The Family of
Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne
& Wife
Marie Archambault
of Montreal, Canada

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Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne was born in 1624 Chateau, Anjou, France, son, and only known child, of Artus Tessier & Jeanne Meine.  He died at Montreal, Canada on March 21, 1689. (Burial of Urban Tessier, Notre-Dame de Montreal)

His occupation was pit sawyer, carpenter, and farmer.

He married on September 28, 1648, Quebec, Canada, to Marie Archambault, Bapt. Feb. 24,  1636,  at Dumpierre-sur-Mer, in  Aunis, France, daughter of Jacques Archambault & wife Francoise Toureau, Marie being only twelve years and 7 months old at the time of her marriage.  She died on Aug 6, 1719, at the age of 83 years, at Pointe-aux-Trembles, near Montreal, and is buried there, having borne her husband 17 children, 13 of whom reached adulthood.
Ref: Tanguay


Children: Tessier

1. Charles (twin) Bapt. July 19, 1649 Died July 24, 1649 Montreal

2. Anomgme (twin) Born & Died .July 19, 1649 Montreal

3. Paul Bapt Feb. 5, 1651 Died: April 26, 1730 Longue Point
(M) Chauteau-Richer   Oct. 13, 1681 Madeleine Cloutier

4. Madeleine Bapt July 19, 1652 Montreal Died Prior to 1666

5. Laurent Bapt. June 3, 1655  Died Sept 27, 1687
(M) Oct. 20, 1681 Quebec, Ann Genevieve Lemere
She (M) #2 1690 Jean Pierre Jolliet (M) #3 1694 Antoine de Rupally

6. Louise Bapt Mar. 26, 1657 Montreal
(M)  Pierre Payet II dit St. Amour Nov 23, 1671 @ Montreal
        s/o Pierre Payet I & Marie Martin of Bordeau, Gascogne
        Pierre Payet II died Jan. 25, 1719 at Pte-aux-Trembles, Montreal
a. Phillippe born Feb. 5, 1673 died July 10, 1703
    (M) Denise Gautier, Nov 8, 1700 @ Boucherville
b. Guillaume born Dec. 23, 1674
    (M) Jan 11 1700 Genevieve Menard
c. Marie Madeleine born March 8, 1677
    (M) Nicolas Gervaise July 27, 1693 
d. Genevieve born April 11, 1679 died April 10, 1688
e. Marguerite born April 21, 1681 died May 20, 1728
    (M) Pierre Couturier  Jan 11, 1700
f. Pierre born Nov 25, 1683
   (M) Catherine Demers April 10, 1708
g. Louise born March 5, 1686
    (M) Nicolas-Antoine Boyer June 2, 1704
           born Feb. 23, 1679 s/o Nicolas Boyer & Marguerite Maclin
           Some of their Descendants can be found in Illinois Country (Kaskaskia)
h. Jean born Aug. 11, 1688 died April 4, 1741
   (M) Therese Poirier Jan 6, 1710
i. Claude born Jan 9, 1691
   (M) Louise Pepin Oct. 8, 1717 @ Trois-Riveres
j. Jacques born June 17, 1694 died Aug 30, 1727, Repentigny
   (M) Michelle Deniau Oct. 30, 1719
k. Francois born Sept. 19, 1696
    Anne-Francoise Baudoin  1722
l. Nicolas born Jan 6, 1698
   (M) Angelique Arrivee Sept 26, 1723
m. Marie-Anne born Mar. 6, 1701 
    (M) Pierre Larrivee Feb. 23, 1718
n. Genevieve born April 11, & died June 21, 1705

7. Agnes Bapt Mar. 23, 1657 Montreal
(M) Nov 26, 1675 Guillaume Richard
(M) #2 Nov 21, 1692 Claude DuConge dit La Fleur

8. Urbain Bapt June 7, 1661 (confirmed May 12, 1669)
Died Mar. 24, 1685 Montreal

9. Jean dit St. Jean Bapt June 14, 1663 Montreal Died Dec 7, 1735 Montreal
(M) #2 April 21, 1688 Louise Caron
(M) #3 Aug 22, 1703 Marie Catherine de Poitiers

10. Claude Bapt. Dec. 12, 1663 Montreal  Died: betw. 1681-1690

11. Jacques Bapt May 24, 1668 Montreal Died June 23, 1669 Montreal

12. Catherine Petronile Bapt.  Mar. 3, 1670 Montreal Died: May 19, 1751 Point aux Trembles
(M) Pierre Janat/Jannot LaChapelle  Jan 31, 1684 Montreal
Some of this family can be found in the early Illinois records.

13. Jean Baptiste Bapt. Jan 26, 1672 Montreal  Died: May 20, 1736 Longuevil
(M) at Montreal Nov. 4, 1698 Elisabeth Regnault (Regnaud) dit Desmoulins

14. Pierre Bapt Feb. 21, 1674 Montreal

15. Jacques Bapt. Mar 3, 1675 Montreal Died: May 9, 1738
(M) at Montreal May 10, 1699 Marie Adehemar

16. Ignace Bapt. Mar. 11, 1677
(M) May 5, 1703 Repentigny to Marguerite Lussier

17. Nicholas Bapt. June 17, 1678 Montreal Died Jan. 4, 1757 Montreal
(M) at Montreal Jan. 27, 1716 Genevieve Auger dit Baron

1666 census of Montreal  
Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne, 42 years old, inhabitant
Marie Archambault, 30 yrs, his wife
Paul 15 years
Laurent 11
Louise 9
Agnes 7
Urbain 4
Jean 3
Claude 7 weeks
Etiene Gentes 18 yrs, hired domestic
Jacques Hurtuat 25 hired domestic

1667 Census of Montreal  
listed between Jacques Archambault & Francois Bailly
Urbain Terssier 40 yrs
Marie Archambault, his wife, 33
Paul-Laurent 15
Laurent 11
Agnes 8
Urbain 6
Jean 4
Claude 17 months
Louise 9
Etienne Launay 21 domestic
Lamondor 22
4 cows, 36 arpents land under cultivation

1681 Census: Habitants De La Ville De Montreal 

Urbain Tessier 55
Marie Archambault sa femme 46
Paul 30
Laurent 25
Urbain 20
Jean 18
Claude 16
Baptiste 10
Jacques 6
Ignace 4
Nicolas 2
Petronile 1 1/2
3 fusile; 11 betes a cornes; 36 arpents en valeur

Guillaume Richard merechal 40
Agnes Tessier, sa femme 23
enfants: Agnes 4, Pierre 3, Buillaume 2
1 fusil; 5 bete a cornes; 12 arpents en valeur

Pierre Payet 40 ,Louise Tessier sa femme 24, 
enfants Philippe 9, Guillaume 7, Madeleine 5, Genevieve 3, Marguerite 1
1 fusil, 5 betes a cornes, 12 arpents en valeur


Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties-Olivier
Urbain Tessier, born 1624, died at Montreal on March 21, 1689, son of Artus Tessier and of Jeanne Meine, of chateau-des-Aniou, Diocese of Angers, married at Quebec on 28 September, 1648 to Marie Archambault, daughter of Jacques and of Francois Toureau.

Ref: Tanguay Vol 1, P 561 & the following information has been taken from:  
French Canadian & Acadian Genealogical Review, chief Editor Roland J. Auger

On September 28, 1648, the bans having been first published, to wit: the first of two on the 21st of this month, on St. Matthew's day, at the High Mass and at Vespers, and the 3rd, the 27th of the same month and year, at the High Mass, and no legitimate impediment having been found, Pere Barthelemy Vimont, in his capacity of pastor in the parish of Quebec, interrogated Urbain Tessier, son of Artus Tessier and of Jeanne Mein, his father and mother, of the parish of Chasteau in Anjou, and Marie Archambault, daughter of Jacques Archambault and of Francoise Taureau, of the parish of Quebec, her father and mother, and having received their mutual consent by word of mouth, they being present, solemnly married them in said church in the presence of witnesses: Jean Bourdon, Robert Giffard, Nicolas Goupil.

Urbain Tessier received a Land Grant in Montreal January 10, 1648., by Maisonneuve .
He was also one of the first five colonists to have a child baptized in Montreal.  He also received a later grant.

The following inscription is found sculptured into a building block of the facade of The Royal Trust Company, Rue St-Jacques in Montreal, Canada:


Urbain Tessier was taken prisoner by the Iroquios March 24, 1661, along with others, and for some time the family did not know if he was alive or dead.  Some of these prisoners were tortured and killed; Urbain Tessier lost a finger.  He was finally liberated, through negotiations,  along with the other last eight prisoners, by Pere Simon Lemoine on August 31, 1661.

At this time Urbain Tessier owned 30 arpents land in the city and 30 arpents at Cote Saint-Francois (Longue-Pointe)  He later purchased additional land, and as his sons became of age, made several deeds to them.

On June 25, 1678 Urbain Tessier and his brothers-in-law, Laurent Archambault, Jean Gervaise, and Gilles Lauzon, granted to their father and father-in-law, Jacques Archambault, a life pension of 100 livres "septuagenarian and quite unable to work to earn his living and clothing, for the natural friendship they bear him, as they have always done."

Urbain Tessier's name is found many times in the civil court records, often as a defendant, as well as plaintiff.

Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne died at Montreal and was buried March 21, 1698 at Notre-Dame de Montreal

On March 21, 1689, there was buried in the Cemetery, Urbain Tessier, after having received all the sacrements, aged about 70 years (Signed) E. Guyotte, pastor (Notre-Dame de Montreal, March 21, 1689)

On April 23, 1689, the coheirs of Urbain Tessier made a declaration in favor of their mother, authorizing her during her entire lifetime to enjoy any real or personal property which may devolve on them from said estate.

On July 28, 1690, Inventory of the property of Urbain Tessier and division was made among Marie Archambault  and her children, Named

On May 22, 1692 another division of the estate was made concerning some property in town.

On January 23, 1702 Marie Archambault relinquished her interest in the estate of her deceased husband, Urbain Tessier, in favor of her children.  She outlived her husband by thirty years, dying on August 6, 1719 at Pointe-aux-Trembles, near Montreal.

The sixth day of the month of August of the year one thousand seven hundred nineteen, I, the undersigned, priest of Villemarie in the absence of Mr. de Lescoat, buried in the cemetery of the parish of l'Enfant Jesus the body of Marie Archambault, wife of the late Urbain Tessier, aged about eighty-six years, deceased after having received the last sacraments, witnesses Jacques Tessier, living at Villemarie, Pierre Jannot, undersigned; the said Tessier declared he was unable to sign his name. (Signed) Pierre Jannot, Bouffandeau, priest

Letter from a descendant of Urbain Tessier, who still resides in Montreal


My name is Suzanne Tessier dit Lavigne, and I live in Montreal (Quebec) Canada. I stumble by coincidence on your page where you have written the story of my ancertor : Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne. 
I had the priveledge last year to visit the town where our ancestor left to come to America. I also was honored to see the graves of our ancestor's parents (mother and father). I had the opportunity to talk with the historian of that locality in France. What a great moment in my life, I felt so good and also thankfull to Urbain for having a dream and the courage to embarque into this unknown world. 
There is so many relatives living all over that are from Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne. Oh, by the way, there is only one Tessier dit Lavigne left in the town where he was born. 

Thank your for your time in reading my email (sorry for the English error, my mother tongue is French)

Suzanne Tessier dit Lavigne (aka Suzanne Lavigne)

Bonjour again....!

I don't have the plaque, but next time I go downtown (Montréal) I will bring my camera. There is a section of the late Urbain's land that was given to his children....and their children. That portion of land is now what we call "old Montreal" and the land is worth a fortune. But, in the late 1800, a notary was sailing to France to have the deed made officially by France, unfortunately the ship went in the water and the notary died along with the official papers. Here in Montreal, we still have the first houses where our ancestors lived, and the French legacy is very strong here. Our architecture is similar to what you could see in France. Urbain was a very courageous man, he fought the Indians (Iroquois) to save the farmers (settlers), he was always defending a cause....(I think his blood must have been very strong because I can relate to that:o))))) ) . In the end of 1800, a portion of his offsprings living in Quebec, decided to move to the Gaspé peninsula and also Abitibi region of Quebec. The province needed settlers to open the land and promised these men a land if they would open these regions. Then once the land cleaned they took wifes and then the Gov't promised double the size of the land if they had 13 and more children. Well, my grand-father was one of those settlers and my grand-mother had 22 childrens (TV sets weren't not available then:o)....we are 320 grand-children - as for the great grand children....I don't know....but there is a lot. Oh, we don't meet each Sundays for lunch....or each Christmas either, because we are scattered all over and some of the grand-children are either dead or near. I am the baby of the 320 grand-children (the last). 
The town where Urbain was born is now called "Château la Vallière". (Mademoiselle de La Vallière Françoise Louise de la Baume le Blanc
Demoiselle de La Vallière Duchesse de Vaujours (1644-1710))
Mademoiselle Françoise Louise de la Baume Le Blanc/La Vallières was the King Louis X1V first mistress and he gave her that portion of land for "services given". She had 4 children with the king (illegal) and he recognized them when he found a 2nd mistress. Louis XIV was a busy man:o)
The Church where Urbain was born is still there and as the olders of the little town said "it hasn't changed since....except for the chairs that weren't available 300 years ago.

Now, that I have found my roots on my father's side, I am researching my mother's side, but that isn't very easy....why....I don't know. I want to do it for my children and their children (one day).

What happen to your side of the Tessier dit Lavigne and where did Sparks are living far away from your ancestor's land....Quebec....Texas isn't very close. Tell me a little about yourself.
You can visit my website, I am a breeder of a rare breed, Coton De Tulear.

This is incredible, to have met you through the internet.

Have a great day