The Family of
James R. Coward
& Wife
Harriett Jackson
of Barnwell Co, South Carolina

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James Roberts Coward was born About 1800 in Barnwell Co, South Carolina and died between 1834 & 1840.  He was the son of William Milburn Coward, Sr., and wife Lydia (MNU) of Barnwell Co, SC.

He married about 1821 in SC to Harriett Jackson, also of Barnwell Co, SC, who was born Feb. 11, 1805 in SC and died Oct. 10, 1898 and is buried at the Millbrook Bapt. Church Cemetery, in Aiken, SC.  Their son, Thomas Coward, and the majority of his family are also buried in this cemetery.

After the death of James R. Coward, Harriett married (bet. 1850-1860) to a Mr. Burkhalter, by whom she had no children.  Mr. Burkhalter apparently died prior to 1860 census, as Harriett is without a husband in her household.  Harriet is in  the HH with the James Cochran family in 1880. I did not locate Harriett in 1870 census.

Children: COWARD

1  ? NO PROOF James R. Born Ca 1822 Died 1884 Hamilton Co, Tx
(M) Eliza B. Mitchell Ca 1842 Miss

2.? NO PROOF Jane Elizabeth Born CA 1823 SC
(M) Barnett G. "Barney"  Cochran 

3. Cecelia A. "Cely" Born Ca 1827 SC (M) pr to 1845 James T. Easterling
He was born Ca 1822 SC and died pr to 1880 Augusta, Ga
He was a Merchant, Augusta, Ga 1860, & a Butcher, 1870 Augusta, Ga. She lived 1860, 1870 Augusta, Ga.; lived 1880 in Widow's Home, Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga 
    a. Columbus Born Ca 1845 SC (Missing 1870)
    b. Emily Born Ca 1847 SC (Missing 1870)
    c. William Born Ca 1852 Ga (Missing 1870)
    d. Sarah Lillie Born Ca 1860 Ga

4. Eliza  Born Ca 1829-30 SC (single 1860)
(M) Darling Key  Ca 1861
    Children Key
    a. James Born Ca 1862 SC
    b. Jane Born Ca 1864 SC
    c. Darling Milburn M. Born June 1866 SC (Lived 1900 Colleton Co, SC Braxton T/S)
        (M) Ca 1893 Lillian R. ______Born July, 1872 SC (Had no children)
 + d. Darling Pinckney Born Feb, 1868+ SC 
       (M) Ca 1885 Annie ______ born Nov 1865 SC-(from census)
         (Lived 1900 Bennett Springs, Barnwell, SC)
        1. Jasper Born May 1886 SC
        2. Mary Magdalene Born Dec 1, 1892 SC (M) Ca 1912 Claude M. Beck

+ 24 iv. Darling Pinckney Key, born 06 Jan 1870 in Aiken Co., SC; died 25 Oct 1947 in Bulloch Co., GA. (M) Olivia Greene, (9 ch born SC, 1 ch born Ga) -Ref-Aiken Co, SC queries

5. Capt. Thomas Washington Born Feb. 18, 1832 SC Died: June 25, 1933 Buried Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC (Thomas was a farmer & later worked for the Railroad) 
 CSA,-Martin's Regt., So. Carolina Volunteers
    (M) #1 Frances Burkhalter Dec. 27, 1855 Aiken, SC
           Born Mar 5, 1839 SC Died: Mar. 23, 1877 Bur: First Bapt Churchyard,  Aiken, SC
    (M) #2 Josephine Owens Feb 3, 1878
           Born Sept 1, 1857 Died: Mar. 23, 1937 Bur: Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC
Ref: Mary Lee Coward Greer & Larry Scott (see below)

6. William Milburn Myrick. Born, June, 1834 Barnwell, SC Died: bet. 1900-1910 Census Walker Co, Tx.
(M) CA 1856 Mary A. Clark
She was born April, 1834 Ala and died after 1910 Walker Co, Tx
No markers located, but PROB buried @ Blackjack Cem, Walker Co, Tx


1830 Barnwell Co, SC Census P 153
Jas. Coward 1 M 20-30 1 M 5-10, (Jas. R.)
1 F 20-30, 3 Females Und 5 (Jane?, Eliza & Cely)

1840 Barnwell Co, SC Census P 203
Harriett Coward
1 Fem 30-40, (Harriett)  2 Fem 10-15 (Cely & Eliza)
1 M 15-20 ( Jas. R. ) 2 Males 5-10 (Thomas & Wm. Milburn)

1850 Barnwell Co, SC P 400 HH #1188
Harriett Coward 45 F SC Planter $200.
Cely Easterling 23 F SC (Cecelia A. Coward, w/o James T. Easterling)
Columbus " 5 M SC
Emma " 3 F SC
Eliza Coward 20 F SC
Thomas " 18 M SC
Milburn " 16 M SC (See 1860, 1870 Montgomery Co., Tx,  1880, 1900 Walker Co., Tx)

1860 Montgomery Co, Tx OP 102 HH 285-285
M M Coard (Coward) 25 M SC Farming (Milburn Myrick Coward)
M A " 26 F Ala (Mary A. Clark)
William " 02 M Tx

1870 Montgomery Co, Tx P 350 Danville PO
M M Coward 35 WM SC Farming $100/150 (Milburn Myrick Coward)
Mary " 35 WF Fla. (Clark)
Willie " 12 WM Tx
Arch " 10 WM Tx
Alice 01 WF Tx

1880 Walker Co, Tx ED 152, Sh 41 HH 375-375, Pct #1
Milburn Coward 46 WM SC SC SC farmer
Mary A. " 46 WF Ala Ga Ga wife (Clark)
William J. " 22 WM Tex
Archie " 17 WM Tx SC Ala Son
Alice " 11 WF Tx SC Ala Dtr
Walter " 07 WM Tx SC Ala Son

1860 Barnwell Co, SC  P 397 HH 897-897
Harriett Burkhalter 55 F SC Farming (Harriett (Jackson) Coward, Burkhalter)
Eliza Coward 30 F SC 
Darling Key 36 M SC

P 461 HH 907-907
Thomas Coward 28 M SC Lab.
Frances  "20 F SC (Burkhalter)
Lawton " 3 M SC
Gaston " 1 M SC

1860 Richmond Co, Ga (Augusta 1st Wd) HH 25-26
James T. Easterling 38 WM SC Merchant $1,000/200
Cecelia A. " 32 F SC (Coward)
Columbus " 14 M SC
William " 8 M Ga
Sarah " 1/12 F Ga

1870 Barnwell Co, SC P 29 HH 105-105
Thomas Coward 38 WM SC Farmer $2,000/438.
Frances " 33 WF SC (Burkhalter)
Lawton " 14 WM SC
Gadsen " 12 WM SC
Munro " 10 WM SC
Jesse 8 WF SC
Minnie 6 WF SC
Tom, Jr. 4 WM SC

P 129 HH 313-315 Bennett Springs T/S Speedwell PO 
Darling J Key 46 WM SC Farmer
Lizzie " 40 WF SC (Eliza Coward)
Jim " 8 WM SC
Jane " 6 WF SC
Darling " 4 WM SC
Infant " WM SC (Pinkney)

1870 Richmond Co, Ga (Augusta Wd 1) P 35a HH 608-658
James Easterling 45 WM SC Butcher
Cecelia " 42 WF SC (Coward)
Lillie " 10 WF Ga

1880 Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga (Widows Home) P 277C
Cecelia Easterling 52 WF SC SC SC (Coward)
Other Easterling families here, from SC-sgs

1880 Aiken Co, SC Millbrook PO P 171A
T. W. Coward  47 WM SC SC SC Farmer (Thomas Washington-son of James R & Harriett)
Josephine "24 WF SC SC SC wife (Owens)
Gadsen "20 WM SC  Son farming ( George Gadson)
Monroe " 16 WM SC (Munroe Milburn)
Jessie " 15 WF SC Dtr (Jessie Belle)
Minnie " 13 WF SC Dtr
Tom " 11 WM SC son (Thomas Jr)
Bessie " 8 WF SC Dtr 
Fannie " 5 WF SC  (Frances)
Leon " 1 WM SC Son  (by wife #2)

P 21C Aiken, Aiken Co, SC
J. L. Coward 24 WM SC SC SC Merchant (James Lawton Coward, s/o Thomas & Frances) Burkhalter Coward)
C. L. Quinn 21 WM SC Clerk

1880 Barnwell Co, SC Bennett Springs T/S  P 122C
Darling Key 49 WM SC SC SC Farner  (sh be 56 yrs old)
Elizabeth " 54 WF SC SC SC wife  (Eliza Coward-sh be 50 yrs old)
James  " 17 WM Son
Jane " 15 WF Dtr
Milburn "14 WF Son
Pinckney " 13 WM Son

1880 Barnwell, Richland T/S  P 332C
Joseph Cochran 22 WM SC Farm lab
Next door:
James Cochran 26 WM SC Farmer
Jane E. " WF 58 SC Rel: Mother
Lucy  A. " 10 WF SC-sister
Harriett Burkhalter *82 WF SC SC SC Asst. HK 
(*Harriett Jackson Coward, Burkhalter) Should be age 75- Wid of James R.Coward, & a Mr Burkhalter)

1900 Barnwell Co, SC Bennett Springs PO ED 32 P 112 HH 156-155
D P Key 32 WM Feb 1868 SC SC SC marr 15 yrs Farmer
Annie 34 WF Nov 1865 SC SC Sc wife Had 1 ch-1 living
Jasper " 14 WM May, 1886 SC SC SC son

1900 Colleton Co, SC Braxton T/S ED 40 P 153 HH 281-281
Milburn M Key 33 June 1866 SC SC SC farmer marr 7 yrx
Lillian R " 27 WF July 1872 SC SC SC wife Had No children

1900 Aiken Co, SC Millbrook T/S ED 30 P 37 HH 85-86
Thomas Sr, Coward 68 WM Feb 1832 SC SC SC farmer marr 22 yrs
Josephine " 42 WF Sept 1857 SC SC SC wife had 7 ch-5 living
Leon " 21 WM Apr 1877 SC SC SC  son Asst. Post Office
Ira " 11 WM July, 1888 SC SC SC son @ school
Pearl " 7 WF June, 1892 SC SC Sc dtr @ school twin
Ruby " 7 WF June, 1892 SC SC SC dtr @ school twin

ED  22 Aiken T/S P 66 (Florence St)
Thomas Coward 20 WM SC SC SC June 1880 single clerk, Post Office, Boarder

ED 22, Aiken T/S HH 318-386 (Union St)
Mary Rogers 47 WF Nov, 1852 Single SC SC SC dressmaker
Sarah Coward 44 WF Dec 1855 SC SC SC Widow * Sister Had 2 ch 2 living Dressmaker
Nellie " 14 WF Aug, 1885 SC SC SC Niece @ school
Lawton " 10 Jan 1890 SC SC SC nephew @ school
*Widow of James Lawton Coward?

1900 Orange Co, Fla (Pct 18, Fort Christmas) P 129 HH 5-5
George Coward 45 WM April, 1855 Fla Ga Ga Stock Raiser (M) 12 yrs
Mary " 29 WF July, 1870 Fla Ga Ga wife Had 4 ch-4 living
Lucius " 08 WM  June, 1891 Fla Fla Fla son @ school
Lillie " 06 WF  Sept, 1893 Fla Fla Fla dtr @ school
George " 04 WM Feb 1896 Fla Fla Fla son
Lena " 01 Sept, 1898 Fla Fla Fla dtr

1910 Orange Co, Florida (Christmas Pct 18) P 162b 
George Coward 53 WM SC SC SC genl farming (M) 20 yrs
Mary " 36 WF Fla Ga Gla wife 
Lucius " 18 WM Fla SC Fla son single Hunter/Trapper, Alligators
Lillie " 16 WF Fla dtr
Lanie " 14 WF Fla dtr
George " 12 WM Fla son
Fannie " 09 WF Fla dtr
Nellie " 06 WF Fla dtr
Ralph " 05 WM Fla son
Quincey 02 WM Fla son

1910 Aiken Co, SC Aiken T/S P 43b HH 308
Ira Coward 30 WM SC SC SC Single, Salesman, Ret. Gro Boarder in HH of Edna Walsh

P 268a Millbrook HH 187-188
T W Coward 78 WM SC Sc SC genl farming (M)#2 32 yrs
Josephine " 51 WF SC SC SC wife Had 7 ch-4 living
Morgan White 8 WM SC SC SC gr./son

P 270b Millbrook T/S HH 230-231
M M Coward 47 WM SC SC SC Genl farming (M)#1 21 yrs
Mary Eva " 42 WF SC SC SC Wife No Ch

P 271b Millbrook T/S HH 256-256
T F Coward Sr 41 WM SC SC SC Genl Farming (M)#1 14 yrs
Anne " 36 WF SC SC SC wife  Had 4 ch-3 living
Marie " 12 WF SC dtr
Annie " 6 WF SC Dtr
T F " 1 8/12 WM SC son

1920 Aiken Co, SC ED 15 Millbrook T/S P 5a 
Ira Coward  31 WM SC SC SC genl farming
Mary " 30 WF SC SC SC wife
Allen " 4 WM SC son
Gracie " 2 WF SC dtr
Mary " 3 1/12 WF SC dtr

P5b Millbrook HH 79-80
Leon Coward 39 WM SC SC SC genl farming 
Maud " 36 WF SC SC SC wife

P6a HH 89-89 Millbrook
Tom Coward 51 WM SC SC SC genl farming
Annie B " 41 WF SC SC SC wife
Jack " 11 WM SC son
Illeg. name " 8 WM SC son
Bessie " 5 WF SC dtr
Annie " 15 WF  SC dtr
& 1 bl servant

P 7b Millbrook HH 105-105
Eva Coward 53 WF SC SC SC farming (Wid of M M Coward)
Emma Wise 08 WF SC SC SC Niece

P 8a, HH 118-118
T W Coward 88 WM SC SC SC genl farming
Josephine " 63 WF SC SC SC wife
Morgan White 18 WM SC SC SC gr/son single

1920 Orange Co, Florida (Christmas) ED124 P 1b
George G. Coward  62 WM SC SC SC genl farming
Mary E. " 50 WF Fla Fla Fla wife
George W " 23 WM Single son Fla SC Fla
Fanny E " 18 WF single dtr Fla SC Fla
Nettie O " 15 WF single dtr Fla SC Fla
Ralph " 14 WM son Fla SC Fla

1930 Aiken Co, SC-ED19, Millbrook P 10a Pine log Road HH 192-200
Tom O. Coward 98 WM SC SC SC (M) @age 22
Josephine " 72 WF SC SC SC wife (M) @ age 21
Morgan White 26 WM SC SC SC single, gr/son Salesman, Grocery Store

ED19 P 12a HH 223-223 Millbrook
Thomas F Coward 61 WM SC SC SC Genl farming (M) @ age 27
Annie W " 55 WF SC SC SC wife (M) @ age 21
Jack " 22 WM SC SC SC single son
Hazeltine " 18 WM SC SC SC single son
Bessie " 14 WF SC SC SC dtr

P 8b Aiken T/S HH 152-157
Leon M Coward 49 WM SC SC SC Salesman, Gro. Store (M) @ age 38
Maud O " 45 WF SC SC SC wife (M) @ age 34 Teacher, Public School

P 24a Aiken T/S HH 469-477
Ira E Coward 40 WM SC SC SC genl farming (M) @ age  27
Mary " 38 WF SC SC SC wife (M) @ age 25
Grace " 12 WF SC dtr
Allen " 11 WM SC son
Mary " 10 WF SC dtr
Ira A " 6 WM SC son

1930 Orange Co, Florida (Christmas) ED57 HH 3-3 P 1A
Ralph Coward 25 WM Fla SC Fla Farmer
Eva M " 22 WF Fla Fla Fla wife

P 3b HH 75-76 (Christmas)
George W Coward 70 WM SC SC SC farmer
Mary E. " 69 WF Fla Fla Fla wife

P 4A HH 86-86 (Christmas)
George W Coward 34 WM Fla Fla Fla Farmer
Bessie E " 32 WF Fla Fla Fla wife

1930 Orange Co, Fla (Orlando) ED21 P 1a HH 4-4
Lucius H Coward 38 WM Fla SC Fla Salesman, Furniture
Mary " 33 WF Fla SC Ala wife
Charles L " 16 WM Fla Fla Fla son
Edward G. " 14 WM Fla Fla Fla son
Emma M " 05 WF Fla Fla Fla dtr


Children of Thomas W. Coward & #1 wife, Frances Burkhalter (Ref: Mary Lee Coward Greer & Millbrook Cem Records, Aiken, SC. & Larry Scott
1. James Lawton born Sept 26, 1856 SC -Merchant  
2. George Gasden Born June 26, 1858 SC Died Jan 29, 1956 Orlando, Orange Co, Fla
(M) Mary Ella Osteen June 27, 1884
3. Munroe Milburn Born May 11, 1861 (Marker has July 20, 1862)
Died July 9, 1913 -age 50 Bur: Millbrook Cem., Aiken, SC
(M) Mary Eva Wise
Born Dec 9, 1866 SC Died Jan. 21, 1952 Aiken, SC age 85 (Aug. Chron.)
4. Minnie Philemon Born Jan 28, 1863 Buried: Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC  (No dates on marker) Died Aug 1, 1927 Aiken, SC (Aug. Chron., Aug 2, 3, 1927)
(M) Willie Wise Holley Born Dec 18, 1864-Died: Dec 20, 1932 Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC
5. Jessie Belle Born April 10, 1865 Died: July 21, 1965, age 100 
(M) Nov 25, 1883 Jason Volney George
He was born Sept 28, 1848 SC Died: Sept 1, 1905 Aiken, SC (Aug. Chron.) -10 Children
Both buried Millbrook Cem., Aiken, SC
6. Thomas Francis "Tom"  born Dec 2, 1869 Died Jan 30, 1934 , age 64, Baltimore, Md. Bur: Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC (Aug. Chron.) (7 children)
(M) Annie B. Wise Born Nov 12, 1873 Died Nov 27, 1939-Millbrook Cem, Aiken ,SC
7. Bessie Born Jan 1, 1872
8. Beulah Born May 4, 1875 twin died pr to 1880 census
9. Fannie Born May 4, 1875-twin (M) V. P. DeMedicis (Lived Augusta, & Mistletoe, Ga.)
Children of Thomas W. Coward & #2 wife Josephine Owens
10.Leon  Melbourne Born April 3, 1879 SC Died: Mar 3, 1945, age 66  (Aug. Chron.)
     (M) Maude Owens Born 1884 SC Died Oct 14, 1936 Aiken, SC age 52 (Aug. Chron)
      2 children, died young
     Both buried Cypress Chapel Cem., and relocated to Barnwell, SC 
     (Ref-Cemeteries of the Savannah River Site)
11. Rosa Born May 5, 1881 twin  Died Mar. 25, 1906  
      (M) Frank White
      a. Morgan Born Ca 1904 SC-single, salesman, gro. store 1930
12. Lottie May Born May 5, 1881 -twin Died Feb 14, 1884 Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC
13. George  Born April 10, 1887 Died Apr 19, 1887
14. Ira Ellis Born July 28, 1888 Died: May 1, 1959, age 70 Millbrook Cem, Aiken, SC   (Aug. Chron) 
     (M) Mary Sykes, 1917
      4 children, A. Allen, Grace, Mary, Ira E., Jr
     Born  Feb. 14, 1890 SC Died: July 30, 1987 Aiken, SC Millbrook Cem. Aiken, SC
15. Pearl Born June 13, 1892 Twin Died: July 28, 1971 Columbia, SC, age 79 (Aug. Chron)
      (M) Milledge Holley George April 28, 1910 (8 children)
      Born Feb. 1886, Died Dec 13, 1953 Columbia, SC, age 67 (Aug. Chron)
      Both buried Millbrook Cem., Aiken, SC
16.Ruby Born June 13, 1892 Twin Died: Oct. 24, 1953 
     (M) Edgar Leon Shealey Sr. -Had 2 children
     Born Jan 17, 1887 Died: Dec. 28, 1973 Aiken, SC age 86 (Aug. Chron)
     Both buried Bethany Cem., Aiken, SC

Augusta Chronicle Article, 2 Feb 1926: (Courtesy, Larry Scott)

Aiken S.C., Feb. 1st - Bright of mind, strong of body and glad of heart, Capt. Thomas Washington Coward, who has been a subscriber of the Augusta Chronicle for sixty-seven years, will reach his ninety-fourth birthday on the eleventh of February. It was in 1859 that Capt. Coward, then a conductor on the old wood burning passenger train of the South Carolina Railroad, entered his subscription for the Chronicle, and through all the years he has not missed one copy of his "grand old paper" since.

Thomas Washington Coward was born in in old Barnwell County in 1832 where he spent the days of his boyhood. In 1856 he married Miss Frances Burckhalter, of Aiken County, after moving to this section. Mrs. Coward passed away in 1874, leaving eight children, five of whom are now living.

His second marriage was to Miss Josephine Owens, of Dunbarton, and to this union four children were born, all of whom are living.

In the days of Capt. Coward's youth the wonderful educational advantages of the present day were sadly lacking, and "Tommy" Coward walked four miles to the little log cabin school, the Golden Rule at his mother's knee, and today, with his children all worthy citizens, he reads his Bible with the same keen interest and reverence that has been his custom since young manhood.

Capt. Coward became a conductor on the Old South Carolina railroad - the first in the United States -in 1856. The road ran from Charleston, S.C., to Hamburg, then a flourishing market place and a promising city. The train crew were white men, all except the fireman, who was a negro slave owned by the engineer.

The flagman of today was then known as "conductor's man". The train of the old days had two brakes, one on the engine and the second on the rear coach. The rails were made of wood with ribbon strips of iron on the top about the width of the present cotton tie.

 Capt. Coward continued with the South Carolina road until 1865, except for a period of four months, during which time he saw service in the Confederate army around Pocotaligo. 

Capt. Coward remembers distinctly the occurrence of General Sherman, of the federal forces, tearing up the railroad tracks from Charleston to Montmorenci, when gallant Joe Wheeler's men stopped him hear Aiken. The splendid old soldier recalls well the day Sherman neared Aiken Section. He was coming out of Hamburg (across from Augusta) when a Mr. Oakley warned him of Sherman's approach and Capt. Coward backed the train at once into Graniteville.

The freeing of the negro slaves was a blessing to the Southland, thinks Capt. Coward, as the Abolition Act gave the poor white man of the South a chance among men. The nonagenarian has been a successful farmer, and is today sought for his advice by neighbors and fellow planters along agricultural lines. 

He is a member, and an active one, of the Aiken Agricultural club, and attends the meetings regularly, taking a keen interest in the discussions of the day's events.

Capt. Coward is no clinging vine, and steps about unaided, with his remarkable mind active in the present day affairs of government and the trend of political events. A family reunion will be held at his home in Millbrook on the anniversary of his ninety-fourth birthday.