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1820 BALDWIN CO, ALABAMA CENSUS- Wade H. Greening- Indexed as Gruning
1 male und. 21 yrs, 2 males 20-30 Yrs. No Females 
1820 CONECUH CO, ALABAMA-E. S. Greening HH (Indexed as Gruning)

DB B, P, 35-36
State of Alabama
Baldwin County
March 10, 1821

Know all men by these presents, that I, Wade H. Greening for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand dollars have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto Eldridge S. Greening his heirs and assigns, the following Negroes,  to Wit:  A Negro man named Bob, about 21 yrs of age, and a Negro girl named Juliet about 16 yrs of age; the above Negroes were received from my father's estate, and I do warrant and defend the said Negroes from the claim or claims of all and every persons whatsoever.   In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of March, 1821. 
Signed: Wade H. Greening (Seal)
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of :
 William N. Patton 
G. J. Mills
Acknowledged before me this 17th day of May, 1821
Thomas Heald, Clerk, CC  Baldwin County-
Recorded this 18th day of May, 1821, Thomas Heald, Clerk, Baldwin C. C

Record Book One, Dallas Co, Ala, Circuit Court ( Contributed by Flora England)
Mar 4, 1823 P 363  Armistead Russell  against Wade H. Greening, as EXR of John Greening.  Russell agrees to rent his plantation on W/Side of Bogue Chitto Creek. to Wade Greening.

Book 2, P 156-7 John Gayle, Sr and Mary, his wife, -mentions note given by Wade H. Greening, and Mary, his  wife (John Gayle's wife) in 1820, given previous to marriage of Mary Greening and John Gayle. Jury to try this case: Edward Gannt, foreman, Jesse Works, Andrew Smith, John Works, Edward Conway, Thos, Gammage, Stephen Steel, Benjamin Ha..., Wm. Hos....,, George G Brooks, John Holcomb, Joseph C. Huddleston 

Dallas County Alabama Probate Court records, Bk A P 119, April 19, 1824 
In the matter of the guardianship of the minor heirs of John Greening, deceased,: this day came Matthew Gayle and produced to the court the certificates of John Gayle, Esquire, a J P for the County of Dallas, whereupon it appears that Rufus, John J, and Elizabeth Greening, children and orphans of John Greening, late of Sumter District, S C did on the 12th instant before the said Gayle, make choice of Matthew Gayle as their guardian over their own persons and  property, whereupon the said Judge appointed the said Matthew Gayle guardian of the said minors, and the said Matthew Gayle gave bond and security as the law directs, which bond is herewith recorded, bearing date April 17, 1824, and in the sum of $20,000. with securities thereon.

P 120, April 19, 1824-It having been represented to the Judge that inconsiderable amount of property belongs to the heirs and estate of the late JOHN GREENING, of Sumter, SC, and that same is in a wasteful condition and a copy of the will having been produced of the said JOHN GREENING duly certified by the Judge of Ordinary of Sumter District, SC to be an exact copy from the original will of said testator, which was duly proven in open Court of Ordinary, on the 25th April, 1817, it is therefore ordered that Matthew Gayle and George W. Pitts be, and they are hereby appointed Administrators with the Will annexed of the said John Greening in this State, they having taken the Oath and given bond and security as the law directs, which bond in the sum of $20,000. with sureties thereon bearing date of April19, 1824, is hereby rcorded.

Central Alabama Genealogical Society, Selma, Ala. Vol 7, No 3, July 27, 1981)

Dallas Co, Ala Orphans Court Minutes, Book A. P 172 (192)  July, 1826-John Gayle Sr & wife Mary filed a petition for allowance to them of a horse chair, a legacy left them (her) by her husband, John Greening, dec'd.   Matt Gayle & Geo. W. Pitts, Administrators of said Greening.

Ref: Orphan's Court Records, Wilcox Co, Ala-October 28, 1828
Upon the application of Matt Gayle & Jabez W. Heustis for Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Gayle, Sr dec'd. and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that MARY GAYLE, the widow of the said John Gayle, Sr dec'd, refused to qualify or take upon herself the Administration of said estate, and that said Matt Gayle and Jabez W Heustis were the next of kin of aforesaid deceased-It is therefore ordered by the Court that Letters of Administration on the Estate of the late John Gayle, Sr, deceased be granted to the said Matt Gayle and Jabez  W Heustis. Ordered by the Court that Matt Gayle and Jabez W Heustis, Administrators of John Gayle, Sr dec'd give bond in the sum of seven thousand dollars, and that John J Greening, William T Matthews and George Christian be accepted as their securities as such Administrators.
Ordered by the Court that Wiley Jones, Joshua  Sloan, John Harewood, John Vinson, and William Hobbs, Jr be and they are hereby appointed appraisers to appraise the estate of John Gayle, Sr, dec'd, and return an account of their proceedings to the Orphan's Court on or before the second Monday in Dec, next.
Signed: James C Irvin, J.C.C.W.C.C.C.

Note: There are several entries in the Orphan's Court Records of Wilcox Co, ala concerning the Estate of John Gayle, Sr., but no list of heirs was found in these records-there was mention of 1800-2000 Acres land located in Baldwin Co., Ala.-Both Administrators resigned in 1833
Estate of John Gayle indexed in Wilcox Co, Ala, as being in file Box #43-Unable to locate in courthouse... SGS

Dalla Co, Ala Probate Court records, Continued:

Book B, P 68 August 18, 1828 John J. Greening & Thomas Guy, having made application to this court for letters of Administration on the estate of John Greening, deceased, in the place of Eldridge S. Greening, former Administrator, deceased.; **
Ordered by the Court that notice issue to MARY GAYLE, to come forward to this court on the 30th day of this month and show cause, if any she has, why letters of Administration should not issue to the said petitioners above named.
** E. S. Greening was killed in a Surry Accident, May 4, 1828-there may have been early records of this estate in Conecuh Co, where he resided-those records were destroyed in a courthouse fire.-SGS

P 172, Sept. 1, 1830; This day came John J. Greening and Thomas T. Guy, Administrators of John Greening, dec'd, and filed their petition praying a sale of the real estate of said deceased for the payment of the just debts thereof; it is, therefore ordered by the court that notice to all the legatees of said deceased be given to appear at Orphan's Court of said County on the 2nd Monday in October ,  and show cause, if they have any, why the court should not authorize the sale of the real estate of said deceased, to wit: W 1/2 of NE 1/4, W 1/2 of SE  1/4, E 1/2 of SE 1/4, E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 26, Tp 15, Range 7.

P 176-October 11, 1830 On the application of Rufus W, Greening, to Abner C. Mobley, J P for Dallas County, that Rufus W. Greening be appointed guardian of Amanda S. and Beatna  L. Greening, minor heirs of John Greening, deceased, the said Rufus W. Greening gave bond and security agreeable to law and upon the certificate of the same, J P , showing his bond as such guardian, he is hereby appointed guardian as aforesaid.
P 177- same date,: this being the day set apart for the hearing of the petition of Administrators of John Greening, who petitioned this court for a sale of the real estate of said deceased, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the guardian of the minor heirs of said deceased was not ready  for same, the case is therefore continued until the next term of this court. 

P 179-November 8th 1830: This being the date set apart for the hearing of the petition of Administrators of the Estate of John Greening, deceased, for a sale of the real estate of said deceased, whereupon came Rufus W. Greening,  guardian of Amanda S. & Beatnah L Greening, minor heirs of said  deceased, and objected to the prayer of the petitioners. 

Petitioners produced the affidavit of thomas G. Renier, Jeremiah Mitchell, and L. M. Brunson in support of the facts set forth in the petition, and the said court being now of the opinion that it will be to the advantage of the heirs and representatives of said decedent's estate to sell the real estate agreeable to the prayer of the petitioners; it is ordered that James Williams, Abner C. Mobley & Lawrence M. Brunson be appointed commissioners to sell the real estate belonging to John Greening , Deceased, to-wit: W 1/2 of NE 1/4, W 1/2 of SE 1/4, E 1/2 of SW 1/4 and E 1/2 of NE 1/4, Section 26, T/S 15, Range 7; and that they sell for one half cash and the other half due January, 1832, first giving 30 days' notice at three places in the neighborhood, and that they make due return to this Court agreeable to law.

P 185-December 17, 1830 This day came the commissioners who were by a former order of this Court appointed and authorized to sell the real estate of John Greening, dec'd, and made their report in writing setting forth that they have sold the same agreeable to the former order of this court;  it is therefore ordered and decreed by the Court that the said report be recorded and filed in the Clerk's office, and that the commissioners aforesaid make good and sufficient titles to the said land to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, and that they hand over to John J. Greening and Thomas T. Guy, Administrators of the said Estate, the money and note for which they sold the said real estate; the said Administrators having given bond and security agreeable to law, and that said commissioners be hence discharged.

P 185-Dec. 20, 1830 Ordered by the court, that the Administrators of the Est. of John Greening, Dec'd, have leave to sell so much of the real estate as they may deem sufficient to pay the debts thereof, and that they make due return of their proceedings to this court.

1830 census of Dallas Co, Ala-John J.. Greening HH-his mother is in this household.

Dallas Co, Ala Deed Bk B, P 282-284 March 26, 1831
Commissioners: James Williams, Abner C. Mobley & Lawrence M. Brunson, Deed to John J. Greening
-Above described land (317.50 Acres) Dallas Co, Ala - sold to John J. Greening
Wts: J. D. Rogers, John P. Beann, Matthew T. McMillan, Filed April 14, 1831 by James D. Craig, CC
For complete deed, see John J Greening Ala Land records-SGS

Dallas Co, Ala Court Minutes, Book C P 125, August 18th, 1834: this day came John J. Greening and Thomas T. Guy, Administrators of the Estate of John Greening, deceased, and applied for a final settlement of said estate; it is ordered that publication be made in the Selma Free Press for 40 days that a final settlement of said estate will take place on the 2nd Monday in October, next.

P 151-Nov. 13, 1834-Ordered that the final settlement of the Est. of John Greening, dec'd be postponed until next regular term of this court.

P 159-ditto
P 170-ditto
Nothing further indexed in court records.

1840 census Conecuh co, Ala-William G. Cater HH-Mary (Whitehead) Greening ,
Gayle in this HH.

Alabama Land Records(BLM)-July 1, 1841 Doc # 6088
Mary Gayle, of Conecuh Co, Ala 
Sparta Land Office,  40.69 Acres,  in Conecuh Co, 
T/S4N, Range 11E, Sect. 6-

Macon Co, Alabama Nov 10, 1846 Mary Gayle of Macon Co, Ala to gr/son Samuel E Guy of same, negro boy named wiley, abt 17/18 yrs of age, for love and affection plus $5.00 -subject to slave  remaining in my possession until my death.-Wts: Thos. Moorefield, Samuel Remley- Filed for record, DeSoto Par, La  DB D P 82 Dec 22, 1847 by M W Holman, Recorder, Wts: E J Cockfield, C E Hewitt

1850 DeSoto Parish, La-P 169 HH #103-88
William G. Cater 35 M SC Planter $1600.
Beatna 33 F SC (nee Greening)
Rufus W. 13 M Ala
Victoria 11 F Ala
Douglas P 10 M Ala
Wade 08 M Ala
Wiley 02 M La
Mary P. Gale 75 F Va-her mother, Mary "Polly" Whitehead Greening, Gayle

SUCCESSION OF WADE H. GREENING, DeSoto Par., La. Book F, P 369-382
In Part:  December, 1854-Petition of Samuel E. Guy for Tutorship of the three minor sons of Wade H. Greening, late of State of Fla., dec'd- to Wit:

(1) Eldridge H. Greening, a boy aged abt 18 yrs, 
(2) Franklin Greening, a boy aged abt 14-15 yrs and 
(3) Cornelius Augustus Greening, a boy, aged abt 12-13 yrs,
  their grandmother, Mary Gale, having renounced her privilege, due to advanced age. John J. Greening, Undertutor.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Desoto:  I hereby consent to the appointment of Samuel E. Guy as Tutor of the minors mentioned in the foregoing Petition, and transfer my right to the same as their Grand Mother. Signed: MARY GAYLE   Attest:  T. A. Guy (Elam &Wemple,Attorneys)

1860 DeSoto Par, La   HH #864-883
William G. Cater 45 M SC Farmer 2400/11,500
Beatnah L. 43 F SC (nee Greening)
Victoria 18 F Ala
Wade G. 17 M Ala
Wiley E. 12 M La
Dianthy 09 F La
Junius M. 04 M La
Robert B. 02 M La
Mary Gale 85 F Va (Her mother, Mary "Polly" Whitehead, Greening, Gayle