SOME Descendants of  
William Mallory Swepson
of Mecklenburg Co, Va. 
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William Mallory Swepson,  was Born:  April 7, 1783  Meck Cty, VA. and Died there in August, 1835 (Cemetery Records below)

( WID. OF JOHN Tabb)

His will was dated July 29, 1835 and probated May 16 1836   He was married twice, first to Elizabeth Julia Speed, March 27, 1805 Mecklenburg, Va..  She was born Aug 12, 1780 & Died Feb. 9, 1808.  They had NO children.  Her brother John James Speed (M) as his first wife, Lucy Swepson, a sister to Wm. M Swepson. 

William M Swepson (M) #2-Nancy (Ann) Edwards Redd  June 12, 1816. She was born  22, 1796 & died May, 1836 Meck. Co, Va (Cem Records below)  She was the dtr of George Redd & Elizabeth Cocke. (Bible records below)

William Swepson, his wife Nancy Ann, and 2 young children, Mary Elizabeth & Richard, are buried in the William M Swepson burial plot, with a wall around it, located on Bugg's Island, near John H Kerr Lake, in Mecklenburg Co, Va. I have pictures of the markers, with inscriptions, Courtesy of Ranger Craig Brown of the Park Service at the John H Kerr Lake & Dam.  There are other markers there, within this wall, with no legible inscriptions. (Will, Bible Records & Cemetery Records, Below)

Ravenscroft Estate- Lunenburg Co, Va., Co. Rd #49 & Courthouse Rd Intersection (formerly "Spring Brsnch")


1. Charity Ann Swepson Born Mar 8, 1817 Meck Co, Va Died: June 29, 1861 Lun Co Va   "relapse of child-bed fever" 
    Buried: Hepburn Cem at Ravenscroft Est., Lun Co, Va
    Marr #1 Alexander McHarg  Hepburn  Oct 29, 1844 Meck Co Va 
    Born: 1792-Died 1845 
    Bur: Hepburn Cem, Ravenscroft Est., Lun Co Va  -  NO CH of Record
    Charity Swepson Hepburn Marr #2- Dr William Edward  Dodson  
    Oct 29, 1856  Lun Co Va  
    Born Nov 7, 1816 Died Aug 8, 1867 Lunenburg Co., Va.
    Buried Hepburn Cem, Ravenscroft Est., Lun Co Va
    See 1880 Charlotte Co, Va HH of Reps Barnes whose wife Minerva Dodson was a sister to Dr. William Edward Dodson-
                a.. Marion Hepburn Dodson born Oct 21, 1859 Lun Co, Va
                     Died April 2, 1962 (age 103 yrs) Los Angeles, California
                     Did not marry
                     1880 Charlotte Co, Va-Rep Barnes HH as Niece
                     1900-Farmer, San Antonio T/S,  Los Ang. Co. California
                     1910-1930 Los Angeles Co, Calif-No Occ
                      California Death Records:
                      Marion H. Dodson, Female, Born October 21, 1859 Virginia, 
                      Died Los Angeles, California 2 Apr 1962 
                      Mother's Maiden Name: Hepburn -Sh Read Swepson
                 b.  Virginia  Jeannette Swepson  Dodson born  May, 1861 Lun Co Va  Died: "Clinchdale"  Farm, Grainger Co, Tn August, 1934
                       (M) (as 2nd wife) James Dickinson Cowan June 25, 1891 Knox Co, Tenn
                              Wholesale Merchant, Knoxville, Tn, (McClung & Cowan)  born 3 June 1836, died 13 Mar 1897  buried Old Gray Cemetery, 
                               Knoxville, Tn
                               1. Robert  Swepson Cowan Born Sept 4, 1892 Knoxville, Tn
                                   Died Aug. 21, 1930 San Francisco, California  (in hospital, complications from an operation ) Buried Old Gray Cemetery, Lot 241, Quad B-9, Knoxville, Tn  He was a public lawyer, 1920 Knoxville, Tn; He was a Rancher, Owned an apricot & prune farm near Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., Calif. in 1930.* (His will below)

                                   (M) Charlotte White abt 1918 b. abt 1898 Ohio

                                           a. Robert Swepson Cowan  Jr b. abt 1919 Georgia

                                           b. Carl White Cowan b. abt 1926 Tn

                                           c. Mary Virginia Cowan b. abt 1928 Tn

*Robert Swepson Cowan, Captain of hockey team at Princeton; Rec'd Law Degree from Harvard; worked in law firm, Knoxville, Tn; went to Saratoga, California where he had an 11 acre orchard, raising prunes and apricots.-Land now owned by West Valley College.
                               2..Jeannette Cowan Born Ca 1897 Knox Co., Tenn Died Dec 28, 1963 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Va, Interred at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va
                                   (M) Clement Craig Heth  Sept. 10,1919 at "Clinchdale"   the home of her mother & stepfather, Mr. & Mrs. John K. Shields, Grainger Co, Tn. 
                                          Clement C Heth was of Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Va.
                                          s/o Stockton Heth, Sr & Isabella Hammet
                                          Born Nov., 1883 Va Died July 19, 1930 Montgomery Co, Va
                                          (fell from horse "Annie Montgomery") Interment at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
                                          (Heth family papers, Library of Virginia)
                                          Lived 1920, 1930 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., Va
                                          Children: Heth
                                           a. Henry Born Dec 10, 1925 Montgomery Co.,  Va d. Oct. 4, 2001  (M) Mary A. Holcomb Sept. 3, 1948; she was born Sept 15, 1929 died Oct. 2, 1998. Henry met Mary while attending Virginia Tech.; she was a student @ Radford College. They resided @ "Whitethorn" in Blacksburg, Va.,  which he inherited from his parents. They had 3 children, Anne, Henry Andrew & Susan Elizabeth. Susan was born Oct. 3, 1956 & died 1974 @ age 17.                      

  SSDI- HENRY HETH 10 Dec 1925 -4 Oct 2001 Blacksburg,Montgomery,Va Issued VA (1955 ) 223-50-4848
 MARY A HETH 15 Sep 1929 2 Oct 1998 Blacksburg, Montgomery, VA Issued: VA (Before 1951 ) 229-24-7677 

Cemetery # 33 ( Ravenscroft Est) in Lununburg Co, Va.
(Gerald Reinder's Survey of Hepburn Cemetery, Ravenscroft Estate)

Alexander McHarg Hepburn  9/11/1792-11/1845 (#1 Husb of Charity Ann Swepson)
Ebenezer Mcharg Hepburn 3/30/1794-5/7/1864  (Bro. to Alex. M.)
Thomas Shadrach Ames Died Dec, 1862
William Edward Dodson 1816-1867 (#2 Husb. of Charity Ann Swepson)
William Hepburn Walker 2/11/1856-7/16/1856  Infant son of John A & Mary A. (E.)? Walker
Charity Ann Swepson 3/8/1817-6/29/1861
(M) #1 Alexander McHarg Hepburn 10/29/1844
(M) #2 Dr. William Edward Dodson 10/29/1856

Letter from G. W. Swepson of Haw River, Almanance Co., NC to his brother-in-law Dr. William E. Dodson, concerning the death of his sister, Charity Ann Swepson, Hepburn, Dodson (courtesy of Ann Heth Connor)

July 5th, 1861

Mr. Wm. E. Dodson

My Dear Sir

          We have just received through Robert and Mary the sad intelligence of the death of my dear sister.  I  had vainly hoped that she would be spared to reach a good old age.  How little did I think when I last parted with her that it was for the last time on earth, but we have the consolation of believing she was a real Christian.  My dear Sir, you can hardly realize how much I am grieved to think that my dear sister is lost to me forever and to think of the helpless condition of her dear little ones.  I fully appreciate how little calculation men are to take care of such young and helpless children.  I hope you will consent for my wife to take one or both of the dear little ones.  She is very anxious for you to consent to it.  We fully appreciate the condition  in which you and they are left.

Mary’s health will prevent her giving much attention to them, and Martha is not 

calculated to do much for them.  If you will not consent for us to take both of them, we do hope and really think you ought to let my wife take the infant Virginia.  If you will let us have it we will forthwith come down and will get and take with us a woman who has a very young infant, and will bring her with us as soon as it will be prudent to do so.

            We will make short and easy journeys of it., coming one day to Keysville, Danville the next, Yanceyville the 3rd., and home 25 miles the next.  I really do think you ought at any rate to let us take Virginia. .  I feel fully convinced my wife will as nearly fill a mother’s place to any one living.  She I know will care of it more than anyone else on earth, save perhaps yourself, now it has lost it’s mother.  If my wife had it,  it would not lack a mother’s care.

           Please let us hear from you soon. Give my very best love to all and accept for yourself.

My sincere regards,


G. W. Swepson

Invitation to the Wedding of Jeannette Swepson Dodson to James D Cowan:, 1891-(courtesy of Ann Heth Connor)

Mr. Robert Redd Swepson requests your presence at the marriage of his niece Miss Jeannette Swepson Dodson to Mr. James Dickinson Cowan, on Tuesday evening, June the 25th at half past eight o'clock, St. John's Church, Knoxville, Tennessee

Newspaper clipping, undated


 Maj. Swepson Entertains the Society Folks

 Complimentary to Miss Inman and Miss Coffin of New York-Brilliant Affair

    The magnificent home of Major R. R. Swepson on Fort Sanders was thrown open to a brilliant scene of gaiety last night. The major having tendered a german to a party of some twenty couples of young society people in honor of Miss Inman, daughter of the noted New York railroad magnate, John H. Inman.

    Mrs. Inman, Miss Inman and  Miss Ella Coffin, of New York City, are in the city to be present at the Booth-Gillespie nuptials which take place tomorrow evening.

    The Swepson home presented a brilliant spectacle last night which was admired by many from a distance.  The residence is on a slight elevation on Fort Sanders hill and over the walk was an immense illuminated arch and on either side in the lawn were placed great illuminated stars, perhaps 20 feet in diameter and the effect was beautiful from a distance.

    The color scheme on the interior was pink and white throughout the handsomely appointed home. Ferns and palms and roses were everywhere and Clark’s orchestra sent delightful strains of music to all parts of the building.

    The southwest parlor was used as the reception room.

    Mrs. Cowan and Mrs. McKinney were chaperons for the party and Miss Dodson assisted them at the reception.

    The costumes were all exquisite and indeed it was a very swell affair.  Mrs. Cowan was dressed in lovely white brocade satin, point lace and diamonds.

    Mrs. McKinney was dressed exquisitely in black satin, diamonds and point lace.

    Miss Inman is a tall, graceful, handsome young woman and is charming in manner and brilliant in conversation.  She was dressed in a magnificent paqure gown of blue satin embellished in diamonds, point lace and diamond ornaments.

    Miss Dodson looked lovely in a gown of white moiré and pearls.

    Mr. Frank McClung led in the dance with Miss Inman.

    Among the notable figures of the dance was that of the tournament.  This was brilliantly danced and two prizes were awarded.  The first prize was a Serve vase with an exquisite miniature of Psyche.

    The second was a lovely card case of pink, seal, gold mountings studded with rubies.

    Another figure was the May pole dance somewhat modified.  It was very prettily danced.

    Dainty refreshments were served and in one room punch and crème de menthe were served.

    The ladies invited and present were: Miss Inman, Miss Booth, Miss Mattie Webb, Miss Mamie Booth, Miss Alice Cooke, Miss Janie Johnston, Miss Jennie Luttrell, Miss Margaret Rodgers, Miss Marie Ross, Miss Goddard, Miss Ella Williams, Miss Mamie Johnston, Miss Mary Newman, Miss Edith Fitzgerald, Miss Grace McCreary, Miss Ellie McClung, Miss Lucie Rhea, Miss Olia Gibbons, Miss Ella Cornick, Miss Sana Webb, Miss Clara Terry, Miss Amanda Gibson, Miss Mary Henderson, Miss Mary Temple, Miss Ella Coffin, Miss Dodson, Miss Adah Meek and Miss Cowan.

    Mr.and Mrs. W. S. Shields, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Andes, Mr. and Mrs. Tipton, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Buckwell, Major and Mrs. Huger.

    Messrs. F. H. McClung, John Gillespie, R. K. Gibson, Carey Spence, Ralph Mountcastle, J. Rodgers, Ed. Ijams, S. A. Allen, E. H. Saunders, P. J. Briscoe, Wallace Woodruff, Ed Maynard, Chas. Rhea,  John Meek, David Booth, John Brown, Woodruff Booth,  Horace Van Deventer,  Chas. Cullen, Luke T. Williams, R. R. Swepson, Col. Perez Dickinson, H. Proctor Waugh, Jr., John Green, S. Booth, J. H. and C. M. Cowan, A. X. Shields.

Newspaper clipping, courtesy Ann Heth Connor


After all, Washington is to have some buds next season who sound encouraging, says Town Topics, of October 15.  Jeannette Cowan is pretty and rich in her own right and she  will have the proper environment.  Her mother, Mrs. John K. Shields, wife of the Tennessee senator, has become a leader of society and is far and away the most potent force in the southern contingent.  She lifted Knoxville up bodily and placed it on the social map, relegating Nashville to a secondary place, which was rather amusing seeing how patronizingly Nashvillians talked of Knoxvillians.  Jeannette Cowan is lovely and well bred, a rare quality among the young women or even the venerable ones in the official set.  Senator and Mrs. Shields are now looking at many palaces that fleeing millionaires offer.


Virginia Jeannette Swepson (Dodson) Cowan (M) #2 December 7, 1912, at St. Bartholomew's Chapel, *, in  New York City   John Knight Shields, as his second wife, Senator & Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  of Tennessee.  They resided in Washington, DC, where Mrs Shields,  as well as her dtr Jeannette Cowan, were very prominent in society,  &  their home "Clinchdale" in Grainger Co, Tn.   Senator & Judge Shields and his wife.Jeannette  died 12 days apart in September, 1934.  They were interred on their property at "Clinchdale", but were later removed to Knoxville, Tenn, due to the construction of a large lake, which covered some of their 3,200 acre farm in Grainger Co, Tn.* Protestant Episcopal

Inscriptions of Markers of Mr. & Mrs. Shields (Picture in file, courtesy of Ann Heth Connor

John Knight Shields Aug. 15, 1856-Sept. 30, 1934 Chief Justice Superior Court of Tennessee & former United States Senator

Jeannette Dodson Shields May 22, 1861-Sept. 18, 1934

Heth Family Papers, Library of Virginia
Stockton Heth, SR was President of the Exchange Bank of Radford, and owner of White Thorn, a 1500 acre farm appr. 3 miles West of Blacksburg, Va. After the deaths of Stockton Heth, Sr. and his sons Stockton Heth, Jr. and Clement Craig Heth, parcels of White Thorn and other Heth family holdings were leased or sold to the cities of Blacksburg and Radford and to Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  The Heth family were prominent bankers, businesspeople, farmers, and socialites from the turn of the century through the end of this collection.-
Collection Includes among the holdings:
(of Genealogical Interest concerning Jeannette Cowan Heth & her family)
Miscellaneous Papers 
1. Obit. of Clement Craig Heth, died July 19, 1930

Times Dispatch-July 27th--Maj. C. C. Heth dies in Christiansburg--Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond--49 years old--Youngest son of Capt. Stockton & Belle Hammet Heth. He married Jeannette Cowan, a step-daughter of ex-Senator Shields of Tennessee. 

They had one son, Henry, who graduated from VPI in 1904 and took law at Washington & Lee. He was appointed to the army from civil life & served during WWI, retiring with the rank of Major. He was thrown from his horse & found by his wife unconscious after a four hour absence. Brain specialists were rushed from Baltimore following the injury. He inherited the Whitethorn property from his mother.
(From the Papers of the Heth Family, Manuscript (MSS 10986) located in Special Collections of Alderman Library, Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA).

Obituary of Mrs. Jeannette Cowan Heth-The Knoxville News-Senntinel, Knoxville, Tenn. December 29, 1962 (Newspaper clipping, courtesy of Ann Heth Connor)


Blacksburg, Va.-Dec. 28 Special-Mrs. Jeannette Cowan Heth. stepdaughter of the late Tenn. Senator John K. Shields. died today in a nursing home.  She was the widow of Col. Clement C.  Heth of Whitethorne, Blacksburg, Virginia. 

She was the daughter of the former Jeannette Swepson Dodson Cowan of Knoxville.

She leaves a son, Henry Heth of Whitethorne, Blacksburg,  three grandchildren, a niece and a nephew.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Christ Episcopal Church in Blacksburg.  Burial at 4 pm at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. The body is at Hoy Funeral Home of Blacksburg.

2. black & white photographs of Clement Craig Heth upon Annie Montgomery, which caused his death
The Legal Papers, Include:
3. an indenture between S. T. Akin, trustee of Moffett Shields, and John Knox, for land in Knoxville, Tn which Jeannette Cowan Heth inherited, (1860) 
4. a bill of sale selling the horse Annie Montgomery to Dr. Herbert Howard (April 3, 1933)
5. letters regarding Jeannette Cowan Heth's Gay Street property in Knoxville, Tn (Oct. 25, 1939)
6. a letter regarding Jeannette Cowan Heth's Knoxville properties and litigation with the Knoxville Utilities Board (1942-1948)
7. letters regarding Marion Dodson from John Preston (1943-1948)
8. a statement regarding the income, expense and distribution of the Robert Redd Swepson estate (June 30, 1947)
Miscellaneous Correspondence Includes:
9. letters from Jeannette Cowan Heth Jan 11, 1940 & Dec. 21, 1941
10. letter to  "Charlotte" from "Bob" (Robert Cowan) Mar. 21, 1928
The School Records, Include:
11 brochure from Deerfield Academy re. Henry Heth, Sept 1, 1936 (son of Jeannette)
Correspondence, includes:
12. letters of Clement Craig Heth to Jeannette Cowan Heth 1917-1920, many undated
& topics include family & personal matters
13. letters of Jeannette Cowan Heth (2 folders) include 
      a. letter of condolence from Joseph Twitty Sept 5, 1930
      b. letters of condolence 1934
      c. letters from G M Preston
      d. letter from Virginia Batson Sept 10, 1937
      e. an undated letter of condolence on death of brother Robert Cowan 

Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769–1923: Volume 2
page 561 " Jesse Thomas, who since 1918 has been connected with Thomas Brothers & Company, merchandise brokers of Knoxville, belongs to one of the oldest and most honored families in the south. He was born in Knoxville on the 4th of February, 1877, a son of Jacob Litton and Lucy Cowan (McClung) Thomas. ETC, ETC
"In 1855 he established a wholesale business in Knoxville with his brother, Franklin H. McClung, as McClung & Company. In 1858 these two brothers together with James D. Cowan united with Cowan & Dickinson and founded the Cowan, McClung & Company enterprise, with which he was identified as one of the leading spirits until his demise on March 17, 1908." ETC ETC

Lunenburg Co, Va Will Bk 14-page 162:Abstract by & courtesy of June Banks Evans, Bryn Ffyliaid Publications 560 Dix Drive, Brodnax, VA 23030. (
17 Sep 1861 – Will of Ebenezer Hepburn; made a will some years ago leaving estate to sis-in-law (Charity Ann Hepburn relict tstr’s bro Alexr Mcharg Hepburn, since remarried to Dr Wm E Dodson) now decd, leaving 2 children by sd Dodson – eldest Marion Hepburn Dodson ca age 2, youngest ca age 4 mths to be baptised Virginia Swepson Dodson; to sd daus of sd Charity Hepburn, all estate; names Robt R Swepson exor/keep sd property together until one of age or marries, then eq div -- if neither Marion/Virginia marry/reach age 21, property eq div bet Robt R Swepson, Martha A Swepson, Mary E Walker [formerly Mary E Swepson]; to Robt R Swepson, $2000 and allow him 2 yrs to continue/wind up his business with firm Hepburn/Swepson; to Martha A Swepson, $2000 or so much as with what tstr shall owe her at his death to make sum $4500; to Mary E Walker, $1000

Sig: Ebenezer M Hepburn

29 Oct 1863 –Codicile- Robert R Swepson and tstr having closed their business relations, and sd Swepson having left/pursuing own business, above will amended; sd Swepson excluded from all interest in estate; names Dr Saml Saunders (husband Martha A Swepson) exor; if sd daus Charity neither marry/reach age 21, all estate eq div bet Martha A Saunders (formerly Swepson) & Mary E Walker (formerly Swepson)

Sig: Ebenezer M Hepburn
Rec: 13 Jun 1864, by oaths Edmd O Winn/David J Bigger, sd Saunders granted probate

Petition for probate of  WILL of ROBERT SWEPSON COWAN


The petition of Charlotte White Cowan of Saratoga, County of Santa Clara, respectfully shows:

That Robert Swepson Cowan died on the 21st day of August, 1930 in the City and County of San Francisco, State of California.

That said deceased at the time of his death was a resident of the County of Santa Clara, State of California, and left an Estate consisting of both Real and Personal Property.

That said deceased left a will dated the 15th of August, 1930, which said will is filed with the County Clerk of the  County  of Santa Clara, State of California, which your petitioner believes and therefore alleges to be the last will and testament of the deceased; that a copy of said will is annexed to this petition.

That said will is entirely in the writing of the deceased, subscribed at the end thereof by the testator.

That at the time  said will was executed, to-wit  on the 15th day of August, 1930, the said testator was over the age of eighteen (18) years, to-wit, of the age of thirty-eight (38) years or thereabouts, and was of sound and disposing mind and was not under any duress, menace, or undue influence, and was in every respect competent, by last will, to dispose of all his estate; that your petitioner, Charlotte White Cowan, is named in said will as Executrix and consents to act as such Executrix; that she is named as sole beneficiary under said will.

That the names, ages and residence of the heirs are as follows:

Charlotte White Cowan, residing at Saratoga, Santa Clara County,, wife of said deceased

Robert Swepson Cowan, Jr, aged  eleven (11) years, residing at Saratoga, Santa Clara, County, son of said deceased

Carl White Cowan, aged four (4) years, residing at Saratogaa, Santa Clara County, son of said deceased

Mary Virginia Cowan, aged two and one-half  (2 1/2) years, residing in Saratoga, Santa Clara County, daughter of said deceased.

Etc, Etc, Dated March 23, 1930

Signed: Charlotte White Cowan, Petitioner

Perry W Long & Bert W Levit, Attorneys for Petitioner

Endorsed, Filed  August 29, 1930

Henry A Fiester, Clerk

By W. Banker, Deputy

Copy of Will:, annexed:

This is my Will.  I hereby revoke all previous wills and codicils by me made.  I hereby leave all my property, real and personal and mixed, to my wife Charlotte White Cowan.

I appoint her as Executor of this will and excuse her from giving bond or making settlement in court.

This August 15th, 1930

I have written this will here in the hospital; in my own handwriting.


Endorsed & Filed Aug. 29, 1930

Henry A Fiester, Clerk

By W. Banker, Deputy

LETTERS TESTAMENTARY issued to Charlotte White Cowan Sept 24, 1930

WILL certified in Court  by Thomas H Anderson, F J Peck  Sept 28, 1930


2. George William Swepson -Born June 23, 1819  Meck Co Va  
    Died: Raleigh, NC-March 7, 1883 -(was stricken w/paralysis of left side), aged 63 yrs, 8 mo, 18 days 
    Will Also Proved Meck. Co. Va.
    Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC
    (M)  Maria Virginia Bartlett Yancey April 23, 1842 Caswell Co. NC
    She was born Nov 2, 1826 & Died 1904. Raleigh, NC
    (No Children) 
    OCC: Businessman, Alamance Co, NC (TEXTILE MILLS)
(THE TOWN OF SWEPSONVILLE WAS NAMED FOR HIM-  There was at one time a Swepsonville Academy located there. Ref-Centennial History of Alamance Co., NC, 1849-1949, by Walter Whitaker in collaboration with Staley A. Cook & A. Howard White

"The villages of Alamance and Bellemont were both established by George W. Swepson, who built the first cotton mill there in 1868. This mill, called Falls Neuse, after a small town below Raleigh, N. C., was in full operation in 1870 with fifteen spinning frames and a hundred and fifty looms on "Alamance Plaids." Cotton from eastern Carolina was shipped by rail to Haw River and then by boat to Swepsonville.

When fire destroyed the mill in 1880*, it was rebuilt, and in 1886, the name was changed to Virginia Cotton Mills. A brick factory was constructed in 1893, following a second fire.

Virginia Mills, Inc., employs more than 1,100 workers today in the manufacture of upholstery and drapery materials and rayon"

*Undated newspaper article (1880) (Courtesy Ann Heth Connor)

The Swepson Mills

Mr. George W. Swepson arrived in the city yesterday from Swepsonville, Alamance County, where the mills were burned Thursday evening.  We yesterday published an account of the fire, and stated that some accidents had occurred.  These were found to be the prostration by heat of twn negro men and slight injuries to another, caused by a fall from a window.

The total loss is estimated by Mr. Swepson to be very nearly $140,000. with a total insurance, as stated yesterday, of $60,000.  It was found that more property, stock on hand, etc, was destroyed than was at first supposed.  Mr. Swepson, as was predicted, was not disheartened by the fire, but has already taken the first steps towards rebuilding the factory.  Yesterday morning a very large force began to make brick.  The new factory will be of brick throughout, and will be 74 x 550 feet in dimensions, with a height of one story.  It will contain 6,200 spindles.  Just now no looms will be put in, but will be completed by the first January next, as no stop will be made in the work.

Mr. M. T. Norris, of this city, was at the fire.  He says the scene was a terrible one.  All around the factory were the houses occupied by the hundreds of laborers employed there.  These men, women and children, white and colored, labored unceasingly, and with ardor, to save the property, all being wild with excitement.  About a thousand persons were dependent upon the factory for their daily bread.  These were overcome by the extent of the calamity.  Mr. Swepson was comparatively cool.  Yesterday morning he made known to the employees his desire to aid them and to tide them over the interval until the resumption of operations.  He told them that all who would stay and could work should not suffer for a home nor for food.  The employees, with one voice, agreed to “pitch   right in”, and did so, and are now at work, in one way or another, in rebuilding the factory.

Obituary of George William Swepson (Newspaper Clipping, undated (March, 1883) very faded--Courtesy of Ann Heth Connor

Funeral of Mr. George William Swepson

At 3 O'clock yesterday, at the First Baptist Church, the last services were held over the remains of Mr. Swepson.   The church was filled and the impressiveness of  the ceremonies was marked. The sermon, an able one, was preached by Rev. Mr. Skinner. who spoke feelingly of the dead man, who was one of his congregation.  Dr. Skinner was assisted in the services by Rev. Charles E. Taylor of Wake Forest and Rev. W. R. Gwaltney, Pastor of the Second Baptist Church.  The fine choir of the church rendered in an admirable manner appropriate musical selections.  The body was taken to Oakwood for interment.  The following gentlemen were the pallbearers:  Judge Thomas Ruffin, Major R. (?) Tucker, Col.  J. M. Heck, W. H. Pace, Esq.,  Hon. D. G. Fowler?, Col. Thos. C. Fuller, Col. Alex. B. Andrews, Capt. B. P. Williamson, Mr. M. T. Norris, Mr. T. H. Brigg, Jr., Mr. A. B. Bryan, Mr. Charles E. Johnson.

Biography of George William Swepson
Raleigh, North Carolina
Courtesy of Virginia Historical Society
The Center for Virginia History
Toni M Carter, Assistant Librarian

"George William Swepson businessman and Republican activist during Reconstruction, was born in Mecklenburg Co., Va., but in the early 1840's moved to Caswell Co., North Carolina, where he is said to have taught school.  In 1842 he married Virginia Bartlett Yancy, the daughter of Bartlett Yancy, a lawyer and congressman.  Swepson enjoyed considerable success as a banker, textile manufacturer, and broker; the town of Swepsonville was named for his cotton mill built there in 1868.  He was also a wholesaler and a land speculator.  A dreamer and a planner, he met his downfall by using other people's money to finance his projects. Instead of fulfilling his promise of becoming a great industrial statesman, he is remembered as one of the rascals in the history of North Carolina. Swepson became so involved in railroad fraud after the Civil War that he was dubbed "Our Boss Tweed" and was responsible for the coining of the term "swepsonize" to signify  whatever evil was current at the moment.

As his business fortunes grew, Swepson moved from Haw River to Raleigh. He became a major stockholder and president of the Raleigh National Bank, a partner in the New York bond firm of Swepson, Mendenhall, and Company, and president of the Western North Carolina Railroad.  It was in this latter capacity that he became involved with the notorious carpetbagger Milton Smith Littlefield.  Together they defrauded the state of an estimated $4 million in bonds that were intended for a western extension of the Western North Carolina Railroad. This they accomplished through forged proxies, stock manipulation, bribes, crooked bookkeeping, and numerous other intrigues.  The two men used the purloined state bonds to purchase an interest in Florida railroads.  Swepson envisioned building a railroad empire as Cornelius Vanderbuilt had in new York.  Legend maintains that he disappeared from Raleigh in the dead of night with the $4 million in bonds in the cab of a Raleigh and Gaston Railroad engine, tipping the young engineer two dollars when he arrived at his Haw River destination.

Swepson was indicted along with Littlefield for embezzlement, but probably due to the influence of highly placed friends, he was never convicted.  The state was able to recover some of the funds through the sale of a few Florida railroad bonds.  the fraud, however, delayed construction of the eastern extension of the Western North Carolina Railroad until 1880 and thus resulted in substantial economic loss to the region.

Swepson's tarnished reputation was further damaged in 1876, when he fatally shot Adolphus G. Moore in Haw River.  Moore was a business partner of Democrat Thomas W. Holt, who later became governor of North Carolina.  Moore, also a Democrat, had once been arrested by radical Republican governor William Woods Holden.  The killing of Moore apparently was politically motivated, although there is no known record of an investigation or a formal conclusion to the matter.  Again, Swepson was free.

 At times it was estimated that he had a personal fortune of between $1 and $2 million. To secure that fortune, he kept all of his assets in the names of his wife or agents and lout of reach of authorities.  Swepson was considered a conservative, "an Old Line Whig".  Although not active politically, he was a close friend of Governor Holden and other prominent officials in the Reconstruction Republican Regime.  

Swepson and his wife had no children.  He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, where his grave is marked by a very tall monument."

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Title George William Swepson : Biographical Sketch.
In: Dictionary of North Carolina biography. Chapel Hill, NC. v.5 (1994), p. 490.
Subjects Swepson, George William, 1819-1883.
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3. Mary Elizabeth Swepson born June 23, 1822 Died August 11, 1823 -Swepson Cemetery, Bugg's Island, near John H Kerr Lake, Mecklenburg Co, Va


4. Richard Swepson Born March 1, 1824 Died November 4, 1824 Swepson Cem., Bugg's Island, near John H Kerr Lake, Mecklenburg Co, Va


5. Robert Redd Swepson- Born Oct. 31, 1825 Meck Co, Va Died-March 23, 1902
    Knoxville, Tenn -Did not marry (copy of WILL below)
    OCC: Businessman, Lunenburg Co. Va , New York City & Knoxville, Tenn 
    Buried: Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tenn Lot 5, Section A

Robert Redd Swepson, below:


Home of Robert Redd Swepson, Knoxville, Tennessee

Obituary of Robert Redd Swepson,  The Knoxville Sentinel, Monday March. 24, 1902


Resident of Knoxville for Thirty-Six Years; and Largely Interested Here, Passed Away Sunday Afternoon

"Major R. R. Swepson, one of Knoxville's most prominent citizenss and business men, died Sunday afternoon at his home in West Knoxville.  His death was not unexpected as he had been sinking for several days. 

At the time of his death, which occurred about 1:15 o'clock, he was surrounded by his relatives and friends.

Major Swepson was about the streets in his carriage until about one month ago, when he became ill and was confined to his room.

The funeral will occur Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock from his residence, corner Laurel avenue and Eighth street.

The services will be conducted by Dr. Samuel Ringgold, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church and the interment will be in Old Gray Cemetery.

Maj. Swepson's life was an exemplification of the success that can be won by hard work and conscientious effort, when accompanied by ability.

Robert Redd Swepson was born in Virginia, October 13, 1825, and was consequently seventy-six years of age. He was a son of William Mallory Swrepson and Ann Edwards Redd and was one of six (seven)* children. He went to school five years at Old Church at Christianville, Va., now known as Chase City. He was given excellent advantages in educational training for that period and graduated at Wake Forest college, Wake County, North Carolina.  After leaving college he went into business with his brother, George Wiilliam Swepson, at Yanceyville, N.C. (*2 children died in infancy, 5 reached maturity-sgs)

During the scenes of the Civil War from 1861 to 1865, he was in Richmond.  At the close of the war, like a good (paper folded) southern young man, he went (to) New York and opened a com(mission)* house under the name of (Swepson)* Mendenhall & Co, #79 (Pearl Street)*.  He was in business in (New York, how) ever, only a short time.(*Ref-, another Obit & Business Card, in my file, sgs)

In December, 1866, Maj. Swepson came to Knoxville and has lived here ever since.  In January, 1867, he was elected president of the First National Bank of this city.  He has been connected to a number of business interests in Knoxville since that time, amassing a large property.

On September 1, 1876, he was elected president of the Knoxville Gas Light company, holding this position until his death. He was a member off the firm of Arnold, Henegar, Doyle & Co.  He was interested in the grocery business of Dick, Payne & Co., and was for a number of years in the firm of Briscoe, Swepson & Co., and also had large mining interests.

 His only brother who lived to maturity, George W. Swepson, died March 8, 1883, in Raleigh, N.C.  He had no children. Another brother died in infancy.   Major Swepson was the last of the name of Swepson, an old Virginia name which went out by his demise.

His nearest living relatives are Mrs. J. D. Cowan and Miss M. H. Dodson, children of his sister, Charity A. Swepson, who married Dr. Wm. E. Dodson, of Mecklenburg County, Va.; Mrs. L. H. Spilman and Mr. E. H. Saunders, children of his sister Martha Anderson Swepson, who married Dr. Samuel Saunders, of Lunenburg County, Va., ; Mrs. Mary W. Leach, George Walker, and McHarg Walker, children of his sister Mary Elizabeth Swepson, who married John Richard Walker.

Many of these relatives were present during his last illness.

Major Swepson was never married. He was very fond of his near relatives, in whom he took a loving and fatherly interest. He was a true friend and kindly in his nature.

Although a Virginian by birth, he became  thoroughly identified with Knoxville.  There was no citizen more loyal to its interest."


My Note- I also have a printed letterhead with the following on it:

R R Swepson, late of Knoxville, Tenn

S. Saunders



No 18 Wall Street, New York

Commencement of our Business 15th of Dec., 1872

Also the following letter written on a letterhead:

Jos. Jacques, President

W. W. Woodruff, Vice Pres.

R. C. Jackson, Cashier


Designated Depository, U.S.

Knoxville, Tenn. 31st March, 1882

Mr. R. R. Swepson. Esq.

Windsor Hotel, New York

Dear Sir

The East Tennessee National Bank will on the 1st day of May, 1882, turn over the keys of the banking house bought of the 1st National Bank to any Agent you will authorize to receive them.  The books and papers in our possession belonging to the First National Bank will be left in the building.

Young & Co

R. C. Jackson, Cashier



(Very lengthy, complicated Will; this is an abstract-sgs)

I, Robert Redd Swepson, of Knox County, State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, declare and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

First-I hereby direct that my Executor and Executrixes hereinafter appointed pay, as soon after my death as possible, all of my just debts, which are few

Second-It is my will and I hereby direct my Executor and Executrixes to proceed as rapidly as possible to close up all of my unsettled business and collect in all monies due and owing to me by bond, bill, note, account, or in any other manner whatsoever, and further pay my debts and place my estate in condition to be transferred to themselves as Trustees as hereinafter provided.

Third:-I hereby give and bequeath unto my cousin, John S Fields, SR of Virginia , Ten  thousand dollars $10,000.00) IN TRUST, he to receive the interest thereon during his natural life.

Fourth:-I hereby give and bequeath unto my niece, Marion Hepburn Dodson, the sum of ten thousand dollars (10,000.00),  IN TRUST.  she to receive the interest thereon during her natural life

Fifth:-I give and bequeath unto my nephew,  Ebenezer Hepburn Saunders, the sum of twenty thousand (20,000.00) dollars,  IN TRUST, he to receive the interest thereon during his natural life

Sixth:.-I hereby give and bequeath unto the children of my niece, Mary C. Leach, for and during their natural lives, the following sums:

John Walker Leach, and Ann Swepson Leach, each the sum of Twenty-five thousand dollars (25,000.00.) IN TRUST

To Robert Swepson Leach, the sum of Seventy-five thousand dollars., (75,000.00) IN TRUST,  they to receive the interest thereon, during their natural lives..

Seventh-I hereby give, devise, and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate of every nature, kind and character and description whatsoever and wherever situated to my Executor and Executrixes hereinafter appointed as joint Trustees to receive, hold, control and manage upon the following uses and Trusts.

The net rents, interest or income of this Trust Estate shall be paid over semi-annually to my three nieces,  Virginia Swepson Cowan, wife of James D Cowan; Lillian Swepson Spilman, and Mary C Leach, in the following proportions:

To said Virginia Swepson Cowan, (40) forty per cent of said net income.

To said Lillian Swepson Spilman (40) forty per cent of said net income.

To said Macy C. Leach (20) twenty per cent of said net income. 

Free from the control of  any Husbands, etc, So long as each lives.

Upon the death of Virginia Swepson Cowan,, this 40 per cent shall be paid over to her two children, Robert Swepson Cowan and Jeannette Cowan, and to any future children she may have, share and share alike, so long as either of said Robert Swepson Cowan and Jeannette Cowan is living.

Upon the death of  Lillian Swepson Spilman,  the rents, interests or income of this 40 per cent of the Estate shall be paid over to her two children Robert Redd Spilman & Lillian Spilman and to any future children she may have, share and share alike., as long as either of said children, Robert Redd Spilman or Lillian Spilman, is living.

Upon the death of my niece, Mary C Leach,  the rents, interest or income of this 20 per cent of the Estate shall be paid over to her three children, John Walker Leach, Ann Swepson Leach, and Robert  Swepson Leach, and to any future children she may have, share and share alike., as long as either of said three children John Walker, Ann S, or Robert S Leach is living.

Eighth-bottom of page-Very dark and difficult to read-Empowers the Trustees, hereafter named,  to  divide bonds, stock or real estate, to make proper deeds, etc. Trustees shall not be required to give bond.

Ninth:-I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my nieces Virginia Swepson Cowan and Lillian Swepson Spilman and my nephew Ebenezer Hepburn Saunders the Executrixes and Executor, and joint Trustees of and under this my last will and hereby expressly excuse and release each and all of them, and each and all of their successors, duly appointed and herein before provided, from giving bonds, either as Executor or as Trustee, having full confidence in those hereby appointed and in those that may be appointed under the terms of this will.

In witness whereof, I, the said Robert Redd Swepson, testator, have hereunto set my hand and seal at Knoxville, Tenn, this 30th day of November, 1901.

Robert Redd Swepson (Seal)

Signed, sealed and declared by said Robert Redd Swepson, testator, as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

C. E. Lucky

Edward T. Sanford

J. A. Fowler

Probated Book “B”, P. 2 March Term 1902 (Knox Co., Tn)

Elliott & Nye's Virginia Directory & Business Register, 1852, Lunenburg Co, Va- Hepburn & Swepson,  Merchants, Yatesville 

Index to Goodspeed's History of Tennessee
Biographical Appendix - Knox County
R R Swepson, president of the Knoxville Gas Light Company, is a native of Virginia, and came to Knoxville in December, 1866. He was president of the first National Bank until it closed in December, 1872. In July, 1884, he became a member of the firm Briscoe, Swepson & Co., of which he is still a member.  In September, 1876, he was elected president of the Knoxville Gas Light Company, and is the principal stockholder of the company which was organized in 1856.  He is also stockholder in the Island Home and East Tennessee Insurance Companies, Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company and the Poplar Creek Mining Company.  Our subject is the third child, and the only surviving member of a family of seven children born to William M. & Ann E. (Redd) Swepson., both of whom were natives of Virginia, Mecklenburg and Prince Edward Counties respectively.  They both died in the former named county.  Our subject's ancestors were of Scotch descent, and settled in Princess Anne County, Va."

Between 1854 & 1887 R R Swepson entered 1, 503 ac land located in Macon Co, North Carolina (Ref-MARS Index, NC Archives & History)

Entered Jan 21, 1854-50 Ac E/Side Nantiyahala Riv, Macon Co, Issued Nov 24, 1869

Entered July 14, 1854 400 AC Waters of Eagle Crk, Beg. @ a chestnyut, Issued July 14, 1870

Entered July 14, 1854-300 Ac, Waters of Tennessee River, Beg @ a hickory, Issued July 14, 1870

Entered July 14, 1854-300 AC, on the Pine Mountain Waters of Hazel Crk, Issued July 14, 1870

Entered March 10, 1856-, 216 Ac Waters of Nantyalee Riv, Macon Co Issued Nov 24,  1869

Entered Dec 13, 1860, 17 A/C Waters of Nantiyalee Riv, Macon Co, Issued Nov 24, 1869

Entered April 15, 1887-22 AC  AC on Sugar Fork River (Henry Stewart & Swepson) Issued Dec 22, 1887

SCOTT CO., VIRGINIA Index to Chancery Court Suits


6. Martha Anderson Swepson  Born CA 1828 Meck Co Va Died: April 27, 1882*
     (M) Dr Samuel Saunders  Dec 19 1861 Lun Co Va-at the home of her brother, George W. Swepson, at Haw River Depot, Alamance Co, NC  *Died from convulsions, caused by a fall.

.He was Born April 5, 1817 VA  Died ?
     Lived 1870 Macon Co, NC, Franklin T/S*- & 1880 Lunenburg Co, Va.
     (See 1871 deed to her from her brother, Robt. Swepson, below) * May have been occupying some of the land of her Brother, R R Swepson, as he owned more than 1,000 AC of Land in Macon Co, NC at this time-sgs

Elliott & Nye's Virginia Directory & Business Register, 1852 Lunenburg County-Samuel Saunders, Physician, Haleysburg

Dr. Samuel Saunders was apparently a partner w/Robert Redd Swepson in a Banking & Brokerage firm located  No 18 Wall Street, New York,  established. as R R Swepson & Co., Dec. 15, 1872 (Copy of Stationary in file)

 a. Ebenezer Hepburn Saunders Born Novembrr 7,1862 Lun/Charlotte Co, Va  Died after 1930 census, Knoxville, Tn
            (M) Janie Johnston 
            Born Ca 1875 Tenn (No children as of 1920, 1930 census) lived in Knoxville, Knox Co, Tenn 1900.- 1930 OCC: Collector @ Tax Office -& 1920, 1930 Furniture Mfgr. Knoxville, Tn
Both buried @ Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tn

 b. Robert Saunders b. Aug. 25, 1864 died October 7, 1864 with diptheria age 7 weeks, 3 days

 c. Mary Virginia Lillian Swepson Saunders  Born Apr 20, 1866 Lun/Char. Co, VA 
            Died Dec 7, 1931 Knoxville, Tn*
            Old Gray Cemetery-or Greenwood Cem., Knox Co., Tn
            (M) June 24, 1896  Lewis Hopkins Spilman  (Lawyer) 
            He was born March 8, 1860 Died May 23, 1938 Knoxville, Tn
            *Removed from Old Gray Cem to Greenwood Cemetery, April 1, 1932
            Lived in Knoxville, Tenn  1900-1930)
                    1. Robert Redd Spilman Born Dec 27, 1899 Knox Co, Tenn.
                        Died July 25, 1977 Sanford, Seminole, Fla
                        Greenwood Cemetery, Knox Co., Tn?
                        Vice Pres. Cotton Mill, 1930 Knox Co, Tn
                        SSDI-ROBERT SPILMAN 27 Dec 1899 Jul 1977 Sanford, Seminole, FL  Issued: TN pr to 1951
                        (M) Lila H _______ Ca 1925
                               Born Ca 1906 NC
                               a. Robert H Spilman Born Ca 1927 Tn
                               b. Lila S. Spilman Born Ca 1929 Tn
                    2. Child  born & died pr to 1900 Census
                    3.. Lillian Saunders Spilman Born Oct 14, 1901 Knox Co Tenn Died: Jan 12, 1996-SSDI-LILLIAN S HOWARD 14 Oct 1901 12 Jan 1996 Issued: TN (1962 )
                         (M)  Frank Catlett HOWARD  Ca 1924
                                  Born abt 1897 Tn
                                  Lived Knoxville, Tn 1930
                                  a. Frank C., Jr. Howard Born July 8, 1927 Knoxville,  Tn Died June 24, 1998 Orlando, Fla
                         SSDI-FRANK C HOWARD JR 8 Jul 1927- 24 Jun 1998 Orlando,  Orange, FL Iss'd  IL pre to 1951            
                    4.. Samuel Taylor Spilman Born Mar 27, 1904 Knox Co, Tenn Died May 3, 1990 Knoxville, Tn; single, bond salesman,  1930 Shreveport, Caddo, La-SSDI-S T SPILMAN 27 Mar 1904 3 May 1990 Knoxville, Knox, TN  Issued: TN pr to 1951
                    5.. Martha Anderson Spilman Born Nov 11, 1906 Knox Co, Tn  Died Jan 1, 1999 Knoxville, Tn (SSDI)  (M) Martin Ross Baker             
                    6. Virginia Lee Spilman  Born Jan 21, 1911 Knox Co, Tenn Died July, 1991she is single 1930 Knox Co, Tx- SSDI-VIRGINIA S BATSON 21 Jan 1911- Jul 1991 Issued: TN (1962 )
                         (M) Ben A Batson
       d. Son Saunders Born May, 1868 (Charlotte Co., Va. Births )  app. died prior to 1870


7. Mary Elizabeth Swepson  Born February 27th, 1831 Meck.Co, VA Died February 20th, 1869 Saturday @ 2 PM of Consumption, aged 38 yrs, 7 days (Ref: Swepson Bible Records)
           (M) May 16, 1855 John Richard W. Walker -at the residence of Ebenezer M Hepburn, Spring Bank, Lunenburg Co, Va by Rev. A T Davidson 
            He was b. abt 1824 Va d. abt 1898 Mecklenburg Co, Va (He remarried  and had other children-They lived  1860 Drapersville, Meck. Co., Va-Farmer; 1870 Macon Co, NC* (Franklin T/S) Farmer; He lived 1880 Meck Co, Va w/ 2nd or third wife and some younger children. *May have been occupying some of the land of her brother R R Swepson, as he owned more than 1,000 acres land in Macon  Co., NC, at this time.-sgs

    Children - WALKER
            a. William Hepburn Walker born Feb 11, 1856-Died July 16, 1856 Bur: Hepburn Cem, Ravenscroft Est, Lun .Co Va.
            b. George Swepson Walker  Born June 16,  1858 Va. Died bet. 1910-1920 Dutchess Co, New York
                (M) abt. 1891 Minnie ______b. Feb. 1872 NY  He was  a single store clerk, 1880 Thompson, Alamance Co, NC ; Farmer, 1900 Washington, Dutchess Co., New York, Wife operates Boarding House, Had 4 children, 4 living;  Farmer, 1910 Clinton, Dutchess Co, New York; Wid & 4 children, 1920 Pine Plains, Dutchess Co, New York 

                       Children: Walker

                       1. Raymond Walker b. June 1892  New York, single mechanic 1920 Pine Plains, Dutchess, NY; Toolsmith, Factory, 1930 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co, NY

                            (M) Ruth ______b. abt 1900 NY

                                   Children: Walker

                                    a. Raymond Walker b. abt 1921 NY

                                    b. Audrey Walker b. abt 1925 NY

                        2. John Richard Walker. b. Aug, 1896 New York-missing 1920

                        3. George Swepson Walker, Jr b. July, 1898 New York-single, machinist, 1920 Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., NY

                        4. Arkley Leach Walker b. March, 1900 New York-single, mechanic 1920 Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., NY- (M) Nellie J ____abt 1923 She was  b. abt 1901 NY (He is a Foreman, Bearing Factory, 1930 Plainville, Hartford, Connecticut-No children in HH (M) @ ages 24 & 23

                        5. Helen M. Walker b. abt 1902 New York-single, HH of mother, 1920 Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., NY
            c. Helen Augustus Walker  (twin) Born February 15, 1860 Va. Died  April 27,1881 aged 21 yrs, 2 mo, 12 days
                (NSDAR Lin. Vol 128, P. 299)
                (M) Ca 1878 Joseph Price Prichard, Jr.  Born 1849-Died 1889 Lived 1870 Macon Co, (Franklin T/S ) N. C., w/parents
                Lived in Raleigh, Wake Co, NC 1880
                       1. Mary S Prichard Born June, 1880 Raleigh, NC 
                           (M) Sanders Stephens
 (She single, 1900-Lived in  Knox Co, Tenn. w/Robert R. Swepson)
           d. Suzey Walker (Twin) Born Ca 1860 Va.-died pr to1870
           e. Alexander Ebenezer Mcharg Hepburn Walker Born November 11, 1862  Va died June 1, 1948 Los Angeles, California- Living w/parents 1870 Macon Co, NC &  1880 Meck Co, Va,  ( Alexander E. Walker, 1900 Florence, Lauderdale Co, Ala, (Lawyer)  Alex. M Walker 1910 Florence,  Lauderdale Co, Ala , (Lawyer, Genl. Practice); Alexander Walker, 1920 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala (Bank Mgr)  & Mack H Walker, 1930 San Francisco, California (Real Estate Salesman) 

(M) abt 1887 Minnie A_____b. abt 1868 Ala She was the mother of all his known children. In 1900 had 6 children, 4 living.

 (M) #2 Adelia B. _____ b. abt 1880 Wyoming (census records in file-sgs)

                        Children: Walker

                         1. James A Walker b. Oct., 1893 Ala (single, boarder, Bank Accountant, 1920 New Orleans, Orleans Par., La)

                         2. Frances Florence G. Walker b. June, 1896 Ala (single, 1920 Birmingham, Ala)

                         3. Alexander E. b. April, 1898 Ala. d. pr to 1910 census

                         4. John Frank R. b. July, 1899  Ala (single 1920 Birmingham, Ala)

                         5 & 6 names unk. to me; born & died bet. cenaus records
           f. Mary Camilla Walker.  Born  Oct. 19, 1865 VA Died: July 18, 1952 Buried Old Gray Cem., Knoxville, Tn beside son John Walker Leach & #1 husband, Ackley Daniel Leach (living w/parents. Macon Co, NC 1870, &  1880 Meck Co, Va) (Living on  Laurel Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn 1900-1920)
              (M) Oct. 13,  1886 VA  Ackley Daniel LEACH 
Born Dec 14, 1858 NY Died July 21, 1898 Knoxville, Tn.  He is buried in Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tenn Lot 615, Quadrant H-8

                         Children LEACH 
                         1. John Walker  Leach   Born July 22, 1888 Wytheville, VA  Died Jan 2., 1944 Buried Old Gray Cem., Knoxville, Tn Lot 615, Quad. H-8 beside father; Single, salesman in Knoxville, Tenn. 1910-Lt/Capt. WWI, Knox Co, Tn-1920 Knoxville, Tn Lithographer, single; 1926 Knoxville City Directory: J. Walker (Bessie B) LEACH, slsmn K Litho. Co, r 1 Kincaid Apts-1930 Knoxville, Tn Lithographer, Widower
                              (M) pr to 1926- #1 Bessie G._____d. Pr to 1930 census
                              (M) #2 Virginia Hoffman, Born July 19, 1892 Died Mar. 26, 1959 Buried: Old Gray Cem., Knoxville, Tn w/ husband Lot 615, Quad H-8
                          2. .Ann Swepson Leach  Born May, 1891 Knoxville, Tenn; Teacher, Knoxville School for the Deaf, 1920-1922, Knoxville, Tn (Single) 
                          3.  Robert Swepson Leach  Born April, 1894 Knoxville, Tenn. -Died______For Obit--, SEE "Tennessee Rifleman"   PUB by Tenn. Society, SAR, Vol.  7, Issue 4, Oct. 1966) Stufdent, 1920, Boston, Mass; 1926 City Directory, Robert S. Leach w/Jennie B., Reaves-Leach Informary
                               (M) Jennie  B. ______B-Ca 1894 Ga.
                  Mary Camilla (Walker) Leach  (M) #2-  Dr. William L  McCreary 1904. He was b. abt 1855 Ohio (Physician, 1910,  1920 Knoxville, Tn)
                           4. Mary E. McCreary Born Ca 1909 Tenn (single 1920 Knox Co, Tn


Nancy E. Redd, d/o George Redd* (1751-1818) and Elizabeth Cooke- They married June 12, 1816 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. 

*See REDD Family Bible Records, below-sgs

Will of George Redd (Will Book 4, p. 468-470], Mecklenburg Co., VA

In the name of God, Amen -- I GEORGE REDD of the County of Mecklenburg and State of Virginia being at this time of sound and disposing mind and memory do make Constitute and appoint this to be my Last will and testament in manner and form as follows towit.--

I leave to my Grand Children the children of my late son-in-law ARMISTEAD MEALER [MILLER] and my Daughter SUSANNAH the sum of fifty cents each, -- I bequeath to my Grand Children, the Children of my late son-in-law JAMES EDWARD SCOTT and my Daughter ELIZABETH also the sum of fifty cents each. -- I bequeath to my son THOMAS REDD, the sum of fifty cents. -- I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter AMANDA M. REDD the daughter of my Son THOMAS, one negro Girl Slave named Nicey, with her increase, to the use of the said AMANDA and her heirs. -- I hereby direct that my executors hereinafter named Shall as soon as Convenient after my death, make sale of all my lands, lying being & situate in the County of Prince Edw. and of which I shall die seized, to the highest bidder, upon such terms and upon such credits as they shall deem most Eligible and that they shall divide the money therefrom arising equally among my three sons ROBERT, JAMES and EDWIN the proceeds of which sale I hereby bequeath to the said ROBERT, JAMES and EDWIN, and their heirs, but in the event if either of my said sons ROBERT, JAMES and EDWIN dying before they attain the age of twenty one years, or are married, their share or shares of those so dying, I hereby direct shall be divided among the Survivors and my Children THOMAS, my daughter, NANCY SWEPSON, my daughter MARTHA W. REDD and my daughter FRANCIS ELIZA F. REDD, to the use of them and their heirs -- I hereby direct that the Slaves which I have given and delivered to my daughter, NANCY SWEPSON, the wife of WILLIAM SWEPSON shall be appraised, by those persons who shall be appointed appraisers of my Estate (Excepting any increase which the said Slaves may have, since they were given) and that an equal number if valuation shall by my Executors be allotted to my daughter MARTHA W. REDD, to whom with their increase, I bequeath the said salves so allotted to her the said MARTHA and her heirs. -- I give and bequeath to my wife my Carriage and horses, and my Clock, to the use of my said wife and her heirs -- I give and bequeath to all my Children who are now unmarried one feather bed and furniture, all the rest and residue of my property whether of Slaves, Stock money or other personal property, of which I may die possessed -- I hereby bequeath to my Children, ROBERT REDD, JAMES REDD, EDWIN REDD, my daughter NANCY SWEPSON, MARTHA W. REDD and FRANCIS ELIZA F. REDD, to be equally divided among them, and their heirs. Except that, I hereby direct that my WIFE shall have the use of all the property hereby bequeathed to my daughter, FRANCIS E.F. REDD untill she attains the age of twenty one years or is married, for the purpose of Supporting and Educating my said daughter FRANCIS E.F. REDD, also in the event of my wife being dissatisfied with the provisions hereby made for her benefit, by this my Will, and refusing to stand to the same, and claiming and taking her third part of my land and other property, as her Dower in the Same, I hereby in that event, bequeath and leave to my daughter FRANCIS ELIZA F. REDD, the sum of Ten Dollars, meaning hereby upon the happening of the above event to exclude her the same FRANCIS, from deriving or receiving any benefit -- under any provisions hereby made for her by any Clause, in this my last will and Testament. I hereby constitute & appoint my sons THOMAS REDD, ROBERT REDD and WILLIAM M. SWEPSON Executors of this my last will and testament and direct that they shall not be Compelled to give any Security for the performance of their duties, and more over and finally do hereby revoke all former Wills and testaments heretofore made and published by me -- In Testimony whereof I have this the Sixteenth day of April One thousand eight hundred and eighteen. Written my hand and affixed my seal

Signed, Sealed & acknowledged GEORGE REDD [SEAL]
in presence of
Wm J Pattillo, Geo M. Goode
Hume R Field

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County Court the 21st day of September, 1818, This will was proved by the oaths of GEORGE M. GOODE and HUME R. FIELD two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, on the motion of THOMAS REDD and WILLIAM M. SWEPSON two of the executors therein named who made oath thereto; there being no Security required by the said Will, they are permitted to give bond without security, Whereupon they entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of Fifty thousand dollars Conditions as the Law directs, Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of the said Will in due form, Liberty being reserved to the Other Executor therein named to join the probate when he shall think fit --
Teste: Joel Watkins DC


INDEX TO VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS, 1784-1811 Virgil D. White
P. 657-William Swepson, Priv.  1st Batt'n. 19th Regt. Virginia Militia (Major John Ambler, 1807

March 1st- 1810 Virginia Tax  Lists Mecklenbvurg Co., Va

[ White Tithables, Slaves over 12 yrs.,  Horses]-Joseph B. Clausel's list:Alexander Boyd, Joseph Townes, William Swepson, Abraham Hester 4/70/25

Will of William Mallory Swepson  WB 14, P 71-73 Meck., Co., Va

In the Name of God, Amen, I William M Swepson of the County of Mecklenburg and State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament
In the first place I lend to my beloved wife Ann E Swepson all my land, negroes, household and kitchen furniture, stock of every description, plantation utensils and crops on hand for and during her natural life or widowhood with the privilege of giving off to my children as they marry or become of age such property as she may see cause., which property so given shall be valued by 2 disinterested neighbors and accounted for in a general division as so much of their part of my estate
Secondly, it is my will and desire at the death of my beloved wife Ann E Swepson, or upon marrying again, that my lands, stock, household and kitchen furniture and every thing lent her, except what she may have given off to her child or children, shall be sold except the negroes and the money arising from the sale and the negroes shall be equally divided between my children

Charity Ann Swepson, George W Swepson, Robert R Swepson, Martha A Swepson, and Mary E Swepson, and their heirs forever.

I do hereby authorize and empower my wife to sell, should I not do it before my death, a negro woman by the name of Maria, upon condition that she shall with the money purchase another woman in her place.

Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Ann E Swepson whole and sole Executrix to this my last will and testament do respectfully request of the worshipful County of Mecklenburg that they will not make her do any security for the performance of her duties as my Executrix.

As witness my hand and seal this twenty ninth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.

Wm. M. Swepson (Seal)

William T White James Brame R Brame

 I, William M Swepson, hold by deeds in the county court office of Mecklenburg, Virginia, three shares or legatees parts of the negroes in the possession of Ray Moss widow as her thirds or dower. There are only two of those shares or legatees parts that belong to me, the other one rightfully belongs to Thomas Redd's heirs or legatees. I sold it to Thomas Redd a short time before his death and rec'd payment, but from neglect the conveyance of right never was made. It is my will and desire that one legatees part or share shall go to Thomas Redd's heirs , two shares only belonging to me.

Signed: Wm. M Swepson Witnesses:
William T White James Brame R Brame


At a Court held for Mecklenburg County on the 16th day of May, 1836, the foregoing instrument of wm M Swepson deceased was this day produced in open court and the subscribing witnesses thereto being out of this Commonwealth, Wm C Wall and John S Field, were sworn and examined; s ay that they are well acquainted with the handwriting of the Testator, having frequently seen him write and that they verily believe the said Will throughout, as well as the signature thereto, to be in the proper handwriting of the said Wm M Swepson, dec'd.; thereupon, the said will was ordered to be recorded, and on motion of Robert Redd, who made oath thereunto, and together with Beverly Sydnor and John S Fields, his securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $15,000.00 conditioned according to law a certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of Administration with the will aforesaid annexed on the estate of the said wm M Swepson, deceased.

Jno G Baptiste

Dec 19, 1836 Inventory of Est filed (WB 14. p 116,117) Signed by appraisers and John S Fields, ADM Jan 20, 1837 Robert Redd, Dec'd- late Adm  of  Wm. M. Swepson- Accts. adjusted (WB 14. p 213) WB 15- p 271-273 Accounting for 1837. 1838,  Filed by John S. Fields, Adm.
Final Division of est by Court Jan 1, 1839 WB15- p 243-251-Final acctg filed Apr 20, 1840 Guardian BK 3-P 141-144 1839, 1840 John S Fields, Gdn. of George W Swepson, Martha Swepson, Mary Swepson, Robert R Swepson

WILLIAM M SWEPSON CEMETERY RECORDS, per Craig Brown, Park Ranger, John H Kerr Lake & Dam, Mecklenburg Co., Va -located on Private Property on Bugg's Island, just a short walk from Kerr Lake.  the farm/plantation would have been bordering the Roanoke River.

Directions to cemetery, per Ranger Craig Brown-

starting from Clarksville, VA.-Take 15N; turn right on Route 49; turn left on Trottinridge Road (County Road 609); travel approx. 1.5 miles and turn left on a small road called "Line Fence" Road. This is a private, dirt road. Turn left on the road and follow
(keeping left) to near the end where you'll turn right on Swepson Ln. Follow
Swepson Ln to the end, and you'll see two red blazes on a tree at the forest line. Park here and follow wide trail (bearing right) for about 100 feet -you'll see the little cemetery on the right.-Access to the cemetery is through Private Property; the owners live in the
big white house you'll see as you turn into Line Fence Road. Anyone visiting the cemetery will need the owner's permission to get access.
The cemetery is on Corps of Engineers land, but land access goes through private land

1 large, 4 - sided marker,  which has fallen over and become detached from it's base,  surrounded by a rock wall, with following inscriptions:

William Mallory Swepson Born April 7, 1783 Married June 12, 1816 Died August, 1835 "An honest man is the noblest work of God"

Ann Edwards Redd Wife of William M. Swepson Born September 22, 1796 Married June 12, 1816 Died May, 1836 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"

Mary Elizabeth,  Infant Daughter of William M & Ann E Swepson Born June 23, 1822 Died August 11, 1823 "Early lost, Early saved"

Richard, Infant son of William M & Ann Swepson Born March 1, 1824 Died November 4, 1824 "Of such is the Kingdom of Heavan"

Cemetery also includes markers, below

John W Spencer 1839-1893

wife Frances  J Spencer 1839-1864, also an infant son Spencer

Within the Swepson plot there appears to be a few headstones and footstones,  indications of  burial, w/no inscriptions

There is also a long rock walled plot (maybe 14' X 40") next to the one that holds the Swepson tombstone.  It's not as high and there are no markers at this site

Thank you, Ranger Craig Brown!

1870 Bluestone, Mecklenburg Co, Va-John W Spencer H

1880 Clarksville, Mecklenburg Co-John W Spencer HH


Bible Records of the William M Swepson family-Courtesy of Ann Heth Connor, Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia

The following information has been gleaned from several Bible Record Pages sent by Ann Connor-sgs

Lucy Swepson was born March 19 March, 1780 & died 17 June 1810-Married John J Speed, moved to Gennessee Co., NY (farmer)

left two children John James Speed & Julia Speed

Charity Swepson was born 16, Nov, 1781 & died Jan. 22, 1825 aged 43 yrs 16 Nov., 1824,  Unmarried

William Mallory Swepson was born April 7, 1783 & died August, (day not given) 1835

Nancy Ann Edwards Redd was born Sept. 22, 1796. & died May (day not given), 1836

They were married June 12, 1816


Charity Ann Swepson was born March 8, 1817  & died June 29, 1861 (from relapse of child-bed fever)

Charity Ann Swepson married Alexander McHarg Hepburn Oct. 29, 1844 at the residence of John S Fields, Roslin?, Mecklenburg Co., Va

Alexander McHarg Hepburn was born Sept. Sept 11, 1792 Died Nov, (day not given) 1845

Charity Ann Swepson married William Edward Dodson Oct. 29, 1856

William Edward Dodson was born Nov 7, 1816

George William Swepson was born June 29th, 1819 (M) Mary Virginia Yancey and died Raleigh, NC March 7, 1883, 2:20 PM,  from paralysis of left side, age 63 yrs, 8 mo, 18 days

Mary Elizabeth Swepson was born June 23, 1822 & died April 11, 1823

Richard Swepson was born March 1, 1824 and died Nov. 4, 1824

Robert Redd Swepson was born Oct. 13, 1825 Died March 23, 1902 Knoxville, Tenn -Did not marry

Martha Anderson Swepson was born Sept 5, 1828 Died April 27, 1882 –Convulsions caused by a fall (M) Dr. Samuel Saunders Dec. 19, 1861 at the residence of her brother George William Swepson at Haw River Depot, Alamance Co., NC

Mary Elizabeth Swepson (2nd) was born Feb. 27, 1831 Died: February 20, 1869 , Saturday at 2PM of consumption, aged 38 yrs, 7 days. Married John Richard Walker May 16, 1855 at the residence of Ebenezer M. Hepburn, Spring Bank, Lunenburg Co, Va  by the Rev. A F. Davidson

Ebenezer Hepburn Saunders was born Nov. 7, 1862 graduated from Georgetown  College and University of Virginia Law School

Robert Saunders was born Aug. 25, 1864 & died October 16, 1864 of diptheria , aged 7 weeks, 3 days

Lillian Swepson Saunders was born April 20, 1866 (M) Lewis H Spilman & had 6 children

Son (Saunders) was born May 23, 1868

Marion Hepburn Dodson was born Oct. 21, 1859

Virginia Swepson Dodson was born May 22, 1861

George Swepson Walker was born June 16, 1858

Helen Augusta Walker was born Feb. 15, 1860 & died April 27, 1881, aged 21 yrs, 2 mo, 12 days (M) Pritchard

McHarg Hepburn Walker was born Nov. 11, 1862

Mary Camilla Walker was born Oct. 19, 1864


Bible of Capt George REDD Family (Courtesy Ann Heth Connor)

Capt George Redd born Dec. 1, 1754

Elizabeth Cocke born 14 March, 1760

They were married Dec 26th, 1775


Susanna Redd was born Dec 2nd, 1777 (My note-Married Armistead Miller, Aug 15, 1796 Pr. Edward Co., Va)

Anderson Redd born Nov 1st, 1779

Betsy Redd born 9th July, 1782 (My Note-Marr. Edward F. Scott May 19, 1798 Pr. Edward Co., Va

Thomas Redd born Jan 28th, 1784

John Fontaine Redd born5th March, 1786

George Washington Redd born Dec 3rd, 1788

William Redd born Feb. 18th, 1790

Polly Redd born March 1st, 1792

Francis Redd born Aug 9th, 1794 (Mar. Chappell Love, Feb. 18, 1812 Pr. Edward Co, Va)

Nancy Edwards Redd born Sept. 22nd, 1796 (M) William Mallory Swepson

James Redd born 27th April, 1801

Martha Redd born 23rd July, 1803

Edwin Redd born 8th May, 1805

Note written on this page:

At the time William M Swepson married,  Capt Geo. Redd was living 5 miles from Boydton, afterwards owned by Edward H Turpin and others  Capt Geo. Redd had 15 children


Anderson Redd departed this life Dec 8th, 1801 at 8 o’clock AM

John Fontaine Redd departed this life Feb 23rd, 1806 at 3 ock. PM

Susanna Miller departed 18 March, 1810 

Elizabeth Redd departed 20 July, 1810

George Washington Redd departed Dec. 1, 1812

Frances H Love departed July 1813

Armistead  Miller departed 3 Sept., 1813

George Redd departed this life Aug. 19th, 1818

William Redd departed this life December 23, 1818

Polly Redd departed Dec. 23, 1818

Edwin Redd departed Oct. 3, 1822 at  8:45

Thomas Redd departed 20th Aug, 1825, 1:30 AM

Mary Y Redd departed 25th Oct, 1825

James Redd departed December 14, 1825

Martha Watkins Fields departed her life 16 May, 1831 at 58 after 4 AM


DODSON Family Records-(Courtesy, Ann Heth Connor)

William Green, son of William Willis Green & Martha his wife was born May 22nd, 1777

Mary Green, daughter of Wm. W. Green & Martha his wife was born 20th October, 1787

Edward Dodson. Son of Edward & Frances Dodson, was born 21st (blank) 1783

Edward Dodson & Mary (Green) his wife were married the 14th of June, 1814


James H Dodson was born 12th April, 1815

Wm Edward Dodson was born 7th Nov, 1816

John Lewis Dodson was born 9th March, 1818

Elizabeth Agnes Dodson was born 8th Jany, 1819

Mary Frances Dodson was born 23rd June, 1821

George Henry Dodson was born 14th Sept, 1822

Minerva Ann Dodson was born 22nd May, 1824

Benjamin  Franklin Dodson was born the 10th June, 1825


Edward Dodson & Mary (Green) his wife were married 14th June, 1814

Reps A Barnes and Minerva Dodson were married the 12th of May, 1857

William Edward Dodson & Charity Swepson were married Oct. 29, 1856


Elizabeth Agnes Dodson died 2nd April, 1826

George Henry Dodson died  the 22nd July, 1827

John Lewis Dodson  died  the 7th Jany, 1845

Mary Frances Dodson died the 25th August, 1850

Mary Dodson died the 16th Jany 1858

Minerva Ann Barnes died Feb. 15th, 1899


HEPBURN Family Bible Records-Courtesy Ann Heth Connor

Register of the ages of the Hepburn Children, extracted from his Family Register in Burkett’s Testament by John S Ravenscroft

William Hepburn & Mary Watts McHarg were married the 17th of Sept., 1785

Mary Watts Hepburn their daughter was born the 24 Nov, 1786

John Hepburn their son was born the 10 June, 1788

Elizabeth Harriett Hepburn their daughter was born 28 May, 1790

Alexander McHarg Hepburn their son was born the 11th Sept, 1792

Ebenezer McHarg Hepburn their son was born the 30 March, 1794

Mary Watts Hepburn the wife of William Hepburn & mother of these children died April 1, 1794 

Mary Watts Hepburn, their oldest child died the _______1794

Elizabeth Harriett Hepburn their third child died the ______1794

William Hepburn the husband and father of the above children died after a lingering illness of 3 months and some days on the ___Nov, 1794

Notes added by Swepson family:

Alexander McHarg Hepburn Married Charity Ann Swepson at the residence of John S Fields Sr, Roslin?, Mecklenburg Co, Va in October, 1844

Alexander McHarg Hepburn Died November , 1845

Ebenezer McHarg Hepburn born March 30, 1794 Died May 7, 1864 Aged 70 yrs, 1 mo, 7 days


1820 Meck. Co, Va  Wm M. Swepson 
1 M 26-45, Himself,  1 M 16-26, (Unidentified)  1 M 10-16 (Unidentified) 
1 M Und 10 (George W.) 
1 F,  Und 10,  (Charity) 1 F 10-16,  (Unidentified) 2 F 16-26 (#2 wife & Unidentified)
19 slaves

1830 Meck. Co, Va.  P 55 Wm. Swepston
 2 males 5-10 (George W. & Robert R.) 1 M 40-50 Himself
1 Fe 30-40 #2 wife Nancy E Redd
1 Fe 10-15 dtr Charity
1 Fe 5-10 dtr Martha A.  
&  21 slaves
Dtr Mary E. was born 1831

William M Swepson died 1835 & his wife Nancy Ann Edwards Redd Swepson died 1836-their children are prob. enumerated in a Guardian's HH in 1840

1850 Caswell Co, NC P 209 Yanceyville PO HH 525-527 (Sept 24, 1850)
George W. Swepson 31 M Va Farmer $9,000.
Virginia B. " 23 F  Born Caswell, NC
Fannie Y. McAdams 10 F  Born Caswell, NC
Bartlett Y. " 19 M Born Caswell, NC Clerk
R. R. Swepson 24 M Born Va Clerk ( Also Enu. 1850 Lun, Va on Dec 12th, 1850)
Rebecca Spraggins 21 F Born Va
John G. Jeffreys 30 M Born Caswell, NC Clerk

1850 Lun. Co, Va P 45 HH 687-687 (taken Dec 12th, 1850)
Ebenezer Hepburn 56 M Va Farmer $21,010 **
Edward Goode 45 M Va Miller
Robert Swepston 22 M Va Merchant
Phillip Wallace 26 M Va Farm Manager
Mrs. C. Swepston 32 F Va (Charity Ann Swepson Hepburn)
Martha " 22 F Va
Mary " 18 F Va
**Brother to Charity Swepson's 1st Husband)

1860 Mecklenburg Co, Va. Drapersville PO) P 295 HH 521-501
John  (Richard) W Walker 36 M Va Farmer
Mary " 26 F Va (Mary Elizabeth Swepson) died 1869 & husb. remarried pr to 1870
George " 2 M Va (George Swepson Walker)
Helen " 3/12 F Va (Helen Augusta Walker)
Suzey " 3/12 F Va-missing 1870

1860 Lunenburg Co, Va P 940  HH 65-64 Pleasant Grove PO
Ebenezer Hepburn 66 M Va Farmer 16,000/39,777
Martha Swepston 28 F Va
Robert Swepston 30 M Va Merchant
Thomas Ames 19 M Va Merchant & Clerk
Ebenezer Jones 64 M Va Overseer
M. H. Dodson 8/12 F Va (Marion Hepburn Dodson,  dtr of Charity (Swepson) Hepburn. Dodson)

P 940-HH 64-63 Pleasant Grove PO
William E. Dodson 42 M Va  Occ: M D
C. A. " 42 F Va (Charity Ann (Swepson) Hepburn, Dodson
and sev.  employees

1870 Macon Co,* North Carolina, Franklin T/S P 312 HH 197-213
S(amuel) Saunders 53 WM Physician, 6,000/1385. Born Va
Martha A. " 42 WF Born Va Keeping house (Swepson)
E. Hebble " 7 WM Va (Ebenezer Hepburn Saunders)
Mary V. " 4 WF Va (Mary Virginia Lillian Swepson Saunders)

& next door-HH 198-214, Franklin , Macon Co, NC*
John R (ichard). Walker 46 WM Va farmer 8,000/1065.
Elizabeth "  35 WF Va 2nd wife**
George S. " 12 WM Va (George Swepson Walker) (see 1880 Alamance Co, NC)
Hellen A. " 10 WF Va  (Helen Augusta Walker (M) J P Prichard
M. Carl " 7 WM Va  (Alexander Ebenezer McHarg Walker)
Mary " 4 WF Va (Mary Camilla Walker)

*R R Swepson owned at least 1500 acres of land in Macon Co, NC at this time-sgs) 

**Mary Elizabeth Swepson died Feb. 20, 1869 of consumption)

John Richard Walker & #2 wife, Elizabeth "Bettie"______ had 2 children -He then married #3 Mary_____ and had other children-Ref-Meck. Co., Va Births & census records-sgs

1880 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) P 282A
J. P. Prichard 28 WM SC NC NC Merchant
Helen W. " 19 WF NC VA NC wife (Helen Augusta Walker)
Lizzie C. Walker 07 WF Va Va NC sister-in-law-also enum. w/father 1880 Meck Co, Va (1/2 sister to Helen Walker Pritchard)
Alice Colley 25 WF Va Va Va Cook
and 1 bl servant

1880 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) P314C ED 269 HH 95-95
George W. Swepson 60 WM Va Va Va Occ: Manufacturer
Virginia " 53 WF NC NC NC  Wife (nee Yancy)
Virga. McAden 15 WF NC  NC NC Niece
& 7 black servants

1880 Lunenburg Co, Va (Rehobath Dist) P 335D
Samuel Saunders 63 WM Va Va Va Farmer
Martha A " 51 WF Va Va Va wife ( Swepson)
Ebenezer " 17 WM Va Va Va son
Lillian S. " 14 WF Va Va Va Dtr

1880 Charlotte Co, Va Bacon PO, P 244B
Reps Barnes 55 WM Va Va Va Farmer
Minerva " 45 WF Va Va Va HKP  (Sister to Dr. Wm E Dodson-(M) May 12, 1857)
Myrian (Marion Hepburn)  DODSON 21 WF Va Va Va  Rel: Niece * Born Ca 1859
Virginia DODSON 19 WF Va Va Va Rel: Niece* Born Ca 1861
Charles Burnley 38 WM Va Va Va Rel: Stepson
* children of Dr. Wm E. Dodson & wife Charity (Swepson) Hepburn, Dodson

1880 Knox Co, Tenn  (Knoxville) P 112D
Lycurgius Peltier 39 WM Tn Va Tn -Boarding House
Martha " 37 WF Tn Ky Ga Wife
James Bosworth 41 WM Tenn Brother-in-law- Miller
R. R. Swepson  44 WM Va  Va Va Single (boarder)  Occ: Manufacturer
Isabella Boyd 22 WF Tn Va Tn Occ: Teacher & other boarders

1880 Mecklenburg Co, Va (Buckhorn)  P 83C
Jno. R(ichard). Walker 55 WM Va Farmer
Mary W. P. " 30 WF Engl Engl Engl  wife (#3) *
Mcharg " 17 WM Va Va Va son at school
Mary C. " 14 WF Va Va Va Dtr at school (M)#1 Ackley Daniel Leach (M) #2 Dr. Wm McCreary
John R. " 08 WM Va Va Va Son At school (belongs to wife #2)
Lizzie C. " 07 WF Va Va Va Dtr at school (also enum. w/sister 1880 Wake Co, NC-belongs to wife #2)
Lucy Coley  28 WF Cook
Jos. B. Coley 5 WM

George Walker, s/o John R Walker & Mary Elizabeth Swepson,  enum. in 1880 Thompson, Alamance Co, NC-sgs
*Not the mother of any of these Walker children accd'g to pl. of birth of their mother-.

*Mecklenburg Co, Va Birth Records: 
John Walker, WM Born Aug 20, 1871 Parents: John & Elizabeth Walker (#2 wife)
Lizzie Walker, WF Born July, 1872 Parents: J & Betty Walker (#2 wife)

*John Walker & #3 wife, Mary Walker , had twins 1 Dtr, unnamed, WF, 1 son, Unnamed WM, Born Dec 1, 1883, Meck Co, Va

WWI Volunteers American Red Cross, Knoxville, Tn
Angels of Mercy
Members of the Red Cross Canteen service on duty at the Southern Railway Station.
The following rec'd badges: Incl
Miss Anne Leach 800 hours or 6 months

2nd Lieut. John Walker Leach.

Leach, John Walker 1888 Wytheville, VA Officer 564
Spillman, Robert Redd 1889 Knoxville, TN 

Knox County, Tennessee in the World War 1917 - 1918 - 1919
Compiled and Published by Knoxville Lithographing Company
Knoxville, Tennessee 1919

The heroic deeds, the unselfish devotion, the eager and willing sacrifices made by the men and women of Knox County that justice and liberty might reign and free government might be perpetuated throughout the whole world.

STAFF-INCL Capt. J. Walker Leach

Incl: Miss Anne S. Leach Position, Oral  Years: 1920 - 1922

Charles J. McClung began his business career as a clerk at Columbia, Tennessee. When twenty-two years of age he had established himself in business in Knoxville. About 1853 he removed to St. Louis, Missouri, there to enter into business with his brother, Calvin, who died shortly afterward. In 1855 he established a wholesale business in Knoxville with his brother, Franklin H. McClung, as McClung & Company. In 1858 these two brothers together with James D. Cowan united with Cowan & Dickinson and founded the Cowan, McClung & Company enterprise, with which he was identified as one of the leading spirits until his demise on March 17, 1908. (Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769–1923: Volume 2 P 561)

Norwood's Knoxville City Directory 1885
University of Tennessee - Kingston road.

Chairman: Hon. John L. MOSES; 
Board of Trustees: 
Robert CRAIGHEAD, Secretary and Treasurer.
Governor of the State.
Secretary of the State.
Superintendent of Public Instruction.



From Rule's Standard History of Knoxville, Tennessee, with Full Outline of the Natural Advantages, Early Settlement, Territorial Government, Indian Troubles and General and Particular History of the City Down to the Present Time. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1900.
The West End Street Railroad Company was chartered November 10, 1887, with James D. Cowan, R. S. Payne, R. M. Rhea, R. P. Gettys and W. H. Simmonds as directors, and the city granted a franchise over Clinch street from Gay street to the city line, December 23, 1887. The road was erected. It was extended into West Knoxville and operated over Highland avenue, Clinch avenue, Eighth street, Cumberland, Temple, Yale and other avenues.

Handbook of Knoxville, 1892
Financial Institutions
Transcribed by Billie McNamara.
The officers and directors of the East Tennessee National Bank are among the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Knoxville. The officers are:

* President, B. R. Strong;
* Vice President, E. J. Sanford;
* Cashier, F. L. Fisher.

The directors are Messrs. Incl:
R. S. Payne, capitalist, of the firms of Payne & Swepson, wholesale grocers, and Dick, Payne & Co., grocers;

These gentlemen are all so widely and favorably known that mention of their names is deemed the only introduction necessary here.

The East Tennessee National Bank is located on the Corner of Gay and Union Streets, South, in the heart of the wholesale and retail trade center of Knoxville.

The building is one of the most imposing in the city, and the part devoted to the immediate use of the bank is fitted up in handsome style, the different departments of the cashier, paying and receiving tellers and bookkeepers being carefully guarded against all intrusion from the outside. Besides doing a general banking business, the East Tennessee deals in domestic and foreign exchange, selling drafts to all parts of Europe. Very much more could be said here favorable to this excellent banking house, but it is taken for granted that the confidence reposed in this institution by the State of Tennessee and the Government of the United States is sufficient guarantee of the character of one of Knoxville's first and oldest financial institutions."

Knox Co, Tnn Marriage
COWAN, James D marr. WHITE, Ann E on 24-DEC-1860
COWAN, James Dickinson marr. DODSON, Jeannette Swepson on 25-JUN-1891

The Dayton Herald News Gazette
Vol. XIX. NO. 1,889 Dayton,
Tennessee, Thursday Morning, 
July 13, 1893 
(end of column 3, page 3)
(Civil Cases Continued)
J.D. Cowan v John Roberts, certiorari. Compromised.
J.D. Cowan v W.L. Davenport, condemnation. Enjoined.
R.R. Swepson v W.G. Allen, condemnation. Order.

1895 Tax Records Vol: Jan 1889 - Dec 1898 Roll#48
Transcribed by Rick Chambers
Name: R. R. SWEPSON (District 4)
* North: Road
* South: W. Alley
* East: W. Burris
* West: St.
* Town Lots (Number - Value): 1 - $500

1900 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) ED140 P 33a 104 Hillsboro St. HH 113-144
Virginia Y Swepson 73 WF Widow Nov, 1826 NC NC NC No ch (Wid. of Geo. W.
Harriet Andrews 59 WF July, 1840 Wid, Boarder Had 7 ch-6 living
Ashby Baker 37 WM Nov, 1862 Wid'r Md Md Md Nephew Occ: Cotton Mfg.
& 4 servts-Carriage driver, cook, Drayman & chamber maid

1900  Knox Co, Tenn Ward 10,? SD2, ED94 P 203A ( 1537 Laurel Ave.)  Dwlg #53 Fam. #19
Robert Swepson Born 1821 Va  Age 79,  Occ: Landlord/Stocks Owns home
Mary W. Leach 34 WF Va Va Va Widow Rel: Niece  (nee Walker )
John W. " 11 WM VA NY VA Student born July, 1888) Boarder
Ann S. "  9 WF  TN  NY VA  Born May, 1891 Student Boarder
Robert S. " 6 WM  TN NY Va Born Apr, 1894 Student boarder
Mary Pritchard 19 WF Born June 1880 NC TX Va Student  boarder**
E. H. Saunders  39 WM Born June 1862 Va Va Va single Occ: Tax Collector Rel: Nephew
Samuel Fields 27 WM Born Dec 1872 Va Va Va Single Occ: Salesman
and 2 servants
** Dtr of Helen Walker & Joseph Prichard
(Mary C. Walker Leach (M) #2 Dr. Wm. McCreary, CA 1904

House #1525 Laurel Ave. (Next door to above)
Lewis Spilman 40 WM Born Mar, 1860 Ky Ky Ky Occ: Lawyer M-3 yrs Owns home
Lillian S. " wife 34 WF  Born Apr, 1866 Va Va Va ( Saunders) (Had 2 ch, 1 living) 
Robert R. " Son 12 WM Born Dec, 1899 Tn Ky Va
and 2 bl servt

1900 Los Angeles Co., Calif. San Antonio T/S ED123 P 88a HH 114-116
Marion H. Dodson 40 WF October, 1859 Single  Va Va Va Occ: Farmer

1910 Los Angeles Co, Calif San Antonio T/S ED341 49th Street, 
City of Vernon HH # 166-167
Mary Dodson 51 WF Single Va Va Va Occ: None

1910 Knox Co, Tenn Ward 10 , Knoxville, #1537 Laurel Ave. P 113B HH 156-161
William McCreary 55 WM Oh Oh Oh Physician (M) 6 yrs
Mary C. " 44 WF Va Va Va wife Had 4 ch, 4 living ( Walker, Leach)
Mary E. " 10/12 WF Tn Tn Tn Dtr. 
John W. Leach 21 WM Va NY Va Step-son Occ: Salesman, Rental store
Annie S. Leach 18  WF Tn NY Va step-dtr
Robert W  Leach 16 WM Va NY Va step-son
&  2 servants (cook & coachman)

P 8A, 1525 Laurel Ave. Next door to above residence
Lewis H. Spilman 50 WM Ky Ky Ky Occ: Lawyer (M) 14 yrs
Lillian S. " 44 WF Va Va Va wife Has had 5 ch, 4 living ( Saunders)
Robert R. " 11 WM Tn Ky Va son
Lillian S. " 8 WF Tn Ky Va Dtr
Samuel T. " 6 WM Tn Ky Ky Son
Martha A. " 3 WF Tn Ky Ky Dtr
and 1 boarder

1920 Knox Co, Tenn (Knoxville City) 1525 Laurel Ave. P 15A Ed 95 HH 291-340
Lewis H Spillman 59 WM Ky Ky Va Lawyer, Gen'l. Practice
Lillian " 54 WF Va Va Va wife (Saunders)
Robert R. " 21 WM Tenn Ky Va son, single
Lillian " 17 WF Tenn Ky Va dtr
Sam " 14 WM Tenn Ky Va son
Martha " 13 WF Tenn Ky Va dtr
Virginia " 8 WF Tenn Ky Va dtr
& 1 wh Fem Servant (Cook)

1537 Laurel Ave-, Knoxville, Tn
William L McCreary 68 WM Oh Oh Oh Doctor-Homeapath
Mary " 54 WF Va Va Va wife (Walker, Leach)
John Leach  31 WM son salesman, Lithography (Her son by prev husband)
Anne  Leach 27 WF Dtr  (her dtr by prev husband)
Mary McCreary 11 WF Tenn Oh Va dtr

1920 Knox Co. Tenn (Knoxville City) ED 81, P 8b, HH 421-153-189, 1st Civil Dist, Bt 4
Susie E. Johnston 70 WF Widow Va Va Va
E. Hepburn Saunders 53 WM Va Va Va (Rel: Son-in-law)
Janie " 45 WF Tenn Tenn Va dtr 
& 3 servants, (Cook, Butler, Maid)

1920 Suffolk Co, Mass (Boston) ED 586 P 37A  Allston Pct 1821 Commonwealth Ave.
Robert Leach 25 WM Tenn Ny Va Student
Jennie B. " 26 WF Ga NC NC wife

1920 Los Angeles Co, California  San Antonio T/S ED556 P 7B Freeland Rd HH 188-197
Marian H Dodson 60 WF Single Va Va Va Occ: None

1920 Montgomery Co, Virginia (Blacksburg) ED111 P 6b HH 94-97
Stockton Heth 80 WM Va Va Va gen'l farming
Pickett " 40 WF Va Va Va sing, dtr
Clement C. " 34 WM Va Va Va son, Married (wife missing from census)
Susan Thornton/Wharton? 45 WF Wid Dtr
Wife of Clement C. Heth is Jeannette Cowan-see 1930 below
1900 Census, Clement Heth is a student @ Clay Hill Academy, Clark Co, Va

1926 Knoxville City Directory

J Walker LEACH (Bessie G) slsmn K. Litho. Co. r 1 Kincaid Ave. (He a widow, 1930)

Robt. S. LEACH (Jennie B.) (Reaves-Leach Infirmary) r. Alta Vista Way

William L (Mary C) MC CREARY Phys. & Surgeon, r 1537 Laurel Ave.

Miss Mary E. MC CREARY r. 1537 Laurel Ave.

Frank C. HOWARD (Lillian) asst chf dispr L & N RR r 1537 Laurel Ave.

Lewis H SPILMAN (Lillian S.) pres Board of Education r 1537 Laurel Ave.

Miss Martha A. SPILMAN r 1537 Laurel Ave.

Robert R. SPILMAN (Lila H) . supt  Applchn Mills, r 1709 White ave.

Saml. T. SPILMAN student, r 1525 Laurel Ave,

Miss Virginia L SPILMAN , r 1525 Laurel Ave.

Robert S COWAN (Charlotte W) (Andrews & Cowan), r Lyons Bend rd. 

SWEPSON STREET (1st Ward) (Now Trent Place)

1930 Knox Co, Tenn (Knoxville) ED22, P 4A 1709 White Ave HH 70-80
Robert R Spilman 30 WM n Ky Va Vice Pres, Cotton Mill (M) @ age 25
Lila H " 24 WF NC NC NC wife (M) @ age 19
Robert H " 2 6/12 WM Tn Tn NC son
Lila S. " 1 6/12 WF Tn Tn NC dtr
& 1 servant

1930 Knox Co, Tn (Knoxville) ED 58 P 16A HH 303-312 3109 Kingston Rd
Louis H Spilman 70 WM Ky Ky Ky Lawyer, genl. practice (M) @ age 36
Lillian S " 64 WF Va Va Va wife (M) @ age 30 (Saunders)
Virginia " 19 WF Tn Ky Va dtr

1930 Knox Co, Tn (Knoxvile) ED22, P 16B HH 254-421 2102 Terrace Ave.
Frank C. Howard 38 WM Tn Tn Tn Chief Supt.,-Steman?  Road (M) @ age 33
Lillian S " 28 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (M) @ age 23 (Spilman)
Frank C. Jr. " 4 WM Tn Tn Tn son

1930 Knox Co, Tenn, Dist 14, ED 91, P 5A HH 89-90
E H (Ebenezer Hepburn) Saunders 66 WM Va Va Va Manufacturer-tables
Janie J " 54 WF Tn Tn Tn wife (Johnston)

1930 Knox Co, Tn ED58 P 18a (Knoxville) 364-353
Walker J Leach 39 WM Widr. Va Va Va Lithography (John Walker Leach)

1930 Caddo Par, La (Shreveport) ED21, P 3B  400 McNail St HH 38-44
Samuel T Spilman 26 WM single  Tn Ky Va lodger, Bond Salesman, Investments

1930 Los Angeles Co., California City of Los Angeles ED30 P 8b
Marian H Dodson 70 WF single Va Va Va Occ: None, Annual Income: $7,000

1930 Montgomery Co, Virginia (Blacksburg) ED9, P 224 HH 465-464
Clement C Heath 45 WM Va Va Va farmer
Jeannette " 33 WF Tn Tn Tn Wife (Cowan)
Henry " 4 WM Va Va Va son (Ann Connor's line)

Mecklenburg Co., Va. Index to Deeds
Date,        From -To     Kind of Instrument Book/Page #
Jan 17, 1814-Asa Oliver-Wm. M. Swepson -Deed (15-228)
Aug 15, 1814 John M Yates-Wm. M. Swepson TRUST Deed of Trust (15-328)
Oct 17, 1814 George W. Oliver-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (15-355)
Jan 16, 1815 Wm M Swepson to Archer Cox- Release Deed (14-389)
Mar 20, 1815-Martha Coleman, ETAL -Wm. Swepson Trust, ETAL -Deed of Trust (15-413)
Aug 21, 1815-Wm Parrish-Wm. M. Swepson TRUST-Deed of Trust (16-8)
Nov. 21, 1815 Robert Oliver-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed- (16-106)
Nov. 21, 1815 Richard Moss-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed(16-117)
Nov 4, 1816 Wm M & Ann E Swepson to John Hudson-Deed (16-338)
Apr 20, 1818 John H. Hardie, ETAL -Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-223)
Apr 20, 1818 Town of Clarksville by Trustees-Wm. M. Swepson -(17-253)
July 20, 1818 Wyatt Short-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-399)
Aug 17, 1818 Alexander Boyd, Jr.-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-410)-ordered
Dec. 21, 1818 Wm. Boyd, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-555)-ordered
Feb. 15, 1819 Ruel Allen, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-628)
Feb. 15, 1819 R. M. Allen, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-666)
Feb 15, 1819 Wm M., Ann E. Swepson , ETAL to Alexr. Cunningham-Deed (17-654)
Feb 15, 1819 Wm. M. & Ann E. Swepson -Samuel A. Douglas-Deed (17-656)
Mar 15, 1819 Wm. Pullium, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (17-710)
Nov 15. 1819 Wm. M. Swepson, etal-John M. Carter -P/A (18-134)
Jan 17, 1820 Wm M., Ann E. Swepson-ETAL, -Wm. Birchett -Deed (18-183)
Aug 21, 1820 Wm. M, Ann E, Swepson -Caleb Turner, ETAL -Deed (18-346)
Sept 18, 1820 H. Wiles, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (18-369)
Sept 18, 1820 Thos. Brame, etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (18-370)
Sept 18, 1820 Robert Roffe-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (18-373)
Mar 19, 1821 Wm M Swepson-James Cunningham Trust-(Deed of Trust) (19-21)
Apr 5, 1821 Wm M. Swepson, ETAL-David Shelton-Release Deed (19-59)
Apr 16, 1821 W. M. Swepson-James Cunningham Trust-Deed of Trust- (19-65)
Oct 19, 1821 John G. Baptiste, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (19-264)
Nov 20, 1821 John Clark, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson & Commissioners, etal-Recpt- (19-288)
May 20, 1822 Wm. M & Ann E. Swepson-Richins Brame -Deed (20-30)

May 20, 1822 Thos. Pinson, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (19-443)
Meck Co, DB 19, p 443- (Deed made, Clarke Co, Ga) Thomas Pinson & wife Lucy, of Clarke Co., Georgia, to William M. Swepson of Meck. Co, Va, in cons. of $470. -36 AC land on Little Bluestone Cr, adj. land of sd. Swepson, Thomas Atkins, & Richard Brame, it being land the sd. Pinson rec'd in a division made by Commissioners apptd by Meck Co. Crt, a part of the land on which Caleb Johnson resided.  Wts: Bennet Tuck JP, Edward. Jones, JP Rec'd 5/20/1822

May 20, 1822 Hugh W. Gillespie, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (20-7)

Granville Co, NC deeds

Field, James to William Swepson. "...also the following Negro slaves by name, Stephen, Lewis, Jim, Peter, George, Tom, Bob, Andrew, Peter, Andrew 2nd, Sam, Ned, Franky, Lucy, Polly, Sally & infant child Sally 2nd, Violet and her two children Harriot & Jane, Peggy & her child Peggy 2nd, Malindy, May, Sopha, Edmond & Jane to have and to hold..." (DIT-1824, pp. 221-222, book 2) 

$50 Reward for Runaway Skave from Skipwith's Crossing, Mecklenburg Co; The Richmond Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, May 27, 1831

Mecklenburg Co, Va, Cont'd.
April 4, 1825 Alexander Boyd, Jr- Wm. M. Swepson, Trust, Etal-Deed of Trust (21-271) Ordered
June 20, 1825 A. Gillespie, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson-Deed (21-311)
June 20, 1825 Wm. M. & Ann E, Swepson -Alexr. Gillespie-Deed (21-312)
July 17, 1826 R. H. Walker-Wm. M. Swepson Trust-Deed of Trust (22-141)
Mar 19, 1827 Thos. Atkins-Wm M. Swepson Trust -Deed of Trust (22-355)
July 16, 1827 Ruel Allen-Wm. M. Swepson (B of S) (22-460)
Aug 20, 1827 Wm. M. Swepson Trust-Alexr. Smith-Deed (22-480)
Oct 8, 1827 Wm. M. & Ann E. Swepson-Elezor Clay-Deed (23-29) -See Benjamin Whitehead Page for complete deed
Nov 18, 1827 Wm. M. Swepson-James Cunningham Trust -Deed of Trust -(23-33)
Apr 07, 1828 John Brommall, Sr -Wm. M. Swepson Trust-Deed of Trust (23-164)
Dec 19, 1828 James Cunningham, Etal-Wm. M. Swepson -Release Deed (23-352)
Dec 19, 1828 Wm. M. & Ann E Swepson-Thomas C. Spencer -Deed (23-350)
Apr 6, 1829 Wm. M. Swepson Trust-Thos. Atkins-Release Deed (23-452)
July 10, 1829 Wm. M. Swepson, ETAL-William Townes-Deed (23-507)
Mar. 21, 1831 Wm. M. Swepson-Benjamin Lewis-Deed (24-305)
Jan 21, 1833 Wm. M. & Ann E Swepson-John James Spencer* -Deed (25-313)*See William M Swepson Cemetery Records-sgs
May 20, 1834 Wm. M. Swepson, ETAL -James Bruce, Sr. -Release Deed (26-83)
Feb. 20, 1856 R. R. & Martha A. Swepson-Mary E. Scott by TRUST-Deed (35-48,49)
This deed made this 10th day of Jan, 1856, between Martha A. Swepson & Robert R. Swepson of the county of Lunenburg, State of Virginia, of the first part, and Charles L. Carrington, grantee, of Mary E. Scott, of the County of Halifax, and State of Va. of the second part; Witnesseth that in consideration of ten dollars to each of rec'd in hand, paid by the said Charles L. Carrington, Trustee, as aforesaid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged-the said Martha A. Swepson & Robert r. Swepson doth grant, bargain and sell their interest in the dower est. of Mary E. Scott, who was Mary E. Redd, wife of Robert Redd, dec'd. unto the said Charles L. Carrington Trustee of Mary E. Scott, free from the claim or claims of any person with a general warrantee-Witness the following signatures & seals:
Martha A. Swepson
R. R Swepson

Lunenburg County, State of Virginia, to wit:
I, Edmund C. Winn, a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid, in the State of Virginia, do certify that Martha A. Swepson and Robert R. Swepson, whose names are  signed to the writing above, bearing date on the 10th day of January, 1856, has acknowledged the same before me in  my County aforesaid.  Given under my hand this 10th day of January, 1856.
Signed: Edmund C. Winn, J.P.

Mecklenburg County Clerk's Office 20th of February, 1856-The foregoing deed together with the certificate of acknowledgment  thereon endorsed was this day received in the clerk's office aforesaid and admitted and recorded.
Teste: Rich'd. B. Baptist, Clk

This deed made this 13th of February, 1856 between Robert R. Field and John S. Field, Jr., of the County of Mecklenburg and State of Va. of the first part and Charles S. Carrington, Trustee for Mrs. Mary E. Scott of the second part, witnessed that in consideration of the sum of $10.00 to each of us in hand paid by the said Charles  S. Carrington Trst, as aforesaid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Robert R. Field & John S. Field doth grant, bargain and sell their interest of the dower estate of Mary E. Scott, who was Mary E. Redd, wife of Robert Redd, deceased, unto the said Charles S. Carrington, Trustee, of Mary E. Scott, free from the claim or claims of any person with special warrantee-witnessed the following signatures, seals, R. R. Field, John S. Field, Jr

For Value received, I, John R. Walker of the State of Virginia, and County of Mecklenburg, do hereby relinquish, transfer convey to Charles S. Carrington of the County of Halifax in the State of Virginia, as Trustee for Mary E. Scott, formerly Mary E. Redd and wife of the late Robert Redd, all the interest I have in the right of my wife, formerly Mary Swepson, in the dower property of the said Mary E. Scott, free from the claim or claims of any person with a general warrantee , as witness whereof I hereunto sign my name and affix my seal this 11th day of January, 1856.  
Signed: John R. Walker ,  Seal

Mar 15, 1866 Wm. E. Dodson-George W. Swepson-Deed (37-183)-Ordered
July 1, 1871 Thomas F. Goode, Commr. -R. R. Swepson -Deed (38-307) Ordered

July 7, 1871 Ro. R. Swepson-Martha A. Saunders  -Deed (38-309)
This deed made this 3rd day of June, 1871 between R. R. Swepson of the first part and Martha A. Saunders a feme covert of the second part, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the love and affection which the said R. R. Swepson has for the said Martha A. Saunders , his sister; and to make some provision for the support of herself and children, and which shall be subject to her management and control alone, as if she were a feme sole and in no way to be subject to or liable for any contracts, debts, or liabilities of her present or any future husband, doth give grant convey and confirm tract or parcel of land lying and situated in in the Counties of Mecklenburg and Lunenburg containing eight hundred and fourteen acres and one hundred and six poles, be the same more or less, it being the land which by deed bearing date even with these presents is conveyed to the said R. R. Swepson by Thomas F. Good Commissioner and which is of record in the Clerk's Office of Mecklenburg County, to have and to hold the said land with all it's rights and privileges for and during her natural life for the uses and purposes before specified and at and after her death to be equally divided among her then living children, and the child or children of any deceased child, who may have died in her life time leaving children, the division to be per stirpes, the grandchildren taking the portion of the deceased parent.  But, should the said Martha A. Saunders think it best for the interest of herself and children to sell and dispose of the said land and to receive the proceeds in other lands or in interest bearing stocks or bonds or in any other subject, which she may think will best promote the interest of herself and children, she is hereby fully authorized and empowered so to do if it is done with the consent and approval of the said R. R Swepson or George W. Swepson, should they or either of them be living, and should they both be dead, then she is authorized to do it with the consent and approval of Dr. Samuel Saunders, and the said R. R. Swepson doth by these presents give and grant unto the said Martha A. Saunders all the stock and perishable property now on the lands above conveyed, a schedule of which is annexed to this deed, to be by her held as her own separate Estate as if she were a feme sole, independent of the maratile (sic) rights of her present or any future husband, and in no way to be subject to their debts, liabilities or contracts.  In testimony whereof the said R. R. Swepson has hereunto affixed his hand and Seal the day and date, is the date aforesaid.
Signed: R. R. Swepson (Seal)

Schedule referred to in Deed:
6 Mules, 3 mares, 1 mule colt, 1 yoke oxen, 4 milch cows, 11 head of cattle, 32 Hogs, 5 Dagon Plows, 1 four horse wagon, 1 ox cart, 1 set of plows, 7 sets of plow gear, 1 set wagon gear,  2 log chains, 1 set of single trees, 1 cross cut saw, 1 hand saw and & C & C, 15 Hoes, 4 oxen, 2 pr wedges, 1 spade, and 4 scythes and cradles.
Signed: R. R. Swepson (Seal)

County of Mecklenburg, to wit:
I William Baskerville, Jr. Commissioner in Chancery of the County Court for the County aforesaid in the State of Virginia do certify that R. R. Swepson, whose name is signed to the two paper writings above, bearing date the 3rd June, 1871, has acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid.  Given under my hand this 3rd day of June, 1871.  Wm. Baskerville, Jr., Comr

In the Clerk's Office of Mecklenburg County Court, July 7, 1871, The foregoing deed of gift was this day received in the Clerk's Office aforesaid and together with certificate of acknowledgment thereof endorsed and with Internal Revenue Stamps of the value of seven dollars and fifty cents adhered thereto and duly canceled is admitted to record.  Examined and delivered to T. F. Goode
Test: R. R. Hughes, Clk

G R Land Trst VS W H Barksdale 1881-034 CC
** George W. Swepson is Deceased-this is obviously the ADMR of his Est-sgs
Involves: DODSON
Includes WALKER
Surnames, Leach, Prichard, Reeks, Walker