Some Descendants of 
Richard Swepson Sims 
& Wife, 
Rebecca Walton Dromgoole 

From the files of Cathy Harris Helms
Descendant & Researcher



Includes Ancestry of Leonard Henley Sims

See Richmond (VA) Dispatch article (circa 1904) re Sims Family of VA.
Source: Sallie Southall Cotten Papers (UNC)

John Sims (or Symes) (abt 1690 - abt 1750)

Possibly the son of either William Symes and Mary Sherwood or George Symes and Sarah

b. abt 1690 Kent Co. VA or 1678 Somerset England (or Philadelphia PA?)

d. abt 1750 Hanover Co. VA (or Philadelphia PA?)

m. abt 1708 to Mary Rice

Children: John Sims (or Symes)

John Sims (or Symes) (1712 - 1769) (s/o John Sims/Symes and Mary Rice)

b. 1712 Hanover Co., VA

d. 1769 Granville Co., NC

m. abt 1734 to Sarah Bullock in VA

Daughter of Richard Bullock and Ann Henley (or Hendley); b. unknown, d. 1766; brother
named Leonard Henley Bullock and sister named Susannah Bullock Sims (who married William

Children (Sims Family Bible) 

1.Leonard Henley Sims b. July 2, 1739, d. abt Aug. 1804 Warren Co., NC
(M) Sarah ("Sallie") Swepson, Mar. 12, 1770 Mecklenburg Co, Va. 
Dtr of Richard Swepson &  wife Jane/Jean (MNU)

Complete Transcription of Leonard Henley Sims' Will by Cathy Harris Helms, below

2.William Sims (M) Sally Howard, sister to Betsy Howard, w/o bro. Elisha
May have later lived in Columbia Co, Ga.

3.Elisha Sims (M) Betsy Howard

4. Susanna Sims d. after Feb. 1811
Lived with her brother Leonard Henley Sims and his family in Warren Co. NC at time he made
his Will & Codicil (1794-1804). She was still alive when his estate was distributed in Feb. 1811.

5. Mary or Missy (M) Wilson d. after Aug. 1794 (when she is mentioned in her brother Leonard
Henley Sims's Will) 

Other possible siblings of Leonard Henley Sims include Peggy Ann Sims, Agatha Sims, and
Abner Sims. 

Another source gives father of Leonard Henley Sims as Mann Sims. 

Notes: Sources: Sallie Southall Cotten papers (UNC). According to Sallie Southall Cotten
papers (UNC), John Sims owned land in NC where Franklin, Halifax, Warren and
Nash counties meet. The bridge on Fishing Creek, in her time known as
"Ransom's Bridge," was originally "Sim's Bridge" and was owned by John Sims,
and later his son, Leonard Henley Sims.


Leonard Henley Sims was born July 2, 1739 died Abt Aug, 1804 Warren Co, NC
(M) Sarah Swepson, daughter of Richard Swepson & wife Jane (MNU) (SSC papers (UNC) give Jane's maiden name as Dandridge-chh)
Sarah Swepson was born Oct. 27, 1752 (Prob. Amelia Co, Va @ "Linden"
Plantation, as her father Richard resided in Amelia Co, between 1749 and 1760
and did not own any land in Lunenburg Co until 1760. He may have resided in
Amelia until 1761, when he sold the Linden Plantation-sgs)
Sarah died in Warren Co, NC (WP Aug., 1811 -dated June 10, 1811)

Children: Sims

1. Richard Swepson Born May 4, 1771 Meck. Co, Va. Died Aug. 8, 1859 Brunswick Co, Va
(M) Rebecca Dromgoole Mar. 6, 1799 Brunswick Co, Va. 
(His birth/death dates-Sims Family Bible, Sallie Southall Cotten papers,
SEE Also LETTER rec'd from James Bullock Sims 1869-Below

2. John died 1841 Bedford Co., Tn
    (M) Charlotte Powell, Dtr of Dempsey Powell of Wake Co., NC

3. Swepson Born May 25, (16?) 1775 Meck. Co, Va, Died DEC 22, 1850 Rutherford Co,
(Birth date of May 16, 1775 -another source)
(M) Jane Meriwether Lewis Paine Dec 12, 1799 Granville Co, NC (MB)
Dtr of Robert Lewis of Granville Co., NC

4. Leonard Henley (M) Elizabeth Vaughn Aug 19, 1804 Warren Co. NC MB Sec: Robert
Temple, wits: Gideon Johnson 

4. Thomas Died Warren Co, NC 1812 Unmarried (Physician/Dentist) 
His estate divided between his siblings

5. Joseph Died Nov 1850 Caddo Par., La
(M) Catherine Bullock, May 18, 1822 Warren Co, NC MB Sec: David Dancy 
Their son James Bullock Sims, wrote letter to Richard Sims dated Sept 3, 1869
(in file-chh)

6. Henry "Harry" Born Ca 1792 NC Died Nash Co., NC 1856 (Will). 
(M) Sally Burt Nov 29, 1813 Warren Co, NC MB Sec: Amos P. Sledge 
       She died 1838 Nash Co., NC
Lived @ Rocky Mount, (Nash Co) according to Sallie Southall Cotten Papers-chh)

7.Jane Jeffries "Jenny" Died bet. 1840-1850 Fayette Co., Tn
(M) William B. Langley Sept 1, 1804 Warren Co, NC MB Sec: Leonard H Sims
Wts: J Malone 
(Sally Southall Cotten papers refers to two diff. children-Jenny & Jeffries but her
father Leonard Henley Sim's Will names her as Jane Jeffers or Jeffries. Child Len
Langley, named in James Bullock letter to Richard Sims, Sept 3, 1869-chh)

8. Sarah  (Named in Father's will 1794, Not named in Mother's will of 1811)

9. Susannah Born Born bet. Aug 29, 1794-Feb 16, 1804 Warren Co, NC Died Dec 1, 1876
Bedford Co, Tn 
(M) William Burt, Nov 3, 1812 Meck. Co, Va He died 1848 Franklin Co., Tn
(Lived in Nash Co., NC & Franklin Co, Tn and had 14 children)

Notes-Susannah Sims is shown in Sallie Southall Cotten papers as marrying David Royster in
1800- (She would be too young to marry in 1800)
She was referred to in her father's will of Aug 29, 1794 as "child in esse". He
made a Codicile to his will on Feb. 16, 1804, naming his daughter Susannah
Sims; Also Joseph Sims was her Guardian, as of Nov 26, 1811 where she was
referred to as "Minor orphan" and on Mar 9, 1812, she was shown as Susannah
Sims in the Estate Division of her mother.-sgs)
(She may be the Aunt Susan Burt referred to by James Bullock Sims in letter to
Richard Sims, Sept 3, 1869-chh)


Richard Swepson Sims , first child of Leonard Henley Sims & wife Sarah Swepson, was born
May 4, 1771 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia, and died August 8, 1859 in Brunswick Co, Virginia. 
He married on March 6, 1799 in Brunswick Co, to Rebecca Walton Dromgoole, daughter of Rev. Edward Dromgoole & wife Rebecca Walton .  Rebecca was born Feb. 10, 1783 Brunswick Co, Va. and died there in August, (June) 1847.
Death Notices, North Carolina Gazette, "Died, Mrs. Richard Sims of Brunswick Co (Va)" Raleigh Register June 15, 1847

(Ref: Sallie Southall Cotten papers, UNC, Sims Family Bible, LVA)

Children: SIMS

1. Sally Swepson Born Mar 2, 1800 -died young (SSC Papers, UNC)

2. Anne Elizabeth Dromgoole Born July 26, 1801
(Ref: SSC Papers, UNC & Sims Family Bible, LVA)
Another source gives her name as Anne Elizabeth Dromgoole Sims and married to Rev. William

3. Alexander Dromgoole Born June 12, 1803 Died Nov. 11,1848 SC
    Buried: First Bapt. Church Cemetery, Darlington, SC

SIMS, Alexander Dromgoole, 1803-1848
SIMS, Alexander Dromgoole, (nephew of George Coke Dromgoole), a Representative from South Carolina; born near Randals Ordinary, Brunswick County, Va., June 12, 1803; attended the rural schools of his native county and at the age of sixteen entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; was graduated from Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., in 1823; read law with General Dromgoole in Brunswick County, Va., and later was admitted to practice; moved to South Carolina in 1826 and settled in Darlington; assumed charge of Darlington (S.C.) Academy in 1827; was admitted to the bar of South Carolina in 1829 and practiced in Darlington; also engaged in literary pursuits; member of the State house of representatives 1840-1843; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth Congresses and served from March 4, 1845, until his death; had been reelected in 1848 to the Thirty-first Congress; died in Kingstree, Williamsburg County, S.C., November 22, 1848; interment in First Baptist Cemetery, Darlington, Darlington County, S.C

SIMS, Alexander Dromgoole, congressman, born in Brunswick county, Virginia, 11 June, 1803; died in Kingstree, South Carolina, 11 November, 1848. He was educated at the University of North Carolina, and was graduated at Union in 1823, studied law, and after practicing in his native county, removed to Darlington, South Carolina, where he taught for five years, and afterward practiced his profession with success, He was a member of the legislature in 1840-'4, and was elected to congress as a state-rights Democrat, serving from 1 December, 1845, till his death, He published a controversial paper on slavery and a novel entitled " Bevil Faulcon" (1842).--

His brother, Edward Dromgoole, educator, born in Brunswick county, Virginia, 24 March, 1805; died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 12 April, 1845, was graduated at the University of North Carolina in 1824, became principal of an academy at La Grange, Alabama, was afterward professor of mathematics in La Grange college, entered the Tennessee conference of the Methodist Episcopal church in 1831, and, after serving for two years as an itinerant preacher, became professor of ancient languages at Randolph Macon college. He went to Europe in 1836, studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac for two years at the University of Halle, spent a year in travel, and on his return to the United States assumed the chair of English literature at Randolph Macon. Prom 1842 till his death he taught the same subject in the University of Alabama. He was the first to teach Anglo-Saxon in connection with English literature in the south, and was preparing grammars of English and Anglo-Saxon at the time of his death.

REF: Edited Appletons Encyclopedia, Copyright © 2001 Virtualology

4. Edward Dromgoole Born Mar. 24, 1805 Brunswick Co, Va. Died April 12, 1845 Ala
(SSC papers indicate he was a Professor first @ Randolph-Macon in VA and later @ Univ. of

Methodist Minister
12-1841, Chair of English in University of Alabama
INFO: Was a noted scholar and linguist.
Published several books

5. Rebecca Walton Born March 9, 1807 Died May 17, 1856
(M) Westry (SSC papers, UNC)

6. Mary Jane Born Dec 29, 1809 (she a widow and living w/father in 1850 Brunswick Co. VA
(M) Ball (SSC Papers, UNC)
Only Child Known: Ball
a. Sally W. Born Ca 1839 Va

7. Susanna Swepson Born Feb 26, 1814 Died Mar. 6, 1872
(M) Thomas James Southall Sept 15, 1830, of Petersburg, Va. (b. Aug. 9, 1809, d. Jan. 8,
SSC Papers, UNC gives her death date as Nov, 1872, Sims Family Bible gives Mar 6, 1872.
SSC Papers give marriage year as 1831.-chh

Sallie Swepson Sims Southall Cotten (1846-1929) is best known for her role as a civic leader and work on behalf of the women's suffrage movement in North Carolina. She graduated from Greensboro College in 1863, and then worked as a schoolteacher. In 1866, she married Robert Randolph Cotten and settled into the life of a housewife and mother at their plantation, Cottendale, in Pitt County. The couple had nine children. In 1893, she was appointed as a manager of the Chicago World's Fair. Through her research and travels, Cotten met women from many parts of the country. She became active in the women's movement and was a leader in the North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs for twenty-five years. The organization designated her an honorary president for life. She authored several works including The History of the North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs, 1901-1925 (1925), and The White Doe (1901).REF-North Carolina Collection-P51: Lyman Atkinson Cotten Jr. ...

8. Richard Swepson Born Mar. 13, 1816 Died May 7, 1871 (Physician in Brunswick Co, Va)
(M)  Harriet William Ballard  Sims, dtr of Henry Sims & Sallie Burt
She was born 1824 & died 1891
SIMS, Richard & Harriet W.B. SIMS, 7 July 1841; L.S. SIMS, BM Warren Co NC Marr.
( SSC papers, UNC)
Children: Sims:
a. Richard Henry (Physician) Born 1843 Va Brunswick Co, Va Died 1919
    (M) #1_____
             1. Annie W. Born Ca 1866 Brunswick Co, Va
    (M) #2 Ida Fitzhugh Harrison 1877
            2. Frances Louise Born Ca 1880 Brunswick Co, Va
               (M) Leslie Goodloe (DAR ID #127951)
b. Salumeth Burt Born Ca 1845 Va (Twin) (1860 census shows her name as Sallie)
c. Rebecca Dromgoole Born Ca 1845 Va (Twin)

9. Sarah Ann Born Feb. 27, 1818 died young (SSC Papers, UNC)

10 Martha Asbury Born April 14, 1820 Died Aug, 1847 

Notes: Sources: Sallie Southall Cotten Papers (UNC) (copy in file); Sims Family Bible (LVA) (copy in file) confirms children's names and birthdates; also letter from James Bullock Sims to Richard Sims (probably Jr.) dated Sept. 3, 1869 (LVA) (copy in file). Sims was reportedly a doctor and lived near Williamsburg VA.-chh

State of North Carolina
Warren County
In the name of God Amen I Salumith Burt being of sound mind and memory (blessed by God) do this Twenty Third day of April in the year of Our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form as follows
First - I commit my soul to God and my body to the Earth from whence it came and as to my worldly goods that the Lord hath blessed me with I dispose of as follows
To Wit
Item - I give and bequeath to my son John A Burt all my right title and Interest that I have in the Tract of Land whereon I now live also one Bed and furnatur now in his possession my Cotton Gin with the aparattus thereto belonging and my youngest Yoak of Oxen one Bay Horse Colt two year old the first day of this month April (Called Black [Wawyer?]) to him and his heirs forever
Item - I give and bequeath to two of my Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt the following Negroes (to Wit) Rachel Cinder and her five children namedly Solmon Sam Lucinda Cuffy and William Plinty together with their increase And my will and desire is that if Either of my Daughters Elizabeth or Ann Burt should die without a will that the surviving one should heir the above named negroes say Rachel Cinder Solmon Sam Lucinda Cuffy and William Plinty and their increase to them and their heirs forever.
Item - I also give and bequeath to my two Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt one Bed And Furnature each my Carriage Horse my Carriage and Harness one Dozen Windsor Chairs My Side Board one sett China one Tea Tray one sett Knives and forks to them and their heirs forever
Item - I also give to my two Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt one Negro Man named Ellick
My Further will and Desire is that my two Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt pay to my son William Burt one Hundred Dollars Each to be paid Twelve months after my death
Item - I give and bequeath to my Daughter Lucretia C Garrett Ten Dollars
Item - I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Harrit William Ballard Sims Ninety three Dollars Which is to be paid or Raised out of the perishable Estate that is now on the Plantation
Item - I give and bequeath to my Grand son Samuel Brown Garrett one Bed and furniture
Item - After paying all of my just debts I give Three fourths of my part of the crop that may be on hand at my death to two of my Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt and the remaining one fourth I give to three of my Grand Children namely Leonard S Sims Sarah E Bunn and Harriet William Ballard Sims
Item - I give and bequeath to two of my Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt Three fourths of my stock of all kinds and the residue of my property not before disposed of And the [one?] other remaining fourth I give and
bequeath to three of my Grand Children namely Leonard S Sims Sarah Eliza Bu[nn?] and Harriet Wiliam Ballard Sims
And I do hereby nominate and appoint my Son John A Burt Executor and my two Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt Execut[rix?] to this my last will and Testament Revoking all Other by me heretofore maid
Signed Sealed and delivered in the presents of
James Arrington
Littleton Arrington Jurat
Salumith Burt

SIMS, Richard (M)  Harriet W.B. SIMS, 7 July 1841; L.S. SIMS, BM Warren Co NC
Sarah E Sims (M) William B. Bunn Aug 2, 1837 Nash Co., NC Joel Wells, BM,  Jno H. Drake, Wts

Sarah E Sims & Harriett W B Sims being sisters.


Susanna Swepson Sims, child No. 7 of Richard Swepson Sims & wife Rebecca Walton Dromgoole was born Feb. 26, 1814 Brunswick Co, Va and died Mar. 6, 1872 in Petersburg, Va.
She married on Sept. 15, 1830 to Thomas James Southall, of Petersburg, Virginia.
He was born Aug 9, 1809 and died Jan 8, 1886 Petersburg, Amelia Co, Va according to
GENCOM and SSC Papers, UNC-chh

Their Children: SOUTHALL

1. Elizabeth Rebecca Born Jan 3, 1833
(M) William J Moore 
Children: Moore
a. Elizabeth Rebecca Moore, Born Apr 3, 1849 Died July, 1849
b. John James Moore born Sept 21, 1850
c. William Thomas Moore Born Feb 24, 1853 Died Oct. 6, 1886 Augusta, Ga

2. Mary Ann Born April 25, 1834 Died June 4, 1884

3. Susan (Susie) Josephine Swepson Born July 1, 1839 Died Nov. 6, 1879
(M) Benjamin W. Baley Sept 4, 1866 
(SSC Papers UNC gives his name as B W Beery, of Wilmington, NC-chh)

4. Sallie Swepson Sims b. June 13, 1846, d. 1929
(M) Robert Randolph Cotten March 14, 1866
Lived in NC
Children: Cotten (sometimes spelled Cotton)
a. Agnes Leroy b. Mar. 7, 1867
b. Robert Randolph Born July 20, 1868
c. Frederic Lewellyn Born Mar. 19, 1870 Died Apr 22, 1870
Sally Swepson Sims Southall was a renowned feminist and author of several books, See Sallie Southall Cotten Papers, UNC- GENDEX gives her birth year as 1848. Her birth year is confirmed as 1846 by her papers and 1850 census of Brunswick Co, Va gives her
age as 4 yrs.-chh

5. Martha ("Mattie") Thomas Born Feb. 4, 1842 
(M) Joseph M.Butterworth Oct. 29, 1867 
SCC Papers gives husband's middle name as Wilbur-They lived in Richmond,
Children Butterworth
a. Paul Sims Born July 7, 1872 (Agent Union Sta., Richmond, Southern RR-chh)_
b. Carey Wilbur Born Oct. 22, 1868 Agent, Milford, Va for Southern RR-chh
c. Julian Swepson Born May 10, 1870 Died July 5, 1871
d. Infant dtr born Jan 11, 1875 Died Jan 19, 1875
e. Infant son Born Oct 5, 1876 Died Same day
f. Olie Thomas Born May 17, 1878 Died 1935 
(SSC Papers, UNC gives his name as Otis-chh). 

6. Victoria Born about 1847-48

7. Julia Dromgoole Born July 20, 1850 Died May 31, 1855

8. Richard John Born Aug 29, 1852 Died Mar. 8, 1930

Notes: Source of most info: Southall Family Bible (at Mom's). Supposedly lived on plantation
named Violet Bank near Petersburg (this appears doubtful due to information
found at LVA website on Violet Bank). Aunt Susie Hill Long and Uncle Billy
Hill visited Paul and Carey Butterworth (two oldest sons of Mattie Southall and
Joseph M. Butterworth) in August, 1941. Both worked for Southern Railroad
(Paul at Union Station in Richmond, Carey at Milford VA-chh


Richard John Southall (1852 - 1930) (8th child of Thomas J. Southall and Susan Swepson Sims was born Aug. 29, 1852 Petersburg, Va. and died Mar. 8, 1930 Langley, SC He married Savannah Franklin Oct. 19, 1870 in Langley, SC.
Savannah Franklin was born July 27, 1853 and died April 11, 1905. She was
the daughter of Rev. Allen Franklin & wife Martha Holley.

Their Children: Southall

1. Thomas James ("Whittie") Born about 1871, Died Aug. 18, 1941
(M) Mary Holley (Obits in file; Photo in red leather book, copy in file-chh)

2. Mollie E. Born About 1874
(M) Charles J. Blount, in 1890. Lived in Atlanta, Ga. (Photos in file-chh)

3. Susie J. Born Oct. 1, 1883 Aiken Co, SC Died Mar. 28, 1888 (age 5)
(Photo of grave in file. Note on back of Allen Southall photo says she died Mar. 8, 1888. 
Buried in Pine Forest Cemetery, Langley, SC. Photo in red leather book (copy in file), notes on
back "age 2 years; died of pneumonia, Mar. 28, 1888, buried in Pine Forest Cemetery, out from
Langley, SC-chh)

4. Allen Devine Born June 20, 1891 Died Dec 8, 1893 (Age 2)
(Photo of grave in file. Photo of him in file gives his name as Allen Franklin Southall and his
DOD as Dec 8, 1894. Buried in Pine Forest Cem., Langley, SC-chh)

5. Mattie Lucille Born Oct. 10, 1876, Died April 23, 1941
(M) Jessie Field Hill

6. J. Richard Born Sept 17, 1878
(M) Belle Attaway

Notes: Photos of he and wife and children in file. Photos from red leather book also in file.
Photo (NY 1847) in file of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop ("with love") has note on back: "daughter
of Nathaniel Hawthorne, friend of Richard J. Southall." Richard J. Southall was an attorney in
Langley SC. Copy of his letterhead in file. He and his wife were buried in Pine Forest Cemetery
on Pine Log Road near Langley SC (photos of graves in file). Pine Forest Cemetery is the family
cemetery of the Franklin family (Savannah's father, Rev. Allen Franklin) gave the land for that
purpose. Letter in file to R.J. Southall from Rev. W.A. McCracken dated Apr. 25, 1905, at death of wife. Copies of obits from Southall family bible at Mom's. Letter in file from James F. Byrnes, Esq. of Aiken SC dated Apr. 19, 1905 on death of wife. Letter from Mollie S. Blount (daughter) dated Apr. 18, 1905 from Augusta about sudden illness of mother while visiting her sister. Obit in file. Address at death: 24 Pelzer St, Langley SC-chh


Mattie Lucille Southall , 5th child of Richard J. Southall and Savannah Franklin, was born October 10, 1876 in Aiken Co, SC and died April 23, 1941 in Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga.
She married Jessie Field Hill Nov. 29, 1903 in Langley, Aiken Co, SC
He was born June 10, 1875 Randolph Co, NC, and died Sept 29, 1966 Augusta, Ga. He was the son of Robert Hill and Martha Hicks.

Their children: Hill

1. Richard Franklin Born July 26, 1906 Died June 16, 1952
(M) Catherine Jopling, June 14, 1930, Augusta, Ga.

2. Susie Savannah Born Oct. 29, 1909 Clearwater, Aiken Co, SC Died Jan. 14, 2002
Thomaston, Upson Co. GA
(M) Roy Long
Born May 13, 1913, Died Feb 9, 1971 Washington, DC

3. Jesse Wiley (Billy) Born June 24, 1912, Died July 24, 1942
Killed in accident while in Army- Photo of grave in file-chh)

4. Thomas Arthur Born Aug 20, 1913 Died June 1, 1972
(M) Anna Louise Lee, Aug 8, 1934
Children: HILL
a. Ann Louise Lee Born Sept 2, 1937
b. Thomas Arthur Jr. Born 1947

Notes: Death certificate in file. "Housewife." Address at death: 1914 Wrightsboro Rd,
Augusta. Death certificate lists parents as Richard J. Southall and Susan Sims both of VA. (Aunt
Susie was informant and probably got mother's name wrong.) Buried in Westover Memorial
Park, Augusta. Photo of grave in file. Letter in file from Carey Butterworth of Milford VA to
Cousin Mattie dated Oct. 26, 1939 about genealogy. Wedding notice from newspaper in file.
Obits in file-chh


Richard Franklin Hill,  first child of Jesse Field Hill and Mattie Southall, was
born July 26, 1906 Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga. and died June 16, 1952 in
Augusta, Ga. He married Catherine Jopling June 14, 1930, Augusta, Ga. 
Catherine was born Feb. 14, 1908 Augusta, Ga Died Dec. 13, 1996
Williamsburg, Va.
She was the daughter of William Bascom Jopling and wife Cadie Winter

Children HILL

1. Katherine ("Katie") J. Born Jan 6, 1935 Augusta, Ga.
(M) Benjamin Terry Smith, Jr. in Augusta, Richmond Co, Ga. June 15, 1957

Children: Smith 
a. Benjamin Terry III b. April 29, 1962
    (M) Jane Tracey August, 1989
            1. Savannah Hill Smith Born Feb. 16, 1993
    (M)  #2 Amy Christina Patterson Aug 19, 2000
            Born : March 7, 1972
b. Susan Catherine Born March 1, 1965  
    (M) Jeffrey David  Hix  May 1, 1998
           Born Nov 24, 1965
            1. Catherine Eleanor Born July 30, 1999
c. Richard King b. June 5, 1974 
   (M) Allison Speer October 14, 2000
          Born May 10, 1974

2. Mary Susan ("Mary Sue") Born Aug. 18, 1938, Augusta, Ga.

Notes: Death certificate states "Proprietor Hill's Drive In Café." Marriage and
death certificates in file. Photo of grave in file. Buried in Westover Memorial
Park, Augusta. Married by Rev. Edgar T. Lucas of First Christian Church,
Augusta. SSN: 255-30-3706-chh


Mary Susan ("Mary Sue") Hill , second child of Richard F. Hill & Catherine Jopling, was born Aug. 18, 1938 Augusta, Richmond co, Ga.

She married Roy Vincent Harris, Jr , on June 14, 1958 in Augusta, Ga.
He was born Nov. 10, 1935 Augusta, Ga. , son of Roy Vincent Harris, SR and wife Mary
Frances Lewis

Children: HARRIS

1. Mary Catherine Born Feb 12, 1961 Hampton, Va. 
(M) Jack Jeffrey Helms, Jr. Newport News, Va. June 10, 1989

2. Susan Elizabeth Born May 13, 1965
(M) John Ashburn Gill, July 19, 1993 in Newport News, Va.
Children Gill
a. Ainsley Ashburn Born July 31, 1996
b. Hallie Harris Born Oct. 17, 1999 (twin)
c. Greer Wagner Born Oct. 17, 1999 (twin)

Birth certificate in file. Address at birth: 1002 Murphy St, Augusta,Ga.


Mary Catherine Harris , first child of Roy V. Harris and Mary Sue Hill was born Feb 12,
1961. She married June 10 , 1987 Jack Jeffrey Helms, Jr. Newport News, VA
He was born Jan. 23, 1961, Douglas, Coffee Co, Ga. son of Jack Jeffrey Helms, Sr. & wife Jane Ann Anderson.

Children: Helms
a. Jack Jeffrey Helms, III Born Aug 17, 1987

Notes: Birth & Marriage Certificates in file. Attorney

Transcripton of Will of Leonard Henley Sims by Cathy Harris Helms

In the name of God, Amen, I Leonard Sims, of Warren County and State of North Carolina being in perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that there is an appointed time for all men to die, Do make ordain and constitute this my last Will and Testament, that is to say,

      First and principally I give my soul to God who gave it and my Body to the Earth to be buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter mentioned and <indecipherable> by God who with it hath pleased and blessed me with, after all my just debts are paid, I lend and give in a manner and form following, to wit

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son John Sims his heirs and assigns forever one negro fellow named Jim, one negro wench name Rose and child named Peggy, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, two sows and pigs, one sorrel horse and also one certain tract, piece or parcel of land which I purchased of Brumfield? Ridley lying and being in said County of Warren on the Northeast side of Reedy Branch containing by estimation two hundred and Eighty-two and a half acres be the same more or less adjoining lands William Dodson, Thomas Sims's, Widow Williams's, Elisha Sims and my own. All which negroes, horse, bed and furniture, cow and calf, sows and pigs, and land he my son John Sims is now in full possession of, I also give and bequeath to my said son John Sims one cow and calf not yet delivered to him.

      Item, whereas my sister Susanna Sims have [sp] lived <indecipherable> and been very helpful in my Family in order to make her some compensation, I give and bequeath to her my said sister Susanna Sims her heirs and assigns forever Thirty Five pounds Virginia money which said Thirty-Five pounds shall be taken out of Seven of my sons portions or dividends by? Richard Sims, Five pounds, John Sims, Five pounds, Swepson Sims, Five pounds, Len Hendley Sims, five pounds, Thomas Sims, Five pounds, Joseph Sims, five pounds and Henry Sims, Five pounds, which said money shall be paid when reasonably required by my Executor hereafter mentioned.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims her heirs and assigns forever two negro children, viz one boy named Drew? and one girl named Barbry?

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son Richard Sims his heirs and assigns forever two negroes one named Antoney and one girl named Lisa, one feather bed and furniture, two cows and calves, two sows and pigs and one horse (he hath in possession).

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son Swepson Sims his heirs and assigns forever two negroes, one named Jere? the other a girl named Siller?, one Sorrel philly [sp] mare and other chattel such as I have bequeathed to my son Richard Sims as is last mentioned.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son Len Hendley Sims his heirs and assigns forever two negroes Moses and Delphia, one feather bed and furniture, one horse worth Ten pounds Virginia money, one saddle worth Three pounds like and such as is mentioned to Richard Sims above.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my Daughter Jean Jeffers Sims her heirs and assigns forever three negroes, viz one young wench named Milly?, one girl named Dinah, and one boy named Adam, one horse and saddle worth Fourteen pounds Virginia currency, one Feather bed and Furniture & stock as is bequeathed to Richard Sims.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Sims three negroes, viz one negro girl named Phillis, one named Lucy, one boy named Humphrey, one horse and saddle worth Fourteen pounds Virginia money, one Feather bed, Furniture and stock as is bequeathed to Richard Sims, all to her, her heirs and assigns forever.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my three younger sons, viz Thomas Sims, Joseph Sims, and Henry Sims, whenever they shall arrive at the age of Twenty-one years or should marry each one to have two negroes at of near the value [page 2] of what I have given to my other sons as can be, as also each one shall have a Feather bed and Furniture and each one have stock etc. equal to Len Hendley Sims to their heirs and assigns forever.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my Five youngest sons, viz Swepson Sims, Len Hendley Sims, Thomas Sims, Joseph Sims, and Henry Sims, their and each of their heirs and assigns forever all my land (not bequeathed before) lying on the East and North East side of the Reedy Branch containing by estimation one thousand Five Hundred and Thirteen acres which said land to be divided in Five equal parts said Swepson Sims to have that part or lot including where my sister Mary? Missy? Wilson now lives and to join Simon Williams's, John Hargraves and its likeness's? lines. The said son Len Hendley to have the second lot to join Swepson Sims's the back lines and other line or lines. My said son Thomas's lot to join Len Hendley's and the Widow Williams's other line or lines. My said son Joseph's lot to join my son Thomas Sims's and others lines. My said son Henry's lot to join Joseph Sims's, William Sims's, John Sims's and as also the Reedy Branch. Now if there should not be found the above mentioned quantity or One Thousand Five Hundred and Thirteen acres of land for the deficiency of every acre my son Richard Sims shall pay Fifteen shillings Virginia money which sum shall be a price that he the said Richard Sims shall pay for land that he is to have over and above his proportion in quantity of acres as will appear in a clause hereafter. The money is to be equally divided among the above said five youngest sons.

      Item, I lend to my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims all my whole estate 'till as my children comes to the age of Twenty-one years or marries; then she my wife to give up each one's legacy according to the terms of this Will but if she should marry then shall have only a child's part of the personal estate.

      Item, I lend to my dear and loving wife during her natural life or widowhood the land and plantation whereon I now dwell containing by estimation Five hundred acres.

      Item, after my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims decease or marrying, I give and bequeath to my son Richard Sims his heirs and assigns forever the land and plantation whereon I now dwell containing by estimation Five hundred acres (be the same more or less) together with my still for distilling of spirits but with <indecipherable> that if any? one or more of my children shall want to distill they shall have free liberty to distill their own liquor.

      Item, whereas I am possessed of one hundred and Eighty-Nine acres of land on the West side of Nut Bush Creek which land is well timbered and will be useful to the Five Hundred acres of land I have bequeathed to my son Richard Sims. If my said son Richard Sims after my dear and loving wife's decease or marrys [sp] for him to pay of the quantity of Land doth not hold out to my five youngest sons on the East and North East side of Reedy Branch as is above mentioned Rating? or Valuing? the above said one hundred and Eighty-nine acres of land at Twenty shillings Virginia currency and ere? I say after the deficiency at Fifteen shillings the acre is made to my Five youngest sons is paid to each of them the remaining sum shall be equally divided and paid amongst my children then living as each one of my said children shall arive [sp] to the age of Twenty-one years or marrys [sp], he my said son Richard Sims paying interest to one or more of my sons or daughters.

      Now if my said son Richard Sims will comply with the above terms, then I give and bequeath the said One hundred and Eighty Nine acres of land his heirs and assigns forever. But and if my said son Richard Sims doth not think proper to comply with the above mentioned Term and refuseth the said land then the said One hundred and Eighty nine acres of land shall be sold after my said dear and loving wife's decease or marry then the money arising by the sale thereof shall be appropriated as is above mentioned.

      Now let it be remembered that if I and my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims should have a child or children that such child or children if a son or sons that then? each son (if more than one) to have an equal fortune to one of my youngest sons to be raised or taken out of such part or parts of my Estate not heretofore bequeathed. But if a daughter or daughters, that then each one (or if more than one) to have an equal Fortune to my daughter Jean Jefferes Sims also to be raised or taken out of such part or parts of my Estate not heretofore bequeathed which said equal Fortune I give to him, her or their heirs and assigns forever.

      Item, I have expended and laid out on the educating my son Richard Sims seventy pounds Virginia money, also on Swepson Sims my son Forty-Five pounds of like money, therefore after my dead and loving wife's decease or whenever there is an equal division to be made of my Estate amongst my sons and daughters, then my said sons, Richard Sims and Swepson Sims shall alow [sp] and settle the sums of money mentioned above and to be deducted out of their part of the final division an amount actually received of each one's part according to each one's respective sum.

      Item, after my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims decease or marriage and all matters and things complyed [sp] with agreeable to the above mentioned demises & then the whole of my Estate to be made in lots in number equal to the number of my sons and daughters (my son John Sims is not to have as much by twenty pounds as either one seeing I have given him three negroes and each one of my sons but two negroes) each one of my children to his or her equal lot which lot I give to them, their heirs and assigns forever.

      Item, if one or more of my sons should die before they arive [sp] to the age of twenty one years or were married the son or sons lands shall be sold to the highest bidder of the then living sons and not to be exposed? for any person else to bid for the same and the money arising by such sale to be equally divided amongst them of my sons then living and that all the persons? Estate of such death or deaths shall be equally divided amongst all of my children or their heirs lawfully begotten.

      I hereby constitute my loving wife Sarah Sims Executrix and Richard Sims, John Sims and Swepson Sims my three oldest sons Executors of this my last Will and Testament and desire it may be Received as such Revoking and disannulling? all other Wills heretofore by me made. In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand, affix my seal this twenty-ninth day of August in the year of our Lord Christ One Thousand seven hundred and Ninety Four.

Signed sealed and published                     Lennard Sims      {SEAL}

In presence of

      I Lennard Sims of Warren County and State of North Carolina being of sound and disposing mind do make and ordain this Codicil to my Last Will and Testament hereunto annexed and bearing date of the 29th day of August 1794 as a part and explanation of my said Will, to wit

      Whereas I have since making the above Will given to my son Swepson Sims money as an Equivalent for the land therein devised to him, and to my son Henry Sims, other land, instead of those devised to him by my said Will, I therefore Revoke hereby the devises of lands, made to my said two sons Swepson and Henry in my said will, and do will and bequeath to my other three sons Len Hendley Sims, Thomas Sims and Joseph Sims their and each of their heirs and assigns forever all my land lying on the North side of the Reedy Branch except what I have given to my son John Sims, to be divided between them in three lots as nearly equal in value as can be.

      Item, It is further my Will and desire that my son Richard Sims, if he should accept and take the One Hundred and Eighty-Nine acres of land lying on the West side of Nut Bush Creek on the terms and conditions mentioned in my said Will, to wit at twenty shillings Virginia money per acre that he shall pay the money to my three Daughters, Jane Jeffries Sims, Sarah Sims, and Susannah Sims to each one their part, or should he not accept it and the land be sold as directed in my said will, then it is my will that the purchase money be Equally divided between my said three daughters, or the survivors of them. My son Richard Sims not to be liable in Either case for any deficiency which may Happen in the lands devised by my said Will to my five youngest sons, and by this Codicil to my three sons, Len Henly, Thomas and Joseph Sims.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son Henry Sims, his heirs and assigns forever, all the lands which I purchased of Richard Bullock, Esq. <indecipherable>, and Henry Phife lying at the Head waters of the Reedy Branch.

      Item, I give and bequeath to my son John Sims, his heirs and assigns forever in addition to the land heretofore given him all my land on the East side of the New Road.

      Item, whereas by my will hereto annexed I have given to my son Len Henley Sims a negro girl named Delphia which said negro girl I have since and do hereby give to my son John Sims. Instead of her I give and bequeath to my son Len Henly Sims, His Heirs and assigns forever one other negro girl named Phillis (to wit) the girl given by my said Will to my daughter Sarah Sims, and instead of the said girl Phillis I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Sims, Her Heirs and assigns forever a negro girl named Pressy.

      Item, It is further? my willing <indecipherable> to my dear and loving wife Sarah Sims <indecipherable> die beforehand? <indecipherable> sister Susanna Sims mentioned? <indecipherable> then that my said Sister Susanna shall have as lent, two of my negroes, to be <indecipherable> field? working Hands during her natural life.

      In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 16th day of February one Thousand Eight Hundred and Four?

Signed sealed and                         Lennard Sims      {SEAL}

published in presence


Richard Bullock

John Hare?

William Sims

Elisha Sims



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The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues, and with the Former Translations diligently compared and revised by His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. Edinburgh: Printed by Sir J.H. Blair and J. Bruce, Printers to the King's most Excellent Majesty. 1799.

The End of the Old Testament

Richard Sims and Rebecca Dromgoole were married the sixth day of March 1799 and upon the next page are the names and ages of their children.

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Sally Swepson Sims was born March the 2nd 1800

Elizabeth Dromgoole Sims was born July the 26th 1801

Alexander Sims was born June the 12th 1803

Edward Dromgoole Sims was born March the 24th 1805

Rebecca Walton Sims was born the 9th of March 1807

Mary Jane Sims was born the 29th of December 1809

Susan Swepson Sims was born the 26th of February 1814

Richard Swepson Sims was born the 13th of March 1816

Sarah Ann Sims was born the 27th of February 1818

Martha Asbury Sims was born the 14th of April 1820



Longwood, Caddo Parish, Louisianna

September 3rd 1869

My Dear Cousin Richard [Sims],

      It has been a long, long time since any of our branch of the family have heard of any of you all; in fact, I am at a loss to know where to direct this letter, but will try and manage so that it may reach some one of the family.

      My dear father died, as you doubtless know, in the year 1830 in Nov (?) two years after visiting La; he had what the Drs called a thickening of the mucus coat or membrane of the colon. He litterally [sp] perished <indecipherable>. This disease was brought on by his excessive fatigue in hunting deer; he was very fond of hunting and about (?) at it all the time. I am living at the same? home? place we settled when we first came to this county. I have been quite unfortunate with my children, having lost six out of eleven. All our first children but one, a daughter, died young of croup and flux. Our oldest, Florence Amelia, is now 17, next Catherine Bullock after my mother is 12, next Leonard 10, next Howel (?) Cobb after my wife's relations five, next Madeline 1 year. Our first was named John after my wife's father, our next Joseph David, next James Edwin. All these died, then Florence, then Ridley & Swepston died. Then Caty & Len. <indecipherable> died. Then Howel & Madeline. So you can see the order of them all. The longest any one lived was James Edwin. He lived to be 5, rest? died from 4 years old down to 6 months. The war <indecipherable> me as every other Southern man. <indecipherable> left nothing but some land & stock. But I am glad to say we are doing pretty well. Most of my [page 2] old freedmen are with us and I am making only good crops and really clearing as much as I did before the war.

      Cousin Len Langley is living about 16 miles off from us; he has no living children but (?) <indecipherable> big in the North (?) Caty's age. <indecipherable> (Cos Len's brother) is living in Marshall Harrison Co. Texas. Looks very old though not so old as Cos Len. He never married, is now nearly blind. He (?) is very well off, has several thousand dollars laid up for hard times. Cousin William the Dr. is dead, his widow married again and some of his children stay with Cousin <indecipherable>. He died not very well off. Cousin Dick Sims who married their sister Sarah is also dead, died in Tenn. where he was raised, his wife died many years since. They left several children who were all living in Tenn. when I last heard from them. Aunt Susan Burt was living near Cousin Dick when I last heard from her. I do not know if she is alive or not. Our (?) family are <indecipherable> all over the South and there are many Sims in this county from Georgia and some from So. Car.

      Cousin Richard, please write me and tell me how all our Brunswick relations are. Will you if you can possibly do so send me the No. of National Intelligencer which has Cousin Edward's [Edward Dromgoole?] obituary in it. Or the Notice of his death. If you have not the paper please let me know what No. it is in. I know it is in the tri-weekly about the year 1841 or 42. I think. I am anxious to get it & if I know the No. would send to Washington for the paper. Is Ed Dromgoole's Jim alive, the one who was at college with us also, Mr. Sims who [page 3] was there at the same time. When is Mr. Southall (?) with this family. I have regretted many times not visiting (?) you all whilst (?) <indecipherable> So. Car. & Va. so often. But both times I had my family and my wife was sick and it would have been <indecipherable> Cousin you are <indecipherable> now Cos Swepston and all of <indecipherable>.

      I am yet in hopes times may be such that I will be enabled to go to No. Car. & Va. again if I should I will be sure to go to Brunswick. No one writes me now but Uncle John Bullock who lives at Pa's (?) old place in Warren Co. Cousin Len Langley's oldest daughter Virginia married a Mr. Wm Hill, a Methodist minister. He had one or two children by her. Volunteered in the war and held Captain's Companion (?), was killed at the Battle of Donaldson's First Tenn. He was very much beloved by every one and popular as a minister. He had three other daughters, one single yet just grown, one dead, other married. He has one son living, Thomas, who is very uprightly (?), a lawyer living in Marshall unmarried about <indecipherable> years old.

      <indecipherable>, but it is a hard matter to get the <indecipherable> over to pick it out. They are getting very trifling, more so every year. I believe that some planters have made arrangements to bring on Chinese laborers this winter. I doubt their efficacy however and will wait until others try theirs first. If their families are brought with them they may do, I think not without.

      We have a healthy country. I think I have never lost one of our family with fever since we have been here. The soil is sandy with red clay foundation, red peat (?), black [page 4] oak & hickory growth very much like the land & growth of Franklin Co. No. Car. Excellent water springs & wells.

      The river bottoms are much richer, of course, but then they are devoid of drinking water, and have mosquitoes to <indecipherable> you day & night. <indecipherable> unhealthy. The <indecipherable> on Red River. I am living about 18 miles from the river bottom, 25 miles from Shreveport, our parish site. Shreveport is a flourishing place of about 12,000 inhabitants. There is about 100,000 bales cotton which is shipped & pass through there every winter. About 20,000 (?) are sold there and the money invested then in goods of different kinds for the back country of Texas, Ark (?) & Indian Nation. 20,000 bales cotton will make about 5,000,000 dollars to lift them up <indecipherable> out the commercial circulation.

      Well, Cousin Richard, I must close my letter. You must excuse the straggling manner in which it is written. I have written a much longer one than I first intended is why it is so unconnected. If you are too old to write, get some one to answer it for you and address it to Powelton Harrison County Texas. I am living near the Texas line and our P.O. is in the adjoining county & state. Wishing this letter may find you all well. My wife joins me in love to all our relations in Va. Florence is off with some young ladies enjoying herself. She finished school some time since. I will direct this letter to Blakely Brunswick Co. Va. Any of the family can read & answer it.

      I am as ever,

            Your most affectionate cousin,

                  James Bullock Sims