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Amanda N.  Warren, daughter of Hinchey W. Warren, of Conecuh Co, Alabama was born April 12, 1812 in Georgia and died June 2, 1884.  She is buried in the Warren Family Cemetery in Conecuh Co., Ala, which is located on right side of County Rd #87, 
(across the driveway, south side of  New Hope Baptist Church

Amanda Warren married Mortimer P. Boulware, Jan. 15, 1835,  Prob in Conecuh Co, Ala.
 (Early records of Conecuh Co. have been destroyed in courthouse fires.)
   Mortimer Boulware was probably visiting Conecuh Co, Ala, prior to moving there from Virginia, met and married Amanda N. Warren, and took her back to Virginia where their first child was born in October, 1835.  They moved to Conecuh Co, Ala about1836, where all of their other children were born.

Mortimer Boulware was one of the largest and most successful cotton planters of Conecuh County, owning thousands of acres of land, and along with his father-in-law, Hinchey Warren, was one of the leading business men of the community. When Hinchey Warren died in 1855, Mortimer Boulware served as Executor of his father-in-law's Estate.

According to Hoomes/Holmes Family Records, "  Mortimer Boulware came to Conecuh Co, with George Churchill Hoomes, Churchill Jones and Dr. Taliaferro.  Mortimer Boulware staked out his claim on the creek that was later known as Boler Mill Creek, near the lands of George Churchill Hoomes.  In Alabama, he was known as Mortimer Boler,  and owned more than 3000 acres of land in the area .After the boats stopped running on the Sepulga River, he began hauling cotton to Claiborne on the Alabama River.  He used wagons to haul it and each wagon was pulled by four mules.  Ten bales on a wagon was considered a big load.  Mortimer Boler was a gentleman of great personal popularity and wealth and was connected to one of the wealthiest families in the county."

From "Slave Days" by Pickie Hoomes Stone- " Aunt Sherman Ashley, who lived for what she thought was 106 yrs of age, was a slave for many years and was owned by Mr. Mortimer Boulware. "   "My owner then was Mr. Jess Snowden. Later, after Mr. Snowden's death, our family came into the possession of Mr. Mortimer Boler.   Both of these masters were very good to us.  Mr. Boler, especially, loved his "little niggers" as he called us.  Under no circumstances were we to be mistreated .  One of Mr. Boler's daughters claimed me for her slave.  I especially waited on her.  She was not much older than I was so I always called her Sis and loved her dearly.  The Bolers, my owners, then lived near Boler's Creek (Teddy) "-Hoomes/Holmes Family Records 

People & Places of Conecuh, Ala 1816-1860 by Conecuh County Historical Society 
P 6-Mortimor Boulware 
2/11/1850 Incorporator of the Ala & Fla. RR-Charter Member -Construction began immediately, but wasn't finished until May 13, 1861,  3 yrs after the death of Mr. Boulware.
2/9/1852 Incorporator of Conecuh Plank Road Company & charter member
Candidate for State Legislature in 1845 (Whig Party) against James A Stallworth, Democrat, who won by a slim margin.

 To get to the Warren Family Cemetery, From Evergreen, Ala., go out Co. Rd #29S, to intersection of Co. Rd #85, turn right on Co. Rd #85 and go to Co. Rd #87, turn right and go to New Hope Baptist Church-SGS

Picture of this cemetery taken by me Nov, 2000  on Hinchey W. Warren page.

The person responsible for the restoration of the Warren/Boulware Family cemetery is Claire Boulware Stallworth, of Beatrice, in Monroe Co, Alabama, a descendant of Hinchey Warren Boulware.

Mortimer P. Boulware, was born September 11, 1808 Caroline Co., Virginia, near Port Royal, and died January 4th, 1859 Conecuh Co., Alabama. There is a large marble slab over his grave in the Warren-Boulware Family Cem., Conecuh Co., Ala.
He was the son of Mark Boulware & wife Lucy Dickerson of Caroline Co., Va.

Major Contributors to this file on Descendants:
Viola Boulware, Lufkin, Texas
Claire Boulware Stallworth, Beatrice, Ala



(1)  Lucy Warren Born October 31, 1835 Virginia
             Lived in 1900 McCulloch Co, Tx w/son-in-law
             Lived 1910 Brown Co, Tx, HH of James & Margaret Ketler 
             Died Nov 26, 1918  Beaumont, Jeff. Co, Tx (pneumonia)
             moved to Beaumont about 1912-13 buried Magnolia Cem. 
             Beaumont, Tex-unmarked.(Boulware Family Bible has death date as
             Nov 26, 1918  Death Certificate shows: D-Dec 1, 1918
             (M) Dr. Moses C. McCall Ca 1853/4 Alabama
             He was born Ca 1831 Ala Died after 1880 
             (a) Emogene Born 1855 Ala Died bet. 1885-1900 Tx
                 ( M) Abram A. McMillan Ca 1873 Ala 
                        He was born June, 1846 Ala Died After 1920 Milam Co., Tx
                        Index to Milam Co, Tx Civil War Pensions: A. A. McMillan #29096
                        Farmer 1900 McCulloch Co, Tx
                        Farmer, 1910 Milam Co, Tx Age 67 yrs
                        Farmer, 1920 Milam Co, Tx age 76 yrs
                        1. Williamson "Will" Born Aug, 1874 Ala 
                            (Single, Farmer, Pct 4, 1910 Milam Co, Tx)
                        2. Lucy Born Ca 1878 Ala (Married pr to 1900?)
                        3. unnamed Son  Born Ca 1880 Ala-missing 1900 census
                        4. Carrie E. Born Jan, 1885 Texas Died April 3, 1966 Milam Co, Tx
                            Ref: Milam Co, Death Records, Vol 6, P 83
                            She & children, HH of Brother & Father, 1910 Milam Co, Tx
                            Widow, 1930 Rockdale,  Milam Co, Texas
                             (M) Loren C. Wyatt 
                                    Born Ca 1875 Texas
                                    Driller, Oil Wells, 1920 Milam Co, Tx
                                    a. Charles B. Born Ca 1904  Tx (Telegraph Opr, RR)
                                    b. George Born Ca 1906 Tx 
                                        single, Barber, 1930 Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
                                    c. Lorene Born Ca 1909 Tx
                                    d. Frank Born Ca 1911 Tx
                                    e. Tillman Born Ca 1925 Tx
            (b) Amanda Born Ca 1857 Ala died pr to 1870 Ala
            (c) child born & died bet. census records
            (d) child born & died bet. census records
            (e) Moses Born Ca 1866 Ala died pr to 1880 Ala 
            All children were deceased as of 1880 except Emogene, who was married to Abram A McMillan, and she died pr to 1900


(2) John M. Born Sept. 15, 1838 Conecuh Co, Ala Died: Mar 3, 1883 @ his res. near Turnbull, Monroe Co, Ala-Buried Indian Springs Cem located bet. McWilliams & Nadawah, Monroe Co, Ala
CSA Ala-Enlisted 3/29/1862, age 24 yrs, Pri Cavalry Unit, 2nd Ala Co H Monroe Co, Ala (Value of horse $350.00) Muster in Roll subsequent to 4/07/1862 Camp Stone by J H McCreary
The majority of info on this family is from Charles Lee & Viola Reed Boulware of Lufkin, Angelina Co., Texas
       (M) Mary Missouri Hixon April 17, 1860 
                     Monroe Co., Ala by W Lee & Andrew Jay, MG
                     Dtr of Allen Hixon & Susan Newberry
                     She was born Aug 29, 1840 Died: Dec 18, 1883
,                    Bur: Indian Springs Cem., Monroe Co, Ala
Members of Indian Springs Bapt Church, Rev. Miles McWilliams, (Indian Springs Baptist Church Cemetery:
             Mrs. M. M. BOULWARE,-Aug. 29, 1840-Dec. 18, 1883 
             Mr. J. M. BOULWARE -Aug. 15, 1838-Mar. 3, 1883 )
(a) Gilchrist R. Born April 8, 1861 Monroe Co, Ala-
                  stabbed & killed in Beaumont, Jeff. Co, Tx after 1900
                  (M) Fannie E Watts Wilcox Co, Ala Nov 26, 1885-Divorced
                         She was born Nov, 1863 Ala -She was Postmistress-1900 Allentown, Wilcox Co, Ala 
                           1. Roy Carter Born Aug, 6,1886 Riley, Wilcox, Ala d. September 12, 1949 Crisp Co, Georgia, age 63 yrs.

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Roy Carter Boulware, Add:311 3rd St., Cordele, Crisp Co., Georgia b. Aug 6, 1888, Natural born citizen, born Riley, Alabama, USA, Occ: Manager 5 & 10 store, McLellan Stores Co., Cordele, Georgia, Dep: wife & 3 children; No prev. Military Exp; Exemptions Claimed: support of wife & 3 children; Sig: Roy Carter Boulware; Phys. Desc: Tall, stout build, brown eyes, brown hair, bald, No disab; Sig: L L Davis, Regis., local board, Pct 1457, Cordele, Crisp Co, Georgia;  June 5, 1917

single, clerk, 1910 Montgomery Co, Ala, (Thornton HH); Lived 1920 Cordele, Crisp Co, Ga (Grocery Merchant), & Shipping Clerk, Wholsale Grocery, 1930 Cordele, Crisp Co, Georgia

                         (M) Ludie M. P. ______abt 1911-She was b. abt 1888 Alabama; (from census) died Nov 2, 1965 Crisp Co, Ga, age 79 yrs

                                a. Eleanor E. b. abt 1913 Ala

                                b. Carrie Catherine b. abt 1915 Ala

                                c. Roy C. Jr b. March 12, 1917 Ga d., July 31, 1991 Cordele, Crisp Co, Ga, age 74 yrs.

                                    (M) Gussie ______. She was b. October 22, 1902 d. January, 1986, Cordele, Crisp Co., Georgia

                                d. Ruth M b. 1919 Ga

                                e. William E. b. Jan. 17, 1922 Ga d. Dec. 14, 1991 Albany, Dougherty Co., Ga (SSDI)

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-William E. Boulware, b. 1922 Georgia, white citizen, Res: Dougherty Co., Ga; Enlistment date: Sept. 9, 1942 Fort McPherson, Atlanta, GA, Priv/Priv;; Term: for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six mos., subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. Branch: Air Corps;  Education: grammar school Occ: semiskilled, mechanics & repairmen, Married, Ht: 69 " Wt: 131 lbs

                                f. James E b. Feb. 14, 1924 Ga d. Feb. 4, 2005 Pine Mountain, Harris Co., Georgia (SSDI)

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-James  E Boulware, b. 1924 Georgia, white citizen, Enlistment date: Feb. 3, 1943, Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia; Brancxh: Warrant Officers, Priv/Priv, Term" for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six mos., subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to the law; Education: 1 yr of high school, Occ: semiskilled mechanics & repairmen, Single, without dependents; Ht: 71", Wt: 150 lbs

                                g. Frances b. abt 1926 Ga

                                h. Robert L b. abt 1928 Ga
                           2. May Born Aug, 1887 Ala
                           3. Thaddeus Watts Born Dec. 18, 1889  Allentown, Wilcox, Ala - d. 1933 Columbia County, Florida (567/19)--Lived 1920 Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan, & 1930 Orlando, Orange Co., Florida

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Thaddeus Watts Boulware, Add: 108 Bagg St., Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan, age 27 yrs, born December 18, 1889, Allenton, Alabama, White, Natural born citizen, Occ: Shoe salesman, Hanover Shoe Co, Detroit, Michigan, single, No dependents, Previous Military: 4 years, Infantry Alabama National Guard, No exemp. claimed; sig: Thaddeus Watts Boulware; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, gray eyes, black hair No disab., sig: Toombs R Collier, Pct 2-6, Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan June 5, 1917
                                 (M) Mona A. Rowena _____ Born Jan. 6, 1891 Ohio d. July 17, 1987 Hillsboro Co, Florida, age 91 yrs
                                        a. J. Carleton b. abt 1921 Ohio
                                        b. Dorothy b. abt 1922 Ohio
                                        c. Mary J b. abt 1925 Ohio
            (b) John M. Jr Born Dec 12, 1862  Monroe Co, Ala 
                 Died: May 3, 1934 Angelina Co, Tx
                 Bur: Zavalla Cem, Angelina Co, Texas
                  (M) Margaret "Maggie" C. Holloway Dec 15, 1884
                  Divorced pr to 1920 and she reclaimed her maiden name of  Holloway- lived in New Orleans, Orleans Par, La 1920 w/dtr & son-in-law & 1930 George Co, Miss w/son Ronald J. Boulware
                           1. Ronald Johnson Born Nov 15, 1885 Monroe Co, Ala 
                                Died August 12, 1975 Lucedale, George Co, Miss.
                                Lived 1930 George Co., Miss

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Ronald Johnson Boulware, Add: 64 Montgomery St., Mobile, Mobile, Ala, age 32 yrs, b. November 15, 1885 , white, natural born citizen, Occ: Foreman, Tennette Lumber Co., Tennette, Washington Co, Ala, Nearest Rel: Maggie C. Boulware, Montgomery St., Mobilr,  Mobile, Ala Sig: Ronald Johnson Boulware Phys. Dsc: short, slender build, blue eyes, lt brown hair, No disabilities. Sig: W T McGavin, Regis, local board, Chatom, Washington Co, Ala Sept 12, 1918 
                                (M) Lottie Arilla Gough, Aug 12, 1916
                                       B-Jan 25, 1897 Died July 11, 1929
                                       Both buried in Mutual Rights Congregational Meth. Ch. Cem. Greene Co, Miss-Had 3 sons and 3 dtrs (Ref: 1930 Census)
                                       a. Ronald L. b. April 25,1918 Ala d. May, 1987 Lucedale, George Co., Miss (SSDI)

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Ronal (Ronald) L. Boulware, b. 1918 Alabama, white citizen, Res: Alabama; Enlistment date: May 23, 1941 Fort McClellan, Alkabama; Branch: Warrant Officers, Rank: Private; Education: 2 yrs high school; Occ: sales clerk; single, without dependents; Ht: 71", Wt: 172 lbs

(M) Mattie ______ She was b. October 10, 1925 d. December 22, 2008 Lucedale, George Co., Miss (SSDI)
                                       b. Lucille b. abt 1920 Ala
                                       c. Robert J. b. September 14, 1921 Ala d. September, 1981 Westwego, Jefferson Par., La (SSDI-Iss'd Miss)

WUS WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Robert J Boulware b. 1921 Alabama, White citizen, Res: George County, Mississippi, Enlistment date: September 28, 1942, Camp Shelby, Mississippi; Branch: Warrant Officers, Priv/Priv; Term: Enlisted for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six mos., subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to law; Education: grammar school, Occ: semiskilled craftsmen, rodmen & axmen, surveying; Single, without dependents; Ht: 69", Wt: 132 lbs
                                       d. Earl J. b. April 26, 1923 Ala d. January 21, 1989 Lucedale, George Co., Miss (SSDI)

(M) Jeannie _______ She was b. April 25, 1929 d. April, 1979 Lucedale, George Co., Miss
                                       e. A. Delia b.  abt 1927 Ala
                                       f. Nell J b. abt 1929 Ala 
                           2. Earla Missouri Apr 3, 1887 -Died Aug 28, 1887
                           3. Mary S. Born Mar 4, 1888-d. Jan 29, 1891
                           4. John L. Born July 15, 1889 Died March 30, 1891
                           5. Alma Born & Died Sept 15, 1891
                           6. Allen M. Born March 7, 1893-died 1907 Twin (drowned)
                           7. Lillian G. Born Mar 7, 1893-Died Jan 1, 1976 
                               Seminole, Pinellas Co, Fla Bur: Garden Sanctuary Cemetery, Seminole, Fla
                               (M)  Charles Adam Cuneo, 1915, Mobile, Ala. He was b. Dec. 15, 1886 & d. Dec 24, 1985 West Hempstead, Nassau Co, NY age 70  yrs Bur: Nassau Knolls Cem, Port Washington, Nassau Co, NY-lived in New Orleans, La. 1920, later New York and much later  back to Fla.
                                      a. Charles Adam, Jr. b. November 20,  1916 Mobile Co, Ala  d. May 6, 2003 West Hempstead, Nassau Co, NY-SSDI
                                           (M) Edith Creighton, of Queens Co, NY She nwas b. February 7, 1922 d. March, 1979 West Hempstead, Nassua Co, NY-SSDI
                                                  1. Kathleen -did not marry
                                                  2. Janet -did not marry
                                                  3. Charles Robert 
                                                     (M) Joann O'Donnell & have 3 children
                                      b. Robert -never married Died Abt 1964
                          8. C. W.  Born & Died Sept 7, 1896
               John M Boulware, Jr (M) #2 Mrs. Frances Marshall Nov 16, 1915 Angelina Co, Tx by Co. Judge John F. Robinson, No record of any children by this marriage
               John M Boulware,, Jr  (M) #3 Mrs Mary Ezell Jan 3, 1919 by R C  Jordan, CCC, Angelina Co, Tx-No record of children by this marriage        

      (c) Susan A. Born Jan 2, 1864 Died June 17, 1865
                  Buried beside parents @ Indian Springs Cem, Monroe Co, Ala
            (d) Allen  M. Born June 14,1866 Monroe Co, Ala- Died Dec 20, 1912 Buried: Zavalla Cemetery, Angelina Co, Texas (No record of marr)
            (e) Charles Franklin Born Jan 17, 1869 Monroe Co, Ala- Died Jan 14, 1916 Buried: Zavalla Cemetery, Angelina Co, Texas 
                   (M) Olivia Hilliard Nov 25, 1897 Angelina Co, Tex
                           She was Born Jan 11, 1877 & Died Oct. 6, 1914-Zavalla Cemetery
                           (1) Loula Born Mar 10, 1899-died May 3, 1938
                                 (M) Abbit Dunkin Mott Dec 20, 1915 Angelina Co, Tx B-Jan 5, 1897 D-Nov 10, 1983 Ang. Co, Both buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                                         a. Olivia Elmira born Feb 24, 1917 Angelina Co., Tx                                          (M) John Lane "Johnny" Bingham Oct 26, 1935
                                                      B-April 26, 1912 Tyler Co, Tx Died Oct 1, 1994 Angelina Co, Tx-They had 2 dtrs and 1 son (living)
                                         b. Frank Loveless b. April 12, 1919 Ang. Co,  Tx d Aug 4, 1990  Ang. Co, Tx
                                             (M) Myrtle Cathryn McGilberry June 6, 1938 Ang. Co, Tx  b. May 6, 1918 San Aug. Co, Tx d. Feb 4, 1998 Tyler Co, Tx- Both buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx-They had 5 sons and 1 dtr (living)
                                         c. Hilliard Dearman "Dee"  Born Jan 24, 1922 Angelina Co, Tx
                                             (M) Lois Genelle Stanley Mar. 6, 1943
                                                     B-July 1, 1923 Angelina Co, Tx
                                                     D-Jan 7, 1983 Galveston Co, Tx
                                                     Bur: Zavalla Cem, Angelina Co, Tx
                                                              They had a son and a dtr (living)
                                             (M) #2-Selma Tubby Mouseh Feb 14, 1998 Harris Co, Tx
                                          d. Clyde Duncan (Sr) Born Ca 1929  Tx
                                               (M) Myrtle Shirley Bailey Sept 12, 1952 Nacogdoches Co, Tx B-June 8, 1935 San Augustine Co Tx D-June 23, 1993 Angelina Co, Tx Bur: Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                                              They had 1 son and 1 dtr (living)
                          (2) John Wallace Born May 29, 1901 Angelina Co, Tx
                                 Died Dec 9, 1971 Angelina Co, Tx
                                  (M) Myrtis Margenia Poulan Jan 27, 1924 Angelina Co, Tx B-Aug 18, 1906  Angelina Co, Tx D-Sept 23, 1994 Angelina Co, Tx Both buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                                          a. Thomas Franklin  Born Dec 7, 1924 Ang. Co, Tx D-Nov 11, 1988 Angelina Co, Tx Bur: Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                                               (M) Thelma Lorene Flurry Oct 27, 1945 Ang. Co, Tx They had 2 sons-living
                                           b. Linwood Born Oct 18, 1926-Died Feb 19, 1928 Ang. Co, Tx Bur: Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                           (3) Benjamin Allen Born May 10, 1902 Angelina Co., Tx Died Feb 15, 1965 Smith Co, Tx
                                  (M) Ethel Lee Pyle Dec 24, 1924 Angelina Co, Tx
                                          B-Oct 10, 1904 Houston Co., Tx 
                                          D-April 3, 1983 Angelina Co, Tx
                                               Both buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                                                   This couple had No children
                           (4) Gilchrist R. "Gillie"  Nov 19, 1903  Angelina Co, Tx Died Sept 3, 1904 Angelina Co, Tx buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                           (5) Frank Lee Born Dec 6, 1904 Angelina Co, Tx
                                             Died Dec 30, 1996 Angelina Co, Tx
                                             (M) Lola Poulan June 30, 1928 Zavalla, Angelina Co, Tx  B- June 30,1909 Angelina Co, Tx D-Sept 13, 2000 Ang. Co Tx  Both buried Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
had 1 son, Charles Lee Boulware (M) Viola Mae Reed, and 1 dtr Christene, stillborn 1948-Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co., Tx
                          (6) Alfred Warren Born Sept 4, 1907 Angelina Co, Tx
                                            Died Jan 22,1984 Angelina Co, Tx
                                            (M) Susie Ophelia Poulan Oct 29, 1929 Ang. Co, Tx B-3/22/1911 Angelina Co, Tx D-11/27/2000 Angelina Co, Tx
Both are buried at Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
They had 3 sons -2 living and 1 son dec'd-Alfred Milton Born April 25, 1944 Angelina Co, Tx Died Sept 21, 2000 Jefferson Co Tx-Buried: Zavalla Cem, Ang. Co, Tx (M) Barbara Jo Cameron
                          (7) Mortimer P. Born Aug 25, 1911-Died Aug 28, 1922
                                Bur: Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
                          (8) Infant Sons (Twin)  Born & Died April 1, 1914
                                Bur: Zavalla Cem., Angelina Co, Tx
             (f) Alfred Robert Born July, 31, 1873 Monroe Co, Ala 
                  Died: Nov 16,1932 Monroe Co, Ala
                  Bur: Monroeville Bapt Ch. Cem, Monroe Co, Ala
                  Monroe Co, Ala. Single, 1900 Monroe Co, Ala census-Merchant in Monroeville, Monroe Co, Ala 1920, 1930

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Monroe Co, Ala-Alfred Robert Boulware, add: Monroeville, Monroe, Ala, age 45 yrs. b. July 31, 1873. white male, natural born citizen, Occ: Merchant, L A Hixon Co.,  same add. Nearest Rel: Mrs. Annie Huntley Boulware, same add; sig: Alfred Robert Boulware;  Phys> Desc: Tall, slender, brown eyes, brown hair No disab. sig: C W Wright, Reg., Sept 12, 1918 local board, Monroevillle, Monroe, Ala
                  (M) Annie Hunley Andress Oct 8, 1896 Monroe Co, Ala
                         Born July 1, 1875 Ala  Died: Mar 18, 1956 Monroe, Ala
                         Bur: Monroeville Bapt Ch Cem, Monroe Co, Ala
                         (1) Mary Annie  Born June 17, 1902 Monroe, Ala
                              Died Oct 13, 1982  (single 1930 census)
                              (M) Wm. Ray Green  (No children)
                                     Both buried in Monroeville Bapt Ch Cem. Monroe Co, Ala
                         (2) Sallie Hundley Born Sept 19, 1904 Monroe, Ala 
                               Died Feb 13, 1996 Monroe Co, Ala (Ref: Christie Shannon)
                               (M) John Andress Shannon 1926
                                      Born June 9, 1898 Died July 16, 1963
                                     a. Martha Ann (Sissie) "Annie M" Shannon Born: May 3, 1927 Died: March 5, 1995 in SC Buried in Fairhope, AL
                                         Married: Edward Leroy Faddis
                                     b. John Andress Shannon, Jr.(Living)
                         (3) Alfred Robert Born  Aug. 9, 1910 Monroe, Ala 
                              died May 2, 1952 Monroe Co, Ala-did not marry
                              He and his home were described in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and the character of Boo Radley was based in part on him. Ref-Claire B. Stallworth


 (3) Mark M. Born Sept. 15, 1840 Conecuh Co, Ala. lived w/parents 1860
He died near Brooklyn, Conecuh Co, Ala April 18, 1886 (Bright's Desease) and is buried in Warren-Boulware Cemetery, Brooklyn, Ala.
            (a) Hinchie Arilla Warren Boulware, Conecuh Co, Ala-Daughter of M. M. Boulware was born 25th Sept 1870.(Ref-Boulware Bible Records, posted online)-appears in HH w/gr/mother, 1880 Rel: Gr/Dtr  She died in Brevard Co., Florida in 1916. (Florida death records) She and husband are buried in Santa Rosa Co., Florida. (Have pictures of markers in file)
Hinchie W. Boulware (M) Ashley Green Moore abt. 1892 Conecuh Co, Ala  (Ref-Darin Moore) He was b. October, 1871 Ala. (s/o Wiley G & Tursa C Moore of Conecuh Co, Ala)  He died in Santa Rosa Co, Florida in 1943.

This family is listed 1900 Old Town, Conecuh Co, Ala, (Farmer)  Have been married 8 yrs; have had 3 children, 2 living; also 1910 Pollard, Escambia Co. Alabama as farmer; Have been married 17 yrs, have had 5 children, 4 living.; 1920 Jay, Santa Rosa Co, Florida as Farmer, w/#2 wife Essie Lou Wallace and an infant child Bristol. b. 1920 Fla & 1930 Jay, Santa Rosa Co, Florida as House Carpenter, w/wife Essie & 2 small children by her.(Bristol & Alfred, born Fla) Appear in1935 State Census, Pct 4, Santa Rosa Co, Fla w/wife Essie & 2 children, Bristol & Alfred

             Children of Ashley Green Moore & #1 wife Hinchie W Boulware

              a. child born & died pr to 1900

              b. Wiley  Green b. April 15, 1896 Evergreen, Conecuh Co, Ala d. January 8, 1940 Hitchcock, Galveston Co., Texas* -(Wiley G. Moore, b. 1897 Ala Ala Ala, appears as "Soldier" in 1920 Fort Crockett, Galveston, Galveston Co., Texas, single man)  lived 1930 Galveston, Galveston Co, Tx w/wife & 1 dtr. Descendants of this family from Sherry Borensen Sullivan     (*Not listed in Texas Death Records)         

                   (M) Ura Catherine Hart  She was b. Aug 5, 1899 & d. October 23, 1983 Milton, Escambia Co, Fla buried Hitchcock, Tx

                           1. Grace Amelia b. Aug. 14, 1923 Galveston Co, Tx (Texas Birth Records & 1930 Galveston, Tx census) d. Nov. 19, 1989 buried Serenity Gardens Cem., Milton, Fla-

                               (M) Earnest Edward Johnson Dec 12, 1944, Jacksonville, Fla.  He was b. March 23, 1921 & d. April 25, 1974 buried Serenity Gardens Cem., Milton, Fla.

                        c.. Willie dtr b. January, 1898 Conecuh Co, Alabama

                        d.. Mart M. b. abt. 1901  Ala appears U S Naval Reservation, Pensacola, Florida 1930

                             (M) Willie B. Cannon

                                     1. Marian B. (dtr) b. abt 1926 Fla

              e.. Hollie Julius b. April 28, 1905 Ala d. September 27, 1976 Last Res: Jay, Santa Rosa Co Florida , age 71 yrs -Escambia Co., Florida Death Records-& SSDI (Line of Darin Moore) He appears as Julius in 1910 census, and as Hollie in 1920 census-Father's HH in 1920 Santa Rosa Co, Florida; appears in 1930 HH of Charlie Harris, Sparta, Conecuh Co, Ala as Boarder, single.; appears in 1935 Florida State Census, Pct 4, Santa Rosa Co,  Florida w/wife & 1 child

                   (M) Dorothy F._____ She was b. Oct. 4, 1915 d. Jan 18, 1993 Escambia Co, Fla, age 77  yrs. (Florida Death Records)

                           1. Mickey (son) b. abt 1934 Fla.  

(CSA-M(ark) M Boulware, age 22, Conecuh Co., Ala, 2nd Sgt., Capt. E. W. Martin's Co., Miller Guards,  Alabama Vol's- 38th Regiment, Conecuh/Monroe Counties-Muster Roll)


(4) Gilchrist Robert Born Aug. 15, 1842  Died: Sept. 28, 1922 Conecuh Co., Ala  (lived in Brooklyn Community 1920)
      CSA -Pvt, Color Sgt, Co E, 4th Ala Inf Organized at Sparta, Ala in April 1861
      (M) Margaret M. Strange,  March 24, 1865  Ala. Died Aug, 
       1926, Conecuh Co, Ala-
       Both buried in Warren-Boulware Cem, Brooklyn, Conecuh Co, Ala
          (a) Gilchrist Robert, Jr. born 1861, died young

He was at one time Tax Assessor-Collector of Conecuh Co.
Alabama Land records- Gilchrist Boulware, Montgomery Land Office, Doc 5586, 39.98 acres, T/S 4N, Range 13E, Sect. 30 August 2, 1889


(5) Olivia  F. Born: October 5, 1844 Conecuh Co., Ala (No further record)


(6) Mortimer P.  Born November 3, 1846 Conecuh Co., Ala 
                    Died Dec 3, 1921 Age 80 yrs @  Repton, Conecuh Co, Ala (Paralysis)
                    Bur: Monroeville, Monroe Co, Ala
                    Single, Age 73-living w/niece, 1920 Conecuh Co, Ala Repton T/S 
                    Did not locate in 1870, 1880 & 1900, 1910


(7) Hinchey Warren Born October 5, 1848 Conecuh, Ala
            Died August 18, 1937 -Ala Death Records, Monroe Co Cert. 18528
            (Oct 10, 1937- Mexia Bapt. Ch. Cem., Mexia, Monroe Co., Ala.) 
            Priv.. Co. I, 15th Ala Cav.  CSA -Enl Pri. Co I, 15th Ala Cavalry Regt. Sept 25, 1863 @ Pollard, Ala and was discharged April 18, 1865 after Lee surrendered at or near Mt. pleasant-(Lived in Monroe Co, Ala. 1907 -Confederate Veterans Reunion)  1900 Monroe Co, Ala Census shows this couple has had 4 children and 4 ch. are living-Have been married for 26 yrs. 1910 census shows have had 4 children-3 living  Did not locate H. W. Boulware 1920, 1930 Ala census                              
            (M) Nancy  (Nannie) E. Hines Jan. 2, 1873 Monroe Co., Ala @ home of her mother  with Hugh Kinsey & J L Eddings, MG present. She was dtr of Lomach Hudson Hines & Nancy McKenzie and a Grt Aunt of Dr.. W H (Jack) Hines of Monroeville, Ala She was b. abt 1851 Ala died Conecuh Co, Ala Nov 10, 1916 (Conecuh Co, Ala (Evergreen) Death Records-Mrs. H. W. Boulware) Bur: Bapt. Cemetery, Repton, Monroe Co, Ala (Unmarked)  

Hnchey W. Boulware lived on a plantation on Old Stage Rd, where he built a home on land he purchased abt 7 mi. S. of Repton, Ala, and operated 2 cotton gins at one time, one on the plantation and one in Repton, Ala. He was a Mason, being a member of Excel Masonic Lodge #655 at Excel, Monroe Co, Ala. 
                 Children: Boulware

    (a) Hinchey Warren, Jr  Born October, 1876 Ala. Died: Bet 1900-1910
                     (b) George William Rufus Born  October, 1879 (census)
                           Repton Cem shows Oct 5, 1878 Ala  Died: June 9, 1957
                           (M) Elizabeth "Lizzie"  E. _____  CA 1904
                                  Born June 17, 1883-Died Dec 22, 1975 Repton Cem
                                  (1) Wilbur Warren Boulware, Born  Dec 7, 1908 
                                        Died Oct. 31, 1932 (Repton Cem)
                                  (2) Inez Born July 22, 1910-Died Sept 26, 1979 Repton
                                       Cem-(M) Mr. Pitman
                                  (3) Lou Bartine Born CA 1915 Conecuh Co, Ala
                                  (4) Laura Constance Born CA 1916 Conecuh Co, Ala
                                  (5) Ouida Born Ca 1923 Conecuh Co, Ala.
                     (c) Lucy Elizabeth Born May, 1885 Monroe Co-
                          lived 1920 & 1930 Conecuh Co-Repton
                          (M) William Oscar  Rumbley Ca 1904-5
  born Sept 25, 1879 Died Aug, 1969 Repton, Conecuh Co, Ala
                                  (1) Nannie C. born Ca 1906 Ala
                                  (2) Earline Born Ca 1908 Ala
                                  (3) Robert W. Born July 31, 1913 Ala D-Feb, 1979 Century, Escambia, Fla
                                  (4) Annie L. Born Ca 1918 Ala
                                  (5) Hellen Born Ca 1920 Ala
                                  (6) Roy Born Ca 1924 Ala
                     (d) Daniel Malcolm "Mack"  born July, 1889 (July 26, 1888)
                           Died Jan. 15, 1932 Conecuh Co, Ala 

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Daniel Malcolm Boulware, age 29 yrs, Add: Flomaton, Escambia, Alabama, white, natural born citizen, b. July 6, 1888, Monroe Co, Ala, Occ: farming, self empl, same add., Dep: wife, married, No prev. Military exp., Exemptions claimed: Loss of right arm; Sig: Daniel Malcolm Boulware; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, stout build, brown eyes, black hair, Disab:: right arm off, Sig: R C Abernathy, Regis, local board, Pct 4, Escambia Co, Alabama June 5, 1917
                           (M) Lora Gertrude Fountain May 3, 1914
                                  Born  Dec 12, 1889-Died Dec, 1975 Monroe, Ala
                                  Both buried: Mexia Bapt Ch. Cem, Monroe Co, Ala
                                  (1) Clyde Warren Born June 2,  1918 Ala Monroe Co, Ala
                                        (M) Julia Ryland Sept 1, 1950
                                  (2) Edna Pearl Born April 28, 1920 Monroe Co, Ala
                                       (M) Gene Larrimore May 3, 1946
                                  (3) Frances Lucille born Mar 1, 1924 Monroe Co, Ala
                                       Died of Pneumonia April 7. 1924 (New Home Cem-unmarked)

Cemetery Records Courtesy Claire Boulware Stallworth, Beatrice, Ala
Mexia Baptist Church Cemetery, Mexia, Monroe Co, Ala:

Double marker, BOULEWARE
Left side: Daniel Mack
July 26, 1888
Jan. 15, 1932

Right side: 
Lora Fountain
Dec. 12, 1889
Dec. 22, 1975

To the left of this headstone is a smaller stone........
Hinchie W. Boulware
Co I
15 Regt
Ala Cav
Oct. 5 1848
Oct. 10 1937


 (8) James Leroy W. ("Lee") Born July 25, 1850 Conecuh 
             Co., Ala  Died: March, 1923 Conecuh Co., Ala. (died in house fire)
             Buried: Enon Bapt Church Cem, Old Stage Rd near 
             Goodway, Monroe Co, Ala (Did not marry)


 (9) Robert William  Born Dec. 12, 1853 Conecuh Co., Ala. (single 
             1870 Monroe Co, Ala, & single 1880 Pensacola, Escambia Co, Florida-
             He died Jan 28, 1929 Orange (Anacoco) Vernon Par, La and is buried in
             Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx-WOW memorial on marker,
             (Row 27, Sect B)
             (M) Clara Elizabeth Cook Aug 11, 1895 Hardin Co, Tx
                     (Marr. Record shows he was born in Ala, Dec 12, 1853)
                     She was born Feb. 12, 1872 Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx - Died  July 3, 1955 Jefferson Co, Tx Buried Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx Row 27 Sect B- She and children lived 1930 Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Tx        

               (a) Charles Frederick "Charlie" Aug, 30, 1896 La 
                            (Census of 1910 shows him as 10 yrs old, and a twin to Blanche B. 
                             Died McLennan Co, Tx  Nov 27, 1951 
                             Bur: beside parents in Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Charles Fred Boulware, age 21 yrs, b. August 30, 1896 Forresthill, Louisiana, Add: Silsbee, Hardin Co., Tx; white, natural mborn citizen, Father's birth: Mobile, Alabama; Empl: LCU St. Regis?, Clerk. Add: Silsbee, Texas, Nearest Relative: R W Boulware, Anacoco, Louisiana; Sig: Charles Fred Boulware; Phys. Desc: Med. Ht, Med. Bld., Brown eyes, black hair; No dis. Sig: N B Powers, Regis., local board, Koontze, Hardin Co., Tx June 5, 1918
                             (M) Nora E. ____ Died Nov 26, 1918
                                     buried in Rest Haven Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx
                                     1. Charles Frederick, Jr. b. January 19, 1918 Harris Co, Tx-died as infant 1918-buried Rest Haven Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx
                             (M) #2-Maye Lucinda McBride
                                     2. Charles F. Born January 17, 1923 La d. Dec., 1985 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co, Tx (SSDI)
                                     3. Mary M. Born Ca 1925 La
                                     4. John R. Born Ca 1926 La
                                     5. Genevieve Born Ca 1928 La (M) Morris Caesar Norvick
                                     6. Virginia Love Born April 30, 1934 Jeff. Co, Tx (M) Thomas Rainge Woods
                                     7. Guy Reed Colby Born July 5, 1936 Jeff. Co, Tx d. Feb 23, 1999 Harris Co, Tx (M) Burl Maxine Lantz
                                     8. Martha Nell Born Dec 23, 1937 Jeff. Co, Tx
                               (M) #3 Anna Rose Fehr
                                     9. Barbara Ann Born Jan 24, 1947 Jeff. Co, Tx (M) William Thomas Wolfe, Jr
                                   10. John Thomas Born Sept 25, 1948  Jeff. Co, Tx 
                      (b) Blanche Bertrue April 10, 189?- Nov 26,1899 (Infant)
                            Bur: Orange, Vernon Par, La in Neame Cem, near Pickering
                            "Dau of R. W. & C. E. Boulware", stone broken across birth date,
                             black iron fence around a single burial-"R. W. Boulware" on gate
                             Cemetery now abandoned-land was owned by a sawmill that operated in the early 1900's and when the sawmill moved to another location,  the cemetery was abandoned, and no longer used. The complete cemetery occupies 1 1/2 AC-Ref-Viola Boulware
                       (c) Ethel Amanda Born Ca 1903 La-(M) Thomas Campbell Harrison
                       (d) Juanita E. " Joanna" Born Ca 1905 La- no further info
                       (e) Forrest E. Sr b 1907 Orange, Vernon Par, La Died Feb 5, 1952 
                             Harrison Co, Tx Bur: Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Tx
                             (M) Lawana ______ 
                                    Born Ca 1911 -Died 1979 Bur: Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Tx
                                    Had at least 1 child, Forrest E.Boulware Jr.b. March 8, 1937 Texas d. Sept. 24, 2009 Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma (SSDI, Iss'd Tx pr to 1951)
                       (f) Ozene Ray April 19, 1909 Vernon Par, La Died: Mar 6, 1980
                            Jefferson Co, Tx Bur: Knupple Cem, Silsbee, Hardin Co, Tx
                            (M) Audrey Lucille  Keller
                                    She was born Sept 21, 1918 died:
                       (g) Marie Born 1912-13 Vernon Par, La -single 1930 Jeff Co, Tx
                       (h) Lucy May Born Ca 1914-15 Vernon Par, single 1930 Jeff Co, Tx


1850 Conecuh Co.  (Sparta) HH 265-265
Boulware, Mortimer 42 M Va Farming $2500.
" Amanda 39 F Ga 
" Lucy 15 F Ala
" Olivia 06 F Ala
" John M. 13 M Ala
" Mark 11 M Ala
" Gilchrist 09 M Ala
" Mortimer 04 M Ala
" Hinchey 02 M Ala
" Lee 3/12 M Ala

1860 Conecuh Co- (Sparta)
HH1143-1106 (Jamestown P.O.)
Boulware, Amanda 47 F SC farming $30,000./$120,000.
" Mark 20 M Ala  Farming
" Gilchrist 18 M Ala Farming
" Olivia 16 F Ala
" Mortimer 14 M Ala
" Hinchey 12 M Ala
" James 09 M Ala
" Robert 07 M Ala

HH 1144-1107 
Boulware, John 22 M Ala Farming  $20,000.
" Missouri 18 F Ala (Hixon)

1860 Conecuh Co, Ala Burnt Corn P 4 HH 44-43
Moses McCall 29 M Ala 12,500/22,000 Physician
Lucy " 24 F Va (Boulware)
Em.  " 5 F Ala
Amanda " 3 F Ala
Fanny Green 22 M Ala overseer

1870 Monroe Co, Ala Dennard's Bluff  Beat 8, P 521
Moses McCall 39 WM Ala Physician
Lucy W. " 34 WF Virginia (Boulware)
Emogene " 16 WF Ala
Moses " 4 WM Ala   
 and a large family of black McCalls 9 in number in same HH

P 548 Beat 19, Dennard's Bluff HH 2215-2215
John M. Boulware 32 WM Ala Farmer 
Missouri " 29 WF Ala
Gilchrist " 08 WM Ala
John " 06 WM Ala
Allen " 04 WM Ala
Frank " 01 WM Ala
& sev. Black Domestic/farm Servants

P 586 HH 2651-2651
Robert Boulware 20 WM Ala farmer (sh read age 17 yrs)
Langham, John 12 WM Ala Farm labor

P 586-Bt 19-HH 2652-2653 
Boulware, Amanda 58 WF Ga. Housewife
& family of  bl domestic/farm servants

1870 Conecuh Co. P 242 HH 10-10 (Sparta)
Boulware, Hincha 21 WM Ala Farmer 
" Leroy 19 WM Ala Farmer
& 1 bl. servant

1880 Monroe Co, Ala, Pineville PO- Beat 10, ED 154, Sh 10 HH 94=94
John Boulware 41 WM Farmer Ala Va Ga ( Disabled, Heart Disease)
Missouri " 38 WF Ala NC Ala -Wife (Hixon)
Gilchrist " 18 WM Ala Ala Ala Son
John " 17 WM   do
Allen " 13 WM do
Franklin " 10 WM do 
Alfred " 06 WM do -1900 Monroe Co, Ala-Single -Clerk in Dry Goods store-1910 Monroe census, 1920 Monroe Co, Ala (Merchant)
(See also 1900 Angelina Co, Texas, and Angelina Co., Tex Cem Records, below

1880 Monroe Co, Ala ED 156 Sh 10, L 45 Beat 12, Midway P.O HH 99-99 )
Hinchey W. Boulware 31 WM Ala Ala Ala Farmer
Nannie E. ." 29 WF  wife Ala Ala Ala (Hines)
Hinchey W. :" 03 WM Ala  Ala Ala Son
George "  8/12 WM Ala Ala Ala Son (George William R.)
Nancy Hines 69 WF Ala  Scotland, Ala  at home (M-I-L)
Mark Boulware 33 WM Ala Ala Ala Farmer Rel-Brother

1880 Monroe Co, Ala. Bell's Landing P 385B
Moses McCall  48 WM Ala SC Ala Physician
Lucy W. " 44 WF Va Va Va wife KH (Boulware)
Fannie Green 14 WF Al Al Al Rel: Other   & 2 doors down:

Abram A. McMillan 26 WM Al NC NC farmer
Emogene " 26 WF Al Al Al wife (McCall)
Williamson " 5 WM Al Al Al son
Lucy " 2 WF Al Al Al dtr
baby-no name " WM 4 Mos Al Al Al son 

1880 Conecuh Co, Ala-Beat #7, ED 49, Sh 23, HH 214-126
Gilchrist R. Boulware 37 WM Ala Va Ga
Margaret M. " 30 WF Ga Ga Ga wife (Strange)

HH 214-127
Amanda N. Boulware 68 WF Ga Ga Ga
Leroy W. " 29 WM Ala Va Ga son
Hinchey R.  " 09 WF Ala Ala Ala-Rel-Grand daughter (Dtr of Mark M. ?)
Hinchie W. Boulware Daughter of M. W. Boulware was born 25th Sept 1870. -Boulware Bible records from Claire Stallworth

1880 Escambia Co, Fla-Pensacola ED 47 P 116A HH 8-8
Alexander McKinan 32 WM Fl SC NC Logging
Robert Boulware 23 WM Single Al Va Ga Logging  (sh read 27 yrs) See 1900 Vernon Par, La
Albert D Danforth 34 WM Me Me Me lab
John Gipson 39 WM In In Ky lab

1900  Conecuh Co, Ala Census Pct 8, Brooklyn ED 51, Sh 7, 
Gilchrist R. Boulware 57 WM Aug, 1842 Ala VA GA Farmer 
(M) 36 yrs, had 1 ch-0 living)
Margaret M. " 57 WF May, 1843 Ala Ala Ala Wife
Leroy W. Boulware 40 WM July, 1850 Ala Va Ga Invalid Brother

1900 Monroe Co, Ala Pct 3, Monroeville ED 157 Sh 4, L15  HH 69-69 
William Wiggins 67 WM Nov 1832 Ala NC SC Merchant
Lucy N."  44 WF Sept, 1855 Ala Ala Ala wife
70-70 Alfred Boulware 26 WM Ala Ala Ala Clerk, Dry goods 

ED 158 Sh 11, HH 185-185, Pt of Pct 3
Hinchey W. Boulware  51 WM  October, 1848 Ala Va GA   Farmer Owns home
Married 26 yrs, had 4 children, 4 living
Nancy " 49 WF Sept. 1850, Ala Ala Ala-Wife
William R. " 20 WM Oct, 1879 Ala Ala Ala  Son farmer (George Wm. R.)
Lucy E. " 15 WF May, 1885 Ala Ala Ala Dtr
Daniel M. " 10 WM July, 1889 Ala Ala Ala Son
Elizabeth McNeal  67 WF Oct, 1832 Ala- Sis-In-Law
Hugh Hines 29 WM April, 1870 Step-son

1900 Wilcox Co, Ala - Allentown Pct 9, P 1 HH 222-232
Fanny Boulware 36 WF Nov, 1863 Ala Ala Ala Divorced Occ: Postmistress
Roy " 13 WM Aug 1886 son Ala Ala Ala 
May " 12 WF Aug 1887 Dtr Ala Ala Ala
Thaddeus 10 WM Dec 1889 son Ala Ala Ala-see 1920 Detroit Michigan, below
Exwife & Children of Gilchrist R. Boulware, s/o John & Missouri Hixon Boulware

1900 Tuscaloosa Co, Ala ED 123, Line 75 Sh 11 (Hospital)
Hinchey W. Boulware 23 WM  Oct, 1876 Ala Ala Ala Patient

1900 Angelina Co, Texas ED 5, Sh 1, Pct 6 HH 13-13
(C. F. Boulware Married Miss Olivia Hilliard, Nov. 24, 1897 Angelina Co, Texas)
Charles F. Boulware 31 WM Feb, 1869 Ala Ala Ala  Occ: Sawyer, sawmill Marr. 2 yrs (Charles Franklin Boulware)
Olivia " 23 WF -wife Jan, 1877 Tex
Louela "" 01 WF  MAR, 1899 Tex-Dtr
Gill R. " 39 WM April, 1861 Ala Ala Ala  Occ:Sawyer/sawmill-Rel-Brother
Allen M. " 33 WM June, 1866 Ala Ala Ala  Occ:sawyer/sawmill Rel-Brother

1900 McCullock Co, Tx Pct 4, ED 109 P 238 HH 3-3 Saml E Hays, Enum.
Abe A McMillan 53 WM  June 1846 Al Ga Ga Farmer Widower (of Emogene McCall)
William " 25 WM Aug, 1874 Al Al Al son farmer
Carrie " 15 WF Jan 1885 Texas Al Al dtr
Lucy W. MCCall 66 WF Oct, 1833 Virginia Va. Ga. Widow Had 5 ch-0 living Rel: Mother-in-law (Lucy W. Boulware)

1900 Vernon Par, La ED99 Ward 4, P 157 HH 287-291
Robert Boulware 39 WM Dec 1860 Ala Ala Ala Bartender marr 5 yrs
Clara " 28 WF Feb, 1872 Tx Germany Tx wife Had 2 ch-1 living
Charley " 03 WM Aug, 1896 La Tx Tx son

1910 Conecuh Co, Ala  Brooklyn Beat 7 P 133A ED 40, HH 175-175
Frank A Strange WM 58 Ala Ala Ala Single 
William C. " 46 WM Ala Ala Ala-Brother
Lillie A. " 36 WF Ala Ala Ala Sister
Gilchrist Boulware 67 WM Ala Ala Ala Brother-in-law  (M) 47 yrs.
Margaret M. " 66 WF Ala Ala Ala Sister (Had 1 ch-0 living)
Leroy W. Boulware 59 WM Ala Ala Ala Boarder Single

ED 38,  P 93A  HH 219-219 (Repton Town) Church St
William R. Boulware 29 WM Ala Ala Ala (M) 6 yrs.
Lizzie E. " 26 WF Ala Ala Ala wife had 2 children, 1 living 
Wilbur W. " 02 WM Ala Ala Ala son

1910 Monroe Co, Ala. ED 120, Pct 3, P 152A-B  HH 82-83 (Monroeville town)
Alfred R. Boulware * 36 WM Ala Ala Ala (M) 8 yrs.
Annie H. "  34 WF Ala Ala Ala wife (Had 2 ch, 2 living)
Mary A. "  07 WF Ala Ala Ala Dtr 
Sallie H. " 05 WF Ala Ala Ala Dtr

1910 Monroe Co, Ala (Beat 14 Jones Mill) P 201A  HH 227-227
H W Boulware 63 WM Ala Ala Ala farmer Marr 35 yrs
N. E. " 61 WF Ala Ala ala wife Had 4 ch-3 living
Mack " (Daniel Malcolm)21 WM Single Ala Ala Ala son
and in same Household:
& sev boarders

1910 Monroe Co, Ala Pct 10 Pineville P 113A HH 329-333
Maggie Boulware 45 WF Widow Ala Ala Ala Had 8 ch-2 living)
Ronald " 24 WM Son single Ala Ala Ala  grader, saw mill
Lillian " 17 WF dtr single Ala Ala Ala

1910 Montgomery Co, Ala Pct 17, Pike Rd P 10B HH 287-287
Roy Boulware 23 WM single Ala Ala Ala clerk general store boarder in HH of
Joel M Thornton 34 WM Ga Ga Ga Merchant, general store
Hattie " 23 WF Al Ga Ga wife
Moreland " 4 WM son

1910 Montgomery Co, Ala 4th Ward, Montgomery, Beat 4, P 35B 627 Adams St
Thadeus Boulware 26 WM single Ala Ala Ga clerk store, boarder (see 1920 below)

1910 (April 22) Vernon Par, La (Orange T/S) Police Jury Wd 2, P 56B HH 90-90
Robert W Boulware 51 WM Ala Ala Ala saw mill worker Marr 14 yrs
Clara " 48 WF Tx Germany Tx wife Had 6 ch-5 living
Chas. F " 10 WM La Ala Tx son (age very plain)
Blanch B " 10 WF La Ala Tx dtr -age very plain-this dtr died Nov, 1899
Ethell A " 7 WF La Ala Tx dtr
Juanita E " 5 WF La Ala Tx dtr Name very plain
Forrest E " 3 WM La Ala Tx son
Ozene " 1 WM La Ala Tx son

1910 Angelina Co, Texas ED 9, Sh 9 Pct 8 
Charles F Boulware 40 WM Ala Ala Ala Farmer Owns home
Olivia " 32 WF-Wife
Lula " 11 WF -Dtr
Wallace " 08 WM Son
Benjamin"  07 WM-Son
Lee"  05 WM -Son
Alfred " 02 WM -Son
Frank " 40 WM Ala Ala Ala Farmer Rel-Brother 
(this is confusing as 1880 Monroe Co, Ala does not show a Charles-only a Franklin, age 10)

1910 Brown Co, Tcx ED100 P 129a Pct 8, HH 35-34
James Ketler 56 WM Va ___ ___Farming,  (M) 31 yrs 
Margaret " 51 WF Ala Va. Ark
Claude " 24 WM Tx Va Ark Single son
Lucy MC CALL 75 WF Widow Va Va Va Rel:Visitor Had 5 children, 5 living (sh read Zero Living)  Lucy Warren (Boulware) McCall, Wid. of Dr. Moses McCall-sgs

1910 Milam Co, Tx Pct 4, ED63, P 35b, HH 17-17
Will McMillan 36 WM Single Ala Ala Ala Gen'l. Farming
Abe A McMillan 67 WM Ala NC NC Farmer Rel: Father
Carrie E  WYATT 23 WF Married Had 3 ch-3 living Tx Ala Ala Sister (McMillan)
Charles B " 4 WM Tx Tx Tx Nephew
George " 3 WM Tx Tx Tx Nephew
Lorene " 2 WF Tx Tx Tx Niene

1920 Monroe Co, Ala Monroeville Pct 3 ED 139 P 4B HH 68-68
Alfred R. Boulware 47 WM Ala Ala Ala Merchant
Annie A. " 45 WF Ala Ala Ala wife
Mary A. " 18 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr
Sallie H " 15 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr
Alfred R. " 9 WM Ala Ala Ala son

1920 Monroe Co, Ala ED 155 P 20A, Jones Mill T/S Pct 14 HH 328-404
Daniel M. Boulware 30 WM Ala Ala Ala
Lora " 30 WF Wife Ala Ala Ala
Clyde " 2 WM Ala Ala Ala son

1920 Conecuh Co, Ala ED 47 Repton Town, P 2 HH  17-18
William R. Boulware 41 WM Ala Ala Ala
Lizzie E. " 35 WF do wife
Wilbur W. " 12 WM do son
Inez " 9 WF do Dtr
Lou B. " 5 WF do Dtr
Laura C. " 4 WF do Dtr

1920 Conecuh Co, Ala P 9A, Repton,  HH 167-167
William G. Rumbley 40 WM Ala Ala Ala farmer
Lucy E. " 35 WF Ala Ala Ala wife (Boulware)
Nannie C. " 14 WF " " " dtr
Erline " 12 WF " " " dtr
Robert W. " 6 WM " " "  son
Annie L " 2 2/12 WM " " " son
Mortimer P Boulware 73 WM single Ala Ga Ga Rel: UNCLE

1920 Conecuh Co, Ala ED 41, Brooklyn Village, P 1A, Bt. 7 HH 12-13
Gilchrist R. Boulware 78 WM Ala Ala US
Margaret M. " 77 WF Ala US Ala wife

1920 Wilcox Co, Ala (Clifton Beat) ED 164 HH 151-152
Ronald J Boulware 34 WM Ala US Ala foreman, planing mill
Lottie A. " wife 24 WF Ala Ala Ala
R L " 1 4/12 WM Ala Ala Ala son
Louciler? " 4/12 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr

1920 Vernon Par, La ED 94 P 4B HH 78-78
R W Boulware 66 WM Ala US US Occ: Farming
Clara " 48 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Charlie " 21 WM La Ala Tx son (Also enum in Hardin Co, Tex below)
Ethel " 17 WF  " " " dtr
Jonnia " 15 Wf " " " dtr
Foriest" 13 WM " " " son
Ozane 11 WM" " " son
Marie " 07 WF " " " dtr
Lucy Mae " 05 WF " " " dtr

1920 Hardin Co, Tx ED42 Pct 5, HH  29-35
Owen Lancelot 34 WM Eng Scot. Eng Car repairman
Mary E. " 26 WF wife Tx Miss Miss
Charlie Boulware 24 WM La La La Locomotive fireman

1920 Orleans Par, La. RF 210 City of New Orleans Fourth Pct HH 245-272
Charles Adam Cuneo, Sr. 33 WM Ky Italy Italy Occ: Telegrapher
Lillian " 36 WF La  Ky La wife (Boulware)
Charles Adam, Jr."  3 1/2 WM Ala Ky La
Margaret Holloway 58 WF Wid. Ala Tx Ala Mother-in-law (ex-wife of John M Boulware, Jr.) Cuneo family later moved to New York and much later to Florida

1920 Angelina Co, Texas  ED 10, Sh 11 A Pct. 7 (Zavalla)
U. D. MOTT 23 WM Tex Tex Tex Farmer
Mrs. Lula " 20 WF Tex Ala Tex -wife (Boulware)
Olivia " 02 WF Tex Tex Tex -Dtr
Frank " 8/12 WM  do.  -Son
J. W. Boulware 18 WM Tex Ala Tex Farmer -Rel-Brother;  
Ben Boulware 17 WM ditto  Brother
Frankie Boulware  15 WM  ditto Brother
Alfred Boulware 12 WM  ditto Brother
Mortimer Boulware  08 WM ditto- Brother-Student

1920 Wayne Co, Michigan (Detroit) ED 428 P 68
Harry Zane 32 WM Iowa Iowa Iowa Construction-Bridge
Carolyn " 32 WF Ohio Ohio Ohio wife
Mark Evan " 1 2/12 WM Mich Iowa Ohio son
Thad W. Boulware 30 WM Ala Ala Ala Mgr-shoe store
Mona A. " 28 WF Ohio Ohio Ohio wife
Thad is s/o Gilchrist R. Boulware & Fannie E Watts, s/o John & Missouri Hixon Boulware

1920 Milam Co, Tx ED124, P 4b Pct 4, HH 76-80
Loren C Wyatt  44 WM Tx Mo Mo Driller, Oil Wells
Carrie " 34 WF Tx Ala Ala wife (McMillan)
Charles " 16 WM Tx Tx Tx son Telegraph-RR
George " 14 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Lorene " 11 WM Tx Tx Tx Dtr
Frank " 9 WM Tx Tx Tx son
A A McMillan 76 WM Al NC SC Farmer, Home Rel: Father-in-law

1930 Galveston, Galveston, Tx -Wiley G. Moore 33WM Ala Ala Ala, Ura C. (aCtherine " 30  WF wife, Grace A. " dtr 6WF Tx

1930 Conecuh Co, Ala (Repton Dist 18, excl Repton T/S) Stage Road HH 166-171
Oscar Rumbley 52 WM Ala Ala Ala gen. farming marr age 27
Lizzie " 45 WF Ala Ala Ala wife marr age 19 (Boulware)
Earline " 20 WF dtr single Ala Ala Ala
Robert " 16 WM son Ala Ala Ala
Annie " 12 WF dtr Ala Ala Ala
Hellen " 10 dtr Ala Ala Ala
Roy " 4 WM son Ala Ala Ala

William Rumbley Born Sept 25, 1879 Died Aug, 1969 Repton, Conecuh Co, Ala
Robert W. Rumbley B-July 31, 1913 D-Feb, 1979 32535 Century, Escambia, Fla Issd-Ala

1930 Conecuh Co, Ala  (Repton) ED 17 P 1B Stage Rd HH 17-18
William R Boulware 49 WM Ala Ala Ala Timber Broker 
Lizzie " 45 WF Ala Ala Ala wife
Wilbur " 22 WM single Ala Ala Ala son  Civil Engineer, Hwy.
Inez " 18 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr single Proprietor, Millinery
Bartine " 15 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr
Constance " 13 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr
Ouida " 7 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr

1930 Monroe Co, Ala Pct 10, Jones Mill, East Part HH 423-423
Daniel M. Boulware 41 WM Ala Ala Ala farmer marr @ age 25
Lora G. " 40 WF Ala Ala Ala wife marr @ age 24
Clyde W. " 11 WM Ala Ala Ala son
Edna P. 9 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr

1930 Monroe Co, Ala (Monroeville Town) Dist 3 HH 110-112
A R Boulware 53 WM Ala Ala Ala Occ: Cattle  Marr. age 28
Annie H " 51 WF Ala Ala SC wife Marr age 26 
Mary Ann " 27 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr-single

I did not locate their son, Alfred R. Born 1910-sgs

1930 Monroe Co, Ala (Buena Vista) ED 13, P 5A HH 29-107
John A Shannon 31 WM Ala Ala Ala farmer marr @ age 27
Sallie " 26 WF Ala Ala Ala wife marr @ age 22 (Boulware)
Annie M " 2 WF Ala Ala Ala dtr 

1930 George Co, Miss ED2, P 19B Beat #1
Ronald J Boulware 35 WM Wid. Al Al Al Occ: Planer Mill
R. L. " 12 WM son Al Al Al
Lucille " 10 WF Dtr Al Al Al
Robert " 8 WM son Al Al Al
Earl J. " 7 WM Son Al Al Al
A. Delia " 3 WF Dtr Al Al Al
Nell J. " 1 1/12 WF Dtr Al Al Al
Margaret C. Boulware 75 WF Wid Al England Al Mother

1930 Orange Co, Florida (Orlando) ED 15, P 1b, HH 301-31-33
Thad W Boulware 40 WM Ala Ala Ala bookkeeper Marr @ age 24
Mona R " 34 WF Ohio Ohio Ohio wife marr @ age 23
J Carleton " 9 WM Ohio Ala Ohio son
Dorothy " 8 WF Ohio Ala Ohio dtr
Mary J " 4 8/12 WF Ohio Ala Ohio dtr

1930 Jefferson Co, Tx (Beaumont Pt of 1 Wd) ED 2, P 16B, 3198 Grand St, HH 183-184 
Ozene Boulware 20 WM single La Ala Tx Line, Telegraph Co
Clara " 58 WF Widow Tx Ala England Mother
Marie " 17 WF single La Ala Tx sister saleslady, Dept store
Lucy M " 14 WF single La Ala Tx sister

1930 Jefferson Co, Tx (Beaumont) ED 2, P 11A, HH 249-260 930 Weior? St.
Charles F Boulware 33 WM La Ala Tx Clerk, RR Office marr @ age 25
May W " 33 WF La Ky __ wife Marr @ age 25
Charles F. " 7 WM La La La son
Mary M " 5 WF La La La dtr
John R " 3 10/12 WM La La La son
Genevieve " 1 2/12 WF La La La dtr

1930 Bexar Co, Tx (San Antonio) Dist 53, P 34B HH 405-426
Ella M Cameron 53 WF Div Ala Ala Ala
Ben Boulware 27 WM Tx Tx Tx Insurance Agent Marr @ age 22
Ethel " 24 WF Tx Tx Tx wife marr @ age 19

1930 Angelina Co, Tx Pct 7 Pt-Zavalla ED3-19 SD 14 Sh 9A HH 1-1
Frank L. Boulware 25 WM Tx Ala Tx farmer marr @ age 23
Lola " 20 WF Tx Tx Tx wife Marr @ age 19

HH 2-2
A. Dunkin Mott 33 WM Tx Tx Tx farmer Marr @ age 18
Lula " (Boulware) 31 WF Tx Okla Tx wife Marr @ age 16
Olivia A. Mott  Dtr 13 WF Tx Tx Tx
Frank L. " son 11 WM Tx Tx Tx
H D " son 8 WM Tx Tx Tx
Clyde D. " son 1 WM Tx Tx Tx

HH 9-9
John W. Boulware 28 WM Tx Ala Ala Gradesman, County Rd Marr @ age 22 
Margenia M. " 27 Tx Tx Tx wife marr @ age 17
T. F. " son 5 WM Tx Tx Tx
John Quarrles lodger 67 WM Sing Ala

Pct 7, ED 19, P 10b HH 36-36
Alfred Bolware 22 WM Tx Ala Tx genl. farming marr @ age 21
Susie " 19 WF Tx Tx Tx wife marr @ age 19

1930 Milam Co, Tx (Rockdale0 ED14, P 12a,  
Carrie Wyatt 45 WF Widow Tx Ala Ala (M) @ age 17 yrs (McMillan)
George " 24 WM Tx Mo Tx son single, Barber
Tillman " 5 WM Tx Mo Tx son

Zavalla Cemetery Records, Angelina Co, Texas
John Wallace Boulware 5/29/1901-12/9/1972
Ben Allen Boulware 5/10/1902-2/15/1965
Diedra Jean Boulware, Dtr of Mortimer Jackson Boulware, Stillborn 8/19/1968

Ben A. Boulware1902-1965
Ethel L. Boulware 1904- (No death date) (Double Marker)

Christine Boulware 10 May, 1948 Dau of Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Boulware

John Boulware 1864-1934

M. P. Boulware 25 Aug, 1911-28 Aug 1922

C. F. Boulware 14 Jan, 1868-14 Jan. 1916 (Charles Franklin)
Olevia Boulware 11 Jan 1877-6 Oct. 1914 wife of C. F. Boulware
Baby Boulware 1 Apr 1914-1 Apr 1914
Gillie Boulware 19 Nov, 1903-3 Sept 1904 s/o C. F. & O. L. Boulware

A. M. Boulware 15 Jun 1866-20 Dec, 1912 (Allen)

Lenwood Boulware 18 Oct 1926-19 Feb, 1929 s/o Mr & Mrs J. W.

MOTT, Lula Boulware 10 March 1899-3 May, 1939
SEV Other MOTT family members here also.

Texas Death Records & SSDI Records
Alfred Warren Boulware Born Sept 4, 1907-Died  Jan. 22, 1984 Angelina Co, Tex
John W. Boulware Born May 29, 1901- Died: Dec 9, 1971 Angelina Co, Tex
Thomas Franklin Boulware, Born Dec 7, 1924 -Died Nov 11, 1988 Angelina Co. Tex
Frank Lee Boulware, Born Dec 6, 1904 -Died: Dec 30, 1996 Angelina Co, Tex
Ethel Lee Boulware  Born Oct. 10, 1904 -Died April 3, 1983 Angelina Co, Tex
Myrtis Margenia Boulware,  Born Aug 18, 1906- Died Sept. 23 1994 Angelina Co, Tex
Lola Boulware Born June 30, 1909 -Died Sept 13, 2000 Angelina Co, Tex
Ruth Boulware, Born Nov. 18, 1932- Died Mar 21, 2000 Angelina Co, Tex
Susie Boulware, Born Mar 22, 1911-Died Nov 27, 2000 Angelina Co, Tex

Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrants
Register of Certificates, Sparta Land Office, 1836-1852-Bk 505
11/23/1842 Mortimer Boulware,  Conecuh Co. Desc. not shown
2/23/1852 Mortimer Boulware, Conecuh co,  T/S 3, R 13

BLM Records Mortimer Boulware of Conecuh Co, Ala
12/1/1852 Doc # 11926 40.05 AC Conecuh Co  Sect 32, T/S 3N R 13 E, 
Sparta Land Office

9/1/1858 Doc  #'s 16328, 16329, 16330, 16331, 16332, Elba Land Office
320.79 AC.  as follows:
Sec 29, T/S 3N, R 11E, Conecuh co
Sect 6, T/S 2N, R 13E, Escambia Co
Sect 32, T/S 3N, R 13E, Escambia Co
Sect 30, T/S  3N R 13 E,Conecuh Co.
Sect 29, T/S 4N, R 13E Conecuh Co.

5/20/1862, Doc #5586 Gilchrist R. Boulware, Montgomery L/O -39.98 AC Conecuh Co, Homestead, Sect 30, T/S 4N, R 13E

The early records of Conecuh Co, Ala were destroyed by a courthouse fire; All early records are missing. from 1818-to CA 1860.

DB A, P 363-, 364
State of Alabama
Monroe County

This indenture, made the 28th day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred & sixty-six, between AMANDA N. BOULWARE of the county of Conecuh and State of Alabama, of the first part, and Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee Boulware of the county & State aforesaid, of the other part:
Witnesses that the said Amanda N. Boulware as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which the said Amanda N. Boulware hath and beareth unto the said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware as also for the better maintenance, support and livelihood of them the said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware hath given, granted, and confirmed and by these presents do give, grant and confirm unto the  said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware, their heirs and assigns, the following described lands, to wit:
The SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 , and the SW 1/4 and the E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 7, of Township 7, of Range 10; also the W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 8, Township 7, Range 10,; Also the NE 1/4 of Section 18, Township 7, Range 10, also the NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 18, Township 7, Range 10 and the E 1/2 of NW 1/4 , Section 17, of Township 7, Range 10, containing five hundred acres, more or less, lying and being in the County of Monroe and state aforesaid. together with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances, thereunto belonging and in any wise appertaining to have and to hold all and singular the premises thereby granted with the appurtenances unto the said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware, their heirs, and assigns forever, and the said Amanda N. Boulware for herself, her heirs, Executors, and Administrators doth convey and agree to and with the said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware, their heirs, and assigns, that she is lawfully seized in fee of, in and to the premises above described and has a good right to sell,  give and convey the same that she will and that her heirs , Executors and Administrators shall and will defend the same to the said Mortimer, Hinchey, Robert & Lee W. Boulware from the lawful claims of all persons.
In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this day and year above written.
Signed :  AMANDA  N. BOULWARE  (Seal)
Signed, and sealed in presence of:
A. C, Carey
Wm. Beard
Filed January 14th, 1868

DB D, P 258
State of Alabama
Conecuh County

June 21, 1862
Know all men by these presents, that I, Amanda N. Boulware of the County of Conecuh and State of Alabama,  for the natural love and affection which I have and bear towards my children,  sons Mortimer, Hinchey, Lee & Robert Boulware, and for the better support and maintenance  of the said Boulwares, Mortimer, Hinchey, Lee & Robert,  her offspring,  do hereby give, grant and release unto the said Boulwares, Mortimer, Hinchey, Lee & Robert,  their heirs and assigns forever, the following Real & Personal estate to wit: 
My Plantation of land in Conecuh County, including my homestead in the premises where my mother Mary Warren now resides, formerly belonging to Hinchey Warren, dec'd., lately Conecuh County, Alabama, all of my mules, horses, and stock of cattle, sheep, and hogs, plantation utensils on the place to them, to their heirs and assigns forever.
A. J. Robinson
H. C. Snowden

State of Alabama
Conecuh County
I, A. D. Cary, Judge of the Court of Probate for said county, do hereby certify that Amanda N. Boulware, whose name is signed to the foregoing conveyance and who is known to me, acknowledges before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance she executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date.  Given under my hand this 21st day of June, A.D. 1862.
Signed: A. D. Cary, Judge
Rec'd for Record 21st June, 1862; Recorded 24th of June, 1862 in Bk F of Wills and Deeds Page 358.
Signed: A. D. Cary, Judge
Filed for Record, Dec. 16th, 1869 A. W. Jones, Judge
My note-this deed was apparently re-filed after the burning of the courthouse-SGS

DB A- P 10,11
State of Alabama
Conecuh County

Know all men by these presents, that I, Amanda N. Boulware of said county and state aforesaid, did the 6th day of February, 1860 under and by a virtue of an order of the Probate Court of said county, as the Administratrix of the estate of Mortimer Boulware, dec'd, expressed to sell at public outcry in front of the courthouse door in Sparta of said county, the SW 1/4 of Section seven (7), and the North West quarter of Section eighteen (18) in Township two (2) of Range thirteen (13) also one of which is on the West side at Conecuh river, being a part of the South East quarter of South West quarter of Section eighteen (18) Township two (2) of Range thirteen (13) containing eleven (11) acres, two roads,  and thirteen porches, Also the South East quarter of South East quarter and the North West quarter of the North East quarter, Section twelve (12) and the North East quarter of the North East quarter, Section thirteen (13) and also half of the North West quarter of the North East quarter  of Section thirteen (13) of township two (2) of Range twelve (12) Also one half of the South West quarter of the South East quarter of Section twelve (12), Township two (2) of Range twelve (12) and also that portion of the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 lying on the NW side of Conecuh River, and half way the South West 1/4 of North East 1/4 being nineteen acres, three roads, and two porches, of Section thirteen (13), of Township two (2) Range twelve (12) .
Now, whereas Samuel M. Gwin becomes the purchaser of said land for the sum of Two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars;. And, whereas the said Samuel M. Gwin has complied with the terms of the sale.  Now, therefore, I the said Amanda N. Boulware Administratrix as aforesaid, for and in consideration of the premise and in consideration of the aforesaid sum of Two thousand One hundred and Sixty dollars to me in hand paid by the said Samuel M. Gwin, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the aforesaid tracts of land containing in all five hundred and eleven acres, one road, and fifteen porches, more or less, situate and lying in the county of Conecuh, in the district of land subject to sale at Sparta, Alabama, together with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaining.  To have and to hold the said tracts of land, with the appurtenances to the said Samuel M. Gwin, his heirs and assigns forever, as fully and completely as I, the said Amanda N. Boulware, as Administratrix as aforesaid might, could or ought to sell and convey the same.
In testimony whereof, I,  the said Amanda N. Boulware as Admx. as aforesaid have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th day of March, A. D. 1863.
Signed: Amanda  N. Boulware  (Seal)
Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of:
Bartlett Still
S. S.. Leman

The State of Alabama
Conecuh County
I, Jeptha Blackshear, a Justice of the Peace, hereby certify that Amanda N. Boulware, whose name is signed to the foregoing conveyance, and who is known to me acknowledged before me that she executed and signed the same on the day and date the same bears date.  Given under my hand on this the 21st day of March, 1863.
Jeptha Blackshear, Justice of the Peace
Filed for record and recorded Feby. 27th, 1869
A. W. Jones, Judge

The following deed is courtesy Claire Boulware Stallworth, a descendant of Hinchey Warren Boulware.

DB C, P 102
State of Alabama
Conecuh County

Whereas, Amanda N. Boulware, guardian of the minor heirs of Mortimer Boulware, deceased, duly appointed by and qualified in the Probate Court of said county, heretofore applied for, and on the 11th day of February, 1870, obtained an order and decree of said court for the sale of the land described as follows to wit:

The SW ¼ & SW ¼ of NW ¼ sec. 4, & E ½ of SE ¼ and E ½ of NE ¼ sec. 5, T. 4, R. 11, & W ½ of sec 28 & NW ¼ of sec. 33, T. 5, R. 11, containing eight hundred and eighty acres more or less (except one acre of land known & designated as the cemetery of the Warren and Boulware families) not to include, hide, interfere with the dwelling or any other house upon the premises) which land was sold by said guardian under and in pursuance of said decree on the 23rd day of May, 1870, at public outcry between the hours of 12 o’clock M. & 5 o’clock P.M., to Wilson A. Jay for the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, that being the highest and best bid for the same, after the time, place, and terms, of the sale, together with a description of the said property had been advertised as required by law.  And whereas said sale was duly reported by said guardian, and on the 7th day of June, 1870 the same was confirmed by an order of said court, and whereas the whole of said purchase money has been paid, and said court, upon the application of said guardian hath ordered a conveyance of said land, to be made by said guardian to said purchaser thereof according to law.  Now theretofore this instrument witnesseth that the said Amanda N. Boulware, as such guardian as aforesaid, hath in accordance with the order of said court last referred to, conveyed and confirmed, and by this instrument doth convey and confirm unto the said Wilson A. Jay his heirs and assigns forever, all claim, right, title and interest which the said heirs of Mortimer Boulware, decd. had in, and to the lands aforesaid.

In Witness whereof the said guardian hath hereunto affixed her hand and seal, this the 9th day of June, A.D. 1870.

Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of:

Amanda N. Boulware (L.S.)

State of Alabama
Monroe County

Personally appeared before me Mrs. Amanda N. Boulware who is known to me, and after being informed of the contents of the foregoing conveyance, did assign the same in my presence, and of her own free will and accord, the day the same  bears date.

Given under my hand and seal this June 9th, 1870

Hugh McKinzie (J.P.)

Filed for record (properly stamped) July 18th, 1870

A.W. Jones, Judge

OTHER Boulware deeds Monroe Co., Ala
Vol 10, P 292 6/6/1873
L. W. Boulware to M. M. Boulware, land in Monroe Co
(25-264) Oct. 1, 1884
G. Middleton to Boulware & Brown
(20-520) Dec. 20, 1882 
J. M. Boulware to L. B. Boulware
& M. P. Boulware to G. A. Boulware, Jr

References of Viola Boulware:

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