Courtesy of Claire Boulware Stallworth
Beatrice, Monroe Co, Alabama


Mortimer Boulware, Sr., was born Sept. 13th, 1808

Amanda N. Boulware was born April 12th, 1812

Allen Hixon was born

Susan Hixon was born

Lucy W. McCall was born October 5th, 1835

John M. Boulware was born August 15th, 1838

Mark M. Boulware was born Sept. 14th, 1840

Gilchrist R. Boulware, Sr. was born August 15th, 1842

Olivia H. Boulware was born Oct. (?) 1844

Mortimer Boulware Jun. was born Nov. 3rd, 1846

Hinchey W. Boulware was born Oct. 5th, 1848

Lee W. Boulware was born July 27th, 1850

Robert W. Boulware was born Dec. 2nd, 1853

Missouri M. Hixon was born Augst. 29th, 1840

Gilchrist R. Boulware, Jun. was born Apr. 8th, 1861

John M  Boulware Jun. was born Dec. 12th, 1862

Susan A. Boulware was born Janry. 2nd, 1864

Allen M. Boulware was born June 14th, 1866

Charles Franklin Boulware was born Janry. 17th, 1869

Alfred R. Boulware was born July 31st, 1873

Hinchie W. Boulware, daughter of M. W. Boulware, was born 25th Sept., 1870

R. J. Boulware was born Nov. 14th, 1885

Earlla Missouri Boulware was born April 3rd, 1887

Mary S. Boulware was born March 4th, 1888

John L. Boulware was born July 15th, 1889

A. A. Boulware was born Sep. 15, 1891

A. M. Boulware was born Nov. 7th, 1893

Lilian G. Boulware was born Nov. 7th, 1893

C. W. Boulware was born Sept. 7th, 1896


Mortimer Boulware, Sen. and Amanda N. Warren Jan. 15th, 1835

Allen Hixon and Susan Newberry _____

John M. Boulware, Jr. and Maggie C. Holloway Dec 15th, 1884


Mortimer Boulware, Sen. died Janry. 4th, 1859

Susan A. Boulware died June 17th, 1865

Allen Hixon died Dec. 22nd, 1868

Hinchey Warren died Feby. 28th, 1855

Mary M. Warren died July 12, 1868

John A. Warren died April 4th, 1856

J. M. Boulware died March 5th, 1883

M. M. Boulware died Dec. 18th, 1883

Earlla M. Boulware died Augt. 28th, 1887

Mary S. Boulware died January 29th, 1891

John L. Boulware died March 30th, 1891

A. M. Boulware died Dec. 20, 1912

C. F. Boulware died Jan. 14, 1916

A. R. Boulware died Nov. 11, 1932


Mr. Charles Boulware
Box 406
Nederland, Texas

Postmarked Repton, Alabama Mar. 11, 1929

Repton, Ala, (Mar.) 3rd, 1929

My Dear Nephew, by your request I am sending you a copy of our family Record as coppied from my father's old Bible.  This old Bible has been in our family about 90 years.  I have sit many times by my mother and sister to hear as she would read from this old Bible.  You cannot imagine the pleasure it is to me when I take this old Bible in my lap and sit down and read from the same Book that I know that she has read so often.  I am now in my 80 first year and realize that I will soon be with them in the Spirit Land.  Mr. Bros. and Sisters are all in the Spirit Land and I am waiting with patience for the time to come that will call me home to meet and mingle with Father, Mother, Bro's and Sisters.

 Now my Dear Nephew, I wish to make one request of you.  I shall offer you a bit of advice.  I know it will be for your good in your old days if you will hear it.  First, live and act Honest with all man kind.  This alone will  cover all that is required of you.  And in your Old days, should you live to be old, it will be a great pleasure to look back over the life that you have lived.

You don't have to unite with any Religious Body on Earth to live a Christian Life.  However, it is no disadvantage to be a member of the Church, but you can make it otherwise.

Now, Charles, I will close because I fear that you are about tired.  I will ask you to excuse all the defects and bad wrighting.  I am getting old and feeble.  I am giving away fast mentally and physically.  If I improve sometime in the near future, I shall try and visit you and family.  I am living with Mack, my youngest child.  His wife is good and kind to me.  Don't get so busy that you can't write.  My love to all. 

Your Unckle,

H W Boulware

Enclosed with letter:

Births and Deaths of Mortimer Boulware family:

Mortimer Boulware Born Sept. 14, 1808 Death Jan, 4, 1859

Amanda Warren, Mother, born April 15, 1812-Jan. 2nd, 1884

Children of Mortimer Boulware:

Lucy W. Boulware Oct. 21, 1835-Nov. 26th, 1918

John M. Boulware Sept. 15, 1838-Mch 3rd, 1873

Mark M Boulware Sept 15th, 1844

Gilchrist R. Boulware Aug. 15th, 1842

Olivia F. Boulware Oct. 5th, 1844

Mortimer P. Boulware Nov  3rd, 1846-Nov. first, 1921

Hinchey W Boulware Oct. 5th, 1848

Lee W. Boulware July 25th, 1850-Mar. 31, 1920

Robert W. Boulware Dec. 12, 1853

Record does not show all deaths, copied from Family Bible