Col. Arnoldus V. Brumby
& wife 
Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby




These pictures are copyrighted, owned, commissioned by
Friends of Brumby Hall, Marietta, Georgia
Used here with expressed written permission from 
Friends of Brumby Hall
& the artist Rob McGregor

All Pictures below, Courtesy of Paul, Jr.  & Carol Boring, July & Aug., 2002
Paul is a grt grt grandson of Col. & Mrs. Brumby

Markers for
Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby-left
Col A. V. Brumby-right
Oak Hill Cemetery, Cartersville, Polk Co, Georgia

Former Home of Col. A. V. Brumby
Marietta, Georgia
2002 -Paul Boring, Jr in pictures
Now owned and maintained by
Friends of Brumby Hall

The Georgia Military Institute, located nearby, 
 was destroyed by General Sherman during the Civil War
Gen. Sherman spared Col. Brumby's home

Col. A. V. Brumby operated the Georgia Military Institute

Lt. Thomas Mason Brumby
Born Nov. 20, 1855
Died Dec. 17, 1899
Parents: Col. A. V. & Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby
Buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia
Entered U S Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, Sept. 25, 1873
Graduated  June 18, 1879 
Flag Lieutenant, with Admiral Dewey 
on battleship Olympia 
Spanish American War

This painting was made in 1965 and was presented by Lt. Brumby's Nieces, Nephews, Gr Nieces and Gr Nephews as a tribute to their Uncle to the USS Brumby (DE-1044)
Contributors being:
Sara Clanton Brumby Dewar
Susan Brumby Skinner
Ophelia Brumby Bunn
C. R. Brumby, Sr.
Wallis Brumby
C. R. Brumby, Jr.
Wm. V. Brumby
S. Brumby
Capt. G. F. Bunn USN
T. M. Brumby II, USNR
Harry Dewar, USNR, Gr. Nephew
S. M. Brumby, USA
Paul Brumby, USNR, F.S.O.

This 5x7 Painting probably belonged to Sara Clanton Brumby Dewar, Niece and was passed to her daughter, Sally Clanton Dewar Boring

Marker for Lt. Thomas Mason Brumby
son of Col. A. V. & Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby
West View Cemetery
1680 Gordon Rd. Atlanta, Ga.

Admiral Frank Hardeman Brumby
Sept 11 1874 Athens, Ga.-July 16, 1950 Portsmouth, Va.
son of CSA Capt. John Wallis & Arabella Hardeman Brumby
Grandson of Col. A V. & Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby
U S Naval Academy 1891-1895
Obit appears in New York Times, July 17, 1950 P 21, Col 3
Rear Admiral Brumby served variously as President of the Board of Inspection and Survey, Commandant  of the Norfolk Navy Yard, Commander of the Battleship Division I, of the Scouting Force, and of the Battle Force, U. S. Fleet.  His last active service was as Commandant of the 5th Naval District and the Naval Operation Base at Norfolk.  He was retired on October 1st, 1938.

Charles Rush Brumby, Son of Col. A. V. & Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby,  
& wife Sara Elizabeth Clanton Brumby
Great grandparents of Paul Boring, Jr

Sara Clanton Brumby & Husband Roger Alexander Dewar
Grandparents of Paul Boring, Jr

Sara Clanton Brumby Dewar & Children
Grandmother of Paul Boring, Jr


Sally Clanton Dewar & Husband Paul Boring, Sr.
Taken 1970's
Parents of Paul Boring, Jr

Paul Boring, Jr & wife Carol Adams

Thomas & Susannah Greening Brumby

Brumby, the Next Generation or Two...