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PHOTOS from our cousin, & major contributor Barbara Cater Wilson, Austin, Texas 
Also a major contributor to this file: William "Bill" Cater  1910-1998

Born Sept 14, 1817 Sumter, SC
Died: May 22, 1884 Logansport, Desoto Par, La
Buried: Cater Family Cemetery on  Cater homeplace
Desoto Par, La (near Logansport, La)
Dtr of John & Mary Whitehead Greening

(M)  November 12, 1835 Conecuh Co, Ala (See Marriage Contract)
Born May 13, 1815 Barnwell Dist, S. Carolina
Died: April 20, 1882 Logansport, Desoto Par, La
Buried: Cater family Cem..., Cater homeplace, near Logansport, Desoto Par, La

Beatnah Greening Cater & Husband
William Green Cater

Source: “Bethlehem Baptist Association Minutes 1827-1967 and Beckbe Association Minutes 1826” on microfilm at Samford University. Microfilm can be ordered through inter library loan.
Note: The Bethlehem Association was known as The Beckbe Association until 1827. 

"Ministers, Licensed Preachers, and Messengers (delegates)":
1830 Delegates, Murder Creek, Conecuh Co., Ala
Wm. Cater, Jas G. Coleman 

1832 Murder Creek, Delegates were: W. G.. Cater, J. Hawthorn

(Bible Records came from Descendants of this family-Personal Visit in my home, 1981-Cousin William D. "Bill" Cater of San Antonio, Texas , a grandson of Douglas John Cater - SGS)


1. RUFUS WILLIAM CATER Born August 21, 1837 Conecuh co, Ala Died: September 20, 1863-Battle of Chickamauga 
( 2nd Lt, Co. I, 19th Regt, LA Volunteers) Age 26 years Never Married
Buried: Confederate Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia
    See LETTER FROM RUFUS W. CATER, Corinth, MS  TO  MARY W. (GREENING) GUY,  PEGUES, Desoto Par. 30 Mar 1862
La Confederate Soldiers-Booth,  Vol 1, P 293-Cater, Rufus W. Pvt. 2nd Lt. Co. I. 19th La. Infty. En. Dec. 11th, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Present on all Rolls to Aug., 1862. Apptd. 2nd Jr. Lt. and assigned to duty June 21st, 1862. Rolls from Sept., 1862, to Dec., 1862, Present. Promoted from 2nd Jr. Lt.
to 2nd Lt., Dec. 28th, 1862, order of Col. Winans. Present on Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863. Roll for July and Aug., 1863, Absent on 14 days' furlough, order of Gen.
Johnston, since Aug. 8th, 1863. Killed at Battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 20th, 1863:
Rufus William Cater

Civil War Letter written by Remy L. Lafitte Oct 21, 1863 to his bro. Manuel Lafitte
DeSoto Plume, Fall 2003 Vol XXXVIII, No. 4 P 8
Near Camp Chatanogo (sic)
Tennessee Oct. 21, 1863

Includes: List of Killed
Lt. Roof Keater (Rufus Cater)

After Lt Cater's body was found on the battlefield by an old friend, Jack Franks, Lt. Cater was first buried on the battlefield (Snodgrass Hill) by his brother Douglas John Cater while Dr. Gus Hendrick buried his brother Matt at the same time. Lt. Cater's body was later relocated to the Confederate Cem. in Marietta, Ga.  (Ref- "As It Was" by Douglas John Cater, P 174-176a)

2. VICTORIA LILLAS CATER Born May 10, 1839 Conecuh Co, Ala Died: November 22, 1911 Logansport, Desoto Par, La. -aged 82 yrs    (M) #1-JOSEPH WILEY WHITE  February 6, 1868 Desoto Par, La

Joseph W. White-Corpl. Co F, 9th La. Inf. 1861-1864
Joseph W. White died 1874, DeSoto Par, La.

(a) Frances  Beatnah "Fanny" White born CA 1870 (M) Henry Dunn Feb. 12, 1891 DeSoto Par., La
(b) Elizabeth Lillas  White- "Betty L"./"Lillie" Born CA 1872 Desoto Par., La (M) Ephriam Davis,  Jan, 25, 1894 DeSoto Par., La
(c) Joseph Wiley, Jr White Born CA 1874 Desoto Par., La (M) Laura Wiggins,  Jan. 14, 1890 Desoto Par., La

Succession Papers of Joseph Wiley White, dated Sept 7, 1874-DeSoto Par., La-signed by H. R. Greening, listed the following children: Fanny B. White, Betty L. White, Joseph Wiley White, Jr.

DB 10, P 606-Sheriff sale- June 24, 1899 land of victoria White purchased by Wm. R. Jackson

VICTORIA WHITE (M) #2- Thomas Wilson,  Feb. 4, 1899 Desoto Par, La.

3. DOUGLAS JOHN CATER Born March 27, 1841 Sparta, Conecuh Co, Ala Died: November 23, 1931, San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas.  Bur: Roselawn Cemetery 
Was Postmaster In Lovelady, Houston Co, Tx 1900
Served in 3rd TX Cav., CSA & Co. I, 19th La Inf, CSA
Civil War Pens Appl. # 45618, Bk 6, Bexar Co, Tex & Widow's Pens Appl. # 50436, Bk 7, Bexar Co, Texas 
(Mrs. Belle Barbee Cater).
La Confederate Soldiers, Booth, Vol 1, P 292:
Cater, D. J.,
Pvt. Chief Musician Co. I., F. &  S., 19th La. Infty. En. June 13th, 1861, Dallas, Tex. Roll for July and Aug., 1862, Present. Transfd. from 3rd Tex. Regt. Cav., order of Gen. Bragg, July 1st. Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1862, Present. Apptd. Chief Musician, Oct. 31st, 1862, by Col. Winans. Rolls from Nov., 1862, to Dec., 1863, Present. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1864. Present. Roll for March and April, 1864,
Present. Transfd. to Regtl. Band, order of Col. Kennedy, March 1st. 1864. Rolls from May, 1864, to Aug. 31st, 1864, Present. Roll for Sept. 1st, 1864, to Feb. 28th, 1865,
Absent on 10 days' furlough. Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled Meridian. Miss., May 10th, 1865. Res. De Soto Par., La.

D. J. Cater & wife, Emily Sept, 1873

Douglas John Cater

D. J. Cater was Author of:
    As It Was:  Reminiscences of a Soldier of the 3rd Texas Cavalry & 19th Louisiana Infantry

    (M) #1 Miss Emily Mary Reagan, May 22, 1866 Rusk Co, Texas
Children by wife #1- CATER
(a) William Clinton Cater Born March 6, 1867-Glenfawn, Rusk co, Texas died Nov. 4, 1875 age 8 yrs
(b) Rufus Wade Cater born March 2, 1869 Glenfawn, Rusk Co, Tex Died: April 25, 1870 Age 1 yr
(c) Clyde Reagan Cater Born May 1, 1871 Rusk co, Tex Died: Feb. 23, 1875 Age 3 1/2 yrs
(M) #2 Miss AraBella "Belle"  Barbee April 22, 1880
Children by wife #2
(d) Douglass James Cater Born March 17, 1881 Lovelady, Texas Died: Feb. 2, 1920 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas
      (M) Mary Jenny Davis  June 13, 1908 Austin, Tex
      born Apr 17, 1886 Crockett, Tex
      Died Dec 11, 1975 San Antonio, Tex
       1. William Douglas "Bill"  Cater born April 5, 1910 Died Jan 23, 1998 Tarrant Co, Texas
(e) Richard Guy Cater Born Nov. 8, 1883 Lovelady, Texas Died: June 2, 1958 San Antonio, Texas
(M) Mary Agnes
       Born Ca 1900 Tx
(f) Earle Adams Cater Born Sept. 2, 1888 Lovelady, Texas died: 
Marr in Iowa, Aug 22, 1928_____
(g) Birdie Beatnah Cater Born Aug. 31, 1892 Lovelady, Texas Died_____
(h) William Glenn Cater Born Dec. 8, 1899 Lovelady, Texas Died April 2, 1989 Travis Co., Tex
(M) Helen Holtsnider Mar 24, 1925 New Braunfels, Texas She died Nov 26, 1993 Travis Co, Texas 
       1. Dtr Larl? Born CA 1926 Tx
       2. Barbara Born Ca 1930 Tx

From the Confederate Veteran: 
DOUGLAS JOHN CATER "Another loved veteran obeyed the summons, "Come up higher," when Douglas John Cater passed suddenly at his home in San Antonio, Tex., November 23, 1931, at the age of ninety years. He took active part in the affairs of Albert 
Sidney Johnston Camp, No. 144, U. C. V., and is greatly missed. 

D. J. Cater was born in Sparta, Conecuh County, Ala., on March 
27, 1841, the son of William Green and Beatnah Greening Cater. 
His parents moved to Texas in 1846, and to DeSoto Parish, La., 
in 1847, where his father was a planter for many years. 

He enlisted in the Confederate Army at Henderson, Texas, in May, 
1861. His regiment, Greer's 3rd Texas Cavalry, went from Dallas 
in July, 1861, to Missouri to aid General Price. In August, 1862, 
he transferred to Company I, 19th Louisiana Infantry, to be with 
his brother, Lieut. Rufus Cater, who, later, was killed at 

He took part in the battles of Wilson Creek, Chustenahlah, Pea 
Ridge, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Nashville, Spanish Fort, and 
others. He also served in several brass bands, and was brigade band 
captain of the last band of the Southern Confederacy. 

Reconstruction days were not propitious for his chosen profession 
of musician, and he farmed for a number of years, later being 
Postmaster at Lovelady, Tex., and for four years Treasurer of 
Houston County. Music, however, was always a great interest of his 

In 1866, he was married to Miss Emily Mary Reagan, of Rusk County,  Tex. She and their three little sons preceded him in death by many years. In 1880, he was married to Miss Belle Barbee, of Lovelady, Tex., who survives him with a daughter and three sons, also four grandchildren. 

A man of noble purposes, ever loyal to all that was good and true, 
was D. J. Cater. He was a Mason, and a member of the Baptist Church."  (Courtesy: Cousin Barbara Wilson)

4. WADE GREENING CATER Born February 14, 1843 Sparta, Conecuh Co, Ala Died: March 12, 1863 CSA- 
(contracted pneumonia at Battle of Vicksburg, sent to Jackson, Miss where he died) aged 20 yrs 
( Co G, 27th LA Volunteers) Did not marry
Buried  Vicksburg, Miss
His brothers Douglas John & Rufus William Cater cut his name/No. of Regt. on a used marble slab,  &  placed it on his grave June 5, 1863 (Ref: "As It Was"  by Douglas John Cater, P 162-163)

La Confederate Soldiers-Booth, Vol 1, P 293-
Cater, W. G.
, Pvt. Co. G. 27th La. Infty. En. March 20th, 1862, New Orleans, La. Present on all Rolls to Dec., 1862.

5. MARY BEATNAH CATER Born December 28, 1844 Sparta, Conecuh Co, Ala 
Died; May 26, 1849, Logansport, Desoto Par, La - aged 4 yrs

6. CATHERINE AMANDA CATER Born February 6, 1847 Elysian fields, Texas Died: June 13, 1848 Logansport, La -aged 1 yr

7. WILEY EDWIN CATER Born November 10, 1848 Logansport, Desoto Par, La Died: February 20, 1893 Logansport, Desoto Par, La -aged 44 yrs
    (M) Emma Bozeman Dec, 1891 ( Desoto Marr Vol. 6, P 361 shows August 17, 1893) She (M) #2 W. H. Garretson, April 22, 1895 Desoto Par, La

8. DIANTHA CATER Born Jan 11, 1851 Logansport, Desoto Par, La Died: February 23, 1928 DeSoto Par, La aged 87 yrs (sh be 77 Yrs) Vol 4-Cert 1803
(living 1920 Desoto Par, La)
(M) Michael Ashton, September 16, 1875 Desoto Par., La-They had 2 sons 
A. Rufus Edgar  Born CA 1876 died pr to 1900 census
B. Elmo C. Born July, 1877 Tx Died Nov 23, 1928 
     DeSoto Par, La aged 52 yrs
     (M) Jessie M.( Treadry ? ) born Ca 1888 Tx
     Her wid. Mother in HH of 1930 DeSoto Par., La
             1. Elmo C. , Jr born Dec 21, 1914 DeSoto, La Died Aug, 1975 DeSoto par, La
             2. Ardis T. (son) born Jan 3, 1918 Desoto Par, La Died April 1976 DeSoto Par, La
             3. Lillie E. Born Ca 1922 La
             4. Mildred J Born Ca 1924 La
Ashton Cemetery, Shelby Co, Tx
Michael H Ashton
Born Mar. 29, 1840 Died Dec 29, 1878 
(Served CSA-Mike Ashton,  E3 Texas Cavalry. (South Kansas Texas Reg't, Mtd. Vols., Private-Private Confederate )
J. Ashton Mar. 6, 1880 -Died Feb 10, 1888

Diantha Cater Ashton

9. ARNOLDUS CATER Born January 30, 1854 Logansport, Desoto Par, La Died: July 19, 1855 Logansport, Desoto Par, La- aged 1 yr

10. JUNIUS CATER Born December 22, 1855 Logansport, Desoto Par, La., Died: July 21, 1864 Logansport, Desoto Par, La - aged 8 yrs

11. ROBERT BRUMBY CATER Born March 8, 1858 Logansport, Desoto Par, La, Died Aug 19, 1938 DeSoto Par, La  aged 80 yrs.
Vol 23, Cert. 09919
Lived 1910 DeSoto Par, La 
He is  Buried in Cater family Cem., Logansport, La
    (M) Leila Champion, June 2, 1909 (Born Ca 1883)
    She died July 3, 1944 Caddo Par, La, aged 61 Yrs
    Vol 51 Cert 42415.
Their Children:
(a) William Travis Cater born Sept. 3, 1910 Logansport, Desoto Par, La Died: May, 1959, Florida
(b) Martha Marie Cater, Born Jan. 10, 1913 Logansport, Desoto Par, La. Died: 1984 Davenport, Tenn.
(c) Harrell DeWitt Cater Born Oct. 19, 1915 Logansport, Desoto, La
Died: May 23, 1997 Logansport, Desoto Par, La

Diantha Cater Ashton &
Robert Brumby Cater

Marriage Contract bet. William G. Cater & Beatnah L. Greening November 9, 1835, Conecuh County, Alabama


This agreement made this 9th day of November in the Year of Our Lord, Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-Five, between William G. Cater of the first part and Beatnah L. Greening, of the second part witnesseth that the said William G. and Beatnah L. have covenanted with and to each other that they will be united in the Holy Bonds of Wedlock to be solemnized according to the rules of the Christian Church and of the Laws of the State of Alabama and desiring that the rights severally claimed at this time by each of them to the Estate severally held by each of them whether personal or real may not in any way be disturbed and by the said agreement they the said William G. and Beatnah L. have consented and agreed with each other as following: The said Beatnah L. Greening for and in consideration of the promises aforesaid as well as the sum of five dollars to her in hand paid by the said William G. Cater doth bargain, convey and sell unto the said William G. Cater-the following Negro slaves, to wit: 

Bob, Charlotte-and her children, Penelope, Sucky, William, Richard, Ben and Judith, and also all other property now possessed or in any wise belonging to her consisting of land, tenements or _____________________personal property in action together with all right and titles to the same whether possessed of the same by herself or through her Guardian, or Guardians, or other legal agent whatever or whether the right to the same be ___________or _____________perfect or imperfect, to Have and Hold Forever In TRUST, nevertheless for the use, behoof and benefit of the said Beatnah L. Greening and the heirs of her body by the Said William G. Cater begotten, and for no other use without the power of alienating or disposing of the same in any manner whatsoever or under any practice whatsoever and should the said William G. Cater die before the said Beatnah L. Greening, then the property possessed as aforesaid shall pass into the hands of the said Beatnah L. Greening to be possessed by her in trust as aforesaid and for the heirs of the said Cater together as aforesaid, jointly and for no other purpose to be equally distributed by her between herself and the heirs aforesaid if any there be as they severally arrive at the age of twenty-one or marry. And, the said Beatnah L. Greening further covenants to and with the said William G. Cater that should he survive her, having by the said William G. Cater no heirs, then the said property to belong to the said William G. Cater in fee simple, and the said William G. Cater covenants to and with the said Beatnah L. Greening that should the said Beatnah L. survive him the said William G, the said Beatnah L. shall in trust for the heirs of the said William G. by the said Beatnah L. begotten, be possessed of all the estate both real and personal of the said William G. and should the said Beatnah L. at the time of the death of the said William G. Cater have no heirs by the said William G. then and in that case she shall be possessed in fee simple of all the Estate of the said William G., for her own use and behoof.

In testimony of the foregoing promises the said William G. and the said BEATNAH L. have hereto set their hands and affixed their seals

this the 9th day of November, in the Year of Our Lord, 1835; the letter G. in the name of William G. Cater interlined before signing.



Filed for Record, Book D, P. 31 & 32, 24th day of October, 1836** JOHN HOWARD, Clerk

[Note: Conecuh county records were destroyed by fire.  A copy of this Marriage Contract  was also filed 1842 in Desoto Par. La.]


Corinth, Miss.  March 30, 1862

My Dear Aunt,

                                        On this bright sunny Sabbath I take up my pen for the pleasant task of writing to you.  I am convalescing from a long period of illness, and the genial sunshine of this beautiful day, the herald as it were of the sweet spring time, gives an exuberance of spirits and an impetus to my increasing strength that is cheering in no ordinary degree.

            I have been for the past three weeks at the house of a widowed lady whose Kindness has greatly hastened my recovery.  I think I shall be well enough to return to camp in a few days.

            We have been expecting a battle here for several days.  There are, it is said 100,000 men here.  Beauregard is here, A. Sydney Johnston is here,  Polk is here, Bragg is here AND Brigadier Generals without number.  Our men are busy throwing up breastworks, planting Masked Batteries &c and if our dastard foes make their appearance (which it is said they will do in a few days with a force numbering nearly 200,000) we will give them a warm reception.  I am told we can get a reinforcement of 60,000 men here in a few hours if needed.  If the battle is not fought in less than three days I shall be there when it comes off.

            I am very uneasy about Bro Doug(1), not having heard from him since the battle at Elkhorn.  God grant that he escaped unhurt.  Gus(2) & Eldridge(3) were well when I left the camp.  I rec'd. the socks which your Kindness provided for me.  Many thanks Dear Aunt.

            You must excuse this rough letter.  It is the best paper I can get and my pen is not a good one.

            Tell Cousin Sam(4) if we have a fight & I am fortunate enough not to get hurt I will write to him, and hope to be able to give a good account of myself.

            Please remember me to Cousin Gus(5) and assure him of the continuance of my affectionate regard.  I can't mention all of my dear relatives you Know Aunt, but I love them all and if they inquire concerning me please give them my best wishes.
            May Heaven be pleased to grant you many happy days!  I trust that I shall have the happiness of seeing you at home at your quiet peaceful home and of finding you in the enjoyment of health prosperity and happiness.  In the meantime please think of me as

                                                                                Your affectionate Nephew
                                                                                            Ruf. W. Cater

Note 1-Douglas John Cater, brother of Rufus W. Cater, and member of the same outfit-19th La. Infantry
Note 2-Cornelius Augustus Greening, son of Wade H. Greening,-Also
Note 3-Eldridge H. Greening, son of Wade H. Greening -Members of Co. F. 19th La. Infantry-same regt. as Rufus W. Cater, their cousin
Note 4- Sam & Note 5- Gus (Guy( first cousins to Rufus W. Cater, and both sons of Mary W. Greening Guy, Pegues, the Aunt to whom he was writing.

Official Correspondence of the War of the Rebellion
No 313-Report of Capt H. A. Kennedy, Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry
Camp in Front of Chattanooga, Tenn., September 26, 1863


I have the honor herewith to make the following report of the action taken by the nineteenth Louisiana Regiment in the Battle of the Chickamauga, on the 20th instant, after Lieut. Col. R. W. Turner was wounded and left the field:  Etc Etc Etc

The losses of this day were unprecedentedly heavy.  I lost in killed 3 officers and 25 enlisted men, and wounded 14 officers and 92 enlisted men; 8 enlisted men wounded and missing, 1 officer and 10 enlisted men missing; making an aggregate of killed, wounded, and missing of 153, nearly 50 per cent, of the whole number engaged.

Among the killed we are called upon to lament, in addition to the gallant Butler, Lieuts. R. W. Cater, of Company I, and W. T. Williams, Company C- who fell where soldiers should fall, at their posts, in the faithful discharge of their duty-together with 25 enlisted men whose names and deeds will, and of right should, long live in the hearts of their grateful countrymen.  etc etc.

All of which is most respectfully submitted.
                                                                                H. A. KENNEDY
                                                                                Captain, Commanding


1840 Conecuh Co, Ala P 259 William G. Cater
2 males 20-30 yrs 1 male und. 5 yrs
1 Female 60-70 yrs (Her mother, Mary  Whitehead Greening, Gayle)
1 Fem 20-30 yrs, 1 Fe 15-20 yrs, 1 Fe und 5 yrs
11 slaves

1850 DeSoto Parish, La-P 169 HH #103-88
William G. Cater 35 M SC Planter $1600.
Beatna 33 F SC
Rufus W. 13 M Ala
Victoria 11 F Ala
Douglas J 10 M Ala
Wade 08 M Ala
Wiley 02 M La
Mary P. Gale 75 F Va-her mother, Mary Whitehead Greening, Gayle

1860 DeSoto Par, La   HH #864-883
William G. Cater 45 M SC Farmer 2400/11,500
Beatnah L. 43 F SC
Victoria 18 F Ala
Wade G. 17 M Ala
Wiley E. 12 M La
Dianthy 09 F La
Junius M. 04 M La
Robert B. 02 M La
Mary Gale 85 F Va (Her mother, Mary Whitehead, Greening, Gayle)
& 13 Slaves

1870 DeSoto Par, Ward 7, P 23 HH 182-183
J. W. White 40 WM Ala Farmer $1120./400.
V. L. 29 WF Ala (Victoria Lillas Cater)
F. B. 02 WF La (Frances Beatnah White)

Ward #4, P 26 HH 208-209
W. G. Cater 55 WM SC Farmer $500.
B. L. 50 WF SC
W. E. 21 WM La
D. 18 WF La
R. B. 12 WM La

HH #210-211
D. J. Cater 30 WM Ala Farmer
E. 27 WF Tex (Emily Regan)
Clinton 04 WM Tex

1880 DeSoto Ward 8 Keatchi PO, HH 428-431 ED 25
W. G. Cater 65 WM SC SC SC
B. G. 62 WF SC SC VA-Wife (Beatnah Greening)
V. L. White 39 WF Ala SC AC-Dtr
Robert Cater  22 WM La SC SC son
Fannie B. White 10 WF La SC SC-Gr/Dtr
Lillie White 08 WF La SC SC-gr/dtr
Joe White 06 WM La SC SC-gr/son

1880 Shelby Co, Tx Pct 4 P 71C
Diantha Ashton 29 WF La SC Al keeps house (Cater)
Edgar "  4 WM La Tx La son
Elmo " 2 WM Tx Tx La son
Wiley E. Cater 31 WM La SC La Farmer Rel: Brother

1880 Houston Co, Tx  Pct 4 P 330C
D J Cater 38 WM Al SC SC Teaching Music
Belle " 18 WF Tx Tn MS Wife (Barbee)

1900 Shelby Co, Tx Pct 1, P 50 HH 303-304
Elmo C. Ashton 22 WM July, 1877 Single Marble Tombstone Mfgr. boarder

1900 DeSoto Par, La Ward 8, P 263 Pct1 HH 71-72 June 8th
Robert B. Cater 42 WM single Mch,1852 La Ala Ala farmer
Diantha Aston (Ashton) 59 WF May, 1841 Widow Sister La SC Ala Had 2 ch - 1 living
Elmo C. Aston (Ashton) 21 WM June, 1878 Single Nephew Tx La Ala

1900 Houston Co, Tx Pct 4, P 135 HH 65-66
D. John Cater 59 WM Mar, ___ Ala Ala Ala Postmaster Marr 20 ys
Arabella " 38 WF Apr, 1862 Tx Tenn Miss wife had 6 ch-5 living
Douglass " 19 WM Mar, 1881 Tx Single son
R. Guy " 16 WM Nov 1883 Tx " "
Earl A. " 11 Sept 1888 Tx son
Birdie  " 7 WF Aug, 1892 dtr
Glenn " 5/12 WM Dec 1899 son

1910 DeSoto Par, La Ward 8, Sh 13B ED 77 HH 260-265
Elmo C. Ashton 32 WM Tx Tx La farming
Jessie " 22 WF Tx Ala Ala wife marr 3 yrs No ch

Sh 18, HH 257-361
Robert T (B) Cater 52 WM Ala Unk Ala farmer marr 1 yr
Lelia " 22 WF La Unk wife No ch (Champion)
Glovenia Woodard 20 WF marr 3 yrs 1 ch-1 liv boarder
Theo K " 1 WF boarder

Index to Louisiana Death Records Statewide 1900-1949
Robert B. Cater died Aug 19, 1938 DeSoto Par, La. aged 80 yrs (Vol 23 Cert # 09919)
Leila Cater died Caddo Par, La. July 3, 1944 aged 61 yrs (Vol 51-Cert 42415)

1920 Desoto Par, La Ward 8 Ed 118, P 1A Elmo C. Ashton, Enumerator
HH 1-1
Elmo C. Ashton 43 WM Tx Tx La farmer
Jessie M " 32 WF Tx Ala Ala wife
Elmo C. Jr. " 5 WM La Tx Tx son
Ardis T. " 1 11/12 WM " " " son
Diantha Ashton 68 WF La Ala Ala Mother (Cater)

Index to Louisiana Death Records Statewide 1900-1949
Diantha Cater Ashton died Feb 24, 1928 age 87 yrs (sh read 77 yrs) DeSoto Par, La Vol 4-Cert 1803
Elmo C Ashton died Nov 23, 1928 DeSoto Par, La aged 52 yrs, Vol 33 Cert 13857
SSDI Records:
Ardis Ashton born Jan  3, 1918 Died April, 1976 Iss'd La pr to 1951
Elmo Ashton born Dec 21, 1914 died Aug, 1975 Iss'd La pr to 1951
Harrell D Cater Born Oct 6, 1915 Died May 23, 1977 Logansport, DeSoto, La

1920 Bexar Co, Tx (San Antonio) ED49, P 1B 412 Gordon Ave. HH 16-16
D J Cater 78 WM Ala SC Virg. Occ-None
Belle 57 WF wife Tx Tenn Miss
Richard G. " 36 WM single son Lawyer
Earle A 31 WM single son Clerk, Govt.
Birdie B. " 27 WF single dtr
William G." 20 WM single son Clerk, Govt.

Pt of Pct 7, ED 65, P 24B
Douglass Cater 38 WM Tx Ala Tx Boarder-Attorney-at-law

1930 DeSoto Par., La Police Jury Wd 8, ED22, P 7A
Mrs. Elmo C. Ashton 42 WF Wid (M) @ age 18 Tx Al Al farming
Elmo C., Jr " 15 WM La Tx Tx son
Ardis T. " 11 WM La Tx Tx son
Lillie E " 8 WF La Tx Tx Dtr
Mildred J " 6 WF La Tx Tx dtr
Louise S. Treadry? 70 WF Wid. Al Al Al Mother

1930 DeSoto Par, La ED 22, P 5A HH 108-113
Robert B. Cater 72 WM La US Ala genl. farming (M) @ age 52
Leila " 47 WF Ala Ala Ala wife (M) @ age 26
W. Travis " 19 WM La La Ala son genl. farming
M. Merle " 17 WF La La Ala dtr
Harrell D. " 14 WM La La Ala son

1930 Bexar Co, Tx Pct 1 San Antonio ED61, P 16A HH 285-267
1810 West Mulberry Ave.
D J Cater 89 WM Ala Ala Ala (M) @ age 21
Belle " 67 WF Tx Tx Tx wife (M) @ age 17
Guy "    46 WM Tx Ala Tx son (M) @ age 45 Lawyer, Genl. practice
Mary Agnes " 30 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr in law (M) @ age 29
Berdie " 35 WF single Tx Ala Tx dtr
& w WF Servant

ED 218 P 16A (San Antonio) HH 213-217
Jeannie Cater 40 WF Tx Tx Tx wdow (of Douglass James Cater)
Bill D " 20 WM Tx Tx Tx son

1930 (April 9)  Nueces Co, (Corpus Christi) Tx ED 24 P 8A HH 171-193 
1506 Sixth St.
William G Cater 30 WM Tx La Tx (M) @ age 25 salesman, rubber
Helen " 25 WF Mo Mo Mo wife (M) @ age 20
Larl? " 3 8/12 WF Tx La Mo dtr
Barbara " 2/12 WF Tx La Mo dtr
Alma Latch 26 WF Single Tx Tx Tx boarder

Louisiana Land records-BLM

Land Office: NATCHITOCHES Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 4633 Total Acres: 158.32
Misc. Doc. Nr.: 6849 Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No Issue Date: May 02, 1905
Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date: Statutory Reference: 12 Stat. 392
Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: May 20, 1862
Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Homestead Entry Original

Legal Land Description:
# Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Range Section #
1 SW LOUISIANA No 12 N 16 W 12