The Family of
Samuel Langston
& wife
Sarah Young 

of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
 & Georgia

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Samuel Langston was born About 1741-42 in Surry Co., Va., and died in 1825 in Jackson County, Georgia.   He was the son of JOHN LANGSTON & #1 wife, Mary Ann  Mangum

He married about 1762 in  Orange Co., North Carolina, to Sarah Young  (Dtr of   Reuben Young) & wife , Name UNK. also of Orange Co., NC at the time.  His Probable son, David Langston was born in 1763 Orange Co., NC.

Samuel Langston  lived in Orange Co, North Carolina, as of 1764, as he witnessed a  deed on  Nov. 11, 1764, from Henry Ledbetter to John Langston, 220 Ac.  Wts: Samuel Langston.  (Samuel would have to be a grown man when he witnessed this deed).  He was living in South Carolina prior to 1767, as his Dtr Ailsey was born there in that year. His father in law, Reuben Young, also resided on Tyger River, 96 Dist, at the same time.  Samuel Langston's brother Absolum Langston also resided on Tyger River, in SC as early as 1771, according to deed records.    Samuel was named in his father's will of March 1, 1782 in Greenville, SC. (Pro-Nov 11, 1790)  but Samuel lived in Georgia at the time.

He served in the Revolutionary War from Georgia. (Knight's Roster, Also Cert. of Col. James Jackson, Ga. State Legion, 4/6/1784, and the Certified List of Georgia State Troops, Appendix E, Georgia Soldiers of the line, Rev. War)
He received Bounty Grant in Franklin Co, Georgia, 4/26/1784 (2 grts)  and several other land grants, in Washington, Richmond & Jackson Counties.

In 1805 he lived in Cockran's Dist, Mulberry Fork, Jackson County.

Samuel Langston  made his will in Jackson Co, Georgia, Oct. 3, 1825, calling himself "old & infirm" and it was Proved in open court of Jackson Co., Ga. on October 31st by Oath of Jeremiah Reaves & George F. Adams, subscribing witnesses.
He named only his 4 daughters in his will, but it is presumed he had several sons. (see below)


(1) Ailsey Born 1767 Tyger River, 96 Dist., SC  Living 1850 Forsythe Co., GA age 83 Yrs. (M) John Wright 
He died 1812 Jackson Co, Ga., Joseph Davis, EXR
Jackson Co, Ga . Guardian Bonds
3/12/1812 Ailsey Wright, Gdn of Cornelius McCurdy Wright
5/3/1813 Ailsey Wright, Gdn. of Martha, Cassandra, James Carr Wright   
Known Children : Wright
        (a) Hannah Born 1792 Ga.
              (M) William Blackstock Dec 22, 1811 Jackson Co, GA;  Born Born 1791 Greenville Co, SC
         1850 Forsythe Co, Ga. P 186 HH 571-571
         Blackstock, William 59 M SC Farming
         "  Hannah 58 F Ga
         "  William J. 25 M Ga
         WRIGHT, Ailsey 83 F SC
         Known Children of Wm Blackstock & Hannah Wright
              1. J. C. Born CA 1816 CA
              2. R. W. born 1821 GA
              3. Wm. J. born 1825 GA
              4. Wilson Born 1826 Ga
              5. J L Born 1829 Ga.

 (b) Martha Born 1799 GA 
        (M) Daniel Blackstock July 9, 1815 Jackson Co, Ga; Born 1795 Greenville Co, SC,
        Known Children of Daniel Blackstock & Martha Wright  (1820-1860 Hall Co, Ga)
              1. William 1817 Ga, (M) Eliza C. Morgan
              2. James 1821 Ga (M) Nancy Lancaster
              3. Dtr A. 1830 GA
              4. T. N. 1833 GA
              5. Dtr, N. A. 1835 Ga
              6. Jasper 1837 Ga

 (c) Cassandra born 1802 She died Pr to 1827 
        (M) Richard Blackstock 5/20/1817 Jackson Co, Ga.
        Born 1796 Greenville Co, SC,
        Had 1 dtr Nancy
        Richard Blackstock (M) #2 Hannah_____ pr to 1835

(d) Cornelius McCurdy Wright

(e) James Carr Wright

Some of this family removed to Fayette Co, Ala

(2) Elizabeth  "Betsy" Langston Born 1776 SC*  Died After 1860 Heard Co, Ga
(M) WILLIAM RAY, SR, Nov. 24, 1793 Columbia Co, Ga.
 He was born CA 1774 and Died 1836 Butts Co, Ga (lived in Henry Co 1820's)

1860 Heard Co, Ga P 737 HH 521-503 Stateline Post Office.
Ray, Wade H. 53 M Ga Farmer
Margaret 49 F Ga
& 9 ch & 1 gr/ch
RAY, ELIZABETH 84 F Ga (1859 shows SC)  

(3) Rachael Langston Born Aug 3, 1783 SC Died After 1860 Pike Co, Ga.
(M) #1-Robert Jones, Jan. 25, 1795 (99?) Columbia Co., Ga.
(M) #2 John Williamson Aug. 13, 1817 Jackson Co, Ga.

BY Wife #2 (Name Unknown) Mary is too young to be the dtr of Sarah Young.

(4.) Mary Langston Born CA 1800 GA Died 1828 DeKalb Co, Ga.
(M) Kendred Blackstock Oct. 4, 1820 Jackson Co, Ga
       Born CA 1800 SC
       Had 1 Dtr; Nancy born 1828 DeKalb Co, Ga
Kendred Blackstock (M) #2 Elizabeth Cook Dec. 3, 1829 Fayette Co, Ga.

And PROB. Sev. Sons-NOT named in his will (See below)

PROBABLE sons of Samuel Langston,  None Named In Will

David Born  Feb. 5, 1763 Died Dec 24, 1838  Oglethorpe Co Ga 
(M) Martha Pitman 1791 Col Co, Ga She born 1760

John Born CA 1764 Died 1820 Columbia Co, GA 
(M) Rebecca Childre 1806 Col Co  (must be #2 wife)

Jacob  Born CA 1765  (M) Elizabeth Williams, Jackson Co., Ga 

Lazarus Langston, mentioned in will of George Ray Col Co, Ga 1803-  & Also
1805  Land Lottery Col. Co., Ga-Born 1774 died 1841 Ohio

Reuben Young Langston, born Ca 1779, died 1819 Washington, DC (while on trip from Columbia Co., Ga-See Passport & Death Notice, below)

Samuel William Langston born CA 1788 Died 1847 Barbour Co, Ala, (M) Polly Cabiness, Jones Co, Ga,  Dec 21, 1816


Will of Samuel Langston, Jackson County, Georgia, Bk A P 110

Jackson County, Georgia, October 3, 1825

I, Samuel Langston, of the County & state aforesaid, being old and infirm of body, but of sound mind and memory, and wishing to settle my worldly affairs, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form, following, that is to say:

First, I will that all my just debts be honestly and punctually paid.

Second, it is my will that all the estate after the payment of my debts as above directed, which I may have at the time of my death be equally divided between my four daughters, to wit: Ailsey Wright, Betsy Rhea, Rachael Williamson, & Mary Blackstock, with the following exception:  that my daughter Mary shall have one feather bed and one sheet above an equal part; and my daughter Alsey shall have my wearing apparel, extra.

Third, It is considered that above bequests is intended to and does include all my estate, both real and personal, of every description, and the landed estate to be divided or sold by my Executors  at their discretion as a majority of my legatees may advise or think proper.

I do hereby nominate and appoint my friend and brethren Joseph Davis & Edward Adams, the Executors to this my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof, I thereunto set my hand and seal this third day of October, eighteen hundred and twenty-five.

Signed: Samuel Langston (Seal)

Signed, Sealed & Acknowledged in presence of : Jer. Reavis, John Watter (Wallis?) G. F. Adams

Proved in Open Court, 31st October, 1825 by
Jeremiah Reavis & Geo. F. Adams

Minutes of Court of Ordinary R. S. Oaths 1822 - 1831
Roll One Inclusive
Page 269
"At an informal court held for ordinary purposes and for the county of Jackson on Mon 31st day OCt. 1825. Present the Honorable George Shaw, David Witt and William D. Martin"

The Last Will and Testament of Samuel Langston Dec'd, Lately of this County was exhibited in open Court on this date and was approved, proved and ordered to be recorded and letters testamentary ordered to be granted to executors in said will named. Being no objectors present in court and no objections raised prior to the meeting of this court it is so ordered."

Early Marr. of Columbia Co, GA
Robert Shanklin (M) Martha Langston Col Co, Ga Aug 15, 1820
David Langston (M) Martha Pitman , 4/09/1791
James Langston (M) Sarah  Jones Oct. 15, 1805 Col Co
John Langston (Jr?) (M) Elizabeth Ross 9/20/1805 (see 1850 Col. Co Census)
John Langston (M) Rebecca Childre, 5/5/1806
Elizabeth Langston (M) William Ray 11/24/1793 
Rachael Langston (M) Robert Jones 1/25/1799    (1/25/1795?)
Elvy Langston (M) Nancy Adams, Oct. 12, 1820 Col. Co)
Isaac Langston (M) Mary Daniel, Col Co, 12/25/1825

Wills and Estate Records 1796 - 1813 Jackson Co, Georgia
Page 164 0 165
Alsey Wright appointed guardian of person and estate of Cornelius McCarthy Wright, Orphan of John Wright dec's.

Page 188 - 189
On application of Martha Wright daughter of John Wright dec'd praying her mother Alsey Wright her guardian and court appoint the said Alsey Wright guardian of Cassa Ander Wright and James Carr Wright, 2 other orphans of the said John Wright dec'd. It is therefore ordered that said Alsey Wright be and is hereby appointed Guardian of the said Martha Wright, Cassy Ander Wright and James Carr Wright. She giving bond and security in the sum of $ one thousand dollars.

Minutes of the Court of Ordinary 1800 - 1822 Transcribed by order and under the authority of the Honorable Inferior Court and in Compliance with and act of the General Assembly passed 1829.
Monday the 2nd day of March 1812
Page 133
Alsey Wright be and she is hereby appointed guardian of the person and estate of Cornelius McCarthy Wright orphan of John Wright dec'd.


1762 Granville Co, NC tax list-John Langston & sons, Jesse & Samuel Langston (Had to be 16 yrs at least to be included here-therefore, was born PRIOR to 1746-sgs

Samuel Langston (M) Sarah Young, about 1762 in Orange Co., NC, dtr of Reuben Young, who also resided in Orange Co., NC at the time.

Orange County, NC Deeds
Nov 11, 1764 A-250
Henry Ledbetter to John Langston, 200  AC land
WTS: Samuel Langston


Reuben Young, Born Ca 1710 died About 1786, Dist 96, Spartanburg Co, SC

From SC Dept of Archives & History:

According to SC Land Grants, Samuel Langston's FATHER, John Langston, (1784) and his brother, Absolum Langston (1771) also owned land on Tyger River, SC. Many other members of the Langston family rec'd grants of land in 1770's.

There are also many members of thr YOUNG family owning land on Tyger River;  William Young rec'd LG of 150 AC in 1764, and later, & had some of the same neighbors as Reuben Young.

Series Number:
S213197 Box: 0004 Item: 01219 ignore: 00
Date : 1765/10/26
* I believe this is an error in transcription of REUBEN Young--never found again for ANY of the records in SC for surname Young-sgs
Type : PLAT/

Series Number: S213184 Volume: 0019 Page:00346 Item: 02
Date : 1774/11/07
Type : PLAT/

Series Number: S111001 Volume: 0013
Page: 00487 Item: 02 Date : 1775/05/21

Series Number: S213184 Volume: 0016
Page: 00146 Item: 01
Date : 1775/06/05
Type : PLAT/

Series Number: S111001 Volume: 0002 Page: 00410 Item: 02
Date : 1775/10/13

Series Number: S111001 Volume: 0002
Page: 00444 Item: 03 Date : 1775/11/11

Series Number: S213190 Volume: 0007 Page: 00214 Item: 02
Date : 1785/02/27
Type : PLAT/

SC Deed Abstracts, 1783-1788-Holcombe
DB N-5 P 559-560 5 & 6 Dec., 1784 Rattery Semple of Charleston Dist., gentleman, and Mary his wife, to John McCulloch of city of Charleston, gentleman, for 500L sterling, 650 acres S/S Tyger River, adj. lands of James Smith, Reuben Young, Benjamin Woffard, granted to James Semple DECEASED, conveyed by this proprietor, being heir at law. Recorded 20 Jan, 1786.
DB N-5 P560-561
Lease and Release 5 & 6 December, 1784 Rattery (sic) Semple of Charleston District and Mary his wife to John McCulloch of City of Charleston, Gentleman, for L500 sterling, 1000 acres on the fork of Enoree and Tyger Rivers adj. lands of Samuel LanKston (Langston), Rueben Young, Edmund Bealding, Phillip Waters, James Whitaker, Mono(sic) Casey, etc...recorded 20 January, 1785

DBV-5 P 183-185
Lease and Release 15 July, 1786 John McCulloch of Charleston to William Semple of Charleston District for L500 South Carolina money, 650 acres in Ninety-Six District on the south side of the Tyger River adj. lands of James Smith, Reuben Young, Benjamin Woffard, and John McCulloch. Recorded 26 July, 1786.

Spartanburg Co, SC DB A Pm 73-76 Jan 11, 1786
Samuel Langston (State of Ga) and wife Sarah, John Stanford & wife Rachel, heirs of Reuben Young, late of Tyger River, 96 Dist, to Thomas Tod (Todd), 96th Dist; for 50L sterling and 2 Shillings Georgia money, sold 200 acres on N/Side Tyger River; bordering N-Tyger Riv, E-James Spears, S-estate of Edward Arnett, W-Thomas Tod(d); being a grant to Phillip Mulkie (Mulkey)and sold to Reuben Young. Witness: Wm. Clayton, Edward Hooker, Hezekiah Bussey. Signed: Samuel Langston, Sarah Langston (her mark), John Stanford, Rachel Stanford, her mark.

I have, as yet, NOT located the deed from (Rev.) Phillip Mulkie (Mulkey) (Baptist Minister) to Reuben Young. It's there somewhere after Oct 28, 1774.
The grant referred to in this deed was dated Oct. 28, 1774 Philip Mulkey, land grant for 200 acres on Tyger River. (SC Dept of A & H-see Below)

Series: S213019 Volume: 0034 Page: 00010 Item: 000
Names indexed: MULKEY, PHILIP
Locations: TYGER RIVER
Document type: LAND GRANT

John Stanford & wife Rachel (Young) also removed to Georgia, as I found records on them in Columbia & Richmond Counties. This couple can also be found in Roots Web World Connect, but no maiden name shown for Rachel.

Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, (Knight)
Certified List of Georgia Troops, Appendix E
Samuel Langston
Samuel Lankston

Certificates of Service In the American Revolution , filed in the Secretary of State's Office, in the state Capitol

Samuel Langston- Certificate of Gb. Lee, Col., April 26, 1784. Petitioner prays 2 bounties of 287 1/2 AC each in Franklin Co.

Samuel Lankston, Certificate of Jas. Jackson, Col., Ga. State Legion, April 6, 1784

Bounty Surveys
Samuel Langston, 287 1/2 AC Washington County, bounded N. by Wm. Matthews, E. by Altamaha River, S. by Joshua Inman, W .by Vacant.; Survey 418, June 6, 1784. Warrant 251, P 139

Richmond County, Georgia, Land Court
At a Land Court held at Solomon Ellis' for the County of Richmond, the 18th day of September, 1784:
Judge, the Hon. Charles Crawford,; Justices, Mr. Shackleford, Mr. McNeil, Mr. Jermany, Mr. N. Harris, Esquires
Samuel Lankston (Langston), 150 a, OW, OHR, FFP, on Little Kioka, adj. Thomas Gillinand.
Charles Wiles-150a, LOW, on big Kioka, joining John Appling, Wm. Wright, Joshua Brady, & George Galphin, issued in Sam'l. Lankston's name.
Elizabeth Townley-200 a, OHR, FFP, warrant to be issued in Jesse Horn's name. N. side Briar Crk, near Langston's old place.
Sam'l. Langston-50a part of OHR to include his own improvements, adj. Henry Allison, George Galphin.
OW=old warrant OHR=Old Bounty warrant, FFP=Free from purchase LOW=in lieu of warrant

Master Index to Georgia Land Grants  (Lucas)
1784 Samuel Langston, 187 1/2 AC Washington Co, FFF 203
1785 Samuel Langston, 187 1/2 AC Franklin Co, HHH 288
1786 Samuel Langston 50 AC Richmond Co, LLL 203 (Sold to William Stevens, 1788)
1800 Samuel Langston,  300 AC, Richmond Co,  CCCC 386
1810 Samuel Langston, 202 1/2 AC Jackson Co, H-5 19

The Georgia Surveyor General Department, Marion R. Hemperley, 1982-
Among the holdings of the Georgia Surveyor General Department, are two boxes of Headright Caveats;  lawsuits filed to stop the issuing of land grants that might infringe upon previously issued grants. Among this list of suits, filed in the Surveyor General Department:   SAMUEL LANGSTON vs James Hamilton, 1784, Richmond Co, Georgia

Spartanburg Co, SC DB A Pm 73-76 Jan 11, 1786
Samuel Langston (State of Ga) and wife Sarah, (Young) John Stanford & wife Rachel, (Young) heirs of Reuben Young, late of Tyger River, 96 Dist, to Thomas Tod (Todd), 96th Dist; for 50L sterling and 2 Shillings Georgia money, sold 200 acres on N/Side Tyger River; bordering N-Tyger Riv, E-James Spears, S-estate of Edward Arnett, W-Thomas Tod(d); being a grant to Phillip Mulkie and sold to Reuben Young. Witness: Wm. Clayton, Edward Hooker, Hezekiah Bussey. Signed: Samuel Langston, Sarah Langston (her mark), John Stanford, Rachel Stanford, her mark. MY note-John & Rachel Young Stanford also removed to Georgia about this time, as did Ninian Bell McGruder & wife Rebecca Young-sgs 

Oct. 9, 1788 Will of Martha Appling, Columbia Co., Georgia
Son William
Dtrs Elizabeth Wynne, Lucy Lamar
Gr/Dtrs Pattye Wynne, Priscilla Lamar
Gr/Sons, Daniel Appling, Joshua Wynne, Robert Wynne
Exrs- Son William & Son-in-law Joshua Wynne
WTS: Samuel Langston, John Langston

RICHMOND COUNTY Records-Langston

Oct. 2, 1784 Simon Nickeles, dec'd/. Levi Lankston 1 of appraisers

John Tabor & Elizabeth Parker Marriage bond May 11, 1785; Isaac Hudson, Sec, Jesse Langston, Test, to Rev. Mr. Marshall

Jan 6, 1787-William Edwards Dec'd.-Catherine Edwards, apptd. Admrx. Wm Edwards, Savage Littleton, James Wilkinson, Sec. Ashel Gardner Jason Gardner, Test. Est. appraised Oct 17, 1787 by Wm. Stanford, Samuel Langston, Matthew Duncan

March 26, 1788-Marr. Bond-John Robinson to Juriah Landers Alex. Gardner, Sec, Samuel Langston, Test. J Wright, Test

Richmond Co., Georgia Deed: (Courtesy Judy Swan)

State of Georgia Dec. 31, 1788 50 Acres

Samuel Langston & wife, to William Stevens

THIS INDENTURE made the thirty first day of December  in the year of our LORD, One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight and in the thirteenth year of the Independence of the United States of America .  Between Samuel Langston of the County of Richmond in the said State, Planter, of the one part, and William Stevens of the county and State aforesaid , esquire, of the other part, Witnesseth, that the said Samuel Langston for and in consideration of the sum of (blank space) Lawful Money of the said State, to him in hand well and truly paid by the said William Stevens at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof  is hereby acknowledged, Hath granted, bargained, sold released and confirmed and by these presents Do grant, bargain, sell, release and confirm unto said William Stevens his Heirs and assigns , All That tract or parccl of land situate in the County of Richmond aforesaid, in the State aforesaid, containing fifty acres, be the same more or less bounded at the time of the original survey thereof Northeastwardly by Milton's Land, Northwestwardly by Walker's land, and on all other sides by Allison's land and granted to the said Samuel Langston , his Heirs and assigns the twenty-first day of November, One thousand seven hundred and eighty-six, together with all and singular the rights, members, and appurtenances  thereof whatsoever, to the said fifty acres of land being, belonging, or in any wise appertaining AND, the Remainders, Reversions, Rents, issues and Profits thereof, and of every part thereof.  To have and to hold the said tract of Land, and all and singular the premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging, as aforesaid, and every part thereof unto the said William Stevens, his Heirs and assigns, to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said William Stevens, his Heirs and assigns forever, AND the said Samuel Langston and his heirs, the tract of Land, and  premises aforesaid, and every Part thereof, unto the said William Stevens, his heirs and assigns against him the said Samuel Langston and his Heirs, and all and every other person and persons whatsoever, Shall and will warrant and forever defend by the presents. In Witness whereof the said Samuel Langston hath hereunto set his hand ands Seal the day and year first above written.  Signed: Samuel Langston (SEAL)

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of  Signed: H Allison, JP

Received the day and year first within written of and from the within named William Stevens the sum of (blank space) being the Consideration Money within Mentioned I say Received by me. Signed: Samuel Langston

Georgia, Richmond County

            Be it remembered that on the 31st day of December one thousand seven hundred and eighty (blank space) before me personally appeared Sarah Langston the wife of the within named Samuel Langston and acknowledged she freely and voluntarily and of her own accord relinquished all her right, title, and claim of Dower in and to the within mentioned Land and Premises to William Stevens, esquire & his heirs and assigns forever.  In Witness whereof the said Sarah Langston hath hereunto set her hand the day and year above written.  Signed: Sarah (her mark) Langston

Acknowledged before me: Signed H Allison, JP

March 27, 1789-Folio 103-Jeremiah Duckworth & wife Christeen of Wilkes Co to Jesse & Phebe Carter of Richmond Co., 150 acres on Briar Creek, "given & granted", no consideration mentioned. Test: David Langston, Josepj Duckworth

Aug 26, 1790 Samuel Langston, & John Smith, Sec. on Adm. Bond of Mary Pace, Admx. of Est of William Pace, dec'd. Test: Lewis Crane, Edward Smith, Appsaisers: Thos Watson, Henry Taylor, Joseph Maddock, Walter Drane, JP

Minutes of Inferior Court-at the Court House, March 19, 1790-P 25-Commissioners of the poor to pay L10 to Wm Cone  for the support of Robert Spurlock.  David Langston, John McCarty and James Matthews apptd. Constables.

Dec 3, 180l-David Langston, Sec. & John Taylor, Sec. on Gdn Bond of John Cameron, Gdn of Archibald Cameron, minor orphan of John Cameron, Dec'd.

1818 tax list-David Langston


David Langston
Samuel Laugston (Langston?)

Jan 15, 1791 John Wright, & w/Alsea of  Col. Co to Thos Cowan? of same 15 lbs. -69 AC being pt of 95 AC grt. to John Wright Dec. 7, 1790  Sig: John Wright, Alssea Wright-Wts: Lewis Crane, Jacob Langston

Nov. 17 1792.  r/June 5, 1801.  WALTER DRUMMOND to DAVID LANGSTON, for 60 pounds, a 150 acre tract on Germany Creek, originally granted to BENJAMIN DUNN, July 3, 1770.

Mar. 24th 1796.  r/Feb. 13th 1798.  GEORGE HOWELL of Philadelphia, attorney for WALTER STEWART and his wife Deborah to ROBERT LYLE of the City and State of New York:  GEORGE HOWELL states he holds power of attorney as follows:  June 5, 1795 - Whereas WALTER STEWART became possessed of divers tracts, parcels and pieces of land in Richmond, Columbia, Liberty, McIntosh and Montgomery counties amounting to 186,688 acres; said Stewart now being desirous to open a market for sale of said lands in Europe."  (runs for three pages), said GEORGE HOWELL, attorney for 1000 pounds, sells to said ROBERT LYLES, all that tract or piece of land being on Boggy Gut Creek, Headstall and Fort Creeks, bounded by POOLE,  BURKE, DANELLY, Major RICHARD CALL, MCNEIL, GILBERT MCNAIR, WHITE and ROBERSON Iron Works land, WHITTINGTON, OFFUTT, FITZ M. HUNT, WM. LEONARD, WILLIAM PACE, PERRY GRAVES, Saml. LANGSTON, SAMUEL COBB, WILLIAM WATSON, EDMOND PRATHER and the Richmond County line (lists for pages of metes and bounds)...some 14,000 acres in all,  in 14 separate grants under the hand of Gov. Matthews, March 20th 1795; registered in Book MMMM, pages 927 to 940.  Granted in fee simple to JAMES DANELLY by him sold to ROBERT FLOURNEY, by him to said WALTER STEWART

June 12th 1796.  r/June 2nd 1801.  NEHEMIAH DUNN of Washington County, to DAVID LANGSTON, for $130, sells 150 acres on Greenbriar Creek, granted said Dunn on Dec. 18, 1795Dec 13, 1794 Charles Reynolds & w/Mary to John Langston, 100 AC Columbia Co. Wts: David Langston, Chas. Spalding

May 18th 1799.  r/June 3rd 1801.  ANDERSON CRAWFORD, Sheriff, to DAVID LANGSTON, for $200, sells at auction, the property of CHARLES SPAULDING, consisting of 200 acres on Germany Creek, originally granted to TIMOTHY RICKETSON and including an old plantation known as Dunn's Old Place

Oct. 25, 1799.  r/June 3, 1801. JOHN STITH and wife Elizabeth (RAY) to DAVID LANGSTON, for $20, sell 41 acres on Germany Creek, part of a 600 acre tract granted to GILES CARTER.

Dec. 20, 1800  r/June 5, 1801. JOHN LANGSTON to DAVID LANGSTON for $500, sells 300 acres on Germany Creek.  Bounded by BURNSIDE, DAVIE, RAY and FLINN.  Granted to said Langston Mar. 5 1800.

Columbia Co., Ga Will-WHEER, William s/Nov 16 1801  p/Jan 21 1802.  Wife Frances.  Daughter, Margaret, Nancy, Sarah, Mary and Betsy Cobbs.  Sons, Robert, John and William.  Extrx. Wife Frances.  Witness: John Carroll, Reuben Langston

Columbia Co., Ga-MCGRUDER, Ninian Beall (Rev. Soldier)  s/Oct 17 1801.  p/May 9 1810.  Wife Rebecca (Young).  Daughters, Eleanor Bealle, Althea Drane, Cassandra Drane (Married William Drane, Rev Soldier, Columbia County, Oct 31 1792) Margaret Simms (married Mann Simms, Richmond County, Sept 11 1789), Mary Leigh (married Benjamin Leigh, Rev Soldier, Columbia County, June 19 1799) Elizabeth McGruder (married Basil McGruder)  sons, William and Samuel (married Martha Ellis, Richmond County, Feb 14 1798)  Rebecca Robertson's three children: James, Mary and Levin Nobles.  Exrs. William McGruder, Benjamin Leigh.  Witness:  R. Y. Langston, (Reuben Young Langston) Lewis Gardner and Richard Wiley.

Columbia Co., Ga. Will-HOGE, William s/Mar 17 1804  p/June 18 1804.  Sons: Stephen (married Anna Gardner, Columbia County, Dec 30 1799) Solomon, (married Nancy Sutherland, Columbia County, Oct 8 1809)  Jacob, William (married Martha Perkins, Columbia County, Jan 4, 1806) Daughters Cassandra and Polly.  Exr. Reuben Langston, Witness: Gazaway Davis, John Oliver and Robert Jones.

1808, 1810- Reuben Langston, Sheriff
1818 Deed of Trust Henry Willis Cobbs to R. Y. Langston**

Recorded 19th Dec 1804 Columbia County Georgia

I GEORGE RAY of the County of Columbia being low in body but of sound mind & disposing memory do make & ordain this my last will & testament, and constitute & appoint BENJAMIN RAY & JOHN RAY my lawful Executors—

First I give and bequeath to my wife CATHERINE for & to her use during her widowhood all my stock of hogs & cattle household & kitchen furniture and also the tract of land containing fifty acres whereon my house & plantation now is to be [laid] of by my executors agreeable to the agreement made & entered into between myself & LAZARIUS LANGSTON for the other part of the tract to which the said fifty acres belongeth, & on her marriage or death which ever may first take place

It is my will and desire that the said fifty acres of Land together with the personal property aforesaid be equally divided between my son GEORGE & little DAUGHTER yet unnamed Children of the said CATHERINE To them & their heirs forever. It is also my will that my said wife have the use of my horse during her widowhood, after which the said horse to be disposed of as the residue of my estate. It is my desire that my Executors attend to the execution of an agreement made between myself & LAZARIUS LANGSTON for the Land above alluded to, when ever the said Langston comply on his part. And it is my will & desire & I do give & bequeath severally & to each of them one hundred dollars apiece. And it is my will & desire & I do give & bequeath all of the rest & residue both real and personal of my estate together will 
all moneys & debts due me & all & every of my estate which is not herein before otherwise disposed of to be divided as follows (that is after the payments of my just debts (to wit) one ninth part severally & to each of my sons BENJAMIN RAY, JOHN RAY & WILLIAM RAY that is for each of them to have one ninth part apiece & also one ninth part severally & to each of my 
following sons in law JOHN STITH, WILLIAM ANSLEY, COONRAD WALL & WILLIAM STANDFORD that is for each of my said sons in law to have one ninth part apiece & also one ninth part to be equally divided between my son in law Robert Wiseman & all of the children of JAMES WRIGHT by my daughter MARY and also one ninth part to be equally divided between the heirs of the body of my daughter SARAH HILL that she hath or may have, And I do fully authorize & impower my Executors to sell & dispose of at regular public Sale any real 
estate that I may die possessed of except such as is herein disposed of & also to divide & settle with my legates as soon as may be except those my children & grandchildren who are infants & it is my will that those moneys be put out at interest, my Executors to sue their own discretion in laying out the annual interest of the infants money on & for them in proper proportion & to pay them their respective shares as they marry or arrive at age.

Signed Sealed Published & acknowledged this twelve day of October in the year 
of one thousand eight hundred & four in the presence of DAVID LANGSTON, ROBERT LAZENBY, EDWARD FORBES

[Signed] GEORGE RAY (LS)

The nine shares of the estate were received as follows:
(1) Benjamin Ray, listed as son
(2) John Ray, listed as son
(3) William Ray, listed as son, married Elizabeth Langston on 24 Nov 1793 in Columbia Co., GA
(4) John Stith, listed as son-in-law, having married Elizabeth Ray on 11 Aug 1791 in Columbia Co., GA
(5) William Ansley, listed as son-in-law, having married Ann Ray on 6 Feb 1804 in Columbia Co., GA
(6) Coonrad Wall, listed as son-in-law, having married Rebecca Ray on 19 Nov 
1798 in Columbia Co., GA
(7) William Standford, listed as son-in-law, having married Ellender Ray on 10 Feb 1803 in Columbia Co., GA
(8) The children of James Wright and Robert Wiseman, listed as son-in-law. 
After James Wright died, Mary Ray Wright married Robert Wiseman on 27 Aug 1803 in Columbia Co., GA
(9) John Hill, listed as son-in-law, having married Sarah Ray.
George’s wife, Catherine (#2 wife) received fifty acres and the stock, house, household goods and the use of a horse.

1805 Georgia Land Lottery-
2 draws= marr./w/family 1 draw=single man B=Blank P=Pay
Columbia Co
David Langston, BB # 186
John Langston BB # 204
Lazarus Langston BP # 197
Samuel Langston BB # 214

Richmond Co
Reuben Langston  #723  B (Single)

Washington Co
Benjamin Langston #852 BB
James Langston # 871 BB

Charles Nelson Will, Columbia Co, Ga Jan 13, 1806 Proved  Jan 1806
Named Wife Lyda/Lydda Nelson
Children: Polly Nelson, Jesse Nelson, John Nelson, Jane Nelson, Ebeneazer Nelson
Exrs: Wife Lydda Nelson & John Langston
Wts: John Langston, William Hand, Henry Hand

1805 Tax List, Columbia Co, Ga
Capt. Terrel C. Harrison's District, No. 8
John Ray...Colu. Co.P1
as agent for Sarah Jones.....Green Co.
Lazarus Langston.....Colu. Co
P4 .
? Jones... Poll only
?s Ray...Colu. Co.

1809 Tax List, JACKSON CO, GA-P 67-Samuel Langston

Index to Deed Bk F/398, Jackson Co, Ga- Samuel Langston from A. Martin

Passports issued by Governor of Georgia 1810-1820
May 28th, 1810
On Application, ORDERED
That passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Creek Nation of Indiana, to wit-one for Mr. John Cunningham from Laurens District, South Carolina, with his servant-one for Mr. Samuel Swanzy of Abbeville District, South Carolina,- one for Mr. James Younger from the County of Richmond, in this State, and one for Mr. Reuben Y. Langston from the County of Columbia in this State-which were presented and signed.

Vital Records, National Intelligencer, District of Columbia,  1819
(National Gen. Society Qrtrly, Vol 29, P 96)
LANGSTON, Ruben Y,  of Columbia, Ga. died Jan, 1, 1819 in Fauquier Co., Va, age about 40. ( Born abt 1779-sgs)

Jackson Co, Ga Deeds-Feb. 11, 1815--Joseph Davis, EXR of John Wright, Dec'd to James Blackstock, both of Jackson Co, land on Allen's fork of Oconee Riv..

Columbia Co., Georgia WILLSON, James s/Aug 20 1819  p/Nov 18 1820  Wife Mary, daughters, Rebecca and Elizabeth.  Sons, John, Elias, Anderson, James Madison and David.  Exrs Nathan Willson, Robert Lazenby, David Willson, John Langston.  Witness:  John Hannan, David Cooper, John Davis.

1820 Jackson Co, Ga Census
Samuel Langston
1 male over 45 yrs
1 male 10-16 yrs 
1 fem over 45 yrs
1 fe 16-26 yrs (dtr Mary)

Jacob Langston
1 M over 45, 1 M 10-16, 1 Fe 16-26, 1 Fe Und 10
Jacob Langston (M) Elizabeth Williams, 4/13/1816 Jackson

James Langston 1 M 26-45, 1 M 16-26 3 M Und 10.

1820 Land Lottery Jackson Co
Jacob Langston drew land in Early Co
James B. Langston drew land in Gwinnettt Co

JOHN LANGSTON Will Columbia Co., Ga Dated Sept 15, 1820 Prov. Nov 17, 1820

"In the name of God amen, I,  John Langston being low of body but of sound mind & disposing memory make Constitue & ordain this my last will & testament -

First I will that all my Just debts be paid by my executor & executrix

Secondly - I will & bequeath unto my beloved son James Langston One hundred & fifty acres of land more or less whereon Mackling Sills now lives

Thirdly I will & bequeath unto my beloved son John Langston the tract of Land whereon he now lives containing two hundred acres -

Fourthly I will & bequeath unto my beloved son Elvey Langston one hundred & eighty three acres of land forever whereon Robert Mills now lives (allso on condition the sd Elvey Langston does not marry Amanda Adams) I will & bequeath unto him one hundred & fifty acres of land adjoining the former 
piece, but in case he the sd Elvey Langston does marry Amanda Adams I give & bequeath the last namd place called Smiths? old place to my son Isaac Langston I also give one bay horse called Doctor to my son Elvey forever

Fifthly I will & bequeath unto my beloved wife Rebeckah Langston all the rest of my lands (with the exception of my draws in the present contemplated land lottery) during her natural life or widowhood & at her death or marriage to my son Isaac Langston together with the following artacles which are all to fall to my son Isaac on the death or marriage of my beloved wife Rebeckah Langston Vist: one bay mare, Six cows & calves & six head of dry cattle all of her own chuseing & fifteen head of hogs three beds & furniture all my kitchen furniture a cupboard that Stands in the dwelling house one ? ____ nine chairs, one hundred & fifty bushels ?? three stacks of fodder two ploughs two weeding hoes & the saddle that she now rides.

Sixthly I will to my young son Isaac Langston one bay filly & the saddle that I generally ride together with my desk -

Seventhly - I give & bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Mary Willson one hundred Dollars to be discharged in good notes. -

Eighthly - I give & bequeath unto my beloved daughter Martha Shankling to be paid off in good notes one hundred Dollars

Ninthly I will that the ballance of my estate, my intrest in the present contemplated land Lottery & all the residue of my estate be equally divided amongst my children now liveing

Lastly I hereby appoint my beloved wife Rebeckah Langston executrix & my beloved son John Langston executor to this my last will & testament, in witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand this fifth day of September 1820 -

John Langston (LS)

In presence of Robt Lazenby, William Stanford Michael (his mark) Flinn

probate 6 Nov 1820 

Executor form letter signed by John Langston and Rebeckah (her mark) Langston

Georgia Columbia County
Ordinary's office Registered in Book H. Folio 490 491 & 492 this 17th November 1820
A Crawford Clk"

July 17, 1827 Bk H P 430
William Ray to Kendred Blackstock of DeKalb Co, & Ailsey Wright of Jackson Co, Ga., legal heirs of Samuel Langston, late of Jackson Co, Ga, & Washington Chambliss of Gwinnett Co., for $1200.00 , 250 AC land in Jackson Co, Ga

DB I,J, P 281 July 17, 1827
Mary Wright of Jackson Co, Ga, William Ray of Henry Co, Ga., John Williamson of Gwinnett Co., Ga., & Kendred Blackstock of DeKalb Co., Ga., legatees of Samuel Langston, late of Jackson Co., to  the heirs general of Richard Blackstock , late of the County, for $300.00 land in Jackson Co, Ga. N/S Mulberry Fork, of Oconee River, 75 acres.

1827 Land Lottery, Columbia Co, Ga.
Mar 6-7 First & Second Days Drawing
1 1 200 Langston, Elvy Columbia County Capt Ramseys Dist Drew land in Lee County
4 6 125 Langston, Nancy A. wid. Columbia County Adams Dist, Drew land Coweta County
Seventh Days Drawing, March 14th
2 21 44 Langston, James Columbia County Magruders Dist,  Drew land Muscogee County
Tenth Days Drawing, March 17th
1 30 24 Langston, John Columbia County Magruders Dist, Drew land Lee County

Oglethorpe Co, Ga-Will of David Langston, July 30, 1829-July 31, 1837
Wife Martha, to have two rooms in east side of the house we now live in, with all furniture (bookcase & secretary excluded), AND LAND.  The balance to my son Etheldred Langston.  All negroes to wife, for life, then to be divided bet. my sons Etheldred & Isaac and my gr/dtr Mary Frances Gildersleeve, the share that would have been her mother's (Mary Frances Gilderslee's) part is to belong to said gr/dtr. Numerous slaves. No Exrs ment'd. Wts: A. L. Clayton, Jr, George R. Clayton, A. L. Clayton, Sr. Bk D, P 88
David Langston (M) Martha Pitman, 4/9/1791 Columbia Co, Ga-

Frances Langston (M) Benjamin Gildersleeve Dec. 6, 1824 Ogleth.Co
Buried at Cherokee Corner United Methodist Church on Highway 78 near Clarke-Oglethorpe county line.

'Here lie the mortal remains of David Langston, Esq. Born February 5, 1763; Died December 24, 1838 Industrious, Hospitable, Affectionate . Respected and Beloved in Life and in Death Relying alone for Salvation upon the Righteousness of Christ"

"In Loving Memory of Mrs. Frances, wife of Rev. B. Guildersleeve and Daughter of David and Martha Langston, who died  7th of December in the 34 Year of Her Life.