The Family of
Jacques Pierre Boulogne (& Vrts)
& Wife
Catherine Bechet
& Vrts  (Bouchet/ Becquet)

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Jacques Pierre Boulogne was probably born about 1680-90.  His parentage remains unproven. I have found no records on him in Kaskaskia & Chartres, Illinois; Only those of his widow and children.

He was married to Catherine Bechet (Bouchet) ( Becquet) about 1718. She appears first in the Illinois records in 1725, as wife of Bellegarde, her second husband.

Catherine Bechet's parentage also remains unproven. However, it appears from the records that Jean Francois Bechet who married Marianne Fafart, bapt. 1711,  on  May 3, 1728 may be her brother. His name has been shown as Bechet, Becquet, Bouchet, as was hers.  His parents were Jean Becquet (dec'd as of May 3, 1728) and wife Jeanne Claire deMontee.  

Catherine Bechet, as wife of Bellegarde, sold Jean Francois Bechet some property in Fort de Chartres, on June 6, 1725. He  witnessed her marriage contract when Catherine married her third husband, Sieur DeLessarts, on Nov 26, 1727.  He was also deputy guardian of her three children when Catherine Bechet died in 1737. Jean Francois Bechet was deceased as of Dec 30, 1738

(First Families of Louisiana -Conrad-Vol 1, P 44-May 28, 1719 Ship "Union" M. Renaud's people includes Francois Bequet)

There was also a Joseph Buchet, chief clerk of the marine, and Judge at Illinois.  I found no connection between this person and Catherine Bechet/Bouchet, except he was the step-father of Touissant Potier, having married his mother Francoise LaBrise.  Touissant Potier was the son in law of Catherine Bechet, having married her daughter Catherine DeLessart.. Joseph Buchet did sign as a witness to some of the documents on this family.

Catherine Bechet married husband #2, Nicholas Buffreau de Bellegarde dit Bonhomme, Royal Notary in Illinois, and officer of the troops, prior to June 25, 1725. in Chartres, Illinois.  They had no children of record.  He was deceased as of November 26, 1727, when she entered into a marriage contract with her third husband, Sieur Onesime Pierre Fortunezay, de Lessart, Sgt. of the troops in Illinois, son of Sieur de Fortunezay, Esquire, Sieur de Lessart, at Fort de Chartres, Illinois Post. They  had one daughter, Marie Catherine DeLessart according to estate records.

Catherine Bechet was deceased as of January 19, 1737, Fort de Chartres, Illinois Post.

Children of Jacques Pierre Boulogne & Catherine Bechet

1. Marie Jeanne  (Janne) Boulogne Born Ca 1720  She was deceased as of Jan. 10, 1764, New Chartres, Ill.
(M) Michel D'Amours de Louvier About 1736
He was born about 1712 and was deceased as of Jan. 16, 1758, Fort de Chartres, Ill Post
(Kaskaskia Under the French Regime-Belting-P 103 Michel D'Amours de Louvier. In 1740 he had served four years at Illinois, was 28 years old, and reported by Bienville to be "very sagacious".

Children of Michael D'Amours de Louvier & Marie Jeanne/Jane Boulogne

   a. Marguerite Born Ca 1742 died Oct. 1, 1747 aged 5 yrs.
   b. Marie Ann Born & Bapt. Jan. 10, 1745 Died Mar 22, 1745
   c. Pierre  du Chaffour Born & Bapt Oct. 23, 1748 New Chartres, Ill. Post 
      (M) Marie Anne Richaume (Ref: Kaskaskia Under the French Regime-Belting)
   d. Philippe Duhor (Merchant in New Chartres, 1761)
       (M) Marguerite Boulin Oct. 1, 1764 Chartres, Ill Post

2. Marie Anne Boulogne Born Ca 1722 Died February, 1773 in the hospital @ New Orleans, La.
(M)  #1-Jacques Michel Philippe, Ca 1740, son of Michel Philippe & Marie Ruensa
He was born CA 1704 and died Nov. 19, 1746 Fort de Chartres, Ill Post

Children of Jacques Michel Philippe & Marie Ann Boulogne

   a. Agnes Michel Philippe Born Ca 1742 Died After Sept.15, 1775 (living in Chartres, Ill. as of this date)
      (M) Joseph Hebert, Cadet, Feb. 2, 1761 Chatres, Ill. Post son of Capt. Ignace Hebert & wife Helaine Danys, of same place.

   b. Philyppe  Philippe Born Mar. 27, 1745 Bapt Mar. 28th, Chartres, Ill (D77)
       G/F Mr. (Joseph) Buchet, Keeper of the King's storehouse in Illinois country
       G/M Helaine Danis, w/o Mr. Ignace Hebert, Capt. of Militia
       Not mentioned in Mother's estate settlement 1773-1775 New Orleans, La

Marie Ann Boulogne Married #2 Charles Philibot, voyageur, at Kaskaskia, Ill. Post on Feb. 8, 1747 (Marriage contract) See Philibot file for children

Ref: Kaskaskia Under The French Regime, Belting
The Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois, 1720-1765 Brown & Dean


Child of Catherine Bechet & #3 husband Sieur Onesime Pierre de Fortunezay de Lessart (Officer of Militia)
3. Marie Catherine De Lessart Born Ca 1728-9 She died Dec 7, 1746 Buried Dec 8
(M) Touissant Potier Oct. 11, 1745 Chartres, Ill. Post
       He was born Nov 22, 1723 Died Dec. 6, 1746 Buried Dec 7
      a. Touissant Born & Bapt Dec 1, 1746 (D143)
          G/F Mr. J.(Joseph) Buchet, Keeper of the King's Storehouse in Illinois country
          G/M Marie Anne Boulogne


The only entries in Tanguay for Boulogne are the following:

1.  Barbe de Boulogne, wife of Louis D'Aillebout, Governor of Canada, who arrived at Quebec August 20, 1648. Barbe was the dtr. of Florentine de Boulogne & Gertrude Philippe
Barbe de Boulogne died @ Quebec June 7, 1685
Gertrude Philippe, born 1603, died at Quebec Aug 20, 1667

2. Sgt. Boulogne was also shown as being in the Co. of M. DeMine in Montreal 1692.


There is also a marriage in New Orleans, (New Orleans French-DeVille)
which may be a dtr of this Pierre Boulogne (I a not certain where he was from and he could have been previously married-sgs)
April 2, 1721
Pierre de Vauvray, son of Jean de Vauvray and Francoise Jeofournais? married Magdelaine Boulogne, Dtr of Pierre Boulogne & Jeanne Tessie.


Early census of French Colony of Louisiana-Charles R. Madaul, Jr,

1711 Mobile census
Michel Philippe

1726 Census of Illinois
Michel Philyppes, wife, 6 children

Des Essarts-alone in HH

Becquet, Wife & 2 Children 4 arpents landcleared
(Jean Francois Bechet/Becquet.)

Bellegarde, 2 children
Land grant May 2,  1724 (3 arpents adj. Hebert & LaPointe, Little Village, St. Philippe)
(Bellegarde (M) Catherine Bechet, widow of Jacques Pierre Boulogne prior to June, 1725, these 2 children belong to Boulogne-sgs) Catherine Bechet had no children by Bellegarde.

Nicholas Buffreau de Bellegarde was a Royal Notary in Illinois, 1723-25

1732 census of Illinois-Cascassias (Kaskaskia)
Michel Philippe,  3 leg. ch., 2 orphans or nat. ch., 4 neg, 2 neg. ch, 2 indian slaves

Inhabitant-LeSieur DeLessart, wife and 3 leg. ch, 1 nat. or orphan ch
(He married Catherine Bechet, widow of #1 Jacques Pierre Boulogne, and Wid. of #2 Bellegarde, Nov. 17, 1727 Chartres, Ill.-These 3 children are the two Boulogne dtrs, Marie Jeanne & Marie Anne & the other is Catherine DeLessart-sgs)


The Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois 1720-1765 (Brown & Dean)

K443 June 1, 1723 Depo of DeLessarts, Sgt. in Mons. Dartaguette's Co.

Entry K11 (H163) June 6, 1725
In the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty-five, on the sixth day of the month of June, has appeared before me Notary in Illinois, and witnesses undersigned, CATHERINE BECHET, wife of Mr. Bellegarde, now at sea, who has of her free will acknowledged to have ceded, sold  and conveyed and by these presents cedes, sells and conveys here house  and dependancies in the prairie which she has bought of Beausejour according to the deed executed the fourth of this month, to Mr. Becquet, residing at Fort de Chartres, with the reserve of the crop which shall come on the land during the present year and that said Catherine Bechet shall dwell in said house during the time of six months, to begin from this day, after which she binds herself to leave the premises and to deliver them to the said Jean Francois Becquet, who promises to pay to said Catherine Bechet, the quantity of seven hundred pounds of flour, good and valuable, payable at Christmas, next, after which time expired, said Catherine Bechet shall deliver the said house in good order, as it presently is, promising to warrant for her deeds, and as a thing to his belonging. Done and executed in presence of Mr. deVillainville, officer of the troops of this garrison, and Fabus, residing in this place, who have signed the presents the year and day aforesaid.  Said Catherine Bechet has declared that she does not know how to write, when required to that effect, according to law.  Bequet; Fabus; wit: de Villainville, wit: Perillau, Notary

K376-May 14, 1725-Delessarts Sgt. of Troops, Ft Chartres, leased property to Marie Madeleine Cordier, wife of Sr. Louis Robillard

K388-Sept 22, 1725 Inventory of goods and chattels Monsieur DeLessart placed in the hands of Mons. Robilliard-as Mons. DeLessarts is going to France, or to sea. (Long list) to be returned to him upon his return.  (He returned as he later married Catherine Bechet, Widow Bellegarde) 

K401-May, 1726- Monsieur Onsime DeFortunisay, Squire, de Lessard, (contract) sold slave girl to Antoine Pelle dit Laplume, for 600 walnut boards, 10 ft. long, 1 in thick, std. width.

Entry K23-June 5, 1726
In the year 1726, on the 5th day of June, before noon has appeared before me Andre Perillau, Notary in Illinois, and witnesses the undersigned, Francois LeConte dit Beaurejous, residing at Fort de Chartres, who of his free will has sold , ceded, quitted, and conveyed, and by these presents sells, quits, cedes, and conveys unto DAME CATHERINE BOUCHET, wife of Mr. Bellegarde, presently at sea, his house with a lot of ground, bounding on one side to Martin & Dragon, on the other to Thomas and to the wilderness bounding on the side of the ash grove, for the quantity of seven hundred pounds of flour, payable at Christmas next, which said Dame Catherine Bouchet, promises to deliver good and valuable, said Francois LeConte cedes to said Dame Catherine Bouchet, 4 pigs, 2 mos old, and the crop that may come on said lot, as it has been agreed by the parties in presents of Fabus, and Becquet, witnesses, and the said LeConte promises to warrant said goods against all trouble, as things belonging to said Catherine Bouchet.  Done and executed at Fort de Chartres the day and year aforesaid, said Beausejour, has declared  not to know how to write, when required to that effect according to law.  Becquet , Wts,: Fabus, wts, Perillau, Notary

Entry K 424 Nov 26, 1727
On the twenty-sixth of November, one thousand seven hundred twenty-seven, were present the Sieurs Hebert, Captain of the militia, Fabus, lieutenant of the militia, Francois Hennet, Robilliard, and Becquet, habitants of Fort de Chartres, friends of the minor children of the late Bellegarde, who being of the opinion have elected and declared Catherine Bechet, widow of the late Bellegarde, guardian of Jeanne and of Marie Bellegarde, her two children** competent to inherit from their late father, and as Deputy Guardian the Sieur Francois Hennet, habitant of the said place, which guardian and deputy guardian have promised and promise to apply all their effors for the profit and advantage of the aforesaid minor children.  At Fort de Chartres, the aforesaid day and year.  The Sieur Hebert and CATHERINE BECHET, Widow Bellegarde, have declared that they do not know how to sign this document according to the ordinance and have made their mark.  Mark of Widow Bellegarde; Hennet; Favus; Becquet; mark of the Sieur Hennet. (sic) Hebert?, Robilliard; Place, Notary.

** These two daughters are hers by a previous marriage.  Their father was Jacques Pierre Bougnolle (Boulogne) See Entry K82., 1737

Entry K 425 (Marriage Contract) Nov 27, 1727
On the twenty seventh day of November, one thousand eight hundred twenty-seven, in the afternoon, before us Jean Baptiste Place, Notary in Illinois, and the undersigned witnesses; were present in person Sieur Onesime Fortunezay, son of the Sieur DeDortunezay, Esquire, Sieur de Lessars, and of Jeanne Gabrielle le Lescure?, his father and mother of the parish of St. George-of-the-Wood, diocese of LaRochelle, of the one part

and CATHERINE BECHET, widow of the late Bellegarde, of the other part, who with the advise and counsel of their friends, in the absence of relatives, etc, etc:
Signed: mark of the sieur Hebert; mark of the Widow Bellegarde; DeLessart; DuVernay; Hennet; Becquet; Fabus; Place, Notary

K431 July 31, 1728 DeLessarts wit marr. contract bet. Denise Manisure, wid of Jean Fabert dit LaJuene to Francois Dionet.

K440-Feb 27, 1729 Sieur DeLessarts purchased horse at public auction of estate of Sr. Gaussiaux for two hundred livres of salt pork

K442 Feb 27, 1729-Sieurs Dessarts &  Bechet, ea. purchased one third of a horse mill from Sieur Fabus., (to have contract ratified by their wives) Signed: Fabus' Bechet; Dessart; mark of Dame Dessarts (this is Catherine Bechet)

K55 Jan 27, 1731 Hebert, the younger, Fabus & DeLessarts, elected church wardens by inhabitants of Fort de Chartres, entered into contract with Hubert Finet concerning some property.

K 62 & K69- May 17, & 18, 1732 DeLessarts has land dispute with Widow Chassin, settled by Surveyor Renault, called upon by Council of Illinois, who  "surveyed as near as possible using a rope, as there is no iron chain in Illinois"  Bellerive, Clerk of the Court in Illinois, and Mr.Belline Fabus,  & Mr. Buchet, Attorney for the King in said Illinois, went out and marked boundaries with rocks on orders from Mr. de St. Ange, Commandant in the Provicnce, "so there will be in the future no quarrels between Dame Chassin & Delessart on that subject"

K70 June 11, 1733-I, the undersigned Philippe Renault, certify to have been called upon this day to examine the place where Messrs. Delessard, Bienvenue, & Gossiaux, have the intention to build a water mill, and have found the stream sufficient for the building of said mill, etc, etc. I further certify to have seen beginning of foundation of said mill. Renault; Jerome

Entry K82(H704) Jan 19, 1737
On the nineteenth of January, 1737, at the request of Francois Hennet dit Sans Chagrin, deputy guardian of the minor children of the nuptials and acting for Catherine DeLessart, minor daughter of the second nuptials, all minor children, in the estate of defunct Jacques Bougnolle and Catherine Bechet, his wife, and in the estate of defunct Onesime Delessart, second husband of the defunct, I, Louis August Delalore Francour, Subdelegate of Mr. de Salmon in Illinois, went at eight o'clock in the morning in the house of Catherine Bechet, situate in Fort de Chartres, widow of Jacques Bougnolle, and of Onesime Delessart, all three deceased, for and after an inventory made in my presence of all the property, real and personal of the community of defunct Onesime Delessart and Catherine Becquet, his defunct wife, having the partition of the community of the first nuptials between Catherine Bechet and her minor children, Jeanne Bougnolle & Marianne Bougnolle, being heirs, each for one half of the goods of  defunct Jacques  Bougnolle, their father, the goods of the defunct being in the community of defunct Onesime Delessart, I made two lots of the goods of the community of the second nuptials, which is heir for one half of said goods Marie Catherine Delessart, only issue of the second marriage, and taking away the part of her father and half of the goods belonging to the defunct Catherine Bechet, have been divided between the three children of the two nuptials, as heirs for equal parts of their mother; which said partition have been made in the presence of and by Francois Hennet dit Sans Chagrin, Francois Becquet, deputy guardian of the children, and Louis Bellerive St. Ange, Jean Pare and GabrielDodie, all friends and neighbors of said minors; being present Mr. Michael Damour de Louviere, their guardian, and have proceeded as follows:

Inventory, (Long list-see below) Including majority of land, livestock, household goods, Indian slaves, negro slaves, farming tools,  and personal items- Itemized and Estate of  Onesime Delessart divided into two lots-the first lot falling to defunct Catherine Bechet, which was divided by the three dtrs, equally, and the other half falling to defunct Onesime DeLessart, which automatically went to only child, Catherine Delessart.

Estate of Catherine Bechet divided into 3 lots-(see Below) 1st lot going to Catherine Delessart, 2nd lot going to Marianne Bougnolle and the third lot going to Jeanne Bougnolle de Louvier

Michel Damour, husband of Jeanne Bougnolle, and guardian of Marianne Bougnolle, and Marie Catherine Delessart.

Jeanne & Marianne stipulated the house, situate in Fort de Chartres, shall become the property of Catherine Delessart, she paying to each of her two sisters, Jeanne Boulogne & Marie Anne Boulogne, 250 livres.

And there has been left a horse mill, b/b Francois Becquet and Aubochon, which is to be sold, for the payment of the debts of the estate of Catherine Bechet, with several other clauses, etc. 

And there has been left one lot of ground in Fort de Chartres, adjoining Turpin, to Jeanne Bougnolle and Marieanne Bougnolle, and on which Catherine Delessart had a part as a compensation that her two sisters had of her since her birth; and in case that should Catherine Delessart should leave for a legitimate cause during said guardianship, shall have to pay but her board and education, and she shall be raised in the Catholic religion, Apostolic and Roman, in the best manner possible, etc etc.

Other Land descriptions include:
three arpents of land in front by its depth, situate in the prairie of Fort de Chartres, b/b Dragon, on which is built a barn and a well of wood.

one arpent of land situate in the prairie of Fort de Chartres b/b children of Jacques Bougnolle.

three arpents of land in front by its dept situate in the prairie of Fort de Chartres b/b Madam Chassin. (Agniese Philippe)

one arpent of land in front by its depth adjoining Laroche.

one horse mill in Fort de Chartre,

one arpent of land in front in said prairie adj. young Hebert

Signed: Delaloere Flancour; Becquet; Dodie; Damour de Louviere; J. Pare; Bellerive St. Ange; Hennet, Jerome Notary

K82- (H-704) Inventory of the estate of Onesime DeLessarts:

First Lot, which went to children of defunct Catherine Bechet: (Jane Boulogne, Marie Anne Boulogne, & Catherine DeLessarts:)

One Indian slaved named Paniquonca and her son
One Indian slave named Sosie
a Negro piece dinde, named Sosie (Piece D'Inde was the standard valie of a complete negro, that is a negro 17 yrs old, or over, w/o bodily defects, or a negress w/o bodily defects, of 15 to 30 yrs, or three children of 8-10 yrs) (Belting, 1975, P 38)
a dozen pewter plates
bed curtains and challis
a sideboard and its dishes
14 steel table forks and 10 pewter spoons
four couches
a table turned
a chest with a lock and 9 pewter spoons
a soup spoon of metal
8 quires of paper
4 lancets and boxes
2 prs of bedsheets
a pair of new shoes
a branding iron
2 brass kettles
a large copper kettle
17 scythes
5 earthen pots
an iron kettle of 15 pots
a hay fork
a plane
an adze
a half minot measure bound w/iron
3 old augers, one turns left
an iron kettle of 7 or 8 pots
a little hatchet
a cross cut saw
2 prs. "enferges"
4 tires for wheels
one pr of grooving planes, a small plane
5 chairs and an armchair
a bucket
4 hammers
a plow ironed
A bridle for ploughing
3 poor pick axes, 6 iron wedges and a hammer
a big hammer of iron
a Ox cart with ironed wheels
a dripping pan
7 and a 1/4 aunes of satin
half of a cow
two bulls, one yr old
half of a colt
7 pigs, 5-6 months old
8 hens
a pr of oxen bought from Fabut.
3 arpents of land in front by it's depth.  ituate in the Prairie of Fort de chartres, b/o Dragon, on which is built a barn and a well of wood, the barn appraised 200 livres and well 100 livres, making together 300 livres, which shall for boot for one third of the horse mill in the second lot.
three fourths of one arpent of land, situate in the Prairie of Fort de Chartres, b/b the children of JACQUES BOUGNOLLE (Boulogne)  

Total of this Lot: 1137.15 Libvres

The second lot goes in it's entirety to Catherine DeLessart, only child of her father Onesime DeLessart, which I have not itemized here.

The estate of Catherine Bechet has been divided into 3 parts, divided equally between her 3 dtrs. Jane Boulogne, Marie Anne Boulogne, and Catherine DeLessart:

First Lot (which fell to Catherine DeLessart)
An Indian girl slave named Paniquonca, her child named Francois, as equal in all other lots appraised.
a table
q soup spoon
4 tires for wheels
a iron kettle of 7-8 pots
2 cross cut saws
a hammer
a plough, ironed
a drip pan
2 earthen pots
2 prs. en ferges
a bucket
6 sickles
4 sickles
One fourth of one arpent situate in the territory of Fort de Chartres adj. to Laroche.
4 pigs, and the of one about 5-6 months old.
a big iron hammer
The total of the first lot = 259.10
One arpent of land in front adj. Madame Chassin, 100 livres, of a barn and well.

Second Lot (which fell to Marie Ann Boulogne)
An Indian male slave named Sosie, not appraised ,with two bulls worth 80 livres
a chest with a lock and 9 pewter spoons, as equal value for Paquinonca in the first lot.
fourteen table forks and 10 pewter spoons
4 bedsteads
4 lancets and boxes
8 quires of paper
a pr of new shoes
2 copper basins
2 earthen pots
an iron kettle of 15 pots
an adze
6 pewter plates
a pr of grooving planes and a small plane
an ox cart, with wheels  ironed, the large one.
half a cow
3 chairs and 4 scythes
One arpent of land in front situate in the prairie of Fort de Chartres, adj. Dragon
1/4 of one arpent of land, in front, in said prairie adj. young Hebert, 2 pigs and the third of one.

The total of the second lot amounts to 259. livres, 15 sols, 100 livres of a barn and well.

Third Lot (which fell to Jane Boulogne)
a slave Indian named Sans Peur
1 Negro piece dinde named Sans Peur
5 pewter plates
a sideboard with its dishes.
2 prs of bedsheets
large copper kettle
a hay fork
a branding iron
a half minot measure bound w/iron
4 augers
a set of bedcurtains of challis
a hammer
a plough bridle
7 1/4 aunes of satin
half of a colt
1 earthen pot
2 chairs and an armchair
3 sickles
small hatchet
a plane
one arpent of land toward Dragon in the territory of Fort De Chartres
one fourth of one arpent land in the territory of Fort de Chartres, adj. Young Hebert
Tootal of the 3rd lot amounting to 264  livres.
100 livres of barn and well

Entry K96-Sept 15, 1737-In the year 1737, the 15th day of September-one third of a water mill and dependencies situate on a run to the hills of Prairie Chassin, belonging to defunct DeLessart and defunct Catherine Bechet, his wife-to-Andre Lepoivre, acting for Urbain Gervais & Antoine Bienvenue, being bearer of power of attorney, which said mill has been bid by Lepoivre for five hundred livres which shall be paid at Christmas of the present year, as set forth in the advertisement.  Done in Fort De Chartres, the day and year aforesaid. Delaloere Flancour; Lepoivre acting for Bienvenue and Gervais. Finet, wit.

K121 May 27, 1740-Agreement between Francois LeSuisse, and DeLouviere and his wife Jeanny Bouloysse (Boulogne) to repair the barn on some property they recently purchased from him.

D65-Dec 8, 1744 Dame Janne Boulogne, w/o Mr. Louvier,  GM @ Bapt of Marie Joseph DuClaud, dtr of Mr. Alex du Claud & Dame Elizabeth Philyppe.

D69-Jan 10, 1745-Baptism of Marie Anne Louvier, legitimate dtr. of Mr. Michel Louvier, Squire, Cadet in the troops detached from the Marine, and Dame Janne Boulogne. G/F Jean Bte. Trudeau, G/M Marie Anne Richaume, wife of Mr. de Chaufour Louvier.  Her father and mother have signed with me.

K161-Jan 25, 1745-  Deed of Ignace Hebert, Capt. of Militia to Jean Bte. Gonin-refers to property " having acquired it from defunct Bellegarde, w/o title."

D76-March 22, 1745 In the year one thousand seven hundred forty five, the twenty-second of March, departed this life in this parish, Marie Anne Louvier, aged two months.  Her body was buried the next day in the cemetery of this parish, with the ceremonies prescribed by our Mother the Holy Church, in token whereof, I have signed. J. Gagnon, priest

D77 March 27, 1745-Baptism of Pylyppe Philippe, legitimate son of  Jacque Phillyppe & Marie Anne Boulogne, his father and mother. Godfather was Mr. Buchet, Keeper of the King's storehouse, the godmother was Helaine Danis, wife of Mr. Ignace Hebert, Captain of the Militia.   J. Gagnon, Priest

K173-June 18, 1745-Land of Charles Hervy joins lands of heirs of defunct DeLessarts, Royal St. & defunct Jean Henrion.

D91-Sept 6, 1745-de Chafour Louviere, Buchet, & others wit. Marriage of Miss Marie Hebert, dtr of Mr. Ignace Hebert, Capt of Militia and Helaine Dany, to Jean Bte. Lemoine de Martigny

D95-October 11, 1745-Marriage at the Chapel, Parish of St. Annne's, of Catherine de Lessart,  dwelling in this parish, daughter of Mr. Pierre de Lessart, officer of the militia, and of Catherine Bechet, to Touissant Potie, son of Jean Bte. Potie and of Francoise Brise. Signed: Mr. Lalor; Buchet; Populas; Hebert; Louvier. J. Gagnon, priest.

D138 Nov, 19, 1746-Burial of Jacque Philyppe, inhabitant of this parish, forty-five years of age. He died after having been confessed.  It was not possible to adm. the sacraments to him because of the violence of his illness.  His body was buried the next day in the cemetery of this parish with the ceremonies prescribed by our Mother the Holy Church, in the presence of Messrs. Sans Chagrin, and Dubois, who have signed this document with me.

D143 Dec 1, 1746 Baptism of Toussaint Potier, legitimate son of the lawful marriage of touissant Potier and of Catherine DeLessart.  Godfather was Mr. J. Buchet, (S) keeper of the King's Storehouse in the Illinois country, and godmother was Marie Anne Boulogne. (X)

D147  Dec 7, 1746 Burial of Toussaint Potie, who died the day before,  around twenty-nine years of age. 

D149 Dec. 8, 1746 Burial of Catherine DeLessarts, wife of the late Toussiant Potie, who died the day before.. 

D155-Dec 22, 1746-Janne Boulogne , G/M bapt of slave of Philibot

D167-Jan 25, 1747-Marie Anne Boulogne , wid of late Jacques Philippe, G/M at bapt of slaves  G/F was Charles Philibot

D171-October 1, 1747 Burial of Margarite Louvieer, five years of age, (did not state whose dtr., but prob. dtr of Michel Louvier & Jane Boulogne)

D172-Oct 15, 1747 Janne Boulogne, w/o Mr. Louvier, G/M @ bapt of slaves

D184 Jan 31, 1748- I, the Undersigned J. Gagnon, priest, baptized a child born the twenty-eighth day pf the same month, of the lawful marriage of Charles Philibot and of Marie Anne Boulogne, his father and mother.  He was given the name of Alexis.  The godfather and was Mr. Pierre de Choufour de Louvier, residing at the Prairie duRocher, the godmother  Madame Janne Boulogne, wife of Mr. (Michel) Louvier, cadet in the troops.

D201-Oct 23, 1748 I, the undersigned J. Gagnon, missionary priest of the parish of St. Anne of Fort de Chartres, baptized a child born the same day of the lawful marriage of Mr. Damour de Louvier and of Jane Boulogne, his father and mother.  He was given the name of Pierre.  The godfather was Mr. Pierre de Chaufour de Louvier and the godmother Marie Joseph Sorel, wife of Mr. de Jardin, residing in this parish.

D341- 1750-Baptism of slave of Mr. Robinet-Godmother was Mrs. Philibot

D225- Jan 14, 1750- In the year one thousand seven hundred fifty the fourteenth of January, I the udersigned J. Gagnon, missionary priest of the parish of St. Anne baptized a child born the same day of the lawful marriage of Charles Philibot and of Marie Anne Boulogne, her father and mother.  She was given the name of Marie Therese.  The godfather was Mr. Andre Chevallie, Keeper of the King's Storehouse; the godmother was Marie Joseph Sorel, wife of Thomas de Jardin. The father and mother have signed with me.

D269-Feb. 2, 1753 Lady Jane Boulogne was godmother @ baptism of Marie Agniece, dtr of Mr. Jean Francois Tisserest de Montcharveau, captain commanding at Fort de Chartres, and Lady Agniece Chassin. 

K 234 Nov 26, 1757 Michel Damour, Esquire, Sieur de Louviere, officer of the Militia, sold property to Henry Carpentier, merchant bounded in front by a street running from the gate of the Prairie du Rocher to the old Fort de Chartres.

K238-Jan 16, 1758-in virtue of an ordinance of Mr. Buchet, Judge in the Royal Jurisdiction of the Illinois, at the request of Mr. Pierre du Chauffour du Louviere, in the name of and as Executor of defunct Michel Damour de Louviere, when living, officer in the militia of Illinois, and further as guardian of the children of said defunct, residing in Prairie du Roche-, etc etc-land of defunct de Louviere was auctioned to highest bidder-sold to Martigny LeMoine.

K 277-April 27, 1760 - Pierre Du Chauffou de Louviere, Guardian of the children of defunct Michel Damour de Louviere auctioned property-sold  to highest bidder, his son. Property bounded on one side by property of Bougenaud and other by Bacane.

D368-Nov 21, 1760 burial of Pierre, 2 days old, son of negress Francoise, belonging to or residing with Mrs. Philibot.

D301-Feb. 2, 1761-Marriage of Joseph Hebert, son of the late Mr. Joseph Hebert , Captain of the Militia, and Helaine Dany, and Miss Agnes Philippe, daughter of the late Jacques Philippe, and Marie Anne Boulogne, presently wife of Mr. Philibot.
Witnesses for Groom: Messrs. Martignay, Carpentier, Ignace Hebert, Auguste Hebert
Witnesses for Bride: Messrs. Philibot, Antoine duClos, Francois Henet, la Brosse, Pierre Desmoulins, and other relatives and friends, who with the exception of Messrs. Carpentier, Philibot, Mr. Portneuf, Sans Chagrin, have declared they do not know how to sign, and have made the ordinary mark which is a sign of the cross, a reading having been made following the ordinance.

K302 July 25, 1761-Contract of  Paul Lemoine Martigny and Philippe Dujour deLouviere, both merchants and partners, residing in New Chartres, purchased business from Ignace Legrain, merchant and billiard table keeper. (they sold it Phillibert Gagnon, private in the troops, on Nov. 20, 1762 (K319)

D319 Jan 10, 1764-Marriage of Philippe de Louvieres, legitimate son of late Michel de Louviere, Officer of the Militia, and of the late Jeanne Boulogne, heretofore residing at the establishment of New Chartres, to
Miss Marguerite Goulin, daughter of the late Mr. Simon Goulin and of Miss Louise Langlois, presently wife of Mr. Antoine la Sonde, inhabitant of Prairie du Roche.