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Rebecca D. Bullock

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I wish to acknowledge the very able assistance on this line, from several Greening cousins, including Swepson Bullock Greening of Keithville, La; John D. Greening of Shreveport, La. & his sister Barbara Greening Martin; also Mrs. Swepson Winnifred Greening Conger, Jackie Pierandri. & Erica Greening Costenbader  

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Swepson Whitehead Greening
Son of John James & Sarah Ann Warren Greening:

Of Desoto Parish, Louisiana
Was Born July 26, 1839 Dallas Co, Alabama
& Died: October 3, 1912 DeSoto Par, Louisiana
Buried: Old Mansfield Cemetery, DeSoto Par, La
Occupation: Druggist;  Planter

(M) November 1, 1866 Desoto Par, La
Rebecca D. Bullock
Graduate of Mansfield Female College, 1860's)
Born August 21,  1843 Alabama
Died: May 19, 1919* (after 1920 census) DeSoto Par, La (appears in HH of son, A. J. Greening family, as Mrs. S W Greening, age 76 yrs, Widow, Rel: Mother,  1920 Mansfield DeSoto Par., La
Old Mansfield Cemetery

Written on reverse:
Swepson Greening
 Taken May, 1860

Louisiana Confederate Soldiers, Etc (Booth) Vol 2, P 95
Greening, S. W.,Pvt. Co. D, 2nd La. Inf. En. May 11, 1861, New Orleans. Rolls from 
May, 1861, to Aug., 1862, Present. Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1862, Absent. Detailed to wait on wounded at Sharpsburg, Md., Sept. 17, 1862. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1862, Present. Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War, Captured at Antietam, . Name appears on a parole of Prisoners of War, dated Office of Provost Marshal Gen., Army of the Potomac, Sept. 27, 1862: Declared at Aikens Landing, Exchanged, Nov. 10, 1862.

Co. D, 2nd LA Inf-CSA


Child #1. REUBEN DOUGLASS  Born Aug 8, 1867 DeSoto Par, La Died: April 4, 1897 New Orleans, La Bur:  Old Mansfield Cemetery, DeSoto Par, La  OCC: Physician-Graduate of Tulane University of Louisiana, 1891*
(M) Luvenia J Sheen, June 23, 1896 Red Riv. Par, La 
 (NO Children)
*["Medical Doctors: Baton Rouge Advocate, May 17, 1892" in The PlumeXXXVI:3, p.13, submitted by Vicki Gourley] 
New Orleans, La Death Records: Reuben Douglass Greening, age 29 yrs, Died April 4, 1897 Vol 113, P 337


Child #2. SARAH JULIA  Born Aug 12, 1869 DeSoto Par, La, Died Bet 1890-1900 DeSoto Par, La 
No marr. located for her


Child #3. JOHN MILTON  Born April 11, 1871 DeSoto Par, La Died Feb 24, 1911 DeSoto Par, La  Est Adm. by brother-Adolphus J. Greening, J. W, Parsons, Attorney-12th Judicial Dist. Crt,      
He Did not marry


Child #4. SWEPSON WHITEHEAD, JR. Born: April 1, 1873 DeSoto Par, La Died: Sept. 13, 1902 (Estate Matters, Natchitoches Par., La.)  Buried: Catholic Cemetery, Campti, La  Occ: Physician

Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929 
Swepson W. Greening, Died: Aug. 13, 1902 Campti, La. Type of Practice: Allopath
Journal of American Medical Association  citation 39:503
Medical School: Memphis Hospital Medical College, Memphis, 1894 (G)
(M) Eugenia  A. Smith 
             Children: Greening
           (a)  Sylvan (son)  Born Sept., 1897 Died:  age 4 yrs, 9 mos. -Buried: Catholic Cemetery, Campti, La

             (b). Eugenia A.  Born January 11, 1900 Died: June 29,     1901 Buried: Catholic Cemetery, Campti, La

             (c). Swepson Winnnefred   Born Dec 30, 1902  Died: March, 1980 Shreveport, Caddo, La  

(Undertutor-J. Ben Smith, 
( Uncle) when her father died
    (M)  Edmund Conger
    Born: Jan 13, 1897-Died: May, 1986 Caddo Par, La


Child #5. REBECCA BELL (REBA)  Born December 8, 1874 DeSoto Par, la Died: June 1, 1957 Sabine Par, La-Buried: Many Cem, Sabine Par, La
 (M) Edgar M Fraser Feb 12, 1899 DeSoto Par, La (Mansfield, DeSoto Par., La Marriages-Miss Rebecca B. Greening -Edgar M. Fraser 12 February, 1899
Vol. 7, P. 538 Marriage License, De Soto Par., La
He was born Mansfield, Desoto Par, La Feb. 16, 1872 Died: Oct. 29, 1951 Many, La
He was a druggist in Mansfield & Natchitoches, La for many yrs, and later in Many, La.

(a) Frederick Born Nov, 1899 La

(b)  (Judge) Edwin Milton Fraser, Born Aug. 13, 1901.-Died Sept 20, 1959 -Many Cem., Many, Sabine Par, La
                    (1) Edwin Milton Fraser, Jr, born Mar. 11, 1938 Died: Dec 6, 1959-Many Cem, Many, La

(c) (Dr) Swepson Floyd Fraser Born Jan 10, 1906 Died Mar. 23, 1991 (age 85 Yrs) Many Cem, Many, Sabine Par, La 
            (M) Rosa Pearl Horn
Born Dec. 20, 1908-Died Nov. 22, 1995, Many Cem, Sabine Par, La.


Child #6 C. D.  Born Sept 12, 1876* La Died: July 2, 1931 Mansfield, DeSoto, La (Old Mansfield Cem)
(M) Jane Isabell "Janie Bell" Pitts Jan 22, 1903 DeSoto Par, La  -
(No Children)
She was born April 24, 1879 Died: Aug, 1969  (Old Mansfield Cem)
Occ.: Merchant in Mansfield, La
WW I Draft Registration: C D Greening , age 41 yrs, Add: Mansfield,, DeSoto, Louisiana, born December 9, 1876* white, natural born citizen, Occ: Merchant;  Self Empl., Nearest Relative: Mrs. Janie Bell Greening, Mansfield, DeSoto, Louisiana; sig: C D Greening Physical description: Medium Ht, Build, Stout, blue eyes, light brown hair, No disabilities, No exemptions sig: M K Nilson, Mansfield, DeSoto Par., La, September 12, 1918

Child #7.  RUFUS  H. WARREN   Born -Marker shows Aug 17, 1879 Died Sept.13, 1970 Buried: New Mansfield Cem, DeSoto Par, La. (did not locate 1930 census)
                      (M) Nellie Bishop
  Born: July 24, 1885 Died: Oct, 1970 Shreveport, La
  Buried: New Mansfield Cem, Mansfield, Desoto, La 
  WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Rufus Warren Greening, Rt 1, Mansfield, Louisiana, age 39 yrs, b. Aug. 17, 1879 white natural born citizen, Occ:  farmer, self-empl., Nearest Rel: Mrs. Nellie B. Greening, same add, Sig: Rufus Warren Greening;  Phys. Desc:  Height: Medium, Build, Medium, Eyes, Blue, Hair, light, No disabilities, Sig: P C Fairy? Registrar, DeSoto Par., Louisiana Sept 12, 1918

 1880 census shows plainly: R. H. Greening-1900 Cen shows born, April, 1882-

DeSoto Parish History by Slawson  "the late Rufus Greening used to pitch for Carmel against the Dean boys as we called the team."

Children : Greening

(a) Millison Ruth Born abt 1909 DeSoto Par, La. Died:___
        (Member of the Graduating Class of 
         Mansfield Female College, 1929)
         She is buried in New Mansfield Cem, Mansfield,  Desoto Par, La.
        (M)#1 Mr. Hollenshead (M) #2 Jack Scheen

  Ruth had no children-lived in Shreveport, La
        Occ: Schoolteacher, Caddo Par, La.

(b) Rufus Warren, Jr, Born Ca.1912 Died Nov 27, 1935 Houston, Harris Co, Tx. (Unmarried)
         (Index to Early Texas Death Records-Cert #51862)

(c). Joseph "Joe" Born Feb 22, 1914 Louisiana 
          Died Nov ,1979, Shreveport, Caddo, Par., Louisiana-Last Res: Edmund, Oklahoma
          (M) Mildred _______
          Born April 15, 1908 Died: Feb, 1980  New Orleans, La.
          Last Res: Gretna, Jefferson Par, La.
          (1.) Joe, Jr. -lives in Edmund, Okla.

(d) Bruce W. Born Jan 11, 1916, Died April, 1977 Shreveport, Caddo, La  Buried: New Mansfield Cem, Mansfield, Desoto Par, La
        Married, Had No Children.

U S WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Bruce W Greening, b. 1916, white, citizen, Enlistment date: Nov. 6, 1941 Enlistment State: Florida Enlistment City: Jacksonville Army Air Field, Branch International, Pri/Pri, Selectees (Enlisted Men) Civil life: 1 year high school, Occ: semiskilled occupation in production of petroleum, Divorced, without dependents, Ht: 72 inches, Wt: 159 lbs

(e) Chris Lane   Born May 6, 1918 Died Aug ( ), 1984, Keithville, Caddo, La  Buried: New Mansfield Cem, Mansfield  DeSoto Par, La.
            (1) Chris Lane, Jr. (Lives in Jackson, Miss.)
            (2) Rusty    (Lives in Jackson, Miss)
               Has  Dtr Amy (M) Willis, lives Natchez

(f). Helen Born_____
        (M)_Mr. Jamison and lived Shreveport, La. (Had No children)Occ: Schoolteacher, Caddo Par, La


Child #8. VIRGINIA  Born: Ca 1884 La 
      Died: Between 1890-1900
      No marriage located for her


Child #9. ADOLPHUS Jule. (Jackson*)   . Marker has May 19, 1884- Died: Feb 10, 1954 Caddo Par, La (His MOTHER, Mrs. S W Greening,  age 76 yrs, Wid, b. abt 1844 Ala  in his HH in 1920 Mansfield, DeSoto Par, LA; lived 1930 Wd 5, DeSoto Par., La Empl: State Hwy Dept
    Buried: Evergreen Cem,  Frierson, DeSoto Par, La.
    (M) Minnie Bessie Fulgham 1917
    Born: Feb 5, 1900 Died: July 26, 1977  Mooringsport, Caddo Par, La
    Buried:  Evergreen Cem,  Frierson, DeSoto Par, La

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Adolphus Jackson* Greening, age 34 yrs, Add: Rt. 1, Mansfield, DeSoto, Louisiana, b. May 19, 1884 white, natural born citizen, Occ: Farmer, Add: Rt 1, Mansfield, DeSoto, La; .Nearest Relative: Minnie Bessie Greening, same address. Sig: A J Greening Phys. Descr:  height-medium, build-stout,  eyes, blue, hair, light brown  No disabilities, No Exemp. Sig: M K Nilson, Pct 1, DeSoto Parish, La Sept. 12, 1918

Children: (Greening)

(a.) Bessie Gladys Born July 30, 1918 Died Jan 16, 1946 Buried: Evergreen Cem, Frierson, DeSoto Par, La.
             (M) Dr Groom Shepard (2 children)

 (b.) Adolphus  Jule  Jr. Born Nov 9, 1919 (1918) Died: Oct 8, 1947 Evergreen Cem, DeSoto Par, La (Did not marry)
           (marker has birthdate as 1918)

U. S. WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Adolph J. Greening, b. 1918, white natural born citizen,  Enlistment date: Aug 8, 1940, Branch: Air Corps, Branch Code: Air Corps,  Enlisted for the Phillippine Department,  Component: Regular Army, (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted men), Civil Life:  Education: 3 years of high school, Civil Occ: farm hands, general farms,  Single, without dependents, Ht: 70 inches, Wt: 150 lbs

 (c.)  Marjorie "Margie"  Lee Born May 10, 1921-Died Sept, 1984 Shreveport, Caddo, La -Buried: Greenwood 
Cem,  Shreveport, Caddo Par, La.
            (M) Claud W. McHone
            Born Aug 15, 1920 Died: Jan. 15, 1995 Shreveport, La Buried @ Greenwood Cem,  Shreveport, Caddo Par., La.
            Children: McHone
(1) Sharon

(d). Swepson Bullock Born Feb. 8, 1923 Died Dec. 31, 2002 Shreveport, Caddo, La.
           (M) Margie Lee Collins Aug 13, 1947

WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946: Swepson B. Greening, b. 1923, white citizen,  Add: Bossier Par., Louisiana, Enlistment date: October 29, 1942, Shreveport, Louisiana, Air Corps, priv/priv, Enlisted for duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President, or otherwise according to the law. Component: Army of the United States, Civil Life: Education: 2 years of high school, Occ: Carpenter, Single, w/o Dependents,  Ht: 72 in, Wt: 154 lbs

 (e.) Buford James ("KIT" ) Born Nov 14, 1924
             Died Nov. 12, 2003 Shreveport, Caddo, La
             Funeral Saturday, Nov 14, 2003 Shreveport, La
              (M) Rosemary Lewis

(f.) Marion Hubert Born Oct 1, 1926 Died Jan 15, 1963 Buried: Hillcrest Cem, Bossier City, La.
           (M) Betty Harris
                 (1)  Kenneth Wayne Born May 5, 1956-Died Dec.18,1988 Buried Hillcrest Cem., Bossier City, La.
                        (M) Carol J. Henry Feb. 14, 1978 Harrison Co, Tex.
                              (a) Erica (M) Costenbader
                               (b) Jessica Colleen (M) Loudermilk
                              (c) Gabriel Colin
                 (2)  Carol Lynn (M). Moss

(g) C. D. (born 1928 died aged abt. 3 yrs)

 (h) Kenneth, died as infant

 (i.) Tommie Jean (Stillborn)

 (j.)  Barbara Ann Born May 27, 1932
              (M) Albert Victor Martin He was b. Nov. 27, 1930 d. April 27, 2006 Shreveport, Caddo, La.

 (k.) John Dalton Born Aug 20, 1934
             (M) Mildred Welch 
             Born Oct. 3, 1933 Arcadia, La. d. August 4, 2009 Shreveport, Caddo, La (SSDI)
                    (1)  Penny Lajuan Born Oct. 21, 1964 
                           (M) Ricky Richardson
                                  (a) Matthew Dalton born Mar.31, 1988
                                  (b) Christopher David Born Nov. 21, 1991
                                  (c) Cailey Nicole Born Mar. 30, 1998
                    (2) . John Dalton Jr. Born June 19, 1966-Died Dec 13, 1976

(l.) Keith Edwin Born Aug 20, 1936 d. March 29, 2006 Shreveport, Caddo Par., La (SSDI)
           (M) Peggy Bassett She was b. June 10, 1936 d. July 6, 2008 Shreveport, Caddo, La (SSDI)

(m) Ralph Wayne Born Nov 18, 1938
            (M) Beth Carpenter of Hamburg, Ark.
                   (1) Ralph Wayne, Jr b. 1963


Child #10. VIVIAN LYSLE  Born: Oct. 17, 1887*, (Marker shows  Oct 17, 1889*) DeSoto Par., La. Died: July 25, 1936 Caddo Par, La.  Bur: Evergreen Cem, DeSoto Par, La.
  WW I Civilian Draft Registration: Vivian Lysle Greening, age 20 yrs, Add: Mansfield, La. birth: Oct. 17, 1887*, white, natural born citizen, Mansfield, La. Occ: Self Empl. Farmer, Mansfield, La., single, caucasian, No prev. military experience,  Sig: V L Greening Phys. Desc: Height-tall, build-slender, eyes-blue, hair-auburn, Bald,  No disabilities Sig: M K Nilson, Pct 1 DeSoto Parish, La June 5, 1917
    (M) #1- (1917) Annie E. Vickers (No children)
    (M) #2- Lillie Fulgham
    Born Jan 21, 1902-Died Sept, l, 1975 Caddo Par, La Buried Evergreen Cem, DeSoto Par, La

Children:  by #2 wife
Info from Jackie Pierandri, a grt gr/dtr

     (a.) Faye Belle (twin) Born June 8, 1930 La
             (M) Francis Mario Rotunda (She is buried in Conn.)

     (b.)  Ray Douglas (twin)  Born June 8, 1930 La. Died July, 1988 Sacramento, Calif. Buried in Sacramento, Calif.
                             (M) Beverly Krieger/Kreeger

                    1. Richard Douglas b. August 11, 1953 Sacramento, Calif.

                    2. Michael William b. Sept. 27, 1954 Sacramento, Calif.

                    3. Susan J b. April 11, 1956 Sacramento, Calif.

     (c.)  Wanda Jean (M) Dave DeLeona and lives in Ohio

     (d.) Frederick Glen  born May 31, 1935 died: 1993 He did not marry


Texas Land Records-Reeves County/Bexar District-
R. W. Greening , Abstract # 2180-640 Acres,  Abstr # 2181, 640 A, Abstr. 2182,, 640 A,& A. J. Greening- Absrtract # 2183, 320 Acres. These two brothers, sons of Swepson W. Greening,  went to West Texas around 1902-1904, but did not stay long; they moved back to La.
Ref: John Dalton Greening, son of A. J. Greening

Vital Records: Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929
Greening, S. W.(same as below)
Died: Dec 31, 1929 *
Type of practice: Allopath 
Medical school: Memphis Hospital Medical College, Memphis, 1894, (G) 
*Comment in death date: This is an approximation of the individual's death date. 

Greening, Swepson W.(same as above)
Died: Aug 13, 1902 in: Campti, LA 
Type of practice: Allopath 
Journal of the American Medical Asociation citation: 39:503 

Case No 1365 In District Court,
DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

In the above numbered and entitled matter, by reason of the Law and evidence being in favor thereof, it is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed  that Mrs. Rebecca Bullock Greening be and is hereby recognized as the owner of an undivided one half interest of all the property appearing on the inventory filed herein and standing in the name of S. W. Greening and as such she is hereby sent into possession of the same.
It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed that Mrs. Reba Greening Fraser, C. D. Greening. R. W. Greening, A. J. Greening, V. L. Greening and the minor Swepton W. Greening, child of Swepton W. Greening, Jr., heirs of Swepton W. Greening, deceased, and as such that they be sent into possession of the community one half interest of Swepton W Greening, deceased, in and to said property subject to and burdened by the usufruct thereof in favor of Mrs. Rebecca Bullock Greening provided by law.
It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed that this judgment is in no wise to prejudice the right of any creditors of said succession.

This done and signed officially at Chambers on this 19 day of October, A. D., 1912
Filed October 19, 1912
L. H. Bell, Jr., Clerk
Don E. SoRelle, Judge

BIOGRAPHICAL & HISTORICAL MEMOIRS, NORTHWEST LOUISIANA, DESOTO PARISH, Pub. 1890 by The Southern Publishing Company (A Large Fund of Biography of Actual Residents, and an Interesting Historical Sketch of Thirteen Counties).

S. W. GREENING: The following is a brief sketch of the career of Mr. Greening,-a-man whose present substantial position in life has been reached entirely through his own perseverance, and the facts connected with his agricultural operations and their results show what a person with courage and enlightened views can surely accomplish.

He first saw the light of day in Dallas County, Alabama, on July 26, 1839, and his early schooling was obtained in that State and in Louisiana; his parents, J. J. and Sarah (Warren) Greening, having removed thither in 1847. The former was born in South Carolina and the latter in Georgia, and after coming here they settled near Pleasant Hill in DeSoto Parish, where the father was a member of the Police Jury for a number of years. He made a purchase of two or three small claims, but entered most of his land, and became the owner of 1,000 acres.
He afterward made a purchase on Red River, in DeSoto Parish, which was about the year 1853, and on this farm he died in 1873, having in early life been a student at West Point and a member of the Alabama Legislature for several terms. He was quite prominent, both as a politician and agriculturist, and although he raised a company for the Mexican War,  he did not enter the service. His wife is still living, being in her seventy-second year. She bore him fourteen children, two sons and four daughters now living (1890) and of this family the subject of this sketch is the oldest

He has been a resident of Louisiana since he was eight years of age, and has witnessed the growth and development of this country from a wilderness of cane brake and woods to finely cultivated fields of cotton and waving grain. He obtained a good education in Centenary College of Jackson, La., and the most of his early youth was spent on the father's plantation. In 1861 he left home and enlisted in the Pelican Rifles of DeSoto Parish, first company of his parish, but after serving a little over two years with the Second Louisiana Regiment in Virginia he was captured at the battle of Antietam, but was soon after paroled. He took part in many of the engagements in Virginia and after the close of the war he returned home and embarked in merchandising in Mansfield, a calling he continued to follow for about eighteen months. He then went to Red River and farmed for two years but the successive overflows of 1867 and 1868 completely ruined him financially. In 1869 he moved to where he now resides, and by the exercise of good judgment and by hard and persistent toil he has became the owner of 525 acres of land, a considerable portion of which is under the plow. His marriage, which occurred in 1866, was to Miss R. D. Bullock, a native of Alabama, by whom he has had ten children:  R. D. ( a Physician), Julia, J. M., Reba, S. W., Jr. , C. D., Rufus, Virginia, Adolphus, and Vivian

1860 DeSoto Par, La HH 235-251
Silas Phifer 48 M NY Mechanic
Harriett " 48 NY
Sarah L. " 22 Ohio Teacher
Elizabeth " 19 F Tex
Thos. H. " 17 M Tex
John M. " 11 M La
Julia V. " 9 F La
S. W. Greening 20 M Ala Druggist
R. W. Cato (Cater) 22 M Ala Clerk, drug store

1870 DeSoto Par, La HH 264-264
S. W. Greening 30 WM Ala Farmer $1200.
Rebecca  " 25 WF Ala
Reuben"  02 WM La (Transcribed census shows Julian)
Julia L. " 1 WF La

1880 DeSoto Par, La. ED 25 SD 2, P 33, HH 311 (Ward 4)
S. W. Greening
WM 41 Ala SC GA Farmer
R. D. 35 WF  La Ala Ala-Wife
R. D. WM 13 La Ala Ala Son At school
S. J. WF 10 La Ala Ala Dtr
J. M. WM 8 La Ala Ala Son at school
S. W. WM 7 La Ala Ala Son
R. B. WF 6 La Ala Ala Dtr
C. D. WM 4 La Ala Ala Son
R. H. WM 10/12 La Ala Ala Son (very plain)
Julia Davis WF 63 Ala NC Ga -Mother (HER mother)
J. B. Davis WM 23 La SC Ala -At home

1900 Desoto Par, La ED 54, Vol 11, P 23, Line 90 (Soundex)
Many of these birth dates do not match other records on these people.

S. W. Greening 60 WM Born Aug, 1839 Ala.
Rebecca " 58 WF Born Dec, 1842 Ala-Wife
John D? M? " 27 WM Born, Sept, 1872 LA Son
C. D. " 21 WM Born Nov, 1878 La Son
Rufus " 18 WM Born April, 1882 La Son
Adolphus "16 WM Born May, 1884 La Son
Vivian  " 14 WM Born Jan, 1886 La Son

1900 Natchitoches Par. La ( ED 73, Vol 23, L 23) HH 7-7
S. W. Greening, Jr. 27 WM La Ala Ala Born Jan, 1873  Marr 3 yrs (Marker does not match)
Eugenia A." 26 WF Born Nov, 1873 La Wife had 2 ch-2 living
Sylvan " 2 WM Born Sept, 1897 La. Son
Eugenia A. 4/12 WF Born Jan, 1900 La.

HH 8-8
Edgar M Fraser 28 WM Feb 1872 La Mo Ala Druggist marr 1 yr
Reber B. " 25 WF wife Dec 1879 La Ala Ala had 1 ch-1 living
Frederick " 6/12 WM Nov 1899 La La La son

1910(April 20) DeSoto Par, La 5W Smithport Rd P 172A HH 98-99
Rufus W Greening 30 WM La La La genl farming married 2 yrs
Nellie F. " 24 WF La Miss La wife had 1 child 1 living
Millison R. " 6/12 WF La La La dtr

1910 DeSoto Par, La, 4th Ward Police Jury, P 177A HH 92-92
Swep W Greening 70 WM Ala SC Ga genl. farming marr 44 yrs
Rebecca B " 65 WF Ala Ala Ala wife had 6 children, 6 living
John M " 40 WM La Ala Ala son single farming
Adolphus J " 25 WM La Ala Ala son single farming

Edgar M Fraser 37WM La KY Ala, Druggist, Drug Store (M) 10 yrs; Reber B " 35 WF wife, La Illeg. La Had 3 childre-2 living; Edwin M " son 8 WM La La La, Sweptson F " 4 WM son La La La

1910 Calcasieu Par, La (DeRidder) P 75A 
V L Greening 22 WM La Ala Ala single Occ: Telegraphy, boarder in HH of Will Scott, (Boarding house)

1920 DeSoto Par, La ED 109 P 8A Police Jury Ward 4, HH #9
A J Greening 36 WM La Ga La
Minnie 20 WF La Ga Ga wife
Bessie 1 7/12 WF La La La Dtr
A, J, Jr. 4/12 WM La La La son
Susie Fulgham 16 WF Sis-in-law
Doak Fulgham 13 WM bro-in-law
Mrs. S. W. Greening 76 WF Ala Ala Ala Mother (Widow)

ED 111 P 14A
C D Greening 40 WM La Ala La
Janie Bell 26 WF La Ga Ala wife
Sarah Tom Hewitt 16 WF La La La Niece

ED 109, P 14A Police Jury Ward Pt of 4 HH 134-134
Rufus W. Greening 40 WM La Virginia S. Carolina Farmer
Nellie 34 WF La Miss La  Wife
Ruth 10 WF La La La Dtr
Rufus 8 WM La Ls La son
Joseph 6 WM La La La son
Bruce 3 WM La La La son
Chris 1 WM La La La son

ED 109 P 148 Police Jury Ward 4
Vivian Greening 31 WM La Ala Ala
Annie " 18 WF La Ga La Wife

1920 Sabine Co, Tex (Many) ED84 P 3A HH 47-47
Edgar M Fraser 47 WM La Ky Ala Retail Store-Drugs
Reber B. " 46 WF La Ala La wife
Edwin M. " 18 WM son
Swepson " 12 WM son

1930 DeSoto Par, La (Mansfield) ED 10 P 23b, HH 536
C D Greening 53 WM La Ala Ala Merchant, Genl. Mdse.
Janie B. " 50 WF La Ga Ala wife

1930 Desoto Par, La Police Jury Wd. 5, Ed 15, P 4a, HH 77-77
Adolphus J. Greening 44 WM La La La State Highway Dept
Minnie " 30 WF La Ga La wife
Bessie G. " 11 WF La La La dtr
Adolphus J. " 10 WM La La La son
Marjorie L. " 8 WF La La La dtr
Swepson B. " 7 WM La La La son
Buford J. " 5 WM La La La son
Hubert M. " 3 WM La La La son
C. D. " 1 11/12 WM La La La son

1930 Rapides Par, La (Wd 4 Glenmore) HH 381-199
Vivian L Green(ing) 43 WM La La La (M) @ age 28 Tele. Operator (NOT his first marr)
Lillie M " 28 WF La Ala La wife (M) @ age 16 (NOT her first marr)
& 3 stepchildren (Jarrett)

1930 Many, Sabine Par, La.,  Main Street HH #96 

E M Fraser, 58WM La La La (M) @ age 27, Proprietor, Drug Store; Reber " 56WF wife La Ala La (M) @ age 25;  Swepson " 24 WM son, single, La La La & 4 boarders

The Sabine Index - Edgar M. Fraser

26 Oct 1951 - Edgar M. Fraser, 79-year-old prominent retired Many druggist died at 5 p.m. Monday at the Fraser sanitarium after a short illness.

Mr. Fraser had been in the drug business for 50 years, 15 of which were spent in Mansfield, and the remaining 35 years in Many. He was a native of Louisiana having been born in Mansfield.

Funeral services were held at the Many First Methodist church at 3 p.m. Tuesday with Masonic rites at the graveside. The Rev. Kenneth McDowell, pastor, assisted by Rev. W. P. Fraser and Rev. A. O. Youngblood, officiated. Burial was held in the Many cemetery under the direction of Warren funeral home.

Pallbearers were: Richard Fraser, Robert Gay, Ralph Fraser, Dixon Carroll, Louis Gay, Louis Fraser, Glen Phares and Edgar Stephens.

Mr. Fraser is survived by his widow, Mrs. Reber Greening Fraser; two sons, Judge Edwin W. Fraser and Dr. S. F. Fraser, both of Many; one brother, R. A. Fraser, Sr., of Many; two sisters, Mrs. S. L. Carroll, of Shreveport, and Mrs. L. B. Gay, of Colfax; & eight grandchildren.