The Family of
Ignace-Andre Mailloux (& Vrts)
& Wife
Marie Therese Filibot (Philibot- & Vrts

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Ignace-Andre Mailloux was born in Canada on November 28, 1739, son of Pierre Maillloux & Marie Louise Vachon. (Ref: Tanguay) He died and  was buried Dec 9, 1809 at the Opelousas Post, Louisiana,  Priest L. Buhot.
Entry # 859-Vol II (Mills)
9 December, 1809, burial of Sieur N. Mayou, aged about 60 years, who died without the sacraments. Priest: Louis Buhot of Opelousas

  He was married to Marie-Therese Philibot on June 7, 1768 at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, La, daughter of Charles Philibot and wife Marie Anne Boulogne, who was born and baptized on January 14, 1750 at  Fort de Chartres, Illinois Post.,  Parish of St. Anne, J. Gagnon, Priest.

Ignace Mailloux was a blacksmith (forgeron) by trade, practicing at Natchitoches as early as 1773. Prior to that date, he was at the Ouachita Post.

He served in the Revolutionary War from Natchitoches, Louisiana, attaining the rank of Corporal, as is evidenced by the Official Muster Rolls.


The Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois, 1720-1765 (Brown & Dean)
The Records of the Church of Ste. Anne
Entry # D 225
In the year one thousand, seven hundred and fifty, the fourteenth of January, I, the undersigned J. Gagnon, missionary priest of the parish of St. Anne, baptized a child born the same day, of the lawful marriage of Charles Flibot, (Philibot)  and of Marie Anne Boulogne, her father and mother.  She was given the name of Marie Therese.  The godfather was Mr. Andre Chevallie, keeper of the King's storehouse; the godmother Marie Joseph Sorel, wife of Thomas de Jardin.  The father  and the godfather have signed with me.  The godmother has declared she does not know how to sign, has made her ordinary mark which is a cross. 


Children: MAILLOUX (Ref-Mills- (Vol 1,2 & 3)

1. Laurent Bertrand Born 1770 Ouachita Post, La.
(M) Marguerite Duval April, 1799 (Ratification of civil marriage, Oct. 20, 1800) 
Wts: J. Horn, Jean Marc Marchand, Pierre Maiou, Jacques Herie

2. Pierre Born 1776 Natchitoches, La  Died Jan 23, 1815 Natchitoches, La. (Bur: Jan 24th)
 Churchyard, Natchitoches, La. (Bachelor)

3. Marie Therese Ignace Born Oct 30, 1777,  Natchitoches, La Died Prior to April 28, 1819 Nat., La when her husband married his #2 wife.
Entry # 1724, Vol 1, (Mills) Maria Theresa Malloux, November, 30, 1777, baptism of Maria Theresa, born October 30, 1777, legitimate daughter of Ignacio Malloux and Teresa Fibote. Godparents: Santiago Ride (s) and Maria Juan Chagnon.
(M) Michel Andre Antoine Rambin May 25, 1792 Natchitoches, La
May 22, 1792, after 1 ban, marriage of Michel Rambint, native of this parish, legitimate son of deceased Andre Rambint and Francoise Clermont--and---Marie Therese Maillioux, native of this post, legitimate daughter of Ignace Maillioux and Marie Therese Filibot, his spouse.  Witnesses: Louis Chamard, Louis Marli (s/Louis Sorel Maril (x), Laurent Maillouxe, Francois Rambin.

4. Marie Hyacinthe Athanase (Jacinta Anastasia) Born August 27, 1781 (Bapt) Died Oct. 27, 1813 Nat., La Buried same day in Churchyard, Nat., La
Godparents: Miguel Chainniot & Juana Chainiot
(M) #1 Jacques Errie Jan 7, 1801 Nat., La He died Mar. 18, 1804
(M) #2 Jean Bte. Armand Ca 1807 Nat., La.

5. Marie Cecile Born May 31, 1784
Godparents: Lorenzo Mayoux and Marie Theresa Mayoux

6. Marie Louise Born April 7, 1787 (Feb 7, 1787) Nat, La
Godparents: Antonio LeNoir, Maria Rondin
(Father shown as a native of Province of Canada)
(M) CA 1803 Natchitoches, La George McTier (McTyre)

7. Ignace II Born August 15, 1789 Natchitoches, La Bapt October 4, 1789
Godparents: Miguel Rambint and Maria Luisa Rambint

9.Jean Baptiste Dorcin Born March 3, 1792 Nat., La
Godparents: Juan Bautista Dortolant and Anastasia Mayou


Louisiana In Colonial Days, Natchitoches, the Oldest Town in Louisiana
(Selected Sections)
G. Porte-Bobinski
P 38-39

"At a time when skilled men were in short supply  the passing away of a valuable artisan like Duriau was a distinct loss to the villagers of colonial Natchitoches.  He did not live long enough in the northern piney hills to reap a financial reward.  (Unlike Blacksmith Barbier who left his widow 20000 "livres" at his death.) 

Taking his place in the village, Mailloux seems to have done rougher work than Durio."

 Ignace Mailloux (Mayoux, Mayeux) 1771
Smith and Small Merchant (35 years old in 1771?)

Apparently Mailloux succeeded Durio.  He may have come from New Orleans like his wife Therese Blibot.  Although he was poor, he was a good man and a good blacksmith, maybe not quite as versatile as Durio.  Esteemed by de Mezieres and Dupain, he received their assistance when he needed them to keep his home and tools when troublemaker Auret tried to quarrel with him as he did with others.  It is probable he worked on the "new Church".  In 1774 his name was listed as a "notable" a distinct honor. As an artisan he would have been barred from such an honor roll in Western Europe, even though feudal classes were on the wane there.  This is a distinct instance of precedent making by de Mezieres, a just man.

Chronology: Ignace Mailloux

1773-Mailloux petitioned de Mezieres to ask him to talk to Mr. deVilliers to establish that deVeze's succession owed him 15 livres for a hatchet. Approved by de Layssard, of Rapides.

1773-Ignace Mailloux's account with Merchant Villard; he owed him 485 L. 1 s. 1 d.

1774 Ignace Mailloux, smith.  His apprentice: Joseph Boulet, son of Verger, stepson of Joseph Lattier, nephew of Gaspard Derbanne.

1774 His apprentice, Joseph Boulet, son of Verger ? (son-in-law of Joseph Lattier, nephew of Gaspard Derbannes)

1774 Mailloux sold a horse to Merchant Villard (credited as payment to Mailloux's account)

1774 Pierre Villard sold half an acre of land "in the Bourg" to Mailloux for 400L.

1774 Pierre Dupain, ranking creditor of Ignace Mailloux, received a request from Jean Pierre Villard who holds a mortgage on the house and land of Mailloux and wants them seized.  Far from him to ask for the sale of his smithy, the item most worthwhile: it would deprive Mailloux of his livelihood and the means to work to pay his debts.  Therefore Pierre Dupain petitioned to have legal proceedings against him stopped forthwith. (Mailloux, Creditors Auret and Villard to be notified.  signed: de Meziers)

1775 Mailloux gave his proxy to Mathieu Robert, residing at des Allemands to collect 300 "livres" (in his wife's name) for "hire" in New Orleans.

1775 Ignace Mailloux hired Jean Baptiste Lorange, "habitant", for one year from date to execute whatever work will be assigned to him.  Salary: 270 L payable in trade goods.

1776 Pierre Sorel and Ignace Mailloux both forgerons.

1776 Ignace Mailloux, forgeron


The Natchitoches Genealogist, April, 1990
(Documents in The French Archives, Natchitoches, La )
P 16- VS.2-(Yr 1815)- Pierre Mailloux, succession of. filmed under label  reading : Pierre Mailloux
P 17 VS.2-(Yr 1824)- J. B. Baudoin & wife vs Dominique Sorel -An Extract from Succession of Widow MAILLOUCHE, etal

P 23-PC.22-(Yr 1825)- Samuel Russell vs Ignace Mailloux 
PC.23-(Yr 1826)-Doctor Russell Vs Ignace Mailloux

Issue of October, 1989
P 16 PC.21 (Yr 1824)-
Elijah Roundtree vs George McTire
 Samuel P Russell vs Ignace Mailleux

P 13-Inventory Natchitoches Warehouse
G. McTier
Y. Mailloux
P 10 VS.1 (Yr 1814) Veuve (Widow) B. Mailloche, Successon of , Label: Verne Mailloche


Vol 1, Mills
Entry #1701
Bapt. of Marie Joseph Gagne, Sept. 22, 1776, Born Aug 22, Dtr. of Pierre Gagne & Marie Louise Davion. Godfather: Ignace Maillioux, Godmother: Marie Therese Thilibou (Philibot)


1780 Militia roll of Natchitoches, La.-Revolutionary War Roster
September 1, 1780 Company of Infantry, Captain Louis Borme
Riflemen: (Incl) : Ignace Mailloux

1782 Militia Roll of Natchitoches-Revolutionary War Roster
January 1, 1782-Captain Louis Borme
Corporals: (Incl) MAILLOUX

1787 Census of Natchitoches, La (Grand Ecore)
MAILLOUX Age 49 Land-13 Arpents 3 Cows 3 Horses
His wife Age 37
Laurent Age 17
Pierre Age 10
Thereze Age 09
Cecile Age 05
Lestasie Age 02

1787 Militia Roll of Natchitoches-Roll of the Company of Infantry, inspected December 9, 1787
Jean Bte. Ailhaut St. Anne, Aid to Major
Joseph Capran, Sub-Lieut.
Baptise Darticaux, Color-Bearer

Corporals (Incl) Ignaisse Mailloux

1790 Church Tax Roll of Natchitoches:
Ignaise MAYOU Pd. 1 white
Lorand MAYOU Pd. 1 white 2 Reals Silver

Note: Taxed on the basis of 1 Reale for himself and each male over 14 years

A copy has been sent to Md. Tomastine, in the absence of her husband, for it to circulate to the last inhabitation of Riviere aux Cannes.  Likewise, a copy has been sent to Mr. Iniasse Mayou, for advertising at Grand Ecore and Campti.  Natchitoches, 3 March, 1790.

Signed: METOYER, Sundic

November 4, 1791 Militia Roll of Natchitoches:
Captain-D. Jean Bapte Ailhaud Ste Anne
Michel Rambin
Rifleman: (Incl) Laurent MAILLOUX

1793 Delinquent Tax Roll of Natchitoches:
Ignace MAILLOUX and his two sons: 1 Piaster, 4 Escalins

December 1, 1793 Militia Roll of Natchitoches
Captain Bernard Doriolant, Leiutenant: Marcel Desoto, Under-Lieutenant: Remy Lambre
Cavalrymen: Incl:
Pierre MALLOUX, Laurent MAILLOUX,  Michel Rambin, Jean Palvadeau , etal

1793 Tax Roll of Natchitoches:
Paid-Ignace MAILLOUX, the father 7 3/4 arpents
Paid-Laurent MAILLOUX
Paid-Pierre MAILLOUX
Paid-Michel RAMBINT*- 12 arpents-Paid for himself
(*Married Marie Therese MAILLOUX, May 22, 1792)

1794 Public Works Roster of Natchitoches, La:
MAILLOUX, Laurent, the son -1 day Type 4 and Type 2
MAILLOUX, Pierre, the son 1 day ditto

1795 Census of Slaveowners at Natchitoches:
List signed October 15, 1795 by Louis DeBlanc, Commandant, and 1 Witness being Ignace MAILLIOUX

P 123-Natchitoches Marriages- (1801) (Jacques) ERRIE with (Anastasie) MAILLOU

Gateway to Texas, Vol 1 ( Ericson)
Michel Rambin, born CA 1762, native of Natchitoches; farmer; married Maria Ignacia Theresa Mayo; Roman Catholic; came to Nacogdoches, CA 1801; Census of 1804, 1805

1804 Census, Nacogdoches (Bayou Pierre)
#176 Miguel Rambin, Frenchman, far,er, Age 43. He is married to Maria Theresa, a French woman, age 27.  They have five sons, age 10, 8, 6, 4, & 1 yr.

1805 Census, Nacogdoches (Bayou Pierre, E/S Sabine River)
#7-Michel Rambin, of French Nation, Occ: farmer , age 44 yrs, married -wife Theresa Mayu, her age 28 yrs.  They have 4 sons, 11, 9, 6, & 2 yrs, One living with them named Joseph Crawford, Irishman, unmarried, his age 60 yrs, Occ: Farmer

1810 Natchitoches Par, La Census:
Dme. Mailloche 2 Males 10-16 yrs, 1 Male 16-26 1 Fem Und 10, 1 Fe over 45, 7 slaves
Pierre Mayou 1 M  26-45 yrs None others
Dme. Veuve Mayou 2 Males under 10 yrs, 1 Male 16-26 yrs, 1 Fe 16-26 yrs, 1 Fe Over 45 yrs
Laurent Mayou, 1 M Und 10, 2 Males 26-45, 1 Fe Und 10, 1 Fe 16-26
George McTire 2 M, 26-45, 3 M, Und 10, 1 Fe 26-45, 1 Fe 10-16, 1 Fe Und 10, 1 sl
Jean Bte. Armand 2 M 26-45, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 16-26, 2 Fe Und 10

There are several entries in Grassroots of America, American State Papers, Public Lands, concerning the Mailloux property in and around Natchitoches, in  1812, 1815, - vrs. dates

Vol 2- P 860

Certificate  # B2043-Date June 18, 1812-
Name of Person whose land was claimed: Ignatius Maillieux,
To whom favor issued:: Francois Roquier, Sen.
Nature of Claim: Order of Survey & Settlement,
Situation of Land: Co: Natchitoches,
Water Source: Red River,
No. of Acres: 440.06 Arpents:520   Sig: Lloyd Posey, Clerk

Vol 3, P 78 May 14, 1815  Land Office, Western Dist., State of Louisiana
# 66-Claimant: Andre Rambin , 259.52 Acres , Original Claimant: Ignace Mailloux, Board Approved

P 89
Claim # 66-Andre Rambin, two hundred and fifty-nine and fifty one hundreths acres, claimed under a title to Ignace Mailloux.  The notice of this claim is for part of a tract of land, of which the title has been confirmed by certificate B, No 2,043.  This confirmation was made through mistake, or a want of correct information in favor of the heirs of Francois Roquier for the whole of the original tract.  It is very evident that Andre Rambin is entitled to the part which he claims; and, as this right is admitted by the heirs of Roquier, there is no likelihood of his right being impaired by the confirmation of the title as above.  This claim, therefore, needs no further confirmation.

Vol 3, P 78
May 14, 1815 Land Office Western Dist., State of La
Report No 40
Register's No 60
By whom claimed: Bertrand Mailloux
Original Claimant: Santiago Faure
Quantity Claimed: 723 Arpents
Nature & Date of title or Claim: Spanish Grant,  March 27, 1795
Claim #40-Bertrand Mailloux, seven hundred and twenty-three arpents, claimed under a patent to Santiago Faure, dated 27th March, 1795. The notice is unaccompanied by any document of evidence of title; but, on the abstract of Spanish grants, there is one which comports with the description given in the notice of the claim., from which it is presumable this claim may be a valid one, and ought to be confirmed.  From a want of the documents of title to enable the commissioners to describe the land, and designate its limits in their certificate, they are constrained to report this claim, but, recommending it's confirmation, agreeably to the tenor of the patent, which may hereafter be produced by the claimant.

Report No. 41
Register's No 18
by Whom claimed: Pierre Mailloux
Original Claimant: Not mentioned
Quantity: 46.77 AC
Nature & date of Title or Claim: Settlement

Report #41-Pierre Mailloux, forty-six an seventy-seven hundreths acres claimed under occupancy. A plat of survey, dated in 1806, in the the only document filed with the notice, and no proof of occupancy has been offered.  The claim, therefore, in the opinion of the Board, ought not to be confirmed.

Vol 3, P 202 Claim No 353-992 of Jean Bte. Piedferme-Pierre Mailloux, witness: Depo
Taken Jan 6, 1814-Mailloux states that to his knowledge the land has been inhabited and cultivated for fifteen years preceding the said date, if not more, and the claimant is at least 75 yrs old, and is the head of a family.

Vol 3, P 220-Jan 11, 1811 Western District of Louisiana
Claim No 631-387
Pierre Mailloux claims one hundred and twenty superficial arpents of land, viz: three arpents front, by forty deep, on the south side of Red River, county of Natchitoches.

Claim No 632-388-Pierre Mailloux claims six hundred and forty superficial arpents of land, viz:  sixteen arpents front, by forty deep, on the east side of Black lake, county of Natchitoches.

Vol 2, P 797 6 Dec, 1812
Refers to claim of Bertrand Maillouche, of eight arpents front, on the right bank of Red River, by a depth of 40 arpents, bounded on lower side by the Bayou Jean de Jean, this claim being founded on prior purchase from the Indians, and having been verbally accepted by them and their sale to Miller & Fulton, as stated by Alexander Fulton, in his evidence, in the claim of Maillouche.

Vol 2, P 858 Return of Certificates for April & May, 1812
No: B 1977
Date May 15
Name of Person under whom land claimed: Augustin Frederick
To whose Favor issued: Bernard Mailloche & wife
Nature of Claim: Occupancy ten years
County: Natchitoches
Water Source: River Bourgenon
No of Acres: Blank
Arpents in Hundreths in front: 534

Vol 4, P 129
Claim No 203-George McTier. of the Parish of Natchitoches, filed his notice claiming, by virtue of occupation, habitation, and cultivation, a tract of land lying within the late neutral territory, situated on the left bank of Bayou Depont, containing 671.58 arpents, bounded on all sides by vacant land, as appears by a plat of survey dated Dec. 11, 1819.  The claim is supported by the following testimony:
Laurent Mier (Mailloux), Jacques Herrier (Erie) being duly sworn, each say they know the land claimed by Gerorge McTier in his above notice; that said land is lying and situate as is therein described; that the same was inhabited, occupied, and cultivated by the claimant, by his living and growing corn, etc, thereon, and prior to February 22, 1819; that said inhabitation, occupation, and cultivation, has been uninterruptedly continued by the claimant since that period to the present day; and that the claimant's improvements on the land claimed embrace about three acres. We are of opinion that this claim ought to be confirmed, and in the abstract have classed with claims of the "third class".

P 129-Claim No 205-Mary Eliza Case, wife of William M. Rivers-
Depo of Laurent Maylieux (Mailloux) & George McTier, being sworn, say  "they know the land claimed by Mary E. Case, in her above notice; that said land is lying and situate as is therein described; that the same was inhabited, occupied, and cultivated by William Stockman, under whom the claimant holds, by his living and growing corn, etc, therein, on and prior to Feb. 22, 1819, that said inhabitation, occupation, and cultivation has been uninterruptedly continued by the said Stockman, and others claiming under him, since that period to the present time, and that the claimant's improvements on the land embraces about 23 acres, "  We are of opinion this claim ought to be confirmed, and in the abstract have classed it with claims of the "third class"

P 129-130
Claim # 206-George McTier, of the parish of Natchitoches, filed his notice claiming by virtue of occupation, habitation and cultivation a tract of land lying with the late neutral territory, situated on a Spanish lake, bounded below by land claimed by Mary E. Case, and above by vacant land, and containing six hundred and forty acres.  the claim is supported by the following testimony:"Laurent Mayreux (Mailloux) and Jacques Heriet (Erie), being sworn, say they know the land claimed by George McTier, in his above notice; that the same is lying and situate as is herein described; that said land was inhabited, occupied and cultivated by the claimant, by his living and growing corn, etc, thereon.  Twelve years ago, that said inhabitation, occupation, and cultivation, has been uninterruptedly continued by the claimant since that period to the present time, and that the claimant's improvements on the land embraces about seven acres." Board recommended confirmation. ("fourth class") See Claim # 46, 51, 174

Claim # 207-Claim of David Case, Depos of George Mctier & Laurent Mailreux (Mailloux), being duly sworn say they know the land claimed by David Case in his above notce, that said land is lying and situate as is therein described; that the same was habited, occupied and cultivated by John Armon, under whom the claimant holds, by his living and growing corn, etc thereon, about twelve yrs. since; that said inhabitation, occupation and cultivation were uninterruptedly by said Armon from that time until about three yrs since, when he left the place, but the fences, etc, have been kept up until the present time; that the claimant's improvements on the land claimed  embraced about ten acres; that Armon never had any intention of abandoning the land, but quit it solely on the grounds of his children's health, and always had an intention of returning thereto until his sale to the claimant. " We are of the opinion this claim ought to be confirmed and in the abstract have classed it with claims of " third degree"  See No 100

Vol 4, P 134
Claim #227-Remy Totan of the parish of Natchitoches-filed notice, etc
Depo of Laurent Maylieux (Mailloux) , being duly sworn, says" that he knows the land claimed by Remy Totan, in his above notice, that said land is lying and situated as is therein described; that the same was inhabited, occupied and cultivated by the claimant, by his living and growing corn, etc, thereon, fifteen yrs. since; that said inhabitation, occupation, and cultivation has been uninterruptedly continued by the claimant since that period until the present time; and that the claimant's improvements on the claim embrace about forty acres" .  Claim confirmed.-"third class".


Children of Record-Marie Hyacinthe (Jacinta) Anastacia Mailloux & Jacques Errie (Herrie)
1. Jean Bte. Marie Francois Born Feb 25, 1802 Bapt April 12, 1802, God Parents: Jean Marie Francois Rouquier & Marie Josephe Henrietta Roquier

2. Pierre Born  Aug 16, 1803  Bapt Dec, 20, 1803 G/P: Pierre Dole' & Marie Cecile Maillou

Children of record of Marie Hyacinthe Anastasia Mailloux & Jean Armand (John Harmon)
1 & 2 Twin Dtrs Born Sept 13, 1806 given name of Maiou.

3. Cecile Born June 26, 1808 Bapt Dec 17, 1809 D/P Ignace Mayou & Pelagie Reisse

4. Francois Born Ot. 27, 1813 Bapt. May 16, 1814 G/P J F Magnes & M A Peraut

5. Ignace Born Oct 27, 1813 Bapt Oct 18, 1814 F/P A M Rambin & Marie Fis Peraut

Entry # 873 Vol II-Mills
October 27, 1813, burial in cemetery of this parish of Madama Maria Anastasia Maillud y Arman, wid of first nuptials with Santiago Eheer (Herrie) by whom she left two sons, and by second marriage with Juan Harman by whom she left 3 daughters and 2 sons.  Deceased received no sacraments nor made her confession since she died suddenly, etc Priest F. Magnes


Children of record of Laurent Bertrand Mailloux & wife Marguerite Duval

1. Laurent Born Oct. 5, 1800 Bapt Dec 5, 1800 G/P Ignace Maiou & Marie Louise Maiou, aunt & uncle of the infant

2. Son born and died May 27, 1806 Nat., La

3. Victorine Born Mar. 31, 1811 Bapt Dec 5, 1812 G/P Francois Serpentini & Cecile Mayoux, Priest L. Buhot, Opelousas

4. Joseph Marie (Son) Born Feb 12, 1815, Bapt May 4, 1815, Priest F. Magnes, G/P Jose Maria Carrier & Marie Luisa Victoria Charier


Children of  Record of Marie Louse Mailloux & George McTier (McTyre)

1. George Remy Born Jan 11, 1805 Bapt Mar 27, 1806 G/P Antoine LeNourt, Marie Julien Rondin
(M) Marie Julien Gallien Dec 13, 1838

2. Jean Bte. Born Jan 24, 1808 Bapt Sept 17, 1808 G/P Pedro Mayou & Maria Modesta Vascocu
(M) Celimen Vercheae, Feb 2, 1832

3. Marie Eugenie Born Oct 5, 1812 Bapt Nov 26, 1812 G/P Ignace Mayoux & Euresine Pereaut
(M) #1 William Russell
(M) #2- Cezaire Fonteneau, Jr. May 21, 1832
(M) #3- Ipolite Bordelon July 15, 1841

4. Marie Louise Born Dec 1, 1815 Bapt Mar. 8, 1816 G/P Laurent Malloux & Barb. Roc?
(M) #1 Ludger Langlois
(M) #2 Ludger Levasseur Aug 19, 1844

5. Elisa Born Ca 1818
(M) Jackson Freeman Mar 19, 1838