The Family of
Col. Richard Sparks
of Georgia., Mississippi, & Nacogdoches, Texas
& wife
Elizabeth Cooper

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Richard Sparks was born in CA 1793 in Franklin County, Georgia.  He was the son of 
William Sparks,  Rev. War Soldier from North Carolina, and wife Mary "Polly" Fielder.

Richard came to the Mississippi Territory with his parents in  the fall of 1811, from Morgan Co, Georgia. (Passport issued by the Gov. of Georgia Sept 15, 1811) This passport was for several families, consisting of 59 white persons, and 46 slaves comprising this wagon train.

He married Miss Elizabeth Cooper,  on July 7th, 1812, in Marion Co., Mississippi.  (Consent of father, William Cooper, Sr,) wit. by Vaughn H. Hillbrun 

Richard Sparks, En, was among the signers of a Petition dated January 19, 1815, at Camp Pearl River, to the Congress by Inhabitants of Marion & Lawrence Counties, Miss. Also signing this petition were his father, William Sparks, as well as his father-in-law, William Cooper, Sr, other relatives and neighbors, for a total of 300 + Inhabitants.. (Mississippi Territorial Papers-below)

Index to War of 1812 Service Records
SPARKS, Richard  13 REGT (Nixon's) Mississippi Militia Ensign Roll Box 196 Extraction # 602

Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812, Roll of Mississippi Commands
in the War of 1812-13th Regt. (Nixon's) Mississippi Militia
List Includes the following: 
Privates Hambleton Cooper, Joseph Cooper, John Cooper, William Cooper, John Coore, William Fielder, James McAnulty, Robert McAnulty, Corporal William McAnulty &
Richard Sparks, Ensign

The following is from Sparks Qrtrly- ( Mustered in to Captain Harmon M. Runnel's Company of the 13th Regiment (Nixon's) of the Mississippi Territory Militia to serve for three months. He was mustered out with his company on February 7,1815.

"On May 14, 1819, Richard Sparks, son of William Sparks, resigned as a constable of Lawrence County, Mississippi, an office to which he had been appointed about 1814.  On April 19, 1823, he was named as a trustee of the newly-constituted Bethany Baptist Church at White Sand. A short time later, he moved his family to Copiah County where he paid a tax on himself and three slaves. The total tax was $3.00. He did not stay in Copiah County very long, however, for when Simpson County was formed in 1824 he was commissioned its first sheriff on May 4, 1824. It was that same year that there was a death in his family, probably that of an infant son or daughter 

In 1825 he was appointed a Justice of the Peace in Yaxoo County, and in 1827 he was elected a representative to the Mississippi State legislature and was re-elected in 1828, and in 1829, and 1831, living a few miles SW of Lexington, according to deed records. 1825 TL- Yazoo Co-incl. Richard Sparks-Ref: Sparks Qrterly

Richard Sparks removed his family to Texas about 1833, first settling in San Augustine & Sabine Counties, later removing to Nacogdoches about 1834, his Application for Citizenship being dated  Jan. 24, 1835, where he was involved to some degree in the local government. His occupation was Stockraiser, and Farmer, later was a Surveyor, and  he became a very large land owner. His father, William Sparks, removed to Nacogdoches in March, 1836, according to his Rev. War Pension Application.

On Saturday, August 15, 1835, Col. Richard Sparks, along with Mr. James Bradshaw, Gen. Samuel Houston,  and Col. Thomas J. Rusk were appointed "to council and treat with the different Indian tribes within the limits of Texas, and whatever else they may deem proper, to do the Indians justice, and preserve peace with them"  This Public Meeting was conducted by a large number of citizens of the district and town of Nacogdoches, assembled at Mr. Veal's tavern.  Mr. James Bradshaw, Chairman, Mr. Wm. G. Logan, Secretary (Resolution # 4, Document No. 513, Nacogdoches Archives)

One of the records of the Texas Indian Papers, 1825-1843, shows a Bill of Goods, furnished by Richard Sparks and Smith for the Cherokees on their trip to the Prairies, Feb. 24, 1837: 
13 blankets, @8.00 pr blanket =$96.00
21 tin cips @ .25 cts ea=5.25
1 coffee Biler for Bowles= 1.50
20 flaps of strand, per flap $1.50=$30.00
14 large Butcher Knives, per knife 1.00=14.00
1 pair Brass Spirs for Bowles .75 cts =$25.00
20 lbs of Bar lid, 25 cts per pound=$5.00
2 Brass Kitles of a reasonable large size 5.00=10.00
21 papers of Paint Vermillios, 50 cts ea paper=$10.50
Total $212.50

I, Bowles, the Command Chief of the party so ask and with agent to percure the above mentioned articles for me if possible for my journey to the prairies to preceed on the above request mentioned with my twenty-one men with me.

I, the said Col. Richard Sparks, and Smith, seeing the necessity and being present and seeing the above number of Cherokee Indians this far on the march at the Saline, I have furnished for the same to be forwarded to the president where unto we have set our hand and seals this day and date.

Feb__th, 1837, Col. Bowl, Capt Egg, William Goyens, Acting Agent.
(Endorsed) Goyens-Sparks Bill, $198.25 crs, there being an error of $14.25 cents in Charge for Spirs. Recd. 24th Feb, 1837. 
Referred same day to War Department, Houston.

In September, 1835 Richard Sparks, George Pollitt, and Andrew Hendrie were elected Commissioners from the Municipality of Nacogdoches.

The Neches Saline trading post, northwest of Nacogdoches, was operated by Captain Robert W Smith and Colonel Richard Sparks. The salt deposits in the area around the trading post at the Neches had for many years attracted the Indians, making it a logical site for a mercantile establishment. Smith and Sparks operated their post, land claimed by the Cherokee tribe, on the eastern bank of the Neches River. Neches Saline was near the midway point between Nacogdoches and the "threeforks of the Trinity River" area. Smith and Sparks had taken over the operation of the trading post from Indian agent Martin Lacy. Captain Robert W. Smith was born Dec. 9, 1814 in North Carolina and emigrated to Texas in 1835. 
(See Republic of Texas Claims Index)

Richard Sparks served as Alcade in Nacogdoches, in October & November, 1836. (See below)

He received Mexican Land Grants dated August 15, 1835 for 1 league of land in what is now Walker Co., Texas, and for 11 Leagues of land in what is now Upshur Co., Texas. 

It  was about this time that Richard Sparks became involved in the practice of land surveying.  Land was cheap, (25 cts per acre) and plentiful, and surveyors usually received a portion of the land they surveyed.  (Sparks Qrtrly)

Richard Sparks donated the land for the cemetery, and the Union Church, organized in 1837, at the springs on his property, later changed to Old North Church.  This is the oldest Baptist Church in Texas. His father, William Sparks, served as a deacon. The old Union Church was where they held union prayer meetings, and union camp ground, in which Baptists, Methodists, & Presbyterians all took part. (Handbook of Texas)

The old Liberty School house was also built on this property in October,1836. This building, made of logs, was used until 1852 when a frame building was constructed on the same foundation.  Massey (Wadlington) Sparks Millard, widow of James H. Sparks, was instrumental in getting the church built, as well as the school. (Handbook of Texas)

Richard Sparks was killed by Indians on Pin Oak Creek, in what is now Navarro Co, Texas in April, 1838, while he was checking on some land certificates there, according to his estate records and the memoirs of his son, S. F. Sparks, (See Obitituary, below)

At the time of his death, he owned several thousand acres of land in several Counties of the Republic of Texas, according to his Estate Papers.

His wife, Elizabeth, was born CA 1796 Prob. in North Carolina, daughter of William Cooper, Sr. . She made her will  in December, 1847 and it was Proved January, 1848, in Nacogdoches.  She is buried @ Old North Church Cemetery-Unmarked.

First Book of Church Minutes, 1838-1872 Old North Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, Texas by Rev. Gene Tomlin-Pastor

Liberty School House, Nacogdoches County, Texas
First Sabbath in May 1838
Saturday before the first sabbath in June, opened a door for the reception of members, rec'd by experience, James H Sparks, Levi Sparks, Elizabeth Sparks, Emily Sparks, etal, and by letter William Sparks.

SPARKS children: (Census Records Below)

1. William Fielder  Born Jan. 22, 1814 Lawrence Co, Miss. He died July 13, 1900 
McLennan Co, Tx Bur: Oakwood Cem, Waco, McLennan Co, Tx
(M) Minerva McKey,  (Lived 1880 Johnson Co, Tx)
Entrance Certificate, 1835 Nacogdoches
Army of Republic, 1836  (Capt. Bryant's Co) 
Orderly-Sergeant in Robert Smith's Co.
Lived in Douglass, 1841.
State Representative from Robertson Co, Seventh Texas Congress 
Moved back to Douglass area about 1847, lived in Harris County in 1848, and in Ft. Bend 
county,  1850-51
2nd Lt,  J. M. Weston's Co. CSA  Enl. Aug. 7, 1863
served as tax assessor-collector for Johnson Co, Tex 1879-80
Ref: Handbook of Texas  (R. B. Blake) & Ericson, Gateway to Texas Vol 1

2. James Hawkins Born 1815 Miss Died: Sept. 12, 1885 Bosqueville, McLennan Co., Texas
(M) #1-Penelope Mann CA 1833, (M) #2 Rebecca (M) #3-Elizabeth McKnight Dec. 20, 1838 Nacogdoches, Texas
Entrance Certificate, 1835
Nacog. Co, TL-1837, 1839, 1840, 1845, 1847 Census (Ericson, Gateway to Texas Vol 1)
Lived 1880 Kosse, Limestone Co, Tx

3. Stephen Franklin Born April 7, 1817 Lawrence Co, Miss 
Died: March 13, 1908 Rockport, (Sparks' Colony) Aransas Co, Texas  
Bur: Seaside Cem., Rockport, Tx
(Obit-Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, Texas, Tuesday, March 17, 1908)
(M) #1 Emily B. Whitaker, Oct. 6, 1836 Nacogdoches, Tex
(M) #2 Mrs. Jane (Skelton) Journey April 14, 1856  McLennan Co, Tx
Lived 1880 Waco, McLennan Co, Tx -wool grower
lived in Aransas Co, 1900, w/son
Served in Texas Revolution, was @ the seige of Bexar, December, 1835,  was in Battle of San Jacinto, in Capt. Hayden Arnold's Co., where he was wounded in the knee.
Was involved in the "Run-Away Scrape"
Served as last Pres. of Texas Veterans Association-Elected 1904, which was disbanded in 1907 and the work was taken up by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
***His Memoirs, written in letter form to his good friend Rev. J. L. Walker, of Bruceville, Texas, dated March 16, 1895, were published in the Texas State Historical Commission Quarterly, 1933.  S. F. Sparks was 78 yrs of age at the time of his writing. 
"Heroes of Texas, S. F. Sparks, His Recollections, Compliments of The Union National Bank, Houston, Texas 1933" &  The Handbook of Texas
(Letters of dismission  from Union Church  (Old North Ch) issued to S. F. Sparks, Emily Sparks & Elizabeth Sparks on Saturday before the first Sabbath in October, 1853)

4. Elizabeth C. Born 1819 Miss. Died: 1851 Erath Co, Tex
(M) Samuel Everett Rogers 1834 Miss
He was born CA 1809 NC Died  May 3, 1863 near Carlton, Hamilton Co, Tx (Killed by Indians)
Children: ROGERS (Ref: Nancy Bienhorn, a Descendant)
   a. James Carroll Born Sept 18, 1835 Nacog. Co., Tx Died: Dec 13, 1912 Clinton, OK 
       (M) Nancy Elizabeth Howard Aug 4, 1857 Erath Co, Tx
              B-1837 Nacog. Co, Tx  Dtr of John H Howard & Sarah Gage Burleson
               They were the parents of 16 children, all born in Texas
   b. William Everett Born Nov 27, 1841, Tx Died Dec 25, 1909 Midland Co, Tx
       (M) Virginia A. Purtell May 26, 1868 McLennan Co., Tx
              They were the parents of 9 children
   c. Joseph Franklin "Frank" Born Feb 27, 1844, Tx Died 1929
       (M) Susie E Davis Dec 11, 1871 McLennan Co, Tx
              They were the parents of 3 children
   d. Thomas M. Born CA 1846, Tx Died 1864 (CSA)
   e. John Marion Born Feb 17, 1848, Tx Died Jan 1, 1926
       (M) Lavinia Jane Smith Jan 1, 1869 Quincy, Calif.
              They were the parents of 9 children
   f. Mary Ann Elizabeth Born Ca 1850, Tx

Samuel Rogers arrived in Nacogdoches in 1833.  Entrance Cert. 1835.

1835 census of Nacogdoches-NW of Nacogdoches Town
Samuel ROGERS 26 Married 1
Eliza ROGERS 16 do (Sparks)

Old North Church Minute Book-1838-1872 (Rev Gene Tomlin, Pastor)

List of Male Members-Samuel Rogers-dismissed
Everett Rogers-dead
List of Female members-Eliza C. Rogers-dismissed

Saturday before the first sabbath in August, 1838
Received by experience, Eliza C. Rogers

Saturday before the first Lord's day in March, 1840-Dismissed by letter, sister Eliza C. Rogers.

Saturday before the first Lord's day in November, 1843, received by experience, Samuel Rogers

Saturday before the first Lord's day n August, 1844, Ordained bro. Samuel Rogers, deacon

Saturday before the first Lord's day in August, 1845 appointed brethren Lewis, Samuel Rogers, B F Whitaker, S F Sparks, and Wm. Sparks to draft corresponding letter to the Association.

Saturday before the first Lords' day in September, 1848, Brother Everett Rogers came forward and was received by letter.

Saturday before the 2nd Lord's day in Nov., 1849, Brother Samuel Rogers requested a letter of dismission for himself and sister Eliza his wife which was also granted.

Saturday before the first Lord's day in Oct., 1852 Brothers N W Crain, John Sparks, and Brother Summers was appointed as a committee to draft some Resolutions relative to the death of sister Emily Knight and sister Eliza Rogers, done by order of the church in conference."

1850 Smith Co, Tx P 045-(3 48 48) 
Rogers Samuel 42 M Farmer 300 No Carolina
Rogers Eliza C 32 F Miss (Sparks)
Rogers James C 14 M Tex
Rogers William E 11 M Tex
Rogers Joseph F 6 M Tex 
Rogers Thomas M 3 M Tex
Rogers John M 2 M Tex
Martin Oliver G 28 M Cabinet Maker Ky
Carter William H 40 M Lawyer 300 SC

1880 Bosque Co, Tx ED12 P 423a
John M Rogers 32 WM Tx Ms Ms Farming
Lavinia J " 25 WF Ar __ Tn wife
Joseph W " 8 WM CA Tx Ark son
James William " 6 WM Tx Tx Ark son
Mary A " 4 WF Tx Tx Ark Dtr
Arthur R " 11 Mos WM Tx Tx Ark son

1880 Johnson Co, Tx ED 79 P 217D
Wm. E. Rodgers 39 WM Tx Tn Ms Stock Raiser
Virginia A. " 31 WF Ark Ky Al wife
Hortense " 10 WF Tx Tx Ark dtr
William A " 9 WM Tx Tx Ark son
Walter " 2 WM Tx Tx Ark son
Martha Allison 14 WF Tx _ _ Rel: Other @ School

1880 Somervell Co, Tx Pct 3, P 371B
James C Rogers 44 WM Tx Tn Ms Farmer
Eliza " 41 WF Tx Tn Tn
Columbus " 18 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Thomas " 15 WM Tx Tx Tx son
John " 13 WM Tx Tx Tx son 
Edgar " 12 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Maggie " 8 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Charles " 6 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Sam " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Archie "  2 WM Tx Tx Tx son

5. Mary Ann Born  1824 Miss. Died: Pr to Dec, 1847 Nacogdoches Co, Texas 
(Predeceased her mother)
(M) James E. Sharp, Feb. 6, 1840 Nacogdoches, Tex

 (Old North Church Minutes by Rev Gene Tomlin)
Liberty School House, Nacogdoches Co., Texas
First Sabbath in May, 1838
Received by experience-Includes Mary Sparks

6. Andrew Jackson Sparks born October 18, 1826 Died: August 6, 1857 Nacog. Co, Tex
(M) Mary Ann Allen, August 24, 1848, Douglass, Texas by Rev. John M. Becton, Presbyterian Min. @ Douglass, @ the home of her parents, Dr. Elijah Allen, Physician in Douglass.
Mary Ann Allen Sparks (M) #2 William Anderson Feb. 12, 1859 Nacogdoches, Tex. by whom she had 1 daughter, Laura Anderson.
Andrew Jackson Sparks & Mary Ann Allen Sparks, Anderson are both buried @ Old North Church Cemetery, (Unmarked)

7. Thomas Benton Born August 28, 1829 Miss, Died: Oct. 27, 1872 McLennan Co, Tx
Bur: Bosque Bapt. Church Cem., McLennan Co, Tx
(M) Miss F. A. M. M. (Phereby Ann Mildred Mahala) Smith June 20, 1850 Nacogdoches, Tex
Member of Union Church (Old North Church)


a. John Franklin Sparks Born Mar. 23, 1851
b. Andrew Jackson Sparks Born Apr 6, 1853
c. Richard Marion Sparks Born Abt 1857
d. Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Sparks born Aug 12, 1858
e. Thomas Hawkins "Hawk" Sparks Born Abt 1861
f. William Doyle Fielder Sparks Born Sept 25, 1862
g. Margaret W. "Mattie" Sparks Born July, 1869
h. James William Sparks Born Abt 1871
Thomas' Widow (M) #2 Lockridge

8. John Marion (Physician) Born June 28, 1831 Miss Died: April 17, 1909 Nacogdoches, Tex
(M) #1 Martha Crain Sept. 19, 1851 Nacogdoches, Tx
(M) #2 Elizabeth  Whitlow Hazle 
All Buried @ Old North Church 
Was 1 of early members and a Deacon @ Old North Church
Early Nacogdoches Physician.-He patented, bottled, and sold "Dr. Sparks' Hair Vigor" 
See his AD and Customer Testimonials, below
CSA, Texas-Co. C, Second Regt., Third Brigade
The old John Sparks home has been moved and restored by Capt & Mrs. Charles K. Phillips 
and  is a Texas Historical Landmark
Lived in Nacogdoches, Texas all his adult life

Dr. John Marion Sparks

Obit. of Dr. John M Sparks Monday, April 19, 1909
The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, Texas
Survivors: Not listed
Buried: Old North Church Cemetery Sunday, April 18, 1909


Abstracts & Deeds, Marion Co, Miss.  (Williams)

Appeared before Daniel West, Chief Justice, Thomas Gorden, who stands indebted for the sum of $27. on a note of hand drawn on David Lankford.  The deponent says that he believes Lankford is about to take leave of the place.  Richard Speaks (Sparks) is deputized to serve papers.  Exe. Feb. 13, 1812

Feb. 14, 1812 David Hubbert is firmly bound to Richard Sparks in the penal sum of $54.00. Hubbert has handed over sorrel mare to Sparks levied by an attachment issued against Thomas Gorden by Daniel West.

Mississippi Land Records (BLM)
Richard Sparks, Issue Date: April 26, 1824, Doc # 226 Land Off: Jackson 80 AC, Base Line: Choctaw T/S 1N, Range 3W, Sect 21 Cash entry sale by Act or Treat: April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks, April 26, 1824, Doc # 24, Jackson LO,  80.03AC, Base line: Washington T/S 10N, Range 7E, Sect. 28 Cash entry Sale, Act or treaty April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks, Aug. 2, 1827, Doc # 2905, Jackson LO, 80.22AC, Base Line: Choctaw, T/S 13N, Range 4E, Section 7, Cash entry sale Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks Aug. 2, 1827, Doc # 2907, Jackson LO, 80.22 AC Base Line: Choctaw T/S 13N, Range 4E, Sect. 7 Cash entry Sale, Act or Treaty April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks, May 1, 1828, Doc # 3117, Mt. Salus LO, 80.22 AC, Base Line: Choctaw T/S 13N, Range 4E, Sect 7, Cash entry sale, Act or Treaty April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks, Sept. 1, 1831 Doc 4755, Mt. Salus LO, 79.97 AC, Base Line Choctaw, T/S 14N, Range 3E, Sect 21, cash entry sale Act or Treaty, April 24, 1820

Richard Sparks, Feb. 1, 1832, Doc 6092, Mt. Salus LO, 80.03 AC Base Line: Choctaw, T/S 14N, Range 3E, Sect 28, cash entry sale, Act or Treaty April 24, 1820

1820 Lawrence Co, Miss -Richard Sparks
4 males under 10 yrs. 2 males 26-45 yrs. 
2 Fe under 10 yrs, 1 Fe 10-16 yrs, 1 Fe 26-45 yrs

1825 Tax List-Yazoo Co, Miss-Richard Sparks
He also wit will of John Nall, Yazoo Co, Miss

1830 Yazoo Co, Miss 
Richard Sparks 2 males Und 10 yrs, 3 males 10-20, 3 males 20-40
1 Fe Und 10 yrs, 1 Fe 10-20 yrs, 1 Fe 20-40 yrs

Miss Court Records-1831 Yazoo Co, Miss Drawer 67, Case #72a
Geo. W. Adams, Daniel W. Wright, Hiram G. Runnels, and _____Caldwell, suvivors of Benjamin Johnson 
Richard Sparks, Nathan Hooker, & Aaron B. Davis
(Clerk of Court was unable to locate this suit, 4/12/1980)


Many other records available
1835 Census of Nacogdoches (NW of Town)
Richard Sparks Age 42 Married 3 negroes
Elizabeth Sparks 39 Married
William F. Sparks 21 Single
Stephen F. Sparks, 18 Single
Mary Ann Sparks 11 Single
Andrew J. Sparks 08 Single
Thomas B. Sparks 06 Single
John M. Sparks 04 Single    
Total of 14 persons in HH

Richard Sparks signed an Application for Citizenship on January 24th, 1835, in Nacogdoches, Texas; and was also signed by Isaac H. Reed, Moses Herrin, and Radford Berry, Alc.  Richard Sparks stated he was 42 yrs of age, married with family, of the Christian Religion, and by profession a stockraiser and laborer.

Entrance Cert. #14, for Isaac H. Reed, dated January 24, 1835, for Isaac H. Reed, is witnessed by Richard Sparks.

Richard Sparks' Entrance Certificate #36, to Texas is dated Feb. 24, 1835, and signed by John S. Roberts., who vouched for his good character:. "is a man of good morality and habits, and industry, married with family, obedient to the laws of the country and the Federal and State Constitution, and generally known as a good and industrious man".

A second Entrance Certificate #505, is dated July 28, 1835, signed by Elijah Anderson, who vouched for his character-" I certify that the Foreigner Richard Sparks, is a man of very good morality, habits and industry, lover of the constitution and laws of the country, and of the Christian religion, married, with family. This Certificate states Richard Sparks has been a resident of this Municipality for the past eighteen months., that in consequence he is entitled to the favor that the law of March 24, 1825 concedes.


On March 2, 1835 Richard Sparks served on a Jury, concerning the trial of William Ramey, who was convicted for the crime of manslaughter in the shooting death of one Robert Rogers.  Punishment was for the Defendant  to be publicly whipped (30 lashes by the Sheriff) " and to be escorted out of the limits of this corporation, under guard, and not to return to it before the expiration of one year."   Sig: Radford Berry , On Wedns. the 4th of March, 1835.
Other members of this Jury were Antonio Dan Keller, Isaac Reed, John Walling, J. Korn, C. H. Whitaker, James McClain, Isaac Jones, A. Bailey, Isaac Lee, David towns. (Ref-Nacogdoches Archives, Vol 77, P 15)

On May 18, 1835, Richard Sparks signed  Entrance Cert. # 233 for, James Sparks., Entrance Certif. # 234 for Henry C. Cook,  & Entrance Cert. # 235 for his sister Sarah McAnulty.


September 21, 1835,  Document No 654, Nacogdoches Archives
We,  the undersigned subscribers,  feeling our exposed condition in relation to the want of arms, etc. and also feeling the necessity of frequent and speedy communications with the different parts of Texas, we do hereby agree to pay when demanded the whole or any part of the amount annexed to each of our names to raise a fund for those purposes, to be placed at the disposition of the Committee of Safety of this municipality, and we fully and firmly bind ourselves to the payment of the same, and we fully and firmly bind ourselves to the payment of the same, waiving all exceptions in our favor in law or form.  Witness our hands, Nacogdoches 21 September, 1835.
F. Thorn & Co, $500. Pd
Wm. G. Logan & H. Raguet $500. Pd
A. C. & J. K. Allen, $500. Pd
Sam Houston, $200.
Richard Sparks $100. Pd
S. R. Peck $100. Pd
J. S. Roberts $100. Pd
Thomas J. Rusk $100. Pd
A. McLaughlin & Mother $501.00 Pd
B. Pollett $100. Pd
Stephen Collins $100. Pd
A Friend $550.
R. A. Irion $100. Pd
John Forbes $100.
Charles S. Taylor $100. Pd
W. B. P. Gaines $100. Note
Sam Dexter for
Andrew Dexter $100. Pd
J J Porter $50. Note
James Grant $100.


Resignation of the Alcalde of Civil Business                         Octo. 24, 1836


            The following is a copy of a communication received this day from the office of the Alcalde:

“Alcalde’s Office,                      Nacogdoches,

Octo. 24, 1836

“To the Hon. Adolphus Sterne, Judge of the Primary Court of this Municipality:

“I have the honor to inform you that I have entirely suspended Civil business in my office.  With much respect I am your abt. Sert."

 (Signed)  Geo. Pollitt:

            I have this day sent an official communication to Richard Sparks, Esq., the Second “Regidore” to take immediate charge of said office in consequence of the above resignation of Geo. Pollitt, Esquire.  All business heretofore transacted by the Alcalde will be attended to by me until the office is filled by the proper office.

                                                            (Signed)  A. Sterne, P. Judge


Document No 1885, Jan. 22, 1836 (Forbes to Robinson)

To His Excellency
J. W. Robinson
Governor of Texas

Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 13th instant deeply affects me; our enemies here are greatly rejoiced at what is occurring at St. Felipe and the dissentions between the late Governor and Council, they are making the most of, and are using the same for their own purposes.

Considerable excitement prevails here, respecting the coming election.  More than twenty candidates are in the field and a strong effort is making by a few individuals to elect to the Convention such men as will serve their particular purposes.

I have been put in nomination at Houston, the Sabine, and other places of the Municipality, as a Delegate for the Convention, which honor I have declined and have taken the liberty of suggesting your name, as I am sincerely desirous that you should be sustained by the public.

Although I have been particularly careful in this matter, it has exposed me to the extreme hatred and bitter malignity of the faction opposed to the best interest of the country.

I have been threatened with the loss of life, and the destruction of my property, and Mr. J. K. Allen made a motion in the Committee "so called" and of which Mr. Cleck has become a prominent member since his three nights ago that certain persons would be driven from this place,  and the next afternoon an assault was attempted on me by Richard Sparks, incited by certain individuals of whom the above named person was one, but they gained nothing by it.  The people feel indignant at their course and will most assuredly put them down, for the last few weeks I have carried my life in my hands.

You asked my opinion of Mr. Rusk's course, it is as it was, he is now as you knew him previous to you leaving here, and I would particularly caution you to repose no trust or confidence from the particular hostility of the scoundrels here. I sincerely wish that I was elsewhere, I have suffered in every way and manner and my pecuniary affairs have been so affected by them but I trust I shall triumph over our enemies, and that of our country. Could I receive and honorable employment in the Army, or in connection with the land department and in the Departments of Bejar (sic) I would willingly leave this pest house of corruption of iniquity but not til I am able to make the returns of the election of Delegates to the next Convention I flatter myself that we shall succeed, the ticket that we shall run here, will be William Whitaker, Arthur Henrie, J. W. Robinson, & R. Potter, a part of these (torn) if not the whole is certain of success.

The press here will be neutral as I have before advised you certain individuals are endeavoring to control it.   I have up to this time defeated them in their operations, and may probably succeed in defeating them, and shall advise you of the result of my exertions.

Place no reliance I would again impress upon you on the person whose course you were to become acquainted with nor give him (an occasion) for injuring you in a (torn)

Your sincere friend

John Forbes

Nacogdoches Deed Book A (Ericson)

DBA, P 291-292 (No. 151)
Republic of Texas
County of Nacogdoches

June 24, 1837

Deed from Richard Sparks to William K. English, in consideration of $6,000., the lot or parcel of land, being one equal undivided fourth interest in part of five leagues of land situate at the mouth of Sulphur Fork of Red River, being part of eleven leagues granted by the Govt. to Marianno Moro, which was conveyed to Thomas S. McFarland of San Augustine, and from him to Richard Sparks,  (a more full and accurate descr. of which land will appear by ref. to Title from the Commissioner  together with accompanying plat)  Sig: Richard Sparks, (Seal) 
Wts: Thomas J. Rusk, P. H. Carraway, D. B. Scarborough

In the town of Nacogdoches, this twenty fourth day of June, 1837, Richard Sparks
 personally acknowledged this deed before Daniel Lacey, CCC, 

DBA, P 293 (No 152)
Republic of Texas
County of Nacogdoches
June 3, 1837

Be it known that on this twenty third day of June One thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven and of the Independence of Texas the second, personally appeared Richard Sparks, of said county who declared that for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand dollars to him in hand paid by Willam K. English, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, one equal undivided half of one league of land granted to the said Richard Sparks as a colonist, being situated on the west bank of the river Trinity, at or near Nelson's Bluff, a full and more accurate description of which will appear by ref,. to the title from the Commissioner to the said Richard Sparks.  

Sig: Richard Sparks (Seal)
Wts: Thomas J.. Rusk, P. H. Caraway, D. B. Scarborough
Deed acknowledged in court June 4, 1837 before Daniel Lacey, CCC

Sept 11, 1837
DBA (No 31)
Thos. McFarland use of Samuel Rogers 
Richard Sparks & A. E. C. Johnson (Debt)
We the Jury find for the Plaintiff, One thousand, Four hundred Seventy five Dollars with costs of suit.


Character Certificates, Land Office of Texas P 174

#1940a, Sept. 25, 1837

Received of G. A. Nixon, the within Titles being finished previous to the closing d the Land Office:
Jeremiah Latham    Redmond Coates
George Price    John Taylor
John Prophets    Morton Latham
Henry Awalt    Elias Myers

by Richard Sparks


Index to Deeds, Nacogdoches County

Grantor, Grantee,  Date of Instrument, Date filed for Record

Bk B, P 150 - Original Grantee, Richard Sparks, Conveyance of a league of land for $100.
Bk C, P 241 Original Grantee, Richard Sparks conveyance of 2  1/2 leagues of land for $250.
Bk D, P 95,  Original Grantee, Richard Sparks Conveyance of 3 1/2 leagues of land for $350.

Richard Sparks-Thomas J. Patterson, Mar 14, 1837, Feb 25, 1852 12N
Richard Sparks-Wm. K. English, June 21, 1837, No date
Richard Sparks-Wm. K. English, Jan 23, 1837,  No Date
Richard Sparks-Elisha Williams, Sept 27, 1837, Sept 28, 1837
Richard Sparks-Haden Edwards, Feb 11, 1836,  Oct. 23, 1837
Richard Sparks-Adolphus Stern, July 1, 1834,  Mar 14, 1838
Richard Sparks-Elijah Anderson, Dec 28, 1838,  March 17, 1838 
(Rec. date does not make sense)
Richard Sparks-James Sparks & Sarah McAnulty, March 16, 1838, March 19, 1838
Richard Sparks-Frost Thorn, Feb. 11, 1836, March 21, 1838
Richard Sparks-George A. Nixon,  Feb 10, 1836, Mar 29, 1835
Richard Sparks & J T Able-Thomas Gibbs, Mar 23, 1835, Sept 4, 1838
Richard Sparks-Missouri M. Porter, March 4, 1837, Sept 10, 1849 3 PM
Elizabeth Sparks-Haden H. Edwards, Feb. 3, 1847, Aug 18, 1833 ? @ 10 AM
-My Note-filing date does not make sense
Richard & Elizabeth Sparks-Heirs of, August, 1850, Jan 30, 1851 12 N
R. Sparks, Dec'd, by W. F. Sparks & E. Sparks-John B. Dodd, Nov 22, 1843, Nov. 25, 1843
William F. Sparks-Elizabeth Sparks, Feb, 27, 1847 & April, 3, 1841-Aug 18, 1853 10 AM
Richard Sparks, by Admx, Elizabeth Sparks-Mary Nash, Jan 11, 1845, March 6, 1845
Richard Sparks, by Sheriff, D. Rusk,-William C. Graham, March 3, 1846, Mar. 3, 1846
Elizabeth Sparks, Etal,- Robert W. Smith, Mar. 12, 1839, April 2, 1839
Elizabeth Sparks, Wm. F. Sparks, Widow of R. Sparks -John B. Dodd, Nov 22, 1842, Nov 23, 1842
Elizabeth Sparks-Robert E. Wynne, Jan 6, 1843, Jan 31, 1843
Elizabeth Sparks, Wm. F. Sparks-Mary E. H. Shotwell, Oct 18, 1844, Oct 31, 1844
James H. ", Etal-Robt. W. Smith, Mar 12, 1839, April 2, 1839
James H. " -Emily Gibson, July 17, 1838, Not stated
James H. " -Mary Noble, Aug 24, 1840, Oct 5, 1840
James H. " -Ezekiel Able, Jan 12, 1839, Aug 21, 1841
James H. " -Mary Noble, Dec 30, 1844, Jan 11, 1845
James H. " -F. Thorn & H H Edwards, Jan 6, 1847, Jan 21, 1847 12N
James H. " -Beverly D. Scott, Jan 23, 1847, July 24, 1847 1 PM
James H. "-Haden H. Edwards, Oct. 12, 1849, Jan 10, 1851 5PM
James H. "-William C. Sparks, Sept. 3, 1844 Sept 17, 1847 @10 AM
James H. "-Edward M. Fitts, May 6, 1848, May 29, 1852 12N
James H. " -Henry Rook, Nov 28, 1853, Dec 3, 1853 5 PM
James H. " -Charles H. Fenley, Dec 2, 1853, Dec 3, 1853 5 PM
James H. "- Charles H. Fenley, Dec 2, 1853, Dec 3, 1853 5PM #2
James H. " -Henry Rook, Not Dated, Dec 13, 1853 1PM
James H. "- Arthur P. Norris, Nov 12, 1853, Nov 21, 1854 10PM
James H. " -Joseph E. Boykin, Dec 16, 1853, Aug 23, 1835 (53?) 9 AM
James H. " & w/Elizabeth E. " -Chas. Fenley, Feb 8, 1855, June 7, 1856 6PM
Deed Bk I, P 472, James Sparks, Transfer for $2,000, of Interest as an heir of Richard Sparks, in all tracts, lots,  and parcels of land. 

William F. Sparks, Et Al-Robert W. Smith, Mar. 13, 1839, April 2, 1839
William F. Sparks-F. Thorn & H. H. Edwards, Feb 111, 1845, Feb. 12, 1845
William F. Sparks- Ebenezer Ford Feb. 4, 1846-Feb 7, 1846
Wm. F. Sparks, by Sheriff J M. Charlton-William Roark, Dec 7, 1847, Dec 8, 1847 @ 2 PM
William F. Sparks-Stephen F. Sparks June 23, 1848, July 10, 1848 @ 9 AM
William F. Sparks & Wife, Minerva F. - Jared McKnight, Oct 13, 1845, Sept 30, 1848, 10AM
William F. Sparks-William C. Sparks, Jan 23, 1848, Dec 19, 1848 12 Noon
William F. Sparks-Stephen F. Sparks, Nov 27, 1849, Feb 4, 1851, 5PM

DB K, P 628, William F. Sparks-Transfer, for $500. of Certificate for a league of land
DBE, P 409, William F. Sparks, conveyance for $1200. of 187 A land
DBH, P 243 William F. Sparks -Bond in $1,000. and makes title to 360 AC land on pmt of $200.
DB H, P 347-William F. Sparks, Transfer for $1,000. of interest as an heir of Richard Sparks, in all tracts, lots or parcels of land.
DB K, P 627-Wm. F. Sparks, Transfer of Headright Cert. for a league of land for $1,000.
DBE, P 521, Wm. F. Sparks- Conveyance for $2600. of 479 AC land
DBF, P 161-Wm. F. Sparks , Bond in $6110., to deliver & convey a Cert. for 310 AC land
for a like Cert. from Gee.
DBG, P 145, Wm. F. Sparks-Sale for $500., of slave named "Ham", 16 yrs. old
DBG, P 211 -Wm. F. Sparks, Conveyance for $500. of Undivided half of a tract of land, Quantity not stated, in Acres
DBH, P 270 Wm. F. Sparks-Bond for $4,000. to furnish claims on Govt. for 2302 1/2 acres land, to give bond for Title thereto

Stephen F. Sparks, etal-Robert W. Smith Mar 12, 1838, April 2, 1839
Stephen F. Sparks-James H. Sparks, June 14, 1841, June __, 1841
Stephen F. Sparks -R. Whitlock, Oct 26, 1839, Dec 21, 1839
Stephen F. Sparks-Elizabeth Whitaker, April 1, 1842, May 11, 1842
Stephen F. Sparks-James H. Starr, Sept 22, 1842, Oct 4, 1842
Stephen F. Sparks-G. B. Crain, Dec 23, 1839, Nov 22, 1844
Stephen F. Sparks-Robt. E. Wynne, Dec 23, 1839, Dec 18, 1844
Stephen F. Sparks-F. Thorn & H H Edwards, Mar 6, 1845, Mar 6, 1845
Stephen F. Sparks-James H. Starr, Feb 10, 1845, Aug 28, 1845
Stephen F. & Emily B. Sparks-N. Smith, Feb 16, 1844, Nov 26, 1846 11 AM
Stephen F. Sparks, ETAL-Holloway F. Power, Feb 1, 1851, May 23, 1851 9 AM
Stephen F. Sparks-Richard L. Walker, Jan 6, 1854, Jan 14, 1854 3 PM
Stephen F. Sparks -Thos. B. Sparks, Sept 8, 1854, Feb 23, 1854 1PM
Stephen F. Sparks-Richard Fulgham, Sept 20, 1853, April 8, 1854 5PM
Stephen F. Sparks-Andrew J. Sparks, July 14, 1849, April 28, 1835 (sh be 53) 2PM
Stephen F. Sparks-Madison G. Whitaker, Oct 4, 1853, April 15, 1856 6PM
Stephen F. Sparks-S. N. & J. F. Bullock, May 23, 1856, Nov 4, 1856 6PM
DBH, P 299-Stephen F. Sparks-Conveyance for $640., 640 AC land, to be selected from a tract of 3,468 AC.
DBH, P 365-Stephen F. Sparks-Transfer for $1,000. of interest as an heir of Richard Sparks in all lands, lots, or parcels of land

Thomas B. Sparks, & wife, Etal-Holloway F. Power, Feb 1, 1851, May 23, 1851 9 AM
Thomas B. Sparks & wife, Etal-John F. Hayter, Dec 1, 1852, Dec 20, 1854 10 AM

John M. Sparks-Arnold Barrett & Sims, April 23, 1856, April 26, 1856 2PM
John M. Sparks-Andrew J. Hutchinson, Feb 3, 1857, Feb 24, 1857 12 N
John M. Sparks by Sheriff, W. E. C. Mayfield,-James R. Arnold, Oct 7, 1857, Nov 1, 1857 3 PM

1837 Tax List, Nacogdoches, Texas
Richard Sparks 38,691     29,135.50
S. F. Sparks                       1,470.00
James Sparks     5,528.      3,194.00
Samuel Rogers   5,535.      4,382.50
John Sparks ---                  1,060.00
James Sparks for Sarah McAnulty
S F Sparks for Eliz. Whitaker
William Sparks -----           1,435.00
Matthew Sparks -----            128.00
William C. Sparks 6,424.    6,962.00

Obituary of Richard Sparks, Nacogdoches Chronicle, May 2, 1838 P 3, C 1-2
"It becomes our painful duty to again record the death? of a worthy citizen by the Indians.  Colonel Richard Sparks has fallen victim to savage vengeance and barbarity.  Two weeks since, he left this place to locate land  on the Trinity river accompanied by eight or ten others.  From Parkers Fort he was preceded by a surveyor and six or eight men, who designed locating land near the Three Forks.  Colonel Sparks set out with his companions to overtake the surveyor about ten ---. He had advanced to the Three Forks, and encamped on the most westerly, in an extensive prairie; four of his companions were absent from camp, two others besides himself were asleep, another awake and another had gone to the branch for water.  In this situation, a party of about seventy Kickapoos stole into the camp, and shot Colonel Sparks through the head.  The three others were aroused by the report of the gun, and fled into he thicket, when they escaped.   The other, who had gone for water, fled and reached reached the settlements on the Brazos alone.  Those who were absent from camp heard the firing, and cautiously concealed themselves in a thicket on the margin of the stream, whilst one of their number stole silently up the bed of the creek, until he reached the encampment and discovered the Indians there; presuming that all of those who were left in the camp had been killed, he retraced his steps to his companions, and returned without loss of time to Parkers Fort.  Here they met with the three men who were with Colonel Sparks when he was killed.  They also met with some of them who had accompanied the surveyor, and who likewise had met with a similar misfortune.  They state that they had commenced running a line through a large prairie, when they discovered a party of Indians charging upon them.  They fled toward the timber, which they reached in safety, save the surveyor, Mr. Barry, who was overtaken and probably sacrificed by the Indians. When last seen, he had taken of his hat and delivered himself up.  On their journey back they found the body of Mr. F. Holland, who had been employed as a hunter, and having disappeared a few days previous, was supposed to have been lost, and had returned to the fort."

Bk C, P 1-Final Records-Nacogdoches Co., Tx
Petition of Elizabeth Sparks & James L. Bryant for Administration upon the estate of Richard Sparks, Deceased:


To the Honorable C. S. Taylor, Judge of Probate for said County.

The Petition of Elizabeth Sparks and James L. Bryant respectfully sheweth unto your Honor, that sometime in the month of April, 1838, Richard sparks, late of the county aforesaid, died, leaving heirs at la and also personal and real estate to a large amount.  Your petitioners state that he died intestate, and as the affairs of estate demand attention they, therefore, pray that your Honor will grant unto them Letters of Administration upon the estate of Richard Sparks, deceased., as in duty bound will ever pray.

Pro Petitioner  May 12, 1838
Filed May 12th, 1838.  Daniel Lacey, C. P. C.
Recorded in Book C, of Final Records, Page 1

Inventory of the goods & chattels belonging to the Estate of Richard Sparks, Deceased, late of the County of Nacogdoches, Republic of Texas, together with the appraisement thereon:

Judge $500.
Violet & Child $700.
Manuel $800.
Sarah $500.
Manervey $250.
Rena $175.
Lewis (Died, Dec, 1838)
Julia & Child $1050.
Ann & Child #1000.
Dick $400.
Charity $200.
Frank $800.
Samuel $800.

1 Bay Horse $200.
1 Gray Horse $200.
Pr. sorrel Horses $125.
1 Rone Horse $125.00

1 Yoke Oxen , Incl Yoke $75.
4 cows & calves $100.
1 cow, Barren $30.
1-2yr. old Heifer $15.
2-2 yr old heifers $16.00

lot of Hogs $107.
(12 Brood sows and some pigs, some 2 yr olds & Yearlings)

1 feather bed, bedstead & furniture $25.
1 Ditto $20.
1 ditto $20.
2 small trunks $2.
1/2 dozen common chairs $6.
1 large table $3.
1 large table for kitchen $2.
1 bookcase & table $5.
Library of Books $3.
1 looking glass $1.50
1 set of Dog Irons &  2 flat irons $5.
Candlestand $1.50
1 Double barrel shotgun $50.
1 Single barrel shotgun $25.

1 large pot $5.
1 Dinner pot $2.
1 small dinner pot $1.50
1 Dutch oven $3.
1 Baker & Lead (Lid) $1.
1 teakettle $2.
1 shovel for kitchen $2.
1 2 prs. pothooks $2.

1 Rode Wagon $150.
1 Carriage and 2 sets Harnesses $150.
1 turning plows $6.
2 shovels $3.
2 half shovels, 6 grubbing hoes, 5 sets plow shears, $20.
2 pr. streatchers, 3 log chains $18.
5 weeding hoes $18.
2 spaids and one shovel , 3 iron wedges, 1 frow, $2.
4 clevises, 4 single trees, 2 felling axes, 1 bead ax, $6.
1 grass scythe, 1 straw sickel, 1 oil stone $1.50
1 colter, 2 weeding hoes, 1 foot addz,
New work & in corn
1 & 1/2  grubbin hoes ,1 colter, 2 rings & steeples, 1 1/2 shovel plow, 1 lot of single trees,
clevises & streatchers $12.
Pr streatchers, used by Samuel Rogers $2.
2 pare of steelyards $3.
1 handsaw $1.50
1 Crosscut saw $8.
1 iron square, 1 steel bloc square, jack & four plair $3.
1 set chisels $3.
2 augers, 1 drawing knife, $2.
1 claw hammer $1.
1 hatchet $.50
sundry articles not found

Oliver Bailey, due 28 May, 1837 for $69.93
S. F. Nobles due March 9, 1838 $1,000.
R. W. Smith due Jan 1st, 1838 for $506.62 1/2
with the privilege of paying it off in 2 quality land with a credit given Oct. 7, 1838, for $175.
Franklin Bauguss due April 23, 1838 for $40.
Thomas J. Patterson executed to H. Ware due November 8, 1837 for $10.
William K. Allen due Jan first, 1839 for $350.
R. W. Smith due Jan. 1, 1838 for $150.
Wm. T. Davis , executed to James Sparks due June 28, 1837, $65.
Jacob S. Gholson due Jan. first, 1838 $12.50
Little Bean due June 20th 1837 for $126.
W. F. Henderson by order due Feb 16, 1838 $45.
William S. Blount due Sept 24, 1835 for $80.
Moses Herren executed to J S Gholson due Sept 1, 1837 $12.
Isaac Jones due Feb 10, 1836 $31.75
Edward Davis due Feb 6, 1838 $5.
John A. Dindle due April 25, 1838 for $19.
Jeremiah Strode executed to Brooks for $6.
T. T. McIver due Dec. 30th, 1837 (pay in serip) $145.
(This note has been paid to Col. Sparks)
Hezekiah George due Nov 21, 1835 for $4.25
Jesse Jones executed to T. G. Simmons, due Nov, 19, 1836 for $4.50
Oliver Bailey by order on Flord given Dec. 20, 1836 $23.
Receipt upon R. W. Smith for an acpt. which he held upon J. W. Jones, one for $130. 
1/2 belonging to the estate of Col. Sparks

Bunker Smith to R. Sparks 640 Acres
George May 1/2 league of land
F. Thorn 1/2 league of land
Joseph Jordon, 8 lots in the town of Houston
Henry Awalt, 1/2 league of land
A. Jordan, 1 league and labor of land
W. S. McDonald 8 ac land

Thomas Peeks $25.50
Charles Simes $788.75
A. Gipson $13.78 1/2
John M. Dorr .56 1/2
Mr. Windsor $6.93 1/2
Adolphus Stern $75.
William Nelson $27.87 1/2
Mrs. M. Porter $14.
Samuel Rodgers $27.50
Daniel Weaks $114.
John Sparks $3.50
L. N. Sparks $19.
James Sparks $5.75
Thomas Timmons $19.12 1/2
James Hall & Simes balance due $39.89
E. Davis $1.50

Henry Awalt, Bond & POA No. 9
Thomas D. Brooks bond, 1/2 League of Land No 20
Hezekiah George POA & Bond No 4
Wiley M. Jones Bond, 1 league of land No 5
Article of agreement R. Sparks & R. Smith No 12
POA, John H. Stout to C. Gilleylen No 1
Oliver Bailey Bond & POA 1 league land No 8
John Simpson, POA 1/2 League Land No 2
Agreement between J Simpson & G. May No 2
John Tryder's bond No 13
Easter Smith, POA No 5
Jacob S. Gholson Contract No 7
John Rogers POA, No 12
Mary Wells Bond for 1 league land No. 15
Agreement between R. W. Smith & T. Asher no. 12
Leander Bowerman Bond No 19
Richard Chere POA 1/2 League & Labor of land No 22
William Nelson Bond & POA No 14
Hamilton McNut bond No 11
Floyd Jorden 1 league & labor of land No 18
Martha Doyal Bond No 20

Bellows $30.
1 Anvil $20.
1 Vise $10.
3 sledge hammers $5.
2 hand hammers $2.
1 nail hammer $.50
1 pointing hammer $.50
1 set of shoeing tools $1.50
5 pr tongs $5.
2 screw plaits $25.
1 grindstone $15.
1 drill stock $2.
1 brace $2.
sundries, bench tools $1.
forge tools , sundries, $1.

REPUBLIC OF TEXAS                 )
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES ) Before me, the undersigned authority personally appeared  Ambrose Crain, and B. F. Whitaker, who after being duly sworn said that they would well and truly perform the trust confided to them as appraisers of the property of the estate of which Richard Sparks, late of said county died sized and possessed of, in conformity with an order issued by the Hon. Charles S. Taylor, Judge of Probate for said County. Sworn and subscribed before me this 8th day of January, 1839.  Witness my hand and Seal 
R. H. Pinney, JP   Sig: B. F. Whitaker, & A. Crain

We the undersigned appraisers of the property of the estate of which Richard Sparks, late of said county, died seized and possessed of, have examined the Inventory returned by the Administrators and found the same correct, and we have appraised the property by affixing a value of each article in figures opposite to the articles mentioned.
Signed: A. Crain, B. F. Whitaker, Appraisers
Nacogdoches, Jan 8th, 1839

COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES  We the undersigned returned the foregoing Inventory and request leave of the Court to add any amendments and to correct any errors which may hereafter be found in the inventory previous to the final settlement of the estate
James L. Bryant
Elizabeth Sparks
Administrators of said Estate.
Filed Nov. 26, 1838 R. Parmlee, Dep. C. P. C Recorded in Bk C Pgs, 2,3 4,5,6 of final Records. 
Original spelling retained in all documents-sgs

State of Mississippi
County of Holmes

This Indenture made and executed this 4th day of June, AD, 1839, between Berry Nall, and Nancy Nall, his wife, of the first part, and Richard Sparks, of the second part, all of the County of Holmes, and State of Miss., Witnesseth: that the party of the first part for and in consideration of the amount of $700. to them in hand paid by the party of the second part, receipt hereby acknowledged, have bargained, sold, etc, a certain tract or parcel of land, described, to Richard Sparks, party of the second part, his heirs, assigns, etc.  (W half of NW Qrtr, of Sect 28, in T/S No 14, Range No 3, containing 80.300 AC., together with all rights, etc,)  Sig: Barry Nall, Nancy Nall, Wts:  David M DuLaney, Wm. A. McGee 
State of Mississippi
Holmes Co.
Personally appeared before me, Wm. A. McGee, an acting member of the Board of Poleace (Police) in and for said county, the above named Barry Nall, who acknowledged that he signed, sealed, delivered the foregoing deed, on the day and year therein mentioned, as his act and deed, and further acknowledges that he sold the above described land to Richard Sparks, he thinks in the year 1830, and his wife joined him in making a relinquish of dower in the deed then given to Richard Sparks.   Nancy Nall signed relinq. of dower before Wm. A. McGee, after first being privately examined.  Sig: June 4th, 1839, Wm. A. McGee, (Seal) Acting Member of Board Poleace (Police) (My Note- Obviously, the original deed had failed to be filed, and is being filed due to recent death of Richard Sparks)

1840 census-Nacogdoches, Texas July 13, 1840 by O. L. Holmes
Elizabeth Sparks, Admx..of Richard Sparks
Land Cert. T4212    2tl.Douglass  13 Slaves
James H. Sparks, 1 Poll, S1702, 10 sl 3 h 3 mules
Eli G. Sparks 1 Poll, 1 sh
John Sparks, 1 Poll, 1 sl 1 sh
John Sparks, Admr. of James Sparks T550, 1 sh
William Sparks 1 Poll T2214 2 sl
Wm. N. Sparks 1 Poll 1 sl, 2 sh 1 wood cl
Wm C Sparks 1 Poll T1800 4 sl 50 catt, 1 sh, 1 wood cl
James M Sharp 1 Poll S320 1 sw 

1840 Sabine County, Texas census July 3, 1840 by J. B. Stodddard
Wm. F. Sparks Poll-1 Other Prop: 2 slaves, 2 sh
                                                      2 tl. Pendleton

1845 Nacogdoches Co, TL
William F. Sparks
Elizabeth Sparks
S. F. Sparks
James H. Sparks

1846 TL-Nacogdoches Co.,Tex
Elizabeth Sparks
James H. Sparks
Richard Sparks
Stephen F. Sparks

1847 Nacogdoches Co, Census
The Enumeration of the Inhabitants Living out of the Town:
Name of HH Head - Qualified Electors - Over 45, Und 18- Fem. Tot. - #Slaves
James H. Sparks  1,1, 4, 8
S. F. Sparks 1, 1, & 2 M Und 18, 4, 9
James M. Sharp 1, 1, & 1 M Und 18, 4, 4 (M) Mary Ann Sparks
William F. Sparks 1, 1, 5, 3
Elizabeth Sparks 0, 2, & 1 M Und 18, 1, 10

Will Bk A. P 17, Will of Elizabeth Sparks (Widow of Richard Sparks)

This is my last Will and Testament:  I, Elizabeth Sparks, being weak in body, but of sound mind, do make this my last Will and Testament.

First, I do will that my body be decently buried, and bequeath my soul to God who gave it.

Secondly, I do bequeath that my funeral expenses with all my just debts be paid.

Thirdly, I will and bequeath to my sons, A. J., Thomas B., and John M. Sparks, all my personal property, Viz: Negroes, stock, household furniture, waggons, and teams, etc.  Together with all my interest in the Headright of Richard Sparks, being situated on Trinidad River near Cincinati.  Also, my portion of the tract of land on which I now reside.

Fourthly, I will and bequeath to the children of James M. Sharp, Viz: J. E., E. E., J. H. and Mary C. Sharp, all my remaining interest in the landed estate of the said Richard Sparks.

Fifthly, I do bequeath and appoint Joseph D. Sharp, James M. Sharp, James H. Sparks, and Stephen F. Sparks my Executors.

I do hereunto affix my name, using a scrawl for a Seal, this December 20th, A D. 1847.

Signed: Elizabeth Sparks (Seal)
her mark

Test: Sam'l. W. Kirk
J. N. Bradshaw


STATE OF TEXAS                            )  Probate Court
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES      )  January Term, 1848

To the Hon. William Hart, Judge of said Court.

The petition of Joseph D. Sharp, James M. Sharp, James H. Sparks, and Stephen F. Sparks, respectfully represents that Elizabeth Sparks, the widow of Richard Sparks, has recently departed this life in this county, of which she was a resident, leaving her last Will and Testament in writing duly executed according to law, which will is here to the Court shown, and which your petitioners pray may be admitted to probate in this Court.

Your petitioners further show that by this Will, they are constituted, named and appointed Executors, to execute the provisions of said Will, and they therefore pray that the said will being admitted to probate, Letters Testamentary may issue out of this Court to them in conformity with the directions of said Will.  And your petitioners will ever pray, etc:

Attnys. for Petitioners   Jan 25/1848
Filed January 22, 1848 O. L. Holmes, C. P. C. Nac. Co. 
Recorded in Book A, P 17 of Wills

THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS         ) To the Honorable the Probate 
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES )  Court of Said County

The petition of Erastus Smith showeth that heretofore to wit on the twenty second day of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven he placed in the hand of Richard Sparks, late of the said County, deceased, a title issued by the Commissioner G. A. Nixon, to Wiley M. C. Jones for one league of land, also said Jones bond for the title to the same together with a power of Attorney to said Richard Sparks and that the said Richard Sparks agreed and bound himself as agent of your petitioner to procure a title to your petitioner from said Wiley M. C. Jones for said as will more fully appear by reference to a receipt or obligation of the said Richard which is here to the Court shown. Your petitioner further showeth that the said Richard Sparks before procuring the said title departed this life and that Elizabeth Sparks is the Admx. upon his estate, therefore your petitioner prays that the said Elizabeth Sparks Admx. as aforesaid, be cited to be holden for said County and that she be adjudged to deliver to your petitioner or his attorney the title bond and power of attorney aforesaid and your petitioner will ever pray, etc.

Attor. Pro. Smith

Filed and Issued August 15, 1844.  O. L. Holmes, C. P. C. Nacogdoches County.
Recorded in Book A, Pages 62 & 63, Petitions, Orders, etc.

THE STATE OF TEXAS                   ) County Court
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES    ) December Term, 1848

To the Hon. S. M. Orton, Judge of said Court:

The Petition of Stephen F. Sparks and James M. Sharp, respectfully represent that Richard Sparks, late of said County, died in the year A. D., 1838.  That J. L. Bryant and Elizabeth Sparks who were joint Adms. of said Richard Sparks, have both died leaving said estate yet unsettled.  That your petr. S. F. Sparks, is the son of said decedents, Richard & Elizabeth Sparks, and that James M. Sharp was their son-in-law.  Wherefore they pray that they be appointed Administrators de bonis non of the Estate of the said Richard Sparks and as in duty your petitioners will ever, etc.

S. F. Sparks
James M. Sharp
Filed Nov. 27, 1848.  O. L. Holmes, Clerk County Court, Nacogdoches County. Recorded Book A, P 233, Petitions, Orders, etc.

THE STATE OF TEXAS                  ) County Court April Term A. D. 1849
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES   ) To the Honl. S. M. Orton, Chief justice In and for the County  

The petition of Miles C. Steen of Lawrence County, State of Mississippi, respectfully represents that he is Executor of the last Will and Testament of James Steen, deceased, as will be seen on reference to a copy of letters granted him by the Probate Court for said Lawrence  County on the 28th day of August, A. D., 1845, which is here to the Court shown; and your petitioner  further represents that the said James Steen during his lifetime, and the lifetime of one Richard Sparks, now deceased, but late of the County of Nacogdoches, deposited with the said Richard Sparks the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars, for the purpose of procuring for him the said James Steen, a Headright Certificate for one league and labor of land for which the said sum the said Richard Sparks gave his written acknowledgment (and which is here to the Court shown), in the words and figures following, to wit:  "Texas and County of Nacogdoches, May 22nd, 1837.  Received of Mr. James Steen, seven hundred and fifty dollars, which I promise to apply to the purchase of a headrite for one league and labore of land and to locate and pay out of the office for the use of James Steen, his heirs or assigns, and in case the office does not open before James Steen returns to Texas, I promise to pay over all moneys not payed out for the above named purposes.  Given under my hand and seal this day and year above riten. Signed: Richard Sparks  Atest: Thomas J. Patterson"

And your petitioner further represents that the said Richard Sparks in accordance with the said agreement, did procure the headright of one Floyd Jordan, by the Board of Land Commissioners for Nacogdoches County on the 8th day of February, A. D. 1838, and numbered 272, which said certificate was by the former Admx. of Richard Sparks, surrendered to the said James Steen, but which certificate having issued to the said Richard Sparks as assignee, the legal interest in the same is vested in said Sparks' Estate.  Wherefore the premises considered your petitioner prays that by a decree of the Court, the Admrs. de bonis non of said Richard Sparks, deceased, may be required to deed to transfer to your petitioner as the Exr. of the said James Steen, dec'd. all the right, title, interest, and claim that the said Estate has in and to the certificate, and that James H. Sharp and Stephen F. Sparks, the Admrs. of said Richard Sparks, may be cited to be and appear at the next term of County Court, to be holden in and for said County, then and there to show cause if any they may have why a decree as aforesaid should not be rendered by the Court.  Any your petitioner as in duty, etc

Atto. Per Petitioner
Filed & Issued April 16, 1849 O. L. Holmes, Clerk County Court
Nacogdoches County,.  Recorded Book A, Pgs 261,2&3, Petitions,Orders, etc

THE STATE OF TEXAS                ) To the Honorable Bennett Blake, Chief Justice of the County Court
COUNTY OF NACOGDOCHES  ) of Nacogdoches, sitting for Probate Purposes:

The Petition of Stephen F. Sparks, William F. Sparks, James Hawkins Sparks, Andrew Jackson Sparks, Thomas B. Sparks, John M. Sparks, by his Guardian, Stephen F. Sparks; Eliza C. Rogers and Samuel Rodgers, Emmeline E. Sharp, Elizabeth J. Sharp, Joseph H. Sharp, Mary E. S. Sharp, who petition by their father and natural Guardian, James Sharp, with respect shows to your Honor that it is the wish and desire of the said petitioners who are sole heirs and distributees of the Estate of Richard Sparks & Elizabeth Sparks, deceased, that all that portion of the tract or parcel of land situate North of Nacogdoches about five miles on the Cordova Claim, known as the Sparks Place, included in the following metes and bounds, be set apart and allotted in the division of said land among said heirs to Stephen F. Sparks, Thomas B. Sparks, and Andrew J. Sparks and that the title to the same be declared to be fully vested in them with full and perfect title and right to vend and alienate the same to whomsoever they may see proper, Viz:
Beginning at the SE corner of the tract of land sold to Arthur Fulgham by H. H. Edwards from which a hickory bears S. 55 degrees W. 19 vs. dist and a hickory 20 inches in diameter bears S. 23 E. 23 4/10 vs. dist; thence S. 862 1/2 vs. to a corner when a post oak and hickory are witnesses: thence W. 4238 vs. to the E. boundary line of the tract of land owned and occupied by Melton Fitts a post oak and hickory for witnesses; thence North 320 vs. to the N E corner of said Fitts tract on the South boundary line of the tract of land purchased by L. B. Talleafero; thence E. with said line 1478 vs. to his SE corner; thence N. to the corner of the Fulgham tract of land first mentioned; thence East to the beginning corner to contain Five Hundred and Five Acres.
S. F. Sparks, pr self  and as Attny. for
W. F. Sparks
James H. Sparks
A. J. Sparks
Thomas B. Sparks
Eliza C. Rogers per Samuel Rogers
James M. Sharp, Guardian of his minor children.
John M. Sparks, per Guardian
Filed January 30, 1851, O. L. Holmes, Clerk County Court, Nacogdoches County
Recorded in Book C, Pgs, 17, 18, Final Records

Index to Texas Land Titles Abstracts:

Patent Date-Aug 15, 1835 Grantee: Richard Sparks
District: Montgomery, County: Walker, Patent # 325, Patent Vol 26, 
Acres: 4428.40 Class: Title

Patent Date: July 19, 1854, Patentee: Hrs. of Richard Sparks
District: Nacogdoches; County: Nacogdoches
Grantee: Hiram Richey, Certificate: 1557/1656, Patent # 93, Patent Vol 11, Acres: 4058.23 Class: Nacog. 1st File # 876

Patent Date: Jan 1, 1859, Patentee: Hrs. of Richard Sparks
District: Fannin; County: Cooke Grantee: Hiram Ritchey, Patent # 17, Patent Vol : 15, Acres: 360.17, Class: Fan 1st File 821

Patent Date: Jan 11, 1851, Grantee: Richard Sparks, District: Rusk, County: Rusk
Certificate: 30, Patentee: Elbridge G. Harris Patent # 108, Patent Vol 10, Acres: 177, Class: Rusk 1st File 24

Patent Date: June 14, 1853; Grantee: Stephen C. George, Patentee: Richard Sparks, 
District: Rusk, County: Rusk, Certificate: 74, Patent # 645, Patent Vol 10, Acres: 640, Class: Nacogdoches 1st, File 347

District: Montgomery, County: Walker
Grantee: Samuel Rogers
Patent Date: 04 Sep 1835
Patent #: 299, Patent Volume: 26
Acres: 4428.40
Class: Title 

Abst. #506, Wm. F. Sparks, Orig. Grtee, Cert # 104, Patentee: Wm F. Sparks, Date of Pat: July 23, 1845, Pat # 57, Pat Vol 4, 177.10 AC Nacog. First Cl.  File #308

Bounty & Land Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888 (Thos. L. Miller)
S F. Sparks-Rec'd. Bty Wnt 5062/5063 for 320 AC from CGLO  on 9 Oct 1856 as a result of a spl act of Legislature. Dup Wnt 33/2 was issued by CGLO on Nov 5, 1874. Military Service was not given on Wnt. 85 AC and 107.75 AC in Montague Co, were ptd to Robert Bean, asgn, on 11 april, 1878, and on Dec 3, 1879,  Pat 707 Vol 15 and Pat 99, Vol 16, Absts 692-3 GLO File Fan Bty 1390, and on UB Wnt 23/373 (of Dup Wnt 33/2) 92.5 AC in Montague Co, were patd to Robert Bean, asgn. on Mar 5, 1903. Pat 590 Vol 16, Abst 1040 GLO File Fan Bty 1543; also upon UB Wnt 23/373, 34,75 Ac  in Montague Cty were surveyed but not ptd. Abst 1041 GLO File Fan Bty 1543

Stephen F. Sparks-Rec'd Don. Cert 11 for 640 AC from AG on May 4, 1846 for being in the battle of San Jacinto, 320 AC in Erath Cty, were patd. to William Gordon, Assignee on 12 Feb, 1858. Pat 582 Vol 2, Abst 713 GLO File Mil Don 1247 and on UB Cert 20/183 (of 11) 320 acres in Concho Cty were ptd to William E. Rogers, assignee on 6 Oct 1875. Pat 39, Vol 4, Abst 821 GLO File Bexar Don 1642.

McLennan Co, Tx marriages-Female Sparks
SPARKS, A. E.- OŐHAIR, J. 10 Aug 1856
 SPARKS, America -DAWSON, J. H. 12 Feb 1866 
SPARKS, Eliza- McCOY, I. C. 18 Jan 1865 
SPARKS, Ellen -BURGESS, M. M. 13 Mar 1862 
SPARKS, J. B.- DOWELL, J. P. 26 Mar 1868 
SPARKS, M. B.- KING, Marshall 23 June 1859 
SPARKS, Martha A.- CRANE, N. W., Esqr. 17 Nov 1859 
SPARKS, Nancy -BRISCOE, Frank 5 Feb 1867 
SPARKS, R. E. C.- DECKARD, R. M. 12 May 1857 

McLennan Co, Tx marriages-Male Sparks
SPARKS, Allen -SCOTT, Mrs. Annie 28 Dec 1869 
SPARKS, C. A.- McCANN, H.S. 10 Feb 1864
SPARKS, J. H., Jr.- DAVIS, Mary A. 4 Dec 1866 
SPARKS, Stephen F.- JOURNEY, Jane M. 14 Apr 1856 
SPARKS,J. H- JOHNSON, Laura C. (issued) 2 Aug 1865

Census Records pertaining to  William Fielder Sparks 
1814 Miss-1908 Johnson Co, Tx
& wife Minerva McKey (M) Ca 1838
William Fielder Sparks died July 13, 1900 McLennan Co, Tx
Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co, Tx

1850 Fort Bend Co, Tx Texas Dist) P 229 HH 76-76
William F. Sparks 35 M Miss Farmer $400.
Minerva " 30 F La (McKey)
Amanda " 12 F Tx (M) Andrews
N C " 8 F Tx (Naomi (M) A. William Mudd-lived in Mexico, 1870, 1880)
Matilda " 6 F Tx (M) Marshall King
Thaddeus " 1 M Tx

1860 Fort Bend Co, Tx Pittsville PO P 365b-366-a HH 143-131
William F. Sparks 45 M Miss farmer 10,000/20,000
Minerva " 40 F La (McKey)
Amanda Andrews 22 F Tx (Amanda Sparks M#1 Andrews (M) #2 W P Hennessy)
N. " 17 F Tx (Naomi  (M) Wm. Ambrose Mudd
M (Matilda) " 15 F Tx (M) Marshall King
T. (Thaddeus) " 11 M Tx (M) Mary E Gaines
Missouri " 8 F Tx (M) Everett J Parrent
H P Garner   40 M Ala Overseer

1870 Madison Co, Tx (Madisonville PO) P 332A HH 300-303
William Sparks 56 WM Miss farmer
Minerva " 49 WF La (McKey)
Thadeus " 22 WM Tx farmer /1200
Mary " 17 WF Tx (dtr-in-law)
Missouri Parrent 19 WF Tx
Everett J " 28 WM La house carpenter /150
Jennie " 1 WF Tx
Jno Jones 28 WM NY Lab.

1880 Laredo, Webb Co, Tx P 330C
Thomas Walsh 49 Ire Ire  Ire Merchant
Mary Ann " 40 WF Tx Ms La 
L. A. Mudd 16 WF Mexico Ky Tx (Laura  A Mudd) Rel: Niece
Julia Mudd 14 Wf Mexico Ky Tx Rel: Niece
1 M Mex. servant

1880 Johnson Co, Tx Dist 82, P 283C
HH 176-197 
William F. Sparks
66 WM Miss Ga NC farmer (wife missing, but appears in 1900)
HH 176-198 
Thadeus C. " 32 WM Tx MS La Farmer (died Feb 28, 1890 Waco, Tx)
Mary E. " 28 WF wife
John M. '" 9 Wm son
Walter " 3 WM son
Mary " 1 WF Dtr

1900 McLennan Co, Tx P 187A ED 72  916 N 13th St. HH 406-461
Mary E Sparks* 47 WF Oct, 1852 Tx Tx Tenn Wid  Had 8 ch-6 living
Jno. " 29 WM Jan, 1871 single son Tx Tx Tx
Walter " 23 WM Oct, 1876 Tx Tx Tx married son telegraph operator
Catherine " 21 May, 1879 Tx Tx Tx dtr-in-law No ch
Mary " 21 WF Dec 1878 Tx Tx Tx single dtr School teacher
Earnest " 19 WM May 1881  Tx Tx Tx single son Asst. Clerk
Maud " 17 WF April, 1893 sTx Tx Tx single dtr (M) James Billingsley
Audrey " 13 WF Feb, 1897 Tx Tx Tx dtr @ school
*Wid of Thaddeus Sparks

1900 McLennan Co, Tx ED 77, 4th Ward Waco, Pct 1, P 276A HH 338-228
William F Sparks 86 WM Jan, 1814 Miss Ga NC farmer Marr 65 yrs
Minerva " 80 WF Dec, 1819 La SC Ga wife Marr 65 yrs Had 6 ch-3 living
Everett J Parrent 57 WM Nov, 1842 Miss Miss Miss carpenter Marr 33 yrs
Missouri "  (Sparks) 48 WF Jan, 1852 Tx Miss La wife Had 8 ch-6 living marr 33 yrs
Frank M " 22 WM Feb, 1878 Tx Miss Tx son Marr 1 yr Plumber
Ella A " 24 WF July, 1875 Tx La Tx dtr-in-law marr 1 yr No ch
William H " 20 WM April, 1880 Tx Miss Tx son single 
Thomas W " 16  WM Dec, 1883 Tx Miss Tx son
Nellie " 12 WF Jan 1888 Tx Miss Tx dtr
& sev boarders

1900 Webb Co, Tx (2 Wd Laredo) Pct 2, ED 108 SD 13, HH 14-15 (804 Victoria St)
A William Mudd 63 WM July 1836 Ky Ky Ky traveling salesman (M) 39 yrs
Naomi " (Sparks) 58 WF  Sept, 1841 Tx Miss La wife had 9 ch-7 living
Laura " 35 WF Nov, 1864 Mex Ky Tx single dtr School teacher
Julia " 34 WF May 1866 Mex Ky Tx single dtr School teacher
Kate " 25 WF April, 1875 Mex Ky Tx single dtr Clerk, Post Office
Nellie " 21 WF Feb, 1879 Mex Ky Tx single dtr Clerk, Telephone Co
Joseph " 12 WM April, 1888 Tx Ky Tx son @ school

Obit of William Fielder Sparks July 13, 1900 Waco Newspaper
Survivors: Wife of more than 60 yrs, 3 dtrs, Mrs E J Parrent of Waco, Mrs W A Mudd of Laredo, & Mrs W P Hennesy of Houston, Texas. Buried Oakwood Cem, Waco, McLennan Co, Tx

1910 Falls Co, Tx (Marlin 1Wd ) Pct 1 ED52, P 108a-b HH 52-54
James Billingsley 28 WM Tx Miss Miss Bookkeeper, Priv. M1-5 yrs
Maude " 27 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Had 1 ch-1 living (Sparks, dtr of Thaddeus)
James, Jr. " 1 2/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son 
Mary E. Sparks *57 WF Wid Tx Tx Tenn Mother-in-law Wid. Had 6 ch-6 living
Audrey Sparks 23 WF Tx Tx Tx single sis-in-law (Dtr of Thaddeus)
2 boarders, and 1 servant (cook)
*Wid of Thaddeus Sparks

1910 Hunt Co, Tx (Lone Oak Pct 8 ) ED 135 P 255b, HH  26-26
Earnest O Sparks 27 WM Tx Tx Miss Salesman, retail gro M1-9 yrs
Lucy " 26 WF Tx Ky Tx wife Had 2 ch-2 living
Josie " 8 Tx Ky Tx dtr Tx Tx Tx
Grace " 1 2/12 WF dtr Tx Tx Tx 
Margarite Bailey 76 WF Wid Tenn Tenn Ga Had 4 ch-2 living

1910 Kaufman Co, Tx (Elmo) ED 35, Pct 4, P 224b, HH 287-287
Walter Sparks 33 WM Tx Ala Tx genl. farming M1-6 yrs
Bama?  " 25 WF Tx Ala Ala wife Had 3 ch-3 living
Theo " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Curtis " 2 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Leonard " 11/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1910 Harris Co, Tx (Houston) Pct 1, ED 49 P 45a, HH 268-283
John M Sparks 38 WM Tx Tx Tx Switchman, Yards (RR) M1-13 yrs
Estella M " 38 WF US Eng Miss wife had 3 ch-3 living
Willie " 12 WM Tx Tx Eng son
Estell Lizzie " 8 WF Tx Tx Eng dtr
Mary H " 5 WF Tx Tx Eng dtr

Census Records of James Hawkins Sparks 
1815 Miss-1885 Bosqueville, McLennan Co, Tx
& Wife #1 Penelope Mann Ca 1833
wife #2 Rebecca Ca 1835
wife #3 Elizabeth McKnight Dec 30, 1838 Nacog. Co, Tx
James Hawkins Sparks died Sept 12, 1885 Bosqueville, McLennan Co, Tx

1850 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH 512-512
J H Sparks 35 M Miss
Elizabeth (McKnight) 27 F  Tenn (wife #3)
Rebecca 12 F Tx (M) Richard M  Deckard May 12, 1857
Martha 8 F Tx-(M1) Newel Walter Crain Nov 17, 1859 (M 2)-John W Steinbeck
Isabella 6 F Tx (Ellen (M) Mark M Burgess Mar 13, 1862 
Nancy 2 F Tx (M1) Williams (M2) W M Jim Cobb
and 1 boarder

1860 McLennan Co, Tx Bosqueville T/S HH 280-280
J H Sparks 45 M Miss farmer 
E E " 37 F Tenn (Elizabeth McKnight)
Ellen " 16 F Tex (Isabella (M) M M Burgess Mar 3, 1862 McLennan Co 
N M " 12 F Tx (Nancy)
Jas R. " 9M Tx (M) Sarah Ellen Edwards, Nacog. Co Oct 5, 1875
Chas. D T " 7 M Tx (M) Fannie Robertson
L W " 5 F Tx (Laura) (M) Geo. A. Bell
W. Edgar " 2 M Tx (M) Annie Leila Jones
Mary Sharp 13 F Tx
William Rodgers 18 M Tx student
G W Raser 25 M Ala Overseer
1860 McLennan Co, Tx slave schedule J H Sparks P 107

1870 McLennan Co, Tx (Waco PO) W. of Brazos River HH 992-974
James Sparks 58 WM Miss farmer 2600/1200
Elizabeth (McKnight) " 48 WF Tenn 
Charles " 17 WM Tx
Laura " 14 WF Tx
Ada " 12 WF Tx (sh read Edgar 12 Male)

1880 Limestone Co, Tx Kosse PO P 334C
J H Sparks 66 WM Miss Tn Miss Farmer
E E " 57 WF Tn NC NS wife
B E " 22 WM Tx Ms Tn son (Beverly Edgar)
W B Ridgeway 23 WM Tx Farmer

1880 Nacogdoches Co, Tx Pct 1 P 184C
James R Sparks  29 WM Tx Ms Tn Lawyer
Sarah E. " 25 WF Tx Va __ wife (Sarah Ellen Edwards)*
James E " 3 WM Tx Tx Tx son (died pr to Dec. 13, 1887-See Mother's will below)
Edgar " 5Mos WM Tx Tx Tx son
Also had dtr Nellie-Prob. Recds.

Will of Sarah Edwards Sparks dated Dec 13, 1887 Proved July 11, 1888
Names Husband: James R Sparks
Sons: Edgar Thorn Sparks, Richard Coke Sparks
Exr: John Durst and if he refuses, then to W G Ratcliff
Wts: Peyton F Edwards, Francis C Ford, Peyton J Edwards

1880 McLennan Co, Tx ED 111, P 156A
Charles D. Sparks 27 WM Tx Mx Tn farmer
Fannie " 22 WF Tx Al Al wife
Charlie " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
John " 2 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Infant Sparks 1 Mo. WM Tx Tx Tx son
& 1 farm lab & 1 bl serv

1900 McLennan Co, Tx Pct 1, P 36, ED 67 HH 140-142
Chas. D. Sparks 40 WM Jan, 1860 Tx Miss Miss Farmer Marr 23 yrs
Annie " 40 WF /Sept, 1859 Marr 23 yrs Had 7 ch-6 living Tx Ala Ala wife
Chas., Jr. " 22 WM Jan, 1878 Tx Tx Tx single son  lawyer
John E " 21 WM Feb, 1879 single son Tx Tx Tx
Early " 19 WM Feb, 1881  single son Tx Tx Tx
Lillie " 17 WF Nov, 1882 single dtr Tx Tx Tx
Ethel " 14 WF June, 1885  dtr Tx Tx Tx
Fannie " 11 WF Aug 1898 dtr Tx Tx Tx 
John A Robertson 65 WM July 1834 Marr 45 yrs Ala Va Tenn Step-father
Rebecca " 67 WF Mar, 1833 Ala Ky Ky step-mother

1900 McLennan Co, Tx ED 85, SD9, P 130 Pct 4, HH 114-114
Beverly Ed. Sparks 42 WM April, 1858 Tx Miss Tenn Farmer Marr 19 yrs
Annie " 39 WF Dec, 1860 Tx Ala Tx wife Had 7 ch-6 living
James W (A?) " 17 WM Mar, 1883 Tx Tx Tx son farmer
Erin F. " 15 WM Mar, 1885 Tx Tx Tx son in school
Annie  L " 12 WF July, 1887 Tx Tx Tx dtr  " "
Rupert F " 11 WM Mar, 1889 Tx Tx Tx son " "
Leslie S. " 8 WM Apr, 1892 Tx Tx Tx son " "
Perry H "  1 WM Aug, 1898 Tx Tx Tx son

1910 Jones Co, Tx (Stanford) ED 137, P 115A Pct 3, HH 251-272
Beverly E. Sparks  51 WM Tx Miss Tenn Real Estate Agent M1-29 yrs
Annie " 49 WF Tx Al US wife Had 7 ch-6 living
Leila " 22 WF  Tx Tx Tx dtr single
Rupert F " 19 WM Tx Tx Tx son single 
Leslie S. " 17 Tx Tx Tx son single
Perry H " 11 WM Tx Tx Tx son single

P50b, ED 133, SD 16
Erin F Sparks 25 WM TxTx Tx Real Estate M1-4 yrs
Sinytha " 21 WF wife No Ch Tx Col Ohio

1910 McLennan Co, Tx 1Wd Waco, ED 79, P 22A -1214 North first St 
Mrs. Fannie Sparks 52 WF Wid Tx Ala Ala Had 7 ch-5 living
Fannie " 21 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr single
(Wid of Charles D Sparks)

Census Records Pertaining to Stephen Franklin Sparks
1817 Miss-1908 Rockport, Sparks' Colony, Aransas Co, Tx
(M) #1 Elizabeth Whitaker,  Oct 6, 1936 Nacogdoches, Texas
& wife #2 Jane Skelton Journey (M) April 14, 1856 McLennan Co, Tx
Stephen Franklin Sparks died March 12, 1908 Rockport, Aransas Co, Tx
He is buried in Seaside Cemetery, Rockport, Tx

I did not locate S F Sparks 1850 Index

Churches of McLennan Co, Tx

Bosqueville Baptist Church – Location: Rock Creek Rd. in Bosqueville
The Rev. S.G. O'Bryan organized this church in Nov. 1854. Frank Broadus, N.W. Brain, W.S.Gill, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. and Mrs. S.F. Sparks were charter members. They met in a log schoolhouse, and later at Bosqueville College. In 1887 the Bosque Masonic Lodge and this church jointly built a meeting house that burned within four months. The first sanctuary was completed in 1895; present one in 1917. One of the oldest rural congregations in McLennan County, this church has worshiped without interruption since 1854. (1978)

1860 McLennan Co, Tx (Waco PO) P 391 HH 81-81
S F Sparks 43 M Miss farmer 5,000/9875
Jane M " 38 F Tenn (Skelton, Journey)
Richard W " 18 M Tx student 
James H " 15 M Tx student (James Hawkins)
A E " 13 F Tx (Amanda M) Rogers
S F Jr " 6 M Tx (Stephen Franklin, Jr)
N C " 5 M Tx  (Newel Crane)
Frank Rogers 15 M Tx Student
Mary " 7 F Tx
1860 McLennan Co, Tx slave Schedule S F Sparks P 101

1870 McLennan Co, Tx (Waco PO) East of Brazos River P 77A HH 324-333
Stephen Sparks 53 WM Miss farmer 7200/7800
Jane " 48 WF Tenn (Skelton, Journey)
Stephen " 18 WM Tx
Newel C. " 15 WM Tx
Amanda Rogers 32 WF Tx
Alice O'Harro 11 WF Tx @ school
Clara " 8 WF Tx @ school
James Rogers 6 WM Tx
Elizabeth Whitaker 82 WF Va (Mother of wife #1)
James Tindall 16 WM Tx
John " 14 WM Tx

1870 McLennan Co, Tx Waco PO West of Brazos River P 157A HH 756-706
James (Hawkins)  Sparks 26 WM Tx farmer 700/1500
Mollie " 24 WF Tenn (Mary A Davis)
Emma " 2 WF Tx
Robert " 5/12 WM Tx
J H Sparks (M) Laura C Johnson Aug 2, 1865 McLennan Co, Tx
J H Sparks Jr  (M) Mary A Davis Dec 4, 1866 McLennan Co, Tx)

1880 McLennan Co, Tx (Waco) P 189D
N C (Newel Crain)  Sparks 25 WM Tx MS TN  wool grower
Laura " 24 WF Tx TN Ms wife 
Ada " 2 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
R W " 10mos WM son
S F Sparks 63 WM Ms Ga SC Wool grower (Rel-Father) (Stephen Franklin Sparks)
J M " 57 WF Tn Va NC (rel-stepmother)
& 2 farm lab.

1880 Hamilton Co, Tx P 348A
S F Sparks 28 WM Tx Al __ Farmer (Stephen Franklin, Jr)
Ida D. "  28 WF Tn Tn Al wife
Annie D " 7 WF Tx Tx Tn dtr
Lizzie M " 1 WF Tx Tx Tn dtr
S E Conch 23 WM Canada sheep herder 
H Boynton 16 WM Canada " "

1880 Bosque Co, Tx ED 12, P 417B
Jas. H Sparks 35 WM Tx Ms Tn Farmer & wool grower
Mary A. Sparks 34 WF Tn Tn Tn wife(Davis)
Emma K " 11 WF Tx Tx Tn dtr
Robt. W. " 10 WM Tx Tx Tn son
Wm F " 5 WM Tx Tx Tn son
John " 2 WM Tx Tx Tn son
Eliza T Davis 50 WF Tn Tn Tn Widow Mother-in-law
Bettie K " 22 WF Tx Tn Tn sis-in-law single
Wm H Tindal 19 WM Tx sheep herder

1900 McLennan Co, Tx Waco City 711 Franklin St Pct 1, ED 74 P 225A HH 316-328
Stephen F Sparks 47 WM Nov 1852 Tx Miss Tenn Farmer Marr 29 yrs
Ida B. " 48 WF Mar, 1852 Tenn Tenn Miss wife Had 9 ch-7 living
Lizzie M " 21 WF May, 1879 Dtr Single Tx Tx Tn telephone operator
James K " 19 WM May, 1881 son single Tx Tx Tn lab
Frank L " 16 WM Aug, 1883  son Tx Tx Tn
Mildred L " 14 WF Feb, 1886 dtr Tx Tx Tn school
McNeill " 8 WM Dec 1891 son Tx Tx Tn son "
Emily E. " 6 WF May 1894 dtr Tx Tx Tn 
E Alexander 27 WM sing boarder
Olive T Loving 40 WM Marr 20 yrs boarder

1900 San Patricio Co, Tx Mathis Pct 5, ED 72, P 116 HH 89-100
N C (Newell Crain) Sparks 45 WM Jan 1855 Tx Miss Tn Marr 23 yrs farmer
Laura  " 44 WF April, 1859 Tx Tn Miss wife Had 9 ch-9 living
R N " 20 Aug, 1879 son single Tx Tx Tx
J F " 18 WM Sept 1881 son single Tx Tx Tx
E B " 16 Nov 1883 son Tx Tx Tx
Haleyan " 15 WF Mar, 1885 dtr Tx Tx Tx
P C " 13 WM Mar, 1887 son Tx Tx Tx
Felix " 8 WM Oct, 1891 son Tx Tx Tx
Lan? " 6 WM Feb, 1894 son Tx Tx Tx 
Emmett " 4 WM Oct, 1895 son Tx Tx Tx

1900 Aransas Co, Tx Rockport (Sparks' Colony Pct 2) ED 2, P 160 HH 44-44
W Frank Sparks 25 Aug, 1874 Tx Tx Tx truck farmer Marr 3 yrs (s/o Jas. H)
Libby " 31 Feb, 1869 Tx Tx Tx  wife Had 1 ch-1 living
Jewel " 2 WF June, 1898 dtr Tx Tx Tx

HH 45-45
James H Sparks 53 WM July 1844 Tx Miss Tenn Farmer Marr 33 yrs
Mary A " 53 WF Sept 1846 Tx Tx Tn wife Had 9 ch-8 living
Era " 16 WF Dec, 1883 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Nellie " 16 WF Feb 1885 Tx Tx Tx dtr
James " 14 WM Mar, 1886 Tx Tx Tx son
Stephen F. Sparks 83 WM April, 1817 Miss Ga Miss Marr 44 yrs Father
Jane M " 77 WF July, 1822 Tenn Tenn Tenn Had 1 ch-1 living Mother

Obit of Stephen F. Sparks, March 17, 1908 The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, Texas
Reprint of Houston Post Obit
Survivors: J H Sparks, of San Antonio, Tx, S F Sparks of Waco, Texas,  N C Sparks of Mathis, Texas and Mrs R E Rogers (age 70 yrs) Hamilton, Tx.
Buried Seaside Cem., Rockport, Tx

1910 Aransas Co, Tx (Rockport, 2Wd) Austin St. ED 1, Pct 1,P 3b, HH 71-75
Wm Frank Sparks 35 WM Tx Tx Tenn M1-13 yrs Merchant, Furniture
Libbie   " 35 WF Tx NY NY wife had 6 ch-4 living
Effie J. " 11 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Alta May " 9 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Helena? E " 6 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
W Forrest " 8/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

Pct 2, P 19b, HH 76-76
James H Sparks 65 WM Tx Miss Miss truck farming M#2-43 yrs
Mary A " 62 WF Tenn Tenn Tenn wife Had 9 ch-8 living (Davis)

1910 San Patricio Co, Tx P 228a, HH 61-64
N C Sparks 55 WM Tx Miss Tenn genl farming Widower
F F " 18 WM single son Tx Tx Tx farming (Felix)
C L " 16 WM Tx Tx Tx 
J E " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx  (Emmitt)

ED 137, Pct 2, 388 McCary St HH 255-277
James A Sparks 27 WM Tx Tx Tx Ins, Agent M1-3 yrs
Ethel M " 24 WF Tx Ill Ill wife No ch

1910 McLennan Co, Tx Pct 4, ED 101 P40b, HH 204-205
Stephen F Sparks 53 WM Widower Tx Miss Miss genl. farming
Frank L " 26 WM Tx Tx Tenn son single farmer

Census Records pertaining to Thomas Benton Sparks 
1829 Miss-1872 McLennan Co, Tx
& wife Phereby A M M Smith
Thomas Benton Sparks died Oct 27, 1872 McLennan Co, Tx
Buried Bosque Baptist Cem., McLennan Co, Tx

1850 Nacogdoches Co, HH HH 308-308
Thomas B. Sparks 21 M Miss
Phereby (Smith) 19 F Tenn

1860 McLennan Co, Tx No T/S P 403 HH 247-247
Thos. B. Sparks 31 M Miss Planter 1805/1876
F A M M " 28 F Ala (Phereby Ann Matilda Mahala Smith)
J F " 8 M Tx (John Franklin)
A J " 6 M Tx (Andrew Jackson)
R M " 3 M Tx (Richard Marion) missing 1870
Sarah E " 1 F Tx (Sarah Elizabeth)
Chas Whitehead 16 M Ark Farm lab
1860 McLennan Co, Tcx Slave Schedule Thomas Sparks P 101

1870 McLennan Co, Tx Waco PO East of Brazos River P15A HH 179-102
Thomas (Benton) Sparks 41 WM Miss farmer /800
Millie  39 WF Tenn (Phereby A M M Smith)
John " 19 WM Tx farming (John Franklin)
Andrew " 17 WM Tx farming (Andrew Jackson "Jack")
Sarah " 11 WF Tx @ school (Sarah Elizabeth)
Thomas " 10 WM Tx @ school (Thomas Hawkins)
William " 7 WM Tx @ school (William Doyle Fielder)
Marg " 10/12 WF Tx ( Margaret W. "Mattie")

1880 McLennan Co, Tx Waco P 187C
M M Lockridge 49 WF Tenn (Phereby A. M M Smith, Sparks, Wid of Thos. Benton Sparks)
T H Sparks 19 WM Tx Ms Tn Son farming (Thomas Hawkins)
W D Sparks 17 WM Tx Ms Tn son farming (William Doyle Fielder)
M W Sparks 10 WF Tx MS Tn dtr (Margaret)
J W Sparks 8 WM Tx Ms Tn son (James William)

1880 McLennan Co Tx ED 110 P 143A
John F Sparks 29 WM Tx Ms Ms farmer
Mary L A " 24 WM Al Al Al wife
Lelia " 3 WF Tx Tx Al dtr
Andrew J " 3 WM Tx Tx Al son
William C " 5Mos Tx Tx Al son

1880 McLennan Co, Tx ED110, P 143A
Andrew J Sparks 27 WM Tx Ms Ms farmer
Mary H " 26 WF Al Al Al wife
Alabama " 6 WF Tx Tx Al dtr
Dora E " 3 WF Tx Tx Al dtr
May V " 1 WF Tx Tx Al dtr

1900 McLennan Co, Tx  ED 84, Pct 3, P 121A HH 474-479
Andrew J Sparks 23 WM  Feb, 1877 Tx Tx Ala  farmer Marr 3 yrs (s/o John F Sparks)
Millie " 19 WF April, 1881 Tx Unk Unk wife marr 3 yrs Had 1 ch-0 liv

HH 475-480
Tom H Sparks 39 WM Nov, 1860 Tx Tn Tn farmer Marr 10 yrs 
Nancy " 35 WF Sept, 1864 Tx SC Miss wife had 9 ch-9 living
Tom L " 10 WM April, 1890 son Tx Tx Tx @ school
Mallie F " 8 WM Dec 1891 son Tx Tx Tx @ school
Charles N " 6 WM Nov 1893  son Tx Tx Tx 
Clady B " 4 WM Sept, 1895 son Tx Tx Tx 
Allie D " 2 WF Jine, 1897 dtr Tx Tx Tx
David N " 5/12 WM Dec, 1899 son Tx Tx Tx
Van E McAden 17 WM Oct, 1882 Step-son @ school
Clara . P " 14 WF Aug, 1885 step-dtr @ school
Francis C. " 12 WM Aug, 1887 step-son @ school
(Thos. Hawkins Sparks s/o Thos Benton Sparks)

P 122, ED 84 Pct 3, HH 300-305
Jack Sparks*  47 WM April, 1853 Tx Miss Tenn farmer Marr 27 yrs
Mary " 46 WF Nov, 1852 Ala SC Ala wife had 3** ch-3 living
Eugene " 18 WM Feb, 1882 Tx Tx Ala son
Jesse " 15 WM June, 1884 Tx Tx Ala son
Asa " 11 WM Oct, 1888 Tx Tx Ala son
*(Andrew Jackson Sparks, s/o Thomas Benton Sparks-
**this couple had 3 dtrs in 1880 census

1910 McLennan Co, Tx Pct 3, P 223B HH 310-315
Andrew J Sparks 57 WM Tx Miss Miss Own Income M1-38 yrs
Mary H " 56 WF Ala SC Ala Had 9 ch-5 living
Jesse W " 36 WM Tx Tx Ala son single farming
Asa G " 21 WM Tx Tx Ala son Married-newlywed
Sarah A " 22 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr-in-law

1910 Erath Co, Tx ED 22 Pct 2, 1Wd Dublin, P 105b, HH 6-7
Andrew J Sparks 33 WM Tx Ala Ala Barber M1
Millie " 29 WF Tx Miss La wife Had 5 ch-4 living
Ollie " 9 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Opal " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Earlis " 5 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Vesta " 2 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1910 McLennan Co, Tx ED 97, Pct 3, P 224b, HH 333-338
Eugene M Sparks 28 WM Tx Tx Ala farming M1-1 yr 
Hattie J " 23 WM Tx Miss Miss wife Had 1 ch-1 living
Eugene F " 5/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1910 Bosque Co, Tx ED 4, SD 5 Pct  2, P 35B HH 18-18 
Is this the same John F of 1880 census? I did not locate this family in 1900 Texas Index.
John F Sparks 59 WM Tx Tenn Miss genl. farming M1-38 yrs
Mary L " 54 WF Ala Ala Ala wife Had 10 ch-8 living
Thomas B " 19 WM Tx Tx Ala son single Barber
Olah T. " 16 WF Tx Tx Ala dtr
Ella M " 11 WF Tx Tx Ala dtr
Irene " 5 WF Tx Tx Tx Gr/Dtr

Census Records Pertaining to Dr. John Marion Sparks
1831 Miss-1909 Nacogdoches, Tx
& # 1 wife Martha A Crain (M) Sept 19, 1851 Nacog. Co, Tx
& #2 wife Elizabeth Whitlow Hazel (M) April 8, 1884 Nacog. Co.,, Tx

1850 Nacogdoches Co, Tx HH 481-481
A J Sparks 23 M Miss Farmer (see his page for further records)
Mary (Allen) 19 F Tenn
Thomas 11/12 M Tx Thomas Allen Sparks
Thomas 21 M Miss (Thomas Benton Sparks-Brother)
John " 17 M Miss HH 499 (Dr John Marion Sparks-Brother)

1860 Nacog. Co, Beat 2B HH 375-367
John M Sparks 28 WM Miss farmer
Martha A. " 28 WF Miss (Crain)
William M. (Marion) " 7 WM Tx
Janitha M. (Madora) " 5 WF Tx

1870 Nacog. Dist 1 HH 152-152
John M Sparks 39 WM Miss Physician
Martha E.  " 38 WF Tenn (Crain)
William " 17 WM Tx

HH 467-467
Louisa (Timberlake) Orton 47 WF Tenn 
John G. 23 ?WM Tex Deputy Sheriff
Madora (Sparks) 16 WF Tx (Dtr of Dr. John M. Sparks)

1880 Nacogdoches ED 47 HH 246
John M Sparks WM 48 Miss Ga Ga Physician
Martha A. " 47  WF Tx SC Tn (Crain)

HH 307
William M Sparks 27 WM Tx Al Ms Farmer
Eudora " 25 WF (Coats)
Ina Mary  "5 WF
Thomas B.(Benton) " 3 WM Tx
John Newell "  WM (Infant)

1900 Nacogdoches Co, Tx ED 39, Pct 1, HH 206-216
John M Sparks 68 WM June 1831 Ms Ms Ms Doctor Marr 16 yrs
Elizabeth "  (Hazel) 38 WF Sept 1861 Ms Ms Ms wife Had 3 ch-3 living marr 16 yrs
Johnnie M " 15 WF May 1885 Tx Ms Ms dtr
Ethel E. " 11 WF Nov, 1888 Tx Ms Ms dtr
Jewel E " 6 WF May 1894 Tx Ms Ms dtr
Robert L (Mosby?) 9 WM Sept 1890 Nephew

1900 Nacog. Co, Tx ED 39 Pct 1 HH 189-189
John Orton 52 WM Aug, 1847 Tx NC NC farmer marr 29 yrs
Dora "  (Sparks) 45 WF Oct, 1854 Tx  Tx Ms wife Had 7 ch-6 living marr 29 yrs
Greer " 22 WM single Aug, 1877 Tx Tx Tx son farmer
Lula 19 WF single Sept 1880 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Luke " 17 WM singleMar, 1883 Tx Tx Tx son
Joe " 12 WM Sept 1887 Tx Tx Tx son

HH 190-190
H B Davis 26 WM Nov, 1873 Tx Va Ga salesman, dry goods Marr 3 yrs
Mattie L " (Orton) 25 WF Swpt, 1874 Tx Tx Tx wife Had 2 ch-2 living Marr 3 yrs
Lelia V. " 2 WF June 1897 Tx Tx Tx dtr
Hugh O " 9/12 WM Aug, 1899 Tx Tx Tx son
Mary V Davis Mother 64 WF Wid Nov 1836 Ga Ga Ga

ED 39, Pct 1, HH 590-590
Jno. T. Lucas 39 WM July, 1860 Tx Tn Ga Hardware Dealer (M) 10 yrs
Lillia " 29 WF Apr, 1871 Tx Tx Tx wife (Orton) Marr 10 yrs Had 3 ch-3 living
Luke L " 9 WM Mar, 1891 Tx Tx Tx son
Harrel " 2 WM Dec, 1897 Tx Tx Tx son
Charles W " 11/12 WM June 1899 Tx Tx Tx son
Louisa W Orton 79 WF Wid Gr/Mother-in-law NC NC NC & 1 boardr

1900 McCullock Co, Tx (Voca Pct 5) ED 108, P 230A HH 200-201
William (Marion) Sparks 47 WM May 1853 Tx Miss Miss farming (M) 28 yrs
Dora A. " 45 WF Mar, 1855 Wife Had 8 ch-6 living Tx Ala Tenn
Oscar M " 18 WM Feb, 1882 single son Tx Tx Tx farming (Oscar Marion)
Pearl  A."  15 WF Nov, 1884 Tx Tx Tx dtr @ school
Troy W. " 12 WM Mar, 1888 Tx Tx Tx son @ school (Troy William)
Jimmie G. " 9 WM Dec, 1890 Tx Tx Tx son @ school (James Grady)
HH 201-202
Thomas B (Benton) Sparks 22 WM July, 1877 Tx Tx Tx farming Newlyweds
Essie E " 17 WF July, 1882 wife No ch Tx Tx Tx 

1910 Concho Co, Tx Pct 3, ED 28, SD 16 P 34a, HH 37-66
William (Marion) Sparks 57 WM Tx US US farmer M #1  37 yrs
Dora " 55 WF Tx US Us wife Had 7 ch-6 living M#1 37 yrs
Charles " 8  WM Tx Tx Tx son (gr/son, s/o Thomas B. &#1 wife Essie E.?)
Jim " 19 WM Tx Tx Tx son single farmer (James Grady)
Troy " 22 WM Tx Tx Tx son single farmer (Troy William)
HH 38-67
Tom (Benton) Sparks 37 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer (M)#2 6 yrs
Lora " 26 WF Tx Mo Mo wife M#1 6 yrs Had 2 ch-2 living
Alma " 5 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Willie " 3 WM Tx Tx Tx son
HH 39-68
Oscar (Marion)  Sparks 28 WM Tx Tx Tx M#1 5 yrs farmer
Maud " 25 WF Tx Ga Ky wife M#1 5 yrs Had 2 ch-1 living
Vivian " 1 5/12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr

Children of Dr. John Marion Sparks & wife #1 Martha Crain
a. William Marion Born May 30, 1853 Died May 26, 1926 Eden, Concho Co, Tx
    (M) Eudora A C Coats Sept 30, 1873 Nacog. Co, Tx
b. Idora Mae "Dora" Born Oct 3, 1854 Died Jan 27, 1911 Nacog. Co, Tx
    (M) John Greer Orton June 16, 1870 Nacog. Co, Tx
    Both buried Oak Grove Cem., Nacogdoches, Tx
c. Juanita M "Ida" Born Oct 5, 1856 Died July 10, 1857
    Bur: ONC Cem., Nacogdoches, Tx
d. Newel Waltern Born Sept 20, 1858 Died Feb 8, 1859
    Buried ONC Cem., Nacogdoches, Texas
Children of Dr. John Marion Sparks & Wife #2 Elizabeth Whitlow Hazle
e. Johnnie May Born May 8, 1885 Died Feb. 12, 1971
    Bur: ONC Cem., Nacogdoches, Tx
    (M) Herman W Wyres Nov, 1919 Rusk Co, Tx
f. Ethel Elizabeth Born Nov 24, 1888 Died: Dec 7, 1965
   Bur: ONC Cem., Nacogdoches, Tx
   (M) W F Sheldon Nov 25, 1909 Nacog. Co, Tx
g. Jewell Sparks Born May 27, 1894 
   (M) Blanton Belk Feb, 1920

Below is the Ad for Dr. Sparks' Hair Vigor, which he bottled and sold in Nacogdoches, for many years: (Ref: Personal Papers of Johnnie Mae Sparks Wyres-East Texas Research Center, SFASU Library)

In All the World's History is the Discovery of Dr. Jno. M. Sparks, M.D., HAIR VIGOR, Bacteria Destroyer, Dandruff Remover, Hair Preserver and Generator

It kills all bacteria, removes dandruff, prevents the hair from falling out and generates new hair where it has been out for years, restoring it to it's original color and thickness.  It penetrates the skin at once, cleansing it by opening up the pores or sweat glands, descending into the circulation and throwing out all impurities of the skin and blood by the disinfectant and antiseptic principals; it being also a stimulant to the blood and nerves action, bringing about healthy action in both, which is necessary to produce the growth of the hair, and causing the fat or oil glands to secrete the fine oil that is so necessary to perpetuate the life and growth of the hair.  The medicine has immediate action upon the circulation, producing pure blood, generating new hair and causing speedy growth of same.

As proof of the wonderful effects of this medicine, we give below a few of the many testimonials we have received.:

To whom it may concern:
This is to certify that I have been extensively bald for fifty years, and now from the use of Dr. Sparks' Bacteria Destroyer and Hair Generator for two months the hair has grown out all over my head, and is as thick as it ever was. I can recommend Dr. Sparks' Hair Medicine to all bald headed persons as a hair specific.  C. Skeeters, Appleby, Texas

To whom it may concern:
This is to certify that my daughter's hair had all fallen out, but after using Dr. Sparks' Bacteria Destroyer and Hair Generator for two or three weeks, her hair is entirely restored, and is as thick or thicker than it ever was.    B. F. Cooper, Nacogdoches, Texas

To whom it may concern:
This is to certify that I was bald, and after using Dr. Sparks' Bacteria Destroyer and Hair Generator for six weeks, my hair is as thick as it ever was and is now OK. Yours truly,
A. B. Stoddard, Railroad Agent, Appleby, Texas

To whom it may concern:
This is to certify that I was completely bald, and after using Dr. Sparks' Bacteria Destroyer and Hair Generator for three months, my hair is as thick as it ever was.  My head had been bald for twelve years.  T. W. Windham, Minister of the Gospel of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Nacogdoches, Texas.

Sparks Manufacturing Company
Nacogdoches, Texas