The Family of
Elias Franklin S. Polk
& Wife
Sarah Jane W. Ladd
of South Carolina & Walker Co, Texas

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Elias Franklin S. Polk was born June  11, 1834 in Darlington Co., South Carolina, and died May 5, 1908* in Falls Co, Texas.  He is buried @ the Chilton Cemetery Falls Co, Texas 
*Marker says:"Died May 5, 1905, aged 70 years"

He married in South Carolina about 1856 to Miss Sarah J. W. "Sally" Ladd.  Her parentage is yet to be proven.  She was born CA 1834 SC and died prior to 1884.

He was the son of James Polk & wife Frances Symiriam "Miram" Carter Polk.

EDITORíS NOTE- The Soldiers Board of Relief was created by the S.C. General Assembly in December, 1861. This board was authorized to levy an annual tax on each tax district and to distribute the money to families of soldiers who had volunteered for S.C. or Confederate service. General state records exist in the records of the Comptroller General of S.C. concerning this board, but no state records concerning individual disbursements have been located. Horace F. Rudisill, Darlington County Historian, some years ago located the records of the Darlington Soldiers Board of Relief in private hands. This is the sixteenth report in our series.

A.B. Bristow In Ac/c with Soldiers Board of Relief
Return for August & September 1864 Long List, Incl:
[Name] Augt./Septr./Total/Number of children
" Stephen B. Carter 5.00/5.00/10.00/2
" E.F. Polk/7.50/7.50/15.00/5 *

*Elias Franklin Polk served in the Civil War from Houston, Florida, (Suwanee Co) where he lived for a few years. (CSA-Fla- E. F. Polk, Pvt-Co. C, 8th Fla. Infantry), where he enlisted on May 11, 1862 by Capt. D. Lang,  for a term of 3 years;  or the duration of the war; was wounded in the left leg, at the battle of Chancellorsville (Spottsylvania Co, Va) Apr 26, - May 1, 1863,  re-enlisted at Orange Court House, Va, Feb, 22, 1864, for the duration of the war,  & later captured at the Hospital in Richmond, Va, April 3, 1865. His name appears on the Roll of POW's transferred from Libby Prison, Richmond, Va. to Newport News, Va, April 23, 1865, and exchanged as POW.  He had spent much time in the hospitals as a result of his injuries.

According to his Civil War service records, Elias Franklin Polk was 5 ft, 4 in. tall, had dark hair, and grey eyes.  His name also appears as E. S. Polk on some of  the Civil War Service Records,  Co C, 8th Regt, Fla Inf., as well as the 1860 Darlington Co, SC census shows his name as E. S. Polk.  His occupation was farming.

This family moved to Walker Co, Texas between 1880 and 1885. E. Franklin Polk was a farmer.  They lived in the Blackjack Community, Walker Co, and were of the Methodist faith.

The History of the Black Jack Church and Cemetery, compiled and written by Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Head, June 12, 1955

The First Black Jack Methodist Church was built in the year of 1871 on a plot of ground given by Henry Lee Taylor, near Hwy. #75, just S. of the present home site of Joe Bruce.
Relatives and friends will remember the following families as belonging to this early group. Allen, Deason, Dorrell, Frederick, Hamley, Head, Hickson, Hill, Johnson, Kelley, McKenzie, McKnight, Murray, Pierce, Polk, Robbins, Shepard, Taylor, Thomas, Weisinger, Wilcox, & Wolverton.

Children: POLK

Much of the information on the Polk cousins came from Freddie Sue (Polk) Denney, Waco, Tx,  Connie (Polk) Stokes, Houston, Tx, and Annie Belle (Polk) Listenbee, Longview, Tx.

1. Mary Magdalene Born October 18, 1858 Darlington, SC

2. Martha Born July 7, 1859 Darlington, SC Died: Pr to 1860 census, SC

3. Ellen Amanda Born Jan 13, 1862 in Florida, Died Dec 9, 1923 Walker Co, Tx. (M) James B. Dorrell Dec 20, 1877 in SC
Born Oct 7, 1850 Sumter Dist., SC Died May 3, 1928 Corsicana, Navarro Co., Tx Both buried @ Blackjack Cem, Walker Co, Tx

4. Perry Franklin Born Jan 29, 1863 Darlington, SC Died: June, 1952, Chilton, Falls Co, Tx
(M) Annie Elizabeth Macon Jan 26. 1896 Falls Co, Tx
She was born Dec 5, 1879 Died Oct 15, 1968 Waco, McLennan Co, Tx
Both Buried: Chilton Cemetery, Falls Co, Tx

5. Maxey James Born Nov 29, 1866 Darlington, SC Died: May 2, 1950 
(M) Beulah Moore
She was born Oct 25, 1876 Falls Co, Tx & died Feb. 11, 1964 McLennan Co, Tx-Both Buried @ Lorena Cemetery, McLennan Co, Tx

6. Timothy Morgan Born March 31, 1868 Darlington, SC Died: Jan 19, 1951 Pisgah, Nacogdoches Co, Tx
(M) Alice May Coward, Dec 2, 1892 Walker Co, Tx (E263

7. Robert Lewis Born March 23, 1871, Darlington, SC Died: Dec. 25, 1933 Bell Co, Tx (M) Miss Ava Thomas , Mar 3, 1895 Walker Co, Tx (I-137)
She was born Oct 28, 1876 Madison Co, Tx & Died Sept 19, 1936 Falls Co, Tx
Both Buried @ Chilton Cem, Falls Co, Tx

8. Samuel Fulker Born Aug 18, 1878*, Darlington, SC Died: Sept 19, 1952 Waco, McLennan, Tx Bur: Rosemound Cem, Waco, Tx  (Never married)
Some records show his birth as 1873, but this is incorrect, as he was 2 yrs old in 1880 census.

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Serial No 1184, Samuel Fulker Polk, Add: Pine Valley, Walker, Texas, age 42 yrs, b. August 18, 1876*, white, natural born citizen, Occ: farmer, Self-Empl. Nearest Rel: Ellen Dorrell, Pine Valley, Texas, Sig: Samuel F Polk, Phys. Desc: short, stout build, blue eyes, dark hair, No disab., Sig: G M Walker, Regis, local board, Huntsville, Walker, Texas Sept. 12, 1918
His Bible Records shows his father as (William) F. Polk and his mother as Sally Ladd

Newspaper clipping of the Obit. on Samuel Fulker Polk:

Sam F Polk, 75, of 709 N. 12th St., died at 10:45 PM Friday at his residence.

Funeral services will be help at 10  AM Monday at Connally's Chapel.  Burial in Rosemond Cemetery.

Survivors:  Eight nephews, W H Polk, & S W Polk of Waco, Frank Polk of Lorena, Joe Polk of Eddy, Herbert Polk of Appleby, Ralph Polk of Dallas, James Polk of Alice, Rasburn Polk of Lott; 10  nieces, Mrs. Eunice Arledge, Mrs. Sue Denney, Mrs. Claudie Kreuz, Mrs. Jewel Polston, Mrs. Sallie Henson, all of Waco; Mrs. Lula Dickens, of Lorena; Miss Nettie Polk of Appleby, Mrs. Bertie Larson (Sparks) of Nacogdoches; Mrs. Annie Belle Listenbee of Frier, Mrs. Ethel Startz of Alice;  several other nephews and nieces.  Connally Funeral Home, 1000 Washington Ave, Phone 2-3407

9. Littlejohn Bunyan Polk Born Feb 1, 1880* Clarendon, SC Died: Dec 20, 1948 Alice, Jim Wells Co, Tx 
(M) Laura Lillie Belle McPherson Jan 10, 1904 Walker Co, Tx
She was born Aug. 7, 1880 Little Rock, Ark Died May 8, 1959 Alice, Jim Wells Co, Tx-Both buried @ Fraternal Cem, Alice, Jim Wells Co, Tx

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Serial No 1415, John Bunyon Polk, Add: Pine Valley, Walker, Texas; age 38 yrs, b. February 1, 1881*, white, natural born citizen,  Occ: Farmer, same add; Nearest Rel: Mrs Laura Polk, same add; Sig: J B Polk; Phys. Desc: Tall, slender build, gray eyes, brown hair, No disab; Sig: S W Dorrell, Regist., local board, Huntsville, Walker, Texas Sept 12. 1918

Elias Franklin Polk (M) #2 Frances "Fannie" Smith April 20, 1884
(Ref: Elias Franklin Polk Bible Records)

Children by This marriage: POLK

10. A. Reley. (son)  Born Oct 5, 1885 (Bible Rec)-missing from 1900 census

11. Esther "Essie" Born Feb, 1888 Walker Co, Tx

12. Lizzie Born Aug, 1890 Walker Co, Tx. (M) _____& had dtr Ellinor

13. Jesse (son) Born Sept, 1895 Walker Co, Tx

E. Franklin Polk had a third marriage, by whom he had no children.



POLK, Perry F., b 1--29--1863, d 6--6--1952
POLK, Annie E. -- wife of P.F. Polk, b 12-10-1878, d 10--8-1968
POLK, James M. -- son of P.F. & A.E. Polk, b 4-12-1898, d 8--30--1903
POLK, Jesse David - son of P.F. & A.E. Polk, b 2--16-1897, d 8--16--1903 
Slab of Marble - no identification or dates
POLK, E. F., no birth date; died 5--5--1905 -- aged 70 years

Civil War Record-Elias Franklin Polk-Allegiance: Confederate

E. F. Polk, Pvt, Co. C, 8th Regt, Fla Vols, appears on a list of casualties, in Brig. Gen. E. A. Perry's Brigade, in the engagements in Spottsylvania Co, Va. (Chancellorsville & Fredericksburg), May, 1863. List dated near Fredericksburg, May 9, 1863 Remarks: wounded left leg

Register of Receiving and Wayside Hospital, or General Hospital No. 9, Richmond, Virginia, : E. F. Polk, Sgt, Co, C, 8 Regt, Fla.

Register of General Hospital, Howard's Grove, Richmond, Virginia: E. F. Polk, , Pvt, Co C, 8 Fla, Admitted April 3, 1865

His name appears on Roll of POW's as captured @ Richmond, Va, April 3, 1865, Turned over to Provost Marshall April 21, 1861 (1865?)
His name appears on Oath of Allegiance, E. F. Polk, Pvt, 8th Regt, Fla, Place of residence: Darlington, SC, Complexion: Fair, Hair: Dk, Eyes: Grey, HT: 5ft 4 in, Remarks: Captured Richmond, April 3 (" Roll of Prisoners of War, released at Newport News, June 25th, 1865 as per G.O. No. 109, A.G.O.")

His name appears on many muster rolls, some present, some "absent in Hospital", some records showing his name as E. S. Polk.


Children of Ellen Amanda Polk & husband, James Bradford Dorrell
Ref: Pat Summerfield

1. Andrew Elias Born Dec 2, 1878 SC Died: Jan 26, 1949 California
(M) Augusta Sheppard, July 29, 1903 Walker Co, Tx 
 a. Vernon Born 1907 Tx
     1. Doug Dorrell Born May 11, 1935 Died Feb 5, 1995 California
        (Actor Doug McClure)

2. Sallie Elizabeth born Sept 16, 1880 SC Died: Nov 27, 1917 
(M) William Neeley, June, 1897 Walker Co, Tx (Had 6 children)

3. Charles James Born Aug 19, 1882 SC Died: Feb 12, 1958 Huntsville, Walker, Tx
(M) Lela Prescott, Jan 13, 1907 Walker Co, Tx (Had 1 son, 3 dtrs)
 a. Ruth Born Ca 1908 Walker Co, Tx
 b. Leila Ellen Born June 15, 1915 Barado, Walker, Tx
     (M) Carson Leonard Eakin, Sr, June 13, 1934 Walker, Tx
            1. Carolyn Ruth Born Jan 17, 1935 Huntsville, Walker, Tx
                Died: Jan 17, 1973 Bellaire, Harris, Tx
                Forest Park Westheimer Cem., Houston, Harris, Tx
                (M) Harold Joseph Hargus Oct. 21, 1952 Houston, Harris, Tx
                       a. Patricia Kay 
                           (M) Michael Sommerfield July 19, 1974 Houston, Harris, Tx
                                  1. Paul Michael
                                  2. Carrie Lee
                       b. Wendell Edward (Stillborn)
                       c. Wendell Earl
                       c. Derrick Wade
                           (M) Cyndi Kanturek April 9, 1983 Alton, Ill.
                                  1. Chelse Ann-Marie
                                  2. Bethani Kay
                                  3. Drew William
                       d. Darrell Wayne
               (M) #2 Norman Allen Broadway Dec, 1963 Harris, Tx
                       e. Norman
               (M) #3 John M Donavan June 5, 1970 Harris, Tx
 c. Jewell Mae Born May 6, 1917 Huntsville, Walker, Tx
 d. James Charles Born Nov 22, 1923 Huntsville, Walker, Tx

4. Lewis Edward Born March 21, 1885 Walker Co, Tx 
    Died: Feb. 25, 1969 Houston, Harris, Tx
   (M) Susan Josephine Allen, Oct. 10, 1915 Walker Co, Tx  (Had 2 sons, 1 dtr)
    a. Frank Lewis Born Nov 23, 1917 Huntsville, Walker, Tx
        (M) Mildred Juanita Moses
              1. Carolyn Juanita Born Mar. 3, 1941 Huntsville, Walker, Tx
                  (M) James Carl Partlow Feb 8, 1961 Port Lavaca, Calhoun, Tx
                         a. James Bruce
                             (M) Laurie Renee' Dubose June 29, 1986 Baton Rouge, La
                                    1. Janna Celeste
                                    2. David James
                                    3. Drew Allen
                                    4. Rachael Nicole
                         b. Cheryl Ann
                         c. Michelle Lea
                             (M) Steven Paul Farris Aug 10, 1992 Baton Rouge, La
                                    1. Kayleigh Marae'
                         d. Mark Allen
              2. Donna Frank Born Nov 12, 1945, Walker, Tx
                  (M) Billy Ray Jones Jan 21, 1967 Angleton, Tx
                         a. Kimberly Dianne
                             (M) Khris Whiteley, San Antonio, Bexar, Tx
                                    1. Brandon Kase
                         b. Dawn Wynette
                             (M) Wade Parker, Conroe, Montgomery, Tx
                                    1. Caleb
              3. Joi Lynn Born Jan 10, 1961 Port Lavaca, Calhoun, Tx
                  (M) David Walker April  16, 1980 Baton Rouge, La
                         a. Jason
                         b. Kendra
 b. Katherine Sue Born Sept 18, 1919 Walker, Tx
     (M) Al Hocker
            1. Charles Born  Nov  9, 1946
                (M) Donna______
                       a. Brandon Alvin
            2. Marilyn Born Dec 11, 1953 Houston, Harris, Tx
                (M) Shawn McNamara,  Houston, Harris, Tx
                       a. David Shawn
            3. Kenneth Born Feb 25, 1956
 c. Richard Edward Born Nov 28, 1937
     (M) Marianna Snowden  June 30, 1973 Paris, Tx
            1. Pamela
            2. Diane
     Richard Edward Dorrell (M) #2 Elizabeth Von Wupperfield June 3, 1995 Tres Piedras, NM

5. John Franklin Born April 12, 1887 Walker Co, Tx  Died: Oct 10, 1947 in California
(M) Ara _____ 
 a. John Edward (Adopted)

6. Susan Effie Born April 23, 1890 Walker Co, Tx. Died___Walker Co, Tx
    (M) J. Quincey Hickson Dec 25, 1913 (NO Children)


Children of Perry Franklin Polk & wife Annie Elizabeth Macon
Much of the info on this family came from Freddie Sue Denney & Claudie Mae Krenz in personal conversations with me in 1981

1. Jessie David Born Jan 16, 1897 Falls Co, Tx Died: Aug 16, 1903 Falls Co. Tx-Buried Chilton Cemetery

2. James Morgan Born April 12, 1898 Falls Co, Tx Died: Aug 20, 1903 Falls Co, Tx-Buried: Chilton Cemetery 

3. Clara Belle Born Feb. 18, 1900 Died: April, 1984
Died not marry (Lived on old homeplace in 1981)

4. Sandford William Born Jan 27, 1903 Falls Co, Tx Died: Oct. 31, 1980 Waco, McLennan Co, Tx  Both are buried: Memorial Cem., Waco, Tx
(M) Lydia Ling Oct. 20, 1927   (Born July 12, 1907 Died Mar 21, 1996)

5. Willis Houston Born April 18, 1905 Falls Co, Tx Died: Dec 5, 1967 McLennan Co, Tx
(M) Florence Nyander Feb. 10, 1935 (Born Nov 15, 1901-Died Oct 11, 1998)
Both buried at Memorial  Cem., Waco, Tx

6. Jewel Treasia Born Aug 8, 1907 Falls Co, Tx 
(M) Preston Ralston Aug 4, 1926

7. Claudia Mae Born April 29, 1910 Falls Co, Tx 
(M) Carl Krenz Nov 24, 1931 (Lived in Waco, 1981 -No children)

8. Infant dtr died @ birth

9. Eunice Rachael Born May 27, 1914 Falls Co, Tx 
(M) Harold Arledge July 13, 1940 

10. Freddie Sue Born March 7, 1917 Falls Co, Tx Died: Dec. 28, 1994
(M) #1 Jim Brown Arledge  Nov 11, 1936
(M) #2 Dr. A. B. Denney, Sr Dec 7, 1950
He was born July 20, 1907 Died: Sept 22, 1990


Children of Maxey James Polk & wife Beulah Moore
1. William Franklin born May* 6, 1896 Falls Co, Tx Died: Aug 9, 1970 Waco, McLennan Co, Tx (both buried @ Lorena Cemetery, Waco, Tx)
(M) Minnie Mae Earley Jan 5, 1962 NO children

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Frank William Polk,, age 21 yrs, Add: RFD #1, Chilton, Falls, Texas, Caucasian, Natural born citizen, b. April* 6, 1896 Chilton, Falls, Texas USA, Occ: Farming, Single, No Previous Military Exp; No Dependents, Sig: Frank Polk;  Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Med. Bld, Gray eyes, Brown Hair, Not Bald; No Disab.,  Sig: J T Stevens? Regis, Pct 32, Falls Co., Tx June 5, 1917

2. Lelia Elaine Born Jan 10, 1898 Falls Co, Tx Died: 1957
(M) Clarence Dickens  (Had 6 ch)

3. Sallye Pearl Born June 5, 1899 Falls Co, Tx 
(M) Albert Henson  (Had 3 ch)

4. Joe Ladd Born Feb 22, 1901 Falls Co, Tx Died: Feb 27, 1959 Eddy, McLennan Co, Tx
(M) Leta Laughlin Sept 30, 1922 Falls Co, Tx
Buried @ Chapel Hill Cem., McLennan Co, Tx

5. Henry Lewis Born Dec 26, 1903 Falls Co, Tx 
(M) Helen____ as of 1979 lived in Paradise, Calif.

6. Maxie Lee Born May 31, 1905 Falls Co, Tx
(M) Maude_____ (Had 2 ch)

Mrs. M. J. (Beulah) Polk, 87 or Lorena, died  at 5:15 PM Tuesday in a local hospital.  Funeral services will be Thursday at 10 AM, in Wilkirson and Hatch Chapel.  Burial will be in Lorena Cemetery.

Mrs. Polk was born in Falls County.  She had lived in Lorena for the past 35 years.  She was a member of Lorena Baptist Church.

Survivors include two sons, Henry Polk of Wilcox, Arizona, and Frank Polk of 1524 North Seventh Street, Waco, Texas; 20 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.


Children of Robert Lewis Polk & wife Ava Thomas

1. Elijah Leroy "Roy" Born Feb. 3, 1896 Huntsville, Walker Co, Tx Died: June 21, 1944 Chilton, Falls Co, Tex.
(M) Ethel Allen 1915

WWI Civilian Draft Registration -Roy Polk,  age 21 yrs, Add: RFD #2, Chilton, Falls, Texas US,  natural born citizen, b. Kelby?, Texas Occ: farmer, self empl,  Lot, Texas; Dependents: wife & baby under 12, married, caucasian, No prev. Military exp; Exemption claimed: Dependents, Sig: Roy Polk, Phys. Desc: Tall, slender build, blue eyes, brown hair, not bald, No disab., sig: Basil A Hayes, Regis., Pct 22, Falls Co., Texas, June 5, 1917

2. Wrathburne Born Aug 27, 1897 Walker Co, Tx Died: Dec 30, 1971 Marlin, Falls Co, Tx
(M) Linnie Mae Cloer 
Buried Clover Hill Cem., Lott, Falls Co, Tx

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Serial # 1825, Wrathbure (Wrathburne) Polk, Add: RFD 2, Chilton, Falls, Texas, age 21, b. August 27, 1897, white, natural born citizen, Occ: Farming Empl: father, Louis Polk, same address; Nearest Rel: Mrs. Eva Polk, same add; Sig: Wrathurne Polk; Phys. Desc: Tall, Medium Bld, blue eyes, red hair, No disab; Sig: A C Hucke, Regis, local board, Marlin, Falls, Texas Sept 12, 1918

Falls Co, Texas-Polk Clover Hill Cemetery at Lott
POLK, Wratbune E., b 8--27--1897, d 12--30--1971
POLK, Linnie Mae -- wife of W.E. Polk, b 1--10--1904, d 10--20--1970 

3. Oberia June 13, 1901 Died: (Living in Falls Co, 1982 Telephone conversation)
(M) Carey D. B. Bargamier June 22, 1918

4. Thada Lee Born March 23, 1905 Died____Conroe, Tex
(M) Slim Shafer

5. Edna Mae Born Sept 6, 1907 
(M) #1 Tom Polk 
(M) #2 Tommy Joe Flurry (Had 2 ch)

6. Robert Elbert Born Dec 17, 1909 Lott, Falls Co, Tx
(M) Juanita Willis Oct. 5, 1931 Cypressa, Tx (Had 8 ch)

7. Julius Born May 1, 1911 Lott, Falls Co, Tx
(M) Edna Mae Jones (Had 3 ch)

8. Della Born Aug 16, 1913 Lott, Falls co, Tx died young in sawmill accident in Conroe, Tx

9. Olea Lea Born Dec 19, 1916 Lott, Falls Co, Tx


Children of Littlejohn Bunyan Polk & wife, Laura Lillie Bell McPherson

1. Bunyan Garrison born March 5, 1905 Huntsville, Walker Co, Tx Died: Jan 12, 1979 Portales, New Mexico (Buried Portales Cemetery)
(M) Lucy Opal Arnold Oct 11, 1930 Jim Wells Co, Tx

2. Annie Belle Born Feb 11, 1907 Huntsville, Walker Co, Tx 
(M) Thomas Curtis Listenbee Sept 7, 1929 Alice, Texas
    a. John Thomas July 27, 1932 Alice, Jim Wells Co, Tx
    b. Vivian Ruth Born Sept 12, 1937 Alice, Tx
    c. Jimmy Lynn Born Oct. 18, 1941 Frier, Tx

3. Ethel Lee Born October 15, 1911 Huntsville, Walker Co., Tx
(M) George Startz Sept 9, 1929

4. James Arthur Born March 10, 1915 Huntsville, Walker Co, Tx Died: Jan. 8, 1975 Kilgore, Texas Buried: Fraternal Cem., Alice, Jim Wells Co, Tx
Never married

5. Ellie Alice Born Jan. 7, 1919 Walker Co., Tx Died: aug 1, 1969 El Paso, Texas Buried: Bishop Texas
(M) Charles Wesley True, Jr. Sept  15, 1940 


1850 Darlington, SC 2nd Div, HH 628-628
James Polk 47 M SC Farming $600.
Frances 37 F SC (Frances Symiriam  "Miram" Carter)
Thomas 17 M SC
Franklin 16 M SC
Susannah  14 F SC
Margaret 12 F SC
Columbus 10 M SC
Joel 5 M SC
Mary Ann 4 F SC
Martha 2 F SC
Lazarus 6/12 M SC

1860 Darlington Co, SC 461- HH 1420-1427 Darlington PO
Elias S. Polk 25 M SC Farmer
Sarah J. " 23 F SC
Mary M " 1 SC

did not locate Elias Franklin Polk HH in 1870 census-may be in Fla.

1880 Clarendon Co, SC  (Motts T/S) ED 19, SD 13, P 4, HH 31-31
E. Franklin Polk 46MW SC SC SC farmer
Sarah J. W. " 42 FW SC SC SC wife
Mary M " 21 FW SC SC SC Dtr
Perry F. "  17 MW SC SC SC Son
Maxey . "  13 MW SC SC SC Son
Timothy M. " 12 MW SC SC SC Son
Robert L. " 9 MW SC SC SC Son
Samuel F. " 2 MW SC SC SC Son
Little J. B. " 3/12 MW SC SC SC Son

1900 Walker Co, Tx Pct 6, HH 434-436
Frank Polk 59 WM NC NC NC M-10 yrs, Born Oct, 1840
Fannie " wife 34 WF NC NC NC  Born Nov, 1865
Essie " 12 WF Born Feb, 1888 Tx NC NC Dtr
Lizzie 10 WF Born Aug, 1890  Tx NC NC Dtr
Jesse " 4 WM Born Sept, 1895 Tx NC NC Son

HH 436-438 next door (Parents of Alice May Coward, w/o T. M. Polk)
William Coward 59 WM (M) 30 yrs Tx Tx Tx Farmer Born, June 1840
Mary " 58 WF Wife Had 6 ch 4 living Tx Tx Tx Born April, 1842
Walter " 25 WM Son Tx Tx Tx Born Jan, 1875 single
William " 24 WM Son Tx Tx Tx Born Nov, 1876 single

Many errors in these census records for 1900-None of E. Frank Polk's older sons, except Perry E. Polk, in 1900 Falls Co, Tx. were located in the 1900 Texas census, though they all lived here.

Walker Co, Tx Index to Deeds-POLK (T M Polk deeds on his page)

J B & S F Polk-F B Darnell 9/22/1904 (21-581)
J B-F B Darnell Jan 1906 (27-107)
D F (P F?)-F B Darnell Jan, 1906 &27-107)
John-L E Pierce July 23, 1907 (10-418)
John-M P Pierce ditto
R L-W N McGee Feb 23, 1907  (32-393)
J B-Chas F & Viney Pierce Dec 9, 1918 (43-1)
J B-Chas F Pierce Jan 6, 1921 (46-339)
J B-J R Powell Oct 26, 1910 (33-26)