archives & History, MARS Index-Secretary of State Record Group, Land Office, Land Warrants, Plats of Survey and Related Records, Surry County

Title: File No 970, William Sparks, (Assignee of Matthew Sparks) Years: 1`780, 1787 Office of the Secretary of State, Office of the Secretary; Call No S.108.1069, Location: 0085-0088; MARS Id: (Box), Phys. Desc: Warrants & Plats; Quantity: 2 items; Personal Names: William Sparks, Matthew Sparks, Geographical Namesd: Brushy Mountain; Land Grant Information: 200 Acres, Grant No. 962, Issued: Aug. 9, 1787 Entry No: 1466; Entered: Mar. 8, 1780 Book No: 65; Page No: 262; Location: On the Brushy Mountain, Surry County

Title: File No 1864, Henry Speer (Assignee of William Sparks) Years: 1780, 1798, Call No S.108.1072 Location: 0360-0364, MARS Id: 12.14.1366 (Box) Phys. Descr: Warrants & Plats; Quantity (2 items) Index terms: Personal names: William Sparks, Henry Speer; Geographical Names: Yadkin, Land Grant Information: 150 Acres, Grant No: 1799; Issued: January 8, 1798, Entry No: 2009;  Entered: Apr. 22,  1780 Book: 96, Page 91, Location: Waters of the Yadkin, Surry County

1784-87 Census-Surry Co, NC
Matthew Sparks 1 M 21-60 yrs, 1 M Und 21 yrs 3 Fem. total
Wilkes County-William Sparks 1 M 21-60 yrs, 1 M Und 21 yrs 3 Fe, Total

1785 TL-Wilkes Co, Ga 
William Sparks, Matthew Sparks

1791 Land Grant, William Sparks, 420 AC Franklin Co., Ga.
Grant Bk UUU, P 380
Matthew Sparks, Jr. 1792 Grant, 300 AC Franklin Co Bk XXX P 213
Jackson Co, Ga Jan., 1797 Term-Grand Jury-William Sparks, Jesse Sparks 
(Jackson Co, created 1796 from Franklin Co)

AMERICAN MILITIA IN THE FRONTIER WARS 1790-1796, State of Georgia,  P 239 (Franklin County) Second Battalion, Second Regiment, First Brigade, Third Division Militia, Lieutenant William Strong's Detachment-Muster Roll of a Detachment of Militia of the Second Battalion , Second Regiment, First Brigade, Third Division, State of Georgia, under the command of Lieutenant William Strong, in the Service of the United States, from Dec. 30, 1793 to Jan. 18, 1794

Privates Incl: #7 Absalom Sparks Certification: William Duke, Captain; William Strong, Lieutenant, Dec 30, 1793

P 240-First Battalion, Second Regiment, First Brigade, Third Division Militia, Ensign William Morgan's Detachment-Muster Roll of a Detachment of Militia of the First Battalion, Second Regiment of the First Brigade of the Third Division Commanded by Ensign William Morgan, State of Georgia, in the service of the United States, from Jan 24 to Feb 14, 1794

Privates Incl #18 William Sparks; #11 Absalom Sparks, #12 Nathan Sparks, #13 Jesse Sparks; Certification: William Spencer, Captain, William Morgan, Ensign

Pay Roll of a Detachment of Militia of the First Battalion, Second Regiment, First Brigade, Third Division, State of Georgia, Commanded by Lieutenant George Tucker, in the Service of the United States from Feb. 14 to Mar 5, 1794

Privates Incl: #2 William Sparks #3 Absalom Sparks, #5 Jesse Sparks Certification: Robert Morrow, Captain, George Tucker, Lieutenant Feb 14, 1794

(Clarke Co. cut off from Jackson & Greene Co, 1801)
1805 Land Lottery Clark Co, Ga-William Sparks #390, BB
Note-2 draws=M/Family B=Blank
Sarah Sparks, #304 BB  (Widow of Matthew)
2 draws=Widow B=Blank
& others


(HF:13 Cong., 3 sess. :DS)

Marion & Lawrence Counties
Mississippi Territory (January 19, 1815)

To the Honourable The Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in congress convened
The petition of the undersigned Inhabitants of the counties and Territory aforesaid humbly sheweth to your honourable body, that we Labour under great Inconvenience and disadvantages from the Present disagreeable situation of our country, we wish to acquaint your honourable body, that we made great Sacrifices of property in our several places of nativity to realize money to enable us to Settle in this part of the Union and to support us and our families on our Journeys.  We became the first settlers of a wilderness and Encountered all the disadvantages which naturally accrue from such a situation--having Expended all our pecuniary funds for the common necessities of life, a number of us were forced to make sacrifices of property to Enable us to make Payment on our Lands--The war with England was also partially Injurious to us by destroying our commerce, notwithstanding we approbate the measure, and have Evinced the same whenever called on--This disadvantage we were likely to surmount but the war with the Creek nation, the Impending danger and our Country actually Invaded have for near Three years kept us in the field--We have now taken the field "En masse" and left our desolated homes to meet the Common foe wherever he may dare to shew his head--under such Insurmountable difficulties we hope your honourable body will Rake our situation into mature consideration.  We find it impossible from the present situation of things to make further payments on our lands, and unless favoured must inevitable lose them--Your petitioners humbly pray that the attentions of congress may be had Immediately and Measures adopted for their relief by passing a Law giving a reasonable time after the conclusion of peace for the several payments now due as well as the Interest thereon.  Your petitioners beg to claim the attention of your honourable body Toward Widows and Orphans made by the death of husband or fathers in the actual service of the United States.  Donations to the heirs of such persons would relieve many from distress within our vicinity.  In order that your honourable body may fully understand the nature of our petition as relates to widows and orphans we further beg that those men who have died natural deaths in service from long marches Inclement weather, unwholesome food, and various other causes which they would not have been Exposed to at home, may also Embrace that part of the petition which asks for Donations, a number of the heirs of such persons or their parent prior to his disease have made Payments on Publick Lands but are now left without the means of accumulating a solitary Cent--In compliance to the foregoing your petitioners will as In duty bound Ever pray.
19th January 1815 Camp Pearl River

Geo. H. Nixon Lt Col
13 Regt MM
John McGuffee Majr.
Nath. Wells Majr.
Henry Smith Majr.
Howel W. Runnels Qm.
David Dickson, Jur. Surgn.
13 Regt. MM
Stephen Peak, Adjt.
B. W. Davis, S. M.
Charles Stoval, Q. L.
Wm. Spencer Capt.
D R Warren Lieut.

Others signing Petition, Incl:
James McAnulty
Wm. Cooper, Senr.
Stephen Noble, J G
Levi Nobles, Lieut.
Richard Sparks, En.
William Fielder
Joseph Cooper
John Cooper
Wm. Cooper
Wm. Sparks
Jas. Simmons
John Fielder
plus about 310 others

(Original spelling retained)

1820 Lawrence Co, Miss P 14

William Sparks, SR 1 1 0 1 0 1-0 1 0 1 0-1 prsn eng. in Agr., 15 slaves

(1 M 45+, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 10-16, 1 M Und 10; 1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe 10-16)

Who is the Wm. Sparks, below?
William Sparks 2 males und 10 yrs, 2 males 10-16 yrs, 1 M over 45 yrs, 1 Female 26-45 yrs
Richard Sparks 4 Males und 10 yrs, 2 males 26-45 yrs, 2 Fem under 10 yrs, 1 Fem 10-16 yrs, and 1 Fem 26-46 yrs

Marion County, Mississippi Court Records Oct, 1812-March, 1827 by E Russ Williams

Administrator's Bond, William Noble, Levi Noble, John Lott, Sr, William Sparks & Henry Askew are bound to James Phillips, Judge of Probate, for the sum of $400.00, dated A8ugust 25, 1823-Levi Noble & William Noble are to administer the estate of Stephen Noble, Recorded October 8, 1823 (Stephen Noble died in June, 1823 Marion Co, Miss.  He was a brother in law to William Sparks, they having married sisters.-sgs)

1830 Lawrence  County, Miss
William Sparks 2 Males 10-20, 1 Male 60+, 1 Fem 60+ and 1 Female 40-60
1830 Yazoo Co, Miss:
Richard Sparks 3 Males 30-40 yrs, 3 males, 10-20 yrs, 2 males Und 10 yrs,
1 Fe 20-40 yrs, 1 Fe 10-20 yrs, 1 Fe und 10 yrs
James Sparks 1 Male 20-40 yrs, 2 males 10-20 yrs, 1 male Und 10 yrs,
1 Fe 20-40 yrs, 1 Fe 10-20 yrs, 2 Fem Und 10 yrs
John Sparks 1 male 20-40 yrs, 1 male 10-20 yrs, 1 male Und 10 yrs, 1 Fe 20-40 yrs

"William Sparks was undoubtedly a deeply religious man. He held positions of leadership in the Baptist churches wherever he lived, and he represented his church at statewide conventions. In October 1818, when the Mississippi Baptist Association convened at the New Providence Baptist Church in Amite County, he and William Stamps represented the Silver Creek Baptist Church. The following summer, he and Stamps, along with William Martin, received permission to organize the Bethany Baptist Church at White Sands. On September 11, 1819, William Sparks with his wife Polly, were among those dismissed from the Silver Creek Church to go to the new Bethany Church. Five years later, he was named as a trustee of the Bethany Church. William and Polly continued to live near Silver Creek in Lawrence County, Mississippi, for several years and were enumerated there on the1820 and 1830 censuses. According to those censuses, it appears that they had seven children--five sons and two daughters.

"In the fall of 1830, William and Polly Sparks sold their land in Lawrence County. The following is an abstract taken from the deed which was recorded on November 19, 1830, on page 222 of Deed Book B. William and Mary Sparks sell two tracts of land except for six acres previously disposed of - a parcel of 159 acres out of which two acres were deeded to the Bethany Baptist Church as a gift on May 17 , 1823 (page 257 of Deed Book A) and another parcel of land of 159 acres out of which four acres were sold to Adam Tyrone (no date). The remainder of this land was sold on the above date to John Martin.

Wm. L. Pickins William and XX Mary Sparks

Wm. Bishop marks

 On the third Sunday in November, 1830, the clerk of the Bethany Baptist Church wrote in the minutes : "Brother William Sparks, beloved deacon, and his wife applied for a letter of demission." Years later, in his pension application, William Sparks also testified that "he moved to Lawrence County in 1811, thence to Holmes County where he lived until March 1836 when he moved to Nacogdoches County, Texas. " Since Holmes County was not formed until1 833, he probably went to that portion of Yazoo County which became Holmes County. He and his sons, John, James H., and William M., paid taxes there in 1833.  (Sparks Qrtrly)

Mississippi Land Records: (BLM Records) All Cash entry sales, by Act or Treaty of April 24, 1820
James Sparks June 1, 1826 Doc 646, Lamd Office: Washington 2 AC Base Line; Washington, T/S 3N Range 4W, Sect 2

James Sparks, June 1, 1826, Doc 647, 100.15 AC Washington LO, Base Line: Washington, T/S 3N, Range 4W Sect 6

William N. Sparks Sept 3, 1835 Doc 12481, 80.09 AC, Mt. Salus LO, BL: Choctaw, T/S 13N, Range 2E, Sect. 22

William Sparks, Sept 3, 1835, Doc 12841, 39.98 AC Mt. Salus LO, BL: Choctaw, T/S 14N, R 3E, Sect 29

James H. Sparks, Oct. 8, 1835, Doc 12903, 40/13 AC, Mt. Salus LO, BL: Choctaw, T/S 14N, R 4E, Sect 31

Board of Land Commissioners Minutes, Nacogdoches, 1838
This day William Sparks, Senr., Conditional was produced to the board. No 49. dated June 7, 1838, 2nd Class, for 1, 280 Acres and his unconditional signed  for the evidence see page 10

Application of William Sparks, Senr. for 1,280 Acres of the 2nd Class Unconditional Witnesses Robt. W. Smith and Wm. F. Sparks, -all sworn-Applicant deposes that he has resided in the Republic three years, is married, and has done and performed all the duties required of him as a Citizen.  Witnesses both depose that the facts deposed to be Applicant are true to their knowledge-Conditional No 49 dated June 7, 1838-Appln. Granted No. 348.

Index to Texas Land Title Abstracts:
County: Smith Abstract Number: 876
District/Class: Nacogdoches 2nd File Number: 366
Original Grantee: Wm. Sparks, Sr. Patentee: Wm. Sparks, Sr.
Title Date: Patent Date: 24 Aug 1855 Patent No: 837 Patent Vol: 4 Certificate: 49 
Acres: 640.00

County: Smith Abstract Number: 875
District/Class: Nacogdoches 2nd File Number: 366
Original Grantee: Wm. Sparks, Sr. Patentee: Wm. Sparks, Sr.
Title Date: Patent Date:  23 Aug 1853 Patent No:  591 Patent Vol:  4 Certificate: 49
Acres:  640.00

William Sparks appears on the 1837, 1839, 1840 Tax Lists for Nacogdoches Co.   In the 1840 census he owned 2,214 acres land, and 2 slaves.

First Book of Church Minutes, 1838-1872 Old North Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, Texas by Rev. Gene Tomlin-Pastor

Liberty School House, Nacogdoches County, Texas 
First Sabbath in May 1838
Saturday before the first sabbath in June, opened a door for the reception of members, rec'd by experience, James H Sparks, Levi Sparks, Elizabeth Sparks, Emily Sparks, etal, and by letter William Sparks.

Saturday, before the first sabbath in September,  received Norman, property of William Sparks

List of Male Members of Union Church-list includes William Sparks, Allen Sparks, Levi Sparks-dead, William Sparks, decd. Thomas Sparks, John Sparks, S. F. Sparks-DL, Wm. Sparks, Richard W. Sparks-D.L.

Names of Females-Mary Sparks, dismissed, Elizabeth Sparks, dismissed, Emily Sparks, dismissed, Massey Sparks, Elizabeth Sparks, dismissed, Martha Ann Sparks, Mary Ann Sparks

Names of Female Members of Union  Church-Massey Sparks, Martha Sparks, Mary Ann Sparks, dismissed April, 1859, Elizabeth Sparks, dismissed, October 1853, Emily Sparks, dismissed October, 1853, Martha A Sparks, Mary Ann Sparks, Mary Anderson, dismissed, 

Names of Male Members of Union Church-Thomas Sparks, dismissed Jan, 1859, J M Sparks, excluded 1870, L F Sparks, William Sparks, B W Sparks, dismissed 1854, Allen Sparks

1840 Saturday before the first Lord's day in January the Union Church met in conference-Called fellowship brother Wm. Sparks is reconciled with black brother Norman, reconciled.

1841-Saturday before the first Lord's day in April-On motion, Wm. Sparks, etal were appointed to draft rules for decorum and present them at next meeting.

1842 Saturday before the first Lord's day in February, Appointed Brothers William Sparks, etal to wait on the Church Clerk and request him to attend conference more regularly, and if he should not promise more regular attendance, to ask him for the Church book

Also Appointed brethren William Sparks and E. Anderson to wait on Sister Mary Sharp. 

Bro. Sparks, moderator, addressed Bro. Anderson as moderator, and stated to the Church that he had visited Sister Sharp and conversed with her and was perfectly satisfied to grant her a letter as to himself, but wishes the Church to act upon the question, the voice of the Church being taken, it was decided that sister Sharp should have a letter.

1843-Saturday before the first Lords day in May, Church met in conference after divine services by Bro. Hanks.  Called for fellowship, appointed Wm. Sparks and A. Crain to cite Bro. Tipps to attend meeting to answer reports.   Saturday before the first Lords day in June-Bro. Tipps gave satisfaction.

Saturday before the first Lords day in September, appointed Wm. Sparks, Ambrose Crain an C. H Whitaker delegates to the convention to be held at the Union church Saturday before the second Lords day in November.

1844 Saturday before the first Lords day in April, church met in conference- Brother Wm. Sparks petitioned the Church to release him from the duties of deacon, as he was too old and infirm to attend to them any longer, Granted.

1845-Saturday before the first Lords day in August-appointed brethren Lewis, Samuel Rogers, B F Whitaker, S F Sparks, and Wm. Sparks to draft corresponding letter to the Association.

1846-Saturday before the first Lords day in May, met in conference before Br. Reed-= On Motion a committee be appointed to draft said rules, whereupon Wm. Sparks, Levi H. Askew, A. Crain, and B F Whitaker to see bro. Lewis to know the cause why he absents himself from us as he fails to attend, and report to the next conference.  

This is the last entry in the Union Church Minutes for William Sparks.


Republic of Texas, 2nd Class Certificates 1836, 1837 (Barnes)
Eli G. Sparks, located Rusk Co, Cert #50 640 A Rusk Land Dist File #22
James H. Sparks located Rusk Co, Cert #124, 640 AC Rusk Land Dist, File #18
James H. Sparks, located Angelina Co, Cert #124, 493 AC Nacogdoches Land Dist File #349
James K. Sparks located Nacogdoches Co, Cert #2766, 2727, 147 AC Nacog. Land Dist, File #511
William Sparks, Sr, located Smith Co, Cert #49, 640 AC,  & 640 AC, Nacogdoches Land Dist File #366
John Sparks, located Wood Co, Cert # ---, 960 AC Nacogdoches Land Dist, File # 412

Bounty & Land Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888 (Thos. L. Miller)
James Sparks, Rec'd Bty. Wrnt 3077 for 640 AC from S. War on 28 April, 1838, for service from Sept 9, 1836-March 9, 1837.  640 AC in Van Zandt Cty were ptd. to him Nov 11, 1850. Pat 27, Vol 6, Abst. 826, GLO File Nac. Bty 255

Levi N. Sparks-Rec'd Bty Wnt 1339 for 320 AC from AG on 10, Aug, 1853 for service "st the storming of Bexar". 320 AC in Clay Cty were ptd to him on 1 Dec, 1858 Pat 131, Vol 9, Abst 421 GLO File Fan Bty 295

Levi N. Sparks Rec'd Don Cert 510 for 640 ac from AG on Aug 10, 1853 for being in seige of Bexar. Two 320 ac tracts in Denton Cty. were ptd. to him on 21 Mar, 1857. Pats 479-80 Vol 2,Absts. 1213-14 GLO File Fan. Don. 627.

Nacogdoches Co., Texas Deeds
Vol I, P 133-134 Dec 17, 1845 William Sparks to  William W. Cook, 640 AC land- Bond in amt of $500. to make title to half headright of 1280 AC land. Recorded Dec 17, 1845
Vol I P 471-471 Jan 9, 1847 William Sparks to Dtr Edith Simmons, & Dtr Sarah McAnulty,  slave Mary, age 4 yrs, and Elizabeth, age 2 mos.- Deed of gift, plus $5.00 Recorded Jan 20, 1847 2PM
Vol I, P 511 Jan 9, 1847 William Sparks to gr/son James Sparks of Nacogdoches Co, Slave Dolly, Age 40 yrs. old  (deed of Gift, plus $5.00) Recorded Mar 10, 1847 3PM
Vol I, P 541  Jan 9, 1847-William Sparks, Senr.  to son John Sparks, slaves  Norton age 40 yrs, and Lizuce, age 25 yrs.  (deed of gidt plus $5.00) Recorded April 9, 1847 11AM

John Sparks-Commissioners to detect Fraudulent Certificate, May 25, 1840, ND
John Sparks-William Sparks, Sept 1, 1843, May 1, 1844
John Sparks-Fountain R. Floyd, Jan 24, 1842, July 2, 1855 4PM
DB L, P 575-John Sparks, Original Grantee, -Transfer, for $320., of headright Certificate for 1280 AC land 

1846 Poll  List- Republic of Texas (Mullins)
Nacogdoches County
William Sparks, Richard Sparks, Elizabeth Sparks, James H. Sparks, Stephen F. Sparks
L. Sparks, Rusk Co. 


North Carolina Dept of Archives & History, MARS Index-Revolutionary Army Accounts Audited: W. Sparks, Vol VI, P 80, Folio 3

Declaration of William Sparks, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832 (original spelling retained-sgs)

State of Texas
County of Nacogdoches

On this 14th day of September, A. D., 1846 personally appeared before Honorable District Court of said County now sitting in open court, William Sparks, a resident of Sparks' settlement in said County of Nacogdoches and State of Texas aged eighty-five years on the 3rd day of April last, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.

That this applicant entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.   Shortly before this applicant entered the service his father Matthew Sparks removed with him from the Yadkin River in the County of Wilkes and State of North Carolina across the Blue Ridge to a place on New River in the said County of Wilkes, which  is now about two miles from the County seat of Roan (Rowan) County, North Carolina. 

Also shortly before I entered the service the Cherokee Indians had committed depredations and murdered five persons, I think, three children and two women, near the head of the Catawba River, at least, above John's River, at a place then, I think, in Burke County, North Carolina. In the part of the country in which I lived, after the war had lasted several years, all of us capable of bearing arms were divided into four classes, as well as I remember, by lots. I fell into the fourth class. 

About this time it came to the turn of my class to enter the service; and while we were making preparations to do so Capt. John Cleveland, (nicknamed Devil John) son of Col. Benjamin Cleveland, who afterwards fought at King's Mountain, and who  then resided near our former residence on the Yadkin, come over to our settlement on New River, and proposed to my class to volunteer to go with him against the Cherokee Indians, saying that this tour would be accounted the same as the same length of service against the British, against whom we were then preparing to go. 

Four of my neighbors of my class viz. John Baker, Israel Campbell, John Waters, and George Humphreys,  with myself,  accepted John Cleveland's proposition, and in obedience to his order rendezvoused at Wilkes Court-House (Wilksboro)  and entered the service under the said John Cleveland as our Captain on the 15th day of August -- from old age and consequent loss of memory this applicant cannot state positively in what year this was, but he does recollect, that it was when he had just entered his seventeenth year, and several years before the battle of King's Mountain.  (This would put the year as 1778)

At Wilkesboro, which was the place of general rendezvous for the North Carolina troops raised for this expedition, Capt. Cleveland's Company was filled to the number of about sixty, and about one thousand in all rendezvoused here. We were all mounted gunmen, and nearly all armed with rifles, tomahawks, and butcher knives, each man, and myself amongst the rest, furnishing his own horse, arms, and equipment. 

At the end of about two days we took up the line of march by Pleasant Gardens on the Catawba, crossed John's River, then by Cathey's Fort to Turkey Cove on the Catawba, a distance, I supposed, of about one hundred miles in all from Wilkesboro. At Turkey Cove we remained about two weeks collecting Beef and other provisions for the campaign. 

Here we were joined by the rest of the North Carolina forces, making our number from twelve to fifteen hundred, and here the Command- in-Chief was taken by Genl. Charles McDowell of Pleasant Gardens, Burkes County, North Carolina, in which he continued throughout the Campaign. At this place my Capt. John Cleveland was informed by letter that his wife was dangerously ill, and went home, and did not again return to us. 

Myself and my New River neighbors, Baker, Campbell, Waters and Humphreys, at the request of Capt. Cleveland were then permitted to join Capt. John Beverley's Company, in which we remained to the end of the Campaign. I do not remember positively what disposition was made of the rest of  Cleveland's company, but I believe that as Beverly had not before a full company they all joined him. My Regiment was commanded by Colo. Benjamin Hearn of Wilkes County. The Captains under him were as far as I remember, John Cleveland and John Beverly and I think others whom I do not recollect. 

Col. Joseph Dowell, brother of our Genl. commanded the Burkes County Regiment.   There was also a Maj. McDowell in under Colo. Joseph McDowell. I think his given name was also Joseph, and that he was a cousin of the General and this Colonel. I do not remember any of the other North Carolina officers. 

At the end of about two weeks we marched from Turkey Cove up the Catawba on the East side along an old Indian Trace, and crossed the mountains through a gap the name which I do not recollect -- struck the waters of Swane River, went down the same and crossed French Broad River just above the mouth of Swanane  (Sawanee?)

Here the foot company from Wilkes County in which was my uncle James Sparks, and which marched behind us built a station, and remained to guard the frontier until our return from the Indian Country. (Here I saw my uncle on return.) From the mouth of Swanane we proceeded across Richland Creek and the Hominy creek. Here we met and were joined by twelve or fourteen hundred mounted gun-men from South Carolina. 

I do not remember their commander, or any of their officers except a Maj. Lytle, and him I recollect  and from his afterwards in the course of the Campaign accidentally killing one of his own men by the name of Morrison in an Indian skirmish. The whole Army then proceeded across another ledge of mountains and then crossed Tuckasegea River. The night of the day we crossed this River a scouting party of thirty or forty of our men under Maj. McDowell were attacked by a party of Indians of whom they killed two or three, and made prisoners of a woman and child, an old man and one or two boys. The old Indian was shot the next day by a friendly Indian, a servant of Col. Miller , NC, who I think was with us, but in what capacity, I do not recollect.  I regret to say that I believe all the prisoners were murdered, except two boys.  

We then marched on to the Tennessee River a distance of some 20 or 30 miles, here we found  several Indian Villages on the South East side of the River, which gave every indication of having been but recently deserted. We remained some two weeks destroying the houses, corn, beans and everything of utility in and about the villages, we then received orders one evening that on the next morning we were to march to the Valley Towns some 70 or 80 miles further on, but in the morning these orders were counter-manded, I have never known why. 

We next proceeded about a day's march up a River, the name of which I forget, on the South-East side of the Tennessee, to a large town surrounded by villages where we spent several days more in destroying the town and Villages and everything in and about them. Rumor afterwards stated, and I believe truly, that the devastation committed by us on this campaign was the cause of the death of many hundreds of Indians from starvation. 

After spending a week or two more in endeavoring through our Scouts in vain to find the Indians we commenced our return march, and retraced the same route as well as I recollect. When we repassed the station near the mouth of Swanane the foot company was still there to protect the frontier, and remained there for some time afterwards. 

To the best of my recollection the South Carolina troops parted from us at Hominy creek where they had joined us. The North Carolina troops then marched on and returned to the Yadkin at or near Wilkesboro where we were disbanded. From this service I received a written discharge from Capt. John Beverly which I kept for many years, but at length not deeming it of any use it was long since lost or destroyed. 

On this tour we marched a distance which we deemed about five hundred miles and back; and I served in it as a Private Mounted Rifle-man (furnishing my own horse, arms, and equipment) at least four months, and I believe longer for I feel confident that I did not return home until after Christmas,  and I know I returned home as soon as I was discharged. On this expedition I know I received no pay but to the best of my recollection the privates were promised twenty Dollars per month each, and the same remarks will apply with truth to all my revolutionary services; for I received no pay for any of them. 

Upon my return from this campaign the militia company, in the bounds of which I resided, was organized into a company of mounted minute men under Andrew Baker as Captain and my Brother John Sparks as Lieutenant. In this company I served till the close of the War of the Revolution. We furnished our own horses, arms, and equipment. Our part of the country was almost constantly infested with robbing and murdering parties of Tories, British and Hessians, and I was constantly either out in pursuit of such parties, or, in obedience to the orders of my Captain, held myself in readiness to march at a moment's warning. 

Of the many and almost constant scouting parties, pursuits, and expeditions in which I was engaged during this period from my great age and infirmities I can recollect but one, so as to be able to state the particulars and that only from the personal interest of my family in it, - will proceed to state it. 

In less than a year after my return from the campaign against the Cherokees above detailed, a party of Tories, about 150 in number, robbed my Father, taking a horse, saddle, and bridle , six guns, all our pewter (we had no delftware in those days) and whatever else they could carry. My company was immediately called out and others amounting in all to about one hundred and fifty mounted Gun Men under the command of Colo. Benjamin Cleveland. 

We pursued the above named Tories a distance of between 60 and 70 miles and overtook them in Boxe's settlement near the Virginia line. They were feasting, froliking and many of them drunk. We killed and wounded 25 or 30 of them in a fight, made prisoners of nearly all the rest, of whom hung five or six, the balance of the prisoners were discharged by Colo. Cleveland upon their promise not to molest the patriots for the future. In this expedition I was engaged three weeks. I received no written discharge during the war except the one from Capt. Beverly above mentioned. I have no documentary evidence of my service, and I know of no person whose testimony I can procure who can testify to my service. 

This applicant further states on oath that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than three years as a private volunteer mounted Rifleman, always furnishing his own horse, arms and equipment, and for service he claims a pension. 

This applicant was born in Rowan County near Salisbury in the State of North Carolina on the 3rd day of April A.D. 1761. He has no record of his age, but he believes his brother Jesse Sparks residing in Hickman County in the State of Tennessee has a copy of the record of his age, the original having been lost. When called into service this applicant lived in Wilkes County North Carolina, and remained there till the close of the Revolutionary War when he removed with his father to what was then Franklin County, afterwards Jackson, and now Clark County in the state of Georgia and settled about four miles from Athens in that State. 

There this applicant resided till the year 1811 when he removed to Lawrence County, Mississippi, thence to Holmes County in that State, where he lived until March, 1836, when he removed to this County and vicinity where he has ever since resided.  In his service he was at all times a volunteer. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present; and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any State. 

William his X mark Sparks 

Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 14th September 1846 R. Parmalee CDC By H. Nelson Depty 

The Court then proceeded to propound the following interrogatories, according to law:
Inter. first: Where & in what year were you born?
Answer: I was born North one mile of the town of Salisbury in the County of Rowan, State of North Carolina on the 3rd day of April, in the year 1761."

Int. 2nd:  Have you any record of your age & if you have where is it? 
Answer: I have no record of my birth -- but my brother has who lives in Hickman County Tennessee. He furnished me with a copy which I lost several years since with a trunk of papers near Natchez, Mississippi."

Int. 3rd:: Where were you living when called into Service? Where have you lived since the Revolutionary War -- and where do you now live? 
Answer: I was living in Wilkes County, North Carolina. My father emigrated from Wilkes County to Georgia Shortly after the Revolutionary War, and Settled in what was then Franklin County, now Clark County, near Athens, where I resided till about A.D.1811 when I moved to the Territory of Mississippi on Pearl River, now Lawrence County. I remained there a number of years then removed to Holmes County where I remained until I moved to the then Republic of Texas. I stopped in Nacogdoches County where I have lived ever since. 

Inter 4th: : How were you called into Service , were you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you Substitute, if a Substitute for whom? 
Answer: I volunteered and regret that I am not able to do so again. I was not a Substitute, nor was I drafted."

Inter 5th: State the name of some of the Regular Officers who were with the troops when you served.  State Continental & Militia Regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service.
Answer:  I served under Capt. John Cleveland, son of old col. Ben Cleveland.  Capt Cleveland was called home and I served the rest of the time under Capt. John Beverly.  Col. Benjamin Hearn was our Col. commanding and General Chas. McDowall was the General in Command.  Col. Joseph McDowal was out at the same time command(ing) another regiment.  during this tour we were engaged against the Cherokee Indians.  After I returned from this tour I was frequently engaged as a scout under the command of Col. Ben Cleveland, Joseph Baker and Lt. John Sparks, who was my older brother.  The Tories came into the neighborhood and  committed depredations.  Col. Ben Cleveland came over with a company, we followed the Tories about 60 miles, overtook them and we wounded several - took some prisoners.  I was in the service with Col. Cleveland.

Inter 6th:  Did you ever receive a discharge from service, and if so, what has become of it? 
Answer:  I did receive a discharge from Capt John Beverly for my first tour against the Cherokees, which I have lost years and years ago.  I never received any other discharge.

Inter 7th:  State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity in their belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution.
Answer: Genl. Thomas J. Rusk, Major David S. Kaufman, Rev. William Harrington, and any others of my acquaintance.

I certify that the answers to the foregoing seven interrogatories were made on Oath by the said William in open Court before me on this 14th day of September, AD, 1846.

W. B. Ochiltree
Judge of the 6th Jud. Dist.
State of Texas