The Family of
& wife
of Isle of Wight Co, Va
& Bertie, Edgecombe., & Northampton Counties., NC

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Capt. William Bennett is believed to be son of Richard Bennett, Jr & wife (Name Unk) of Isle of Wight Co., Va according to Boddie.

He was not named in any of the IOW Wills on the Bennett family, but he appears to be of the family of the "Blackwater" Bennetts. Ref-17th Century IOW-Boddie MY note-was named in Will of Matthew Fones, Oct. 1703, IOW, along with his dtr Anne-sgs

He was born as early as 1673, as he appears in the Surry Tithables of 1689, & must be at least 16 yrs of at the time; mHe also appears on the 1690, 1693 & 1694 Surry Co, TL.

List of tithables taken June, 1689 of ye Lower precinct of Lawnes Creek pish.(Surry co) per Mr. Robt. Ruffin
Wido Monk for Robt Hunicutt & Wm. Benett 2 tithes

List of tithables in ye Lower precinct of Lawnes Creek pish, (Surry Co)1690
Ed Moreland, Wm Bennitt, Saml Gredle, & Abra. Morris 4 tithes

Surry Co, Va Tithe List, June 10, 1693 Lawnes Creeke pish
John Mangom 1 tithe (M) Frances Bennett
Ja Bennett 1 tithe
Wm Bennett 1 tithe-(M) Grace & moved to NC pr to 1717-

June 9, 1694 Tithe list Lawnes Creeke pish
Jas Bennett 1 tithe
Wm Bennett 1 tithe (M) Grace & moved to NC pr to 1717.
John Mangham 1 tithe (M) Frances Bennett

William Bennett was married & had a daughter Ann prior to Oct., 1703, as they are mentioned in the Will of Matthew Fones of Isle of Wight Co., of that date. Pro. 1704.

He was born as early as 1673 in IOW Co, and died in Northampton Co., NC in 1765 (Will) His wife was named Grace, and her maiden name has not been determined. His name appears in the NC records as early as 1717 (LG).

Children: Bennett (17th Century IOW-Boddie Pgs 305-318)
a. Anne Born PR to Oct., 1703 IOW Co, Va
    (Named in will of Matthew Fones Prov. 1704 IOW Co)
    (M) Robert Ruffin (lived N/H Co, NC-Will # 99, Mar 28, 1767 Pro August Crt 1767)
    1. William 
    2. Anne (M) Smith
    3. Olive (M) Barrow 

b. Amy Born Ca 1708 
    (M) William Bobbitt Died Abt 1768 Bute Co, NC

c. Richard* Born Ca 1715  IOW Co, Va Died 1764 Bute Co, NC (Will)
   (M) Ann (MNU) Ca 1740-1
    Children: NOT in Order
    1. Christian (M) Absolum Langston, (s/o John Langston/Mary "Ann" Mangum)**
    2. Sarah  (M) Solomon Langston, (s/o John Langston/Mary "Ann" Mangum)
    3. Martha 
    4. Ann
    5. Amey (M) John Capps (Warren Co, NC Records)
    6. Richard, Jr (M) Dtr of John Smart 
        (Granville Deed of 1761-John Smart to S-I-L Richard Bennett,,Jr)
    7. Mark (M) Jemima Smart
    8. William 
    9. Moses
  10. James (Was Und 21 yrs when father died 1764- too young to be s/o man born Ca 1700-sgs

d. Mary (M) William Boddie
e. William, Jr.  Died 1757 NC
    (M) Mary Kearney (She (M) #2 James Cary, a Loyalist of Revolution,  & left her will in Surry Co., Va 1804  James Cary was born Dec 5, 1731
    1. William Bennett III-died 1803 N/H Co., NC (Will)
         (M) Clary Lylies 2/23/1776 Granv. Co, NC
f. Grace born Apr 26, 1726 Died Bute Co, NC 1772 (Will)
    (M) Green Hill
    lived Bertie Co, NC( later N/H Co) & Bute Co, NC
    Children Hill (Surviving Ch. named in her will)
    1. Henry Born 2/12/1740-Senator from Franklin Co, NC
    2. Green Hill* born Nov 14, 1741 Bute, NC Died 1825 Williamson Co, Tenn
        (M) #1-Nancy Thomas (M) #2-Mary Sewell, June 3, 1773
        "He was a member of Provincial Congress of NC at Newbern Aug 25, 1774 & at Halifax April 3, 1775; member of Comm. of Safety for Bute, 1774, also a member of Provincial Congress which met @ Halifax and declared Independence April 4, 1776. He was also a JP in 1778 and a Major of the Bute Co. Regt. commanded by Col Thos. Eaton and Lt. Col William Alston. Was also Treas. of Halifax Dist and a member of the Council of State, 1783. He was also a Methodist Minister"- (Ref-17th Century IOW, Boddie Pgs 305-318)
    3. Hannah 1745
    4. Bennett 1747
    5. William 1750
    6. Mary 1754
    7. Sarah 1756
    8. Temperance 1761
    9. Elizabeth 1763


*Capt. William Bennett never made a deed to any of his sons, though it is obvious he had at least one, William, Jr & Probable son Richard, who died 1764 Bute Co., NC, and perhaps others. This was probably due to a financial gift when they went out on their own-sgs

I am basing the relationship of Richard Bennett to Capt William Bennett on the following Edgecombe Co., NC deeds; also Richard Bennett  named a son William Bennett and the name of William was continuously used by Richard's descendants-sgs

DB5 P 60 May 19, 1742 Thomas Kearney* of Edge. to William Bennett (Co not shown) for 10 pds. Va money, -200 acres on both sides of Peach Tree Crk.Swamp, part of a patent to sd. Kearney May 6, 1742. Wit: William Boddie, Phillip Marsh, Reg: Edge. Co. May Crt., 1743, R. Forester, C. Ct

DB5 P 129  Dec.  30, 1742 Thomas Kearney* (Co. Not Identified) to Joseph Regan (Co Not shown) for 6 pds. current money of Va. -100 Ac on Peach Tree Swamp, part of patent  to Richard Bennett  & William Boddy  (Boddie)* Wts: Samuel Williamd, W. Alston, R. Forester, C Ct 

*Richard Bennett would be a brother-in-law to Thomas Kearney & William Boddie as William Bennett, Jr (M) Mary Kearney &  Capt. William Bennett's dtr Mary Bennett (M) William Boddie (Boddie, 17th Century IOW)


Capt William Bennett, of IOW Co, Va. & Bertie, Edgecombe & Northampton Co's., NC (See 1758 Will Below-Prov. 1765 Northampton Co, NC)
Ref: 17th Century IOW Co, (Boddie) (P 305-318) 

"William Bennett of IOW Co, seems to have been one of the Blackwater Bennetts. The first mention of his name is found in the Will of Matthew Fones which was probated in IOW in 1704. Fones leaves a legacy to Ann Bennett, dtr of William Bennett, and there does not appear to be any contemporary William Bennett of that time and locality*.

*MY NOTE-See Tax Lists of Surry Co., 1689, 1690,1693, & 1694 above-sgs

(IOW Bk 2, P 468 Will of Matthew Fones Dated Oct 11, 1703 Prov. Aug 9, 1704 Names Wife Abigail, son Robert, son John, son Thomas; to Thomas Fones the son of John Fones; dtr Mary; ANN Bennett, dtr of William Bennett; Extrx: wife, Capt. Arthur Smith to make equal division of estate.)

Two of the witnesses to this will were Thomas & George Woods.  Thomas Woods is the same man who in 1699 deeded land to Richard Bennett of "Blackwater".  etc

On the 9th of January 1706-07, Robt. Lawrence, "son & heir" of Robt. Lawrnce, dec'd, sells  to Robt. Crawford of Lawne's Crk Par., Surry Co, 150 AC of land grtd. my father 28 Sept, 1643." This land patented by the elder Robt Lawrence, lay next to the land of the Widow Alice Bennett, and the deed of his son Robt., Jr. was endorsed thus, "This day being the 8th of April, 1706, William Bennett has given peaceable possession of these premises to Robt. Lawrence of IOW Co in the presence of these witnesses, Carter Crawford, William Brantley." This Robert Crawford (Crayford) married Elizabeth, dtr of George Carter.  John & James Carter witnessed* Will of Richard Bennett, 1720......
*(were called "Trusty Friends" and named as Overseers-sgs)

IOW DB2, P 63 (1706) Robert Laurence of IOW Co, son & heir of Robt. Laurence, dec'd, to Robert Crawford, of Lawnes Crk Par., in the Upper Par of IOW Co., and bounded according to a Patent grt'd to my sd. father on Aug 25, 1642. Sig: Robert X Laurence Wts: William Bennett, John X Berryman, Thomas X Bagnell 

William Bennett is not mentioned in any of the early Wills.  Richard Bennett, Jr had a dtr Ann who married John Bell, and was deeded land by her gr/father Richard Bennett, Sr in 1694.  She is not mentioned in the will of her father Richard Bennett, Jr in 1720.  His will, in the "Great Book" is badly torn and the names of his sons are not shown, except as far as can be determined they seem to be Richard & James.

William Bennett, therefore could have been a son of the second Richard Bennett (Richard Bennett, Jr) and his name is either torn out or he is not mentioned because of having had a previous gift.  His eldest dtr was also named "Anne"., etc etc

William Bennett was an early settler in Bertie Co & Northampton Co, NC.  He appears on the Rent Roll of 1729* in Bertie Co, owning 675 AC land. He patented 504 AC on N/S Moratuck Swmp, Aug 14, 1723. (Grt Bk 3, P 161 #52) and 520 AC  on N/S of same Aug 1, 1726.( Bk 3, P 228 #298)  This was on the Roanoke River (alias Moratuck)
He patented 200 AC in Edgecombe Co (later Nash) in 1737 and 450 AC in 1744.

*MY NOTE-his name appears in Chowan Pct records as early as 1717-sgs

William Bennett was EXR of the Will of John Cotton in Bertie Pct in 1728.  On July 5th,  1732, Mrs William Bennett & Capt. Thomas Bryant were trustees for the four small children of John Cotton, namely Arthur, Priscilla, James & Thomas Cotton."

The Earl of Granville, one of the Lord Proprietors, in 1753, deeded William Bennett considerable land on Peach Tree Creek in what is now Nash County (Halifax Deed Bk 6, P 44)  The deeds were to "William Bennett, gentleman, of Northampton County".  His first transaction on Peach Tree Creek was on May 19th, 1742, when he bought land on both sides of the creek from Thomas Kearney.  This land was willed to his grandson Nathaniel Boddie and it became part of Nathan's plantation "Rose Hill" and is still in possession of his descendants.

William Bennett was in active service as Captain of the Roanoke Company of 101 men in the Spanish Alarm in 1747-48.  His son-in-law, William Boddie, was Lieutenant of the Company and his son, William Bennett, Jr. was Ensign.  Colonel John Davidson, stepfather of William Boddie, and a member of the Governor's Council, was Colonel of the Northampton Regiment.  This arrangement was evidently patterned after the Virginia system where Councillors were also Colonels of their county regiments.

An account of the "Spanish Alarm" is given in Volume 22 of the North Carolina Colonial Records.  The material for this work, as shown on the title page, was "Collected and edited by William Clark, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina" who was a descendant of William Bennett.  Judge Clark wrote the prefatory remarks.  It might be of interest to read what William Bennett's descendant had to say of that brief conflict."


 In the beginning...there was Old Albemarle County (1664-1668), which from 1671-1684 contained three precincts: Shaftsbury, Carteret and Berkeley Precincts.
The land that is modern Edgecombe County was in Shaftsbury.
1668-1722 Chowan County/Precinct (the former Shaftsbury Precinct) encompassed the land that is Edgecombe
1722 - the land west of the Chowan River was carved out of Chowan to make Bertie Precinct, Edgecombe's parent county

Edgecombe was formed in 1732 from Bertie County by proclamation of the Governor, and county government apparently was established not long afterwards since some of the county records date back to this period. The assembly, however, did not confirm its creation until 1741. Granville (1746), Halifax (1758), and Nash (1777) were formed from Edgecombe. 
Northampton Co was formed 1741 from Bertie Co

Province of North Carolina 1663-1729 Margaret M Hofman
March 9, 1717 #1703 P 41 Patent Bk 3-William Bennet 400 acres in Chowan Pct., join. Valentine Braswell, William Bryan, Thomas Kerby, and Richard Washington Wts: C. Eden, Thos. Pollock, Wm. Reed, Richd. Sanderson, Fra. Foster

Mar 1, 1719/20 #2950 P 183 Patent Bk 8-William Bennet 235 Ac in Chowan Pct on ye N. side of Meherron Riv., join. ye Country (Co?) line and ye meanders of ye sd. Riv. Wts: Cha. Eden, Thos Pollock, Fre. Jones, Richard Sanderson, John Hecklefield

Aug 10, 1720 #1251 P 307 Patent Bk 2-Hon. Thomas Pollock  640 Ac in Chowan Pct,    on N/S Bridgers' Creek at Wickacanan, join. Valentine Braswell, William Bennet, Thomas Bryan, yhe sd. creek, and the back line of Cullen Pollock's land on Moratuck Riv. Wts: Charles Eden, Fred. Jones, Richard Sanderson, Frans. Foster, Wm. Reed

Mar 26, 1723 #2094 P 141 Patent Bk 3-William Bennet 500 Ac on N/S Morattock Riv., join. Cullen Pollock, Thomas Bryant, Spring Meadow, and William Whitehead Wts: Wm. Reed, F. Foster,J Lovick, M Moore

Mar 26, 1723 #2095 P 141 Patent Bk 3- Edward Bass, 195 Ac N/S Morattock Riv., join. Thomas Bryan, Richard Washington, William Bennet, & Cullen Pollock. Wts: Wm. Reed, F Foster, R Sanderson, J Lovick, M Moore

Mar 26, 1723 #2091 P 140 Patent Bk 3-William Bennet 600 Ac on S/S Maherine Riv.,  join. Wm. Boon, John Nelson, and the little swamp. Wts: Wm Reed,  F Foster, R Sanderson, J Lovick, M Moore

Mar 26, 1723 #2091 P141 William Bennet 500 Ac on N/S Morratuck Riv., join. Cullen Pollock, Thomas Bryant, Spring Meadow,  and William Whitehead. Wts: Wm Reed, F Foster, R. Sanderson, J Lovick. M Moore

Mar. 26, 1723  #2095 P 141 Edward Bass, 200 Ac on N/S Morratuck Riv., join. Thomas Bryan, Richard Washington, William Bennet & Cullen Pollock Wts: Wm Reed, F Foster, R Sanderson, J Lovick, M Moore

Aug.   4, 1723 #2174 P 161 Patent Bk 3, William Bennett 504 Ac in Bertie Pct., on the N/S of Morrattock Riv., join. Thomas Bryan, William Whitehead, & Colo. Pollock. Wts: Wm. Reed, C. Gale, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, T. Pollock

Aug 4, 1723 #2213 P 171 Patent Bk 3-Nicolas Boon, 180 Ac in Bertie Pct., on S/S Morratuck Riv, join. N/Fork of the Little Swamp, Wm. Kinchen, & Will. Bennet Wts: Wm Reed, C Gale, R Sanderson, J Lovick, T Pollock

Nov 7, 1723 #2230 P 175 Patent Bk 3-Nicholas Boon, 130 Ac in Bertie Pct on S/S Maherrin Riv., join. William Boon, William Bennet, William Kinchen, and the Miery Br. Wts: Wm. Reed, C Gale, Jno Lovick, Richd. Sanderson, Thos. Pollock

Aug 1, 1726 #2648 P 228  Patent Bk 3-William Bennett 640 Ac on the Southernly side of Morattock Riv.,   in Bertie Pct., join. Deed Crk and the mouth of a br. running out of the Easternmost side of sd. creek.  Wts: R. Everard, C. Gale, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, T. Pollock, J. Palin, T. Harvey, E. Gale

Bertie Co, NC Deeds-Vol I-1720-1725- (Mary Best Bell)
Bk A P 108 April 10, 1722 William Bennett & wife Grace Bennett to John Bass for 15 pds, 200 AC bet. Urharra & Yarhaugh?, adj. William Bryant, Thomas Kerby, Richard Washington. Part of 400 AC patent dated Mar. 9, 1717/18 Wts: William Whitehead, William Bryant, Benjamin Thomas May Court, 1723

Bk A P 105-July 16, 1722 
William Bennett & wife Grace Bennett to John Bass, Junr., of Perquimans Pct.  for 37 pds, -200 A bet. Urharra Swamp, & Yeorhaugh?  adj. Richard Washington, Esq. Pollock, Valentine Braswell, part of patent of 400 AC dated Mar. 9, 1717/18. Wts: William White, William Bryant, Benjamin Thomas May Crt, 1723

A-111- May 14, 1723 Grace Bennett to Thomas Bryant -Power of Attorney, at Court held at James Howard's to ack to John Bass, Sen. and John Bass, Jun.  "my right of Dowrie and power of thirds" to all lands sold by my husband, William Bennett to aforesaid Basses. Wts: Henry Sims, Charles Merritt (No court date)

A-113 May 14, 1723 Richard Brasswell & wife Eleanor to William Bennett, for 30 pds.-100 Ac Part of Patent for 245 A dated April 6, 1722 on S/S Meherrin Riv. Adj. William Kinchen. Wts: Hardy Councill, JA-292  James Bryant, William Bryant  May Court, 1723 John Sutton D C/C

A-292 Nov 11, 1724  William Bennett & wife Grace to Thomas West for 20 Pds, 150 Ac Part of Patent dated April 1, 1724, on N/S Morrattacky Riv., Adj. Coll Pollock Wts: William Whitehead, _____Parker, Thomas Boon Nov Crt 1724 John Sutton D C/C

A-337 (no date- William Bennett & wife Grace to Thomas Thornton for "2000 pds pork" 230 A Patent dated March 1, 1719 on N/S Meherrin Riv Wts: Thomas Thornton , William eldridge Thomas Boon Nov Crt 1724 No CC

A-339 Nov 9, 1724 William Bennett & Wife Grace to Thomas Boon-for 20 Pds. for 300 Ac part of 600 Ac patent dated April 1723, on S/S Meherrin Riv., adj. to William Boon Wts: William Eldridge, Thomas Thornton, Nov Crt 1714, John Sutton D C/C

A-341 Nov 10, 1724 William Bennett & Wife Grace to William Eldridge, for 10 Pds, for 300 Ac Part of 600 Ac Patent dated April 1, 1723 S/S Meherrin Rive, now in possession of Eldridge, on Meadow Branch. Wts: Thomas Boon, Robert Scott, Francis Parker Nov Crt, 1724 John Sutton D C/C

Bertie Co., NC Deeds-Vol II 1725-1730
Bk B P 2-August 10, 1725 William Bennett & wife Grace Bennett to Nicolas Boon, for 8 pds-100 Ac "which I purchased of Richard Braswell, dec'd. on May 14, 1723, on S/S Meherrin Riv., adj. William Kinchen on Middle Br., Wts" Thos. Jenkins, (Fr.?) Parker, Joseph Colpeper, Aug. Crt., Capt. John Winns, DC

B-P198 Nov. 6, 1726-William Whitehead and wife Rachel  to William Cain  290 Pt of Pat. for 490 A dated Aug 10, 1720, adj. Thomas Bryant, "sd. Whitehead", William Benet (Bennett)

C-P35 Thomas Boon, Jun. to John Bryan, Jun. 150 AC part of tract by Deed sold by William Bennett unto Thomas Boon (600 A)  Grtd. to Bennett in 1723, S/S Meherrin Riv., adj. John Nelson, William Boon. Nov. Crt, 1728

C-P 69 Nov. 9, 1728-Thomas Boon, Junr to Elias Fort, Sen.-150 AC on S/S Meherring Riv., Adj. William Boon, John Bryan, being "part and parcel" of a deed from William Bennett dated 1724.  Part of 600 Ac granted Bennett on April 1, 1723. 

C-136 Aug. 5, 1729 John Pope & wife Mary (Mourning) to William Bennett for 3 pds?-240 AC on S/S Morratuck and N/S Elk Swamp, adj. John Pope, Thomas West, William Bennett, "John Pope's Old Wolf Pit". Part of a tract patented by John Pope July 24, 1728.  Wit: David Hopper, Benjamin Lne, Joseph Wath.  August Crt, 1729-Thomas Crew, D.C/C

C-183 Sept. 29, 1729-Thomas West & wife Sarah to William Bennett, for 25 pds., -150 Ac on N/S Morratuck Riv, Adj. Cullen Pollock, part of survey patented by William Bennett on April 1, 1724  The same ...."as William & Grace Bennett ack. to Thos. West by deed dated Nov. 11, 1724...." Wts: David Hopper, George Fort, Thomas Bryant, February, 1729, Thomas Crew D.C/C

Bertie Co., NC Cattle Marks Registered (1722-1741)
P 16, & 17 William Bennett Yr-1730
P 36-Green Hill Yr-appears to be 1739-40

C-249  August 11, 1730-William Bennett & wife Grace Bennett to David Hopper -430 AC on S/S Morratuck Riv., and Eastimost side of Deep Crk., being patent grtd. William Bennett on Aug. 1, 1726. Wit: William Whitehead, William Cain, (Sale price 16 pds)

Miscellaneous Items of Chowan Pct., NC
(1732) Thomas Piland appointed overseer of Road from Knotty Pine Swamp to Sarum Landing and repair Bennett's Creek Bridge Col. Alston to see that Bridge is repaired.
Petition of Inhabitants about Sarum Chapel for a road over Mire Branch to the Virginia line
(Court Order issued 1747) William Jones & Isaac Williams, overseers if a road leading from the foot of the causeway thro' a Pocosin, which runs from the Banks of Chowan River to Sarum,* near the plantation where Robert Rogers formerly lived (1747) viz: Beginning at Charles Russels, from thence a straight course to Langston's, thence to John Skinner's thence to Christopher Butler's, thence to Andrew Hamblet, thence to William Vincent, thence to Thos. Langstone, etc
*Sarum located in present day Gates Co, NC

Vol III Bertie Co., NC Deeds (Bell) 1730-1739
D-168 May 12, 1735 William Cain to Thomas Taylor "of Western Br of Elisabeth Riv, Virginia" for 18 pds.,   290 AC Adj. William Bennett. Wts: J. Edwards, William Thomas May Crt, 1735. John Wynns, D.C/C

Edgecombe Co., NC Deeds (1732-58) The Roanoke News Company
(Edgecombe Co NC cut off from Bertie)
July 30, 1734    DB 1  P 93 David Hopper of Edge. Pct to Nicolas Porter pf same, for 20 pds. sterling, money of Grt. Britain, -122 1/2 Ac more or less S/S Moratock Riv., join. E/S Deep Crk., a small br at the mouth  and Killingsworth, all houses, etc part of a grt to William Bennett, Aug 1, 1720  Wts: William Rhoads, James Farmer 

July 30, 1734 DB 1 P 141 David Hopper & wife/Elizabeth, of Edge. to James Farmer of same, for 15 pds sterling money of Grt. Britain, 122 1/2 Ac more or less on S/S Moratuck  Riv., join. Nicolas Porter and a rk, part of tract grtd. to William Bennett Aug 1, 1726. all house, etc. Wts: Richard Lewis, Jr., William Williams X his mark, William Kinchen, Jr.

DB 1,  P 318 May 24, 1735-William Bennett & Grace his wife of Bertie Pct., to Thomas West of Edge. Pct.-for 30 pds. of Va. money, 240 AC on N/S of Elk Marsh Swamp, join. a small branch, John Pope, other lands of sd. Bennett, and the swamp near Thomas West's house and still, and is apart of patent to John Pope for 450 acres, July 24, 1728.  Wit: William Boone, Andrew Taylor,  J. Edwards, C. Ct.

Colony of North Carolina Vol. I, Land Patents-(Hofmann)
#1957 Pat Bk 3, P 418 Feb. 17, 1737 William Bennett, 200 Acres in Edgecombe Co, on N/S Swift's Crk, join. Mouth of Spring Brch, Bryant's line, and sd. Creek

Bertie Co, NC Deeds, Cont'd
E-376-May 10, 1738-William Bennett to William Boone, for 5 pds., 100 AC on S/S Yourah Swamp, and N/S Roanoak Riv., adj. Bennett's patent at Kain's Path.  Part of Patent to William Bennett for 260 AC   granted Aug. 4, 1730 Wts: Thomas Bryant, William Taylor May Crt, 1738

E-550 Oct. 23, 1739  Elias Fort to Abraham Stephenson- for 5 pds., 150 AC on S/S Meherring Riv adj. William Boon, John Bryant, _____Bennett- "one hundred and fifty acres of woodland ground"  bought of Thomas Boon by deed Nov 9, 1728.  Part of a patent to William Bennet for 600 AC dated April 1, 1723. Wts: Arthur Williams, Richard Washington, James Washington, Nov Crt, 1739

Bertie Co., NC Deeds (Bell) Vol IV- 1739-1744-Copy

Colony of North Carolina Vol I, (Hofmann)
Patent Bk 5, P 65  #2177  August 4, 1741 Richard Bennett,  200 acres in Edgecombe Co.,  joining lower side of Buffalow Branch
(My Note-Earliest record on this Richard Bennett in NC found to date)

Edgecombe Co., NC deeds, Cont'd
DB5, P 76 Jan. 25, 1741-Nicolas Porter of Craven Co. to James Bynum of Edge. Co., for 20 pds. Va. money, -120 AC E/S of Deep Crk, at mouth of a small brch, adjoin. Killingsworth, all house, etc., part of a patent to William Bennett Aug 1, 1726. Wts: John Jenkins, Jonathan Tranch, R. Forester, C.Ct

Northampton Co., NC Deeds (Hofmann)
DB1 P 10  Jan 1, 1741/2-Nicholas Boon & wife Olive to Wm. Eldridge 180 Ac in N/H Co., W/S Meherrin Riv.., N. fork of Little Swamp, adj. William Bennett, etal

DB1, P42 May 25, 1742-John Hubbard & w/Elizabeth of Edge. Co., to James Barnes -640 Ac 1 Wts: William Bennett

DB 1-P 30 May 15, 1742 James Bryant of N/H Co to Samuel Peete  of same-100 Ac b/sides Uraha Swp adj. William Bennett, etal

DB1, P 35 Nov 23, 1742 Thos Howell of Edge. Co to Isaac Edwards of N/H Co-10 Ac N/S Morratuck Riv., 1 Wts: William Bennett

Edgecombe Co, deeds, Cont'd
DB5 P 177  Mar 5, 1742 James Farmer of Edge. to Isaac Farmer of same, for 10 pds. current Va money-120 ac. on Deep Crk., join, Nicolas Porter and creek, all houses etc., as by patent to William Bennett Aug 1, 1726. Wts: John Jenkins, James Bi.......

DB5 P 60 May 19, 1742 Thomas Kearney* of Edge. to William Bennett (Co not shown) for 10 pds. Va money, -200 acres on both sides of Peach Tree Crk.Swamp, part of a patent to sd. Kearney May 6, 1742. Wit: William Boddie, Phillip Marsh, Reg: Edge. Co. May Crt., 1743, R. Forester, C. Ct

DB 5 P 129  Dec.  30, 1742 Thomas Kearney* (Co. Not Identified) to Joseph Regan (Co Not shown) for 6 pds. current money of Va. -100 Ac on Peach Tree Swamp, part of patent  to Richard Bennett  & William Boddy  (Boddie)* Wts: Samuel Williamd, W. Alston, R. Forester, C Ct 

*William Bennett, Jr (M) Mary Kearney (Boddie, 17th Century IOW)
**Capt. William Bennett's dtr Mary (M) William Boddie

DB 5, P 406  Feb 19, 1744-William Bobbit, Sr.* of Edge. to John Smart of NC for 6 Pds. Va money, 100 Ac  in fork of Buffaloe, adj. Bennett, all  houses, bldgs, etc, being pt of a Pat. to Francis Young Wts: John Langston,  Richard Bennett, his mark Reg. Edge. Co Aug Ct., 1745 R. Forester C Ct
*Wife was Amy Bennett (Ref: Bobbitt Family Records-Roots Web World Connect)

1 William BOBBITT b: 1704 d:  (1768?) Bute Co., NC
+ Amy BENNETT b: 1708 (Dtr of   Capt William Bennett)

Northampton Co., NC deeds, Cont'd:
DB1, P 234 Mar 1, 1744 Samuel Peete of Surry Co., Va, Doctor of Physick,  to Joseph Grant of N/H Co., NC 100 Ac b/s of Yourahaw? Swamp, adj. William Bennett.

1744 Edgecombe Co, NC Tax list- John Langston

Edgecombe Co., Deeds, Cont'd:
DB 5, P 297 June 2, 1744 James Bynum of Edge. to Samuel Whitley of same-for 20 pds.  Va money, 122 1/2 Ac E/S Deep Crk., join. Killingsworth, all houses, etc-Part of Patent to William Bennett Aug 1, 1726

DB 5,  P 344-Aug 2, 1744 John Tomkins  of S.C to Richard Bennett of Edge. Co. for 18 pds current Va money-180 acres, on N/ prong of Buffalo branch, a grant to the sd. Tomkins July 9, 1738. Wts: William Bobbit, Jr., Charles Tomson Reg. Edge. Co., Feb. Ct., 1744 R. Forester, C. Ct

DB 5, P 339-Aug 2, 1744 Francis Young of S.C to William Bobbitt, Sr., of NC-for 7 pds. Va. currency-192 Ac on Buffalow Br., all houses, etc. Wts: Richard Bennett, Charles Tomson

Halifax Co., NC deeds
Vol II P 340
John Earl of Granville to Richard Bennett of Halifax Co., indenture  bearing date of 17 Sept. 1744, 400 Ac s/s Roanoke Riv., mouth of Cypress Swp. by David Mead's corner, Beaver Damp Swp., for the sum of 10 shillings pd. by Richard Bennett, prov. May Ct., 1771 by Joseph Montfort.

Northampton Co, NC deeds, cont'd:
DB1, P 131-Aug 20, 1744 William Bennett of N/H Co, to Green Hill of same-for the good will and affection I do bear unto my son-in-law Green Hill, blacksmith, ....150 Ac on the Upper side of Bridger's Crk., join. Collo. Pollock and the gum pods, all house, orchards, gardens, fences, etc.  Wts: J. Edwards, John Hart Reg. N/H Co., Aug Crt, 1744 Robert Forester, C Ct

Edgecombe Co., NC deeds, Cont'd
DB 5, P 490 Feb 18, 1745 Richard Bennet of Edge. Co., to Lewis Brantley of Isle of Wight Co., Va.-for 8 pds. current Va money-200 Ac more or less on lower side of Buffalow Branch. Wts: John Person, Francis Capps, his mark, James Sensing Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct., 1746 R. Forster C. Ct.

DB 5,  P 423 June 10, 1745 James Mann of Edge Co., NC to William Williams Jr of Edge. Co., for 10 pds. current Va money- 100 Ac N/S of fishing Crk and the easterly side of Rocky Swamp Wts: J. Edwards, James Bennet (Who is this James Bennett?-sgs)

Colony of N. C, Land Patents Vol 1 (Hofmann), Cont'd
Patent Bk 5, P   420  #3763-April 20, 1745 William Bennett, Senior, -100 Acres in Edgecombe Co., on S. side of Sapona Swamp, joining the sd. Swamp below Tarr Riv. path.

Patent Bk 5, P 339 #3377 April 11, 1745-Thomas Smith-640 acres in Northampton Co., on Urah Swamp,  join. Samuel Peete, Pollock's line, William Bennett, Wm. Taylor, the swamp,  & John Bass

DB1 P 225 Feb 24, 1745 James Bryant of N/H Co., shoemaker to William Bennett, Jr., Planter, of N/H Co., for pds. 10 sh current money of Va., 90 AC on N/S Marratock (sic) Riv., adj. Green Hill, other land of William Bennett, Spring Meadow, Thomas Bryant & Cullen Pollock. Wts: William Cotton, Green Hill Reg N/H Co., Feb. Crt, 1745 Robt. Forester, C Ct

DB1, P 212 Aug 1, 1745 Thomas Smith of (Co?) to William Bennett (Co?) 25 pds. current money of Va., 3210 Ac more or less on b/sides of Yourah Swamp, adj. the sd. Bennett's home plantation, Samuel Peete, Pollock, Wm. Taylor, John Bass, a branch and the swamp part of a Patent grtd. to sd. Thomas Smith for 640 Ac April 11, 1745. Wts: John Boddie, John Sutton. Reg. N/H Co., Aug. Crt, 1745, Robt. Forester, C Ct

DB1, P 284 Feb 6, 1746 Thomas Smith of Edge Co to Jacob Bass of N/H Co-100 Ac adj. William Bennett etal

DB1 P 313 Feb 6, 1746 Thomas Smith of Edge. Co to William Boddie & Green Hill, both of N/H Co., 40 pds current Va money, 370 Ac & 150 Ac adj. Uraha Swp & Wm Taylor and being pt of a Patent grtd to William Bennett Aug 4, 1730,  also 220 Ac adj. Wm Taylor Old Trading Path pt of Pat. to Thos. Smith Apr 11, 1745 Wts: John Dawson, Henry Sowerby, Wm. Adams

DB1, P 258 Mar 9, 1746 Thos Thornton of N/H Co, to Chaplin Williams of IOW Co, Va -230 Ac N/S Meherrin Riv, adj. old Co line and the Riv, a tr. of land grtd. to William Bennett, Mar 1, 1739

From History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1800, by Thomas McAdory Owen, pages 158-159, Mills built in the County:

March 1, 1747/8 (O.S.) Read the petition of John Langston for two acres of John Greens land lying upon Reedy Creek on the North side thereof, whereon to build a water Grist Mill for the use of the Publick. Tis order(ed) that the Clerk make out a warrant for the Surveyor of this County to lay of (sic) the sd. two acres according to Law. And that Daniel Harris, John Smart, Wm. Babbit Sen'r. and Richard Bennet, being freeholders do appraise the same agreeable to the Act of assembly in such Case make and provided - and make return to this Court." The first order of the kind in the records.

DB1, P 361 Feb 27, 1748 Joseph Richardson of Edge. to John Edwards of N/H Co-290 Ac adj. William Bennett, etal

Northhampton County - 1748 Regimental Officers-Incl:
William Bennett, Captain
William Boddie, Lt.
William Bennett, Ensign

Edgecombe Co., NC Deeds, Cont'd
DB 3,  P 259 Oct. 16, 1747 William Bennett of Northampton Co., NC to Thomas Myat of Edge. Co., for 12 pds, current Va. money--200 Ac N/S Swift Crk., join. the Spring branch,    Bryant, and the creek. Wts: William Bennett, Jr., John Hatcher Reg. Edge. Co., Aug Ct., 1748 B. Wynns, C. Ct.

1748 Tax List-Northampton Co., NC-William Bennett
(Northampton Co, cut off from Bertie, 1741
Edgecombe Co cut off from Bertie &
Granville Co cut off 1746 from Edgecombe Co)

1750 Granville Co, NC TL-John Langston & son Absolum Langston

Edgecombe Co., Deeds, Cont'd:
DB 3, P 112 May 16, 1751 Thomas Williams of Edge. Co. to William Bennett of Northampton Co., NC for 20 shlgs., Va. money,   -35 Ac S/S Peach Tree creek, adj. mouth of the creek and the sd. Williams, part of Pat. to Williams Mar. 21, 1749-50 Wts: Joseph Connor?, Thomas Loyd., T. his mark, Reg: Edge. Co., Aug. Ct., 1751 B. Wynns, C. Ct

N/H Co NC Deeds, Cont'd 
DB2, P 69 Feb 20, 1752 William Boon of N/H Co, planter to John Hayes of same-100 N/S Roanoke Rive. adj. William Bennett, pt of patent to William Bennett for 265 Ac

Edgecombe Co., NC deeds, Cont'd
DB 4,  P 333 Nov 21, 1752 Thomas Williams * (Co not shown) to William Bennett of N/H Co., NC for 30 pds. Va. money-140 Ac more or less on N/S Peach Tree creek., adj. sd. Williams & the sd. Bennett. part of Pat. left unsold to William Bennett by Thomas Kearney May 6, 1742.  Wts: James Connor?, Micajah Thomas Reg. Edge. Co. Nov Crt., 1752 B. Wynns, C. Ct. *Thomas Williams (M) Rebecca Langston, Dtr of John III & Wife Mary "Ann" Mangham

1752 Granville CO NC TL
John Langston
Richard Bennett

From History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1800, by Thomas McAdory Owen, pages 158-159, Mills built in the County:
June 3, 1752. John Langston in a deposition says that he has a mill house and out of it, a pair of steel yards is stolen

1753 Granville Co, NC TL
John Langston & sons James & Solomon Langston
Richard Bennett

Edgecombe Co, NC DB 4, P 559 Feb 18, 1754
William Bennett, (Co Not shown) to Isaac Bass (Co Not shown) for 16 pds current money of Va-181 Ac in the fork of Peachtree and Back Swamp which was a grt to William Bennett, Nov 1, 1753 Wts: John Pope, Shemuel Kearne, Reg Edge. Co Feb Crt 1754

1754 Granville Co, NC TL
John Langston, & sons James, Joseph & Solomon Langston

1755 Granville Co, NC Tax List:
Richard Bennit & Son Richard, Negroe Moll, 2-1-3
Samuel Mangum & Jno. Thompson 2 0 2
Wm Mangum, Sons Wm &: James, 3-0-3
Jno. Langston, Sons James, Joseph & Solomon & Negroe Arnus(?), 4-1-5
Joseph Mangrum

1754 Granville Co, NC Capt. David Harris' Company
Thomas Bell, Lt., Peter Green, Sgt.
Privates, Incl:
Absolum Langston #51
James Langston #54
Solomon Langston #55
Richard Bennett #59
William Mangham #64
James Mangham #65
William Mangham, Jr #66
Samuel Mangham #74

N/H Co., NC deeds, cont'd:
DB2. P 194 Feb. 24, 1755-Thomas Pace of N/H Co to William Bennett, Jr of N/H Co., 
for 6 pds. current Va. money, 150 AC on Stony Ridge & the W/S Bear Swamp, pt. of a patent to Solomon Fuller Nov 27, 1744. Wts: Nathan Williams Jr., James Faison, Reg. Feb Crt, 1755

DB2, P 229 June 16, 1755 Bennett Smith of N/H Co. to Chas. Skinner of same, 40 AC S/S Buckhorn Swp join. a Deep bottom by the Meherrin Rd that leads from Baker's Ferry on Chowan to Hill's Ferry on Meherrin, a br and the swamp. Wts: Eliz. Lellahan?, Samuel Bennett, Nicholas Maget

Colony of North Carolina Vol I (Hofmann)
Patent Bk 15, P 126 #4925 March 17, 1756 William Bennett-177 acres in Johnston Co.,  on the Slew Branch-Including his Own Improvements

Edgecombe Co., NC Deeds Cont'd
DB 6, P 19 Jan 10, 1756 Thomas Williams of (Co not shown) to William Barrentine (Co not shown) for 126 pds. -180 Ac   on Peachtree creek, join. Davis,    all houses, etc, part of 300   Ac. Wit: William Bennett, Jr.  William Barrington, Thomas Brison

DB 6,  P 103 June 20, 1756 William Barrentine of Edge. Co to Thomas Whitfield of (Co not shown) for 7 pds, 5 shillings, Va money, -51 Ac  on Peartree creek. adj. William Bennett, Micajah Thomas, and the creek.

1757 Granville Co., NC TL-Incl Richard Bennett

Northampton Co., NC deeds, cont'd
DB2, P 295 Aug 25, 1756 William Bennett, Jr of N/H Co., to Green Hill of N/H Co-for 7 pds current Va money, 12 AC more or less Adj. Cullen Pollock and other lands of sd. Bennett, and sd. Hill. Wts: John Edwards, Jr, & Wm. Jenkins Reg. Aug Crt 1756

May 25,  1757 Green Hill & Elijah Boddie of N/H Co., to Joseph Grant of same-for 17 pds, 10 sh-185 Ac, pt of an old Patent to William Bennett and pt of a new pat. to Thos. Smith
Wts: William Bennett, Wm. Bridgers Reg N/H Co May Crt 1757

Edgecombe Co., NC deeds, Cont'd:
DB 6,  P 334 Aug 11, 1758  William Bennett of N/H Co., NC to James Tucker of Edge. Co., for 15 pds., Va money, -100 AC S/S of Sapony Swamp Wit: Nathan Body (Boddie), William Barrentine

DB 00-91 May 17, 1760-Arthur Bell of Halifax Co., NC to William Bennett of N/H Co., NC for F30 a tract of 250 Ac N. Bank of Peachtree Creek adj. Thomas Carney, it being part of a grant bearing date March 25, 1749. Wts: Robert Rufin, Green Hill

DB 00-315 Earl Granville grant to William Bennett of Edgecombe Co.,  Dec. 8, 1760, a tract of  260 Ac lying in the Parish of St. Mary adj. said Capt. Bennet. Wts: William Lucas, Jos. Montfort

DB00-211 William X Barrentine to Micajah Thomas, Jan 19, 1761, for F20  Proc. money a tr. of 130 Ac S/bank of Peachtree Crk, it being part of tract of 300 Ac., Wts: Nathan Bodie, William X Bennet

Granville Co., NC deeds
DBE, P 237 (1762)
Richard Bennett to son, William Bennett, 100 Ac on Buffalo Br., N/S of Grt. Fishing Crk., pt. of land where I now live, beg. at Richard Bennett's Spring Br., to have land after my death and death of my wife. Wts: Thomas Turner,  Cannon Cooper, William Cooper rec'd May 1762

DBF, P 379 (1762)  Richard Bennett of Granville Co.,  St. John's Parish, to son, Mark Bennett, 85 Ac on Buffalo Br. Wts: John Bennett, John Smart Pro Aug Crt, 1763

N/H Co, NC deeds, cont'd:
DB 1-322 March 30, 1762, William X Bennett of N/H Co., NC to Nathan Boddie of Edge. Co., NC  F30   a tract of 250 Ac on N/bank of Peachtree Creek adj. Thomas Carness, it being part of a grant bearing date of March 25, 1749. Wts: Micajah Thomas, Hannah Hill, Willis Boddie

DB 1-395 May 8, 1762 Thomas Whitfield of Edge. Co., planter to Thomas Vaughan of Halifax Co., NC  two certain plantations (1) 100 Ac S/bank Peachtree Crk, being pt of Pat. grtd Job Wilder for 400 Ac bearing date of April 20, 1745 (2) 490 Ac lying on both sides Peachtree Crk, adj. William Bennett & Bell, as by deed grtd Thomas Whitfield bearing date of June 30, 1760 Wts: Wm Dortch, Edw. ___?

Edgecombe Co, NC deeds Cont'd:
DB C-25 Mar. 4, 1763 William Bennett of N/H Co., NC to Nathan Bodie (Boddie) of Edge. Co., for F40 proc. money-a tract of 250 Ac on N. Bank of Peachtree Crk., adj. Thomas Kerney, it being pt of a grant deed bearing date of Mar. 25, 1749. Wts: Sam'l. Ruffin, William Boddie, G. Hill

DBC-28 Mar. 1, 1763 Arthur Hill of Halifax Co., NC to William Bennett of N/H Co., NC  for F40 Proc. money, a tract of 250 Ac on N. Bank of Peachtree Crk., adj. Thomas Kerney, it being part of a Granville grant to Samuel Williams bearing date of Mar. 25, 1749.  It was the same tract that was conveyed by the same parties on May  17, 1760, but that deed was not allowed as lawful. Wts: Nathan Boddie, James Pirent

DB C-143 Wm. X Bennett elder, of N/H Co., NC to William Ruffin, Dec. 2, 17__ for (?) Money of Virginia, a tract of 200 Ac on the N/S of Sapony Swamp. it being a tract of land bearing date Oct. 31, 1753. Wts: Green Hill, Robert Ruffin, Bennit Hill

Edgecombe Co., NC Court Minutes:
APRIL, 1763:
Deed from William Bennett to Nathan Boddie proved by Samíl Ruffin
Deed from Arthur Bell to William Bennet proved by Nathan Boddie
JANUARY, 1764:
Deed from William Bennet to William Ruffin proved by Robert Ruffin

Halifax Co., NC Deeds
DB8, P 419 Jan, 1764 Richard Bennett of Granville Co. to Solomon Atkinson of Halifax Co., for 7 pds. proc. money, 200 Ac S/S Roanoke Riv., Halifax Co., adj. David Mead, Beaver Dam Swp, Cypress Swp. Wts: Jesse Bryant, Tainal Bryant, Jean Bryant 

Edgecombe Co., Deeds Cont'd:
DB C 315-Jan 28, 1765  Thomas Vaughan of Edge. Co., to Nathan Boddie  of same.,  for 40F Va. money, a tract of 250 Ac S/Bank of Peachtree Creek adj. William Bennit & John Cotis,  being part of a tract grtd. to Thomas Whitfield from Earl Granville June 30, 1760, conveyed by Whitfield to Vaughan by deed on Mar. 8, 1762. Wts: William Boddie, Josiah Crudup, James X Adkinson

DB C 427 Oct. 18, 1765  Joseph Coats & wife Ann Coats of Halifax Co., NC to John Thompson of same for F10 Proc. money, a tract of 350 Ac  on Little Sapony Creek adj. William Bennet, etc.

DBC-258 July 10, 1764 Anthony Holland of Edge. Co., to Adam Collins of same, 100 AC on Long Br. & Beaver Catcher's Branch adj. William Bennet & James Woodard, being pt of a Granville Grant to sd. Holland by deed bearing date Nov 3, 1761 Wts: Nathan Boddie, James X Adkinson, Mary X Honey

DB C-461 Oct 7, 1766 Anthony Holland of Edge. Co., NC to Wm. Boddie of same, for F30 Proc. money, tract of 500 Ac on the Long Branch adj. Arthur Braswell, Bennit, & Adam Colley. Wts: Nathan Boddie, Dav. Walker., Micajah Thomas

N/H Co., NC deeds Cont'd:
DB3, P 479 (279) Oct 8, 1763 Thomas Pace of N/H to James Cary, the younger, attorney, of same, for 10 Pds Procl., 150 Ac which was pt. of 300 Ac Pat. by Solomon Fuller, Nov 27, 1744, adj. Bear Swp, and William Bennet, who had purch. prt of the 300 Ac from Thomas Pace. Wts: Chas. Bryant, Nathl. X Howell Cela Pace Feb Crt, 1764

DB3, P 529 (319) Oct 9, 1763 Green Hill, the elder of N/H Co to James Cary, the younger of same, 26 sh sterling,  68 AC which was pt of a Granville Grt of 430 AC to sd. Green Hill Oct 10, 1762 , adj. William Bennet, the younger, Pollock, Green Hill Wts: Frederick Linon, Benj. Carry

DB3, P 616 (398) same date, same parties, 60 AC adj. William Bennett, the younger.

DB3, P 504 (298) Oct 22, 1763 Henry Edmonds of N/H to Howell Edmonds, Stephen Williamson, & Thos. Edmonds, of same-1/4 pt of 100 AC Kirby's Cr- Wts: Elizabeth X Bennet, John Brittle, Arnold X Morgan

DB3 469 (273) Jan 28, 1764 John Braswell of N/H Co to William Bennet of same, 65 pds. Va money, 490 AC join. Knoll Bottom Br., Geo. Sellars, Sig: John Braswell, his mother Jane X Braswell, his wife Hannah X Braswell Wts: John Wade, James Cunningham Feb Crt, 1763 (sic)

DB3, P 662 (442) Oct. 26, 1765 James Cary Jr of Berkley Co., SC to Green Hill of N/H Co, NC, for 20 pds., 150Ac pt of 300 Ac pat. to Solomon Fuller, N/S Bear Swp Adj William Bennett, James Cary Jr. Wts: Abraham Maer, John Knox

Will of William Bennett, Northampton Co, NC  #74- Bk 1 P 112) Complete Will shown in 17th Century IOW-Boddie) Abstract by Margaret Hoffman
Dated 17 July, 1758 Prov. Feb Crt, 1765
to my wife Grace, and dtrs Anne Ruffin & Grace Hill, negroes each and "all the money I have, both gold & silver"., to be divided between the 2 dtrs...unto gr/son Bennett Hill my plantation wherein I now dwell with 345 AC  thereunto gr/son William Ruffin, 200 AC in Edgecombe Co on Sapponey swamp where Richard R____? did live. to my gr/son Nathan Boddie my plantation whereon he now lives in Edgecombe Co.  Gr/Son Willis Boddie 300 AC lying above land I now dwell on, join. George Pollock, Volentine Edwards, Earp, & Wm. Winborne... rest of my estate to go to my several grandchildren (names not given) I have not given land to.

Exrs: Green Hill & Robert Ruffin
Wts: John Dawson, Solomon Alston, Jr. & Andrue Taylor

Capt. William Bennett did not name any sons in his will, nor did he ever deed any land to any of them, though it is very obvious he had at least 1-William Jr & probably Richard, who died 1764 Bute Co, NC, and perhaps others. This is probably due to a financial gift at the time they became of age or went out on their own-sgs

Will of Richard Bennett, Bute Co, NC Aug 3, 1764-Pro. Aug Crt, 1764 Bk l, P 3
Wife, Ann
Dtrs: Christian Langston, w/o Absolum Langston
Sarah Langston, w/o Solomon Langston
Dtrs, Martha, Ann, & Amey Bennett
Sons: Richard, Mark William, Moses, & James Bennett
Wts: James Thompson, Susannah Malone, Drusilla Thompson
Wife Ann, and sons Mark & Wm. Bennett, Exrs.
WBA-P 57 Gdn. Bond, Feb. 15, 1769 Solomon Langston, Gdn. to James Bennett, Orphan of Richard Bennett, dec'd.
Sec: Richard Bennett (Jr,) Francis Capps

P.58 Solomon Langston, Guardian of James Bennitt,  Orphan of Richard Bennitt , dec'd. Bond, dated 15 Feb. 1769, to Justices: William Johnson, James Alford, James Alford, & Benjamin Ward, , Esqrs. Securities: Francis Capps, Richard Bennitt (Bennett)  Recorded February Court 1769.(Record Bk A ) 

Granville Co. Deeds, Cont'd
DBG P 217-8 (1764)
John Smart to Richard Bennett Jr. for 9 Pds, 6 sh,  8 Pence-7 Ac MorL, W/S Richard Bennett's corner with all houses, orchards, etc Wts: David Ross, James Thompson, Henry Temple Pro Granv. Crt, May, 1764

Bute Co, NC Records (Kerr)
DBA P 70 Oct. 13, 1764-William Bennett & his mother Ann Bennett to William Powell  for 100 pds. Va money-100 Ac near Grt. Meeting House, on Spr. Brh., across the Ridge, on Buffalow Brh,   to N. Prong, adj. Golightly Wts: James Thompson, John Golightly,Jr., pro   Bute  Nov. Ct.,  1764, Ben McCulloch, C.C Reg. Jan 22, 1765 Sugan Johnson, PR

DB1, P69 Nov 9, 1764 Francis Capps to Randolph Haselwood, both of Bute, 500 A in Bute on Reedy Crk., Piney Br., adj. Daniel Harris & Person, beg. at Madara's line. Wts: Richard Bennett, Mark Bennet

DBA P 337    Dec.18, 1764 John Smart & wife Frances to Francis Capps -for 80 Pds Procl money, 80 A on a Br at line of Bobbit, adj. Richard Bennett, down Buffaloe Br. to fork & up main br. Wts: Jas. Thompson, Francis Bell, Thomas Harrell, Wm. Tabb,  pro.   by James Thompson, Bute Oct. Crt 1765 

DBA P 183 Jan 2, 1765 Christopher Golightly to John Golightly, Jr., for 20 pds procl. money for 3Ac on Buffelow Crk & its branches, adj. new lines made by Xopher Golightly & Mark Bennett. Wts: Absolem Lancaster, Wm. Golightly Prov by Absolum Lancaster Bute Crt, April 1765

DB A P 324 Feb 3, 1765 Barsheba Jones to Randolph Hazelwood for 35 pds Procl money, for 200 A on Reedy adj Maddray, Shingle Br.Wts: Mark Bennett, William Hagwood. Prov by Mark Bennett, Bute Oct Crt 1765 Reg Aug 26, 1766

DBA P 185 May 3, 1765 Mark Bennett & wife Jemima to Randolph Hazelwood  for 125 pds, 13sh, 4d Procl money, for 100 A on Buffalo Brh,  to the dividing line, adj. Golightly. Wts; Abs. Lancaster Ack: Bute April Crt, 1765 Reg July 10, 1765

DB-l, page 73. 6 June 1765. Francis Capps  to Richard Bennett, both of Bute Co. 7 Pds. Procl. money for 70 A. on Beaverdam Branch, at the Ridge Path, adj. James Sensing. Wit: Clement Arledge, James Sensing,. Ack: by Francis Capps , Bute January Court 1766, Ben McCulloch, C.C.Reg: 4 November 1766, by Willm. Johnson, P.R.

DB-l, page 139. 24 July 1766. William Bennett, of Granville Co., to William Powell, of Bute Co. 100 Pds. Va. money for 100 A. in Bute Co., at a spring branch, across the Ridge to the Buffelow, the North fork, adj. Golightly.. Wit: Wm. Anderson, Francis Capps. Proved by Francis Capps, Bute July Court 1766, Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: 26 November 1766, by Willm. Johnson, P.R.

1766 Bute Co NC Tax List-Bute County: Formed I764 from Granville County; abolished 1779 when the county was divided between Franklin and Warren counties. 
Richard Bennett
Jeconiah Langston
John Langston & son, Jechonias
Joseph Mangum
William Mangum
John Bennett 

Record Bk 1 (Will Bk 1)
70 John Smart to William Park & Co. Dated 4 February 1767. Sale of cattle, sheep, household, & kitchen furniture, to satisfy debt. Wit: Mark Bennet, John Scott,  Recorded April Court 1767.

DB1, P  355 Feb. 4, 1767 John Langston to John Thompson, both of Bute Co, for 75 pds. current money  for 300 Ac in Bute Co on B/S Buffalow Brh, adj. Bennett on afsd. Br. 

N/H Co, NC Dec 1, 1768 DB4, P 851 (202) John Bass of N/H Co., to his "well esteemed friend", Margaret Murfree, Widow of N/H deed of gift-After sd. Bass' decease, she to receivee negro boy Cesar, negro girl Nan, 1 horse, certain Household Goods, the land I acquired from William Bennett, adj. Norman Knox, John Bass. Wts: John Duke, Sarah X Duke, Esther Hollolwell. Willie Jones, CC

Bute Co., NC Deeds Cont'd
DB-2, page 89. 23 January 1768. John Smart, Sr. & Frances, his wife, to Mark Bennett, all of Bute Co. 40 Pds. Va. money for 200 A. in Bute Co. on Rocky Branch, adj. Jethro  Roundtree. Wit: William Duke, William Park Proved by William Park, Bute August Court 1768, Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: l0 December 1768, by William Johnson, P.R. Marginal notation: Deld. to Francis Capps the 15th Feby. 1769.

DB2 P 352 Nov. 3, 1769 Peter Smart to Thos. House, both of Bute Co., Wts: Francis Capps, Richard Bennet

N/H Co. NC Deeds, Cont'd
DB4, P 812 (154) May 28, 1768 Thos. Wall of N/H Co, to John Martin of same, 50 AC adj. Brunt Br., Thos. Wall Wts: Joseph Sikes, William Bennett June Crt, 1768

1769 Granville Co., NC Tax List
Absolum Langston (s/o John Langston & Mary Mangum- (M) Christian Bennett)
James Langston
Joseph Langston
Solomon Langston (s/o John Langston & Mary Mangum-(M) Sarah Bennett)

Bute Co., Records, Cont'd:
DB-3, page 474. 15 May 1769. Sarah Nelms, of Halifax Co., to Mark Bennett, of Bute Co. 81 Pds. Current money for two tracts of land in Bute Co. on SS Shocco Creek, a total of 526 A: 1.) 100 A. which Joshua Nelms bought from John Meglamire & directed in his will to be sold, being the lower part of a 200 A. tract sold to Nelms & Bobo, where sd. Bennitt now lives; 2.) 426 A. adj. Ferrell, Jones & Davie(s?), part of a grant to Joshua Nelms. Wit: John Meglamire, William Bishop, John Smart. Proved by John Smart, Bute May Court 1772, Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: 4 August 1772, by Jas. Johnson, P.R

DB-3, page 494. 30 May 1770. Mark Bennet  & Jemima Bennet to Thomas Hay, both of Bute Co. 20 Pds. Procl. money for 150 A. in Bute Co. adj. Bennet,  Perry & Scarbrough Wit: Stephen Gupton, Benjamin Cooper. Proved by Benjamin Cooper, Bute Aug. Court 1772, Ben McCulloch C.C. Reg: 27 0ct.1772, by Jas. Johnson, P.R.

N/H Co., NC deeds, cont'd
Nov 13, 1769 DB4, P 936 (301) Matthew Moore & wife, Treasay, of N/H Co, to John DeBerry of same, 100 pds Va money, 380 Ac which was prt of 2 tracts purch from William Eldridge (See p 303 below) 1 pt from William Bennett, the other from Nicholas Boon, both on S/S Meherrin River. Adj. Little Swamp, William Kinchen, Pitch Landing Rd. Wts: Drewery DeBerry, Henry DeBerry, Peter DeBerry Dec Crt, 1769 Willie Jones, CC

Nov 14, 1769 DB 4, P 938 (303) Matthew Moore & wife Treasey of N/H Co. to Peter DeBerry of same, 30 pds Va money, 100 Ac which was pt of 2 tracts purch by William Eldridge, 1 from William Bennett and 1 from Nicholas Boon, S/Serrin Riv, adj. Putch Landing Rd, William Kinchen's former line, and William Bennett's former line Wts: John DeBerry, John Cobb, Dec Crt 1769, Willie Jones CC

DB 5, P 1024 (69) Feb. 23, 1771 John Wade of N/H to Josiah Powell of same, 184 Ac adj. Miry Br., James Council, William Bennet, Punk Br., Wildcat Swp., John Wade

DB 5, P 1031 (77) Jan 12, 1771 Benjamin Bryan of N/H Co, NC to * William Bennett of St. Mark's Par, South Carolina, for 133 pds. 6 sh., 8 pence Proc. money 78 Ac, which was pt of 90 Ac purch from James Bryan Feb 24, 1745 by William Bennett, dec'd father of the present William Bennett; also 150 Ac which was pt of 300 Ac., which sd. William Bennett, deceased, purch. from Thomas Pace Feb. 24, 1755. (Note Reversal of Grantor/Grantee) Signed: William Bennett*  Wts: Henry Pope, Isaac Ricks Pope, Thomas Pope, Wilson Pope, James Cary Mch Crt, 1771
(*Deed should Read: William Bennett of N/H Co, to Benjamin Bryan of  St. Mark's Par, SC)

1771 Bute Co., NC Tax List
Ann Bennett
Mark Bennett
Richard Bennett
John Bennett
Reuben Bennet-see 17th Century IOW Co, Va-Boddie

1771 Granville Co., NC TL
James Bennett
James Langston
Joseph Langston
Solomon Langston
Joseph Mangum

1771 Franklin, Warren Vance TL 
Mark Bennett
John Bennett
Richard Bennett
Howell Mangum

Bute Co NC Deeds, , Cont'd: (Kerr)
DB-3, page 439, 15 April 1772. George Goodwin & Rebecca, his wife, to Presley Nelms, all of St. Johns Parish, Bute Co. 100 Pds. Va. money for 100 A. & mill with it, in sd. Parish & Co. on SS Great Shocco Creek, adj. George Goodwin, Benjamin Cooper & Mark Bennit, to head of Mirey Branch.Wit: Mark Bennett, Peter Goodwin. Bute May Court 1772, Ack: by George Goodwin & Rebecca, his wife, she first consenting in private examination, Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: 20 July 1772, by JS. Johnson, P.R. Marginal notation: Deld. to Nicholas Murphey l0th. Feby.

Bute Co., NC Record Bk A-P 247 (A) (Kerr)
Will of Grace Hill of Saint John's Parish.
(Dtr of Capt William & Grace Bennett)
Dated 27 Aug. 1772. Recorded November Court 1772. My seven Children: Henry Hill, Green Hill, Bennett Hill, William Hill, Mary Hill, Sarah Hill, Temperance Hill. Executors: Sons Green Hill & William Hill. Wit: Thomas Hill, Jr., Henry King.
P 253 Henry Hill, Esq., Guardian to Sarah Hill, Orphan of Green Hill, dec'd. Bond, dated 13 November 1772, to Justices now sitting: William Johnson, Young McLamore, & Nathaniel Peebles, Esqrs. Recorded November Court 1772. Securities: John Christmas, Benjamin Kimball.
P 257 Inventory of Estate of Grace Hill, dec'd. Dated 10 December 1772. Green Hill & William Hill, Executors. Recorded February Court 1773.
P 258 Division of Estate of Mrs. Grace Hill, dec'd., pursuant to will. Dated 16 December 1772. Green Hill & William Hill, Executors. Itemized description of share allotted to: Henry Hill, Green Hill, Bennett Hill, William Hill, Mary Hill, Sarah Hill, & Temperance Hill. Rcd. Feb. Court 1773.
P261 Green Hill, Guardian of Mary  & Temperance Hill, Orphans of Green Hill, dec'd. Bond, dated 13 February 1773, to Justices now sitting: William Johnson, Henry Hill, & William Tabs,   Esqrs. Securities: Edward Jones, Isaac Hunter. Wit: Thos.. Machen. Recorded Feby Court 1773.

Bute Co, NC Deeds, Cont'd:
DB4, P 129 Nov 11, 1772 Moses Curtice to Edward Young, both of Bute Co., Wts: John Emerson, Richard Bennett  Prov. by Richard Bennett, Bute Feby Crt, 1773

DB4, P 185 Mar 1, 1774 Francis Capps to Richard Bennett, both of Bute Co., for 40 Pds Procl. money-50 A on E/S Barren Lick Br,  Lick Br., Buffalow Crk., Miery Br., & Haw Br adj. William Powell, & Richard Bennett  Ben McCullock, CC Reg Jan 17, 1755

DB7, P 74 May 15, 1778 "In the Third Year of Independence of N.C." William Madry to Richard Bennett both of Bute Co., for 100 pds. Va. money, or Procl. money, at 33/13%, for 200 Ac in Bute Co., on S/S Reedy Crk,  to head of the Mill Br. and down Shingle Br.of the crk, adj. Randolph Haselwood. Wts: Francis Capps, Isam Bennett Prov. by Francis Capps Bute Nov Crt, 1778

The State Records
Published Under The Supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly
Collected and Edited By Walter Clark
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina
Vol. XXII. Miscellaneous Records Published-1907

P 168
An Account Of Persons Who Took The State Oath 1778

I will bear faithful and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and will truly endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the independent Government thereof against George the third, King of Great Britain and his successors, and the attempts of any other Person, Prince, power, state or Potentate, who by secret arts, treasons, Conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same and will in every respect conduct myself as a peaceful orderly subject and that I will disclose and make known to the governor, some member of the Council of State, some Justices of the Superior Courts or of the Peace, all treasons, Conspiracies and attempts committed or intended against the State shall come to my knowledge. 
And that all persons being Quakers, Moravians, Menomists & drunkards & under the circumstances above mentioned in Law, shall make the following affirmation or depart the State. 
I, A. B., do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will bear true Fidelity to the independence State of North Carolina and to the Powers & authorities which are or may be established for the good governments thereof and I do renounce any Fidelity to the present King of Great Britain, his Heirs and successors, and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some member of the Council of State, Judge of the superior Court or 
Justice of the peace, all Treasons, Conspiracies or attempts Committed or intended against the same which shall come to my knowledge. 
Following took above oath, or affirmed, 22 May, 1778. 
List Incl: William Langston
State Oath and test for Tar River district taken by James Lanston (Langston), Esq.
P 177-178
A List of Persons who have taken Oath of Allegiance in Goshen District
List Incl: 
Rich'd. Bennett
P 179 
This Book contains the Names of Persons that hath taken the Oath of Allegiance in the Nap of Reed District before me, Robt. Harris 
Names Incl:
James Bennett
Jo. Mangum
William Bennett

p. 63 Oath of Allegiance 1778 - Oath taken RICHARD BENNITT Capt.
Weathers Dist. Oath given by Mr. Thos. Turner, Esq, J.P.

Warren Co, NC Records (Kerr) (Bute Co changed to Warren Co, 1779)
Aug 19, 1779 DB___  P____
Anne Bennett of Warren Co., NC for love and affection to my son-in-law John Capps and Martha Bennett, 3 negro slaves, (Mary, Sam & Sallie) to John Capps & Anne* Bennett; Also to John Capps & Martha Bennett  all household goods  and cattle. Sig: Anne Bennett Wts: Charles A Daniels, Francis Capps Prov. by Oath of Francis Capps Warren Cr Nov, 1779
*Amey Bennett was w/o John Capps & Martha Bennett was a single dtr.

Bertie Co, NC-Will of John Bobbitt (Wife was Amy Bennett, Dtr of Capt William Bennett) May 7, 1780-Nov Crt, 1786-Named: Eldest son William Bobbitt; son Thomas Bobbitt; Dtrs: Frances, Mary & Amy; Wiliam Bobbitt, Robert Green; John Massey, & James Brogden, EXRS Test: James Bekes, Richard Msassey, Francis Massey

Halifax Co, NC Vol 14, P 433 Mar.16, 1780
John Capps & wife/Amey Capps, & Martha Bennett of Warren Co., NC to Richard Bennett of same, for  500 pds procl. money-200 Ac in Green Swp., on James Island adj. John Young's line, Atkinson's line. 
Sig: John Capps, Martha Bennett, Amey Capps
Wts: Jesse Person,  Isom Bennett, Henry Capps, Patsey Bennett

N/H Co., NC Deeds
DB5, P 1167 (224)  Sept 8, 1772-Margaret Mufree, wid of N/H Co to her friend John Bass, Sr., (to correct error in his deed of gift to her Dec 1, 1768) The land that he  purch. from William Bennett. Wts: John Knox, Jox X Lawrence, John Bass, Jr

June 3, 1775 DB 6, P 33 (52) Bennett Hill of N/H Co, to Benj. Bryan of ssme, 20 pd procl -10 Ac which was pt of a 550 Ac Patent to Capt. William Bennett, dec'd. on N/S Roanoke Riv, adj. Bennett, Longbranch, Bryan, Maple Spring Meadows, Road to Edwards' Ferry. Wts: William Williams, Thos. Bryan June Crt 1775

Granville Co, NC Marriages-Brides
Bennett, Christiana Mrs -Knight, Jonathan 05 Jul 1793
Bennett, William-Clary Lyle Feb 23, 1776-(lived Northampton Co, NC, died 1803-Will)

Northampton Co, NC Deeds, Cont'd:
Sept 2, 1777 DB6, P 123 (156) William Hill of Barte (Bertie) Co., to Jeptha Atherton of N/H Co., 370 procl. -150 Ac adj. Cullen Pollock, Gum Pond; also 12 Ac adj. Cullen Pollock, & Bennett. Wts: Bennett Hill, James Dancy Sept Crt, 1777

Sept 2, 1777 DB6, P 131 (164) Bennett Hill to Jeptha Atherton, 500 Ac which incl all the land William Bennett, dec, bequeathed to sd. Hill, excepting 10 Ac sold to Benj. Bryan and the graveyard. Wts: Lewis Williamson, James Dancy, Sept  Crt, 1777

Dec 1, 1777 DB 6, P 165(194) Bennett Hill to Richard Grant, both of N/H Co, 100 procl- 300 Ac (150 of which was a patent to Solomon Fuller Nov 27, 1744, and sold by Benj. Bryant to Benj Hill, on Honey Ridge, adj. Bear Swp) the other 150 of which was sold by James Cary to Green Hill adj. Bear Swp, William Bennett. Wts: James Winburn, Demsy Tayler Dec Crt, 1777

Feb 15, 1778 DB6, P 205 (227) John Demcy of N/H Co, to Solomon Deberry of same, 100 procl money, 200 Ac  adj. Capt Bennett, Cororoy Swp, Mandue Daughtrie, Wild Cat Swp, and Wild Cat Bridge Wts: William Bennett, L. Daughtrie Isaac Vick, June 1778 Cr

Feb 25, 1778 DB6, P 214 (234) Isaac Vick, David Bunn, & John Bunn of N/H Co., yo John Wilkinson of S/H Co, Va-124 pds -300 Ac which had been a Granville Grant to William Bunn Nov 8, 1755, where sd. John Burns now lives, adj. Coreroy Swp, Robert Parkes, Edward Wilson, Long Br. Wts: William Bennett, Wm. X Hogan, John Wilkinson Jr. 

June 20, 1778 DB6, P 241 (261) John X Hays, planter of N/H Co, to Jessy Hays, son of Arthur & Mary Hays, deed of gift.- 100 Ac which was pt. of a 265 Ac Patent to William Bennett, Aug 4, 1730, adj. Uraha Swp William Bennett, & Rains Path. Wts: Bryant Winburn, Caleb Taylor, Sept Crt 1778

Nov 3, 1778 DB6, P 270 (284) Susannah X Allen to her son William Allen, planter of N/H Co, deed of gift-7 slaves, (Jacob, Jone, Tom, George, Rachel, Leah., Charity) Wts: Geo. Barkley, William Bennett Dec Crt 1778

Feb 20, 1779 DB6, P 310 (319) John Wade of N/H Co, to Hardy Powell of same, 50 pds, Va money, 49 Ac which was pt of a Patent to Geo. Ollens (Allen?) 1744 Adj. sd. Powell, Elisha Robinson, Jacob Pierce, sd John Wade, Josiah Powell Wts: William Bennett, Clary Bennett, Mar Crt 1779

Jan 27, 1779 DB6 P 318 (326) William Canady ot Guilford Co., to Jethro Bass of N/H Co., 50 pds. of NC money, 50 Ac adj. the main road, John Bass, William Bennett, Jethro Bass. Wts: Jesse Blanshard, William Bittle Mch, 1779 Crt

DB7, P 376 (4) April 4, 1779 Stephen Williamson & wife Elizabeth of N/H Co., NC to John Wilkinson of S/H Co., Va, 400 AC (232 of which had been a patent by Charles Eden to William Bennett, March 1, 1719, 210 Ac of which had been deeded to Mrs. Elizabeth Allen by Gov. Everard, Nov 19, 1728, on N/S Meherrin Riv., adj. the County Line, William Fannin, (formerly Chaplin Williams, Jr's) Wts: Simon Everett, John Wilkinson Jr., James Wilkinson Cl Crt, 1779

Jan 23, 1781 DB7, P 489 (71) David Burn of N/H Co to Henry Burn of same, 4000 pds. -200 Ac adj. dd. Henry Burn, David Burn, Pope, Owen Burn Wts: Bowing Bennett, William Bennett Owen X Burn Mch 1781 Crt

Oct 25, 1780 DB7, P 490 (72) James Allen of Anson Co, NC to William Bennett of N/H Co, for 500 pds NC money, 175 Ac on N/E Side of Coyaroy Swp. Wts: Hezekiah Hough, Joseph X Johnston Mch 1781 Crt

Dec 21, 1781 DB7, P 528 (103) Henry Burn & his wife Ann X Burn of N/H Co, to William Allen of same, for 615 silver dollars, 250 Ac adj. Coyaroy Swp, sd Henry Burn, Manden Daughtry, Owen Burn. Wts: Francis DeLoatch, William Bennett, David Burn June crt 1782

March 19, 1782 DB 7, P 540 (113) Joseph X Grant of Edge. Co., NC to Thomas Peete of Sussex Co, Va for " a good new barrel still" -185 Ac (150 of which was a patent to William Bennett Sr) & 35 of which was a patent to Thomas Smith on S/S Urahaw Swp adj. John Hayse. Wts: Solomon Pace, William Winburn, William Peete

Oct 9, 1783 DB7, P 741 (272) Alexander Martin, a State Grant, to Solomon Deberry, 90 Ac adj. Capt. Bennit, Mossy Br., Wildcat Swp, and Cracklin Br. Wts: J Glasgow, sec. Reg, Sept 14, 1784

Mar. 5, 1785 DB7, P 801 (321) William Bennett of N/H Co, to Joseph Stewart of same, 25 Va money, 175 Ac on NE/S of Coyroy Swp, also signed by Clary Bennett. Wts: Hezekiah Hough, Bowen Bennett

Mar 9, 1786 DB7, P 892 (386) Charity Edwards of N/H Co to Benjamin Briant of same-100 pds (Ac not sh) adj. Pollock, Crooked Meadow, William Bennet, Whittle Berry Pond., John Edwards' leased land. Wts: John Haywood, Jr., John Bryan June Crt 1786

Warren Co, NC-Est. of Gen. Thomas Person 1804-Old Debts Incl: James Langston 

SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS 1670 - 1805 Lea Townsend P 136
List Incl: James Bennett, Mary Bennett, Sarah Bennett

P 249 List of Members of Padgett Creek Captist Church made up from the Church book:
James Bennett 1784-1804

Warren Co, NC Records (Kerr)
Will Bk A P 164- John Capps. 5 March 1804; May Ct. 1804. Wife Amey, Extrx.; children: John, Martha, Richd. Mark, Bennett, Patty, Amey, Betsey, Nanna, Christian, & Charity.  Refers to horse he has sent to Guilford Co. & property "here & elsewhere". Wit: Joshua Capps (Jurat) & Hillery Capps (Jurat).

1790 Northampton Co., NC Census
Bennett, Bowen 1 1 3 . 4 sl
Bennett, William 1 2 3 . 15 sl

N/H Co. NC Wills: (Hofmann)
#543 WB2, P 282 William Bennett, Sr*. Dated Nov 18, 1803 Pro June Crt, 1805
Names Wife Clary (Wm. Bennett (M) Clary Lyles, 2/23/1776 Granville Co, NC)
all other land and property of any kind "for raising and bringing up" my dtr Betsy Bennett, and after wife's death to dtr Betsy Bennett.
Son: Bowen Bennett (negroes)
Dtrs:-Tabitha Allan, Barsheba Shaw, (as per deed in Gates Co) 
Dtr- Betsy Bennett, (app. a minor) negroes & all my land adj. Corriroy Swp, Elijah Johnston, Jacob P____, and Wild Cat Swamp, and Mossy Br., contain. 823 Ac M or L.
Exr: Wife Clary & & Cordall Bynum
Wts: Mark Liles, Elias Powell
*This William Bennett  was a gr/son of Capt William Bennett of N/H Co-sgs)

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