Some Descendants of
Richard Bennett, SR
of Isle of Wight Co. Va
& wife Ann 

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Richard Bennett Sr.  was born in 1624? Mulberry Island, near Lawnes Creek, (later becoming Isle of Wight Co, Va.) and died in Isle of Wight, VA in 1709.  His first wife was  named Ann, (MNU), and prob. the mother of all his children.

Some researchers claim his wife Ann was the sister of Anthony Barham, but I have found no proof.    Anthony Barham was married to Elizabeth Pierce, about Feb., 1625, 1/2 sister of Richard Bennett. Elizabeth Pierce Barham, widow of Anthony, (M) #2 Richard Jackson,. and had 2 dtrs Mary & Sarah Jackson.

Richard was the son of Thomas Bennett and wife  Mrs. Alice ____Pearce, Wid. of Thomas Pearce, of Mulberry Island, who was killed in the Massacre of 1622 at Martin's Hundred.
He was their only child of record. 

In 1624 Elizabeth Pierce, dtr of Alice & Thomas Pierce, & thought to have been killed in the Indian massacre, but survived along with her mother,  chose her "father-in-law (stepfather) Thomas Bennett,  as the Adm. of her estate.

Thomas Bennett represented Mulberry Island in the House of Burgesses in 1632.  He was deceased prior to 1641. (Boddie)

After Ann's death, Richard Bennett  married Sarah Lewis, Widow of Daniel Lewis who died in IOW in 1697/8. After the death of Richard Bennett, SR in 1709, Sarah married her third husband, Robert Lancaster.  He died in 1720, and Sarah made her will in 1722  as Sarah Lancaster, which was proved in 1723 IOW Co.

(1) Richard, Jr. Born CA 1647 Isle of Wight Co, Va. &  Died 1720 Isle of Wight, Va.
(M) Wife's name unknown

(2) James  Born IOW Co, Va  (Boddie shows he died in Surry, 1752 Will-if this is true, he would be abt.100 yrs old-sgs)

James Bennet Will 1752 Surry Co, Va
Named (No wife mentioned) 
(a) William  (died Surry Co-Inventory Apr 21, 1761)
     (M) Mildred___ She (M) #2-Williams
      1. Thomas of Dobbs Co, NC
      2. William Died Pr to Feb, 1779 Surry Co
          (M) Sarah_____
           a. William (Gdn-Chas Judkins)
      3. Nathaniel died unmarried, Soldier @ Portsmouth in Rev. War
      4. Jesse died pr to June 28, 1785 Surry
          (M) Ann 
          a. William
          b. Sarah
          c. Martha
          d. Samuel
          e. James
      5. Elizabeth (M) Francis Young, Clerk of Isle of Wight
          She buried Isle of Wight Records in an old hair trunk, saving the records, while her husband was away in the Army during the Rev. War. 
(b) James given 20 shillings
(c) John died 1770 IOW Co
     (M) Sarah Welch, dtr of John Welch, IOW Co
     1. John 
     2. William died on voyage 1778
     3. Jesse
     4. Thomas
     5. Edmund/Edward
     6. James  died 1785
     7. Martha (M) Josiah Dobbs
     8. Lucy (M) Thomas Stevens
(d) Samuel died 1773 Surry (Will)
     (M) Mary
      1. Brambley (M) Thomas Hart
(e) Anne
(f) Martha
(g) Mary, 
(h) Sarah, 
(i) Bridget
Exr: Son Samuel 

I, James Bennett, of Southwark Par, of Surry Co, give to my son William Bennett, plantation on which he now lives and part of a tract formerly bought of Charles Binns; to my son James 20sh; to my son John all my carpenter's tools now in his possession. To daus. Anne, Martha, Mary, & Sarah personalty. To my dtr Bridget the use of my best house and as much land as she can work. To my son Samuel the use of my plantation where he now lives. After death of Samuel and his wife w/o male issue, I give plantation to my gr/son Thomas Bennett, s/o William. Son Samuel to be Exr. Teste: Charles Binns, Wm. Godwyn, Wm Batt, Wm Clark Probated Oct 17, 1752 (WB3, P 804, Surry Co)

MY Note I am uncertain which James Bennett (M) Mary Rogers of Surry Co, Va. Rogers, Dtr of William Rogers, of Surry who left will 1727/8 . -1 James Bennett also died 1761 Brunswick Co, Va, whose wife was named Mary-sgs

17th Century Isle of Wight, (Boddie)
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Isle of Wight C,o.,Va Deeds (Hopkins)
Surry Co., Va Deeds & Crt. Orders (Hopkins)
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Surry Co Deeds & Wills, (Davis)
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LDS Records


Richard Bennett (Could this be "our" Richard or Governor Richard?)
03/02/1638 300 acres Isle of Wight
due by right of transportation of 6 people by John Miles.

Richard Bennett from William Miles
1656 Isle of Wight County (Ref: Patrick /Anderson-I have NOT found this deed)

Miles, Wm. grantee. 
DATE Sept 29, 1664 Location: Isle of Wight Co. Grantee: Wm. Miles & Wm. Cooke, Sr.
Description: 1100 acres on the second branch of the Blackwater. Adjoining the land of John
Oliver and Mr. England. 

Jan 4, 1668 IOW W&DB 1-Thomas Wood, son of Arthur Wood & Sarah Wooten, his mother, relict of Arthur Wood, dec'd, sell to Richard Bennett of Blackwater, 100 AC part of patent of 746 AC in 1645-300 AC were conveyed to William Miles*.  Sig: Thomas Wooten, (Wood?) Sarah X Wooten, Richard Wooten
*Depo of Wm. Miles, 3/5/1697-8, gives his age as 75 yrs. (Born CA 1622/3)

IOW Co.,Bk 2, P 63 Jan 16, 1668 Pro. May 3, 1669, Will of John Bond-Gent-Leg-Son William, son John,  Dtr Francis, Wife Dorothy, Capt. Francis England; Lt. Arthur Smith, Mr. Richard Sharpe. Wts: John Bennett (who is this?)

May 12, 1669-Grant of George Moore, 1400 AC IOW Co-for trans. of 28 pers: 1 being Richard Bennett

Oct 18, 1669 Grant of Rich. Awborne, 605 AC Surry Co,  adj. Robt. Laine, Mrs. Bynns, for trans. of 12 pers.: 1 being Richard Bennett

IOW Co, Nov. 18, 1669 Will of Edward Brown names son Edward Brown, Dtr Elizabeth, wife Ellinor, and Friends Robert Flake & Richard Bennett, Overseers. Proved Dec 9, 1669

Isle of Wight Records,  (omitted by Blanche Chapman's work) -transcribed by Forrest King 1999-P. 108

EDWARD BROWN, son of EDWARD BROWN, comes to Court to claim an item with the consent of ROBERT FLAKE and RICHARD BENNETT dated 1 May 1672.  OWEN MIDDLETON and PHILLIP HUNIFORD

May 13, 1677 IOW Co, Will of Francis England, names Dtr Anne Branch, w/o George Branch, and her sons George, Francis & John Branch. Wife Joyce, Extx. Overseers: John Gutridge, John Pearson Wts: Richard Bennett

1677- Richard (RB) Bennett, Sr & Richard (R) Bennett, Jr. signed Petition for Leniency concerning Grievances filed by His Majesty's " Poor but Loyal Subjects" from Isle of Wight.

Bk 2, P 47 IOW Co-Will of Edward Bechinoe.Pro. Feb. 27, 1679  Makes relict, Mary Extrx. June 9, 1679-Surety on Bond: Richard Bennett

April 18, 1679 IOW Will of Joyce Cripps Leg-Husband George Cripps the lands & tenements given me by my former husband Francis England; to the son of Francis England's brother, if he comes to Virginia and makes claim to the said land within seven years, my sister Skinner, Godson, James Bennett

Nov 30, 1681 IOW W&DB1-Wm Whitfield pays debt to Richard Calloway with cattle Wts: Joseph Bridger, Jr, James Bennett, John Kea

Virginia Land patents, Library of Va. 
Sept. 22, 1682 -Richard Bennet, (Bennett) grantee- 630 Acres, Surry Co, W/S Polatink Swamp, adjoins. land of Francis Mason, William Edwards., and the Hollybush Swamp, for the transportation of 13 persons. 

Apr 20, 1684-Grant of John Parsons, Jr, 290 AC Low. Par, Surry co, on heads of Blackwater Branches, adj. Thos. Lane, Mr. Richard Bennett. 

IOW April 9, 1685 Will of Joseph Bridger, wit by James Bennett

Surry DB 3, P 30 July 17, 1685 Richard Bennett  ye elder, of the Upper Par, of IOW Co, and with the free will and consent of my wife Ann, for a valuable consideration to me in hand paid, grant unto George Morrell of Lawnes Crk Par, Surry Co, 150 AC W/S Pokatmick Swamp in Surry co., the same parcel of land being part of  630 AC granted on Oct 22, 1682 adj. Hollybush Swamp & Thomas Binse. (Binns)  Wts: Samuel Swan, Wm. Edwards Sig: Richard (X) Bennett Ann (X) Bennett

From Surry County, Virginia, Court Records, 1671-1700, Part 1, page 36:
Page 485, 7 July 1685. RICH. BENNETT appearing in Court & acknowledging a Deed of Sale of a Pcell of Land to Geo. Morrell, it is therefore Admitted to Record.

ANN, Wife to RICH. BENNETT, appearing in Court & relinquishing her Rt. of Dower in a Pcell of Land sold by her sd. husband to George Morrell it is therefore admitted to Record.

Apr 23, 1688 Grant to Wm. Edwards, 290 AC on heads of Blackwater Brs. adj. Thos. Lane, Robt. Ruffin, Mr. Bins, & Mr. Rich'd. Bennett; orig. grtd. John Parsons.

Surry DB 4-P 143 NO date-rec'd July 1, 1690 John Coker to Sion Hill of Southwarke Par, 100 Ac on Main Blackwater Swamp, adj. Richard Bennett.

July 22, 1690 IOW DB1-James Bennet wits. POA-John Pope of England to bro. Richard Pope of IOW

Surry Co DB 4, P 263 May 17, 1692 Arthur Long, of Lawnes Crk Par, son & heir of Arthur Long, late of this parish, to Thos. Drew of same, 150 AC in this Par, formerly in the occupation of William Bennett. Mary Long, w/o Arthur Long relinq dower.
Who is this William Bennett? He would have to be born Ca 1671, or earlier to be a grown man as of 1692 -sgs

DB 1, P 269 June 19, 1693 List of debts due Robert Randall & w/Ann, as her right as Extrx. of Col. James Powell, dec.-lists includes Richard Bennett, Sr & Richard Bennett, Jr., Thos. Throp, etal.

Surry DB 5-P 17 (No date) Rec'd Sept 4, 1694 Ann Bell, lately Ann Bennett, a daughter of Richard Bennett, Jr. of the Upper Par, IOW Co. was married to John Bell, with the consent of her gr/father Richard Bennett, Sr ; Richard Bennett Sr gives Ann Bell, his gr/dtr, for love and affection, 4 score acres in the lower parish of Surry Co, pt of 630 Ac escheated to sd Bennett, SR and b/b W/S of Pocatmick? Swamp, and the land of my son James Bennett. Wts: John Bell, James (X) Bennett & John Ford  Sig: Richard (X) Bennett, SR

Surry DB 5, P 18 Sept 4, 1694 Richard Bennett, SR of the Upper Par, IOW Co, to his son, James Bennett, of the Lower Par, of Surry Co, 200 AC he now lives on, on the W/S Pocatmick Swamp, adj. Frances Mason, and is prt. of 630 AC. Wts: John Bell, William (X) Arnoll, Joseph Ford Sig: Richard (X) Bennett, SR

Surry DB 5, P 50 -May 25, 1695 Richard Bennett, Sr, of the Upper Par. IOW Co, to John Mingham (Mangham/Mangum) of the lower Par of Surry Co, 100 AC ADJ George Murrell , being the land said Bennett lives on.Wit: Phillip Shelly, William Hunniford Sig: Richard (X) Bennett
MY Note-Frances Bennett, dtr of Richard Bennett, JR and Gr/Dtr of Richard Bennett, SR (M) John Mangum.

Surry DB 5, P 163 Mar 23, 1695 John Mangham of Lawnes Cr Par, Surry Co to Gregory Morrell of same, 100AC near John Paisonseo? in IOW Co, purchased from Richard Bennett.  Wts: Richard Holliman, John (X) Atkinson Sig: John (X) Mangham

Will of Daniel Lewis, July 23, 1697 Proved April 9, 1698 IOW Co
Named wife Sarah
Dtr Sarah
Son Daniel Lewis
Wts: Francis Lee, Henry Dixon, John Skelton, Sr
(He also had dtrs Susanna, (M) Meacom;  Mary (M) Thorpe; *& Martha, not named in this will)
*Boddie gives 5 marriages for Mary Lewis, Dtr of Daniel Lewis & wife Sarah.
Thos. Thorpe was her 3rd, and Benjamin Bell was #4, named in her mother's will as Mary Bell.

July 5, 1699 IOW DB 1-Richard (RB) Bennett, SR sells to "'son & heir" Richard Bennett, Jr,  'all right & title in land that belonged to Edward Jones then taking in plantation Richard Bennett lives on, being part of land bought of William Miles in 1656." **  at mouth of a branch called "Hickory Valley" to Ed Jones' line. .  Wts: Richard Hollyman, Peter Vasser, Wm. Hollyman (William Miles in a depo of Mar. 8, 1697-98  gave his age as 75 yrs-born Ca 1623)
**In 1656 William Miles would be about  33 and Richard Bennett would be about about 31.

DB 1, P 295-July 17, 1699 Bond of James Caufield & Richard Bennett for goods bought (payable to Capt. Henry Applewhaite) -Sig: James (X) Caufield, Richard (X) Bennett Wts: Chas. Chapman & Richard Reynolds

Surry DB 5, P 178 Sept 2,1699 Richard Bennett, SR of the Upper Par, of IOW Co to John Bell, of the Lower Par, of Surry Co land on W/S of Pokatnick Swamp, adj John Mangom, and Ann Belke, pt of 630 AC grtd. sd. Richard Bennett. Wts: Thos Edwards, Thos. Wood Sig: Richard Bennett

IOW Bk 2, P 468 Will of Matthew Fones Dated Oct 11, 1703 Prov. Aug 9, 1704 Names Wife Abigail, son Robert, son John, son Thomas; to Thomas Fones the son of John Fones; dtr Mary; ANN Bennett, dtr of William Bennett; Extrx: wife, Capt. Arthur Smith to make equal division of estate. 


1704 IOW Quit Rents-
Richard Bennett 70 AC
John Mangum 100 AC
Thomas Throp 350 AC 
Richard Lewis 100 AC 

Surry Co, 1704 Quit Rents
Richard Bennett 200 Ac 

IOW DB2, P 63 (1706) Robert Laurence of IOW Co, son & heir of Robt. Laurence, dec'd, to Robert Crawford, of Lawnes Crk Par., in the Upper Par of IOW Co., and bounded according to a Patent grt'd to my sd. father on Aug 25, 1642. Sig: Robert X Laurence Wts: William Bennett, John X Berryman, Thomas X Bagnell 

The following is a copy of the same deed from 17th Century Isle of Wight by Boddie:
On the 9th of January 1706-07, Robt. Lawrence, "son & heir of Robt. Lawrence, dec'd, sells  to Robt. Crawford of Lawne's Crk Par., Surry Co, 150 AC of land grtd. my father 28 Sept, 1643." This land patented by the elder Robt Lawrence, lay next to the land of the Widow Alice Bennett, and the deed of his son Robt., Jr. was endorsed thus, "This day being the 8th of April, 1706, William Bennett has given peaceable possession of these premises to Robt. Lawrence of IOW Co in the presence of these witnesses, Carter Crawford, William Brantley." This Robert Crawford (Crayford) married Elizabeth, dtr of George Carter.  John & James Carter witnessed* Will of Richard Bennett, 1720......
*Named as Overseers-sgs

Will of Richard Bennett, SR  1709 Isle of Wight Co
Named wife Sarah
Sons: Richard Bennett, James Bennett,
 gr/son James Bennett, s/o Richard Bennett
 also named Mary Thorpe, dtr of Daniel Lewis 
John Mangum
James Coffield (Caufield?)
Susanna Lewis 
Martha Lewis
Est to be divided by Thomas Thorpe, Peter DeBerry, Robert Bythsses, and Geo. Barlow
Wts: Thos. Thropp, William George, Mary Cornes, John Mangum

Surry DB 6, P 105 June 18, 1712 Jury (List-incls James Bennett) to settle land line dispute bet. Benj. Chapman & Joseph John Jackman

IOW Co, Bk 2, P 1611 Nov 25, 1715-Will of Thomas Wood of Upper Par., named son George, my gr/son ___; William Drew of the Lower Par. of Surry Co., land sold him, wife Elizabeth, Extx. Wts: Mary Bennett

Surry DB 7, P 113 May 21, 1718 John Coker &w/Margaret to Sion Hill Jr 50 AC N/S Blackwater Swp. being part of pat for 1400 AC to John Coker & b/b sd. Hill & James Bennett.

Surry DB 7, P 139 Aug 19, 1718 Charles Bins of Lawnes Cr Par to James Bennett of same for 5 shillings. 90 AC bet the Pocatinck Swamp and the Bridge Swamp adj. the Long Branch. Wts: John Allen, Thomas Holt

Surry DB 7, P 309 June 17, 1720 Margaret Coker of Lawnes Cr Par, to John Phillips of same for 5 sh, 150 AC S/S Cypress Swp. in Lawnes Crk Par, adj. Sion Hill & Anthony Evanss, being prt of parcel of 1400 AC grtd John Coker & Richard Bennett.
Same date, Margaret Coker to Wm Evans, 100 AC of this same grant to Coker & Bennett)
Same date Margaret Coker to Anthony Evans 50 AC of this same grant to Coker & Bennett)

IOW Co-Will of Sarah (NMU) Lewis, Bennett, Lancaster, Widow of  #1-Daniel Lewis,  (d) 1698 #2-Richard Bennett, SR (d) 1710 & #3 of Robert Lancaster (d) 1720
Dated Oct. 31, 1722 Pro Jan 29, 1722/3

Grand dtrs: Ann Craft, Sarah Meacom, Ann Kae,
to Mary Mangum, the daughter of John Mangum
to Bridgett & Sarah Bennett, the dtrs of James Bennett
Gr/dtrs: Elizabeth, Martha & Susan Meacor (Meacom)
to Mary Ussery
to my sister Elizabeth Hood
to Mary Sowdell
daughter Susanna Meacor 
gr/son Lewis Meacor
to Mary Jones
to Benjamin Bell
to Samuel Craft
remainder of my estate to my dtr Mary Bell, and makes her Extrx
Wts: Thomas Roser, William Hood

Surry DB 7 P 797 Apr 17, 1728 George Morrel of Upper Par of IOW Co  to Wm. Batts of Lawnes Cr Par, Surry Co -150 AC Lawnes Cr Par, pt of patent to Richard Bennett Sept 22, 1682

Surry DB 7, P 856 Aug 19, 1728 John Bell & wife Hannah to Wm Clark 180 AC in Lawnes Cr Par, Surry Co W/S Pocatinck Swamp bet. land sold by Richard Bennett to John Mangham & James Bennet