The Family of
Peter Mellett
& wife 
Margaret (Haynsworth) Greening
of Claremont County, (Now Sumter)  South Carolina


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THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA (Sept 7, 1799, Claremont County)

In the name of God Amen;  I , Peter Mellett of Claremont County in the State of South Carolina aforesaid,  planter, being in health of body and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, praised be God for the same, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following: 

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Margaret Mellet, one Negro woman slave named Cate, and a Negro fellow named Jacob, Also a Negro boy named Tom and a Negro girl named Sabinah, to be at her disposal for the maintenance of herself and heirs of her body by me during her natural life, and at her decease to revert to my estate;  

Also the House and plantation whereon I now live with the furniture and plantation tools belonging thereto, horses, cattle, hogs sheep, and stock of every kind belonging to my estate at the time of my decease, 

I will that they may be continued and made use of on the plantation the same as in my lifetime by my beloved wife for the support of herself and heirs of her body by me during her life or widowhood, and at her decease or marriage to revert to my estate.

I farther  (sic) bequeath to my said Wife her choice of one bed an furniture, one horse saddle and bridle, to her and her heirs for ever. 

I Will and empower my wife as executrix; and one or more of my executors hereafter named, or in case of the death of one or more of them, the survivor or survivors to sell and dispose of the tract of land I now live on, containing by the original plat six hundred and forty acres, Also the adjoining tract containing one hundred and fifty acres which I purchased of Stephen Nixon, and to make good and sufficient titles to any purchases should they think such sale for the benefit of my estate;  

and should they not dispose of the said lands, I give and devise the same to my two sons Richard and James Mellet to be equally divided between them share and share alike, 

then and in such case I will and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Mellet a Negro girl named Chloe, and to my daughter Ann Mellet a Negro girl named Abby, and their future issue and increase, to them their heirs and assignees forever - 

The tract of land containing four hundred acres more or less, which I bargained to William Mayrant, I will and empower my executrix and executors as above stipulated to make good and sufficient titles to, on the said William Mayrant complying in a reasonable time with our agreement, otherwise to revert to my Estate .

I will and ordain that all my Negroes (except those bequeathed to my two daughters in case the land should not be sold, and those bequeathed to my wife during her natural life which are not to be divided until her decease) may be equally divided between my four children by my present wife, 

their respective shares to be delivered to the males when they attain the age of twenty one years or day of marriage, and to the females when they attain the age of eighteen years or day of marriage, should any of my four children above mentioned depart this life before marriage, or attaining to the age of twenty one years, then the portion or part devised or bequeathed to such child or children, to be equally divided between the survivors .

I Will and bequeath to each of my four children above named one feather bed and furniture.  As my son John Mellet, and my daughter Rebecka Barden have heretofore by certain deeds of gift received their respective portions of my estate, I Will and bequeath to them five shillings each and no more.

I Will that my sister Martha be supported out of my Estate as heretofore during her natural life, provided she continues on my Estate in the house she now occupies, or wheresoever my wife and executors MAY think proper .

And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my loving wife Margaret Mellet executrix, and Henry Haynsworth and John Horan executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former Wills and Testaments at any time heretofore by me made, and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine, and in the twenty fourth year of the independence of the United States of America.

                                                                                                 Peter Mellet (Seal)

Signed, sealed, declared and published                                                               
by the above named Peter Mellet, as and
for his last Will and Testament, in the                                                                
presence of us who at his request, and
in his presence have Subscribed our                                                                     
names as Witnesses thereto.

Peter Mellett was the son of Peter SR Mellett whose will was prob. in St. Mark's Par, Craven Co, SC in 1764 (dated July, 1763) He named: 
Son Peter
Dtr: Martha (also named in brother Peter's will, 1799)
Dtr Sarah Brunson (w/o Daniel Brunson)
Dtr Mary
Gr/Dtr: Ann Howze
Ref: Historical Sketches of Sumter, SC

He also signed in 1758 a petition for a road to be built on the north side of Black River as far as Lynches Creek. (This petition was found in an outbuilding in Bedford, New York and presented to the Historical Society in Charleston.-South Carolina Historical Magazine Vol 26, P 122-123 (1925)

The manuscript petition, printed below, was found in an outbuilding in Bedford, New York, and presented to this Society by Mrs. Leonora L. Nelson, of that place.

The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants on the North side of Black River, St. Mark's Parish, as far as Lynches Creek
In the Upper House of the Assembly the 5th day of May, 1758 read, and ordered to be sent to the Commons House (torn)
William Simpson, C: C:

To his Excellency William Henry Liddleton, Esq. Governor & Captain General, in and over his Majestys Province, of South Carolina, and to his Majestys Honourable Council.  To the Hon'ble. Benjn. Smith Esqr., Speaker, & the Gentlemen of the Common House of Assembly.

The Humble Petition of the inhabitants on the North Side of Black River in St. Mark's Parish, as far as Linch's Creek---Showeth

That your Petitioners Living (torn) River and being a new settlement, hold it as a Grievance the want of Roads to Travel to Charles Town and to carry our produce to Market.

Therefore Your Petitioners humbly prays yr. Excellency, and Honours and Gentn. to appoint David Anderson, Henry Cassels, Saml. Jones, Robert Lewis and John Newman

Commissioners, to lay out such Roads as may be necessary for the Said Settlement, and agreeable to Laws of this Province as in Duty Bound your petitioners shall ever pray.
Wm. Carter  Samuel McCoy
Wm. Roberts mark    ______Dun? Illegible
Chris. McCoy  Benjn. Cassels
William McCoy  Wm. Willson
Samuel Bradley  John Capps
James Bradley  Thomas Player
Thomas Dyall?  John Warren (mark)
Elisha Dubose  David Anderson
Thomas Keandy?  Samuel Jones
William Weesbery  Rob Lewis
John McIntosh  Hen. Casselx
Charles (his X mark) Storry James Armstrong
Thomas Abbitt  James Ross
David Morgan  Arthur Somsinson?(Tomlinson)
John Morgan  Peter Mellet
Joseph Bradley   Jonathan Hill
John Frierson  X mark  John Webb X mark
Henry Sparrow  Wm. Cassels  Thomas Hughs

Peter Mellett was also a Signer of the Revolutionary Association For Defense or Declaration of Rights on 19 Apr 1775, as were Mason Greening & Henry Haynsworth.

During the Revolutionary War he served under General Francis Marion in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. In the Charleston Yearbook there is an entry stating that Peter Mellet was captured during the siege of Charleston in 1780. 

In Extracts concerning Peter Mellet in Revolutionary War Records on file in the South Carolina Archives it is said that the public owed him money for the hire of a wagon and team from February 21 to July 4, 1779. He was also due money for a horse and 141/2 bushels of corn for militia use. This was paid in 1785. On August 12, 1785, he was paid for 66 days' militia duty in Francis Marion's BrigadeSee Below: South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, Digital Library Collections:

Series Number: S108092 Reel: 0103 Frame: 00335 ignore:00 Date: 1776 C. OR LATER
Names Indexed: MELLET, PETER//

Series Number:S108092 Reel: 0106 Frame: 00191 ignore:00 Date: 1776 C. OR LATER
Names Indexed: MOLETT, PETER//Rev. War Pension Application Of William McIntosh, Natl Archives Microseries M804, Roll 1687, Application #S9424 Sumter District, SC, October 30, 1832, William McIntosh, aged 68 years: "That he entered the service of the United States and served under the following named officers and served as herein stated, viz. General Francis Marion, Colonel Richard Richardson, Lt. Colonel John James, Captain John Singleton, First Liuetenant Joseph Hill, 2nd Lieutenant John Harvin…it was early in the year 1781…he believes he was in service when General Morgan defeated Tarleton which was on the 17th of January in the year 1781. He left the service when General Marion discharged his brigade at Wadboo after the evacuation of Charleston, which was on the 14th of December, 1782." "He continued to serve in Marion’s brigade under different officers who commanded scouting parties in which service he was generally engaged. He was under the command of Captain James McColley, Captain Colcloug? Captain Dukes, Captain Hill and a number of other officers not recollected until the summer of 1782 when the militia were drafted. When the relief came into camp his executor, Peter Mellette was one of them, who persuaded him to serve in his place as a substitute which he did and continued to do Mellette’s duty and his own until the discharge at Wadboo." "When he entered the service he resided on the High Hills of Santee, now the County of Clairmont (Claremont)  in Sumter District. He entered the service as a volunteer. One of Marion’s scouts came to the schoolhouse where he was going to school. He joined them and continued with them until they returned to Marion’s camp. He was with General Marion and Colonel Lee at the taking of Fort Watson at Scott’s Lake in April 1781. He was with Marion and Lee at the taking of Fort Mott in May [1781]. He was with General Marion at Georgetown when the town was evacuated by the British troops in June. Was at the Battle of Eutaw Springs on the 8th of September [1781]. Was with Colonel Maham when he took upwards of 80 prisoners in sight of the British Army below Monk’s Corner on the 16th of October [1781]." "In the year 1782 he served in Captain James McColley’s troop of militia horse. The country through which we marched was on both sides of the Santee and between Santee and Ashley River, Cooper River, Georgetown and the Peedee. He served with Colonel Lee’s Legion, Colonel Washington’s horse, Colonel Maham, and Colonel Horry. State troops: he knew General Greene, Colonel Lee, Colonel Washington, Colonel Armstrong, Captain Rodwit, Captain Eggleston, Major Conyers, Lieutenant Manning..." "I, John China do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with William McIntosh…that we served together in Marion’s brigade. Was with him in Marion’s encampment at Doughty Plantation in Santee in the year 1781 and at the encampment at Cantey’s on Santee. Was with him at General Greene’s encampment near Bacon Bridge in the latter part of the year of 178?" "He served for the periods mentioned below and in the following grades: For four months under the command of Captain John Singleton, Colonel Richard Richardson’s regiment in Marion’s brigade as a volunteer, for two months in Captain James McColley’s volunteer troop of horse, same regiment, as a volunteer, for twelve months under the command of Captain Joseph Hill, same regiment and brigade as a sergeant..."

SC Deed Abstracts -(Langley)
Dec 9 & 10, 1764 Bk B-3 P 589 Thomas Jones to Peter Mellett, both of Craven Co, for 150 pds currency, 200 a in Craven Co. on N, side Wateree River, in North Britain Tract, surrounded by vacant land; grtd Nov 6, 1751 to Thomas Jones. Wts: Thos. Prestwood, Isaac Brunson, Daniel Brunson  Before Henry Cassels, JP Recorded 28 June 1764 by Fenwick Bull, Reg.

DBA-4 P 202-206 Jan 23, 1772 Roger Pinckney, P.M. to Thomas Shirley & William Price, 3 tracts. total. 700 a. in Craven Co. formerly belong. to Thomas Walker (1) 300 a. E/S Wateree River, near high hills in St. Mark's Parish, b/b James Conyor, Peter Mellett & vacant land & 2 other trcts.

F-4, 346-350 Lease & Release, 1 & 2 April, 1772 -Peter Mellet of St. Mark's Par, SC, Planter and Mary his wife, to James Rembert of same, Planter, for F90 SC money 45 ac in Craven Co, St. Mark's Par, on the High Hills of Santee, adj. on the Glebe land, adj. land grtd to Wm. Dinkins, Wm. Rees, land grtd to James Bronson, land grtd to Isaac Bronson, said plantation grtd 5 June, 1770 to sd. Peter Mellet.  Sig: Peter Mellet, Mary Mellet, Wts: Isaac Hilton, Elizha Griffith, his mark, Pro 21 May, 1773 bef. Wood Furman, Esq, JP by Oath of Isaac Hilton, Recd. 10 Mar, 1774

F-4 351-355, Lease & Release, 23 & 24 May, 1772 Peter Mellet of Craven Co, Sc, Planter, and Mary his wife, to Abijah Rembert of St. Mark's Par, Planter, for F500 SC money, 200 acres in Craven Co, adj land of Joseph Kershaw, on Wateree Riv, John Jonym, plantation grtd 7 Mar, 1779, (sic) to John Jonym and by him conv. to sd. Peter Mellet. Sig: Peter Mellet, Mary Mellet, Wts: Anthony Simons, James Rembert, Elijah Griffith, his mark Prov. 20 Nov, 1773, by oath of James Rembert before Wood Furman, Esq., JP Recd. 10 Feb, 1774

F-4 355-359 Lease & Release, 3 & 4 May 1772, Brian Toland of St. Mark's Par, SC, Planter  and Janeret his wife to Abijah Rembert of same, planter 100 AC in Craven Co. Wts: Peter Mellet, Absolum Collins, James Toland Pro by Oath of Peter Mellet before Wood Furman, Esq, JP 20 Nov 1773

L-4, 259-264 Lease & Rel. 6 & 7 May, 1772 Peter Mellet of Craven Co, SC and Mary his wife, to James Bradley of same, for 10 shillings, 500 AC in Craven Co, grtd to Peter Mellet 5 Oct, 1753, and tract grtd 10 June 1759 for 100 AC Sig: Peter Mellet, Mary Mellet, Wts: John Anderson, Jr, David Neilson, Wm. Gordon, Prov 30 June 1775 by oath of Wm Gordon before Henry Cassells, JP, Recd 11 Sept, 1774

M-223-228 May 6, 7, 1772 Thomas Howse of Craven Co, SC planter, and Elizabeth his wife to James Bradley of same, planter, 200 a Craven Co N/S Main Swamp of Black River adj. land of Peter Mellett, John James, Thomas Howse.

N-4, 439-444 Lease & Release Sept 9 & 10, 1774 Claudius Richburg & Unity his wife of St. Mark's Par. Craven Co., planter to Moses Thompson in Rowan Co., Province of North Carolina, planter, for 300 pds SC money,  300 ac. on N/S Santee River,   grt'd. 9 Jan, 1755. Sig: Cl's. Richburg (LS) Unity Richburg (LS) Wts: Joseph Fox, Peter Mellet Prov. in Camden Dist. 21 Oct, 1774 before Nath'l. Moore, JP by Oath of Peter Mellett. Rec'd. 8 Feb., 1775

P-4, 533-536  Lese & Release Sept 9 & 10, 1774 Deed of Claudius Richburg and Unity, his wife of St. Mark's Par., Craven Co., Planter to Moses Thompson of Rowan Co., NC for 300 Pds SC money,  300 ac by plat & grant dated 9 Jan., 1755. Sig: Claudius Richburg (LS) Unity Richburg (LS) Wts Joseph Fox, Peter Mellett Wts: Peter Mellet Prov. in Camden Dist, SC by oath of Peter Mellet before Nathan Moore, JP 21 Oct 1774

P-4, 536-540 Lease & Rel. 1 Sept 1775- John Langford of the Province of Georgia and Ann, his wife to Peter Mellet of St. Mark's Par, SC, Planter, for F300 SC money, 300 acres near the Wateree Riv in Craven Co, adj. lands of James Michie, Thos. Jones, grtd 6 June 1757 to Alex. Shepheard who died intestate by which means the said tract of land became vested in the sd. Ann (Langford) only child of Alex. Shepheard, who has since intermarried with said John Langford.  Sig: John Langford, Ann Langford, Wts: John Durst, John Hamilton, Francis Allen Prov in Charleston Dist. before George Sheed, by oath of Francis Allen, 19 Mar, 1777. Rec-5 July 1777

A-5, 356-360 Sept 7 & 8, 1775  Lease & Release Richard Richardson of Parish of St. Mark, SC, Esq. to Mason Greening of same parish, planter for 100 pds. SC money, 50 acres in Craven County adj. Mason Greening, Angel Harding, and what was thought to be vacant land which proves to lie within the lines and plat of tract of 80 acres, said 800 acres granted to   Richard Richardson 29 Oct 1766.  Sig: Rich'd Richardson (LS) Wit: Peter Mellet, John Roberts Proved in Charlestown District efore George Sheed by the oath of Peter Mellet 11 Jan, 1777 Recorded 21 Jan. 1777

Vol BB P 15 Dec. 28, 1776 Inventory & Appraisal of Estate of Mason Greening, Dec'd 
Total Valuation of Negroes & Moveables Only: 5679.12.6
               MOSES KNIGHTON, JR
               ROBERT SINGLETON

W-4 , 523-527 Dec 29 & 30, 1777 Lease & Release  James Conyers, planter to William Richardson, planter both of SC, for 3000 SC pds money, 50 ac  grtf. William Tucker E/S of Wateree River adj. Thomas Jones and another trt. of 100 ac. grtd; William Tucker but surveyed for Thomas Jones bet. the High Hills and Wateree river Swamp, adj Robert Carter, Tjomas Jones abd conv, by William Tucker and wife Christian to sd. James Conyers; also 150 ac. in Craven Co., adj. Robert Carter, Weston, William Tucker, Thos. Jones, Thos Chadwick, grtd. sd. James Conyers. Wts: Peter Mellet, Thomas Allison, James Rembert

SCMAR, Volume IV Number 3, Summer, 1976
Payments for Colonial Services 
p.159 To the following persons, for the use of the several battalions:
P 161 to Peter Mellet, for two steers 26 00 00

SCMAR  vol 2 p 177 District East of Wateree-Return of William Murrell: This district apparently was a tax district lying within and part of the judicial district of Camden. As with the foregooiing list, Murrell's Return was only one of several (see p 172) from the area. The first number after each name is acres, the second is Negroes owned, and the third number is carriages. This return was sworn on Sept 1 1785- 
Peter Mellet
990 acres 29 Negroes
Henry Haynsworth 730 acres 8 Negroes 

SCMAR, Vol. III, Summer 1975, No. 3, p.153
Page 225. Inventory of the Appraisement of the Estate of the late Daniel Holladay Dec'd of Saint Marks Parish, Craven County, as appraised by Col. Matthew Singleton, Peter Mellette, and John Barden, January 5th, 1785. 12 slaves. 1 large explanation Bible. Total evaluation, £.750.18.-.

Peter Mellett Born Ca 1730/35,  had 3 children by #1 wife, Mary Brunson 

1.  Peter Mellett III is believed to have been a son of Mary Brunson and Peter Mellett, Jr.  He was born about 1753.  He married Lydia Lee who was born about 1757.  Peter died about 1785 (pr to his father) and Lydia died about 1790 (left many desc)

2.  John Mellett (Named in Father's will) was born in 1755.  He married Rachel Haynsworth,* the daughter of Elizabeth Hesse and Richard Haynsworth, Jr. Rachel was born on February 8, 1757.  John died before January 6, 1807, and Rachel died sometime between September 23, 1825, and January 3, 1830.* Rachael was a sister to Margaret Haynsworth Greening, Mellett, #2 wife of Peter Mellett
My note-John Mellett's Est. Inventory 1806, was signed by Josiah Haynsworth & Richard Haynsworth. Rachael Mellett's will dated Sept 23,1825 Prov. Jan 3, 1830 named one son Melton J. Mellett.

3.  Rebecca Mellett (Named in Father's will) married John Barden about 1780.  She died in Sumter County on July 1, 1814.


Children of Peter Mellett & #2 wife 
Margaret (Haynsworth) Greening

Married Ca 1782 Sumter, SC

Haynsworth Papers- Letter from Sarah Fish to her Aunt Sarah Furman Haynsworth- ..".I learn that thro Divine favor, you are yet spared to each other. Mrs Millet excepted." ..Aug ? 1809 (It is unclear as to which Mrs. Millet Sarah is ref. to, as Margaret Haynsworth Greening, Mellett died 1807)

1. Richard Mellett Born CA 1783 Sumter, SC 
        Died prior to Dec 8, 1804
        (M) Ann (Nancy) ____ (Ref: John Tindal)

2. James Mellett Born CA 1785 Sumter, SC Died:
        (M) Hulda Wilder
She (M) #2 Mr. Nettles- Ref: John Tindall

         a.  James Lawrence Mellett  (Physician) 
                      Born CA 1813 Sumter, SC Died: Aug 30, 1853 Sumter, SC 
                      (Obit-Age 40 yrs) 
                      He is buried in Nettles Graveyard, near Privateer, SC
                      (M) Frances Harriett Hodge
                            They had
                             (1) James Yopp Mellett Born CA 1842 Sumter, SC-
                                   Medical Student, 1860 Sumter Census
                                   died about 1863 in Civil War 
                                   Ref: Cassie Nichols, Historical Sketches of Sumter, SC:
                                   It's Birth and Growth, 
                                   J. Y. Mellett-CSA Pri  Co D, 2 SC Inf
                             (2) Florida (Flora) Mellett born April, 1855 Sumter, SC 
                                  Died Feb. 18, 1902 Lamar Co, Tx
                                  (came to Brenham, Tex 1890's)
                                  (M) Capt. (CSA) James A. Burnes 
                                          Born: Ca 1834  Caswell Co, NC  
Died March 13, 1895 on way to Manning from Privateer, SC 
                                     Civil War Muster Rolls
                                     J. A. Burnes, Lt. & Captain, Co. G. , 22 Regiment Infantry
                                    North Carolina State Troops
                                    All information on the Burnes family is from 
                                    Hannah Wolbrueck, researcher & Descendant-sgs
                                    Children:  Burnes
(from 1880 Census, Privateer, Sumter Co, SC)
                                     a. Fanny Born Ca 1863 Sumter, SC
                                     b Robert Lee  (Picture) Born Feb 7, 1865 Privateer,
                                         Sumter Co.,  SC 
                                         Died: March 11, 1917 South Austin, Travis Co, Tex, 
                                        (M) Sarah Clementine "Clemmie" Davis, Columbus, Miss.
                                         on Jan 28, 1889 (Lowndes Co. Marr. Bk 14, P 508 (Dtr of
                                         John Hill Davis born rutherford Co, NC CA 1843 and
                                         wife Mary Ella Jessop born Hamilton co, Ind., CA 1846 
                                         1. Mary Belle  Born  (Picture, Jan, 1890, age 8 wks
                                              Born Dec, 1889 Tx
                                              (M) _____Walton, died young of TB 
                                              had 1 child, still living
                                         2. Ethel Lee Born Oct 22, 1891 Died Dec. 8, 1913
                                         3. Bessie Hill Born July 18, 1893 Died: Dec 19, 1932
                                              (M) Samuel Oliver Thomas  (1 child living)
                                         4. Bertha M. Born Jan 24, 1896 Died Oct. 18, 1918
                                         5. Robert Lee born Oct 28, 1897, Died June 16, 1958
                                              Married, had no children
                                          6. Bert Davis Born Oct 21, 1907 Died May 28, 1985
                                              Never married
                                      The majority of this family of children were 
                                      born  near Brenham, Texas-All of these children ,
                                      except Mary B. Burns Walton, & their parents are
                                      buried @ Prairie Lea Cem, Burnes-Davis Family Plot,
                                      Brenham, Texas
                                   c. Virginia Belle Born Ca 1867 Sumter, SC 
                                       (M)  Wm. I. Hudnall
                                   d. Lulu E. Born April, 1870  Sumter, SC (M) John F. Ingram
                                        lived 1900 Privateer, Sumter, SC
1. James C Born May, 1887 SC
                                        2. Clemmie (Dtr) Born May, 1889 SC
                                        3. Rosa Born April, 1891 SC
                                        4.. Thornwell  Burns Ingram 
                                        Born April 5, 1894-Died June 6, 1931-Sumter, SC-
                                        Buried-Bethel Cem
                                        Death Cert #10642-Not married
                                        5. Chalmer (son) Born June, 1896 SC
                                   e. Frank  Born Oct, 1871  Sumter, SC 
                                       (Lived 1900 Brenham, Tx
                                       & Luling, Tx, 1917)
                                       (M) Minta _____ born Jan 1872 Tx
                                       1. Jim B. Born Oct, 1893 Tx
                                       2. Cleo born Mar, 1895 Tx
                                       3. Orion (dtr) born July, 1896 Tx
                                   f. Catherine Born Ca 1873 Sumter, SC
                                   g. Lillian Born Ca 1876 Sumter, SC 
                                       Died Dec 18,1899 Waco, Tx
                                       Buried First St Cem., Waco, Tx.
                                       (M) William St. amant 
                                       Feb 3, 1898 in Ellis Co, Texas  "after 4 wks of courtship 
                                   h. William James  Born May, 1880  Sumter, SC
                                       Died Nov 18, 1956 Brenham, Tx
                                       (M) Mattie Weishuhn , Wash. Co, Tx Dec 16, 1908
                                        No children)
                                   i. Maggie Born March, 1885 SC (single 1910 Wash. Co, Tx)
                                   j . Cleo (Dtr) Born Nov, 1887  SC  
                                        Single in 1910 Wash Co, Tx

         b.  Cyrus Spencer. (Charles L.) Mellett  (1st Lt & Capt.) 
                      Born CA 1820 Sumter, SC.   Died : in Wilbarger Co, Tx  (or Ft. Worth) between 1887-1900
                      He was a member of THE AZTEC CLUB of 1847-MEXICAN WAR as 1st Lt. -Wounded; 1850 Sumter , SC-Occ: Engineer; Lived in Louisiana early 1850's; Pat. 40.38 Ac Natchitoches 1853; The Mellett family lived in Tyler, Smith Co., Texas (1856);  1860 Austin, Travis Co, Tx -Occ Clerk;  1870 Burleson  Co, Tx  (Lexington) Occ: Farming & Postmaster; 1870's operated The Claiborne House in Bastrop Co., where he  was also a Deputy District Clerk, & operated The Nash House @ McDade;1880 Lee Co, (Giddings) Occ: Farming; removed to Austin, Travis Co, pr to 1881, where he served as Clerk in the General Land Office; Patented 640 Ac land in Wilbarger Co., where he removed prior to 1884, and was living there in 1887 when he & wife  Epsie M.  transferred this land to Stephen W. Noble  & Theo. F. Pinckney (Sons-in-law)  She was enumerated in the HH of Stephen W Noble in 1898, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co Tx  as Widow of Cyrus S. Mellett
              (M)  Epsie  Mary Saunders 10/23/1851 Sumter, SC

@ Home of Rev. William Lewis, Bro-In-Law (Dtr of Marion Saunders, of Sumter, SC) She w as b. Oct, 1827 SC-d. Nov 11, 1914 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, Tx @ home of Dtr Sallie (Mrs. S W) Noble*

Texas Death  Records-Epsy M Mellets, (Mellett) Nov. 11, 1914, Tarrant Co, Tx Cert #23263 

Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Nov. 12, 1914
"MELLETT-The funeral of Mrs. Epsy M. Mellett, 86, who died Wednesday night at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. S. W. Noble, 1511 Cooper Street, was held Thursday afternoon from the residence of the daughter.  Mrs. Mellett is survived by four children: Mrs. S. W. Noble of Fort Worth, Mrs. Charles Wheeler of Muscogee, Okla., Mrs. T. S. Pinckney of Austin, and M.(arion) S.(aunders) Mellett of Uvalde." ( She was enumerated in the HH of Stephen W Noble in 1899-1910 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Tx, as a Widow (City Directory) Lived w/dtr Mattie Wheeler, 1900 Okla. (8 ch-4 living)  Lived Austin, Tx 1910 census (age 87) w/dtr Pauline Pinkney,  States she has had 8 children, 4 living 
                            (1) Marion Sanders  born Aug, 1852 Tex d. May 21, 1934  Bandera Co, Texas Cert # 20759 (shown as Marion S. Mellets) Lived 1900 Okla-w/sister Mattie Wheeler (Teamster) Lived in Uvalde, Tx 1914 when Mother died;  Lived 1920 Camp Benning, Ga Military Reservation, Occ: Storekeeper, US Army; lived 1930 Bandera Co, Tx-HH of Edward H.& Pauline Burkhardt (age 79 yrs, single)
                            (2) David  C. Born ____ Died Oct 31, 1856 Tyler, Tex 
age 2 yrs, 8 mos 10 days (Obit-"Second  son")
                            (3). Sallie N.  born 1856 Tex died September 3, 1943 Tarrant Co, Tx (She & Dtr Charlie Mary lived 1920, 1930 Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas)
                                   (M) Stephen W. "Ham"  Noble abt 1877 Tx He was b. abt 1855 & Died pr to 1920 Tx-Lived 1880 Giddings, Lee Co Tx-Telegrph Opr. 1910 Tarrant Co Tx- Commercial Agent, Railroad-Lived 1511 Cooper St., Ft Worth, Tx 
                                          Only Child:
                                          a. Charlie Mary- b. abt 1878 Texas  died November 30, 1959 Tarrant Co., Tx-Single, School Teacher, Ft. Worth 1910-1930 Tarrant Co, Tx
                            (4)  Pauline J. born June  16, 1858 Tx Died: June 4, 1952, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas- Lived 1930 Austin, Travis, Tx; Had 8 children, 7 living as of 1900 Travis Co, Tx 
                                  (M) abt 1877 Theodore F. Pinckney
(Civil Engineer & Land claim agent. Genl Land Office, Austin , Texas)  Lived in Austin, Travis Co, Texas 1880-1930; Res. Add: 735 W 25 1/2 Street, Austin, Texas. He was Born Sept 13, 1842  Ky Died: Dec. 23, 1932 Travis Co, Texas;  buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas- CSA, Alabama

Index to Civil War Pension Applications

 Pinckney, Theodore Fredinghuysen 40042,Claimant: Pinckney, Theodore Fredinghuysen Pension Number: 40042 County: Travis

Pinckney, Pauline Mellette 51074 Claimant: Pinckney, Pauline Mellette Pension Number: 51074 County: Travis Husband: Theodore Fredinghuysen Pension Number: 40042 

                                 a. William T. Born April 22, 1880-Died June 19, 1881 buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

                                  b. Theodore  F. Born April 22, 1883 Tx
                                             Died: Oct, 1975 Baton Rouge, La.
                                             1910 Travis Co, Tx-Civil Engineer, as was his father-1920-did not locate ;  Enum. 1930 Travis Co, Tx-Single-Banking Dept, State Capitol; Also Enum. 1930 Hunt Co (Commerce) single, as Liquidating Agent, Bank

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Cherokee County, Texas-Theodore Freloughangsen Pinckney, age 34 yrs, cannot read address/employer; White, natural born citizen,  single b. April 27, 1884, Nearest Rel: Mrs. Pauline Pinckney,(cannot read add) Sig: Theodore F. Pinckney; Phys. Desc:  Ht Tall, Bld: slender, eyes: gray, Hair, brown  Cannot read Reg. name, Sept 12, 1918 (Majority of this card is illegible)
                                        c. Charles Edward. Born June 2,  1885 Travis Co., Tx , died Dec. 20, 1918 Austin, Travis, Tx, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas-- 1910 Travis Co Tx was a Stenographer
                                             (M) pr to 1913 Mildred Gardner
                                                    Born July 19, 1892 Died: April 21, 1980 
Austin, Travis Co., Tx, buried  Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas; Wid & 2 ch, 1920, 1930 Austin, Travis Co, Tx)
                                                     a. Charles Edward. Jr. Born June 19, 1913 Travis Co., Texas d. July 31, 1998 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co, California

US WW II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946-Charles E Pinckney b. 1913 Native State: Texas , USA; State of Residence: Texas, City: Austin, Enlistment Date: April 4, 1942, Enlistment State: New York, City of Enlistment: New York City, Branch: Air Corps, Branch Code: Air Corps,  Rank: Private; Terms of Enlistment: Enlisted for the duration of the War or other emergency, plux six months, subject to the discretion of the President or according to law; Component: Army  of the United States, includes the following: Voluntary Enlistments effective December 8, 1941, and thereafter,; One year enlistments of National Guardsmen whose state enlistment expires whuile in the Federal Service; Officers appointed inthe Army, etc; Civil life: Education: 4 years of college; Civil Occ: Teachers, (secondary schools) and principals, Single, without dependents  Ht: 67 inches, Wt: 130 lbs 
                                                     b.  Pauline Adele Born March 30, 1916 died July 10, 1990 Austin, Travis, Texas
                                                           (M) Grover Weldon Seiders.  He was b. Dec. 31, 1915 d. July 31, 1954 Austin, Travis, Tx

                                                            1. Michael Grover

                                                            2. Nan Pinckney (M) #1 Burnell Joseph Russell (M) #2 Dennis Duane McDaniel
                                        d  Steven Lee Born May,  14, 1887 Austin, Travis Co., Tx d. Feb. 22, 1949 Harris Co, Tex.-single attorney, 1920 Eastland Co, Tx, single, attorney,1930 Houston, Harris Co, Tx

WWI Civilian draft Registration-Stephen Lee Pinckney, age 30 yrs, Add: 402-05 Commercial Bldg., Dallas, Texas, born May 14th, 1887, Natural born citizen, Austin, Texas, Occ: Lawyer Special Agent, Dept of Justice, attached to a Naval Aif for information, 7th Dist. Empl: U S Dept of Justice, Seventh Civil Dist., Hdqrtrs, Key West ; No dependents, Single, Caucasian; Prev. Military Exp: Only in  operating Army Intelligence Bureau on Mexican Borderas Special Agent, Dept of Justice; No exemptions claimed; Sig: Stephen L. Pinckney; Physical Desc: Ht: Tall, Bld: Slender, Eyes: gray, Hair: Fair, Not bald, No disabilities , Sig: D       J Filer?, Registrar, Pct 1, Dallas Co., Tx  June 5, 1917
                                        e. Pauline A.  (Art Historian-See Biog. below)
Born April 12, 1889 Travis Co., Tx D: Oct. 25, 1982 Austin, Travis Co, Tx, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas- Did not marry-SS Iss'd Washington, D. C. pr to 1951 (1910 Travis, Tx-single, Teacher @ University; 1920 Travis, Tx-single, teacher @ University did not locate 1930
                                        f. Jeannie M. Born Feb 10, 1891Travis Co.,  Tx 
Died Sept  1, 1985 Austin, Travis Co, Tx-Did not marry-SS Iss'd. Colorado, 1910 student, University of Texas,1920 & 1930  single Teacher, University of Texas, Austin, Travis, Tex
                                        g. Sallie M. Born April 19, 1893 Tx D-March, 1970 Lockhart, Caldwell Co., Tx, SSDI-iss'd New York pr to 1951-buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas- Did not marry  (1910 Student @ University-single; 1920 Travis Co, Tx single, Sec, A. W. C. U.;  April 16, 1930 Ward AD 3, SD 22, ED 31-301, Blk D, Manhattan, New York City, NY, Sallie Pickney (Pinckney) 37 WF single Tx Ky Tx, Occ: Editor, Publishing,  Lodger in HH of  Alice Luckstone
                                        h. Tommie Allean b. May 2, 1896 Tx  d. April, 1971 New York City, New York (SSDI-Iss'd New York pr to 1951)
1910 Travis Co-student-single, 1920 Travis Co-single, Teacher @ University
                            (5) Charles Born Ca 1863 Tx -missing 1880 census
                            (6) Joel Born Ca 1866 Tx -missing 1880 census
                            (7) Mattie  Born Nov, 1870  Tx-
                                             D-Nov 5, 1968 Muskogee, Okla
                                  (M) Charles B. Wheeler abt 1886 Tx, Born Nov, 1856 Mich., D-Sept 3, 1942 Muskokee Co,  Okla. Both Buried Green Hill Cem, Musk., Oklahoma.  1900 1910 Musk. Co, Okla- Attorney, genl practice; 1920 Musk Co, Okla- Asst. County Attorney, 1930 Musk Co, Okla- Judge, City Court
                                          a. Charles M. B-Nov, 1887 Tx Died Nov 30, 1917, El Paso, Tx-1910 Musk Co Okla-City Clerk, Single
                                          b. Nettie M. J.  B-Dec. 24, 1889 Tx D: Feb 8, 1987
                                               Muskogee, Okla-Did not Marry
                                               1910 Musk Co, Okla -School Teacher, Single
                                               1920 Musk Co, Okla. -School Teacher
                                               1930 Musk Co, Okla-Proprietor, Tea Room
                                          c. Gladys B-Sept, 1892 Tx
                                               1910 Single
                                               1920 Musk Co, Okla-HH of Parents
                                                (M) Jeffords Pr to 1920
                                          d. Cyrus M. B-Sept, 1894 Tx 
                                               Football Player, 1912
                                               1920 Muskogee Co, Okla Occ: Commercial Sales
                                               (M) Pr to 1920 Celia N. Merrill
                                          e. George R. B-June, 1897 Tx D-Nov 22, 1936
                                               near Ft. Smith, Ark-Auto Accident
                                               Magazine Salesman, 1930 Chicago, Cook Co, Ill
                                               (M) pr to 1930 Helen R. ____
                                                       1. George, Jr Born Ca 1928 Tx
                                          f.  Daniel H B-Oct 3, 1899 Tx 
                                              D-Mar., 1979 Springfield, Mo
                                               single, 1920 Musk Co, Okla-Adv-Daily Paper
                                               Single, 1930 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri-
                                               Adv. Mgr-Newspaper
                                          g. Challenge S. B-Oct 31, 1901 Okla. D-Jan 8, 1973 
                                              (M) after 1930-Loretta 
                                               single, 1930 Musk Co, Okla-
                                               Court Clerk, US Judge
                                          h. Roger Perry B-Jan 9,  1904 Okla. D-Nov 11, 1970
                                               single, 1930 Musk Co , Okla 
                                               Occ: Commercial Traveler-Shoes
                                           i. Frances B-Ca 1907 Okla. single 1920 Musk Okla
                                           j. Preston  W. B-Ca 1913  Okla. 
                                              D-Feb 10, 1943 Sioux City, Iowa 
                                              single, 1930  Musk Co, Okla.
                                          k. Epsie L. B-1915 Okla  single 1930 Musk Co, Okla.
                             (8) William Born after 1870-
                                   Died May, 1874 (Drowned in Colorado River) 

*PINCKNEY, PAULINE A. (ca. 1889-1982). Pauline A. Pinckney, art historian, was born around 1889 in Austin, one of six children of Theodore Frelinghuysen and Pauline (Mellette) Pinckney. She enrolled in the University of Texas in 1909 and studied there for several years before earning a bachelor degree in 1917. She later received a master's degree from Columbia University. She began her career as an instructor of art at Texas Woman's College (now Texas Wesleyan University) in Fort Worth and remained there until 1929, when she moved to Southern Methodist University. She later taught at Purdue University and Kansas State College. While teaching, she also furthered her own skills in painting and sculpting. Other career positions included directing research for the Index of American Design in Washington, D.C., and serving as a consultant on folk arts for the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (now the Dallas Museum of Art qv).

In the course of her career, Pinckney increasingly turned her interests to research and writing on art history. In the 1930s she published several articles in magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, New York Times, and Dallas Morning News, qv on art, architecture, furniture design, and related topics. She also wrote several reviews of art books and exhibits during this time. In 1940 her first book, American Figureheads and Their Carvers, was published by W. W. Norton. This work is reputed to give the first survey of the art of decorative ship carving. Pinckney published two articles on ship figureheads in 1941 and in 1948 assembled a photographic exhibit of American figureheads at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.

Her best-known work, Painting in Texas: The Nineteenth Century, was published in 1967 for the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art qv by the University of Texas Press. qv From research in diaries, letters, newspapers, and other archival sources she compiled biographical sketches of more than fifty Texas artists. The book, one of the first of its type, emphasized the relationship of Texas artists to their culture. It included more than 100 reproductions and an introduction by Texas painter Jerry Bywaters. qv An exhibit of paintings selected for inclusion in the book was held at the University of Texas at Austin and at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth shortly after the book's publication. Painting in Texas also won an award from the Texas Institute of Letters. qv Pinckney spent most of her later life in Austin. She was active in the Texas Fine Arts Association. qv She died in Austin on October 25, 1982, and was buried there in Oakwood Cemetery. She was survived by one sister and several nieces and nephews.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Austin American-Statesman, October 27, 1982. Dallas Morning News, December 17, 1967. Vertical Files, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin.

Debbie Mauldin Cottrell, Contributor

        c. Sarah Panthea Mellett Born Ca 1820 Sumter Co, SC
                    Died: Feb 14, 1852 Sumterville, SC
                    (M) Rev William Lewis Sept 5, 1850 Sumter, SC (His #2 wife)

              (1) William Mellett Lewis Born Ca 1851 Sumter, SC
                    Rev Lewis had 7  children by prev. wife, Louisa C. (died July 3, 1849)
                    He (M) #3 Mrs. E. T. Wilson Feb 21,  1853 Sumter, SC

Chronicles of St. Mark's Parish, Santee Circuit, and Williamsburg Township, South Carolina, by James M. Burgess, MD, printed, 1888.  P 78 (Courtesy Jackie Pierandri)

" In the town of Sumter, there lived William Lewis, a local preacher, who was for many years the Ordinary of Sumter district, which included the County of Clarendon.  In his electioneering trips, he frequently preached at Oak Grove. He was deeply concerned in the temperance movement of that day, and strongly aided by addresses and otherwise in the campaign led by Judge O'Neal against king alcohol.  Temperance meetings held in Oak Grove Church were addressed by him, John S. Richardson, Dr. Joseph Gallvehat, and William F. B. Haynsworth, then a young man just beginning the practice of law. "

An Imaginary Tour of the City of Sumterville in 1850-55

(The following imaginary tour of part of Sumterville was discovered among the papers of the late Mr. Joel E. Brunson after his death. Apparently written for his own amusement some time after 1900, it relates his memories of the city at a very early age. Mr. Brunson, born in 1847, was in the lumber business most of his active life and operated a sash and blind factory approximately on the present site of Korn Industries from 1890 to 1899. At the time indicated in this imaginary tour, he lived on North Harvin street, just off East Liberty. He died in 1913. The article and a picture were found by his daughter, Miss Margaret Brunson, a former teacher in the Sumter Schools.)

"This is the village limit, but we must go farther to see some things. It is just about two hundred yards back to the bridge and those rails so nicely adjusted on the top of the fence, mark the place where Judge William Lewis, County Ordinary, gets over the fence. He frequently sits for hours and talks with people who pass along the road. that Negro coming round the path from his house is named Shady. He can make music on a tin horn as long as a rail, that'll bring all the raccoons in the creek out to dance.
This is the avenue leading to Judge Lewis' house. You see from his huse, two stories, four large columns, the roof painted red, the wide flower garden, well kept, and the numerous Negro servants about the place, that he is in easy circumstances.    *Ref: Sumter Co., Genweb

       d. Margaret Elvira Mellett -died young

       e. Susan V Mellett Born 1824 Sumter, SC -Widow 1880 Shreveport, Caddo Parish, La died?
                   (M) Augustus Conway July 10, 1842 
                           (Born 1813 New Jersey-died pr to 1880 La)
                           CSA Records, Louisiana (Booth)
                     Conway, A., Pvt. Hatcher's Co. Reserve Corps. La. Paroled at
                     Shreveport, La., June 22nd, 1865. Res. De Soto Par., (La Occ: Tailor, 1850 Sumter, SC; Planter & Postmaster in DeSoto Par., La 1860; 1870 Shreveport, Caddo Par., La  Hardware Merchant)
                             1. Donald M. Born Ca 1843 SC -CSA La
                                 Killed @ Battle of Nashville Dec 16, 1864
                                 Company I, 19th La. Inf.  (Corpl/Sgt)
                             2. Anna V. Born Ca 1845 (Jan, 1850) SC -
                                 Widow 1910 Shreveport, La- Had NO children; Boarder, HH of sister Mary C Allen; (App. Died pr to 1920-did not locate)
                                  (M) William C Perrin Jan 15, 1884 Caddo Par., La
                                          Born Jan 1850 SC Died pr to 1910 Caddo Par., La; Real Estate Agent, 1900 Shreveport, Caddo, La
                             3. Eugenia A. Born 1848 SC Died Dec 1, 1850 Sumter SC
                                 (Age 1 yr 10 mos)
                             4. Susan E. Born Ca 1852 Sumter, SC (missing 1880)
                             5. Eugene Augustus Born Feb.,  1855 Ga. Died Feb 7, 1917 Caddo Par., La Age 63 yrs; (single Merchant 1880 Shreveport, La
Traveling Salesman, 1900 Shreveport, La 1704 Seymore St; 1910?)
                                 (M) Minnie B. _________Ca 1881  
                                         Born Jan, 1860 Tx App. died pr to 1920
                                         Had 4 children, 2 living, 1900 Caddo Par., La
                                         a. Eugene Augustus,  Jr Born May 7, 1882 Louisiana  d. Feb. 19, 1940 E. Baton Rouge, La age 57 yrs;  Single, clerk 1900 Shreveport;  RR Clerk; 1920 Shreveport, La (Bonapart St.) Cashier, Buick Dealership, 1930 Shreveport, La Supt., State____?

WW  I Civilian Draft Registration-Caddo Parish, La-Full Name: Eugene Augustus Conway, age 36 yrs, Add: 1229 Park Place, Shreveport, Caddo, La, b. March 7, 1882 white, natural born citizen, Occ: Banker, Commercial National Bank, Shreveport., La Nearest Rel: Mrs. E. A. Conway, same address Sig: E. A. Conway; Physical Desc: Ht: Medium, Build: Medium, blue eyes, brown hair, No disabilities Sig: T R Ogden ? Registrar, Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana September 12, 1918
                                                (M) Mary  G. ____
                                                        Born Ca Ca 1892 La
                                                        1. Eugene Augustus, III Born Ca 1913 La
                                                        2. Jane R. Born Ca 1916 La
                                         b. Walter Ford Born March 3, 1892 La
                                              Div., (Marr. @ age 26) Salesman, Life Ins, 
                                              1930 Shreveport, La, Roomer, HH of John W Bell
                                              (M)___________? Ca 1918

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Caddo Parish, La-Full Name: Walter Ford Conway, age 25 yrs, Add: Shreveport, Louisiana, White, Natu5ral born citizen, b. March 3, 1892, Occ: Bsank Clerk, Commercial National Bank, Shreveport, Louisiana; Nearest Rel: Mother; Single, caucasian No prev. military experience, Sig: W. F. Conway; Phys. Desc: Ht: Short, Bld: slender, Gray eyes, lt brown hair, not bald, No disabilities Sig: Registrar: Name Illeg, Pct 6, Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana May 29, 1917
                                         c & d-2 children born & died pr to 1900
                             6. Mary F. Born 1858 Ga Died Oct. 16, 1925 Caddo Par., La age 67yrs; Widow 1900-20 Shreveport, Caddo, La
                                 Had 1  child
                                 (M) Thomas J Allen April 25, 1895 Caddo Par., La
                                         Died Pr to 1900 Caddo Par., La
                                         He had other children, by prev. wife
                                         a. William  Conway Allen Born Ca 1897 La
                                              Single, Aviation Officer, 1930 Shreveport, Caddo, La
                             7. George C (G?). Born Ca  1865 La single 1880 -did not locate 1900 
                             8. William M Born Ca 1865 La -did not locate 1900
3. Margaret Haynsworth Mellett Born CA 1787 Sumter, SC
    (M) Charles Wilds Miller, (III)  Pr to 1804  
     He was a Member of the  State Senate
     He was born 1776 and  died Sumter, SC  Aug. 18,1821
     did NOT name children in will-Dated Aug 10, 1821, 
     Wts: Jas. Caldwell, John Haynsworth, Thos. Rivers
     Proved: Sept 3, 1821
     Wife & BRO Stephen D Miller***, EXRS &  Gdn of his "children"
     1820 Sumter, SC P 104 Charles Miller 

               Ref for Miller children: Haynsworth, Furman & Allied Families by Hugh C. Haynsworth, Osteen Publ. 1942

A. Sarah A. Born 1808 Died 1847 (M) 1828 John Hart
                   lived Madison, Fla Had 1 dtr Mary, unmarried

B  Charles Wilds  Jr.  (Colonel) Attorney in Marion Co SC 1850
                   Born CA 1812 SC Died Feb. 2 , 1872  Madison, Fla, Obit ( 3/19-Sumter News) Graduate of South Carolina College 1831 -Lawyer in
                    Marion, Fla 1845-1860
                    (M) Elizabeth Haynsworth, 
                           (dtr of Dr James Haynsworth &  Susan Cox Porter) 
                           Born 1813 SC Died: 1893 Brooks Co, Ga, Age 80 yrs -buried in Ga.
                          Lived in 1880 Edgefield, SC w/son-in-law Thos. J. Adams
                          Children: MILLER
                          (1) Susan  Margaret Born Feb 14, 1837 Sumter, SC D-1879
                                (M) Major Joseph Abney Feb 4, 1858 
                                       a. Elizabeth Agatha born Aug 24, 1859
                                            (M) Tucker Everett Woodson, Bapt Min. 1879
                                                   (1) Florence  Everett 1881     D 1885 Tx
                                                   (2) Eleanor B & D Haris Co, Tx Nov, 1885
                                                   (3) William Abel B-Nov 5, 1886 Harris Co, Tx
                                                         D-Mar 10, 1940
                                                         (M) Mrs. Alice Bull Boozer-No children
                                                    (4) Joseph Abney B-Apr 2, 1889 Edgefield, SC
                                                         (M) Edna Bernd Nov. 10, 1918
                                                    (5) Josephine Haynsworth B-Apr 5, 1892 Edgefield, SC
                                                          (M) Walter R McDonald Feb 24, 1916
                                                                  a. Josephine Adline B-Feb 17, 1919 
                                                                       (M) John W. Bozeman
                                                                              1. Josephine Madeline
                                                           (M) #2-Thomas E. Merritt of Macon, Ga
                                                   (6) Elizabeth Agatha B-Jan 17, 1894 Va
                                                   (7) Hortense Caroline B-July 7, 1896 Edgefield
                                     b. Paul B 1861- D-1863
                                     c. Charles B 1863 D-1865
                                     d. Sophie Chapman B 1869 D 1870
                                     e.  Elizabeth Eleanor B-1867       d-1882?
                                          (M) Vivian Duke of Tx
                                                  (1) Harry
                        Susan Margaret Miller Abney (M) #2 Thos. S. Arthur, Attny of Lexington, SC-No Ch

            (2)  Elizabeth Eleanor Born Feb. 25, 1841 Sumter, SC 
                           Died Jan 12, 1922 Edgefield, SC
                          (M) Thomas J. Adams Lawyer of Edgefield, SC
                                  Born 1846-Died 1902 Edgefield, SC
                                  Children: Adams
       a. Florence Born March 26, 1873
                                      (M) James Landrum Mims Oct 6, 1897
                                             (1) Florence Adams  B-July 5, 1898 Edgefield, SC 
                                              (2) Marion Landrum B-Oct, 1903 D-Oct, 1904
                                              (3) Eleanor Elizabeth June 8, 1905
                                                   (M) Orrie Welford Hanson 1935
                                              (4) Matthew Hansford  Nov 2, 1907 Edgefield, SC Lawyer
                                                    (M) Nancy Jane Crockett-McCarth Feb 21. 1940
                                               (5) William Walton Sept 11, 1911 
                                            (M) Suzanne Padgett May 8 1933
                                  b. Hortense Haynsworth  Born June 26, 1876 SC  Died 188
                    (3) Hortensia "Tenny" Born Ca 1842 SC Died Pr to 1880
                               (M) George E. Haynsworth Born 1841-Died 1887
                               (Son of Wm Haynsworth &  Sarah Elizabeth Moore)
                               CSA Co C, 1 SC Artilley, 2nd Lt., 1-Lt
                               Co C, Inf. Regt. Hampton Legion Sgt-Sgt
                                Children: Haynsworth
                                a. George Edward, Jr Born 2/15/1876 Died Nov 12, 1936
                                b. Joseph Herbert Born 1878 Died 1939
                                    (M) Kathryn Reese Sumter
                     (4) James   died as infant
                     (5) Charles died as infant
                     (6) Mary died as infant 
                     (7) Charles Wilds Born 1847 (1851) Sumter, SC died Nov 21, 1874
                     (8) Stephen Decatur born 1853    D-Abt 1915 Edgefield
                              (M) Emma Woodson-No children
                     (9) Josephine Haynsworth Born Mar. 4, 1854 Marion, SC 
                              Died Jan 16, 1917-Buried West View Cem., Moultrie, Ga.
                               (M) Jacob Reddick 1872 lived Brooks Co, Ga
                                a. Josephine Eleanor Born Ca 1874 Ga
                                b. Elizabeth Marion Born Ca 1877 Ga
                                c. Eva Hortense
                                d. Florence Abney
                                e. Gordon Decatur
                                f. Agatha Earle
                                g. Haynsworth Moses

C. John Lucas MILLER born Oct 15, 1815 Died Oct, 1888
                       (M) Almira E. Law of Darlington (No Children)
                       (M) #2 Mrs. Amanda Anderson Spencer April 2, 1872
                        (1) John Lucas born Ca 1874 Fla
                        (2) Julia (Mazie E.) Born Ca 1876 Fla
                         lived 1880 Madison Co, Fla Pct 1-Prop-Boarding housr

D. James MILLER born 1816 He was in the war for Texas Independence,
                   taken prisoner and shot by order of Santa Anna in 1836

E. Margaret MILLER (M) William Rowlette in Miss
                         (1) Mary
                         (2) John

 F. Stephen MILLER

G. William MILLER born 1818 
             married and lived in Ocala, Fla., left widow & 1 son

***MILLER, Stephen Decatur, a Representative and a Senator from South Carolina; born in  Lancaster District, S.C., May 8, 1787; lawyer in Sumterville, SC, Elected to Fourteenth Congress , reelected to Fifteenth Congress, 1817-1819.  Served in Stat⁥ Senate 1822-1828. Governor of South Carolina 1828-1830.  Elected to U S Senate (1831-1833) Died Hinds Co., Miss 1838. (Cotton Planter) Ref: Dictionary of American Biography

4. Ann "Anna" MELLETT Born March 23, 1787 Sumter, SC
    Died May 7, 1860 Age 73 yrs , 1 M, 14 Ds- Sumter, SC
    Buried: Bethel Baptist Church, Sumter, SC
    (M) Josiah  Haynsworth - 1st cousin- Dec 18, 1808
            (son of Henry Haynsworth &  Sarah Furman)
            Josiah Was born April 4, 1779 Died Sept. 4, 1844 age 65 yrs
            Buried: Bethel Baptist Church, Sumter, SC

1860 Mortality Schedule, Sumter, SC-Anna Haynesworth, Female, age 73 yrs., died May, 1860, Sumter, SC Cause: Fever

Will of Josiah Haynsworth, Sumter Dist, SC, April 4, 1844
Named Wife Anna
Dtr- Sarah M Haynsworth, Henrietta Nettles, Son Richard P. Haynsworth, Son Josiah Haynsworth, Dtr Margaret D. Haynsworth, Son Wood Furman Haynsworth, Dtr Catherine* Haynsworth, S-I-L William Nettles, Brother William Haynsworth
"youngest children-Wood & Catherine "
Exrs: Sons, Richard, Josiah, Wood & S-I-L Wm. Nettles & my bro. Wm.
Wts: James R. Kindrick, Francis M. Mellett, R B Cain Rec'd-Sept 20, 1844
* Haynsworth, Furman & Allied Families gives her name as Caroline, born May 6, 1831  1850 Census shows Anna E. Haynsworth in HH w/mother.
There is also a C. Haynsworth age 18 F  born SC (student) in 1850 Sumter P 383, HH of M D Jenkins whose occ. is Bursar (School?)

S. C. Dept of Archives & History, Digital Library Collection
Series Number:S165015 Year: ND00 Item: 03737 ignore:00 Date: 1850 C.

 Children of & Ann Mellett & Josiah HAYNSWORTH
            A.  Sarah Margaret  Born Sept. 13, 1811  Sumter, SC
                  Died June 30, 1854 Sumter, SC (Obit) Did not marry

     B.  Henrietta Born Mar 14, 1813 Sumter, SC
                  She died ____? (lived 1880  @ Privateer, SC w/son-in-law 
                  Fielding Bradford
                    (M) Colonel William Nettles   Ca 1835
Born June 7, 1810 Died Mar. 1, 1875
                            Children: Nettles
                            (1)  Josiah H. Born CA 1836 Sumter, SC Died July 1, 1862
                            (2)  Henrietta C. Born CA 1840 Sumter, SC (single 1880)
                            (3)  William Alister  Born CA 1843 Sumter, SC
                                   CSA -Co I 1st SC Cav Regt-After the War served in
                                    Legislature and was a trial justice lawyer
                                   (M) Elizabeth Ann Whilden Jan 26, 1873 Sumter, SC
                                           born  June 6, 1847-D-1930
                                    Ref-The Whilden Family in the War Between the States with
                                    Genealogical Notes by C. Michael Harrington, Sugar Land,
                                    Texas, Summer, 2002
                                          Children: Nettles -lived @ Privateer, 1880
                                          (a) Elias Whilden Born Ca 1873 Sumter, SC D-1950
                                                 (M) Lucy Mellette (1884-1974) 
                                                 dtr of Peter Mellette (1843-1908) and wife Eunice
                                                 (1) Elias Whilden, Jr. (Oct 16, 1905-Feb 23, 1988)
                                                       (M) Gwendolyn Chandler (d-Oct, 1936)
                                                       (M) #2 Mary Ladson Boyle 1939
                                                 (2) Robert Mason 1914-
                                          (b) Julia Riley Born Ca 1876 Sumter, SC D-1962
                                                (M) Alva Mellette  (1876-1928) (bro to Lucy, above)
                                          (c) Mary White Born Ca 1878 Sumter, SC D-1962
                                                (M) James J. Whilden (double 1st cousin)
                                          (d) George Augustus July, 1882-
                                          (e) Frances henrietta Jan, 1883-
                                          (f) Sadie  (Sarah) Venning 1887-1939
                                          (g) Ursula Giradeau June, 1890 -living 1980 unmarried
                            (4)  Ann Rebecca  Born CA 1845 Sumter, SC 
                                   (M) Robert Septimus Whilden March 20, 1867 
                                          (1880 lived @ Privateer)
                                          Children: Whilden
Ref-The Whilden Family in the War Between the
                                 States  with  Genealogical Notes by C. Michael Harrington,
                                                Sugarland, Tx Summer 2002
                                          (a)  Hattie  (Harriett Augustus) July, 1868 Sumter, SC
                                                 Died- Sept 2, 1942 (No issue)
                                                 (M) J. Russell Ramsey (1865-1926)
                                          (b)  John Elias Born Nov 20, 1870 Sumter, SC 
                                                 Died Feb 12,1908
                                                 (M) Mary "May" Vardelle  Porter
                                                 (1) Robert Harral (1904-1998 Houston, Tx)
                                                       (M) Elizabeth Cothran  Hoyt
                                                 (2) Carleton Nettles (1905-1982)
                                                 (3) John Elias, Jr (1906-1935 Pecos, Tex 
                                                       (No issue)
                                          (c)  Sarah Catherine Born Ca 1874 Sumter, SC
                                                 D-Sumter, SC Sept 17, 1926?
                                           (d) James Jervey (Jimmy) Born May 12, 1876 Sumter, SC 
                                                  D-May 26, 1932 Sumter, SC
                                                  (M) Mary White Nettles (double 1st cousin)
                                                  1 dtr Mary Elizabeth 1909-1910
                                           (e)  Elizabeth Caroline Born July, 1878 Sumter, SC
                                                  D-Feb 24, 1901
                                           (f)  George Thomas Born July, 1880 Sumter, SC
                                                 (Marker-May 15, 1880-Feb 5, 1950)
                                                 (M) Sarah Pooser (4/27/1879-3/29/1939 Marker)
                                                 (1) Anna  (Anne Eliza)  Whilden 6/26/1905-July 24, 1936
                                                 (2) Nell Whilden
                                                 (3) George Thomas, Jr
                                          (g) Laura Estelle (M) Mr Rogers  after 1916
                                          (h) Anna Rebecca B-           D-Nov 20, 1910
                                                 (M) J. Rollin Kolb 
                                                 (had 3 dtrs, and 1 son Frank Kolb
                                           (i) Robert Septimus, Jr. 1889-1902
                            (5)  Sarah Catherine  Born CA 1847 Sumter, SC-
                                       (single, 1880 Census, Privateer, SC)
                            (6)  H. J. (Jessie Harriett)  Born CA 1851 Sumter, SC 
                                   (M) Samuel James Bradford -1880 Privateer, SC
                                      Children: BRADFORD
                                           (a) Ashby William Born CA 1877 Sumter Co, SC
                                           (b) Susan Allison Born CA 1879 Sumter Co, SC
                                           (c) Kate Haynsworth
                                           (d) Henrietta Mary
                                           (e) Samuel James
                                           (f) John Ernest
                                           (g) Jessie Juanita
                                           (h) Clarence A.
                            (7)  Cornelia  Frances  Born June, 1853 Sumter, SC
                                   (M) John Dargan Bradford Ca 1875
                                           Born March, 1852
                   (lived @  Privateer, SC 1880, 1900
                                           Children: BRADFORD
                                           (a) Julian Dargan Born July, 1878 Sumter Co, SC
                                           (b) Carrie Emma Oct 1882 Sumter Co, SC
                                           (c) William Nettles June 1891 Sumter Co, SC
                            (8)  Margaret H. Born CA 1856 Sumter, SC 
                                  (M) Fielding Baron Bradford (Lived @ Privateer, 1880)
                                          Children: BRADFORD
                                          (a) Ada  Carolina Born CA 1877 Sumter Co, SC
                                          (b) Annie (Anna Catherine) Born CA 1879 Sumter, SC
                                          (c) William Alester
                                          (d) Mary Aretas
                                          (e) Richard
                                          (f) Margaret
                                          (g) Minnie George
              C.  Richard Peter  Born Jan 21, 1816 Died June 3, 1877 Florida
                    Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co, Fla
                    Ref: Rootsweb World Connect-Elizabeth Drew, Ross E Jones
                    & 1850-1880 Census Records
                    Lived 1860 Manning, Clarendon Co, SC
                    1870 Gainsville, Alachua Co, Florida (Planter)
                     (M) Martha Jane Plowden Ca 1847 
                             Born Ca 1817 SC Died Aug 1, 1876
                             Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co, Fla
                             (1)  Henrietta Elizabeth Born Oct 31, 1846 Died Mar. 8, 1925
                                    (M) Hugh Bowen McCallum
                                           Born Jan 9, 1835 Died Jan 31, 1883
                                           1880 Jacksonville, Duval, Co., Fla-Editor
                              DUVAL CO, FLORIDA CIVIL WAR PENSIONS APPL. INDEX
                              #  A04726 McCALLUM Hugh B. South Carolina 
                              Elizabeth (Haynesworth) 1907 12 pgs
                                            a. Hugh James Born Oct 25, 1866 SC  Died Sept 28, 1933
                                                  Retail Merchant, Gro-1910 Alachua Co, Fla
                                                 (M) Ordelia Lester Scott 1898
                                                        Children: MC CALLUM
                                                         1. Hugh Haynsworth Born May 7, 1899
                                                         2. Claude Scott Born Sept 9, 1904
                                            b. Martha M "Mattie"  Born Dec 23, 1867 SC 
                                                Died Mar 15, 1955
                                                (M) Dr. Claude Joiner
                                            c. Mary B & D 1867
                                            d. Daniel Richard B & D 1870
                                            e. Annie Lou 1872-1885
                                            f. Maymie Mary Born July 28, 1878
                                                (M) Charles Edwin Lubin
                                            g. Josiah Dickerson 1880-1881
                            (2) Anna  D. Born Ca 1849 SC
                            (3) Richard Charles  Born Dec 2, 1851 SC DIED Nov., 1871
                                  Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co, Fla
                            (4) Martha A. J. Born Ca 1853 SC Died June 5, 1875
                                  single 1870 Calhoun Co, Ga
                                  Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co., Fla
                                  (M) Francis P. Olmstead  1870's  Calhoun Co, Ga
                            (5) Edward Furman  Born Ca 1854 SC Died Nov 2, 1872
                                  Newnansville Cem. Alachua Co, Fla
                            (6) Josiah E.  Born May 15, 1857 SC Died 1934
                                  Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co., Florida
                                  single 1880 Duval Co, Fla    Occ: Printer
                                 (M) #1 Clara Isola ______(Cem. Records)
                                               Born 9/26/1861 Died April 7, 1901
                                 (M)  Edna Gertrude ______(Cem. Records)
                                           Born 1/18/1877 Died 6/9/1909
                                 (M) Jettie E. Clark (B 767)  (1930 Census)
                                         Marriage Record Book B Nov 1877 - Mar 1887
                                         Born Ca 1896 Fla
                                         Children: Haynsworth
                                         a. Clara Isola 9/26/1886 Fla 9/13/1888 Fla
                                         b. Clark Born Ca 1904 Fla
                                         c. Josiah E. Born July 14, 1905 Died May 29, 1999
                                         d. Richard Born Ca 1906 Fla single 1930 Census
                                         e. Bert Born Ca 1907 Fla
                                         f. Edward Hugh Born May 18, 1909 Died March, 1984
                                         g. Robert Earl Born Ca 1917 Fla
                                         h. J F. (son) Born Ca 1919 Fla
                                          i. Martha Esther Born June 25, 1917 Fla-Died 1930
                                              Newnansville Cem., Alachua Co., Fla
                                          j. Harry Born Ca 1925 
                             (7) Rosa C. Born Ca 1860 SC-lives Duval Co, Fla 1880, single
                                 (M) Miller 
              D. Josiah  Born Ca 1823 (Feb. 20, 1819) Sumter, SC
                   Died  May 7, 1860 Age 41 yrs did not marry
              E.  Margaret D Born Oct 8, 1822-
                   Died Mar. 31, 1879 Age 56 yrs Sumter, SC did  not marry
              F.  Wood Furman  Born Aug 1, 1827 Sumter, SC
                   Died Pr to 1880 
                   (Widow &  2 children, 1880 Hope, Williamsburg Co, SC)
                   (M) Jane A. Montgomery
                          Born CA 1836 SC  (Living 1880 Williamsburg Co, SC-Hope)
                          Children: HAYNSWORTH 
                          (1) Frances A.  Born CA 1854 Sumter, SC
                                single 1880 Williamsburg Co, SC
                          (2) Samuel M. Born CA 1856 Sumter, SC
                                Missing 1880 census
                          (3) Josiah R. Born Ca 1858 Sumter, SC
                                Single 1880 Williamsburg Co, SC
                          (4) Catherine E. Born CA 1860 Sumter, SC-

    G. Anna E. "Catherine" Born Ca 1834 SC (from 1850 Census)
                 Died pr to Mar 11, 1859 SC (Husband remarried)
                1850 census of Sumter shows Anna E. in HH of Mother
                Josiah's Will gives her name as "Catherine"-did not name a dtr Caroline
                Haynsworth, Furman & Allied families gives her name as "Caroline" with birth date as May   6, 1831
                (M) E. Ruthven Plowden April 17, 1851 Sumter, SC by Rev. A. E. Chandler
                        1. Haynsworth  D.  Born 1852 SC
                            single, HH of Father, 1880 Harmony, Clarendon, SC
                        2. E. Ruthven Jr  Born Ca 1854 SC
                            Student, 1870 Sumter, SC
                            Single, HH of Father, 1880 Harmony, Clarendon, SC
                      E. Ruthven Plowden (M) #2 Harriet C. Rogers Mar 11, 1859
                          Dtr of William Rogers of Bishopville
                          She died Sept 19, 1867 Age 28 yrs


Newnansville Cemetery, Alachua Co., Florida
Haynsworth Josiah E. 1857 1934 
Haynsworth Edna Gertrude 1/18/1877 6/9/1909 Wife of Josiah E. Haynsworth
Haynsworth Clara Isola 9/26/1886 9/13/1888 Dau. of J.E. & Isola Haynsworth
Haynsworth Clara Isola 6/23/1861 4/7/1901 Wife of J.E. Haynsworth
Haynsworth Martha E. 1917 1930 
Haynsworth S. P. 1/21/1816 6/2/1877 CSA Large Marker with 5 names listed
Haynsworth Martha J. 1/23/1817 8/2/1876 Large Marker with 5 names listed
Haynsworth R. C. 12/2/1851 11/ /1871 CSA Large Marker with 5 names listed
Haynsworth E. F. 7/13/1854 11/ /1875 Large Marker with 5 names listed
Haynsworth C. J. Large Marker with 5 names listed
Olmsted Louise A. 1929 
Olmsted Francis P. 1895 
Olmsted Eloise 
Olmsted Mattie 
Olmsted Infant
Olmsted Infant
Olmsted Infant
Olmsted Francis P. 4/2/1810 7/14/1895 Large Marker with 6 names listed
Olmsted Martha A. 8/28/1852 6/1/1875 Wife Large Marker with 6 names listed
Olmsted Eloise 8/28/1877 9/21/1882 Large Marker with 6 names listed
Olmsted Tallulah Ann 7/31/1849 1/1/1872 Large Marker with 6 names listed
Olmsted Mary R. 4/17/1870 5/27/1888 Large Marker with 6 names listed
Olmsted George F. 1840 age 38 years Large Marker with 6 names listed
Mary Mother, no last name or date

McCallum, Hugh Haynsworth 7 May 1899 WHITE relative lives Jacksonville FL BORN Alachua FL
Clark, Haynsworth D. 9 Sep 1892 WHITE Alachua FL  Res: Saint Lucie FL

Record Book A May 1869 - Dec 1877
Olmsted F. P./Haynsworth N. A. A 
Haynesworth J.E./ Clark J.E. B 767

WILL OF SPENCER WILDER, Sumter, SC 14 Sept., 1820

In the name of God amen, I Spencer Wilder of Sumter District, Planter being of sound mind memory and understanding do make this my last will and testament.

First. I direct that all my debts be paid out of the Crop of provisions, cotton, & Stock that I may leave at my death after taking out the part I here in give to my wife.

Secondly. I give bequeath & divise unto my wife Sarah Wilder for and during the term of her natural life only in lieu & bar of dower the use of my plantation or lands where on I now live also the following Negroes to wit, violet, Antony, Ephraim, Cosby, Emily & Laural, all my house hold & kitchen furniture one third part of my stock of horses. and hogs. five cows and calves three two year old heffers and two two year old stears, and one third of the provisions, my riding chair & harness, my waggon & gears and Such of my plantation tools as may be necessary for her--

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my grand son James Laurance Millett a negro boy named William 

To my grand daughter Sarah Panthea Mellett a negro Girl Tomesey & her future increase 

To my grand daughter Margaret Elbina (Elvira)  Mellett a negro girl Epsey & her future increase. it is my will that my Executors take charge of the three above negroes for my grand Children until they respectively become of age or marry, but in the mean time their Mother to have the use, work & labour of them as the property herein bequeathed in trust for her is given:

Fourthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hulda Mellett five hundred dollars to be paid to her out of the moneys arising from the present Crop.

Fifthly-It is my will & desire that my son and daughter take good care of my old servants Jim & Suckey during their lives each taking one and keep them from hard labour & Supporting them comfortably during their lives.

Sixthly. I give & bequeath unto my executors herein after named; the Plantation or tract of land which I purchased of Jacob Ellmore, also the half of my personal estate not before bequeathed, including in my personal estate that given to my Wife her life time after her Death in trust, That is to say To have and to hold to them their executors, Administrators & assigns, repose this special trust & confidence that is to say, that they suffer & permit my daughter Hulda the wife of James Millett, to have the use, work, labour and profits thereof to and for her sole & separate use during the term of her natural life not withstanding her marriage, free from the Contracts and debts of her now or any future husband and that from and after her death the said lands and personal estate to be equally divided amongst such children as she may leave at her death, but if only one child that one to take the whole, but should either of her children die under age or unmarried then the survivors or survivor to take the same among them on their becoming of age or Marry-But should my said daughter die leaving no children or child or should they die under age or unmarried, then and in that case the said lands and personal estate to my son and his heirs forever.

Seventhly. I give and bequeath & devise unto my son Thomas James Wilder and his heirs forever all my real and personal Estate not before bequeathed, including the plantation given to my wife her life time & the half of the personal estate given to her in same manner, but he is not to have the lands and personal estate given to his Mother until after her death.

It is my will that each of my children shall chose each two persons, which said four persons shall chose a fifth to divide my personal estate. but that given to my wife is not to be divided until after her death.

Lastly-I nominate my friend Jesse Nettles Junior and my son Thomas James Wilder executors of this my will---

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of September in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty

Spencer Wilder (Seal)

Signed in the presence of us John B Miller, Thos Rivers, Thomas Dugan
Recorded in Will Book AA, Pge 249
Recorded 8th Day of December 1820 William Potts Ordy Bundle 104, Pkge 11

South Carolina Dept of Archives & History, Digital Library Collection
Series Number: S165015 Year: 1843 Item: 00061 ignore: 00 Date: 1843/11/28

Will of John Hutcherson, Sumter, SC July 16, 1844 AD
In the name of God-Amen-I John Hutcherson do declare & publish this, as my last Will and testament
All Property of any kind to my brother Lewis Hutchersin and his heirs forever
Exrs: Montgomery Moses, Esq,
Singed, Sealed, Published ,  John Hutcherson (SEAL)
J. S. D. Richardson
Thos Wilder-
Cyrus S. Mellett

Official Army Register, 1789-1903
List of Officers of the Regular army Who were killed or wounded in Action or Taken Prisoner, with Date & Place
Cyrus S. Mellett, 1 Lt. S. C. Inf. (Date Not Given)

Volunteer Forces Mustered into the Service of the United States Under the Act of May 13, 1846 First Regiment of Foot- South Carolina Incl:
First Lieutenants Cyrus S. Mellett

Cyrus S. Mellett served in the Mexican War 
1st Lt. Company A, Palmetto Regiment SC Volunteers
Regiment received Dec. 1846, discharged June-July 1848
The Palmetto Regiment fought in significant battles:
 (Vera Cruz, Contreras, Churubusco, Chapultepec & Belen) and all received the Palmetto Medal.

Member: THE AZTEC CLUB OF 1847
Name: Cyrus S. Mellett
ID: 3663, Record No 3688 
Branch: USV-United States Volunteers State Troops
Rank: Mexican War, 1st Lieutenant
Service Unit Co. A, Palmetto Regt, SC Vols.
Notes: Military Service Regt received December, 1846, discharged June-July, 1848
 Sources: W687; R71; M74-75
W-Wilcox, Cadmus M. History of the Mexican War. Church News Publishing Co. Washington, D. C. 1892. 711 pgs. (Cyrus S Mellett P 687)
R or RO- Robarts, William Hugh. Mexican War Veterans. A Roster of the   Regular and Volunteer Regiments in the War with Mexico, 1856-1848. Brentano's, A. S. Witherbee & Co. Washington, D.C., 1887. 80 pgs. 
(Cyrus S Mellett P 71)
M -Meyer, Jack Allen. South Carolina in the Mexican War -- A History of the Palmetto Regiment of Volunteers, 1846-1847. South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Columbia, SC. 1996. 310 pgs. (Cyrus S Mellett P 74-75)

South Carolina Dept of Archives & History, Digital Library Collections
Series Number:S165005 Year: ND00 Item: 04762 Page:00 Date: 1848 C.

SCMAR, Vol. XIII, Summer 1985, No. 3, p.152
Married in this place on Thursday 5th inst., by Rev. E. L. King, the Rev'd William Lewis to Miss Sarah P. Mellett, all of this District. (September 11, 1850)

1850 Sumter Co, SC p420 HH 1775-1775 
C. S. Millett 28 M SC R R Contractor  $1,000 (alone in HH)

1850 Marion Co, SC P 121 HH 1869-1856
Allen McInaquanadale 50 M Ireland Clergyman
Cloie " 32 F NC
Charles W Miller 40 M Sumter, SC Lawyer
Elizabeth " 37 F  " (Haynsworth)
Susan " 12 F "
Elizabeth 10 F "
Hortensia " 8 F
Charles " 3 M "

SCMAR, Vol. XIV, Winter 1986, No. 1, p.37
Married on the evening of the 23rd instant by the Rev. N. Graham, at the residence of Wm. Lewis, Lieut. Cyrus S. Mellett and Miss Epsie Saunders, daughter of Marion Saunders, all of Sumter District (Sumter Banner-October 28, 1851)

1850 Sumter Co, SC P 426 Sumterville HH 1821-1821
William Lewis 52 M SC Farmer 3100.
Sarah P. " 30 WF SC (Mellett)
Napolean " 24 M SC Merchant
Joseph " 21 M SC Student
Caroline " 17 F SC
Mary " 15 F SC
Sarah " 14 F SC
John " 12 M SC
Louisa " 1 F SC

1850 Sumter Co, SC (Sumterville) P 423
A. Conway 36 M NJ $2,000 Occ: Tailor
Susan V. " 26 F SC (Mellett) (M) July 10, 1842
Donald M. " 7 M SC
Anna V. " 5 F SC
Eugenia A. " 2 F SC died Dec 4, 1850 Sumter, SC
Ann " 56 F NJ (His mother)

1850 Sumter Co, SC P 361 HH 857-857
J L Mellette 34 M SC Physician $3,000
Frances 23 F SC (Frances Harriett Hodge)
Yopp 8 M SC ( James Yopp)
Florida 4 F SCS

HH 863-863
Wm. Nettles 45 M SC Planter $4,000.
Henrietta H. 35 F SC
Josiah " 14 M SC
William A. " 7 M SC
Ann R. " 5 F SC
Sarah C. " 3 F SC
John M. " 21 M SC clerk (this is not her child)

1850 Census Sumter, SC P 358 HH 810-810
Anna Haynsworth 60 F SC died May 7, 1860 (Mellett)
Sarah M " 35 SC died
Josiah " 27 M SC died May 7, 1860 did not marry
Margt. D. " 20 F SC Died March 31, 1879 did not marry
Wood F. " 19 M SC (M) Jane A. Montgomery pr to 1854
Anna E" 16 F SC (Catherine?)

SCMAR, Vol. XIV, Winter 1986, No. 1, p.35
Married on Thursday the 17th inst., by the Rev. A. E. Chandler, E. Ruthven Plowden to Catherine, daughter of the late Josiah Haynsworth Sumter Banner, Issue: (April 23, 1851)  Husband remarried in 1859-sgs

Marriage and Death Notices from the Sumter Banner 
SCMAR, Vol. XIII, Summer 1985, No. 3, p.152
Died in this place on the morning of the 20th ult., Eugene (Eugenia) Augustus, youngest child of Augustus and Susan Conway, aged one year and ten months. (December 4, 1850)

Marriage and Death Notices from Columbia, South Carolina Newspapers, 1838-1860
The South-Carolinian
Issue of July 19, 1849
page 75
Departed this life, on the 3d instant, Mrs. Louisa C. Lewis, wife of Wm. Lewis, Esq., of Sumterville, in the 45th year of her age, leaving a husband and seven children (one an infant), together with a large circle of relations and acquaintances, to mourn her loss.

SCMAR, Vol. XIII, Summer 1985, No. 3, p.152
Married in this place on Thursday 5th inst., by Rev. E. L. King, the Rev'd William Lewis to Miss Sarah P. Mellett, all of this District. (Sumter Banner, September 11, 1850)

SCMAR, Vol. XIV, Spring 1986, No. 2, p.87
Obituary. Departed this life at her residence in Sumterville on the 13th of February, Mrs. Sarah P. Lewis, wife of William Lewis. (March 9, 1852-Sumter Banner)

SCMAR, Vol. XV, Winter 1987, No. 1, p.17
Pee Dee Herald Mar 1, 1853 issue
On Monday 21st inst., by the Rev. H. A. C. Walker, Rev. William Lewis of Sumterville, to Mrs. E. T. Wilson, of Georgetown, S. C.

SCMAR, Vol. XV, Summer 1987, No. 3, p.125
Marriage and Death Notices from the South Carolina Temperance Advocate
Issue of March 10, 1853
Married on the 31st ult., (21st) by the Rev. H. A. C. Walker, Rev. William Lewis of Sumterville, to Mrs. E. T. Wilson, of Georgetown, S. C.

Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina,
SCMAR, Vol. XVI, Spring 1988, No. 2, p.97
Died, on the 30th August, at his residence in Sumter District, S. C., Dr. J. L. Mellett, in the 40th year of his age. (September 14, 1853)

Louisiana Land Records (BLM)
Cyrus S. Mellett Patentee
Sept 1, 1853 Nat. Land Office, Doc 9596, 40.33 AC  Vol. 620, P 45 
Aliquot part SESE, T/S 11N, R14W, Sect 3 Cash entry sale

Cyrus S. Mellett Patentee
Sept 1, 1853, Nat. Land Office Doc 9313, 40.38 AC Vol 610, P 288
Aliquot part SESE, T/S 11N, R14W, Sect.3 cash entry sale

SCMAR Marriages/Deaths from Baptist Newspapers of SC
"Died, on Friday, October 31, 1856, David C. Millett, second son of Capt. C. S. Millett, and Mrs. M. E. Mellett, of Tyler, Texas,  aged 2 years, 8 months, and 10 days"

1860 Travis Co,  Tx (City of Austin) P 100 HH 752-752-
C. S. Mellett 39 M clerk  SC
E. M. " 28 F SC (Epsie Mary Saunders-(M) 10/23/1851 Sumter, SC)
M. (Male) 7 Tx (Marion S. )
S.  (Fe) 4 Tx (Sallie N.)
J. P. (Fe) 2 Tx  (Pauline J)

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCMAR, Volume X
Number 4, Fall, 1982
Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices from the Lancaster Ledger (Continued from Vol. X, p.108)
SCMAR, Vol. X, Fall 1982, No. 4, p.195
In Bishopville, Sumter District, S. C., on the 10th inst., by the Rev. W. W. Mood, Mr. E. Ruthvin Plowden, of Clarendon District, S. C., to Miss Harriet C., daughter of Wm. Rogers, Esq. of Bishopville.
Issue Date March 11th, 1859

1860 Clarendon Co, SC P 226a HH 603-554 Plowden Mills
E R. Plowden 35 M SC (Widr. of Catherine Haynsworth)
H C " 21 F SC (E. Ruthven Plowden (M)#2  Harriet C. Rogers, 1859)
H. D. " 8 M SC By wife #1 Catherine Haynsworth
E. R. " 6 M SC By wife #1 Catherine Haynsworth
S E " 40 F SC (Susan E Plowden, Sister)

1860 Sumter Co, SC P110b-111a  HH 297-275
William Lewis 61 M SC Farmer $12,400/46,320
Elizabeth T. " 40 F SC
Joseph " 25 M SC farming
Caroline " 21 F SC
Mary " 20 F SC
Sarah " 16 F SC
John " 18 M SC
Louisa " 12 F SC
William  " 10 M SC (Only child of Sarah P. Mellett)
Samuel Wilson 19 M SC
Abigail G. " 16 F SC
Robert T. " 14 M SC

1860 Sumter County, SC 
page 175 (182) 12 July 1860 #116
Patrick C. or G. Sullivan 45 M Clerk $31,400 $150 Ireland
James Y. Mellete 19 M Medical Student $500 SC
James D. Wilder 20 M no occ. given $600 SC in school

Augustus CONWAY 15 Nov 1859 

1860 DeSoto Par, La (Mansfield PO)  P 889 HH 462-484
A. Conway 46 M NJ Farmer $10,000/31,600.
Susan V. " 36 F S (Mellett)
Ann " 69 NJ (His mother)
D. M. " 16 M SC (Donald-Died Civil War Dec 16, 1864, Battle of Nashville)
Ann V. 14 F SC
Susan E. 8 F SC
Eugene  A. " 5 M Ga (Eugene Augustus)
Mary F. " 2 F Ga
J M Lawrence 21 M Ala Overseer

1861 Slave Owners of De Soto Parish, La
The slave owners of the parish, who paid taxes on nine or more slaves in 1861, with the number of slaves owned by each, are  given as follows: Includes:
A. Conway 35 slaves

Louisiana Civil War Records -BOOTH
Conway, A., Pvt. Hatcher's Co. Reserve Corps. La. Paroled at Shreveport, La., June 22nd, 1865. Res. De Soto Par., La.

Most of the following men enlisted (Sep, Oct & Nov 1861) for 12 
months in Companies organized in these Parishes before arriving at Camp 
Moore, Tangipahoa, LA. Those Companies are: Company A (Vance Guards 
from Bossier Parish, LA), Company B (Robins Grays from Bossier Parish, 
LA), Company C (Claiborne Volunteers from Claiborne Parish, LA), 
Company D (Claiborne Greys from Claiborne Parish, LA), Company E (Stars 
of Equality from Union Parish, LA), Company F (Henry Marshall Guards 
from Desoto Parish, LA), Company G (Caddo 10th from Caddo Parish, LA), 
Company H (Desoto Creoles from Desoto Parish, LA), Company I (Keachi 
Warriors from Caddo Parish, LA) & Company K (Anacoca Rangers from 
Sabine Parish & Rapides Parish, LA). Please note that Company I had 
quite a few men from Desoto Parish in it.
Towards the end of the war the 19th was one of the companies 
consolidated to form the Pelican Regiment Louisiana Infantry. In the 
Pelican Regiment Louisiana Infantry the 19th lined up this way: Company 
A (Companies A, I, E of the 19th), Company D (Companies C, F, G & K of 
the 19th) & Company E (Companies B, D & H of the 19th) Includes:
Conway, D.(onald)  M., Corpl. Sergt. Co. I. 19th La. Infty. En. Dec. 11th, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Roll to Dec. 31st, 1861, Present on detached service, Pass Manchac, but returned and was paid on pay day. Roll for May and June, 1862, Present. By election on May 12th, reduced to ranks. Present on all Rolls from July, 1862, to Dec., 1863. Promoted to 2nd Corpl., Nov. 1st, 1863. Roll for Jan. 1st to April 30th, 1864, Absent. Promoted 4th Sergt., March 1st, 1864. Absent on furlough since April 17th, 1864, order of Gen. Johnson. Present on Roll for May 1st to Aug. 31st, 1864. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1864, Killed at Battle of Nashville, Dec. 16th, 1864.

Index to Civil War Service Records:
Conway, A. Reserve Corps, Louisiana. Private Private Confederate
Conway, D M. Co I 19 Louisiana Infantry. Corporal Sergeant

1870 Caddo Par. La (Shreveport, Wd 4) P 407A 
Aug. Conway 57 WM NJ $6,000/250 Hdwre Merchant (died pr to 1880)
Amelia"  46 F NJ
Emma D."  17 F La
Julien E " 15 M La
Mary " 13 F La
Anna A " 11 F La
John M " 9 M La
Marion F 6 M La 
Nothing about this census resembles the correct family, except the HH Head, but I did not find another HH to fit Augustus Conway & wife Susan V Mellett in 1870 anywhere.-sgs

1870 Sumter Co, SC (Sumterville)  P 283a 
Eliza T Lewis 52 WF Widow SC (Wid of Rev William Lewis)
Samuel " 29 SC & servants

P 284a HH 395-430 Sumterville, SC
Joseph Lewis 35 WM RR Watchman $200. SC
Caroline " 27 WF SC
Mary " 25 WF SC
Sarah " 23 WF SC
William M. " 18 WM Farming (only child of Sarah P Mellett)
Louisa " 19 (21) WF SC

Death and Obituary Notices from The Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878
Issue of November 15, 1867
page 214
Death & Obituary Notices, Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878
Mrs. Harriet C. Plowden, wife of E. Ruthvine Plowden, of Clarendon district, S. C., and daughter of Wm. Rogers of Bishopville, S. C., died Sept. 19th 1867, aged 28 years

July 24, 1870 Clarendon Co, SC Harmony T/S Manning PO P 448a HH 76-77
E R Plowden 44 WM SC farmer 1800/4,000
Harod? " 18 WM SC (Haynsworth D Plowden)
Luke " 18 WM SC  @ School (NOT his son, accdg. to 1860 Census)
Henrie " 21 WM SC farmer (NOT his son, accdg to 1860 Census)
S. E. " 52 WF SC Farming (Susan E Plowden, sister)
Aug 5, 1870 Sumter Co, SC Lynchburg, Mayesville PO 
B F Wilson 40 WM SC Farmer 3,000/1,000
Rebecca E " 40 WF SC 
& 6 Wilson Ch
D B George 19 WM SC @ School
E R Plowden 16 WM SC @ School (s/o E R Plowden & Catherine Haynsworth

1870 Burleson Co, Texas Lexington PO P 141 (Western Dist) by J H Stephens, Asst Marshall Aug 24th -HH 172-184
Chas. L. Millett 49 WM South Carolina Farming $480. (Cyrus S.)
Epsy M. " 40 WF S. C. (Saunders)
Marion S. " 18 WM Tx farming 
Sallie N. " 13 WF Tx  (M) pr to 1880
Pauline J. " 11 WF Tx (M) Ca 1877 Theodore F Pinckney/Pinkney
Charles " 7 WM Tx 
Joel"  4 WM Tx 

 “A History of Lee County, Texas”,  p. 18.(Courtesy Annette Shaw)
Cyrus S. Mellett was the Postmaster at Lexington on February 20, 1873, but maybe not for long, because it appears the next one is Theodore W. Coffman March 13, 1873. 

Lee Co, Tx DB C P 152-154-Nov 5, 1873 C. S. Mellett & Epsie M Mellett of Burleson Co, Tx to Henderson Banks of same for $750.00, a parcel of land in Burleson Co, near the town of Lexington, out of an orig. survey of 1/3 league in the name of John M. Prewitt, containing 100 acres, with all rights, etc, belonging thereto. 
Sig: E. M. Mellett (Seal)
        C. S. Mellett (Seal)
Wts: W. M. Burns, JPP & Notary Public, Burleson Co, Tx
Recorded May 18, 1877

Bastrop Advertiser, Bastrop Co, Tex Newspaper Abstracts Jan 3, 1874-Dec 19, 1874 (Courtesy-Hannah Wolbreuck)
Nov 21, 1874 November term convenes at Bastrop Monday next. J P Richardson, Judge, B. Trigg, District Attorney, J M Finney Distr. Clerk, J. Duke &  C. S. Mellett, Deputies,(Clerks) john Kohler, Sheriff, Wm. M. Spitler, N A Morris & Wm. Baker, deputies.

Mar 14, 1874 CLAIBORNE HOUSE ---New opening, Bastrop. C. S. Mellett, proprietor, with wife, son and daughter

May 23, 1874 The Bastrop Advertiser
"DIED On Thursday evening, Wm. Millet, a little son of Mr. Millet of the Claiborne House, drowned in the Colorado River" 

Jan 23, 1875-Annual Financial Report of Bastrop County for the Year Commencing Jan. 1st and Ending Dec. 31st, 1874.  (this is a detailed report, itemizing every debit and credit. Listed here are names only. More detail in original. Includes names listed this date and in the next issue of 30 Jan, 1875-list includes C. S. Mellett (Courtesy Hannah Wolbrueck)

Mar 25, 1875-Business Directory-compiled from The Bastrop Advertiser (Ads)
NASH HOUSE------at McDade,  now under the proprietorship of Capt. C. S. Millette; wife and daughters in charge of culinary dept, - New Ad appears 24 April, 1875

Lee Co, DB A, P 621-622 Sept 6, 1875
E. M. Mellett of Bastrop Co., Tx to S. B. Barton of Lee Co-in cons. of $200.00 , a certain tract or parcel of land in Lee Co., out of original survey of one league in the name of James Shaw (Heardright) adj. the town of Lexington, containing 5 (five) acres., with all buildings, etc.
Epsie M. Mellett
C. S. Mellett

C. S. Mellet examined privately, by Jas H Fry, Clerk of Dist. Crt. Sept 8, 1875
Mrs. Epsie M. Mellett examined privately by Jas. H. Fry, Clerk of dist. Crt Sept 8, 1875  Filed for Record Oct. 12th, 1875

1880 Darlington Co, SC Timmonsville P 358C
William M Lewis 25 WM SC SC SC Clerk in Store (only child of Sarah P Mellett)

1880 Clarendon Co., SC Harmony P 74D
E. Ruthven Plowden 55 WM SC SC SC Farmer Wid'r.
Susannah E " 61 WF SC SC SC sister single
Haynsworth   D " 28 WM SC SC SC son single
E. Ruthven " 26 WM SC SC SC son single
& 4 black Servts

1880 Caddo Par., La (Shreveport) P 41oA 
S. V. Conway 56 WF SC SC SC Keeping Hse (Mellett) *
A. V " 34 WF SC single dtr (Annie V.)
A. E.  " 28 WM  SC  Single son Merchant (Augustus Eugene)
Mary " 21 WF La  Single Dtr (Mary F.)
Geo. C. " 19 WM La single son
W. M. " 15 WM La Son
Adeline Smith 37 BF La Domestic
Lee " 7 BM La
Susie " 4 BF La
Infant " 2 mos BM La
*Susan V. Mellett, Wid of Augustus Conway
(Dtr Susan E. Missing-has married or died

1880 Brooks Co, Ga Dry Lake ED 6 P 393B
Jacob Reddick 50 WF Ga Ga Ga farmer 
Josephine H. " (Miller) 26 WF SC SC SC wife
& sever children by prev. wife
Josephine Reddick 4 WF Ga Ga SC dtr
Elizabeth M "  3 WF Ga Ga Ga dtr

1880 Lee Co,* Tx. (Giddings PO)  Pct 1,  by C S Mellett, enumerator June 12th, 1880 ) P 1C
Ham Noble 26 WM Tx Ger SC Telegraph Oper (Stephen W Noble)
Sallie " 24 WF Tx SC NC wife (Mellett)
Charly " 2 WF Tx Tx Tx Dtr (Charlie Mary)

P 2D Giddings PO
William T. Wroe " 38 WM Tn Va Va Merchant
B J " 31 WF Tx Tn Mo wife & 4 Wroe Ch
Marion (No surname given, sh read MELLETT) 27 WM Tx SC NC No Occ given, perhaps Employee of Mr. Wroe

P 7A, Giddings PO
Cyrus Mellett 60 WM SC SC SC Farming
Epsie M. 57 WF  Wife, SC SC SC
Mattie 09 WF Tx. dtr TX SC SC
*Created 1874 from Burleson, etal

Texas General Land Office Records:
Oath of Office: Cyrus. S. Mellett takes an oath for a position as a clerk with the General Land Office. Dated March 4, 1881- Austin, Texas.

Lee Co, Tx DB G, P 155-157 Jan. 6, 1882
C. S. Mellett & Mary Mellett of Travis Co., Texas to Mrs. M. E. Trusdale of Lee Co, Tx,  in cons. of $300.00,  Lots No 1 & 2 (One & Two) in Block 41 (Forty-One) in the town of Giddings, Lee Co, Tx, with all houses, etc. (according to map drawn by Thomas Kosse, a copy of which is of record in Bk XXX, 582 & 593, of the records of deeds for Washington County).
C. S. Mellett
E. M. Mellett
Wts: Fortney Tigener?, JP & Notary Public, Travis Co., Texas Jan 6, 1882
Mrs E M Mellett examined privately by Jas. H. Fry, Clerk of Lee Co. Crt Jan 9, 1882
Filed for Record Jan. 10, 1882, Recorded Sept 9, 1882 Jas. H. Fry CC, Lee Co

1880 Travis Co, Tx  (Austin 8th Ward) P 254C
Theo. F. Pinckney 39 WM KY NY KY Draughtman
Pauline " 21 WF Tx SC SC wife (Mellett)
William C. " 2/12 WM Tx Ky Tx son
Lucinda Jones 19 Mu F Servan

Civil War/T.F. Pinckney at fall of Selma
Locality: United States, Alabama, Dallas Record Type: Military
Volume: 40 Number: 2 (February 1932)
Periodical Title: Confederate Veteran

Austin, Texas City Directory, 1887-1888
Theodore F. Pinckney  res-2608 San Bernard St Bus. Name-Land Office,  Occ: Civil Engineer and draftsman
Epsie Mellett, (Mrs. C. S.) res-Theodore F. Pinckney

Austin City Directory: 1889/92
Theodore F. Pinckney Civil Engineer & Land Claim Agent Office: Temp. Capitol Bldg. res: 2608  Rio Grande St.

Texas Land Title Abstracts
Date: Mar 23, 1891  Grantee: C. S. Mellett  Fannin Dist, Wilbarger Co P. 869 Abst. #813 Cert 32/2978  Pat: Geo. W. Winans Vol 472;11 
Desc: /Blk/Tsp : 56H & TC 14 Class : School,  File # 19264
File # SCH-19264 Wilbarger County, Texas
Power of Attorney: Cyrus S. Mellett appoints Q.S. Hodge as his attorney to apply for school lands in Wilbarger County. Dated May 15, 1884.

Affadavit of Settlement: Cyrus S. Mellett appeared and stated he has resided upon section 56 & 60 for three years and has made improvements. June 10, 1887

Patent: Issued to George M. Winens March 23, 1891

Date: Sep 11, 1896 Grantee: C. S. Mellett- Dist: Fannin 
Co: Wilbarger  P.  884  Abst. #814 & 1551 Cert: 32/2980  Pat: L. A. Snow  Vol: 519;15 Desc/Blk/Tsp: 60H & TC 14  
640 AC  Class: School,  File # 19265

File #SCH-19265 Wilbarger County, Texas

Survey Field Notes: Acres surveyed: 640 Date: July 14, 1873

Application To Purchase: Cyrus S. Mellett applies to purchase section 56 & 60 of Block 14 in Wilbarger County. Dated May 15, 1884.

Transfer: Transferred by: Cyrus S. Mellett and Epsey M.. Mellett. Transferred to: Stephen W. Noble & Theo. F. Pinckney.(Sons-in-law)  Transferred on July 13, 1887.

Patent: Issued to C. S. Mellett Date: September 11, 1896

Index to Original Land Titles, Wilbarger Co, Tx
H&TC RR CO 14 C. MELLETT 56 813 
H&TC RR CO 14 C. MELLETT 60 1551 

Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas City Directories: (but not located in 1900 Census)
1899-1900 Mellette, Epsey M. (wid C.S.) h Stephen W. Noble
1902-03 Mellette, Epsy M. (wid C.S.) h 906 S Rusk (Stephen W. Noble)
1904-05 Mellette, Epsy N. (wid C.S.) h S. W. Noble
1905-06 Mellette, Epsie M. (wid C.S.) h 900 Bryan Ave (Stephen W. Noble)
1907-08 Mellette, Epsy M. (wid C.S.) h 900 Bryan Ave (Stephen W. Noble)
1909-10 Mellett, Epsy M. (wid C.S.) h 1511 Cooper (Stephen W. Noble)

Index to Texas Land Titles Abstracts:
T. F. Pinckney, 92 entries, in Sev. Counties, sev. thousand acres

1900 (June 1) Travis Co, Tx (Pct 3, Austin) ED 92 SD 10, HH 3-3 2626 Government Avenue
T F Pinkney 57 WM Sept, 1852 Ky Ky Ky civil engineer Marr 21 yrs
Pauline M "  (Mellett) 41 WF June, 1858 Tx SC SC wife 
Had 8 children, 7 living 
Theo  F. " 17 WM April 1883 Tx Ky Tx son
Charles E " 15 WM June 1885 Tx Ky Tx son
Steven L " 13 WM May, 1887 Tx Ky Tx son
Pauline " 11 WF April, 1889 Tx Ky Tx dtr 
Jeanie " 9 WF Feb 1891 Tx Ky Tx dtr
Sallie " 7 WF April, 1893 Tx Ky Tx dtr
Tommie " 4 WF May 1896 Tx Ky Tx dt

Indian Territory Creek Nation Muskogee District Township 15
Muskogee Town June 15, 1900
Cyrus B. Gilmore, enumerator Page 10a HH 214-221
Charles B. Wheeler Head 43 WM Nov. 1856 (M)13 yrs. Michigan Michigan New York Lawyer rents house
Mattie (Mellett) " Wife 29 WF Nov. 1870  (M) 13 yrs 6 child.-6 living TX SC NC 
Charles M. " Son 12 WM Nov. 1887  TX at school
Nettie  M. " Dau 10 WF Dec. 1889  TX at school
Gladys " Dau 7 WF Sept 1892  TX
Cyrus M. " Son 5 WM Sept 1894  TX
George R."  Son 2 WM June 1897  TX
Daniel H."  Son 7 Mos WM Oct. 1899  Indian Territory
Epsy M. Mellett 72 WF Oct 1827 mother-in-law  widowed Had 8ch-4living NC SC NC
Marion S. Mellett 47 WM Aug. 1852 brother-in-law  single TX SC NC Teamster
Henry C. Stinnett Boarder WM Aug. 1874 25 single KY KY KY farm laborer

Moore's Muskogee Directory 1903
Wheeler, Chas (wf Mattie) atty, Ayres bldg, res 723 S Third

Turning Back The Clock 
By: C. W. "Dub" West (c) 1985
Muskogee Publishing Company, Box 1331, Muskogee, OK 74402
Snippets # 4

Pg 25 & 26) " House and Store in Middle of Street. Sam Gaines found himself in a predicament. His home was in the middle of the street at Third and Broadway. When he built the house during the 1870's, the streets had not been laid out and there was no indication of the problems what would arise. Sam gallantly volunteered to have his house moved and became quite a hero. This appealed to the citizens to the extent that they took up a collection to have his house moved and to buy a lot.

It also was necessary for Charles Wheeler to move his house, but the generosity of the townspeople was not extended to him. Sam Yates' tin shop on North Third also had to be moved. [Drawing of the street with the house in the middle].

pPg 48 & 49) Early Muskogee Athletics Muskogee residents have always been interested in athletics, both as participants and observers. The Creeks and Cherokees played stickball ... Boys and men played sandlot baseball before the advent of formal organized athletics in the schools.

The following players lettered in football in 1912: Virgil Hine as captain, Harold Pemberton, Walter Markham, Mosely DeGraffenreid, Pleas Porter, Lacy DeGraffenreid, Curt Buddruss, Cy Wheeler and Francis Johnson.

1910 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma Parker T/S SD9, ED116, 
P96A HH 35-42 723 South 3rd St.
Charles Wheeler 53 WM Mich Mich Mich Lawye, Genl. Pract. (M)#1-23 yrs
Mattie V. " 39 WF Tx SC NC Wife (M)#1 23 yrs, Had (Illeg # ) ch-9 living
Charles, Jr " 22 WM Tx Mich Tx City Clerk Son single
Nettie " 19 WF Tx Mich Tx Teacher, School Dtr Single
Gladys " 17 WF Tx Mich Tx dtr, single
Cyrus " 14 WM Tx Mich Tx son 
George " 12 WmM Tx Mich Tx son
Daniel " 10 WM Tx Mich Tx son
Challenge " 8 WM Tx Mich Tx son
Roger " 6 WM Tx Mich Tx son
Frances " 3 WF Tx Mich Tx dt

1910 Travis Co, Tx (Austin City Pct 2) ED 72, SD 10, P 84A
2506 Richland HH 123-134
T F Pinckney 67 WM Ky __ Ky civil engineer (M) 31 Yrs
Pauline " 51 WF Tx SC SC wife Had 8 children, 7 living (mellett)
Theo "  26 WM single son Tx Ky Tx
Chas. " 24 WM single son Tx Ky Tx
Steven " 22 WM single son Tx Ky Tx
Pauline " 21 WF single dtr Tx Ky Tx
Ginn " 19 WF single dtr Tx Ky Tx
Sallie " 17 WF single dtr Tx Ky Tx
Tommie " 13 WF single dtr Tx Ky Tx
E M Melett 87 WF Widow  Mother-in-law Marr 55 yrs Had 8 children, 4 living NC NC Nc (Epsy Saunders, Widow of  Capt Cyrus S Melett)

ED 104, P 6A South Wd Austin, 707-72-91
Mildred Pinckney 26 WF Widow Tx Ky NC Rooming house (Wid. of Eharles)
Charlie " 6 6/12 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Pauline " 3 4/12 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Janie Gardner 78 WF Widow Mother

1910 Tarrant Co, Tx (Ft Worth, 6th Wd) ED 122 P 282B HH 289-298 1511 Cooper St
Stephen W. Noble 55 WM Tx Ger. SC Commercial Agent, Railroad 
(M) #1 33 yrs Own home
Sallie  " 52 WF Tx SC NC wife (Had 1 ch-1 living)
Charlie M " 32 WF Tx Tx Tx single Dtr Teacher, Public Schools

1920 Eastland Co, Tx (Eastland T/S) ED 121 P 1B Savanah? St., HH 25-27
S. (Steven) L. Pinckney 32 WM single Tx Tx Tx lodger, Lawyer

1920 Travis Co, Tx (Austin) ED 107, P 9B 4201 Ave E HH 207-217
T F Pinckney 76 WM Ky Ky Ky Civil Engineer
Pauline " 61 WF Tx SC NC Wife
Pauline A. " 30 WF single Tx Ky Tx dtr Teacher, University
Jeanie M " 28 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr single, Teacher, University
Sally M " 26 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr single, Secretary, A. W. C. U.
Tommy " 23 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr single , Teacher, University

1920 Wd 6, Ft Worth, Tarrant County, Texas-Sallie M Noble 63 WF Tex Kyy Tx Widow, Charlie M. Noble, 42 WF single dtr Teacher, Public Schools & 2 female boarders

Civil War Service Records Index:
T F Pinckney, Confederate

Confederate Veteran Vol 40 Number 2, Feb, 1932
T F Pinckney @ fall of Selma, Ala, Civil War

Index to Civil War Pension Applications-Travis Co, Tx
Pinckney, Pauline Mellette # 51074 Claimant: Pinckney, Pauline Mellette
Pension Number: 51074
County: Travis
Husband: Theodore Fredinghuysen
Pension Number: 40042
Pinckney, Theodore Fredinghuysen 40042Claimant: Pinckney, Theodore
Pension Number: 40042
County: Travis

1920 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma (Muskogee) ED91 P 3a, 
HH 50-68 410 North 13th St.
Charles Wheeler 63 WM Mich Mich NY Asst. Co. Attny
Mattie " 48 WF Tx SC NC wife
Nettie " 29 WF Tx Mich Tx Dtr single Teacher, Schools
George R. " 22 WM Tx Mich Tx son, single Advertising Mgr.
Dan H " 20 WM Okla Mich Tx Son, single Advertising, Daily Paper
Challenge " 18 WM Okla Mich Tx son, single 
Roger Perry " 15 WM Okla Mich Tx son
Frances " 12 WF Okla Mich Tx Dtr
Preston " 07 WM Okla Mich Tx son
Epsie  " 5 WF Okla Mich Tx Dtr
Gladys Jeffords 27 WF Tx Mich Tx Dtr Married

1920 Chattahoochie County, Georgia, Harps Mill District
Camp Benning Military Reservation
January 5, 1920 B. H. Clark, enumerator
HH 3-3
Marion S. Mellett Head WM 69 single TX SC NC rents home
storekeeper U. S. Army (alone in HH)

Jackson Co, Fla Marriage Index 1848-1900:
MELLETT, M S Application Only CHERRY, Ada D E 412
NICHOLS, Walter N 26 Sept 1883 CHERRY, Ada D F 56

1920 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma (Muskogee) ED87 915 Fremont Avenue HH 202-202
Charles W Merrill 39 WM Kan US MO Musician
Fratie " 40 WF Mo Mo Mo wife
Cy M Wheeler 25 WM Okla US US Occ: Commercial sales
Celia N " 23 WF Okla Kan Mo wife (Merrill) 

1930 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma ED43 420 North 13th St, HH 168-192
Charles Wheeler 73 WM Mich Mich Mish Judge, City Court -$5,000 has radio 
Mattie J " 58 WF Tx SC SC wife
Nettie J " 38 WF single dtr  Tx Mich Tx Proprietor, Tea Room
Challenge 28 WM single son Okla Mich Tx Court Clerk, U S Judge
Roger P " 26 WM single son Okla Mich Tx Commercial Traveller, Shoes
Preston " 18 WM Son single Okla Mich Tx   
Epsy L " 16 WF Dtr Okla Mich Tx

1930 Tarrant Co, Tx Ft Worth 6th Ward, 1511 Cooper St., HH 288-438
Sallie Noble 73 WF Tx SC SC Widow
Charlie " 50 WF Sing, Dtr, Teacher, Public Schools
Lila B Clayton 58 WF Single, Teacher, Public Schools, Boarder

1930 Travis Co, (Austin) Pct 3, ED 15, P 18A HH 4705-472-519
T F Pinckney 87 WM Ky USA Ky Civil Engineer (M) @ age 37
Pauline " (Mellett) 71 WF Tx SC SC wife (M) @ age 20
Jean " 38 WF Tx Ky Tx dtr, single, Teacher, University
Theo F " 46 WM Tx Ky Tx son, single, Banking Dept, State Capitol

1930 Travis Co, Tx (Austin) JP 3, ED 15, P 22B HH 717-604-658
Mildred Pinckney 36 WF Widow Tx Ky Tenn Stenographer, Church
Chas. E. " 16 WM Tx Tx Tx son Pupil, University
Pauline " 14 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr pupil, Prep School

Travis Co. TX - The 1932 Comet, Yearbook of Austin High School (Austin, TX) Pinckney, Polly, Jr

1930 Hunt Co, Tx (Commerce) JP 6, ED 30 P 8B 1410 Washington, HH 208-209
Theo F Pinckney 45 WM single Tx Ky Tx lodger, liquidating Agent, Bank

1930 Harris Co, Tx (Houston) JP 1, ED 82, P 28A HH 183-297 (4307 Caroline)
Steven L Pinckney 42 WM single lodger, Attorney, Law Practice

Index to Texas Land Title Abstracts:
District: Fannin, County: Young, Grantee: Stephen L. Pinckney
Certificate: 2/160 Patentee: Ben G. Oneal Patent Date: 06 Feb 1947
Patent #: 390 Patent Volume: 5-B Survey/Blk/Tsp: E/4 4 J. Poitevent-
Acres: 74.8 Class: School , File: 104198

1930 (Apr 30) Bandera Co, Tx  Louis A Heder, Enumr.
ED4, Pct 3, HH 212-212
Edward H Burkhardt 41 WM Tx Gery Gery Farmer
Pauline H " 35 WF Tx Tx Tx wife
Hubert M. " 10 WM Tx Tx Tx son
Anita A. " 7 WF Tx Tx Tx dtr
Marion S. MELLETT 78 WM Tx SC NC No Occ Veteran Civ. Boarder

1930 Cook Co, Ill (Chicago) Dist 1893, Pct 74, 49th Ward, Community Area II, Tract 15B HH 63
George R. Wheeler 32 WM Tx Michigan So. Carolina Occ: Salesman, Magazines
Helen R " 25 WF Okla Ill Kansas Wife
George, Jr " 1 1/2 WM Tx Tx Okla

1930 Missouri, Greene Co, Springfield Town (Campbell T/S) ED18, Cash-Melmont St., HH 659
Dan H Wheeler 30 WM Single Okla Michigan So. Carolina Occ: Advertising Manager, Newspaper lives alone

Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis Co, Tex Section 1 
Pickney, Mildred G. 1892 1980 1
Pickney, Charles E. June 2, 1885 Dec 20, 1918 1
Pickney, Sallie M. 1893 1970 1
Pickney, Pauline M. June 16, 1858 June 4, 1952 1
Pickney, Theodore F. Sept 13, 1842 Dec 23, 1932 1
Pickney, Pauline A. 1889 1982 1
Pickney, William T. Apr 22, 1880 June 19, 1881 1
Cemetery Records-Courtesy, Annette Shaw
This may be a transcription error in the surname-(Pinckney) sgs

Charles Wheeler (Sr) Died Sep. 3, 1942  Muskogee, Ok Heart Failure
Blk 116-0 Lot 014-0 Space 007-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Mattie B. Wheeler Died Nov 5, 1968 Muskogee, Ok ASHB
Blk 116-0 Lot 014-0 Space 010-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Charles Jr Wheeler Died Nov 30, 1917 El Paso, Tx -TB
Blk 116-0 Lot  014-0 Space 004-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

George Wheeler Died Nov 22, 1936 Auto Accident, Near Ft. Smith, Ark
Blk 116-0 Lot 014-0 Space 005-5 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Preston W. Wheeler Died Feb 10, 1943 Sioux City, Iowa Fractured Skull
Blk 116-0 Lot 014 Space 008-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Roger P Wheeler Died Nov 11, 1970 Muskogee -Carcinoma
Blk 116-0 Lot 014-0 Space 001-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Nettie Jane Wheeler Died: Feb. 8, 1987 Muskogee, Ok ASHD
Blk 116-0 Lot  014-0 Space 009-0 Purch. By Charles Wheeler Sr

Challenge Wheeler Died: Jan 8, 1973 Muskogee, Ok-Coro. Occlusion
Bk 140-0 Lot-032-0 Space 006-0 Purch. by Loretta Wheeler

Loretta Wheeler Died Feb. 23, 1996 Tulsa, Ok
Blk 140-0 Lot 032-0 Space 007-0 Purch. by Loretta Wheeler

NETTIE WHEELER 24 Dec 1889 Feb 1987 Muskogee, Muskogee, OK OK (1951 And 1) 443-34-0889 
CHALLENGE WHEELER 13 Oct 1901 Jan 1973 Muskogee, Muskogee, OK OK (1954) 447-36-5909
ROGER WHEELER 9 Jan 1904 Nov 1970 Muskogee, Muskogee, OK MO (Before 195) 493-01-8665
DAN WHEELER 3 Oct 1899 Mar 1979 Springfield, Greene, MO MO (Before 195) 491-03-8302



Mellett F. M. I 4 South Carolina State Troops. (6 Months, 1863-4.) Captain Lieutenant Colonel Confederate
Mellett J. Y. 2 South Carolina Infantry. Private Private Confederate
Mellett M. E. F 5 Battalion South Carolina Reserves. Sergeant Sergeant Confederate
Mellett M. M. B 6 Batt'n South Carolina Inf. Private Private Confederate
Mellett M. M. H 26 South Carolina Infantry. Private Private Confederate
Mellett M. M. D Manigault's Battalion, South Carolina Volunteers. Private Private Confederate
Mellett Peter F 6 South Carolina Cavalry. Private Private Confederate
Mellett R. R. C 9 South Carolina Infantry. Corporal Corporal Confederate
Mellett R. S. C 9 South Carolina Infantry. Corporal Corporal 
Notes: Mellett, R. R. S. Confederate
Mellett S. B 5 Battalion South Carolina Reserves. Private Private Confederate

Index to Civil War Pensions Index-South Carolina
Peter Mellett  Images Online #: 331 
State Filed:
South Carolina and North Carolina
Widow: Ruby E. Mellett 

Willis Mellett 
Images Online #: 330 
State Filed: South Carolina
Widow: Priscilla Mellett 


The following information is from the files of John Tindal, another  Mellett Researcher, whose wife is a Mellett Descendant.  John is a Haynsworth Descendant.

Peter Mellett died sometime between September 7, 1799 (the date of his will), and May 10, 1800 (the date that his will was filed in the Sumter County Court House).  The executors were Margaret H. Mellett (wife), Henry Haynsworth and John Horan.  The will mentions Peter's sister, Martha.  Witnesses were William Murrell, William J.  Rease, and Richard Haynsworth.  Appraisers were Reuben Long, John Greening, and William Rees.

Peter Mellette and Stephen Nixon were messengers from the High Hills Baptist Church to the Charleston Association in 1779.

On June 16, 1784, Peter submitted a claim for oats furnished to the Continental Army and a horse lost while in service.  The claim was sworn to before William Murrell, Justice of the Peace for the Camden District.  [Andrea, 1949]

On January 18, 1786, Peter bought 392 acres on Hatchet Camp from Matthew Singleton.  This land was bounded on the west by land granted to Peter Mellet and Col. Mathew Singleton, on the east and north by land belonging to Mr. Singleton, and on the north by land granted to Moses Knight (Knighton).  This was part of 4,000 acres originally granted to Mathew Singleton on July 16, 1784.

On April 6, 1786, Peter purchased 418 acres from Jesse Nettles.  This land was situated on Grasseyhead a branch of Black River.  The land was bounded on the west by land granted to Mason Greening, on the north by land belonging to Ashberry Sylvester, on the east by land belonging to Moses Knighton, and on the south by land belonging to George Ioor.  The land was originally granted to Jesse Nettles on May 2, 1785.

Peter Mellette, Gabriel Gerald, William McConnico, William Hampton and Stephen Nixon were messengers from the High Hills Baptist Church to the Charleston Association in 1787.  Peter Mellette and William Hampton were messengers from the High Hills Baptist Church to the Charleston Association in 1788.

The 1790 Census of Claremont County, Camden District, South Carolina lists Peter Mollet as the head of a household which included one male over 16, one male under 16, three females, and 22 slaves.

On January 20, 1798, Peter bought from Stephen Nixon 150 acres in the High Hills of Santee on a branch of Black River called Hatchet Camp.

Margaret inherited the house and a 640 acre plantation plus an adjacent tract of 150 acres bought from Stephen Nixon. On July 20, 1802, Margaret sold the 150 acres to Evan Benbow.

Ann Mellett inherited 400 acres which her father had purchased from William Mayrant.